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File: 4887ea6d3c0d1e8⋯.png (35.25 KB, 766x480, 383:240, starwars_get_woke_go_broke.png)

35d894  No.12680694

Why do companies do this? Serious analysis please. Who makes these decisions / why? Do they infiltrate the company / how? What do people in the company who disagree do / why do they seemingly do nothing? How do these companies respond to backlash and loss of profits? Do they learn from each other when these disasters happen, or not and why?

af2a97  No.12680716

Sadly, Solo was the only movie on that list worth watching.

e726ff  No.12680722

File: 18d9bc18beee73b⋯.jpg (26.18 KB, 524x336, 131:84, ji.jpg)

>people complain about not enough women in (X) field

>people hire women to appease the people

>women complain about shit

>get promoted in an attempt to stop their bitching

>the women then start introducing feminism

>fire men

>replace them with women

>company goes to shit

When will they ever learn? How much longer can they justify it with bullshit like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass_cliff

9adf1e  No.12680727

Jews are willing to flush profits down the toilet as long as they can influenced the culture. Influence is more important. Shekels come later.

546ced  No.12680729

Because they're run by jews

2f2be9  No.12680731

File: 075d7a1e2319c06⋯.jpg (60.13 KB, 720x490, 72:49, j.j Abrams.jpg)

Studios don't have to worry about making a profit due to the tax system. So the Jews who only care about ideology just use movies as a platform. Either tax payers will subsidize the studios, or they will write off the loss.

Hell the studios are notorius for throwing out brand new screen at the end of a production.

This is the kike who's running the star wars show. I heard that the director of the John Carter movie committed suicide after he tried to make a true to the book movie of his favorite book series. I vaguely remember the movie being barely promoted.

64c709  No.12680735


>The glass cliff is the phenomenon of women in leadership roles, such as executives in the corporate world and female political election candidates, being likelier than men to achieve leadership roles during periods of crisis or downturn, when the chance of failure is highest.


1d5a76  No.12680746

File: b65fdda068d3a1a⋯.jpg (169.73 KB, 462x600, 77:100, 2860987_orig.jpg)

The long and short of it is that the most valuable thing right now is complete and total subjugation of an entire population of people to be used as working cattle. Even better if these workers don't realize they're basically slaves. This can only be done through overwhelming propaganda. The thing about propaganda is that it's not as obvious as one might think. There's typically 3 forms of propaganda - white, gray, and black.

"White" propaganda is when you're blatantly promoting something you're saying you're promoting - slogans, simple promotions, etc. It's shit like political campaigns, or pic related. You know the origin, you know the intention. This type of propaganda really only services the need of reinforcement - it's not going to do much to sway anybody's views if they're opposite, but it'll further reinforce somebody's views who might be slightly on their side already. A modern equivalent would be Happy Merchants.

"Gray" propaganda is a little more dubious - it's presented as neutral information, but the intention (and possible consequences) behind the spread of such information can (and often is) obfuscated. It's also usually never sourced information - it relies more on "word of mouth" or "rumor milling". This type of propaganda is almost always mischievous in nature, and services the purpose of persuasion - most people are more likely to be swayed by and accept what they see as neutral information regardless of the actual source of said information. A good modern example would be a lot of op-ed articles seen in mainstream media.

"Black" propaganda is outright fabricated or false information given under the guise of a friendly source - a false flag, often perpetrated by actual shills or government operatives. The purpose of this is also to persuade, but often not how you would think. Instead of trying to get you to accept information they're purveying, they're presenting you with incorrectly sourced or intentionally debunked information in order to sway your view opposite of what they would appear to be trying to persuade you with. A good example would be Alex Jones - poorly sourced and often shitty ramblings, packaged with a touch of truth that immunizes the user against the truth.

Currently, many entertainment outlets are purveying a large-scale attack on staples of western culture. It is a very, very costly endeavor, but money means literally nothing to the people seemingly losing it. They are utilizing black propaganda in order to get the population to hate foundational and culturally significant pieces of art. In the wake of it, of course, are gray propaganda machines, otherwise known as news media, in order to "support the wonderful new films that everyone should enjoy!". They care nothing for the sales - they care about shifting culture, and that is that. This culture, of course, is an ultimately gray and bland one, where everyone is right, but nobody is wrong. They will stop at nothing to further this goal.

Do not let them.

5bfb17  No.12680750


>Synagogue Lessons 101

4d5df9  No.12680756


>How do these companies respond to backlash and loss of profits?

By buying back the shares that they sold to dumb goyim at pennies on the dollar before they crashed the paper worth of the company. Paper that they may print and balances that they can create from nothing.

d3cc5a  No.12680824


>Influence is more important. Shekels come later.

Not true. Influence is more important only when they are spending other people's shekels.

034bde  No.12680885

File: b669a828d077eb8⋯.png (179.36 KB, 1262x421, 1262:421, on_propaganda.png)



847678  No.12680886


>People so disappointed with Force Awakens they didn't even bother with Rogue One

Fuckin pity that good titles have to follow garbage.

e1ac5b  No.12680908

File: 115de2cec9b431b⋯.png (201.49 KB, 527x907, 527:907, 2019-01-15-221448_527x907_….png)


Think of the poor phonefags anon.

ae29c1  No.12680938

File: 446a6807d523653⋯.png (1.05 MB, 660x692, 165:173, 1543087146975.png)



>Theresa May, who became England’s Prime Minister in 2016 after the Brexit referendum caused the pound to drop to historic lows.

>t. Investapedo

ae29c1  No.12680989


So what you're saying is, influence is always more important?

e5d3f5  No.12680995

File: 8d5340fa14f2c32⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1000x1478, 500:739, shaving.png)


I was expecting a different company…

ff4d65  No.12681499


The left are vampires and can't create anything on their own.

The whole purpose of their existence is to destroy what the white man loves. They are weapons of the Jews.

35d894  No.12681715


Tolkien seems to have captured this well. Evil only perverts and corrupts, it cannot create on its own. Orcs are just tortured and ruined elves.

162e8e  No.12681763

000000  No.12681860


This chart is in the wrong direction. Since the issue is money, you have to start $4 billion in the hole (Lucas' payday from Disney), then chart the climb out of that hole. Then of course, the production costs don't seemed to be levied against these box office numbers, either. All in all it looks like Disney has quite a money pit on their hands.

And you already know the answer OP. When you load up an organization with womyn and degenerates in administrative roles, virtue signalling in current year is far more important than profits.

Globalists only care about pushing an agenda, and they'll drive anything into the ground to do it, even Walt's beloved little empire.

000000  No.12681866


Tolkien very likely took that analogy straight from the Bible.

>(protip: the Bible came first)

af2a97  No.12681892


No such thing as evil, just stupid people that lack foresight.

02f62d  No.12681914


Lucifer is the bringer of light. He saved humanity from God's tyranny by giving them knowledge.

f00c5c  No.12681935

File: 0af29f553ff42b8⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 444x332, 111:83, TorFaggotsAreJewishShills.jpg)


There were elves in the bible Torfaggot?

eca132  No.12682125

Lately I've been seeing discussions about that Gillette ad pop up everywhere, and in the most unlikely of places.

Controversy signal-boosts advertisements to astronomical levels, that much is self-evident at this stage.

Maybe it's just all those young BA's in marketing fresh out of university who use that fact to dazzle corporate boardrooms.

Company value taking a nosedive doesn't seem to stop the companies from sticking with this trend, I'm not really sure what that implies.

af2a97  No.12682201



He brought them knowledge of fire, so they wouldn't freeze and would cook their food. This event had the single greatest impact on human survival outside of the garden.

The cooking of food makes every bite more efficient through digestion. It increases the bioavailability of the nutrients and allows for a more developed brain.

af2a97  No.12682207


Not as bad as the faggots talking about the chans in a public forum.

5e24df  No.12682366


This anon gets it. Bless you.

d45fc9  No.12683727

>its the 50s to 60s

>be Mao Tse-Tung

>revoke recognition of Israel after backstabbing Jews made it clear they are in bed with the Anglo and U.S. "imperialists"

>force European/American Jews to sell all their property in China

>mass deport European/American Jewish immigrants and refugees from the Zionist British and Zionist Republic of China era

>classify Zionism as form of racism

>ban Zionism

>ban Zionist donations and foreign lobbying in China

>support Palestines right to exist

>support the PLO

>support the annahilation of Zionist Israel

Yes that happend.

You never hear any Jewish tears about that part of history.

They dont want people to ask question what Jews where doing there in first place.

They don't want people to know Jews where running the opium cartels and opium trade in the orient, making big shekel and where singlehandedly responsible for the opium wars.

They don't want people to know Jews could do business in a country even while it was allied with Hitler (not just because Jews financed and founded the Republic Of China itself in first place) until the Japs ruined Hitlers entire orient strategy to cleanse it from Anglo-Jewish influence with their chimpout, forcing him to make do with the stronger Japs alone.

You never hear about that angle of the legacy of Mao from the kosher "so I heard you dont like da joos, fellow white goys? Did you know these other goys.." shills.

Its not a secret. It's in treated like a redheaded stepchild but still in every advanced history book. Its public in the UN records and every resolution China signed against Israel and Zionism. Its impossible to deny Jews where more than just refugees with all the lavish synagogues built in the former Anglo occupied areas inbetween funhouses and grand hotels, that where turned into CCP bases after kicking out the (((owners))).

But somehow no one ever wants to talk about it. Not even the loudest "I stand with Israel forever" puppet screeching "muh Chyna" dares to touch on this subject to condemn "muh Chyna".

35d894  No.12683831


>Controversy signal-boosts advertisements to astronomical levels

then why is Star Wars clearly failing despite the controversy? I don't think "all publicity is good publicity" is true anymore

9d5b9f  No.12683847


They are spending other people's shekels, idiot.

9d5b9f  No.12683892


>I heard that the director of the John Carter movie committed suicide

And then you didn't bother to verify this before repeating the lie. Andrew Stanton directed Wall-E and Finding Nemo, and more recently Finding Dory. There was a n advertising campaign, it was just terrible in that it didn't tell anyone who wasn't a fan of the source material what they were in for. Even calling the movie "John Carter" instead of "John Carter of Mars" was a part of this shitty, uninformative campaign. They left out the part of the title that would have made it 'interesting''.

a7fe1a  No.12683937



Read again. The point is that if they were spending their own money, they wouldn't be pulling this bullshit.

552e88  No.12684165


In some cases, I'm inclined to say they make a full-on Producers scam with surefire failures and just get the diversity quota points so that when they bring out the big guns all the feminists will start showering them in views. But in some cases I can see that this is all nepotism destroying an already broken down industry.


You could apply this in a different light, and that is, women tend to achieve more when times are spiraling out of control because not enough strong men can appear to the masses.


Nice. How do we use this though?

ffeabf  No.12684181



<Not absolute trash

I'm sorry that I have to be the one to break this to you Anon, but you have no taste.

540c66  No.12684185


>w-why do men hire women as fall guys?

t. leftists

21769c  No.12684378



>lit. "light bringer."


>brought fire

So… Prometheus, then.

0b669c  No.12684434

Globoschlomo is a loss leader for social engineering. Hollywood propaganda and interracial porn violate market sense, yet go on as their attempts at meme magic,.

0b669c  No.12684449


Hollywood accounting makes Enron look ethical.

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