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File: 444395842094eaa⋯.jpg (607.99 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, romantic-towns-Hallstatt-G….jpg)

3aa252  No.12692386

White is nothing more than a racialized , cultureless term coined by our enemy

Use european or aryan that have a culture and history backing you and every time you use the term you are claimimg ownership of your native homeland

For example if you use european sumpremacist you are not only defending a race but a history culture and tradition with milienia of achieviment backung you

Dont fall for cheap kike trick

822cd2  No.12692402

White is pure.

81d9e2  No.12692407


>don't use white

>use european supremacist

Okay, that makes sense dumbass. White isn't a term coined by our enemies it was a term coined from the very foundations of this country to deliniate ourselves from the coloreds on the continent. Both the red man and the black man, later by the yellow man which our industrial elite faggots brought in. It's essentially "European" and from our foundational past wanting to shake everything "European" aka Old World from our modern founding they came up with a new term.

Every white person knows who they are and what it means and whether they are or aren't. It's an inherent feeling along with similar traits we share with one another. Not owning white is more beneficial to our enemy because they're trying to change the language and if they can change the language or own it then they own you.

I'll stick with white and when its necessary say it means you're of European descent. Period.

3aa252  No.12692416


You should use american

american whites are the only ones capable of calling thenself that , they were the ones who trandform a forgotten land in the first superpower of the world the rest ate slaves or leecherthat came when everything was already built

So white = american

The rest african american, asian american, hispanic ametican …..

d584a9  No.12692418


>Using language to make a warped argument

>white is a cultureless word

Hi Rabbi

545a6d  No.12692422

Here are the problems.

With Aryan, but Indians and Iranians are the true aryans.

With European, oh, so that means you accept Albanians, Chechens, Dagestanis, and obviously mixed Greeks and Sicilians? Plus there's also but Europe's been invaded by Arabs and Mongols for centuries, there's no such thing as a pure European, goy.

3aa252  No.12692423

So use european , australian canafian and american we are the native builders of those land

And to refer to our race use aryan is what we are after all

849521  No.12692424


It works for us burgers because a lot of us think of ourselves as separate from those living in Europe. Not that I agree with that, but that's how they think.

56ac6d  No.12692425

>White is nothing more than a racialized , cultureless term

its a race and a culture: Its a mix of european cultures

Its a strictly european mutt, the culture of white is:

-european music

-european food

-european holidays

-european religions (christian , nordic pagan … etc)

-european languages

You can add white americans to this category but again Its not america culture its "white american" culture.

as you will notice this "white american" culture deviates less from europe than "black american" culture

- foods are similar

- rock music has classical undertones and there are many good rock europe bands

-speaks a dialect of a European language

as to general edge cases in the form of:

>But what if x person lives in x country and eats x food but speaks x ,what are they

My description is a general one as a starting point and getting into the specifics and contexts of the idea is one that is very complex and subjective. I dont believe we have formed a single idea yet (besides white skin… this is a strong starting point, hence "white people") but that doesnt mean that the idea is useless or nonexistant. It needs some refining.

I would suggest that no matter how we define it that its standard be applied in all cases (Vox Day has mentioned this). So how ever strictly we define what it means to be "white" we would also have to be as strict on what it means to be "black" and "asian" and all of these general racial terms.

>its a social construct.

I would a agree, an active one that is being cultivated … most particularrly amongst the people that self identify as white. But like all things you are not only defined by what you are , you are defined what what you are not.

White people are not jews

35df06  No.12692435

35df06  No.12692436

c58fd1  No.12692437


>Use european or aryan that have a culture and history backing you and every time you use the term you are claimimg ownership of your native homeland


35df06  No.12692441


There is no problem, iranians and high caste indians even if they are not as pure genetically they have mantained the aryan tradition alive

e83299  No.12692444


You have to be white to be American, as far as I'm concerned.

756ec1  No.12692445


>african american


>asian american


>hispanic american


545a6d  No.12692449


They apply it to clearly nonwhite Iranians/Afghans/Pakis/Indians, including shudras.

Also Caucasian would also be problematic, as jews, Ethiopians, and dark Indians are also Caucasian.

35df06  No.12692451

And again why would you use a racialized cultureless term when you could use one that claim ownership of the land you ancestors created

White= american

The rest asian american, african american…

Basically a second class citizens

0fb255  No.12692452


>Use european or aryan

That sounds reasonable, it better excludes hispanics who think they can get away with pretending to be white.

35df06  No.12692457



It was for you

71fac4  No.12692460

White as an identity term is only useful in the New World, where all Euro-descendants have been mixing with each other for centuries (it was in fact born as an administrative term in the colonies). In Europe, we should prioritize preserving our singular ethnicities.

36fc25  No.12692463


>You should use american

Fuck off, idiot. That's civcuck language. "White" is perfect. We know exactly what is meant by it. The fact that enemy uses "white" as a slur gives it even stronger identity.

35df06  No.12692470


There is nothing more cuck that calling yourself white in the land that your ancestors built

You are american the one legitimate to use that term

0f882c  No.12692476


I agree, I avoid using it.

It is a term popularised in america where everything is white&black, black=good, white=bad.

Americans won't have any idea whatsoever about this, but in europe we refer to each other as french, dutch, belgian, english - each one recognisable in looks and behaviour, not to mention culture and history.

Europe is a world in itself. The problem with 'white' is it reduces the greatness of europe into a race on par with negroids or other subspecies. Not that long ago, there was no saying 'white french', french was french. Anything else was foreign. A negroid can never be french, ever. It is in the blood.

Americans dilute the concept of a people because they spend 23 hours a day listening to the media juden pushing the terminology.

European blooded is far more accurate and meaningful than white.

7c33f6  No.12692478

>what the fuck is white?

Something you will never be, schlomo.

35df06  No.12692479


Yeaa they refer to all of them too but where the aryans came from?


Who are their more pure descendants?


0f882c  No.12692483


Also, european/european blooded reminds all that it they are our lands, forged by our hands and us forged by theirs over hundreds of thousands of years.

We aren't just another tickbox on a census where everything is 'equal'. We are the lands themselves.

db8af9  No.12692486


No they didn't.

c626d7  No.12692491

Remember anons;

Report D&C threads.

Sage D&C threads.

Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;

Report slide threads.

Sage slide threads.

Filter slide threads.

This is just like the "white nationalism is a kike started idea to prevent white tribalism" threadx2 last night.

36fc25  No.12692493


My ancestors didn't build America. They built the United States, which is now a pile of shit. There are other people on this continent that have as much claim to be called "American" that aren't white.

All you're trying to do is remove racial consciousness from the language. Nobody knows you mean white when you say "american" fuck off.

85c2ea  No.12692495


>Yes there was nigger, spics and chink citizens when the US constitution was written.

are you fucking retarded?

35df06  No.12692501


Im in linking race ,history, culture and geografy in a single one

Racializing the rest of races as second class citizens

You a fucking idiot

36fc25  No.12692507



>You a fucking idiot


35df06  No.12692510


Yes, im not native speaker genious that doent mean im not 100% correct

625f0c  No.12692512

"racialized" is lefty talk. It's how they argue that islam is a "race" because it acts as a culture within another culture.

36fc25  No.12692513


They can call themselves whatever they want. They'll never be white., and neither will you.

0f882c  No.12692515


i thought islam is a virulent disease

36fc25  No.12692517


>A non-american is telling me what I should call myself

Drop dead, nigger.

36fc25  No.12692518


>go away!


ebae4e  No.12692523

File: 48f88aa2ae01e00⋯.jpg (369.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


So you're fine with a nigger calling himself french?

35df06  No.12692525


Explain the reasons why you prefer to call yourself white instead of american honoring all your ancestors that built this land?

37bba7  No.12692526

Whites are the people known as whites by other races. It's a name, not a rationale.

Same with jews. You don't need to know whether they're an ethnicity, a religion, a race or a mafia. All that matters is there's a group with that name.

35df06  No.12692535


And that must change , if tomorrów ww are calificated as whity and everyone call us that , would you still use thst term ?

Of corse not , reclaim you ancestry americans

35df06  No.12692540

6bc1a2  No.12692550

you're white if you grow up as a skinny white kid in the south around niggers and get called white boy throughout your child hood like me and then become a race realist who is proud of his white ancestry and over 200 pounds of muscle now. fuck yeah it feels good to be white

545a6d  No.12692561


Did you build yourself up only because of niggers?

36fc25  No.12692562


I don't give a fuck what niggers call themselves when they're drowning after being kicked out of lands white people conquered.


>justify your identity to me

Just as soon as your kill yourself.

858a40  No.12692563

>Use European

My family has been outside of Europe for close to 300 years at this point so it doesn't make much sense for me.

35df06  No.12692571


Use american you are the only real americans after all

And aryan for our race

7d6ae4  No.12692582

I'm fine with white, sounds good, pure, and cleansing. Prove to me that my people didn't coin the term, then I'll worry about this instead of whodaism.

858a40  No.12692590


I use both American and white, American with people already familiar with my views, white with those not. White is a shortcut, the issue with merely using American is that modern connotations are such that if you don't want to engage in a five minute speech(longer with the likely numerous interreuptions) people won't actually understand what you mean. Using aryan just immediately gets people to dismiss you out of hand because of the decades of holohaux atrocity propaganda.

0e944a  No.12692595


Your genetics haven't changed, retard.

36fc25  No.12692603

Headline of another thread:

>Anti-Salvini Pro-Migrant Jews in Italy Claim “There Is No White Race to Defend”

OP is a kike.

35df06  No.12692604


This is the correct answer, but we need to reconquer our heritage and make it mainstream

For instances here in pol a fact already

American= white

f59e51  No.12692606

File: ade6bda9cbb5668⋯.png (3.93 MB, 3741x3887, 3741:3887, 1455483169201-1.png)

File: 481f651e8b121d0⋯.png (396.69 KB, 720x810, 8:9, focus.png)

deff66  No.12692609

"White" is not a reference to skin color. "White" is a reference to culture; specifically, those cultures and their cultural norms developed by the White Caucasian of European descent.

35df06  No.12692616


Is not it only has negative connotations

Compare with american ,europeans or aryan that have hundred or milenia of culture and history of glory and achieviments behind them

c4e705  No.12692617


White is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue). It is the color of fresh snow, chalk, and milk, and is the opposite of black. White objects fully reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of light. White on television and computer screens is created by a mixture of red, blue and green light.

In ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, priestesses wore white as a symbol of purity, and Romans wore a white toga as a symbol of citizenship. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance a white unicorn symbolized chastity, and a white lamb sacrifice and purity. It was the royal color of the Kings of France, and of the monarchist movement that opposed the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War (1917–1922). Greek and Roman temples were faced with white marble, and beginning in the 18th century, with the advent of neoclassical architecture, white became the most common color of new churches, capitols and other government buildings, especially in the United States. It was also widely used in 20th century modern architecture as a symbol of modernity and simplicity.

According to surveys in Europe and the United States, white is the color most often associated with perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, the new, neutrality, and exactitude. White is an important color for almost all world religions. The Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, has worn white since 1566, as a symbol of purity and sacrifice. In Islam, and in the Shinto religion of Japan, it is worn by pilgrims. In Western cultures and in Japan, white is the most common color for wedding dresses, symbolizing purity and virginity. In many Asian cultures, white is also the color of mourning.

3a5a9d  No.12692620

It's a feeling, for example my gardener (who legally speaking shouldn't be in the US) is white with a tan

35df06  No.12692622


And thats all ? nothing more pseudo scientific bulshit

Try again we are proud of our ancestors their history and their achieviments that we want to protect

deff66  No.12692623


If you look at the census bureau terminology, people could identify themselves as Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, …. Now, the terms have changed in accordance with the doctrines used by critical theory, social and cultural Marxism/Maoism/Leninism/Globalism, and those identity politics necessary to atomize identity as a culture

<when it jumps off proper, the 1st wave are those sent to do the dirty work of the real targets. never forget

deff66  No.12692631


then /pol/ & co. should be targeting all who slap the "White" identity on people; especially at a time when the sjw cringe-factor is at a pinnacle. Who made the executive decision to label the Caucasian, "White"? Exactly for the reason(s) that it is seen as a negative connotation, is exactly why the term "White" should be banned

35df06  No.12692632

Look how white for example is used to trick all the goys including all the middle eastern and jews in the white term

In universities for examples with afirmative actions jews can pass as whites the same as middle eastener a tjing that wouldnt happen if we would define ourself in a more concret term like european ,american ….

740671  No.12692634


This x1000 this is how jews can define thenself as whites and jews at the same time

White term should be destroyed

12a9bd  No.12692636

File: 351b741ecf81d4e⋯.png (167.81 KB, 776x1200, 97:150, 1518075369977.png)


My ancestors didn't build this turd-world shithole,you absolute nigger.

'Murica been dedicated to the extermination of the WHITE race soon after the ink was dry on itz incorporation.

Bunch of injun-fucking murimutts, just ask any of them.

12a9bd  No.12692645

File: 9ffc2c67600680a⋯.jpg (126.73 KB, 700x573, 700:573, 74187f8accf93deaaf72091f5b….jpg)


9b8d52  No.12692648



None of those things in your memes existed until recently - like the past 60 years, recently.

772ee5  No.12692656

mostly a meme

I guess it's ok as a very casual term for some west Eurasian of light complexion and Europid features(culture doesn't really matter much since even leftists will essentially do racial profiling and associate you to the "white" box by just looking at you), but to actually take this color and try to create a mass identity around it is ridiculous, if people got together just because of their looks we wouldn't be here in this situation now

being physically Europid should just be a means to an end and maybe part of a certain ideal/mythic archetype, not the end itself

a91ec7  No.12692660

File: 6606529d126de0e⋯.png (106.61 KB, 610x702, 305:351, 1501031181090.png)



whoa there buddy, you ought to slow down and look in a mirror before shitting on other people

c4e705  No.12692663


Social identity is the portion of an individual's self-concept derived from perceived membership in a relevant social group. As originally formulated by social psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner in the 1970s and the 1980s, social identity theory introduced the concept of a social identity as a way in which to explain intergroup behaviour.

Social identity theory is described as a theory that predicts certain intergroup behaviours on the basis of perceived group status differences, the perceived legitimacy and stability of those status differences, and the perceived ability to move from one group to another. This contrasts with occasions where the term "social identity theory" is used to refer to general theorizing about human social selves. Moreover, and although some researchers have treated it as such,[7][8] social identity theory was never intended to be a general theory of social categorization. It was awareness of the limited scope of social identity theory that led John Turner and colleagues to develop a cousin theory in the form of self-categorization theory, which built on the insights of social identity theory to produce a more general account of self and group processes. The term social identity approach, or social identity perspective, is suggested for describing the joint contributions of both social identity theory and self-categorization theory.[5][9][10] Social identity theory suggests that an organization can change individual behaviors if it can modify their self-identity or part of their self-concept that derives from the knowledge of, and emotional attachment to the group.

a393d7  No.12692665

File: 16b459a1809f824⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HOLYNUKE.webm)


I'm not an Iranian, an Indian, or a Pakistani


I'm not an Albanian, a Turk, a Chechen, a Gypsy, or a Moor


I'm not a Somali, an Eritrean, or an Ethiopian

deff66  No.12692666


>mostly a meme

until you hear a nigger spewing "wyte boi this" and "wyte boi that"; or a jewnigger jewsplaining about "we wypipo". then it's time to get in-touch with your inner-crusader

740671  No.12692674


Europeans are the closest genetically to aryans

Aryan homeland was europe and then spreaded all around the world from what is now ukraine

All european precristian gods were indo europeans like the language we are using now

If someone has a claim to call thenself aryans we are certaimly on thst list

740671  No.12692675


Turk moor orchechens are not european not genetically geografically , lingustically or ethnically

Try again retard

12a9bd  No.12692679


It was,just not as much.

They weren't the majority.

Ask the most nordic looking 'murican what race they are ,9/10 will say "half Cherokee, half Choctaw "

Fuck 'murica to fucking hell.

Been kiked since Disraeli took over the Empire,& IT WAS EASY!!!!

740671  No.12692681


Meanwhile with white , jews and menas are calificated as white in usa when they enter in any university for example

12a9bd  No.12692689

File: b5780444881ca84⋯.png (89.89 KB, 996x832, 249:208, 1516512763760.png)

000000  No.12692693


>late to the fucking party


Do not identify as "White™" !

a393d7  No.12692694


Constantinople/Istanbul isn't European?

Europe has had a sizable Moorish population for quite awhile

ea151a  No.12692695


>What the fuck is white ?

6500 Kelvin


56ac6d  No.12692696


that looks like some kind of hollywood shot …

>moon landing faked

>nuke drop faked

how long do you think DOD had cgi before hollywood?????

maybe they made a deal with the jap elites for



000000  No.12692698


>white leeeeel


000000  No.12692703



Hi, jew.

000000  No.12692710



European-american, to be precise. Accuracy is important as it reflects the quality of the European people.

deff66  No.12692712


>Europe has had a sizable Moorish population for quite awhile


000000  No.12692719



>no such thing

>devil's advocate

Genetic Europeans only. That means Paleo and Indo-europeans. Restricting the genepool to the Celtic people of Europa and the Aryan people of Persia. Poos are not Aryans.

12a9bd  No.12692723


Found the JIDF torkike.


Absolutely nothing wrong w/ calling yourself white & other whites WHITE

8764cf  No.12692729


white is synonymous with aryan and whites live outside of europe. the most pure whites are north west europeans, obviously. your thread is dumb gay shit, there's a reason kikes have worked so hard to dismantle the word "white"

8764cf  No.12692731

newfags, remember to report and sage shill and/or shit threads like this

000000  No.12692745




>on an anonymous image board


Sorry, jew, everybody knows ojews love to say 'kike' instead of 'jew'. Imagine being so disgusting your own label is the most insulting thing you can be called.


Tor separates identity from IP

Only jews wouldn't want anons to have such liberty.

9b8d52  No.12692747


I've never heard anyone say they were half-breed injuns, and I've managed to talk to normal people in the last 30 years I've lived here. Maybe the expats you talk to in your country like to invent that stuff to sound exotic.

deff66  No.12692748


What's wrong with the term 'Caucasian'? It worked so well, for so long. There was no need to question the Caucasian culture. The Caucasian culture, which we're told doesn't exist, is right there in the soil beneath the feet of all who say "Caucasian culture doesn't exist"

000000  No.12692769


>northwest europeans

>most "white"

Other than the obvious "white" isn't a fucking thing, the Celtiuc people of Northwestern Europe are genetic mix of Nordic and Iberian peoples. Read a fucking book anon, holy shit. How do you think there are black hair blue eye people ? Where do you think green eyes and red hair comes from ? The Paleo-Europeans (Nordic people with strong noses, strong brows, strong jaws, blonde hair, and blue eyes) are the oldest Europeans and the Indo-Europeans (Anatolian people with soft noses, straight brows, round jaws, dark hair, and dark (but not black) eyes) are the new Europeans who migrated into Europe 200,000 years ago, before the major Ice Age, into areas like Italy and Spain, reentering continental Europe 10,000 years ago and mixing with the Paleo-Europeans and making the powerful Celtc and Germanic people.

12a9bd  No.12692770


It has "asian" in it.

772ee5  No.12692776


>Read a fucking book anon, holy shit

>The Paleo-Europeans (Nordic people with strong noses, strong brows, strong jaws, blonde hair, and blue eyes) are the oldest Europeans and the Indo-Europeans (Anatolian people with soft noses, straight brows, round jaws, dark hair, and dark (but not black) eyes) are the new Europeans who migrated into Europe 200,000 years ago

rip my 6 million sides

a29ca3  No.12692777

gas yourself OP, i get what you are going for,.. but still

000000  No.12692787



It turns out to be a trick to place jews at the top as the definition of "White" people. 'White' = 'Caucasian'. However, only those with the Paternal Haplogroup G are Caucasian, and, since most jews are Haplogroup G, as most are converts, they can only be a type of European. Also, since they usually speak Slavic or something, they are Slavic people.

000000  No.12692793


But it's true :^)

000000  No.12692804


>nothing wrong with white

But there is. It implies that all white peeple are the same. Croatia is much different than Belgium. Do not let jews trick you into denouncing or disolving your race or culture.

12a9bd  No.12692822


D&C id hopping turbokike


000000  No.12692867



I am using the same exit nigger. And people use Tor to try and avoid jew surveillance. You are using it, too, behind yout vpn or gvt issued ip you faggot fed. Nobody hates Europeans more than the feds who work to kill off any Eupoean pride in Amerikkka because they are stupid low-iq niggers.

000000  No.12692882


>leaking "american"

Or am I ? Maybe I am Irish Nationalist Party Member. Or maybe Syrian Army shill supporting ol' blue eyes. Or maybe I am German "Nazi" posting from sud/pol/ science base under Antarctica.

5c678b  No.12692900


I was thinking about this before as people call here in aus aboriginals the 'first australians'

Well no, they aren't, whites were the first australians cause we fucking created australia. They are the native people of the land, that is it.

000000  No.12692946


Yes, 'native' comes from the root word 'natal' which means by birth. Anybody born their is native by definition. However, the label 'Ab-original implies "Not-original" so it is confusing to a non-crikey. The 'native' people of the Americas are the sons and daughters of the ancient Mongolians. They didn't build what is called 'America' but they are welcome to stay since they shared their land, go bow hunting, and drink brewskies.

8bb444  No.12693325

Clearly not (jew)

8bb444  No.12693326

We haven't had a shabbat like this in years. These fucking kikes are desperate.

000000  No.12718963

i am a member of the celtic church of gaul

78857e  No.12718975


>What the fuck is white ?

A White person is a human being of solely native European ancestry; or a human being who, if they have non-European antecedents, is nonetheless of a physical and genetic makeup that is within the range typical of people of solely European ancestry; or, the child of two Whites.

877ab0  No.12718984



482128  No.12719014

At least half of this thread is shills.

271111  No.12719104

>oy vey, d&c among your kind goyim, don't unite

Kill yourself kike.

8764cf  No.12719173



keep crying faggot.

134e9b  No.12720347

Let's spend all our time arguing over semantics as if it fucking matters.

93073d  No.12740684


3c7377  No.12740852

Fucking shill thread

de1198  No.12740929

File: 024dea40096e95c⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 519x291, 173:97, fea92e69996ce1e4b0e76f40c3….jpg)

File: 116a5e62a0f78b0⋯.png (62.78 KB, 230x266, 115:133, sunghir1.png)

File: a810abd7b03e82c⋯.png (13.55 KB, 228x268, 57:67, sunghir2.png)

File: a08fc6936474f96⋯.png (18.96 KB, 220x363, 20:33, sunghir3.png)

File: 6938b53dff9fbfb⋯.png (15.59 KB, 210x326, 105:163, sunghir4.png)


Paleolithic Europeans were dark skinned, brown eyed, black haired

Mesolithic Europeans were dark skinned, blue eyed, dark haired and had a wide face

Sunghir represents the paleo europeans, loschbour represents mesolithic europeans

Light skin were brought in by Indo-Europeans and Anatolian farmers

Today, most Europeans are either farmer related or ehg related.

Blonde hair developed out independently at east europe / scandinavia and in anatolian farmers (somewhere 7000 bc), but was also found within EHGs later (only dark blonde was found however). Today blonde hair peaks in EHG related populations. WHG related admixture peaks in Basques, Norwegians and Estonians at somewhere 30%

000000  No.12753881


>Restricting the genepool to the Celtic people of Europa and the Aryan people of Persia

>Sincerely, Farrukh ibn-O'Hara

efab29  No.12753976

>oy vey moishe, there's a term that encompasses all the European ethnicities without there being an easy D&C vector you can use to claim members of that group not currently in Europe are excluded from

<better tell the goyim to stop using it!

cdc295  No.12754017


The word European has cultural and historical implications, that is true. What is problematic is the idea that there is no such thing as American culture, and I say that as someone living in Europe. It is very easy for us Europeans to recognize that there are unique things about America that makes it distinct from Europe. That is architecture, food, music, economy, but more importantly ideas. Americans think differently about just about anything. That is also part of your heritage, and something you should take good care of.

ca1eb4  No.12754205

The term "black" has zero cultural or antropological meaning because at least 3 distinct races of humans (abos, africans and south indians) are black. It is just an observation of one's skin tone. The same is true for "white". Jews are white. Iranians are often white. Albino nogs are white. But none of those are european and only the iranians are aryan.

Using the term with any sort of seriousness makes you and the cause look shallow. It looks like you think the colour of one's face is all that matters and not the myrad of real features on both the individual and ethnic scale, and that you would value a deformed, retarded jew over a smart and attractive okinawan simply because one is white while the other is yellow. A finnish man with reverse-albinism is just as much a finn as any other. It also insults culture too, as it implies that an italian and a russian are the same.

Whiteness is amerilard imperialism.


Arabs and mongols were/are invaders, not natives. You do not become part of a group by moving into group's territory against said group's will.

9ef292  No.12754215


>jews spend all of their time trying to dismantle the concept of whiteness

< hey goy stop calling yourself white

t. (((OP)))

white = aryan = european, (3) yid

c1565c  No.12754504

5d2aea  No.12755593

File: 6ba77c84bea77f3⋯.png (521.96 KB, 800x800, 1:1, mac tonight.png)

I find this renaming tactic of "white" to "European" to be very practical as an American living in a majority liberal city. The racial term white has been tainted by all the blatant media smearing it's undergone for ~40 years whereas many Americans still feel an identity/connection with their homeland

>kiss the cook he's irish


If I try to slowly wake up my more normie leaning friends by using language like "I believe white culture is the best ever developed and has done more for the world than most any other" you are automatically grouped as a racist extremist but if you simply substitute white for European then it becomes much harder for them to become incensed, let alone argue with you.

That being said this conversation only needs to take place in the context of dealing with those who are not yet aware of the present situation. For all of us here, let's disregard any attempted d&c tactics and stand united as best we are able.

Hail Europa, white pride worldwide

12befc  No.12755621


Nah fuck modern europe. WHITE POWER!

3eab19  No.12755646

File: 0431845de433c72⋯.png (596.24 KB, 600x805, 120:161, 14701051398791.png)


Agreed, it's like when I tell people that I'm quite a fan of German culture, they smile, nod and conversate, but are unaware of the implications.

cbab31  No.12755661


What the fuck is jewish? Protip: You faggots are just arabs that think you're special

83e5a6  No.12755872

File: edc56657d6af01c⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 1000x630, 100:63, 1412006108574.jpg)

What we consider as 'whites' have a shared heritage in Rome originally. After that they were united in Christendom. Christendom became more widely known as 'Europe' after the jewish invasion. Our shared cultural heritage that separates us, as the 'Men of the West' from whites inhabiting Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine and Morocco is best seen as 'Christendom', because Rome incorporated nations like Egypt, Syria and Judea; places that we consider as 'the other'. It also did not incorporate the Slavic nations, whereas Christendom did.

Pagans and Atheists will probably kvetch at this because of their hatred of Christianity, but like it or not the way we perceive the world today is because of Christianity. The borders of Christendom were the borders of Europe; beyond them were Turks, Arabs and Berbers; all of which had (and still have) many 'whites' amongst their own populaces. They are nevertheless considered as 'the other', an eternal enemy that perceives the world in a way that we cannot fathom, and which forever schemes to destroy us.

Rome / Christendom is the only basis for a shared European culture as it was the only thing that ever united us as a people. Before that we were just disparate groups of whites living in close proximity. Before Christianity and Islam divided the world; a man in Germany would no more consider a Spaniard a brother than he would an Afghan. Christianity is what shaped our perceptions historically, and is what still has us perceive ourselves as separate from the rest to this day.

9e1684  No.12755927

>Use european or aryan

European is vague as all fuck (includes a lot of brown people as you go farther south and east), and Aryan is something that almost literally nobody actually is.

The reason why "white" is used is because it allows anyone who is sorta pale to assume they are part of this exclusive club, when in fact they are not. It's the only way they can continue the delusion that white is this exclusive superior persecuted minority that is at the same time (somehow) still a demographic majority.

6c28a8  No.12755931

Aryans don't exist. They were wiped out a long time ago.

8aedc0  No.12755936

>focus on culture goy


32acbd  No.12756097


>call them Americans

Fuck you and the kike op. White is perfect because it includes Americans. It forms a front, it unites. Despite our many differences we share our European history, there is no place for arrogance, only friendly competition.

17efe5  No.12756123


>use this ambiguous different terms us marxist faggots like to use instead of the term exactly representing what you mean that triggers us because we deny the reality of racial diversity

2f04bf  No.12756127

Anything that isn't nigger, kike or slav

50d763  No.12756161


> A finnish man with reverse-albinism

things that never happened dot jpeg

7d1db0  No.12756663


>Whiteness is amerilard imperialism


b2ec27  No.12756674

White is a term that jews created in order to facilitate their ability to hide in society.

White means nothing, it is not an identity.

Identity is the religion and nation/area of your ancestors.


Polish Catholic

German Lutheran

English Protestant

Israeli Jew

White does not exist.

fd96dc  No.12756707

File: 4700be7080c42a1⋯.jpg (78.96 KB, 570x806, 285:403, 41ee33b94e8b32d9dd5ff6766b….jpg)




)le 56$ memes

>being this assblasted

f59960  No.12756713


>White is a term that jews created in order to facilitate their ability to hide in society.

Whites have always called themselves white…..


>White means nothing, it is not an identity.

White means you have white skin, the whiter the skin , the whiter you are, and the people with the whitest skin are….. ethnic Europeans


>Identity is the religion and nation/area of your ancestors

Identity is actually Race/ethnicity plus attached culture which is itself influenced by your race.


>Polish Catholic

>German Lutheran

>English Protestant

>Israeli Jew

Jews are not white and are insulted by even being compared to whites as they see themselves as the master race.


>White does not exist.

So as you can see… It does exist. The only reason I would say other wise, is if I wanted to manipulate other people!

000000  No.12756716


>slavics are not "white"

Nothing is white nigger and Slavics are European.

f59960  No.12756735


True dat, Slavs are white

f59960  No.12756748


>White is nothing more than a racialized , cultureless term coined by our enemy

Actually It encompasses Race and culture.. You are the only one who for ulterior motives considers it as nothing but Racial.


>european sumpremacis

So Indians, blacks, Jews and others who reside in Europe are considered considered European?


I hope you are just saying that European Supremacist can act as safe way of saying white supremacist.

b84859  No.12756752

File: b234568369a1b5d⋯.jpg (248.16 KB, 1261x454, 1261:454, Nation_and_Whiteness.jpg)


f59960  No.12756760



So, it is a mind game tactic, Good! not to be taken literally obviously

ab580d  No.12756781

File: 8be91d16acc3501⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 2429x3374, 347:482, 23v4v2323v.jpg)


Jews are white. Is this not the face of a white man?

He sure gosh darn looks white to me.

f6038f  No.12756818

File: 487b306a01aff82⋯.png (720.48 KB, 813x1335, 271:445, Naturalization Act of 1790.png)


Remind me why Codemonkey hasn't included a posting exception that makes it so torpedoes can't bump a thread that hasn't had activity for 3 days. I know it wouldn't stop someone who was determined, but at least it makes them work a little harder.


OP is still a faggot. This post doesn't deserve its own thread. If you wanted to post on this topic, you should've provided us something useful like genetic or genealogical data to make your argument meaningful instead of arguing empty semantics like a cornered Jew. White has had plenty of semantic substance for centuries. The first US congress even used the term in the Naturalization Act of 1790 and several subsequent acts on the subject thereafter. See chapter III, section I, first sentence. Your argument is historically vacuous.

81d462  No.12757381


Irrelevant. My point was that describing ourselves as "white" makes it appear as if the white skin tone is what matters.

2eb7fe  No.12757391


>Whites are being attacked and culturally subverted around the globe

>"Don't indetify as "white" goyim"!

bd7749  No.12757457

When people say white, I believe they are referring to fair-skinned Caucasians and even tanned Caucasians who have abandoned the practice of inbreeding and cousin marriage. The offspring of such people normally exhibits features inherited from both parents and as such continue the legacy established by their forefathers while being slightly different themselves, although they carry on their progenitors' respective bloodlines owing to a complex array of dominant and recessive alleles (which enables throwbacks and atavism).

a396aa  No.12757463


Because Codemonkey hates /pol/, and hates whites.

2ba23a  No.12757592

Kike D&C tactic. Sage and report. Oh right, the ownership and moderation are anti-white shills.

7f1577  No.12757866

14874c  No.12757885

There's positive aspects to racism. If you banned all blacks from Chicago, murder would be pratically non-existent.

Anyone who argues against the above favors murder and black on black crime, which would make them racist. : )

14874c  No.12757908


Allot of Swedes moved to the Northern part of the US with Minnesota being the most popular state for them. You know, the state that elected the Muslim congresswoman.

As you can see, when you look at Sweden, that Swedes seem to have their own distinct culture of sacrificing themselves and the innocent to the gods of diversity and multiculturalism.

f65373  No.12757932

File: 3e722299fe3b7db⋯.jpeg (2.46 MB, 1602x2613, 534:871, Rassen_Europa.jpeg)


>What the fuck is white ?

the europid races

f65373  No.12757937


Note that the jews in the bottom row are specifically classified under "Fremdrassen" (foreign races)

446b40  No.12757945



so you can't answer the question then?

b2ecfb  No.12758277

File: c8df7db4e999a79⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1800x1216, 225:152, __lili_tekken_drawn_by_cut….jpg)


WHITE was invented by England to unite the BRITISH PEOPLE AS ONE.

11fab5  No.12758485

Native European. This triggers the jew.

9bb180  No.12759274


>wanting to shake everything "European" aka Old World from our modern founding they came up with a new term.

Yeah, like the judeo-masonic puppets you always were. kys,

551d01  No.12759688

What a dumb sperg thread.

Like all "hurr durr white doesn't exist" posts

5e07fa  No.12759698

WHITE = The color of the guy going to work to pay for all of the other colors(even some off whites) that have this sense of entitlement of something they haven't earned or are willing to work for it.

0cd8e5  No.12774732


They're just caucasians, period. The other bullshit you added is just useless noise. Whites who marry their cousins may end up producing fucked-up white babies, but they're still white nonetheless.

d9ba94  No.12774796

File: b1eca76c63083fc⋯.jpg (31.52 KB, 330x500, 33:50, hwite spaniard.jpg)

Sovthren Evropeans are totally Hwite like you.

1a7e72  No.12775570



You mean like Lapps and Albanians? Still not specific enough.

6a3629  No.12775580

Oh look, this cancer is getting necrobumped.

000000  No.12776198

>all those amerimutts thinking they're actually white


61c9b6  No.12776212


Anon, my son.

You are a man now.

We are outnumbered. Will you choose to unite your people as a New Rome?

Or will you choose circular firing squad?

08152b  No.12776425

File: cf3460899a060b4⋯.jpg (121.49 KB, 373x1920, 373:1920, cf3460899a060b4c77d13c957d….jpg)

>brainlet mutts ignore OP's points and react angrily

It's all so tiresome.

53b95e  No.12777070


>use "American"

Bingo. White is a reactionary term; American is a nationality and is inherently "white".

01495c  No.12777151

White = european descended, retard.

You are falling for wordism.

080d07  No.12777197


>oy vey whites don't exist

21 days, this spam post has been left up.

642831  No.12777422

white is a general term for the entire white race.

this isn't complicated, chaim.

a5de06  No.12777428

We are all equal to Jesus love blacks and welcome your arab brothers

935af0  No.12777434

File: a5c1868ad96e738⋯.png (11.67 KB, 174x290, 3:5, images.png)


I can tell you already they aint Gingers.

000000  No.12777794

jewish niggers

000000  No.12777861


>don't use White

>Use european


d9ba94  No.12778247


Meds aren't White (mongrel sandnigger rape babies), Slavs aren't White (too mixed with Fingolian), Celts aren't White (they descend from Ibero-Africans). Only Nords are White.

06df9c  No.12778266


>only nords are white

Sorry, pal; Nords are split off from Germanic tribes. Germans are majority part of the alpine race (i.e. Med/non-white). So nords are more than likely miced mixed race.

2a1433  No.12778267

File: 67493e026734a74⋯.jpg (57.65 KB, 600x700, 6:7, Dybv-_TVYAAfAl8.jpg)




2454d2  No.12778286


This bullshit is why this country is going to shit. These desert people brought their conflict and bullshit childlike mentalities with them.

Send them all back, so we can stop wasting limited resources on petty conflicts already.

2454d2  No.12778290


You made I whitened up your bloodline Ahmed?

ad5693  No.12778339

My new blog http://gestyy.com/wVtmI3

aebfaa  No.12778356

File: 2264653e69d2042⋯.png (87.62 KB, 1593x566, 1593:566, White Races in Books.PNG)


>White is nothing more than a racialized , cultureless term coined by our enemy

Nonsense. Europeans have referred to themselves as a "white race", or "the white races" for literally hundreds of years.

"This war is really the greatest insanity in which white races have ever been engaged."

— Admiral Von Tirpitz, 1915 (Giles MacDonogh, The Last Kaiser, The Life of Wilhelm II (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000), p. 371)

2454d2  No.12778360

You know you're probably talking to a Mestizo, right? They are trying to recruit Whites for breeding. They got taste of the European intellect and want more of it.

d7e604  No.12778668

Actual Whites are the Northern Europeans who have the Nordic phenotype. Brown skinned Mediterranean Europeans are not White.

38c667  No.12778673


We don't need your d&c shilling around here, hershel. Take the day off from shilling and go neck yourself.

d7e604  No.12778686


It's not divide and conquer it's just the truth. There are many native Europeans who have brown skin. They are literally, physically not White. Why do you call something a color that it is not?

000000  No.12778737


Provide one example of a native European with a brown skin. One. Any photo. I'll wait.

1ac52d  No.12778746


Hungarians are swarthy. They are darker than Austrians, Germans, Slovenians, and Poles.

9b3900  No.12778749


Obvious jewish subversion is obvious.

But somehow, I think you're underachieving. You forgot to add;

Christianity is a jewish religion and Paganism is the one true faith for Europeans.

Celtic Paganism is the only true faith. Germanic and Greco-Roman paganism is false and jewish.

Anyone not blonde or red haired is not White. Anyone with brown or black hair is a shitskin.

Since you have stipulated that medditerraneans are not White, let's go a step further and say that Germans and Anglokikes are not White either. Only Slavs are White.

You might want to add to this just to really piss people off that Germans and Anglos are related to neanderKIKES and this explains their jewish behavior. Slavs, you should argue, are pure human.

Next, you should try to start an argument over women, which is always a popular devisive tactic. Play the moderate and say that women are essential for our race and that anyone who promotes artificial wombs is a MGTOW kike. This will start a shit flinging fest.

Keep up the good work, you disgusting kike.

a27331  No.12778751

File: 10793750a771127⋯.jpg (103.31 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1432503759270.jpg)

File: f716902273aba34⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 535x703, 535:703, 1433032011726.jpg)


skin is the least differentiating factor, it's more about facial features, mediterraneans don't differ the most from north Europeans because of skin, many quite light skinned and light features meds still look completely mediterranean because of their features

someone like Marchisio or even Totti hardly look nordic because of their pigmentation, while someone like Mads Mikkelsen still looks completely north European despite his hair/eye color

9b3900  No.12778755


Oh, I forgot to add, you should openly and vocally support Trump while doing so. This way you can start another screaming fest. Accuse anyone not supporting Trump of being a "paid jewish homosexual nigger"

Or if you're not allowed to use politically incorrect words at your office, simply call everyone who disagrees with you a "JIDF shill"

000000  No.12778756


A photo, please.

d7e604  No.12778778


This is true. However, those are Meds who got bleached after Germans conquered the entirety of the Western Roman empire. Have you been to the southern Balkans or the med? The average person there has dark skin. Even the Welsh and Irish have darker skin than the English and Scottish

d7e604  No.12778784

When Syrian president Bashar Al Assad looks Whiter than many meds, the meds can't be called White

a27331  No.12778794


>However, those are Meds who got bleached after Germans conquered the entirety of the Western Roman empire

nonsense, light features are reported way into antiquity, recent Germanic influenced individuals show much more germanic features

>Have you been to the southern Balkans or the med? The average person there has dark skin.

I am from the med, you are the one speaking in memes, the average person has normal light skin(unless you visit during summer, obviously), the people who have a naturally darker tone are a minority, it's really the features that set people apart.

a27331  No.12778813


he may look white in some new world mongrel banana republic, his facial/skull proportions/features are extremely mena looking

his father Hafez on the other hand does look way more Europid, but elites there don't exactly look like the average Assyrian

9b1e2a  No.12778844

File: 2315858ba12de98⋯.jpg (599.56 KB, 1218x1358, 87:97, 1416765263402.jpg)






>using land masses in place of race

Only magic dirt subversives use those terms unironically. We are not bound to a single location; wherever we go we are still White.

4234fe  No.12780988


all colors turn to white.

ff4650  No.12781066

File: 8d9ce1b32fda1da⋯.jpg (343.22 KB, 1024x788, 256:197, BBq2.jpg)

White is actually a state of mind. You can actually be a "minority" that is white-thinking, but its very difficult as your genetics makes you stray from the path quite often.

4f2133  No.12781714

>What the fuck is white ?

it's what you'll never be shlomo

000000  No.12785780


white is a social construct, amirite?

> european suMpremacist


foreskin cuMeater

000000  No.12785787


praise jakub!

3fe208  No.12787351

File: 9b6d9cd687ddcda⋯.jpg (113.27 KB, 720x738, 40:41, chasing dreams.jpg)


More like what is non-White besides one big extended bottomless pit of a stomach with an outstretched brown bio-mass hand at Whites.

a4342c  No.12787389

c6e33a  No.12788934

You know what white is, nigger. White is someone is ethnically European descent. White and European are synonymous.

000000  No.12809285


Nah, that's the same kind of foolishness the "founders" held. "White™" is what ruined everything. The Canada and the US are European nations, no matter what their jewish occupiers insist.

000000  No.12809596

Blackhats For Bitcoin - your number one darknet cybercrime solution. We are professional hackers offering our services, both blackhat and whitehat, for an affordable rate.





25bca2  No.12810091

File: 47db393b4f70398⋯.jpg (265.9 KB, 1008x622, 504:311, WhenWhiteAreGone.jpg)

A world without white.

b8e797  No.12810125



I wish the homosexual mods would do their jobs and get rid of the shit posters.


c69af8  No.12810137


Since the Middle Ages, black has been the symbolic color of solemnity and authority, and for this reason is still commonly worn by judges and magistrates

In the Roman Empire, it became the color of mourning

Black was one of the first colors used by artists in neolithic cave paintings. In the 14th century, it was worn by royalty, clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe.

It became the color worn by English romantic poets, businessmen and statesmen in the 19th century, and a high fashion color in the 20th century.

Black symbolized both power and secrecy in the medieval world. The emblem of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany was a black eagle. The black knight in the poetry of the Middle Ages was an enigmatic figure, hiding his identity, usually wrapped in secrecy

Black was rarely part of the wardrobe of a noble family. The one exception was the fur of the sable. This glossy black fur, from an animal of the marten family, was the finest and most expensive fur in Europe.

In the 20th century, black was the color of Italian and German fascism

In the 1950s, black came to be a symbol of individuality and intellectual and social rebellion, the color of those who didn't accept established norms and values.

In Japan black can also symbolize experience, as opposed to white, which symbolizes naiveté.

The black belt in martial arts symbolizes experience, while a white belt is worn by novices.

Now imagine if a nigger posted this. He would look stupid right? That's exactly how you look with your psuedo bullshit, you dumb faggot.




4cb3f6  No.12810152


Whats wrong with albanians, chechens and dagistani? They obviously are geneticly white. Religion doesn't change your race, by your definition all christians are jews as well.

9367f5  No.12810172

File: c28361387eed355⋯.jpg (734.94 KB, 1006x790, 503:395, Robert Salmon, Moonlight a….jpg)


>Use european or aryan that have a culture and history backing you and every time you use the term you are claimimg ownership of your native homeland

1. It makes it seem like you are trying to run from the word white.

2. I don't really give a fuck about white culture as a whole, because so much of it is shit. I despise cucktianity, I have no problem with other whites no matter what the history lots of Eastern Europeans hate Russians, lots of Irish hate English, fuck all that, and I despise how easily my ancestors were misled.

000000  No.12810174


This. Early-Middle Bronze Age genes from EHG Yamnaya Aryans blanda upping with WHG and EEF. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, mixed to various degrees and sharing common Indo-European cultures and European climates. Plus some Persians or North Indians where applicable.

The blood knows.

9367f5  No.12810187

File: 6e67fd4d95376e2⋯.jpg (120.36 KB, 477x619, 477:619, Christian-massacre-of-Saxo….jpg)


>Religion doesn't change your race, by your definition all christians are jews as well.

They don't know the history of cucktianity, the millions of whites killed in crusades and religious wars. They pretend that they do, but deep down they think christians were always reasonable, but whites were just niggers. Oh, and Islamic countries were far worse for much of history, they weren't and anything bad about them is because Islam, not because of their biology.

000000  No.12810189


> chechens and dagistani?

>They obviously are geneticly white

Maybe if you are a Hwite 56% creatura they are. Otherwise they behave like niggers and have roughly same culture. North Caucasians are called Blacks in Russia for a reason. And genetically they are J1 mostly, VERY far removed from Indo-European R1.

a8b3aa  No.12810206


"genetically white" is a bold statement for caucasus people, they are proper "west asian", definitely related to Europeans somewhat but also quite different, the caucasus mountains have always been a relatively good barrier

as for Albanians, they are genetically a south Euro population, but the fact is that overall composition isn't enough for someone to be "OK", not for nothing they are pretty much despised by their south Euro neighbors despite being overall similar, in large because they are known as nasty thieves and scum

"if you are white you are alright" is a bad way of seeing things, some whites are gutter trash, other perhaps less ideally white from a phenotypical point of view are often of much higher qualities especially when it comes to character, intelligence and so on

4cb3f6  No.12810214


The 2 chechens i have personaly met where red haired and looked 100% european. Of course this is just an anectodal evidence, but i ask you, would you consider them white if they where christians instead of muslims (basicly another jewish sect)? You likely would. The same is true for albanians. They literaly look like any other balkan people (very similar to serbs and montenigrians and whiter than greeks or spainiards), yet you act like they aren't. Also, Halpogroups are very unreliable for the evalutaion of race, and R1a is not the only european Halpogroup.

4cb3f6  No.12810220



>as for Albanians, they are genetically a south Euro population, but the fact is that overall composition isn't enough for someone to be "OK", not for nothing they are pretty much despised by their south Euro neighbors despite being overall similar, in large because they are known as nasty thieves and scum

Albanians are more dinarid than south european (not all of course). Also, albanians are not more disliked than serbs or bosnians or any other people. Everyone hates their neighbours in the balkans, thats not a good argument.

>"if you are white you are alright" is a bad way of seeing things

Agree, but just because you don't like someone that does not make him a nonwhite.

000000  No.12810345


No. We have Christian South Caucasians, Georgians and Armenians. They are decidedly not "White". And, yes, they are also called "Blacks" in Russia, though rare as both have other specific traits to earn pejoratives.

> They literaly look like any other balkan people (very similar to serbs and montenigrians and whiter than greeks or spainiards), yet you act like they aren't.

They literally don't. Dinaric face is different from Armenoid. They are notably Middle Eastern in their faces. They sure had some European admixture, Kadyrov reportedly has runaway Don Cossacks ancestry. Reportedly. Then again it changes nothing, they are a closed tribal people utterly alien to every non-Vainakh people around them, which includes all of Europe.

As for the red-heads, some of their tribes come from foreigners assimilated into them. Reportedly they even have a Jewish tribe, lol, must be prosperous fucks in modern Russia. No matter, they are still aliens called "Blacks" by people north of them, who would much prefer to secede them the fuck away and build a big beautiful wall of eternal friendship on the border.

Just a way to show how "Whiteness" is a meaningless buzzwords outside of Muttland.

Albanians, sadly, are totally European though.

63a224  No.12810363

File: df7060e5511ae05⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 344x312, 43:39, Swastika_iran.jpg)

White is speaking clearly and concisely.

White is wearing clothing properly.

White is using the scientific method.

White is seeking justice and order.

4cb3f6  No.12810374


I was talking about albanians when saying that they look dinarid. I don't know that much about the north caucasians to be honest, but north caucasians look different and "whiter" than armenians. But as said before, I have little to do with them

4cb3f6  No.12810396


No, thats not white. Niggers, Chinks and Arabs will never be white.

6a7925  No.12810485

File: 07aa5b80eb06b72⋯.jpg (267.39 KB, 2196x816, 183:68, 57457457.jpg)

File: fccac7c45233398⋯.gif (3.4 MB, 588x588, 1:1, pathetic.gif)


>Nonsense. Europeans have referred to themselves as a "white race", or "the white races" for literally hundreds of years.

>0,0000000010 to 0,0000000800


Oh lord. The amount of (1)s ITT. Kikes, christcucks and globohomos apparently really fear the thought of Europeans forging nationalities again.

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