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File: 4147196465ede12⋯.jpg (11.45 KB, 208x242, 104:121, antichrist.jpg)

d4cffd  No.12685557


Assisted by his wife, Sabbatai became the leader of the community. He used his power to crush the opposition. He deposed the existing rabbi of Smyrna, Aaron Lapapa, and appointed Chaim Benveniste in his place. His popularity grew, as people of all faiths repeated his story. His fame extended far and wide. Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands had centers of his Messianic movement. The Jews of Hamburg and Amsterdam learned of the events in Smyrna from trustworthy Christians. Henry Oldenburg, a distinguished German savant who became the first secretary of the Royal Society, wrote to Baruch Spinoza (Spinozae Epistolae No 33): "All the world here is talking of a rumour of the return of the Israelites … to their own country. … Should the news be confirmed, it may bring about a revolution in all things."[6]

Sabbatai's followers included many prominent rabbis, such as Isaac Aboab da Fonseca, Moses Raphael de Aguilar, Moses Galante, Moses Zacuto, and the above-mentioned Hayyim Benveniste. Dionysius Musaphia, an adherent of Spinoza, likewise became a follower. People spread fantastic reports, which were widely believed. For example, it was said, "In the north of Scotland a ship had appeared with silken sails and ropes, manned by sailors who spoke Hebrew. The flag bore the inscription 'The Twelve Tribes of Israel'."[11] The Jewish community of Avignon, France prepared to emigrate to the new kingdom in the spring of 1666.[6]

The readiness of the Jews to believe the messianic claims of Sabbatai Zevi may largely be explained by the desperate state of European Jewry in the mid-17th century. The bloody pogroms of Bohdan Khmelnytsky had wiped out around 100,000 Jews in Eastern Europe,[12] or more,[13] others put the numbers killed at between 40,000 and 100,000,[14] about one third of Europe's Jewish population at the time and destroyed many centers of Jewish learning and communal life. There is no doubt that for most of the Jews of Europe there could not have been a more propitious moment for the messiah to deliver salvation than the moment Sabbetai Zevi made his appearance.

f64a41  No.12685622

>christcuck delusion

>the thread

Post modern society is the anti-Christ ie it completely desecrates the concept of rebirth from a natural perspective. Kys OP

d4cffd  No.12685629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sabbatai is the reason Jews are literally demons. He taught them that lying(lieing) is okay and it's the reason why you can never trust a Jew. It's also why they want to destroy Christianity. It's because Christ is the only one they are afraid of.

d4cffd  No.12685636

If Christ is real they all know they are destined for hell!

d4cffd  No.12685640


Im replying to myself…..

They are destined for hell if they cant take Jesus Christ as their savior and messiah.

2f9fe5  No.12685645


jews don't fear Christianity because Christianity is anti-Christ. Jesus would bitchslap every "Christ"ian today.

d4cffd  No.12685655


NO he wouldn't. Did you forget Jesus walked with the scum of Rome when he was alive.

f64a41  No.12685658


>if Christ is real

>what is birth, death and rebirth

Christ is the concept of rebirth and everlasting life. Until christcucks drop this retarded notion that an over edited book centuries old and the story of a Galilean should take place over simply looking outside and witnessing God and the story of Christ in existence you will continually yield to subversions against the thing you claim to value the most. Where’s the next step for Christians? It started with divorce, homosexuality, transgender-abominations, pathological universal love, abortion? Clearly you have missed something in the teachings you seem to stand by with self righteous. Your teachings have utterly lost the concepts of God and Christ.

2f9fe5  No.12685671


I also remember him whipping the shit out of greedy jews. I'm sure a slap is reasonable punishment for Christian anti-Christ behavior and cuckold perfidy.

d4cffd  No.12685674


I honestly believe it's because nothing is allowed to be natural. If it was in our society, We would have never accepted Gay rights. It goes against everything Christianity speaks of. Yet again we blame the Jews for everything bad in our society and it's for a good reason. Its because of Sabbatai and his following from the Jews. He literally created why everything fucking sucks now. And why everything is so evil and why everyone is so depressed and why the Jews think everything is so awesome right now.

f64a41  No.12685732


That’s just it though. If your relying on the bible to develop the concept of this (((Antichrist))) your distracting from the main essential point that regardless of who’s name is on it their are practices that encourage natural healthy growth and those that hinder it. Sabbatie is one in a long list of Talmudic jews that have manipulated and served the interests of an unnatural force that has been gaining ground. The names change but the result is the same. A mass movement away from the natural world to a world that is pure fiction, that uses manipulated Christian values developed exclusively as prototypes for communism. A world where man believes he is God, that he obeys no one but himself. Life can’t survive in that world. The names are irrelevant from the grand perspective, the result is what matters

d4cffd  No.12685738


Another reply to myself…

Jews and Sabbatai reminds me of the movie Birdbox. Everyone that saw a demon would immediately kill themselves, like they had no control over themselves. Yet there were people out there that believed this hell was so beautiful and everyone had to see it. Could they be the Sabbatai Jews of the movie?

f64a41  No.12685743


I don’t watch overhyped mainstream kike movies stop being a faggot and replying to yourself. This thread stinks of 4chan D&C

d4cffd  No.12685755


I don't understand you. Christ followers believe they are imperfect and have humility. So why are you against Christianity so much?

f9882f  No.12685783


Most people don’t know who (((Lev Bronstein))) is either. I’m not saying the jew isn’t a jew I’m saying the paranoid schitzo retardation of the (((antichrist))) and endtimes that Christians constantly use to shift focus of problems away from the actual material ingredients of these problems doesn’t need to be understood by comparing a bibilical prophecy to a greasy 17th century Talmudic jew. If you understand the concept of Christ ie birth, death and resurrection, if you understand the concept of God or at least claim to, if you understand the concept of everlasting life. Then you understand that the opposite of that no matter a person, action or the like is anti christ in itself because it defies this very simple natural law. Of course arguing with you over this is futile because this is a (((good jew bad jew))) thread laced with all the Christian retardation that’s decayed and water down their teachings. The jews identity, the existence of the jew is anti christ because it defies the concept of the natural law of people’s and nations.

>I’m a German Jew

>I’m a French jew

>I’m a catholic jew

>I’m a Muslim jew

Blah blah blah. Always the same bullshit not all jews are evil, the very idea of jewish identity is unnatural, if we were to make a metaphor of it it would be like a tumour growing on you and believing that it’s actually a different person. It’s not it’s just cancer

f9882f  No.12685796


>Christians believe they are imperfect and have humility

Yet it’s that very imperfection and humility where they see no problem defying the most basic teaching of Christ. Birth, death and resurrection

The central teaching of Christ was that all things are through him. You can’t be a Christian and be humble, aware of your own flaws but then completely disregard the essential teaching of Christ and defy the cycle of everlasting life. You can’t use the concept of homosexuality, transgenderism or being pro abortion to challenge the existence of Christ. Isn’t it amazing how Christians don’t even have this most basic understanding of Christ’s teaching but they seem to have got the (((universal love))) teaching down.

>All things are through me

If you deny the concept of everlasting life through the story of Christ in order to have humility and show (((love and support))) for transgenders you are not a Christian. Acknowledging universal love while disregarding the cycle of rebirth ie the story of Christ is in itself the teachings of the antichrist

d4cffd  No.12685798


BLAH BLAH DON'T NAME THE JEW. That's all I hear from you. I hear words and fancy descriptions but you didn't actually say anything worthwhile. It was all misdirection. I noticed Sabbatai Jews are most scared of the Revalations prophecy of Jesus Christ to John via an Angel. They try to shutdown anyone that holds those views especially if they hold an office of power.

d4cffd  No.12685802


>Yet it’s that very imperfection and humility where they see no problem defying the most basic teaching of Christ. Birth, death and resurrection

What are you talking about? You make no sense what so ever.

f9882f  No.12685804


>hey look at this really nasty jew he’s the bad one it’s not all jews

Sure thing like faggot Kys

d4cffd  No.12685811


He's literally the evil Jew that started the movement of evil Jews and why all Jews are so evil right now

f9882f  No.12685819


Sure I do. You believe in Christ’s teachings but you don’t believe in the story of Jesus Christ. So you see like a jew you are contradicting yourself. You believe universal love is a Christian value and practice it but through that practice you defy the story of Christ. You got it fucking backwards bud. Only with respect and understanding of the Christ values ie everlasting life can you engage in practicing its teachings without desecrating the story of Christ

>all things through me

>alll things through me

You use the teachings of the anti christ as so many (((Christians))) do today. The anti christ isn’t something mythological sneaky jew, or some high political influence, it’s stupid Christians who don’t even understand the teachings they dedicate themselves too

d4cffd  No.12685820


God doesn't expect us to be perfect. Neither does Jesus. God told us not to lay with a man like you would with a woman. It's a law from god. I know modern commercial churches are full of lies but that's not Christianity.

f9882f  No.12685823


Jews are (((evil))) because they defy natural law, ie God, ie the story of Christ. There existence has been since the creation of their identity unnatural and in direct contradiction of Gods teachings. As I said before you are simply doing damage control to invoke and imply the existence of (((good))) jews. The Jewish identity since its inception is unnatural, it wasn’t because one nasty little Semite came along and killed a bunch of them. Their existence contradicts God. REPENT

d4cffd  No.12685824


That's where your wrong pal. The anti-christ builds the beast system in the bible and symbolized by many beasts and the mark of the beast and it's the signs of the end times.

a2801f  No.12685828

Kill yourself jew.

f9882f  No.12685843


>God doesn’t expect us to be perfect

Nobody said he did. God does expect us to respect the cycle of life, his creation, the laws of heaven that he wrote in stone and then reiterated through the story of Christ. You take the bible and read it literally which is why (((they)))are using the same teachings you seem to have a great understanding of to attack God in every aspect of life, to kill God, to separate him from his creation. Because you missed the concept in Jesus Christ’s teachings

>all things through me

>Jesus Christ was born, died and was resurrected

You cannot practice Jesus Christ’s teaching without practicing them through him. I will restate you are practicing the teachings of the anti christ, they are unnatural and desecrate life and God himself. This isn’t a hard concept to wrap your head around

d4cffd  No.12685850


Are you crazy. I'm a strong believer of when Jesus says to follow him he means to immitate him. To be like him the best you can.

f9882f  No.12685857


>tries to prove me wrong

>proves me right

Yea and the beasts system is based on the teachings you attribute to Jesus Christ yet you don’t even understand the story of Jesus Christ. The beasts system is practicing the teaching of Christ without believing in Christ. You cannot practice universal love as Jesus Christ meant it without doing it through him, through the concept of birth, death and resurrection. Anything not done through the image of Jesus Christ is blasphemy and anti christ teachings. The system of the beast has only come about because so many Christians practice the teachings of the anti christ not the teachings of Jesus Christ himself

d4cffd  No.12685864


Don't ever say what I don't understand. I understand Jesus more than you ever will.

f9882f  No.12685865


>are you crazy

You seem crazy because you claim to honour Christ’s teachings but don’t even believe in his existence nor respect it.

>all things through me

You believe in the teachings of the anti christ not the Christ now go brush the dust off your bible and read the story of Christ again you have clearly missed his teaching

000000  No.12685867


>a kike and his complete and total lack of any power

d4cffd  No.12685873


I believe in Christ. You're a demon a twister of words. I truly believe you are demented.

f9882f  No.12685874


>I understand Jesus more then you ever will

>doesn’t even understand the story of Christ

Gee sure sounds like something a follower of the anti christ would say. Come back when you can argue your point without your false sense of self righteousness beast. You desecrate the story of Christ while claiming you follow his teaching.


d4cffd  No.12685877


Fuck off Sabbatai Jew.

f9882f  No.12685891

File: a9e4f7cc4c1c15b⋯.jpeg (114.9 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 50FA8301-EC21-40B2-AF46-0….jpeg)


Only a demon and a disciple of the anti christ teachings would blasphemy the story of Christ to push his own concepts of (((morality)))

f9882f  No.12685899


What’s wrong? Are you mad because I’ve proved you wrong and destroyed your illusion of the beast to deceive people with your myth of the (((anti christ)))

The anti christ is the culture we live in now, that the large majority of Christians by and large support. You abandoned the teachings of Christ by abandoning him. You are heretics and blasphemers and the worshippers of the jews. Repent

d4cffd  No.12685903



d4cffd  No.12685905



f9882f  No.12685909


God will throw those who defy his teachings of eternal life through Jesus Christ into hell. Don’t call me a jew when you practice the anti christ teachings of the jews in the name of Jesus Christ heretic.

d4cffd  No.12685911



f9882f  No.12685920


And I laugh at you because God has already judged me, it is you who thinks is in his favor while you desecrate his gift of life. Now go run along and support abominations, homosexuality, miscegenation, the empire of the beast in the name of Christ you worshipper of the beast. You have lost and will continue to lose over and over and over again. Only a jew would cower and admiring he is a jew and defies God.

d4cffd  No.12685926



f9882f  No.12685927

File: 62968fba01fdc4d⋯.jpeg (26.61 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 2179AA8E-E5A4-4EA0-BC27-C….jpeg)


Yea because your a disciple of the anti christ and I’m a disciple of Christ. It’s why your so mad isn’t it? Because I can completely tear away your heresies and reveal you for the snake you are. Every where you go with your fear mongering, lies and unnatural teachings you will find me ready to stop you simply by telling the truth and the story of Christ.

d4cffd  No.12685929



096311  No.12685933

File: b7118805575e900⋯.jpg (295.05 KB, 716x958, 358:479, Alexemanos.jpg)

Thank god you faggots all found each other on a containment thread. Toss up a quarantine, stay here forever, and keep the rest of the board. . . well, not clean, per se. Help keep the traffic lanes clear for a time.

Here. Have the earliest known depiction of Jesus in the graphic arts. It's mocking graffiti from the second century telling someone named Alexemanos he worships an ass.

d4cffd  No.12685936



f9882f  No.12685943


Sounds like you have been deceived. Is that why you reject Christ? Because someone told you if you rejected him you could save millions of lives? You are nothing in the face of Christ, it is he who saves and renews in the name of his Father. You are a trickster and a manipulator a disciple of the anti christ, you would doom Gods creation to save the lives and souls of millions and doom them in the process out of your own self righteous greed. I wonder who could have filled you with such lies? That you are God? Could it be the (((Christians))) that’s claim to practice Jesus Christ’s teaching while rejecting the story of Christ by condoning homosexuality, divorce, transgenderism and all the teachings and unnatural abominations of the anti christ?

d4cffd  No.12685945


I haven't had a thread get this derailed since ever. I must of made someone mad.

d4cffd  No.12685947


I accept Jesus with all my heart. Why do you keep saying I don't?

096311  No.12685950


>must of

Believe what you want, asshole. As long as you stay here and try to keep the thread on track, the rest of the board thanks you for fucking right off.

d4cffd  No.12685952



f9882f  No.12685955

File: 71b558d0b880094⋯.jpeg (110.58 KB, 750x921, 250:307, 1FB66023-53F9-478B-A331-0….jpeg)


What your thread about the mysterious jew from the 17th century that was apparently the anti christ that made all jews bad. This is a half chan thread meant to D&C and create typical Christian paranoia and lunacy. The anti christ is outside your door, ruling your life everyday. The thread fucking sucked anyways faggot and so do Shabbos goys like you that make them

d4cffd  No.12685957


Jesus is coming back bro. Be ready.

f9882f  No.12685967


Because you believe you can practice his teaching of universal love without acknowledging the story of Jesus Christ.

d4cffd  No.12685968


lol I'm starting to think 8chan is as fucking gay as 4chan right now. I guess there is no place on the internet without (((them))).

a2801f  No.12685973

why the fuck is this bullshit still up?

d4cffd  No.12685975



f9882f  No.12685988


This board has been continually shilled because all the same faggots, shills and conspiracy morons are migrating here from half chan because it’s turned into a joke. All I did in this thread was point out that Christians can’t even get their own fucking story straight, whether you believe in the church or don’t it , Christ’s teachings. It isn’t hard to understand natural law

283851  No.12685995


>I understand Jesus more than you ever will.

Jesus taught humility.

Take your humiliation and leave or be doomed forevermore

d4cffd  No.12686002


Bro I have no humility when it comes to Jews dissing my religion.

096311  No.12686006


Heil, I guess. I dunno – I didn't read the OP. I'm just glad there's a semipermeable barrier now.

283851  No.12686012


How are you so sure you haven't been subverted by the Jews.

Your arrogance knows no bounds.. You are doomed

ae2734  No.12686024

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f9882f  No.12686027


This whole thread is a slide thread from half chan, same Christ cuck shit over and over again. Really it’s only been me and the two other faggots in here so I’m trying to communicate on their level of idiocy. Simply telling them the story of Christ was an instruction manual for the cycle of life and they defy it by using universal love to justify their love for niggers, homosexuals and transgenders, international order and all the machinations of the jews apparently isn’t enough. Of course OP couldn’t just have a thread about the desert rat he felt like mentioning. He had to include the (((anti christ))) and not all jews are (((bad jews))) within his argument pretending as if it never happened. Now OP kindly fuck off back to cuck chan

d4cffd  No.12686028


I follow God and Jesus only

d4cffd  No.12686035


My mY…. Why do you think I am who you think I am? I honestly never mentioned half the stuff you said I mentioned.

f9882f  No.12686075


You did though you implied it.

This threads basic gestalt is that one jew is responsible for all jews actions which is fucking ridiculous, it’s not them it’s their maniac leaders

You further justify this claim by claiming he actually kept down all the other Jews, implying that these other Jews weren’t exactly like him. This thread makes the case that without Zevi none of this would be possible and that he is in fact this mysterious boogeyman from the bible that is the anti christ

I explained my position logically at first and then with a religious twist to see your intentions. jews are anti Christian, all their teachings are of the anti christ because their existence is unnatural. That’s the only point I tried to make and also that your understanding of the anti christ is fundamentally flawed because it fails to address that the anti christ is not a man, it is the presence of unnatural teachings in the name of Christ. Here’s an example

>I’m a good Christian if I believe in Jesus Christ’s teachings, Jesus Christ taught universal love and forgiveness, therefore I should support transgenders/homosexuals/Jews etc out of reverence for the teachings of Jesus Christ’s teachings

So here as with so many other jewish manipulation we have a contradiction because you can’t support the story of Christ which is the story of life…ie birth, death and rebirth and simultaneously support something like transgenderism that is fundamentally against ; meaning it literally materially defies the concept of rebirth. You cannot have universal love without respecting the cycle of rebirth firstly because it is a manipulation of the story of Christ. Transgenders can’t make kids no matter how much Christian sympathy you give them and jews will never stop acting like cancer no matter how many leaders you place the blame on. Children will not magically become strong level headed people through broken marriages and divorce. Christians of all denominations cannot grasp these concepts? Why?

a2801f  No.12686094


At least sage, fucktard.

c99c43  No.12686523


They were demons since day one, they were literally a bunch of pimps, thieves and robbers that rallied behind sand-demon worship and plotted to conquer the world. Their own religious books confirm it, they are even proud of it. Christians and Muslims worship the same sand-demon, but in a passive, slave role, which makes them not only evil, but also cucks.

80bfc3  No.12686537


Notice how they really upped the rate of posting these threads ever since people started calling them out, too.

c91dae  No.12686568

File: b3d0fcfa5438c6c⋯.mp4 (2.48 MB, 640x480, 4:3, JewishMentalHealthInJudais….mp4)

mfw you make OC and the perfect thread turns up to post it in.

This clip is from a lecture on Sabbatai Zevi and the rabbi states why Judaism favors mad people.

b3fa07  No.12686579


Every day the stereotype becomes more real in my eyes.

d1c363  No.12686688


Why would jews be afraid of an imaginary 5'5 tall manlet who lost to a single legionnaire?

50936b  No.12700301

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm really happy that /pol/ is finally putting aside its racism and embracing the word of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

da9cad  No.12700319


The only reason why he whipped a group of jews and not every jew he met is because those jews were doing business in a temple in a way he didn't like.

a2801f  No.12700340

>kikes still pushing this shit, mods letting the kikes do it

50936b  No.12700400

File: 27fd9617c3ed3b1⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 229x300, 229:300, Rudnick_Alan-229x300[1].jpg)

>Gillette’s ad campaign gets ‘toxic masculinity’ right. Churches should follow suit


Since /pol/ is now going Christian, I thought I would share a recent article by one of my favorite pastors.


047c94  No.12700510

File: 94fa2fa88396aa2⋯.png (8.43 KB, 350x374, 175:187, DABremy.png)

Learn some real occult, like /2hu/ :^)

e31af8  No.12700511

File: 992c1d5360d9c5e⋯.png (262.66 KB, 659x467, 659:467, stab.png)

6672c8  No.12700512

File: 87ef0ae28310491⋯.mp4 (4.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hey beter.mp4)

047c94  No.12700531

File: 41f4660d2442577⋯.png (502.52 KB, 445x436, 445:436, Israel Destroyed.PNG)

62c5bd  No.12700624

File: 98202b63531d13d⋯.jpg (98.16 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Luther.jpg)


Found a nigger that never read a single page of the Talmud or Torah (Tanakh). Jews hate God, and His Son, and His Word. They were dumb enough to write it down. Why don't you believe them?

You think Jews would lie about hating Christ to trick us into loving Christ? If that's the case why do they hate God the Father? Why don't they believe the Word?

Jews hate God and fear Christ because they knew God. Jews are the humans that lack the love of God. You know who/what else exists without the love of God? The Father of Lies: Satan, Remphan, Moloch, Beelzebub, the Devil. Whatever the fuck you want to call the thing jews worship in the synagogues.

Jews rightfully fear God because God can cast beings out of His love. Jews hate God because their Hell is simply existing without ever having a chance at redemption.

e15bd8  No.12700772


> This threads basic gestalt is that one jew is responsible for all jews actions which is fucking ridiculous, it’s not them it’s their maniac leaders

If you suppose that one of this guy's followers was a fellow named Rothschild who was given control of the Vatican treasury and the full support of the Jesuit spy ring…

432144  No.12700789


>It was some guy in the 1600s that made a plague on civilization.

>Ignore all that earlier shit from thousands of years ago, goyim.

The deftness exhibited when jews really get the scapegoating going is borderline impressive.

c2e3bb  No.12700845


Christianity has really become anti-White as of late.

6a6743  No.12700866


>Christcucks must accept this notion that destroys the metaphysical validity of Christianity

not very bright are you?

fcaa08  No.12703310


Jesus never mentioned it. Paul spoke of it, but he also contradicted Jesus.

4e497c  No.12703387


It’s almost worse.

f9882f  No.12706238


>self destruction in the name of universal love is Christian


9d816a  No.12706336

anyone knows

does he have any connection to

John Dee

320076  No.12706748


>Christ is the concept of rebirth and everlasting life.

You've completely missed the mark. Rebirth and immortality being present do not make them the substance of the message. Either you haven't really read the New Testament seriously or you're importing an external concept and superimposing it upon the text.

>an over edited book

How can something with a highly decentralized flow of transmission be effectively edited? You must be thinking of the Qur'an or something.

>simply looking outside and witnessing God and the story of Christ in existence

Christianity is a revealed religion. Even the New Testament itself asserts that the message of Jesus isn't found in nature. Nature is enough to confirm that there is a creator, but beyond that it is silent.


There's been a lot of anti-Christs. Jews have been doing the whole false-messiah thing since before Jesus was even born. Good find though.

21642e  No.12706756

File: 00dd85997e60faf⋯.jpg (205.29 KB, 858x967, 858:967, trump chabad 1.JPG)

File: 17717345915ef52⋯.png (248.32 KB, 478x323, 478:323, trump mafia.png)

Chabad-Lubavitch is the continuation of Sabbateanism/Frankist Jewry.

320076  No.12706769


>Paul spoke of it, but he also contradicted Jesus.

Provide citation please.

cf4b5b  No.12727799


>Sabbatai is the reason Jews are literally demons

Jews are the brood of vipers from the beginning.

96c0fd  No.12728013

File: 501093fde2eb672⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1887x2992, 111:176, Sabbati Zevi and ruinning ….png)

File: e15aeb2f4fe6b52⋯.png (238.31 KB, 1002x552, 167:92, Sabbati Zevi and ruinning ….png)

File: 166f623fc029b1a⋯.jpg (168.98 KB, 539x658, 77:94, Symbols in jewish tomes.jpg)

File: 46e2b00d7c02759⋯.png (71.66 KB, 1792x241, 1792:241, Jews and jesus sacrifice w….png)


Another anon posted about him and had much more to share.

Reminder the Christian mass is modeled after the satanic black mass. Any Christcuck with any ability to perceive and critically think would accept that satanism has been up the ass of Christianity for decades, whereas some promulgate from it's Roman conception.

You either have Jesus by itself as a Magician, sans his religion, or return to the spirituality/nature surrounding yourself instead of blindly yoking yourself to the heeb book originating and groomed by a torture cult.

96c0fd  No.12728081

File: f3f3064d20761d8⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 199x248, 199:248, 1533094346662.jpg)


>An entire post that links to my post for the wrong reasons

>Shill against White Nationalism

>Even though it's tearing a wedge through boomers and cat-ladies.

>A wedge that tears about the kosher tapestry over the goyim's eyes.

>Even though generation Zyklon is blowing up with proud white Youtubers

>John Tron dropping 1488 and (((echoing))) in his last video

>Pewdiepies Jew jokes and later edited out Jew jokes his young base sees.

>Everyone hating on the forced diversity in Youtube Rewind.

White Nationalism is growing and grooming the youth and there's not a thing you can do about it, jew.

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