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File: 6d6f1948103b2c6⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, bolsonaro-cesare-battisti.jpg)

33751f  No.12678882

Communist terrorist Cesare Battisti arrived in Italy after decades on the run from Italian authorities after Brazil’s new populist president Jair Bolsonaro promised Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini he would have the extremist extradited.

>Battisti’s first words upon arriving in his native Italy were an acceptance that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, saying: “I know I’m going to jail,” according to Il Giornale.

>Witnesses who were with Battisti when he landed claimed that he seemed accepting of his situation and that the far-left terrorist thanked the police for their treatment of him.

>Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, who leads to populist-nationalist League (Lega) which makes up one half of Italy’s coalition government, remarked of the terrorist’s attitude that he “seemed to me to be grinning despite the deaths he has on his shoulders.”

>Salvini praised President Bolsonaro, who had previously promised to find and extradite the terrorist.

>“I reiterated a huge thank you on behalf of 60 million Italians for allowing us to positively close the Battisti question and we are committed to meet soon in Brazil or in Italy to strengthen the ties between our peoples, our governments, and our personal friendship,” Salvini said.

>Battisti is a former member of the extremist Armed Proletarians for Communism (PAC) and was found guilty of four separate murders, including of two Italian officials, in 1990 while under protection in France, claiming to be a political refugee. He later fled to Mexico and then to Brazil in 2004 when French officials changed their views on protecting him.

>Opponents of Salvini have been critical of the entire affair, including a journalist whose outburst was highlighted by Salvini on his Facebook page.

>“I do not know who is more dangerous, a terrorist who killed for political reasons in the seventies or the Minister of the Interior who foments hate against other poor human beings and the completely innocent every day of 2019,” the journalist exclaimed.


7625b1  No.12678923

Finally some action

3a6042  No.12679058




Can't into catalog

33751f  No.12679089


>catalog search: 0

Neck yourself.

cc8c7c  No.12679140


>Oy, if my narrow search doesn't reveal it it doesn't exist!

33751f  No.12679195


<I'm just going to bitch more about it without giving a link

Depends if it's stupidity or that you despise the news about it.

3f4f65  No.12679226


It's just a weak attempt at derailing by shills. Don't bother responding to them.

3f4f65  No.12679227


Also, fuck commies.

849d1f  No.12679272

Not tired of winning! MAGA

7e19cb  No.12679287


this has nothing to do with America, why do you bring up Trump?

4ffb16  No.12679373


Because Trumpniggers are really this desperate. They're claiming credit for the actions of a Brazilian president.

Let's pause to appreciate that Bolsonaro has officially done more to thwart Marxism than Trump has. Bolsonaro deports Marxist terrorists to Italy where they can receive justice. Meanwhile Trump lets off every Antifa thug with a slap on the wrist while he allows multinational corporations like Google and Facebook to censor his own most loyal supporters while terrorist organizations like the ADL unleash their liberal lackeys upon the homes of Trump supporters.

What kind of a man will not even defend his own loyal friends?

c132cc  No.12679437

File: 16ee06d8180c120⋯.jpg (113.7 KB, 800x500, 8:5, olmedo_bolsonaro.jpg)

Hueniggers remained a bit silent after the elections. Any place I can follow what's going on there?

t. neighbour fellow

7fe2c2  No.12679442


Don't do that, don't reproduce with subhumans.

405116  No.12679456


No one said that at all, you're just a shill trying to derail threads lol.

adca18  No.12679461

> all the butthurt commie shills in this thread.

Your time is up corporate cocksuckers.

9d5e59  No.12679464



this is a good news source, its like an independant, alternative media site.

but its all in portuguese

a9d36e  No.12679491

Leftypol is disappointed with this outcome. That communist worker bee with the soft hands deserves better than this.

3ddaae  No.12679546

File: e21f99943384beb⋯.jpg (78.97 KB, 1000x724, 250:181, cesare-battisti-2-ansa-2.jpg)

Why are all the communists soft handed? They fetishize work but all of them have soft girly hands.

0961ea  No.12679567

File: d4a5af1e06e6bcf⋯.png (153.41 KB, 2328x1514, 1164:757, 1460810617900.png)


Because they don't actually want to work.

000000  No.12679960


Not only that, but some small communist politicians are being silently killed, and when the (((media))) finds out and tries to create a comotion, it is all ignored by more than 80% of the population.

The brazillian population aren't yet fully killing leftists, but they all took the next step: the population fully supports assassination of leftists, as well as dehumanization and complete apathy for any leftist killed/tortured/jailed.

The impotent leftist's groups are all raging seeing the complete apathy of the population towards them, as well as the massive celebrations whenever one of them is killed or jailed.

People from all over the world must start inciting the brazillian population to be violent against leftists and jews. The mindset is already here. It only needs a big push to move to the next step faster.

Also: pay very close attention to Brazil's development. The kikes have already manipulated the market so our currency (Real) suddenly became the most profitable currency to invest.

Kikes want to turn Brazil into a base of operations, and probably even relocate their operatives in USE to Brazil.

Prepare yourselves to fully invade Brazil, if necessary, to stop the kikes while they are weak. But until them, sabotage all kike attempts at making Brazil the next 1970s America.


That was because of the unfortunate "everything will be solved now" mentality of the majority of the population. When Bolsonaro inevitably won, most people simply took that as THE final victory.

Many of us are still spreading information, and exchanging data and info, to make the others keep being active. The silence has been broken little by little since the beginning of 2019. and that is why you are seeing all those news now.

As for sources, unfortunately, only a few sporadic youtubers create something in english, while all sites simply report in portuguese.

The best way for now is either direct online translation, or asking for specific translation for some news or topics. Brazillian anons here can contribute to this.

af2a06  No.12681415

>found guilty of four separate murders, including of two Italian officials, in 1990 while under protection in France, claiming to be a political refugee.

Fucking French.

7d66ff  No.12681502


Worthless aren't they? Hell they've have 20 straight weeks of yellow vest protests and Macron is still in power. Back in the olden days, he'd had been guillotined weeks ago.

73a562  No.12681638

File: 7bba53df54c89f1⋯.png (143.62 KB, 402x338, 201:169, 11.png)



The french that govern France aren't and haven't been french for a long while now

f929ba  No.12682723

>Salvini praised President Bolsonaro, who had previously promised to find and extradite the terrorist.

What a cohencidence that Salvini has been accused of rape. Check the catalog anons.

000000  No.12682769

7bc024  No.12682798


>send back scapegoat commie to Italy for (((good measure)))

>suck the Israeli cock and turn Brazil into a fashy National-Kosher inferno

bb0225  No.12682913


>Remember goyim, everyone is a Jew or owned by Jews! Nothing you do matters so just go back to sleep!

e22818  No.12683334


Don't worry, his life in prison will be taken delicately. He'll become Big Bubbas new boyfriend. Or maybe someone might cut his neck open with a plastic knife.

7bc024  No.12683409



Of course everyone is, you don't climb this high without raping kids and/or supporting ZOG.

But you faggots would like to portray Bolsonaro as somehow the savior of Brazil. You can't save anything when you flirt with the Jew.

These Kosher Nationalist around the world give you bones, they are entertaining you in the Jewish Inferno of Pilpul and you are so deprived of any sense of honor that you take the bait without question.

This board is NatSoc by the way. We don't endorse the Jew, in any way.

371aec  No.12683441



Think a little. This is obviously a never-trumper or a shill trying to derail.


They want to steal other people's money. Then they want to force others to work.


<Punishing a commie is (((jewish))).

Do they even screen the shills anymore? I bet shareblue is just giving out tablets in a tent city in california.

e22818  No.12683467

File: 8db6b6fd7309c5b⋯.png (281.15 KB, 1199x502, 1199:502, Untitled.png)


>reverse psychology

First step is acceptance over the loss.

7bc024  No.12683508



I never said sending back this commie to where he belongs or killing him was a bad thing. Of course it is good since communism is judaism applied.

But then, how could I take seriously who sends back a commie and support the Jewry at the same time ? This does not compute at all.

You both are full of Judaism and mastering perfectly the art of Pilpul.

e22818  No.12683520

File: 990254e5545e7d8⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, 131218_battisti.jpg)


You're glowing as some radioactive rat. Everyone can fucking see how you try to derail the thread. Because it's so obvious due to the stench of you never washing your hands.

7bc024  No.12683534


Why are you so anxious ? Do you think posting the face of this commie scum would hurt me ?

Why should I support a man who endorses the Jew ? Why are you approving the fairy tales the man is telling you when he endorses the (((people))) who almost annihilated Germany and are commited to this day to kill Whites around the World according their books ?

Don't bother to answer, your crooked nose is already showing.

e22818  No.12683568


I know that every cowardly commie life that is being ruined, makes the world better. But that's not what you want to talk about, you're avoiding that topic for a (((reason))) and desperately trying to change the topic of this thread for your own satisfaction.

7bc024  No.12683576


>I know that every cowardly commie life that is being ruined, makes the world better.

Then we agree on that. But what about the Jew ? Is it a good thing to let him alive ?

e22818  No.12683613


Since Italy wanted him alive, the previous Brazilian government protected him, then most suitable option is for reverse the protection and send him to rot. He spent years on relaxing, killing him right now makes him feeling satisfies of his life. So making him to spend miserably in jail, hoping inmates to make this much worse, is best option to fill his life with this.

000000  No.12684754

915357  No.12684990

While Bolsonaro is a huge claykike lover, I have to admit, this is quite based of him. Hope he continues to stomp out the (((Marxist))) scum in Brazil.

68b49d  No.12685004


He just made it easier for citizens to own firearms by removing the complete utter bullshit clause to "justify the needs to own a firearm". There was a report last year where police stations which were issuing too many licenses were getting their upper echelon replaced.

All other previous conditions remain, though. Many pro-gun people were disappointed, but at least resigned that at least now you can take the months-long, thousand-bucks process and ACTUALLY get a gun after that.

… a 5k Reais (~1.7k USD) .380 ACP pistol. Or pay 2.4k dollars for a Glock. I'm serious, these are the local prices. Take note minimum salary in Brazil is ~300 USD/month. Bolsonaro says he'll cut taxes for firearm sales, which would help a LOT.

915357  No.12685037


That's a good thing. But still much more work needs to be done. Brazil needs to have Czech Republic-level lax of firearm laws. Concealed carry should be legal in all the states/federative units. Still would be quite an imbalance, since dindus carry around full-auto rifles, and sub machine guns that they've got their hands on (((somehow))).

000000  No.12685897


Acquiring illegally is a good alternative for now.

Don't wait for the (((law))). Get guns, form armed militias. Kill jews and leftists.

6b62bc  No.12686131


f762d2  No.12686224

>guilty of four separate murders

Gawd damn. Quadruple murderer and still no justice because of the fucking (((french government))).

df6045  No.12686519

FYI communists in Italy are in total control of the judiciary, they can pardon him at any time.

0f5037  No.12686533

Trump did the same with some old socialist… back to Germany he went :^3

000000  No.12688455


And the Northeast, especially.

The leftist governors in Brazil's northeast are trying to form a parallel government, using their remaining money, to form a communist "land island", isolated from the rest of Brazil.

Don't lose that territory. Instead of secession, go to the northeast to kill all leftists and all shitskins, leaving only the few White People there to help you colonize the region again.


He can be killed at any time. No paperwork prevents a bullet to go into his head.


And he will be killed eventually. All leftists will.

b834b4  No.12697629

Hahaha the ass hurt commies itt, holy shit the salt is flowing. We need Trump to enforce the communist control act.

40741c  No.12697670

Why didn't he move to Venezuela? -)

40741c  No.12697679



Communeesm, fellow goy! Anyone against dem commies are our guys, even if they are 100% supported by jews and themselves support mass immigration, white replacement. Wanna buy my White Sharia 101 books? Only 1.99!


That is pretty significant.


< Tor

< "Let them remain Brazilian and thus remain citizens! We can totally kill them later despite non-whites being recognized as human by Brazilian law!"

000000  No.12698287


Literally, a communist. Your secession plan won't work.

And yes, anything is better than leftists.

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