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File: 3c0c5fbb75f3a46⋯.jpg (6.69 KB, 284x177, 284:177, the e-cig aliens are here.jpg)

250c0a  No.12691295


>Oumuamua is the cigar-shaped object – about 400 meters long and only 40 meters in the other dimensions – that originated from somewhere else in the Galaxy and visited our Solar system while moving at nearly 130,000 miles per hour. Scientists do not know where Oumuamua came from or what it is made of – it is not shaped like commonly seen asteroids, and unlike comets, it does not leave a trail behind it, not even when it flew past the Sun. Oumuamua seems to be wrapped in a strange organic coat made of carbon-rich gunk that it likely picked up on its long travels through space. The coat, which gives Oumuamua a dark red appearance according to scientists, was examined by using spectroscopy, which looks at the light being reflected from its surface and splits it down into its wavelengths. By looking at those measurements, scientists can work out what the object might be composed of. Scientists regard it as likely that Oumuamua may be of icy composition on the inside, but that the ice doesn't come off the object due to the thick organic crust that is wrapped around it. Oumuamua has also got extraterrestrial watchers excited. Some believe that its strange, long shape suggests that it is a spaceship of some sort passing through our Solar system. Whatever Oumuamua turns out to be, it certainly has researchers and space watchers around the world fascinated and puzzled at the same time.


>The following October, (((Avi Loeb))), the chair of Harvard's astronomy department, co-wrote a paper (with a Harvard postdoctoral fellow, (((Shmuel Bialy))) that examined 'Oumuamua's "peculiar acceleration" and suggested that the object "may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth's vicinity by an alien civilization."

c12855  No.12691301

Ah, Alright, bump for interest and we haven’t had a Antarctica Nazi UFO base , Hitler on Ice thread in a while

bd8ea5  No.12691318

Stop making blog posts about your mom's dildo, OP.

fb40c1  No.12691356

File: 2c50b041b57e6e2⋯.png (2.82 MB, 2518x1722, 1259:861, 1544456616814.png)

File: 4bf0dfe1509cad9⋯.pdf (866.92 KB, Thiaoouba Prophecy.pdf)

File: 59bb263e576cbe2⋯.png (487.55 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, UFO Plan.png)


I'm surprised people still don't believe that there are aliens out their with their own culture and civilization as well as being an advanced species. What's even more amazing is how people don't believe in ancient advanced human civilizations that existed here on this Earth nor do they believe humanity's ancestor came from another planet. The history books say we evolved from apes, but if you were to say we descended from ancient advanced aliens, it would make history class more enjoyable.

000000  No.12691381


what an absolutely retarded statement. We didn't evolve on earth? So then where did all the mammals on earth come from? The warm-blooded whales, wolves, and cows? Did we bring all these animals with us? Or did they evolve here on earth and just coincidentally parallel human evolution so that we look like we match and fit into their evolutionary tree?

8113de  No.12691416


>I'm surprised people don't believe an evidenceless claim that only is backed up by blurry photography and retired air comtrollers

>In the age of digital photography and cellphone cameras

>When we have been probing space and sending out signals to practically no avail for over 50 years

Yeah a real shocker. The only extraterrestrials I could genuinely believe in is the Dark Forest theory - and even then, the whole thing becomes inherently irrelevant due to it's own nature.

47e05e  No.12691432

>shabbat ramp-up

Oh goody.

0ca56f  No.12691442

I like you guys, I really do…. You are so accurate in certain things… But your scientific illiteracy really makes me question your judgement.

It may have been an alien probe of some sort - we have no way of knowing. It is already gone. Its shape was unusual, but there is no reason to believe it wasn't just an oblong asteroid.

Here's what actual scientists say about it


Most scientists are just wondering where this ASTEROID originated from. Of course it could be some broken alien craft, we know there are approx. 8 billion earth-like planets in our solar system, but they way you Anons have your minds made up before looking at (or understanding) the evidence really makes 8chan a tiresome place to be sometimes. I know OP is probably a Christian who thinks archeology is a hoax, and fossils are the devil's illusion, so maybe it's pointless to even try. But any of you with half a brain need to realize that while it's fun to speculate, there is little reason to believe it is an alien craft.

0ca56f  No.12691450


>8 billion earth-like planets in our solar system

I meant Galaxy, not solar system. I think i had a stroke.

f63def  No.12691454

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you think that's interesting, you should check out Project Stargate. It's a series of interviews conducted by the CIA on remote viewing artifacts left over on mars. Pretty neat stuff what the medium discovers from her remote viewing. And yes, this event was recorded in the CIA archives which is now publicly available.

904312  No.12691468

File: 685684768f01f30⋯.jpeg (110.67 KB, 352x360, 44:45, A4F2DD3B-F929-474E-8A6B-B….jpeg)


>your scientific illiteracy

> 8 billion planets in our solar system

85c07f  No.12691469

Another fake gay aliens niggatry thread.

Did jim make this?

Fuck you cia motherfocker

85c07f  No.12691471

I bumped


0ca56f  No.12691474


Oh fuck off, I corrected it in my next comment. I meant Galaxy, fuckwit.


0ca56f  No.12691479



you cocksucking nigger. you just wanted to throw a punch

0ca56f  No.12691485

File: 102fc7382778180⋯.png (465.6 KB, 1000x958, 500:479, 102fc73827781808923eefafbb….png)




I'm so mad I'm triple posting

0ca56f  No.12691488

File: f705bf4247f3470⋯.png (98.66 KB, 400x386, 200:193, f705bf4247f3470af2cd79488b….png)

FUCK. I meant:




quadposting now. what have i become

904312  No.12691493

File: 00f62c332f2b2df⋯.jpeg (21.14 KB, 225x225, 1:1, F10ACE77-FE9E-44A1-8FA8-1….jpeg)

0ca56f  No.12691500

File: 6dd2bfbaef91b4d⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 550x450, 11:9, Retarded-Happy-Guy-WTF-Pic….jpg)


whatever. it's a shitty thread anyway.

6d4ec1  No.12691577


>Oumuamua is the cigar-shaped object

Fuck off, we know jack shit about its shape. All we got is bunch of data points that is interpreted one way or another depending on person and their bias. Even solar system-related objects experience non-newtonian acceleration - comets for example.

10ca18  No.12691770

File: 4855df3ff5416dc⋯.jpg (87.52 KB, 588x762, 98:127, k_andromedaanagemi-[1].jpg)


I'm surprised that people don't start taking the circumstantial evidence of the Nazi UFO claims seriously when material 30 years old starts to mimic evidence from 40 years earlier and even today. Funny how claims of leaked documents in the early 90's from the USSR fit perfectly with this story.

>cigar shaped UFO something claimed by documents

>theoretical max speed of 300,000KPH aka 185,000 MPH

>Oumuamua traveling at 135,000MPH

Either they're hiding the truth or we over the course of 70 years through the collective consciousness meme'd it into existence.

fd809d  No.12691788

It's not actually accelerating. It's still slowing down as it pulls away from the Sun. It's just doing that somewhat less than would be expected, suggesting it might be outgassing, or that something else might be tugging on it somehow.

I only bring this up because "accelerating" makes it sound like a starship, while "slowing down, but less than expected" is more accurate.

682c2e  No.12691790


Is there any actual evidence Oumuamua actually exists and isn't simply something NASA or "muh aliens"-logists made up to make them seem relevant? Are these pictures? I mean not CGI. Actual pictures.

0f04de  No.12692101


Go read Up in project bluebeam ffs.

OP isn't saying what you think.

11f054  No.12692297

File: af71c2b33dce75b⋯.jpg (43.21 KB, 200x245, 40:49, 1432706594577.jpg)


So you are implying that those paid (((scientists))) are more (((legit))) than anyone who isn't like them? no thanks man. The only scientist that's legit is Nikola Tesla and his Electric Universe concept and The Janus Cosmological Model by another (forgot his name) those two (or was it three?) got the inner workings of the universe just right unlike a certain (((Einstein))) who just so happen to be friends with mao, gandhi, and a fucking rothschild. The only good thing anyone can get out of his relativity theory would be 'ether', which is definitely useful for some isekai anime plot.

04e05b  No.12692366


>I know OP is probably a Christian

OP here. I am, but I posted it because (((they're))) trying to monetize a fucking asteroid with woo.

593f4e  No.12692374


Afraid kike

b75faa  No.12692379


>I'm a mutant ape

Go away, and take your stupid jewish evolution bullshit with you. You're just as fucking stupid as ufotards

15dbe4  No.12692397


>He doesn't know that our galaxy actually has 8 billion planets and that the current heliocentric model is a NASA conspiracy

615490  No.12692465


Lmao you didn't even read the thread before you posted. Just the OP.

ffee75  No.12692471

File: 596a9f69e94dafe⋯.gif (210.13 KB, 203x114, 203:114, 203E06F9-3E06-4486-B4FC-E4….gif)


Fucker. Made me pit out my whiskey.

000000  No.12692708




994063  No.12692765


>Evolution, goy

get fucked, Mordecai

fa5c4b  No.12692774



Biological Evolution is a Racial fact, and its most ardent critics are the first to deny the reality of Race.

7643b3  No.12692886


don't worry, you niggers did evolve on earth from monkeys

white people are aliens tho

20f290  No.12692937

White men truly are from mars. Explains the 1 hour of circadian rhythm which matche's mar's and not earth's.

fa5c4b  No.12692956



If we didn't develop on Earth through natural processes, why do we share genetic material with terrestrial organisms?

20f290  No.12692966


a rock on the moon shares genetic material with terrestrial organisms

593f4e  No.12692986


Christcuck? ==Ancient Alien mofo==

Bluepilled ladyboy.. you don't know shit.

fa5c4b  No.12693030


They share elemental componentry, sure, but not genes.

a7e998  No.12693034

File: bcf9a8ff50580df⋯.png (140.82 KB, 251x386, 251:386, babylon_shit_ive_seen.png)

>>12691788 (heil'd)

>or that something else might be tugging on it somehow.

It is obviously Niburu

fb3f3d  No.12693068


>The only scientist that's legit is Nikola Tesla and his Electric Universe concept

nigga, stop soiling Tesla's good name with this electric universe retardedness, Nikola never implied anything of the sort, he just made discoveries in electromagnetism

the "electric universe" in a moronic invention by morons who believed they more or less understood electricity, and who believed they were allowed to explain everything with it because it's the only tool they have

we already know that gravity, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force exist, because we have seen them at work, and we know that they are not electromagnetism

so "electric universe" is BULLSHIT

687264  No.12693077

File: 7a68b03510e4c7a⋯.gif (387.2 KB, 382x379, 382:379, 7a68b03510e4c7a133b096b22b….gif)


>Only christian goys refuse to believe they are animals

Your nose is showing

724005  No.12693081

>Politics, news, happenings, current events

b75faa  No.12693102


Well, you definitely are a nigger, but evolution isn't even close to a fact. It's a self-serving delusion based on the insane belief that codes can write themselves and then perpetuate themselves for no reason at all in a universe that came into existence from nothing for no reason either. YOU'RE CRAZIER THAN THE MOST INBRED JEW ALIVE

24a494  No.12693109


How do they know that there is approximately 8 billion exactly in such a grand place where they have never been? Lol

24a494  No.12693114


U just offered the same argument that they use, so, what's your point, monkey?

11f054  No.12693122

File: 470ceea532b1769⋯.jpeg (4.8 KB, 212x237, 212:237, 470ceea532b1769d4b0bf11ea….jpeg)


<waaa stop it goy don't make mention of anything about Tesla and his damn moronic conspeeracies, he ONLY JUST DISCOVERED electromagnetism that's it nuffin' moar >:^(

<what we see is a fact not this delusional horseshit of a (((theory))) goy >:^)

<Tesla is great and his name is sacred and holy, but is a moron because i said so, therefore his theories are just theories while (((our))) well paid scientists are very legit goys

<spoilering bullshit for added psychological effect to demoralize the goyim once he reveals it like those game of thrones plot twists i have watched every sunday

>never provided source

(((you))) are all emotion, no substance nigger

fb3f3d  No.12693178



>the same argument that they use / all emotion, no substance

you mean the argument where wee see 4 fundamental forces, while the "electric universe concept" clowns pretend there is just 1 and refuse to admit their "theory" is demonstrably incomplete?

what are you, flat-earthers? moon-landing-in-an-illerminaty-area51-soundstage-on-mars ?

fa5c4b  No.12693211


You don't have any idea what you're talking about. I suggest you stop watching Kent Hovind.

11f054  No.12693239

File: 3ec84f51801de6b⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 643:820, book of shit by you.jpg)


>still doesn't provide verifiable source other than semantical drivel

you sure convinced me with all those buzzwords and emotionally charged hot air nigger

fb3f3d  No.12693370


>verifiable source

check a fucking high school physics manual, for fucks sake

and when you don't understand why gravity, weak and strong forces can't be explained by magnetism, check the manuals of one class higher

and when you keep not understanding, do experiments to see how the 4 fundamental forces work together

and when you still don't understand, check wiki fucking pedia

and when you still don't understand, inject carfentanil in your dick, it will make the universe magnetic

I won't summarize a whole century of physics because you're too retarded to find a source

7942d2  No.12693619


Your model is incoherent and unexplainable without years of indoctrination. Most people are complete niggers, like yourself, that can't toy with the idea that they're wrong without experiencing extreme mental anguish. When confronted with controlled opposition, that shouldn't exist, you think everything is fine and they're just crazy. But it's niggers like yourself trying to keep their money flowing and Jews trying to keep you in your box.

I absolutely hate people like you. Pointing and shrieking, unable to think, becoming violent over theory for the most petty reasons. I actually want this cycle to continue so I can watch you all splatter on the pavement. How hard is it to use thought as a tool? Your behavior is absurd. You people shouldn't be alive.

682c2e  No.12693690


>Biological Evolution is a Racial fact, and its most ardent critics are the first to deny the reality of Race.

Macro-evolution or transmutation of one species into another is not a fact. Those who believe in it are the ones denying race, they practically denying the distinctiveness of different species. "We descended from fish and trees and niggers. We're basically the same stuff + time."

Sage for offtopic.

40c64e  No.12693756


Project Blue Beans

Cap this post.


699921  No.12693804



It accelerated. That was the issue. It changed its path. This is not widely known but either means it has a thruster or drive of some kind or was out gassing (doubtful} or had an absolutely tiny mass so that sunlight could move it. That thing was weird.

fa5c4b  No.12694234


You really have no idea what you're talking about. Macroevolution is genetic change at or above the level of species. By definition, Speciation events are examples of Macroevolution, and there are many thousands of observed Speciation events that human eyes witnessed. The only distinction between Microevolution and Macroevolution is scale - both operate with the exact same mechanism and principle.

Evolution is Racist by definition as well, which is why Liberal subhumans misrepresent it so often. Your own misunderstanding probably stems from mainstream misrepresentation of facts.

cf8bbf  No.12694237

File: abb3adbdc74a767⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 565x296, 565:296, hitler on ice skating.jpg)


>Hitler on Ice?

cf8bbf  No.12694247


Evolution? Change over time? The most successful species on Earth don't experience 'evolution' at all. The ones who do experience it are predestined to the slaughter.

fa5c4b  No.12694257


They do, but it's slower since they're in a niche that suits their traits. Change the selective pressures enough, and evolution will speed up, or you get an extinction if the species isn't versatile enough.

Evolution is change in allele frequency in a given population. It never actually stop applying to a living species. .

02d49a  No.12694261

So it's rendezvous with rama except we missed the rendezvous? Oh well.

c90246  No.12694281


im compelled to believe that our abnormally fast evolution was due to fire and being able to cook meat, thus having excess energy and the body not being the primary consumer of energy

cf8bbf  No.12694305


Well that explains the spic baked beans thread. I don't really understand what Europeans are worried about…just make sure you never fuck a subhuman and you are golden. They are going to go the way of all non-versatile species. BTW there are actually species on Earth who have changed at all in hundreds of millions of years, now that's what I call success. Pure principle reproduction at its finest, course they lack jewish and subhuman parasites.

682c2e  No.12694327


It hasn't been demonstrated how fish grew limbs and lungs to be able live on land. It's been merely theorized. According to evolution, evolution happens through mutation, and mutations are rare, and usually harmful. It has not been demonstrated that mutations have managed to cause these useful abilities to manifest.

Also evolutionists have not managed even explain how life came to be. They have their theories, but no actual explanation alongside with proof.

I don't really want to involve myself in an evolution debate, but care to give some examples of speciation witnessed by people?

fa5c4b  No.12694340


I don't want to discuss a subject about biology with someone who conflates it with cosmology, or simply lies and misrepresents what evolution actually says.

Mutations are very common, though. You yourself have more than 100, and that's just going by the average. Most of them are benign, and the minority are good and bad, usually about equal to eachother. If your bad mutations are too harmful, you'd be weeded out by natural selection under normal circumstances, but not right now since humanity likes to keep the defective around.

3d3440  No.12694378

File: d0145952aa1f068⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 602x339, 602:339, 1547041805892.jpg)


I'm surprised how many smart people are falling for the alien shit.

They robbed trillions. This is the cover story.

Which will double as justification for one world order.

fb3f3d  No.12694402


>Your model is incoherent and unexplainable without years of indoctrination

no dude, just no, stop that shit

your model, the "electric universe concept", supposes that electromagnetism is the ultimate explanation of everything

just take a magnet, a piece of iron, and any non-magnetic object that has a mass

by playing with these stuff on your own while being inside a gravitational field, even you can notice that gravity and magnetism are different

which implies nevessarily that something called "gravity" exists that cannot be explained by "magnetism"

which debunks the basic postulate of "electric universe"

"my model", as you call it, is not yet completely defined (this will happen when we have a "theory of everything", if it exists) and it only begins to be understandable after years of study

your model is demonstrably bullshit

and I don't give a single fuck that you hate me so much that you get all red in the face with a peepee getting hard because I show you that your brainfarts are real retarted

f620c1  No.12694404


>It hasn't been demonstrated how fish grew limbs and lungs to be able live on land. It's been merely theorized. According to evolution, evolution happens through mutation, and mutations are rare, and usually harmful. It has not been demonstrated that mutations have managed to cause these useful abilities to manifest.

It actually makes a lot of sense, you have a bunch of rats, these rats are constantly mutating, the bad mutations die out because not competitive, the good ones survive, this cycle of the strong surviving and the weak dying goes on millions of generations.

What I really like to know is why evolution is still so slow, logically there should be some kind of mechanism preventing species from mutating to fast.

bf0672  No.12694412

File: 0bf7fe94f572cc5⋯.jpeg (35.05 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 0bf7fe94f572cc5903d7c7cd6….jpeg)


Those didgeridoos

Never stop speaking the truth anon, even when you're clearly having a stroke.

fa5c4b  No.12694422


Mutations usually are benign/have no great impact. You could view that fact as the mechanism which prevents super-charged hyper-evolution. That being said, evolution as a process can and does act fairly quickly in certain circumstances, even to the point where new species form while under human observation.

fb3f3d  No.12694423


>some kind of mechanism preventing species from mutating to fast

there is, it's called racism or discrimination

ordinary individuals don't like weirdos and losers, they want to reproduce with other who look like them

unless a set of mutations is beneficial enough to a random guy that he gains obvious advantages, no one will want to fuck him

evolution can be extremely fast in a laboratory or in a breeding farm, where a chosen mutation can be imposed on a large population of descendants by forced reproduction

000000  No.12694472


>no concept of frequency

>no concept of resonance

>no concept of neutrino formation or use

>no concept of how gates are opened

>pseudo-alpha use of quotes, bold, italics and the word dude


89a6f7  No.12694488

File: 14a8b45f3d85432⋯.jpg (658.93 KB, 4032x1960, 72:35, sP1Pbwd.jpg)

Look up light field technology.


>Co-founded by former CERN engineers who contributed to the ATLAS project at the Large Hadron Collider, CREAL3D is a Switzerland-based startup that’s created an impressive light-field display that’s unlike anything in an AR or VR headset on the market today.

Here's it being implemented as a hologram.


This is the non-muted crowd reaction. Watch this is you want visualize how people would react to a alien hologram.


I don't really believe in blue beam, I just started to learn about the technology because of the following.

89a6f7  No.12694489


Opps, meant to say

I don't really believe in blue beam, I just started to learn about the technology because of the following.


>Co-founded by former CERN engineers who contributed to the ATLAS project at the Large Hadron Collider, CREAL3D is a Switzerland-based startup that’s created an impressive light-field display that’s unlike anything in an AR or VR headset on the market today.

46bc82  No.12694546


first id like to say stop feeding the shills and trolls, haven't you fags learned anything by know, just call them out as shills and ignore them, let them waste their time not yours

as to the topic at hand know that all 'images' you have ever seen of this object are pure cgi, we currently don't have the equipment to take a real photograph of a small dark and cold object travelling fast within our solar system

the way they analyse these things is mostly due to IR spectrometry, it can give you fairly accurate data on the elemental composition of an object but the dimensions are the result of various large assumptions and filters on the data and if an object is too far outside the known qunatity these assumptions break down. all the data they are basing their analysis on is pretty much a graph of a straight line with a small dent in

and we only discovered the object pretty late which resulted in poor data on incoming trajectory and somewhat beter data on outgoing trajectory

now if you were to read the actual paper by the researchers they are detailing the shortcomings and assumptions used in analysing the data, yet today every university has a (((PR))) department that is staffed by the usual (((suspects))) that don't understand anything about the science and sensationalize the news to generated mediabuzz and justify their pointless jobs

611a54  No.12694655

File: 9823b9cfb5936a4⋯.jpg (284.17 KB, 600x575, 24:23, electricidad_en_la_atmosfe….jpg)

File: fff84dfe672de2c⋯.webm (12.02 MB, 958x720, 479:360, KOSMOS.webm)

File: 8e6ccf614f54fc6⋯.jpg (104.85 KB, 757x323, 757:323, science is dead.jpg)

File: 22607df955fb4d3⋯.jpeg (53.98 KB, 630x417, 210:139, 58e60a4d1500002100c7e3d1.jpeg)



What if, here's the mindblowing banger, buckle up and imagine this: universe is part electric and part gravitational. Why is it always a radical one or the other with those people. Why the dichotomy? All I'm seeing in astronomy and cosmology is physicists talking about gravity and shit, nothing about EMG, they don't even mention plasma, FUCKING NONE, you even remotely talk about it-> you get kicked out, grantless and stigmated. Great fucking scientific community in pursuit of the universal truth. Good job. On the other hand we get independent nutjobs clearly going in the right direction but all of a sudden backflipping and joggling with midgets like the thunderbolts inbreds. Why is this always happening? Is the status quo needed unshaked that much?

To anyone even remotely interested in the topic, consider those for study:

>induced electric dipole redshift(mainstream says there's only relativistic one, whole of modern astronomy is based on there being only 1 source of redshift while in fact the are 2 known, want a verifiable experiment? shoot a laser over tesla coil, laser light gets redshifted(you need a correction for preassure buildup at the coils' top), read halton Arp on this one or james McCanney)

>star systems as capacitors and plasma discharge comet model to boot that(deep impact mission recorded video of the metal probe discharging the comet, flash of light like a nuke going off), forget snowball comet model, it doesn't hold to the observations

>central star - planets electric connection fueling weather phenomenons, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning above and below the clouds, sprites and all this buetiful stuff you never hear about(this one even gives a scientific basis to astrology with the clockwork of heavenly bodies influencing life on the planets with electric input from the star), no mainstream meteorologist, climatologist or whateverthefuckist knows how the weather system really works because they look at it


via thermodynamics of enclosed system with some solar thermal input, even measuring temperature instead of heat, it's fucking insane.

Compartmentalization of natural sciences destroyed their purpose

2bbeb1  No.12694795

ayy lmao

319e84  No.12694958

flat earth

89a6f7  No.12695113


>on but all of a sudden backflipping and joggling with midgets like the thunderbolts inbreds.


a43410  No.12695935


>claims to be a national socialist

>does not believe in evolution

a43410  No.12695946


>It hasn't been demonstrated how fish grew limbs and lungs to be able live on land.

>doesn't know fish use their swimming bladder for extra oxygebn

>doesn't know that lungfishes exist

>doesn't know there are fish that literally walk with their fins

Your ignorance does not mean lack of evidence.

fa5c4b  No.12695947


>believe in

accept the reality of*

fa5c4b  No.12695953


You talk with one Creationist, you've talked with them all.

290d4a  No.12696780

File: f6dfcfcd28a98ac⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 252x263, 252:263, 1546186947871.gif)

IceNazi, SpaceDildo, Tesla, Multiverse, StarGate, Remote GlowNigs, Atlantis, PoleShifts, BlueBeam. It's so Tiresome.

SameTime, Only Electrical Currents Produce Magnetic Fields.

682c2e  No.12707888


And you provided me with no evidence of speciation witnessed by people.


You talk with one faggot, you've talked with them all. I'm a not Creationist. Gas yourself.

29c0cc  No.12707969


biology doesn't matter, races don't exist, and man is above creation goyim, now shut the fuck up and worship the motherfucking aliens

f30aae  No.12708180


Earth is a colony.

6513b6  No.12722504


He thinks it's bad to stick to your own model with too much devotion. He is probably right, but in this case, what is being explored is uncharted territory, so you have every right to be overzealous when exploring it.

991bd0  No.12722647

File: e76a45600975a18⋯.jpg (101.16 KB, 630x580, 63:58, snowtonight.jpg)


That made me laugh. N1

20c142  No.12741332


These electric phenomena like elves and sprites are reported every now and then on spaceweather.com

dba3a5  No.12741352

File: 3770118e968fe76⋯.jpg (857.88 KB, 1836x3264, 9:16, BNens03.jpg)

It was probably just a rock probably didn't have a tail because it's very old and all the water and gasses had already burned off. Even if it was a alien ship/craft/prob it was tumbling out of control and obvously not "maned" or operational if a prob. So its a rock or alien space junk.

7eadd5  No.12741488


Yeah keep believing in the dirty snowball comets and the bendy spacetime jew. The Schwarzschild fixed his equation in his later days and it did not end in infinity. There are no black holes. Kirchoff's blackbody radiation law is false, reflectors don't produce a blackbody spectrum and the laws of Plank's quantum bullshit doesn't apply universally. The Sun is not a constantly exploding fusion furnace, the surface is highly ionized grid of anote tufts. The sun is solid matter. The corona does not have a million kelvin increase as it goes further, it's the huge potential accelerating the charges in a plasma double layer (like a capacitor), not by extreme heat. All stars are connected by an energy flow and align magnetically to it. The Earth's climate is dependent on the Sun cycles, the Sun cycles happen because of the placement of the Planets in the Zodiac sign, because they drain charges from the strongest sources and also directionally from the Sun through Birkeland currents. The daily storms in the equator are caused by voltage breakdowns from the high amount of "Solar wind" absorbed in the polar regions.

Planets form by cosmic discharges and they are hollow because that's the nost reasonable form they could have. All Planets stay in polar alignment until the chain is broken by Star ignition. Gas giants are all Star candidates that don't get enough input. Jupiter and Saturn produce more electromagnetism/light than they absorb. Planets stay in orbit because of charge imbalance and not because they were lucky. A good example is Asteroids. They usually get repelled by potential difference but if they enter the atmosphere they usually explode in high altitude because of the dielectric stresses. They cannot discharge because of the fire covering until the dielectric has a voltage breakdown. How do you explain exploding asteroids? Muh disappearing rock creates vacuum n' shieet? Io's "geysers" are plasma discharges connecting to Jupiter, not water. That's why NASA got anomalies when they flew over it. They are absolutely ignorant liars and believing them is a sentence to a stupid future. Hans Alfvén was right.

7eadd5  No.12741519

I don't want to go into the insane stuff that probably won't even be believed.

The only thing I'll say that check out Goethe's color theory. It's the true one, not Newtons. Light and color requires a medium, otherwise everything is pitch black. NASA can only record the Sun in space through a tiny amount of spectral lines that they get in low Earth orbit because of the very low pressure hydrogen and helium at the edge of the atmosphere.

The Sun is black in space with a light ring around it. All else is pitch black. No shiny dots all around you. This is the hypothesis. It is blinding still but black in the middle.

c06143  No.12741526

File: 3df78f6fd0e7ab2⋯.jpg (12.93 KB, 442x359, 442:359, important.jpg)

7eadd5  No.12741531


After NASA discovering this they developed special cameras with double layer lenses with pressurised gas inside so polarization can occur. That's why the lense looks like the pulled it out of a dogs mouth when it is directed at the Sun. You can only see it in reflections and that's why it looks so weird. With single lense you wouldn't see another dirty glass pane with markings.

7eadd5  No.12741547

File: 4baa47c0ad1836d⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 640x475, 128:95, hollow.jpg)

File: d6b7d7c88d11fd6⋯.jpg (498.12 KB, 640x457, 640:457, instruction.jpg)

File: fbf9d1deb4aaa22⋯.jpg (121.44 KB, 1300x735, 260:147, papers.jpg)


>thinking I'm a flattard

Read a book nigger.

202d74  No.12741555


< faggot spinner

95631b  No.12741562


you forgot the most obvious:

# solar temperature gradient that is upside down - corona the hottest, inside sunspot the coolest

# acceleration of solar wind while it moves away from sun (like wtf?)

# and foolproof (because you can actually verify it by looking at moon with cheap optics yourself) the craters, round, almost all of them (not to mention, chains of them and numerous other features), meaning it can't be result of collisions

Although the faggot has a point. There isn't any anti-gravity device you can make in your garage tinkering with electricity and magnets. Maybe there is more to the story?

His defense though is laughable - theory of everything, like with vacuum catastrophe in the mix? Nope, your paradigm is fucked and holds only through institutional repression and inertia. It's also mind bending that there are established laws of physics (Kirchhoff's Law with regards to black body radiation) that are blatantly false.

Orthodox big-bangers are clearly delusional, or willfully ignorant/deceiving for sure. Gauntlet thrown by Steven Crothers was never picked up. Predictive power of EU theory has it's weight also - talking about Wallace Thornhill for example with IBEX and deep impact missions and of course "Venus is hot" by Velikovsky.

05b6a9  No.12741572


>Kike doctors appear

Sure thing OP, tell us more about your wife's son 'back massager'

f0e226  No.12741688


Gravitation is a disordered magnetic force, particules are not all aligned to each other but their mass tend to attract everything. All the matter is composed of electric and magnetic fields.

000000  No.12741704

>130,000 miles per hour

That's not that fast in cosmic terms and given the nearest star systems we know this prob they sent might well return to an extinct civilisation.

cc9c70  No.12743902


I did not forget it. We were talking about the same thing that mainstream science fails to explain.

Also sunspots (that give us a look under the surface) are colder.

Don't call me a faggot, though.

>there's no anti-gravity device you can make, tinkering with magnats and electricity

There is. Everything is vibration and waves. The key is a special electric waveform, very high frequency, probably multiple types superimposed that gives the ability to remove potential differences to the surrounding space. It creates a pseudo-ground. It's just a mathematical concept. I could be wrong.

66bdd9  No.12744088


Maybe there's advanced tech around ready to be rolled out as 'alien'

but… that picture is stupid, I guess you're just baiting.

>stars close-up

66bdd9  No.12744125


Here's a cigar-shaped UFO case that I find interesting: google USS Trepang 1971

4e3623  No.12744158

File: 6a77c1f4636dd13⋯.gif (893.42 KB, 400x554, 200:277, 6a77c1f4636dd13d6aa846e44e….gif)


this is what i want to know more about, sorry for buffoon but do you have any reading along these lines to demo the concept?

77e953  No.12744182


Here's the thing though, you will always prioritize your own self and group over foreign groups. Whether it's placing your family above another, your tribe above a foreign tribe, or your humanity above an alien species, you are the most important aspect of your reality. Thus you protect yourself and like interests.

Any being capable of space travel would understand this and come to the same conclusion. Therefore, if there are sufficiently advanced beings out there, they must know we exist, and must know we can never become a threat.

66bdd9  No.12744221


You can google this chapter of a book for something very related, but probably near indecipherable out of context:

"Chapter XVII – The Arch-absurd According to the Assertion of Beelzebub, Our Sun Neither Lights nor Heats"

4e3623  No.12744247

File: 0f8b2050f58fcef⋯.jpg (22.62 KB, 500x511, 500:511, 0f8b2050f58fcefb000909b592….jpg)


thank you, if i dont get something ill source it and read that before continuing

>that sublime feel when someone uses warrants

67a163  No.12744266


fukn saved

66bdd9  No.12744287


it's a hefty read.

that chapter has a bit about the sun being cold, which sounds ridiculous, but there's a part elsewhere that talks about how an artificially-made sun-like object results in an energetic shell-of-effect of sorts.

some very weird, but compelling stuff

cc9c70  No.12745171


If you're asking about the concept, the best thing I can suggest is watch the older John Hutchison interviews. He experimented with Tesla machines and could levitate, bend or even melt metal at room temperatures. He turned on multiple devices at the same time, a tesla coil, multiple microwave emitters that are fine tuned during experiment to achieve the effects and maybe some other stuff I don't remember. He says he doesn't know how he achieved it. It was an accident when he turned on all his stuff so he tries doing that each time. Unfortunately his lab was took and he got MKultra'd into a tranny faggot as we would expect from the Canadian government and CIA. Also a very good thing is John Joseph Thomson's books, especially "electricity and matter" that gives a layman level understanding on his later studies. They book is made from a public lecture.

I think he is the guy who knew a lot. He has seen Tesla's experiments in Colorado Springs when he was teasing journalists about his dinamic theory of gravity and that he could light up the whole planet like a star/bulb. Thomson is talking about the importance of Faraday tubes and how they are the key to eliminating inertia. Everything has a potential to everything else and if you could eleminate it, the mass looses inertia. He has proven matemathically that inertia, mass and magnetism are interconnected and magnetism is stored inertia. I did not even read the whole book but it's brilliant and mind bending. I don't think Tesla was lying about the theory. Tesla was a very humble man and when he claims insane stuff you better believe it.

a603a0  No.12748524

File: de43fd13e2a1701⋯.pdf (2.56 MB, A SUGGESTED REMOTE VIEWING….pdf)

File: 8cf76fbbb166694⋯.pdf (304.01 KB, MARS EXPLORATION, MAY 22, ….pdf)

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