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b9e860  No.12675108

Macron is attempting to appease the masses by initiating a public forum on the topics below. Questions and criticisms can also be put forth online (couldn't find a link).


>France’s “yellow vest” protests, now in their ninth week and showing no signs of stopping, have put president Emmanuel Macron in the unusual position of having to ask for help.

>The typically self-assured president has tried different strategies to appease the yellow-vest movement—to no avail. Now, he is trying something new. In an open letter to French people published in national newspapers today, Macron announced a nationwide consultation that will run until March 15, allowing people to air their grievances online and in local mayors’ offices. To kickstart the debate, he asked fellow citizens 20 big questions—and pledged to listen to their answers.

>The questions, separated into four main categories, apply to any country struggling with economic inequality, austerity, the role of the state, climate change, and democracy.


>The first topic deals with our taxes, our expenses and public action.

>The second subject on which we must make decisions is the organization of the state and public authorities.

>The ecological transition is the third theme, essential to our future.

>Finally, it is clear that the period that our country is going through shows that we need to give more strength to democracy and citizenship.

We will now enter a larger phase and you will be able to participate in debates near your home or express yourself on the internet to put forward your proposals and your ideas.

9656a8  No.12675281

From what I've read he considers asylum requests inalienable to his policies so the flood gates are going to stay wide open. Several other issues he refuses to back down on. He's putting on a show pretending to be reaching out to the French people when in reality he's just digging his heels in.

000000  No.12675295


>Macron is attempting to appease the masses by initiating a public forum on the topics below

Yes and that's all he's doing, trying to appease not responding or inviting yellow vest into the discussion, as first said in the letter, he will not change anything.

Continuation of >>12663383 and >>12666798

The gov has almost used all of it's cards except the terror attack on protesters, so they are getting out of idea besides trying to take the lead with shitty propositions like Macron's letter.

Again the gov is still counting on the gypsies to make their move to throw chaos in this, but fortunately most gypsies right now have a bigger mouth than courage.

Not a new strategy but the gov as been internally told to make this shit last as long as possible so that people ragequit on it.

Also most of the points in the macron letter are claims that the yellow vest movement does not give a fuck about immediately.

This first thing they want is the RIC.

All the other points like immigration is meant to conquer and divide at the moment, it, of course, needs to be discussed but it's not a priority what's important right now is that the people get back control of the republic and it's elected by two means which are the RIC ,the eliminating blank vote (le vote blanc dérogatoire) and a mandatory blank crime record to be elected.

The RIC will permit to fire elected while in their mandate if they don't do the tasks they are supposed to do or if they are being caught doing unethical actions they go to french ethical gulag.

The eliminating blank vote will permit to remove undesirable candidates and other problematic situations like it happened at the last election where the majority do not want le pen or macron.

And having a blank crime record explains itself.

What is also needed to be done is to educate the population and protesters, about critical thinking, post >>12666886 and >>12667211 are good for this.

In the meantime fellow citoyen bon courage on se retrouve jusqu’à ce qu'ils cèdent et que l'on reprennent le contrôle de nos vie.

Vive la France, Vive la Liberté.

a9d198  No.12675303


There must be no compromise, no quarter given.

We do not want him gone. We want his head. This is the LAST chance for Europa to save itself from the eternal tyranny of the Jews and if we cannot end this now we will never again be strong enough to end it.

Hitler tried at the height of European power and hegemony. He fought not for his idea of a masterrace but for the very survival of all European peoples. The Jews are soon to enact their final protocol. They will genocide us and create their one world government in preparation for their messiah, the Antichrist.

God willing, God be with us.

3eb839  No.12675356

>>mandatory blank crime record to be elected

Not only for elected people but also for ministers, because there always have been an incredible lot of literal criminals of all types among ministers. The problem is that they usually walk away from any crime… Look at how many ones embezzled money several times and always got away with it, even ex ministers who got caught molesting kids still have a blank crime record…

Directly asking the people is something I always asked for, but coming from a crook like him, you got to expect a fuckery.

I especially expect them to just ignore all the answers they will easily judge "racist" or "xenophobious".

6a61dc  No.12675361


>online and in local mayors’ offices.

<Yes goyim, leave the streets. Disperse and go back to your homes. Or better still queue up in subjugation to your masters and beg an audience with some minor flunky.

Don't fall for it, frogbros. Settle for nothing less than Macron's head. The hope of your nation and your children's futures are at stake.

3eb839  No.12675368

Also, for sure they will ignore all the people asking for a referendum on an EU exit.

>Macron's head

Macron is just a disposable puppet. The heads which must fall are those who pull the strings. If Macron was to be killed, there would just be another puppet still following orders from the exact same masters.

9656a8  No.12675403


Things are too far gone now. Even if they call a truce with Macron his handlers will just carry on with their genocidal plans as soon as the dust settles.

6a61dc  No.12675433


I wouldn't call the guillotine a truce.

9656a8  No.12675443


Hopefully the French branch of ZOG will just step down and walk away from all this so no one else has to die.

lol nah, I don't see it happening.

2353c6  No.12675449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


IDF snipers on the Paris rooftops just waiting for the signal..

000000  No.12675525


i must say i am impressed. if this was spain or some east european country there would be martial law and absolute pandemonium. macron is handling this in a clever but very arrogant way. the plan is to engage the leaders in lengthy negotiations with the government, offer a few compliments, some minor concessions the kind you would to a child holding a gun.

it seems like after the bank run threat someones ears pricked up.

000000  No.12675526


i must say i am impressed. if this was spain or some east european country there would be martial law and absolute pandemonium. macron is handling this in a clever but very arrogant way. the plan is to engage the leaders in lengthy negotiations with the government, offer a few compliments, some minor concessions the kind you would offer a child holding a gun.

it seems like after the bank run threat someones ears pricked up.

5d3152  No.12675544

steal firearms and equipment form the police and kill the judges and police

f70eb7  No.12675602


Get this: so far, Macron has never mentioned the yellow vests in an official broadcast. He only ever talks about thugs, protesters and criminals creating disorder in the streets.

16bdb8  No.12675606


This ends on the Ides of March because they don't want any new beginnings then, yet in spring's breeze will our flag unfurl.

e14334  No.12675615

Was he actually elected?

f70eb7  No.12675627


France has double turn elections, designed to keep out the far right from the government. On the first turn, Marine Le Pen had received fair numbers; so as it has happened over and over through the years, center left and center right united to vote for her opponent. Which is an artificial creature who never mattered in politics.

02f850  No.12675684


They can't. If other countries see that they can be gotten rid of that easily, everyone will want to do it.

f70eb7  No.12675700


>They can't

I want to see the effects on the populace (MAGA voters, nationalists) of the notion that conservatives are no longer free to decide. They still believe they can.

87147a  No.12675717


>>The typically self-assured president has tried different strategies to appease the yellow-vest movement—to no avail.

He hasn't tried necking himself yet, but that wouldn't be fair to cheat the yellow-vest hangman.

a9a9c4  No.12675794


keep killing them then

af818f  No.12675811


Great so the yids and identifying who they need to 'purge' for wrong think when the time comes, all under the guise of 'public discourse'.


9f5876  No.12675826


The people protesting know that it's just a front he's putting up. He has tried to reach out multiple times but it's a show, maybe some lighter taxes for like 4 months just for him to slam it right down. He might be stronger on asylum then also for 4-5 months and then the flood gates are back to FULL OPEN.

Macron doesn't do shit against outsourcing, doesn't do shit to protect local industry and just doesn't show any care for the middle class who gets footed the bills.


When he actually addresses unrest every analysis has shown that he was just giving out empty promises. The people protesting aren't so dumb that they believe the shit he's trying to sell. And the longer it goes on without showing signs of dying down the less inclined people are to believe his retarded promises.


Start of tourism, tons of lost revenue on tourism and such already which causes a decline in the economy. Budget has already been hit due to the demonstrations. France will probably end with a bigger shortage % wise than Italy this year while Macron whined on and on about Italy for months last year.


The issue here is that people aren't buying it. This would've worked if it was a small protest but it isn't, not anymore at least. There are no real 'leaders' of the movement just people who organize other people but they don't have one clearly defined goal. This is great because it means that the movement is extremely difficult to subvert, infiltrate, change goalpost or make them look weak because they're selling out etc. Macron tried the usual tactics when a government deals with unrest, usually it comes from one political spectrum or one specific large enough group. Those are easy to infiltrate, easy to turn the population against and so on. But this isn't the case when it comes to yellow vests.

I believe he had hoped it would die down over the holidays, that he could give a few concessions over the holidays and that people would move on and forget. This didn't happen and Macron is getting very desperate. He has a deficit that's probably going to be much bigger than projected, France economy would be tanking and there would be nothing left to fund his retarded open borders project and EU army.

5ad3f1  No.12675830



This is probably what it is, they're trying to find who the thought-criminals are.

9d33eb  No.12675831

I think the time for open dialogue and debate is after the house is cleaned.

This call for a public forum is a way of dividing people. The protests started because of a gas tax but it’s become much more than that. People are unhappy about a lot of things. This is what caused the down fall of occupy wallstreet. You will have lots of different groups come in and try to make it about them. Ultimately everyone will be divided.

Clean house of the corrupt ruling class first. Then sit down and have a reasonable debate with all sides making concessions.

af818f  No.12675840


This sounds like a much better plan to me. We can have all these conversations among our own, no need for kikes in the middle rocking the boat.

c0bd9e  No.12675861

From jimstone.is


The official story was that a bakery had a gas leak, and that blew everything up.

Looking at the damage, i knew it was a bomb or missile strike blamed on gas. Now we have the truth: The bakery owner is asking how a gas leak in his bakery caused the blast when all of his stoves are electric. BUSTED.

Once again I called it right.

No doubt the French government did the bombing, and figured a bakery "gas explosion" would be good cover. If terrorists did that bombing, they'd have claimed credit. No one claiming credit means: Macron wanted someone at that location dead, and either bombed it from an aircraft, or with a cruise missile or something else. This proves my "gas explosion drone strike" theory to be bang on, and the French don't do their homework as well as the U.S. intelligence agencies do beforehand. BUSTED.

BONUS: Two days after the explosion, they still can't find the origin of the gas leak!!! HA HA, that's because the people doing the investigation don't know it was probably precision munitions."

9f5876  No.12675877


> MAGA voters

America has an actual middle class with dispensable income. The notion of a middle class that can live beyond paycheck to paycheck in Europe is a dying notion. Housing prices are going through the roof, salaries have been stagnant ever since the 2008 crisis (of which the middle class got the bill by the way). And now in Europe the middle class got pushed more to be just another lower class. High minimum wages ensure that there's a very small difference in salaries between middle and lower as well.


I hopefully think that the French are aware of this. The yellow vests were actually aware of the political DNC movements that were attempted in December by Macron.

a9d198  No.12675997

mods are faggz

e61cdc  No.12676196

Yes, dox yourself goys… I'm sure the mentally ill pervert who worked for Rothschild before being (((elected))) will listen to you.

b9e860  No.12676356



I agree with that, it seems like he's presenting a lose-lose situation.

>1. Voice your concerns, nothing gets changed, and get disappeared by French army/Mossad

>2. Don't voice your concerns and nothing changes, Macron and the (((media))) take a victory lap saying all is well is France

The only solution then, is to keep protesting and demand his resignation. Macron probably still has a few cards to play, but this might be the last one before things get real ugly.

529100  No.12676372


>The notion of a middle class that can live beyond paycheck to paycheck in Europe is a dying notion

Yuropoor here, I can confirm this.

It mostly happens in major cities and here's the funny thing: people often get the notion that you can have a better life out of them.

Not really. Stuff is cheaper, but your income is lower too. You just live with less. Not that you need it.

There's some social advantages however, and I can tell you that living in a place that has one robbery per year at most is a big plus.

We don't have the whole "contract debt until you can't pay" like Americans do, we simply have ingrained this "live with less and less everyday, you don't need to eat meat more than twice a week anyway".

Most people I know in big cities consider it an achievement to get to the end of the month and have 200€ remaining for luxury purchases. You can make the math:

>1 PC game = 60€

>2 trips to the movies = 20€

>3 meetings in a bar with friends = 45€

>1 frivolous gadget = 50€

There you have it. After living expenses, and "luxury" expenses, most of the people I know have 25€ to put aside as savings.

Older folks have slightly more, the most sucessfull I know can save between 150€ to 200€ a month, and he works 45 hours a week on two jobs.

The middle class is dying. And while a decade ago it did so very slowly, it's starting to pick up speed.

9f5876  No.12676810


>We don't have the whole "contract debt until you can't pay" like Americans do, we simply have ingrained this "live with less and less everyday, you don't need to eat meat more than twice a week anyway".

Large majority of people in my European country are already debt serfs and they seemingly don't care enough to do anything about it. Wages are stagnant while inflation just keeps increasing so everyone is losing out. A difference between Europe and US is also housing prices. The price of an US house is 3.7 times median wages while in most Euro country 8 times median wage. It makes you just chained to the debt of your house. And this debt owned is not even to a bank, because the bank trades away the debt in packages. Nobody even knows to who they really owe the debt to. The middle class is dying in some European countries, but in some others like Portugal it already is dead you just have a lower and upper class.

Median wage gross in a year is 30k over here. Which gets taxed for ~40% anyway so you have 18k remaining. Healthcare cost you 120 a month, a bunch of additional taxes on car, gas water etc probably will also amount to another 400. Groceries for a single person probably comes to somewhere around 250 if you don't want to eat total crap food. So that's another 8.2k that's gone leaving around 9.8k. 800 in a month can easily go to your mortgage, but this isn't feasible since you will only have left 200 in a year for other things, so likely you will have to settle for something you can afford with 600-700 a month which is in general just ghetto tier quality or renting a shared living space or something. A double income eases the burden of this a lot, but guess what most people having a double income also have one or more kids which often just forces parents to take time off jobs invest capital into kids etc which leaves them similarly broke.

And then some kikeshill shabos politicians even dare say that you need to import niggers because of birth rates while nothing gets done to actually ease burdens on those having kids, or just buying a home in general. No prices of homes need to max out as high as possible so it can pass off at the statistics bureau as 'growth. Why would people have kids in the first place if for the majority they are already financially enslaved?

It's ridiculous and the above picture is the reality for the most (as it's based off median wages) maybe now some can understand the yellow vest movement since most people really have nothing to lose at all. There's no breathing room due to all the taxes, mortgages etc you have to pay. There's no good cause where the taxes go towards, they go towards specking banks, specking pharma lobby, specking the pockets of multi nationals and others who outsource all the jobs to Asia anyway and of course to refugees and other cultural destruction projects. There's no reason to support this system at all, it's a straight up oligarchical tyranny where the majority really have nothing to lose if they would revolt due to their trapped situation.

fe9b0c  No.12676919


Hey I know that da joos like to charge interest and eat bagels and dance around in funny hats. I get it. But "one world government of satan?" Aren't you being a bit overdramatic?

0211f3  No.12677152

I'm not buying it, sounds too much like the Hundred Flowers Campaign, and we know how that ended.

9ebb20  No.12678240




you got some nice digits this time

000000  No.12678803


Implying that some faggots do not use a script to get them.

Kek will punish such act of un-randomness.

000000  No.12678836


He was elected legally yes.

But the amount of abstention and blank votes were very high. So he was elected with 10 percent of of the voting population since there's not safeguard when there isn't enough people who votes or when there's a lot of people who vote blank.

a9db7e  No.12679357


>2 trips to the movies = 20€

That's enough for just the popcorn if you're lucky, not the ticket itself or a drink

02f850  No.12679408


I doubt the yellow vests will fall for it. They wouldn't be on the streets if they trusted him.

cd1910  No.12679555


Overdramatic, yes, but as a metaphor it is not entirely wrong.

b9e860  No.12679591


See vid related in OP, the ones interviewed don't buy it. And judging from >>12675281 amnesty is off the table, and that's one of the biggest issues native French people have with the current government aside from the high taxation.

I'd say this is a last ditch effort before violent response to the protests or it'll be a Hundred Flowers Campaign to find/suppress critics of the government.

fd26de  No.12679610


>Hundred Flowers Campaign

This is a reminder to all the low IQ subhuman retards who think that a "peaceful revolt" was ever a "reality".

ab9c0e  No.12679628

Have you tried marching all the jews to the guillotine yet?

937ba7  No.12679653


>debates near your home or express yourself on the internet

The cuck Trudeau does this. He travels around in a room full of angry black and veiled faces. Then calls on white people to air their grievances on camera as the 3rd world crowd turns their attention on the speaker. Naturally, many of the cucked Canadians are very nervous and their voices tremble as they attempt to articulate the problems of non-white migration.

In one such example, a cowering white guy confronts Trudeau, and says… well, we ugh don't want to see happen here, what is happening in France.

>What's happening in France?

Trudeau replies, as the crowd turns angry at the white man's attempt to put forward his argument. Ultimately all the crowd boo, and Trudeau then calms them down with:

>No, no no. Don't do that. This man deserves his say, we are a democracy. We are Canadians.

This sequence is then played on the national news. If someone did BTFO of Trudeau properly, it wouldn't be aired.

000000  No.12680093


New about the gypsies, the gypsies where bought out by the government. The gypsies community is a patriarchal system they just had to see the elders and bribe them.

But they will still use them as trump card to justify the use of lethal force.

Also. The first "Great debate" is just a vapor, it's there to give nothing to people. The mayors are selected, the 13 departments that he's going to visit are also ones that supports him, NO yellow vest are authorized to come to discuss. See you all Saturday until they submit.

Remember the priorities are:

The RIC.

Eliminating blank votes (le vote blanc dérogatoire).

A blank crime record required for people to be elected.

73ae8f  No.12680108

File: c123350dc5d8ccd⋯.jpg (250.31 KB, 1080x1530, 12:17, Screenshot_20181203-235037.jpg)

File: 8a1bdd0162d9e5e⋯.png (342.79 KB, 584x438, 4:3, 8b4f0ecc5a92a8ee935f738f68….png)


Would you like a cup of Pilpul my little goyim??

ed08ad  No.12680139


wait, seriously? are you Canadian, if so, could you get footage of this?

73ae8f  No.12680151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7fa85d  No.12680154

File: 8ee99d620e85a04⋯.jpg (85.46 KB, 359x550, 359:550, 89a045cba85b34c3e8acf1000a….jpg)

>Our house is infested with termites

>We need to remove them

<Being anti-termite is bigoted, you don't want to be a bad person do you?

>We need to remove them

<O-ok, we'll have the termites stop eating as much of your wood for a while

>We need to remove them

<We're guarding the termites with lethal weapons now, you don't want to do anything crazy do you?

>We need to fucking remove them

<Wait, put down that gas! Let's all talk about how much of your house the termites get to destroy

You need to remove the termites, frogs. Their plan is to slow everything down so that the people get complacent and re-acclimate to how bad things are, believing that a few symbolic wins means things will turn around.

73ae8f  No.12680156


Love it when Trudeau calms down the herd of shabbos behind

0a3b21  No.12680245

Don't fall for it French-anons. They'll gather info on you and use it to jail you. Remember, this same cuckold a week ago was calling for all yellow-vests to "be punished."

46efa0  No.12680252


Well said. Bump

5d3b26  No.12680331


The amount of hatred I have for this man. I feel like an outsider in my own country because that fuck and his father. This is the same neighborhood my dad grew up in, it was 99% white up until the 90s. The last census had it at 45% white (though many are Jews so it's likely lower). All these disgusting, sub human animals I call my neighbors truly act like authentic Canadians. I love my dumb fuck coworkers, not even KNOWING what Canadian culture is when I asked. All you fucking hear from these immigrant fucks is I'm Sri Lankan, I'm Egyptian, I'm Jamaican, I'm Cambodian, I'm Algerian. Mother fucker I'm white and proud bitch and the day we rise up against the Jew will be the last day you can claim to be anything but white in this country.

208116  No.12680387

This is all an elaborate performance and I hope the French aren't too stupid to see through it

901386  No.12680478


d4ab13  No.12681039

How likely is that France will actually attempt a gun confiscation?

16bdb8  No.12681087


Which France? the French France or the Jewish\Arab France?

50dbd1  No.12681092

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



16bdb8  No.12681102


Correct, they never admit their losses.

000000  No.12681118


Kill Macron.

Kill all jews.

Kill all leftists.

Debate only after those top 3 priorities have been completed.

74b9e2  No.12681129

File: 7070bb62d80c3c3⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 803x649, 73:59, 1513816114656.gif)


Calm down Hiram, I promise there'll be enough zyklon for everyone, there's no need to be cutting in line

e28823  No.12683054


>ok, ok, we cannot beat you into submission

>we have new plan

>we will now let you participate in your government for a limited time only

>send your comments to this website

>we promise to read it

5f82c0  No.12683059


>Macron says "Go home everyone and let's wait 2 months and then I promise I'll ask you some questions about the government so I can ignore you because you're no longer a threat to the elites

Don't do it Frenchies.

b6e7c4  No.12683069

File: f3274c9216a092b⋯.jpeg (54.26 KB, 456x672, 19:28, destroying the seed of Am….jpeg)

File: 5088a0d4e98e797⋯.png (383.99 KB, 673x669, 673:669, destroying the seed of Ama….png)

File: 307834c011fb504⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 525x768, 175:256, destroying the seed of Ama….jpg)

>Macron appeals to the forces of Islam to take over the nation of France

oh wait, he's already done that

>Macron is loosing control of France…

he's giving control of France to the vapid (((EU)))

>It's all part of the plan.

It's all part of the plan.

adb1a1  No.12687226

File: 5874dafec06bce4⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 400x330, 40:33, sacerdotes-israelitas.jpg)


By the way Kalergi wasn´t even jew,he was just an evil hapa who wanted every white person in the world to be like him.

Pic Unrelated

d9606f  No.12687234


The 3rd picture is unironic disinfo spread to make people look like morons.

4676ba  No.12687289


>From what I've read he considers asylum requests inalienable to his policies

So he expect that the french working class, that can't afford children of their own, because they have to feed the immigrants and their children, want more mouths to feed?

I don't think this Macron stunt will be enough.

0f8a08  No.12687328


it's not disinfo. it's just para phrasing

"Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1925 in Practical Idealism predicted: "The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."

5d86e1  No.12688387


It's absolutely disinfo.

Kalergi wasn't a Jew and doesn't talk about "we" (i.e. the Jews) doing anything.

9ebb20  No.12689122


back up your claims man

post about how he wasnt a jew then if you want us to believe you

2a851e  No.12689297


Bet they're gonna demand you put your full name and ID, great way to create a black list of people to take down, or even silence

>The questions, separated into four main categories, apply to any country struggling with economic inequality, austerity, the role of the state, climate change, and democracy.

>apply to any country

I'm not a frog, why the fuck should I be able to weight on this? it should be limited to their croissant borders

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