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File: 8dc40708a185562⋯.jpg (32.82 KB, 720x471, 240:157, 13894169.jpg)

dd0e6a  No.12687811

He's not the only one either


>Toronto journalist Deidre Olsen posted on Twitter on Wednesday night that accused him of grooming and exploiting young women from vulnerable backgrounds who worked at Cannabis Culture, the pot shop he created in the 1990s, and of acting inappropriately towards herself when she was a teen in 2008 considering a job with the store.

This has happened to many, many of his employees. I guess there is no more hope for widow's sons anymore, eh Marc?

dd0e6a  No.12687846

File: c8fd2e00eb9c2d5⋯.png (59.62 KB, 618x451, 618:451, DO.PNG)



6e45e8  No.12687859

That's what drugs do to people, nothing new. retards just all want to get high and women will suck dicks to get anything because "hehe it's so coooooooollllll"

000000  No.12687972

Reminder: Canada is a pedo paradise.

4f0ce4  No.12687988

they had to wait until he couldn't afford to bribe the cops, lol

is larsen next?

84c3c1  No.12687989



Not defending the guy, more attacking the thots. Nobody forced those hippie thots to work at a weed store. They weren't held at gunpoint to be there. What kind of girl wants to work at a drug store? The trash kind

this is just more cultural revisionism

381146  No.12688044


unironically true and charles manson was a prime example of this.

also weed prohibition is stupid and decriminalization is the best option for weed since it punishes sellers but not users. weed is relatively harmless on the user level and extremely harmful on the bulk-sale level.

example: Russia decriminalized personal-use amounts of weed and it's largely ignored in China - both of these countries have harsh penalties for dealers and have almost no weed-use or weed culture issues. people who use/grow weed for personal use simply share their "stash" with their friends and it remains an underground culture. weed becomes bad when it becomes acceptable on a societal level - nobody cares if a few skaters or ravers smoke joints - it's only really bad if it's being pushed as the new hot thing and encouraged on a societal level like it is in CA, OR, CO, and NV.

e759bc  No.12688065


Teens aren't pedo, you spaz.

d7ef94  No.12688409

File: 1d5c616d99a2a9c⋯.jpeg (84.13 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, cq5dam.web.1200.675.jpeg)

He talks and has the same vibe as Keith Rainere.

Also think he might not be the ultimate target.

82b1f7  No.12688470

When are they going after bartenders and their bosses?

c63806  No.12688506

>who worked at Cannabis Culture

Don't give a fuck. I hate dude-weed niggers…

c63806  No.12688512



How? You can quit, leave, call the cops etc. Fucking eternal victims.

d622d8  No.12688549

File: 9fe34fe11a964e4⋯.jpg (49.39 KB, 700x700, 1:1, hefner.jpg)

Emery is an intelligence asset, like his mentor, Hef. His job was to get targets stoned and film them in compromising situations.

The Hell's Angels (Hiram Abiff - masons) protect his entire block around Cambie and Hastings in downtown Vancouver.

a33f13  No.12688557


What does she think of those Muslim men?

eb5712  No.12688590




Sexist and racist. Fire her immediately.

31dead  No.12688683


It's more likely a commercial attack. The weed frontier is obviously profitable, growing money on a tree that takes 70 days to grow and dry would be, so if you have done well in the industry you can expect be attacked, or bought out if they can't steal it off you. It has attracted the snout of every speculator, which is why it's rife with jewry.

cbb863  No.12688935


Not defending his actions but fuck no it is not.

Aoc is 18, even DRAWINGS of lolicon not depicting real people will land you on the sex offender registry and or jail you.

Canada is a police state.

a33f13  No.12688947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ok so a company came out with a machine where you fill up hoppers with pipe tobacco, and another hopper with those cigaret papers.

Shops would let you grab a bite to eat while the machine was processing.

States got their tax panties in a twist over that, so they started to tax it.

It reminds me of this machine.

"I am worried. It crosses my mind that they'll shut me down. But how can they do this? I thought this was a state that liked small business," Hatzisavvas said. "Why would they want to shut a business that's providing work for local people?"

The machines, made by RYO Machine LLC, a Cincinnati company, began appearing making a few years ago. Bryan Haynes, an attorney representing the company, which was founded in 2008, said RYO's machines are not in the same league as commercial cigarette-making equipment.

"The advanced machines used by companies like Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds will produce 20,000 cigarettes in a minute," said Haynes, a partner at Atlanta-based Troutman Sanders LLP.

"We're talking about horses and buggies vs. fighter jets."

Wisconsin and Michigan have filed lawsuits similar to Connecticut's, claiming that the product is a commercial cigarette-making machine and its use requires a cigarette-manufacturing license. https://www.courant.com/business/hc-cigarette-machine-controversy.-20111211-story.html


a33f13  No.12688957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You can buy a machine that automatically casts bullets for you with standard molds.

You could do something crazy like heavy 45-70 bullets on top of standard sized 357 cal bullets.

a33f13  No.12688962


I wish there was a machine like that bullet caster that did everything required to produce brass casings. Sure it would be expensive, but it would be worth it for casings no produced in factories anymore.

27bbfb  No.12688971

This dude loves the company of young broads I remember in school a friend of mine smoked up with him I think she was 15 max

a776b1  No.12688976

Any girl old enough to work in a pot shop is old enough to fuck.

260b0d  No.12693430

ZOG is shutting down privately owned dispensaries and giving the only legal permits to (((their people))). And then, like magic (and as usual), this story shows up.

d340a7  No.12693473


No, Canada is the country the kikes save for their retarded tribesmen.

7cd5cf  No.12693527


In all his business and legal battles he's been the well financed front man for the Hells Angels

And if you go through videos of him you'll see he's a sickly looking miserable man. That's what happens to you when you're smoking pot all the time. Imagine being his age and the only career you've ever had is pot, both smoking and selling it. So he's trapped now; even if he hated pot (and judging from the expression on his face he very well might hate that shit) he can't abandon it. He has nothing else. His entire life, instead of being consecrated to electrical engineering or being a scuptor or even being a truck driver has been wasted on ….getting wasted.

And look at his wife; you think an ugly dork like him could score even a skank like that in Vancouver if he wasn't a drug dealer?

7cd5cf  No.12693558

As for sex you all hair ass meant, if he didn't slide his hand up her dress and down into her panties and slip his greased thumb into her anus knuckle deep and two or three fingers into her pussy, nothing of any note happened.

7cd5cf  No.12693573

File: 697c74ba0582638⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 300x452, 75:113, 2869260672_5fb8a21657.jpg)

File: c30ca661eb802c1⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)

And look at what this Deidre Olsen is transforming into. Let this be a warning to you young guys; the bloom goes off that flower pretty fast these days, especially with everyone eating fast food and blowing out into big bovine judderers overnight.

She went from being a cute party girl to a surly Lilith Fayre bull dyke with a yeast infection real fast. Shocking and sobering.

7cd5cf  No.12693587

Holy cow, this Olsen yeast monster is the least of his problems.

Now he's been targeted by the LGBTQ community for being transphobic..

The revolutionary beast is eating it's own.


For Jodie Emery, the controversy amounts to a “witch hunt.”

For those in cannabis circles fighting for a more socially conscious and equitable industry, it’s another disheartening blow to a craft business fighting for legitimacy.

For the rest of us on the outside, it looks more like a pitched battle for the leadership of a cannabis movement exploding into the mainstream.

“[Emery’s comments are] a little obscene to me,” says Jen Green, who owns Weedibles bakery.

It was Green who shared a Vice News article about women’s-only spa Body Blitz denying entry to a trans woman that ignited the fire. Emery commented on his Facebook page, “If you’ve got a dick, you’re not a woman. Period.”

Green, whose daughter is trans, says she felt personally targeted by Emery’s comment.

When his initial post was heavily criticized, Emery doubled down.

In a since-deleted Facebook message, he wrote, “My advice is don’t go where you are not welcome – you’re looking for trouble and causing trouble. Start an all trans spa & club – I’ll donate to that.”

In a subsequent comment, he wrote, “Some people are so self-centred they don’t see what their bullying insistence on being regarded as female is doing to other women who may have worked all their life to compete, only to be routed by a vastly larger/masculine-framed newly minted ‘woman.’”

“Your understanding of what occurs in a male-to-female transition is woefully inaccurate and lacking,” wrote one commenter in response to Emery.

9c0d25  No.12693627


I had a friend that worked at one of his dispensaries. Apparently one time when they met Marc was talking about giving women lots of cocaine so that he could be an "Anal Bandit" as he put it, basically getting broads so high they would go for it, or at least be less pissed off in the moment.

7cd5cf  No.12693635


I really don't know how it is in the rest of N. America but if you want to get laid at all in Vancouver you'd better come well supplied with nose candy, especially if you're an ugly bespectacled dork in shitty clothes and a bad haircut like Marc.

29dcf2  No.12693919


I have a CNC machine that mills AR15 and AR10 lowers. I have it push-button setup. If someone wants a ghost AR lower, they can make it by hitting the start button, then they've manufactured it, not me.

29dcf2  No.12693927


I should clarify, that in Burgerland, it's perfectly legal to make your own un-registered guns, or ATF tax-stamp parts. You cannot however sell or transfer/give them to anyone else.

92bbac  No.12694053


Wow, so a bunch of middle aged men hire good looking young women to work in their business, then hit on them? Sounds like every bar and nightclub ever.

7663a4  No.12694191


>Holy cow, this Olsen yeast monster is the least of his problems.


>Now he's been targeted by the LGBTQ community for being transphobic..

No, that was several years ago when he had a dispensary in Toronto's gay town.


They were all passing around a poot epileptic girl whose mother was some chug who didn't care.

7663a4  No.12694196


>well financed front man for the Hells Angels

Rifici as well, but the 81 are up shit creek ever since that Drake pic leaked. Someone's been into their insurance files… and it's not Canadian police either.

7cd5cf  No.12694986


>Rifici as well, but the 81 are up shit creek ever since that Drake pic leaked. Someone's been into their insurance files… and it's not Canadian police either.

Wow, you've boggled my mind. I'd love to hear more on this.

f3c56d  No.12700013

Wonder if he ever went to the Piggy Palace with his pedophile biker buds with the chief of police?

260b0d  No.12700083


>Green, whose daughter is trans, says she felt personally targeted by Emery’s comment.

Two drug dealers arguing about faggots.

ef7204  No.12700096

Wasn't marc emery in jail permanently or some shit?

21f179  No.12700136

Who is this guy?

eb7f14  No.12701505

Look at all the copyright violations here:


eb7f14  No.12701508


He was brought to the States for FIVE years for selling pot seeds in CD jewel cases to Americans.

Why five? He's the "Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret" in masonry hence the "Prince of Pot" name.

6ad48f  No.12701533


> He's the "Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret" in masonry hence the "Prince of Pot" name.




Seems unlikely given the public attacks. More likely a goyim who got too big for his boots, whatever his share of the pot industry is….

260b0d  No.12701981


>Seems unlikely given the public attacks.

This. And, in the build-up to the last federal election, Emery's wife got all enthusiastic about the possibility of weed being legalized so she decided she'd run for the local federal Liberal seat in parliament because Justin Turdhole supported weed. Aaaaaaand Turdhole not only wouldn't give her the nomination, he would not even meet with her to discuss it. Totally shut her out.

e7e127  No.12702244

>>Toronto journalist Deidre Olsen posted on Twitter

OP read that and didn't close the tab… Instead he's brought this faggotry to us. I'm sure some broke, old roastie isn't bitter about her thot days or anything. This guy has been with the same women for over 20 years. He was in the US in prison for many years.

Niggers and 'feminists' are jealous that White men are making money in pot and they aren't. Fags like you are anti-cannabis for whatever, fucked up jew reason.

e7e127  No.12702259


Proof faggot? Of course not.

He was in a US prison for years.

Oh is it what happens? Must look like your dad then.

As opposed to… a career selling insurance? At least he has money to show for it.

He's trapped? No, that was when he was in prison. Hated pot?… You're 100% a jew. He has money and a woman which is more than you can say.

Tried harder next time, shill.


Same fag, different ip?

His 'mentor' was Hefner? Yeah, you didn't take your meds today.

753169  No.12702572

I hate Marc Emery and I mean with a firey fucking passion and wish he was rotting in a US prison. But he did nothing wrong here, these are just a bunch of dumb whores trying to cash in on clown world.

000000  No.12704118

Potheads are always retarded or creepers.

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