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File: 349a25a4b3c7d1c⋯.png (536.78 KB, 980x552, 245:138, ClipboardImage.png)

fe1702  No.12689905

Long ago a friend of mine who was sleeping around with some self-declared neo-Nazis told me something about the holocaust that of course I wouldn't know otherwise, I was too young back then to see the bigger picture but maybe some of you can help me confirm the idea.

According to her sources the real horrors were mostly blown out of proportion and the most atrocious crime committed on the Jews was as simple as putting them on labor like any other goyim on earth, that is, people may have died and they were in a manner of speaking imprisoned or contained but what they can't forgive is being put to work for their food and shelter.

Anyone with more info on that? she recently told me to check all that on a site called metapedia but it is down.

d5acc3  No.12689925

File: c7a3211317b485b⋯.png (355.03 KB, 1158x1621, 1158:1621, talmud.png)

082142  No.12689960

Well that would make more sense because putting jews into ovens has nothing to do with National Socialism, but making a workforce and produce cheap labor for the good of the country sounds exactly right!

fe1702  No.12689970


That's what I began thinking as time went on and I grew up, the fact that they keep fucking up stuff and how in the end they see everyone else as cattle would make me understand they don't even see other people as people.

af4b0d  No.12689971

I believe it. Making a merchant work for their money always makes them madder than hell. I've seen it happen whenever I tell one of the coffee shop barista faggots that they could double their income by learning to use an angle grinder and a sandblaster. Fuck me, you'd have thought I'd said I screwed their (single) mother in her ass.

8c5814  No.12689977

Fuck off back to kikechan moshe.

ebf9a8  No.12690000


One of jewry’s particular characteristics is a dislike of physical labor. His physical appearance alone did not predestine him to physical labor. But as the result of generations of inbreeding and of his racial mixture, the jew made this his goal. He would rather trade, leaving work to others. His Talmud doctrines assisted him. In Germany, we hardly ever saw a jew among miners, farmers, masons, and earth workers, or other professions that involved heavy labor. When a jew did work, there was some sort of “big business” involved. Then he could work for quite a period. The decisive factor, however, is that the jew has no ethical relationship to labor, as we do. For him, labor is one of various possibilities for exploitation. He does not create value, but rather his goal is to heap up money.

The great mass of jewry was incapable of overcoming their physical appearances. That became clear to each German who wanted to see as he observed jews after 1933 from a politically trained viewpoint. This was particularly clear to those who were able to look into the concentration or labor camps.

In comparison with us, what a difference in conduct and behavior. A German who must spend a long time in a camp, perhaps as a prisoner of war, even under the most primitive of conditions, will behave as a member of the Germanic family of peoples. He will maintain his dignity and personal appearance. In particular, he will not lose his sense of the necessity of cleanliness, both physical and spiritual.

It is exactly the opposite with the jew. As long as he, with the help of lies, is striving for full equality with his host people, attempting to deceive them about his drive for absolute rule, he exerts himself to the fullest to resist his own drives, in order that he may behave as expected. But at the very moment that these pressures, for whatever reason, disappear, he sinks back into the filth, even if he has seemed to be a cultivated jew for decades. In a way we cannot understand, he stops taking care of his body and manner. After perhaps only a few days, and certainly after a few weeks, he reveals once more the original appearance of his race: the stooped little filthy and greasy jew. It had only been a facade. Even over decades, he had been unable to change his real nature, nor had he wanted to. Never has a jew, if he was honest, had any real interest in learning from his host people. After all, he was firmly convinced that he would one day be lord of his host people, and that he could then impose his law on them, also in the physical realm.

>Source: G. G. Otto, "Der Jude als Weltparasit" (Munich: Eher Verlag, 1943).

7a10ca  No.12690018

File: 96c1f47011c1887⋯.png (217.75 KB, 349x312, 349:312, that_look.png)


I don't support your antisemitic remark, but I will check those quads anyway…

eb8db1  No.12690035

File: c88ce492cc157d1⋯.png (925.23 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 13538CEF-16AF-401B-B4A0-BA….png)


Ummm I think you might be in the wrong place

3caa6d  No.12690037



44736d  No.12690038


Please stop, that’s ethnic intimidation! You’re an illegal.

fe1702  No.12690047


Probably yeah, I needed some confirmation, when I was young I still had hopes for everyone to get along, but those are beyond that.

24fba0  No.12690083

I get it, you newfags want to learn more, but try the stickied question thread instead of posting something unsubstantial. Also, lurk 2 years before posting.

662a13  No.12690097

The real horror is on-going. A fake horror was used to justify it. You don't need much more to describe current days.

d89a2a  No.12690104

File: 53b4b186a75a4af⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4UXWkuj.jpg)

This is a jewish thread and you're jewish for replying to it.

c59cd3  No.12690823


Fucking checked. Quads of truth; kikes are subhuman parasites - end of story.

43a43f  No.12690995


Checked and capped.

10361c  No.12691070

File: ce661eced544a00⋯.png (6.64 KB, 222x228, 37:38, download.png)

Whereas today almost all Jews work white collar jobs, the early 20th century economy of central Europe meant almost everyone had to work including jews. Jews may have been more likely to run shops or upper strata civil service jobs, but the majority of jews at the time still had to work manual labor jobs or trades. (Of course, 30% of the workforce was unemployed in Weimar Germany).

Jews had the rights afforded to them prior to the NS party taking power stripped away, property was often confiscated, and pressure exerted to migrate out of Europe. A large number of Jews did die in interment camps due to lack of supplies towards the end of the war. Many were even intentionally killed in internment camps. The holohoax lie wasn't even originally pushed by jews so much as it was by the Western powers in order to justify them having started a long, bloody, expensive, civilization-destroying total war.

Just because the holohoax was a lie doesn't mean that you should trust neonazi faggots or women that sleep around. If you want to learn about NS you would do better to spend time on /pdfs/ reading books written before the jews could falsify history than asking the halfchan overflow here for answers.

fcf165  No.12691110


The coffee shop baristas do not want to be carpenters. They want to serve coffee. They like coffee.

(Either that or they're retarded and have a shitty degree. But usually the first thing.)

484c7c  No.12691119


Finally: That young, strong Jews be given flail, ax, spade, spindle, and let them earn their bread in the sweat of their noses as imposed upon Adam's children,

>Genesis 3:19—"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou

eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out

of it wast thou taken for dust thou art, and unto dust

shalt thou return."

For it will not do that they should let us cursed Goyim work in the sweat of our brow, while they, the holy people, devour our bread in laziness behind the stove and then boast that they are masters over the Christians; but their laziness should be driven from their back.

Should we be concerned, however, that they might do bodily harm to us, to wife and children, servants, cattle, etc., when they serve us or should be compelled to work, because it is to be surmised that such noble lords of the world and poisonous, bitter worms, who are not accustomed to work, would be very remiss to humble themselves under the cursed Goyim; let us apply the ordinary wisdom of other nations like France, Spain, Bohemia, et al., who made them give an account of what they had taken from them by usury and divided it evenly; but expelled them from their country. For, as heard before, God's wrath is so great over them that through soft mercy they only become more wicked, through hard treatment, however, only

a little better. Therefore, away with them! - Martin Luther, The Jews and Their Lies

8b2e65  No.12691466


That about sums it up, there is nothing the kikes hate more than honest work and those who do it. Why do you think they talk shit on jesus for being a carpenter?

000000  No.12691475

Yep. Hitler gave everybody a job. And no jews got jobs as pornographers. Epic kvetching was inevitable.

2ca4d5  No.12691522

File: 670075685d1cb6f⋯.pdf (245.64 KB, Adolf_Hitler-Speech-Decemb….pdf)

Arbeit macht frei.

6d14db  No.12691556

File: 27703cc29a37c9c⋯.jpg (94.01 KB, 944x712, 118:89, where do you think you are.jpg)


>I don't support your antisemitic remark,

Where the fuck do you think you are? The ever-present sentiment on /pol/ is that all kikes must die, including all their half-breed spawn.

6d14db  No.12691566

File: 00fb11aacc0d739⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 00fb11aacc0d739381fd481ea6….jpg)

>>12690000 Checked for kek

>jewgle: Rube Goldberg, to get a peak into how avidly they create busy work in order to avoid doing the actual work themselves.

5d1f9b  No.12691583

File: 8488136678f07ea⋯.png (64.81 KB, 1787x303, 1787:303, Der Jude als Weltparasit.png)


Quads of quality. Capped.

6d14db  No.12691584

File: b4a4aeff35e59fa⋯.jpg (183.54 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, [jewry intensifies].jpg)

File: 0cf91994f5aa227⋯.jpg (350.64 KB, 2560x1594, 1280:797, 0cf91994f5aa2272829d645813….jpg)


>the most atrocious crime committed on the Jews was as simple as putting them on labor like any other goyim

With the kike's self-aggrandizement being as genetically hard-coded as their big noses and their money-grubbing hand-rubbing, making them work for the good of others is probably the biggest sin that could ever be committed against a jew. That is why any country that has attempted this has be slowly eradicated genetically by these fucking parasites burrowing into positions of power and flooding those countries with shit-skins.

I will rejoice on the day of pogrom.

000000  No.12691606


When they were sent to work camps, they couldn’t understand why, because they had been raised from birth to believe that the dehumanization and exploitation of non-jews as holy work. “What on Earth are we responsible for? We did nothing wrong! We are just jews suffering once more under vicious and cruel host nations!” Eventually they were forced to work–which meant hard, physical labor. To a scrawny, physically weak jew, such things as hauling dirt, cutting lumber, and operating machinery were not something they considered work. Not only due to their physical weakness, but due to their upbringing. They preferred buying a bolt of cloth and selling it to someone at a markup, or opening a bank and collecting usury.


5d1f9b  No.12691644


Got a link to the book?

4c05ce  No.12691658


He's not done yet apparently. Looks like the book will be quite the eye-opener and ultimate in bad goy material when finished however. I recognize the formatting, anon has been writing it for a year or so.

fbf085  No.12691754

File: 93f6b4df5bd2378⋯.jpg (596.55 KB, 1278x1586, 639:793, IMG_9585.jpg)


You deserve shekels for your work, anon. Do you have an overall outline you can post?

d6924e  No.12691767

File: be93d29f9086eb5⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 6_Million_History.jpg)

File: aacedd7b201badb⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3816x3464, 477:433, 1415230392781.jpg)

File: e925be96c49ef53⋯.jpg (51.03 KB, 400x374, 200:187, 1410998086840.jpg)

File: 07962f184f392a7⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1096x1600, 137:200, 1415654521999.jpg)

d6924e  No.12691771

File: c9843e9f662a0dd⋯.png (673.91 KB, 800x4017, 800:4017, 1421039970296.png)

File: cb10da13ed69907⋯.png (385.54 KB, 800x1370, 80:137, 1421040014005.png)

File: 8c9efca76abfbc1⋯.png (430.69 KB, 849x544, 849:544, 1428996984184.png)

File: 826adee26204933⋯.png (202.81 KB, 725x2650, 29:106, 1454682533493.png)


I see the photo in 3rd pic I'm posting now in all holocaust memorial museums, every time.

d6924e  No.12691786

File: 0c00189d6af6d2d⋯.jpg (140.74 KB, 662x872, 331:436, 1434000367743.jpg)

File: e44e7313040a721⋯.png (451.17 KB, 500x750, 2:3, Anne_Fraud.png)

File: 83d6c191d987922⋯.jpg (120.26 KB, 609x837, 203:279, Haavara1.jpg)



See the 1st pic I'm posting now. There wasn't even any heavy labour involved, it was a literal summer camp.

3rd current pic, the Haavara agreement. Hitler's Germany even helped jews move to Israel. It's not a contested fact, it's merely hidden.

Next post will be a video of holocaust survivors telling a different story to the usual "genocide".

395477  No.12691794

File: d041c437c3c56fc⋯.jpg (44.06 KB, 920x878, 460:439, Screenshot 2019-01-18 14.1….jpg)


d6924e  No.12691801

File: 2c99159c9ade198⋯.png (144.07 KB, 557x437, 557:437, Holocaust_Industry_Finkles….png)

File: 54e235a6819974e⋯.jpg (110.65 KB, 799x1245, 799:1245, Holocaust_numbers1.jpg)

File: 173ecd369332afc⋯.png (83.38 KB, 865x524, 865:524, Hoss_tortured_unreliable_w….png)

File: 6faad4e79e8d83d⋯.png (508.9 KB, 1407x1668, 469:556, How_Gas_Works.png)



Here is the video. Depending on your country you may need a VPN to visualize it.

Apparently the url is invalid for embedding so here's the link instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJYexBnOnBc&bpctr=1547842152

First pic is the numbers according to the Red Cross.

5d1f9b  No.12691802



Good to know. That excerpt really piqued my interest.

d6924e  No.12691814

File: 1f39864179f2483⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1574x1830, 787:915, Jew_Partisan.png)

File: ab3c48e38f5d4a7⋯.jpg (379.84 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, One_Louse-Your_Death_Dacha….jpg)



2nd pic is a poster for Lice pest control, the real purpose of the Zyklon B.

d6924e  No.12691830

File: a5f759fe8402fb9⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 545x485, 109:97, Zyblon_B.jpg)

File: 5a6f1673c1a9653⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 469x504, 67:72, Dachau_Gas_Chamber_Sign.jpg)

File: 1f83de5bc25f158⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1352x5552, 169:694, Planet_Auschwitz.png)


And that's about it. It's not even everything but it should be enough to cover every topic regarding the holohoax.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this information and, hopefully, for reading.

77bb44  No.12691853


Once coffee becomes a silly subculture, it's not about liking coffee. Baristas like hype… and the $15/hour salary cap they whined to get.

"Liking" coffee is making your own cup before going to your real job every morning. It's 50 cents a cup, even if you grind your own gourmet beans.

It's a stimulant, not a lifestyle. Hanging out at Starbucks is in no way conducive to the NS way of life. Doing business with any global corporate chain store is worthy of one (1) infraction point.

10 demerits and (ironically) you get a mandatory shift on the RWDS raiding and razing global corporate chain stores.

Yes, your hours will be comped the first time. You'll have to take 3 vacation days, next time. Non-compliance = rope.

Look, if you're running late for work, you can stop at any of the growing number of NS-owned locations.

Don't think of it as fascism… think of it as NatSoc cultural enrichment. God knows other cultures enrich themselves and shun appropriation. We should do the same.

45b327  No.12691861

File: 8aaa13eda7809f4⋯.jpg (170.85 KB, 634x908, 317:454, antisemite.jpg)


> being put to work for their food and shelter.

Yep, that's going in my loser NAZI anti-semite collection.

277456  No.12691871

File: 50be5527fa4df55⋯.jpg (108.67 KB, 572x504, 143:126, fef6415cbdbd2b84621c4306ff….jpg)


I think more infographics and research into typhoid would be a major red pill. The common counter argument to many holocaust denial is that there are so many images of starved and malnourished.

277456  No.12691877



Oh fuck and the disease is TYPHUS not TYPHOID, sorry.

fbf085  No.12691999


This is great, anon. How much progress have you made so far? What are plans for review/publishing? Do you have an editor?

fcbbbb  No.12692016


You need to lay off the constant italics spam.

a8193a  No.12692079


People might think that this is a crazy generalization, but it ties into how they support illegal immigration and H1Bs.

It's not that they love brown people nor the fact that they want to intentionally destroy communities, it's that they can hire plenty of them for cheap labor while disregarding the negative consequences of those actions.

77bb44  No.12692085


Checked! Good read.

e2c877  No.12692161

File: 947a75973822bbf⋯.gif (7.9 MB, 888x506, 444:253, CHECKED 88.gif)


>>12691583 (thanks for the cap, anon)

Checking these quads of juden truth.

befc77  No.12692175


You know… I think so, too. My final edit will probably strip a fair bit of it. As I look back on certain sections, I can see the flow of how my tastes change. Sometimes there's too much bold, sometimes too much italicization. I'll be more judicious with it in the final.


Progress: Roughly 1000 pages. I find this both unfortunate and necessary, given the topics I cover. Maybe I can truncate it a little, but I'm already not going into very much detail on some important things.

Review/publishing: Still weighing my options. I'll probably try to slip it through the censors on the "big" digital publishing groups (Amazon and Apple), but if it's removed from those I'll have to pick someone smaller.

Editor: I don't, and given the size of the book I'm not sure I'll be able to afford one. I can't swing five bucks per page. Still, I'm hopeful for eventual publication.

63d262  No.12692217


>I don't support your antisemitic remark

global report

730a8f  No.12692241

File: 70598317b5f9fe3⋯.jpg (7.79 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1513728067119.jpg)


That's a lot of contents for a manifesto...

6fc7d8  No.12692254

File: f5bb38cca02d788⋯.mp4 (10.3 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Repeating Digits Anthem.mp4)

000000  No.12692257


Oy Vey!

41fa3e  No.12692326






I found this book last night, written in 1920 it compares what the Jews did to the Russiuans and what's contained in the protocols.


Are we going to pretend the Mossad didn't kill those US troops in Syria? Of course they did.

Compare that to this war crime just posted 5 hours ago. This is done in our name and our dime.


All these migrant caravans are caused by our govt imposing right wing economic policies on the third world. Bottom line we need to accept responsibility for our problems, we allowed the Jews to hijack our media then our govt. The whole world is counting on us to regain control of our govt. I've heard the Palestinians used to be really nice people, just the kind of people the Jews would target. register as a Democrat so you can vote in the primary and we can get a real anti war candidate in office before it's to late.

e416c2  No.12692372


>One of jewry’s particular characteristics is a dislike of physical labor.

Quads. Some of us aren't jews though, we just read Tom Sawyer and discovers the wonders of subcontracting.

e416c2  No.12692382



2d76e1  No.12692733


Where can I find the documentary??

2684c2  No.12692761

File: 572b38a11187570⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1293x1293, 1:1, different things.png)


Only through toil and hardship is a man's soul strengthened. Gaining from your brother's loss is being arbeitschau, and that is a jewish trait, through and through.

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