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File: dafa4b973fd5e98⋯.jpg (80.48 KB, 908x499, 908:499, HQq9uq5.jpg)

6cafa6  No.12686802

Do you have this muscle in both your arms? If you don't, chance is you're either a semite or some mutt.

>The current knowledge is that PL muscle absence is more common in women and on the left side.

>The highest prevalence of PL muscle absence was observed in Turkey in 1997 by Ceyhan and Mavt that noticed the remarkable percentage of 63.9% of absence. Very high percentages of absence were also found in Egypt (50.8%) and Bahrain (36.8%).

2290ae  No.12686812


What even is this muscle for if it isn't necessary. What advantage does it give to those who have it?

6cafa6  No.12686813


>he doesn't have it

2290ae  No.12686814


>like I'm going to dox myself in any way by providing bio information

retard, now try actually answering my question

003b1c  No.12686815

No source? Maybe we should have a thread on the finer details of the white vs. non white physic. This is a pretty good start though. Polite sage for poor quality OP.

d8ddfe  No.12686816

Well, you know what this means:

>Palmaris Longus Nationalism

3ad06d  No.12686817


I'm a Tamilnigger and I got it. I don't think this is an Aryan trait as despite being Indian, Tamils are not Aryan afaik.

72f876  No.12686825


what the fuck is your greentext? you think saying whether you have this muscle or not is doxxing yourself? seems like you're the retard, especially since you couldnt even look up the muscle to see what it does

2290ae  No.12686832


>how dare anyone ask relevant questions about what the thread is about

>how dare you goyim suspect any threat of bio data mining dissidents for identification

I notice you're not identifying if you have this muscle. I guess you're not white. In fact you should post your pic to prove you're white.

a01718  No.12686851


It serves as a means to cast out mutts and mongrels among us. That in and of itself is very useful.

c54e19  No.12686854


It helps in climbing.

303789  No.12686857


Is this like one of those "if your middle toe is longer, it means you're gay" things?

cc9c22  No.12686859

I have it in both arms and I’m 100% white. (Scottish/Irish ancestry)

ec5638  No.12686861


This is also a meme in the art world where people without it are forever doomed to be shit at drawing

7fc22f  No.12686866


>I have it in both arms and I’m 100% white.

3196ee  No.12686867

What if I have one of these in my dick?

ef988a  No.12686871

Only 14% of extant hominids don't have it

96ca9e  No.12686874


It's spare part when you visit snap city

6a9c5e  No.12686878

im italian/sicilian born and raised in america by 2nd generation italians.

i have it in both arms.

e9c76a  No.12686880


Wow. I figured that everyone had one. It never ceases to fascinate me just how different racial groups are.

5c613a  No.12686884

I have the muscle in both arms, but my grip strength is weak. What do?

19ff04  No.12686885


post citations faggot.

this isnt halfpol

c69c70  No.12686886


Are Italians and Sicilians just jews?

96ca9e  No.12686887


Other way round, Guido female+Semitic male=Sephardic and Ashkenazi background

5c613a  No.12686888


The pope is literally a jew, and hes the leader of the italians, so yes, the italians are jews.

19ff04  No.12686890


they got spawned by mediterranian sea farers first and then by the moors.

so theyd get the same genetic makeup as jews, but theyre not jews themselves

3ba3a4  No.12686892


Those are horoscope-tier games for sleepovers, anon. We're talking further proof that races are not just skin colors.

Imagine telling a spic he's the only one without the PL.

95547e  No.12686893


Irrelevant. It doesn't mean anything. Delete this thread.

5c613a  No.12686894


Found the faggot without a palmaris longus muscle.

Delete yourself.

95547e  No.12686896


not an argument

000000  No.12686898

Have it on both arms. Dutch/German descent.

3ba3a4  No.12686899


I posted the juicy bits from the abstract, it's the first hit in duckduckgo.

5c613a  No.12686901


Im not arguing. Just saying you should

delete yourself.

6a9c5e  No.12686903

File: 1c47357c7f18b1a⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 792x402, 132:67, Wrist-curls-with-barbell.jpg)

File: eaecbc5df6a44df⋯.jpg (19.58 KB, 580x347, 580:347, reerse.jpg)

File: 67629229477d9e6⋯.jpg (107.7 KB, 1071x1300, 1071:1300, hand-grip-exercise-2589950….jpg)

File: dcdd54b5867af66⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 889x870, 889:870, rubber-bands-1.jpg)


there's a few things that can help. pics related.


most sicilians never mixed… the mixed offspring were outcasts. the mixing is a jewish lie akin to saying all europeans are mixed with gypsies just because gypsies live there.


no. sicilians are genetically greek and mainland italians are european mutts.


might as well argue that germans are jews because tons of jews lived/live in germany.

95547e  No.12686904

e5f82d  No.12686912

There's people who don't have that!? Wtf how am I even supposed to think of nonwhites as people? Every day it's something else with you little freaks.

faac3f  No.12686918

Interesting. But it's a tendon, isn't it?

5c613a  No.12686923


No its a muscle that looks like a tendon.

6a9c5e  No.12686924


from what OP posted its unclear who dont have it. for all we know it could be prevalent in niggers, or prevalent in asians. OP just has info on some mutt countries in the middle east but no monkey, human, or insect countries for comparison so its impossible to draw any kind of valuable conclusion.

i've always assumed everyone had it because i do.

cd53fe  No.12686934


The study I'm reading is saying that nogs and gooks have the highest persistence of it while wypipo have commonality of having it of all the races.

cd53fe  No.12686939


Oh, and it's also saying that beaners have about the same rate as europeans.

000000  No.12686951

Certified by the 3rd Reich aryan her. Present on left, not on right it appears.

6a9c5e  No.12686968



>nogs and gooks have the highest persistence of it

>wypipo have commonality of having it of all the races

>beaners have about the same rate as europeans

so, nogs, gooks, whites, and beaners all have it?

cd53fe  No.12686975


I messed up, Nogs and gooks have the highest rates of having it, while beaners have slightly more frequent rates of having it than europeans.

The study population included 516 patients in total, including 415 Caucasian, 55 African American, and 35 Asian subjects, and 11 patients of other/mixed origin. Their ages ranged from 12 to 94 years of age, with an average of 42.2 years. There were 288 male patients (55.8%) and 228 female patients (44.2%) evaluated in the hand clinics. There were no differences in the absence of the PL based on laterality. The right side was absent in 11.8% and left 12.0% of the time (see Table 1). Further, there were no differences in the absence of the PL based on gender, value 0.369 (see Table 2). Ethnically, there was no difference in the absence of the PL between White (non-Hispanic) and White (Hispanic) patients, with prevalence of 14.9% and 13.1%, respectively. However, African American (4.5%) and Asian (2.9%) patients had significantly fewer absences of the PL than the Hispanic reference group ( and , resp.), please see Table 3 for details.

5c613a  No.12686981


Your right side is probably half-jew.

5c613a  No.12686982


Only the eskimons dont have it.

cd53fe  No.12686991


Lactose intolerance is very high in every other race though, only western europeans can reliably digest milk from what I remember. gooks have only started to be able to after the west opened them up for trade, in the case of Japan, who completely changed their culture to be more like the west, including their diet, which the majority of their population can still not digest milk.

c51f40  No.12686993

I thought I don't have it but then I tried flexing my fingers and now I can see it. Was worried I'm not white, phew what a relief

deac6b  No.12687002


Yay, I have it. Does that mean I'm safe on DOTR?

6a9c5e  No.12687003

File: 3e44906f9f1aab5⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 286x327, 286:327, 3e44906f9f1aab5b67bff84286….jpg)



not really much of a correlation there in any direction.


those still apply. as does being human/having a soul.

000000  No.12687015

I seem to have 3 (2 in 1 arm).

87cfba  No.12687024


my left has 1, my right has two. what the fuck does that mean?

87cfba  No.12687025

000000  No.12687029


>lactose is just one sugar, non whites still get all the protein, calcium and other sugars

They don't because they shit/puke it all out. That's the fun thing about food: You don't get to just pick the good parts out, you take the whole package.


>because you're not going to be domesticating cattle after a plane crash or being stranded on an island.

Not if there's no cattle to be domesticated, no. If there is? You bet you ass it will happen.

Also a lot of skills and abilities are useless after a plane crash but not for building a society.

6a9c5e  No.12687031


after all your autistic screeching, the point still remains that non-whites dont drink milk.

e3ff65  No.12687032

File: ee974435f05b6ab⋯.png (923.73 KB, 3033x1989, 337:221, LP_alleles_Liebert_et_al_2….png)


what are you babbling about? lactose tolerance is the ability to produce the enzymes needed to efficiently break down lactose after childhood when most animals stop drinking their mother's milk

lactase persistence alleles are all linked with peoples whose prehistoric past or current situation revolves around pastoralism

the European version of the allele spiked from ~0% to ~80% in few thousand years as visible from ancient samples

6a9c5e  No.12687035


try not to reply to non-whites so clearly. theyre not going to understand, and unless their handlers tell them otherwise; they wont be convinced.

9f3611  No.12687037

Replying to myself next post.

530797  No.12687042


lactose tolerance doesn't bar you from drinking milk shitskins buy Lactiod milk and in third world countries they drink Lamb's or goat's milk

530797  No.12687045


meant lactose intolerance

7fc22f  No.12687046


For once I can answer something!

Fill some vessel with rice and then dig in and grip repeatedly!

24e6c4  No.12687047

This is pretty stupid, even by /pol/ standards. Jap White halef caste but I have this muscle on both arms

6a9c5e  No.12687052


lactaid isnt naturally produced.

lamb/goat milk is easier to digest for some, and closer to human/mothers milk nutritionally,

goat/lamb milk still contain lactose, just slightly lower amounts than cows milk.

c51f40  No.12687064


>obesity causing calories

stop being a lazy faggot and then you dont need to count calories

6a9c5e  No.12687068


people that are lactose intolerance usually get painful gas and diarrhea every time they drink milk or have any milk products in their food.

most non-white nations dont drink or cook with much milk. within america, white states are the biggest consumers of milk.

members of my family of all ages drink a large cold glass of milk with each meal.

87cfba  No.12687070


<wanting to be merely a human

>Not wanting to be ubermensch

e3ff65  No.12687073


who the fuck talked about the "modern world" you retarded ape?

8bf513  No.12687074

>no citation nor proof


6a9c5e  No.12687075


>it's got no advantages in the modern world

is this how you judge things? might as well also say how being white, attractive, and having human hair doesnt have any advantages in the modern world either you disgusting subhuman shitskin.


humans are the pinnacle. everyone else is sub-human or an animal/human hybrid.

c51f40  No.12687083

File: de8d1a14f21bc21⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Prometheus.jpg)


>humans are the pinnacle

6a9c5e  No.12687085


>what you said about milk is false because yogurt and cheese exist.

milk =/= cheese or yogurt you stupid monkey.

87cfba  No.12687098

daily reminder us


6a9c5e  No.12687108


is that why you niggers worship us and want to become us? while us merely not wanting to live with you makes you angry?

youre angry because you know how much lower you are than us. its obvious. thats why youre using our technology and our language to try to grasp at straws to maintain some kind of superiority. but in the end; you'll never be a human.

also, make sure you take tons of vitamin D so you dont get rickets you disgusting animal


they avoid the products because some contain lactose and its severe enough of a reaction to not take any risks.


>causes diarea

>most common in non-whites

cry a river, nigger.

8bf513  No.12687117


Post the source in archive.fo format.

6a9c5e  No.12687147

File: 7e7d7c02c7b9ceb⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 950x678, 475:339, 1428939014446-0.jpg)

File: 7b667277bb0d755⋯.jpg (288.84 KB, 685x962, 685:962, allracesareequal.jpg)


new heights? you cant even build what we created decades with machinery we provide you. niggers have yet to build a functioning plane.

you wouldnt even be able to stand up straight if we didnt make vitamin D pills for you.

>it doesn't debunk the fact that milk is enjoyed every day without issue, without being white.

yes it does. as does the fact that non-whites dont drink milk whether theyre able to or not. it just so happens that most of them are unable to.

i know youre used to it, but if you were white, this level of being BTFO would be absolutely embarrassing. i know youre not embarrassed though, im just letting you know that a human would be.

cbf4a6  No.12687168


It's clearly for holding a shield. This explains why so many shitskins never used shields heavier than hide, and can never figure out a proper handle… damn, they really suck.

c43458  No.12687179



on the opposite side of the thumb? if so I got 4

cbd4c9  No.12687196


>if you dont have this muscle for climbing trees, you are a money


cbd4c9  No.12687198




6a9c5e  No.12687202

File: af6b787abbf2a90⋯.jpg (285.08 KB, 621x1000, 621:1000, 1446136326823-0.jpg)


cmon, shitskins had shields… by the late 1700s. theyre made of animal skins and are a great defense against unarmed people and people with sticks attempting to defend themselves from becoming slaves at the hands of their animal brethren.


non-whites flooding academia has devalued academia, hence why graduates cant find jobs. trade schools and stem fields are still dominated by whites.

im glad you enjoy being part of our social experiment like we tried with dolphins.

its failing though, because even with all of our help and support, you still behave and think like animals.

647825  No.12687223

File: 02d1338d732cffc⋯.jpg (167.61 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 3.jpg)

I got 3 of those on each arm, which one is it?

cbd4c9  No.12687237


>3x Palmaris Longus

The middle one?

9a0728  No.12687243

This isn't a piece of news, you can find all kind of info on the muscle. Any medicalfag here?

Archive not working for me. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4596262/

76efe3  No.12687253

File: 58523ec5cb5f256⋯.jpeg (2.06 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 51712345-C196-476B-AB8D-C….jpeg)

What do

9a0728  No.12687254


>shitskins lack a muscle commonly found in all human beings

<no it's everyone else who's monkeys

Mutts don't make sense.

985c6b  No.12687258


I don't have it.


6a9c5e  No.12687261

File: d760594a15443f1⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1497x800, 1497:800, 1431539048884.png)

File: 0e3d3dd17fdac55⋯.jpg (127.78 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1428939014446-1.jpg)

File: a894cff9b69dfb4⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 500x200, 5:2, chicago-prom-500x200.jpg)


niggers have 2x the unemployment rate.


cry another river, monkey.

keep in mind, this is WITH our legislated pity.

9a0728  No.12687262


>leftist trying to be racist

>still acts as if race is a matter of skin

We call you niggers, not black skins. Couldn't care less you're skin has a different tone, what matters is that you're from another parasite species.

a41934  No.12687263

File: 9def11eb6226304⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190117_114333.jpg)

File: f0940e4e6ac9f01⋯.png (58.99 KB, 328x328, 1:1, f0940e4e6ac9f01ec4e8eea08f….png)


I got that shit just doubled. I think the right arm on OP's pic is just covered in fat. I could be wrong however.

Dare you to post yfw I tell you I'm actually a mixed black/white goblino

Do you think I'm lying? :^)

985c6b  No.12687265


Oh, I have it only on one arm.

Is pretty stupid anyway. I've seen many muds that have it.

9a0728  No.12687269


You wouldn't be resented if you brought actual value to countries. People like that exist and make for great additions to communities, i.e. european expats.

On the other hand, you are as numerous and useful as fleas on a dog.

fa74db  No.12687271


>dark arm hair

nope, not lying. 100% aryan here and all my body hair sans my head(blonde), pubes, and arse is completely white

also i'm a product of weird ass mormon eugenics so i may have genetic anomalies. i was born with curved fingers that are almost perfect for mechanical tasks and finger-banging thots. most mormons have this trait.

6a9c5e  No.12687283

File: 2468e3a27abb359⋯.jpg (421.62 KB, 510x741, 170:247, 1398948614352.jpg)


the world would objectively improve in all regards, if all non-whites disappeared. they provide nothing beneficial to the planet or eachother.

thats why they think our land is any more valuable than theirs. "everywhere we live sucks. everywhere they live is nice… it must be because the place they live is nice… it cant be that they make it nice by developing and working the earth like what humans do, it just be like that"

40c703  No.12687342


Aryan doesn't mean blonde hair blue eyes. Mediterraneans are ayran too

a41934  No.12687352


I appreciate the input. Sometimes, I wonder what am I exactly to the point of seriously considering an ancestry dna test so I could know the truth once and for all.

Mixed blood confusion I suppose, my main consensus is that I am a "white mulatto" but this sounds like an oxymoron to me.

And no, I refuse to larp as a 100% Aryan.

a41934  No.12687368


The original Romans were supposed to have clear brown hairs with clear brown eyes. But I always take history with a grain of salt.

98c563  No.12687372

I'm half ashkenazi, half bantu and i have it both arms.

6a9c5e  No.12687377

File: d760594a15443f1⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1497x800, 1497:800, 1431539048884.png)


niggers are the one going to colleges on grants and getting useless degrees. whites attending/applying to college is on rapid decline. instead theyre opting for trade schools and apprenticeships, which is much more useful as well as desirable in the work place.

but you keep on paying jews to feed your people cultural marxism and racking up 60k debt in exchange for a useless degree.

isnt it funny, that nomatter where niggers go, or what they do… it becomes devalued?

>whites move to useless land

>land becomes nice

>niggers get moved into nice land

>land becomes shit

>whites leave

>niggers now live in shit land

>forget it was nice

>unaware of what made it shitty

>whites move to new area

>new area becomes nice

>niggers envious and want to move into the new white area

i can name 5 places off the top of my head that went through this pattern, but now its harder to name a place where this hasnt happened.

niggers are like the unpopular kid in school that gets the teacher to let him sit at the popular table.

76efe3  No.12687381


Kill your family and blame it on the voices

6a9c5e  No.12687386

File: 5d07d88cf61c2f2⋯.jpg (251.25 KB, 1280x1007, 1280:1007, 1280px-Museum_für_Vor-_und….jpg)


i beleve the original romans were a mix of nordic tribes and greek tribes.

b75ec2  No.12687393

Everyone has it unless they are a genetically deformed freak in the minority. Some people have too much fat to see it.

9a0728  No.12687398


>the word we've taken back as nigga

You're so retarded that while yank normalfags tried hard to reset your reputation, you started calling each other niggers and proved to everyone that's your actual name. Imagine, you could have called each other kings.

In my country, everyone rooted for blacks during the civil rights movement: we said, finally these people are taking hold of their destiny and build something. Instead you ruined everything and made a desert around you, proving that not only you're incapable of living alongside humans, but that everything done before by racists was justified.

b75ec2  No.12687400


You got GRIDS is what you have, faggot.

b75ec2  No.12687406


Kill yourself shitskin.

98c563  No.12687415

76efe3  No.12687427


Kill. Yourself. Yid.

a41934  No.12687430


Of course, it's all real if it's in your mind, just like your grandparents did with the LOL-o-co$t :^)

6a9c5e  No.12687438

File: 144203e5209a423⋯.jpg (78.28 KB, 637x476, 91:68, 144203e5209a4236b7ba71faa4….jpg)


im sure you still have extended family that wears little hats and does the bloody penis sucking ritual, right?

0bcb39  No.12687444


>the world would objectively improve in all regards, if all non-whites disappeared.

The world would improve even more if 100% of non-whites and 90% of whites disappeared tbh

044f13  No.12687446


Allergies are far more common among jews than among whites. Many jews are allergic to parts of milk.

t. from an area with a 30% jewish population

e218a6  No.12687468


>mutt detected

send the vans

9bd2a5  No.12687471

>>12686888 Checked

>Italy didn't exist until 1861, after Judaism infected Europe and was preparing to spread to the US via the Civil War.

e218a6  No.12687472


>juden detected

Try to make it less obvious in future.

6a9c5e  No.12687477

File: dd95691ff51aaa8⋯.png (35.3 KB, 493x524, 493:524, Reply-By-Race-Male.png)

File: 0d16be3c65e15fc⋯.gif (28.78 KB, 276x315, 92:105, satracialgapfigure.gif)

File: a894cff9b69dfb4⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 500x200, 5:2, chicago-prom-500x200.jpg)


depends on which whites you left... but hey. the world is a big place and whites tend to not overpopulate, and stay pretty spread out.

its non-whites that live like ant colonies.


mexicans fill unskilled labor positions. trades are skilled labor. did i really have to teach you that you uneducated slob?

>niggers can do what that like

is that why they spend all their time raping and killing eachother? is that why they exclusively live in poor areas? is that why the richest black neighborhood is less safe to live in than the poorest white neighborhood?

you will never be human, and it kills you on the inside

98c563  No.12687484

Hey guess what. Absence of this muscle is a sign of being more evolved. Negroes have a lower rate of this muscle's absence. The country where this muscle is most prevalent is Zimbabwe.


3dfe22  No.12687495

I have this, is it good or bad?

000000  No.12687517


No, it does not mean you are more or less evolved. Africans don't climb around in trees and they have not climbed around in trees for a long long time. Africans hunt by running around on the ground. They have this muscle because you need it to do work and throw a spear and cut meat apart and make tools. This muscle is useful for gripping things. So we would expect to see this muscle in CULTURES THAT VALUE WORK, and also cultures where work is REQUIRED TO SURVIVE. Africans have to do work or they will starve. Europeans encountered the same thing. Guess where slavery originates? Not africa, want to guess again? Look at the OP and think hard about who avoids manual labor in favor of managing others…

4f292c  No.12687542

I have it in both arms.

t. Prusso-Swabio-Franconian germutt

000000  No.12687545




What the fuck are you smoking?

6a9c5e  No.12687552

File: 0e3d3dd17fdac55⋯.jpg (127.78 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1428939014446-1.jpg)


>trades are a year in training, two tops

you just learned the difference between skilled and unskilled labor and your suddenly an expert? nigger please. this is why you cant get a job without our help. learn how to value experience. then maybe learn why apprenticeships exist especially in skilled labor.

youre so domesticated. whites took too good care of you. you need to toughen up alittle. yaknow?

987ec9  No.12687564

File: 927126b7dbd440f⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 764x415, 764:415, heroinkit.jpg)

FCS, just take fentanyl orally, stop searching for veins.

6a9c5e  No.12687565

File: 16dfaa685ea7d71⋯.png (361.24 KB, 892x748, 223:187, 1399439574526.png)


it took them about a decade to realize "cumskin" isnt offensive because people are born from semen.

they wanted a good way to combat the term "shitskin" but didnt understand that comparing someones skin to sperm isnt an offensive response to someone calling their skin excrement.

987ec9  No.12687579


>Are Italians and Sicilians just jews?

LOL, I used to think the (((Roman Nose))) meant gentile too. They're mixed with Sephardic jews and black from Guinea. That's why they're called Guineas.

Of course Northern Italians are ethnic Germans. Go to the Tyrol and then go to the south, see the difference.

0bcb39  No.12687592


>I'm safe on DOTR?

No, because:


Faggots get the rope

987ec9  No.12687593

File: 4035adf6756c74b⋯.jpg (118.06 KB, 360x240, 3:2, shriners-little-cars-1.jpg)


Which one, anon?

e3ff65  No.12687597


that's the level of nonsense I expect to read from niggers, but after all modern whites and niggers/jews are one and the same gutter trash

40c703  No.12687600


what's the esoteric meaning behind the little cars?

6a9c5e  No.12687605


>there is literally no difference between skilled and unskilled labor

kek, nice reading comprehension, nigger.

0bcb39  No.12687606


>"cumskin" isnt offensive

Exactly. A woman covered in my cum is sexy. A woman covered in shit is disgusting, unless you're a jew.

9bd2a5  No.12687620


marketing gimmick, to make the Jewish/Turkish bullshit psyop group seem harmless and community friendly.

d2cbbd  No.12687644

File: 238576355e851cf⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 680x382, 340:191, stream_img.jpg)


>We will now commence the wrist and earlobe inspection.

ae415e  No.12687659


This is exactly how I explained it in another thread, glad I'm not the only one who noticed why they're trying this "smegskin" bullshit. It's not even as good a what we call nigs and sand nigs: Shitskin. No one ones to be compared to shit, which is why it's such a good term, and it just rolls off the tongue.

577223  No.12687666

File: 22b0218f87f7182⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 640x219, 640:219, they thought we were gods.jpg)





There is literally nothing wrong with being white and the lack of insults is proof that we can't even be compared to anything but… Well, I'll just let historical records speak for me.

577223  No.12687682


Left can't meme, they actually ran with "cumskin" and organized groups of shitposters pushing the term, still without success. It's pathetic.

6a9c5e  No.12687693

File: a61156769019539⋯.jpg (94.85 KB, 1070x792, 535:396, a61156769019539acb090b2311….jpg)


thanks satan.

just remember, cracker is short for whip-cracker… aka, slave owner, which is actually more appropriate for niggers and jews, since those races seem to love slavery the most. yet its commonly affixed to the people that ended slavery.


pic related.

they know what they are, theyre constantly reminded of it. they have unending hatred towards us because we are what they can never be.

6a9c5e  No.12687705

File: 0b8dd79ce762a01⋯.jpg (345.1 KB, 1080x1010, 108:101, 0b8dd79ce762a019f16b9597dd….jpg)


its not even the term, its more related to this picture. nomatter what they say to us, because nomatter what we are superior, and both we and them know this.

they can come up with any derogatory term, and our response can always be "atleast im not you" and that cuts deeper than anything they can come up with, because what we say is truth, and theyre completely aware.

6c64fd  No.12687708

I'm 1/4 jew and I have it on both arms, I think this is BS

ae415e  No.12687732


"At least I'm not you", thanks anon, that shit made me laugh, very well said.

f186d2  No.12687742


ahahahaha look at this mutt

e76cda  No.12687744

both arm master race

c2348e  No.12687751


This is why I loved reading frankenstein, it had good insight and messages on love hate and responsability to your creations.

837d63  No.12687754

I'm a happa and I have both.

At least I'm not a kike

6a9c5e  No.12687777

File: f51714ec39c2b22⋯.png (417.34 KB, 1070x792, 535:396, a61156769019539acb090b2311….png)


not only that, but just look at this progression

>muf bo kip click

im gonna call you nigger

>dont call me nigger, thats offensive, call me negro

ok negro

>dont call me that, thats offensive. call me colored

ok colored

>dont call me that, thats offensive. call me black

ok black

>dont call me that, thats offensive. call me african american

ok african american

>dont call me that, thats offensive.

ok, thug

>might as well just call me a nigger


ever wonder why nomatter what we call them, it becomes derogatory over time? even if they're the ones that chose it?

all this research into why theyre offended by terms used to describe them, and nobody ever just says "its because its used to describe them, and what they are is an insult"

its no different than how words like imbecile, retard, idiot, dumb just become insults over time instead of their original medical designation.


theres a reason i made this edit…

8bf513  No.12687789

>zero source

>kikes and spammers flood the thread

>moderation allows this


6a9c5e  No.12687820


>shitskin never held an offensive effect

kek, is that why you had to come up with cumskins? and eventually try smegskin when that failed?

do you even have an offensive term for whites?

a44bee  No.12687892


Damn I love being a white male smegskin.

6a9c5e  No.12687903


>i used a word that a jewish thinktank came up with to "combat" whites using shitskin

>i also posted nigger-tier arguments that got consistently btfo

>suddenly people started calling me a nigger.

>it must be because the terms smegskin got them mad

>not because i outed myself as a nigger

stay mad, you social weapon of the jews. i'd rather be a smegskin 1000x than be a black male from africa

a44bee  No.12687917


Still doesn't change the fact that you're a nigger.

0306fc  No.12687929

File: 569afb8e4dfb082⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 900x810, 10:9, smug27.jpg)



What does that even mean? I keep thinking of the word smug whenever I see it. I don't really mind being called a smugskin.

ab5770  No.12687938

I have this muscle, and nearly perfect feet.

ab5770  No.12687943


Smeg is short for smegma, a bodily fluid. It's your skins natural oil. When you pop a zip, that fluid is smegma.

ab5770  No.12687959

I have this one both arms.

6a9c5e  No.12687962


>actually I just thought it up

>its totally not a jewish invention in spite of the forums and discussions about it.

sure thing. kike puppet.

3f9ba4  No.12687965


That's sebum anon. Smegma is the stuff that accumulates under your foreskin.

6a9c5e  No.12687983


thats for both, handpuppet of the kikes. cumskin is just the old version.

but the point still remains; anyone including yourself would rather be a smegskin than a black male or female from africa. no amount of money or privileges would make being a black male from africa more desirable than being a smegskin.

you know this is true.

dcbbb2  No.12688055


same, I was born from sicilian parents and the family tree is all sicilian as far as i can trace it, still I seem to have it in both arms.

6a9c5e  No.12688066


plundered? africa still has rich soil, warm winters, and plenty of natural resources. and niggers cant even build a bicycle.

you say gross, meanwhile you use our language, use our technology, copy our style, while fighting to live alongside us.

754c67  No.12688073

Wtf is this thread

deac6b  No.12688096


Very nice post 88/14

6fceda  No.12688105


A slide thread.

98c563  No.12688133


> little hats and does the bloody penis sucking ritual

Yeah I know who you're talking about. I don't like partying with those guys because they always make the girls go into the other room.

FYI: I am not jewish. My dad is, but not my mom so I'm not in the tribe.

ab5770  No.12688142


>thinks bodily fluids differ because of the location of the pores.

3c1dd2  No.12688163

so in other words, everyone has this shit unless youre a woman or just a freakish male. wow. sage for not being relevant to anything

ab62cb  No.12688166

File: 062b080b34b1bc9⋯.png (400.99 KB, 1106x699, 1106:699, Prayer_For_Trayvon_2.png)


Serious question: Why can't niggers read and write? I know they're retards, but I was successfully using capital letters and punctuation at age four. How can niggers, who generally have the mentality of an 11-year-old, not perform at the level of a kindergartner? Is it really that hard? Because I've never had a problem reading and writing. I just don't get it. Is the nigger brain lopsided, with a huge muh-dick lobe and diminished not-retard cortex?

deac6b  No.12688174

File: 0be96d8d023dbef⋯.png (92.74 KB, 1050x413, 150:59, frankenstein2.png)

>>12687777 (kek be praised)

603049  No.12688178


It's as if they have an extremely low average IQ or something.

f74ca1  No.12688215

Woohoo I'm Aryan after all! Wtf some"people" don't have that?

603049  No.12688225


>its because its used to describe them, and what they are is an insult"

Well said. Reminds me of white privilege. Apparently we're born with it, we can never get rid of it, and it transcends class and culture. In other words, it's our genetics. White privilege is literally stating that whites are genetically superior, while labeling it something absurd and intangible out of envy and spite. Niggers need hand outs not because they are low IQ, but because they lack white privilege (IQ). It's all so fucking tiresome.

ab62cb  No.12688241

File: 4356ace0b22db2a⋯.png (393.21 KB, 1089x849, 363:283, Abo_Literacy.png)

File: b4ae6799a6aa2ed⋯.jpg (338.64 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Mysterious_SAT_Rise.jpg)


Yeah, but my point is that none of us were very smart when we were children, but we still managed the written word. I wrote my first short story in fourth grade, and it still holds up for something a 10-year-old wrote. Compared with the bargle that niggers vomit out every time they try to write in human language, it's practically a David Sedaris novel.

So what gives? Why can't niggers master short written expressions as well as third graders? Why do my eyes go crossed every time I try to read even a short passage from some no-comma nigger? For an example, here's the first paragraph of this post, translated into niggrish, of the sort one might read on Facebook:

>yo what im sayin 2 u is none of us is smart u cant juge when we were kid but still sum can rite i wrot my firt storie in tha 4th grade an it still allrite for a 10 yo kid you get me? next to wat som peeple think is bedder then most is what im sayin

See how this shit goes? It's like every nigger gets hit in the head with a hammer when they're born and there are follow-up blows if they ever try using a semicolon. It's actually creepy, how fucking illiterate they all are.

In fact, can we use this to embarrass the edJewcational system? Like, complain about illiteracy in this or that school district just to get the authorities to admit it's because the district is full of nigs?

ab62cb  No.12688265

File: eecff2a1aefa3b0⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Koko_Kitten.jpg)


See? This is what I'm talking about here. Few capital letters, jumbled concepts ("spanish speaking areas and chinatowns"), and a general lack of focus. What the hell is "mobile addled spawn," for instance? Is Koko trying to convey a compound modifier? Is this "offspring whose minds have been addled by mobile technology"? How does that even make sense? Using high-tech communications devices makes communication more difficult, but only for whites?

Sheesh. Niggers. Can't live with them; still illegal to hang them.

6a9c5e  No.12688307

File: f289024291f5ccc⋯.jpg (331.66 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 6794830631_4f391d3762_b.jpg)


niggers culturally and historically have done more harm to others than whites. but niggers still cant build a proper wheel or simplified vehicle. and still havnt invented or contributed anything of value.

look at the monkey in this pic. niggers look at a white mans invention of the bike... and this is their version of it.

you people are a living joke.

b75ec2  No.12688308

File: 8dfa461f6495eec⋯.jpg (187.07 KB, 580x486, 290:243, saltine black[1].jpg)

6baf70  No.12688313

File: 3b621e157c0ddea⋯.jpg (112.86 KB, 720x674, 360:337, 4a96cd61ca2ed0c0790a92fef1….jpg)


its basically random expression over all human populations. the only ppl ive ever examined that didnt have it were shitty in the first place, like small light heads and frail thin bodies. ppl that look like they have the chest of a dog or maybe gays. gays have a different shoulder girdle, its all elongated and thin, they have weird necks and heads.

>physical therapist 10+ years

9a1dc9  No.12688315


>>Asian (2.9%) patients had significantly fewer absences of the PL

So its literally nothing and probably shows some ancient ancestry with Asians. Still spoken accent, nose shape and skin color remain the best factors in my book though /pol/ should have a book of all contributing factors.

6a9c5e  No.12688317

File: 8eb9a72acfc324a⋯.jpg (164.78 KB, 994x1063, 994:1063, d6091751ac841538b047e8a3a9….jpg)

File: fdc4df83757d33f⋯.png (198.58 KB, 988x636, 247:159, f6441daa85196710181a1deb91….png)

File: 4333a7c933338b0⋯.png (399.62 KB, 680x582, 340:291, 13347515abe9af7a9f8eacb03e….png)

File: 1196768dd963697⋯.jpg (77.49 KB, 709x601, 709:601, 5b70d5e96b2d126a96b21d369d….jpg)

File: 21f82a4c5d65824⋯.png (636.45 KB, 704x674, 352:337, 21f82a4c5d65824c3734979b03….png)


nobody understands your pigdin, nigger. the individual words make sense, but the way you assembled them is gibberish. youre basically just mimicking like how parrots talk, or how koko used sign language.

pretty hilarious, actually.

7bbf9c  No.12688324

File: ebe068fea2acfa1⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 250x300, 5:6, 1457963050583.gif)


>each and every race would have prospered on its own without intervention

Hahahahahahahaha oh WOW

6a9c5e  No.12688333


niggers robbed and enslaved whites before we ever touched your continent. thats no excuse.

but atleast you also robbed and enslaved eachother.

until colonialism came to africa and cleaned it up, made it rich, well fed… until the whites left and it went to shit. even though we left you with everything we built…

its like a robber came to your house, fixed your car, repaired your garage… and you tell the "robber" to leave… you get in your car, drive it through the garage door, then blame us for both being broken.



distasteful isnt the appropriate word to use, nigger.

also, learn how to post. us whites dont seem to have a problem.

60643f  No.12688339

File: e11b5cb7ff59753⋯.png (141.8 KB, 313x382, 313:382, e11b5cb7ff59753d165a51cf76….png)

>some subhuman faggot shits all over thread with low-IQ posts

28f663  No.12688342


>loses out job offers and college spots to africans

you can thank the jews for that. your entire race is a biological weapon. that's how incompetent you are.

6a9c5e  No.12688361

File: d49b1886f1cee73⋯.png (741.46 KB, 1200x1415, 240:283, 24f6e184ec0a89d7294d41080d….png)


>smegmoids did not bring civilization, they destroyed it.

made me chuckle.

ab62cb  No.12688366



And again. Even when the nog is trying to sound human, things come apart. "[M]entally deficit"? It's as if there's a metal spike lodged in their heads.

60643f  No.12688368


>subhuman fails to recognize when it is being referenced

I'll honestly never understand why you subhumans feel the urge to come to /pol/ and provide a live demonstration of your inferiority.

6a9c5e  No.12688369


>infrastructure built in africa was entirely for moving resources, don't pretend anything of value was built there

>leaving niggers with technology, wheels, engines, and ways to mine, move, process natural resources isnt of value.

how embarrassing.

how does it feel that your jewish masters use you as a biological weapon against nice peaceful societies?

b65fab  No.12688391


Da fuq are you talking about. Africa is a geographically and environmentally diverse as the rest of the world. Africans fish, hunt, farm, herd, etc. in both pre-history and the current era. Everything alive today is as evolved as everything else alive today. Evolution is a selective pressure that works on all species able to reproduce. If your muddled diabetes brain was able to focus in the first chapter of your biology books in the high school you flunked out of perhaps this would be apparent.

60643f  No.12688396


<Everything alive today is as evolved as everything else alive today

>being this much of a brainlet


b65fab  No.12688418


>>you people

People living on the African continent show a greater genetic variation between each other than they do with people living on other continents. Like apples in Afghanistan, the motherland is the home of greater diversity. Thus, "you people" is a completely inaccurate summary of the wildly diverse groups inhabiting the African continent. From hunter gatherers to literate civilizations - African people span the continuum of human achievement and lifestyles. Your ignorance is your own worst enemy, and you claim the achievements of "White" people long dead for things you had nothing to do with and to which you contribute nothing. Tell me again who is the living joke?

60643f  No.12688419

File: 5d715307bc1688f⋯.png (157.56 KB, 454x404, 227:202, notkampfy.png)


<hanging around /pol/lacks, even incels would look like ubermensch

>Fails to comprehend what I said

Lel, why must you continually prove me correct, you fucking imbecile?

7c30e6  No.12688422


>What even is this muscle for if it isn't necessary. What advantage does it give to those who have it?

As another anon has already pointed out the muscle helps with climbing. It is also the most racist muscle in the body, naturally found only in whites but at least one Tamil has it too, he developed his over time, it takes a lot of strength to hold a rusty 50 cal gun on the bed of your equally rusty toyota hi-lux using only jungle vines.

racist muscle?

yes, indeed. As long as a white man has treated his palmaris longus well (frequent hand shandies) he can hang by the fingertips of one hand over any abyss telling goncerned niggers to fuck off, while he waits for a fellow white to bumble by.

If you are white and no-fap, avoid cliffs.

b65fab  No.12688434


> don't understand the basics of evolutionary biology

> ppl who do are brainlet

You have observed natural phenomena which place all living beings on a scale of "evoluted" plz publish in peer reviewed journal. Your nobel prize is waiting.

60643f  No.12688438


<African people span the continuum of human achievement

>recent discoveries list:

>the wheel

>AIDS is not cured by raping children

Just thought I'd name a few of their greatest hits.

9ee790  No.12688456

Does this explain why arabs and jews are so shit at sports?

6e3e95  No.12688458


Wrist curls and all are all fine, but Farmer's Carries (grab two weights that are very heavy, and walk around as long as you can) and especially the dead arm hang (just hanging on to a pullup/chinup bar as long as you can) are really the tops for grip strength and forearm development.

60643f  No.12688471


>resorts to lying when confronted

Looks like your nose has been exposed, you filthy kike.


>effeminate attitude

>retarded formatting

>poster boy for Dunning–Kruger effect


b65fab  No.12688475


Eurofag achievements unlocked:

> effective transmission of bubonic plague

> speculative investment bubbles


All of which have 0% to do with you and your worthless life. KYS after the next Blacked vid you jerk it to.

b65fab  No.12688489


> formatting is truth

You and Black Lives Matter have a lot in common. Your ancestors, who would look at you scratch their heads and laugh, have nothing to do with your fitness as a judge of other people.

a34b5a  No.12688496

Sounds like MulattoMike might be in this thread.

We still remember your sperg out, niggerjew.

d3b081  No.12688497


Dubs confirm anon is being Hitler.


67933a  No.12688498

>what's a datamining thread


60643f  No.12688504

File: 1e1bfc68cdea322⋯.jpg (252.96 KB, 750x746, 375:373, 1e1bfc68cdea32207bd98dde8c….jpg)


You sound pretty upset. Why don't you go be a pathetic subhuman someplace else.


<you are delusional

Whatever you say, friendo.

ed6951  No.12688517

What the hell is a birdshitter? This guy is crazy, if someone has to ask then it isn't effective. Typical nigger, go back to Africa if you hate 'smegskins'(lol) so much.

d3b081  No.12688523


Oh I get it, birdshit is white.

It thinks we actually look white and not peach colored.

b65fab  No.12688528


You would have failed the Wehrmacht mental fitness tests. They would have promoted you from stable boy to pure canon fodder post Stalingrad based on your ability to meme.

Hitler was a meth head soyboy and let the British escape from Dunkirk; copied their worst imperial excesses (copied their concentration camps from the Boer War); and failed to plan for his eastern excursion in to Russia. Why you would hold that jackass up as anything but an example of how to squander the lives and fortune what should have been an ascendant power the world - I can only think back to how dumb you truly must be. Get fucked.

b65fab  No.12688539


Vikings haven't run shit outside of Nordcuck Land since 1066. The North Sea oil field has already peaked. The SS have been hunted down by (((secret agents))) and lost the war completely, their women were raped, their children living like wild animals. U R fucked and need to study the natural world and stop stroking your flaccid ego pretending like you;d ever have hacked it in either a viking war party or a german army group.

ed6951  No.12688545


But birdshit is only a little white unless the bird has literally only been drinking water?

ab62cb  No.12688550

File: 47f900821ecaf21⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 763x481, 763:481, Nigger_Chart.jpg)



8ff6b5  No.12688556






Do you ever stop and wonder, what it is Niggers really are? I know the truth, and to you I will give it.

Thirty-six thousand years ago a race of superior alien beings came to earth. They landed on the gigantic and empty continent known today as Africa, and in their load they carried a big number of dark-skinned individuals - niggers - who they brought along as slave labour from Mercury. The reason they are black is to protect them from the strong UV-lights so close to the sun.

Niggers were harmless beings as long as they remained under strict control of their masters and were not allowed any own thoughts. If left alone in groups they quickly grew greedy and started running rampant and misbehaving. The humanoid aliens who cruised in spaceships of diamond did not like Earth, for it was populated by a race of very similar beings, Neanderthals and whatnot, so they quickly left. Of niggers however, they had a great surplus, wherefore they left them to die on Earth.

The problem is that the niggers didn't die; They instead continued to flourish in their primal ways, seeing as they were unable to evolve any form of culture. They still lived in their tribal villages and townships when the Europeans arrived and brought them along on a journey cross the globe. Only now we are supposed to treat those apparently inferior beings as equals; and if we disagree that those alien scum are equal, we are racists and nazis and must be purged. Time is right for action. We must do something about this threat, for THE BLACK PLAGUE must be defeated! Their beastial manners surely is not the way civilised man lives!

60643f  No.12688562

File: 85d57185dbf5322⋯.jpg (73.77 KB, 512x727, 512:727, 85d57185dbf532210d6c1d5742….jpg)

File: daf62da41bf38da⋯.png (307.02 KB, 452x459, 452:459, daf62da41bf38dae7956ddcf91….png)

File: e9fce45e28d71b6⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 458x574, 229:287, fa61e42cd57359d810404df7cd….jpg)

File: c855e9a86e7c6e3⋯.jpg (218.26 KB, 1200x810, 40:27, c855e9a86e7c6e3dec7b4aa65b….jpg)

File: 64f063bf3b01c9d⋯.png (3.71 MB, 1575x879, 525:293, Siege of jerusalem.png)




I expected as much from the likes of (((you))), but honestly, I expected it to happen sooner. Nonetheless, here are some random pics for you.

ed6951  No.12688579


>"Ur poop, LOLOLOL"

Haha you're hilarious.

b65fab  No.12688580


> space niggers

> race realist

QED you are a fucking idiot.

b65fab  No.12688593

File: 5a353458c3cb365⋯.jpg (39.09 KB, 600x450, 4:3, cargo-cult.jpg)


Replace the tower with pictures of Hitler. Cargo cult racism is a self parodying joke. Hitler failed his country and his people. He is not a hero, he is an embarrassment and an example of what not to do if you want to become a global power.

112630  No.12688606


It allows you to swing without breaking your wrist.

I have it, but it is broken in one arm from working in my youth.

b2a200  No.12688613


Suddenly jewish "art" seems less malicious and more pathetic.

f1e63c  No.12688620


It is as difficult to imagine the mind of the retarded as it is to imagine the mind of a squirrel. You tend to apply the framework of your own mind, and it doesn't fit.

>Why would a woman abuse and kill her children? Children are precious, and an extension of yourself, your family, and your bloodline.

>Why would you cheat people, when honest dealing will net you good will and repeat business? With a good reputation for being fair, people will go out of their way to work with you.

>Why would you steal a car? Just work and save for it, and if it's still worth having when you can afford it, you will feel that much more satisfaction, having worked for what you desired.

These are hallmarks of a superior mind. The structures that form these value judgments don't fit into the shit mind. Moreover, imagination is a very biologically expensive function. It takes a lot of real estate in the form of brain tissue, as it allows one to virtualize reality, to simulate it on various scales. This allows for more accurate risk/reward assessments, as well as methodical planning and scientific testing. "Based on what I know, if I do X and Y, I expect Z should result. I will test this repeatedly, with slight variations, to see if an unexpected result comes, before I cement it as truth."

Doesn't seem like a line of thought that would come from the gibsmedat mufuggah tribe.

>>12688241 (continued)

This is like wondering why short people never dust the top of their refrigerator. It is beyond their capabilities, and knowing that their is dust on top of the refrigerator will not grant them the ability to clean it off.


Jew-induced "white man's guilt" builds the welfare system that keeps the dregs from dying in the streets. Don't think it's superiority that gives many external assistance. Similarly, it's never the smart kid in the family that gets the free car and free computer from mom and dad, when their are idiot siblings that need help. But explaining things to a (35) is a waste of effort, like sharpening a spoon.

60643f  No.12688634

File: 111b83d6344db49⋯.webm (2.65 MB, 202x360, 101:180, Kosher ASMR.webm)

b65fab  No.12688673


> degenerate low IQ race realist

Did your space nigger friends drop that video off in their space ship?

You don't even need (((them))), you are lost in your own matrix of ignorance. KYS and make room for more space nigger descendents. They've mastered space travel. You can't even fix a flat tire on your bicycle.

60643f  No.12688691


>[retarded gibberish]

Lel, stay mad, you faggot jew.

280e7f  No.12688703

File: aa46ad8e9b11c45⋯.jpg (902.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, no.jpg)

Blatant division thread

>OP doesn't post any source

>no sources posted anywhere in the thread

>everyone still believes OP

I thought Cognition was a white virtue, now I realize I'm surrounded by low double digit IQ cattle

4e298e  No.12688732

File: 545b6610a468a53⋯.png (645.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 545b6610a468a53e806722d3a1….png)

I don't have it in either arm, what the fuck does that mean?

f1d807  No.12688741



probably a fat ass

587c31  No.12688746


>while skipping out on obesity causing calories.

You dont get to skip out of it - the lactose is still there, its just that gets consumed by germs in your gut and you get the shits instead as it is consumed and turned into fart gas.

4e298e  No.12688760

File: 19fd9e60c89048d⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 638x686, 319:343, 1461432525921.jpg)


I assumed that so I felt down the length the arm while flexing and there's still no sign of the tendon. I even looked up different moves that are supposed to make it show up and still nothing.

hopefully that doesn't mean i'm a giga nigga or some enhanced version of la creatura.

7c30e6  No.12688766


> there's no jewish conspiracy, it's just dirty whites backstabbing whites.

poster surely can't be black, I've already seen enough evidence of black men waking up to jewish sedition to decide you either aren't as clever as you think you are or you are a jew larping as a black man.

8e0ea2  No.12688771


if you have to ask….

56f02e  No.12688775


So Anglo supremacy then? You aryoids can be in our colony.

60643f  No.12688780


Most likely a leftycuck, though I wouldn't be surprised if turned out to be a jew or a chink either.

378e83  No.12688782


So basically the stats disprove the OP, unless 'white' includes semite and its the jews that lack.

7c30e6  No.12688812


>It allows you to swing without breaking your wrist.


>I have it, but it is broken in one arm from working in my youth.

absolutely savage, I fear for the youth.

if your arm broke his arse must be wrecked, shirley?

000000  No.12688817


> the age of the minority is here.

So you mean the age of white power then? Whites are a minority.

Blacks and chinks are both more common than whites and make up majorities.

000000  No.12688892


Any insults made about whites aren't offensive because they have no reality to them.

For an insult to hurt, it has to have reality.

a79000  No.12688924


it's afraid, get a rope

a79000  No.12688960


>pasty dry skin, cheesy odor ,sunburn propensity and copious sweating, not to mention that terrible aging, puts reality in any insult of whites for their subpar skin

usually has more to do with the level of exposure to cold weather, sun etc or a lack of proper diet. I'm in my mid 30s and look younger than most shitskins in their mid to late 20s. foreign women regularly ask how I maintain it.


>copious sweating

azn subhuman detected. shouldn't you be off trying to eat someone's poodle or drawing cartoons about fucking children, Ching Chong?

bd04fb  No.12688975


those are tendons you fucking nigger

f34b2a  No.12688977



wtf, there are people who don't have this?

000000  No.12688980


Niggers and chinks smell bad and are uglier. I have to watch my hands after if one of them shakes my hand or has contact me with by some accident. Also there are whites like me who have oily skin and definitely not dry skin. I also am a kind of white that doesn't sweat very much at all, even the point of it being a potential issue, in that I can overheat. This is a cold weather adaption I have though so as to not die from sweat freezing. My mother and myself do not really sweat, although my father sweats copiously.

Also some whites pretty much never burn. I don't know why but I knew a Texan white who is as pale as snow but never burns no matter if his skin is exposed to the sun all the time. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but it's odd.

My own skin can burn but also has some capacity to tan. Personally I never get sunburns though as I have to wear long sleeve clothing and such all the time because my body is covered in scars that scare people or give the wrong impression.

362047  No.12688999


Turks aren't semites

a79000  No.12689001

File: 7098ab2d40658be⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 250x209, 250:209, palmaris-longus.jpg)



e3f55b  No.12689006






Oh, and is this EurasianTiger by chance?

000000  No.12689012

i find it very hard to believe people don't have this muscle. what a weird world.

000000  No.12689029


I have a body-type that is very tall, very naturally strong, very slender, practically no body hair, can not really grow a beard and can't grow a mustache AT ALL, no smell, no/little sweat, and it's typical for people in my lineage to live to a hundred years old so you can shut it with this melanoma stuff. Besides, I live far north, where I belong. Not in some place near the equator. Our growing season is very short and agriculture hasn't even been possible here until very recently and the only stuff grown is hay to feed cows and such because it's hardly worthwhile to try and grow anything else.

e3f55b  No.12689036



Want a laugh?



It's funny watching chinks go at each other about how their subs aren't pro-chink and anti-white enough.

At least they're proving stereotypes like having a 105 IQ average false.

>incel subs

Why are you insulting your favorite reddit hangouts?

Also from personal experience, blacks are much less likely to tolerate extreme heat than whites. Whites can do fine in extreme climates on either end, our settlements through time prove it.

e3f55b  No.12689055


Then why do North Asians (Mongols, Siberian natives, Eskimos) die on average in their 60s?

a79000  No.12689067


>low iq smegmoids really only have 2 or 3 insults for each race to recycle

says the nigger who thinks white skin is inferior because we sunburn just like every other race. We're the envy of the world. How sad it must be for you not to be white.

>africans have a natural musk that rivals perfumes

niggers stink like wet dogs, the fact that you think that's a good smell just shows how far from a real human you are.


>smegmoids who can't tan are dead man walking, full of melanomas, your texan probably has hispanic dna, you have cancer

If I did, at least I'd know about it.


<Why Are Black People Less Likely to Get Melanoma But More Likely to Die From It?

lol, now go of and use some more white people inventions to hep you forget you're a nigger.

972e0b  No.12689074

8b072c is a diarrheaskin who thinks living in the equator while not taking a shower is the only thing that matters

Daily reminder that diarrheaskins can neither invent nor discover anything

e3f55b  No.12689078


The hottest parts of Africa are in North Africa. Places like Kenya, despite being on the equator, are surprisingly cool (70s F).

Whites also settled and built up cities such as Houston, Phoenix, Havana, etc. well before the advent of air conditioning, so again, you're proven to just being an inferiority complexioned irrationally hateful retard.

Thanks for proving that your IQ is in the double digits and that your EQ is abysmal and that you have autism (unfortunately proving a stereotype right there, Lil Wang).


>says the nigger

It's an Asian subreddit browsing chink. It's linguistics make that very clear.

e3f55b  No.12689084


>mongols are poisoned by tungusik caucasian admixture

Tungus are Caucasian now? So you be sayin' we wuz Qings?

a79000  No.12689088


>It's an Asian subreddit browsing chink. It's linguistics make that very clear.

except it denied being one - though I guess its rice-based diet could have lowered its IQ to the point to where it couldn't google what "azn" meant. meh. subhuman is subhuman, so I guess it doesn't matter.

e3f55b  No.12689092


>except it denied being one

You think he would admit to it? He wouldn't want the board to know that his favorite subreddit sponsored an Asian male/Jewess porno to "get back" at whitey.

000000  No.12689111


>your description sounds north asian, feeble smegman have pitiful lifespans

I'm Dutch, you retard. Blond haired and blue eyed and very long lived.

455876  No.12689112

>be slavic

>slavs aren't even white

>no muscle

>lel hard as op pulled the old switcharoo on the schlomoids as there are plenty in this thread

6baf70  No.12689125

File: 07c90581723ae7c⋯.jpg (155.21 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 07c90581723ae7cb6f41c35b18….jpg)



lol literally go to medical school for 4 years learn nothing and then just use collective information from google scholar and books lol

>mfw im doing the same thing for "law school" and know more than any lawyer ive talked to, aside from the courtroom procedures.

e3f55b  No.12689148


>those cities were built by hispanics and blacks

<I can't refute so I'll lie like a jew

>girls love the black scent

HMM, IS THIS the0COCK0slate???


>pffff, the dutch don't live to their 70s

confirmed kike-alike retard who doesn't even bother looking up stats

e3f55b  No.12689166


Smegmoid means Asian now? Because WNs are known for crowdfunding white male/subhuman female pornos.

ab5770  No.12689173


You're saying people in Holland have a low life expectancy. Do they know this?

e3f55b  No.12689192

File: 4a49b2f2c3a070a⋯.jpg (309.24 KB, 1584x1047, 528:349, tenda.jpg)


ab5770  No.12689199


>doesn't know what is actually in milk, especially cows milk.

e3f55b  No.12689225

File: 615b5838c27af89⋯.jpg (138.65 KB, 800x706, 400:353, tenda.jpg)


cbf4a6  No.12689233


Learn to read a post before you respond, fucking idiot. The post you responded to, which was all of one line of text, stated clearly

>never used shields heavier than hide

Can you not read past five words? Are you legitimately that incapable of holding a thought?

ab5770  No.12689245

>Look Jews posting shit memes from TRS

ab5770  No.12689249

On camera

000000  No.12689263


Hold on let me get off Tor for a moment to show your my DNA results for cancer risk.

df37c2  No.12689266

File: baf45482ba30658⋯.png (140.3 KB, 1130x1210, 113:121, Screenshot from 2019-01-17….png)

Proof I am genetically immune to all forms of cancer. Also, not a single person in my lineage has EVER had cancer.

bbbea8  No.12689272


>inb4 he gets cancer and dies

ab5770  No.12689281


Mine are extremely low as well.

000000  No.12689292


I'm far more likely to die of suicide due to depression heh.

Btw I've never been able to get fat in my life and I guess I know why now. Apparently my high metabolism genes fuck up the effectiveness of certain medications.

df37c2  No.12689293

File: bd5efaa29492f06⋯.png (36.84 KB, 1032x390, 172:65, Screenshot from 2019-01-17….png)

File: 3cc9d0c2a45cf38⋯.png (82.49 KB, 1059x1493, 1059:1493, Screenshot from 2019-01-17….png)

Me the high metabolism.

18fb66  No.12689305


this. why the fuck is this a thread. op should kill themselves


ab5770  No.12689312


Funny, fat guys don't get depressed. Try putting on some weight stickman.

000000  No.12689316


I can't. I hate sugar and eating lots of it just makes me sick though. No matter if I try to be super lazy and eat horrible (very hard for me to do) I can not gain weight. Sigh.

ab5770  No.12689326


You're a ketofreak. Eat pasta.

000000  No.12689337


I prefer keto foods but I eat a ton of other stuff besides and yesterday ate like three bowls of oatmeal and 3 of pasta (with lots of added cheese two of the times) and an entire chicken and some soups and other stuff.

My sister eats tons of pasta and never puts on weight sigh.

43c8df  No.12689345


Now you can see why "muh parallel universe shifting" and "Mandela Effect" were such important efforts for the dirty mind control bastards: Narrative control prevents new input from having a chance of being considered!

5fee59  No.12689356

Checked and keked, I have it in both my arms and I'm Eurasian.

05254e  No.12689378

>tfw only have it on the right

Kill me.

ab5770  No.12689393


Southern European you are.

>Be me, be part Nord, look at carbs and get chubby.

43c8df  No.12689403


You can trust your brain to this "medical anthropologist" if you want... but...

I'd rather not.

20fde1  No.12689410

I have it on both, guess I'm calling in sick tomorrow because I don't need to work since I'm a superior race.

000000  No.12689412


Left and right, both. Eat shit you fucken mutts.

8aaae5  No.12689422

File: 7b16b74c2f54e84⋯.gif (120.14 KB, 554x400, 277:200, 7.gif)

I have it in both my arms, but i'm half chinese and half white. /pol/ btfo

20fde1  No.12689426


I'm nigger and jew and a little homo too tbh

638a5e  No.12689440


>humans are the pinnacle


>imagine not reading a single good book in your entire lifetime

638a5e  No.12689443

File: 1ad751b3d26e220⋯.png (346.61 KB, 686x338, 343:169, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 153f2716b2277dd⋯.png (75.29 KB, 352x254, 176:127, 153f2716b2277ddb197fbcbca7….png)

i can finally say my ancestors were white and be admitted into our /pol/ ethnostate :-)

a7ab94  No.12689470


Uh… Punjab culture uses milk as a main staple of their diet. Probably an expression of their Aryan roots..

3daced  No.12689553

I have them in both arms, but they don't stick out like they're straining super hard like the OP's pic. am i defenctive?

4ecb9e  No.12689721


those exercises are bullshit if you really wanna get good grip strength you gotta grip heavy things like fatgrips on a barbell, not do gay rubber band stretches and wristcurls lmao

ab5770  No.12689740


>Has never touched a real gripper.

4ecb9e  No.12689752


I have a #2 that I rep in my drawer faggot, it does shit all for real grip strength all it does it make you more efficient at grippers

ab5770  No.12689781


You're either full of shit, or just not actually using it.

Lifting obviously does more, but your grip strength is never going to keep up with your complex strength. Never.

ab5770  No.12689782


Also, not a faggot.

f5c5cd  No.12689791

File: defc0262fa88aa9⋯.jpg (246.18 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, metamorphosis.JPG)

goblino here, I have that shit in my arms. I thought it was just cause of low body fat, never knew it was an anthropological indication of anything

f49e74  No.12689794



Now thats some kosherposting

f49e74  No.12689796

a2b0a6  No.12689797

Three stripes on both hands like the true Slav that I am.

cc14ce  No.12689814

Reported and sage, until you can provide actual evidence and give us a one paragraph explanation on why we should believe your low I.Q. bullshit then no one here will listen to you nigger faggot. You probably saw this somewhere on cuckchan or reddit and now are trying to spread your low tier thread faggotry into this board. Next time put actual time and effort into your posting because this is just sad.

>inb4 palmaris longuslet

I have them in both arms yet I never gave a shit until now, you intrigue but do not deliver as is written in the prophecy. "The OP who does not take cock knows how to throw a rock but the one who does will be annoying with their fly like buzz."

ab62cb  No.12689826

File: 85ce3c045e1c4ca⋯.jpg (141.11 KB, 600x750, 4:5, DREAMy1.jpg)


>t.Aryan superman

904745  No.12689832

I have this muscle, however instead of on my wrist…it's on my dick…s'that ok?

a56419  No.12689842

I have it in both arms and think this is facebook-tier bullshit.

9be89d  No.12689857


Yeah I'm hispanic and I've got it. This is bull.

a7493d  No.12689861


youll be able to keep all fingers strait and still fold your thumb.

I can do it in my left hand and not in my right hand. My dad is black. My right hand is black. I should cut off my right hand.

12b4f1  No.12689876

Had your chance and you failed, stick to playing with balls

12b4f1  No.12689901


You mad? Your dog wouldn't even swing.

12b4f1  No.12689924


>is mad he has a girly jaw

970897  No.12689937

I have two of these on both wrists, guess I'm white and right?

f40dc5  No.12689944

File: fb4d7bd393a011d⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 480x355, 96:71, jesus.jpg)


And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and. cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee. that one of thy members should perish, and not. that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

Matthew 5:30

17e728  No.12689955

When there is no love, none should be returned.

a92ce0  No.12690022


My tamil tiger fren, you clearly have a long lost aryan ancestor.

4ecb9e  No.12690090


dude there's a reason that strongmen use real grip implements to build grip strength and not just grippers, grippers are mainly used to test grip not train it. Also when did I say that grip would be stronger than complex strength?

2fc31d  No.12690108



>have it in both arms

>wife does too

So what does it mean if a woman has it?

b75ec2  No.12690136

So tired of jews on this motherfucking recipe forum.

aa60ea  No.12690140


>not making it 0%

9b2be0  No.12690153

File: 7b97a6c7b5bb72f⋯.jpg (163.58 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 0117092331.jpg)


>youll be able to keep all fingers strait and still fold your thumb.

Like this?

Do I have it?

yes I'm pale as fuck

yes I'm small wristed as fuck

working out doesn't change my fucking bone size

d84641  No.12690157


>reading comprehension fail

Go back and try again.

9b2be0  No.12690158


Whenever I do that and bend my wrist forward it cramps up along the inside of my thumb.

d84641  No.12690161


Means you have an inbalance in your upper arm.

9b2be0  No.12690167


Probably. But is that picture what the person meant?


>youll be able to keep all fingers strait and still fold your thumb.


4bea79  No.12690171


I'm a mutt and i have it what gives?

9b2be0  No.12690177


>mutt and I have it

It was the dominant trait that got passed on.

Eitherway you aren't white. Regardless of having that.

cbf4a6  No.12690276

File: 1a1db611753c860⋯.jpg (113.11 KB, 875x640, 175:128, evotoes.jpg)


So, explain these Aryan toes.

9bdd2c  No.12690278




Sounds way too forced. Doesn't roll off the tongue like shitskin



>youll be able to keep all fingers strait and still fold your thumb.

So basically the perfect muscle for heiling?

33eee7  No.12690288

File: d12a481df619413⋯.png (4.04 KB, 1091x30, 1091:30, 54g.png)

Niggers lol. You're all Fucking niggers!


>Humans inherited the muscle through common descent, and numerous animals that we share a common ancestor with (such as the orangutan) still actively employ the muscle.

9fb5dd  No.12690309

File: 92c12ef51627e2e⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 800x723, 800:723, 92c12ef51627e2ea1e71becfb4….jpg)

8aaae5  No.12690323


poltards btfo

9b2be0  No.12690325

File: 86c15a0cd20f34a⋯.jpg (163 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 0118090058.jpg)


>So basically the perfect muscle for heiling?

So this pic then?

a7493d  No.12690327


picture is accurate …. I am almost angered that I can do it with one hand , but I am half black so I must rejoice that some of my white genes stayed around.

a7493d  No.12690330


I believe the middle finger is supposed to be folded to the left as well

575045  No.12690377


massive lad, absolute U N I T

cbf4a6  No.12690443

File: 728f79fb350a814⋯.jpg (64.29 KB, 748x1091, 748:1091, feb6e89da0ab70257d8264f50c….jpg)


What the shit skeletor?


Are you shitting me? Pic related.

16bb51  No.12690658

tbh im a mongrel and i have it


748a82  No.12690667


your thumb. its a finger

282d8c  No.12690687




>I'm nigger and jew and a little homo too tbh

what a fucking trifecta. your eye could follow a dropped coin, the quick twitch muscles in your legs would get you to the coin before its owner and he could takes his loss badly by fucking you in the arse and you wouldn't even mind.

feels like the united nations in here tonight, if I wake up to discover I'm the last white man alive you fuckers are in trouble.

4c88dc  No.12690692

File: ea7ec42a43239cd⋯.png (296 KB, 500x375, 4:3, i really hope you guys don….png)


>be turkroach

>have it on both arms

well well

282d8c  No.12690718

File: 13e9c8589cea6a0⋯.png (391.73 KB, 743x373, 743:373, nigsawpieces.png)


>What do

excellent, you found one of his arms, I've found his head.

33fce2  No.12691199


That actually proves we descend from different hominids. Find which ape lacks the muscle and you're done.

530797  No.12691230

File: 0b72d4900295c87⋯.jpg (38.12 KB, 500x408, 125:102, 1430811392558.jpg)


thank you caption obvious a thumb is your first finger digit

cdfeb3  No.12691240

>no source

>no article

>no information

>over 300 replies

>literal spam

>moderation leaves it up


530797  No.12691252


I hope /pol/ knows the PL isn't the only muscle missing in some humans for instance the Occipitalis Minor is missing in a third of whites and half japs

530797  No.12691254


half of Japanese population

579863  No.12691288

File: 628db5679f5cae2⋯.jpg (50.33 KB, 850x619, 850:619, 628db5679f5cae2acdd78aaace….jpg)


Do I have potential?

000000  No.12691314


It helps you masturbate better, and considering how successful porn is in white countries, only whites developed said muscle.

2dffc7  No.12691365

File: e204826b0d3b15b⋯.jpg (614.89 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Big_Nig.JPG)

File: c62cec390393082⋯.jpg (153.12 KB, 392x392, 1:1, Golden_Child.jpg)

WTF am I then, motherfucker, the goddamned Golden Child?

Get the FUCK out of here, you gullible goddamned uneducated dick wart!

9c44e3  No.12691377


I'm a gril…

577223  No.12691514


>You will never tie her up and papercut her webs repeatedly

000000  No.12691599


hose tyrol fuckers can't even speak proper italian, but at least they try.

d5693a  No.12691601


Probably due to the spanish conquistadors contribution to indigenous gene-pool of south america.

f8b2e0  No.12692119

File: 7e3b7c57d7d388f⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 852x640, 213:160, hitler and a soldier.jpg)

File: a4c00e12b6ab58a⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 592x386, 296:193, heil non non biyori.jpg)


>youll be able to keep all fingers strait and still fold your thumb.


>So basically the perfect muscle for heiling?

I'm not sure if this is true or not (OP is a fag and there's no source, and reeks of disinfo) but it would be funny if the sieg heil was also a way of knowing if someone's a jew (if it was true, I believe we would have already known)

That said I have both.

48decb  No.12692129


Everyone has a Palmaris Longus

8ac92c  No.12692181

File: c71ec0a690cdcc7⋯.jpg (187.53 KB, 549x563, 549:563, c71ec0a690cdcc7aa36de85c87….jpg)

Well, this is bullshit. There is little to no correlation between having this muscle and being white. Really should do some really basic fact checking before posting theories guy, assuming you weren't attempting to mislead people.

On the brightside this probably made a few guillible polacks feel good about themselves!

48decb  No.12692197


This is why having an education in STEM is important. You're less susceptible into believing in misinterpreted statistics.

You can live without college, but you have to invest hours of knowledge into the curriculum that you're missing out on.

d9f5ac  No.12693126


Well in this case, even a retard would realize this is a misinterpreted statistic. So 2k19 /pol/ must have below room temperature IQ at this point if this is enough to convince """""""""""anons""""""""""""

33eee7  No.12693197


Reminder that if you have the muscles, you're a nigger. Thank you.

564da6  No.12693204

whatever you may think, LARPing is never not cringy

fucking yikes

d8fcb3  No.12693330

I'll play a long. Checked, got them… but how the fuck does someone not? Like, how do shitskin hands work then? Fucking magnets?

328387  No.12693441

>tfw half german half aussieflip? anon that has very pronounced Palmaris Longus muscles

Feels good to have aryan blood.


>saying you have a specific muscle is doxing

Look at this paranoid mutt, and hang them like a fucking wreath.

849b19  No.12693536


I have it but im a palestinian semite

17eb2d  No.12693595


Present, but weak in one hand. How do I strengthen it?

17eb2d  No.12693597


You probably descend from a white rape vic.

faf7e7  No.12693611


looking at this makes me things orangutangs > niggers as chimps > whites. Is that too far off?

524550  No.12699670

File: 0133927d5623c55⋯.jpg (10.71 KB, 255x149, 255:149, 48df37c9aef3a9eba4e89a10fa….jpg)


Confirmed. I am an isreali overloard and I am without the muscle. Us ubermench jews have evolved out of the need for uneccessary parts. Many of us are no longer born with foreskin, to the dismay of some more oversexualized rabbi who rather enjoy the circumcision ceremony

e14229  No.12704816


What is the alleged racial distribution of the presence of this muscle. I have it in both arms.


Same here. Overall I'm genetically 2/3 European English, 1/3 Irish, with sprinkling of other whiteness. I'm proudly "one drop" free!

e14229  No.12704820


It'll help you from ripping it off when swinging from trees with it.

33cfc9  No.12704879


I am half roach half german and I still have a very strong PL muscle.

>white genes stonger than roach genes

3f37f6  No.12704900

File: 0a85da09e15609d⋯.png (90 KB, 719x771, 719:771, distributions.png)


>Well, this is bullshit. There is little to no correlation between having this muscle and being white.

>he can't read

>>12689001 makes it clear that the muscle is associated with the relative purity of one's genetic stock.

The numbers seem to also align with Muslims.

Being traditionally herders, it could be that the muscle was lost due to their extreme faggotry.

>muh facts

South Africa 706 24.4%

Various nigger tribes raping the natives

Iran 732 30.7%

Iran 1,000 22.8%

Egypt 386 50.8%

Self explanatory.

USA (Multiethnic) 516 14.9% Caucasians; 2.9% Asians; 4.5% Afro-Americans

You think Amerimutt is fake?

India 426 27%

India 400 16.25%

Self explanatory.

Brazil 740 26.5%

Self explanatory.

Turkey 200 34.5%

Turkey 7,000 63.9%


a79000  No.12705012


Turks and all Muslim countries have a huge inbreeding problem. It’s sanctioned in their culture, so they are basically all extremely degenerate genetically. It’s a shame we hbent reduced Turkey to ashes by now.

af42a4  No.12705125


you're an elf

889fe1  No.12705149


You have to go back to turkey shitskin

5a8094  No.12705239


Auf nach Auschwitz mit dir

7c788f  No.12705295


One thing I've always been wondering about is just how smart those northern Italians have to be. Italy ranks among the top IQ scores in Europe when those southern ones are basically north Africans and have only not descended into Middle Eastern style chaos due to being supported by the north. How high does the average northern Italian IQ have to be to exceed most of Europe in spite of half their country being like that?

1a9a1b  No.12705313


kek cuts through the web of lies.

1c64f1  No.12732164

Its absent in my right arm but present jn the left

cedaa6  No.12732318


>entire countries are mixed with jews

Jews are an irrelevant part of the european population. The ancient israel was a backwater shithole of complete irrelevance.

d3163a  No.12732330

File: c9ad4c353bad8e8⋯.jpg (5.97 KB, 150x200, 3:4, Oliver_Willis4.jpg)


>mutt kike meme

>no source

<totally not another elaborate d&c genes thread goy trust me :^)

OP is nothing compared to pic related

979a99  No.12734021

Egyfag here, I have it am i white nao ?

979a99  No.12734027


fap moar

22af17  No.12734095

It's only really present on my right arm :c

02017d  No.12734182


>It's clearly for holding a shield

Only if you don't believe in evolution. It's really for climbing trees, but since we no longer do that, the mutation that caused it to dissappear in some groups didn't make a difference in terms of natural selection.

c01473  No.12734204

Umm, just FYI, I am a total mutt with a significant amount of Jewish blood and I have this muscle in both arms. Also, if this muscle is so good for climbing, wouldnt Africans tend to have it?

I think you may need a better litmus test.

209e59  No.12735014


Same here.

9e9fed  No.12737213

File: 8096db3271d9af9⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 845x403, 65:31, Aryan Dravidian.jpg)

Have it.


No such thing as a "pure" Indian anymore. The caste system worked remarkably well but it was not perfect.

ec75f6  No.12737243


I've seen Indians looking whiter than Italians.

f29226  No.12737263


that's probably a deformity caused by inbreeding. Highly plausible if it's a small mormon community.

657e65  No.12737267

I have it and I'm not white, but I'm far from being black too. How can someone explain it?



35a03e  No.12737287

i have it but what is the point?

a408b0  No.12737297


The fair girl is actually from a South Indian city called Mangalore

76e6b9  No.12737376

Im a mutt with them.

Three ligamemes in both arms.

43fc6b  No.12737438

File: 40c80afcc4e832b⋯.png (177.2 KB, 652x822, 326:411, ClipboardImage.png)

nice try

f59a44  No.12737482

100% aryan. I do have these muscles in both arms but they're not visible at all. Not fat either. Also fuck this shit tier thread. Some halfchan level stuff.

2a4084  No.12737554


Your fucking picture points to a tendon


9a8757  No.12737746

File: 201dba55cc46b0e⋯.jpg (62.16 KB, 639x580, 639:580, 1546159741169.jpg)

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