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File: 9e18318ee6fab70⋯.jpg (127.26 KB, 720x1013, 720:1013, DxPfT-ZWkAIN2Cb[1].jpg)

ae3f45  No.12692902

If you're a Republican (white guy) then you are subjected to abuse by medical professionals.






Phlebotomist in Kentucky



50e3a7  No.12692934

File: d4b5daed26189e1⋯.png (46.35 KB, 773x408, 773:408, 7621e7973c732664c5a7ef832b….png)

File: 95bc8effc81ea71⋯.png (100.99 KB, 788x345, 788:345, c86cffc085b0d2c7714c6d4936….png)


The criminals tweets with replies



4902c7  No.12692947

In a proper country, we could just send these tweets into the authorities, and they could do the legwork with subpoenas and warrants to find who this bitch is. This is clownworld, however. So we have to do the doxing ourselves. Where do we start? The cunt's in Kentucky, great. What next?

5c7337  No.12692978


>Where do we start?


Get archives, then get their licenses barred.

7d8a47  No.12692985

File: 84117c331777425⋯.png (26.95 KB, 524x265, 524:265, 0ff9c65b1dea00d9d71e555a16….png)



5c7337  No.12692988






7d8a47  No.12692992

File: 9d062976f905cf2⋯.png (18.34 KB, 300x161, 300:161, 1547869068642[1].png)

Rebecca Brown

Phlebotomist in Kentucky


If the bitch has a Venmo, she has a facebook.

26ccf9  No.12692997


Why would their licenses be barred? The system supports them 100%. The only permanent result is killing them. Don't report them with your name/address/number attached to them. Don't contact them before hand. Just take note of who they are, where they work, where they live, and execute them.

37cbdc  No.12692999

If you're going to die, might as well kill as many of them as possible before you do.

5c7337  No.12693000



26ccf9  No.12693006


Cambodia did things my way. Republicans do things your way. One of those entities will exist forever, the other is dying on the vine.

5ac8db  No.12693007


>Where do we start?

A gun shop.

2f928b  No.12693008

File: 5eb58aa0381002b⋯.png (713.34 KB, 758x757, 758:757, rage.png)


This one really pressed my buttons, just so you glowniggers know.

5c7337  No.12693011



How about we try to get their licenses revoked first.

360aa5  No.12693012

Another perfect example why women shouldn't have jobs like this (or at all), AND on top of that, it shows how fucking big of psychopaths libtards are.

5ac8db  No.12693013


>every post calling for violence is le fed

Reminder that feds aren't working today. Fuck your bullshit, go after their heads not their stupid fucking license.

fbf52c  No.12693014


This. Would you rather get a bullet in your head when you're fat and rich or starving and poor? The violence will come, but right now we're bringing the poverty.

7d8a47  No.12693015

File: a02289af8d39ab2⋯.png (3.34 MB, 2636x1979, 2636:1979, 1547869631626[1].png)


5c7337  No.12693016

File: 8c05240eb57fa76⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 2ricfo.jpg)

26ccf9  No.12693017


Violence, death, and the specter of both, are great motivators and behavioral modification tools. You can see how well it has worked on all the "respectable" [read: cowards] conservatives in this thread. They know 100% they will have violence initiated against them, so they buck and cow and stay loyal to the system and its mechanisms, satisfied to watch their complaints dissolve in the ether. Trash to the last.

b63c21  No.12693018

Take all this info, save it and just mass upload it everywhere

b23e40  No.12693021


Speaking as a doctor, medical licensing boards have zero tolerance for this kind of shit. Retaining public trust is critical, otherwise perhaps our country won't continue to spend like 14% of its GDP on this industry.

File an official complaint and cc some public news outlets. Kikebart would be useful for this if the rest of the MSM tries to suppress the story.

a58ec8  No.12693022


Women are great. They can't into opsec because that would mean they never get their egos stroked.


There's that. Somebody want to play the paypig?

bc9c04  No.12693024

File: 30885f98e12cd79⋯.gif (849.79 KB, 400x392, 50:49, 1455462377064-1.gif)


This Diana Thirst character is just that. A character. Read through "her" posts. It's just a bunch of memeing and talking about Q and Pizzagate. It's probably OP tbh.

5c7337  No.12693025




for Washington & Kentucky

2f928b  No.12693028



This. I just read through her posts. She's in it for the salt. Worth investigating, but she probably isn't a health professional.

95d8e6  No.12693029

>bitch has a wine celler

Prime home invasion target for anons looking to make a quick buck or two. I would rob her myself, but I'm at least 2000 miles away. I can also guarentee the bitch isn't armed.

5ac8db  No.12693032


How about you mcfucking kill yourself nigger.

68c226  No.12693037


Even if she was, I'm a better shot and a lot faster. Civilians always hesitate or shout at you before they shoot, and that's just enough to put their t-box in your sights. Give me an address, I'll see what I can do.

a7130e  No.12693039

File: b33231ead4e83f7⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 1018x424, 509:212, deport this nurse.jpg)

File: 03a5bd8d93b6e3a⋯.jpg (45.12 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, missed vein bruise.JPG)

any medfags around? what are the chances a needle fuck up is malicious?

5c7337  No.12693041

File: c1b42324688485d⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 298x403, 298:403, 2ricve.jpg)


>pic related


respond to my pics other than just generic name calling

5c7337  No.12693044


Why would you announce your intentions instead of just innocently asking for a dox so you can deliver here some flowers?

5ac8db  No.12693045

File: 70b10cfa81b6999⋯.png (211.94 KB, 298x403, 298:403, fuckoff.png)

95d8e6  No.12693046


It would be aggregated battery, so a felony if you could prove it.

68c226  No.12693048


just talkin about my minecraft server man haha XD

5c7337  No.12693049


No response to my actual text in those photos?

5ac8db  No.12693051


Nope. You're not worth my fucking time bitch

95d8e6  No.12693054


>facebook macro

Peak boomer.


No need to turn a robbery into a murder. Besides, a properly planned and excuted robbery is almost impossible to solve. Cops won't give a shit if there is no violence involved. Just wait till she leaves for work and go to town.

5c7337  No.12693057


>translation: it cant read pics

01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101111 01110111 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101101 01101001 01110100 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 01110011 00100000 00101000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100001 01100010 01101001 01101100 01101001 01110100 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100101 01100100 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110000 01101000 01101111 01110100 01101111 01110011 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101100 01111001 00101001

5bf51a  No.12693059


Are you a nigger or something?

5ac8db  No.12693061


Take your meds.

5c7337  No.12693062


what are you talking about anon, he just wants to invite her to his minecraft server in person

And I'm using minimal effort on those pics so cut me some slack

5c7337  No.12693063


Be more like Tay

9c2c99  No.12693064


We can dox and report these women to the authorities. Cross your fingers. As many anons have pointed out, probably nothing will happen to them. What do lefties normally do when they want to wreck someone's life? Outrage mob and then a media smear. We might not be mob sized and might not be MSM, but we do have alternative internet media which have mob sized audiences, enough of an outrage that the MSM might have to cover it or at least the employers are pressured to fire them. Send all of this info to people like Mark Dice, PJW, Roosh, Jack Posobiec, even fucking Bearing. Regardless of how you feel about eCelebs, they're all we've got and if one of them covers the story, these women are in for a world of shit. The left operates against us like this all the time. It's only fair that we start fighting just as dirty. There is no "moral highground" in war.

bc9c04  No.12693065

File: 4c3b95fac5df3b3⋯.jpg (32.54 KB, 400x306, 200:153, niggermakeup.jpg)









How's about both of you mcniggers stop ruining this thread that has potential to go somewhere

5bf51a  No.12693066


Report them to their patients, to the local community. This will get the hospitals they work for, sued to all shit, forcing them in turn to sue and fire the employee.

95d8e6  No.12693067


Not a nigger. I just like expropriating leftists and taking their possessions to punish them for their racial trechary. Its also low risk and more effective then doxing.

5c7337  No.12693070


sorry anon

I filtered him

So anybody else filed complaints with the 2 sites listed here >>12692988

37cbdc  No.12693071

File: ba07d934a52ebcb⋯.png (269.76 KB, 1223x1143, 1223:1143, 48009f9d0c0cf3f518b464b5f4….png)

5ac8db  No.12693072


>everybody i don't agree with is an ip hopping AI

Your meds. Take them.

9c2c99  No.12693073


Yep! You have to hit these people where it hurts and that's in the wallet. As soon as people start suing the hospital, those women are finished.

5bf51a  No.12693076

File: a46f5c528d246fc⋯.jpg (352.31 KB, 1600x1329, 1600:1329, b722dd9591322ade7bc5390edd….jpg)


>being this retarded

Go back to reddit, faggot.

5c7337  No.12693078


Yeah but that requires lawyers $$$ and the jewdicial system

5c7337  No.12693079


Why are you trying to argue with him?

5ac8db  No.12693084


He's obviously an IP hopping bot! Better take those meds!

37cbdc  No.12693088


Are you kidding me? A lawyer would love to have a case like this fall in their lap, a hospital would fire them in a heartbeat and settle with a good settlement to have a NDA signed on top of that.

194e66  No.12693091








>Report this shit to the Ky board of nursing


>The board in Kentucky takes this shit seriously, the process will be a pain in the ass for this bitch. Just make sure to emphasise the fact that she OPENLY admits to abusing patients

5c7337  No.12693095


But for this level? Its not like they fucked up surgery or prescriptions on purpose, so there's no provable malpractice (except maybe the phlebotomy)

37cbdc  No.12693105


Even the hint of these things would open up a world of hurt, especially if word got out and patients start coming forward with issues (real or fake). In law everything can snowball in a split second just need to find that one thread that can unravel the whole thing.

37cbdc  No.12693113

File: 3dd2bb056950b7d⋯.jpg (194.36 KB, 963x890, 963:890, Capture.JPG)

File: 67e9ae8f4465af5⋯.jpg (129.17 KB, 931x574, 133:82, Capture 2.JPG)


Taking blood and purposely injuring the person is a civil battery, had to go pull out my 1L outline, I hate civil law.

37cbdc  No.12693118


Well not all civil stuff, just ambulance chasers

37cbdc  No.12693120

File: 8bbb29051431338⋯.jpg (152.82 KB, 554x838, 277:419, Capture 3.JPG)

File: d7ecad853c57db6⋯.jpg (182.22 KB, 690x939, 230:313, Capture 4.JPG)



IIED is a big thing, and juries always want to piss on the arrogant. Attached another if you want to know more.

000000  No.12693130





this is more than just a complaint


f11143  No.12693131

File: 69350bb50d0be42⋯.jpeg (2.12 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 254D160A-41B2-4CDA-94F9-D….jpeg)


This is the winter of our discontent

000000  No.12693135


Kill leftists.

gather people. Get guns. Go to leftist gatherings and mass kill them.

d7b4ac  No.12693146


as a doctor, how possible is it for whites to set up underground medical clinics that they can use to treat each other. Approx how much money could be spent to build a clinic that can deal with most minor injuries and surgeries? I hate having to deal with shitskin doctors that hate me. I hate even having to deal with my shitskin dentist.

caf5dd  No.12693153


checked. Go well, anon.

787dc4  No.12693158

It's hard for me to believe this when I look like a nazi stereotype and the based spics/bulldykes who held my life in their hands treated me like royalty.

f0f309  No.12693160





we've played their game for decades now. it's time they play ours. why shouldn't someone just kill them?

712c68  No.12693165

>diana thirst

>dying of thirst


Seems like a troll account.

91722f  No.12693166

File: 1983b3186c5faa4⋯.png (302.67 KB, 1200x608, 75:38, SIEGE.png)


Workers comp is NOT based on health needs. It's based on ability to LARP and get into a non-hostile frame.

Are you alt-kike? then you are probably stuck in a hostile frame and will never get 40 hour long back massages aka $10k worth of back care. Stocking dog food is going to be too much for you spineless weaklings. Sitting back and watching Whites destroy their back by stocking dog food for welfare collectors I know I'm doing God's work because you weaklings deserve ever second of you horrific 24/7 back pain.

The only way to prove you're not a shit-lib is to not get the same results as one. You are now the a neo-cuck-serative.

a58ec8  No.12693181


Good talk, Mr. (1)-and-done. Now fuck off.

000000  No.12693192


if it is it's an excellent troll. these things are likely to cause widespread outrage.

82b75c  No.12693203

File: ae8096d7d292519⋯.jpg (103.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ban59008_004_1.jpg)


So let's make it glorious by the son of york.

8c2c20  No.12693208

File: d8856f5f67ca39f⋯.gif (323.49 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1537681103457.gif)


Zero proof she's a doctor

Outrageous claim that she knows which patients are Republicans

Outrageous claim that she physically abuses them

Twitter handle is "Wifebanger"

You wanna know how I know this is Fake and Gay LARPing?

000000  No.12693212



>we've played their game for decades now. it's time they play ours. why shouldn't someone just kill them?

because jews post about doing this all of the time in an effort to move the target of the general public's outrage away from the wrongdoer and on to the evil accusers. it is a classic method of narrative control.

>the story ceases to be "X did Y and should be punished",

<and instead becomes "Z threatens to A poor victim X" (completely ignore that they did Y goy)

2b1239  No.12693215


these people will torture your newborn

6c9d92  No.12693219


It is. Just looking at it, its fucking obvious shitposting. No medical professional let alone a fucking doctor would talk like this ever. Even medroasties are too self-preserved to risk that.

A clinicians with a practice's primary obligation is to the insurance companies they work with so their whole life is getting bodies the fuck in so they can bill out.

The niggers, poos, and various shitskins who are just incompetent and flat out abuse people are who we need to be focused on. Mainly nurses and assistants who have the most direct contact with patients.

c2b9a3  No.12693226

>literally bragging about killing conservatards

The conservatard response: "She will clearly have her license revoked once I send this email"

lol is the right-wing basically a paper tiger?

b23e40  No.12693227


>>diana thirst

>>dying of thirst


>Seems like a troll account.

True. Then again, when has that ever stopped a leftist brigading of some insult (real or imagined)?


>as a doctor, how possible is it for whites to set up underground medical clinics that they can use to treat each other.

Legally speaking, there is no issue at all. If it became public knowledge, expect it to be as popular as any typical white nationalist compound. In that case, expect your doctors to lose their licenses on fabricated charges.

>Approx how much money could be spent to build a clinic that can deal with most minor injuries and surgeries?

Presuming it is truly underground, then it's a cash-only business with no insurance involved. Prices would be much more affordable, though still expensive. You could expect being able to have medical care similar to what your family doctor clinic could provide, plus minor procedures. No major surgeries, ICU, hospitalizations, etc.

>I hate having to deal with shitskin doctors that hate me.

Who doesn't?

6c38d2  No.12693241


>conservatives and neocons comprise all of the right-wing

ok retard

416d9b  No.12693255

File: 02fd1bafaf46429⋯.png (44.54 KB, 641x324, 641:324, jg.png)

b1127a  No.12693256




2b2c3a  No.12693260

TBH, if you are dumb enough to see a millennial female/xe doctor you get what you deserve

416d9b  No.12693267



d4d054  No.12693269


This. Why would you ever let some roasty in their 20s in charge of your health.

09d032  No.12693272


Whites wouldn't be the defendant. That roll is usually filled by POC People Of Crime

4b5473  No.12693274

File: d74929209e12660⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 548x535, 548:535, 1535408517056.jpg)

>intentionally missing veins when drawing blood from republicans

How do you even know their republicans though? Is she just doing it to white men?

4b5473  No.12693276




c8ce9c  No.12693279


Med fag here. I know libtard and MAGApede co-workers that talk politics at work without getting in trouble. If anything like this was said on social media, and proven that person would get fired immediately, especially in a Red state.

83a402  No.12693282


Nurses are usually younger folk in med school and what not. They usually take care of the smaller tasks a doctor would be wasted on, such at drawing blood or basic care.

86af5f  No.12693289

Faggots fantasies. These losers are larping for attention as they're deadly afraid of being unemployed. After all, what would their fake friends think? First fucker gives it away with talk of medical expenses. Second cunt over does it by saying, 5-10x. That would get a complain, medical outfits aren't letting some retard fuck with their insurance. Back to the first cunt, it's probably a dude. Old account here. https://mastodon.social/@cocksailor ain't no doctor chicks on mastodon. Probably a tranny. The photo is also fake, plenty of other accounts using it that are bots.

5b9aa3  No.12693291


That was my first guess. Mud people just assume whites with a decent T-count are republicans.

c2b9a3  No.12693293


where are the nazi super soldiers swaring leftist houses then bro

22b467  No.12693299



How would a medcunt know your political affiliation? Even the dumbest lib knows that white doesn't automaticaly mean Republican, especially when there are plenty of white male democrats.

86af5f  No.12693310


Pro-tip, get their fb userid. The cunt changed her username but the id stays the same. They can only change the account name… 3x I think.

6c9d92  No.12693333


DMEfag here. Most white nurses I've dealt with aren't complete retards. The males are of course always more reliable as humans in general. The non-white RN's/assistants are the ones to watch as they usually fuck up menial tasks that noone catches and then it just usually escalates over time. I've personally gotten a few fired by reporting their shit to case managers. The charge nurses being usually female tend not to care or feel sorry for them so I go over their heads. Case managers' jobs are coordinating discharges and every time a patient is delayed due to staff fuckery, insurance shits on with them for the impending extra claims.


Definitely not any kind of actual professional. Even the most retarded female doctors usually have the presence of mind not to risk losing (((insurance))) contracts which is pretty much the most important part of any medical practice.

The rest I'd have no problem believing. Reeks of autist.

17649f  No.12693339


On some of the release forms it asks your religion and political affiliation.

09d032  No.12693340

File: 9f2878283fb9624⋯.png (46.88 KB, 788x173, 788:173, Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at ….png)


There are smartphone apps that can tell you instantly. Voter registration is public information.

Most just need a phone number. Other states need a name or DOB. The medcut would have all that info right on the medical chart.

5ac7f9  No.12693345


It's extremely easy once you have their full name, which you do in this case.

62c6d5  No.12693347

And just like that medical licences (as if these cunts are actually licensed practitioners) get yanked.

c2b9a3  No.12693350


LOL come again? >>12693347

62c6d5  No.12693355


You know exactly what whore, these cunts aren't shit but twitter whores looking for retweets. If any of them were actually lincnsed practitioners, they wouldn't be.

1aac13  No.12693356

File: 8595ab5e2c02d8e⋯.jpg (99.28 KB, 483x366, 161:122, neoequality.jpg)

I could use this fucking thot as an example of how toxic female behaviour (lying for in-group validation) leads to internet segregation (don't believe me? bye sweaty) leads to real life polarization (these 100 lying facebook thots can't be wrong!).

I bet I could pull 10 pages out my ass and give it to a smug lib professor for a good grade.

d7b4ac  No.12693362


no, I'm not talking about the legality issue. I'm asking if it is that expensive to set up a mini clinic that whites can use and even charge each other to use. Chinks in my city love to run dental and plastic surgery operations illegally, and I don't see why whites don't do the same kind of thing. It is so common among chinks that my city doesn't even deal with illegal hospitals, dentists, etc, anymore. This is in Canada.

What would it cost to get a decent setup? 50k?

d7b4ac  No.12693366


what is the limitation for things like surgeries?

1aac13  No.12693374


And I got another paper for the medical angle (sage for offtopic): when you consider factors other than merit in medicine (aka "diversity"), you lead to stupid shit like this because these sub-standard candidates can't stick to ethical principles I should really save an archive of the 'diversity is bad and here's Harvard research saying so' thread

f11143  No.12693381


My ego death is complete, now there will be no self to harm. In its place, only the breadcrumbs which lead my consciousness to the source of its formerly delusional programming. And they will know that he was right.

02490e  No.12693385


only feds and kikes are scared of the armed goyim

b23e40  No.12693398


>It is so common among chinks that my city doesn't even deal with illegal hospitals, dentists, etc, anymore. This is in Canada.

We all know they would preferentially crush any white group doing this while turning a blind eye to shitskins doing the exact same thing.

>What would it cost to get a decent setup? 50k?

How "underground" is this? House calls only? Are you willing to be treated by a veterinarian? I hear that happens in more rural communities.


>what is the limitation for things like surgeries?

Nothing that requires anesthesia, or anything more than minimal sedation. People don't realize that general anesthesia implies the patient is paralyzed and cannot breathe on their own. We always internally roll our eyes when patients say "doc, can't you just knock me out for this?" No, we aren't going to intubate you, paralyze you, and breathe for you just to have your skin sutured, teeth drilled, or whatever.

dd52d0  No.12693403


Boards generally protect doctors. I would also look to DAs, since, since these doctors are admitting to crimes, and contact local private attorneys. Also, email every hospital where docs might have admitting privileges or where the phlebotomist might work.

f0f309  No.12693404


>because jews post about doing this all of the time in an effort to move the target of the general public's outrage away from the wrongdoer and on to the evil accusers. it is a classic method of narrative control.

Fair. but why not target both groups?

000000  No.12693417



look what happened with #thotaudit

#thotaudit was still a massive success, but the way the media handled it could be studied

look how quickly they moved from "thots not paying their taxes" to "evil incels threatening to murder innocent women" with many MSM outlet's directly linking threads on 8ch /pol/ minutes after they themselves posted the false threats.

081ebc  No.12693426


That first one has to be a troll I swear I've seen tweets that are structured like that but with the liberal being in a different profession.

d8a248  No.12693462




Don't listen to the fedposting idiots here. She's probably faking it, but still report her anyway.

7d8a47  No.12693467


Exactly report anyway. Freedom of Speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences

6b6cf8  No.12693483


I know what you mean.

I know you're using this because (((they))) use it.

I'm going to be pedantic, though.

Freedom from speech does, in point of fact, mean freedom from 'consequences' insofar as those consequences are: physical assault, harassment, stalking, loss of employment, or loss of revenue.


>Bob posts 'Sieg Heil' on faceberg

<Bob's company fires him.

<OY VEY, WE DO NOT TOLERATE THAT SORT OF BEHAVIOR HERE!!! even though it was in your personal life, goy.

>Bob may sue for wrongful termination and violation of his first amendment rights.

6b6cf8  No.12693487


addendum to Bob's example there:

>unless Bob is is in an At Will Employment state, in which case he can be fired at any time, for any or no reason, with no compensation beyond what he's due.

000000  No.12693494




which states are not "At Will Employment" states?

d8a248  No.12693495



It doesn't matter anyway because they do ultimately censor via government. Not only do they fine you for incorrect pronouns, they recently pressured politicians to censor Steve King because of what he said in an interview.

They're going to go from, "freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences" to "this speech is useless to be protected because words are literally killing me".

000000  No.12693498


the answer is Montana.


Montana is the ONLY state that cannot fire you for any reason whatsoever.


072885  No.12693500


how do they know the patients are republican? furthermore, how stupid do you have to be to tell your enemies that you are their enemies WHEN YOU ARE VISITING THEM FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT? republikikes are raving retards.

4a20b7  No.12693509

File: 28ce0394d222593⋯.png (485.05 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 9cca9fb16e9d53b847b909f03a….png)



The whole bit between these two was just to derail the thread. Someone does not want us looking deeper into this.

072885  No.12693514


upon thinking, the phlebotomist is likely LARPing. people know where their vein are. you can see them unless you're a fat piece shit.

62c6d5  No.12693518


No but they can come damn close with valium iv. Surprised they don't do more surgeries with that as kind of an in between coma and whiskey and a piece of wood. My wisdom teeth were cake with that.

62c6d5  No.12693530

Oh hell who am I kidding, it's the fucking jews. Chloroform is cheap as fuck hence it's not used. Half the shit we don't use anymore is because it's not profitable and not because it is better for us or works better or has less side effects. Bah.

9468e3  No.12693534


bitches need doxxing big time.

62c6d5  No.12693542


They may be winning the victimbux lottery but their governing bodies should be aware of their ethics.

9f8e3b  No.12693545



This, OP, once again, is a massive faggot for being tricked by a woman. This isn't the first or the last time she has/will trick someone, and the first gullible nigger will make a thread about it on /pol/. Either ignore her or doxx her for Shariah punishment.

12c747  No.12693547

haha yes dumb libtards abusing workers

republicans on the other hand never let workers go without pay while being forced to work!

1d5e40  No.12693560


>misusing a meme

what kind of fucking retard are you

d7b4ac  No.12693563


>How "underground" is this? House calls only? Are you willing to be treated by a veterinarian? I hear that happens in more rural communities.

Good question and I don't have a good answer. I just think it would be good to provide an alternative to affirmative action doctors. I think if we set up sterile labs we could do more than just minor stuff, but who knows. I wish whites were like Chinese and could run operations like this without snitching on each other. Chinese surgeons in Canada will train other chinks on how to do plastic surgery, and then run underground plastic surgery shops and they go for years without getting busted. To me that's crazy.

Even dental cleaning: in Canada it's super expensive. I think you could just pay hygienists to teach you how to do it and then run underground dental hygienist shops. Here it's $250 just to get your teeth cleaned. These are services that whites could easily perform for each other for a reduced rate, illegally.

ac5579  No.12693570

File: 2381bfff251943e⋯.jpg (11.85 KB, 255x218, 255:218, 1467210570902-0.jpg)

This thread is being shilled to shit. We're clearly over a target here. BUMP

62c6d5  No.12693575


And really at this point considering the use of ultrasonic de-scalers, it shouldn't even need a license.

62c6d5  No.12693578

File: e1c3c95f41f728a⋯.jpg (66.87 KB, 702x658, 351:329, derp.jpg)



What's being sold here nigger?

1aac13  No.12693581

File: b61d34cf3cf2dc2⋯.png (400.12 KB, 570x339, 190:113, 7h2837hf7h73f73h.png)


The downside is that when your teeth end up like pic related you will go back to an empty office the next day with zero recourse. I do agree with >>12693575 that some procedures are braindead easy nowadays but still have high prices one day we shall nuke all insurance companies and Henry Kaiser's grave twice over

d7b4ac  No.12693586


yeah, braces are one thing, but I think that a lot of simple procedures can be learned by average people. Teeth cleaning is not rocket science. I'd rather pay another white $80 (thats the underground chink shop rate in Canada) than $250 from some immigrant in a pooloo dentistry shop.

62c6d5  No.12693588


Could you imagine needing a licence in the 70's to have a waterpik party?

b1127a  No.12693594

Send this to tucker. I bet his company is looking for something different to put on the TV.

1aac13  No.12693602


Could make good normie TV segment, but I wouldn't limit it to medical like this thread. Dig around twitter for a few professions to get that nice angle of assholery.

> home loan officer

> contractor

> medical

> dentistry

> etc. etc.

9f8e3b  No.12693606


Yeah send him the twitter of some stupid thot shitposting on twitter, and the room temperature IQ niggers and republikikes falling for it every single time. Here's proof https://soundcloud.com/shtpostpodcast/episode-33-shtpost-intelligence-11518-ft-diana-thirst

9424d0  No.12693624


It's agitation.

Keeping the D in D&C alive.

b23e40  No.12693631


>No but they can come damn close with valium iv.

Yes, I included moderate sedation, which is typically midazolam and fentanyl. Really you need some extra personnel and equipment to do that safely as someone needs to watch the patient while the surgeon works, but this is within the realm of possibility.

>Surprised they don't do more surgeries with that

The patient can still move and breathe on their own. "I accidentally the aorta when patient jerked around, is that dangerous?"


>Oh hell who am I kidding, it's the fucking jews. >Chloroform is cheap as fuck hence it's not used. Half the shit we don't use anymore is because it's not profitable

Chloroform isn't used because there are better, safer replacements now that are less prone to kill healthy patients. People are glib about anesthesia now because white men have historically worked hard to make it as safe as possible, but let's put this into perspective: we are giving you a drug that renders you senseless, then we are going to paralyze every muscle in your body, including your ability to breathe, at which point we are going to breathe for you with a machine connected to a tube we put down your throat. We will keep you stably in this condition for as long as we like, then we will reverse it all within minutes and you will be none the worse for the wear. What could possibly go wrong with any of that?

Your point about excessive drug prices/adverse selection would be better directed to examples like albendazole, which has been around forever, works, and costs less than a dollar in India.

c64776  No.12693659

this is what white men do to sick minorities every day

62634f  No.12693661


lmao are you actually comparing medical abuse to the minor inconvenience of having to wait to get your paycheque a bit longer ?

stop watching CNN faggot.

62634f  No.12693674




You know it's obvious we hit a nerve when /leftypol/ comes in here and openly shills for their liberal "IDPol" muh poor minorities bullshit.

If you're going to raid a thread, don't make it so obvious. You only ever see shit like below when you faggots are upet. Your fake bullshit 'anti-IDPOL' nonsense evaporates the second we find someone to go after.


88d6e5  No.12693680

Those poor white liberals. The have to stand, visually and verbaly abused by these nazi white men. Of course they have the right to implement justice on those rapists.

c64776  No.12693681


are you obtuse

i literally make a sarcastic zinger in your favor and you call me a lefty

i hear risperdal helps with autism

420944  No.12693685

File: f7768a1ca0680ca⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 225x124, 225:124, 1338352752749.gif)

ece3f6  No.12693714


Do all of this and if they still face no consequences, hang signs around their community warning the people of this threat to public health and safety.


9f8e3b  No.12693717


Kill yourself, nigger, this whore has been tricking retards for months now. I'm all for doxxing her, she seems unironically like a communist when her vapid "hee hee I'm so funny" act goes away. But unless niggers and MAGAtards like yourself actually do something to stop her, instead of complaining on here and cuckchan, then it's best to ignore it. There's even a voat thread about this exact same thing 4 months ago, and that's not even the first time this has happened.

c64776  No.12693728


you can't stop this shit, it's cultural malaise

all you can do is carve out a niche in your own life to compensate for this failure

6c5932  No.12693735

Whether or not Diana Thirst aka Dying of thirst aka @wifebanger is a troll or not, some of "her" replies might not be, and this "troll" could in fact be a genius trying to bait libs into betraying themselves visa vis herd mentality

>medtroll: I violated the Hippocratic oath, tee-hee!

real medcommie me too! tee-hee!


e6f351  No.12693771


this isn't even a free speech issue, she's committing malpractice and assault.

e6315e  No.12693836



"Hitting their wallets" is not a permanent solution. Jews have infinite money and will just produce more financial incentives for screwing over white men.

f2dc94  No.12693848


>If the bitch has a Vagina, she has a facebook.

24dff9  No.12693890


>minor inconvenience of having to wait to get your paycheque a bit longer

confirmed for NEET manchild who's never had to pay rent, kill yourself

07fb07  No.12693912

They trolled us good with this one. There is no way this is real. If it is, it has been reported (as it should be). Still funny how hypocritical pol is about this. Free speech and all that. It's like we're mad because the left can get away with shit in OP to us, but we can't massacre them. I'm mad too, but I understand the hypocricy of it all. Here we are saying they can't have free speech, but we can. Like I said, it should still be reported and investigated. It's probably a troll. Really, it's sad we allow ourselves to be triggered by posts like OP, which is why I saged this reply. Posts like this one shouldn't make it past 20-30 replies. The Twitter account should be reported and OP should be reported and onto better plans. No doubt posts like these will make us mad. It sure got me seething. But it's not a constructive part of the brain to be in imo. It seems reactionary.

9e7ff9  No.12693915


medical malpractice is not free speech lunatic.

07fb07  No.12693916


Should have actually read what I said.

9e7ff9  No.12693924


The part where you try and dismiss this as free speech when it is in fact medical mal practice go fuck yourself. I hope you get operated on by a cat lady that hates me.

000000  No.12693929


I wholeheartedly agree with you anon, we need to have patience, forgiveness, and justice through law.

And we barely have either.

07fb07  No.12693936


Of course, which is why I said it should be reported and investigated. It's not medical malpractice if she isn't a medical professional. It should be investigated like I said. You're attacking me for no reason as we share the same views.

This is my point, you're baiting me into arguing with you. Instead of both of us moving on, we're here in this shitty thread.

9e7ff9  No.12693938

2cb865  No.12693959

Pretty sure this is illegal.

2cb865  No.12693961

c38f03  No.12693970

File: c62309c8b766135⋯.jpg (700.09 KB, 894x890, 447:445, 1442486586627-3.jpg)


I know people are going to say this is a shill post, but let me tell you, I've been lurking /pol/ since its inception, barely ever posting, but after seeing all that I've seen courtesy of the strings of knowledge /pol/ has revealed to me, the more I realize that violence is the only answer. Not MINDLESS violence, mind you, but coordinated, intelligently applied, and willfully carried out violence. Nothing else, NOTHING, in the history of our people has procured results like swift and complete violence upon our enemies.

000000  No.12693973


If they will be killed, they will be paraded by the public, and their practices will be even more endorsed. Whites will not get any medical help if it will ever happen. Even Trump himself would say this girl is american hero.

c38f03  No.12693978


If the time comes when people like this are met with immediate retribution, we wouldn't stop at one. More heads pop up to protest, agitate, or attack us? Cut them off. Shoot them. Kill every single fucking actor in the enemy camp until EVERYONE is cowed into fucking line. Hunt down and execute every single kike and white race traitor, push the nonwhites into the Grand Canyon and demolish it. Completely and utterly raze our enemies until everyone would rather live and change their ways than risk being pulled out of their bed in the middle of the night, shot in the base of the skull, and buried in a mound in the woods.

48381e  No.12693981


And then bury all the clouds that lower about our house deep in the ocean's bosom.

cc94b0  No.12693983

This is a really good investigation to look into. I would bet we would find tons of these if we looked into it. Good job bringing this up.

f2ccf1  No.12693986

When will divided fuckers learn that you don't ease people to your side of thought through viciousness, you ease people to your orientation through mercy and assistance? Anything else just creates more vindictive idiots and paves the way for warmongers.

000000  No.12693992


Don't lie to yourself, society will remember you as terrorist. Killing is just as degenerate.

c38f03  No.12693993


Appealing to "the masses" is not the path to victory. Revolution only occurs when a group of talented and coordinated individuals work as one towards a goal. We don't need couch potatoes, magapedes, yellow-fever alt-righters, or Christfaggots (the historical footsoldiers of the Jew, killers of their kin).

efec55  No.12693994


Did they take the hypocritical oath?

c38f03  No.12693996


You are still young and uninformed. Revolution takes force and decisive action. What is "degenerate" and what isn't is based on what helps your people and what hurts it. Sitting on your ass and wringing your hands over things that are difficult won't save our race. Education, recruiting, organization, and action will.

000000  No.12693999


Babylonic church of religion committed lots of crimes because its satanic and against Jesus. Christ has nothing to do with neither religion nor theology. Its all systems created to manipulate people, and communism with fascism are also systems for crowd control just like religions are.

When satan makes opposing forces, he always makes sure to make them equally evil.

c38f03  No.12694009


Jesus was just a successful, but one of many, messianic cult figure from the same cult of Judaism as the rest of the jews. He was extremely liberal for his time, essentially amounting up to a Bolshevik who turned against his fellow Jews to amass a greater cult through egalitarian outreach rather than force, politics, and money. Grow up and realize that there has been tens of thousands of years of history before your specific character appeared on the map. Jews hate Christians because they're 99% gentiles and they hate Jesus because he betrayed them in favor of his own cult. Jews have actively used Christianity and its "virtues" to manipulate, deceive, and kill whites for over a thousand years. Drop the Semitic roleplay and put your head on straight.

32bc3b  No.12694017



ARCHIVE THAT KIND OF SHIT. https://archive.is/fqoa8

Then report them to relevant authorities and spread it on twatter.

2cb865  No.12694027


This. (((They))) control the power of the purse through the Federal Reserve.

499eb3  No.12694042

Why are people talking politics at medical establishments?

f655ee  No.12694047

File: 129767f2dc8537f⋯.jpg (50.33 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Anime sauce_76a583_6881969.jpg)

So calling it now, OP is the twitter cunt here fishing for replies before she goes "HAHA I'M NOT REALLY A DOCTOR LOL FOOLED YOU TAKE THAT NAZIS"

157a0f  No.12694052

File: f33cdfa614758b6⋯.jpg (94.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, le not an argument man.jpg)


>Reminder that feds aren't working today

And just because of that, I'll bump this thread for you, Johnson.

eed633  No.12694056



The only time I've seen someone get a license revoked was Dr. Shawn Baker. Who instead of opting to do surgery on people, decided to start suggesting carnivore diet to spontaneously repair people's joints through diet.

353d50  No.12694075

File: f94e1b525221d99⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1857x1393, 1857:1393, Screenshot_2019-01-19 dian….png)



You don't have to log into Twitter to check out this shitposter. Le ebin butthurt-tier Hillary troll.

It's a LARP. It's supposed to make you mad… irl a doctor fucks with a patient, there's a 50/50 chance of getting viciously attacked. I've seen people get violent for having to wait too long in "the waiting room". Some tech misses a vein more than twice, and all hell breaks loose.

Leftist sociopaths on the internet… supreme rulers of shitworlds, like Twitter, all foolish hangouts; tbh we're wasting our time contemplating how retarded they are.

cc94b0  No.12694082

Any confirmation on if they truly are medical professionals or are they full of shit? This also reminds me of a few deaths over the past several years with old veterans in veteran homes at the hands or black nurses. One of which made big news last year. Granted VA homes typically have bad reputations anyhow but if we add this potential issue to the vaccine potential issue along with to the diversity hire issue and it makes me truly wonder how fucked the medical industry got over the past decade.

32421b  No.12694084


What is going on with the teeth?

32421b  No.12694088


>Koala bear.

She’s dumb. Koala is not bear!

c6a636  No.12694091

File: d5ee169352246c5⋯.jpg (6.31 KB, 186x186, 1:1, OES.jpg)

File: aed0bbb6e27aa83⋯.jpg (112.22 KB, 520x650, 4:5, 2885075.jpg)


Nurses are universally leftist, so hid your power level in the hospital. They're also usually part of the cabal because of career advancement opportunities. Trump opposes masons, eastern stars, shriners and other cults, so it's only natural that their employees will be passive-aggressive.

Oh, and another big secret: a lot of nurses choose that profession because they can get drugs more easily for their addictions.

c6a636  No.12694092


>Why would their licenses be barred? The system supports them 100%.

Always make a complaint. With police, for example, any raises or promotions are put on hold while the complaint process is ongoinging. ==You will cost them money, that is the point.==

74fb85  No.12694094


>reddit spacing



>(1) post


>reddit spacing



>reddit spacing


>reddit spacing

c6a636  No.12694095



>oy vey schizo

Not an argument.

c6a636  No.12694102


>How would a medcunt know your political affiliation?

The Trump stickers on your car and your MAGA hat. Seriously, most of the problem is solved by just being the grey man.

c6a636  No.12694105


>look how quickly they moved from "thots not paying their taxes" to "evil incels threatening to murder innocent women"

Jews always think trolling for lulz is 'violence' anyway, so make sure you're OPSEC's tight and just ignore the (((media))) while the public gets redpilled.

74fb85  No.12694107


pretty much this, I am not even suprised when these "trolls" made this thread

I've never seen a doctor with black lips in my life

c6a636  No.12694108

File: 956212913641326⋯.jpg (173.84 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p16330190_b_v8_ab.jpg)


>Are you willing to be treated by a veterinarian

Maybe this guy, but I've seen him work and he's pretty competent. Plus the name.

c6a636  No.12694111


If you pay rent, it means you have a credit card. You're being locked out, leftist. Deal.

c6a636  No.12694117


>Not MINDLESS violence, mind you, but coordinated, intelligently applied, and willfully carried out violence.

The left uses passive-aggressive violence (like discussed in this thread) all the time. I know what you mean: work smart.

Personally I have no mercy at all when leftists harass or otherwise interfere with me. Some cultist who I since found out is knee-deep in human trafficking thought it would be fun to steal from me. She thought being in Job's Daughters would cut the police investigation off. Instead, it only made it more intense and wider. Looks like her mother and aunt are going to jail too.

c6a636  No.12694121


>muh spacing


b9c566  No.12694143

The first one is a troll but the second one isn't.

cc94b0  No.12694176

You know you look at shit like this and it just, again, brings up that it really does appear that women are leading the push on pretty much all this shit across the board. That big thread on female teachers fucking students, medical professionals causing issues, degeneracy and bullshit on social media, bullshit in businesses and the list goes on.

These fucking or degenerate women are seriously causing a fuckload of issues in society.

157a0f  No.12694178


>oy vey it's all the women

cc94b0  No.12694189


There are a bunch of soyboy fags mixed in but if you really look at all the bullshit it is really mainly women. Look at the protests, it's always women in the front or disgusting pieces of shit that were born women are just turned into disgusting pieces of shit but still women. Look at the teaching positions, mainly women. Look at the health profession, mainly women. Look at the bullshit started with the pay gap bullshit - women. Look at the bullshit in the military - women. Look at the bullshit metoo shit - women. Look at the bullshit fake rape charges - women. I mean fuck… at some point we have to start truly putting these obvious puzzle pieces together to see that the main bulk of indoctrinated asscracks are women passing on their indoctrination to their mutated kids.

Just look at any ANTIFA protest, pick any single one out of a hat, it's all fags and women. We are literally allowing fags and women to dictate society at this point and nothing happens to them because they are fags and women.

74fb85  No.12694211

File: 66d2eadffe4bf07⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 775x451, 775:451, 66d2eadffe4bf078079caa82cb….jpg)

File: 837c515631079b4⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 800x632, 100:79, 837c515631079b43002656649a….jpg)

File: fb09470b2dca5d4⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 167x202, 167:202, fb09470b2dca5d4dcdb0f42c72….jpg)

File: 18c79ed690f8bed⋯.jpg (216.32 KB, 1078x660, 49:30, men-only-jews-1.jpg)

File: 2c5d1b58ea47e28⋯.png (65.46 KB, 1592x668, 398:167, 1507216867965.png)


>it's the wymen

bittered faggot detected

cc94b0  No.12694221


Not bitter at all faggot. Calling it like it is and the mere fact you can't counter a single point made speaks volumes to go along with your previous post about reddit spacing and your other bitching about the existence of this thread. You may want to work on your "don't be obvious" skills and at least attempt to blend in a bit.

a863e8  No.12694259


Well yeah women aren't meant for leadership of society. We love dogs but we wouldn't give them the vote either. More of a symptom than the (((cause))).

5c7337  No.12694539


If I was trying to derail I would have kept shitflinging for hours with that bot/shill/retard

8ad057  No.12694710



>How about we try to get their licenses revoked first.

All right, we are reasonable men. Try to get their licenses revoked first. And in 2 to 5 years when they are acquitted…

df9181  No.12694868


Do not interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake. Don't inform the cunts that you saw their posts, just archive everything, submit it to their local board of health, and to the hospital as a concerned patient. Then add her dox info to the already extensive list.

85684d  No.12694985

File: cb106973137c533⋯.jpg (112.57 KB, 521x881, 521:881, if only you knew how bad t….jpg)

meanwhile thousands of infant boys will have their penis mutilated, and it's legal.

dbde45  No.12694999

Fucking newfags couldn't find the sun in the summer


Both bitches are LARPing thots. This bitch lives in either Guam or Puerto Rico. All her profile information in all of her social media accounts are le so random XD thotvomit.

74fb85  No.12695001


I bet these bitches made this thread here and shilled for it

60a2fb  No.12695313

This is despicable, holy shit.

db567e  No.12695530


Your side has no children and spreads AIDS intentionally.

5095b8  No.12695542


Is this them openly admitting to them violating their hypocratic oathes?

976214  No.12695592


>hypocratic oathes?

It's more of a suggestion.

57bb9c  No.12695594

File: f954fd966b5f26c⋯.jpg (10.35 KB, 250x217, 250:217, am i retarded.jpg)


Dumb thots probably gonna get fired for posting that.

435a70  No.12695600

File: faba0c7eba10c26⋯.jpg (57.24 KB, 448x550, 224:275, White Family.jpg)


This is why I only see White male doctors.

If you see a White man, you know he got there because he's good at what he does, not because he has a vagina or he's brown.

If Dr. Smith isn't available I hang up and try again tomorrow, because seeing a brown woman is the same as not going to the doctor at all.

5ac8db  No.12695636


Better look up Dr. Smith's registration with the health board to make sure his middle name isn't Israel. This literally happened to me and I felt retarded but told the kike to take a hike.

5ac8db  No.12695639

c97eff  No.12695661

I checked their accounts. Just a bunch of edgy trolls, especially Dr @wifebanger>>12692902

This thread is based on fantasy.

5c7337  No.12695803



What's your point?

25b99b  No.12696043

File: 7725bd2c2054d55⋯.jpeg (27.87 KB, 250x318, 125:159, C29AFE58-1994-4F32-9CB9-6….jpeg)


>cumskins getting that they deserve is somehow a bad thing

Nothing you can do will save you.

cfe93b  No.12696047


Joke's on them, I don't have health insurance and I never go to the doctor.

143acb  No.12696053


The ogre way is not the best way.

lt's the ONLY way!!

4fcb7a  No.12696202

If you're White and going to a (((doctor))) you're naive to begin with.

83a402  No.12696208


>t. white cuck

cfe93b  No.12696293


This. If I get sick, then I just die, that's natural selection at work purging my inferior genes from the genepool. The medical industry is dysgenic by promoting the continued existence of weaker genes.

1590f9  No.12696302


Dos not surprise me, i always knew the academic trash was the enemy.

90296c  No.12696333


This would be very easy to find out who she is by going through recent court decisions in Texas and findin out uneven distributions of punishment.

I would imagine this judge is looking at the defendants social media and basing her decision on that. We could find this info too with the defendees name.

23b390  No.12696362


should also report her to social security, chances are she's making bogus reports

53df38  No.12696773

ITT: Feds looking for funds double down on LARPing so they can reason with their bosses how bad is white supremacy cantonese cartoon imgboard.

9a05cd  No.12696962

File: de530545e0f3f62⋯.png (23.33 KB, 500x459, 500:459, autosage.png)





>hates the thread topic yet posts multiple times while adding nothing of value

Captain Autosage strikes again.

8ca771  No.12697566


Freedom of speech doesn't protect you from employment at all. To my knowledge, every private business in the US has the right to institute social media policies. Saying anything that the company, or private hospital, thinks would reflect poorly on the employee, or business, can be cause for immediate termination. Even in "not at will" states. Free speech protects you from legal regards when it doesn't directly threaten or incite violence. That's it. Which is still a massive freedom.

25174f  No.12699191

File: 2da15d7e5e85719⋯.png (405.35 KB, 959x676, 959:676, pf.png)

File: a3a59e6404a8cde⋯.png (30.84 KB, 720x289, 720:289, jl.png)




He says he is a democratic judge in that tweet, but on his profile he says he's a socialist lawyer.

914ece  No.12699295


>what are the chances a needle fuck up is malicious?

If you cause damage, insanely malicious. I'm in med school and during anatomy when we spoke of the median cubital vein (very common site for injections/IV) they spoke of it's proximity to the median nerve of the arm. Severing this nerve would cause lack of mobility of the forearm and parts of the hand. We were quite literally told if we severed the nerve, we would lose our licenses to practice that very day.

5ae49f  No.12699501

File: 0a66cf855c29305⋯.jpg (38.51 KB, 469x428, 469:428, he's wrinkly now for a rea….jpg)


Quads of truth.

Ya'll niggers need to stop getting trolled.

02490e  No.12699520



hello josh or lowtax

ac5780  No.12705545


I'm surprised the Feds aren't doing something about this. Its like they're not even trying to hide who they're really intent on serving.

<Might serve them well if the right data was spoofed, so the Feds are the ones effected by this

155a79  No.12705909


Shut the fuck up kike. #thotaudit was literal fucking retards like (((you))) deciding funding the fucking enemy is a good thing because xd btfoing those mean wymyn

3f7102  No.12705944


I don't know, someone on the twitter thread said she's not a real MD.

3f7102  No.12705952


True. But there is more to life than life on earth.

962b75  No.12705998


Jews can already pull all the money they want out of thin air, you ass-toasted roastie. Shaming and undermining degenerates with thotaudit was a good thing.

155a79  No.12706019


>giving the people genociding you money is a good thing!!!!!!!

Peak nu/pol/. Remember to vote for BASED! nonwhite women in the democrat primaries,that'll really troll Hillary!!

962b75  No.12706046


>being so self-suicidal that you defend the disease of whorishness inflicted on your people and nations

You are the one allying with niggerbrown prostitutes, 'anon'. Maybe reddit is more your style, you should check it out.

fd76ea  No.12706092

File: b134114f432438d⋯.png (504.42 KB, 1164x1452, 97:121, tendaletter.png)


>posting a tenda spencer comic

go back to reddit

155a79  No.12706127


>all nu/pol/ can do is claim anyone pointing out how retarded it is to help the enemy win is a roastie or whore defender

I miss this board having a higher IQ than 70.

778d67  No.12706158


>I don't know, someone on the twitter thread said she's not a real MD.

Doctors constantly rely on nurse practitioners, who end up doing the doctor's work more often than not.

962b75  No.12706282


>turning the jew's method of draining life onto degenerates is helping them win

>trying to get people to stop attacking whores isn't defending them

You can improve /pol/'s average IQ by leaving right now. Also, 2018 isn't old/pol/.

5fa6a6  No.12706338


Now i feel sad.

4f59a0  No.12706339

>falling for a salt mining jewess doing entry level twitter shitposting to "trigger conservatives"

How this board has fallen

bb5de2  No.12706409

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