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File: 44bb10ac59629bf⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 318x159, 2:1, imag42637.jpg)

c93d19  No.12680283

Looks like this is about to become a major international issue, despite the shills trying to bury it (like last thread)

Israel Will Have to Choose Between America and China


In the last two years Israel and China (and Russia) have been BRAGGING of their close relationship (see list if articles at bottom). And NO ONE in the trump administration said a word? What is the significance of this?

Trump must warn Israel on its China trade




How Israel dominates the planets high technology sector.

VIMEO [Main Account] - https://vimeo.com/261809752

The Irishman's done it, i have to give him credit. PS. He was right that all the whining about Nazism, White Genocide etc would never do any damage to the big guys.

3c567e  No.12680298


Well done, this needs more awareness.

5c1047  No.12680305

This century belongs to Israel no doubt. Great physicists and computer scientists

ce8b45  No.12680353

File: e77811e5eb54c65⋯.jpg (55.64 KB, 621x595, 621:595, 122018090524-2.jpg)


kek saying IQ85 desert niggers make great scientists is even more absurd than saying chinks can do science. At least chinks will work quietly when you beat them. >>12680305

5c1047  No.12680393


What stupid pic.

Each civilization is built as an improvement to the previous ones. But since 1920s it surely belongs to the Jews.

ce8b45  No.12680510


No fucktard, like bugs, sand niggers can only copy whites. Whites invent, subhumans copy them. Remember when the advanced Greeks and Romans found sand niggers? Goat fuckers living in tents and mud? Yeah, nothing has changed.

0094fd  No.12680516


yea but protestants also invented faggots and cartoons

so take your pick

884b9a  No.12680519

Israel already chose China, why do you the Chinese are all over the world buying it up?

997232  No.12680527

File: 2995d82a7c1b516⋯.jpg (48.68 KB, 800x450, 16:9, pw.jpg)

>tfw overdose on redpills

>tfw realize I'll never be happy or content for the rest of my entire life


ccf8ce  No.12680537

Kikes are flushing USA down the toilet and rapidly prepping China as their next HQ, it's been going on for a while (Modern China is Kissinger's pet project). You'd need to be pretty clueless to be surprised by this.

884b9a  No.12680609


Oh no they aren't doing it alone. Invaders are helping them.

7b736d  No.12680631


O'Connell is the real deal. He has the most accurate information about the Kikes and what they're doing. No one comes close. For example, the reason why white countries are being flooded with shitskins is to lower the IQ and core-crash them so that they are weak and pliable to future Israel's will.

Expect this thread to be full of AFP shills trying to derail the thread, like last time. The last thing the Kikes want is this guy gaining popularity.

104be2  No.12680635


Where is the video? there's like a 30min video explain how Israel has infiltrated jewtel and unconfirmed birth of specter. pretty sure that was in the talpoit project video.

56915d  No.12680651



7b736d  No.12680664


Why all caps retard? Should I report you now for being an anti O'Connell thread shill?

884b9a  No.12681925


> In before Mexicans aren't aware the Conquistadors were all descendants of Jewish converts.

bc8f65  No.12682316


bc8f65  No.12682325

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Israel-China alliance.

c93d19  No.12682613


He was right in that this is the kind of thing ordinary people care about today. The takeover of the tech sector, cyber-surveillance, e-platforms, integration of AI etc It affects every moment of your life, your job, your nations economic future. And if one little country in the mid-east plans to run all this shit, then it ain't gonna go down well.

64d4ca  No.12684297

bump, because the last group of post are trying demoralize. Content of OP topic is solid. This OP, however, sucks gigantic cock

0154da  No.12684583

File: 77dcdc7f71de359⋯.mp4 (4.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, President Elect Donald Tru….mp4)


>Israel Will Have to Choose Between America and China

So your Greatest friend will turn on you after all. Israel already control America. Ordinary amerigoys love Isreal anyway. Israel would try to have more power in China.

I don't have much real info about Talpiot program. It should be cyber doomsday machine. Samson option of internet. But same like Samson option we will see if it is real, only when is too late. O'Connell could make his videos more family friendly. Still great guy.

Just remind you that Zion Don was jewish best friend in 2013.

a3f446  No.12684594

File: d1705886bed68dc⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 296x447, 296:447, Jewish Innovation.jpg)

a3f446  No.12684598

Also, why the fuck should Trump warn them? Let them have the fucking kikes and let them destroy themselves.

182f0f  No.12684615



The rothschilds took power in the late 1700s and the jews have been jewing since they were 'freed' from babylon

7b0097  No.12684666

I've been following this guy for at least two, maybe three years–very late to the party. And you fags are just now finding out.


989711  No.12686264


>Implying 85 IQ brainlets are functional enough to excersise this much control.

Don´t underestimate the jew.

989711  No.12686269


Expect self driving cars to run over bad goys by "accident".

118f8a  No.12686326


China can have them with white blessings


a956f1  No.12687641


Black pilling, baldfaced lying about jew iq, claiming other people innovations as your own.

I'd ask *where do you think you are", but you know that we know that you stick out like a sore nose.

Low energy, get consumed.

a956f1  No.12687649


Excuse my phone posting and innability to check for errors guys I'm sick rn.

(Getting better though)

ccb15c  No.12697634

0094fd  No.12697658


how so?

02ea2d  No.12697988

File: c0a025ba47ccb3c⋯.png (443.28 KB, 960x747, 320:249, 4bfc0717ffa8e101650e5db4c4….png)


All of this is absolutely NOT surprising. I love it too how everyone credits their success with intelligence. Like they are as successful as they are because of merit. Doesn't take a genius to realize that they dominated because of sponsorship by the state for the purpose of undermining all of technology. Imagine when the jews try to get government contracts with the US. Of course they are going to get preferential treatment. They dominate solely by deception, and by the Christian's attitude about it being some "holy land" and "muh greatest ally". What the fuck are we going to all do when they pull the plug? Do they have a "kill switch" on our military hardware? This kind of information is almost enough to kill any hope of a decent future. I mean just what the fuck are we supposed to do without the likes of Intel. Is AMD jewified as well?

6d3885  No.12698008




Why did OP cut his links in half?

712ef4  No.12698629


Brandon going hard

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