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File: 811f5ce5809cddd⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa_….jpg)

d21549  No.12687741

Thread dedicated to the investigation and reporting of suspicious channels.

Please DONT casually distribute the vids,because of their nature but go ahead and report them.

Where to report:


Now the suspicious vids.

Russian vids masquareding as masage channels or many gymnastics videos



https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CuMtuk36Y34 [Open] [Open]


This girl is showing her chest.

And a faceless adult is touching /massaging her.

This is a literal (russian)pedo ring

d21549  No.12687753

Selfie videos with an absurd number of views



d21549  No.12687764


A british anti-cp site,good option to report.

The contents may not be explicit but they warrant an investigation

d21549  No.12687784

This isnt related to elsagate,the videos are way older than when elsagate began.

It seems to be a russian and brazilian grooming ring

d21549  No.12687805


The swimming pool video has a million views.

Again,very suspicious.

a13555  No.12687807


Why don't you go after the real stuff? All the worlds CP is being distributed by a jewish group from Ukraine (at least that's as far as non law enforcement tools can trace it). This group has been active for at least 20 years, totally undisturbed by FBI or Interpol. They have server farms all over Europe to distribute it and endlessly flooding the entire web (not only the darkweb) with all the material that was ever released to the public.

80dc80  No.12687824


As long as theres a massive demand from rich oil sheikhs the middle east it will continue to be produced in eastern europe.

401b0a  No.12687838

That third video is fucked, I literally only looked at it, as in the picture before the video starts and I had to click off. That shit can definitely be reported, but the selfie vids (I only looked at one) probably can't be, as they showed no nudity, despite it being pedo fap material it was very close. So, I agree that instead of those, ones like the guy fondling the shirtless girl should be reported. But goddamn, fuck jewtube. Fuck em hard.

6bcbf6  No.12687839


This IS real.

Those childre are getting exploited

cd2fb2  No.12687867


>Implying Jim and Ron Watkins don't operate child porn websites

6bcbf6  No.12687884


I came across it by accident now i wanna report it

6bcbf6  No.12687889


The bathub challenges CAN be reported?

1713e6  No.12687897

File: bbc419ad31d5b7e⋯.jpg (135.04 KB, 600x800, 3:4, jameswoods.jpg)




I don't think I should even look. Godspeed to those brave enough to go report it.

1713e6  No.12687905


also, sorry OP.


your phone is on the grid

a13555  No.12687913


I'm well aware of the origins of motivation.


Not only are you trying to combat a forest fire with a a thimbleful, you're actively supporting the ones starting the fire. Stop fucking around and go after the jews responsible. Tell your local cops about Ukraine and ask them why they are refusing to investigate. Then when you find out how fucked the whole situation really is you gonna do all it takes to change it. If you can't, go find more people to help you, until you have a movement that can make a difference.

Reporting jewtube means nothing.

1713e6  No.12687926


>Tell your local cops

>about Ukraine

If you're not anywhere near there that wouldn't do much, but hopefully Ukrainian anons with a cranium might heed that advice. Unless you go to interpol countries have their own rules of law. Jurisdiction is something I think these pædos take advantage of on a very regular basis. It's literally probably human trafficking 101, knowing your area's range of judicial control.

401b0a  No.12687934


Yeah, ones like that can be, I meant the ones with girls just talking on cam and shit. Unless they start stripping or anything of the sort, especially at the request of (((people))) in the comments. I doubt much would come of it if it was reported otherwise.

d8bab0  No.12687937


Heh. Wanna see CP-lite? Go onto Hooktube's front page. People are into some weird shit.

d21549  No.12687940


1713e6  No.12687945


hooktube started making me feel odd right at the get-go. Seems like it was quite short-lived for it's intended purpose. I'm glad there are other alternatives.

d21549  No.12687946


You must stare at the abyss.

Also this is what happens when you search"gymnastics"


1713e6  No.12687963


Can I hopefully assume you're a gymnast then? I mean, sorry, but that's not on my internet search radar. Unless you're interested in the sport it's kinda odd to be looking for those videos without lascivious intent.

d8bab0  No.12687967


I still use Hooktube because fuck those disgusting kikes at Google

But one of the top trending vids right now is something about "teen models" that look a bit on the young side if you ask me.

feadc7  No.12687970


Points to consider:

- Children's bodies are NOT inherently sexual

- The gratification, if any, derived from a video, imagined or confirmed, by the small number of people who are sexually attracted to children is NOT validation for it being reported and/or removed

- Understand that if you are paranoid about child exploitation there is a strong possibility you will read into innocent or harmless situations; don't become a SJW

- Over zealous reporting and/or interference with videos published by or featuring children can damage them through restriction of services or means of expression for their interests such as gymnastics or dance; making it MORE likely for them to choose less safe vehicles to broadcast, possibly encountering worse and more direct threats

- Eastern Europe is less tainted by the jew interference in the family and life of the child; so massage and casual nudity is often what it is - NOT hypersexualization as seen in the West

- Russia in particular is being ostracized because of the false allegations about election meddling and exaggeration; its citizens don't need further demonization online from report happy Westerners trying to portray their activities as unwholesome

- If you do happen to find actual CP, not nudity but gratuitous and obvious content produced with the intent to arouse, FFS report in a calm and non autistic manner

d21549  No.12687973


Im just showcasing what youtube allows to happen.

This girls arent well known youtubers get millions of views.

16d293  No.12687974


16d293  No.12687981


Found the dicklet watching the videos

feadc7  No.12687985


Grow up.

16d293  No.12687991


Literally abusing a retarded child in the third video

16d293  No.12687993


I’ll kill you

d21549  No.12688003


Did you report in the site i posted?

feadc7  No.12688013


You'd do well to keep such threats to yourself.

16d293  No.12688019


No but I did on jewtube for child abuse seeing as the girl is literally being tortured

16d293  No.12688022


Suck my fucking ass faggot I’d leave you braindead

d21549  No.12688032

Im the same OP who did the snitching on drug dealers threads some years ago.

Anyone remember?

d21549  No.12688074


Eastern europe is a white slavery hotspot

feadc7  No.12688087


Their organized crime syndicates run these operations but the citizens themselves are not, at least yet, as brainwashed as the Americans regarding the separation between child and adult or the understanding that the nose in the shadows doesn't define what a normal family is.

1713e6  No.12688093


I see what you mean, and agree it's an issue.

<This girls arent

>These girls aren't

No offense meant, but are you ESL?

21b120  No.12688122

Kek, you can see girls with naked chest at any beach or pool.

3566e0  No.12688137

File: 3dcbcfb109c46fb⋯.png (408.36 KB, 791x992, 791:992, australian_policerancpwebs….png)

File: 8406929c642de25⋯.png (306.57 KB, 1329x1090, 1329:1090, lgbtculturalsubversionpedo….png)

File: 484775be48ec24c⋯.jpg (114.31 KB, 656x754, 328:377, LGBT_pedochildconsenthitle….jpg)

File: 86e71fda9fe6338⋯.png (622.14 KB, 1133x1014, 1133:1014, lgbtqueerkidschildrenstuff….png)


>Report CP to the people who are running it

You have no idea how bad things really are anon.

b22fcf  No.12688138


>everyone who isn't a hysterical retard has a small dick

Found the feminist roastie. You will never have an AOC of 30.

16d293  No.12688149


And what’s your opinion on the third video in the op? Nvm go watch more little girls doing gymnastics and showing how flexible they are.

feadc7  No.12688169

'Pedo' hunting is the modern version of the ham radio autist who thinks he can unmask damning communications between government officials.

16d293  No.12688180

File: 4e198e464d528b2⋯.jpeg (54.24 KB, 374x526, 187:263, 6AD66E38-B20F-478E-91B9-A….jpeg)


Nah I don’t get off on causing innocents pain or not being able to go full out so I can’t fantasize about undeveloped girls, dicklet. Pic related is my limit. I’ll gladly kill you though.

f62017  No.12688181

Please, continue wasting your time. The girls produce their own videos, and some are aroused by them. What is your mental-philosophical solution to what somebody else physiologically feels, and can it trump that??

08f032  No.12688184


>All the worlds CP is being distributed by a jewish group from Ukraine'

Does anyone have any more details on this? Any information is appreciated.

08f032  No.12688196


<The girls produce their own videos, and some are aroused by them

Fuck off, vermin.

a13555  No.12688199




Also crawl the web for "bigboard".

b22fcf  No.12688203

File: 604e5aebfec5307⋯.jpg (90.3 KB, 605x585, 121:117, smug149.jpg)


Not watching, nigger.

>hurr actual cp is exactly the same as sports

>hurr not being disgusted and repulsed by people existing is the same as being a pedo rapist

b22fcf  No.12688206

File: aa5289c66d6c46c⋯.jpg (35.4 KB, 718x661, 718:661, pfft.jpg)


>feminist roastie can only think about dicks

16d293  No.12688210


>degenerate posts weeb shit

As usual

08f032  No.12688228



b22fcf  No.12688229

File: 4d8505fe1b0d700⋯.png (1010.77 KB, 3160x3254, 1580:1627, 1507151925922.png)


>everyone that isn't a screeching retard is a degenerate

16d293  No.12688257


You’re going out of your way to ensure light pedo fap material stays readily accessible. Those girls are not doing gymnastics, they’re not even remotely good at it. They know it, the viewers know it. They want attention and compliments. Viewers want to fap. It’s obvious you’re a fapper.

d21549  No.12688357


i ,OP am a former fapper.

I can tell what is meant for faps and this videos are

cc84d6  No.12688381

Fuck off moshe.

d21549  No.12688405


You prevent me from fighting cp.

You have a dark heart.

f362a9  No.12688432

>Harmless Gymnastic videos.


No John, if you think this is sexual : You are the pedophile.

But in all seriousness; Rather than attacking the bait, you should be looking into the people who take the bait. Observe the people making disgusting comments, draw the links from that. Simply screaming every precocious video is CP is only going to make you look like a weirdo.

For example, a common link between a lot of the sites mentioned in this thread is We Are Kids United, a music group sponsored by Unicef.

Also, following those pages, you come across talent agencies , child modelling agencies and adult modeling agencies that have been featured in actual fashion shows.

Could it be that the parents are simply whoring their children out for a chance at e-fame? Morally , the concept itself is sickening to some people, but ultimately there's no wrong doing with that. People want famous kids because they can cash the checks.

Could it be that, most of these videos in these circles are just harmless kids e-whoring because they grew up in a generation where all their "idols" are e-famous like Justin Bieber and those fucking fortnite retards?

d21549  No.12688473


But it IS sexual.

Do deny the clear sexual undertones is obnoxious at best.

d21549  No.12688522


You can still go back.

Ditch the lolis while you can.

bf404d  No.12688533

File: 12dcdbba60a08e9⋯.png (6.04 KB, 219x231, 73:77, the g stands for goof.png)




>Hiram Abiff

d21549  No.12688551

File: 76d71968e6a068c⋯.png (887.59 KB, 3072x1248, 32:13, 1ljus08wq5i01.png)

Reminder that all porn is a slippery slope to cp

56476f  No.12688566

So how can we stop them?

d21549  No.12688577


Report the videos or the whole channel so they get taken down

2a6121  No.12688588


These memes are so incredibly unfunny. Almost makes me want to break my ongoing 2017 streak just to spite you.

d5b565  No.12688617


It's just stupid as hell that this kind of smut gets to stay on YT but nationalist propaganda content gets deleted on sight.

8cfaaf  No.12688665




Phone posters will hang on DoTR

b0da4e  No.12688668

Oy vey

d21549  No.12688767


Its evil

038776  No.12688774


Yes, whatever happened with that?

d21549  No.12688807


I became lazy.

But you may expect a comeback!

88c143  No.12688828


Don't even try to argue with those American prudes

d21549  No.12688831


>if you aint a pedo ur a prude


6568b5  No.12688890


Op you dumb fuck the last video does not even have anything sexual in it it would not be considered cp by the law and if you read the damm description or use your eyes you would see the child has cerebral palsy and he is doing physical therapy

d21549  No.12688897


Learn to see beyond the veil mate.

Something dark is afoot here

000000  No.12688906

Ah yes I will make sure to report these channels and vids after a very thorough inspection indeed if you know what I mean. Please share plenty too so we can nab as many of those evil pedos in one day as possible heh.

000000  No.12688930


That's cerebral palsy. It's horrible for it to happen to a child but even worse when you look 30 years down the line and they're still helpless, still shit and piss and vomit themselves, still lay in bed every day just waiting to die.

I want to kill people who think it's okay to keep the deformed alive.

d21549  No.12688936


Are you a suppporter of eugenics?

000000  No.12688940


Trying to read that code in that pic.

Anna is safe and UNIX winners do fert saht?

Very blurred.

000000  No.12688948


>Are you a suppporter of eugenics?

Yes I am. Why do you ask? Also if you're one of those people that is going to say something like "start with yourself", I've got a DNA test done, and waiting for the results to come back… but even if I am genetically sound I am pretty much excluded from the genepool due to being a superfascist anyways.

Also it's not just eugenics I support but euthanasia which I see as preferable to life of waste and misery. One of the things about the medical system and the decadence of this age that makes me so angry is the very fact it is possible to keep people alive in a subhuman state when nature would have killed them off long ago. I believe in a morality that is shaped to the needs of nature and is stoic in nature.

000000  No.12688986


Do you have any other questions officer? I want to make sure you have a complete profile on me.

000000  No.12688998


No women are attracted to me and want to have sex with me but I always end up finding out they are anti-natalist and I break things off with them because of that. I want a woman who wants to have children not one who I just fuck for years and years and never get a child out of.

676e84  No.12689073

This thread smells like semen

fc9406  No.12689117


>knowing what semen smells like

That only raises so many questions about your health.

e326fc  No.12689223


make a long archive list and create a redpill document out of it to expose (((Jewtube))) covering for pedos

d21549  No.12689232


Should we request an sticky?

30705c  No.12689377

Children are sexual. The anti-child-lovers are making me re-think my anti-pedo stance

9176ed  No.12689472

Look at the fucking nose on the third video, lads.

It's like he wants you to know he's a degenerate kike.

fcb034  No.12689921

Pedos shall hang. That is all gentlemen. We must never tolerate this under any circumstances.

376a1b  No.12690371


What if you had to choose between pedos and trannies? Pretend they dont overlap.

99e553  No.12690622




Kill yourself, kike.

17240c  No.12690782

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This girl is 11 years old


d21549  No.12690826


86078b  No.12690882

Threads like this crop up all the time. Real cp isn't out in the open on youtube, obviously pedos will flock to videos like that but kids doing gymnastics isn't porn and one would assume the videos are innocent and intended for other kids. The real question is where the fuck are these kids' parents? Because I doubt they are aware of this, really it's the parents who need to keep their kids away from the internet.

ec2b39  No.12691042

It would be better to leave bad shit up on kiketube or destroy them outright.

d21549  No.12691113


the russian massage videos involvo an adult tho.

thats different

807bdd  No.12691181


What the fuck, she really does. Seems like the featured singer is her two-year older sister. Brazil should be wiped off of the map. Let the indigenous Amazonians live in peace. Argentina, after getting your shit together, you need to clear the shithole.

d8bab0  No.12691193



c2d749  No.12691357

Yeah, of course report the shit OP, but jewtube doesn't do anything about it! So what then?

d21549  No.12691361


we can raise awareness like with elsagate

d21549  No.12691373

File: 6ac7ec9d38d339d⋯.jpg (90.25 KB, 922x554, 461:277, report,report.JPG)

000000  No.12691863


a guy giving a paralysed child some kind of chiropractic massage is porn according to these guys.

f2b001  No.12691918


It’s blatant torture and the nerve of you evil scumbags to openly defend it will lead to the destruction of your comfortable lives by people who don’t get off on others misery. Forget how jew’d economics or politics is, the fact you are so brazen is what will lead to everything being burned. If you’re registered you can guarantee you’re already listed. This will never be acceptable without first the grids entire destruction. Ponder that pedo. You won’t live to see brazzers quality cp. Enjoy watching misery while you still can because I’ll guarantee you it won’t last much longer.

b7ca95  No.12692015

Remember anons;

Report D&C threads.

Sage D&C threads.

Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;

Report slide threads.

Sage slide threads.

Filter slide threads.

>naked 8 year olds = CP

>videos of 8 year olds doing gymnastics in back yards = CP

Fuck off kike. This is a slide thread.

f2b001  No.12692060


If op had made a poll on whether the 3rd video should stay on jewtube and the majority here said yes I’d go out and start it. That’s how I feel. You just can’t help yourself defending it though, every time. You don’t know how to stay low key because you’re broken. You did it this time and really strengthened my hatred.

68b447  No.12692073

File: 03f463fbd011b07⋯.png (529.37 KB, 638x601, 638:601, Untitledvbnm,.png)

File: 57dc274f43bf407⋯.jpg (119.05 KB, 757x783, 757:783, Capturedfvghnjmk,l..JPG)

File: e64d2d6a4b0a68b⋯.jpg (130.04 KB, 945x846, 105:94, iuJBOH5NIH.jpg)

File: 5538010f7e99a46⋯.png (541.64 KB, 1218x1182, 203:197, ijkoi.png)

NO. sholomo no shomloing

840979  No.12692744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I like this one

840979  No.12692749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Be sure to use youtube.dl to snag these before the shoa

840979  No.12692750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


840979  No.12692753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

check out the puffies on this one!

081833  No.12692757


You remind me of a mexican.

840979  No.12692763


Well, I do like puffy rice!

840979  No.12692766

I can hear the fapping in this thread!

422e4b  No.12692789

File: f542237cabb2c44⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 520x800, 13:20, nice lady.jpg)

Children are so ugly. Will never understand the appeal.

e74038  No.12692812

File: 148dde350dd7a5b⋯.png (400.27 KB, 733x542, 733:542, Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 9….png)

The 3rd video brought me to all kinds of sick shit, all with millions upon millions of views. It gets worse, OP.


>that fucked up ratio

Something… something has to be going on here.

676e84  No.12692845

File: 97b5e451c514b93⋯.png (8.93 KB, 453x222, 151:74, bullshit-detector.png)


>CP on youtube-lets fight it!

I am calling BS on the entire premise of this thread. OP is not only a faggot, but, in fact, a pedo himself. Finally caving into his mounting fears that the FBI are about to launch an investigation into his online search history, he created this anti-pedo thread in an effort to build his defense for his future court case. He thinks that showing agent Bennings a link to a thread where he leads the charge into a pedo reporting campaign will absolve him of his crimes and result in all charges being dropped.

Sorry, OP, not gonna happen, not under my watch.


Do NOT drop the charges. This is a clever ruse by OP to convince you that he is not a pedo. Use your most advance data forensic tools available, find the evidence, and prosecute him to the fullest extent permissible by law.

e74038  No.12692863

File: ad7fcba06aad40a⋯.png (177.75 KB, 475x476, 475:476, Screenshot_2016-04-05-19-4….png)


Good point.

I suppose OP got me hyped into thinking we were in for another livestream pedo hunt. Oh well.

eaa0f8  No.12692942

File: 5bd7b3de90badd2⋯.jpg (71.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, abo.jpg)


In Canada white women don't like me, but I always get about women trying to link me up with their daughters. Sometimes you'll be checking out the loli and the mom will walk up to you and start talking to you. If you're white and have a job (50k/year is like a millionaire to them), and they don't care if she's 14 and you're 35. I don't race mix but it is tempting.

eaa0f8  No.12692945


*abo not about

d21549  No.12694131


It WILL happen even under your watch

d27c58  No.12694204

File: 0bffc85b8356155⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 104x124, 26:31, evil-pope-24102 (2).jpg)


3 months ago, I reported a site to an exploitation agency. There are 3 partnered sites and they call themselves "the triforce". I looked last week and they're all still up. I'm not sure how to harass these FBI shitbags into action, but my point is I stumbled into this shit and reported it, and nothing happened. They did nothing.


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot


dickless pedo jewfaggot

a2cd08  No.12694328



Pls tell us more about OP

24e2d5  No.12697683

File: 9b63c1ea97507fe⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 200x303, 200:303, 1c33d1e617c9e31c4af4103b13….jpg)


I don't believe you

d21549  No.12697899


Begome a new unabomber

66acec  No.12701072

File: eeeb2ce6ba6f28c⋯.png (570.8 KB, 900x605, 180:121, cb6f9173260ca957c795a17e5f….png)

>haha let's be mods on jewtube for free

Fuck you Google Kike

a9d641  No.12701532


You don't know they did nothing. The boards you are referring to can be classified as an open garden of low hanging and ground littering fruit for law enforcement; and potentially emerging buds (no, not that variety) of information which can result in prosecution. For all the autistic, ignorant sperging about any child on any website so much as showing an unsocked toe, there's little meaningful activity targeting real predators and rescuing real victims; and those who are working to do so don't appreciate constant distractions from before mentioned retards.

663930  No.12701574

File: 69a979be8a42292⋯.png (676.37 KB, 640x638, 320:319, 29855e9632b8b48d068add4614….png)

i sure would hate to see some motivated anons show up at youtube HQ and firebomb it and kill everyone inside

2a0146  No.12701969

who actually cares? reporting social media "groomers" won't even do anything, more will just show up. it's barely grooming, just bad parenting. these kids are just left alone on the internet with no supervision as young as 7 years old. Just get the kids of the internet, problem solved. you will never stop the demand for loli. honestly if marriage was a more concrete construct of society like it was, mmm, 100 years ago, lolis wouldn't even be illegal .the only reason it's illegal is because marriage and sex are separate now and people don't want people to take advantage of their kids. Back in the day, if anyone had sex outside of marriage they were cast into the woods or something for being a thot. Imagine if being a whore was illegal instead of just confining men not to enjoy the beauty of little girls? lgbt pedos can die though, that shit is gay. anyway, you will literally never stop muslims and russians from talking to kids on social media and making them take their shirts off and shit. just get your kid off the internet, degenerate western world. Thots are getting younger by the minute

a017c7  No.12701979


<expecting the FBIniggers to do anything but subvert.

That's where you fucked up.

d21549  No.12707998


>the beauty of little girls?


e41227  No.12708005

whats wrong with cp?

d21549  No.12708008

27ca3d  No.12708053



3553d5  No.12708126


>mfw I'm mostly chad

>but I wear the virgin's exact outfit every day

By the way, these memes are are psyop to shame virginity. Virginity is a virtue.

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