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File: dc3606e10a731dd⋯.jpg (220.64 KB, 1490x883, 1490:883, TrudeauRedemptionArc.jpg)

d242f6  No.12680956



The Leaf Shall Rise Again!

The The Underground Railroad Coal!

Password are Strong

cb8538  No.12680980

As much as I wish this was true, your source is shit. Trudeau is a cuck, and if he does do something, it'll be to save his own ass while prostrating it before his faggot lover.

23f4cb  No.12681003


It’s a hacked account nigger, obviously trudea didn’t say it

d41fbe  No.12681023


FFS post some moonman

d242f6  No.12681031

File: 6221f71ba219185⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1077x556, 1077:556, WeAreNumber1Moonman.png)


The cucks got it back.

apparently their twitter handle is @spankgang_

I had a white dream

0392db  No.12681068


Already down.

000000  No.12681154


Kill Trudeau and the niggers.

Never tolerate leftists pretending to redeem themselves.

Kill all leftists.

d41fbe  No.12681194

A better use of the hack may have been to post homosexuality and tranny redpills. There are a lot of blacks in Halifax, they really don't need any redpills.

af01dd  No.12681624


This is how much of a cuck he is: Chinese nationals illegally own his real estate markets, he knows this, but he will not touch them or their assets to help that Canadian that China is bluffing they'll execute.

000000  No.12681701

Even if it was true it was obviously ordered by his muslim semetic masters who hate and enslave niggers.

000000  No.12681818



That's Little Fidel to you goy!

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