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File: 7a96ec3867df754⋯.webm (4.55 MB, 680x547, 680:547, la liberte.webm)

File: 860df2550ec1d0b⋯.webm (6.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, French Yellow Vests shot ….webm)

bd4302  No.12683160


Yellow Vest Fireman in a Coma After Getting Shot in the Back of the Head by Cop



The video is from Saturday, posted on Sunday. Now we’re finding out that the man is in a coma.

You would think that perhaps putting a guy in a coma to defend a global warming tax would be over the line. But there isn’t any line.

That’s the issue.

The French are complaining about the President, and in Democracy, the President is a dictator-type supreme leader who can not be questioned. He can just shoot you in the head or whatever.

So basically at this point, their only actual option is overthrowing the government.

But that… would be racism.

8a8914  No.12683172

YV better start doing more than burning random cars.

cc0c19  No.12683177


That's actually a good thing, more shit like that and people will start turning to other means. It will only escalate things.

> 6. Tyrannies cannot be ended without the use of force.

cecbc7  No.12683178

File: 1d961a8bc3fdc90⋯.jpg (278.67 KB, 800x906, 400:453, 1d961a8bc3fdc9060fc8a9362d….jpg)


This. It's a great cover for motivated minecraft groups to pull of some critical hits.

e80819  No.12683181


OMG the Macron regime is killing its own citizens! Quickly provide arms to moderate rebels!

d5fd4d  No.12683183


The Regime has drawn first blood.

Will the People strike back?

000000  No.12683184

Macron is a representative of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs will let every real French person die before giving up control of the land.

f2db03  No.12683187


kek, somebody get John Bolton on the line!

3868f2  No.12683192

Every single western government is exactly like this. No exceptions.

They pretend to give you room to do what you want but once you cross them you're killed by its enforcement.

This is no revelation to anyone who isn't retarded. The government is never your friend.

a3c379  No.12683193


underrated post

e2b470  No.12683195


I think the yellow vests need to stop this now. This is getting out of control. The French people are sick of this and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they sided with the cops or didn't care about this

bd4302  No.12683198



000000  No.12683206


America will give you refugees generous benefits for living next to the blacks and hispanics the muslims refused to live next to.

12bde0  No.12683213

>be cop in France

>do what cops in police states do – escalated the situation until they got their rocks off on brutalizing someone

You can’t challenge the cops’ egos by participating in a peaceful protest.

Remainder to record every encounter with police. Don’t assume that just because you haven’t done anything, that they will not turn you into a criminal.


These badge-bearing thugs have the right to murder whomever they choose and nothing can be done to stop them

06a9af  No.12683217

So we going to keep getting daily and hourly yellow slides instead of keeping it to a general until an actual happening happens?

0ac46a  No.12683222


These yellow nigger threads are getting tiresome tbh. They can't keep it in one thread.

12bde0  No.12683223


fuck off shill, every yellow vest thread deserves a bump regardless if it's organised or disorganized

15fd0e  No.12683226


kys you sliding kike

d5fd4d  No.12683228




They literally are hired guns.

Ask any cop why he does what he does and he'll respond, "Cuz its muh job"

They're doing it for the money and they're proud of it.

We have a word for that and that's; mercenary.

12bde0  No.12683229




f2dc85  No.12683231

File: 67719bcec07dba7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.85 KB, 400x294, 200:147, Feathered_Jew.JPG)

File: af362f9e11bd23f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.4 KB, 875x492, 875:492, Jew_Refugee.jpg)

File: cb89da9baea403c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 852.7 KB, 2535x1689, 845:563, Sad_Jew_1.jpg)

File: 82068451563c4fd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.77 KB, 195x222, 65:74, Jewish_Fags.jpg)

File: 502c3653ed1a563⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.15 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Mary_Byler.jpg)

3c1d9e  No.12683234

File: 7620202ed95bff7⋯.png (45.95 KB, 1316x647, 1316:647, the 2nd most blessed and H….png)

/pol/ does it again.

Praise Jesus!

d5fd4d  No.12683235


>Oy Veh! Stop competing with our daily updates on Orange Nigger!

No. France is where the real action is. If Americans want to be spineless cowards, fine. Let them. But since the French are actually fighting back against the System, at least 20% of the threads on /pol/ should be about the situation in France.

66ae79  No.12683236


do not insult vultures like that, please

ecff07  No.12683239

File: d153450c49ab44c⋯.jpg (55.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, oyvey.jpg)


Yeah, how many replies did you make in the Trump's burgers threads?

f2dc85  No.12683241

File: 56eb876c02dd999⋯.jpg (18.4 KB, 257x193, 257:193, Chosen_Retard.jpg)


So – Do you faggots think we haven't noticed how every single thread has been shilled to shit with religious d&c lately? Do you think you aren't getting filtered?

I ask because there's a chance somebody is paying for this, and I want them to demand a refund.

ab012b  No.12683252

>thinking filters actually work when they post in different threads.

I see you posted s selfie.

4edae6  No.12683256


Gas yourself

0423ce  No.12683290



lel, the regime must go

64dcfc  No.12683304

File: 7720f250fb5b397⋯.mp4 (445.03 KB, 640x360, 16:9, france_minecraft.mp4)


It's only a matter of time now.

12bde0  No.12683306

Handling every yellow vest protest is an OBVIOUS power trip for the cops. Would have been nice to see those cops fighting people from 1789. "The genocidal government doesn't allow me to protect myself with guns so I'll let myself get shot."

Will they even conduct an investigation on the cop that did this? None of the power tripping troopers will be judged by the same standard as the protesters will be.

Yellow vests exposed corruption, abuse of power, systematic lies and innocent people being incriminated with bogus charges. They exposed lobbying groups that control the governments, monetary institutions, media and education. This most not continue so they deploy terror against the masses. Trying to suppress it.

They had themselves a nice herd of obedient sheep for decades and now yellow vests withdrew hundreds of thousands of them from the cage and set them on the path of awakening.

7e6c20  No.12683312


He was shot in the head with a teargas canister right?

Does anyone have the source where they said firing the canisters on protestors was an order from higher up?


It has become effective again.

Probably due to a small increase in genuine Christian normalfags as of late with the trump-voters migrating here.

Newcomers jump on bait and bait-threads without thinking. I know I used to.

05e9da  No.12683318

618bed  No.12683337

File: a4557ec02c596ee⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 536x469, 8:7, d7eb7fbaa9135e7ea51ec059a1….jpg)


Quiet. Saturday is approaching fast. And you know what does it mean ?

Another Gilets Jaunes glorious chapter against ZOG.

If you are not a Yid. You better move your lazy ass and finally use that AR15 with the people of Dixie (last Americans) instead of whining like a pussy.

a046d8  No.12683361


There were actually some police documents leaked several weeks ago that basically ordered firing stuff like rubber bullets and lacrymos "at a man's height" (so basically in their faces) rather than the more conventional method of aiming at the ground. So technically those cops can't get charged for anything, since they're really just following orders. And yeah they're just shitty zogbots for following through on those orders, but I don't think any legal action can be taken against those cops who fired the rubber bullets. Now maybe if someone goes after whoever gave those orders… And since those documents are out there, it might have some interesting names on them, or at least a lead to a specific official.

bd4302  No.12683401


>There were actually some police documents leaked


1e238d  No.12683402

hopefully this puts some fire under the ass of some french men and they keep pushing towards getting rid of their corrupt govt

000000  No.12683435


And then get rid of all corrupt governments in the world. Hopefully via nuking.

b804f5  No.12683438


why is there negroid rap in the first one

b804f5  No.12683444


juden detected

It's afraid.

b804f5  No.12683446



americans are 5% of the population of the world, they should only be allowed 5% of the threads.

fucking loudmouths

c446ad  No.12683454

File: 45b3c9364db182e⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, the fucking kikes.jpg)

Jews out in full force today anons. Remember nature's thermometer, if shills out in force, the idea is good. Yellow vests must be nonkiked, otherwise yids would not have evacuated like rats fleeing the nest. Unless this is some 44d chess or a double bluff, I think the yellow vests hold the key to a brighter future for us all.


a9e882  No.12683458


>bug people and monkeys should control the majority if the threads

no u

eda394  No.12683459

File: 3be551d699eb3c6⋯.png (29.33 KB, 397x439, 397:439, f70ec5bad220dbb9dcb17ef17c….png)


get out

562c05  No.12683461


>Can't get in trouble because they were following orders


b804f5  No.12683469


it was an american meme straight from the mouth of their president, when france didn't want to go in for another pointless zog war in iraq version 2, then america went apeshit, the politicians and media - renaming to 'freedom fries' from french fries, and tons of other stuff. then all the tv comedians making france jokes like they'd been ordered to, then all the npc units started mimicking, and now their children are repeating the same stuff.

it was never true in the first place, anyone in europe knows that the french have generally been the most outspoken PEOPLE for a long time, they are famous for it.

in the 90s, they set fire to trucks full of live animals to prevent foreign imports.

i'm only surprised it took this long for them to react.

note that in paris there are lawful protests almost every day from one group or other, it is built into their society to complain.

when something is really wrong, they'll just go mad max style, as you can see.

b804f5  No.12683473


i didn't say animal population.

bd4302  No.12683479


You look scared.

a9e882  No.12683483


>there are 3.5 billion white people

1af8b2  No.12683488

Sad, but good news. The best thing that can happen is more incidents like this, plus Macron doubling down and the police cracking down even harder. It’ll push everyone further against the bankers (aka kikes) and will have a good chance of actual revolution

d5fd4d  No.12683492


There used to be a guy on here who constantly promoted the idea that the most effective way to resist the regime was to go to "important roads" with a pickaxe and chip away at the pavement. This would, he maintained, cost the System money to fix while disrupting trade.

I hope that the Frenchies figure out a more effective means of disrupting their genocidal government.

1af8b2  No.12683493


Are you even fucking trying? Shills these days.

5df1df  No.12683506



Filtered and spitted at

000000  No.12683507


Probably a jew who owns a construction company with lots of African employees looking for government jobs.

bd2f51  No.12683509


not one time has that not worked.

c446ad  No.12683516


This doesn't sound like such a bad idea to be honest, damaged roads, even chipped for like half an hour or so would perhaps need like days to fix. It's not a bad investment for time, but I think (((central banks))) should be the prime target.

b804f5  No.12683521


he's right.

the country comes to a standstill if you disrupt transport.



practise your irregular verbs

d5fd4d  No.12683524



>It's not a bad investment for time

Yes it is.

30 minutes of you exposing yourself committing an act of vandalism like that will cost the government at most a few hundred dollars. Probably not even that tbh.

Alternatively, with just $5 of gasoline and oil, you can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 10 to 30 seconds depending on your target.

Revolutionaries don't waste time and effort on small targets with low pay offs. You are too precious as individuals to risk your lives and freedom causing 50 dollars worth of damages to a road.

You're not allowed to die or to go to jail until you have caused the regime half a million dollars to maintain order and control.

000000  No.12683526


BLM did this in America and it just pissed off average people trying to get to work.

a9e882  No.12683531


nobody cares about niggers disrupting traffic because theyre sick of getting shot every time they rob someone.

also, blocking traffic isnt the same as actually destroying the roads.

000000  No.12683540


Destroying roads hurts the average worker much more than the bankers responsible for the high cost of living and immigration. The movement will get a bad name very quickly.

a9e882  No.12683546


depends on which roads. but nomatter what the people living there will manage. cities and ease of living are where all third worlders flock to. as soon as city living gets tough, they leave.

the actual people that live there, stay, since its their home.

the yellow vests arent a fringe movement seeking the approval of the masses. they are the masses.

000000  No.12683572


>people living there will manage

I'm not French, so good for them if true. But if this happened in America, the politicians would say taxes have to be raised higher to repair the roads and more Mexicans would have to be let in to fill all the construction jobs. Most people would hear this news on the radio while sitting in traffic caused by broken roads.

000000  No.12683583


And the media would also have reports of regular guy talking about how he might lose his business because something in his truck spoiled and regular guy 2 not getting paid for time wasted in traffic. They would make it a public relations nightmare for the movement.

000000  No.12683588


>30 minutes of you exposing yourself committing an act of vandalism like that will cost the government at most a few hundred dollars. Probably not even that tbh.

Even just smashing stuff will cost them more than a few hundred dollars in materials, labor, and lost revenue.

>Alternatively, with just $5 of gasoline and oil, you can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 10 to 30 seconds depending on your target.

While this can cause much more damage in a short period of your time it will also be investigated much more seriously and with much greater punishment if caught.

What are some good targets?

>Revolutionaries don't waste time and effort on small targets with low pay offs. You are too precious as individuals to risk your lives and freedom causing 50 dollars worth of damages to a road.

Most of the people doing the vandalism are not revolutionaries. It is much more accessible and surely doing something is better than doing nothing. It allows the masses to participate.

cd20f4  No.12683598


>70% support

>made up of average joes from everywhere

FBI pls go

1f1c23  No.12683602


Most people in America are r-selected fodder imported from third world jungles and second-world deserts.

They are expendable and they know it, America is riddled with cancer in the urban areas that will kill the host and itself if not excised soon.

d5fd4d  No.12683608

File: e1ca84bbbde1b67⋯.png (841.8 KB, 800x460, 40:23, 88.png)


I don't know. Here are some Minecraft servers I heard about. A little birdie told me that griefing one on a busy day will lead to cascading redstone malfunctions throughout the rest of the servers.

40.904958, -74.130254 G

40.839496, -74.024476 G

40.834223, -74.016512

40.804065, -74.025726

40.788772, -74.035878

40.778943, -74.042141

40.763463, -74.055130

40.749413, -74.072920

40.749270, -74.072761

40.746503, -74.069883

40.737921, -74.098530

40.737142, -74.096533 G

40.727363, -73.974384

40.757946, -73.946972

40.757987, -73.947238

40.756218, -73.938305

40.787731, -73.909261

40.787378, -73.912752

40.783734, -73.903551

40.781897, -73.906470

40.781583, -73.896981

40.860348, -73.920092

40.860969, -73.919575

40.957318, -73.856470

40.940047, -73.857276

41.077146, -73.831990

41.192766, -73.800226

40.705003, -73.984948

40.703832, -73.981964

40.659280, -73.993864

40.661939, -74.002759

40.699267, -73.813961

41.269838, -73.952437 **

41.043739, -73.965273

41.022975, -73.968059

40.981497, -73.959269

000000  No.12683618


I don’t think they give a fuck about the roads right now. And if govts actually did what the fuck they’re supposed to do instead of stealing trillions to build their little fucking undergound cities to survive the coming micronova this wouldn’t be fucking happening would it?

Fuck anything these people want or say.

000000  No.12683619


>FBI pls go

Yeah, right. Shifting focus from banks and government buildings to roads where helicopters can easily help arrest yellow vests sounds more like an idea a government agency would be promoting.

5fc681  No.12683644

I'm surprised the frogs haven't gone after the area's electricity yet. I don't know how's much different it is over there, but American electrical boxes/cables are very exposed and easy to tamper with in urban areas and causes a lot more damage than mining busy streets.

c80e47  No.12683669

the french people should kill judges and police… steal weapons and equipment frogs

5091e6  No.12683677


It hasn't escalated to the point of civil war yet but I don't think it has far to go either.

9f63da  No.12683698


Elecricity is just as important to them as it is to the Government, especially the Internet is very important for yellowfrogs right now.

619237  No.12683710


he's retarded, just pour diesel/old gas on the road if its asphalt. It makes it soft and you can just shovel it like gravel.

e41feb  No.12683714

File: 63c2ab9e45f65ce⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 264x480, 11:20, electricity thief.webm)

2a97bf  No.12683734


back for more, faggot?

cc0c19  No.12683739



779299  No.12683751


nigs gonna nig

92dc18  No.12683766

>3 month long protest

Macron is going to go down and France's worst leader.

8bac68  No.12683779


that reminds me of when the squirrels are running across the power lines here, and ground themselves when disembarking at a pole. makes a nice pop when the rodent's blood boils, and an annoying power disruption when the breaker throws. doesn't cause any damage to equipment. a power company employee generally has the breaker pushed back in place within an hour.

43c029  No.12683797


Would never happen in yankeeland. Those yanks are so fake , just want to sound good about attacking the evil system. Fuk the yankees. Stupid euro rejects , if not goofy religious nuts then low iq laborers in history who infested the land.

43c029  No.12683810



34a9f5  No.12683815


I agree! My wifes son and I were talking about this yesterday and it is despicable that these racists walk our streets! Her bull, son and I are going to counter protest this weekend. Macaroni is your President whether you like it or not!!11

8a9e18  No.12683820


The problem the power structure has is that if they drop macron and he is replaced by a popular genuine peoples movement the first thing they will find behind the curtain is the script macron has been working from since getting office - Written and directed by Schlomo Goldberg & Associates.

This is the biggest fear of the entire western worlds leadership that it becomes mainstream knowledge that they are all just puppets. Also if macron steps aside without a [insert scripted event here] the EU falls within the year.

618bed  No.12683849

The Jewry wants blood. They won't make any concession to Gilets Jaunes. Right now they're luring the goyim with a (((Great Debate))) to let the goyim "speak" in an attempt to silent everybody.

Of course, they put the masterminds of Pilpul to handle those debates.

But it won't work.

If they want blood, trust me (as I've been on the ground since Nov), the people wants blood as well.

Dropping redpills on Jewry is not even needed anymore, the average folk knows already.

e6e52d  No.12683851


targets acquired.

0f1496  No.12683862



i knew you are not a digit thief

4dde46  No.12683927


A Jew owning a construction company would have jackhammers. I have a Jew like nose and own a tiny construction company and I have two wrecking hammers.

>ruining logistics works

>it worked so well that the holocaust didn't happen

43c029  No.12683930


Becoming now a secret code of words even when talking with those in the know but not officially red pilled. Now I have seen many npcs now after some reflection feel the pangs of guilt for letting down their own people. On the extreme side, it is now like a soldiers on the front line aching to be begin the fight. It will come eventually, then the elite cabal must be targetted. Let them feel the pain of loss and even death. Alors, they are not that many and can be found easily.

43c029  No.12683944


Cheri, my wife's boyfriends second son is so upset with the yellow vests. They are cruel and mean in his own words. He also has a young black lover and adores Macron.

38bddd  No.12683947


Fuck you anon. A squirrel doesn't deserve that. A squirrel is a beautiful creature of nature. They aren't alike at all.

9bf214  No.12683958


Why can't these people make an original meme. Everything from these people is just a meme out of /pol/ but with a

"NO U"

twist. It's becoming a meme in itself.

ab012b  No.12683986


No they didn't.

5fd853  No.12683993


The regime has to legitimize itself constantly. The Rebellion/Revolution never does.


Substations and Internet cables are the best targets as they cost (((them))) potentially hundreds of millions. Anon is right though, small infrastructure sabotage is invaluable in eating up the limited resources the regime has.

d12f58  No.12684000

Why is leftypol in this thread.

ab012b  No.12684001


>Thinks that's proof the French gave the US it's freedoms.

ab012b  No.12684006


>Truth is that you're an ignorant nigger.

The French were months away. By time they arrived in the US all of the major battles had been fought alreay.

dc33ff  No.12684009


Frenchies surrendering instantly was already a meme when I was a child in the 70s. I think it goes back to ww2 and their capitulation to Uncle Adolph. Maybe older tho I am no Frog expert

ab012b  No.12684012


Further back than that. Think Napolean, getting his ass handed to him by the Prussuans, and then again by the Russians.

ab012b  No.12684016

The whole dropping their guns think, was Vietnam. They literally just left their guns there and fled the region after getting the UN to con the the US into getting involved.

ab012b  No.12684020


>This nigger thinks he knows me.

Sorry, my ancestors fought on the winning side, and you wish I were a mutt so I couldn't slap your bitch ass around with my title.

ab012b  No.12684029


>thinks he isn't an NPC, rides cock like a Jew.

d5fd4d  No.12684030

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Anon, there are more effective ways of causing small scale damage than spending 30 minutes causing a small hole in a parking road.

This small thinking is why White men are dominated by the jew.


Vid related. That the French cannot fight is a silly meme. They have a glorious history and will have a glorious future if they can drive out these disgusting African rapists.

2e8169  No.12684039

File: fb823c44d1a8aeb⋯.jpg (110.99 KB, 703x599, 703:599, 704px-Napoleon_Moscow_Fire.JPG)


>by the russians

About that.

ab012b  No.12684044


>thinks we are all ignorant about how cucked the French were by the Moors while they call pure Germanic mutts.

Try being less transparent Pancho.

ab012b  No.12684046



ab012b  No.12684050


You are the enemy you faggot, back to the bog with you.

59df17  No.12684055


This. They have no one to replace him with that will actually simmer people down.

ab012b  No.12684060


>lol can't handle the truth.

ab012b  No.12684070


>Doesn't know history, or about the Royal bloodlines of Europe, much less what a Hessian is.

d5fd4d  No.12684075


If we're going to be throwing stones at nations negatively affected by the jew, America would be stoned to death.

France suffers from multiculturalism, leftism, and jews. No one denies this. Nor does anyone deny that America has it almost as bad if not equally as bad. Remember, Americans will be a minority in less than 20 years. At least the French have at least another decade or two.

67d652  No.12684081


Go back to Reddit, no one is rating posts here faggot.

59df17  No.12684086


This the most ignorant larp I've ever seen regardless of what you think you are larping.

ab012b  No.12684087


>My relation to the Sauds comes from the House of Windsor.

I am from the Houses of Ouren and De Beers.

59df17  No.12684096


You are larping as someone pure and with principles I think. But it's painfully obvious you are neither. You are trying to play off something you know nothing about apparently.

d955b0  No.12684102


> basically

ab012b  No.12684106


>Hence I am not a mutt.

Parts of both lines interbred with the Natives. I won every dice roll, and was from nonmixed parts of the line.

Look the people that run the show already ran my DNA more than once, they know this to be true. The fathers line were the branch of shipping merchants from Denmark that settled on this continent. The mothers side fought in the Revolution. It was a merger of the House of Ouren and Willuam, as well as another House which my grandmother came from in Austria.

I am a mutt, of multiple royal lines.

Not going to lie just so you fuckers can keep dragging my families name through the mud like assholes.

4779dd  No.12684112


nobody will know the Media will never report it

ab012b  No.12684124


>doesn't know a damn thing about me or what I think, and just proved it.

8a9e18  No.12684137




Leave this board, let the adults talk.

59df17  No.12684141



>I'm National Socialist

Exactly what I meant. You aren't well read or you'd not be at a high school level of NatSoc. Try reading Rosenberg or Hitler's actual words. You basically espouse the Jew version of a what a National Socialist is. It's very shallow and pretty much relates only to the way you look. You are so far off it's embarrassing. You belong on 4ch maybe where people are also at your level.

59df17  No.12684144


Why am I included for calling out his bullshit?

See my response to him here: >>12684141

ab012b  No.12684147

Except it wasn't the battles that the colonials won, that made them win the war.

>hello ignorant ass catchers that know nothing about the era.

Try looking elsewhere for reasons the US won. It had nothing to do with the French. Quit thinking like a plebian peasant.

8a9e18  No.12684155


Because you are falling for the d&c thread destroying shill tactic or are working in tandem to destroy any discussion?

ab012b  No.12684157


I understand Russian, and spoken German fluently until about a decade ago, when I stopped needing it. My ancestors didn't speak German. They spoke, Dutch, English, and Dansk.

ab012b  No.12684163


You mad clown? Buying arms doesn't mean the French won the war for them. Then that would mean the British have never beaten the Germans in any conflict.

59df17  No.12684164


>falling for

At what point? Are you on topic now? Are you working on destroying the threads too? Fuck off.

ab012b  No.12684171

This thread was pointless from the start. There isn't anybody here involved with the French situation.

d5fd4d  No.12684172


>in 50 (years) you'll be worse than us

Not if we stop these disgusting monsters who are exploiting and murdering us.

f59be8  No.12684174

Make some fucking riot armor already. You just need some wire mesh, duck cloth, and polyester resin and a can of the bathroom/pool version of spray foam to put on the mesh for the initial shape and some extra padding. You'll want some sort of flexible and sturdy material to adhere between the foam and the resin soaked cloth leather is fine, go raid the backs of couches as to prevent possible reaction between the resin and the foam.

93b4f2  No.12684180


What the fuck is that picture? America is called "Land of the Free" but everything else in there in from Britain. The sign even gives a distance in meters.

12e005  No.12684186

File: e49ca351ff0e028⋯.jpg (33.93 KB, 400x250, 8:5, arton204745-ecece.jpg)


France just handed over a billion dollars to Iraq, ostensibly to repair the destruction of war, but in reality it's a payoff so that the Iraqui govt. will allow them to build an airbase in Iraq that the French and British can use to try to take over the American place in Syria.


Google translate;

Following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian traveled to Baghdad at the same time as Jordan's King Abdullah II. To everyone's surprise, he announced that France, despite the financial crisis it is going through, would give 1 billion euros ($ 1.15 billion) to Iraq to help rebuild after the war against Daesh. France wants to have permanent military bases in the country so as to continue its interference in Syria after the withdrawal of US troops.

d5fd4d  No.12684188


>French people will never revolt

>chest thumping ZOGmurrican

Careful throwing stones when you live in a glass house. Every single handful of poo you're slinging at France seems to land on your face too. In fact, at least the French are actually doing something. Americans have all the guns in the world but are too cowardly to use them.

f59be8  No.12684192


destroying the roads will starve the people resisting the government as well. This should only be done once stockpiles of goods are already in the hands of the people, and you're in a full scale war…. you know, situations that will not happen when you want them to. This would kill more french civilians than damage the government.

ab012b  No.12684199


Filter the angry Jew clowns, bye.


I wouldn't call it cowardice, more like a false sense of security.

7b43ae  No.12684207

Could we get a shart free thread next time?

44f245  No.12684223

Vive la France!

There's a reason there's a town in there called La Mort aux Juifs!

ab012b  No.12684229

No, I don't think I own women, so why would I be mad with women of my race making their own choices?


Had? Did I miss something, you saying Euros don't tan? You saying he turned pale again?

538ec6  No.12684239


Remember to filter d&c shills.

8d574d  No.12684247

File: a135fe7efe8973e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.21 KB, 955x719, 955:719, 74557211.jpg)

>yellow vest thread with video proof of cops assaulting civilians?

>hurry and shit it up with d&c moishe!

28741e  No.12684254

File: d0a73661d3e63e8⋯.png (474.88 KB, 888x888, 1:1, d0a73661d3e63e8e15c3d54d32….png)

43c029  No.12684256


What a thing of real beauty to see the Yellow Vests take their march to media co. bldgs, demanding for all news to be broadcasted for citizens to decide what they want to see and hear or turn the dial. The YV's are finally the only ones to speak much needed action to endless words and nothing else.

d5fd4d  No.12684258


Maybe so. My point is not to rag on Americans. Lord knows Americans get screamed at enough by irrational Mutterers. My point is that we all face similar problems. The jew has turned Whites in America against each other in the same way the jew has poisoned France.

We must figure out a way to overthrow the jew everywhere.

Also, it's pretty ironic that >>12684175 is chiding French for attacking their racial kinsmen while doing exactly what he is doing.


>Typical Eurotrash.

>you'll spend all day sitting here attacking other white people

>You spend your entire lives attacking other whites

It's like you are a parody of yourself.

Come back when Americans actually do something instead of whining.

dda073  No.12684270

File: 5a7836d276833c5⋯.jpg (95.57 KB, 640x564, 160:141, lotsofshillshere.JPG)

There's a lot of noise in this thread. shills working overtime?

41bcbf  No.12684273


They're using it to slide the anti-Trump threads out of existence.

ab012b  No.12684291


I am stuck between two spheres of influence. I have a minor amount of sway in Europe, primarilyover England, and have a larger amount here in the US, but it's only over certain portions of the country.

I can't go to England, because of holohoax rackets refusal. The only racket I would play part in, makes me have to deal directly with Jews and Muslims, so I get heat from everybody that knows.

Stuck between two sides, as the racket I would deal with, deals to both sides of this argument.

Beyond annoying.

d5fd4d  No.12684303


>Attacks French for being nationalistic.

>Accuses me of calling him an Amerimutt when I clearly have not done so.

>Attacks French for actually doing something when Americans let themselves be ruled like slaves.

You seem like a shill trying to instigate conflict between French and Americans.

d5fd4d  No.12684311


>I have a minor amount of sway in Europe, primarilyover England, and have a larger amount here in the US, but it's only over certain portions of the country.

Hmm, well I have strong doubts that you hold influence over anyone important. But if you do, please push them to do things that will destabilize the genocidal Regime here.

ab012b  No.12684342


I haven't been paying too much attention to England as of late, but I am for the Brexit. I like Theresa May, even if I can't stand her political positions.

If I ever got to sit and have a serious conversation with her, I think I could sway her to the Nationists side.

The issue is that with me being so far away, there's filters in place that meter my voice with the rest of us that are involved. I am for a reinstatement of the crown, and removal of the House of Windsor. Not because I hate them, but because they have been under the crown for far too long. I would like to see the crown returned to a rightful heir of either the Welsh, or Britons.

Anglos Saxons, in particular the Hapsburg Saxe lines have ruled that country long enough. I think that was a failing of the late King to not chose a proper successor.

d5fd4d  No.12684348


Well I do hate them because they are traitors to their nation and to the people.

538ec6  No.12684352


>You seem like a shill trying to instigate conflict between French and Americans.

Bingo. Filter/ignore them both.

f5b6b2  No.12684358

File: fd7ef52b2812e30⋯.jpg (87.61 KB, 750x512, 375:256, yellowjackets-eastern.jpg)

The state keeps on poking the yellow jacket's nest.

d2edff  No.12684360


Despite fighting against their own people, they’ve got a lotta loyalty for a hired gun

38d43f  No.12684373

Is this the designated D&C thread?

c446ad  No.12684374

File: 1b860ba90784ce3⋯.png (213.13 KB, 761x672, 761:672, 1b860ba90784ce3c1184395091….png)

>ITT kike shills derail the topic of discussion from yellow vest protesters to mutt genetics

D&C at it's finest.

a065a4  No.12684387

File: 0d8af84e2c2f6c3⋯.png (333.39 KB, 705x517, 15:11, 6ec95d2b596f3be558587961d1….png)


Fuck you, psychopath. Squirrels may be annoying as fuck sometimes(or dangerous, if rabid), but they are beautiful creatures and they do not deserve to suffer. Natural predators aside, of course, because that's just nature.

d5fd4d  No.12684392


I wonder if this Mutt-erring nutjob and >>12684206 are the same person trying with increasing desperation to get another brother war going between Americans and French.

I strongly encourage everyone to filter the two (possibly one) shills who want to turn this thread into a brother-war thread

It's what I will do.

c446ad  No.12684395

File: fc7627253719ce2⋯.png (180.86 KB, 674x674, 1:1, 19b76ee7747276e1e3718e93eb….png)


Everyone should report them tbh, it has literally fuck all to do with yellow vests and just feels like absolutely hebraic levels of D&C.

a065a4  No.12684404

File: 4a6b5200d2c50ca⋯.png (73.51 KB, 800x751, 800:751, hate each other goyim.png)



6d02e3  No.12684408

File: ca92650ebdb6d17⋯.jpg (79.34 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1544898482038.jpg)


Top job.

8d574d  No.12684409


It's been the exact same rhetoric, same exact images for the last few yellow shirt threads. It's blatant kikery.

d5fd4d  No.12684416



This fucker always shows up on international related threads to scream "MUTTMUTTMUTTMUTTMUTTMUTT" at everyone in solid capslock redtext and then switches servers (or maybe it really is two different dumbasses) to yammer about "eurotrash! You're all leftists, even when you're not! Eurotrash are doomed, DOOOOOmed! GIVE UP!"

It's all so tiresome.


>you know who still has NATO bases all over Europe

Yeah. Kikes.

Your point?

ab012b  No.12684422


Hate is a waste of time.


They need a Queen that will communicate orders to distribute stingers. Any volunteers?

ab012b  No.12684428


If you knew who it is, you'd know why.

8d574d  No.12684431

File: 764c052b3c46f94⋯.png (204.17 KB, 600x528, 25:22, 2533369852.png)

>quick, change ip's, they'll never know!

4df6cd  No.12684432


Your shilling is only making our dicks hard.

4df6cd  No.12684438





I'm surprised you can still type while covered in fear induced piss and sweat

d5fd4d  No.12684439


>Another solid capslock, redtext Mutt-erring schitzo screaming and trying to get White people to hate each other.

Did you switch IPs just to scream at me?

d5fd4d  No.12684448


>solid redtext capslock posts screaming about Mutts and posting stale memes

>N-no…. YOOooooOOOOOuRE the Schitzo!!!!111 Not meeeee. YOooooooooooooURRRReee the schitzo!!!!

9ad691  No.12684455


> Squirrels may be annoying as fuck sometimes(or dangerous, if rabid), but they are beautiful creatures and they do not deserve to suffer.

Squirrels are furry tailed rats that have over run my neighborhood.

They chew fucking everything including the cable line that hooks to my home.

I started a squirrel population reduction program this winter since they have zero predator control.

ab012b  No.12684466

Or just remind then that's not your game.

d5fd4d  No.12684468

If you filter 9c90d7 and the other two screaming kikes, this thread improves drastically.

Whenever you encounter some unreasonable jingoistic nutcase who hates White people of another country more than the jews, contemplate (((who))) benefits from this sort of behavior.

cc0c19  No.12684471


I came back today after two years, was here with the exodus from halfchan, and I came to realization that certain forms of D&C are eternal and immutable on this board. It can't compare to christcuck threads of the past though.

f7f561  No.12684474

f5b6b2  No.12684491


I reported that autist for spam and derailment.

ab012b  No.12684501

Anybody realize the gif banner with the spic kids shows a kid literally saying no beaners, spics, and to deport the racists? So illegals bought out by their own video.

ecff07  No.12684507


anybody realize this is a yellow vests bread?

ec1caf  No.12684529






73665e  No.12684548






73665e  No.12684552


>.8 birthrate

>enter migrant crisis and over two million breeding age brown guys enter the country

>over 70% men

>2017 german birthrate at 43 year high

Look like German women are having a whole bunch of kids with those 2 million brown monkeys. Then again, German "men" are sitting on the internet whining, like you, incessantly, all day long.




73665e  No.12684556


Filtered. Stay on one IP.

78c53b  No.12684568



d5fd4d  No.12684569



It's back

d5fd4d  No.12684579


>No such thing as women. Everyone is a tranny.

Ah, it's you again.

73665e  No.12684585



>reads tranny

We know what faggt watches tranny porn.

73665e  No.12684586


I guess you couldn't type hard enough to win. Now that you've lost and aren't coming back, filtered. Cya. It was nice owning you, .8 birthrate.

000000  No.12684588

How amusing these threads are always the most heavily shilled.

(((They're))) afraid.

73665e  No.12684589


>(((They're))) afraid.

More like, if a Euronigger wants to start the mutt talk, there's plenty of ammo to throw right back at them.

000000  No.12684599

The violence will escalate. The elites have dug their graves.

78c53b  No.12684611


Wew get a load of this degenerate.

538ec6  No.12684613

Look at this shitfest of a thread. "muh 56%" D&C shills, MGTOW, derailment everywhere.

Typical from a thread made by /tv/. That shit board was a mistake.

b12f1b  No.12684626


Are you a White Nationalist today schlomo?

18b0a5  No.12684629


Der boomer

ed70ca  No.12684650

File: e89a6ab6551d09a⋯.webm (2.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, france.webm)



Remember that kike who watched LIVE her press house on fire?

78c53b  No.12684668


Yeah its really strange how these threads always get flooded with that crap. Really makes you think.

73665e  No.12684679


>der nigger who's never had a garden

Chipmunks and squirrels are tremendous pests when it comes to self-sufficient agriculture. Last year I put out traps and killed 20 fucking chipmunks on my little plot of land. 20! And there's still plenty to go around, but my plants had gotten big enough to survive, so I stopped. Day one before I got the traps out, in one night, they ravaged my fucking garden. Every inch. That's why I killed them. I expected 3 or 4. Nope, 20. Overpopulation is a bitch, and chipmunks and their bigger cousin the squirrel are a massive hindrance to agriculture. You must be some urban numale nigger.

319454  No.12684681

6b318c  No.12684695


And it's always the same shit too.

>shitty wojak edits

>blumpf touching wall.jpg

>religions DNC

>56% goblins

Almost as if someone is trying to derail any serious discussion. I wonder who could be behind it.

ab012b  No.12684703


>Hasn't read Tacitus.

ecff07  No.12684726

File: bef3eb601b28f9b⋯.jpg (68.55 KB, 867x655, 867:655, presstitute blabbler.jpg)


Twas a beautiful fire, anon.

38cead  No.12684732

File: b5752a25e6737a3⋯.png (1.46 MB, 866x1390, 433:695, ClipboardImage.png)


Enjoy "your" Beach.


Green Tax

400c33  No.12684740


This board is merely a case study in open borders.

ab012b  No.12684752


Well, they obviously don't work.

400c33  No.12684761


Of course.

9b7962  No.12684802

File: 325ac2afc318748⋯.png (85.73 KB, 640x422, 320:211, 24819583-FDDB-423C-B0F6-25….png)

9ad691  No.12684876


>>der nigger who's never had a garden

Thanks for the like minded support anon. I blew out a bunch of chipmunks last summer and decided to move on to their cousins. Here is my big tip on rodent control. Sunflower seeds is the best bait you can use, for chipmunks use a 5 gallon pail half full of water throw some seeds in the top they float and they will dive in to eat them. Buy the seeds in 20 lb bags for wild bird food if you watch ace hardware they are always having a half off sale so you can get a bag for about 8 bucks. Since I live in the city you cannot discharge a firearm or legally hunt a squirrel so I just use the states guidelines for bag limits and harvest to my hearts content obviously on a super secret ninja like operation because half of my neighbors would would go spastic

cbcf96  No.12684952

File: b9d687a32463a2b⋯.png (180.95 KB, 428x340, 107:85, b9d687a32463a2bf4aa988f95d….png)

All the d&c'ing, general shitposting, off-topic bickering, blackpilling and 4chan memes in this thread are good to see.

It shows just how increasingly afraid they are becoming.

b221d1  No.12684988

reminder to Frogs:

=nothing changes until the Right people start being targeted, attached, and killed=

where do these people live? where do they work? where do they shop? who are they connected with? do they beg for mercy when you chop off their fingers?

it only takes a single act to change fucking history. and remember that it only takes a handful of you to cause a fucking shitstorm for (((them)))

b221d1  No.12684997


and just as follow-up, if you know where (((they))) love, you can cause anxiety at minimum. many will panic. this is exactly what you want. you want them nervous. you want them up at night. this is how mistakes are made

start targeting the right people

95dbd0  No.12685006

File: 3ca64d37766c967⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 455.38 KB, 662x980, 331:490, ClipboardImage.png)


that last one looks like Geddy Lee (another jew) from the band, Rush…

de57b6  No.12685043

File: 66be9864ce989f0⋯.webm (15.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Verney Carron Flash-Ball.webm)


He was shot with a flash ball apparently.

10b1d0  No.12685057


Squirrels can be trained to deliver explosives.

24a93b  No.12685078

>rioting becuase of tax.

Just came back from france, everybody thinks an dknows macron is a owned by bankers.

Even the young women scream for france.

It is unheard of.

b221d1  No.12685091


considering the gas tax, wouldn't it be ironic for gasoline to be used as a weapon?

b221d1  No.12685104

File: 6eaed4bd01a7683⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 500x335, 100:67, 2788308658_aeacb08544_z.jpg)


🔥 is a hell of a thing

9ad691  No.12685110


>Squirrels can be trained to deliver explosives.

So can sand niggers.

b221d1  No.12685125




you can pay a drug addict/ nigger $100 to do about anything. just a thought.

000000  No.12685133


>more shit like that and people will start turning to other means


>The Regime has drawn first blood.

There's already 12 dead you twat!

>Will the People strike back?


See post >>12675295 >>12663383 and >>12666798

Repeating what was already said.

Even tho DO NOT engage in violent acts most of the police force who is still in service are doing it because they truly believe that without them it will go into utter chaos they are patriots who have no or little knowledge of the situation. The police officers who uses excessive usage of force and voluntary gas and harm people are just scum with power trip don't do anything violent against them either there's no winning fighting these people

The government is trying to start a civil war, the military was already asked to intervene and they refused because what is happening right now is not extreme, if it happens to escalate all the efforts done by the retired military officers will have been useless.

We already own the continuation of the protests thanks to them so don't encourage your bullshit, this isn't the united states of America we don't stockpile weapons in each home, it would have been possible tho if the laws that were inherited from National Socialist Germany would have been lifted after the war.


> The French people are sick of this and at this point

They are sick of the government that's for sure.


> with a teargas canister right?

No it was a flashball and a crowd dissipating grenade, basically hard rubber bullets and shrapnel.


It actually was on the news. What wasn't on the news for act 8 was the 70 years old lady who died from hemorrhage thanks to the shrapnel of a dissipation grenade.


>will cost the government

Don't you mean the taxpayers ? Isn't the government extorting money from the taxpayers ?

Each time some physical degradation is done it's le contribuable who's paying it, it's not the elected who pays for it.

a517de  No.12685155


>It's a great cover for motivated minecraft groups to pull of some critical hits.

Just look at all of the banks that they havent burned down, and all of the bankers that they havent guillotined. What are these people doing?

319454  No.12685256













This thread is being slid

>start targeting the right people

This anon knows what the fuck they're talking about. You want change. Find where these people live. And make they're lives a living hell.

319454  No.12685259

File: bf992f936158a17⋯.png (57.77 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, redd.png)

d5fd4d  No.12685277


>Don't you mean the taxpayers ?

Forcing a government to raise taxes is a good thing. After all, look what it has caused in France.

74f185  No.12685286


Santa Monica is one of the most Jewish parts of the terrible city of Los Angeles.

<Have fun and enjoy your beaches!

>Also, no fun allowed

<You don't own nothin goyim

43c029  No.12685292

Nothing will change until the top people feel the wrath of the people. There will have to be examples made , losses incurred in human terms by the elite. The YV are many and the elite are few. Bloody the snakes head or best blind it or better yet off with the head.

319454  No.12685302

File: 25756f6e1809090⋯.jpg (519.07 KB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, guide to trucks of peace.jpg)

File: 04ab61d2ccc56bf⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1833x1143, 611:381, James_Alefantis_Rothschild.jpg)

File: 7b628f8f56bdf88⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 600x430, 60:43, rothschild.jpg)

File: 793eb82af479765⋯.jpg (155.39 KB, 1190x1222, 595:611, smug_kike.jpg)



just some ideas as starters. Remember who the enemies are. Politicians are puppets, but they would be a good start.

319454  No.12685340


we're so good at killing each other. We kill fellow citizens every day. Sometimes, people will even kill police. But this is wrong.

We haven't seen a direct death& terror campaign towards the elites in centuries. We're over due.

Where do these people live?

Where do these people work?

Where do these people eat?

Where do these people frequent?

Is their personal guard enough to hold off 10 armed men? 50? 100? 1000? What about gasoline? Fire?

do they have trained fire fighters on standby?

Do they have the resources to manage unorganized revolutionaries acting independently?

Is their personal guard willing to die for them?

What type of damage can be

ab012b  No.12685363

If life has taught me anything, it's that there's always a way without the lifting up of others.

If I have learned anything about reality, it's that it only takes some durable metal and chemistry to make the balance shift in my favor.

ec6986  No.12685552

File: 6590aba1510d45a⋯.png (97.09 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, JamComs.png)

any french anons should consider this.

Pic related

ab012b  No.12685558

LMAO kill yourself nigger.

ccfd4e  No.12685637


>Every blue moon old /pol/ comes out.

That's when a man describes his experience seeing animals dying as a positive and is ridiculed because any beautiful creature is better than a nigger.

626713  No.12685638

File: 30eb1fffbbe1e01⋯.jpg (103.24 KB, 721x1069, 721:1069, b92u09we-0w77689.jpg)

File: c5d8bbe3c9f9287⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 717x655, 717:655, m48i390-982098278.jpg)

Macron serves the Rothschilds

and the Schiffs and the Warburgs and (((etc.)))

9430ee  No.12685773

File: 883cc7d9332f5ee⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 464x268, 116:67, 2e21be1f79080e1aa4e7972927….gif)



000000  No.12685814



It's "spat," you illiterate faggot.

ab012b  No.12685830


>namefagging families that don't even exist anymore

690af6  No.12685932


Angland is right ready fo anu’ Stuart kang lad

f2dc85  No.12685940

File: 462ef12bf73fbc5⋯.jpg (104.54 KB, 600x769, 600:769, Dindu_Bout_Nuffin.jpg)



690af6  No.12685965

Bloody hell i wa gonna thank me digits to land a 45 but this ‘ere board is right focked in the ass mate.

75cd76  No.12685972

So how close is the french government having a gun confiscation?

ab012b  No.12685974


There's bee on it's way to you right now little girl.

626713  No.12685992

File: 92fb7c00830e1ab⋯.jpg (112.05 KB, 759x1208, 759:1208, 049872398723.jpg)

File: c41be5020e5b695⋯.jpg (46.8 KB, 752x564, 4:3, 0493729872356.jpg)


Here's 'Kate Rothschild out on a date with her nigger. Notice any resemblance to Jacob?

Rothschild Heiress Goes Full-Negro


690af6  No.12686029


Dinna’ken who y’e be namin a wee lass, bu’ here’s hop’n the rightful dynasty sits on they Anglish trone fer ta rest of eternity.

690af6  No.12686059

Jus waitn’til James ta fuckin 69th in ta 31st centry, Sco’lnd will hav’ her ravenge bolls deep in angland’s smelly cont.

c925db  No.12686187


Windsors are kikes.

c925db  No.12686196



ab012b  No.12686219


Swing and a miss, go fish elsewhere faggot.

20d1c2  No.12686285


Better question is, what are YOU doing? Absolutely NOTHING, besides sniveling like a defeatist little jew tool.

The French have already done plenty. In fact, they've taken the lead, and done more than ANYONE else. And, they've gone after plenty of banks, too. Did you think these issues would be solved overnight? Are you looking for someone else to do all the heavy lifting for you? I've got news for you – those responsibilities now rest on OUR shoulders, on YOUR shoulders – nobody else is going to save you except YOURSELF.

Get with the program. Grow a pair.

20d1c2  No.12686291


Nonsense, rebbe. It was a home run. They absolutely are jews. Just like you. Spread your venom elsewhere… Back to your lair, filth.

792170  No.12686303

b3bdac  No.12686322

File: 008c400da2ad74e⋯.png (6.35 KB, 255x141, 85:47, rune of cia.png)

aabf09  No.12686330


Missed again faggot.

Still here, still alive.

aabf09  No.12686331

I did see you opened my gallery though

229b49  No.12686332


He's a real pro he got a lot free juice

281f9a  No.12686334


but I dont even own a yellow vest

e632f2  No.12686345


Based minecraftian

20d1c2  No.12686425


> oy gevalt! stop this now & we promise you won't be slaves or dead

Jew confirmed. Ge eat your gefiltefish, you worthless vermin.

2650a7  No.12686447


>have the right to murder whomever they choose

No they don't, if they shoot a nigger there will be hell to pay.

cc87a1  No.12686706

So, is the fireman still alive?

618bed  No.12686712

File: 8ec668da4b282af⋯.mp4 (1.88 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, FranceNews24 - ⚡ DERNIERE ….mp4)

>Huge gas explosions rocks university in Lyon, France


618bed  No.12686716


Source : https://archive.fo/HBCBr

f7c78f  No.12686722


Its always gas

2e7582  No.12686731


>I like Theresa May, even if I can't stand her political positions.

>If I ever got to sit and have a serious conversation with her, I think I could sway her to the Nationists side.

No chance.

She is a jew, look at her nose.

b046aa  No.12686762

File: 0581ace45f825c3⋯.png (263.95 KB, 570x683, 570:683, JUST.png)


>Geddy Lee is a kike

Fuck this gay Earth.

610a28  No.12686772

File: d1a01df6d46bedc⋯.png (89.91 KB, 500x390, 50:39, Smug Guts.png)


The oven just got 10 degrees hotter, Chaim.

28b959  No.12686775


the building was burning before the explosion so it probably was a gastank that exploded, question is why the fuck was there a tank with flamable gas on the upper floors of the building and why was the building burning

0d7786  No.12686779


I-it's okay anon, h-he's just one of those good jews :(

610a28  No.12686781

File: bbaf5d1a3a17a01⋯.gif (530.94 KB, 500x244, 125:61, Bass Slap.gif)


>ID: b046aa

Checking thos ID dubs. Yeah man, I feel that feel. Bass guitar will always be a badass instrument tho.

319454  No.12686800







thread bring slid

bumping these posts because they're getting nervous

54a6be  No.12686805

File: 4b0900233e04b7f⋯.png (249.24 KB, 416x333, 416:333, ClipboardImage.png)


>>"His parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors"

>>"They were about 13 years old when they were initially imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp, close to the same age as Anne Frank at that time."

>>""It was kind of surreal pre-teen shit," says Lee, describing how his father bribed guards to bring his mother shoes"

Ain't it amazing they weren't gassed at Auschwitz.

b046aa  No.12686810


Indeed and Neil Pert's sweet drumming. Sage for off topic /mu/


No such thing. The closest is the occasional okay mischling and that's quite rare itself.


>Holocaust survivors

Of. Fucking. Course.

f7c78f  No.12686835


And the Windsors are still satanic freemason jews, and more people are realizing it every day.

cb5a91  No.12686842


this only helps if:

#1 the government has money and the will to fix roads

#2 the road is actually important to the government and it needs to be fixed

Otherwise the road will stay fucked


>30 minutes of you exposing yourself committing an act of vandalism like that will cost the government at most a few hundred dollars

That's not even close to the point faggot. asphalt doesnt cost a few hundred dollars alone, it costs the state time and manpower as well, in 30 minutes a few men can do a lot of damage to one road at night

You can also leave debris and big rocks in the middle of the road to block traffic, it is cost effectve no matter how you try to judge it. Even the CIA advocated doing this in nicaragua


>Destroying roads hurts the average worker

shut the fuck up tornigger

fb1606  No.12687008


They needs loads of scrap metal, welders and concrete.

They need to build a wall to protect themselves from their regime that gouges out eyes, and lets people lose;




fb1606  No.12687011


faggot cuck

cc0c19  No.12687043


I'm sorry I didn't fully understand what you're trying to tell me. You think these yellow jackets will achieve anything by mere protests? If there is no longterm plan to escalate operations and back demands by force, nothing will be accomplished.

And yes, I agree, civil wars can be brutal.

6b3e36  No.12687053

a046d8  No.12687069


Well you're flat out wrong about that. The easiest way to kill the puppet jew government is to do absolutely fucking nothing whatsoever at all. Don't show up for work, don't run the power plants, water/sewage system, transportations, hospitals, fire stations, nothing. That's how you bring the state to its knees without even firing a single shot. And they can't do a fucking thing about it.

cc0c19  No.12687096


Sounds really good on paper, too bad the paper is worth nothing if it isn't backed by a sword.

a046d8  No.12687155


You just went full retard. If anything, the work of the people is the only real currency that can ever inherently be worth something. If the people stop working because the state is fucking them over in taxes, immigration, and suppression, then the state dies. It can only exist with the goodwill of the people.

96c97a  No.12687160

File: e409fbbde5310d8⋯.png (474.49 KB, 825x464, 825:464, 1 y0FDatsayfB2piabUGrB5Q.png)


i dont remember that episode of static shcok

9ad691  No.12687164


>the building was burning before the explosion so it probably was a gastank that exploded, question is why the fuck was there a tank with flamable gas on the upper floors of the building and why was the building burning

There is zero reason for any tank with flammable gas in a commercial/residential building. The only flammable gas tank I know of is acetylene. All the gas line blowups you see are the result of leakage and enough gas accumulating to cause a big boom. If you rupture a gas pipe it will not go boom, if the rupture catches on fire it will just burn at the point of leakage the flame cannot propagate back into the pipe.

d5fd4d  No.12687183


>in 30 minutes a few men can do a lot of damage to one road at night

A few men could do far more damage to the regime than this. A few men could shut down New York City for days and cause billions of dollars in retaliation against the Regime, nevermind the higher end targets such a cell could take out.

If causing road repair is all you can come up with if you have 3 or 5 men with you, then you shouldn't be doing political activism against the System. That's hopelessly unimaginative and wasteful.

cc0c19  No.12687190


>If anything, the work of the people is the only real currency that can ever inherently be worth something.

I agree, but you didn't understand what I meant.

>If the people stop working because the state is fucking them over in taxes, immigration, and suppression, then the state dies. It can only exist with the goodwill of the people.If the people stop working because the state is fucking them over in taxes, immigration, and suppression, then the state dies. It can only exist with the goodwill of the people.

So, people will just stop working and magically all have enough wealth to cover for their basic needs, not to mention the debts many of them have. Then the government will just say 'whelp, we fucked up, let's just pack our shit and go'.

We really don't need to discuss this any further if you can't see the faults in your statements.

ce4e0f  No.12687207


>I hope that the Frenchies figure out a more effective means of disrupting their genocidal government.

Using Gallium would be fitting for the Gauls.


d5fd4d  No.12687217


That works on aluminum cans. Not so well on anything important.

ce4e0f  No.12687240


So nothing important like aircrafts and helicopters are made from aluminium?

4f47d8  No.12687249


Watch some footage of JDAM munitions exploding. Perfect match. If this nigger actually held the phone steady, you might've had the chance to see the munition falling.

d5fd4d  No.12687250


If you can get close enough to an aircraft and have enough Gallium (which is expensive) to affect an aircraft, go for it. I'll monitor the news media for reports of mysteriously destroyed aircraft on the off chance that this would work.

Another problem is that you'd need to somehow keep the gallium in one place on the aircraft for an extended period of time for it to be effective.

d5fd4d  No.12687257


>There is zero reason for any tank with flammable gas in a commercial/residential building.

What about propane?

c69ee0  No.12687285


It depends on what the building was

If it had some sort of workshop there's plenty of potentially explosive stuff in them.

bd4302  No.12687302

File: fc59f23963ac54b⋯.jpg (74.28 KB, 640x679, 640:679, fc5.jpg)

5d5948  No.12687339

68bae2  No.12687383


What's up with all these GAS explosions here lately anyway?

2ae7f8  No.12687560

File: 581521f8805b6ef⋯.png (17.1 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 6F8FAFD6-549A-4C29-A6F6-78….png)


I think you’re a fucking shill

618bed  No.12689756

File: aca1726265933d4⋯.jpg (185.89 KB, 1389x718, 1389:718, démocratie.jpg)

File: 5dcbed5c5767373⋯.jpg (195.97 KB, 358x368, 179:184, 1535848802135-1.jpg)

>One of France’s most vocal antisemites, Alain Soral, was sentenced to a year in prison by a criminal court in Paris on Thursday, after he was found guilty of inciting racial hatred in an article that described Jews as “manipulative, domineering and hateful.”

>The offending article was published last March on Soral’s playfully-titled Égalité et Réconciliation (“Equality and Reconciliation”) website — an online home for antisemitic, extreme nationalist and anti-capitalist activists and writers.

>Following the announcement of Soral’s sentence, the French Union of Jewish Students (EUJF) tweeted, “Justice has put a new stop on this little propagandist of hatred.”

>lana Soskin — a lawyer for the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) — said her organization would continue to pursue Soral, a serial offender, “as soon as he makes anti-Jewish remarks,” the website Le Parisien reported.

>Soral’s last court appearance just a month ago left with him with a 4,000 euro fine for publishing an antisemitic poster on his website.

>Originally a communist, the Swiss-born Soral crossed to the far-right National Front (FN) before carving out his own path in 2007. A purveyor of conspiracy theories about “Jewish” and “Zionist” power, Soral has for several years worked closely with Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, an antisemitic propagandist who presents himself as a comedian.



2ffb07  No.12689922


They're straight up outing themselves in this article. Many people already know the basics, but they have yet to discover who is really behind the scenes. I know that the French government will try to crack down on this insightful article, but mark my words, This article will spread like a major wildfire.

c21eb7  No.12690056



See also:


bf88d0  No.12690113

File: 8cab3d4c109a08b⋯.jpg (44.78 KB, 403x452, 403:452, 8cab3d4c109a08be016f4adee3….jpg)

>shills immediately began derailing and demoralizing

Are you afraid, little Jews? You must be allergic to stings

42d6a0  No.12690134


>Doesn't understand Masonry at all. Royals don't go through lodges. When you look at the pyramid. They are the people at the top.

99e82e  No.12690207


Blue-pilled europeans oddly attack America for not being free yet is still much freer than most countries in Europe…

fad8be  No.12690598



>Say the Jews control everything and use it to promote their interests at the expense of everyone else.

>Get locked up for a year by the state to prove that they don't.

The kikes really lost the plot.

637fd3  No.12690679


this is literally antifa's reasoning for holocausting rubbish bins

bb26d5  No.12690694


It's not about what you do, it's about how you frame it. They've been getting away with locking up political prisoners for nearly a century now by framing it as locking up racists.

So long as people believe that narrative, nothing will change.

5af550  No.12690716


I understand Prince Michael of Kent is the head of the UK masons, and that while the royals raise money for Great Ormond St Hospital and other charities, their brother masons like Jimmy Saville are fucking raping the kids the "charities" are supposed to be helping.

All masons are guilty.

8bac68  No.12691080

File: 818554987a9170d⋯.jpg (129.25 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, jewish, not white.jpg)


sometimes it's really hard to look at a pic and not think jew

1258fc  No.12691589

>Frenchman jailed for 6 months for attempting organize Yellow Vest protest


df883b  No.12691641

This is what happens when you give your government a paramilitary force whose stated purpose is to be used against the populace.

Namely the gendarmes.

Their job isn't law enforcement, keeping the peace or protecting the public. Their job is explicitly to shoot at and kerbstomp the public if they threaten the government.

3d7560  No.12691677


That music is so cozy

2bfe01  No.12691709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bump, with Paris theme

dea0ba  No.12692230

File: 4ae66f72ec48512⋯.gif (34.45 KB, 100x100, 1:1, PhotoFunia-1534985612.gif)

b89956  No.12692255



Pretty sure France has chemical weapons. We need to bring some good old Democracy, American style.

5e5c46  No.12692259

File: 2705409ff2f95f0⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1720x1408, 215:176, Holohoax lies.png)


Based Best Gore.

Is the site still around?

I remember kikes trying to (((shut it down))) since the site was exposing the holohoax and (((their))) involvement in almost everything bad.

bf88d0  No.12692278


So long as there are Indians to fall under trains Best Gore will never go away

b89956  No.12692327


>cant take a joke

2a3fe1  No.12692329

Is there a bank run going on tomorrow??

635a04  No.12692349

>be french

>get shot


>prep your bull

18b0a5  No.12696468

File: b6d286517986945⋯.jpg (154.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c_0.jpg)


Anybody got a livestream?

0d1a06  No.12696538

Calling it. Nothing will happen. The Protesters will get tired of protesting, go home, and nothing will happen.

2123d9  No.12696660

File: a952f29b6edb5b0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.65 KB, 129x175, 129:175, fa615dd7d0f072b1deaf596c89….jpg)


Maybe you should go home.

0cd5b4  No.12696681

bump because the Yellow Vest movement is a sign of changing times and it needs to be shilled on every platform in every country. We have an opportunity /pol/, we ought not to waste it.

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbour, your co-workers, tell them that every person who dies in France is a

0cd5b4  No.12696685


fuck I thought I finished typing it, I got busy

from where I left off:

"is a martyr, a victim of the global elite who work tirelessly to make sure that there are no more heroes left in man"

0d1a06  No.12696702


Do you honestly believe that this protest will bring about any tangible change?

f43a58  No.12696739

Why is OP starting his threads with a kike?

0cd5b4  No.12696764


Yes. It's going to spread like a cancer. You're going to hear your co-workers talk about it, you're going to hear about dead yellow-vests, shot in the street. You're going to hear about counter-protests, you're going to hear of more casualties. Buildings will burn, martyrs will be had, and heroes will rise. We're going to remind the world that they're always going to be on a leash until they decide to bite back.

When will you faggots realise that there is more value in courage than in your otherwise meaningless lives?

400c33  No.12696792


"But muh job. But my family life (that I don't actually have but want). But muh apartment/mom will kick me out."

0cd5b4  No.12696813


Well the frogs clearly see past that bullshit, when will you?

618bed  No.12696814


Le Sang Aryen vient des Dieux, honorez-le !

54a6be  No.12696818

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Its about creating conflict which will lead to hostilities and thus create further conflict, the present must feed on the past in order to stay alive. That's the whole point of protest in the first place, like in any conflict you might lose but continuing "French" like systems anywhere will definitely cause White Genocide.

618bed  No.12696844

File: 5c126ca4b7c5001⋯.webm (9.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 564bnFlg1IT.webm)

000000  No.12697276


I remember reading somewhere that it's really easy to sabotage the pressure regulators on natural gas lines. Turn a screw and the output pressure goes way up. I suppose our intrepid Minecrafters could also just either seal the vent port or insert compressed air into the vent port on the regulator or spray expanding foam into the vent port, just somehow increase the measured pressure, since the output is supposed to be only a few torr above local atmospheric pressure and must track changing barometric pressure.

I wonder if this is why we're seeing a rash of gas explosions?

01fa08  No.12697775


because a university has laboratories

281f9a  No.12697796

b2e26a  No.12697876





guize it seems to be a genuine, non-yellow-vest related accident

the building is a biology lab that has been undergoing repairs/upgrades for quite a few months

the roof was being waterproofed with molten tar, the stuff they use to prevent leaks

something burned, and caused 4 acetylene bottles to explode in the fire

the fire was just on the top of the building, they will examine the structure to see if the explosions damaged it, but it doesn't seem like it

sauce: I've seen it ant talked with students/faculty from the maths building, 500m away

000000  No.12698814


>You think these yellow jackets will achieve anything by mere protests?

What is the thing that governments, corporations and globalists don't like ? That people are damaging their pockets. Their wallets aren't being damaged if some people breaks shit because they are insured, and where does the money of these insurances comes from ? The people who pays for it and the majority of payers aren't corporations, they are just average joe's.

Now, how do you damage their wallets ? By disrupting their provision lines, blocking roads, stopping trucks, stopping people going to work. This is how you do it. The more you disrupt them without violence the more they'll be desperate and act violently. The more they act in senseless violence against people who don't the more people will go on the side of people who don't act violently. It's as simple as this.

000000  No.12698833


You are aware that the yellow vest movement is mostly organize via the internet ? yes ? fuck of DGSI scum!

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