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File: b5f35becebd2253⋯.jpg (403.51 KB, 1600x1120, 10:7, Swastika worldmap.jpg)

2de181  No.12692394

To discurs our past , present and future

From the first indo european tribes spreading 5000 years ago to the last stand of hitler in the ww2 and how we can revive it again

1f60c5  No.12692398

Shit new threads all night long tonight huh?

20c5d3  No.12692399


You know how I know you're not Aryan? You couldn't even be bothered with punctuation, much less a viable OP. bog yourself

2de181  No.12692403

File: 470c8e0ca4a1ca7⋯.jpg (204.41 KB, 624x386, 312:193, the-oldest-swastika.jpg)

The first swastika was found in ukraine 15000 years ago where proto aryans lived before their expansion

3d0ce7  No.12692404


Thanks OP for this topic


2de181  No.12692412

File: 3180b461a5c7ef6⋯.png (58.64 KB, 400x206, 200:103, Haplogroup_R_(Y-DNA).PNG)

Then around 6000 years ago ,

The two main component of the aryans mixed

Eastern european hunter gatherer domesticate the horse and descended to the caucasus mixing with a population similar to iranian and the peopke from the caucasus today.

And thats how the aryan race was born

f0779b  No.12692809


Ignore Ukrainian disinfo. First Aryans were Russia.

5ad308  No.12692834

I have a theory that the Vikings were a highly ice ocean adapted people that colonized the entire north arctic circle, including north Russia and north Alaska. They lived there for millenia, and probably still do.

This was the seed of white people that spread into europe to the Ural mountains, and North America to the rocky mountains.

af6df1  No.12692874


> mixing with a population similar to iranian and the peopke from the caucasus today.

no, retard, the Iranians of today are basically just Arabs, the Persian Aryans were 99.99% genetically replaced by shitskins

b89db1  No.12692998


>muh Russia

>muh Ukraine

Quite literally meme identities. Back in the day, there were the Severians, Polonians, Radimiches, etc.

Stop putting down fellow Aryan brothers over this or the other state-based identity

915ba4  No.12693429

Fuck off kike.

000000  No.12718976

>itt we make all threads about being european


8ef8b3  No.12718987

File: f80f20925cc1cfe⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 456x320, 57:40, f80f20925cc1cfea3f70ad2634….jpg)

000000  No.12719017

>first indo european tribes spreading 5000 years ago

Actually, the Indo-europeans are the Early Neolithic Farmers who came into Europe in two major migrations. One was before the last large glacial period, ~200,000 years ago. The second was after the last large glacial period, ~12,000 years ago. However, at the second migration, new Indo-europeans migrated into Europe from Anatolia while the existing ones that inhabited the Balkic, Italic, and Iberian peninsulas re-entered continental Europe, all being different phenotypes of the same soft-faced dark-featured Indo-europeans. Then the race-mixing started with the powerful but much less numerous strong-faced light-featured Paleo-europeans who evolved into man along the icy northern coasts of Europe, instead of the snowy rocky mountains of Anatolia like the Indo-europeans did.

The best Europeans are mixed between these two types of Europeans.

f6cb3c  No.12719057

The swastika is not a uniquely European symbol. The whole aryan mythos surrounding that came directly from National Socialism. That ukrainian swastika is not a national socialist swastika. It is such a simple simple like the cross that it appears all over the world. Also It is NOT a common part of any European culture Prior to national socialism. The swastika did not ever designate some long lost pagan tradition. Runes and various totem symbols are far more unique and meaningful to Europe than the fucking swastika. So many idiots.

adb48c  No.12719166


so germans/english and to a lesser extent poles and french

1c99f8  No.12719170


ignore this shill and his schizo posts

c2e020  No.12719215


If you know what the meaning of the dwastika is then you'd know it has everything to do with pagan tradition. Among other things it represents the changing of the seasons as it relates to constellations. Paganism is a protoscience dealing with nature. Paganism is a worldview that encompasses all aspects of reality. It wasn't just some doodle you fuckwit.

c2e020  No.12719234


I'll add that symbols like runes and swastikas are to invoke an archetype, in a words paying respect to timeless processes. Semites bastardized this in their "prayers" to turn it into submission to an invisible friend. I'll agree that the swastika isn't uniquely European nor national socialist but those two things are pagan to the core.

c0f3f7  No.12719250

The swastika was sometimes used as a rune too

f6cb3c  No.12719257


No, it actually wasn't

c0f3f7  No.12719282

File: 6dc8226e0d554e6⋯.jpeg (36.83 KB, 841x210, 841:210, 9CC614A3-0574-4A4A-846A-4….jpeg)

File: 460aad7c68d3508⋯.jpeg (23.27 KB, 220x121, 20:11, 29F56375-8729-4CC9-A70D-4….jpeg)

File: ed77d13804a2d10⋯.jpeg (102.61 KB, 721x310, 721:310, 2C48A729-C961-4D4B-9CBF-9….jpeg)


Yes it was.

14de8d  No.12719315

File: 4ba8b496ca6a393⋯.png (6.07 MB, 4675x6593, 4675:6593, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 304444a0eaa8043⋯.png (1.53 MB, 2116x4428, 529:1107, ClipboardImage.png)


New research about Indo-European migrations to South and Central Asia

14de8d  No.12719330


Iranians don't differ much from Caucasians

But Caucasians and Balochi people are the most similar

Interesting thing is that about 1/15 of the people living today in Southern/Central Asia are >20% Sub-Saharan

14de8d  No.12719334


>Central Asia


319cb7  No.12719350


not seeing it, to be honest

c0f3f7  No.12719374


It’s on the bulbous part of it. Are there any Microsoft paint anons around who can trace it?

df30e9  No.12724937

New archaeological evidence suggests that America was first discovered by Stone Age people from Europe – 10,000 years before the Siberian-originating ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World

The First Americans – Robert Sepehr


DNA Results of Ancient Native American Mummies - ROBERT SEPEHR


e40909  No.12725047

>muh Aryan is a synonym for white meme

a trick by shills to make the word "Aryan" racist or by neonazis to civilize their racial beliefs by giving it an air of historical significance.

even hitler called jesus Aryan when it's quite clear he's a circumcized jew

de82b7  No.12725066


Yes, the aryan race is extinct. The genes of the ancient heroes can only now be found in select individuals. However this map of ancient sites is quite accurate. I wonder how swastika finds overlap lay lines and sacred sites.

abace3  No.12725088


this Scythian is right.

abace3  No.12725091

File: 5709e7fc3fa10a0⋯.jpg (77.62 KB, 768x605, 768:605, thepowersthat_B.jpg)

e40909  No.12725413

File: 64d95f95ae40c9f⋯.jpg (143.23 KB, 1200x722, 600:361, SwastikaAnimeGal.jpg)


well, if you're talking philologically, then what meaning does "Aryan" (or its linguistic counterparts) take in each culture? genes are part of every lifeform and results in people making culture, so in that sense it's easy to 'jump' cultures. (incidentally, shouldn't the map in the OP contain the nazi swastika as a 'historical example of the archetypal symbol'.) but if you're wondering why the symbol is used so frequently and if it's ingrained in humanity's life, and if it's a symbol of nature, then, as with all occultic sigilism, you'd have to try it and find out ;)

000000  No.12726415


Good information!


Donald A. Mackenzie was a prolific writer on religion, mythology, and anthropology in the early 20th century. One of his many works was Myths of Pre-Columbian America, published in 1924. Chapter 15 of that book is entitled “White Missionaries and White Gods”.

Mackenzie first relates the accounts of the meeting of Cortez and Montezuma recorded by the Spanish chroniclers of the 16th century. In those accounts, Montezuma told Cortez that he knew that a man such as Cortez would come and take his empire, because it had been foretold long ago by their god, Quetzalcoatl. Mackenzie writes:

“When taking leave of his disciples, Quetzalcoatl told them ‘that there should surely come to them in after times, by way of the sea where the sun rises, certain white men with white beards, like him, and that these would be his brothers and would rule that land’.”

Later in the chapter Mackenzie describes the numerous culture heroes of the American peoples; these were the men who brought civilization to those peoples.

The culture hero of the Maya city state of Palenque was Votan. His peoples were “seafarers who settled on various islands, and were called by one of the peoples with whom they mixed the Tzequiles (‘men with petticoats’) because they wore long robes”.

Similar to Votan was another Maya culture hero called Zamna or Itzamna, who was “a priest and law-giver, who came from the west accompanied by priests, artisans, and even warriors; he invented the hieroglyphics”.

The Oajacans had a tradition that “told of the coming from the south-west by sea of ‘an old white man, with long hair and beard’, who preached to the people. ‘He lived a strict life, passing the greater part of the night in a kneeling posture and eating but little. He disappeared shortly afterwards as mysteriously as he came'”. The Zapotecs had a similar culture hero, called Wixepecocha.

The culture hero and creator god of Peru was called by the Incas Kon-Tiki Viracocha. He was “supposed to have come from the west and to have returned westward, disappearing in the ocean.”

There were Peruvian legends that told of “giants who came across the Pacific, conquered Peru and erected great buildings”.

One culture hero of Brazil was Sumé, who was “a white, bearded man who, however, came from the east, not the west. He introduced agriculture, and had power to raise and still tempests”. Paye-tome was another culture hero of Brazil, and he was also a white man.

The culture hero of Chile was a white man who “performed miracles and cured the sick; he caused rain to fall and crops to grow, and kindled fire at breath”.

The culture hero of the Muisca people of Colombia was Bochica, who “gave laws to the Muyscas, was a white, bearded man, wearing long robes, who regulated the calendar, established festivals, and vanished in time like the others”.

Mackenzie quotes from Native Races of the Pacific States by Hubert Bancroft, a five volume work published in 1874. In one of the quotes, Bancroft notes the similarities among the American culture heroes:

“They are all described as white, bearded men, generally clad in long robes; appearing suddenly and mysteriously upon the scene of their labors, they at once set about improving the people by instructing them in useful and ornamental arts, giving them laws, exhorting them to practise brotherly love and other Christian virtues, and introducing a milder and better form of religion; having accomplished their mission, they disappear as mysteriously and unexpectedly as they came; and finally, they are apotheosized and held in great reverence by a grateful posterity.”

In another quote, Bancroft says that in Peru there were “numerous vague traditions of settlements or nations of white men, who lived apart from the other people of the country, and were possessed of an advanced civilization”.

Who were the White Gods?

I think that they were the source of the I2a1a-M26 found in Amerindians.

I-M26 was found in Amerindians in exactly the same places where there were legends of White Gods, and in no others. It was found everywhere the great American civilizations were found.

There is no doubt that there were Caucasoids in Peru during the times of the ancient civilizations. The mummies of the Paracas culture, which lasted from 800 to 100 BC, were Caucasoid, as is evident from their hair. The mummies of the Nazca culture, which flourished from 100 BC to 800 AD, were also Caucasoid. A major burial site of the Nazca culture was the Chauchilla Cemetery. It was established in 200 AD and continued to be used for 600 to 700 years. The hair of the Chauchilla Cemetery mummies in the following photographs is obviously Caucasoid. And note that they’re all wearing long robes.

700f70  No.12726612


Its on the left side of the the round part you can see better on the left picture.

53cbcd  No.12726719

File: eda12c71aa3a39c⋯.jpg (346.82 KB, 1475x1200, 59:48, 20131213-115026.jpg)


>I2a1a-M26 found in Amerindians

likely from Basques/Iberians then

1185e3  No.12726741


This is very interesting considering the Solutrean bones found in North America predating the Bering Strait crossers. There was migration going across the Atlantic in ancient times imo. And I believe the megalithic culture was exactly those Solutreans that crossed the Atlantic which your picture perfectly correlates

d2d7c9  No.12726755


>That retard Irish swastika


e050b3  No.12726786


Go away, nigger.

e07e42  No.12726796


Atlantis is fucking real, or at the very least, some piece of land was flooded and the survivors obviously traveled towards the east into europe.

The ancients landed in what is now portugal and spain, and obviously sardinia, because that haplogroup did not come from sardinians.

Solutrean hypothesis is real, they where white and they where wiped out. We're going to be wiped out too if we allow our jew controlled politicians to kill us all.

1185e3  No.12726818


Are you aware of the myths of giants on Sardinia relating to their ruins? Obvious connection of myths relating giants between Europe and America where the native Americans speak of the Si-Teh-Ca. Atlantis if it existed was likely ruled by the giants if you ask me.

918256  No.12726852

the virgin a*yan cuck and the chab blonde TURK

>The Chinese sources of the Tang period describe the Kyrgyz as "tall, with red hair, pale faces, and green or blue eyes", and similar descriptions are found in Muslim and Tibetan sources (Tanghuiyao, Juan 100, p.1784, Xin Tangshu, Juan 217b, p.6147).

>The type of Dingling, recovered on the basis of a summary of information, is "characterized by the following features: medium, often high, growth, dense and strong physique, oblong face, white skin with the blush on the cheeks, blond hair, nose protruding forward, straight, often Roman kind". [G. E. Grumm-Grzhimailo. Western Mongolia and the Uryanghai region. Volume Two. A historical sketch of these countries in connection with the history of Central Asia. - L., 1926 - p. 34-35]

>"Kincha (Kipchak) is about 30 thousand li from the Middle State. In summer the nights are extremely short. The sun will hardly turn down and immediately rises. This country produces excellent horses, and rich people breed them in a great variety. Residents usually recline on metal and skin. Courageous and brave; strong and ardent. Their eyes are blue, their hair is reddish. Möngke with the army came to the sea Khuan-tkhien-hi-si. Suddenly a strong wind rose and the sea waters dried up".

55716a  No.12726910



How big is your nose.

14de8d  No.12726912

File: 7d7ee37ec872380⋯.png (82.91 KB, 500x2500, 1:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b2c6f9b24aec3f1⋯.png (556.46 KB, 4500x1591, 4500:1591, ClipboardImage.png)




Turks are Aryans raped by Mongols

Anatolian Turks are Armenians/Greeks with small Mongol influence

14de8d  No.12726941

File: a20158a9756801e⋯.png (150.2 KB, 973x363, 973:363, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66963bf1066773d⋯.png (82.14 KB, 605x531, 605:531, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6ed61b1c878fe3e⋯.png (64.68 KB, 599x508, 599:508, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d3757cb6d5be3f⋯.png (342.09 KB, 612x477, 68:53, ClipboardImage.png)



>137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes


>Ancestry and demography and descendants of Iron

Age nomads of the Eurasian Steppe


245ae0  No.12748449


>no, retard, the Iranians of today are basically just Arabs, the Persian Aryans were 99.99% genetically replaced by shitskins

The people most genetically similar to the ancient aryans are todays poles. There is very little difference. The language most similar to their language is lithuanian.

14de8d  No.12748522


No, Lithuanians are genetically most similar to EHG

Russians are genetically most similar to Yamnaya

North Poland clusters between North Germany and Lithuania

South Polish clusters near Scandinavians

While Prussian-poles and northern Belarussians are similar to Lithuanians

a3fea2  No.12749213

File: 86bef5c4e3d9c5d⋯.jpg (163.21 KB, 1280x1108, 320:277, F2.large.jpg)


>the Persian Aryans were 99.99% genetically replaced by shitskins

tired of seeing this nigger tier nonsense everywhere

they'd already be mostly shitskins in the first place, aryans based their kinship on a patriarchal system, they mixed with the women of the conquered people along their path since the beginning as seen from ancient DNA

there's an iron age Iranian sample and is mostly genetically similar to modern Iranians, had some steppe ancestry and carried steppe-like R1b

000000  No.12749436


My research suggestst that the modern European is a mix between Paleo-europeans (light-featured warriors who evolved in the ice and snow of Scandanavia) and Indo-Europeans (dark-featured farmers who evolved in the rocky mountains of Anatolia).

Goes like this:

>200,000 BC:

>In the Paleolithic period, the Neanderthal Man enters the Iberian Peninsula.

>50,000 BC:

>The first large settlement of Europa by modern humans, nomadic hunter-gathereres coming from the steppes of Central Asia, characterized by the M173 mutation in the Y chromosome, defining them as haplogroup R population. When the Ice Age reached its maximum extent, these modern humans took refuge in Southern Europe, namely in Iberia, and in the steppes of Siberia.

>10,000 BC:

>The populations sheltered in Iberia, given the deglaciation, migrate and recolonize all of Western Europe, thus spreading the R1b haplogroup populations (still dominant, in variant degrees, from Iberia to Scandinavia).

>5,000 BC:

>The nomadic hunter-gatherers of the R haplogroup that had taken refuge during the Last Ice Age in the steppes of Siberia, originating the R1a Haplogroup, give rise to the Proto-Indo-European cultures.

000000  No.12749443


>ignore goys

Lel. You thought we didn't know, huh.

000000  No.12749458


>Actually, the Indo-europeans are the Early Neolithic Farmers who came into Europe in two major migrations.

And this is the reason why Early Neolithic Farmers' genetics are somewhat present only on the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Italy, areas the Indo-European peoples settled last in Europe. Also the reason the Indo-European languages have nothing in common with agricultural vocabulary of clearly local Etruscans.

And the fact that judging by the reconstructed PIE vocabulary, Indo-Europeans weren't much into agriculture anyway. They also knew little to no about sea and maritime culture, the very thing the Early European Farmers crossed while settling into Europe. Yeah.

063cec  No.12749481


000000  No.12749541


>10,000 BC:

>The populations sheltered in Iberia … spreading the R1b haplogroup populations

R1b is dominant alright. Except a different branch, that has its origins somewhere on the Lower Volga close to R1a. The Iberian Glacial Refuge people were somewhat related to them, but that's it - somewhat. As related to the Indo-Europeans as to modern Sub-Saharan Hausa niggers, and perhaps closer to niggers. Quoting:

… The third branch (P297), crossed the Caucasus into the vast Pontic-Caspian Steppe, which provided ideal grazing grounds for cattle. They split into two factions: R1b1a1 (M73), which went east along the Caspian Sea to Central Asia, and R1b1a2 (M269), which at first remained in the North Caucasus and the Pontic Steppe between the Dnieper and the Volga

R1b-M269 (the most common form in Europe) is closely associated with the diffusion of Indo-European languages, as attested by its presence in all regions of the world where Indo-European languages were spoken in ancient times, from the Atlantic coast of Europe to the Indian subcontinent, which comprised almost all Europe (except Finland, Sardinia and Bosnia-Herzegovina), Anatolia, Armenia, European Russia, southern Siberia, many pockets around Central Asia (notably in Xinjiang, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan), without forgetting Iran, Pakistan, northern India and Nepal. The history of R1b and R1a are intricately connected to each others.

It's sister branches either languished in small numbers in and around Anatolia like M335 or went through the Levant in North Africa while it was still OKish and turned into Chad lake niggers, the V88 branch. Or Pre-Spaniards.

Most modern European males outside Scandinavia, Sardinia and the Balkans are descendants of specific R1a and R1b lineages from the Volga-Don steppes, with just a sprinkle of Q from Siberia.

And R1a didn't come from Siberia, it is homegrown in Eastern Europe. As I recall, there was a water link between the Black Sea and a mege-Caspian Sea, leaving a somewhat rectangular patch of land north of Caucasus surrounded by sea on all sides. Maybe that's the place the R1a and R1b1a2 Pre-Proto-Indo-Europeans wintered during the Ice Age.

a3fea2  No.12749554


I know what you shills are trying to do, spread 10-15 years old outdated theories in order to confuse the already poor understanding of genetics/archeology in the right community.

see nonsense like Iberian refuge R1b theory and completely nonsensical origins for other haplogroups

000000  No.12749598


The first migration was before the ice age, the second was after. Some people only call the Slavic people Indo-european but it is clearly all their genetic ancestors, too.

000000  No.12749604


>2015, 16, 17, and 18 geneticks studies

>10-15 year old theory

Feck off with your nonsense. Look into the haak studies as a starter. dont make me post links.

a3fea2  No.12749609


>2015, 16, 17, and 18 geneticks studies

>The populations sheltered in Iberia, given the deglaciation, migrate and recolonize all of Western Europe, thus spreading the R1b haplogroup populations

good joke

911d17  No.12749784


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