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File: baab9b2be05c58d⋯.png (47.82 KB, 700x620, 35:31, America_Caste_System.png)

e17ec2  No.12690982

It is important to underline that India's castes weren't merely social barriers, but ethnic substrata created by foreign invasions.

Just like Spartans (rulers, warriors) were the ethnic rulers over the Perioeci (farmers, traders), so have occupational forces created aristocracies through submission.

I deliberately left out the warrior class from this graph. Because modern soldiers are exploitable commodities, which is not the same as warrior societies of old.

902f0b  No.12690986

Every society is caste based, but this isn't always explicitly stated.

cc095a  No.12691018

File: 1d476c00246609a⋯.png (45.53 KB, 928x620, 232:155, ClipboardImage.png)




same people tbh

I don't see that liberals have any higher position than conservatives, rather the opposite

04684f  No.12691033


This is correct. Fuck this shill thread tbh.

2b5b64  No.12691082


Yours isn't a graph, it's just a statement with no details.

>why marxists

Because they're occupation troops taken from the locals pool. It's a different dynamic that you don't show, because you haven't fully understood how they play around your defenses.

As usual 8/pol/ shills against OC.

f160a5  No.12691095


In Spartan society there was a race of people who were the slave class. They did the labour that kept the Spartan society rich. And they were ritually humiliated to keep them in their place.

Which group is subjected to constant and intense humiliation to keep us in our place?

We are the Helots

f25eee  No.12691097

I think it’s more broken down on income and willingness to go into debt to attain status. The amount of people I know who have vehicle payments in the $1000’ and mortgages in the $2000’s I work with them so I know how much they make and there’s no way they aren’t living paycheck to paycheck.

223c57  No.12691371



e024d5  No.12691376


Paid jewish shill confirmed. Kill yourself.

1b075f  No.12691384


You're the retard for denying reality. Whites are better off than Mexicans or niggers in America. Nobody else builds and maintains things like whites do, which makes us a necessity.

>captcha: bdserf

f5beea  No.12691427

File: ba980fecaa6bbc5⋯.jpeg (10.85 KB, 181x279, 181:279, download (24).jpeg)

File: 92f27c0d2c67eb0⋯.jpeg (9.66 KB, 182x277, 182:277, download (25).jpeg)

De facto, going off Charles Murray works.

The feudal hierarchy never vanished, the high standards of the lowest has

e024d5  No.12691445


>oy vey goyim whites have it so good

>ha ha niggers and spics surely don't take precedent aren't

Out. Now.

811b3d  No.12691904

File: df054130eea8fd1⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 1704x5400, 71:225, White Nationalism is a Psy….jpg)

File: 9ff75945476dd45⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 98x95, 98:95, ##.JPG)


811b3d  No.12691954

File: 3f5561695c3a12a⋯.jpg (882.74 KB, 2248x1688, 281:211, Patterns of Shilling.jpg)

File: dbea16481ccbcdf⋯.png (21.71 KB, 355x412, 355:412, ClipboardImage.png)

0a890d  No.12691986


>Whites are better off than Mexicans or niggers in America.

<literally second class citizens


b2f79b  No.12692032

Kill yourself yid. Hope someone an heros when you're at temple.

de50f5  No.12692514

File: 18b4de2b201544a⋯.jpg (83.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Cp7z4yTWYAEG5kr.jpg)

Yes but more like this

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