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File: 1fbddfcee8edaf4⋯.jpg (352.99 KB, 1908x1146, 318:191, 1547505365935.jpg)

8c1ce7  No.12675617

WTF is wrong with bug people? Can we just nuke China already?


c947dd  No.12675630


8efba5  No.12675637


Macarthur wanted to nuke them and save the nationalists, (((Truman))) intervened and tried to get Macarthur killed.

338e3f  No.12675639

China is mad again.

Repost. Nice to see ladies meet up again though.

7fd02c  No.12675651


c947dd  No.12675655


What about the rat? Are they based like doggo?

0235c0  No.12675666


perhaps its a Kuomintang revolution in the works

china could have been "good", but then the commies showed up.

c947dd  No.12675673

Sorry /pol/ but I find that picture quite funny. Maybe China is signalling that jews are the rats and they need to be crucified and then holocausted?

Anyway, I understand the loss of a pet and the anger it may cause. The guy could have just killed it instead of torturing it.

07c25f  No.12675677

I would of burned it alive with a candle or lighter when it's up on the cross.

ab10f4  No.12675696

>Jews are rats

>Jesus was a Jew


He died for your sins /pol/

6bc44e  No.12675716



He died for China's sin. Don't steal their future religion. You already have Jesus. Chinese are Romans now.

7fd02c  No.12675724


6bc44e  No.12675730


So Jesus was a Chinese?

5d4ef2  No.12675734

File: f659678df511c9c⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 969x800, 969:800, meme-guy.jpg)


Animal abuse is the one thing the chinks got right.

We humans are #1 and animals need to be reminded of this fact, especially when they start overpopulating, infesting our communities or committing armed robberies.

6bc44e  No.12675738


That's why so few vegans in China. They have no sympathy for the animals.

07c25f  No.12675740


>Animal abuse is the one thing the chinks got right.

This. Caring for animals above and beyond, and for niggers and shitskins is one of white man's downfalls.

7fd02c  No.12675748


Jesus was a Chinese Shriner, complete with a made-in-Shenzen 1/4 scale Ferrari.

6bc44e  No.12675750


But Jesus loved animals. Didn't he?

7fd02c  No.12675758


He loved the way they smell on the alter.

6bc44e  No.12675764


You mean Jesus ate KFC and Big Mac with soda. Hunted with his guns and bare hands?

07c25f  No.12675770


He beat them when he threw the greedy jews out of his temple.

6bc44e  No.12675777


You need to pay the bills for injury to my sides.

29ab4e  No.12675787


I needed a good laugh, thanks. My sides.

ea24e4  No.12675789


You better believe Jesus hunted with a lever-action Winchester.

36f4aa  No.12675990

File: 205e135e31a1b5a⋯.jpg (159.18 KB, 600x901, 600:901, 1qmyn9.jpg)


>jew gets crucified

Where have I seen this before?…

18a9d4  No.12676051

File: 30e35e7d16f3b24⋯.png (674.1 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Elmongelion.PNG)


Is this the chinese bootleg live action remake of Evangelion?

02e906  No.12676079

Reminder that hatred of natural things is the surest sign of semitic influences.

"Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it's pure and beautiful, and also because it's bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature's beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. "

724703  No.12676085


Fucker ate his beloved pet turtle, filthy kike rat had it coming.

ab10f4  No.12676139


Jews are a virus, and viruses are nature too. Jews are perfectly natural. True overmen rise above nature.

93cc01  No.12676529



grow up, who cares, I used a few rat traps in a couple commercial buildings I own. Call me a sick fuck too

9167dc  No.12676543

Chinks… nasty little creatures.

447e9e  No.12676563


bc8fb5  No.12676640

>oy vey

125fd6  No.12676961


Rat jesus or ratjus

93cc01  No.12677037

CHINKS…… blah, blah, blah, next it'll be Russians interfering with US Presidential elections.

9e25de  No.12677061

If you ever started out as a poorfag in a cheap apartment in Jew York City, you'd want to crucify one too. The fuckers only seem to make noise right after sunrise and (in my case) right under the oven. Finally, I poisoned the motherfucker and then beat it to death with a can. soon after I was able to get a better job and move the fuck out of there. They can ruin your fucking life.

44cff2  No.12677121


6de7b8  No.12677143


>report from 2017 or earlier

>half of the image sources are some muslim indonesian or curry nigger gibberish language

Watcha sliding Pajeet?

71621e  No.12677177

File: 419173391cdec3e⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 500x265, 100:53, Siamese-or-Himalayan-free-….jpg)


Pet fancy rats are legit great pets. They really are like little doggos. It's their wild cousins what give them an undeserved stigma like a black lab is to a fucking coyote.

489bc3  No.12677183

>pol defending rats

Yeah it figures you faggots would defend Jews and BASED DONALD TRUMP

ad8652  No.12677215

File: a99636f94db5683⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 13177278_1190874327599897_….jpg)

I cooked up these four dogs on thanksgiving, and ate them, honestly, what's it to you? puppy meat is juicy, and a bit fatty. Fucking delicious nonetheless.

ad8652  No.12677222


little fuckers didn't even know what boiling water was.

ad8652  No.12677230


made my wife mittens out of there fur and my wife stitched a fur collar into out daughters jacket from their hides.

657e14  No.12677236


>comparing jews to rats

Thats an insult to rats

581120  No.12677283

File: cac1f309c11b333⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 273x184, 273:184, oops.jpg)


>Chinese Shriner

Jesus never wore a fez while buggering toddlers. But there are a lot of masons in China… too bad they can't build properly. Should have used that 201 industry standard steel.

0235c0  No.12677362


you mean domesticated rats (white rats) are superior to their wild (non-white) rat counterparts?as if the wild ones were incapable of being tamed in the first place?

cf47d3  No.12677408

File: c51d4989c7aa58a⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 960x960, 1:1, rat hands.jpg)


decb1a  No.12677414




>Jesus never wore a fez while buggering toddlers.


The Easter Bunny never shoved a pickle up its ass while tap dancing and playing the fiddle, either.

decb1a  No.12677418


Yeah, it's like comparing niggers to monkeys.

0c2975  No.12677558

File: 8fee6c86f77d388⋯.gif (490.69 KB, 500x229, 500:229, 0 Fucks Given.gif)

Roman history project? Proper way to handle a jew.

bf3b59  No.12677568

File: 0460579bd7c688b⋯.png (350.3 KB, 634x421, 634:421, 1531258688194.png)


based af

284f8c  No.12677569

File: 1c5a7674357c155⋯.png (343.2 KB, 439x532, 439:532, 1384080687504.png)

A rat on the cross. Same as in the bible

0c2975  No.12677577

inb4 rat circumcision gif

16692d  No.12678052


>The Easter Bunny never shoved a pickle up its ass while tap dancing and playing the fiddle, either.

Fuck you for breaking my dreams.


How do you grade?


You mean the rat circumcised the turtle peepee?

2e220e  No.12678062


They don't even have sympathy for their fellow chinks. Worthless insects.

87e781  No.12678101


Good. Fuck rodents.

8fc204  No.12678131


>Should have used that 201 industry standard steel.

They did, but it was chinese.

166905  No.12678138


Holy shit

This is something else. Mad respect for China

ec8fad  No.12678190

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you've ever had to deal with rats destroying your things, be that a veggie garden, pets in this case, food or what have you, you would understand that there is no vengeance too horrifying to visit upon them. Let the body be displayed as a warning to others. Now vicariously enjoy the embedded vermin genocide. One day soon it will be dobermans and kikes.

514439  No.12678206


If I had a pet turtle, and it was eaten by a rat, then I'd be very upset.

a2a4d9  No.12678209



Regards, mudbloods

886ce8  No.12678215



This. What the fuck is the deal defending rats? Also, dead animals on display have sometimes proven to deter other animals. Dunno if it does anything on rats.

000000  No.12678398


Well the way he did it was a bit bloody deranged. Just kill the thing and discard it.

6a90ea  No.12678417


it's true on most animals, except on rats, they are also cannibals so they will eat dead rats.

9d11aa  No.12680346

File: 9c14f529a484ded⋯.png (216.37 KB, 393x391, 393:391, 9zWW8QL.png)


>>Jews are natural

0fd414  No.12680382


>jew tries to make a slide thread

>probably angry a rat that killed a turtle got crucified, as seeing one of your own being crucified must be traumatizing.

>post this instead of some other slide thread topic

>get laughed at

Another rough day, huh OP.

ab10f4  No.12680568


Viruses are part of nature too. So are a whole plethora of disgusting creatures, but you hippie faggots keep worshiping ALL of life like SJW cucks you are.

540077  No.12680622

I hate chinks but come on it's a rat. Edgy /b/tards do shit like this all the time. But of course chinks do much, much worse things to animals like dogs and cats (and other chinks).

56a925  No.12680628


Sodomy isn't though.

3734a5  No.12681312

File: 5d3fafdc837a317⋯.jpg (19.14 KB, 399x384, 133:128, 5d3fafdc837a317d56b2496cbd….jpg)


Go back to facebook or wherever the fuck, normalcuck.

4e702e  No.12681382



Checked and yes domesticated rats are legit top shelf pets

e56497  No.12681574

This is disgusting behavior and the way humans treat those below them tells you everything you need to know about them. If this evil behavior can't be collectively conquered then there is nothing to humanity and the best course of action is making sure humanity goes extinct. This is the way it is going to be because I will not relent under any circumstances. If you fuck with animals you are going to pay.

c49315  No.12681583

Fight china yourself. I want nothing to do with helping jews enslave the world.

e56497  No.12681592

If you eat to survive ok. Shit happens. Adding torture is a reflection of what you truly are and you will be held accountable no matter what. Not that this will change the ways of the evil ones but the neutrals need reminded that people still fight for the forces of good. Fuck religion holy fucking shit if we didn't have that gay D and c bullshit then we would have naturally had utopia by now.

47da2b  No.12681615


>Torturing a rat to prove that humans are the strongest

64e7d0  No.12681826




Fuck off, be vegan soyboy somewhere else.

690cf3  No.12681886


Theres nothing they wouldn't try to steal.

ab10f4  No.12682741


If a Rat resurrected as Son and has redeemed the Ratkind from it's sins, is he truly below the others?

I guess we should also help those poor refugees to demonstrate our noble character.

87915a  No.12683030


>If you fuck with animals you are going to pay.

Get your gun and shoot up the local slaughterhouse then. Come on, soycuck.

2e5c59  No.12683082


Shut the fuck up you edgy faggot, shove your buzzwords up your ass and blow your brains out

125fd6  No.12684040


fuck off soy

c0de61  No.12686415


Top soylent right here.

626c2d  No.12686457

How the fuck did this thread get to 81 replies. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 59 unique IDs here, chrimeny. No replies longer than 3 lines. Absolute trash. Sage and report this garbage.

ab10f4  No.12686528


>impotent soy rage


This thread is entertaining

237752  No.12687525


Patton wanted to take down the USSR. He was killed.

d7817a  No.12687781


Rats are fucking disgusting. My sister has two, for some dumb-fuck reason. I'm from a more rural area, so every time the cold season starts I have to kill mice. These are just big mice. Disgusting animals. There's no reason for any of them to live.

675262  No.12687887


Rats are synonymous with jews. I see no problem here.

0ff137  No.12687951

File: 195a3747a5312fe⋯.png (416.63 KB, 758x494, 379:247, ijnnij.png)

a19476  No.12687992



>In a shocking development this week, it has been revealed that Chinese people still don't have souls! More at 9.

We already have 50 other Chink hate threads going, why the fuck does this require its own dedicated thread? Go back to fucking 4chan.

bc8fb5  No.12688025

Many animals have the intelligence to experience pain and suffering, rats are one such animal, and every anons worth his salt knows (at least subconsciously) rats are about 1/4 as smart as dogs.

No animal, intelligent or otherwise, deserves torture, and once we save our women and children from the bugs and merchants, we can secure the dignity of the animals we rely on for so much.

Every creature deserves dignity, even I'm death.

Though I did save this pic for… I don't even know what reason, maybe how deep it really is.

bc8fb5  No.12688026


I'm a phoneposter, please tell me about it

9cf0b0  No.12688035

>mfw uses a dead rat and wires it to a cross in some sort of symbolic ant art piece.

show me the fucking chink that can wire a live rat to a stick

a8683b  No.12688072

File: 5d825a0f8de435e⋯.png (128.47 KB, 1280x277, 1280:277, oy_vey_not_babies.png)

Low energy repost. Pic related.

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