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File: cb84be24276e19b⋯.jpg (403 KB, 1542x1349, 1542:1349, 2f698fc931914f2b9779f2bfae….jpg)

File: 72b6d788d3cb0f0⋯.jpg (172.99 KB, 2987x1680, 2987:1680, 1000f00488dd4171981c5fe625….jpg)

File: 53d23db10ddba92⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6ab0d5369ef34b93bbf03b33a3….png)

c80c4c  No.12687186

Losing the Culture War

We're losing the most important war, and that's the culture war. The power driving the left's momentum right now is staggering. They currently control:

� Academia

� Tech

� All social media

� Payment processors and credit cards

They are leveraging every advantage they have:

� All levels of academia from K through college are indoctrinating our children to believe that republicans/conservatives are the scourge and excrement of the known universe. With each passing year, more and more of these millennials reach voting age while the oldest of our generation die

� Social media and tech are monopolized by leftists like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sundar Pichai of Google, Susan Wojcicki of YouTube, and Jack Conte of Patreon, all of whom have cultivated leftist monocultures within their organizations. With unfathomable power to silence dissent and change our culture at their fingertips, they continue to suppress non-left-leaning speech all across the internet

� Payment processors like PayPal and Stripe routinely ban high-profile conservatives from their platform. And if the payment processors don't get them, Mastercard does

This is massive territory that the left has claimed and you can see the effects that it's having on our culture right now:

� The latest incident in wokeness can be attributed to Gillette with their ad that uses a broad brush to paint men as harassers and general misogynists. In any other timeline, such an ad would have been a very bold move, especially for a company with such a large male customer base, but it is likely that Gillette were coaxed out of their shell thanks a perceived political climate cultivated on Twitter where progressive ideals have taken over the mainstream. However, it backfired on them as soon as the dislikes started rolling in ten-to-one on YouTube, one of the last social media services that remain mostly untouched by algorithms that favor left-leaning content. This thrashing didn't last for long, though, as dislikes and comments critical of the ad were deleted until the ratio gradually narrowed to two-to-one three days later. This tells us that YouTube isn't far behind in implementing AI to protect left-leaning content that fails to stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

� For past incidents, we can look to the companies that dropped their advertisers and discount programs whenever David Hogg would take to Twitter with a tweet that amasses 100-200k likes and retweets. With approval numbers like this, companies are quick to buckle under pressure in fear of losing customers in a PR disaster

Sadly, I don't know what can be done between now and November 2020 to reverse this defeat. Republicans had the house and senate in the first two years of Trump's administration, but squandered every opportunity to pull the reins on social media. They have held numerous hearings with social media CEOs over the topic of suppression of conservative views on their platforms, but, each and every time, the hearings consisted of nothing more than a bunch of old men who know nothing about technology asking softball questions while the social media CEOs talk circles around them.

Now with the 2018 midterms behind us, it would be impossible for an internet bill of rights to make its way past the dem-controlled house. With Ocasio-Cortez's tweets oftentimes amassing hundreds of thousands of likes within a 24-hour period, a ratio that not even POTUS could dream of reaching, would anyone expect them to give up the power they currently wield on social media?

So, basically, I think the future is bleak for anyone who doesn't lean to the left. Unless Trump can legislate tech and social media reform through the federal court, we're all going to be dead in the water when 2020 comes around. So does anyone care to white pill me here? Because I am feeling pretty black pilled.

d9bb22  No.12687210

Fuck off.

ef85ef  No.12687213

It is all an elaborate stage play. Trump is a liar and a cuck, giving just barely enough redmeat to keep the Zogged boomers in stasis, without actually accomplishing anything of substance. Social media and commercial entertainment is a dead end waste of time. The only solution is becoming as strong, clear, and brave as you can, as we descend into the final days of empire. There is no political or social solution, but the problem will solve itself when the lights go out.

7ce7dc  No.12687233

I am tired of you faggots actually giving anshit about the corporatiat globhomo advertising products.

If gilette came out and said all whites must suck BBC for jamal, i wouldnt even blink let alone post a thread about it. Who the fuck cares? Arent there bigger issues? Why are you still holding onto the tails of consumerism? None of this matters. Stop thinking you will somehow get the public on your side by writing op ed pieces on sjw culture. Its fuckin pointless. Go out and better yourself and your immediate surroundings.

8eaa8d  No.12687252


I agree. Any investment in this system is willfully demoralizing yourself and obsessing about it doesn't help.

9895e6  No.12687268


Im not going to offer a white pill, but a possible solution

Every elite knows the demographics. They simply have to ride out the wave of discontent. No one wants to invest in "Whites Inc." because it is a failing business model. Hedonism and nihilism are rampant from small towns in West Virginia to the university cities.

There are 2 solutions; the first one is difficult, but likely to work over the coming decades.

1. Transcend simple populism. Again, the political, social and economic elites know the graphs as well as we do. Counter Culture that started with memes and owning the libs is not enough. Disdain is not enough. Too many people are checking out of society, leaving only our favorite merchants in control. The right needs to provide a vision for the future that is not McDonalds/Walmart World; a vision that is not current modernity.

This means no paranoia of the future, as bleak as it is, while not seeking to resurrect a dead past. The right needs to become a counter culture that cant be stopped, only reasoned with. Otherwise, every room temp IQ will gang up for their very survival. It worked against Germany and they had some of the toughest people and greatest minds. Train and lead impressionable young people. Inspire them to give a damn about honoring the past and sacrificing for the future.

The right refuses to provide firm ethics for the here and now. And anyone not a Boomer is starving for it. Our civilization gobbles up the poison of modern life because there isn't any wholesome food left. Just look at Catholic Twitter and its growth over the past few years. Even as cucked as the Church is, its less damaging than modernity.

9895e6  No.12687280


2. Accelerate and hope that the cards come out on our side. It is childish and pins all the hopes of mankind on a fucking dice roll. But even here, those who survive the ashheap will need to form and honor alliance with people we hate. Otherwise we get 1945 Berlin'd

a6458f  No.12687293

File: 8927ca2d74e41d6⋯.jpg (669.46 KB, 4256x2832, 266:177, 2.jpg)



Why not both?

Become the counterculture that burns this rotten structure down.

6f75e1  No.12687295


<We're losing the most important war, and that's the culture war. The power driving the left's momentum right now is staggering.

Nope. The intense push from the "left" is nothing more than a reaction to the fact that their power and control diminishes as each day passes. If they were actually winning, they wouldn't be pumping out such a large amount of over-the-top propaganda, nor would they be shilling here, there, and everywhere 24/7.

Now, you know what you should do? Take your (1), and shove it back up your ass.

05c6f3  No.12687313

Was there even a culture war in the past? I though people just swallowed state media and Hollywood productions blindly before the Internet gave all sides a platform?

207812  No.12687315


Blackedpill shilling. Sage and report the vile jizz-gobbling goblin that OP is.

9895e6  No.12687316


I guess I'm going to waltz on over to mom and pop store, talk with my non-druggie high school friend who runs the shop like his father and his father before him. Talk about my work in the factory just down the road from where my father worked for 25 years before getting his pension.

Then I can go to the non-cucked church and worship like my parents and their parents did.

The prewar past is dead. We killed it by listening to the jew and doing his bidding. The peaceful solution would require an enduring culture built from the ground up. Taking from the past is simple, but 2019 isnt 1909. Adapt what can be used and what has endured since before firearms were invented and discard what is only going to become dead weight.


Possible, but would require the resources of both plans. We simply dont have that time, energy or money to implement both at this time. The demographic clock is ticking

191cf4  No.12687321


it's called the past because it's dead but maybe i'm just not thinking hard enough

a50d3d  No.12687327


>we're losing!

Have you actually been anywhere online that's filled with teenagers? It's becoming popular to be a national socialist among the youth.

a6458f  No.12687346

File: 3fa8842e9d0fdc8⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 500x280, 25:14, CFG.gif)


We don't have resources at all. We are the oppressed underclass in this judaized society.

All we have are passionate and dedicated individuals. I believe that we must strike out at this monstrous regime in any way we can. Other believe that we must maintain good optics and solve our problems peacefully.

Therefore, each perspective should try to solve the problems that affect our race in the manners in which they believe they will have the greatest effect.

Violent organizations need a culture of resistance in order to operate. And a culture of resistance needs people willing to conduct political action to change policies.

d82b8a  No.12687357


Im on one right now

1ec76b  No.12687360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8eaa8d  No.12687405



100% this.

larpers cut their feet out from under them by not understanding how fucking psyops and propaganda works.

9895e6  No.12687431


Preaching to the choir. Fortunately for us, (((they))) have made a system which nearly every modern person who isn't in finance or directly benefits from rootless internationalism. For fucks sake, even nigs know this age is fucked, though for different reasons than we do.

The right needs a message of hope. Something that says "For all the misery and pain of life, it is worth living because of X. You should care about the traditions of our ancestors because of Y. We should sacrifice for our descendants because of Z."

Religion is good at this, but thanks to our skeptic and cynical world, normies don't generally believe in gods, heroes and the divine. It would need to be coupled with something to form a positive lifestyle instead of just sarcastic memes, smoking pot and engaging in meaningless sex. I honestly dont know what that would be, but it would provide an acceptable frame of reference for past, present and future.

The fucking jew has framed our past as racism being the original sin. The present is atonement for sins and living in pain because "muh reparations/ social justice". The future is atomized individuals living in a worldwide, flat, undifferentiated monoculture of sex but no kids, drugs but no deeper meaning, and endemic violence that solves nothing.

e1815f  No.12687451

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We lost platforms, but never the culture war. A lot of their media is failing because no one is willing to watch their bad propaganda anymore. Shoahsploitation films like Welcome to Mawren, Hatred, and Overlord failed in theaters. It's gotten so bad that leftist propagandists are resort to Streaming Services like Netflix and film re-releases like Schindler's List.


It was more decentralized back in the pre-internet days. They didn't watch Hollywood films at the time since it was designed for elitist Jews who made propaganda. The majority of masses watched independent films like Mad Max, Hard Boiled, The Passion of Christ, and The Terminator instead.

William Pierce was able to host a popular radio show publicly and states were able to choose their own TV shows.

Nowadays, leftists are trying to centralize everything so that they can curate that content easily. They try to lure people in with oversimplified alternatives (see: discord, patreon, netflix, uber, and the UE4 marketplace), kill/weaken existing centrist competitors, and restrict content the moment their service becomes popular.


I'm Catholic and it's been a good antidote to the poz. It teaches you to live without the useless crap that leftists push onto you. Attending 1-5 hours of mass every week is more worthwhile than >12 hours per day on Netflix binging.

e399b4  No.12687474



Assuming you're not a (((shill))) you have to take into account not everyone is as "woke" to the situation. It took me several years to face up to the JQ.

8eaa8d  No.12687482

ALSO the system is too big for one individual or even a collection of individuals to effect directly. When they try it often gets flipped against them. Therefore any movement needs to be accompanied with a memetic or ethical complex.


White Genocide




White Supremacy


These are all buzzwords with meme complexes attached to them.

The foundation has to be laid in the general population before industrious individuals take the next step.

The best thing whites can shoot for is a form of white separatism and a cultural renaissance. A new in group bias needs to be formed and we certainly do not have that now.

a6458f  No.12687489


>It would need to be coupled with something to form a positive lifestyle instead of just sarcastic memes, smoking pot and engaging in meaningless sex. I honestly dont know what that would be, but it would provide an acceptable frame of reference for past, present and future.

Racial survival 'ill do. At least, I believe so.

We evolved to hold our families and tribes in the highest esteem. This is why despite billions of dollars in race mixing propaganda and the System implimenting policies geared to benefit those who race-mix, racial mixing is still nowhere near what it would need to be in order to destroy our race.

The jews are right about one thing; Within every White man and woman is a racial nationalist waiting to be unleashed. We must become the match the ignites this natural and healthy nationalism.

e399b4  No.12687493


>a reaction to the fact that their power and control diminishes as each day passes

This. Seriously, today is nothing like 2012, and I live in fucking Canada so we're extra pozzed.

15579f  No.12687494



>muh conservative views

While I’m not sure you are in the right place, you are correct. We are desperately losing the culture war, and i don’t know if it can be won at this point. We may have to cut our losses and abandon everyone who does not stand with us.

8eaa8d  No.12687496


I consider the JQ a fucking misdirection of energy in saving the european gene pool from extinction because it looks outward to solve outward shit instead of fixing our own problems as a race and culture.


Like that fucking idiot who shot up that synagogue. Yeah, what a great victory for white people.

e399b4  No.12687499


>I'm Catholic and it's been a good antidote to the poz.

I went back to the Church about four years ago. They've been there before, God always wins.

e399b4  No.12687501


>JQ a fucking misdirection

Then you're a shill. Filtered.

8eaa8d  No.12687524


Yup, keep telling yourself that and wondering why the situation keeps getting worse.

Shitty strategy.

e399b4  No.12687528

File: a60d532ac641a21⋯.jpg (81.89 KB, 558x373, 558:373, jewtube.jpg)


Keep telling yourself that.

77cf0e  No.12687540


I even normalfags are getting tired of (((liberalism))) which is shoved down their throats. You can see this in reaction against Poz Wars, vidya and the latest Gillette ad.

000000  No.12687543


>some event no one even remembers or ever cared about.

>muh optics

Another retard who doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

e399b4  No.12687546


>Oy vey, we are desperately losing the culture war, fellow white people

So, what, is there a tape of BiBi skullfucking a Palestinian boy? Shilling has gone from somewhat sophisticated to "throw any and all shit we have, this is it" since New Year's.

e1815f  No.12687553



If anything, it's motivates me to fight harder. The fact that there's a lot at stake when it comes to proclaiming the truth indicates that we're fighting for something valuable and worthwhile in the long run. The opposition isn't fair with you, but life was never fair to begin with. It's up to you to reach the top so that you can purge those unfair people for good.


You're thinking way too far ahead without thinking about the initial steps. A cultural renaissance can't be created if there aren't funds provided and separatism can't happen if there isn't political power. Do everything to can to amass those two variables and it'll be easy to accomplish.

7753d6  No.12687555

File: d676a0f722f5de3⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2908x896, 727:224, 1522936738575.png)


Accelerationism is the only way. I really want people to start getting together, but until shit gets so bad that people are mad and uncomfortable, we will just keep sitting here shitposting. Nobody is organizing (I am speaking from the American perspective, the Yellow Vests are heroes over in Evropa) some people are arming themselves and /SIG/ which is great for the moment, but without political representation (which we will never get) we are doomed. I am afraid that Trump is the worst thing ever because he is pacifying the conservatives without doing anything to right the trajectory of this country. We need a financial meltdown or a government push for gun grabbing or both to really have any chance of returning America to its former glory.

000000  No.12687558


>aye, people hate liberalism

>that must mean they're ready for niggerdeath

>muh nigger IQ can't understand the difference between infighting from the left and actual resurgence of white nationalism

And you wonder why your movement is failing.

886e2c  No.12687563


This. Racial nationalism is pretty much biological, it's only suppressed via brainwashing and disgusting propaganda. We'd be surrounded by mutts if this weren't the case.

3ead25  No.12687573

File: fa219be8ca29446⋯.jpg (136.81 KB, 700x799, 700:799, before after.jpg)


This anon gets it

57b7a0  No.12687576


the reason we're losing is because they control the currency and manipulate it to accomplish all of their goals:


The Federal Reserve conjuring money out of thin air and giving it to 'minorities' caused the 2008 financial crisis,

through "loan affirmative action", a.k.a. race-based wealth redistribution turbo-communist style.

This event was the greatest redistribution of wealth in history, along arbitrary racial lines at that, to the tune of about $50 TRILLION moved.

That much manipulation becomes meaningless in terms of dollars because that much money changes anything the manipulators want, it changes the meaning of the currency completely.

And they still keep doing it to this day, and have even expanded the scope of the loans beyond real estate to cars, or whatever else.

You can't call yourself 'informed' if you heard about this and didnt look into it, so watch the report in the link or admit you're totally ignorant about politics, business, and everything else.

Not only did this massive scam cause people with money they actually earned to lose their homes and cash because 'minorities' were driving up the prices with conjured money,

but they crashed the stock market further destroying the investments of hard working people who actually earned what they had.

In addition they took the opportunity to make more regulations to give them more power over the economy and propagate 'affirmative action' deeper into society.

If you wholeheartedly believe this was some kind of accident, that this wasn't planned from beginning to end, there's no other way to put it, you're a fucking retard.

Learn how the world really works. The central bank funnels money into businesses that help its social engineering agenda, and drives the rest out of business with bubbles, regulation, lawfare, etc.

They make sure that greed always works in their favor.

This will never end until we take up arms and depose the central bank; this time it will make the past communist death toll a drop in the ocean.

886e2c  No.12687580


Holy shit, I hope this comment wasn't bunk, this put a huge smile on my face.

77cf0e  No.12687585


I know you're a shill and I shouldn't bother, but normalfags don't have to understand everything. They hate the fruits of the labour of Jews. That's good enough. Besides, it's not niggerdeath that is of the utmost importance, but kikedeath. Once kikes are gone, it's relatively easy to unfuck our countries.

e1815f  No.12687609


I think it's a good thing since it weeds out non-committed and low IQ types from those who are motivated to succeed.


Nah, they're not claiming that they're "ebul genocidal natzees" from criticizing the P&G/Gillete ad. They claim that it's the first fundamental step in seeing that the left lies.

How can you claim that "Toxic Masculinity" is bad for making men violent and emotionless when your publication also praises left-wing violence while mocking right-wingers for feeling emotionally distressed (see: Crying Nazi)? As people inevitably find more double standards from the left, they will eventually realize that it's better to preserve their own ethnic interests than pointlessly sacrifice it for those who will always resent them.

e772a6  No.12687614


I call it manufactured scarcity, and given the terms of sexual selection, it seems it's been propped up as a eugenics boogeyman that can be tuned to influencing the evolution of humans.

0ccb3b  No.12687615

e1815f  No.12687619


There's a webm of 8 year olds performing roman salutes as a result of PDP having a higher sub count than T-series, I would post it here but kikes would relentlessly harass and dox them.

43ff30  No.12687627

>>12687555 (checked)

This anon is right, the thing the world powers fear the most is a true, organic revolution in the US. It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: WW3 may very well be started as a false flag to prevent an American uprising. It's why they've been pushing for demographic change and the erosion of culture so hard, it prevents people from banding together.

9895e6  No.12687642



Not good enough. You only need to look at the Charlottesville fallout to realize this. Pretty weak by /pol/ standards, and the normies were against it with every fiber of their being.

A good example of a solution might be George Rockwell. Even donated to Malcolm X because they both understood what the modern world held for their respective peoples. Its why they were both killed. I might be more diplomatic on the terms of the Jew (bankers, war profiteers, mass media executives etc.), but using coalition ethnic groups to crush the ones that stray out of line is exactly how our opponents run things. Fear of the other. Its natural and stupidly effective.

A vision of the future that benefits every group, a confederacy of nations so to speak, is what is likely to garner the broadest support.

36a305  No.12687671

File: fc4dcf23b6fe22f⋯.jpg (111.52 KB, 754x588, 377:294, merchant says.jpg)


>I consider the JQ a fucking misdirection

5b8ad4  No.12687686


This and checked.

ee3825  No.12687716

File: 606f47b8578814e⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 256x192, 4:3, giphy.gif)

>modernity is degenerate

>modernity is decaying the minds and hearts of society

>let me go to mass ceremony performed under a pope stating europe has a moral obligation to immigrants

>the cult of abraham is surely the way to reclaiming glory

e1815f  No.12687723


>citing a jewish publication as proof

Keep in mind that the majority of them are willing to push their own interests in favor of others.

e1815f  No.12687730


Confirmed for not attending mass at all. 2/10 for trying

ded6a0  No.12687736

36a305  No.12687747

File: d4e644e7fcecec5⋯.jpg (177.94 KB, 1024x704, 16:11, Saving Europe one nigger a….jpg)


Are you implying the pope is not pro rapefuge???

ee3825  No.12687749


I did it once to taste the blood of Jesus. The congregation was a mixture of guilt ridden Italians, Hispanic, and I was the only Northern European.

a6458f  No.12687755

File: c89aecabb54c541⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 992x594, 496:297, 1.jpg)


>the normies were against it with every fiber of their being.

14% of Americans polled agreed with the Alt-Right's arguments at Charlottesville

Normies were not opposed to them. Antifa, bussed in from hundreds of miles away were.

>A vision of the future that benefits every group, a confederacy of nations so to speak, is what is likely to garner the broadest support.

I understand what you're saying here. I have no problem with giving the Palestinians Palestine and leaving them alone to rule their land however they see fit. I do not want to conquer anyone. All I want is to be left alone.

That said, I see no way that we can possibly work with nationalists of other races to defeat the psychotic jews trying to kill us all. Most Black nationalists are unreasonable and want to drive us out of our land after fleecing us for everything we've managed to hang onto.

If a Black leader emerges who wants to ally with White nationalists, fine. I'd be the first to work with him. But as it currently stands, they do not want to work with us so I will not go out of my way to appease them. And when we win, we'll drive these unreasoning animals back into the sea.

With Mexicans it's even worse. And btw, Black nationalists feel the same way about mestizos as we do. No one is willing to work together other than us.

Lastly, the Arabs/Islamists. While it's impressive what they have done to the kikes in Palestine/Lebanon, there is almost nothing that we can do to help them in their struggle and nothing they can do to help us in our struggle against the jew.

So I do not foresee any confederation of nations in the future.

But again, if anyone wants to work with us to defeat the world Enemy, I'll be happy to do so.

For me, my position is simple; If someone wishes to fight against these rootless parasites, I support them. If they are more interested in stealing from and murdering White children, then I believe they should get a taste of their own medicine and die.

Those that seek to exterminate us do not deserve to breath the same air as we do and they absolutely do not deserve to trample upon the ground that our ancestors fought and died to preserve.

4b9a84  No.12687762


>The power driving the KIKE'S momentum right now is staggering. They currently control…


4bded2  No.12687780


>who cares ignore everything only care about arguing on the internet accomplishing nothing goy

9895e6  No.12687798


checked double dubs

14% is not political power. Its a threat that needs to be crushed in the minds of our elites.

>If a Black leader emerges who wants to ally with White nationalists, fine. I'd be the first to work with him. But as it currently stands, they do not want to work with us so I will not go out of my way to appease them. And when we win, we'll drive these unreasoning animals back into the sea.

If we seem like monsters to a population, we will be treated as such. And nothing brings people together like the near threat of a monster. Bosniaks, Slovenes and Croats all had problems against each other. But those Serbians looked alot scarier than the local family from Zagreb or Sarajevo.

Essentially my point is to play up the threat of the current state of civilization, while downplaying our problems with other groups. Otherwise, the jew will play each against the other until everything outside their golden palaces is a graveyard. Seem like the unstoppable but reasonable one.

8eaa8d  No.12687800

The infighting among people trying to help whites is a black pill in and of itself.

ee3825  No.12687809


and why do you think we're doing that? same reason as anyone else, society has failed. at one point we have to identify the sources and causes of that

though i have a high degree of disdain for boomers, the generational conflict is entirely waged as a means to keep people from asking why younger generations have lower degrees of wealth

5b8ad4  No.12687815


This. Anyone who says "le lefties xD" instead of naming kikes is a shill.

57b7a0  No.12687828


that's why we need a narrative that illustrates how we've all been exploited and how we can stop it

read this and watch this video you lazy goddam niggers:


The Federal Reserve conjuring money out of thin air and giving it to 'minorities' caused the 2008 financial crisis,

through "loan affirmative action", a.k.a. race-based wealth redistribution turbo-communist style.

This event was the greatest redistribution of wealth in history, along arbitrary racial lines at that, to the tune of about $50 TRILLION moved.

That much manipulation becomes meaningless in terms of dollars because that much money changes anything the manipulators want, it changes the meaning of the currency completely.

And they still keep doing it to this day, and have even expanded the scope of the loans beyond real estate to cars, or whatever else.

You can't call yourself 'informed' if you heard about this and didnt look into it, so watch the report in the link or admit you're totally ignorant about politics, business, and everything else.

Not only did this massive scam cause people with money they actually earned to lose their homes and cash because 'minorities' were driving up the prices with conjured money,

but they crashed the stock market further destroying the investments of hard working people who actually earned what they had.

In addition they took the opportunity to make more regulations to give them more power over the economy and propagate 'affirmative action' deeper into society.

If you wholeheartedly believe this was some kind of accident, that this wasn't planned from beginning to end, there's no other way to put it, you're a fucking retard.

Learn how the world really works. The central bank funnels money into businesses that help its social engineering agenda, and drives the rest out of business with bubbles, regulation, lawfare, etc.

They make sure that greed always works in their favor.

This will never end until we take up arms and depose the central bank; this time it will make the past communist death toll a drop in the ocean.

000000  No.12687833


They're still reeeeing over McCarthy. Go to the local library or book shop and tell me if you find any reactionary literature.

fdc554  No.12687872


Culture is like wood. If it's not protected, weather will rot it out and insects will destroy it. The process takes time. So the question is then, what do you do when wood rots? You can either let it rot until it collapses, or you can replace it with new wood. The catch in replacing it is that you have to remove it. The alternative is just starting over and building something new.

Which path is the right one?

a50d3d  No.12687877

File: 587724870f5455b⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 586x350, 293:175, 67bacd699d8597d7c367466184….jpg)

>>12687833 (Check'd)

McCarthy was a good Man and I would vote for him in 2024 if he could come back to us… and I'm a long hair'd pot smoking hippie. McCarthy saved us for a time from communist kikes.

9895e6  No.12687894


Interesting analogy of wood. Plays into the Ship of Theseus paradox

babc91  No.12687899

Wasn't our culture anyways.

547700  No.12687911

File: cf94a9fe9db416c⋯.png (305.77 KB, 616x761, 616:761, 1433753324975-0.png)


>Losing the Culture War

>fighting the Culture War

>believing that there is a culture war taking place

>not understanding that cultures are just spooks and like, not even a reel thing bra

>believing that a Culture War would even matter since culture is part of societies superstructure and therefore doesnt impact power relations in any way aside from staff

>believing that this was some sort of "culture war maneuver" instead of just being a marketing gig by some guy who looked at your twitter battles i mean pepsi did this like 1 year ago and basically this thread proofs that you are being played

>believing Gilette gives a rats ass over political themes and not about just maing buzz which they did I mean wtf when was the last time I heard about fucking Gilette

>still trying to organize this hell hole even tho everything /pol/ has organised for was either useless, retarded or blew up in their face

Ay lmao

a6458f  No.12687925

File: 7cefe35953f9e4a⋯.jpg (28.91 KB, 604x445, 604:445, 11.jpg)


>14% is not political power.

It's a start. History is written not by majorities but by determined minorities.

9895e6  No.12687947


only the intransigent ones

1b220a  No.12687975


America is already dead. Only something drastic like what you're talking about will spur enough action for any semblance of sanity returning.

de2de8  No.12687987


>thinking that cultures are spooks and not widespread manifestations of jungian archetypes

>thinking that organization isn't a spook

cultures are just psychic gestalts tied to the lines drawn by winners of wars and ethnic tribes / slave states.

all wars are proxy wars, socialism itself is a spook. despook yourself and go full nazbol you niggerfaggot

236bc8  No.12688020


Accelerationalism is the best thing that could happen for the white race, at this point in time.

43ff30  No.12688046



ebin meme

000000  No.12688240


We may be loosing, but this does not mean, that you should not be fighting it


Be a warrior of Odin in the culture war!

57b7a0  No.12688302


>trying to use this much jargon to prove how smart and read you are

>on this forum

don't be such a faggot, make a complete post without tons of jargon

538772  No.12688337



Pretty much this.

538772  No.12688340


>go full nazbol

I'm not jewish, so no thank you.

451317  No.12688352

I've said it from the start. You won't win playing by their rules. But everyone is too afraid of rewriting the rules, so here we are. Staring at the abyss, watching our people cease to be, arguing if it's a Jew on a stick that will or a bearded Norwegian with one eye that will save us. It's neither. Only we could save ourselves, and we failed.

000000  No.12688374


No, we aren't. We are winning in every front. Leftists controllED those. Now, they are all being exposed, persecuted and avoided, losing all control and support from the people (the more powerful force in the universe), while the jews that fund the leftists are losing money rapidly, without being able to contain the hate and violence against the leftists and the jews.

All leftists will eventually be killed, and fast.

All jews will eventually be killed, and fast.



Kill your enemies, and you win. It is that simple.

90e7c0  No.12688382


Nonsense. The issue with this whole board is that we have Fed and CIAniggers shilling political violence to create the next spin story and the people stupid enough to believe is and people who think the collapse will suddenly shift things in our favour.

Our objective should be preparing for the next opportunity, the yellow vests is a lost opportunity for instance and as much as I fucking hate marxists they are much more organized in this regard.

Random political violence helps them, targeted, organized efforts whether violent or non-violent is the goal. Some dumb nigger shooting up a church then shooting himself looks bad, it accomplishes nothing and gives the press license to spin it however they want.

Gather information, infiltrate, plan ahead. Then when we have an opportunity we have the information we need to conduct ops and steal the limelight from people who we know are favoured by the (((chosen people))) or run by them essentially using their strength against them.

They've been doing the same to us, strike back and we can take them for turning Charlottesville on us.

1f8f2f  No.12688384

I'm not even fiscally conservative heh fuck off back to /r/T_D mkay?

fdc554  No.12688407


I'm of the mind that we have to build something new, let everything else rot. It's not going to be the same, but there's hope that it can be even better than what it was because we can improve upon what failed before.

063638  No.12688416


That, the OGRE way isn't the best way.

It's the ONLY way!!

bfe188  No.12688423

Concern trolling aside, there’s never been this many awakened people in my lifetime, in 2008 I was the lone bleating horn in a sea of complacent and ignorant people, given whatever personal attacks people could muster so as to protect their image of a comfortable, false reality. But years passed and with them I, and others who joined this cause, were and still are vindicated every step of the way. Despite all the censorship, banning and corruption they are unable to shut down people’s minds and stem the constant growth of right-leaning people. With the death of the cowardly, leftist-media pandering boomers and infiltration from the younger population that know how to hide their power levels and say whatever needs to be said to obtain power and subvert from within, we’ve never been in a better position since the last Jewish pogrom hundreds of years ago. Their end is inevitable, whether we take it back just in time or society utterly collapses and a new civilization is reborn from the ashes.

4d9c93  No.12688430


Given all that, they should've easily beaten Trump in 2016, eh? Given all that, they should've easily steamrolled the midterms instead of edging the House and losing several Senate seats, eh? Given all that, Europe should've swung to the left hard, eh?

It's not that way at all.


Fuck off with your black pill. We will win.

d6f25f  No.12688445


You mossadniggers really need to change up your scripts.

70a02c  No.12688476


So what do you think our strengths are?

>approximately 1/3 of the youths have our lore inside of their heads in the US

>about 25 million people in total affected by us in the US

>beyond 4chan, also this chan, voat.co, bunch of archives, zero net, bitchute and a few other platforms to get around censorship

>geo political player (a foreign agency can put incriminating stuff on the chan and it will get spread)

>various groups of specialists strewn alongside the neets here and there

>a huge amounts of "very bright" to genius level players part of this community

>basically have a monopoly of memetics

>unifying front for many of the right wing movements on the globe, making sure that they each strengthen one another to a higher degree, with access to great information

and we also have

>ever increasing influence because of the above factors

resulting in the eastern bloc being strengthened. Many right wing movements, if they know what a right wing movement across the border does, they can act in tandem (making both stronger), also rivalries and conflicts among the right have been dwindling in numbers because apparently the islamics who want to kill all gays, now can talk to right wing dudes who want to kill all gays (as one of the examples)

I think that our total combined influence has made the yellow vest protests possible. It has already shown its fangs in Syria (it was the first of the conflicts that completely shifted the power into our favor), now is making sure that other nations are following suit. Italy, even the cucked to the zionist brazil (not sure to the extent of that). (yea the wall kissing is horrible but its not too bad)

By my estimation, if we can actually bring the chinese intellectuals into our side, so that they are more here. Using english, we will have potentially won the really long term battle.

2f9678  No.12688490


> We don't have resources at all

You might not have resources, but we as a group do. I could quit my job today and live for 4 years without running out of money. If I did that I might start a normie safe media company and get some kind of reach so there would be somewhere with a non-pozzed message where people can get their news and do everything I can to grow big enough to dominate.

I'm not the only one of us with options like this. We have lots of resources, we're just not using them.

>We must strike out …. must maintain optics… must peacefully

No. We must all do what we're good at where we see opportunity. Some of us will have perfect optics. Some of us will be extremely violent. Some of us will hide power levels and work covertly. Some of us will be open. All of us need to do SOMETHING. Many of us will fail, and some of us will hit gold and win a battle. Every won battle is a whitepill to inspire whites all over the world. Any of us can win that battle.

There's no use to say what won't work and discourage others. If any of us really knew what should be done we would already have a clear path to victory, until then we need as much trial and error as possible. Just decide what you think you can do to contribute and do your best at it. Glory is real and it's in our blood, all you have to do is win.

a1bb24  No.12688493

>>12688444 Trismegistus

History is over goyim, you won

1076bd  No.12688507


If we were losing they wouldnt be trying to shut us down.

Being put through the marxist indoctrination only turned me even angrier when I learned the truth.


1238be  No.12688510


>goyim you're losing

well we are?

a1bb24  No.12688515


A guess a large part of the problem is the Jews conceal how much they are winning and we like winning so much we refuse to admit this and buy their propaganda that we are not being exterminated rather suddenly.

The Jews are more populous than they admit, and they have the entire economy rigged to spin wheels of the wise and indulge the strong while separating them from a real sense of community or race or nation.

Naming the Jew in public must be normal and

Racial Nationalism must be normal, but as is we split and sink, explicitly white culture is no longer normal.

f05241  No.12688558

File: b120160c972d96f⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 500x502, 250:251, 1447064461220.jpg)


You don't ask normalfags (not normies you ridit fag) don't get to choose what to believe in. We tell them and demand it. Period. We are the strong horse and the only voice of reason left. We decide, if they don't join they die with the rest. Have have to be this way, we cannot stand another brother war at this point, it would sap too much of our strength and ruin what little chance we have left to counter their shit. An brother war would waste what little forces we have and take far too long to finish. Their hope must become what we demand it be, not what the average human thinks hope to be.

Instead we have to be iron clad, and unrelenting in our focus and demands of others. We must chisel the strong man out of their flabby boddies and soft minds by our own force of will. Once they taste the self respect and pride we can instill, then they will embrace us. Once our enemies are crushed, then the average fucks can figure out what to believe and what culture they wish to build. We must become the destroyers of worlds, and the slave masters of warriors. Wiping out all that jews have built and all the corruption and filth they have infused in our peoples. Once finished, only then can we let the normalfag's have a hand in a choice.

Every anon must be preparing to become an warlord. Even if you do not become one yourself, your knowledge, power and focus will be instrumental an another warlords second in command and ensuring our goals are not lost sight of.

2f9678  No.12688578


>Religion is good at this

fwiw I picked up Paganism recently and it's been very good in this way for me. I was atheist for about a decade and started looking at it mostly to get a sense of where my people came from. I wanted a message of hope and some kind of religious framework where I wouldn't see foreign elements shoved into it. I knew somehow that neglecting that aspect of my humanity was not good, so it was more of an experiment, and it paid off.

I'm actually starting to see a way to reach normies with it - White culture is so steeped in our traditions from the days of the week to every other holiday and figure of speech, and people naturally love the stories. You can get people interested and just amplify the cultural aspects of it and they are interested and open. Nobody knows I'm serious about it as a religion but I can still talk to people about most aspects of it and I just come across as well read. And in doing so I'm creating a positive connection with that person to their ancient roots.

As for the religion aspect, it just feels right. I support Christians (this is important to say every time this comes up, since it's the most effective D&C in play right now) but it just feels so pure and my own. And I have had religious experiences too, I had mild ones years ago when I was still a practicing Christian, but nothing this intense, happening suddenly from nothing but trying to understand the Gods and making sacrifice.

I was so blackpilled before I started this, but I deal with things a lot easier now, and I'm suddenly seeing all these blind spots in my life that I can work on. You can't ask Thor to take you seriously when you request strength after skipping the gym for example. Or try to face Tyr when you know you're not living in a way that honors yourself. It drives you in a way I never knew before. And sometimes when you get what you ask for… it's something you really need to experience to understand how profoundly whitepilling it is. I'm sure Christians experience this too, in their own way.

My point is, religion is very good at what you say. Normies may not be directly open to the divine, but if you are then there are benefits that will keep you going and you may find ways to influence normies through it as well. 10/10 yall motherfuckers need Odin

c5a716  No.12688583

File: 346a04769914b4e⋯.png (151.71 KB, 499x438, 499:438, great-job-youre-getting-a-….png)



They controlled the narrative and monopolized violence for over half century. It's because we started winning that they doubled down (((their))) efforts, but good try on your blackpilling attempt, Moishe.

2f9678  No.12688584


Fuck yeah this. It's a feeling anons. Learn what it feels like to successfully dominate - you need to learn how to feel like that all the time. Every one of you has it in you.

f05241  No.12688603


To be honest, the boomers whom parrot and tenaciously point out the ills of banks is one thing those fuckers have done right. Granted most are still too fucking stupid to accept the JQ in that equation, at least they got partway there.

c5a716  No.12688604


>literal cuckoldry is a spook

>t. Stirner

f05241  No.12688628


>we failed.

Wrong anon. WE only just started fighting. And haven't even really gotten the ball rolling yet. And already their shit system is reeling before what Anon's have wrought.

This fight is anything but over. They have spent centuries building to this point where they control so much. White men have spent a couple years shitposting and already they are jumping thru hoops every day to stay afloat. When whites start fighting back for real, the entire world will know it, and the world itself will bend knee.

35ad1b  No.12688873

I'd say there are four major undercurrents worth mentioning here.

First, the upper ground of being right. Provided you have been using your ability of critical thinking then you as an individual have naturally over time gravitated toward the correct, true state of understanding things. This is our best advantage, because we are not absolutely required to rely on rote indoctrination and pavlovian reinforcement like the subversives do, nor to resort to any other types of extreme methods, because the truth on our side pulls that weight for us. If we let our own natural success and at times the almost intuitive truth behind it, both of which is grounded in our position due to the fact it is objectively true, speak for itself at the right times and do the talking for us, then there should never be a need to rely on the kind of tactics that the other side requires to even exist. The main downside to this is that you can't change or back down from that position once taken, you have to be ready to defend it and remain composed in a variety of possible conversations. Whereas the opposition can triangulate and manufacture any position it wants to suit the present situation and there is no consequence. They are the embodiment of the "traitor" gene so this is their main tool, just don't let it be yours. Or you'll simply become a less maneuverable and thus less fit version of them. (Which is what weak conservatives do)

Next, the tech we use as platforms for speech are shifting. Every year the "media clout" of legacy networks will experience an exponential decay. In its place more people are getting on average a more balanced information diet from the internet. Can't expect the effects to be fully felt immediately, but there is a lot of potential for change. One remark here is that it will be much harder (but conceivably still possible) to monopolize broadcast speech. The 1920's were revolutionary because of the PA system and megaphone tech being deployed, bringing an audience under a single voice that can't be shouted over. Well, now we have a different kind of swing towards more outlets where elites again can't completely control the flow of virtual speech. The fact they are trying to control it is only to be expected, it doesn't mean they're succeeding, and it's still a much better situation than we were in with only three television channels and the associated press middleman monopolizing all sources of news. Even in the worst case scenario this is an improvement and its effects will continue to roll forward, giving the impression that time is decidedly not in the mainstream news media's side.

Third keep in mind that of equal or greater importance to swaying people on the fence, the propaganda being recycled in the news media is also meant to demoralize people who know the truth into thinking they are alone and isolated. The fact they are trying so hard right now to demoralize you should, first of all, not have any effect on you once you see it (for what it tells you they are thinking); but the fact they are trying to discourage us so hard should be encouraging because it indicates that they clearly do not see the results they want to see on their end. You can do your part to resist and waste their resources by not being demoralized or disengaged by what the subversives say. This is possible even more of an important mission for them to maintain because it only takes a determined minority to create a new political pole for others to join to.

Lastly, the influence of our historical legacy. All it takes is a sincere appeal to the better aspects of our national history and a straightforward, visual compare-and-contrast to today's dysfunction to make a connection in the average mind that will be far more effective than a twelve year program of selective conditioning which is without any underlying ideological basis to speak of besides victimology and "my feels trump everything"

01f508  No.12688918

File: f6986bf8f666f38⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 249x250, 249:250, 1506655827873s.jpg)

Heres my thinking on it.

The board is compromised. Were chasing our tails fighting among ourselves, accusing one another, or shouting each other down. We dont stand a chance if we stay fractured the way we are. Hell even I'm guilty of this in the Christcuck threads. I know of one thing we can do, and it's what we're best at.

I suggest we make memes. Just crank out memes like crazy. Im talking all kinds of shit from racial realism to Natsoc ideals and goals. Make a shit ton. Give them style, give them humor give them whatever you can give. Spread that shit across the internet like AIDs at the local coon pool. Target Generation Zyklon.

They're young, They're active, They're raised in a tumultuous political climate where they cant look both ways on the road without that shit blaring in their face. They also live on the internet where our message hides.

If we make enough, and spread them just right we can have maximum exposure and simultaneously redpill and indoctrinate en-mas.

Dont compromise your ops if you're engaged, dont stop thinking if you're think tanking here, but make memes all the while and lets start building the next generation of National Socialism. Make them have to work to destroy our message.

c5a716  No.12688933

a86edb  No.12688942

we have been killing them on the culture war the last 3 years, just because they have remaining strength at the top of archaic institutions hardly means we are losing. It's been a rout in our favor for almost 3 years now

6d0cd8  No.12688950



The moron who shot up a synagogue is a moron, yes. Shooting up a synagogue of random people is absolutely deranged. It reeks of a person that has utterly lost it mentally, lashing out in a bitter act of revenge.

But did you hear about that Jewish husband and wife who were billionaire pharmaceutical tycoons, who were killed in Canada? Barry Sherman and his wife, both murdered in their home. No-one has claimed responsibility, no-one has been caught.

No-one has even been able to come up with a clear motive. But I imagine every other pharmaceutical Jew's ears pricked up when they heard the news of that case, you understand? Obviously I would never endorse killing anyone, or any type of political violence at all.

But THAT is the kind of political violence that sends a message. Not some Muslim style media spectacle where idiots with AKs storm a restaurant in a suicide mission.. No. Well researched, silent killings of people critical to the Jew agenda. No bragging to the media and claiming responsibility. Just silent assassinations of NGO operatives, fentanyl/oxycontin-tycoons, Antifa organizers, Jewish journalists etc, with the intent of sending a chilling message to those involved, NOT in creating a media spectacle. Absolute silent killings, total confusion as to law enforcement/media as to who is committing them, etc.

I personally would never do it and would never encourage anyone to do it, but I think it would send a bit of a different message if the next white male that snapped did so in a HIGH IQ way and took the time to RESEARCH TARGETS and PLAN A WAY OF CARRYING IT OUT WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT, being mindful of course of CCTV, number plate tracking technology, ballistics forensics, DNA forensics, Google search history, law enforcement tools used to find anyone who searched for a specific location in Google maps, etc.

Maybe if more people snapped in a HIGH IQ way with emphasis on i) getting away with it and ii) self preservation, we would be living in a much different world.

a3853b  No.12689068


50% of murders do go unsolved or at least with 0 arrests. The more successful will virtually never be caught as long as they aren't low IQ braggers

c74be5  No.12689079

The problem is that the right wants to dig their heels in and wait for it to blow over. It's not going to blow over.

People need to get out and protest. The MSM NEEDS to be gamergated. Sure they're all billionaires and won't go out of business, but it's the action that matters. Write letters to your local congressman and tell them that we NEED an internet bill of rights. Google NEEDS to be hit with a trust buster.

c6494c  No.12689086

could have at least changed the title from the last time

a6458f  No.12689107


14% actually seems quite a likely number based on my personal experience. But believe what comforts you.

591138  No.12689108


>>>/leftypol/ nigger

c97f09  No.12689114

The future still looks bleak but compared to the past the powers that be are losing their hegemony. 20 years ago they really had complete control, these day you see much more people getting their news from the internet and therefore being more educated. The left might've radicalized themselves and the elites are certainly as progressive as always but they're having real problems holding to their hegemony these days. Their project for a future is in more danger than it has been in decades.

0ed13c  No.12689128


>/leftypol/ thinking that jews and giant capitalists don't intermingle and scheme together

imagine my shock that a den of trannies and nu-males can't put 2 and 2 together

b0761b  No.12689130


The JQ is the answer to all of the problems you moron!!! Either you're imbecile or either a jew shill, I'm inclined to go with an imbecile because a kike would be smarter than that

268e78  No.12689190

File: 1f2ab375b9d5e3b⋯.png (728.9 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 186586.png)

I'm still fairly whitepilled even if the worst happens. Look at south africa for example, run by whites and very advanced despite whites being an extreme minority and there being tons of negros, indians, muslims, etc. The country only got taken down when the entire rest of the planet ganged up on them, and soon there won't be places with that kind of power left. But whites are so far ahead of everyone else that there will be no "defeat" of whites. It will be apartheid. But I don't think it will get that far before whitey gets a clue.

95893c  No.12689236


Wrong. If anything will temper them, it is fear of more avenues of attack. If they have to worry about psychos, taking action against the more dangerous (to them) counter propagandists will be limited to larger entities with more power.

1204ba  No.12689279


underated p.

01f508  No.12689330


who are run by?

000000  No.12689363


> but the problem will solve itself when the lights go out.


000000  No.12689384


glownigger, pls. gtfo.

28817d  No.12689433

I don't think we're losing the culture war. We're still fighting it, but they obviously have the upper hand. Take Instagram for example. Go back a few years ago, Instagram was 100% normalfag-tier. Now..there's a HUGE community of right wingers, some of whom are redpilled on race and the JQ. The kikes who run that app are going crazy and trying to ban and censor these accounts. If you want to know more, look up "enemymedia" on Instagram

6acc2d  No.12689692

File: 1e524f408576dac⋯.png (54.89 KB, 403x373, 403:373, 1535673012821.png)


While I agree that you are correct, what the hell can we even do about it? They own the whole fucking planet. Doesn't anyone understand that? The way I see it, the only options are to 1) go completely off the grid and have as many children as possible to start your own "tribe", and just avoid it all until the day when you inevitably have to fight ZOG to the death. I think this sounds lovely personally, unfortunately it requires quite a bit of capital to achieve, or 2) <insert fedposting here>.

05ae16  No.12689719

File: 8962cc9c81a0df7⋯.jpg (150.52 KB, 768x768, 1:1, GLOBO (Medium).jpg)

718d4d  No.12689767


>It was more decentralized back in the pre-internet days. They didn't watch Hollywood films at the time since it was designed for elitist Jews who made propaganda. The majority of masses watched independent films like Mad Max, Hard Boiled, The Passion of Christ, and The Terminator instead.

Breakout indie films have always been the exception, not the rule, and, while the Terminator did exceptionally well at the domestic U.S. box office by R-rated B-movie standards, earning $38.4 million on a reported $6.4 million budget (roughly $92 million earned on a $15.3 million budget when adjusted for inflation), it was only #20 for the year 1984 overall, with the top 5 being 1) Ghostbusters, 2) Beverly Hills Cop, 3) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 4) Gremlins, and 5) The Karate Kid, all big studio pictures.

Also, Passion of the Christ, which did make the top 5 for 2004 at number #3, wasn't pre-Internet.

a7f39c  No.12689774

"Losing" is a sort of relative term.

If you compare our cultural clout to even 5 years ago we've made massive progress. It's really the only area we've made any progress in. We're not currently in power and so we're not 'winning' the culture war, but the trajectory of our cultural influence is constantly moving upward.

1aaa3c  No.12689778

Origin myths justify the established order of this natural or social world by virtue of its sacred heritage. These myths then are a precursor – more appropriately, a subcategory – of theories of sovereignty and Common Good. And like these theories, give legitimacy to the origins and ends of Power. A metaphysics of origin myths must necessarily contribute to an understanding of these theories of sovereignty.

Characterised by the work by Eliade and Girard, an origin myth explains: (I) the sovereign origins of one or more features of the natural or social world; (II) the spiritual origins of one or more elements of an ethics; and (III) defines the sacred and taboo.

Let us begin then with those features of the natural or social order which trace their first growth and origin to World War II.

The existence of the United Nations, the European Union, and the Balkanisation of the Middle East with the establishment of Israel by the Partition Plan for Palestine; the colonial independence of India, Indonesia, the Phillipines, and the Middle East; the hegemony of the East and Western Blocs; the establishment of modern Communist China – all of these political, social, national and international consequences trace their origin to the economic and political aftermath of the Second World War.

Our tracing of the modern ethical system leads to this same mythologised origin by its positioning of Nazism as Absolutely Evil. That is, an action, thought, or principle is defined as Good or Evil by its relation to the perceived actions and ideology of Nazism, or one of its now many strains.

Can there be any question then that the establishment of Nazism as Absolutely Evil has been sacralised by the social, political and ethical consequences of this mythology? Any investigation into the behaviour of the Nazis that is anything less than spittle-ridden Puritanism is, by definition, apostasy. Acknowledged and maintained, the origin myth is integral to the identity and sovereignty of all those groups and nations which originate with the aftermath of World War II.

1aaa3c  No.12689779


A normal ethics defines its Goods, and then defines its Evils as the negation of those Goods. Notice then that the modern ethics that emerges with the sacralised history of World War II is a reversal this position – the Good being defined as the negation of Evils. The consequences of this Good-as-Negated Evil position are immediately comparable to the historical Puritans.

"War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

- Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett, Kt, PC, QC

British Alternate Judge at the Nuremberg Trials

Historically positioned as wholly to blame, Nazism and its negations have precluded wars of aggression. Rather, the United States is a peacekeeper, and the United Nations an international police force. We can observe an enormous shift in both intra- and inter-political conflict with the sacralising of World War II, the Nuremberg Trials and the establishment of the Charter of the United Nations. Such statements as above are common and do not eliminate war but merely drive sovereign nations evermore towards covert operations, false flags and claims of liberation and human rights violations.

As origin myth, the sacred history of World War II has clearly given legitimacy to the sovereignty and actions towards the Common Good of the Allies and their international organisations. Like any political justification, it will be built upon with the ascent of some new man or group to the seat of Power.

5f2b3f  No.12689780

OP is a faggot

76dbf4  No.12689792

1. Control Federal Reserve.

2. Print infinite sums of money in paper or electronically and hand it out to your minions, more or less unconcerned of whether they can turn a profit with it.

3. Buy up all newspapers, TV and radio stations, media companies. Use it to create a seamless alternative reality for the intellectually lazy masses to immerse themselves in

4. Create venture capital firms to buy up all promising and even a lot of unpromising tech startups so you can either warp their ostensible purpose or strangle them in the cradle.

5. Use classic strong pimp hand tactics to simultaneously terrorize and seduce the populace like an empty headed whore. If that fails bring in dope and get the stupid bitches addicted to your shit.

ce4ea9  No.12689801

I see Trump get way more likes on his Twitter account than Ocasio-Cortez does on hers.

0ba3bd  No.12689806

File: 736516313bfe9ba⋯.jpg (998.4 KB, 1485x1980, 3:4, 15172238065391356574428 (2….jpg)

ce4ea9  No.12689812

File: d7d13585f7bc686⋯.jpg (77.61 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, s-l1600.jpg)



The only Gillette razors you should be using are the vintage adjustable fatboy safety razors. You'll save many shekels in the long run, and you won't be contributing as much to the (((consumerist))) culture which is destroying you.

718d4d  No.12689813



Additionally. Mad Max only made it to #44 overall at the U.S. box office in 1979 (though, yes, it probably did better in Australia), earning only $8.75 million, or $30 million in 2017 dollars (2017 being the most recent index available for inflation calculations).

The Terminator and Mad Max (moreso its 1981 sequel the Road Warrior, although that was more of a studio film) have had an enduring cultural impact beyond their initial U.S. box office runs and are better remembered than a lot of films that did much better on their years of release, but let's not rewrite history to pretend that they were the most popular films when they were first released.

1aaa3c  No.12689869


Here we introduce Eliade’s conception of the eternal return: the belief that one is able to become contemporary with or return to the mythical age – the time when the events described in one’s myths occurred.

Is this belief not on the rise in our world? The ethical position of the majority is a constant vigilance against the ever-possible return of Nazism. At this moment, any individual element of fascist ideology designates that individual as an Nazi and their desire, a priori, for a holocaust, race war or abandonment of democracy.

Nazism lives forever in the minds of every individual whose identity is maintained by the mythology surrounding World War II, the Nazis, and the Holocaust. Its existence now an ethical and political necessity. Lacking Nazism, the entirety of modern political and ethical thought would dissolve into a hazy firebrand swung at nothing.

aa5993  No.12689928

https://youtu.be/VVYMHaRCnIc George Lincoln Rockwell needs some revisiting

ce4ea9  No.12689947


It's a real post http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/159824422/ but I've never heard my 10 year old cousin refer to YouTube as "JewTube," though.

ce4ea9  No.12689976







fe78b9  No.12690059

Outlive them. They are all killing themselves. Accelerationism will force them to meet there makers. Once the medical industry falls they will have no one to treat them and there life styles.

For those who don't realize it, non whites abuse vices in white countries like no other. Most of the Muslims will become severly overweight and will fold to drugs. Even if they criminalize alcohol and tobacco they can't stop the flow that would come from Asia. Mexicans and Blacks in the United States are all extremely unhealthy and they are dying at accelerated rates to drugs, violence, and health.

>Get fit

>Get funz

>Learn to cook and grow crops

>Get waifu

>Go to North West states

>Let the world consume itself

391b89  No.12690063


oy gevalt, goy! If you kill your political enemies, they win!

ce4ea9  No.12690075


>But did you hear about that Jewish husband and wife who were billionaire pharmaceutical tycoons, who were killed in Canada? Barry Sherman and his wife, both murdered in their home. No-one has claimed responsibility, no-one has been caught.

Never heard about that, anon. Thank you for mentioning it.

ee4536  No.12690077

My 6 year old cousin couldn’t wait to tell me all about how Martin Luther king got blacks into white schools and how Rosa parks got arrested on the bus. All I could say was good job buddy you’re eating it right up in the most sarcastic tone possible

6e2c40  No.12690131


Read seige

c8f5ca  No.12690193


>pass a censorship bill goy

ce4ea9  No.12690202







Stop that.

2d3e89  No.12690235


Gen Z here (15), read the whole thread. Been on this board for a few months.

I will tell you one thing, memes are powerful when it comes to teenagers. Make a shit load of NatSoc memes on IG that are actually funny, or maybe subtle redpill memes. It all works. I used to talk to my friends and we would send each other "nigger" memes, or memes about history.

Im not sure who your target Gen Z audience would be, so here were my problems

>Single Mom

>Raised off internet (since 7)

>Go through gay phase to soon realize its hurting me mentally

>Be scared of political violence

>No identity with race or culture

>Pretty much a blank slate when i comes to culture

>No honor, just hedonism

Then I found 8chan. I'm still recovering from many mind-diseases, but the whole idea of honor of family really spoke to me. I felt like I had something to work toward that I never knew existed. I went from being a sex-idea addicted teen, to becoming disciplined with more pride.

Selling purpose to soon-to-be men works, because Gen Z has no none. It's a generation of single fathers. Also anything "edgy" is funny to young Gen Zs.

Kike can become the new Nigger among youth, remember Idubbz? yeah that was huge, no one would stop saying nigger. Not saying you have to have the influence of Idubbz, but if you make it funny, the influence is powerful.

962815  No.12690271


The problem with /pol/ and the new counterculture forming is that while it was pioneered by tech-savvy generation Y and millennial men, it is very homogeneous in the personality types which characterize it and this itself creates an achilles heel.

To whit, /pol/ attracts introverts, weebs, videogamers, but not many artists, creatives, or scientists. It doesn't attract businessmen very well, nor politicians. You see the problem right?

/pol/'s success came from its ability to game the system on the internet, meaning the ability to create scandals, generate buzz, and gamify social media. These skills never really translated into real life because "e-celebs" were constantly ostracized and it only created a chilling effect for the ability of celebrities to create an outside presence for our viewpoints.

On top of this, the lack of creative types, scientists, politicians, and so on means that the ideological views of this board are incomplete, unrefined, and less-equipped to gain traction.

Hence it should be a /pol/ack's mission to find artsy friends to spread the message. It should be our mission to infiltrate academia, and hollywood, and take it for ourselves.


We need young people like yourself to inject fresh ideas here and the other imageboards. It's become stodgy here because the generation that made this culture is growing older.

ce4ea9  No.12690284


You're very lucky, kid. I was 15 in 2001, and things were happy-go-lucky until 9/11 happened. The Internet and Web were less developed than today. A lot more information now, and a lot more participating. Seriously, don't let up on your redpill journey. Believe it or not, you have it even easier than I did. I'm glad to see that the newer generations (Z and Alpha) are going to be highly tuned in and very sharp to (((what is going on))).

72cedf  No.12690374

File: 8c6fd1756ac1fec⋯.jpg (16.8 KB, 500x369, 500:369, not goy approved.jpg)


fuck that shit,that's still kike consumerist garbage. You shouldn't buy anything that's dispossible if you don't have to. Grow your beard or shave like a real man with a straight razor that will last you a life time. You can pick up the skills to use and maintain it on kike tube.

If that scares you and or you are so stupid you kill yourself shaving we didn't need you anyway.

cb91c0  No.12690436


I was involved in organized crime for about 10 years and can say this: if you are not caught at the scene of a crime, 99% of the time you will never be punished for it. If you can shoot the guy without getting your license plate on camera, dropping brass with finger prints on it, or having someone see your face - you'll never get in trouble. If you're determined to take out a target just spend a couple of days creeping the guy and then take an opportunity when he's somewhere with nobody around.

If you want to lower the chances of getting caught even further: do operations in other cities and travel around the country on weekends. Here in Canada, Asian gangsters will fly people in from other countries to do hits because even if their face is on camera, by the time word gets out they are already out of town and a face doesn't mean anything if you don't know who it is.

ce4ea9  No.12690451


>Here in Canada, Asian gangsters will fly people in from other countries to do hits because even if their face is on camera, by the time word gets out they are already out of town and a face doesn't mean anything if you don't know who it is.

Couldn't they just find out who that is through Interpol?

d4ad81  No.12690456


Op did into this more, you will see their control is a lot more far reaching.

c67649  No.12690468



Same as it ever was. The right has been losing the culture war for hundreds of years. In the modern era we've been losing the culture war since the 1960s. Same as it ever was. Just keep redpilling. Even a lot of mid and late 20s liberal millennials will become far right in the next 10 years

ce4ea9  No.12690500

The culture war is continually being lost because the (((one)))'s winning hold the power of the purse. the keys to the bank vault. It continually gets funded, and most of the goyim will lap it up. The opposition, the REAL opposition runs on a shoestring budget, or if they do have an actual decent budget, are suppressed or subverted from within.

cb0df3  No.12690553


Everything's a bit compromised. The most important step for this place and the internet in general is to have the courage to actually post and discuss rather than simply lurk. I'd guess a lot of the people here would like to post, but don't feel like engaging when they see the state of this board. A little more detailed positive thought (eg what sort of designs would we like for cities, how should education be structured, what kind of projects could a future society create to make life more fulfilling and enjoyable) and dedicated threads for discussion and archiving of such ideas (a utopia wiki?) would also boost moral by showing real progress.


Slightly older gen z here, born this century though. Similar issues, though thankfully I still had a functional family. I don't know how bad things were for you, but part of what made me wake up before I came here was moving from a homogenous, safe rural area where the future seemed bright, despite the down being on an economic downswing, and politics seemed irrelevant to a white liberal school in a mid size pozz city.

The biggest issue the typical gen z faces so far as I can tell is social atomisation, even if you're competent, social life seems to be largely driven by status signalling and is almost a political game rather than an emotional endeavour. Very few people now have close emotional connections, such as with family and real friends, they can fall back on. Dealing with pozzed 25-40ish year old teachers was also a nightmare, thanks to the kind of irrationality the power balance of that relationship allows

Weirdly even during my time living in South Africa as a child race didn't seem like such a bit issue, but this was 10 years ago in another homogenous area. (lucky me I guess).

I'd guess it's been the same for you, but the world >>12690284 mentioned (what was it like man? How did it feel?) seems very hard to imagine.

97a3cc  No.12690558

File: 962a3835d2d2ce5⋯.png (177.3 KB, 744x630, 124:105, mr niggerpill.png)

Very very natural thread

97a3cc  No.12690576

File: 89dce250f73be1a⋯.png (350.87 KB, 792x570, 132:95, I will remind them.png)


especially this single post with the redtext abuse, the reminder word abuse, and claiming that we have already lost because anons aren't chimping out. very very natural thread with very very natural first post

a3853b  No.12690592


>(what was it like man? How did it feel?) seems very hard to imagine.

It was the essence of the blue pill if you've ever watched the Matrix movie series or just the first film.

63d90c  No.12690634


>Its a threat that needs to be crushed in the minds of our elites.

And every attempt to crush it makes it stronger. They built a false ideology based on oppressors and oppressed, which worked for a while, but began to crumble as they pushed less and less believable narratives of who were the real victims. Now their ideological weapons are backfiring, the left's hold on institutional power is obvious to many, and every attempt they make to leverage it only serves to increase our support. This is the unsolvable conundrum they face. Seeing what happened at Charlottesville was a huge part of my personal redpill journey.

a3853b  No.12690656


This is useful and interesting info, part of the reason I come here, thanks anon.

ce4ea9  No.12690682


>but the world >>12690284 (You) mentioned (what was it like man? How did it feel?) seems very hard to imagine.

Well, the SJW shit you see today I remember being on the very fringe, and even the most liberal of Judeo-liberals would scold you for being ridiculously anti-White or something. There was no TSA and getting pat downs at the airports, though cops were starting to become kind of dickish, now of course, I try to avoid them as much as I do the dindus. CRT tube set TVs were still the norm and weren't being phased out yet for a number of years. Fucking things were heavy as shit too! We didn't have smartphones yet, and most people carried those tough-as-nails Nokia phones (my friend used to carry around his mon's Nokia 3310), console gaming didn't go to complete shit yet, and wasn't the insufferable (((left-wing))) shitfest that it is today. There was the Web and Internet, of course, but no Wikipedia, no YouTube. I remember having to have three different media players installed in order to pretty much play any various video files I'd bump into.

Still had racial problems. I remember we would have problems with mestizo Puerto Rican spics starting shit for no reason whatsoever, and niggers were still a noggin', though, as I said before, the Internet was much less developed than it is now, and was really only widely available for about six or seven years at that time (I remember first time I ever went online was in 1994), so I grew up an extremely bluepilled moderate Judeo-liberal with literally no alternative information at all aside from cuckservative talk radio on the shitty AM band that I didn't even know existed. Instead of "orange man bad!" it was "monkey Bush man bad!," and this was certainly true after the invasion of Iraq for Israe-*ahem*- I mean, oil. The herbal Jew was much more taboo then, you wouldn't even dare to smoke it outside, and that's not just because we were underage. Looking back, (((they))) were no doubt being making it a taboo as much as they were promoting it at the same time.

Things were shitty back then, but in a different way, in a more tolerable way, but there's also things today that I like better, but not by much. I still kind of miss it, though. It was a more innocent time, a more chilled and relaxed kind of time. Even a year or two after 9/11 were not bad, but things were going in a not good direction at all, you could sense it, even if you didn't have all the information at hand.

ab5e97  No.12690714


In many ways this

The left is acutely aware that the Right Wing is not rolling over like what happened from the 60's to the 90's, that we've dug heels and are pushing back, but the left is operating on the playbook from the 1960's, amped up. They will continue to demonize us and more specifically spread identity politics.

They are going to play their playbook right into a hot civil war, or at the least major discord

e1d4f8  No.12690954



Law enforcement can also track other things. They just don't normally do it because they can't bring out the big boy resources for low level homicides. If someone were to truly snap and start silently killing scores of high ranking leftists and Jews, they'd bring in the FBI, the NSA. You'd need to do MUCH more than just avoid being seen on a camera. If someone genuinely started killing jew journalists, it would completely change the context of the society. You can't compare the law enforcement tactics of a low level random homicide to what they would do when facing a series of politically motivated anti-jew assassinations.

For example they can subpoena Google and other search services to give them the IP address of every single person that made certain search queries, or searched for a specific address in Google maps. Even if you use a VPN they can use their NSA-tier tech and use more underhanded/illegal means of finding this information out, by use of browser backdoors. Then they'll just use "parallel construction" to figure out a way to pin you for it. Any online reconnaissance of a target would have to be done on disposable devices, bought anonymously, that you never used for anything else, connecting through an internet connection that was not traceable to you, then through a VPN that you bought access to with Bitcoin, which you also bought as anonymously as possible (in cash in person, and then tumbled the coins around before you sent it to the VPN company).

Your ideas about traveling to different areas are good, but travel should be done as anonymously as possible also. If your target lives in a certain city, instead of driving directly to that city, it would be better to take a long, backward route to a different nearby city or town, park your car and then bike over to the target city, preferably by means of trails or other more obscure routes.

They can get "touch" DNA, meaning that even if your skin brushes against something for even a split second, they can get your DNA profile from that contact. So a close proximity crime like stabbing/strangulation, you would have to take DNA exposure into account much more than if you were using a sniper rifle from distance (though even then, you'd have to thoroughly clean each bullet.) So a close proximity crime you would have to be wearing full hazmat tier undergarments under your clothes, latex gloves under normal gloves, a breathing mask over your mouth, and try to get in and out of there as quickly as possible and WITHOUT A STRUGGLE. Struggles mean clashing of bodies, pulling of clothes, scratching of fingernails against skin. all DNA exposure vectors. If you were wanting to go this route, you would have to consider torching the place if anything went wrong. If you leave any DNA behind at all, it's over. They have "genetic genealogy" now, look up the case of the Golden State Killer, a serial killer that was identified with this new technology.

In regards to CCTV cameras, that's another way of being identified. Even if you obscure your face, they can use gait analysis to map your gait, and then compare it to all "stored gaits" that they have in their NSA database (no proof they have this but best to assume they do). You should make a rule that in the city of the crime, you walk differently with a deliberately shorter/longer stride, and use your hips differently. If you don't slouch, slouch. If you slouch, have perfect posture. Also make a rule that your face will never be seen on a CCTV camera in the target city. Use disguises, Latex masks, wigs, fake facial hair, make up, etc.

For low level homicides they don't do this level of analysis, they don't have the resources. They only do it for high profile cases, or ones that draw public attention. So while this may seem like insane and over the top paranoia, just know that if any HIGH IQ white male did decide to snap and start committing HIGH IQ silent killings of Jew activists, professors, journalists, NGO workers, Antifas, etc - as soon as they realized what was happening there would literally be a WAR ROOM OF HIGH RANKING INTELLIGENCE AND MILITARY OFFICIALS HUNTING YOU DOWN PERSONALLY, with HUNDREDS OF AGENTS pursuing EVERY LINE OF INQUIRY to CATCH YOU.

I am obviously against all political violence and believe that democracy and individualism is the solution. It makes me shudder to think what would happen if someone started actually doing this type of thing. I mean just 4 or 5 isolated, high IQ lone wolves taking the above approach and committing silent assassinations of ZOG figures would literally change the entire dynamic of society.

000000  No.12690978



paranoid schizo retard detected. filtered.

000000  No.12690981


I wanted to read a serious post on taking over power in the US, not this

000000  No.12690985

The JQ is a psyop. You fucking morons would accept based niggers over some racist white guy who wants to overthrow the marxist regime. All because he doesn't believe in a jew conspiracy. The jew conspiracy shit is retarded.

Read Siege and stop taking boomer pills. That's the only meme you need, tell young people to study the knowledge of James Mason. Iron march had this shit figured out 4-5 years ago but some moron comes in here preaching incrementalism and you eat that shit up.

03b69d  No.12691007


Listen, kike. This culture war has been fought against us for 100 years+ and now we are fighting back for the ultimate stakes. You have everything to lose and we have nothing. You made your move out in the open and acting in the open is your weakest ploy. You have exposed all of your tactics and gambits and we have studied them all and WE KNOW. You are finished and we are still preparing and we know exactly what we need to do.

03b69d  No.12691021


Torpedojew - accusing someone of being a ‘paranoid schizo’ or demanding they get back on their meds etc is just about the most quintessentially jewy thing you could do. Considering your people are so prone to neurotic and psychotic mental aberrations it amounts to a good going case of that other characteristic your species is burdened with - projection.

74e008  No.12691035



74e008  No.12691036


Kikes rule, moron.

924f56  No.12691143

Don’t give in to these demoralisation tactics, we are not losing, this battle is just beginning. You are seeing the desperate push-back against the current shift in consciousness. We are merely the early adopters. To continue to balance this inherently unbalanced situation they have to impart vast amounts of energy. They sacrificed the credibility of the media to attack pizzagate by creating fake news. There will soon be no more ammunition left to attack us with as long as we stay together. We are what is valuable, and they will desperately spend brand value built for years (Gillette) to try to influence us.

I specialise in IRL redpilling, and towards the end of 2018 I saw a shift in the availability of people’s consciousness towards things like the JQ. Even my parent’s boomer friends are ready to change their attitudes. Every person has a weakness in their conditioning which can be exploited, pierce through their fallacies with questions tailored to each individual’s situation. Do not tell people how it is, ask them to consider correlations between things. Ask if some people are motivated to control others. Usually I can take the moral high ground at the onset of a discussion and show the impetus of my reasoning is to develop greater happiness for everyone.

For example the destitution of London is clear to people I know. So I can use this as a tool in a discussion framed towards improving our capital. The truth is on our side so it’s not hard to bring people towards it if you treat them kindly.

996b63  No.12691177

File: 378f0d296c19002⋯.jpg (389.95 KB, 1500x1093, 1500:1093, 1507890530299.jpg)


>sacrificing for the future.

See I have no motivation at all because well, what about my life? sacrifice for who? the spawn of the shitheads who are ruining the world and will continue to ruin it? I only have one life why should I waste it so people I will never meet will have it easier? its a shit proposition dude, if anything lets just step on the pedal and crash this shitshow, let the spawn of all the retarded 2-digit IQs handle the upcoming disaster.

556d1f  No.12691261


Good post. It's true - people regain consciousness by the droves. Slowly but steadily I'm helping my surroundings realize who's really at fault here.

Pathological liars can only get so far. They've shown us their true face; we've yet to show them ours.

924f56  No.12691262


The ethics of the right should simply be: Love yourself. You are god and you are in control.

In truly loving yourself you must then love people similar to you. Starting with your family then through to your race and the environment you inhabit.

0d157b  No.12691277

File: fcab240495f96ad⋯.jpg (185.24 KB, 553x746, 553:746, 72a3b843ea6bff0d3096e953dc….jpg)

The war will not be won without more loliposting.

c79487  No.12691323

>muh left

>muh republicans



8ba0c4  No.12691347

OP thinks twatter and the electric jew is culture :D blah blah 2006 called, they want their thread back. We know all this you cunt. Man up and deal with it. Life has never been easy for the White man but we overcome and prosper. This is a nothing challenge compared with what our ancestors had to deal with.

01f508  No.12691701



Made a thread for it. >>12691670

If you have insight or ideas your contribution is welcome.

56f312  No.12691745




There is another thing happened. Technolgy. Nukes made wars between nuke nations impossible and there therefore any war like WWII wouldn't be.

Myth of sacred war over evil >>12689779 was introduced and then locked down by nuclear technology. Circle of history come into unique time of "the end of history". No more wars that can come and reshape political and cultural landscape.

36dc7e  No.12691747

File: a661e631e80bff4⋯.jpg (420.1 KB, 1836x1377, 4:3, Anime_Chad.jpg)


Checked, degenerate.

56f312  No.12691758


>If you wholeheartedly believe this was some kind of accident

It was. Standard story with commies. Paving road to hell with ubiquitous commie "good intentions of social justice" (of taking money from white male and giving it to shitskins and women).

Why such twisted way form of wealth distribution? Because only way to do it. Commies couldn't introduce 200% tax for every white male who buys home and send this money to shitskins and women. This would be too obvious and boomers would wake up and could see it. But changing ratings of mortgage derivatives behind the curtains? 99% of people don't even know what these words mean. But obvious results of such market manipulation is market failure.

b73956  No.12691768


>Doesn't understand propaganda.

I don't know which is more dangerous, the propaganda being pushed by the mainstream, or people like you who are too stupid to understand it's power and fight back against it.

ce4ea9  No.12692553


>No goyim, don't seriously consider silently assassinating (((those agents))) of you and your people's destruction

Fuck off, kike.

5438c2  No.12692880


My point is that there are lots of things that CAN be done - but our affirmative action cops are useless. I spent YEARS doing fraudulent transfers out of other peoples accounts - ON MY HOME WIFI- without ever getting in trouble for it. This is in Canada.

Also, DNA and fingerprints mean nothing if your prints are not on file. If they don't catch you at the scene - it is highly unlikely that you will ever become a suspect. I know this is cynical - but most people have no idea how low the bar is for organized crime. Maybe in Nazi Germany with IQ 120 cops it would be impossible to do clean hits - but not today.

If you want to avoid heat even further: just make it look like a street robbery. Kill the guy and steal his wallet/ cellphone. It'll just be a "robbery gone wrong.

Just don't carry a cellphone when you're out. use a stolen car if possible (and burn it after the deed) or do it at a VERY out of the way location where your plates won't get captured by cameras. Even just buying a car on craigslist, not insuring it, deface the VINs, use it in the crime, and then burn it afterwards. It will be impossible to trace it.

c205e5  No.12692888

File: 2c6669112a3df02⋯.png (216.68 KB, 308x378, 22:27, charlotte disgust anime 2.png)


>We're losing the most important war, and that's the culture war. The power driving the left's momentum right now is staggering.

hope yall niggaz like posting in shit-tier /leftypol/ threads, because you're in one

5438c2  No.12692890


also, daily reminder that you can get realistic human face masks on eBay. Look up "realistic silicone mask" on eBay. They cost between 400-2000usd.

c3e634  No.12692971

For any individual growth you have to be willing to sacrifice things in your life that are not helping you accomplish your goal. Come on man get your head out of the sand. Each individual has the power and your number one focus should be yourself first before focusing on other things.

50027e  No.12693838


You niggers have no idea of the significance of this picture. Also, no Philip Schneider? I am disappoint a little.

50027e  No.12693877


Capped, solid advice. Just don't forget to LEAVE YOUR FUCKING CELL PHONE at the alibi location.

ddff5c  No.12694187

what u talking about boy? learn about history before you try to process politics. You lost your culture 200 years ago. Step by step youre going into degeneracy, youre so deep in degeneracy that you think that your degenerate grandfather was a noble honorable man. As long as youre living ffor your own ego, you will never get out of the degeneracy youre in. Christianity was what kept you guys in line, but you shot yourself in the foot by researching it too much and realizing that its flawed (flaws were made by the same people that pushed you into degeneracy, 1600 yr old project). Having a culture is just a side effect of not giving a fuck about the wordly life and purely focussing on becomming a superhuman that spreads love by just looking around. Since your culture is hate filled, its hard to revert this

ddff5c  No.12694193


you gotta have your head deep up your arse if you cant even read the past 300 years' history. but im sure youre a disinfo agent, who else would use its curiosity that way?

d1c1d6  No.12694200

File: 1c866a4346c5161⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 429x592, 429:592, 1c866a4346c51619f3bb116ea1….gif)

File: a42cfbe56a9b0f0⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 3300x4203, 1100:1401, bc51fa66cdc43babc73d567314….jpg)


Have another. They're both true.

8f27a6  No.12694215


I used to disagree with this, I don't anymore. The R's are cucks and will save their pocketbook before the country.

8f27a6  No.12694217


>Arent there bigger issues?

Actually no. The reason the west is fucked is because of media brainwashing.

896133  No.12694218


So feign belief and become one of those essential organizations that they use to push their agendas… Is that such a far off idea from you fuckers? I would hope one isn't too shy to do such dastardly things such as playing a part to get what one needs. If they're handing out free money to anyone who they can use. Then what are you fucking even doing here? If you know so much about this particular thing. (I.e. Jews funding niggers and nigger culture; which we have all known for so long now.) Then why aren't you going the extra fucking mile and taking advantage of what the niggers are doing? I'm assuming some of us are and aren't wafting their dicks around in the air nor wasting their time on useless places like this anymore. But that money in this type of system would provide one with leaps and bounds of traction. I mean just imagine the sheer madness they would suffer. Not knowing they gave billions to somebody against them. Then later they come to find out once you are finally out and on your own. Of course you will suffer some consequences like blackmail, death or death threats, economic warfare, constant terrorizing, etc. But this is nothing compared to the future we are facing if we don't think outside the box for this particular issue.

Keep your feet on the ground and more importantly; you as an individual hold more power than a group of people who cannot act without consultation of others.

Bow down to get the kings overthrown, people! Patience is key but so is the phrase, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

282fa9  No.12694254

File: 8e93591aee46a10⋯.jpeg (19.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 972e8bb4af910edf35b30741e….jpeg)



0db9c7  No.12696205


Aren't there black nationalists who hate jews enough to side with whites over them?

559b11  No.12696630


If jews were basically helping Whitey to do an international demographic replacement of blacks for Whites, how much of White Nationalism would see jews as a threat?

3ac8c2  No.12697506

Sage all shill threads.

207812  No.12697669


Sage and report all blackpill/shill/slide threads and posts.

556d1f  No.12698595


How is that supposed to be read? Also


>Zyklon b

We'vd been over this…

6b50f3  No.12698623

Global Reported for being an entire Fear Monger SPerg Autist Reject Freak. Get used to it.

9a8ed5  No.12698643


not white but white men love asian chicks

000000  No.12698746

>Jews run the world

t. totally not schizo faggot

Enjoy losing your country's to mudslimes, idiots

c205e5  No.12698786

File: 78b33cee97cff12⋯.png (201.98 KB, 427x410, 427:410, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Jews run the world

>t. totally not schizo faggot

>Enjoy losing your country's to mudslimes, idiots

c205e5  No.12698788

Forgot to sage, my bad anons

213918  No.12698909


Only problem with carving out a strong identity to rally around in the whole sphere of the right wing is that any attempt seems contrived and forced. It has to be an amalgamation of different ideas that are attractive to be used in creating a lifestyle eg. Punks dressed, acted out and believed in Anarchy and dissolution of higher powers

768208  No.12698932


my country's what?

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