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File: 096066408609d45⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 1038x894, 173:149, shaun king.jpg)

529e89  No.12686162

This faggot wigger has magically survived far too long as a pundit (hold your laughter), but right now his own band of retards, "Black Twitter", is dragging his ass through the mud because he's suing someone who's black, female, AND lesbian (a cardinal sin). People have been asking too many questions about the money he embezzled for a charity and now he's taking out the lawyers.

Quick Rundown



Fire up your shitter accounts and stoke the fire of any of the talking points that these 70-IQ morons are worried about in that article above, such as…

-Shaun King is a fed (lol)

-He hates black women

-He's not a "queer ally" or doesn't respect intersectionality

-And most of all, that he definitely stole the money and has been blowing it on his weekly skin bleaching


bb4735  No.12686176

Where do you think you are?

eb7020  No.12686180

File: b535529a9a10491⋯.jpg (143.37 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ea8120794760dfc59c1112140b….jpg)

2b84fc  No.12686204

We don't care what niggers or mentally ill wiggers do.

c2c148  No.12686223

File: c5961f11ce23383⋯.png (263.7 KB, 389x496, 389:496, 1527503935579.png)


I sell racism and racism accessories

bb4735  No.12686229

Bunch of angry racists in this thread.

000000  No.12686233


>stale copypasta straight out of a manual


>i speak for /pol/


bb4735  No.12686247

Stay mad, tell that group you hang themselves. Every police report is still available.

1ad01b  No.12686248


Reminder this dude attended a Kang College while LARPing as a black man and got the highest grades ever attained by a student there, even getting media recognition. If he isn't an obvious sign we're living in clown world then nothing is.

He's what you get in a society that rewards both narcissism and being a "victim".

Anyway, sage for lame thread.

1ad01b  No.12686252

000000  No.12686254



absolutely organic

bb4735  No.12686256

Nothing organic there.

She can stay mad, I won.

a019d9  No.12686271

Why is everyone so obsessed with this quadroon?

bb4735  No.12686280

File: 52a81598fac9d9e⋯.jpg (125.36 KB, 791x271, 791:271, SmartSelect_20190116-22375….jpg)

Here's a hint

1ad01b  No.12686377


What about "too extreme for ISIS"? That's the best banner we've ever had.

7c4397  No.12686397


Let's start a rumor that he's actually white.

c65689  No.12686401


He speaks for me. Go back to cuckchan. Only low IQ people care what this idiot with no actual power thinks, tweets, or does. We face a very real organized genocide and you wish to attack the inconsequential golems the kikes put in front of you.

6f2ebf  No.12686891

nypa go back to cuckchan shitskin.

70021c  No.12687326


>boasting about guns and his propensity to be violent

this is what red flag laws were created for

e3f5ff  No.12687448


e3f5ff  No.12687458

File: c0baa6040ccf7bf⋯.jpg (51.16 KB, 750x489, 250:163, Rachel_Dolezal_-_Savannah_….jpg)

Dat nigga make me so proud!

e156b9  No.12687602


He should team up with Rachel Dolezal and hit the new age convention circuit.


cec5c6  No.12687797


oh shit is he in new trouble now? I know he was getting blacks turning against him over a year ago but nothing came of it

then someone called CPS on him and his kids lolololoololol

This has traction now? What changed?

51cef6  No.12688052


of course he speaks for you, since you're both part of hasbaara. We can tell you and your colleague are new here given your ignorance of the twitter campaign conducted by /pol/. Run along now.

4f0b52  No.12688320


>tries to look black

>ends up looking jewish

605238  No.12688619


We should get black twitter to believe that Jefferey Shaun King is a 4chan prank to trick niggers into following a white man.

605238  No.12688623

File: 6b047f518931d5d⋯.png (189.08 KB, 379x357, 379:357, aehjjtrat.png)

605238  No.12688625

File: d7b0a1384c7a714⋯.png (604.79 KB, 514x670, 257:335, ktsykkys.png)

605238  No.12688627

File: 50f2bee6348a369⋯.png (196.18 KB, 499x500, 499:500, stkstkstuss.png)

605238  No.12688629

File: ad495b8d7d27179⋯.png (276.59 KB, 460x259, 460:259, dgkdklhyulyuilfryl.png)

605238  No.12688631

File: 42e10fbb9441ae3⋯.png (347.36 KB, 584x412, 146:103, uykyuikyuikl.png)

605238  No.12688632

File: fd6d84b16039a26⋯.png (145.48 KB, 223x306, 223:306, styktstlk.png)

cec5c6  No.12689090



sauce on this pic being him plz

faaf87  No.12689161


this. seems like a trick

a26e9b  No.12689187

File: cf0ab8b8d023d83⋯.jpeg (19.99 KB, 390x390, 1:1, KhgKt67D_400x400.jpeg)

60e288  No.12689222



cec5c6  No.12689237



I'm not doubting that he's white but I would like some proof and a source, I know there's that hospital or police report that has been circulated before

000000  No.12689247


Find his personal info and spread it to niggers. Incite niggers to kill him.

8094d2  No.12689248


calmer than you are

8094d2  No.12689251



Talcum X is the wiggers name from henceforth

bf3d9d  No.12689252


I doubt that. I spent a year as Kek and survived.

79e161  No.12694359


He looks very jewish to me, but definitely not White.

27ce07  No.12694361

5d05e7  No.12694380

File: f7d974937ba0151⋯.mp4 (12.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sam Hyde Highlight_ Quadro….mp4)



c48b84  No.12694391

File: abc40c5b21d0bbb⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1a50aec9c3e855f48772f8523….jpeg)


Hank Hill was a Black man. When his son grew up and grew out his hair, the cat was pretty much out of the bag

c48b84  No.12694398

What if an anon posts as Shaun Kang and demands that POTUS fix EBT and section ape right naow or he's coming to D.C. with his 9mm and MMA skills

60e288  No.12694567


incoherency the post

2beab7  No.12696394


000000  No.12702056

Drop this on his Twitter and tell him Abraxas said Happy late MLKjr day.




aka Jeffrey Saun King

D.O.B. September 17, 1979

365 Bridge St, APT 17F

Brooklyn, NY 11201-3816









Businesses He Owns:

A Home In Haiti Inc.

190 Centenniel NW

Atlanta GA 30313-2406

The Courageous Church Inc.

548 Centennial NW

Atlanta GA 30313

Associated Phone Numbers

(678) 641-5016 - Wireless

(404) 461-9850 - LandLine/Services

(404) 805-6740 - Wireless

(678) 427-2586 - Wireless

(859) 879-1656 - LandLine/Services



Jeff King

4575 Briarwood Dr

Oakwood, GA 30566-3315

(606) 264-1955 - Wireless


Raitonicia Dvonne King

233 Spruce Dr

Cynthiana, KY 41031-3805


(678) 427-2586 - Wireless

(859) 879-1656 - LandLine/Services

(404) 965-1245 - LandLine/Services


Kari M King

1450 Allene SW Ave

Atlanta, GA 30310-4344




(615) 491-7413 - Wireless

(317) 490-2753 - Wireless

(770) 755-9052 - LandLine/Services


Kay F King

233 Spruce Dr

Cynthiana, KY 41031-3805




(859) 879-1656 - LandLine/Services

(859) 873-1656 - LandLine/Services

(606) 873-8958 - LandLine/Services


William Jason King

1450 Allene SW Ave

Atlanta, GA 30310-4344




(615) 400-8105 - Wireless

(859) 552-6416 - Wireless

(859) 879-1656 - LandLine/Services


Alma J King

305 Kevin Dr

Nicholasville, KY 40356-1284


(859) 963-6917 - Wireless

(859) 885-2271 - LandLine/Services

(859) 539-6939 - Wireless


000000  No.12705322


02f992  No.12705459


> Sean King is 25% negro.

000000  No.12705862

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shaun King on the morality of doxing people, where he admits he is a strong vocal supporter of releasing people's information whom he disagrees with:


Article from September 28th, 2018

>"If you mistreat people, there are other people like me who will help hold you responsible for it."

>"When someone does something like this publicly and we say, “Hey, what’s this person’s name? Who is this?” When we hold somebody responsible for that, one: We hope that it ends their public behavior. But we also hope it sends a message to other people that you are free to be publicly hateful. Just know that you might be known for it."

>"I had the thought, “If these guys do this and just walk, this is gonna happen all over the country.” I wrote a tweet just saying, “Who is this? Who are these men who did this?”

>"The first thing that we did was just collect a ton of information: photos, videos, personal accounts. Second thing that we did was began to actually catalog and organize them. So we created individual files for each person that we saw there — to verify their information. There were so many things that we looked at: tattoos, birthmarks, moles, facial features, the ear shape and structure. And I had no idea, but the ears are, like, a real identifying factor, and the shape of each person’s ear’s unique. Then we tried to find, if we could find, videos of the people actually confessing to it. We found Alex Michael Ramos on Facebook. After he assaulted the DeAndre, he posted a video on Facebook Live."

a0a5c3  No.12705993

File: 52c99daff50798c⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1585x905, 317:181, Sam-Hyde-BLM-Leader.PNG)

54fac6  No.12719223

He's still around because he gets gibs from a group that is ultimately funded by Soros. This is well known.

145841  No.12719232


i sure hope no one goes to these places to find and kill him

fd0bc4  No.12719463

What do actual niggers think about talcum X being a nigger?

fd0bc4  No.12719479


Rather larping as one.

6834ba  No.12731864


>Go back to cuckchan

Soon hordes of cuckchanners will be flooding this shithole in February and theres nothing you can do about it kek!

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