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File: 94d3ded6374b3dd⋯.png (267.22 KB, 1474x982, 737:491, 1470028698830-fit.png)

d2a3b7  No.12676877

What universities today aren't shitty marxist indoctrination camps?

I want to get a degree in engineering

>inb4 don't go to university maymay

Pic related, it's my ACT score. didn't mean to be off topic last post i promise its pol related

d2a3b7  No.12676882

Point of this post being I don't want to waste such a good ACT score by not going to a really good college, but at the same time it seems like most top colleges today are leftist hellholes

000000  No.12676907


>but at the same time it seems like most top colleges today are leftist hellholes

You might find it slightly less leftist at some military school like Westpoint, but then you'd likely be doomed to die for ZOG.

Go overseas? TBH you're not going to escape leftist ideologies anywhere in the halls of power in the West today, especially not typical Burgerland Unis.

33bc43  No.12676921


why not use that aryan intellect of yours and think of up ways to help the white race?

perhaps you could think up some kind of wunderwaffe to defend against the monkey man hordes?

d2a3b7  No.12676925


Yeah, I have been considering going overseas. Europe doesn't seem too much better than America though in terms of cucknicity

d2a3b7  No.12676932


Thats the plan with the engineering. I want to learn how to use technology to give us an advantage against over our schlomo sapiens overlords

aaafce  No.12676935

File: a7585749f4af432⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 900x600, 3:2, thedeathofstalin2.jpg)

From personal experience I can tell you that the undergraduate program at Baylor is pretty based as long as you're a protestant Christian. Very similar to BYU in terms of code of conduct and mandatory church service attendance.

Theres always going to be lefties wherever you go, but since it's a private school Baylor's staff isnt full of Marxist radicals like most universities.

caa4bb  No.12676938


Unless you get into an ivy league or similarly ranked school (very unlikely, not because of your merits but because you are white) go to a state school. Any private school besides those top ranked schools is not worth it because of the debt slavery. Your score is very nice, I assume ACT over SAT means you're west coast, so I don't know much about the state schools there. I'm STEM but not an engineer so check school rankings and research what schools are desirable for engineering. Plan ahead exactly what career you are aiming for, go in and go out as soon as you can and don't waste time mucking about. Some schools might have better programs for chemical engineering, mech engineering, etc., so keep that in mind.

>What universities today aren't shitty marxist indoctrination camps?

They all are, but as a STEM student you'll be required to take less of it. Besides STEM there is no point for any white person to go there in the first place. Never forget that you are there to be able to make money to have a family and aid the white race. Good luck.

49fda9  No.12676940




Comp Sci





Trades (non-pleb tier):


Elec tech


Lab Tech (specialise in equipment design and repair)

Radio tech

Tech in anything medical


Math (no job openings at all, totally useless)

Anything in the arts

Biology (no job openings, no one cares unless you have PhD)

Bachelors/Masters of science (no specialisation, totally useless)

Business (waste of time, start a business instead, listen to Dan Pena for info about this)

d2a3b7  No.12676946


I'm white on paper, but I'm actually Iranian so my plan is to play up the oppressed and bullied person of color shit in my essay and put my race as something other than white on applications

000000  No.12676952


You'd be hard-pressed to find a European University today that isn't even worse than America. At least here we still have the influence of tens of thousands of Christians.

I was thinking something like trying for a spot among the Honaryans in Nippon. Maybe somewhere in Poland or Hungary?

d2a3b7  No.12676954


y u mad, peasant

ddd988  No.12676958


Please don't admit that online you fucking retard.

a65b08  No.12676960

File: b00377465a2a013⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1445788663941.jpg)


lel what a queer

d2a3b7  No.12676980


i'm obviously being sarcastic. America is a meritocracy, there is no "shadowy cabal" of people who run everything. If you work hard you can get anywhere

d2a3b7  No.12676983


meant to reply to

49fda9  No.12677060

File: a3162d5ba547815⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 480x268, 120:67, WTFnigga.gif)


> there is no "shadowy cabal" of people who run everything.

de100a  No.12677075


e06fd1  No.12677089


Problem with westpoint/other military colleges is that the commanders don’t give a shit and treat the colleges like personal prestige projects, recruiting low iq nogs just for athletics. Plenty of articles written by former faculty about how their students were borderline illiterate but got to stay only because of athletics. Some kid I knew in hs did drugs and got shit grades/sat score, but still got nommed to annapolis just because they were big on the track team.

d2a3b7  No.12677124


godammit is there no hope? fuck my life, my entire life i've been raised to have good grades and go to the best college while over time college has degenerated and degenerated. i don't know how the fuck i'm going to tell my parents i'm not going to college

49fda9  No.12677130


>my entire life i've been raised to have good grades and go to the best college while over time college has degenerated and degenerated. i don't know how the fuck i'm going to tell my parents i'm not going to college

Get a good trade:


>Elec tech


>Lab Tech (specialise in equipment design and repair)

>Radio tech

>Tech in anything medical

d2e9d9  No.12677131


Tell them to eat a dick. I'm making +$650,000 a year as an HVAC independent contractor. How much does the average engineer make?

49fda9  No.12677142


>Elec tech


>Lab Tech (specialise in equipment design and repair)

>Radio tech

>Tech in anything medical

+1 for hvac.

000000  No.12677148


b30836  No.12677151


I wish to second this, but add that ivy league schools (not "similarly ranked" schools, but particularly the ivy league ones) have a reputation for producing shitty elitists and certain companies will not hire their graduates as readily as those from a state school.

000000  No.12677154


>i get paid 6 figures to ruin people's houses with leaky air conditioning units

jew tbh

ce3309  No.12677165

File: d51fe43ca68b3e4⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 320x240, 4:3, computer science.gif)

File: 5833700dd627784⋯.png (1.42 MB, 3640x2140, 182:107, Internet Traps in Real Lif….png)


>Comp Sci

LOL. Way to pick the most cucked major to approve, anon.

e0bd6e  No.12677180

File: dc69c1e834294fa⋯.jpeg (315.12 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, serveimage (30).jpeg)

Truth is, all colleges are leftist shitholes, but don't let that discourage you. What type of engineer do you want to become?


>>>12676877 (OP)




>Comp Sc



Nursing and PA is good, becoming a doctor is just a waste of time




Nope, automation will take over the field in a few years, look at japan


Not very good. You will only get a well paying job if you got to tire 1 law schools.

>Trades (non-pleb tier):


>Elec tech


>Lab Tech (specialise in equipment design and repair)

>Radio tech

>Tech in anything medical

Agreed with all


>Math (no job openings at all, totally useless)

>Anything in the arts

>Biology (no job openings, no one cares unless you have PhD)

This! Biology anything has no job prospects at all.

>Bachelors/Masters of science (no specialisation, totally useless)

>Business (waste of time, start a business instead, listen to Dan Pena for info about this)

Also this big time.

If you are gonna go to college, you have to focus on acquiring a certain skill i.e. nursing, engineering, ect. Getting a degree in math just because you are good at it won't land you anywhere

f0a70e  No.12677182


I actually do solid work. I'm sorry that you were a window-licking mongoloid who payed 12,000 dollars to a big-box company to install a shitty 3.5 ton unit with kinked ductwork and a half-assed refrigerant charge which was probably undersized for the lineset. I care about my customers, because when I tell them how to save money on a service call by doing some DIY stuff like changing a fuse over the phone, I make a customer for life. Stay mad, faggot.

000000  No.12677185


>avoid arts

Lel what a fag. Where you gonna find girlfriend, communications major ? Get rekt. Art schools have actual people, not niger-tier memoryfags like other schools. Go to art school with engineering programs like Art Center, RIT, or Umea. Find qt Celtic girl in fine painting, illustration, or animation major. ==MAKE 300 BABIES==

1dd6d6  No.12677186


don't go to california, go to an ivy league school and keep your thoughts to yourself, pick a stem major for job security or law if you want to contribute to the cause, but dont bother with activism while you are getting the credentials, you will have to bite your tongue a lot but there is no reason to ruin your life before you can stand on your own

have fun and try to find a wife but realize that most of these girls have an different path in mind before starting a family

remember that your purpose on this planet is to pass on your genetics, if you fail at this by dieing young or racemixing you might as well have never been born

good luck brother, it's nice to see a smart white man with potential

5b7b00  No.12677194

File: 6b8271d5382b5de⋯.png (547.13 KB, 961x961, 1:1, 36a7eac8e3291eb14c983386aa….png)



Are you ready to take Calculus I, II, III, IV, and the Final Frontier?

000000  No.12677197


Jej. Don't have hvac or any other shit in the walls.


Unless you are charging jews, anything more that $50hr or 50% of overhead is theft, whatever is more.

000000  No.12677200


Gay. All they make you do is learn Solidworks or Catia. The average engineer is shit at maths. Become designer.

f0a70e  No.12677203


I charge for the job cost, labor, and risk overhead. I don't charge by the hour. With the equipment cost being what it is, that would be counter-intuitive. If you weren't a shitposting TORpedo nigger, you'd know a thing or two about good business practice.

e0bd6e  No.12677207


You better be using the ash from your stove as fertilizer for your veggies

2c4f44  No.12677211

File: e03e5b8c19cc992⋯.jpg (1013.38 KB, 2327x2980, 2327:2980, Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_W….jpg)

File: 7990bc6968286bd⋯.jpg (279.67 KB, 1060x1000, 53:50, biljana_djurdjevic_serbia_….jpg)

File: 17e0bff7b763886⋯.jpg (352.45 KB, 640x632, 80:79, large.jpg)



>Anything in the arts

Forget arts, goyim! Arts aren't a necessary part of every civilisation! Just leave the arts to us, we'll take good care of them for you goyim.

49fda9  No.12677229


>Forget arts, goyim! Arts aren't a necessary part of every civilisation! Just leave the arts to us, we'll take good care of them for you goyim.

>trying to fight Shkrelli Shekelkampfer by paying $70,000 for a philosophy degree whose core components consist of Marxist metaphysics and epistemology, critical theory, and feminist epistemology, and then a few side notes on continental heavyweights like Kant, Schopenhauer, and Gracian.

49fda9  No.12677245


Learn CAD and specialise in EE.

000000  No.12677247



Tor works to seperate IP from routing.

It is up to anons to seperate identity from IP.

>good business practices

Quality, integrity, honesty, … anything more that 50% overhead is theft anything less is self-destruction.

jew on.

2c4f44  No.12677251


Not sure if you've already forgotten, but OP was looking for non-pozzed universities. You're going to get Marxism pushed anywhere you go, but someone who studies engineering is going to be much less equipped to fight it than someone who studies philosophy or political theory.

49fda9  No.12677258


Yeah, engineers suck at philosophy but you can study philosophy in your own time. I pay to get tutored by a well known rightwing philosopher. Much better use of time.

000000  No.12677262


I do. The ash from this past year's Yule log, which was also an Ash tree.

d2a3b7  No.12677266

Thank you all for the helpful responses.

P.S. shill go way

21dd19  No.12677268


They have a good CS program where you're closely connected with events and programs. I wouldn't call them redpilled.


All of them are indoctrination camps. You just have to deal with it like all of us do. If you have a good SAT and ACT, apply to all of the high tier universities. If you get rejected, follow these steps:

1. find a state uni

2. get their curriculum of the major

3. contact their dean

4. Take community college courses

5. Find out the courses that transfer and ACE them (general math/physics/chemistry/biology courses and first semester courses will transfer, specialized/major-specific courses don't transfer)

Don't listen to the low IQ retards who tell you not to go to college. Their lack of participation in college is the reason why college is a leftist shithole in the first place. I'm non-white with a masters in CS and there's really no excuse for people on here to claim that they have the intellect to fix fucking air conditioners. Trades don't give you power, education does.

University is only a waste if you take a worthless major. ONLY TAKE STEM, Law, or Medicine. Nothing else.


Sorry, you can't help the white race by hosting podcasts while begging for superchat money.

49fda9  No.12677272


>I'm non-white

Are you Azn?

a22990  No.12677274

File: 2ba6957c08856dd⋯.jpg (55.52 KB, 604x427, 604:427, burned man.jpg)


You people are getting triggered at this guy saying arts schools are a waste of time.

I'm an actor with multiple shows on stan/netflix + upcoming stage shows rn and im telling you pretty much every acting training degree is useless.

Stanislavsky is the only method you need, actors that come out of even the best drama schools dont work because they are unaware of life or people, they're just drones.

5b7b00  No.12677279

File: 96ddabc405daf4f⋯.jpg (86.52 KB, 967x535, 967:535, BYOH.jpg)



Solidworks rapes companies for licensing, they allow people to pirate it so it becomes so prevalent that future engineers are used to and are proficient in using it.

Electrical engineering would be a better option for the obvious reason that tech will keep moving forward.

0d6ef9  No.12677281

1. Harvey Mudd 2. Cal-Tech 3. MIT in the right departments 4. Rice

Really depends upon what focus of engineering you want. Reality is that Petroleum is the most reliable $$$ that would be a different list. Most other Universities are really shit tier now. Ivy's don't really produce the way people think. They are great at producing people who don't really do much but believe they are the best of the best. Fucking a joke

000000  No.12677282


That's why you should study both the physical and metaphysical world and


ddffc6  No.12677284

File: 761c13e360f31bf⋯.jpg (124.54 KB, 900x693, 100:77, 1458178999898-2.jpg)


To me the Biljana Djurdjevic paintings look like the artist's attempt to capture the pain, dread, and despair of being raised in the dehumanizing educational institutions of post-socialist Serbia. It's in the vein of art-as-therapy: the postmodern norm. They're probably stylized scenes from her own traumatic childhood in those Serbian schools.

It doesn't inspire or embody ideals, but it's not particularity degenerate. Many great European artists depicted hell, war, suffering, etc as an object lesson.

However, it's pretty obvious Podesta purchased her paintings because he gets off to the misery of children.

0d6ef9  No.12677288

d2a3b7  No.12677290


Rice is one of my top choices. If you have any personal experiences with Rice can you elaborate on the unique flavors of degeneracy there?

b213ef  No.12677292

File: 8e5588bdd6fb0bb⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1458372671298.gif)


I do have good business practices. I've been a licensed contractor for almost a year, and am already looking at hiring a junior technician because the work load's getting to be too much. All of my business is through word-of-mouth. When I come on a malfunctioning unit, I do my best to fix it. If I just installed a new unit for every call I got, I would have no business. New units don't need to be maintained for at least 3 years. (Unless they're Carrier. Fuck Carrier) I do better keeping the preexisting units running, especially because that builds trust with a customer since they know I'm not out to scalp them on a new install. I'm sorry you got burned on your AC shit. I'm sorry you hired some craigslist meth junkies or spics. Don't do that anymore. But I know I do quality work since I set out to run my company in that fashion. And as far as you crying about the service fees, go buy the part at a parts-house and watch some youtube videos about how to install it. You're gonna call me anyway after you brick your condenser. I run into a dozen do-it-yourselfers every month.

2c4f44  No.12677294


The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

000000  No.12677299


>service fees

Bot please.

0d6ef9  No.12677303


Like I said it depends upon what field of engineering you want to do. As far as Rice goes I didn't go there, have hired from there and the family live in the Houston area. Rice is in Houston a hopeless fucked metro full of fags, niggers, spics, trannys and some of the absolutely most degenerate pieces of human shit on the planet. Houston and Texas in general is lost but Rice can provide an education that is focused, relevant, real, and the connections that are there run DEEP into things that span the globe.

8d2e87  No.12677305


Then maintain the unit yourself, my dude.

d2a3b7  No.12677310


Yeah no Houston on the whole is fucked. Which is a damn shame, but nonetheless it is what it is.

000000  No.12677312


No, exploitation has been. Before the Industrial Revolution, designers were still designers.

Being an Industrial Designer is being a Master Builder.

You learn more about design and typography than graphic designers, more about materials and manufacturing than engineers, more about history and culture than historians or anthropoligists, more about reasoning and logic than philosophers and psychologists, more about law than lawyers, and so on…

21dd19  No.12677314


It honestly doesn't matter, you guys are all capable of finishing STEM majors. It's very depressing to see people throw away their entire potential to beg for donations on Youtube streams.

I did CS because it was very cheap for me. I didn't need to purchase books and software since I pirated them. However it's very important you try to learn programming on your own before you enter uni. I had to learn the hard way during highschool, but you now have plenty of resources like codeacademy, gen.lib.rus.ec, codesignal, and egghead.io.

A lot of our peers dropped out of freshman year because they weren't used to the assignments and quizzes. Since I learned it heavily in my high school years from books, it was a breeze for me since I did them last minute. Didn't need to study at all either.

1dd6d6  No.12677316


>unique flavors of degeneracy there?

no experience with rice specifically, but the general problem with degeneracy is that is it like a virus constantly mutating

the biggest thing now a days is that even things previously considered degenerate are now absolutely acceptable, pot specifically, there is no reason to get into the weed-life, it wont give you hangovers or bother you too much short-term but it will slowly creep into everything you do

adderall is going to be a temptation at every university, this is also easy to justify and is extremely popular but if you have made it this far without using speed you can handle anything a diverse lowered expectations university throws at you without it, it will only become a crutch, making it a chore to do what you used to do without it

1dd6d6  No.12677320


go back to wherever you or your ancestors came from and make that country great again, thank you

2c4f44  No.12677321

File: 17c96c082099573⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2847x1412, 2847:1412, 1533674522005.png)

000000  No.12677322


>trades don't give you power

>education does

Trades are education.







Anon, these things give you more power than you think.

0d6ef9  No.12677323


Look Anon, if you go there it would not be bad and is a top tier University for the field. You won't have to take classes in "Discovery of your Inner Cunt" or any of that type of crap. I take Rice niggers over Ivy league fucktards any day of the week and so do all most every person I know in similar positions.

d2a3b7  No.12677324


Quit weed a couple of months ago, working on kicking the jewl. You are absolutely right about degeneracy mutating, you would not believe the kids at my school. What's worse is that the freshman each year are getting worse and worse. I know a freshman at my schools who smokes crack, meth, does heroin, and posts about it on social media. She also robbed a gas station and put it on social media.

49fda9  No.12677325


>It honestly doesn't matter,

A: yes.

>I did CS because it was very cheap for me. I didn't need to purchase books and software since I pirated them. However it's very important you try to learn programming on your own before you enter uni. I had to learn the hard way during highschool, but you now have plenty of resources like codeacademy, gen.lib.rus.ec, codesignal, and egghead.io.

Bonus points for these resources. If you do it right you won't need to pay for anything.

420aaa  No.12677329


Drexel sucks fucking ass for Computer Science. Liberal teachers. Only teach the absolute basics on a topic. Don't actually teach the topics, just cover the topics to be learned on your own.

The assignments are abusively overloading to the point of intentionally holding you down and at the end of the class you only have a damaged, basic, scattered unactionable understanding of the topic. No thing they teach is modern. It's almost systematically designed to waste your time and leave you subpar.

Their bachelors might be good but the Masters is a waste.

2709bd  No.12677333

Overall man you’re going to be ok going into an engineering department man. It’s well known engineers overall trend more conservative than liberal. Of course, it’s generally more kosher conservative, but better than nothing. Not going to be your standard sociology department though

As for specific unis I can’t say. Most will have liberal skew among undergraduate population. Still there is a reason to go there

1) you can’t let them drown you out. Use their weapon against them. Learn the ins and outs of academia. They own academia now, do we chalk it up as a loss and cede ground or begin to reinfiltrate.

2) you aren’t going to walk out of there a liberal, hugging nigs and loving kikes. It’s simply a fact. Their propaganda only works for confirmation bias and further radicalization, not complete brainwashing

Imo the white man built the university and we must take it back. Intellect is what separates us from the lesser races.

>t. PhD biomedical engineering

000000  No.12677338


At the very least, the ID departments are the least pozzed. ME, EE, and CS all have sjw grils and the occasional white knight. The private schools are less pozzed than the public schools. I double majored in European Art and Architecture, since it paired well with ID and my interests in European history.

49fda9  No.12677339








The problem with these trades is they only pay well in well-off white countries. Try moving anywhere else and you'll be on poverty wages if you're relying on those skills. Investing in one means you basically limit yourself to your country with fingers crossed that automation doesn't catch up. Also, the growing nonwhite population is going to nuke your income. Think trades will pay well when Canada becomes a Chinese dominion? Dream on. Advanced trades as mentioned here


or a degree are the best as they are more future-proof and you can travel with the skills and they will allow you to get paid well anywhere.

Traditional trades are now something for niggers. Don't believe me, roll past anywhere where tradesmen hang out: the people are increasingly of third world extraction.

000000  No.12677344


>biomedical engineer

You are this next century's Industrial Designer. Best major right now tbh. especially if you are into design, software, and hardware engineering, too.

2c4f44  No.12677348


>roll past anywhere where tradesmen hang out: the people are increasingly of third world extraction.

Yeah, there are so many fucking pajeet tradies here, plumbers, electricians, tilers, whatever you can think of.

000000  No.12677351


Nigger can't into trades. Pairing them is the best, as a land developer or something. Quality everyday items are more in demand than ever, especially after the last 50 years of plastics.

49fda9  No.12677357


>Yeah, there are so many fucking pajeet tradies here, plumbers, electricians, tilers, whatever you can think of.

What do these people (tradies) think is gonna happen when the West becomes third world in the next 20 years? They're still gonna be getting >$20 per hour. No, they're going to be in poverty just like in tradesman living in a third world country. And do you really wanna be working at a job site where all your coworkers and shitskins who suck at their job and hate you?

So many levels of utter fail.

0d6ef9  No.12677361


1. You have a point in getting young anons to keep the 1488 way but get higher education. We need these guys.

2.AI and Automation is going to eat up vast swaths of the employed. Think about how impossible it is to program a routine for an offshore drilling rig or a platform wielder etc.

3. Future proofing is a dream. Despite what "experts" say there are vast numbers of jobs that are almost impossible to create an algo for. But we can create wonderful algos for LAWYERS, CPA's, DOCTORS, and every single parasite in the local, state, and federal government.

49fda9  No.12677363


>Nigger can't into trades. Pairing them is the best, as a land developer or something. Quality everyday items are more in demand than ever, especially after the last 50 years of plastics.

Not the average one, but they can. I live in Australia and see many nigger tradesmen now. I estimate that in 10 years, approx 1/2 tradesmen will be nigger, islander, or some variety of shitskin. Same will happen in all the other cuck white countries.

21dd19  No.12677364


If trades gave you the same power as education did, then there wouldn't be people promoting child drag queens right now. The past used to be sane because you had several educated right wingers in leadership positions. William Pierce had PhD and he majored in Physics, knew about EE as well.

I understand that those skills are valuable and that they do help people, but it's very obvious that they don't have clout. Whites used to attend universities before, but they're abandoning those institutions because they feel blackpilled at the situation. It's only going to get worse if they leave.


Always work hard and strive to push to the top. Never give others the opportunity to drag you down easily.


I'll also suggest chemical engineering as opposed to chemistry.

33bc43  No.12677370


>Sorry, you can't help the white race by hosting podcasts while begging for superchat money.

where in anything i said did i ask for moneez? no where you fucking faggot, i was merely speculating about what comrade OP could do with his intellect.

000000  No.12677376


>promoting child abuse

That's a lack of education. Critical thinking and reasoning are replaced with feelings. The specific marxist teaching is:



Some Turk posing as an Italiano is responsible.

000000  No.12677381

21dd19  No.12677401



I stated that leftists appeared as a result of right-wingers not participating in those positions.


By the way, you can learn effectively by applying the stuff you've learned into personal projects.

87bb3e  No.12677407


Went to university for math then left when the teacher went off subject to talk about black history month over the lesson planning. Leaving the university was my choice due to more of the fact seeing education turned into a circus and serving no real purpose, plus the stories of debt plus having the degree for a field and seeing no job after graduation scared me off. Fuck that place, needs reform to kill the leftists before I ever return there.

d2a3b7  No.12677425


Hey anon what languages are you good at?

21dd19  No.12677466


You were a math major? You should have transferred to CS, computer engineering, or electrical engineering. Math helps heavily with those majors.


Several, but it honestly doesn't matter as the knowledge transfers. Just learn the languages that help you finish your intended project easily. You'll know exactly which language is appropriate for your project as you gain experience.

87bb3e  No.12677488


Close but I folded up and left. This was about 2012 or 2013. Couldn't stand the rampant leftism. Fell into some crime and ruined any chances of finishing there. Unemployed since then, can't say it's been fun but you won't ever see me going there ever again. As for my skills I couldn't complete the degree probably never will.

ddffc6  No.12677509

File: 574e40d49a9d555⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 373x261, 373:261, SHOW ME.jpg)



The greatest value you'll receive from these scores is merit scholarships. Apply for every relevant scholarship at every school you can find, and choose from the best deal you get.

This will be a good filter for poz as well. Those that discriminate against h'white males won't give you the gibs.

49fda9  No.12677867


Don't be a loser. If you were studying may, you must be pretty big-brained. Study code from home and get a coding job when you reach competence. That's what a lot of coders do. Want a research job? I'm doing a meta on negro IQ. Hit me up at brizgoys@protonmail.com.

d3f262  No.12677925


>Where you gonna find girlfriend

Not at college, you absolute retard. There are no good girls in college. Good girls do not have girlfriends, either. Good girls' only friends are their own parents and siblings. Females are not meant to leave the house.

624121  No.12677936

87bb3e  No.12677937


Nope, I began to realize the more uneducated I become the more healthier I am mentally. Also began to realize I don't need a piece of paper to tell me what I'm good at. Enjoy the desk job and sucking off your boss.

ddebd3  No.12677966


> is merit scholarships.

Not gonna get a "merit scholarship" through ACT though, the "national Merit Finalists" bullshit all comes through SAT. OP if you are reading, start getting a tan. No matter how pale you re, start at the tanning booth with 3 minutes. The next week move to 5, keep moving up until you are at 25. Then you put on the applications your mother was a Spic. Really, really wish I had done this, but back then I still believed in "honesty" and " integrity."

Where should you go, if you can get in? The NESCAC schools– Williams, Amherst, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Bates, Colby, Trinity, etc… Although now, the Bowdoin acceptance rate is down to something like 8% and Williams and Amherst down to below 5%. Which means just being a geek isn't enough now. You need to also be very good at a sport or something else.

ddebd3  No.12677970

File: 6687d7d02dd188b⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 306x423, 34:47, a-supreme-gent.jpg)


> Females are not meant to leave the house.

Why do i know you've never had a piece of gash in your life?

d3f262  No.12677982


>disrespecc wahmyn = virgin

please, post more :)

49fda9  No.12677993


Pretty sure you can't become more uneducated. Either that or that statement proves it.

6251a1  No.12677995

go to a trade school, learn a trade, fuck college.

a22e41  No.12677998



f2ee64  No.12678001

Become a day trader or start a company. Real estate is good if you have the funds to start

f2ee64  No.12678002


Off by one…..

68af1f  No.12678012


>At least here we still have the influence of tens of thousands of Christians.

So you get to hear about based godly niggers?

40481c  No.12678020

File: 208cd3f21af8440⋯.jpg (2.29 KB, 300x57, 100:19, 1529572160791.jpg)


Jonathan Haidt has your answers


81042a  No.12678447


Becoming a doctor is definitely not a waste of time, if you want lots of money and job security.

2709bd  No.12678473


Unfortunately I focused more on the biology, which was a mistake. But my plan is to get into tissue regeneration. Work on that sort of stuff now.

There’s a big push to improve technologies for ex vivo tissue construction type technologies (ie 3D printing organs). For instance NH just put forth like $500 million for a new tissue engineer institute.


My plan is to get into this sort of work since it’s the future of medicine.

ddd988  No.12678566


>Trades don't give you power, education does.

Do you or do you not know what money is?

e0bd6e  No.12678752


Doctor is one of the most regrettable jobs you can get.

56ba4d  No.12678762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is this a trick question?

c3656c  No.12678782


>Biology (no job openings, no one cares unless you have PhD)

lolwut, its the most open field for jobs

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