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b2cd5f  No.12673954

Kike major stabbed to death in revenge

The major of Danzig (((Pawel Adamowicz))) got murdered by a goy he put into prison as revenge.

Video footage of the incident shows the assailant addressing the crowd from a microphone on the stage. He is reported as saying: “Hello! Hello! My name is Stefan. I sat innocent in prison, I sat innocent in prison. Civic Platform tortured me, and that’s why Adamowicz is dead.”


Maybe Poland anons can she more light into the back story?

39dc34  No.12673958

Kike free first post

2d5bb9  No.12673963

Danzig belongs to Deutschland.

c0fb9c  No.12673977

one down

e79d01  No.12673990

Fun fact: nearly every Polish contribution to science and major figures come from the Danzig area, where Germans were the majority of the people.

I shit you not. The biggest archievers there are fucking German-descendant poles. The source of all Polish nationalism is from the German Danzig area who moved to interior Poland after the second World War.

9840c1  No.12673998

The stabbing happened during a very famous polish charity event named Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (Grand Orchestra of Festive Help or something like this) and there are concerts organized nationwide to help raise money for kids with serious diseases.

(((Jurek Owsiak))) is in charge of WOŚP, he's a remnant of past socialist establishment which is currently selling Poland away to jews and the like. He embezzles probably most of the money made (he has another type of event, Woodstock, which is made for degenerate junkies and fags and uses that for laundering money) and buys medical equipment for hospitals with the rest. He resigned today as Adamowicz was confirmed dead. Day before, when Adamowicz was injured, he kvetched about National Television (TVP) being the cause of this incident, 6 gorillion jews gassed, gives in to Poles = Nazis narrative kikes tried to force last year, etc.

9d0f25  No.12674002

fantastic news, let the celebrations begin ! not long ago Adamowicz was applying for EU funding to disobey the will of the sovereign and welcome millions of illegal immigrants directly into the city of Gdansk. now the corrupt jew (going by the nickname Pudding - presumably because of his fatness) is smelling the flowers upside down. excellent riddance.

9d0f25  No.12674004

fuck that kike. hail the Polish hero STEFAN WILMONT, the slayer of the jewish beast !

0d8f8c  No.12674009

File: 1c328e238996670⋯.gif (906.52 KB, 150x113, 150:113, kevinthumbsup.gif)

I just saw the news about this, first assassination since communism ended. Total fucking hero IMO. I hope that kike suffered.

5d34b4  No.12674014

Revenge is sweet.

e285fe  No.12674015


Finally, someone finds the courage to do what is right. What a hero.

1a08af  No.12674017


Dziękują, Stefan.

7e6e5d  No.12674018


He got his revenge!

fa069f  No.12674020


I don't get it, why did the killer put the responsibility for his stint in prison on this specific kike mayor?

d050b2  No.12674021

I don't normally wish death upon anyone but these kikes aren't really leaving us many other options.

cc9270  No.12674023

File: 5a6eaae8ab3213d⋯.jpg (243.49 KB, 750x728, 375:364, 5a6eaae8ab3213d1f66344fb19….jpg)


>The biggest archievers there are fucking German-descendant poles.

The prettiest German girls are of Polish descent.

cc9270  No.12674025


No shit, he said that a puppet show that was making fun of him made him feel like he was in Auschwitz. I'm not joking.

000000  No.12674026

Adamowicz was involved in pedophile ring https://www.newsweek.pl/polska/spoleczenstwo/zatoka-swin-reportaz-o-wykorzystywaniu-nieletnich-przez-krystiana-w-w-sopocie/ndlbrh0

He was assasinated because he knew too much.

e7983a  No.12674028

Notice krauts shitting up the the thread already - anyone thinking they aren't completely delusional larpers who'd rather bust loads over muh Pruessen than stop from turning what they got into Africa.

>Maybe Poland anons can she more light into the back story?

Seems like a nothing burger. Some ex-con getting crazy from prison abuse takes it out on a fat corrupt politician.

7e6e5d  No.12674030


You glow in the dark.

e79d01  No.12674032


>krauts shitting up the thread

You mean, the source of all Polish national pride? Because if it weren't for the non-cucked krauts in Poland, it would still be Belarus 2.0 with all the Russian and commie influence.

7e6e5d  No.12674034

A charity is a front for his covert operations.

e7983a  No.12674037


u wuz kang weren't you?

Actually, now that I think about it a bunch of centum speaking r1b dopes thinking they're Aryan is pretty close to niggers' flying pyramids. lel

990f7c  No.12674039


If only Americans would start doing this kind of shit to the fucking corrupt politicians using our taxpayers money on vacations to Puerto Rico.

7e6e5d  No.12674041


(((They))) torture the random goyium for lolz.

7e6e5d  No.12674042

Then put them in prisons to make them look evil.

598c74  No.12674043


Says here they were the Mammoth hunters. Fits the timeline and description of the Aryans to a T. Even says they were in line with the ginger timeline estimates.

deb084  No.12674045


Kike d&c; polish nationalism comes from polish (((soviet)))war with trotsky chopin marie skladowska battle of vienna battle of grunwald. Also all of northern poland was founded by poles then conquered by teutons then we turned them into a fief. Once again ignorant jewish d&c

117e38  No.12674046

File: c0626a7714e8789⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 200x180, 10:9, DF4205E9-16D7-47C6-8896-EC….gif)

7e6e5d  No.12674047

You have no idea how jews run their operations across from left to right of Europe. Don’t believe me? Then ask any ex-gru guys from Russia. They know a lot of stuff about the dirty Jews.

b2cd5f  No.12674049


very interesting, but not surprising as it's apparently a kike infested town

that's how kikes have historically gained power: bribes and blackmail


b1021d  No.12674050


This is how to make real change… Using violence to exert your will on the (((system))). This will start to make the corrupt politicians and kikes fear for their life.

e7983a  No.12674054


r1a were primarily megafauna hunters, not germ ancestors, readheads like wusun tocharians or zunbilis were populations displaced by the chiefly r1a Sintashta that would later become Indo-Iranians. Only link to the vedic peoples germs have is a big fat boot imprint from when they got kicked out of the steppe.

b2cd5f  No.12674055


They just get bodyguards and armored cars.

Michel Friedman for example is an antagonistic, very public kike lawyer, despite having been found guilty of having sex with forced prostitutes and he has just that.

If you're a high level kike frequenting high circles this is pocket change and they can write it off as business expenses anyway.

0a49e7  No.12674059


I hope others learn from him.

b1021d  No.12674062


there is always a vulnerability you can exploit.

Once they see that all the security cannot protect them from our revenge then you will see a meltdown in the (((system)))

5d34b4  No.12674063

Requesting webm.

0ddf29  No.12674068


The first on target attack I've heard of.

e21532  No.12674070


people are very vulnerable in a country where guns are common

taking someone down with a knife when he has two tall body guards is tough…

b1021d  No.12674072


it's called improvised explosives and zip guns you nigger

781c52  No.12674074






5f55ae  No.12674079



All yids fuck kids, and they blackmail politicians in exchange for support.

d88693  No.12674086


No more brother wars, kike. Poles are white and you aren't.

7e6e5d  No.12674088


It’s obvious that they passed (((cp))) in order to blackmail them.

b1f16e  No.12674092

Any better videos?

e79d01  No.12674093


>ignorant to the annexation of the Danzig area




>Kike D&C

<implying anyone here wants more brother wars

Even the mere thought crossing your head is a red-light, motherfucker. The Visegrád group will light the way after this cycle of bullshit ends.

0ddf29  No.12674114


It's an on target hit but he's a one hit wonder, which doesn't lead to change, offing one jew or minion won't stop things, you have to do everything you can to not get caught to continue taking out multiple bad guys.

b62669  No.12674127

File: 5c0968a368c8180⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 280x358, 140:179, tenor (2).gif)


Dr Pawel I'm CIA

5f55ae  No.12674135


Gdansk NOT Danzig

553449  No.12674140

1 down 5,999,999 moar to go

0d8f8c  No.12674143

seeing news about about a happening at UPS facility in NJ

0ddf29  No.12674147


There are 12-15 million jews.

565d78  No.12674151

Why is every video of such a happening filmed by a fucking monkey with a potato in 360p?

We're in an age of incredible narcissism where even the shortbus kids are taking highly edited selfies with the best possible angles on smartphones capable of getting the license plate off a car 10 miles behind their dumb duck-face making asses.

Why are the videos we're shown of any supposed political relevance always filmed vertically in an earthquake through fucking oiled up ricepaper?

553449  No.12674157


better get at it then, that's a lot of jews

5bc0df  No.12674162


Will someone explain this video? Why didn't the security in yellow turn to face the threat? Did he no realize what happened? Also it sounded like the man didnt say much. Was there More to the situation off camera?

cfd0ad  No.12674232


The establishment cannot win a war against the people if the people fight properly. Yes they can get 20 foot tall fences, they can get the best security money can buy and they can fortify their houses, vehicles, and anything they like, but that all costs money anon so where is what is to be done.

You give up on trying to kill them and begin waging a proxy war of attrition. There are two avenues for this and this is hypothetical of course and in no way should be considered advice or instructions. This is a what if scenario and any who act on it are doing so by their own regard. Now as I was saying there are two avenues, the first is a psychological campaign. The goal is not to kill them, but to create the illusion they are constantly under threat. The impression of danger can be far more advantageous than the actual act of violence against a person.

This is why violence is used when necessary and as a last step by the deep state. It’s far more effective to make someone’s life miserable to the point they comply with what you want than it is to have to try and cover up a murder by making it look like a suicide. Now activities like this involve taking out substations and powerlines that go to their house, cutting internet cables, lobbing molotovs over their walls, no intention to create or cause direct harm, just the illusion of constant danger. Taking pot shots at their car before retreating is a great way to ruin someone’s day. Harassing their staff to the point they start resigning, but we’ll cover that more in a minute.

The whole intent of this operations is to undermine their psychological wellbeing to the point they cannot function properly or are willing to basically give you whatever you want to make it stop. Now when undertaking these operations you pick only a few individuals and around the upper middle of the spectrum to create disharmony amongst their cliché. You target the most powerful and they’ll crack down hard.

Now just because they’re not accessible doesn’t mean their support staff isn’t. Their places of business, their family, property they own. With this operation you don’t need to kill anyone, in fact killing can be detrimental to your PR campaign and it lightens the load of the people you are targeting. When you go after their places of business or their friends places of business you make them a pariah as association with them is detrimental to others businesses. Most people are not going to survive a psychological campaign that costs them resources. They’ll distance and isolate the target for you and that is worse than death for these people. You’ve taken all they’ve built from them and destroyed their reputation and once done you move onto the next person.

Now they’ll try to fight you, but you don’t engage them unless necessary. You pick the battlefield, time, etc of each engagement and remember it’s your game, your rules, not theirs. The more they try to defend against you the more they spend their finite resources. Now the best part is because of the limited engagement the rest of their cliché like humans they are will view it as not their problem. Also never attack the poor and make it very noticeable that you have no qualms with their lower power echelons unless they’re directly tied to that person. If you damage someone’s property that is not involve provide compensation, this turns the lower castes against he upper castes. Remember never fight wars against the poor, they’re just canon fodder for the elite.

ea67b6  No.12674280

Press S to spite on the grave


598c74  No.12674286


Yes, Merkel does look ravishing, doesn't she. You faggot.

598c74  No.12674290


Genetic maps disagree with directly, and history does as well.

000000  No.12674292



d20b24  No.12674297


>Notice krauts shitting up the the thread already

You misspelled jew, jew.

5d34b4  No.12674301

662ba3  No.12674308

File: dbaa1c5b7310716⋯.png (755.19 KB, 792x1056, 3:4, dbaa1c5b7310716851dd804fbb….png)

Ground control to major (((pawel adamowicz)))

d20b24  No.12674310

File: cff1610c9433b56⋯.webm (1.82 MB, 202x360, 101:180, assassination on polish m….webm)

4984da  No.12674313

File: 773bec58ff5c1ac⋯.jpeg (88.97 KB, 611x597, 611:597, impfung.jpeg)


>>jew stabbed

Justice for all the goy children (((they))) have had stabbed.

662ba3  No.12674316


i dont really get whats happening here. is the mayor on stage at a concert and a guy runs up and stabs him? and nobody cares or notices? is that what im seeing?

d20b24  No.12674320


Welcome to 2019, where people are so complacent you can walk up and kill someone then do a twirl for a minute in front of all of them while they cheer, thinking you are part of the entertainment.

a9693b  No.12674321


and mutilated babies (((circumcision)))

662ba3  No.12674327


but why was the mayor on stage? is the major a performer?

5d34b4  No.12674331


It looked like a quick execution, the man with knife ran towards the kike at the right when the countdown reached 0, a thrust to that greasy heart and then he hopped to the center of the stage showing his achievement. It was done so quick that the public didn't see what happened, so they celebrated a bit further before everyone started to realize what was going on.

A fitting ending to that kike, his death was celebrated.

9d0f25  No.12674338

I will reiterate how wonderfully great news it is. Moar !

cc9270  No.12674340


Political agitation. The whole performance was instigated by pro-leftist establishment that holds its hand over the Polish media since '89. Everyone they don't like is called an anti-semite, etc., we all know how it works.

875fc3  No.12674344



Kill more jews all around the world.

b88b9a  No.12674368

File: f669d1a21e320fc⋯.jpg (286.6 KB, 640x4820, 32:241, fjz5F6J gunshots resume po….jpg)



>gunshots resume

201335  No.12674382

File: b0d1aa0b1920da3⋯.jpg (428.49 KB, 820x1119, 820:1119, catherine-the-great.jpg)


>implying the Pale of Settlement isn't full of kikes

e7983a  No.12674383


Its a leftist (with post-commie origin sory) charity event organized by the jew mayor with no professional security because jew. Just some sub-mall cop types who normally "patrol" hotel lobbies. The public there are overwhelmingly oversocialised twats of some stripe virtue bombing themselves into oblivion.

662ba3  No.12674391

File: d80b949d6c81fc9⋯.png (127.02 KB, 481x454, 481:454, d80b949d6c81fc9625cd20a1ec….png)




this is wonderful.

not only did the kike die, but he died watching his followers completely indifferent to his death; my personal nightmare.

db4fa8  No.12674407



Someone needs to drop information regarding the killer reasons, like how was his life affected to the point of going for merchant elimination.

16aace  No.12674413

File: 6f04a7f6bf329f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.13 MB, 4852x3280, 1213:820, DeadLeftist.jpg)


Lets hope some of his followers get the same treatment.

81985a  No.12674414


The killer himself stated, that he did it because he was in jail for unjust reasons and he was tortured by the Civic Platform (PO). We don't know if it's real, but Gdansk is unfortunately one of the most criminal cities in Poland.

6c11c2  No.12674416


I can't see a fucking thing in that video.

81985a  No.12674421

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is probably the best source we have:


d20b24  No.12674426


Holy shit, they are still waving their arms around even as he announces what he just did.

6c11c2  No.12674427



That is a much better source, it is clear what happened.

662ba3  No.12674461

File: 00a1dde9cf1a42e⋯.png (630.53 KB, 716x714, 358:357, d880ff0b408cffb1f7c7d42670….png)

reminds me of this.

85df05  No.12674476

59f9e0  No.12674483

File: 919d9971ec6a918⋯.jpg (103.33 KB, 898x628, 449:314, It Is Time.jpg)

ecbab1  No.12674507

The killer is in no way a HERO, he is a fucking retard who is either mentally ill or the whole thing was a false flag. You have no idea how the (((system))) is benefiting from his pitiful 'assasination'. They have announced anti - hate speech legislation to be implemented soon targeting every right leaning individual as well as considering a ban on online knife purchases and 'military style' blades. According to the media, which happen to be either jewish or german, this guy's motive was pure hate induced by internet trolls and hate speech online, what is their solution? You guessed it, they want an outright ban on wrong think online and a punishment to all perpetrators, prison time in a British like manner. So far we were only prosecuted for violent threats and public promotion of Nazism or fascism and that is due to change really soon. You see, if any sane person wanted to get rid of him for any reason they wouldn't probably choose a 20 thousand people strong gathering as their favorable surroundings, provided neither mental illness nor special services were involved. You see this kike faggot had virtually no security at his disposal and his neighborhood was a much better alternative for any sane individual. That being said, he only worsened position of polish ehtno nationalists and all right leaning individuals… What this fucker deserves is a rope for being mentally ill fag or traitor…

85df05  No.12674518


Yup. It's a set-up. This kike knew to much and was sacrificed in order for the kikes in charge to punish normal citizens even more.

7e6e5d  No.12674523


Can I have the sauce on the pic please? I want to read the rest of the thread.

7e6e5d  No.12674527


Kikes aren’t capable of long term thinking so it will backfire on them.

662ba3  No.12674535


youre looking at it. i made the whole thing in photoshop.

d20b24  No.12674540


Listen here nigger. Whether you do nothing. Whether you vote, or don't. Whether you march in streets or not, they will keep pumping your nation full of niggers, asians and arabs until you are so outnumbered they can start dragging you into the streets and killing you. That's their end goal, always has been and they've done it time and time again.

Communism, multiculturalism REQUIRES a scapegoat to survive, and we are that scapegoat, and will be that scapegoat until it all collapses around them and they start gorging on whats left of the ashes and filth.

The only thing that stops communism, is brute unapologetic force.

If the man never did anything, they'd of still enforced the things you are saying they are doing because of it. The only thing that stops them, false flag or not, is the people rising up and saying, no more.

4a4b22  No.12674547


>tactical scissors

ecbab1  No.12674548


That goes without saying, if anyone wanted to get rid of the kike they would do it quietly and privately and still be around, not behind the bars. The only explanation to the whole assassination thing is that the killer was either special services operator, MK Ultra victim or was suffering from a severe retardation / mental illness. If two first options are true the whole thing was engineered and planned and the whole purpose of this fuss was to shock public opinion and create grounds for massive anti hate (free) speech legislation as well as severely limit civil liberties and rights to posses (now) any weapons. Anyways, even if he was a mentally ill faggot he enabled the system to go on with mentioned activities as well. No one who would ever dare to call himself /ourguy\ would do such a fool thing that woould backfire so dearly. There is no fucking point to assassinate anyone behind thousands of people and dozen of media around until it is a false flag operation, portland shooting style…

Please consider that before praising this fucking idiot/ traitor more…

6c11c2  No.12674553


So we will just break his neck next time. There is no way to 'protect themselves' and insulate them from what is coming. They keep trying though.

5d34b4  No.12674555

File: 268ab60f46ce155⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 900x540, 5:3, inejiro-asanuma-assassinat….jpg)

<b-but you shouldn't do that

Let's see if the color of your blood is red.

aec1af  No.12674559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I never heard of MK ultra type stuff being done in Europe but I'm fairly convinced that most allah snackbar attacks in recent years were mossad false flags

Vid relevant, hypnotized person turned into an assassin.

e1ff14  No.12674561

Adamowicz was part of a old political mafia operating in the region. The other big fish wanted him gone. Make no mistake, this is a fucking false flag orchestrated by his own "friends" in the left-leaning political mafia.

One down, many more to go

db4fa8  No.12674564


I want to know the full background for comparison. I want to see their tactics raw, without MSm telling me what to think. I want his testimony. FFS why he can't write a letter as any other hero would do before carrying it out?

ecbab1  No.12674570


You're shining in the dark Moshe.

>Go goyim kill puppets and 1) turn your society in (((our))) favour 2) get arrested or killed 3) create (((us))) social grounds for further limitation of free speech and other liberties.

I do not discourage action what I do is discourage stupid, counter productive action.

00c4d4  No.12674574


>the government can stage false flag attacks like this whenever they want

>don’t even think about killing your enemies because the government will just crack down


ecbab1  No.12674577


> Go goyim kill puppets behind dozen of tv stations and thousands of people and *

Cannot delete previous post to edit some flaws for whatever reason…

Anyways, doing anything for publicity, before tv stations is either thing of a complete retard or an obvious flase flag.

df75ac  No.12674584



>The subhuman screeches as it cleans the German toilet again

df75ac  No.12674589



ecbab1  No.12674594


I could agree with you to some extent but it is paramount to notice that such 'assassination' before tv cameras is an obvious sign of a false flag or means that the perpetrator was complete retard. If this guy was genuine and even a bit sane he would choose his surrounding more carefully… Wasn't it before such public but in any other more private location, kike would be as dead as he is and also the media coverage wouldn't do so good for (((system))). Not to say that this guy wouldn't probably by behind bars right now… What about that?

6c11c2  No.12674596


Please, Ethno-globe or bust. There is no way that a subhuman belongs anywhere in our society (or on the planet), not even cleaning the toilet.

58e8bb  No.12674600


Thanks Cpt. Obvious.


I know this polish guy who looks like a steretypical Nazi. square jaw, blondish hair, blue eyes, 6 foot 4, straight-A student. He's from Krakow though.


It reminds me of that japanese video where the commie gets stabbed.

2b1c6b  No.12674613



>Of German ancestry

>Not a fucking gypsy

Kys nigger

00c4d4  No.12674614


Maybe this was his best opportunity to succeed. Also it’s not like the guy was trying to start a chain reaction. He felt personally wronged and took care of business. Of course one attack won’t change much you need repeated and consistent hits.

58e8bb  No.12674632



LOL, this does absolutely nothing to prevent anyone who's serious about getting a knife from getting one. These moronic bureaucrats literally only have one modus operandi "Let's make a law." It never works.

db4fa8  No.12674638



Even though I know you could be serious about your statement, I rather disagree and think you are only trying to protect yourself from criticism.

If you do it silently and unpublished it goes without saying they will just cover up until they can fully frame someone. The only way that it would work and open people's eyes, regarding who is preying upon them, is to do it publicly, out in the open, the way it went. It must be organic and not organized. If it is organized we will be obliterated by mass media. I think this is the morally beautiful way of doing it. Without fear of being insulted or called out names, you do it because it is right not because you want to look like a hero to others, you become your own hero.

58e8bb  No.12674640


Yes, everything you do weakens the position of right-wingers. Your best bet is to do nothing and let them run you over.

4236fa  No.12674641


>Video unavailable

I hope one of you useless niggers saved the weebm


But then why was /ourgoy/ also on stage? Or did he just like come in with the crowd and find his own way onstage?

ecbab1  No.12674653


The kike had virtually no protection so there was no reason to go to the place where there actually were security services around in the first place… See recent Antifa attack on AFD member in Germany, it was the same situation, all he did could easily be done somewhere else under better circumstances and without that extreme and tremendous negative consequences he put us into.

Perp was either mentally ill, wanted some short lived fame hurting our cause badly or was, most likely, false flag participant. In any of these cases he deserves a rope. Period.

662ba3  No.12674655

File: 9c682e9b3ba241b⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 600x480, 5:4, 4c4c26675a0b7d09ce544e7dfa….jpg)


those scissors obviously arent tactical, dipshit. doesnt even have a laser sight. for fucks sake, its not even black.

theyre just his personal scissors. it's UK so naturally only law enforcement is allowed to carry personal scissors, but still. the blue "civilian" handle should be a dead giveaway.

ecbab1  No.12674659


Yeah, they think that if they ban the evil /military style' weapons they will greatly limit crime. Screwdrivers with some minor modifications are just as deadly if not even more. Retarded logic but it is only the begging. You will need to have a permit to get one for your work and then return it. I tell you…

df75ac  No.12674663

00c4d4  No.12674674


They’re gonna lock you in a pillow room hooked up to a feeding tube and virtual reality goggles for your own good. Nobody deserves the risks inherent with leaving the safety of their bubble. You may be deprived of your wonderful life of interacting with moderated npcs in your virtual world. No no no that’s a violation of human rights to expose you to potential danger. Therefor the door locks from the outside.

0ddf29  No.12674708


You realize based on this argument they'd have to put a gag order on themselves? Here's jews exposing themselves in jewstream outlets: https://voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838

867753  No.12674726

What do you mean he's Jewish. There's nothing to get upset over. the dead person is "white".

58e8bb  No.12674743

File: 2bbdf5f9709bc91⋯.webm (8.78 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pedal_to_the_metal.webm)


Is that you, Terry?

27b7e5  No.12674756


Fuck off Ezekiel.

5f585d  No.12674786

5fdc4c  No.12674812

Regardless of whether this is a legit hit or internal housecleaning it's still a dead (((oligarch))) and greatly encouraging.

58e8bb  No.12674840

File: 8b8c3963cc269f6⋯.webm (13.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PREZYDENT PAWEŁ ADAMOWICZ….webm)

84023f  No.12674844



Get the fuck out

f91bb2  No.12674871


Will germans take the leftists (that german speaking ZOG funds and trains) with them?

All theirs.


Because it's powerful message that reminds the ruling elites of their own mortality

Whom did you want him to kill?

>Elderly kikes in a synagogue, offloading social security system like Bowers (ignore the active shooter drill 5 minutes drive)

>random cop which accomplishes nothing becuase there's dozens more in the making?


The irony of the webm is poetic, straight out of greek theater

>countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


>DO I HEAR GDANSK?! (basically a sentence to start hype by cheering)

>Crowd starts to cheer as fireworks go off, (((adamowicz))) gets stabbed

>song starts

>Dobro dziel bez końca, gdy do przodu idziesz. W sercu schowaj moment, kiedy byłeś niżej♪♫

>Share goodwill forever when you push on forwards, keep the moment when you were lower in your heart


>annex a territory

>instead of gathering jews and executing them when you have both means, opportunity and nobody to guilt trip you for it you use them as a weapon to destroy the country you annexed

Bolshevism could've been prevented.


Oh no, next thing they'll ban fists that you can use in throat punches to make someone drown in his own blood with no way to save him.

In GTA Online RP server.

f91bb2  No.12674889


>Perp was either mentally ill

If jew-owned online outlet is to believed he was a schizophrenic who stopped taking meds.

4743a9  No.12674894

File: e7a227be0ec2b3f⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 600x578, 300:289, e7a227be0ec2b3fcb3c99330cf….jpg)

File: e88f1133e4f7aff⋯.jpg (62.71 KB, 1337x1289, 1337:1289, e88f1133e4f7aff5e0d8624152….jpg)


Learn to spell, you illiterate nigger.

9d045d  No.12674896

File: 2e3386a61ee257e⋯.jpg (73.07 KB, 960x640, 3:2, z21377256V,Aleksandra-Dulk….jpg)

Now the acting mayor of Danzig is Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. Is she a kikess or an ethnic Pole?

9d045d  No.12674916


Based post, but you posted an animated gif of (((Fred Savage))) from The Wonder Years. We must strive to remove all kikery from our lives as much as possible.

6c11c2  No.12674917


We need to have standards and start DNA testing all these faggots, one drop is a kike.

9d045d  No.12674924


It's either us, or them. It's as simple as that.

db4fa8  No.12674931

I literally live in a south-american shit hole and my #1 cattle news source has already fully covered the incident in an article. It says he was mentally-ill and was in jail for 5 years due to 4 armed attacks against banks, which seriously affected his mental health. Glowing niggers information network works wonders, just parroting anything their jewish overlords produce.

9d045d  No.12674933


Problem is, a lot of DNA testing labs are controlled by (((them))). Sure, the lab technicians themselves are probably White, but if (((upper management))) wants a certain result, it's either do as you're told, or you're out of a job.

0ddf29  No.12674935


There's DIY DNA testing.

58e8bb  No.12674936


Same here, my local news station is all over this story. Why the hell is it international news that someone was stabbed two weeks ago?

6c11c2  No.12674937


People who get fired need to start their own company. That is what I would do. If it comes down to it we can go by looks until we have slaughtered enough overt kikes to get control of the labs again and then resume testing.

9d045d  No.12674947


How? You generally need sophisticated lab equipment to do polymerase chain reaction, and other similar tests, and that equipment doesn't come cheap.


That's good if you have enough capital to be able to do so.

9d045d  No.12674962

(((Wikipedia))) states that he was stabbed on the 13 January and died today on the 14 January, but the charity has the name "Christmas" in it while it was going on after the Christmas holiday. Or do Poles celebrate Christmas in the middle of January instead of December 25th? I'm confused.

364e30  No.12674996


I remember being quite excited about that episode being released just as the false flags started gaining pace in the UK, almost nobody else I spoke to who watched that episode saw anything significant other than the show was just entertainment.

Same as the NPC reaction to 9/11, they react just as their telly tells them to.

Just when you think the world is finally waking up you realise they're just as braindead zombies as they ever were, look at the evolution of the jew-wise movement to now being no more than a conservative club cheerleading section

053955  No.12675027


crimea college shooting I think was a false flag issued by nato to cow the russia sympathizers in the country

f91bb2  No.12675038


Wielka Orkiestra świątecznej Pomocy (Grand Ochestra of Holiday Help) is ran by kikes so they use nondescript "holiday" in winter as the final day of their money laundering scheme

They coax kids and teens into begging in the streets in winter for money that might get used to buy medical equipment

71d5d7  No.12675039


Read Programmed to Kill.

4236fa  No.12675052

File: cd618ee09d96921⋯.jpg (25.48 KB, 460x300, 23:15, 1311506676365.jpg)


Many thanks, Sir Fren

Is it just me, or is are some of the snowflakes falling in the background look suspiciously identical to judenstars?

72cbd4  No.12675053

File: f938a44e55441ca⋯.jpg (45.8 KB, 620x414, 310:207, DwAQs3qU8AAK4Vq.jpg)


> to buy medical equipment

Medical equipment like chairs, beds, incubators or fucking toilets (they were bragging on socmedia that they've funded a toilet in the hospital). The funds they raise is not even 0,1% of the national medical funding. This whole organization is a money laundering scheme.

1f02d7  No.12675088

File: 0092f5d5af18a1a⋯.gif (363.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1353700915658.gif)


Somebody PLEASE, get that man a gun and a list, so that he may continue his work.

f91bb2  No.12675098


>Jurek Owsik Owsiak is already making himself into a martyr

After all, he was the real victim there!

If children died he'd use it to virtue signal how his scam would've prevented it. (^:

Also, it seems that the event was in violation of safety regulations for mass events.

e2a5aa  No.12675149

Not familiar with this guy but by the posts it sounds like good news!

c869ab  No.12675162


i think that's how a lot of this is going to be in the end as more people start to kill the jews and their puppets, their supporters will just idly stand by because that's how they've been programmed.

7e7c25  No.12675167


Holy shit you just gave me a great idea.

Dox yourself.

Think about it. Start your twitter white power bullshit and loosely tie your screenname to a dummy linked–in. What do you know you just happen to work at the local antifa coffee shop. Make the liberals attack themselves. This could go really well. Remember that kike that fucked you. You just got a great promotion at their law firm. These niggers and libtards are rabid retards. They have no ability to do their due dilligence to make sure they are raiding the right businesses. thoughts?

edf17f  No.12675175

He was leftist sure, but is there any evidence he was a kike? With all the accusations thrown around here the worldwide Jewish population would be 500 million instead of like 15.

629e2d  No.12675199


where can I buy one of those?

d1c47b  No.12675214

File: 4f57edff164e708⋯.jpg (379.71 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, 4f57edff164e7081f4ea967ffd….jpg)

I love when a story has a happy ending.

bcdf9c  No.12675216



6695f9  No.12675220

whoa guys this is bad optics smhtbh :( based zionist israelis amirite fellow pedes?

bcdf9c  No.12675225


Imagine if everyone on /pol/ went out right now and stabbed one or more mid-to-high level Jews. Imagine that impact. This lad is an example worth leading. Bitches never gonna get to Valhalla.

81985a  No.12675229


It's hard to get without knowing the language I'm afraid. I tried to analyse the situation to the best of my knowledge and I will briefly try to explain it.

Gdansk is sadly one of the most crime-ridden cities due to it being a sea port city and quite a luxurious one. Add to it the fact, that Poland is a country that experienced communism and socialism first hand, which means, that all our private property was seized and trade was made illegal. This image quite easily sums up what we had to go thru during the last hundreds of years: >>12674368. In late 80s a Solidarity movement had formed in Gdansk, composed mainly of factory workers, eventually it took over the entire country forcing the government to reform, eventually the movement got subverted on the highest levels and we are still having a fight between a group of those politicians who sold us out, now openly cooperating with the rebranded communist forces (they both push a globalist, pro-EU agenda) with a group of (we really hope so) patriotic forces. The second group still has a popular support (and a parliament majority), but with this situation it may change. The first group, obviously, controls media (except for the government media, which are quite popular), but also the juridical system and are quite well organized.

Gdansk has quite a lot of history as a city, because it used to be a point of conflict between Germany and Poland, eventually settling up with a status of Free City. WW2 started over a corridor to Gdansk and it started with an attack on Westerplatte port in Gdansk. It no longer has a sizeable German minority.

Fast forward to now, last year local elections in Gdansk were won by the incumbent president, Paweł Adamowicz, despite him being ridden by a lot of affairs. He started his presidential rule in 1998 and ruled ever since. From what I heard recently, he organized a meeting of EU leaders in Gdansk and suggested that the refugees would be funded on the local level, bypassing the state and yes, of course he was a member of Civic Platform (PO), the party of the "sold-out patriots". An important note: he wasn't supported by the PO party this time, they had their own candidate, he ran independently.


81985a  No.12675232


Now, what's WOŚP, the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity. It was founded in 1993. I can't really say bad things about the organization, they are a well working charity. They are mostly concerned about collecting money to buy hardware for hospitals. There were people who reported about the bad efficiency of the foundation, but I don't really think those accusations were well-founded. In my opinion this group took an important role in forming our post-communist reality, unfortunately Jerzy Owsiak, the founder and a former chairman of WOŚP (he resigned today due to those events) became quite political and he got into conflict with the currently running party. I would say he's a very good man, but he got lost with the ideology, but it may be just me. A lot of people and companies used the charity for virtue signalling purposes.

Who's STEFAN WILMONT, the killer? We have his Facebook account, which is still active. And we have media articles about his past deeds: he stole money from parabanks and banks (4 separate situations) totalling about $5000. He apparently went to Canary Islands (and it corresponds to his Facebook profile pictures) and then he went to jail for 5 years, where he was deemed very dangerous and isolated. He ended his jail time this December.

Now, a situation, a highly regarded event "Światełko do Nieba" ("Sparking Light to Heaven"), a part of the WOŚP celebrations. It is celebrated in the entire Poland and it featured a lot of imporant people, maybe except for people from the ruling party now and then. Everyone watches that event in front of their TV. Gdansk. A man enters a scene holding a "MEDIA" card, falsified. A moment of countdown before fireworks happen, as described by >>12674871. Countdown ends, fireworks happen, the crowd is distracted. He rushes to president Adamowicz, hits him 3 times with a 30cm long knife, goes a bit away. Sees that no one understood what happened on the scene, the musician singed as if nothing happened, so he started to dance hands up with a knife in his hand. At some point someone happens to see that the president is kneeling, so using that situation the killer takes over the microphone and says: "My name is STEFAN WILMONT. I was unjustly jailed. I was unjustly jailed. I was tortured by the PO (then in full power). And that's why Adamowicz had to die.". At this point he is taken down and the crowd slowly realizes what happened.

They tried to reanimate Adamowicz a few times, and a few hours later he died. He had a cut artery, a stomach hurt and a heart hurt. They wanted to organize a March Against Hatred due to the event and the country president wanted to take over the event to make it a countrywide thing, but people from PO didn't come to discuss it, so he cancelled it, it will most probably be a political march now, organized by the same people who protest the government forces taking over the juridical system. And now Owsiak resigned. Well, I think that's the most information about the situation to be summed in this post. I don't really think it was a false flag, because while it can be used by any group to advance a bit, the politicians, especially those sold-out, seem to be really afraid. Was the killer framed into the bank/parabank robbery? Maybe, but there is no evidence to suggest so. But there's some evidence, that he actually went to the Canary Islands which isn't a cheap endeavour for a Polish man. But what can I really know, the situation will certainly develop and as for now we must remain watchful.


629e2d  No.12675235


it would make a difference.

they'd have to be high level though.

364e30  No.12675238

I'd be delighted if true, but the video looks distinctly indistinct and Poland has just as many jews conspiring inside its government as any American or British ZOG occupied nation

f91bb2  No.12675269


>patriotic forces. The second group still has a popular support

lmao, it's PiS who made Poland join the EU because muh peer pressure and jewish journalists making scary claims like

(((Poland will become Belarus 2 if you don't join EU, goyim)))

said claims were never elaborated,

Overall maga-pede tier

>Wielka Orkiestra Sprzedawania Uranu

>Well working charity

By all means, do not investigate Owsiak's trip to USA to smoke weed and shoot dope with taxpayers' money as a part of his Woodstock documentary.

1bc42f  No.12675280


>almost nobody else I spoke to who watched that episode saw anything significant other than the show was just entertainment.

Because homosexual jewish freemason Derren Brown is an illusionist, conman, hypnotist etc. You cant be sure what they are showing you isn't all being acted out. And that's deliberate, they mix reality with fantasy so people cant agree on anything.

ecdb75  No.12675288



Thanks, anon. Really puts things into perspective.

One thing I find unusual is that this doesn't strike me as a desperate man, someone with nothing to lose (which increases the possibility of a false flag). Maybe things changed after he got jailed.

There's something weird here. Being in jail for ripping off some thousands of shekels/ Saying he was tortured and killing a (((politician)))? There must be something we're missing, I guess there's either wrongthink or different money involved.

>Now, what's WOŚP, the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity. It was founded in 1993. I can't really say bad things about the organization, they are a well working charity. They are mostly concerned about collecting money to buy hardware for hospitals. There were people who reported about the bad efficiency of the foundation, but I don't really think those accusations were well-founded. In my opinion this group took an important role in forming our post-communist reality, unfortunately Jerzy Owsiak, the founder and a former chairman of WOŚP (he resigned today due to those events) became quite political and he got into conflict with the currently running party. I would say he's a very good man, but he got lost with the ideology, but it may be just me. A lot of people and companies used the charity for virtue signalling purposes.

Charities are corrupt. I'm pretty sure there are no well-known exceptions. After all, who can track money trails from charities?

There are a lot of men who're good at pretending to be good, Jordung Pebbleson being the most basic example. Trust nobody, not even yourself.

85df05  No.12675349


This guy gets it. Poland never had a cull of PRL murderous traitors. They manufactured a crash on their own terms. Thus, there was an agreement to just hand over the power as long as they won't get killed when the power switches hands and voilà - nothing changed and Poles are still ruled over by kikes

e1eade  No.12675351


Those lab technicians don't have the money or credit for the equipment, not to mention scientists aren't businessmen and probably wouldn't know how to run the financial element of things. They are paid to create certain specific results that their (((bosses))) want.

b96bd4  No.12675365


The Danzigers are also the ones who not only see and feel themselves distinct from the rest of Poland,

they want the refugees.

026414  No.12675376

File: db98ad66bf9dbef⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x747, 1280:747, bigbosssalute.png)


>kills him in one thrust

Alpha as fuck

b96bd4  No.12675397


Did you know pagans demand an unbroken line of ordination from Europe?

Did you know European pagans hate nothing more than anti-Christians? Anti-Christian sentiment is anti-Europe sentiment they say. Christianity copied Roman or Greek paganism, depending if you look West or East, and even claiming that Jesus was a Jew can get you on a Black List, banning you from other groves.

That, and you need to precisely known what ethnicity you belong to. If you aren't Nordic, Thor won't listen to you. If you're Slavic, you can get Svarog, but never Odin, Wotan, or Jupiter. End of story.

026414  No.12675398

File: c907ff2c4f3f9a2⋯.jpg (75.6 KB, 1000x525, 40:21, rockwell2.jpg)

>do nothing goy

The time of reckoning is coming kike. All of you will be exterminated.

b6fdb6  No.12675402


>If you fight back, they might decide to do what they were going to do anyway, but ahead of schedule!

No more slow-boiling the frog.

1cb5f0  No.12675410

File: 0fd40cde964ba98⋯.png (168.86 KB, 330x327, 110:109, 1547247399287.png)


I don't know if this is good or bad but it's definitely significant

87dd5c  No.12675411



>D&C kike forgot to switch IPs

Not sending their best.

a21603  No.12675412

File: 58ba76d2bbe713c⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 335x345, 67:69, 58ba76d2bbe713cff53e40e8a7….jpg)


>if you kill your enemies, they win

b96bd4  No.12675413


How about you place the flag over the face, editor.

b96bd4  No.12675414


You what, Maat?

81985a  No.12675432


A charity is rated by its efficiency. If 10% evaporates and 90% goes to a charity, then one may say it's an efficient charity. And as far as I know, WOŚP is quite efficient. We actually do see their contributions, because the things they fund have the WOŚP Heart sticker on them. As for me, I would rather live in a country where private charity is prevalent rather than a country with a developed welfare system.

I'm quite sure we just see a part of the picture. It's possible that bank robberies occured and our justice apparatus had to find someone. A fun fact is that now the man says he didn't kill the president (pleads non guilty?)

d958e3  No.12675468

File: 307b7baa4191fd2⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 239x329, 239:329, DeadLeftist.jpg)

553449  No.12675475


kill all those that speak in favor of pawel

85df05  No.12675491


> A fun fact is that now the man says he didn't kill the president (pleads non guilty?)

Maybe he was activated mkultra style

6c11c2  No.12675498


If only he had killed him for THESE reasons though.

f91bb2  No.12675507


>As for me, I would rather live in a country where private charity is prevalent rather than a country with a developed welfare system.

In Poland tax money meant for healthcare is fully embezzled while baste and charitable (((wośp))) only embezzles half and funds degeneracy fest known as Przystaned Woodstock

a1b62e  No.12675543

File: 611c0f3696e64f6⋯.jpeg (104.02 KB, 750x751, 750:751, Justice Is Real.jpeg)


The Polish Agent 47 of our Age

553d33  No.12675691



>still waving their hands to the music even though singing stops and the guy announces why he killed the jew

>niggers don't even drop their sparklers

>kike dies listening to this shit music

how can this even be real

6c11c2  No.12675759


Your first clue that something is wrong is the weird little asian children or whatever the fuck they are, not polish, in the first row being turned away from the stuck pig. I think that is my clue that it was real and not fake…the mothers panic and guiding their kids to look at something else (too late), more than likely they saw the entire thing in technicolor and up close.

f9be75  No.12675807


>No more brother wars, kike. Poles are white and you aren't.

No. More brother wars! The point of getting rid of niggers and kikes from Europe is so that brother wars can again be waged. Brother wars are an integral part of European history and if you want to restore Europe to what it was, you have to accept that.

f9be75  No.12675843


hahah opticsfag btfo'd because someone did something effective instead of making blogpost #6,000,000 about how whites need to prepare and organize. But if the government bans hate speech and knives, do you not think that that will cause a backlash too? So not only did this guy kill some yid, he also created more public outrage by getting the government to propose a ban on hate speech.

When will you tacticsniggers ever learn that the only solution is killing non-whites randomly and openly, and as gruesomely as possible?

ff2215  No.12675870

cae037  No.12675926

Remember that the people that are slaving you have names, cars, addresses and arses

Remember theres not enough money, fame or power that can prevent their skull from being cracked by a hammer

553d33  No.12675932

File: 32d05a29d4e2639⋯.gif (991.65 KB, 500x220, 25:11, 78675ftyuy.gif)


>more than likely they saw the entire thing in technicolor and up close.

nothing they haven't seen before on the (((tv))) I guess

553d33  No.12675953

File: eaeb780a98702fa⋯.jpg (60.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, eaeb780a98702fa3a40e0ba953….jpg)


kill yourself moshie

6c11c2  No.12675957


Fine, once we have an ETHNO-GLOBE we will see if we would like to engage in brother wars or may


IDK anon, the few murders I have seen in person had a dramatic effect on my psyche. Perhaps it is because the eye records more than the mind comprehends (the spiritual) and IDK they were weirdly anticlimactic…like no music and special effects, no buildup, no drama…just living one minute and then dying the next. So sudden.

f91bb2  No.12675962


>propose a ban on hate speech.

There is one already, back from soviet times which criminalizes speech that might incite racial*, religious*, or ethnic* hatred.

*doesn't apply to white race, Christian religion, any white ethnicity.

553d33  No.12676078

File: f582671605756e1⋯.jpg (83.89 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1533416661048.jpg)


>just living one minute and then dying the next. So sudden.

like a bad dream

368efe  No.12676101

File: b678c6a5c012ebd⋯.jpg (131.78 KB, 815x777, 815:777, a1.jpg)

>Kike major stabbed to death in revenge

96c923  No.12676153


He didn't put him in prison. Jewdicial system did. And I even didn't knew Adamowicz was a kike.

88e2be  No.12676334



Literally in the name bro c'mon

a5d0ed  No.12676365

one down, many more to go

Jewish owned media (((((TVN))))) is going absolutely nuts over this.

When our Polish president died in Smolensk ten years ago they didn't give a shit, but they are absolutely going crazy that some big shot lefty mayor of a city got killed. Pathetic anti-Polish yids, fuck them all.

55a01e  No.12676418


Yeah it wasn't even Putin's fault, the cockpit crew were distracted and the presidential staff pressured them to land because they were in a hurry to get to a meeting. Didn't stop the media from pushing conspiracy theories even to this very day because they hate Christian Russia.

f103e4  No.12676432

Kill your local politician.

27d288  No.12676439

File: d33bf8edaf1ca7b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1653x1100, 1653:1100, deus vulture.png)


>Anyone who calls us christcucks is a kike

0cb854  No.12676443

File: 29fdc03171594f9⋯.jpeg (56.88 KB, 500x488, 125:122, doit.jpeg)


You notice they always use the exact things Christianity teaches against as if just saying it makes it true.

"Christianity is gay" "Christcucks" etc.

You're not jewing anybody lol, and it's quite cringe.

073dc7  No.12676463

File: f9045c6263818cc⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 411x467, 411:467, f9045c6263818cc2341f7543d5….jpg)


>Welcome to 2019, where people are so complacent you can walk up and kill someone then do a twirl for a minute in front of all of them while they cheer

bcd78c  No.12676467

File: 44f5347f33a424e⋯.jpg (119.25 KB, 800x603, 800:603, tumblr_ovxh4gZREo1u0l55ro1….jpg)


This. That shit has never happened before. Something's real fishy.

210650  No.12676473


Kraut here. I support and stand alongside of my Polish brothers.


e19329  No.12676515


Bullcrap, tax money spending is efficient in Poland. For example, state pension fund uses 1% of funds for its operations, when any charity can and uses 10%.

e19329  No.12676554


Its not like jews have walls around them like in Palestine, you can just walk up and do stuff.

f91bb2  No.12676811


He literally would've gotten away with it if he wanted.

The audience were more retarded than "crowd AI'" from a Video Game


>That shit has never happened before.

>Who was Borys Kowerda

>Who was Janusz Walus

1651e9  No.12677133

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b83797  No.12677209

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Stefan Wilmont, 27, a career criminal with convictions for bank robbery stabbed the mayor of Gdańsk. Wilmont was wearing a press pass to slip through concert security. Mayor Pawel Adamowicz was struck in the aorta and died.

"My name is Stefan Wilmont. I was in jail, innocent. Civic Platform tortured me. That's why Adamowicz died"





















03c094  No.12677974


What the fuck

96c923  No.12678004


Our (((president)))

bca81c  No.12678048


Kikes trying their D&C again….

fdbdc8  No.12678055

I have been away from /pol/ for sometime, so all I've heard is the normalfag news reports, and I think I even uttered "that's terrible…" when a friend described the stabbing.

/pol/ as always is a breath of fresh air. He was a kike and pro LGBT faggot? Good riddance.

bca81c  No.12678081


I'm not sure how much you can trust that. It WAS all staged and acted after all.

Pluse, the reaction from the audience seems weird. No real panic.

364e30  No.12678117


You know the Mariah Grande 'ISIS attack'

There were a few young girl attendees of the concert who swore blind it was no more than a balloon bursting, they were harassed off social media, considering they were little girls and reported not being slightly concerned despite being there.

Ignoring the obvious kike in the room of just why the fuck ISIS would target a pop concert mainly filled with teeny bopper girls in Manchester of all random things.

Faking an attack during a packed out concert is the easiest thing, all you need are ten people screaming and rest of the NPCs in the crowd will follow like sheep

bf6628  No.12678157


Kek when I saw this image I imagined that animu sound followed by "NANI?!".

525d1a  No.12678159



41d2f9  No.12678238


>Damn, he must have went to knife school

First thing that came to mind lolzololzozl

5d21a8  No.12678253


In my country, Czech Republic, we do not trust the Polish, they often times come here to steal and rob, their car robberies are famous, they get high and steal a car with a keyless system, then drive all the way without stopping to Poland, where they dismantle the car. Polish goods are of low quality and they are treacherous people aswell, instigating a small war with us shortly after WW1. They are also eternal Christcucks.

7cb2b1  No.12678261


he had to show that Poland isn't dead yet

85df05  No.12678264


Good luck trying to destroy kikes if you fall into d&c as easily as discrediting a whole nation of forty million because of few subhuman individuals that stole cars. Don't the insurance companies pay for that anyway? Deprogram your kike infested mind

5d21a8  No.12678275


Not a chance, lol. I have not yet met one honorable Pole. They were all scum and I used to go to Poland pretty often as I live close to the border, but they have driven me away. Their goods are all shit and they are basically kikes-lite.

f91bb2  No.12678576


>He was a kike and pro LGBT faggot?

Pro nigger import too, to show evil racists the benefits of diversity whether the cititzens want it or not.

The whole package really.

098917  No.12678981


Kek’d out of the park. Adamowicz, not a Jew but their ally. Best circumstances if guy not attached to patriotic Right killed him.

b2cd5f  No.12679307

Seems all the western euro press is still kvetsching about the no name major in a poor country.

Shows you who once again who really controls the (((media))) .

b2cd5f  No.12679316


it's a poor shithole country, even poorer than CZ

the poles (largely women) in Ireland are all decent people for what it's worth…

cdc5d8  No.12680775

File: 3e1c872bcbbbf10⋯.jpeg (2.38 MB, 2500x1502, 1250:751, file.jpeg)


Fuckin kek, Danzig is stolen land.

373234  No.12680784


>Danzig is stolen land

>Danzig belongs to germany


Either it belongs to "whoever had it first", which is a back and forth between a million tribes, or it belongs to the mighty, which means it belongs to whoever has it - Poland.

cdc5d8  No.12680817

File: b72dbcd7e93bee6⋯.png (48.78 KB, 605x456, 605:456, tumblr_inline_oxnu4xYi5y1q….png)


>Commies deport and genocide ethnic Germans from lands which belonged to them since the 12th century because "muh Naghtzees"

>In the process destroy the unique culture of the Volga Germans and create artificial borders which have never existed before

>You are okay with this

Fuck off, kike.

f4da2a  No.12681101


>Fuck off, kike.

He is actually right, though. It belongs to Poland at the present time.

bb9678  No.12681159

File: 97c6bc26dc81ed7⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 348x200, 87:50, holocaust survivor.jpg)


the prettiest jewish girls come from an ashtray.



148dba  No.12681201

File: 60c6b849b6ceb31⋯.jpg (10.98 KB, 316x159, 316:159, Kek only if sauron was tak….jpg)

File: 0dc8db327577d5b⋯.jpg (421.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 0dc8db327577d5b3d33004ab18….jpg)

File: 5bac10d61efbe5d⋯.jpg (75.7 KB, 824x1131, 824:1131, 5bac10d61efbe5d06b7a314c7e….jpg)

File: 91fc6f6cef4356d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1296x1047, 432:349, 399063f36ac8e1db1e36fe9c55….png)


599.999999999999999999999999999999999 gorillion to go.

Hail Victory. If slavshits keep this up I will call them white.

fc2199  No.12681888


Natsoc you faggot.

a9d430  No.12682493



Jesus is there any ethnicity you amerifats don't associate with krauts?

5d21a8  No.12682677


Maybe the good ones go abroad and the filth remains

eec6ab  No.12686664


> I can't really say bad things about the organization

I can say very many bad things about an organization that uses kids to collect cash from people, cash that's getting embezzled and falls in the pockets of people at the top of this charity.

> I would say he's a very good man

A son of a communist policeman who destroys wrongthinkers using his country-wide influence and spews vitriol on anyone who disagrees with him on any level. A man who lost five times in court in libel cases, who uses curse words in public and insults his political opponents. A leftist that corrupts young people organizing a completely degenerate festival (woodstock) and tells them that "anything goes". A truly great authority figure.

1e1204  No.12686705


This. Worth noting that nobody that helps him collect the money is paid. Owsiak has commie roots and should be treated as the subhuman that he is.

bcffcd  No.12686710


Fun fact: whites aren't inventing shit right now under the shekels of world kikery. Lets keep our eye on the ball.

f91bb2  No.12688499


Don't forget Owsik Owsiak openly bashing church while sending children to collect money in the vicinity of churches on sunday.

f07b8c  No.12688542


>The Polish Agent 47 of our AGE

Walks up to target, seemingly effortlessly kills target, awkward moment as NPC AI slowly recognizes what has happened and responds accordingly.

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