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File: 4e971f59de7f7d4⋯.png (192.79 KB, 396x387, 44:43, undefeatable.png)

File: cee52b30a7d36ef⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 448x336, 4:3, cee52b30a7d36ef2092ca8286….webm)

f86464  No.12674153

Call for Heterosexuality to be Banned in France



The French leftist site Mediapart has published an article calling for heterosexuality to be banned.

>Given that heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but a system of domination generating and nourishing sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and other oppressions such as racism, ableism or classism;

>Given that heterosexuality meant the abandonment of gays, bis and trans to AIDS, indifference to their death, the refusal to undertaken targeted prevention campaigns, the censorship of campaigns and the legitimation of the censors, waiting to grant rights;

>Given that heterosexuality is a denialism [“négationnisme”, a word that signifies Holocaust Denial in French], rewriting the history of struggles to show kindly, brave heterosexuals fighting for the rights of minorities when they didn’t give a damn about them until we rubbed their noses in the horrors they created or caused to be created;

>Given that heterosexuality, in France, is a woman dying every three days at the hands of her male companion, the refusal to speak of “feminicides”: it is also the resultant higher rate of suicide among young LGBT, a culture of rape and its impunity;

>it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned.

There’s a lot more in a similar vein, too, but I won’t bother translating it all.

It’s a classic example of the pathologisation of normality within our civilisation.

The bio of the author, Mérôme Jardin, says he was a member of Act Up-Paris (1998-2013) [a gay campaigning group] and is a member of the CCIF [Collective Against Islamophobia], which is hilarious since I don’t think this guy will last long after the Muslim takeover of France.

36539d  No.12674159

This has to be a joke.

8b5e22  No.12674163


Logically so, it's a call to extinction of everyone, jones town everybody die tier.

b1fa4c  No.12674166

use lead and fire to ban homosexuality

6f5528  No.12674171

Women are useless. Artificial wombs are the future.

f622e1  No.12674178

This kind of shit is accelerating the Islamic takeover of France. (((Leftism))) is the AIDS that weakens the immune system of a nation, and Islam will be the pneumonia that kills it.

France will be the first Muslim nation with nukes, and they won't hesitate to use them. We're gonna see some real shit when the Caliphate gets control of the EU.

36539d  No.12674180


You don't get to reproduce. I have met a lot of shitty women in my.life, but I have met a lot of equally excellent women as well.

1301e3  No.12674181


>is a member of the CCIF [Collective Against Islamophobia], which is hilarious since I don’t think this guy will last long after the Muslim takeover of France.

The muzzies are the largest faggot friendly religion in the world. They ADORE FAGGOTS indeed their entire system of belief and 50% of their 'heavenly reward' is about raping young boys who don't shit ever and are always ready to get fucked in the ass.

1301e3  No.12674183


There is a faster way to do that then raping all the men to death…we really should start giving fags the Jonestown treatment since they want it so bad

f622e1  No.12674187


Women are only as good as the men in their lives. If a kid grows up as a brat, you blame the parents. The same applies for women.

1301e3  No.12674191


Realistically it should just be murdered quietly for being an abomination. If you let its life continue without taking care of its death wishes, it will only be responsible for killing many more people and POZZING them up along the way.

046963  No.12674194

>Fag demands straight people be banned

Not surprising really. But these idiots are going to get thrown from the top of the Eiffel Tower by the Muslims they love so much.

f86464  No.12674212

File: df431a8144970cb⋯.webm (3.92 MB, 550x310, 55:31, df431a8144970cb0a87bb68cf….webm)

1301e3  No.12674215


No they are not. Muslims LOVE fags. They adore them and they love committing pedophilia and raping little boys. Homosexuality is not a sin in Islam and it is even a reward when fags get to islamic heaven.

3f8b29  No.12674218


It's nothing new, it's these circle jerkers "intellectuals" who like to claim men are evil, since France is ground zero for liberal poz, you can expect more.

t. French

e6537f  No.12674220

>wants heterosexuals to be banned

>loves islam

All the fucking time. It's funny that you do no see gays migrating to Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries. The levels of contradiction is above the charts.

36539d  No.12674223

I don't buy into this Muslims love homosexuals. Maybe the sects that live put in the middle of fucking nowhere do, but that shit is banned in Saudi Arabia.

f86464  No.12674224

File: 199fba302e616d0⋯.webm (3.88 MB, 300x200, 3:2, 199fba302e616d0bff46563fc….webm)


Mediapart is considered serious for french normies.

1301e3  No.12674226


Fags are a huge problem in those countries and even young boys vacationing in Dubai have been kidnapped, driven into the desert and gang raped by groups of adult males. I think you all ARE REALLY UNDERESTIMATING HOW FAGGOT ORIENTED MUSLIMS ARE AS A PEOPLE AND A RELIGION.

b8ab93  No.12674229

Yellow vets should burn those faggots to the ground.

36539d  No.12674234


I would not call Dubai the example of Muslims in general. They are basically secular.

It's not like half this board already thinks Jesus was gay either. (It does unfortunately)

1301e3  No.12674237


Semites as a people are EXCEEDINGLY homosexual and pedophile oriented (it is their part nigger blood). They are as a people the most biasexual/homosexual people on the planet. Why do you think the numbers of kikes remain so small? It is because almost all the males are homosexual or bisexual. Arabniggers are from the same bloodline and they are just glorified faggot pedos as well. That is why they identify with the Death Cult because their entire sexual orientation is about Death (since they are homosexuals).

a74f85  No.12674238


Pakistan has had nukes for decades and nothing has come of it. Stop fearmongering shill.

1301e3  No.12674242


Jesus was an Aryan who taught Aryan principles, the opposite of jewish principles.


>Thinks it is a good idea if half niggers get their hands on the top chemical, biological and nuclear weapons research in the world

>the state of /pol/

2ed814  No.12674246

File: f7f511184eaaecc⋯.png (225.31 KB, 1325x1299, 1325:1299, ClipboardImage.png)


friendly reminder that "gender" is a myth invented by a child mutilating pedophile

a74f85  No.12674251


Islam is unironically based and redpilled. Those nukes will be used against Israel and the burgermutts. That would solve 90% of the world's problems. Getting nervous yet Ari?

80511a  No.12674264


Not true we can always import refugees to offset the difference *:^)*

1301e3  No.12674267

File: 1b4e23677f92968⋯.jpg (152.89 KB, 480x947, 480:947, homo pedo agenda.jpg)

File: c181f39ac7f4334⋯.jpg (177.95 KB, 1360x1200, 17:15, raped baby and mulsim pedo….jpg)

File: 3f6cc115009963b⋯.jpg (101.3 KB, 962x642, 481:321, bacha bazi boys dancer hom….jpg)

File: 240353c6643cdcf⋯.jpg (87.85 KB, 529x352, 529:352, young-afghanistan-boy-sex-….jpg)


Islam utterly failed to do a goddamn thing to the TINY FUCKING NATION that they utterly surround, they will be abandoned by God completely for forgoing dealing with the evil that was nested right inside them and instead attacking an innocent people. They are completely bereft of any morality or judgment they are pedophiles, rapist and truly the second most filthy people that have ever existed on the planet.

53d60a  No.12674269

File: 3ef43f06fbc3689⋯.jpg (41.14 KB, 475x395, 95:79, 106D9ACB-63CF-4D3E-900F-A3….jpg)

36539d  No.12674282


See, this is where the larp and what I know to be fact will conflict. Semites are not Africans as we know modern Africans. Modern Africans weren't even around when the Roman's were. They came after the fact. They are mostly descendants of island hopping boatmen that came from the east. The number of original Africans that originated on the continent is small. Last I heard there were only 1500 of them left. They are not what we see in common footage now.


If by that you mean he wasn't homosexual and that the modern churches are basically the antichrist, then, yes you would be correct.

1301e3  No.12674285


I am pretty sure David Reimer commited suicide as well as a result of being mutilated and castrated by Meney. So he was also a murderer…but this transgender mutilation and homosexuality has been something ongoing in the semitic religions for thousands of years. They used to fully castrate their male slaves and use them sexually as well. Reimer was probably someone who was 'sold' (under the table) to Meney as a slave/sex slave.

a319d3  No.12674291


Some of us like women attached to wombs, faggot.

e2b3cd  No.12674296

>Retard faggots said something retarded and gay

It's a bunch of nobody GRIDS victims calling for it. While fun to gawk at, let's not get too worried unless they introduce legislation.

3eb781  No.12674298


Kill all leftists and all faggot abominations.

36539d  No.12674299

This thread was just faggot Mexicans trying to fuck me in the ass.

f86464  No.12674300

File: 40ebbf3d488ab03⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 333x432, 37:48, zach.jpg)


Keep dreaming.

fb94e5  No.12674319


I wouldn't take this very seriously. When you go this far-left you end up part of such a small minority that what you want can only appeal to incredibly small minorities. Obviously they are crazy enough to propose this, but regular street level left leaning people who are still otherwise normal white heterosexual etc aren't going to want their natural behavior to be banned even if they like signalling in support of homos and nigs. Actually, this could help us, because let's say they apply the same thing to race and outright say that whites should be imprisoned or something like that, the street level moderate left will have a mass awakening in response. They want to get good goy points by signalling how the Jew tells them to, but they won't want to actually go to prison or die. Then we say 'told ya so'.

36539d  No.12674329


>YFW you realize this was just a larp, and the article was probably written by some drugged up Jewish tranny that looks like a skeleton and smokes way too much and is likely soon for a one way trip to the morgue.

2ed814  No.12674332


>I am pretty sure David Reimer commited suicide as well as a result of being mutilated and castrated by Meney.

yeah that's in the infographic. he shotgunned himself. his brother also committed suicide, both had clearly been abused by the jew

78da69  No.12674339


Both David and his brother committed suicide.

1301e3  No.12674343



Well them people can't say that they didn't know where the agenda was heading…it is yet one more way that they are planning on using to murder our people.

78da69  No.12674345



Also forgot to mention that his brother Brian developed schizophrenia due to the typical kike shit Money did to them.

36539d  No.12674348

So basically more Jew shit, creating false prophets and golems to keep the goy distracted while they rob them blind.

595f38  No.12674349


> I don’t think this guy will last long after the Muslim takeover of France

Maybe he'll be the first fag to actually fly away after being thrown off a building. So far the muslim fag flying experiments have not been successful, but that's no reason to give up hope that one day there will be a success.

fb94e5  No.12674366


>Homosexuality is not a sin in Islam

That's not true - they are just hypocrites. ISIS kills homos for a reason. I think there's a tendency to exaggerate how gay Islam is on this board to lump everything bad together, but most of the really gay stuff is the pre-Islamic culture of the Arabs, or remnants of when Islam was more relaxed in more distant times. Bacha bazi is often associated with Islam, but it carried the death penalty under Taliban rule.

During the so called Islamic golden age, there were some fags writing boyfucking "poetry", but really the "golden age" was Islam's libshit era. Most of the fundamentalist Islam movements that go back to scripture date from the 19th Century, but the Quran is quite clear on this, and retells Lot's story and is more explicit than the Bible that the gang who wants to "know" the male angels in the city of Sodom want to defile them up the bum.

Again mostly hypocrisy, which is a racial problem; Arabs can't stay consistent, leading to low trust societies.

f86464  No.12674369

File: 7ff411a9bca6494⋯.png (140.21 KB, 378x418, 189:209, what the fuck.png)


>They used to fully castrate their male slaves and use them sexually as well. Reimer was probably someone who was 'sold' (under the table) to Meney as a slave/sex slave.

639c5a  No.12674375

>Given that heterosexuality, in France, is a woman dying every three days at the hands of her male companion

Yeah, that's definitely because of muslims which is conveniently ignored.

5b621f  No.12674378


I needed a laugh anon.


Inb4 hes suing a straight guy for assault.

36539d  No.12674381


They aren't all Arabs, and many aren't even full Arabs, but if I remember correctly, Arabs invaded that region and the Jews did their usual by betraying their own people because of a difference of religions which allowed the Arabs to take the region from the original Semites that used to be there.

The Arabs were remnants of Egyptian pushes south into Eastern African. So mixed people similar to the Semites, but mixed with the other Occidental Indo people that used to occupy Eastern African. Think dark Indians.

This is all from texts that were written in the mid 70's so it might be outdated, but that's what was understood then.

292e6e  No.12674394



Der kostbarste Besitz auf dieser Welt ist das eigene Volk. Yet here we have some natsoc larper who wants to destroy half of that family.

You dont get to breed.

1301e3  No.12674399



Conveniently forgetting 1.400 years of sex slavery of Bantu niggers out of Africa. We are talking the biggest continuous slaughter, rape (homo and hetrosexual) and breeding program that has ever happened on the planet. This is why the Persian empire fell and has never recovered because they rape mixed their DNA with 60 IQ niggers for hundreds of years before they wised up and began an infanticide culling of the nigger offspring. How do you all think they went from being Indo-European to being 84 IQ (the same thing that happens when you breed an Indo-European and a nigger today) and dark 'mixed race' which is what arab means. They are mongrel filth and they act like it as well. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting dank people.

Arabs are the goal of the NWO not 'egyptians'.

000000  No.12674400


Arabs are Arfo-asiatic mixed. The jews were originally only Arabs. They do not belong in the Middleeast but in the Arabian penis.

1301e3  No.12674405


As far as I can tell he is Alt-Kike, not National Socialist.

36539d  No.12674420


They were never Europeans. They were and always will be Semitic in origin. Read my post. Persians aren't Arabs. They are Persians. Arabs come from African. They were invaders that were trying to find the holy land by sea and ended up in Africa for a few generations.


Read my post. Then take the time to understand it. I wasn't being unclear about their origin. Even they know and admit they came up from the oceans. They used to be pirates centuries ago.

1301e3  No.12674456

File: 7878a57685c57c1⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 770x376, 385:188, Islamic slave trade routes….jpg)


They brought millions of niggers into their nation and bred with them. They are 'arabs' mixed race half niggers.

7dedfa  No.12674472


>Women are only as good as the men in their lives.

t. whiteknight who believes he can change a woman's nature

They're not weak and neither they're losing, you dumb faggot: women betrayal is part of their reproductive strategy, they always side with the winner. I don't believe MGTOWs, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

000000  No.12674479


>under stand

No. I overstand or comprehend. So shall you.


You wrote that Arabs came from Egypt and mixed with Southern Asians and Africans and shit.

However, Egypt was ruled by mixed Celtic-Persian people. The regular people were not mixed but were diverse. No Africans or Asians, though, really. Mostly European and Persian Haplogroups, with the exception of maternal Haplogroup X (Asians).

7dedfa  No.12674484


Watch this kike suggest every enemy of israel has mongrelized with niggers. What a cohencidence: it's the same thing they say about Europe and America.

You lot should read the comments on israeli newspaper sites, sometimes. Kikes always blame massive immigration on the whites suicidal drive, and boast about their own purity.

b720b5  No.12674490

Ban niggers pls

And beaners

90c674  No.12674491


>Jesus was an Aryan who taught Aryan principles

<this jew was an aryan, goys

I want /christian/ to leave.

2e4a72  No.12674492

File: 6f5897487422745⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 480x200, 12:5, tenor[1].gif)

No, take the dick out of your mouth before I slap it out.

1301e3  No.12674502


Slap that dick!

You know you want to.

1301e3  No.12674504


Thinking it is 'up to you' who is on an internet forum.

1301e3  No.12674506


All semites (and by default muslims) are mongrels dude. Just deal with it. That is what semitic religion specializes in, destroying nationalities, species and races in favor of globalist mongrelization.

0bb82b  No.12674520

I think the Muslims would like to put his head down on the chopping block but they're afraid of getting his AIDS ridden blood on their hands.

03e98d  No.12674542


>Pakistan has had nukes for decades and nothing has come of it

Except infinite Afgan war that can't be won by combined NATO forces…

2e4a72  No.12674546

File: 3f9208549af5964⋯.gif (893.16 KB, 346x532, 173:266, self-improvement-is-mastur….gif)


Only because they know the purest among them is the most genetically nonviable and broken. IF they didn't have to mix they never would have as they are content keeping their pure lines and would get rid of every non semite on the planet.

000000  No.12674571

Heterosexuality is unnecessary since adoption exists.

4d6c5d  No.12674585

File: ec2272a0212abc0⋯.jpg (904.44 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, Paderborner_Dom_Dreihasenf….jpg)

wouldn't it be impossible tho to suddenly just start depicting bisexuality as a normality when the foundations of our christian institutions have hammered it as shameful?


or you can just force the women to give birth via test tube babies. talk about a fucked up dystopian future.

i say we do a dna test of 1000 people and see what turns up in our sexuality, if they can even find your sexuality genes that is. what ever is the most common is the norm.

f86464  No.12674620

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Keep telling this to yourself..

36539d  No.12674629


<You wrote that Arabs came from Egypt and mixed with Southern Asians and Africans and shit.

>No I didn't.

1301e3  No.12674633


Let's put it this way. Faggots don't breed unless they breed to have a built in sex slave or something to share with their friends. So, if it is an option in genetic engineering scenario, do you think any heterosexual is going to select for a homosexual offspring when they know about the Death Cult lifestyle and the disease and suicide and generally degeneracy along with selecting to cut off their own genetic line (since homos don't breed).

Only in Islam have homos refined the 'breeding' of themselves to a fine art because they start the raping (involuntary marriage of women) at an extremely young age so that she will never have a choice, have to prove her worth to society in terms of reproductive selection or fitness. Homos are a dying genetic offshoot of humanity and the sooner they are weeded out of the genepool the better since they only bring death, chaos and disease to society.

36539d  No.12674643


Nope, the Arabs conquered the original Saracens when they arrived. They originally came because they were seeking the Holy Land.

36539d  No.12674646


How would we know? We aren't homosexuals here.

8b5e22  No.12674649


No, the argument for banning heterosexuality is to ban all procreation, it's a call for all of humanity to go extinct.

8b5e22  No.12674657

File: fc601d2c944647e⋯.png (320.81 KB, 1112x2893, 1112:2893, faggots.png)

03e98d  No.12674662


>men conscript to die for greater israel is normal

>woman conscripted to give birth for the nation is dystopian future

feminism is deep in this one

4d6c5d  No.12674667

4d6c5d  No.12674676


in a world where lesbians are forced to have gay mens gay babies. lol. yeah im a feminist or sum shiiiit.

b1fa4c  No.12674694


>children come from a magic cartoon hammer space and reproduction is not necessary

die in a fire

36539d  No.12674731


Where does this even happen. Certainly not anywhere I know about.

4d6c5d  No.12674742


insert propaganda here

1301e3  No.12674751


Why do you keep denying the African slave trade? It went on for the entire term of Islam and they have plenty of records speaking of keeping niggers as concubines and even wives (outside of the brothel sex slaves; the vast majority meaning millions and millions of them). You keep talking about 'conquest' rather than talking about 'culture' and the culture of Islam is slavery even today it is openly practiced talking fully castrated slaves out of Africa and keeping them as 'housepets'. Remember that shitskin who tried to sell his fully castrated house slave (gentle BTW and good with children) on Facebook?

The Bacha Bazi boys are slaves who are PURCHASED from their poor parents. The kike slave trade in the USA and South America could not have been accomplished without the infrastructure of Islams inter african slave trade already in place. Do kikes seem like the kind of people who are robust enough to climb through Africa searching for slaves? One of my favorite moments of all time is in a movie called Audio Africa when the Africans butcher (on film) the Islamic slave traders who had murdered and raped and tortured africans for 1,400 years…I fucking LOVED watching them murder the arab slavers on film. Machete, drowning, machine gun…it was glorious and shaming at the same time because my own people WILL NOT TREAT OUR ENSLAVERS THE SAME WAY BUT INSTEAD WELCOME THEM.

07fb7a  No.12674754

File: 743d103413460e8⋯.mp4 (13.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Steven Rapeyverse Gender.mp4)



>Not dropping the best John Money redpill

e66b02  No.12674778

File: 55fa6ff295f7d98⋯.png (125.52 KB, 680x684, 170:171, 33cc05ae37559c8f2820ecb4e1….png)


>it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned.

a44b58  No.12674793



c1cbad  No.12674821


From the "Daily Stormer", a White Nationalist retard that dates Asian women.

2e4a72  No.12674837


The faggot gene likely has a strong correlation with the schizo genes.

f86464  No.12674857


Seriously? Proof?

2e4a72  No.12674865



4d6c5d  No.12674904

File: f82459e6e5a50e0⋯.gif (3.93 MB, 452x346, 226:173, ambigoo.gif)


who needs proof when you have made up cartoon characters that can educate your children otherwise! lul

1301e3  No.12674926


Spin it, pull it, twist it, flick it…


f86464  No.12674999



36539d  No.12675007


Let's examine your background and history to see if you're pure and what sins you've committed as well.

Easy to sit in judgement from the shadows while you rail meth and smoke rocks.

2f9d5d  No.12675010


What KINO is this, anon? Is that david bowie?

36539d  No.12675011


Schizophrenia isn't real.

4fe7cf  No.12675136


Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Pretty good film about aussies prisoners in jap camps.

a00a0a  No.12675164


State enforced homosexuality lmao

4d6c5d  No.12675184

File: 1bc43c48c386ba5⋯.jpg (166.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bqryuq6.jpg)



eb29f3  No.12675192

File: 63fcc08fff9c42b⋯.jpg (40.68 KB, 433x448, 433:448, 63fcc08fff9c42b621efa6ec04….jpg)


>Given that heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation

If you're going to rape definitions like this, what's even the point of language. At this point it's like lefties are speaking another language where good is bad and bad is good. "Soyglish" or something.

36539d  No.12675195


That's an insult to soy.

e6c83b  No.12675202


> average Joe has 8 sexual partners in his life time

Not true anymore.


36539d  No.12675205

I am well above average in all of their estimates. Why I went Volcel.

e52761  No.12675207


Happiness is homophobic.

Intelligence is racism.

Healthiness is sexism.

It's like something out of 1984 but somehow even more fucked up.

c4e8f1  No.12675213

File: d4ff6c22389b370⋯.jpg (103.46 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, wxa4h0en69u01.jpg)

8163cc  No.12675227


This is the kind of stuff, like Freud's bullshit, that greater society just accepts now as truth. Just because some (people) pumped some money behind them, these psychologically harmful ideas now PROLIFERATE throughout society.

These are just some random faggot's ideas, and they are now accepted as basically hard scientific fact.

36539d  No.12675244


Well then I will be

Homophobic, I swear these people don't really understand Latin very well. It's not a fear of homosexuals so much as I don't want to deal with their mental issues. It's tiresome. When you think they are okay and fine with platonic relationships, they go off and prove that they can't be trusted ever.

Racist, sure, but I don't even know what this word actually mean these days.

Sexist, won't deny this. I distinctively prefer women over men in almost everything. Everything from sexual partners to working mate. Most men are fucking worthless to me.

c4e8f1  No.12675246

File: aee32b6b5500f5d⋯.jpg (52.11 KB, 652x367, 652:367, pridecruiser.jpg)

File: adc4b84dbaa6eb5⋯.jpg (51.61 KB, 920x517, 920:517, 920x920.jpg)

File: 14d35a6bce4b76f⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 840x473, 840:473, pitt-pride.jpg)

File: 2e25c2676a94ab3⋯.jpg (93.81 KB, 664x441, 664:441, nypdcar.jpg)

File: b85c953580ba9fc⋯.jpg (40.82 KB, 709x400, 709:400, 1541743434751.jpg)

36539d  No.12675248


Yes, even bisexual men are on that.list of people I would rather not deal with.

36539d  No.12675254


What a gay pos that is.

8163cc  No.12675261



What do they mean by 'can't'?

As in, you "can't" kill lobbyists and globalist financiers?

Oh, okay, I get it.

c4e8f1  No.12675265

File: 556012827ab9274⋯.jpg (140.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, MancPrideCREDPkakooza.jpg)

File: d7a5d5790d40810⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Durham_Region_Police_celeb….jpg)

File: 3cb1c6e62fd1751⋯.jpg (166.33 KB, 502x311, 502:311, Gay-pride-police-car.jpg)

File: c745011cd5ec4f1⋯.jpg (717.09 KB, 900x600, 3:2, gay coastguard.jpg)

File: 31ba9385823b38c⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 4298x2284, 2149:1142, rp11.jpg)


gay zogbots

36539d  No.12675275


So glad I am not French, and they wonder why their country is going to shit. The angry anti heterosexual homosexuals.

63397f  No.12675291

These yids are starting to bite off more foreskin than they can Jew.

a4cada  No.12675307






We used to mock beliefs like these before and these idiots always end up taking power. Transgenderism used to be a complete joke decades ago, and now you can get jailed by mentally ill people for incorrect pronouns. It doesn't matter if they're a "vocal minority" since that type of voice shouldn't exist in a sane society to begin with. Those ridiculous beliefs inevitably spread like cancer because it's left unchallenged.

Ridiculing or reasoning with these mentally ill people doesn't work. Leftism is a mental illness that should automatically land people in asylums since it's a irrational hatred/fear towards biology, family, culture, country, nature, and law. When their bad ideas unsurprisingly fail to solve their issues, they double down by suggesting more stupid shit like the article in the OP.

It's a mistake to drop your guard, you should viciously fight these people from the start.

4d6c5d  No.12675318


my god, they gay police are everywhere. it's spreading like the aids virus.

4d6c5d  No.12675338

File: 5ca973da4be6e40⋯.gif (196.67 KB, 350x291, 350:291, ValidFluffyBustard-small.gif)

4d6c5d  No.12675347

File: ab784c02c0b1619⋯.jpg (59.33 KB, 475x332, 475:332, Batman-sex-gay.jpg)

File: 2ccc04e0531fe57⋯.jpg (16.59 KB, 216x290, 108:145, 39fcf9d9012322f64a56aa3748….jpg)

fe5f06  No.12675448


You dishonor me!

749fdb  No.12675452

File: d7b3f78894a0944⋯.jpg (896.64 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, sammy.jpg)


afcdc7  No.12675453


>nothing has come of it.

lol are you this clueless. What about:

<pakis sharing tech with best kroea

<india developing a bomb in response to pakistan

<pakistan selling nuke tech to islamist and other sunni nations who now have it when they choose to implement it.

0002b1  No.12675464


>All these dystopian greentexts from 2014 & 2015 are coming true

I told you to meme responsibly

1301e3  No.12675516


Actually the guy at the daily stormer is more like a kike than anything. Typical 'e-celeb' that shouldn't mean anything to a THINKING anon.

749fdb  No.12675556


Okay first off, I only smoke rocks occasionally. Second off, Fag Anglin has such a shady past, he never should have been able to be any sort of figurehead at all.

1301e3  No.12675768


I was never worried about his past, although now that you bring it up…

I am worried that he just keeps fucking bug people and still wants to pretend that he is some sort of conservative and not a race traitor e-celeb kike.

69e10a  No.12675822

af1ed7  No.12675901

File: 30a60eb78486fce⋯.png (140.16 KB, 673x390, 673:390, hitler_on_islam__by_redame….png)

File: 36fdea58d4868f3⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 75ebf15d218c9368cab6a82e91….jpg)

File: ec9b617df94dd7f⋯.jpg (8.91 KB, 160x264, 20:33, 001.jpg)

File: 9685a16e9e24ef5⋯.jpg (57.44 KB, 365x278, 365:278, hezbollah_hamas_nazi_salut….jpg)


At this point I'm ready for it.

Christianity, with all respect to our Christian friends, isn't going to lift a finger to stop this and for the most part is encouraging it (if you include the liberally hippie women lesbian bishop churches, you know this is true). Maybe you helped defend Europe in the past, but this certainly isn't true now or going forward.

Paganism is a LARP at this point. You're not getting widespread recognition, but maybe you can create hidden esoteric orders in upper echelons of power (instead of recruiting autistic methheads who wear skullmasks).

Come home white man, let us create the global caliphate. Accept your destiny and pick up the sword of God, as you were meant to since the beginning of time.

16d17f  No.12675920


You know what? Give it to the motherfuckers. They'll literally die within one generation, so let every hetero couple move away.

f8c00f  No.12675924


It's "Money", not "Meney". Also, wonder why he got away with it?

1301e3  No.12675943


I thought that it said money but I was like NO WAY(!) does that say 'money'! That is too ironic. Such a jew thing to name yourself something like that anyway…Goldman, Diamond, Money…anyway thanks. Glownigger running a public/private human expiriemnet or seriously he may have owned them as sex slaves. They might have been sold to him under the table to 'do with as he pleased'…doing it in public probably made it more titilating for the glowniggers, who knows?

36539d  No.12675949


I don't smoke at all. I made Anglin, there was nobody else doing what he was doing, so I backed him and crafted the environment for him to exist. He fucked it up by attaching himself to calls of action.

Whatever your personal issues with the guy, I have no concerns. I don't give two shits about the issue. I have moved on already. If I find another person that's better and has the resources for me to craft into something then I will do so. So far, nobody with a personality has came along.


I know. I don't really care at this point, he did what he was supposed to do, before the Intel guys took over.


I haven't had sex with anybody willingly in about 5 years. It's called rape. It's what happens when you have an alter and your own people abandon you.

af1ed7  No.12675952

File: 169347ddc7918e7⋯.jpg (76.12 KB, 528x402, 88:67, 13waffenSS-insignia.jpg)


Someone needs to write the bot script so that it switches up its responses once in a while. It's too predictable.

0f1964  No.12675960


>if they can even find your sexuality genes that is

You are aware there's an entire pair of chromosomes for that function, right?

43d9f4  No.12675963


Yep, clown world.

36539d  No.12675967


Holy shit that poster is stupid.

0f1964  No.12675977

File: 205e511a1e569f7⋯.jpg (347.56 KB, 1260x1260, 1:1, iq-europe.jpg)

File: 83cf076eff92663⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 558x528, 93:88, darth vlader.jpg)


>drop your IQ down to 82 through interbreeding with sandniggers and inbreeding with your cousins, kaffir

1301e3  No.12675980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I haven't had sex with anybody willingly in about 5 years. It's called rape. It's what happens when you have an alter and your own people abandon you.

af1ed7  No.12676041

File: 5e0f814ae0b4a02⋯.png (137.61 KB, 320x297, 320:297, Strong_horse_Bin_Laden.png)


>drop your IQ down to 82 through interbreeding with sandniggers, for the glory of christ

>drop your IQ down to 82 through interbreeding with sandniggers, in the name of tolerance

>drop your IQ down to 82 through interbreeding with sandniggers for the economy


>become an Islamic hero, create a harem of all white women and have hundreds or thousands of children that will go onto rule Europe for a thousand years.

Let the dregs at the bottom of society do whatever they want at this point, they brought this on themselves. I am going to be a white sultan with a haram of blonde white women. I will have 200 wives while you will remain a NEET virgin. I will restore the white race on my own, with the strength of my own will.

You can't read the winds of history, the passage of time, you can't see the future.

2088 kaffirs bow down, gas the kikes white sultanate now.

1301e3  No.12676062


Naw seriously anon, Anglin has been anti-White/European for years. I am still pissed about being banned by him because I mentioned the women should be armed and trained to defend themselves against shitskins and other rapists in Europe…guess he (and probably you) wouldn't like that idea.


>a haram of blonde

I don't think you know what you are saying.

af1ed7  No.12676098

36539d  No.12676105


I don't even think you're a threat to yourself, much less anybody else.


I will wait for you to tell me something I don't already know. I used him and his platform.

I agree with you on armed women. I also advocate martial arts for women.

362cc5  No.12676110


>implying the harem of white women wont be in some arabs rape basement while all the white men are slaughtered for meat

af1ed7  No.12676173


>being a threat to yourself is a good thing

Kill yourself. /pol/ has become such a fucking trash heap there really is no hope for this place.

good job saving the white race /pol/ you've been at this for 10+ years you fucking total losers.

36539d  No.12676183


Learn English before assuming a position of moral authority. If you're not a threat to even yourself, you're certainly not a threat to anybody else.

1301e3  No.12676200


I like you. What e-celeb are you?

9ec1c9  No.12676202


> They are completely bereft of any morality or judgment they are pedophiles, rapist and truly the second most filthy people that have ever existed on the planet.

Okay, enough about jews. I thought you were about to talk about arabs?

1301e3  No.12676211


>the second most filthy

91077e  No.12676227

Just some old queer with dementia who is feeling lonely, OP. Of course, it's shit like this why the country is burning. If any of you want to be edgelords though… MAKE SOME White babies.

d5c06a  No.12676231

File: 3d3679327c351a7⋯.jpg (140.18 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, I am so sorry.jpg)

File: 94131b6c290067d⋯.jpg (366.69 KB, 1016x856, 127:107, queen'sstallion.jpg)


Of course it's "HON HON LE SEXY FUN TIME NO?" amphibioids calling for this first. Paris is Sodom and Berlin is Gomorrah far as Europe goes. London is just a filthy, rainy garbage pit.

36539d  No.12676236


I am a real celebrity, just probably not in your circle.

1301e3  No.12676244


>I am a real celebrity, just probably not in your circle.

I am extremely particular who I let in my circle. lel You might not qualify.

1301e3  No.12676323


Was it the Aussie accent that gave him away? Dang it, I should have picked up on that as well.

2ed814  No.12676326


yeah that is good but it's also a video and harder to distribute

95be18  No.12676360









Here we go with the isms and the phobias again. Makes me want to kill these faggots. They think they sound so scientific with their made up words. To them being a sexually healthy human is an ideology.

>every minute a woman dies due to heterosexualism

I see the patterns. I feel like I'm ascending! It's all african kids! Everything is made of african kids except healthy white males and females!

f090fa  No.12676374


How the fifth column rat bastards see themselves

Versus what they really look like, which is bitch boys getting pimped by handlers via cell phone.

f090fa  No.12676379


It seems that IQ directly correlates with cuckoldry

619064  No.12676421


Muslims hate *exclusive* homosexuals. Muslims are bi – boys for fun and girls for babies. An exclusive homo is not doing his duty to the party, not cranking out more soldiers to die in jihad.

1301e3  No.12676438

File: 7c38142f35c58f5⋯.jpg (344.36 KB, 562x2160, 281:1080, Muslim world is more toler….jpg)


They just don't anon. They are totally fine with faggots of all types, pedos and rapists.

d02365  No.12676578

File: bf475edef51e8be⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 104x95, 104:95, The mad lads of baraboo 2.jpg)

>Ban heterosexuality

>Cheeky Gen Z shitlords begin the mother of all baby booms because it's the edgy thing to do.

bf8dc9  No.12677105


Video has never been easier to distribute. What the fuck are you talking about?

5c4776  No.12677115




c162ce  No.12677162


Can we convince gays to take a pilgrimage to mecca?

For the lulz of course.

1301e3  No.12677176


Dream time what a great way to get rid of the worlds muzzys and faggots at the same time (as though they are not one and the same) by having them take a vaca to Mecca like the one that happened with the plague last year. Once they got done with schmoozing and were all infected with (can't remember; SARS I think) then they all dispersed to their various muzzy home enclaves with which they are trying to overthrow the world's governments to install a global caliphate. It would be one perfect moment where we got rid of all the vermin together. :)

f86464  No.12678636



9c0016  No.12678654


Allah wills it, but before going full gay they must destroy pissrael and gas all kikes around middleast.

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