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File: 930f12ee3948556⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 300x168, 25:14, serveimage.jpg)

5272d4  No.12681445

Modern farming is kike farming

Watch this documentary:

Farmers conned into signing contracts with fake figures by sales reps that are now neck deep in debt producing mass farmed mutant animals in inhumane conditions.


Tyson was born in Mound City, Missouri, the son of (((Isaac F. Tyson)))


Pigs are very smart and so close to humans that my aunt had a heart valve from a pig.

Only kikes and ant people mistreat animals without a second thought…

9017f5  No.12681470

You said nothing wrong op. There is close to 8 billion people on the planet and the number is growing. These people need food. The only way to solve the problem is to reduce the human population. If you know how to kill 7.5 million people lemme know.

e68d49  No.12681482

File: 6031aea4ac88510⋯.jpg (4.27 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpg)


Well. I mean where there is a will there is a way

9017f5  No.12681496


That would take a lot of gas

a1cab8  No.12681503

Entire world is a kike prison world. This is old news. Where have you been the last 4 years? We gonna kill every single one of these elite pedo cuck mother fuckers and take over ! Hitler is back bitches !

07dcd2  No.12681539

File: 0d16b7c32ce3dea⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 735x720, 49:48, HitlerIsAmused.jpg)

File: cfef391c31d1e8e⋯.jpg (101.04 KB, 557x506, 557:506, HitlerTruth.jpg)

File: dd0d2b8cc9384b2⋯.jpg (324.85 KB, 743x666, 743:666, JewishWorldOrderMeme.jpg)

File: 1e82106c09a7265⋯.jpeg (146.21 KB, 1438x674, 719:337, JewsAreLiars.jpeg)


Holocaust is a hoax, population numbers can't be trusted either, we don't need a genocide, we need to ostracize and segregate and allow the Ice Age to K-select.

d36c13  No.12681556


Overpopulation is a myth and you need to blow your brains out.

9017f5  No.12681603


>its a myth that world population is multiplying to the point of complete destruction

kys jew

cd7f10  No.12681736


I see that you haven’t been paying attention to the African population.

8cf265  No.12681767


deport yourself to India, jew.


same thing for MGO food, jews control them to inject you with pyhtoestrogen.


one bullet is cheap

07dcd2  No.12681768


No, he's saying you're a kike and spreading misinformation without r/K selection theory awareness.

cd7f10  No.12681791


Don’t put the fake words in his mouth anon.

cd7f10  No.12681806


In order to be free is to have your own animals and tends them at your place.

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