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File: 14c683ac3f9eaa6⋯.jpg (57.3 KB, 800x507, 800:507, ghostTOP-800x507.jpg)

f17901  No.12682355



>“This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot. What happened in the ‘80s happened in the ‘80s, and this is set in the present day.”

Harold Ramis died in 2014, but Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Bill Murray are still around. Murray had a small role in the 2016 reboot, along with cameos by Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts (who played the shrill receptionist Vanessa in the original.)

dd9ef1  No.12682357


35514b  No.12682364

Does anyone actually want to see another Ghostbusters movie at this point?

What happened in the 80's happened in the 80's. Stop trying to leech some more shekels out of something that was already done, and then done again poorly.

4bf51f  No.12682378


The best movies were in the 80s, it has been down hill from there and they know it so are constantly redoing the movies from the 80s.

f17901  No.12682393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Does anyone actually want to see another Ghostbusters movie at this point?


3e893c  No.12682398

They lost at least $58 million for the SJW Ghost Busters, I guess they want claw those losses back. Marxist propaganda ain't cheap!

b962f1  No.12682401


>calling annie potts' character the wrong name

Her name is Janine you bitch

134739  No.12682409

No Egon since (((Harold Ramis))) died.

e74856  No.12682416


Does anyone actually want to see another Hollywood movie at this point?

3e893c  No.12682463


Tom Cruise still puts out good films, but no, not really. It's a combination of movies becoming weaker, blatant cultural marxist propaganda, and greater public knowledge about the degeneracy of the kikes in the industry.

7089a0  No.12682480


And have access to internet so they can choose any shows to watch.

8fa4c5  No.12682484


It's what happens when your society generates nothing but mindless automatons, all they can do is repeat what they're taught.

92b0f7  No.12682495

In the 50's and 60's there was still room for a talented gentile to fit into Hollywood and get a good movie out there from time to time. This kept the jews on their toes so that even jew moviemakers were on their best game. By the late 70's and 80's it was wall to wall jews so that they didn't have to produce anything good. They could indulge all their worst instincts and descend into the shit pit of nigger monkeyshines and jew anal erotic child fuck depravity. There's no way out. And of course our own history is forbidden so you can bet there will never be another movie allowing us to even have a glimpse of the white race's former glories.

Fuck the kikenvermin trash.

I do hope they make this Ghostbuster's 3 though. It might be ironically funny to see these really ancient senile assholes doddering through their roles drooling and piddling their pants incontinently. I mean Lost in Translation came out a LOOOOONNGGGG time ago and Bill Murray was already so ancient he looked like they dragged him out of the grave to make it. Imagine what an unfunny sack of bones he must be now.

492010  No.12682497

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Not really, even if they really tried executive meddling would botch the whole thing anyway. Besides the videogame was the third movie.

f3bc05  No.12682501


>Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Bill Murray are still around

uhh, are they gonna play the ghosts?

7089a0  No.12682507


I am not sure but if they did then the strains on them will kill them just like Leia.

e74856  No.12682515


MI6 was a good action movie, but it was outclassed, in my opinion, by "Operation Red Sea". The latest in China's military propaganda.

35514b  No.12682527

File: 3d4a71e4a774d4a⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 2432x4888, 304:611, 2018 cinema.jpg)

File: 61484a0f1918bbe⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1864x5296, 233:662, 2017_in Cinema.jpg)


If so, I dunno who.

Guess I don't hang with enough bugfolk.

I should do another one of these.

8afba5  No.12682540


>Red Sea

Shit movie overall but the action was unlike anything I've ever seen before.

45a90a  No.12682545


>The best movies were in the 80s

t. reddit redpill who has yet to realize most 80s action movies are jewish productions to turn goys to commercialism and antiwhite

92b0f7  No.12682550


This; the movie industry died around 76 or so.

45a90a  No.12682551


>Does anyone actually want to see another Hollywood movie at this point?

Cinema buff here, or at least a former one, European school. You eventually outgrow the medium, like with videogames, and the future holds either gossiping or politicization.

Make yourself a culture without building idols out of filmmakers, then when your start seeing the strings pulilng the lot, move on to greener pastures.

e74856  No.12682571


Any of those setpieces could climax a good action flick.


>Cinema buff here, or at least a former one, European school.

Your kind never enjoyed movies in the first place. Fuck off, faggot.

000000  No.12682604

>ghostbusters 3

the first one was so bad they skipped the second one

d670c8  No.12682649

In the words of the Fucking Nerd, "at least Rami didn't lived to see this shit"

db6144  No.12682651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


20c9c2  No.12682674


I bet the reaction from femen ghostbuster shills will be better than part 3.

8ecacc  No.12682695


And it will be shit. They will make it modern shit.

All Pedowood movies are jewish propaganda, and thus, they are all shit.

639e48  No.12682700


When you watch them again, it really stands out.

Lethal Weapon 2/3 with the bad guys as south africans, listen to what the main character says when he kills them "well you are the master race".

Same goes for highlander, the exact same phrase, before gunning down an unarmed german.

Now you are fully aware of what (((they))) are, you feel their presence with clarity.

Even in the 90s I would see an ugly monstrosity and wonder why they had paired him with a beautiful young woman. That the makes all had curly black wog hair, large noses and drooping ears seemed to be a common factor. They can't help but self insert.

48680a  No.12682756

File: d61511cc8f76387⋯.jpg (36.91 KB, 220x412, 55:103, 220px-Triumph_des_Willens_….jpg)


>the best movies were in the 80s

059085  No.12682775


IIRC given that most of the dialogs was written by Ramis so hard no.

3b148f  No.12682785

3rd Ghostbusters was the video game.

5c65ce  No.12682796


Was just about to post that. Third movie was the videogame. It tied everything up exquisitely. It was perfect

08da5a  No.12682802


I ain't going to watch it, but they fem-buster cast might get kinda bitter about it and generate some fun little salt.

f9dc96  No.12682852


this. the game already had the original cast and even became a jumping off point for new characters.

2bb061  No.12682890

File: 93d7e31b92b3d4f⋯.jpeg (7.02 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download-6.jpeg)

No good flicks since 60s.

Boomrr trash out!

602f19  No.12682893

File: 1d9f6850720c62b⋯.jpg (384.45 KB, 1530x2162, 765:1081, they-live-1988-poster.jpg)

602f19  No.12682897

Honestly, the female cast should be in this movie

as cgi ghosts

which are murdered again somehow

f5efe5  No.12682901


>No Egon since (((Harold Ramis))) died.

I heard a rumour they're going to use a CGI Harold Ramis to bring back Egon as a ghost and have Maurice LaMarche do the voice as he did Egon's voice in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

59d0d9  No.12682927

File: 439d26481471fb7⋯.jpg (35.15 KB, 511x509, 511:509, 439d26481471fb756aec5177a0….jpg)


Hollywood has turned into a massive shekel farm where they just keep redoing the same capeshit year after year and the NPCs pour in to hand over their wagiebux.

d721e4  No.12682937


Independence Day with the kike scientists saving the world. Christianity in Indiana Jones becoming synonym of Crusades and… muslims protecting the graal? But more in general, all christians and their good attributes removed from America.

d721e4  No.12682941


You know what? We need to make a list, it's going to be a fucking real redpill.

It's like ruining a spoiler. There's nothing as stinging as realizing you've been made the fool for a long time.

7180a0  No.12683003


The big thing in the 80's was the "One Man Army." Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Big Trouble in Little China, Thunderdome, Commando, Predator, etc. They really jacked-off on the meme where one lone dude takes on hundreds of powerful villains and comes out with barely a scratch. If there was more than one guy fighting, his bros were always women, niggers, and chinks.

3fc488  No.12683010


The drone scene was good.

000000  No.12683024


Please stop asking jews to be original. It's racist.

19979b  No.12683053



This. It truly does stand-out. Whenever there is a kike, he's *always* portrayed in a positive light. Same goes for negroes that are not just extras

a4112f  No.12683057

>Ghostbusters III

They should have titled it second, meaning they don't even acknowledge it, more just like a bad dream.

69d79f  No.12683761


Ghostbusters 2016 wasn't Ghostbusters 2, it was a reboot. There was already a Ghostbuster 2, it came out in 1989.

e74856  No.12683782


> Big Trouble in Little China

>one man army

Confirmed for having never watched Big Trouble in Little China. Jack is incompetent, and is almost always accompanied by allies.

e7ab66  No.12683792


Yeah, it is really sad watching old things I used to love and now that I'm older I can actually see what they were driving at. Lot of old stuff still stands out as good or classic but getting older sucks, you see so much more of the world and peoples intentions

2093e7  No.12683808



>height of hippie propaganda

>"good movies"

the 60s and 70s was the moment hollywood turned full kike and began to shit out their garbage

dd0aad  No.12683819

Was Hollywood ever good?

e7ab66  No.12683823


You ever notice how holocaust shit and kikes really started being forced in the 60's? Got even worse in the 70's and it's never fucking stopped. Even after WW2 Germans were never portrayed as psychotically evil till the 1960's came around and suddenly every jew in (((hollywood))) and Jew York City just decided that Nazis were more evil then satan and they have to make a fucking "MUH HOLOCAUST" movie every fucking decade

ca820e  No.12683829

uh, no sweetie, Mr Feig owns Ghostbusters now, and he said the shitty unfunny 80s stuff is not canon anymore.

3f07d1  No.12683840

File: db5611c66770356⋯.jpg (87.85 KB, 570x315, 38:21, J-E-W.jpg)


>Was Hollywood ever good?


e7ab66  No.12683842

I mean in the 60's you have Trial at Nuremburg and the Diary of Anne Frank and the Pawnbroker. In the 1970's you have Marathon Man, the Man in the Glass Booth. Don't even fucking get me started with the fucking 1980's and 1990's because the holocaust shit exploded in those decades

1980 USA The Diary of Anne Frank Boris Sagal TV movie

1980 USA Playing For Time Daniel Mann TV film; based on the autobiography of Fania Fénelon; adaptation by Arthur Miller

1981 France Les Uns et les Autres Claude Lelouch English title: Bolero

1982 West Germany Ein Stück Himmel Franz Peter Wirth TV mini-series; based on the autobiography of Janina David

1982 USA Sophie's Choice Alan J. Pakula Based on the novel by William Styron; Meryl Streep won Academy Award for Best Actress

1983 Hungary Jób lázadása Barna Kabay English title: Job's Revolt

1983 France

Canada Au Nom de Tous les Miens Robert Enrico English title: For Those I Loved; based on the book by Martin Gray

1983 USA

West Germany

Italy The Scarlet and the Black Jerry London TV movie; based on the J.P. Gallagher novel "The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican"

1983 USA To Be Or Not To Be Alan Johnson A remake of the 1942 comedy, starring Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.

1984 Yugoslavia Banjica Sava Mrmak TV mini-series

1984 West Germany

UK Forbidden Anthony Page

1984 West Germany Wannseekonferenz Heinz Schirk TV movie

1985 USA Wallenberg: A Hero's Story Lamont Johnson

1985 Soviet Union Come and see Elem Klimov Russian title: Idi i smotri

1987 UK

Yugoslavia Escape from Sobibor Jack Gold Based on the book by Richard Rashke

Nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards; won 2 including Best Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television

1987 France Au Revoir, Les Enfants Louis Malle

1988 Poland

USA And the Violins Stopped Playing Alexander Ramati

1988 USA The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank John Erman TV movie

1988 USA Hanna's War Menahem Golan

1988 USA War and Remembrance Dan Curtis TV mini-series; based on the novel by Herman Wouk, and the sequel to The Winds of War

Nominated for 15 Primetime Emmy Awards; won 3 including Outstanding Miniseries

1989 USA Enemies, a Love Story Paul Mazursky Based on the novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer

1989 USA Music Box Costa-Gavras

1989 USA Triumph of the Spirit Robert M. Young

e7ab66  No.12683843

1990 West Germany Abrahams Gold Jörg Graser

1990 Germany


Poland Europa Europa Agnieszka Holland Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

1990 Australia Father John Power

1990 Poland Korczak Andrzej Wajda Based on the true story of Dr. Janusz Korczak and his attempt to keep alive the children in his Warsaw Ghetto orphanage.

1991 Poland Jeszcze tylko ten las Jan Lomnicki English title: Just Beyond That Forest

1991 Czechoslovakia Poslední motýl Karel Kachyňa English title: The Last Butterfly

1991 USA Never Forget Joseph Sargent TV movie; based on the life of Mel Mermelstein

1991 Canada The Quarrel Eli Cohen Based on the story My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner by Chaim Grade

1992 UK

France Prague Ian Sellar

1992 USA Alan and Naomi Sterling Van Wagenen based on a novel by Myron Levoy

1992 USA The Witness Chris Gerolmo Short film

1993 Italy

France Jona che visse nella balena Roberto Faenza English title: Jonah Who Lived in the Whale, aka Look to the Sky

1993 USA Schindler's List Steven Spielberg Based on the novel by Thomas Kenneally about the real-life Schindler, a popular industrialist who cleverly manipulated the Nazis to save others, this movie, filmed entirely in black and white, won 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.[5]

1993 USA Swing Kids Thomas Carter Young teens in Nazi Germany listen to banned swing music and deal with the pressures of joining the Nazi Youth Army.

1995 France Les Misérables Claude Lelouch

1995 Japan Anne no nikki Akinori Nagaoka Anime adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank

1996 USA Voices of the Children Zuzana Justman Winner of the 1999 Emmy Award for Best Historical Program

1996 USA The Empty Mirror Barry J. Hershey

1996 USA The Man Who Captured Eichmann William A. Graham Based on the book Eichmann in My Hands by Peter Z. Malkin

1996 USA Mother Night Keith Gordon Based on the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, and starring Nick Nolte.

1996 USA The Ring Armand Mastroianni TV film; based on the novel by Danielle Steel

1996 USA The Substance of Fire Daniel J. Sullivan Based on the play by Jon Robin Baitz

1996 Hungary A hetedik szoba[6] Márta Mészáros English title: The Seventh Room. Dramatic portrayal of the life of Edith Stein, a nun and Auschwitz victim who was later canonized in the Roman Catholic Church

1997 Italy



Switzerland La Tregua Francesco Rosi English title: The Truce. Based on the autobiography by Primo Levi

1997 USA Visas and Virtue Chris Tashima Short film; based on the play by Tim Toyama

1997 Italy La vita è bella - Life Is Beautiful Roberto Benigni English title: Life is Beautiful. Won 3 Academy Awards Including Best Actor for Robert Benigni

1997 Denmark


Germany The Island on Bird Street Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Based on the book by Uri Orlev

1997 UK Bent Sean Mathias Based on the play by Martin Sherman

1998 USA Apt Pupil Bryan Singer Based on the novela by Stephen King

1998 Netherlands

Belgium Left Luggage Jeroen Krabbé Based on the novel by Carl Friedman

1998 USA Miracle at Midnight Ken Cameron TV movie

1998 USA Pola's March Jonathan Gruber

1998 France



Israel Train of Life Radu Mihaileanu

1999 Czech Republic All My Loved Ones Matej Mináč

1999 USA The Devil's Arithmetic Donna Deitch Based on the novel by Jane Yolen

1999 Germany Gloomy Sunday - Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod Rolf Schübel Based on the novel by Nick Barkow

1999 USA Jakob the Liar Peter Kassovitz Based on the novel by Jurek Becker

1999 Germany



Hungary Sunshine István Szabó

3f07d1  No.12683848

File: 1e86a027a0118c0⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 499x748, 499:748, Lonely river walk.jpg)


Did you know you're going to die alone and be eaten by your cats? It's true. Nobody loves you at all, and the "friends" you think you have are just using you as a prop to validate their own destructive life choices. If you ever get healthy (you won't), they will never talk to you again because you are, and have always been, completely worthless and unable to attract quality human companionship. Sweetie

909e60  No.12683855


Start with James Bond, Jachin and Boaz.

d9691e  No.12683886

sodomite dicotomite sodomite dacotomite,



3b7313  No.12683891

If they're going to make a 3rd movie after two of them flopped, then you know it's not about making a return in the form of money.

f17901  No.12683906


This is the original cast, not that ape that got Milo kicked off Twitter and company.

f17901  No.12683924

File: 39d624aaef2f51c⋯.jpg (22.19 KB, 600x425, 24:17, fatty.jpg)


>greater public knowledge about the degeneracy of the kikes in the industry

They managed to keep the last time #metoo happened quiet for several decades.

774f14  No.12683943


I am a ghostbuster fan like you guys and i can't wait to watch the new hollywood remake to see if it worse than the last one. Of course i will buy the BAD ghostbusters on DVD and blu-ray to compare them. Finally there is a movie to get very excited about!

3b7313  No.12683957

We need a tax reform so that garbage wouldn't knowingly be produced to push a political agenda.

f17901  No.12683991


>Now you are fully aware of what (((they))) are, you feel their presence with clarity.

So much this. It's like a switch has been flipped and I'm living in >>12682893 except I don't need the glasses.

f17901  No.12684002


Unironically true, since they culturally appropriate everything and have power, so yes kikes CAN be racist and sure as hell are.

f17901  No.12684018


It wasn't forced because it was setting off PTSD from returning soldiers. Once the WWII crop aged out, it was game on, and with Vietnam there wasn't a remnant of decency to stop them exploit "'Nam Flashbacks."

f17901  No.12684026


Q isn't a larp, it's masonic training.

ba6b4e  No.12684061


Technically everything is a larp, including Masonry. The only difference is whether it gets you anywhere.

7180a0  No.12684092


>accompanied by allies.

>If there was more than one guy fighting, his bros were always women, niggers, and chinks.

Confirmed for illiteracy, get the nigger killing gas.

69d79f  No.12684095


You've got that backwards retard. They're wiping Ghostbusters 2016 out of existence and carrying on from Ghostbusters 2. As far as I know Paul Fag hasn't got anything to do with this one. He's certainly not directing as Jason Reitman, the son of the original director, is directing it.

69d79f  No.12684113


The Baywatch movie was weird. Not only did they change Mitch's race (although the movie was almost like it was another dimension or something since David Hasselhoff appeared as an alternate Mitch) but they changed what was a family-friendly show into adults-only movie with lots of hard swearing and sex jokes. (And nudity? I can't remember.)

774f14  No.12684133


We need patent & copyright reform so that we can make our own Ghostbusters movies.

69d79f  No.12684145


Ghostbusters 2 didn't flop. It made $215 million back in 1989, which is probably double that now after inflation.

190b83  No.12684447


Hopefully they start the movie by spreading his ashes.


e74856  No.12684472


I didn't read that far ahead because you were already so wrong, but that qualifier makes your comment even more stupid. It's basically:

>he was a one man army, apart from a the dozens of allies he had fighting by his side.

Jack spends most of the movie getting his ass kicked, being saved by his friends, and in the final battle he knocks himself unconscious. You're an idiot.

e9c96c  No.12684481

File: 1ba206a9b9efbc1⋯.jpg (234.72 KB, 749x1059, 749:1059, Ghostbusters.jpg)

Guess its time for the old chart.

c63b34  No.12684487

The silver lining here is that they've more or less given up on raping old classics and are now just pumping out a steady stream of cookie cutter capeshit to keep normalfags placid and entertained. Anybody else remember how about a decade or so ago every other day the remake of some old 70's/80's horror or action movie was coming out? Weird time.

4b2d34  No.12684494


>Does anyone actually want to see another Ghostbusters movie at this point?

No, especially not the with original cast of elderly men who can probably barely bend over to pick something up.

9ce0f7  No.12684509


>Does anyone actually want to see another Ghostbusters movie at this point?

No. Unless I was assured the script was written to honor the themes of the first and learn lessons from the second which was just a rehash of the same story instead of expanding it. [Current year] politics does not embody itself to the can-do entrepreneurial and heroism of the lower middle class themes of Ghost Busters in addition to its spirituality and modernist take on science can conquer the unknown.

It will be a disaster.

f17901  No.12684578

File: 9ccfcbb06aa88a5⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 380x338, 190:169, index.jpg)


Coming soon.

699715  No.12684590


It just wouldn't be Ghostbusters without Harold Ramis. Let it rest.


^This. The video game was fine.

4b2d34  No.12684596

File: c03dddde41f0a24⋯.jpg (68.82 KB, 570x817, 30:43, o-HAROLD-RAMIS-570.jpg)


>Harold Ramis

Doesn't get much more jewish looking than him.

88f883  No.12684597


>extreme ghostbusters was a mistake

I disagree with this. It was an attempt, and was at least a fair-to-middling one. It certainly took the ghosts a lot more seriously than the other things in the mistake column.

eb4792  No.12684621


You are a dork 4 even knowing that

eb4792  No.12684714

File: a9430a5ff4d5f9e⋯.jpg (191.35 KB, 743x743, 1:1, 1517729030490.jpg)

777aef  No.12684728


>Set years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters, lack of supernatural activity has put the Ghostbusters out of business. Each member has gone their separate way, except for Dr. Egon Spengler, who still lives in the firehouse to monitor the containment unit, take care of Slimer, further his studies and teach a class on the paranormal at a local college.

Hey, not bad so far.

>When ghosts start to reappear, Egon is forced to recruit his lone four students as the new Ghostbusters.

Interesting reboot scenario.

>These are Kylie Griffin, a goth girl genius and expert on the occult; Eduardo Rivera, a cynical Latino slacker; Garrett Miller, a young white paraplegic athlete who uses a wheelchair; and Roland Jackson, a studious African-American machinery whiz.

This means it's actually more (((diverse))) than CisBusters. (Of course it also makes me wonder when Carlos from the Magic Bus is going to start dropping bad puns.)

3b20d3  No.12684729

Dont hold your breath, they will try and tie the nu gb to the old gb to outmode the old gb and attempt toblegitimize the new gb.

777aef  No.12684743


>So they packed up after doing their nails n shit

>Grabbed their tampons, purse, makeup and then split

e74856  No.12684751

File: 41e76b2dc1f3304⋯.jpg (34.61 KB, 699x649, 699:649, good man.jpg)


>Kylie Griffin, a goth girl genius and expert on the occult; Eduardo Rivera, a cynical Latino slacker; Garrett Miller, a young white paraplegic athlete who uses a wheelchair; and Roland Jackson, a studious African-American machinery whiz.

325db4  No.12684762


>hurr durr

Anon already pointed out you have the brain of a nigger, that should have been your cue to shut up. It's pretty obvious you're such a retarded goybox addict you stumbled over yourself to defend your beloved moving pictures for useless faggots

f5da62  No.12684773


Quit milking the 80s.

6d3ea1  No.12684789


The original Ghostbusters is incredibly lolbergtarian. I doubt highly they will be allowed to maintain that in any sequel

6fabfc  No.12685051

File: c9d4b61ae695651⋯.jpg (174.47 KB, 721x545, 721:545, AlecMonopoly4.jpg)


Ghostbusters always represented the worst in American society, and it is easily the best movie of the 1980s. Consider this: it is about a bunch of academics in questionable fields of study making a "breakthrough" of quantifiable evidence of life after death. Instead of realizing the existential significance of this and embarking on a traditional path of esoteric mystics, warrior poets, etc, they leave academia and form a small business stylized after janitors and exterminators. Their business model is selling containment. People don't want to see the tortured souls that roam the shallow veneer of a failing civilization, so they pay people to sweep them up and ram them into a containment grid - only to get shut down by government regulations. The apocalypse is unavoidable, entirely predictable, yet is thwarted by a macguffin of quantum physics.

Depending on your fan theory of choice, either the "crossing the streams" event shifted all the characters into a dimension where they "win", the characters survive without a scratch, and the audience watching doesn't have to see the results of society's moral decline…

…or they slam the door on Gozer the Traveler, optimistically concluding that it was a close call in every possible sense, and the apocalypse can be delayed or even reversed - all thanks to technological civilization and the free market.

It is a good movie, a great movie that perfectly captures the essence what the Jews fear the most, if you really think about it.

134739  No.12685295


Lol, that was awesome. Hollywood BTFO.

134739  No.12685313

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The same year that Network came out. Where the Jews spilled everything and laid it all out on the table, yet most people still don't realize this. Makes sense.

2ef7c8  No.12685342


They are scared of a marshmallow man, and glowinthedarks?

b0d12e  No.12685374

File: 92394880141bf0e⋯.mp4 (894.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jewish antifa gay.mp4)


In the past, they had to make good movies so that people will see them. Now, with increased control they can force it down your throat. Get woke go broke is a fun catch phrase for retards with no political awareness, but the reality is that kikes are willing to lose money if it means conquering another source of propaganda. I fucking wish you lived in the world where kikes were just moneygrubbers and business owners.

No, jews are parasites. They thrive on the degradation of the host.

325db4  No.12685384


Pretty close, but you forgot that Gozer was only able to visit earth because some assbone cultist built a tower designed to breach reality. Likewise the containment chamber was unleashed by a bureaucrat. It was a reminder that ultimately, chaos is brought into the world by madmen and useless idiots, and stability is brought by reasonable men with a work ethic.

6fabfc  No.12685434


Jews are afraid of a biblical apocalypse catching up to them, the ghosts of past actions being made known, and the golem of technological industrial civilization not becoming the messiah they rejected Jesus for.

Plus really think about the Marshmallow Man, it was chosen because it was a symbol of happiness and sugary joy around a camp fire, but it was inverted into the death of their choosing. It is consumerism crashing down around them, only to melt and distort under fire, as marshmallows are marketed to do.

2ef7c8  No.12685437


>you're so full of shit that you glow

Working men tore apart my life and did this shit to me.

2ef7c8  No.12685445


That big booty whitish girl already raped me at least once.

I do like marshmallows, especially when you melt them on yams, or pumpkin pie.

6fabfc  No.12685484


You really think that men, having discovered proof of life after death, immediately trying to make a quick buck and start a business are "reasonable men with a work ethic"? Their core business model is grabbing the resurrected skeletons in everyone's closets so that society can sleep at night.

092e5c  No.12685504

File: 4b2ec67072e373a⋯.gif (962.48 KB, 500x228, 125:57, gozer.gif)


Jokes on you, Gozer the Transgenderian is already converting leftists into the destroyer.

373f7e  No.12685527

File: 6de8bb076e977ad⋯.jpg (116.56 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 9873298743098431-u.jpg)


>greater public knowledge about the degeneracy of the kikes in the industry

You could have omitted the final three words.

CisBusters wouldn't have failed if the studio had included the segment where they go to Auschwitz. Critics say the Studio cut the scene because they could only find the ghost of the SS lifeguard from the inmates' swimming pool.

pic related


80373b  No.12685545

I can't wait to see how they react to the trailer in comparison to the cis-busters one.

373f7e  No.12685574



Both posts.

And the sheer number per decade is astonishing.

7aecfb  No.12685578

File: 0ac9ef8ad09ccc3⋯.webm (3.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1438906227235.webm)

>over 100 posts

>nobody posted webm related

never gets old

83db2b  No.12685617


>Your kind never enjoyed movies in the first place. Fuck off, faggot.

Nah. At some point everyone ought to outgrow their fascinations with mediums in and of themselves, and start focusing on the content they convey.

That anon is right. As with video games, there are certain mechanics inherent to modern cinema, and cinema in general, that a viewer expects, wants, and craves for. In the terminal stages, content isn't important, and even gets in the way. Everything that matters is the form, at first filled with junk, but in the later stages preferably vacuous. Compare other mediums: music, food, clothing.

e74856  No.12685682


>spawn camping



It's an "ought" now? People like you, you pretentious tongue-fuckers of your own assholes, don't know what enjoyment is. You deconstruct, and remove yourself from everything you witness so as to analyze. You're that guy who says "that joke doesn't make seeeense, because because you're a fag", and then everyone ignores you for being too autistic to have a laugh.

You should take you inhuman tendencies and apply them to something besides trying to understand people things.

092e5c  No.12685692

File: 87ea13536462b72⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1600x1223, 1600:1223, ben g ghostbusters.png)

File: dcc92f4bc75bc03⋯.png (469.91 KB, 958x820, 479:410, ghostbusters 2.png)

File: f3bb49e97d5104c⋯.jpg (294.13 KB, 1160x979, 1160:979, ghostbusters kek.jpg)

File: 64e377e1d3db4ae⋯.jpg (929.69 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, ghostbusters.jpg)

File: d28a1288d7b0bce⋯.png (442.69 KB, 599x683, 599:683, ghostbusters2.png)


I just went through my archive memes

2ef7c8  No.12685721

I remember when that fat bitch from this movie tried turning me gay, all she did was put a bunch of Mexicans in prison.

83db2b  No.12685772


>implying this hard

To enjoy and to analyze aren't mutually exclusive. Depends on what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. You mistaken an analytical approach with social ineptness, inhumanity, and detachment. I can, and truly do, enjoy many things in good company, which doesn't mean I can't otherwise criticize and deconstruct them to my heart's content. To take your example, I probably won't analyze a nonsensical joke moments after it's been told (unless as an attempt at metahumor). But once it has cooled off? Why not dissect it?

259166  No.12686104


Ghostbusters is objectively a perfect movie – there's nothing you can add or take away, no role you can recast. It spent a lot of time on tertiary characters, little conversations, montages, and none of it was wasted. The flow was perfect. Just let it be. None of the sequels were justified.

3f07d1  No.12686115

File: 86bbc8d828968d3⋯.jpg (41.72 KB, 316x445, 316:445, Ghostbusters.jpg)


>Second pic

Brings back memories.

134739  No.12686118


This. When the Motion Picture Production Code was officially dropped in 1968, but (((they))) were working on turning the kikery up to 11 before that happened. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_Picture_Production_Code

134739  No.12686140


That's not bad. I'm surprised that it's taken them so long to make 3. Mostly I read it's because Bill Murray isn't really into doing it.

134739  No.12686142

134739  No.12686150


>Extreme Ghostbusters in the mistake column

I faintly remember the show actually being halfway decent.

000000  No.12686152

I don't understand the obsession with this movie. Even the original wasn't a block buster and at best only went into some kind of cult and pop reference deal.

134739  No.12686158


True. It used to be that (((they))) just wanted to largely molest us in a monetary fashion, now they want to molest and soil our very souls.

14ec22  No.12686656


Aaaand it's written by Diablo Cody.

3c2aad  No.12688157



>I faintly remember the show actually being halfway decent.

From a general story point most episode are not a problem since they were just normal ghosterbusters stories, but here is the thing:

Instead of a new season of The Real Ghostbuster, featuring three healthy white men and a black handymen, we get a new show featuring a goth women, a black scientist, a jock in a wheelchair and the only non crippled straight white guy is shown as a loser.

There is an episode where the wheelchair guy gets his wheelchair broken in a decrepit haunted house, so the others have to carry him and then it tries to sell the massage of not being an ass to handicapped people, they are just as functional as normal people.

That is textbook political correct subversion.

6c15e1  No.12688195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I personally like it, anon.

777aef  No.12688421


Fuck off. Ghostbusters was a fun, great movie floating in a sea of suck.

777aef  No.12688439


Oldfag here. I don't think people today realize that while they had more freedom in many areas back then, they had less (((freedom))) thanks to institutions like ConEd and New York Telephone, not to mention the city was going to shit under Dinkins and any type of vigilante cleanup operation was desperately welcome.

Ghosts were an allegory, you do realize that.

777aef  No.12688447


>they leave academia and form a small business stylized after janitors and exterminators.

Because the city was a real shithold in the 80's. Ask Trump.

777aef  No.12688501


>Their core business model is grabbing the resurrected skeletons in everyone's closets so that society can sleep at night.


I have the title track by Ray Parker Jr. on 45. Never liked Soy Wars but this movie, I watched it three times. Ramis, Ackroyd and lot of the cast were also from SCTV which I loved.

9b1c86  No.12690647


>That's not bad. I'm surprised that it's taken them so long to make 3. Mostly I read it's because Bill Murray isn't really into doing it.

Yeah, Bill Murray is the one that's been holding it up. They've got some kind of contract where they all have to agree to it or it legally can't get made. Although I think that Harold Ramis dying made the contract void and that's why Sony immediately made Ghostbusters 2016 without any of them. (Apart from a cameo from, ironically, Bill Murray. At least that's what I heard, I still haven't watched it yet.) What's weird is that Bill Murray did the videogame though. My guess is that it might be because the videogame was set in the 90s with a younger (than now) Peter Venkman. I've heard/read that one of the reasons Bill Murray is reluctant to make Ghostbusters 3 is because he doesn't want to be an old Venkman running around, so he was OK with the videogame as it used a younger version of him him. Hopefully he'll agree to be in Ghostbusters 3 now. Maybe he'll feel a bit guilty for not doing it while Harold Ramis was alive so he'll agree to do it as a tribute.

I'm also hoping they're going to use one of the scripts (or at least stories) that Harold Ramis wrote with Dan Aykroyd before he died. That way he will still part of the creative process and hopefully it will have the same tone as the first two.

9b1c86  No.12690657


Yeah, they managed to both keep Extreme Ghostbusters in the original universe with the original characters (I think they all eventually appeared, didn't they?) and tick the diversity boxes. Ghostbusters 2016 should at the very least have done that if they wanted to make it more PC. (Of course they shouldn't have wanted to do that in the first place.)

e74856  No.12690661

File: 148ab817d3ef921⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 226x225, 226:225, 148ab817d3ef921a1732eb41e2….jpg)


>Ghostbusters is objectively a perfect movie

<stars a nigger and a jew

9b1c86  No.12690691

File: 5d38f4c3cfe7924⋯.jpg (208.04 KB, 716x670, 358:335, GBF-WP.jpg)

File: a8b2ccae184ac52⋯.mp4 (4.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, What-if-Harambe-was-alive.mp4)

e74856  No.12690695


Man, that cuckface is even repulsive when women do it.

9b1c86  No.12690696


Oops, that was meant as a reply to >>12684714

9b1c86  No.12690703


People who go to movies to analyse them on their first watch are total faggots. They're clearly incapable of enjoying anything, except their own pretentiousness.

9b1c86  No.12690720

File: 978b4f62ca25cf1⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Angela-face.jpg)

e74856  No.12690734


I honestly can agree that spending enough time on anything will neuter your enjoyment of it, but I just hate the film student types. I have a stupidly huge amount of time logged into viewing cinema, and, though I hate most of it now, that really has nothing to do with my enjoyment of the medium. It's just all the poz. There are still movies that could be made that I would adore, they just aren't gonna happen with jews in control.

There's value to those who analyze first, but their ability to connect with human emotion is basically nil, so I don't give a fuck what they have to say about things I enjoy.

a65fb5  No.12691028


Extreme Ghostbusters is classic 90s political correctness, I hated it as a kid. Four supernatural warriors turned into a circus of minorities, handicapped and broads.

4da081  No.12691335

File: b6ced9a9f3c9c83⋯.webm (7.63 MB, 640x368, 40:23, The Man Show - Gaybusters.webm)

629a0c  No.12691351

>wanting a third one

Wasn't the director or writer very adamant on refusing to so a third one?

ba6922  No.12691459


>yet to realize most 80s action movies are jewish productions to turn goys to commercialism and antiwhite

Honestly this is true. It just wasn't filled with SJW so we think it is based. all it's riding on is nostalgia, and minimally crippled plots. The big thing to imagine is how many white men created scripts of beautiful art that was bought by production companies for a thousand or so, put in vaults never to be made. Hollywood is a criminal beast in it's restriction on art and beauty.

ef5406  No.12691505

Yeah, no. You don't get to slap my face once then say sorry goy just kidding. Here's what I know you really wanted. May this horseshit flop even harder, kikes need to know we've had enough of their shit.

683dd9  No.12693640

File: 02c7e56bcd9e754⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 297x347, 297:347, Maurice_LaMarche 2006.jpg)

File: 116419d23a756ad⋯.jpg (55.86 KB, 490x600, 49:60, Maurice_LaMarche 2010.jpg)

File: 065b51d1d874a67⋯.jpg (290.54 KB, 419x543, 419:543, Ramis in 2009.jpg)


>he's aged so fucking much (and been out of the spotlight, unlike Bill Murray) that I doubt people would recognize him anyway, so why don't we actually just let his toon voice actor play him live? They don't look irreconcilably different. He also voiced Brain in Animaniacs and Pinky+Brain spinoff. No idea what he looks like present day since most recent pic is 9 years old, but look at the monstrosity that was ramis in 2009, nobody would have recognized Egon anyway.

6638c8  No.12694337


>Extreme Ghostbusters is classic 90s political correctness

At least a lot of 90s political correctness was just virtue-signalling and not going full leftard on everything. Most 90s political correctness is what modern day "conservatism" has become. (E.g. "Islam is bad because… it discriminates against jews and gays!")

6638c8  No.12694353


>Wasn't the director or writer very adamant on refusing to so a third one?

No, it was just Bill Murray being reluctant. The writers (Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis) wanted a Ghostbusters 3 and have written a few stories/scripts for it since Ghostbusters 2. One of them was used for the 2010 videogame. That's why it's so highly praised. It's literally an interactive Ghostbusters 3. (Unfortunately without Dana Barrett as Sigourney Weaver didn't want to do the videogame, so they wrote her out of it and created a new character called Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn played by Alyssa Milano. Louis Tully isn't in it either because Rick Moranis retired early about 20 years ago and doesn't act anymore, other than the odd cameo or voice.)

6638c8  No.12694362


>Yeah, no. You don't get to slap my face once then say sorry goy just kidding. Here's what I know you really wanted. May this horseshit flop even harder, kikes need to know we've had enough of their shit.

It can be good as long as they use one of Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis' original scripts and not have some SJW faggot write it. And if it helps you feel better, Dan Aykroyd isn't jewish.

4cae9d  No.12694363


>Sigourney Weaver

So what she is an old crone now and has nothing to offer any new Ghostbusters media, TBH she shouldn't have been in Ghost busters 2.

61d775  No.12694425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>didnt know what the audio was from

I always thought that voice was Shatner.

6638c8  No.12694576


She's Oscar's mother and I think Oscar should appear in the new movie (as a Ghostbuster, like his dad) so she should at least have a minor role. At least I think Peter is Oscar's Dad. Dana says her ex-husband is the father but don't they at least imply that Oscar is really Peter's son?

38111a  No.12694620

File: 4e492e1043a8601⋯.png (546.29 KB, 412x552, 103:138, Alexander Linder 2.png)


>Harold Ramis died in 2014,

Wrong. Alex Linder is still alive.

750063  No.12694663


Ghostbusters III? Great, only 25 years late.

937d0b  No.12694689

Really, the propaganda is getting really weird. I was on the Internet Archive, found an episode of some modern fantasy show like Charmed or Buffy, no idea what the name was and the first thing I noticed was:

1. That's a lot of black characters, like about 1/3 of the cast, not just a single black sidekick that was alteast decent, so many blacks at a university it doesn't make sense.

2. That's is one creepy porn jewesh as the main lead.

3. "So even evil creatures hate nazi's huh" said against the necromancer character they got chained in the basement.

It's over the top, I honestly can't get sucked into a show like that, which means it's losing it's propaganda value, which means their grip is failling.

I turned it off when I saw a black woman in period clothing.

4cae9d  No.12695331


who cares all you need is Bill Murry and Dan Aykroyd from the original cast everything else is expendable in fact putting in the baby from the 2nd one is probably the worst idea imaginable other than the feminist ghost busters.

c61252  No.12719752

anti-sliding bump

a162c9  No.12737430

It'll still be a jewed mess

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