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File: 5af78304bb9d00c⋯.jpg (327.53 KB, 1328x762, 664:381, 1547432415374.jpg)

File: 385de26bc1b6426⋯.png (410.28 KB, 1600x952, 200:119, 1547432270066.png)

File: 3813210133c41fd⋯.jpg (240.24 KB, 1252x654, 626:327, maxresdefault (16).jpg)

File: 89ec7fb40e3910e⋯.gif (321.56 KB, 400x215, 80:43, 1546978804568.gif)

2bcffd  No.12680249



Second link provided for those who do not wish to download directly from the CIA database, first link provided to prove that this is indeed a declassified CIA document. This belongs in /pol/ because the CIA classified this document for a reason, and the released version is sanitized and redacted heavily. There is reason to believe from both the document, current events, and scientific evidence that this is happening.

The magnetic poles are shifting as you read this. The rate at which they are doing so is rapidly increasing.

Cause is likely due to many factors, for example, just one is the Solar system traversing the Galactic center line - the Solar system travels up and down the height of the Galaxy and every 24,000 years or so it travels through the center line, taking about 20 years to traverse this. The gravimetric forces effect the Sun causing erratic behavior (such as having major solar storms during a solar minimum) which in turn effects Earth's weather. The Earth is effected in the same way as gently disrupting a top as it's spinning. It wobbles a bit, and then regains it's composure. Imagine a top with a floating ball in the center. The top spins, and the ball stays put mostly. Disrupt the top, and the ball is also disrupted.

The magnetic poles are set to converge together just South of the Indonesian Islands, and from there they will split off and go to opposite sides of the planet along the equator. Since the Earth's magnetic field interacts with the Sun's ionized emissions, the planet will reorient itself along this axis formed by the positions of the new magnetic poles. Meaning the Earth will literally tilt on it's side and start rotating accordingly. The movement of the magnetic poles will be preceded by seismic activity around the the world, as the lower layers of the Earth will shift and rotate due to the rotational disturbance.

Since the Earth is 26km wider at the equator than it is laterally, and this is caused by centrifugal force, the tectonic plates will be compressed, and then expand at different points, causing immense seismic activity all over the planet. This is also true of the Earth's oceans, and they will slosh around, completely destroying coastlines and any low lying lands across the planet.

Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

If we know it's coming, we can make preparations to survive it. The science all seems to suggest that it is going to happen without any doubt.

So what do you do?

If you live somewhere that should be relatively safe from flooding, seismic activity and the like… then all you have to do is stock up on food and prepare to defend it. Shit, just buy a crapload of dried and canned goods, and firewood. You'll probably be fine.

If you live on the coastline, then sell your house to some dumb niggers, spics, or kikes, and move to a situation described above. You'll probably be selling your house for a lot more than you'll be spending on a new house in the middle of the country and you'll be surrounded by white people. Why haven't you done this already?

When the great happening begins, just sit back and relax… because a majority of the minorities in this country will have been swept away by the floods just like God predicted.

2bcffd  No.12680259

There is also a second part to this disaster which is the potential for a "micronova" in which the sun will increase luminosity by 100+ times for 10-100 seconds, with enough radiated heat to scorch stone on the surface of the moon, and throwing out large chunks of star metals in all directions like a shotgun blast. This may explain the cyclical nature of mass extinction events on the planet, since meteorites would come from the sun, rather than deep space.

Here is a series of YouTube videos explaining this impending event.


4a8cfd  No.12680268


Centripetal not centrifugal

4a8cfd  No.12680275


>( ((God) ))

Yeah - fuck the bronies too

Tell Rick he can fuck off and no I don't want to go ride bikes next Saturday

2bcffd  No.12680277


Thank you for the correction.

I'm not a scientist myself, but what I'm seeing here all makes sense, and it all adds up.

If you know anybody who is a Naval submariner (particularly an officer) ask him where he plans on retiring.


4a8cfd  No.12680300



Funny you should mention. I'm in the market for a diesel sub as it were. I am still planning on the Antarctic /pol/ kriegsmarine expedition

2bcffd  No.12680318

File: 7f86b48ad9e52b6⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (10).jpg)


Funny you should mention (((them))) because somebody mentioned them in one of these videos.

If you were an ancient civilization, and you wanted to convey a message to future generations of impending disaster so they could be better prepared for it than you were, then how would you go about doing it?

You couldn't simply write it down… who knows what language your successors will speak or write? Who knows if they'll be able to do those things at all? Even if you were to write it down, you can't write it down on paper, and even if you did, it wouldn't last very long since paper degrades over time. You can't put it on hard disc, because the same problem arises with hard disc and digital mediums… they also degrade over time, albeit it takes longer for them than it does paper. But who knows if you would even have the ability to put that information on hard disc? What if something were to happen that knocks out everything electronic and sends us back into the stone age?

But you know what doesn't degrade as quickly? Cave paintings and stone carvings.

You would have to think of a way that an intelligent being that comes after you could figure out your message in the same way that we had to figure out a way to send a message out into space on Voyager II. That's the mind fuck… to our ancient ancestors, we literally ARE the aliens they were trying desperately to send a message to, and we were too fucking stupid to get it, or at least too selfish to share it once we figured it out.

That's where we get back to (((them)))


Speaking of selfish pricks who are either too selfish or too stupid to share their knowledge…

What if I told you that it's been known for a few decades now that Ancient Hebrew is actually a mathematical language that has all sorts of mathematical equations built into it and that this is true of both the Old Testament and New Testament? What if I told you that had Christians adopted Hebrew instead of translating the New Testament into their native languages, that the kikes would never be able to subvert us, because their language is incapable of being subverted in the way that European languages are?

Most kikes don't even know this, but their language is basically a mathematical Rubik's cube. Jews aren't God's chosen people… Hebrew is God's chosen LANGUAGE.


0887fd  No.12680345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>Agent comes to /pol/

>>hey fellow anons go to this CIA.GOV link

You don't get to bring friends.

2bcffd  No.12680363


Well, then don't go to it. That's why I provided the second link to the internet archive ya dummy.

7efe08  No.12680395

File: d2b46e9d4b29624⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 471x480, 157:160, wtf-cantbelievethisshit.jpg)

File: 6c321a3156a5202⋯.jpg (18.85 KB, 400x297, 400:297, wtfisthisshit.jpg)

File: c6b03213f6f4ec3⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 435x363, 145:121, wtf-most-horrible-shit.jpg)

File: e6b99d06dd8bbb2⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 421x512, 421:512, wtf-the-fuck.jpg)


>Meaning the Earth will literally tilt on it's side

2bcffd  No.12680403


See, that's the part I'm unsure about… because if I'm not mistaken, I thought the geographical poles were constant. Like… the globe may wobble a bit, but I think the magnetic poles will return to their positions shortly after the reversal/shift.

2bcffd  No.12680409

Either way it doesn't matter. There will be catastrophic damage because the poles shifting will mean enormous amounts of seismic activity and a disruption of Earth's rotation even by a little bit.

4972b5  No.12680426


The document linked claims a shift of the magnetic poles would cause the earth's outer crust to change positions due to the weight of the ice caps. It also claims this would happen in 1/4 to 1/2 of a day.

This is nonsense.

The outer crust of the earth is rotating, giving it a great deal of inertia (similar to a gyroscope). A fluidization of the mantle would not eliminate the inertia, and a shift of the magnetic poles would not cause a force massive enough to alter the spin rapidly. If he claimed that this would happen over a 10-10,000 year period, he might have an argument.

I'm sure a pole shift would cause quite a few knock-on effects. It won't cause the earth's crust to tip on its side in one day. The CIA was probably more interested in his mythological research than his claims about the nature of that sort of disaster.

2bcffd  No.12680445


Watch the videos, they discuss that. It's already acknowledged that the weight of the ice caps have nothing to do with what's coming.

2bcffd  No.12680453

0f0642  No.12680490


>just south of the Indonesian islands

isn't thats near the indonesian supervolcano thats prone to super erupt?

4972b5  No.12680592


The video is arguing that the crust will "ping pong back and forth". This is exactly what cannot happen due to the inertia of the crust.

As for why it was classified, my bet is it was planned to be published as COINTELPRO.

255d1e  No.12680645

File: 6530be7924ebe5a⋯.jpg (28.19 KB, 351x282, 117:94, american eagle usa fuck ye….jpg)



2bcffd  No.12680672


Maybe, but there is plenty of evidence to support this theory at least as far as the poles moving goes. Like I said, either way it will cause catastrophic damage.

2bcffd  No.12680674


I'm a little more nervous about Yellowstone tbh.

2bcffd  No.12680678

File: f3da80cbb40d305⋯.gif (253.61 KB, 220x165, 4:3, tenor (2).gif)


>mfw awaiting the cataclysm to wash away the degenerates and minorities in a flood of biblical proportions, and for the sun to scorch the survivors with the burning hatred of God's fury

8c7d9c  No.12680687


nigger the shifting of magnetic poles isnt a fucking secret

2bcffd  No.12680688

Radio show from 2008 confirming what the guy in the video from this post is saying.


Two completely different people, two completely different backgrounds, similar story.

2bcffd  No.12680690


Pardon me, forgot the link


4972b5  No.12680691


There is plenty of evidence that the magnetic poles shift. There is no evidence that the axis of rotation shifts. The linked document claims a shift in the axis of rotation, or at least the crust's orientation with respect to it. That would require something like an interplanetary collision or a massive meteor striking.

By what mechanism would a shift of a magnetic pole cause massive tidal waves, or 1,000 MPH winds? Earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing have plausible mechanisms with a pole shift, the other things claimed in the document do not.

This is akin to saying "Reptilians pissed in my cheerios" and then falling back to the position "Well, someone sure did piss in my cheerios, so I was right all along."

2bcffd  No.12680709


>require some interplanetary collision or massive meteor striking

Well I'm going to emphasize a third time that I'm not sure about the geographical poles changing. To me it seems like the magnetic poles will shift.

However, it's funny you mention a massive object, because that /could/ in fact happen with the micronova mentioned in the series I linked. There's evidence for that on our own planet as well as the Moon and Mars in the form of magnetic star metals present on those bodies. Recently there was an article about a meteor strike in Greenland that was just discovered that was estimated to have hit about 12,000 years ago, which is about the right amount of time for the supposed micronova phenomenon.

But I'll emphasize now a fourth time: I personally am not sure about the geographic poles changing, only the magnetic poles. Either way, that would cause catastrophic damage.

2bcffd  No.12680715


It's also worth mentioning that the meteor strike in Greenland would coincide with the end of the last Ice Age.

Another thing worth mentioning, though it's not conclusive, is that there have been tropical fauna discovered in Antarctica, but those are believed to be millions of years old and do not necessarily indicate geographical polar shifting.

7efe08  No.12680732

File: 78b361b27e8ed52⋯.jpg (26.39 KB, 512x384, 4:3, facepalm-carl.jpg)

File: fa97f95741a73c7⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 400x300, 4:3, facepalm-riker.jpg)

File: 3ed1b94abd36e53⋯.jpg (28.97 KB, 494x480, 247:240, facepalm-statue.jpg)



>magnetic star metals


>I personally am not sure about the geographic poles

well those of us who passed science class are quite sure. You can stop babbling about that unmitigated crap.

4972b5  No.12680770



Eventually the magnetic poles will shift, as has happened many of times in the geological record. It's not an overnight phenomena and would likely take place over a course of years. Statistically, the chances of any of us being alive to see it (or the yellowstone caldera, or a major meteor strike) are very low.

We also have no real way of knowing what level of damage it would cause. It's possible that it could cause disruptions to the electrical grid if there is a solar storm during it, but those types of events are so poorly understood and modeled that we don't have any way to indicate the level of damage to expect. The increased volcanism/earthquakes due to cosmic radiation theory is interesting and plausible, but not world ending or proven. The geological record doesn't show any "world ending" catastrophes associated with a pole reversal.

As for "solar micronovas", to my knowledge nothing similar has been observed in any of the other stars we watch.

If a massive meteor hit the earth, we're fucked, no matter what the poles do.

All metals (and non-metals) originate from fusion processes in stars. Whether or not a metal can be magnetized is an identity property of the element itself, not due to its origin.

2bcffd  No.12680853


Shut the fuck up, CIA shill.


Well, hopefully you're right, but the evidence says otherwise.

If you don't wanna look into it further, and are a dumb fuck who needs everything spoon fed to them, then good luck. I hope you die. If you do look at the evidence, then you should be worried.

4972b5  No.12680874


A random youtube video is not "evidence".

2bcffd  No.12680877





Douglas Vogt of the Diehold Foundation

Emphasizing early on in one of those videos straight away, that a polar reversal does NOT mean the Earth flips on it's axis.


Go fuck yourself and start watching you retard.

2bcffd  No.12680878

That's like 3 times I've gotten digits in this thread now. Fuck.

46cfae  No.12681168

File: bb3e641a414a74a⋯.png (137.86 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, statepop1024.png)

File: 7bbcd6806c2b82a⋯.jpg (438.97 KB, 1049x761, 1049:761, Election2016tippedabit_whi….jpg)

Stop being misleading and deceptive.

A country map does not imply each pixel has an equal number of people inside it. People are gathered very close in some areas and not close in other areas. The tiny "archipelago" area it actually home to at least a hundred million people.

Acting like fake news won't help fight fake news.

2bcffd  No.12681206


What in the hell are you talking about?

The first map shows voting trend by county, you sperg.

9f47ba  No.12681265

Is this why we've had spoopy activity with solar monitoring observatories?

9c8410  No.12681282


Why does california just straight-up not exist?

2bcffd  No.12681311



It could be an indicator, yes. Our magnetosphere is weakening as the poles converge. It explains why minor solar activity has caused damage to power grids in recent years.


I couldn't tell you that, anon, but a majority of the degeneracy there will be washed away since it's on the coastline.

c4a606  No.12681324


>What if I told you that had Christians adopted Hebrew instead of translating the New Testament into their native languages, that the kikes would never be able to subvert us

Please do. I hope we can convince all you Christian Identity we wuz hebroos types to learn Hebrew, migrate to Palestine and leave the rest of us alone.

1caec3  No.12681326

This is the prophecy…

7851a5  No.12681329

Not your blog, faggit.

2bcffd  No.12681344


But is it prophecy, or merely as natural and normal as the change of seasons?

7f0da3  No.12681397

The poles always flip to the same spot everytime. Southwest of Australia and north of Siberia.

The equator is exactly where all the megalithic sites lie

The only pole shift document censored was "The Adam and Eve Story" by Chan Thomas. it is currently declassified by the CIA but heavily redacted. just jewgle it. it should be the first result directly from cia.gov

cb63b7  No.12681410



OP, they've been talking about this since the early 90's and not shit has happened yet.

I have however noticed that all the low lying cities that would be flooded, if global warming or anything similar are real, are being spic and nigger a fied. It would be funny if smart whites were doing so to get out before the big flood.

2bcffd  No.12681501


The funny thing is that people like Al Gore have been telling the truth about sea levels rising. They've just been lying about why.

45550b  No.12681512




is red land. The blue parts are where the whores and niggers and faggots are.

1caec3  No.12681532


Both. A star will shine in the sky. We meet our brothers in Europe. Jesus will return and unite us with the Muslims. Then we take back the world.

ec5ef0  No.12681558

File: b0747e9311c0496⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1564x888, 391:222, eclipitic pivot2.PNG)

File: 016c3bd5bdfa3f5⋯.png (583.42 KB, 1015x885, 203:177, eclipitic pivot.PNG)

op described this in a retarded way and everyone else didnt read it because they describe it wrong also.

the magnetic pole doesnt matter about the shift, the weakening of the magnetic field is what is important. the field weakens and the friction of the magma or magnetically attracted liquid/whatever that crust floats on becomes less viscous because there is no friction from the attraction, then not the sphere of the earth but the crust of the earth spins on a axis because of the weight of the ice caps or the solar gravity or lunar gravity pull its (peel sliding around teh orange) but only temporarily then its shifts back. so there is no evidence of the physical earth shift if you look for magnetic evidence, there is only magnetic evidence of the gradual magnetic pole shifting due to the weakening field.

now just what direction it will tilt idk, i guess it would pivot on the ecliptic plane because the earth is tiled by the mass being pulled on the plane of the planets and tilted by the moon, without that viscosity to hold the mantel from sliding back to "vertical" the earth rebounds and then when the field restarts from the motion the crust can withstand the torque force and stays in place at the tilt

>egypt is one of the pivot points, thats why that area has the oldest stable civilization and the accounts given from solan make more sense

2bcffd  No.12681559

File: 32a71e00858d9fe⋯.jpg (121.88 KB, 1000x613, 1000:613, mapa_Europe.jpg)


That's a big maybe.

2bcffd  No.12681565


I'm not even offended that you said I described it in a retarded way, I'm just glad you actually read it and didn't dismiss it.

55e8b0  No.12681567

File: 5d37628689f5ea7⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 500x489, 500:489, that's bullshit but I beli….jpg)

File: 9791f458905d050⋯.jpg (521.58 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Tilt-Shift-Space.jpg)


So basically, my edgy Tool albums were right the whole time?

45550b  No.12681571


Nobody knows what that means, sperg.

cee849  No.12681576

If SHTF hunting and fishing would be impossible.

fd1001  No.12681579


He's talking about population density but didn't say that. The picture you're referring to, the county map of the election, doesn't show the population sizes to each other so you don't get a reflection of how many people voted for each side. The other map that anon posted, shows the size of the populations by the height of the bar, which is large in blue areas and very small in most red areas.

55e8b0  No.12681587

File: 3d98be52c7a775d⋯.jpg (342.04 KB, 1000x564, 250:141, 1413206779576-0.jpg)


Chill out, billy boomer. Just because you're to stupid to read before you post doesn't mean the rest of us have that problem.

ec5ef0  No.12681589

File: 5025cfe6e0d4349⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 450x340, 45:34, 5025cfe6e0d4349ee806a60de9….gif)


ive tried looking for the original but all i can find is redacted and 500$ versions that are probably scans of the 50 page version. original looked to be 230 to 260 pages. the idea makes sense to me and that dude on youtube explains it well but who can say untl we get wrecked by 10,000mph winds

45550b  No.12681594


< everyone who doesn't listen to Tool is a boomer

wew nigger

ec5ef0  No.12681598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





1caec3  No.12681606


By boat, nigger.

55e8b0  No.12681609

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>everyone who doesn't listen to Tool

I was being transparently facetious with the Tool reference, you brand loyal retard. But if you want to get genuinely asshurt about obtuse jokes about tsunamis destroying coastal cities, then don't let me stop you.

a8090b  No.12681623


He must not want to watch it all wash away.

45550b  No.12681688


I just have no fucking clue what Tool ever sang, and I'm not even joking. I was stuck listening to Christian rock, and was too






to get good reception of any rock stations.

000000  No.12681694


Everyone, look at this BIGRAINED GENIUS who passed his SCIENCE CLASS!!

55e8b0  No.12681696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll spoonfeed you because you got 88s, I suppose.

2bcffd  No.12681741


Unironically… yes.


Learn to swim.


Well either way, the result will be the same. The metropolitan areas which are typically more left leaning and liberal, and thus also more degenerate and godless will be utterly annihilated.

The few which are not on the coasts or doomed to be flooded with descend into chaos very quickly if they even survive the initial disaster.

45550b  No.12681795


>Learn to swim.

No idea what that means. However…


> I Ching

> Water|Water

> The Abysmal

45550b  No.12681803



Oh, I hear them saying that. Genuinely, I find it baffling, but whatever. I like "fuck all your tattoos".

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