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File: 72f9709e8cc6419⋯.jpg (74.4 KB, 633x624, 211:208, 1.JPG)

df5ace  No.12678563



House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Iowa from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees on Monday night as party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive.

The punishment came on a day when Mr. King was denounced by an array of Republican leaders, though not President Trump. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, suggested Mr. King find “another line of work” and Senator Mitt Romney said he should quit. And the House Republicans, in an attempt to be proactive, stripped him of the committee seats in the face of multiple Democratic resolutions to censure Mr. King that are being introduced this week.

Those measures would force Republicans to take a stand on the House Democratic majority’s attempt to publicly reprimand one of their own.

fd68bb  No.12678564

republicucks are anti-white, what's new

e182ea  No.12678579

what did he say?

a3a6c6  No.12678582


It's okay to be white.

e182ea  No.12678593


what was the real comments?

35ad06  No.12678602


This guy said something bad.

No Im not going to tell you what it is. Just assume its bad. Trust me you dumb fucks.

26fcb8  No.12678623


He asked why White Nationalist and White Supremacy are offensive. Now MAGAniggers will attack him 24/7.

90a4fe  No.12678632

Why was this guy silent about Trump-Ivanka freeing degenerates and niggers from jail.

471ef0  No.12678664

In tomorrow's news, Steve King adopts 8 african congolese babies and a trans gay child of unknown racial origin

b9fa93  No.12678676

Do people still think voting republican is going to make a difference?

115e42  No.12678681


is that a hook nose on steve, or is that a bad angle?

b639b9  No.12678686

File: e3c683d3f88044c⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 281x224, 281:224, 1484184589097.gif)


That's pretty much it. He asked a jew york times reporter why "western civilization" was being used as a pejorative in jewniversities alongside "white supremacist." Why is "western civilization" a bad word? That's all it took to set off the kikes and their golems.

6bf4c9  No.12678689


do people still not understand why anyone here even bothered voting?

0f362f  No.12678695

File: 05030747e009591⋯.jpeg (91.67 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, A4BD7834-A4E0-48E9-8899-9….jpeg)

Steve King is a kike loving boomer faggot.

53e73e  No.12678712

How do I filter "GOP" in the 8Chan settings?

I added it but it doesn't get filtered

320a42  No.12678715


Good luck with your secret club where anyone who deviates in any way from your beliefs is rejected

5fb7ce  No.12678719


oh wew he took a pic with shapiro. that means he sucks dugin's cock and washes himself in the blood let from all the foreskins huh?

9a91d1  No.12678720

File: 89e83d18086ed59⋯.png (479.56 KB, 704x916, 176:229, Steve_King_on_Twitter_My_S….png)

File: 9bc8bcaf780a539⋯.webm (331.63 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Mitt Romney on Steve King.webm)

File: cc1bf5a8c1f38fd⋯.webm (821.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Rep Kevin McCarthy on Ste….webm)

File: 9206fc7a6609351⋯.webm (520.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Rep. Chris Stewart on Ste….webm)

File: c8402590a02d060⋯.png (163.42 KB, 1065x2026, 1065:2026, Steering_Committee_List_fo….png)

the (((media))) cried racist, the GOP bent over and grabbed their ankles so fast it generated a sonic boom.

5fb7ce  No.12678731


the (((gop))) hates him and wants him gone, that means King is over the target and stands opposed to the neo cons

cde5cd  No.12678744


Yes, a little creative editing is what is causing the anti-racists to come out of the woodwork and attack him. Also using guilt by association. He apparently met with a group that used to have SS members in it 50 years ago. Those members were purged apparently, but it retains political value as an attack against him.


26fcb8  No.12678765


lol. it's not even pro white comments. Sad reality of kikemerica

5fb7ce  No.12678767

steering committee list , everyone on it is now an enemy of the Republic

ed63a5  No.12678771


Steve King is a major kike-lover, but among the Gay Old Pedophiles, he's considered too radical - b-but they're the saviors of the White race, we just have to vote harder!


No one without a realistic outlook on the jewish problem is going to advance White interests in any way.

638405  No.12678810




It’s called zero tolerance. Nu/pol/ needs to lurk 2 years and understand why we can’t trust any politician who is not explicitly on our side, and Steve King is not on our side. It goes beyond him taking a picture with (((Ben Shapiro))); he’s also a massive supporter of AIPAC and Israel. Do some research, you retarded niggers.

35ad06  No.12678831


>If they arent a 100% reincarnation of Hitler we have to hate them

That kind of purity spiral is what fucked the left over.

ed63a5  No.12678841

File: 55317d5d3f00762⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 210x253, 210:253, 1471911463934.jpg)


>purity spiral

ce6d08  No.12678849


You are a paid jewish shill.

ce6d08  No.12678851

File: 900854c121ee5ad⋯.png (66.42 KB, 1307x822, 1307:822, Purity Spiral.PNG)




638405  No.12678853



Fuck off back to TRS and make sure you stay there.

9a91d1  No.12678867

File: 9da0ef0a7bd277b⋯.png (72.11 KB, 697x531, 697:531, Ronna_McDaniel_on_Twitter_….png)

File: f87529647d71112⋯.png (63.46 KB, 697x629, 41:37, Ted_Lieu_on_Twitter_Thank_….png)

File: cf305ee34f2e939⋯.png (293.97 KB, 703x915, 703:915, Jennifer_Rubin_on_Twitter_….png)

File: e2358234d60150f⋯.png (187.77 KB, 697x726, 697:726, Dave_Weigel_on_Twitter_Sti….png)

File: 2852decdb949ac2⋯.png (44.77 KB, 595x541, 595:541, Jennifer_Hayden_on_Twitter….png)

and right on schedule

000000  No.12678878


GOP is letting the (((NYT))) decide their committee chairs? It is as if everything that was exposed in 2016 has been forgotten.

Also, I believe the panel can only recommend his removal. I think it's up for a vote by all members?

ce32b0  No.12678895

File: f11052391af0a7f⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 518x280, 37:20, Was_Hitler_Nazi.jpg)


So, It's Okay to be White then?

The Republican ass-licking party is run by such out of touch boomer idiots that it's astonishing it ever wins anything at all. If anybody at party HQ gave a shit, huge gains could be had by defending King and letting the spastic left shit all over the drapes for a few news cycles. As it is, they look like they're scared to death of niggers and based spic voters.

Pathetic. King didn't even say anything good, just boomer speculation about why Western Civilization (a.k.a. "civilization") is a bad word in jewniversities. Well, he has an answer now – because niggers and spics are natural communists, and the Jews are happy to sell them all the snake oil they can swallow.

Reminder that we aren't voting our way out of this mess.

676acc  No.12678903



how predictably trite

000000  No.12678907


>(((creative editing)))

Why would he expect anything less from the NYT? Worse yet, why is the GOP leadership ignoring it?

As much as I wish Steve King was /ourguy/ that clearly wasn't his point.

df5ace  No.12678909


>muh alt kike maymay

The alt right is mocking him for not being radical enough just like you.

df5ace  No.12678918

Regardless the point is that even though King is a Zionist stooge they are seeking to make an example out of him to cow the far right.

Like every action taken by the political class in recent memory.

e5b3a6  No.12678922

Remember, no compromise will never be enough. They will keep pushing and pushing until we're all dead, racemixed, or pushed to the margins of obscurity like European man in Brazil.

fd68bb  No.12679047


disgusting, I disavow the republican party, they are all pathetic cucks

f9a2b8  No.12679143

A jew being censured for racism? It's a new era.

ce6d08  No.12679183


No, the (((alt-right))) has no intention of doing that.

e182ea  No.12679261


sounds like a legit opinion.

6da434  No.12679265

Steve King 2020

af6d0d  No.12679277


There you go, he didn't say anything in favour of "white supremacy", he asked why something was compared with it.

Can't question the juden.

af6d0d  No.12679289


fucking npcs

000000  No.12679308




judenpresse runs the GOP apparently. If they can't stick up for their own guy, they're definitely not going to bat for you.


a2fabd  No.12679354

King literally said he wanted all Americans to racemix together into a brown mud.

No sympathy for him.

9a91d1  No.12679368

File: 9c00fd1f5f27a14⋯.mp4 (3.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rep Liz Cheney on Steve Ki….mp4)

File: d175ad5cc9789af⋯.png (32.22 KB, 698x358, 349:179, K_Tully-McManus_on_Twitter….png)

File: 21648ab13c99d7d⋯.png (49.92 KB, 697x489, 697:489, Lissandra_Villa_on_Twitter….png)

File: 78642878f646a5a⋯.png (38.06 KB, 697x366, 697:366, Craig_Caplan_on_Twitter_Re….png)

File: 713e6dee1bf4ec5⋯.png (311.21 KB, 697x759, 697:759, JTA_Jewish_news_on_Twitter….png)

d5b844  No.12679509

File: 641346b57a9426f⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2308x4112, 577:1028, 2018 Midterms in One Image.jpg)

File: 5753b6e1797d4dc⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 2200x4132, 550:1033, 2016 Election - Racial Dem….jpg)

File: 28fb9d782f0711c⋯.png (122.32 KB, 1188x103, 1188:103, ClipboardImage.png)



The GOP are servants of Israel, and this shit is absolutely ridiculous.

>88%+ White base

<still act like anti-White faggots for Zion.

Nigh unbelievable.

d5b844  No.12679519


>the (((media))) cried racist, the GOP bent over and grabbed their ankles so fast it generated a sonic boom.

Because the media and the GOP are in lock-step as goes the end goal of dissolving the White demographic in this country.

These people are not misunderstanding, they are not wimps, they are not confused, they are WILLINGLY COOPERATING WITH THE (((ENEMY))) TO DESTROY THEIR OWN BASE.

d5b844  No.12679526

File: 58080bb1ec9bd09⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1944x3568, 243:446, GOP are Shabbos Goyim.jpg)

File: 683af2c2995b321⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 1928x8736, 241:1092, GOP are Shabbos Goyim pt 2….jpg)


5e3320  No.12679541


Prove it.

d2cfa8  No.12679569


Mine works just fine, you're looking at the results.

>we are tired of being told we are evil for simply existing.

fd68bb  No.12679583


but my based lolberg randlet…

a2fabd  No.12679587


It was an interview on live tv on fox or CNN I dont remeber which, from maybe 2 years ago

I'm not going to go dig it up

df5ace  No.12679590


Sure showed me what liars my eyes are.

992225  No.12679596


So no proof, but asking anons to believe wild claims even though there have been controversies about King saying pro White stuff for years such as saying that demographics is destiny

c0f62c  No.12679625

He said something reasonable, and then completely cucked out and threw all of us under the bus. When will these faggots understand…. cucking WILL NOT HELP YOU. Cucking only makes things worse. King should have said "You're damn right, there is nothing wrong with being proud to be white!" Then average Joe sixpacks would have stood behind him. By cucking and throwing us under the bus, he shot himself in the foot.


145010  No.12679652


The Republican has ALWAYS been a radical anti-White party. It was founded to genocide White people. The people who are out of place are the tiny minority of people who think the incredibly brief early 20th century period where a few isolated Charles Lindbergh's got elected is somehow representative of a potential groundswell of support inside the Republican party.

The Republican party needs to die and the overwhelming majority of its voter base and donor pool literally exterminated along with their children.

d2cfa8  No.12679662


Do something then you nigger.

a65451  No.12679663

File: c821880525ab45c⋯.png (543.27 KB, 765x860, 153:172, 1547527038974.png)


>what was the real comments?

He gave an interview to the Jew York Times and trusted them to print what he actually said. He basically asked how it was that Liberals had turned words like White and Western into "racist" terms. Kikes got butthurt and called him a Nazi, same old shit.

f3f1e5  No.12679669


>The Republican has ALWAYS been a radical anti-White party

>The Fed government and the (((Union))) have always been anti white entities


5fb7ce  No.12679670


what is the red lapel pin she is wearing?

d2cfa8  No.12679672

I don't see you doing anything. I am not fucking a roastie, that isn't going to do anything for whites.

145010  No.12679680


You're not fixing anything. The Republican party IS the Union.

d2cfa8  No.12679684


>thinks old history is still today.

145010  No.12679687


It absolutely is. The dumbest morons going are those who buy mainstream jewish yarn-spinning like "party flip".

8301dc  No.12679689

File: a6ea528c288155a⋯.jpg (41.15 KB, 415x553, 415:553, fats.jpg)


>"credible" media doesn't even mention what he said

>just white man bad, listen and believe

Only the lowest NPC could consider the media a credible source.

d2cfa8  No.12679694


>thinks those ideals serviced the progressives and Communists. The Dems are literally all foreigners.

d2cfa8  No.12679701


>look more fags worried about weight.

e587ed  No.12679712

Today the House unanimously voted "We hate white people!" to cheers and applause.

c0f62c  No.12679748



fcf308  No.12679752


>That's the kind of purity spiral that fucked the Left!

Fucked them how? Fucked them so they control every public institution? Fucked them so they have a death grip on media and academia? Fucked them so hard society looks like what they want? Are you retarded?

843629  No.12679779


Woah calm down my jewish fbi friend.

2a8166  No.12680233


>yo trump I want to dog whistle to the growing pissed off white majority to bolster my political credentials when race war hits

<ok steve, no problem, I was just thinking I needed another opportunity to delay a "disavowal" to piss of more liberals, and delude more pro-white republicans into thinking I give a shit about them, in order to diversify my base for the 2020 election, let's make a deal

>Great! I'll set up a meeting between our special-projects press teams. One thing though, how will Mitch react?

<He'll play along; he's still on this Bannon kick thinking he can unify non-whites and attract them to his dying party. I couldn't give two shits tbh, but it's his thing and he'll be glad for the opportunity.

how'd I do, shills-in-the-know?

d5c298  No.12680242

File: efdd8ae599d85bf⋯.png (681.66 KB, 813x968, 813:968, Steve King Under Attack.png)


Steve King doesn't hate Jews. Jews hate Steve King. Considering the Congressman can't connect the dots I have limited sympathy for him.

fb78d6  No.12680386

Based NeoCikes cuck to Democrats to show how hip they are. Please don’t say mean words about us media please

6fa546  No.12680454

The reason this is happening is because of the changing demographics of the nation and of this party. It’s clear that the neo-cons and those who inhabit the “republican” party are cucking out in the worst way to make room for its soon to be new inhabitants-Juan and Jesus. There are droves of voters to be stolen and it’s clear that the good old boys club wants some new members in place of the “white nationalists” who have been disenfranchised for the past 60 years. A new white man party must be formed. Otherwise we WILL die out slowly and painfully.

ce32b0  No.12680468


A good step one might be to use the word "white" in public without getting lynched over it. The ultimate punchline would be if America became a Jewtopian Niggerland because the majority of whites were hiding their power level and waiting for somebody else to go first.

6fa546  No.12680496


And how do you suppose we go about saying that?

0bbd15  No.12680505

I read a post earlier where someone asked the question:

"Since when did the phrase white nationalism mean white supremacy" and they were met with a torrent of shit. This is a very sneaky move by the Marxist fucks as "white nationalist" meaning white supremacy was only recently claimed by them. Before they pulled that shit it simply meant a person was white and a nationalist - meaning a white person who simply loved their country. Now they pulled their definition change and here we are.

How many fucking times are they going to get away with definition changing to meet their narrative. That right there is a big fucking problem and needs to be addressed.

3ba650  No.12680514

Steve King has a history of making pro-white dog-whistles, getting called out, and then walking them back. this has happened twice before IIRC. he is also 100% pro-israel.

let this be a lesson to the AmNat Ricky Vaughn crowd, even if you get in, which you probably wont, they will spot you and dump you instantly.

we are post politics

e75230  No.12680517

The GOP is cucked, nothing to see here.

4248ae  No.12680523

The Republicans are fucking stupid if they think continuing to do this kind of garbage is going to play well with their increasingly-nationalist base. I'm pretty sure that the only reason they keep cucking out like this is because kikes won't give them money if they ever say anything even neutral about Whites. Which won't matter too much longer since Jews vote and donate 90% Democrat now.

You know it pisses me off that, in my own country, where my ethnic group comprises the majority - the same ethnic group that founded the country in the first place - it's only ever publicly permitted to refer to my ethnic group when making negative statements. For literally every other ethnic group, it's only publicly permitted to praise them. Go to Japan, or Korea, or India, and the majority ethnic groups there are not only first to be considered, they're the only group to be considered.

Jews know why they're hated. They're just depending on people's lack of knowledge to keep getting away with their schemes.

5a27b0  No.12680530



5a27b0  No.12680532




b944f6  No.12680538



5a27b0  No.12680545



fb78d6  No.12680578


These 50-80 year old cowardly cuckolds cannot die soon enough

5c9f54  No.12680590


>we can’t trust any politician who is not explicitly on our side

You need to lurk two more. You can't trust ANY politician, how you work it is that you manipulate or make them an offer they can't refuse.

t. lobbyist who turned into a PI at some point

5c9f54  No.12680598


>Steve King has a history of making pro-white dog-whistles, getting called out, and then walking them back.

So this is either a release valve, or an identification operation to see who supports him.

3ba650  No.12680599


>"King then referenced his support of Israel."

>“I am a person who has stood with Israel from the beginning, and the length of that nation is the length of my life,” the Iowa Republican said, pointing his finger at the man. “And I’ve been with them all along, and I will not answer your question and I’ll not listen to another word from you.”


>When Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), who is both progressive and Jewish, took offense to King’s nonsense, the New York congressman asked not only for an apology, but for Republicans to repudiate the Iowan’s rhetoric. King, undeterred, responded to his colleague on Twitter, suggesting Steve Israel may not be a “real man,” adding, “I defend Israelis from Leftists & misogynists.”


5c9f54  No.12680602


>We're done here; thread's over.

We are post politics. >>12680514

19443e  No.12680623



3ba650  No.12680636


he loves them and they hate him. nothing new

145010  No.12680682


They aren't stupid. What they care about is the result, not whether you vote for them.

e182ea  No.12680689

Does anyone have his statement that's not taken out of context? I want to make a Reticide image.

9a30ae  No.12682751


No, he's actually right. I'm sure there's a photo of you YOU standing next to a kike at some point in your life. A boss, a teacher etc - so fucking what? You gonna get kike cooties? If not, then good on your parents, but most don't have that luxury. That's the "truth", not your exaggerated trailer trash cartoonazi bullshit. If your political movement is relying on the 0.000000000001% of the population that meet your retarded standard of purity, and you're expecting the rest to just die or something, then you're every bit as schizoid as the kikes & commies say.

You know, the final blackpill after all this time here is that as much as the old NatSocs had the right idea, it's just over now - when absolute degenerate untermensch retards like you are the closest to "saviours of the White Race" that still exist, it's done. Die with the kikes (since you're no better than they are), really - the whole human race needs to be reduced to dust on a dead planet at this point.

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