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File: 969a5149c2d3989⋯.jpg (239.83 KB, 1069x1013, 1069:1013, Israeli Spec Ops Team.jpg)

079b44  No.12677199


Hamas will pay if you can give these faces names. Does /pol/ know them?







bd0c2e  No.12677231

Whoa, the bottom middle guy looks like someone at my work.

3e803d  No.12677261

2nd row, 1st left, she works in the human resources department of my fortune 500 company, but she wears short fucking dresses and I swear on the days she wears red bottom high heels she's not wearing panties but I've never admit that in the workplace. Kinda gives me a weekly morning hard on when I see her. She's fucking HOT at the sun.

3e803d  No.12677273

btw, bottom, 2nd from left, she really needs a long long dick to punch her soul every day.

ffbb94  No.12677286


dubs dude, blow me

don't know anything about these fuckers but I do know when they were subjugated under the rule of the great Hulagu Khan their heads were screwed on straight or not at all.

ffbb94  No.12677293


>Hulagu Khan

long live Sorghaghtani!!!!

ffbb94  No.12677298



never forget the shame suffered by Kitbuqa, fucking muslims rat fuckers.

558b0f  No.12677311


>Hiram Abiff Masonic Abahamic Shills

No thanks

000000  No.12677313


Spread this to all places.

9bfe18  No.12677335


5e6e2a  No.12677373


lel. mfw I stumble on a legit Jew vs. Palestine thread. Go at it, debased 3rd-world vermin.

Just sayin', if I ever meet one of the individuals pictured above, I'm going to psy-op them. See what they know about our (((real))) enemy.

Catch and release if they meet our criteria. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, strategically speaking.

53b7b6  No.12677378



I like how the kike news censors it, they know some shekel-hungry yid will probably be the one to collect the reward.

ffbb94  No.12677392


>The enemy of my enemy is m

what an Arabic thought process, the enemy of my enemy if they are not worth a piece shit are worth killing too.

This site is so fucking jewed, if you have a brain you see it in so many ways, it's like jew battle front 2020 for minds.

abe0db  No.12677409

File: bd2404cb6f03697⋯.png (10.86 KB, 560x407, 560:407, Just Asking.png)


abe0db  No.12677416


It's like being a dirty mexican watching a cock fight or a nigger at a dog fight but white men watch apparently prefer rats.

b16e3d  No.12677439


>Aquire similar looking kike(s).

>Pay back alley plastic surgeon to make them like people in photos.

>Get fake Israeli passports made with their images.

>Move them to a private location.

>Contact Hamas.



21e5bb  No.12677442

File: 1e1790495f2cfc1⋯.jpg (33.88 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 1e1790495f2cfc1c532aafef90….jpg)

>mfw some kike rats them out for the shekels tomorrow

91041d  No.12677458

Posting in epic thread.

d13a59  No.12677461


>yeah I'm sure hamas has 1 million dollar lying around and are willing to give you money if you cooperate with them

why do we care about mudslimes and kikes fighting each other?

91f812  No.12677462

Amir Abdulani. He is actually Palestinian. Do with this information what you will.

91041d  No.12677481


Posting the article text while I'm at it:

>Hamas has offered a $1 million reward for information about the Israeli special forces who led a botched mission into the Gaza Strip in November.

The group, which rules the coastal enclave, said that it had discovered that the Israeli raid on November 11 was aimed at planting spying devices on its communications network inside the territory. Israel has imposed partial censorship on its media on the subject.

>The raid turned deadly when the undercover soldiers were spotted near the southern Gazan city of Khan Younis. One Israeli officer and several Hamas members were killed. Hamas released surveillance footage of the Israeli forces’ vehicle at a press conference.

A spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, the Al Qassam Brigades, said that 15 members of an elite Israeli military unit had infiltrated Gaza via the border fence and travelled in the enclave using cars disguised as vehicles belonging to a local charity.

>Their goal was "establishing a spy system to eavesdrop on the communications network of the resistance in the Gaza Strip", Abu Obeida said, showing video footage of what he said was the soldiers in action.

Hamas also managed to capture equipment used by the group, Abu Obeida added, promising a million dollars to any local "collaborator" who would supply Hamas with information about the operation.

>On Tuesday, Hamas said it had arrested 45 Gazan "collaborators" with Israel following the Khan Yunis incident.

Hamas had already published photos of eight people and two vehicles it said were linked to the operation, prompting the Israeli army censor to appeal to the public and media not to republish the images.

>The incident prompted Hamas to vow revenge and sparked the deadliest flare-up between the two sides since a 2014 war.

A November 13 ceasefire brokered by Egypt ended the fighting that had raised fears of another war between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza.

>Hamas and its allies have fought three wars with Israel since 2008 and the Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli blockade for more than a decade.

Israel says the measure is necessary to isolate Hamas and prevent it from obtaining weapons, though critics say it amounts to collective punishment of the territory's two million residents.

abe0db  No.12677505

File: b8c8d0d49e2e32c⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fam tbh.jpg)

Oh wait they just want info on them.

Hey Hamas:


Gib shekels plox.

ffbb94  No.12677506



it like Palestine was never called Palestine if you hear the USA or the Jews talk about it and yet in 1307 it was called Palestine:

>"Kitbuqa, who had been left by Hulagu in Syria and Palestine, held the Land in peace and in state of rest. And he greatly loved and honoured the Christians because he was of the lineage of the Three Kings of Orient who came to Bethlehem to adore the nativity of Our Lord. Kitbuqa worked at recovering the Holy Land"

— Monk Hayton, La flor des estoires de la terre d'Orient (1307).

not that I give two shit either way, the only mistake Kitbuqa made was not killing every man women, child, boy and girl.

abe0db  No.12677510

Look over the fence every day and find 15 kikes that looks like those field rats. Take them out. Pick another 15 the next day. Repeat until the parties responsible for the wronging are brought to justice. Such is the way of the desert.

ffbb94  No.12677513

Hulagu should have slaughtered every single living human in the region, Jews included. So many lost chances when you let the fuckers live, or their kids.

91041d  No.12677516


Hamas kills kikes in "their" own backyard. Anyone who isn't a diaper shitter likes that. I guess you can't empathize with a racial majority being genocides in their own homelands by kikes. I wonder why?

ffbb94  No.12677526


elect me President and I will kill every single living human being from the middle east to the very tip of South Africa, whites excluded, exceptions will be made for US politicians however, their heads need to be on the chopping block too.

91041d  No.12677536


Let's focus on keeping this thread bumped and assisting with the objective for now.

91041d  No.12677571


…but you do have my vote. This article includes the video PSA Hamas released about the attack. It has some CCTV footage, etc.


6b0f93  No.12677595

File: c00e8d978d5b803⋯.jpg (12.38 KB, 256x197, 256:197, hey kid.jpg)

ffbb94  No.12677608


>…but you do have my vote

fuck 'em both…. who cares if a bear shits in the woods, no one ever smells it

ffbb94  No.12677616


however kikes in the media make certain we all but on our black jewdicial robes and judge each other, and other when what the world needs is a depopulation of about 4 billion ppl. judge me on that

d13a59  No.12677620


I dislike both mudslimes and kikes and loves them fighting each other. Yeah I'm pretty sure this organization has one million dollar for you if you can find those kikes, totally.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but if you're autist enough, sure.

b89a00  No.12677651


Yes, actually. I do. Hezbollah is based as fuck. Despite being populated by retarded goatfuckers who don't know how to aim their fucking guns

fdc698  No.12677656

Try a reverse image search. Not likley but I personally have found people using it. If any are still in Palestine just post their faces on every street corner. I’m sure they will be found.

d9ee65  No.12677690


3rd column picture 2. Known only as "the ascended nun" this woman is said to be a powerful sorcerer Reports of shapeshifting and the ability to generate lightning are unconfirmed but still use caution.

fdc698  No.12677711


The towel heads that kill you are more welcomed than you moshe. Have a bump Akmed. Kill some more Jews.

c778e3  No.12677717


Wow, 3rd column picture 2 really passes for a man. Had me fooled.

d9ee65  No.12677742

File: b39bd06f9a39f2c⋯.jpg (138.54 KB, 720x706, 360:353, rl.jpg)


lighten up a bit anon you know I'm just fucking around. As for sand niggers, I don't need to choose there's plenty of bullets for both them and kikes.

fdc698  No.12677764


Palestine is amazing. I don’t care for thier cause but they are doing the Lords work in killing Jews. If I could I’d send them weapons. Plus they be bring bad publicity for Israel.

16434c  No.12677768

Holy shit is that imkampfy

91041d  No.12677827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>t. projecting kike confirmed.

Moshe do you really think I believe that Hamas is going to send me a reward? More importantly, do you really think that's my motivation? How telling. It's always about the shekels with you greedy fags. Hamas kills kikes; consistently, bravely, and in spectacular fashion.

>See: Hamas tunnel to attack IDF tower

I support them for that reason alone. Hell, I support them for that video alone. If they offered me money, I'd tell them to keep it and put it towards their self-defense instead. (((You))) wouldn't understand, because you only care about money, and the power you think it brings you. You'll lose in the end because the people who want to kill you are justified, do it for free, and have no fear of death. You on the other hand are a conscript, you don't have anything to defend, and you shit your diapers at the slighest sign of danger. Your species is also incredibly stupid.

6eb313  No.12677963


If you're not saying "fuck hamas" as often as you say "fuck israel", you are a waste of skin.

6eb313  No.12677986


I'm not sure why I 'replied' to >>12677231 - was not my intention to appear retarded

7c07d1  No.12677999


These are from the nvidia artificial faces

8069e4  No.12678000

>the boomer anti-Hamas shills arrived

13d4df  No.12678021


empathize? This board is full of psychotic sociopaths.

d13a59  No.12678024

File: 8c26a638caebbf3⋯.jpg (53.8 KB, 479x447, 479:447, 8c26a638caebbf3cd3ff3e8a68….jpg)


>you're a kike if you don't support Hamas

this argument again

cdbf8f  No.12678027

File: 3805b8404657519⋯.gif (3.92 MB, 446x360, 223:180, fuck.GIF)


death to Israel

13d4df  No.12678028

File: a718cfbc17f24b6⋯.jpg (114.64 KB, 641x945, 641:945, Du62zTPU8AAs3e9.jpg)

91041d  No.12678064


You low-IQ, low-effort nigger, you're a kike, not because you don't support Hamas, but because, as I clearly explained in my last post, you brought up the "bounty" the way you did. It was a slip, and I noticed it.

That, and your general low-effort, low-IQ posts, like the one you just made, are indicative of a greedy, lazy, stupid kike.

>this argument again

You even "debate" like a kike. I never made whatever argument you're trying to say I did, only you did in your own tiny little inbred mind. Do you honestly think posting a NS-themed drawing trumps logos? You do, indicating yet again, that you're a subhumam.

That's 4 arguments that you are a kike based upon things you've said, none of which relate to you supporting, or not supporting Hamas.

Now go be a kike somewhere else.

49f2cc  No.12678073

Can you imagine trying to collect payment? Even on the off chance these Arabs were honourable, you'd be mossaded the minute you collected the bag or received the wire transfer. The solution is of course, to just do it for free.

5eeddf  No.12678146



cool story and all but it's the same person twice you dolt

d13a59  No.12678150


>this amount of projections

of course anon, I know your motivation is "le based hamas killing kikes, help them guys!!!" like I said go ahead, be autist helping them. I don't give a fuck about mudslimes vs kikes because I hate both of them. Both of them dying from killing each other will just satisfy me.

5eeddf  No.12678162


>not helping them both kill each other

you get the rope too

3fe02d  No.12678278


You wandered into the wrong neighborhood faggot.

8b146d  No.12678287


Look at the incomprehensible responses to this thread.

c63ba0  No.12678358


Don't worry, your post was retarded enough.

1930f3  No.12678437


Mohammeds. Now pay me.

bbd941  No.12678750


Gee, thanks mom.

Srsly, it is possible to hate islam and judaism equally. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend, especially when their well-publicised goals include your death or acquiescence.

45daab  No.12678779


Muhammad, Mohamed, Ahmed, Mahmoud, Muhammad, Mehmet, Muhammad,Mohammed, Muhammad, Tim Osman, Muhammad, Mohamed, Ahmed.

I'm probably 90% correct ironically.

3a3678  No.12683566


niggers arent people anon

815868  No.12683590

I know the second one he is my neighbor.

His name is Schlomi McSpecialopstein

Where is my money?

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