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File: d94bdc019889c57⋯.jpg (147.25 KB, 769x1024, 769:1024, braz_887349867234.jpg)

File: 55031262686c13f⋯.jpg (162.71 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, braz_987349867234.jpg)

c977b1  No.12676638

Death Squad kills with Bolsonaro's Blessings

He did it, the madman…

The photos and video at this link (below) tell a vivid story of fatality.


Brazil biggest drug trafficker shot dead


"They captured (dead and bloody) one of the country's biggest drug traffickers in Brazil, for which purpose Bolsonaro authorized in person the maximum use of the police force available to him, because although the police knew that (the Drug Lord) moved freely anywhere, he always traveled with his own security and a heavily armed and armed convoy that had repelled more than 50 attempts to capture him. Only one helicopter, one soldier of the army's artillery and one M134D machine gun … sufficed."

I'm hoping Bosonaro moves on to Leftists or illegal immigrants crashing Brazil's border next.

Let the Games begin

c977b1  No.12676641

Today Brazil has problems with onslaughts of would-be migrants from Leftist Venezuela, and the Brazilians have had no problem getting violent to protect their territory.

Venezuela migrants flee back across border with Brazil - BBC News


If Bolsonaro gives his benediction to opening fire of illegal border-jumpers from Socialist Paradise Venezuela his Right Wing Death Squads will be making a great example for policy makers all over the world.


c98a7d  No.12676655

>Only one helicopter, one soldier of the army's artillery and one M134D machine gun … sufficed

So they shelled him while he was going down a straightaway and then just sprayed down the road?

cffbe8  No.12676673


omg is he ok?

292ae3  No.12676676

Live Leak sure has improved in quality. Good to see…

253b98  No.12676685

That's just a flesh wound.

418bdc  No.12676698


>huemonkey military sprays an SUV full of lead with a minigun mounted on a helicopter to kill a drug lord

I think Bolsonaro has Duterte beat on this one.

c977b1  No.12676714

File: 0d76d95baf27a63⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 848x477, 16:9, brr09832097237963.jpg)

Campaign Promise Kept

eb4e0e  No.12676722

How funny will it be to watch the internet far-leftists in the west freak out once their brazilian facebook friends start getting arrested, beaten and executed by cops and rightist paramilitaries howling taunts and jeers in monkey portuguese and then uploading the videos of their deaths to their former e-groups with the shithead's cell phone.

1637e9  No.12676725

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

youtube embed

24d759  No.12676727

Should he drag that corpse into tv studios?

c5c3af  No.12676731

Gettin comfy

2e7d04  No.12676737

This is how you deal with rapists, drug dealers, pathological criminals, zionists, commies, and muds.

Sick and tired of hearing shit about how things are complex and take time to fix and blah blah blah. Fucking huenigger takes one helicopter and one minigun and has destabilized a whole drug empire, irreparably so in all likelihood.

c98a7d  No.12676743


They will be playing whack a mole for a little while though

4111ea  No.12676745


Bolsonaro is a zionist.

1103ba  No.12676747



c5c3af  No.12676750


Plus think of the psychological warfare. Bolsanaro is leader for one month and already the big guy is down. This picture is probably everywhere. Numerous dos is shitting his pants right now, and three isnt going to step up.

443f07  No.12676754

That's how you use a gun

c5c3af  No.12676756


Good news.

>bolsanaro is a Zionist

Fuck you.

c98a7d  No.12676757


You are mistaken. These people are dumb as shit, all they are thinking is "big guy is down, maybe it's my turn to be big guy"

They will continue to think this way until they start killing the foots on the streets as well.

You can't have a drug empire if no one will sell for you.

320e1e  No.12676764


dup btfo?

24d759  No.12676766


it doesn't mean you can't drag the corpse around the universities and media outlets to spook lefties.

65bfa7  No.12676769

Where in Brazil was it?

d04394  No.12676781



And who says violence doesn't solve problems? A weak hearted coward whose likely up to know good, that's who!

aab9e2  No.12676782

File: 017f53c8f9f5ded⋯.jpg (107.21 KB, 537x400, 537:400, 48578517a864e38cfbc01e0865….jpg)



If RWDS take over in Brazil, I might just pack my bags of fun and move there myself.

5c3fa7  No.12676789


Oh yeah.They have some killer surgeons in Brazil.

7ec1c6  No.12676796


Absolutely based.

Guess it's time to find a southern Brazilian chick and make babies with her. If the US won't be the 4th Reich, Brazil will do.

aab9e2  No.12676797


This will truly be the greatest of timelines. What a time to be alive indeed. Let's hope it spreads.

aab9e2  No.12676822

File: 2336efd782a650d⋯.png (23.14 KB, 438x250, 219:125, mexican_nazi_flag_by_the_o….png)


It was a good enough bug out for the Third Reich. It'd be a nice place to see the rise of the Fourth Reich. I've been saying for the longest time, if South America goes Nationalist / Right, Obama himself will be down in Texas trying to build a border wall. This is why Hispanic / Latin Nationalism is so important. You'll get your wall ASAP if Pedro and his amigos march their caravan through Mexico singing a chorus of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me."

51e283  No.12676832

Im being told by argentinians that this is fake news

5593f9  No.12676837


Im being told by mongolians that this is real news

51e283  No.12676838


Prove it then nigger. the liveleak video is months old.

5593f9  No.12676843

66ca92  No.12676850


I can't believe you've said this about me

51e283  No.12676855


everyone itt got baited just accept it. op trol u

1b54ba  No.12676857

《Muffled "it ain't me" in the distance》

6603ab  No.12676858

About fucking time someone in South America actually started fighting back. Now if all that caravan trash joined the revolution they could potentially lay the foundation for countries that are total shit.

000000  No.12676860



b00fc2  No.12676862

File: eb36b348f83ff41⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 185x315, 37:63, yolocaust.jpg)


Even a stopped watch is right twice a day, and it looks like it's deathsquad o'clock.

000000  No.12676864


Seriously… ??? His sons wore Mossad and IDF shirts in fucking Israel.

4d750f  No.12676867

File: 06774338401cbdd⋯.jpg (14.42 KB, 286x509, 286:509, b82y8b3rd9a21.jpg)

It's time.

466cf7  No.12676876


>and one M134D gatling gun


That makes all the difference.

76720a  No.12676881

File: ebbf0527fbb2eff⋯.gif (683.5 KB, 200x254, 100:127, fascismISporn.gif)



76720a  No.12676883


No one get into power without being a Zionist. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy the fash porn.

5345a0  No.12676887

How do they know they got the right guy?

44f2c4  No.12676889

So laws and order are coming to Brazil after all.

d8c622  No.12676891


>No one get into power without being a Zionist. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy the fash porn.

"stop quoting laws, we carry weapons" - greek guy

76720a  No.12676897


Last time I checked, Greece was no longer white and Zogged to all hell. Give me a quote not from a Turk-mutt.

cd42db  No.12676930

File: c4832dd441f73d2⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 600x595, 120:119, HowHorrifying.jpg)

File: 629b0835529bc29⋯.jpg (70.22 KB, 1182x966, 197:161, 1Point7TeraFarage.jpg)



ed1567  No.12676939


Anti-white detected.

fb67c1  No.12676973

Oh no. Now, CIA will put a price on his head.

0b6cd6  No.12676989


So Bolsonaro take out a drug trafficker but not the Jewish Mafia who rules over Brazil.

000000  No.12676996


It's always gonna be something with you, isn't it (1)?

18370c  No.12677002

76720a  No.12677009


>Anti-white detected.

Nothing I wrote is factually incorrect.

0b6cd6  No.12677013

File: d811e9d5221cc61⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 480x322, 240:161, jud_suss.webm)


>smelly tor Jew

Well well well, that was quick.

163b09  No.12677017

More nonjews dying, hurray

000000  No.12677021

1cfb13  No.12677042


Jud Suss

18370c  No.12677050


Underrated post

752e94  No.12677052


barely, he got a heads up from someone.

8daf37  No.12677088




This is why I'm getting disappointed in Trump. He has the opportunity of a lifetime, yet is not getting the big fish. So much so he is actually letting the big fish CONTINUE TO OPERATE UNIMPEDED.

The other thing is, many times, these leaders go after one rival group while letting another rival group thrive. Often times they make deals with the devils, just their devils.

How many more Drug lords are in Brazil? Who is being protected?

8daf37  No.12677104


some people are saying this is old footage, happened in Mexico an anyone confirm


f4e554  No.12677122


yep, fake as hell


eeabb8  No.12677128

He got shredded by a gatling gun. Imagine sawing cars in half with a minigun to get this guy. Lucky soldier

199b71  No.12677161



thread debunked in a single post LOL

76720a  No.12677184



Yep, fake thread is fake. Report OP for this piece of shit.

752e94  No.12677269




samefag spotted a mile away.

000000  No.12677343



Violence IS the only solution.

All White brazillians must seize the moment, and incite as many violent acts against leftists as possible. Masquerade the intentions at first, going from criminals, to leftists, to jews later.

Make White brazillians genocidal again. Manipulate shitskins, niggers and mestizos to target leftists, along with criminals.

Make the population themselves get used to seeing leftists brutally killed daily, to the point that they won't be shocked by it anymore.

With that done, the rest of us can easily kill every single one of those leftists and jews still alive, and make the population even celebrate it.


Afraid, impotent leftist? You will all be killed soon.

8bd393  No.12677349

File: 98212b0214789be⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 492x434, 246:217, Screenshot_20190114-214121….jpg)

WTF?! Drug lord with soft sissy hands?!

eeabb8  No.12677352


Drug lords just give orders. You think they get into fistfights or do the dirt themselves?

8bd393  No.12677358

File: 3a5c68789858e0b⋯.mp4 (638.65 KB, 198x360, 11:20, LiveLeak-dot-com-WhatsAppV….mp4)

6829b0  No.12677369


You're thinking of El Chapo, most of the drug lords just dish out orders like what >>12677352 said.

c977b1  No.12677387

File: 89ea5afba591e41⋯.jpg (108.06 KB, 847x896, 121:128, b70-943098347349877.jpg)

What is it about a leader like Bolsonaro that the Left doesn't like? Might it be his plan for them?

480fa3  No.12677391

Can anyone confirm this? Big if true

000000  No.12677479

What was his name? I'm trying to gather more intel on him.

dd3bb9  No.12677685

File: de49aa617bb69b3⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 800x509, 800:509, PST011.jpg)


But muh fair trials, some day the government might waste thousands of rounds of ammo on you for unpaid parking tickets and being an internet Nazi.

When that day comes there will be no drug peddlers and rapists to stand up for your rights because they'll all be swiss cheese.

Think of the six millions of dead favelas monkeys and drug profits.

b03553  No.12677707

The drug trade is a Hydra. Cut off one head, two more take its place. This man will be replaced, possibly within a fortnight. The "Death Squad", I assume, may have been funded by a rival organization.

b39cb4  No.12677729

Ouch. He should stop buying gillette razors.

000000  No.12678220


So? We will kill them all at one point.

c25fca  No.12678259

File: 77c1463efd8e28d⋯.png (1.57 MB, 824x1158, 412:579, ClipboardImage.png)

82a51f  No.12678286


You are so dumb…

No, really.

What do you think happens when the government takes out a centralized leader of a criminal organization?

It creates a power vacuum.

And these junkies are in this bussiness for the profits, so they are going to try to move in on the position to better control the trade, and in this process they are going to wage war on each other at worst, wasting money, and people in the process.

Keep cutting the head off and it grows weaker to the point where they won't be able to exert any political influence anymore, and they can just be handled by a couple of cops with police batons.

134ca8  No.12678307


>shut the fuck up ya dumb goyim and enjoy these breads and circuses

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're just a useful idiot

134ca8  No.12678308

File: 49ed350465a17ea⋯.webm (1.85 MB, 368x640, 23:40, ohh my.webm)


>falling for the southern brazil meme

bee634  No.12678322


"If I'm not white, then no Brazilian is".

Kek can't believe you faggots are on 8chan also.

3b96a8  No.12678335


>because although the police knew that (the Drug Lord) moved freely anywhere, he always traveled with his own security and a heavily armed and armed convoy that had repelled more than 50 attempts to capture him.

What the fuck, this is pathetic.

Okay, WAS pathetic.

I'm not completely against drugs and I think that a ban on substances won't help society very much, but people like him are not just criminals by accident.

They choose whatever filthy business is profiting them the most and don't give a shit about human life or society. Drugs, human trafficking, slaves, they don't care.

c25fca  No.12678429

File: d753076df366e32⋯.png (900.46 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Favela next…

0a6e96  No.12678609



MAGAtardism is contagious. Are you underaged or fucking what?

0a6e96  No.12678616


Stupid American wants to create even more mongrels (identity crisis for a child whose parents are from two countries even though their race is the same).

0a6e96  No.12678649


Granted not to generalize American anons

29182b  No.12678660


>no proof

>anons believe it anyway

nu/pol/ needs to die.

9c027b  No.12678672

File: 04e6aed184de0ea⋯.jpeg (62.06 KB, 748x497, 748:497, 017F2E1A-7680-4458-8B49-F….jpeg)

File: 032225d0b209973⋯.jpeg (114.16 KB, 645x546, 215:182, FBF450C4-30FB-470F-A9BF-4….jpeg)

File: 000ec29ca9c7087⋯.jpeg (76.26 KB, 825x725, 33:29, 39189EE9-C105-46CD-9857-A….jpeg)


<no proof

42f72f  No.12678706


b-b-but paper t-tiger

926b4b  No.12678727


A typical comment at liveleak is "he'll just be replaced with another drug dealer." I think it's a tad different situation.

a8fde4  No.12678735


This is how justice to subhuman is served, not through zogged (((justice courts)))


>Do nothing goyim, it's all a lost cause anyway bloo bloo


33c865  No.12678746

This is fake. The Death Addict forum says Jul 2018. FAKE.

c977b1  No.12678795

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Youtube version of the video

c9c5eb  No.12678856


I need me a favela wife …..

9332e0  No.12678901


You are one stupid mother fucker. Go kill yourself.

134ca8  No.12678933

File: f3397c758a16f04⋯.jpeg (53.63 KB, 849x175, 849:175, huemail.jpeg)


Sure there are some, but not many in proportion. The numbers are similar as in Argentina or Uruguay. Times have changed.

272504  No.12679766


Yeah he’s fine. He’ll be up and at ‘em by next week

000000  No.12679892


All leftists must (and will) be killed.


So? He can be bluepilled later. The goal for now is to kill all leftists.


It isn't. You will all be killed.


Nothing that nigger/mestizo genocide won't fix.

000000  No.12679894


*redpilled later

409223  No.12679932




2578c0  No.12679972

This shit is debunked and you morons are still posting about how great bolsarno is, just like the pro trump retards.

Get it thru your skulls morans, the likelihood of a true good and just leader coming thru official avenues is slim to none. Democracy is worthless.

766ac7  No.12680008

wow he got fucked

6969ef  No.12680148


Nah, it just creates chaos. You defeat the drug trade by brutally killing the shit out of every low level dealer you can find. Organizations can't do squat without plentiful low level manpower.

47b2b4  No.12680168


Liveleak seems quite cucked these days though. I've seen a lot of censoring and moderation of comments.

1cfb13  No.12680180


All those cosmetics mask the cucking. That's true of every platform. The cruder the better.

ac9737  No.12680181

>Thread still going after being debunked

I wanna say something about nu/pol/, but really, it’s been like this for awhile on the popular boards.

Hit me with your >(1)s I guess. This doesn’t make the guy worse, it just means this never happened and you’re all retarded.

5f6af7  No.12680183


Indeed. Gore and bestiality is a-okay but traditional values aren't.

241cce  No.12680421


It's not true. If you can stomach some nasty shit check out this faggot's gore porn, it's explained on this edgy gore/dead body forum:



Checked for truth. That pic is from some shit in Mexico months ago.

6ab650  No.12680450


50 years of leftist corruption can do that to a populace. I'm hoping that they continue jailing us so that we will learn not to hold back.

6ab650  No.12680477



Nah, it's not fake. Only the last pic is.

d91757  No.12680500


Are you fucking retarded? Brazil is a mongrel shit hole

8f91b2  No.12680528


I wish he had pulverized Cesare Battisti as well. Activist judges in Italy are already talking about amnesty.

902ce8  No.12680540


yeah but brazil isn't the whore of babylon so it doesn't really matter, does it?

33ff1a  No.12680543

>All violence is committed by the left.

c4be69  No.12680613


First ever thing this fucking cunt did once in office what invite Bibi over. Fuck this scumbag I hope the cartels take him out.

4d1079  No.12680614


Yep this is a normie faggot thread

c4be69  No.12680615

c4be69  No.12680617

Jair Bolsonaro: An Israeli Puppet in Brazil


47dc9e  No.12680799


CIA btfo

47dc9e  No.12680871


fake and gay. footage is from a year ago in Mexico. The photos are from Mexico too.


1e3e68  No.12680880


kill your local drug dealers

915adb  No.12680940

File: 5962ca3d8b17c49⋯.png (589.12 KB, 610x676, 305:338, 15199731875.png)


his son is a mossad agent.

70335c  No.12680976

how do i move to Brazil and become a hue

7b14f4  No.12681094


>taking a picture with either a man wearing a shirt that says mossad or an actual mossad agent makes the non-mossad agent a mossad agent.

got it

000000  No.12681192





It happened. It is all true.

Afraid of being killed next? You will be.


Chaos allows for more violent action to be taken against them.

Killing always solves everything.


>a kike

We are eliminating all shitskins, systematically. You will be the next in the firing line.


>muh you act the same

So? We will kill you all eventually.

The world is ours.




Better than having leftists.

c5f464  No.12681292

File: 215d0442e01e331⋯.mp4 (5.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Bolsonaro.mp4)


He's not very grateful, his death was instantaneous. Criminals in the past have begged for such mercy when faced with more torturous executions.


To some extent, there will always be demand for some drugs (like marijuana, tobacco, liquor) and I think these should be taxed as other markets are and integrated into the legal system, to prevent crimelords taking over said market. Other drugs have manufactured demand (like the Sackler-crafted opiate crisis) and the demand will go down once the supply dries up.

c2e1a8  No.12681302

f4b24f  No.12681334



191421  No.12681360


The jewish psychopathy is strong in this one.

000000  No.12682760


>a kike

Nothing will stop us from killing all jews, all leftists, all shitskins and all faggot abominations.


Demand go down once you kill those demanding it.

afa7c7  No.12682768


>Take my houses, take my money!

>I'm only a poor jew

Even in the last moments in his life he has the gall to tell lies. Truly disgusting.

bed24c  No.12682819


Just come to Brasil, gringo.

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