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File: ecfcee037b8cc6d⋯.png (320.28 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)

0b115e  No.12675355

(((Robert Lloyd Schellenberg))) was originally given a 15-year jail term in 2018 but after an appeal the court said the sentence was too lenient.

>Canada condemned the latest ruling. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: "It is of extreme concern to us as a government, as it should be to all our international friends and allies, that China has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply the death penalty, as in this case facing a Canadian."

>China was angered by the arrest of Ms Meng, 46, the daughter of Huawei's founder, and the case has soured its relations with both Canada and the US. She was granted bail in December. China has since detained two Canadian nationals, accusing them of endangering national security.

>(((Schellenberg))), who is believed to be 36, was arrested in 2014 and accused of planning to smuggle almost 500lb (227kg) of methamphetamine from China to Australia. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison in November 2018. But following an appeal, a high court in the north-eastern city of Dalian on Monday sentenced the Canadian national to death.

>The court also ruled that all of his financial assets must be confiscated. "I am not a drug smuggler. I came to China as a tourist," (((Schellenberg))) said just before the verdict was announced, the AFP news agency reports. He has 10 days to appeal.

>"All I can really say at this moment is, it is our worst case fear confirmed," his aunt, Lauri Nelson-Jones, told the BBC via email. "Our thoughts are with Robert at this time. It is rather unimaginable what he must be feeling and thinking. It is a horrific, unfortunate, heartbreaking situation. We anxiously anticipate any news regarding an appeal."

>China has denied that it is using its legal system to take hostages as bargaining chips in the Huawei case. But for whatever reason China has suddenly begun working hard to push Schellenberg's case to international prominence, taking the highly unusual step of inviting foreign journalists into the court, the BBC's John Sudworth in Beijing reports.

>And despite the Canadian's insistence that he is innocent, his retrial lasted just a day, with his death sentence coming barely an hour after its conclusion, our correspondent says.



78db08  No.12675364


>>And despite the Canadian's insistence that he is innocent, his retrial lasted just a day, with his death sentence coming barely an hour after its conclusion, our correspondent says.

Quick and concise, just as it should be.

6b3b64  No.12675366

Well this is what happens when Western Nations lose their balls because they're all run by cucks and women lol, they end up losing to shitty third world countries. But one more dead leaf isn't a bad thing so who really gives a shit anyways

cb27ab  No.12675377

Singapore you can get 20 whacks with a bamboo cane for littering.

Lots of SE Asia has death penalty for smuggling any drugs.

Seems fair.

78db08  No.12675384


Indonesia also has death sentence for drug smuggling as far as I remember. It is a good thing.

54ea7b  No.12675400


Clinton could get that sentence cut in half like he did with that Caning in Singapore…


78db08  No.12675409


Then China will half execute this jew. Will that be alright for the jew? I mean he will be in more pain than executed if they just make him injured but not let him die.

bdcfa0  No.12675422

Imagine how many Chinese would be executed in Canada if the Canadian government instituted the death penalty for drug smuggling, and actually went looking for the chinks who are importing fentanyl by the boat load.

e30935  No.12675428


Are there any instances of people being framed for drug smuggling on record? Drug addiction has ruined many lives in my community but I wonder how much faith I should have in the justice system.


Pretty much this.

78db08  No.12675440


If you live anywhere in US or Canada, drug smuggling is not as serious crime to warrant death penalty. Because, the CIA and feds themselves run the drug networks and they have to get their own men out ultimately.

de2c03  No.12675442


Duplicate thread of >>>12674289

de2c03  No.12675455


He is not jewish. Stop destroying words and debasing the parenthesis meme.

78db08  No.12675458

e47cbf  No.12675461

Well this is what you get for going to china.

78db08  No.12675474

de2c03  No.12675479


What are you doing on /pol/ if you can't tell the difference between a European and a Jew? This canadian is clearly being used as a hostage by the chinks, he probably didn't even break the law.

054c00  No.12675483


>smuggling drugs in Asia, especially in that quantity

One of the stupidest things you can do. Who cares if he gets executed?

78db08  No.12675489


No moshe. He got caught and getting what he deserves.

Copying >>12675462 here

No one mentioned this

A man sentenced to death in China on Monday for his role in a 2014 drug-smuggling operation has previously served two jail terms for drug crimes in Abbotsford.

Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, 36, formerly of Abbotsford, was sentenced to one year in prison in February 2010 and two years of probation on three counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, according to the online provincial court database.

He was also charged with four more offences – two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and two counts of possession of a controlled substance – in August 2011.

That case went to trial in B.C. Supreme Court in Chilliwack, and Schellenberg was convicted of all four charges in 2012 and sentenced to two years in prison. Minus credit for time in pre-trial custody, Schellenberg spent another 16 months in jail.

All of these charges were based in Abbotsford.

b9e51a  No.12675506

>Our thoughts are with Robert at this time. It is rather unimaginable what he must be feeling and thinking. It is a horrific, unfortunate, heartbreaking situation. We anxiously anticipate any news regarding an appeal.


e87162  No.12675508


e30935  No.12675519


A repeat offender at that? I guess his chutzpah got the better of him.

b9e51a  No.12675524


Do you know what first, second, and third world means?

Third world means socialist/communist of which both Canada and the UK would fall into the former category as well as the vast majority all? of Europe.

There are exactly zero first world countries on Earth in CY+4.

inb4 but muh capitalism!!!!!!

5e4690  No.12675530


This kike is no leaf. Jews can never have an honest allegiance to the nation in which they may reside, even if they were born there.

b9e51a  No.12675533


>Canada and the UK

Canada and the US*


ee5ce9  No.12675535

And which one of these people is the Canadian?

38ca7f  No.12675536

that kike is either going to get the needle or lead

6b3b64  No.12675540

the kikes made sure to scrub that footage as fast as they could. Notice how now one even talks about it anymore? lol

de2c03  No.12675541



Keep repeating the lie that he is not european, nobody is buying it.

"I am not a drug smuggler. I came to China as a tourist,"

He is a hostage being used as a bargaining chip to free the daughter of commie apparatchik.

The harsh sentence, like the arrests of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on vague charges of threatening national security (an investigation is reportedly ongoing, according to Chinese officials), is widely suspected to be retaliation for the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou (who is also the daughter of the conglomerate's founder).

"There’s no way they are not using him as a pawn," said Lauri Nelson-Jones, Mr. Schellenberg’s aunt, in an interview.

The case against Mr. Schellenberg "is almost certainly being politically manipulated," he said, although “in a much more subtle legalistic way than the other cases. It will bring more pressure on Canada but because it has been going on for a while, the Chinese have a more plausible legalistic defence."

bc283a  No.12675547


This world means brown. Nothing more, nothing less.

78db08  No.12675552


Yeah, no. He smuggled drugs, he gets the rope. I don't care if chinks or anyone else does that.

9c6ed0  No.12675553

China has every right to be hard as fuck on foreigners trying to put drugs on their streets ever since the opium wars.

38ca7f  No.12675563


All kikes should be gassed.

bc283a  No.12675566


Malaysia has the death penalty for possessing seven ounces of marijuana. Not smuggling, not dealing, just possessing.

de2c03  No.12675567


You have no idea if he smuggled anything. You are repeating third party information.

ee5ce9  No.12675568


Though I agree he isn't European since he's Canadian citizen, but Schellenberg is definitely definitely doesnt sound very Jewish.

t. mountainkraut

78db08  No.12675569


Based. Heard Malaysia does not give visa to the kikes. Is it true?

ee5ce9  No.12675572


Malaysia is Islam The Country. Stupid question.

de2c03  No.12675573


He is not jewish, not even remotely.


Who cares what his name sounds like? Take a look at him, he has european ancestry.

43da94  No.12675574


magakike boomer spotted, Trump will lose 2020 let that sink in. Florida will be his downfall.

78db08  No.12675575


And you have the idea? Fuck off with your kvetching. One less drug smuggler is good for everyone.

71d162  No.12675577


>China has every right to be hard as fuck on foreigners trying to put drugs on their streets ever since the opium wars.

While I would agree, in this particular case he wasn't distributing in China. He was manufacturing in China to sell/ship to Australia. If anything this kike is on their (China's) team getting whites hooked on deadly drugs and making China's takeover of Aus that much easier.

6e2570  No.12675578

File: 9676bec18ef03d6⋯.png (411.8 KB, 600x615, 40:41, ching chong potato bing bo….png)


bc283a  No.12675579


*third world

615e79  No.12675584


>>(((Schellenberg))), who is believed to be 36, was arrested in 2014 and accused of planning to smuggle almost 500lb (227kg) of methamphetamine from China to Australia

his crime isnt that he smuggled meth, its that he didnt buy the meth from the Chinese goverment

6e2570  No.12675585

File: 823dfabcb5c3435⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 601x402, 601:402, JIDF Elite.jpg)

78db08  No.12675589


Got it.


All the more reason to hang him.


Drug smuggler = rope

6e2570  No.12675590


And the chinks that ratted him out still have 250 pounds to sell on the streets with the gov blessing as long as they continue to tithe.

054c00  No.12675591


>He was manufacturing in China to sell/ship to Australia

Even better reason to have him executed.

bc283a  No.12675595


I'll give you a hint:


ee5ce9  No.12675596


Versuchst du grade echt mir zu erzählen wer europäer is' und wer nicht du Tunte?

de2c03  No.12675597



What, are you larping as CIDF now? I didn't say that i know what happened, but i know better than to blindly repeat Chinese talking points or in this case anti-white talking points, since the guy is a white Canadian and not a Jew.

3ff710  No.12675600


I may be a canadian who hates chinks, but at this time the chinks are better than us becuased they killed a kike drug dealer


His nose, now rotting says otherwise. Thats a jew mutt nose.

38ca7f  No.12675601

Hey if we started a gofundme, do you think China would let us buy a set of (((Schellenberg))) lamp shades when they're done with him?

5e4690  No.12675603



I wish we did the same in the West, but (((some people))) have to poison and profit from their gracious hosts that took them in.


This, and checked.


Kike detected.



Didn't hear about that story. Link?


>The harsh sentence, like the arrests of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor

Those all sound like kike names to me. To be fair, I would have them take DNA tests prior to execution to make sure that I really were sending kikes to their deaths, if I was the judge. But I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that this man is a kike.


That seems harsh, but if they start relaxing on weed, then next it will be onto being kinder towards those who push harder drugs onto people.


This. And digits confirm.


Also this.

Anyone who engages in apologetics for this kike is either a kike themselves, or a very good shabbos goy.

78db08  No.12675607


Rabbi. Look at this thread. Look around you. No one is buying your lies. Because? this jew actually was trying to poison Australia. >>12675577

de2c03  No.12675608


You are either a shill or something who can't even tell the difference between a kike and a northern european. Welcome to nu-pol, you will fit right in.

6e2570  No.12675609

File: 81ae76d646a1628⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 572784f452bcd044008c047a-7….jpg)

Kind of looks like a jeweyer Lupin.

3ff710  No.12675610


Quiet kike, no one is buying your shit, especially your drugs.

78db08  No.12675616


Worth a try. But you need to mention to them what to make, otherwise they would not know.

de2c03  No.12675618

File: bee4e161c7b06aa⋯.png (530.06 KB, 890x552, 445:276, ClipboardImage.png)

A picture from the other thread (OP has been spamming anti-white threads for hours)

If you think that's a kike, then you don't belong here.

5e4690  No.12675621




ee5ce9  No.12675622

Reminder to filter posters that reply to 10 people simultaniously. They're legit JIDF bots. Quick history lesson. /pol/s vols are israelis trying to derail every discussion by calling everyone a jew.

6e2570  No.12675624


>pic of rat faced kike with jewfro

de2c03  No.12675625


>Straight hair


At least you tried.

de2c03  No.12675628


It's ridiculous. I don't know what they're trying to slide. I should stop replying to them, but the nu-pol newbies may actually believe them and think that this is what a kike looks like.

6e2570  No.12675629


Nasty business getting all the kids hooked on ritalin and adderall then yanking their prescription coverage that their boomer parents still enjoy so they have to seek it on the streets later in life once they have developed an intimate connection with the medication and their now permanently altered brains.

05ed4d  No.12675631


Not really, maybe on paper they are, but you can find trannies and fags on the street everywhere in Malaysian cities. It's less degenerate than San Francisco or London for sure, but it's not extremely strict about enforcing those kinds of laws.

5e4690  No.12675632


He looks like he could be (((Otto Warmbier)))'s cousin.

6e2570  No.12675636


>nigger thinks frizzy jew hair is "good hair"

729463  No.12675641

File: c47118115d24436⋯.png (110.05 KB, 500x387, 500:387, c47118115d24436cd18c5b956b….png)

Is there an active libertarian board on here?

ee5ce9  No.12675647


It's best to just filter them. The mods arent going to do anything about it, because it's them doing what (((they))) can best.

6e2570  No.12675648

File: 42318f5176b5363⋯.jpg (93.99 KB, 847x402, 847:402, Nu-Jew Filtration.jpg)



Just like that the mask slips.

6e2570  No.12675652

File: 3ed434971a0798d⋯.gif (2 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Ze Cure.gif)



de2c03  No.12675656


That's styling gel, a sign that he used to be a metrosexual, but not a sign that he is a jew.


You are just happy that i am posting in your little (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((slide thread)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))), aren't you?

43da94  No.12675657




b98352  No.12675659

f062d0  No.12675660

File: 8a269f746928b47⋯.png (386.55 KB, 599x801, 599:801, 8a269f746928b4755746f06ea5….png)

Its only a demijew but this is exciting. When schtallin put a bullet through a couple of circles that were plotting against him he went to great lengths to assure the (((international community))) that it was necessary and just.

If pooh bear is willing to put a chosn leaf up on the block for a dick waving contest with canada then chinahs judao-state-capitalism may be coming to a close. The have been expelling quite a few foreigners as of late. Exciting.

de2c03  No.12675661


He's not jewish, he's just a guy who was taken hostage by the chinese.

729463  No.12675663

File: 469ce1f0a2bc282⋯.jpg (35.46 KB, 394x373, 394:373, 7416efdfe33d69e950f5a99ba5….jpg)

f0a924  No.12675708


Then he was in the wrong place at the wrong time anon. This is no worse a death for him than a car accident. If he is guilty of trying to poison Australians, and import drugs to injure and kill our people, I hope that he is killed by the chinese. It seems fitting since, IF he was guilty of it, he would have been doing it in China and polluting and endangering chinese as well through chemical and explosive and pollution issues.

f0a924  No.12675741


I am just trying to say that there is no 'justified death' like there is some 'reason' for people to die that is 'better' than any other. I am not sure why we assign ranks and values to death, like 'this way of dying is 'better' than that one…? It really doesn't make any sense to me…

b114ce  No.12675846


Based Chynah. Taking out the trash for us.

faeff4  No.12675892

Why does it it matter if he’s Jewish or not? He was smuggling 500 pounds of meth from bugland to Australia to kill Australians.

bdcfa0  No.12675915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trudeau claims death sentence applied "arbitrarily"

f0a924  No.12675919


I know that Australia and Canadian governments are 'in on it' (since Western governments are the biggest drug dealers on the PLANET) and would have let him off scot free since he is only killing Europeans but I guess he done fucked up and didn't pay off the right mafia bosses or whatever in China….who knows maybe he was competition for the Chinese Meth dealers to Australia and they got pissed that he was operating on their turf.

5e4690  No.12675983


Your mind is poisoned by Judeo-liberalism, if you really believe that there is no such thing as a "justifiable death."

5e4690  No.12675994


True, even if he really is a White man, he should still be killed if truly guilty for his crimes. Thing is, this is more likely to be a kike to engage in this sort of thing, rather than a White man.

6ec812  No.12675995


>justified how, and by whom exactly?

d91b75  No.12676014

Heisenberg's wife's retarded son

000000  No.12676015



WTF is he complaining about in this? Isn't the smuggler Canadian? I thought 'ol current-year believes if you kill Canadians they win.

de2c03  No.12676022


>He was smuggling 500 pounds of meth from bugland to Australia

At least that's the official narrative. We don't know what really happened. It made international news, so maybe he's a spy or some other spook who is being used as a bargaining chip.

6e2570  No.12676024


Because jews need to be outed each and every time they attempt to slip under the radar and whites take the fall.

f0a924  No.12676030



>justified how, and by whom exactly?

This, anon…I would like to know how you arbitrability rank death as though 'this one is good' and 'this one is bad'…it is all the same experience, leading to the same thing. Give me one good way to die that classifies it as some sort of 'transcendental experience'? Like it was a 'good experience' for that individual.

3c38bd  No.12676032

File: 6cf2705ef0a3603⋯.jpg (66.16 KB, 789x540, 263:180, 32390543898734987634.jpg)

File: e97e0cb46ef72c5⋯.jpg (43.1 KB, 789x465, 263:155, 83210898723097253967.jpg)

File: 457f1dc98e1eb95⋯.jpg (51.06 KB, 789x591, 263:197, 322989784398762986.jpg)

Ironically if this jew gets executed he will be the victim of jews, specifically the jews of ZOG and the Deep State. It was ZOG that had Ms Meng arrested - without telling Trump in advance, at a time when Trump was in sensitive negotiations with China.

"National security advisor John Bolton knew ahead of time that Huawei CFO Meng would be arrested, but Trump didn't know."

Meng was arrested the same day that Trump and Bolton dined with China's leader Xi at the G-20 summit.

"I knew in advance. This is something that we get from the Justice Department," Bolton said. "And these kinds of things happen with some frequency. We certainly don't inform the president on every one of them."

"When it was pointed out by NPR reporter Steve Inskeep that Bolton would have known during the dinner with Xi that "this arrest was taking place," Bolton replied, "Well, you know there are a lot of things that are pending at any given time."

>SOURCE https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/06/national-security-advisor-bolton-knew-before-huawei-executive-arrest.html

So while Trump was trying to hammer out an agreement for something better than a trade war, this Deep State ZOG operative torpedoed Trump's efforts.

No doubt Bolton did so to further some jewsy power play behind the scenes. Therefore if (((Robert Schellenberg)) dies by firing squad, he is collateral damage, a victim of Zionist treacheries in Washington.

6ec812  No.12676046


I fail to even see how the state can determine whom deserves to die, but I support the death penalty. It's an oddity.


The cripple on crutches? That kid can go drive his car off a cliff and end himself.

f0a924  No.12676049


Ok, but how would being executed by the chinese for being a spy or drug dealer, being killed in a plane crash, or dying in your bed make any difference? So he has been sentenced to death by the bug people…is that any more or less fair than someone who gets creamed and killed by a drunk driver?

I think I am annoyed at this idea that one of these is a 'fair death' and the others are 'unfair deaths'…I don't see anything 'fair' in dying nor do I see any reason to be any more upset about it than I would be if some arbitrary stranger died in a car crash.

27f767  No.12676063

Maybe he'll be the first Jew to be actually gassed!

f0a924  No.12676080


LMAO…there has to be a first one. I bet you the chinese have a wooden door as well.

df912e  No.12676089

How much do you want to bet this guy's business plan is to bring meth into China in exchange for fentanyl to bring back to Canada ?

f0a924  No.12676109


Jews don't care if other jews die. They are tribal…that is what makes the holohoax so ridiculous. Being tribal rather than individual 95% of them could have died and it wouldn't have meant SHIT to the remaining 5%. That is what a hive/tribalist society is all about.

f71798  No.12676132


East asians drugs networks have always been ruled first by the UK then the CIA swooped in when the British left.

a85b21  No.12676135


Holy shit all the shilling to defend this guy.

<here is innocent! he a good boy! Chyna bad!

>third time he was arrested for drug related crimes, crime record in Canada already

<there where no drugs! Chyna bad!

>he tries to blame everything on his partner and doesnt even deny the drug dealing

>insists he just innocently happend to travel through the drug angle of South East Asia with a drug trafficer before entering China with hundreds of kilos of drugs

<Chyna arrested this guy as revenge because last month Canada took a Chinese managing employee hostage on behalf of Mossad also domestically known as CIA who are angry a privately owned Chinese company refuses to "cooperate" with them on spying on you and makes it harder pushing Jewish tech companies out of the market! Chyna bad!

>was arrested in China over 4 years ago

<please use this photo he didnjewnuthing he a good goy like you!

>10 year old lil traytray photo

>apparently is a middleage balding complete loner out of touch with most his family besides his aunt



These muh Chyna shills pozzing this board are desperate.

fc4959  No.12676137

Funny how 8chan is flooded by kikes.

This place is entirely compromised.

055478  No.12676143

Friendly reminder that virtually all of the fentanyl in the US and Canada originates in China.

7a82bc  No.12676169


Keep killing jews.

Doesn't matter if they commited a crime or not.

Kill jews for being jews.


>a jew

You will all be killed.

3870f1  No.12676185



I think this is the cause of anti-white media. A lot of non-whites believe that Jews are white, so they're programmed to do their worst towards them because of "white privilege".

a85b21  No.12676212


Friendly reminder that this is a disinfo shill myth and this is a faggot.

China was producing legal drugs that can be used to produce fentanyl. The fentanyl comes from beyond the not existing MAGA wall out of Mexico straight from the all time best buddies of the CIA.

bda954  No.12676235

File: bbcccd722922b18⋯.jpg (991.62 KB, 1022x771, 1022:771, 1505211015156.jpg)

Kudos to the Chinese for going after the chosenite. They know how to get under Uncle Sam skin.

3c38bd  No.12676246

File: ed91692d91430e1⋯.jpg (81.06 KB, 797x794, 797:794, 7389867128793267523.jpg)


You are in error.

The condemned Robert Schellenberg is a jew…

A search of the news reveals that he is from British Colombia, Canada.

Conduct a Google search for "Schellenberg obituary, British Colombia" and all of the returns are for Abe or Ruth, etc, and the services are held in jewish funeral homes.

VERDICT -→ KIKE in the 1st Degree

81972a  No.12676302

>Sentenced to death for smuggling

>Not for being Jewish

He got off easy.

f0a924  No.12676332


>Sentenced to death for smuggling

>Not for being Jewish

It is sort of the same thing…jewish and crime are synonymous.

aea503  No.12676341

Kek he was taking drugs OUT of the country. His defense should be that he was trying to help the Chinese have less drugs.

81972a  No.12676357


True, but that's why any smart legal system would execute all kikes under the very well supported idea that if you don't they'll just commit crimes carrying death sentences anyway, if they haven't already.

f0a924  No.12676361


It would be a public service.

b57e3d  No.12676394

Anybody who is surprised by this should not be allowed to express opinions about China. They have literally always been like this, in every era, going back longer and more consistently than any other civilization.

a99117  No.12676405


North America is one giant drug smuggling operation everybody here is in on it they have no problem selling fentanyl to kids here

a99117  No.12676410


It goes against the (((PC))) internationalist the world is a hug box though. It makes everybody realize the world isn’t a playground unless of course your a rich internationalist

dce5c2  No.12676419

all I can say i,s hopefully he is dead by now, before I went through the trouble of typing this




3bd161  No.12676436


I hope china does start executing foreign political prisoners. This is the kind of shit people don't forgive and don't forget. China is only ratcheting up the pressure on their own corrupt regime. Xi is not playing the long game with this move, unless I'm missing something?

f0a924  No.12676447


Emperor XI doesn't have to 'play the game' anymore, the kikes are going to try to make him world emperor, if you know what I mean.

XI | X | XI

11f7ee  No.12676451

3bd161  No.12676455


oh shit… that's like 9/11 == IXXI …. XI…. and remember the NVXIM cult? It's got an XI in there… What the fuck..

c68df8  No.12676469


I have ZERO sympathy for degenerates. How stupid can you be to smuggle drugs into China knowing full well that many Asian nations give death penalties for drugs. This needs to be made an example to the world. I reckon Turdo is crying like a bitch over this.

dce5c2  No.12676489


>I reckon Turdo is crying like a bitch over this.

f0a924  No.12676490


Yep…right under everyone's noses. :)

how many people do you see complaining that China is going to usher in the crushing totalitarian globalist empire…yet it is. If I knew more about XI we could probably trace him right back to the kikes, through genealogy to the kikes who occupied China since 1500 AD or before. I have no doubt in my mind that he is a complete Zionist. That is why they are sacrificing Western Europe on the altar of multiculturalism to ensure that China is the only manufacturer in the world that can compete. This is why the TOTAL CONTROL systems of social credit and other things are being implemented there first. They will roll them out there while they are decimating and destroying the west and our people completely.

567ac4  No.12676494

what does him being a jew have to do with anything?

punk-ass keyboard warriors😐

b5313e  No.12676496

File: 30c08fdf7fcb623⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 465x422, 465:422, 03e1d2dae34ad4dfbd1b98cdde….jpg)

So does China have a real death penalty? Is he gonna get a bullet in his noggin in a few days, or is it like America where they just keep them niggering around on death row for 30 fucking years, feed them a god-tier holiday meal of their choice, and peacefully sunset them with some fancy jew pharmaceuticals?

3fe393  No.12676561

File: 002bc25f43fa7ac⋯.jpg (19.11 KB, 499x350, 499:350, DurFCsLXgAAzths.jpg)

>We anxiously anticipate any news regarding an appeal.

f0a924  No.12676598


This WAS the appeal. He was given a lighter sentence and on appeal they gave him the death sentence.

12996b  No.12676603


Live public execution death by a thousand cuts this

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Seriously though do they still into death by a thousand paper cuts in ant people land ?

572140  No.12676604


When i looked it up I got british names like Nancy, Cathy, John, George, etc. Page after page.

12996b  No.12676610



572140  No.12676614


There was no appeal. The communist party decided that the sentence wasn't harsh enough and the communist judges agreed.

12996b  No.12676620


I googled it and i believe they still use this form of execution

64bb6c  No.12676623



Abbotsford Schellenbergs do seem to be non jews. Looked in Abbotsford obits even have Mennonites.

f0a924  No.12676663


One cut for every Aussie he would have hooked, distributed drugs to or killed?

I guess that would be painful but again, I am having trouble ranking deaths in terms of their 'validity' still tonight.

Maybe they will make it a public murder as well?

I don't see what is wrong with lethal injection either…someone ought to look into who his family connections really are (I wonder if he thought he was 'immune' because he is part Rottenchild. I can't imagine Turdo giving a crap about anyone who was European, he certainly doesn't care about Canadians who are assaulted by his disgusting subhuman pets he is importing like pokemon.

b18a74  No.12676696

File: f5eccdda02f0adf⋯.jpg (78.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, retard.jpg)


>Do you know what first, second, and third world means?

Do you?


The concept of First World originated during the Cold War and included countries that were generally aligned with NATO and opposed to the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

>The "three worlds" of the Cold War era, between April—August 1975.

>1st World: Western Bloc led by the USA and its allies.

>2nd World: Eastern Bloc led by the USSR, China, and their allies.

>3rd World: Non-Aligned and neutral countries.


a85b21  No.12676702

Is it me or did (((Google))) just censor all reports about Robert Lloyd Schellenberg of the last 4 years before this sentence happend, which had more detailed information about what he was pleading, charges and prior sentence and of course nothing about the projecting hostage taking spin.

You usually have sites faking data to show up with olds reports cluttering your news results. Now all old links forward to the current didndu stories. Every single one.

572140  No.12676726


That's Google for you. Google has become completely useless as a search engine. If you want to find something, the last place you should look is Google. Even 20 years ago they had better search results.

000000  No.12676746


A large proportion of the meth in my country is smuggled in by chink bugs. Every couple of months we get a report hitting the papers of the most recent bug drug bust. The media never calls attention to the fact that none of the perpetrators are White, but the accompanying arrest photos are all bugs. I don't know if this kike really smuggled drugs or not. I don't really care. But one things is for certain: the chinks do not give a flying fuck about the drugs that flow out of their country to poison the rest of the world. This trial is for show, to achieve a political end.

dce5c2  No.12676806


nah, it's a small caliber bullet to the front or back of the head, they then leave to body for the family to collect, and charge them the cost of the bullet, it's all very humane, and cost effective. If no family collects the body the stray dogs eat it. Call it poetic justice if you will

dce5c2  No.12676808


sound like your tor media is owned by jews

f0a924  No.12676825


> If no family collects the body the stray dogs eat it.

Really? Are you making that up? It does seem very poetic but also extremely unsanitary to see parts of rotten man being drug around your city by wild dogs. I wouldn't put much past the bug people though.

572140  No.12676835


No, it's all very sanitary. The stray dogs eat the body and the remaining chinks eat stray dogs and bamboo rats for the rest of the month.

f0a924  No.12676851

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh so giving back to the community.

The Kikel of Life.

"Never take more than you give."

a85b21  No.12676859


You mean the entire kike media is left and right unanonymously chimping about this one trial to achieve political end against China, recycling their Huwaei hostage taking story, while defending their own South East Asian drug rings using Chinese at overcapacity running ports as a transit hub, when these drug trafficing sentences happen every month to pakis, pajeets, gooks, laotians, spics and other niggers like you, usually with dual citizenship in Canada, U.S.A., Australia and Britian?

Who cried tears about the Paki who was sentenced to death in China a year ago? Where was the conspiracy milling about that Akbar being a political marionett. No one cared to report. No a single fuck was given.

defc8c  No.12676863


He is probably a spy.

491292  No.12676866


nah he'll be held prisoner until someone needs a new kidney, then he'll die of natural causes with all his donor paperwork filled out

9e4e27  No.12676890


Hugely underrated.

d57006  No.12676911


>kvetch kvetch kvetch

Imagine reading all this tripe. Xi must be doing something right to make media and propaganda jew against China sweat.

d57006  No.12676934







China does execution through firing squad. But, if he is being harvested they would choose some other method.

f0a924  No.12676955


You will not enjoy living under the bug people anon. They are the third worst race on the planet. First kikes, second niggers, third bug people. The bug people are the jew/niggers of the orient. They are completely souless, cruel and materialistic.

000000  No.12676978


Don't let your hatred of the jew blind you to reality: bugs are no friend of the US, nor any other White nation. I'm certain there are bugs responsible for at least some of the "diversity" propaganda in the West, just like the jews, because they understand how it weakens us at a time where they are making strategic moves to colonize Africa. It ought to be us colonizing Africa to subordinate the niggers, get their population under control, and extract the useful resources out of the continent, but White nations are brainwashed into viewing the nigger as an equal rather than a subordinate, so the drive to occupy him simply isn't there.

000000  No.12676985


> They are the third worst race on the planet.

I hate bugs more than I hate niggers. The chink is my second most despised race.

84b6a9  No.12676990

>angered by the arrest of Meng

More like angered by yet another worthless foreigner (not that chinks are any better) trying to ruin their country with drug addiction.

dce5c2  No.12677003



not making it up, hanging in the US used to occur as the public square. Of course the body was afforded a proper burial in the paupers section of the graveyard, but in China it's no longer done in the public square but somewhere more remote, like the town dump. They leave the body for the family to collect, it's the body of a heinous criminal after all, a cause for shame….. I've never sold meth, nor will I ever, think of what it does to people dumb enough to try it, fuck him, kill him and be done with it, Dude was a total and complete scumbag, here in America they're (your local meth dealer) is behind you in line at Chick-fil-A. However most of us here complain daily the USA sucks balls.

f0a924  No.12677015


Anyone who makes the top 10 needs complete extermination.

dce5c2  No.12677018


>I hate bugs more than I hate niggers.

then you a tor poster, a jew, and an idiot. I'd rather live next to chinks than niggers and 95% HERE WOULD AGREE.

b19b6e  No.12677024



Honestly yea

Also sage for baste chinks

000000  No.12677034


>I'd rather live next to chinks than niggers

Then you are a fool, because bugs are a far more competitive race than niggers.

f0a924  No.12677043


How about neither…they both have their problems, but if I had to choose I would chose chinks over niggers.


Have you ever lived next to niggers? They are completely deplorable.

000000  No.12677055


>They are completely deplorable.

Absolutely. Given a small population of niggers vs a small number of bugs, I'd choose the bugs. But that's not the big picture I'm considering here; I'm thinking in terms of racial competition.

000000  No.12677057

3c3f83  No.12677069

America needs to learn from the Chinese and stop tolerating crime.

42334c  No.12677085


>Robert Lloyd Schellenberg

This doesn't sound lie a Jew name. americans just see "-berg" and automatically make that assumption. A good example of this is Mark Wahlberg, who is actually a Swede. Also, "Robert Lloyd?" "Robert" could go either way but Lloyd? 95% chance, no. You'd also expect a gaggle of Jews there and US involvement shilling for him if he were a kike.

But the most telling evidence he is not a kike? Firstly, the substance. Secondly, fact that he got caught.

b5313e  No.12677091

File: 258464665925c7e⋯.jpg (157.98 KB, 478x463, 478:463, 258464665925c7e37af3fa629f….jpg)


>and charge them the cost of the bullet

Goddamn they really are the kikes of the east, aren't they?

af24ad  No.12677132


>imagine if the Canadian government wasn't trying to kill and replace ethnically European Canadians.

b513b9  No.12677189


>nobody is buying it.

>"I am not a drug smuggler. I came to China as a tourist,"

You're right nobody is buying it, Schlomo. He has two previous drug convictions.

b513b9  No.12677193





Where there is pot, there are usually kikes, which is why it's nice to see white people selling pot at the government store. Of course they're all masons which are the same fucking thing…

391273  No.12677307


How many Jews would name their child Robert? Very few. How many jews have straight brown hair and blue eyes? ( >>12675618 ) Even fewer.

6385d7  No.12677332


>How about neither…t

well then you're a moron too. Post a simple help wanted ad as a social experiment, not a single chick will respond (because they are all ably employed) and every respone will be from big shit, full of dreams, bullshit niggers, waiting for the next NBA draft........ while they scheme to rob you, murder you, rape your daughters and wife >>12457127 fucking morons

a85b21  No.12677394


As for the "he dindunuthing" shilling thats going on in most of the (((media))) and by their "muh chink bugs" pet niggers swarming this place.

>Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was sentenced to 16 months in jail for drug trafficking in 2012 [in Canada]

>A B.C. [British Columbia] judge told Robert Lloyd Schellenberg he was lucky to be living in Canada when he sent him to jail for drug trafficking in 2012.

>"Your country deserves much better from you. You are in one of the best places in the world to live," Brown said as he sentenced Schellenberg in B.C. Supreme Court in Chilliwack.

>"You are not caught up in Libya or Syria; I do not have evidence of any abuse in your childhood and I accept that you have your own struggles to deal with, but you have to confront those. After all, it's not as if you are 18, and having to storm Juno Beach."

This entire case is the faulf of Canadian cuckery. This guy should have been beaten to a pulp 7 years ago. He probably didnt even serve a full year in those hotels they call jail in Canada

12cf09  No.12677507



Well, that settles it. As much as people want to bitch about the Chinks being the Jews of Asia, the Chinese will at least punish the fuckers killing whites. They're not the same as Jews, not even close, no one can even approach the disgusting level of the Jews. They wouldn't even punish Leo Frank when it was absolutely clear he was guilty and it was clear they would hurt their image.

a14330  No.12677548

Meanwhile, Chinese fentanyl is shipped through the Port of Vancouver and Canada does nothing about it.

42334c  No.12677586


>How many Jews would name their child Robert?

Well, that one isn't "the tell" since, right off top of my head, "Robert "Bob" Weinstein, brother of the most disgusting, Jew, perverted kike ever to exist who "allegedly" raped scores of gentile women, and the actual number is more than likely in the hundreds. Just 2 examples I know of are Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lawrence.

Realize something about those girls? The second Lawrence got a serious boyfriend, suddenly she stopped getting big movies with the best scripts. Penelope Cruz? She got married, made a remark criticizing the likes for their open air prison camps in Gaza, and now she's doing TV movies playing Gianni Versace's sister. i can't sat Emma Watson for sure because I don't know, but most likely.

As far as topic at hand, something about the surname suggests more German/Dane/Swede to me than kike. The weird part of this case is why the fuck would you be bringing drugs OUT OF China and into Australia? doesn't make any sense. Seems like meth would be far more expensive in China since you get death for it there. Comparatively in OZ it's a slap on the wrist. Is this recent? Seems like more payback for the Canada cuckolds arrested the Huawei heiress. .

6b3b64  No.12677882


Drug dealers truly are the scum of the fucking Earth

1a7fd8  No.12677914


and the Chinese are so fucking DODGY that their own citizens don't even trust their own enough to buy baby formula from them, they have to loot Australia's stock

a5483f  No.12677923


I know right. All those doctors prescribing (((oxycotin))) should be shot along with the (((Sackler))) family., the owners of (((Purdue Pharma))).

42334c  No.12677944


> All those doctors prescribing (((oxycotin))) should be shot

The doctors were "prescribing" vicodin and Percoet at first, not oxy. There used to be hundreds of these places in Florida, who would give you 180 vicodin, 120 2mg xanax. Pharmacy connected right to Doctor's office, fed-ex overnight the next day. Each had 2 refills, but all that really meant was that you had to "consult" the doctor over the phone once ever 2 months, which meant they charged you an extra $90. And was always a chink who didn't speak english or a fucking Haitian.

Got into oxys through my steroid dealer, back when they were $5 or $6 apiece for 40mg pills. Thee are few better feelings in life than a hard workout on juice for 2 hours, into the locker room, one 40mg oxy, sauna, then cold as fuck shower. Could have gone on that way for decades, but fuckheads can't handle their gear.

As for fent, it's a shitty fake opiate. Like having a girl suck you off for an hour put stopping as soon as she feels the cum begin to rise. IT's a shitty fucking drug. But you know, from the outset I suspected that Purdue had to be kike owned, simply because they picked such an American, Anglo-sounding name that reminded you of Frank Purdue, a dude everyone trusted.

Now it's ALL a fucking disaster and the shit i've been using since I was 14, now you can't get it anymore. Even xanax, since the kikes put me on at age 8! so after 23 years on, they just expect me to stop because they are now afraid of their licenses? Fucking horrible for everyone involved. And the reason it's almost exclusively a White problem is because after a while, the constant talmudic hatred from the media gets to people.

a5483f  No.12677947

File: efd0590374a1c2f⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, otto-warmbier-funeral-nor….jpeg)


The same was said of Warmbier.

f976d5  No.12677997


>Jew gone.

>Canadian gone.

>Canada emasculated.

>China demonized.

I see nothing wrong.

c5b81c  No.12678160


Think of the White lives saved from killing this jew.

e21804  No.12678179


>Are there any instances of people being framed for drug smuggling on record? D

I remember several cops in Indonesia getting caught out on it

But indonesia is a shithole, so thats expected to happen just like Malaysia

e0c0f9  No.12678221




I don't know if he gets raked or baked but it's all good.

e0c0f9  No.12678224


Both white AND chineese. You don't see hom smuggling drugs to Israel or Africa, nooo.

000000  No.12678413


to say nothing of all the other dodgy shit they're involved in. money laundering for instance

000000  No.12678422


>This trial is for show, to achieve a political end.

It pretty much always is in China. When it isn't you don't even hear about it.

1a24d9  No.12678444


>the chinks do not give a flying fuck about the drugs that flow out of their country to poison the rest of the world.

Why should they care? Anglokikes fucked them so hard they still haven't recovered.

0e3eff  No.12678476


>attempt to demoralize

>"dead leaf"


>dead kike

See I read your post, but all I saw in it was a kike nervously laughing trying to reassure himself that this could never happen to him.

e3ee6a  No.12678487

File: 206d418bed1f10a⋯.png (68.02 KB, 200x176, 25:22, adolfkekler.png)

File: a53119da7b9bb51⋯.png (98.2 KB, 327x430, 327:430, canada_friends.png)



> "It is of extreme concern to us as a government, as it should be to all our international friends and allies, that China has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply the death penalty, as in this case facing a Canadian."

>international friends and allies

0e3eff  No.12678811


I'm surprised this canadian jew doesn't have any Israeli ties (that I have yet to see).

a85b21  No.12679221


no no no

The problem is clearly the supplier of harmless raw materials and owner of one of the dozen ports in the entire production and logistic chain they pass through fellow goy.

Certainly not the (((doctors))) prescribing the entry drugs

Not the drug dealers

Not the drug trafficers

Not the law enforcement allowed it to enter the country unrestricted

Not the government doing shit all about it

Not the drug producers

Not the drug lords running the ring from somewhere in Canada it self

Its simply and only Israels current year enemy X

…and Iran just because.

000000  No.12679453


all of these countries are hopelessly corrupt and have tough drug laws to distract from the fact that they are heavily involved in narcotrafficking.

6b050e  No.12679475


That doesn't mean they can't punish the little street kikes and other degenerates.

a85b21  No.12679533



HAHAHAHA Guess they are slowly coming out with the full truth after shilling the "arbitrary" arrest narrative for a whole day including Cuckdeau personally now that no one cares anymore what happend past the headlines.

convicted 11 times for drug and impaired-driving offences between 2003-2012 and served two jail terms

father "had turned his back on him because of his criminal history

>According to British Columbia's online court database, he was convicted 11 times for drug and impaired-driving offences between 2003-2012 and served two jail terms.

>In 2010, Schellenberg was sentenced to one year in prison and two years' probation for three counts of drug possession "for the purpose of trafficking."

>Shortly afterwards, in 2012, he was convicted of four more drugs-related offences and sentenced to two years in jail, though he only spent 16 months behind bars.

And in case you wonder why no crying family photos and he was a good boy interviews

>Schellenberg's father "had turned his back on him because of his criminal history, although he still has the support of some family members".

As for the muh arbitrary harsh sentence

>Two other Chinese men were sentenced in the case - one was given life imprisonment, while another was handed a suspended death sentence.

>he was convicted of drug smuggling and handed a 15-year jail sentence, along with a 150,000 yuan (US$22,000) fine

He was given a slap on the wrist but denied all connection to drug trafficking and blamed everything on his companions and kept appealing



a85b21  No.12679539


Just so you dont have to bother. (((Cuckchan))) went full apologist on this faggot of a kike or not kike and still is.

3a9588  No.12679568


He's a communist, that's ideological judaism.

cafa9b  No.12679644


Jude, Jude du bringst nirgendwo das Gute. Jude, Jude, raus aus uns'rer Bude!

6b3b64  No.12679668


That's probably because you're kike, either that or a faggot leaf. Drug dealers are shit and he was a faggot leaf and a kike so nothing of value will be lost you jew loving faggot nigger

f7efd6  No.12679708


>blamed everything on his companions and kept appealing

Blame externalization is on the checklist for psychopathy. Genetic psychopathy among jews is as common as dirt. This (((guy))) is sounding more and more jewish.

ddc4d4  No.12681395

based chinks in for some payback.

war with china when?

54ec0e  No.12681528

Hmm. Drug was is anti human bullshit and everyone should have a right to own ak47s nukes anthrax and crack, …but…. hmmm let's see. According to my calculations , this person dying will do nothing but speed up Operation free humanity, and their actions while not arrested did nothing but fuck people over. Therefore I declare this chink ruling , this ruling made by gross ass boring tiny dicked npc CHINKS who serve no purpose, to be the correct ruling. Rosensteinbergweinstein can be slayed for the greater good, and then the next day medicinal meth will be legalized.

54ec0e  No.12681536


Drug war*

There is no human other than me who can decide what goes in my body. If i want to shoot myself I have a right to. I can smoke heroin and lsd and cut off my legs. Fuck off anti freedom faggots.

e733a5  No.12681547


动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 劉曉波动态网自由门



fuck jews too

54ec0e  No.12681550

If a Chinese elite rapes sells fentenyyl murders steals etc nothing happens. If a slave does that it's a crime though. Same shit here. I can't smoke a plant but select families can rape kids and get a slap on the wrist. Laura Bush is literally a murderer .

000000  No.12682015

I didn't even know they did this. Are we really that far behind them?

ede628  No.12682084


Anyone can look at that face and see – he's a jew. Just like you. And his sentence is the same one you will be receiving. Remember Leo Frank? He, too, got was coming to him.

You made your bed. Now you can die in it.

ede628  No.12682130


Pay attention, anons. This one gets it.

30133d  No.12682136

why the fuck would someone smuggle meth into China. How fucking stupid can you be? Arn't jews supposed to be smart or some shit?

770a76  No.12682195

>>12675355 (checked)

>(((Robert Lloyd Schellenberg))) was originally given a 15-year jail term in 2018 but after an appeal the court said the sentence was too lenient.


Someone forgot that in China it's not the jewdicial system, it's plain old judicial system.

3cc48d  No.12682974


Eat your vegetables, nigger

9abf5c  No.12682980

How do you know he is Jewish? Canada has a lot of people from Dutch descent and Schellenberg sounds like a normal Dutch surname.

66d792  No.12682986

xkeyscore tavistock GATE "goddes columbia" "manifest destiny report" "p2p blockchain hash"

66d792  No.12682988

RIP your thread, lel.

000000  No.12682994




Unfortunately it also means the weekly anti-china threads here sponsored by mossad will become more frequent and drag on longer.

8dd9a8  No.12683041


Holy fucking shit, are we actually going to witness a kike execution?

f0474c  No.12683045



cb2a44  No.12683046

thats a white guy bro. not a jew

efe6dd  No.12683075


15ee2a  No.12683093


China has learned its lesson well from the (((Sassoons))) and the Jews who brought in Communism like Sidney Shapiro, Israel Epstein, Frank Coe, Solomon Adler, and Edwad Isaac Ezra (descended from Sassoons).

Jews never brought anything good to the Chinese.

38bb0e  No.12683147

The jews originated from asia they are from the bug family.

Fuck Op for not being able to tell the difference between a jew and a White man. Dumb nigger.

b0b50d  No.12683161

The guy is or seems to be jewish, and immediately /pol/ believes anything the Chinese government says.

000000  No.12683166


>Are we really that far behind them?


>China builds 'Underground Steel Great Wall' to counter hypersonic weapon attack


They can stop hypersonic attacks while Rothschild's colonies can't even stop illiterate spics.

b110a7  No.12683194


>the lie that he is not european

He's a yid

b110a7  No.12683211


>seems to be jewish

>11 drug arrests

He sure as hell is not white

d18a87  No.12683221




You officially lose your white card when you use or sell drugs

8c570b  No.12683272


Don't even bother, this board is lost.

d18a87  No.12683347


I know where are my fellow libertarians who want all drugs to be legal 😔

4f0074  No.12683421



You had it right the first time you idiot, drugs are anti human

494c7f  No.12683468


You also lose your white card when you shitpost. I guess that makes you a nigger.

a85b21  No.12683551


>China has learned its lesson

Oy vey! Dont tell the goyim what happend to Jews and Zionists in China in the 60s.

05ed4d  No.12683555


Is this true though or is this chink state propaganda to try and get the west to sympathize with his execution? I honestly don't want to believe in this kind of situation.

05ed4d  No.12683560


>Dont tell the goyim what happend to Jews and Zionists in China in the 60s

They completed their total destruction of chinese culture and society and implemented permanent jewish ownership over the nation? Also known as the (((cultural revolution))) run by jew puppets Jiang Qing and Mao Zedong.

a85b21  No.12683574


>The (((media))) says "muh Chyna" and immediately t_d fags and other larping niggers think they can just shill any apologetic narrative about a junky they want on /pol/

Try cuckchan.

000000  No.12683606


Of course. How could a country rise to greatness without the advice of people like supersmart Willem Defoe, supersmart enough to survive Auschwitz in 1989.

a85b21  No.12683609


Now that is what really happend, fellow other "goy" ;^).

Based and redpilled redpill! Screencapped and saved! :^)

Jews rule! Dont get dumb ideas fellow goyim. :^)

9d7ab0  No.12683617

Holy fucking shit, I know that guy.

he said he bought a tea farm in some bum fuck chinese village and then just vanished, I assumed he just got scammed to death.

4a5dbc  No.12683641


That still pisses me off to this day. This was the moment I realized how fucking stupid I was for aligning with that party.

b02a27  No.12683757


Your new is showing, lerk for at least a year faggot.

d2c785  No.12683802

File: d73f4daf4b720ae⋯.png (552.59 KB, 1592x2493, 1592:2493, Screenshot_2019-01-17-04-1….png)

Chinese support National Socialist on VOACHINESE.com

6d41a3  No.12684763


Shit all that shilling and media spin in unison.

He has a history with drugs. You hardly see any paper clearly mention this. The few that do make it sound like hes a drunk driver and pot head. This guy didnt do some I was young once oopsies. He has a record of cocainine trafficing in Canadian courts.

And the (((mainstream media))) and (((expert))) claims that there was no new evidence to conclude the new sentence is controversial or "odd" is a blatant lie.

First to say is this guy cried victim and claimed he was framed. The court had no evidence that he played an important role so he was persecuted as an accomplice and mostly because (((our))) media here would chimp out. Chinese courts gave live time and deathsentence to the other Asian guys he claimed where the actual criminals.

Now his phone was decrypted and his entire chatlogs of leading the operation himself where revealed and he was given the same treatment as the others.

This pozzed reporting is a scandal itself but all I read now is hamburgers hamburgers hamburgers.

df190c  No.12684797

>based china

>they sentenced a jew to death, which means u should forget about them as a threat

What's the intent here, exactly? I won't hate chinks any less and see them as any less of a threat because of this. They're still emotionally and intellectually primitive monkeys who are threatening our global standing and seeking to replace our populations in places like the US, Canada, and Australia.

df190c  No.12684801


No one reads your bug language, monkey. Get the fuck off /pol/.

df190c  No.12684816


>and immediately /pol/ believes anything the Chinese government says.

There's more than one guy here. the pro-China people on /pol/ are either shit-skin chinks from Canada/Cali, or literal shills. They've been here since the tariffs on Chinese goods started. Anyway, I'm fully aware of the chink menace. They're no different from kikes. Actually, not only do they employ the same tactics, they have the numbers to play the population replacement game first hand. They're a race of sub-humans.

8ffbf1  No.12685809


I thought supreme cuckman admired their basic dictatorship?

220a39  No.12688160

Well this thread quickly lost steam after this fags criminal backlog came to light. Just like the media. What a (((coincidence))).

Just a few last saging "W-well who c-cares?! China bad!" shitposts for damage control by the larping subhumans (usually of the dozens of Indian desis and Vietnamese monkeys that have been flooding /pol/ with the t_d invasion and doubling down on the low quality anti-China and false flag hyperbolic pro-China-anti-America/Russia/white shitposting) and kosher shills

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