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File: 5305f3e415653cf⋯.jpeg (410.81 KB, 1692x1128, 3:2, 8BAE9760-43BC-4B50-8E8B-C….jpeg)

2f587c  No.12678557

So Patterson was charged with murder and kidnapping, but not with rape.

Why did he take her? It still doesn’t make sense to me. At least with people like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy Jr., you knew the gist of their motives (fucked up sexual perversions).

What’s the deal with this guy? Why did he kidnap a girl and just put her under a bed? None of this makes sense to me. Is something bigger and weirder going on here? He confessed so easily, and her escape story reads like a movie script.



>he’s “21”

>almost completely bald

>virtually no online presence

Is this a glownigger scenario? Were her parents sleeper agents? Is this guy just a spook?

d107ac  No.12678565

So awkward that he thought he could kidnap a girl while killing her parents and she would like him and want to cuddle and maybe fuck. Industrial strength autism.

9aae67  No.12678569


>omg I hate my parents so much, I wish they were dead

You'd be surprised how many girls I have dated said this to me.

c6eb74  No.12678573


Maybe he couldn't get it up.

7a8f1d  No.12678578

Take this to the pisswater/newplus

3b3b72  No.12678589

File: 979d178295085b9⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 1100x739, 1100:739, nbk.jpg)


It works in the movies.

3a2180  No.12678596


This does happen more often than you think.

There have been stories of women getting kidnapped and then later helping her kidnapper escape or helping him kidnap more girls.

That only happens to chad kidnappers though. Think about it, the most common sexual fantasy among women is for some rugged man to show up, sweep her off her feet and repeatedly raping her.

3b3b72  No.12678600


> the most common sexual fantasy among women is for some rugged man to show up, sweep her off her feet and repeatedly raping her.

Hi Bernie!

d107ac  No.12678662


KEK, underrated post.


Yeah, doesn't work so much when you are fat and bald at 21. You also have to actually fuck the girl. Not that I'm condoning this.

402f3e  No.12678671


Women respect powerful men, Moshe.

f38a18  No.12678673


tbh I wish my boomer parents would die already too. But for different reasons.

402f3e  No.12678678


My father said to me yesterday that

>my house is all I have

And the 20k bass guitar, and the oil money, and the precious metals, and the family…

Boomers just don't live in the same world we do.

072ff2  No.12678697


Trumptard detected. Lurk more faggot.

3a2180  No.12678738

File: 2486f32eed8e224⋯.jpg (47.7 KB, 650x388, 325:194, 1387983484420.jpg)


LOL. even a stopped clock is right twice per day.

e03de2  No.12678748

File: 8504959a2b1e539⋯.jpg (16.68 KB, 531x531, 1:1, closs24.jpg)

>Jayme told detectives that Patterson would make her hide under his bed in his bedroom when he had friends and/or relatives over.

The Virgin 8channer vs the Chad with friends and family

609bbf  No.12678754

Something is certainty a miss here. I get the feeling she was supposed to be sold off to live in someones sex dungeon and that person never came to collect her or patterson couldn't go through with it and kept her alive.

Or by chance he was paid to kill her parents and wasn't informed a teenage girl was living there and had no idea what to do.

e03de2  No.12678770

File: 59a1172f67d8b7d⋯.jpg (129.45 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 190114210713-01-jake-patte….jpg)


Also the Virgin 8chan couch surfer vs the Chad homeowner. He had such a good life but he had to throw it all away by not raping her

4c49f6  No.12678809


I don't know. At least she's a white girl. They've been trying to get us interested in a couple of spic girls being abducted/murdered. Keep in mind this is a white man (bad white men!).

8a70c9  No.12678814


Did they molest you, or are they just loaded with shekels you're dying to piss away?

a67c5c  No.12678815

File: aa3ae4ded2aa51b⋯.jpg (81.84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, JASMINE RICHARDSON.jpg)


Three members of the Richardson family were murdered in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada in April 2006.[1] The murders were planned and committed by the family's 12-year-old daughter Jasmine[2][3][4] and her 23-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Steinke, now going by the name Jackson May.[5] Jasmine and Steinke were each convicted on three counts of first-degree murder. The daughter, who had turned 13 before being convicted, is thought to be the youngest person in Canada ever convicted of multiple first-degree murder counts.[6] Her 10-year sentence was completed on May 6, 2016.[2]

Maybe the same deal?

8a70c9  No.12678818


Why so worried about what your father has, instead of thinking about what you can get for yourself?

8a70c9  No.12678822


Commie bern-out detected.

4c49f6  No.12678827

How did she escape?

3a2180  No.12678835


That is the first theory ive heard that makes sense.

bf9a60  No.12678844

he wouldnt look half bad if he lifted and went fully bald

too bad he found /r9k/ instead of /fit/

ad70b0  No.12678861


Probably just made her some eggs, and when she didn't eat them he lost it.

5e6d43  No.12678865



twisted fire starter

e03de2  No.12678890


She just strolled away. This guy went through all this trouble to grab her but once he had her he completely dropped the ball. he should have raped her daily and left her chained to something sturdy

483e80  No.12678896

They already have him for murder. Probably want to spare the girl the embarrassment of the public knowing he fucked her.

1ebda9  No.12678905


I wonder if she was in on it and is now playing the victim?

aca5d1  No.12678911

File: 6ed00db736034a8⋯.jpg (200.28 KB, 970x1139, 970:1139, 6ed.jpg)


Newfags here can't into eggs

3a2180  No.12678936


She was the instigator.

His only crime is being hypnotized by pussy.

84b3b0  No.12678970

Who the fuck is Patterson and why are there "links" to 8ch being discussed?

c90da3  No.12678984

jew couldn't get it up

c90da3  No.12678989


Just another jew they are trying to call white.

402f3e  No.12679078


You're right, anon. It's just annoying to see someone act like all the resources they have to raise a family means nothing. I'd give almost anything to have what he has.

2f587c  No.12679088

File: e05e3341c47369e⋯.jpeg (36.78 KB, 323x454, 323:454, 9134F7BB-96D9-47E5-9AD7-2….jpeg)


I feel like she was supposed to escape.

Why would he tell her how long he was leaving for?

The parents might have been glowing.

Hear me out.

- The people in the EXTREMELY small town Jake grew up in don’t really remember him.

- He’s “21”, but had little to no online presence. Not even on autistic Mongolian knitting forums.

- He’s “21” and balding

- He’s “21”, which is young, and the media has memoryholed the existence of his parents. Where are they? Why does no one apparently care where they are?

- He kidnapped a 13 year old girl and didn’t sexually abuse her. He just killed her parents and hid her (poorly).

- Intentionally poorly? Her escape reads like a cheesy Law and Order episode.

- The first person she found for help was a literal social worker

- what is a social worker doing living in a town of only 600 people?

This seems exclusively like a hit on the parents. Anyone have more info on them besides both working at Jenny-O? They might glow. Or be in witness protection.

3f61e1  No.12679191

>>12679088 (heiled)

>Not even on autistic Mongolian knitting forums.

How would anybody know? Imageboards are anonymous unless you're some attentionwhoring tripfag.

822495  No.12679193

TBH the real news is that police are incompetent. This guy made them all fools with an elementary level plan. The police never made a single break, citizens did it all for them.

2f587c  No.12679244


They searched his devices you lovable bafoon

cd628c  No.12679311



Seconding this; when it came out she was walking around freely when she approached someone I knew she must've had been somewhat complicit with the dude. My rather crappy guess with no actual knowledge of the case is: The girl, a redhead mind you seduced autismo assassin, got him to kill off her parents for her and then cover up for her by helping her escape "the terrible home situation". Of course the honorable white knight beta falls for it completely since he has no experience with females, or anyone, much less getting burned hard by a malicious redhead. A few months go by and firecrotch gets tired of having a bald daddy, she still can't figure out a way to make a convincing story to cover up her dirty deeds or kill off her gullible partner in crime. So she just turn herself in saying her "kidnapper" was holding her.


>common sexual fantasy among women is for some rugged man to show up, sweep her off her feet and repeatedly raping her.


8cb5a8  No.12679348

File: 3c0139d811a4727⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 245x251, 245:251, intredasting.jpg)


>tbh I wish my boomer parents would die already too. But for different reasons.

is because they are niggers that let you type nigger shit like "tbh" and "boomer"?

24de7b  No.12679365

File: bd8cb9bc6184f90⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 160x160, 1:1, ackchyually.jpg)






3a2180  No.12679377




95d40d  No.12679426


What girls say and what girls actually want are two completely unrelated things

95d40d  No.12679431


Or they just ignored the comment.

Not every meme post deserves dozens of replies like you see on r/4chan

1f354e  No.12679454



She did the same thing to me not long ago. Convinced me that her puffy vulva is what I should be breathing instead of fresh air. I ended up more or less living as her favourite stool/vagina cleaner/toilet for several months. She has an authoritative yet cute and irresistible tone that makes saying no seem ludicrous.

I'd go back to it in a heartbeat though.

- Wisconsin Police dep. Chief Medical Examiner

1f354e  No.12679457


this is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp, yet fundamental to a healthy life

24de7b  No.12679459


post pics of her puffy vulva, or your dad works at nintendo

1f354e  No.12679463


thought the same

Keith Flint working his magic

1f354e  No.12679476


sure thing, I took them on an extremely high resolution professional quality medical standard SLR camera in raw format, so it will take me some time to send them to the computer, process and convert and resize them all. will take me about 30 minutes, keep the thread alive.

I also have a short video of her puffy, bright pink, fluffy strawberry blonde haired vulva so engorged with blood and aroused that it is visibly pulsating, not to mention dripping viscous sweet scented fluid onto the wooden floor below at a constant rate, so much so that there is a small pool forming beneath her.

that is what i had to clean up with my tongue several times a day, directly from the source.

fefa8f  No.12679515


I'm 34 and I still wish mine were dead.

43fd5e  No.12679524


Then go far from them, what's stopping you?

e1462f  No.12679536


The world outside his basement is very scary

31cd0c  No.12679605


Yeah. There might be Jews outside.

5d6fc7  No.12679675


That's what I was thinking. Since she's not anonymous, perhaps the victim has the right to have carnal details withheld. (At least until she gets paid for exclusive interviews and book deals). Seems reasonable to me.

aa24cb  No.12679717

Jesus, if you're gonna go down for murder anyway and go away for life, why not find a girl who isn't ugly as sin itself?

31e2c4  No.12679741


As someone from the area, this is exactly it. This is generally meth and weirdo country out here, especially after hunting season ends.

5d6fc7  No.12679747


Newfag checking in… thanks for this one. Made my day. The shenanigans white knights get up to are always puzzling/amusing.

bcc3ec  No.12679754



Modern world makes people act crazy, but people are also cowards with very low confidence

He probably regretted killing her parrents and cucked out

942deb  No.12679782

File: 4d1222782073f5d⋯.jpg (698.71 KB, 1400x2100, 2:3, cy77jpnkX6BU5BoOtEsyfvasUk….jpg)


I already saw this movie

it sucked

942deb  No.12679794


niggers don't have fathers

nice try though

e815ea  No.12679945


Of course it did, its a film whose sole purpose is for guys to take the roasties they're trying to get their dick wet with to see it so they get scared and moist and feel empowered at the end because the MC slag gets away with being a murderous treacherous slag.

84b3b0  No.12679977


kys boomer, you fags are second only to jews in the destruction of the west.

f73334  No.12680288


Those are unused bullets in the pic. So did someone chuck them at her house?

ca54b7  No.12680630


Dunno OP. Butterteeth, not attractive, 13 or 14. Wouldn’t want to. I’m pretty sure she was an innocent bystander or unfortunate witness like some other anons hinted. He probably was holding her for someone or really had no idea what to do. I kinda doubt it had anything to do with her.

2d8f99  No.12682688

File: 1ee963fc96a9680⋯.gif (1008.28 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1352273881866.gif)

4bdde9  No.12682718


>Jasmine had met Steinke at a punk rock concert and immediately became intrigued by his goth lifestyle.

This is why the democracy is a joke.

2cd9de  No.12682990


We're waiting you nigger!

88b688  No.12683600


You post this thread on multiple boards and on halfchan. Why?

>Why did he not rape?

We don't know if he did or not. Might be she isn't ready to discuss that yet. Might be they are still preparing additional charges. Might be that such things are kept under seal for underage victims in that state. Might be that whatever was going on in his head, he somehow felt that was "wrong" despite being ok with the murder and kidnapping. I'm only an armchair psychologist but maybe he put her on a pedestal of purity in his mind or maybe he thought he could win her over if the first time was "special"? Who knows what a broken mind might come up with.

88b688  No.12683614



>Bald at 21

He confessed he shaved all body hair to reduce possibility of leaving trace evidence at the scene.

>little to no online presence

That isn't uncommon in the current year. Social media is falling by the wayside. I never used my real name / address on any social media account from the beginning 15+ years ago (remember myspace? Hell i was even on it's obscure predecessors) all the way through facebook and present day, I haven't even logged into facebook in perhaps a year. It's all a shitshow. I'd rather be doing something than reading about other people doing something.

88b688  No.12683632


I never forget the eggs. Have actually bought wife pre-cooked boiled eggs when she sent me out to "surprise her" with something to eat. Yes, she knows the meme. She even ate all of the eggs.


No, egg meme always deserves replies, first time I saw that on halfchan I laughed so hard I was in tears.

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