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File: 93be552f32da6f9⋯.png (195.02 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Manchild.png)

7bced3  No.12693952

I really don't think that people in the early 20th century, maybe except intellectual who read all day, had any eye problem, not as close as we do now, especially in the young age of 5-40 years old.

According to the """common sense""", people lose their quality sight like "that", for no reason at all. That we almost all have somekind of vision problems, including myopia and others, is "normal" and "natural".

Somehow, I extremely doubt that people in the 16th century were that blind, not even close.

I think that our societies make people more and more blind…But what are the reasons ? Too much screen-pixels times? Reading or watching the screen too close too long? Being closed inside (home or school) all day, lack of Sun light in the eye? Lack of outside time when a child and teenager and adult ? Too much masturbation and lack of good nutrition ?

Somehow, I think that glasses/contact lens makes the situation worse and make it so that the correction makes the situation worst, in the sense that the correction does all the work and your eyes makes no more efforts what so ever anymore, meaning that your eyes can't never improve and recover from bad vision, but it keeps it in this bad vision state and degrade it even further. That's my sense on it.

I don't think it's organic to have that many 5-40 years old people having vision problems, it makes absolutely no sense biologically wise.

So let's imagine you are myopic and in your twenties…Could you make that your myopia recovers slowly ? Not wear glasses anymore, going outside all day, getting all the indirect sunlight in your eyes, watching landscape and very far in the distance to work the eye?

I somehow feel it's one of these situation where the Jew creates the blindness problem, makes goyim weak and then sell you the solution which also makes the problem worse in the long term.

Any thoughts on that ?

I personally have around -4.00 myopia each eyes, got new glasses and I felt that as soon I removed them, I felt much more blind than with my older weaker corrections.

PS: Don't delete this mods, this is a very important issue that we don't talk while afecting the first sense of probably billions of people and eye health is very important in my opinion, just how it is important to talk about a good nutrition (cf: the third reich meat thread) or about what they put in the water (the countless fluoride tap water threads). Maybe with this thread, we can raise awarness if people here know things about it.

af3034  No.12693956

Interesting notion OP. If not a slide thread have a bump!

a06681  No.12693964


Read the work of Dr Jack Kruse. It's due to under exposure to natural light, exposure to toxic light, and conditioning the eye to only have to see as far as a book or computer screen. If you want to fix it, go outside and expose yourself to lots of sunlight and challenge your eyes to see far.

516e8f  No.12693965

I have a - 3.5 myopia, got it due to playing ps1 and other pc video game shit. I will make sure in the future my kids don't play vidya.

6d994b  No.12693976


I didn't play vidya as a kid or even use a computer since my parents thought it was bad for kids but I did read a lot and ended up nearsighted. So I'd recommend you make sure your kids don't read books.

29a700  No.12693980


Yes anon, with poor visions, you won't be able to aim correctly. Thus preventing violent revolutions in the future and no one can oppose jews.

Have you consider LASIK treatment?

7bced3  No.12693987

File: a678be19a995055⋯.jpg (90.01 KB, 608x867, 608:867, 1534651801921.jpg)


>Dr Jack Kruse

Do you have any specific book or maybe a youtube link to get introduced to his work? Thanks.


>I have a - 3.5 myopia, got it due to playing ps1 and other pc video game shit. I will make sure in the future my kids don't play vidya.

Me too, my mother gave me a Nintendo N64 (awesome console) when I was around 6 years old and spending my days inside had been my routine all the time pretty much and now, I have -4.00 and -4.25 in the two eyes. Not spent enough time outside (while it could have been way worst) and not enough outside activity. I'll try what the other aon said and going outside more and looking far away (without correcting glasses I assume? ) and see if it changes something. I also believe that sexual excess (masturbation pretty much-) affects the whole body, even vision and it can make you "blind", a.k.a weaken your sight. I'll try this semen retention thing. I'm just worried that there might be a point of non-return if you are too old, in your twenties…That maybe the way you lived during your childhood and your teenager days might determine your vision parameters for the rest of your life.

7bced3  No.12693998

File: 0c6b80172f5aac3⋯.jpg (28.69 KB, 493x335, 493:335, 12.jpg)


>Have you consider LASIK treatment?

No, I don't want my eyes to be permanently mutilated for life. I wore contact lense on and off for two years, before I completely stopped, because they are way too intrusive,uncomfortable and just unnatural.

LASIK would be like mutilation of a penis in my opinion.


>So I'd recommend you make sure your kids don't read books.

Maybe the solution is to read books outside? with a place where you can take pauses where you can look far away from time to time.

17c62b  No.12694001


This is a good start OP. Lens induced progressive myopia is something that involves the jews obviously, but it's likely more of a situation that their jewy tendencies have led them into, rather than something they schemed about for years and pushed into motion deliberately.

>So let's imagine you are myopic and in your twenties…Could you make that your myopia recovers slowly ? Not wear glasses anymore, going outside all day, getting all the indirect sunlight in your eyes, watching landscape and very far in the distance to work the eye?

That's a very good question, and one I've been trying to answer for the past 3 years or so. As it so happens I was introduced to the possibility myopia being reversible in either a book or self improvement thread here in mid 2015. Since then I've been doing basically exactly what you described to the extent that it doesn't create a significant disruption to my life. At my worst I was using around a -3.00 correction, and now with the exception of the occasional bad vision day from sickness, stress, vision abuse, oversleep or excess sugar/alcohol I'm seeing between 20/18 and 20/20 with a -1.75 correction even in poor lighting conditions. Progress seems to be consistent based on stimulation time and quality. Obviously more progress is made in summer, and it stalls in winter, but despite all the closeup work I do for work and personal, it seems to be working. I'm sure if I were a rancher or farmer or pilot my progress would be much faster but the fact that it seems to be working at all is very gratifying.


>Have you consider LASIK treatment?

Terrible idea. Removing material from the front element of the eye that is finite and cannot be replaced in order to correct error due to the eye elongating is a fucking hack fix at best and results in suicides due to functional blindness at worst. Progressive lens induced myopia is caused by bad habits. If you permanently modify your eye to correct your vision without addressing those habits you'll just end up back at square one in a couple years, only this time the abberation and astigmatism will be far worse than before, and subsequent procedures will quickly be running beyond functional corneal thicknesses leading to smearing, light sensitivity at night and a whole host of other debilitating problems. Not to mention the FDA being paid off by the proponents of LASIK to greenlight the illconceived procedure and hide the negative studies and reports. LASIK is a shit procedure, a massive gamble, and should not be considered by anyone.

866153  No.12694003

I've stared at screens to the point of pain for the last 30 years. No vision problems. Overman confirmed.

de043e  No.12694004

I'm near sighted, and I have 20/20 vision when it's a clear hot sunny day. I don't know why.

563c8f  No.12694011


It's called TV and computer monitors you absolute fucking mongoloid sub 20 iq retard how do you even have the intelligence to breathe let alone type all that stupid fucking shit out you stupid fucking retarded mongoloid cunt holy fucking shit kill yourself you blind cunt

Yes, glasses make it worse but unless you're going to stop looking at a screen 24/7 and start doing eye exercises like the Bates method you are fucked by YOURSELF.

a06681  No.12694025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Do you have any specific book or maybe a youtube link to get introduced to his work? Thanks.

Sure. Be warned, unless you have a science or physics background, you'll probably have to research a few things but the message should stick regardless.






>Humans are capable of making light that is not sunlight and this changes what a cell is capable of. A Quilt is like a hologram, the more info you add to it, the more clear the image becomes. Sadly, when you take things away from it by adding blue light and subtracting UV and IR light the more muddy the image becomes for people.Modern artificial light is causing a huge change in the light frequencies our eyes see every morning. That light is causing a reduction of NAD+ and oxygen levels in our extra ocular eye muscles. This allows our eye ball to lengthen and our lens curvature to lengthen. Normally either one of these things can cause myopia. Myopia is short sightedness. It means we can’t see at distances. Most people have to wear glasses when this occurs. Today, myopia is the best measure of a redox problem due to a lack of sunlight assimilation in the eye to affect the skeletal muscles in the ciliary mechanism that controls the shape of the lens in the eye. I discussed the details of how this occurs in Ubiquitination 23 blog. Our cornea gets its oxygen supply from the air external to our eye because our cornea has no blood supply to remain transparent to sunlight. This means if you place contacts over the cornea you are making it pseudohypoxia mechanically and altering the frequency of light that gets below. On your cornea we have neuropsin, a UV opsin. No contact lens is as permeable to oxygen as the human cornea is. That is a fact. Wearing contacts can lead to a circadian signaling problem because it alters the surfaces of your eye to incident sun light. Right behind our transparent cornea is the pliable crystalline collagen lens controlled by skeletal muscles ciliary muscles. It also fatigues the small ciliary muscles that control the shape of our lens in our anterior eye. This creates myopia. There is another possible link also tied to a lack of UV light stimulus. Bright full spectrum outdoor sun light stimulates the release of the retinal transmitter dopamine, which is known to be able to block the axial growth of the eye, which can also lead to eye elongation and also cause myopia.


All you need to become healthy is lots of sunlight and DHA. And use your eyes how they are supposed to be used. Execise them. I've used this info to cure myself and it works like a miracle. Jack is probably one of the greatest geniuses of our time.

eb9a30  No.12694038

File: 9fa23d1848c6c97⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 269x400, 269:400, 51nFrc4gtlL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

You know what causes the need for glasses?


Usually what happens is something like this: Your third grade teacher with shitty handwriting tells your parents you're having trouble reading the board and you probably need glasses. Parents love to think their kids are intellectual, and also most parents are all too happy to leave parenting decisions to labcoat-wearing experts. So they take you to an ophthalmologist. This licensed, board-certified quack gives you a completely contrived "vision test" where they confuse your eyes by putting dozens of different lenses in front of them in a matter of seconds and then ask you to read things before your eyes even have a chance to focus. And then…surprise! You need what they're selling. Nevermind that you haven't even reached puberty yet: science tells us that god, nature and evolution all failed and your eyes are broken. Then like every branch of the medical scam they tell you "we can't cure it, but we can treat it…and good news your insurance covers it!" Your parents put the glasses on your nose, your fate is sealed, and the optical industry has one more customer for life.

Just as if your parents had raised you to walk on crutches, your body accommodates this visual crutch and becomes dependent on it, until just taking off your glasses throws your confused eyes into such a tizzy that–like an opioid addict–you reach for your optical drug to make everything will seem normal again.

This whole scam is justified by the completely implausible theory that your eye is just like a camera, and for some mysterious reason the focusing mechanism is broken. Nevermind that your eye is a mushy piece of flesh, not a precision-ground piece of glass with calibrated threads. The priests in their lab-coats will show you diagrams of their story, and like good little slaves we all say, "you're the doctor! I'm sure you know best and would never be saying something that you learned to say just to perpetuate the industry on which your livelihood depends."

Want to learn the truth? this book is one place to start:


e7d151  No.12694046


I see anon, I probably was interested because some patients can see clearly after doing it. I never think that way


Thanks for the input. I should've researched more about it. I didn't know about LASIK paid FDA to get a pass. I think I will try to recover my myopia slowly by doing what OP said.

7bced3  No.12694055


Well for me, it was school who told me to get glasses after one of their tests.

eb9a30  No.12694077

Warning: blog post:

I wore glasses for 20 years including through puberty. Every year I had my eyed checked, and every year they told me I "needed" stronger glasses. Eventually my glasses were as thick as coke-bottles. I literally needed them to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. But it never made sense to me why my body was broken like this.

One day a friend told me about the Bates method. I got his book and started reading, and immediately it made sense. I started trying some of the exercises and it was very hard but it worked. I couldn't even finish the book because I kept stopping to try bringing the letters on the page into focus.

Immediately my glasses started bothering me, and within three days I took them off for good. Daily I would go outside and practice reading signs. At first it would take maybe half-an-hour or longer to bring a few letters of a sign into focus for a fraction of a second, but over time it improved slowly. Within a year a was driving without glasses. The main problem was reading street signs at night. Without GPS I would get massively lost in an unfamiliar area. But I never crashed and even saw some animal in time to brake–I couldn't see what it was but I saw it was there.

Another amazing thing that happened was these killer headaches I'd had for years went away, and I could feel muscles in my head relax that I had never felt relaxed before. The glasses had been making these muscles tense all day every day until they were just solid, numb blocks of stress.

Still, giving up the glasses cold-turkey really fucked my life up because I couldn't see detail at a distance. Couldn't read small print quickly and couldn't see if someone across the room was making eye-contact. After ten years of not wearing glasses I gave in and started wearing them again for work. Also, though I passed the test for my drivers license in one state when I moved I couldn't pass their test so my license says I have to wear them for driving, which I do.

So I conclude I got fucked by wearing glasses through puberty and 20-20 vision is not an option for me now. But when I finally got tested again after my ten year break my prescription was weaker, so my vision did improve. And unless I need them, I keep my glasses off my face. I only wear them for work or driving or when I need to be able to see fine detail.

199b6c  No.12694078


I don't know what pic 4 is supposed to mean. I call niggers by name all the time, and nothing ever really happens. Niggers are like dogs; if you show no fear, they confine themselves to harmless barking.

cf767b  No.12694080


good post, the fluoridated salt is especially strong today

f2243d  No.12694097


Probably a lot of it is kike doctors confusing and disconcerting (breaking the concentration of) children before giving them the exam, I remember feeling Jewed or befuddled and bamboozled when I went to get my eye exam, like I could feel the Kikes and Kikesses expecting the wrong answers and asking me to answer in a way as to make it seem acceptable and expected to answer wrongly, like "oy vey goyim, we know you can't see, the goyim don't know."

a46bd9  No.12694099


Why wouldn't that fine young Black gentleman prefer to spend his valuable time with an African Queen? He should be making Wakandan sons, not miscegnating with an 85IQ wypipo

f2243d  No.12694101


1M Fluoride salt (aq)

2c4685  No.12694109


Not a bad thread. I'm 20/30 in one eye, 20/40 in the other. My optometrist is a woman with a gentile last name… but still anons, I swear that bitch always tries to make my prescription too strong.

I may need to do more research. Maybe stop going to Lenscrafters. They advertise that you'll have your glasses "in about an hour" but it always takes 3 weeks. Seems pretty Jewish to me.

0edd00  No.12694126

We need cybernetic eye implants with zoom and filters that highlight and outline kikes.

2c4685  No.12694141


This is good. I still wear glasses… can "correct" my vision without them by working my eye muscles… which eventually makes my eyes twitch and gives me headaches.

I have no problems without glasses unless I'm reading fine print or shitposting on my tablet.

My wife was blind as fuck until she got LASIK surgery. Visually-impaired anons should do some research. Anyone who can't survive without glasses should at least consider it. Don't be looking too hard for a joke here, guys… she finds me more attractive now than before the 5K procedure. Trust me.

b91d65  No.12694156

>retarded anti-prosthetic lens faggot thinks it's all a conspiracy

Guess my genes are a conspiracy.

f2243d  No.12694167






a4e069  No.12694184


>I may need to do more research. Maybe stop going to (((Lenscrafters))).

If you're still going there your IQ is below 20. If you know the prescription just buy the fucking glasses online. You don't need to use the kike equipment if it didn't change, and if it did change, you know what direction to go. They come in +-0.25 increments. Not very difficult.

ba8094  No.12694206


because the absolute worst of our White women will forever be superior to their absolute best black women. most black men despise their own women for their high testosterone levels and low IQs.

982f64  No.12694210

File: b49dc5e8cc1dc60⋯.png (201.75 KB, 1198x1231, 1198:1231, b49dc5e8cc1dc606d653ed5398….png)


Maybe it is a combination of poor diet, lack of circulation/exercise, chemicals in the water turning the friggin' frogs gay (that I'm sick of btw), looking at computer/tv/phone screens for long periods at a time.

dd9185  No.12694220


It's crazy, isn't it? I had a boss who used to do that shit when I did delivery work, just squaring up to them and calling them niggers right to their faces. I saw him do it a couple times at gas stations when niggers shucking and jiving at the checkout counter kept us from leaving in a timely manner. Seeing him do it a couple times really opened my eyes. Niggers don't try and fight you for calling them niggers, niggers try and fight you for showing weakness. If you square up and get in their face, you can insult their whole nigger family and they won't do shit.

a4e069  No.12694225


Sounds like a great idea

aca621  No.12694239

File: 5b71f1051d62216⋯.png (905.44 KB, 1024x599, 1024:599, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe wants everyone to wear glasses so can big brother the population even more?

LASIK can only treat certain vision and has issues.

043702  No.12694262

File: ffc5299002bfc22⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 672x960, 7:10, 1547864392285.jpg)


That only works if you're actually bigger than the nigger.

eb9a30  No.12694275


post video pls

5b5dc5  No.12694286

File: 57ff93102b634ab⋯.png (595.25 KB, 848x565, 848:565, ClipboardImage.png)

I personally think that it's caused by teenagers staring at a bright light source for hours on end that happens to be at arms length, fucking up with the development of the eye

4145ef  No.12694292


>In 1999, NEI-funded researchers initiated the Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Ethnicity and Refractive Error (CLEERE),2 a long-term study following the eye development of more than 1,200 children ages 6 to 14, the age range during which myopia typically develops. CLEERE researchers found that children who spent more time outdoors had a smaller chance of becoming nearsighted.3 The researchers also showed that time spent outside is independent from time spent reading, providing evidence against the assumption that less time outside means more time doing near work.

>Researchers are unsure why time outdoors helps prevent the onset of myopia. Some suggest natural sunlight may provide important cues for eye development. Other researchers suggest that normal eye development may require sufficient time looking at distant objects. Curiously, once myopia has begun to develop, time outdoors does not appear to slow its progression, the researchers found.

a1acd3  No.12694295


>has glasses

5fefe8  No.12694296


You are correct in most of your suppositions.


This too.

I read a medical study also in which it was stated that people living in cities have poorer vision, due to rarely seeing beyond on average 50 yards. The amount of people, cars and buildings mean your vision is constantly restricted, so your full focal range is not used.

It is like exercising your legs by shuffling, the tendons and ligaments will shorten and the muscles will atrophy.

Read a medical book some years ago, which said that any reading was bad for the eye, as our eyes are designed for spending most of the time looking at something 20 feet away, not 1-2 feet with a book, not 6 feet with a television.

On top of that, modern medical studies show that the blue light from screens, mobile phone, computer etc, damage eyes.

If you have to use a computer, take breaks every 16 minutes, one minute is enough to make a difference.Look out the window at something distant. Focus on different distances.

There are exercises for looking around, left and right, for the larger eye muscles, that improved blood flow and should improve repair.

As for your theory on glasses prohibiting recovery, and worsening the condition, I have thought the same for the last 20 years, that it creates a dependency. Not seen any studies on that yet though.

The other thing is fine work, very small things, small print or text, causes eye strain. This was common knowledge in the past, seamstresses, performing fine needlecraft every day would lose their sight early.

The best vision on the planet is supposedly held by Australian aborigines, who have very long distance vision. That is likely genetic as well as habitual.

If you have the resources and the will, try spending six months living in the countryside, spending time outdoors every day, without using your glasses.

a06681  No.12694300


>has glasses

the only reason someone has glasses is myopia, never mind genetics and him being over 50

Gee, I hate you faggots so much.

5fefe8  No.12694302



2b0d21  No.12694303

htt p://www.glasseshistory.com/glasses-history/history-of-corrective-lenses/

People have had bad eyesight for a long time. Normally, survival of the fittest takes over and bad eyesight would generally be minimized, but we have been correcting bad eyesight for centuries. So that really has no bearing on ability to reproduce anymore.

It probably doesn't help that we hardly get outside buildings anymore, and thus our vision is limited to 10-20ft.

7bced3  No.12694308


>Look out the window at something distant. Focus on different distances.

But are you supposed to do this with your correcting glasses or without them ?

8b88cc  No.12694310

I don't think jews are to blame for every single issue people face

42ed8f  No.12694313


I bet the jews made you think that.

7d0cfc  No.12694322


>The best vision on the planet is supposedly held by Australian aborigines, who have very long distance vision.

I've heard this and never seen any evidence for it. Just like how regular niggers are better at athletics yet I've never seen any evidence for that either.

It's just jews trying to chalk some kind of achievement up to them so they can parade them around for disinformation.

5b5dc5  No.12694326


>the evil doctors makes you spend money

>buy my book


pdf or gtfo

5fefe8  No.12694335


kill yourself

276ec0  No.12694342


Yes they are

5fefe8  No.12694346


having good distance vision is likely, they live in endless flat plains with ultra bright sunlight and lived the same, without history or technology since the dawn of time.

if an animal species has good vision or hearing, you accept it. they are animals.

there is the possibility that it is propaganda, but doubtful. the media stays almost completely silent on aborigines as they are such a clear example of human subspecies that it makes people aware of other subspecies not being the same. hard to push a narrative like that.

keep in mind the aborigine vision is for long distance, it didn't mention near sight or colour acueity, night vision etc.

as for negroid running, part of that is to do with short torso length, they tilt forwards and their centre of mass is in the upper body. in reality it is only one region of africa, but when africa has anything 'positive', then all negroids are included.

note how pygmies have never ever been mentioned or shown, as they are another example of clear evidence of subspecies.

strongest in the world as a fact are northern European. look at world's strongest man.

best swimmers the same, partly due to long torso, also to do with cognitive function and breath control.

it's a Scandinavian with the record of 22 minutes for breath hold.

7bd83b  No.12694354


>I've heard this and never seen any evidence for it. Just like how regular niggers are better at athletics yet I've never seen any evidence for that either.

>Bejan and Jones cite past studies of the human body which found that on average, the center of gravity is about three percent higher in blacks than whites. Using this difference in body types, the researchers calculated that black sprinters are 1.5 percent faster than whites, while whites have the same advantage over blacks in the water. The difference might seem small, Bejan said, but not when considering that world records in sprinting and swimming are typically broken by fractions of seconds.


facd41  No.12694369

It's from not using our distance vision very much anymore. That's all.

Most have -1 and -1.5 tops.

5ccbe2  No.12694383

>Jewish induced ?

If this is actually statistically true and not just your anecdotes, it's probably from staring at a smartphone screen for six hours a day. Or maybe yet another side effect from consuming too much sugar.

058c0d  No.12694386

>thinly veiled masturbation causes blindness slide

so clever

4145ef  No.12694394


I think OP was going for a joke; as parents used to saying "masterbation will make you go blind" to keep you from pulling your pork too much.

79148c  No.12694408




Lel, imagine being this much of a dumbfuck.

7bced3  No.12694438


I'm serious, some people report improvements.


4145ef  No.12694451

File: 0fa9f21921ada3a⋯.png (274.22 KB, 942x707, 942:707, Selection_008.png)

5ac0cd  No.12694550

File: f67849caf9a314f⋯.png (345.63 KB, 1873x610, 1873:610, fuck shit nigger.PNG)

Absolutely 4chan


7bced3  No.12694566


Yeah, the thread got deleted (((Because))) so I redid it.

5ac0cd  No.12694573


Don't worry I'm screen capping all your (((shit posts))) for when you try again.

756ee0  No.12694588


It's a result of not playing outside as children. When you are constantly focused on things that are very nearby your eyes have trouble focusing on things that are far away later.

It's the source of the stereotype of nerds wearing glasses. Used to be only the most studious suffered from this, but now it is everyone thanks to all the screens we sit in front of all day.

5a85d7  No.12694616

Recent research shows that growing indoor makes the eye not receiving enough UV-a light (low energy UV, close to violet light).

In many people, this makes the eye keep growing too much because one gene activated by UV light is not activated. It also happens to most animals living indoors (cattle etc…), they have much higher rates of myopia than the ones living outside in the sun.

This guy has lots of recent papers on this subject: Hidemasa Torii.

>Violet Light Exposure Can Be a Preventive Strategy Against Myopia Progression


>Prevalence of myopia is increasing worldwide. Outdoor activity is one of the most important environmental factors for myopia control. Here we show that violet light (VL, 360–400 nm wavelength) suppresses myopia progression. First, we confirmed that VL suppressed the axial length (AL) elongation in the chick myopia model. Expression microarray analyses revealed that myopia suppressive gene EGR1 was upregulated by VL exposure. VL exposure induced significantly higher upregulation of EGR1 in chick chorioretinal tissues than blue light under the same conditions. Next, we conducted clinical research retrospectively to compare the AL elongation among myopic children who wore eyeglasses (VL blocked) and two types of contact lenses (partially VL blocked and VL transmitting). The data showed the VL transmitting contact lenses suppressed myopia progression most. These results suggest that VL is one of the important outdoor environmental factors for myopia control. Since VL is apt to be excluded from our modern society due to the excessive UV protection, VL exposure can be a preventive strategy against myopia progression.

9850e5  No.12694624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good questions you're asking, OP. You're onto something. Nearsightedness can be

1) Caused by cramping of muscles of the eye. This is induced by staring at close by objects and thereby fixing the eye to that distance. This condition may be reversed in a few weeks if you go outside regularily and give your eyes the chance to get used to different distances and light conditions again, relaxing the aforementioned muscles.

2) Elongation of the eye ball as mentioned by other anons. This is also referred to as lense-induced myopia. Not as easily reversible, but still reversible. Takes time and effort.

I reccomend to watch vid embedded. This guy fucked up his vision over time but managed to improve it gradually.

43a53e  No.12694664

File: 4d6f49e95910326⋯.jpg (159.3 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, OP at the Office.jpg)


Bang up job, OP.

ec9a43  No.12695340

File: 8a4eae53ca3fb63⋯.jpg (62.34 KB, 601x701, 601:701, 1380568056839.jpg)

I've had my eyesight degenerate rapidly during my teenage years - I became more myopic with every year, to the point when I couldn't see clearly beyond 1m. I couldn't see the face of a person sitting across from me at a table, everything was just a blur of colors.

Wore glasses with thick as fuck lenses, whenever I lost or damaged them it meant essentially being blind until I could find/replace them. Contacts were even more of a hassle, and none of the conservative therapies helped.

So eventually I bit the bullet and signed up for LASIK. PRK was also an option, but it's even more invasive. The surgery took barely 10 minutes and the first few days of recovery were awful - itching, swelling, eyedrops up the ass, blurry vision. But then I realized I could see! I could read signs from across the street, discern faces of people in the same room as me, etc. It was like being born again. After two monthly check-ups, the doctor told me that the scars have healed up and that I have made a full recovery. For me, it was a massive quality of life improvement, BUT only because I went to a good clinic, paid through the nose and had experienced specialists do measurements and perform surgery (I found it funny that there aren't that many kikes in opthalmology as opposed to, say, dentistry). If one goes to a McHospital and has Dr. Pajeet Streetshitabhat operate on him, he's fucked.

e839e9  No.12695517

Its from forcing people to wear sunglasses all the time. true story.

e839e9  No.12695520


> Also sugar.

7a4663  No.12695580


Bzzzz, so fucking wrong it hurts. Sunlight damages eye sight.

I've been staring at CRT and LCD screen for 2 decades on a daily basis. I also hate sunlight and tend to stay away from the cancer inducing outdoors.

My vision is perfect well into my 30's. Both parents went near sighted by their late 20's, never used computers always liked to be outside.

5ac0cd  No.12695587

>this thread is still getting bumped

why do I even come here

7a4663  No.12695589

PS it's more about diet >>12695580

7a4663  No.12695591

I just woke in my timezone slut, we can't all be matching our presence with you >>12695587

d68b32  No.12695687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


like many have pointed out, being a lazy cunt and relying on the jew for help usually does this. check out the copiale cipher and the oculusts


"The Copiale cipher is an encrypted manuscript consisting of 75,000 handwritten characters filling 105 pages in a bound volume.[1] Undeciphered for more than 260 years, the document was cracked in 2011 with the help of modern computer techniques.

Previously examined by scientists at the German Academy of Sciences at Berlin in the 1970s, the cipher was thought to date from between 1760 and 1780.[3] Decipherment revealed that the document had been created in the 1730s by a secret society[1][2][4] called the "high enlightened (Hocherleuchtete) oculist order"[5] of Wolfenbüttel,[6] or Oculists.[5][7][8] The Oculists used sight as a metaphor for knowledge.[9

The Oculists were a group of ophthalmologists led by Count Friedrich August von Veltheim, who died in April 1775. The Philipp 1866 Copiales 3 document, however, appears to suggest that the Oculists, or at least Count Veltheim, were a group of Freemasons who created the Oculist society in order to pass along the Masonic rites[7][12] which had recently been banned by Pope Clement XII. "

d84971  No.12695957

File: aee45427d6c26c5⋯.mp4 (590.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, DoubleDWantsDoubleD's.mp4)

>Almost all the population seem to have some kind of myopia or vision problem, Jewish induced ?

> Jewish induced ?


>tfw Jews make you go blind

e7971f  No.12696002

Myopeia is curable. Have to wear glasses just underneath your correction and restrengthen your eye.

06429b  No.12696137


This is true, both my younger brothers needed glasses, where as I didn't. The reason is because I got outside more, when I started getting them to come with me on hikes their vision improved, they are both 20/20 now like me.

a4e069  No.12696226


Who has ever forced anyone to wear sunglasses

e5b893  No.12696243


I'm just spitballing but maybe it has to do with our eyes readjusting after constant staring at close objects like monitor, tv, book, home stuff within 3-10m distance at most. Maybe it's something in our food, who knows. My father has eagle eyes and is a programmer but my eyes are absolute shit so to me this is a mistery.

a06681  No.12696274


>Bzzzz, so fucking wrong it hurts. Sunlight damages eye sight.

Too fucking wrong. Too much sun damages the eyes. Too little screws optic functioning and circadian rhythm.

>I've been staring at CRT and LCD screen for 2 decades on a daily basis. I also hate sunlight and tend to stay away from the cancer inducing outdoors.

Falling for Jewish propaganda. Jews tell you to avoid sunlight despite D3 being something that controls over 100 physiological processes. And you can't just supplement, you need actual light to activate exo-D3. It's possibly the most important thing you can get.

96ab54  No.12696340

File: 123daf82af59b26⋯.jpg (204.17 KB, 500x750, 2:3, grinch_glasses.jpg)

Essentially its a muscle.

Our eyes evolved to scan the horizon for threats and discern information in the medium range.

But from early on we've been going "hah fuck off we want to do delicate close up work with tools" Which is where all human vision troubles stem from.

For most of my life I had a weird set of eyes. One was slightly long sighted and the other short sighted. Optician said I would be fine but to consider glasses if I got headaches often. I didn't so I didn't. In the last year I noticed my vision starting to blur in the distance. So I got checked out and my long distance eye has now fallen into line with my short distance eye.

Probably because I being a degenerate spend most of my time reading or on a computer and doing things with my hands.

Lemme tell you when I put those glasses on for the first time. It was shocking. Suddenly I realised I should have gotten this sorted out a lot sooner.

On top of that the tiredness/eyepain I'd been having for over a year just vanished. But at the same time my vision got worse.

The reason for this is that your eyes start to strain to focus on objects outside your ideal vision range and this strain is what makes your eyes tired. Which can lead to a lot of other problems relating to general fatigue.

But once you use glasses on a semi regular basis, your eyes stop straining so much trying to focus on distant objects.

In my case I use my glasses when outside and when driving. Otherwise I don't wear them. And I feel less tired for it surprisingly.

Don't get Lasik or similar treatments. They always have side effects its just a question of how severe they are.

Now as for monitors and screens. I recommend a set of blue light filter lenses. You can get some pretty good ones these days. Though most of them still make shit very yellow.

Or a program for your computer that adjusts the monitor output or changing the settings on your monitor if you can tolerate things being very yellow.

Now a personal theory of mine. I don't think this is a jew thing or even a deliberate thing.

Throughout human history its always just been accepted that your vision grows steadily worse as you age. Glasses have been around for hundreds of years at least. But mostly people have just lived with it and struggled on. But now we're able to do shit about it, so we do.

6af291  No.12696423

File: 92586e955358b72⋯.png (115.39 KB, 250x395, 50:79, 0120a9ba4f2fda81c678634708….png)

You failed at the initial post, it's too long and thought out to be so stupid. You should be fired

>Everyone, except for me, posting itt is a fucking retard.

Google myopia. It's the frequency of blue light from screens. The Jews don't do anything to you that you don't let them do. Name yourselves and the faggots you are for bring fooled by everything

839051  No.12696447


Sliding does not work. How many times does this have to be pointed out?

bb2cc2  No.12696525

File: 8397d2dcde4d8a4⋯.png (187.91 KB, 1130x840, 113:84, 839.png)

Here's a related article. I guess Chinkland has skyrocketing nearsightedness among the youth.



ec9a43  No.12696548


>Chinkland has skyrocketing nearsightedness among the youth.

>toxins in the food

>toxins in the water

>toxins in the air

>toxins in fucking everything

No shit. Look up asthma and rickets statistics in China, you'll be dumbstruck.

7fd7b9  No.12696652


>illconceived procedure

It's not a "medical procedure".

It came from a literal industrial accident. Some guy in a french university/research center in the 60's was calibrating a laser and literally put his eye on level with the output when someone else turned it on.

They rushed him to the Quinze-Vingts (Oldest ophthalmology hospital on the planet, not because of that but simply because it was the closest hospital) and there the doctors were amazed that it had burned a perfect circle in the back of his eye, from this they had the idea to burn off tissue to correct the angles in your eyes.

But the thing is it's still leave scar, and scar tissue, especially of burnt tissue, evolves unpredictably.

c1c25b  No.12697562

File: 7467a436cc6c4b9⋯.png (278.9 KB, 589x555, 589:555, 1530308383906.png)


> when I started getting them to come with me on hikes their vision improved

But I still don't get it. They had to remove their glasses when hiking to get their vision improved or do they had their vision improved even when hiking with their corrective glasses?

dd1cee  No.12700453

File: f2570062c563eb0⋯.pdf (2.16 MB, No BS guide to Vision Impr….pdf)

18 pages and free. It's worth your time any money to read this.

029909  No.12700516

I'm going to tell you all right now why this happens. PAY ATTENTION. This is the most important post in this thread:

Grains. This is why people are going blind. We are not supposed to be eating grains in the first place especially not the Monsanto Glyphosate GMO kind we have today.

Never eat grains if you know what's good for you. Someone on a ketogenic diet will never go blind.

029909  No.12700526

If you want to know more about Grains (and sugar) causing blindness start with the ketogenic YouTubers such as Dr Eric Berg or others. No I do not have a specific video but they do mention it occasionally.

e321cc  No.12700939

>tfw realizing I'm the only one in my group of friends who doesn't wear glasses

>even our girlfriends use glasses

I have been noticing more and more people needing glasses this day and age. Why is that?

7530cb  No.12700967

File: ed9a93292ff43da⋯.png (730.22 KB, 1731x966, 577:322, answers.png)

The eye is a muscle, it needs nutrients and exercise, both of which the modern american eye lacks.

7cc706  No.12701012


>I found it funny that there aren't that many kikes in opthalmology as opposed to, say, dentistry

The guy that does my eye examinations is a goy, but the guy that handles selling the frames is a Jew. Funny thing is, he doesn't act like a kike, he suggested to me cheaper frames of a similar style than the ones I was looking at. Unless him pushing cheaper frames to me is some elaborate kike scam.

a82924  No.12701034


This is retarded, I had perfect vision up until the 6th grade when someone sprayed sharpy whiteboard eraser into my eye as a joke causing me to lose a lot at such a young age. The reasoning is the radiation from the light that comes from computers, phones, and almost all the technology we use which is slowly killing us all. Granted its hypocritical for me to say this to an extent but humanity should not be dependent on our creations it should be the other way around.

fbfc80  No.12701043

File: 6dbed1465994e82⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1….jpg)


You must be new

7cc706  No.12701092


There are very, very few things that are wrong with the world that you could honestly not place Jews as the blame.

f98c49  No.12701476

Stop wearing glasses, go outside more and inside less and go hiking if you can and read book outside.

Not hard incel dweller.

ce96c8  No.12701491

File: b7405e6434aa44e⋯.jpg (205.9 KB, 960x880, 12:11, f958ed1456138ff7429f8de473….jpg)


Try harder

a597d1  No.12701569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here is a good video on reversing bad eyeight. With a bit of proof as well. You don't need to buy any books, just watch and practice.

I highly suggest giving it a shot

dfae40  No.12701588



So does this mean we are we officially allowed to spam and ban evade now?

6dba9b  No.12701591


Dude, compound interest usury stands behind like 90% od all problems ever, and guess who invented and incorporated it for thousands of years.

6750d9  No.12701672


>Somehow, I extremely doubt that people in the 16th century were that blind, not even close.

Natural selection man. just kill the weak (or leave them to die in the wild).

6750d9  No.12701678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he doesn't know bout disruptive technology

720d8d  No.12701689

It could be "natural" in the sense that requiring glasses might be a naturally selected trait as a result of an artificial environment. In other words, maybe the Jews aren't making us need glasses, but simply manipulating our culture into one that values blindness as a positive trait.

Maybe the need for glasses is a result of soft "eugenics" and intentionally dysgenic practices.

They are incentivizing the selection of negative traits, and they have done so for decades. By doing this, they manipulate natural selection, so that we evolve into something inferior to our ancestors.

Why are we taught to accept, and even love low-functioning autistic retards, while simultaneously being told to demonize and ostracize high-functioning autistic geniuses? Why do advertisements, manstream media, and pop-culture magazines constantly target good, masculine men as some sort of oppressive monster, while propping up a bunch of faggots, beta-males, and literal cucks as the "superior man?" The Jews push inferiority as a high-status feature because they want our women to select for negative traits.

90a286  No.12701699


maybe not but they certainly take full advantage. interesting thread.

6750d9  No.12701701

File: 35e8086e5a6d051⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4353.jpg)


>Why do advertisements, manstream media, and pop-culture magazines constantly target good, masculine men as some sort of oppressive monster, while propping up a bunch of faggots, beta-males, and literal cucks as the "superior man?

This only happens for the last 30 years.

b07f93  No.12701932

This board gets more boomertarded every day.


Of course, that's what it is. Not bad diet that makes you fat, feminized, and diabetic because it's cheap and gives you health problems you can buy prescriptions for. Not genetics nor age. Not physical damage. It's those damned new fangled computer thingies!

Fucking nu/pol/.

5c161e  No.12702183

What do I look like, a fucking optometrist, OP? Oh right, you can't see. Maybe there's some nigger bux out there for you. Or at least a free pair of eyeglasses :D

How about you provide a citation for this, 'almost all of the population' claim?

7cf38c  No.12703277

7cf38c  No.12703300


What about stigmatisms?

7cf38c  No.12703312


It makes sense. Human eyesight didn’t develope to read in comfort near a fire it developed outside engaging in survival like actions. I would wager bad eyesight requiring correctional lenses has strongly correlated with increased proficiency in reading/writing and more recently entertainment

c6bd2c  No.12703404

>have perfect vision till 7th grade

>start playing final fantasy XI online for hours on end

>need glasses halfway through the year

REEEEEEEE. On the bright side, it started as -1.25 on both eyes and at 27 I'm still on about -1.5 on both eyes.

b3d983  No.12703484

File: f3e02fc54951d4d⋯.jpg (190.79 KB, 550x750, 11:15, f3e02fc54951d4ddd97611602f….jpg)

I call bullshit, people used to have better vision yes, but that is because natural selection was very much a thing 100 years ago.

And even if they didnt, how would they notice since most where illiterate? The main reason we need so many glasses now is simply because, most westerners are literate and read on a daily basis.

Jews may be involved indirectly in the lower life quality of whites because all the chems they inject into everything, but I do not believe it makes even a small difference.

976414  No.12703587


are those prescription-less, i'm-smart-not-a-thug glasses?

c85e8e  No.12703659

How do you know people always had better vision? Glasses haven't been available to most people until about 100 years ago. Maybe people didn't have great vision, they just dealt with their shit vision

0f07f5  No.12705357

File: 30ffd93f6193b18⋯.png (131.39 KB, 349x356, 349:356, 1534655769046.png)

ea5a56  No.12707113


What about when you pull your eyes chinky-like and you can see perfectly clear? What's that all about? If I hold the position will my sight improve?

027b7a  No.12708116


>What about when you pull your eyes chinky-like and you can see perfectly clear?

"Perfectly clear" is exaggerating, but I've discovered that myself too. I wouldn't advice doing that though, you might end up with the eye kin of a 150 years old grandpa if you do it too often.

971453  No.12708247

No cholesterol in infant food. Breast milk has all its cholesterol up taken by babby and this early life shortage has longer impact problems,

ed64c0  No.12708600

File: 8416f040242502c⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 861x333, 287:111, 3a33b826f5b49ccfb94dd0dd2d….jpg)

File: 369d9cc7989f0c8⋯.jpg (194.6 KB, 900x620, 45:31, 369d9cc7989f0c8476ef3262de….jpg)

File: 966f0c68b0f9b8d⋯.jpeg (113.36 KB, 460x576, 115:144, 08090970860860.jpeg)

File: 756c548b3ca3d5d⋯.jpg (246.38 KB, 500x533, 500:533, 1234878797880808080808.jpg)


Not to get all philosophical on you guys but the myopia isn't just physical. The nearsightedness shows in every step our fellow whites make against themselves and it's tiresome how fucking stupid they all are. Mother nature abhors a vacuum, their empty heads are filled with ZOG which just so happens to be a suicide program.

17bc05  No.12708810


That's boomer shit.

>muh evolved to

It may not have been computers, but man has read by artificial light for centuries, millenia, since the dawn of man and the harnessing of fire and development of written language. Evolution would have accounted for it. You boomertardedly jump to tech being the problem, just like boomers blame the kid visiting sites on the internet for the computer being slow and broken, while it's actually the boomer clicking scam ads and infecting it with 30 viruses and 5 browser toolbars. Luddite retard shit. Look to the actual cause. With the plethora of information around showing how bad diet and artificial foods massively negatively affect the human body's health and energy, you'd sooner blame tech than diet and health?

027b7a  No.12708845


Fire isn't considered an "artificial" lighting.

b8677b  No.12709076



To add, you'll need 2 pairs of different glasses by the time you're 40.

17bc05  No.12709086



ebcf3f  No.12711875


Fucking this. Get your hands on blue light blocker glasses. And get out in the sun. Crucial.

d46ef7  No.12711897

File: 35e20557ccb0ed4⋯.png (641.04 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 067743ebb808dc669c523b9789….png)

48fc18  No.12712545


Yeah, vaccines.

be35f4  No.12712779


>Get your hands on blue light blocker glasses.

I wouldn't trust optician's gimmicks features.

bf4fd8  No.12718832


ca3552  No.12719071


Fuck, that one actually took me a second.

bf4fd8  No.12719304

c919bb  No.12719396

Much of what I see reminds me of a book I read as a child. Aliens invade a town, but none of the locals seem to notice anything strange. The main character takes a local girl with him, and seconds after seeing a group of the aliens, she forgets. This leads to the discovery of a device in the brain that prevents any paranormal activity from being recalled. People today act the same. I would be a 3 hour fully extensively researched and put together presentation on the Holocaust and the facts of it would have no effect of the minds of anyone watching

958e9a  No.12722974

-2.5 here.

It's quite simple really. There are 2 factors. First, our ancestors spent millions of years growing up outdoors and looking for danger and prey on the horizon. Average focusing distance would have been at least 100m, if not 400 when taking into account looking at the sky or extreme horizon all the time. Now we grow up indoors, looking at toys, books and computers. Average horizon distance is maybe 5m to the wall. Going outside even 21 hours a week isn't enough to counteract this. Especially as when we're outside we don't have to scan the far landscape for danger or prey, and usually don't have a long view available. We're just looking at the ball we're playing with or the nearby trees etc.

Second factor is psylocibin. Again our ancestors spent millions of years eating psylocibin mushrooms growing in the dung of the prey they tracked. They would have microdosed several days a week their entire lives. Psylocibin increases visual accuity, and works as a better neurotransmitter than serotonin. The human brain may ave come to rely on it for good vision. Kind of like how if you use a pillow, your neck muscles get atrophied, our use of psylocibin made our natural optic nerves weak, as they could afford to be weak, being supplemented by this readily available chemical. Evolution cuts all unneccesary energy expenditure. So as today we have 0 psylocibin in our diet growing up, we can't develop as good vision.

9ec78e  No.12723091


>has human vision been affected by chronically staring at backlit, restricted areas at fixed distances?

no, not at all. now go get lasik, faggot

fc3a66  No.12727239



Yeah, get your eye mutilated goy.

7d81ae  No.12727250


I wish this were even slightly true

>tfw -8.50 and high astigmatism passed genetically from my mongoloid mother

e02620  No.12729897


what is the Bates method ?

cdd3a8  No.12729965

File: 2271b0f036e893f⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 728x900, 182:225, 2-ben-turpin-1874-1940-gra….jpg)

In the good old days nobody needed glasses..

085999  No.12730022

File: e44471e978f4279⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1024x737, 1024:737, ClipboardImage.png)


I heard it's from the old monitors and televisions

using cathode ray tubes it's literally like staring into a light bulb constantly, new monitors and smartphones light is not that strong anymore.

fe7839  No.12730302


No, it's perfectly fine to do.

Another even better trick is to take your hand and put it in the shape of holding a pencil, with just a little hole in between your fingers, put that hole up to your eye and try to look at something like through a telescope, much higher definition.

ee3427  No.12730340


i cant wait for that hells disney channel

maybe captain power got a fourth season

bfac97  No.12752176


c9e534  No.12752179

File: 2ee0b7edf16dd86⋯.png (421.3 KB, 553x827, 553:827, 2ee0b7edf16dd86c6780a06929….png)



73d9a6  No.12752302

File: 811393478662493⋯.png (32.83 KB, 681x414, 227:138, 1.png)


You're not only wrong, you, in jewish tradition, have reversed the truth. A lack of sunlight damages eyesight.


73d9a6  No.12752308




1920 version

00dbee  No.12752328

It's because we spend too much time indoors looking at nearby objects.

Spend more time outside looking at stuff far away. Your eyes won't degenerate as quickly.

1fb278  No.12767465

Good thread.

9262af  No.12774367

I do think it's because of the lack of sunlight exposure. You can clearly see a correlation in a person who barely spends time outside and myopia. Try East Asia for example. A lot of it's population barely go outside(especially Japan) which resulted in a large amount of people having to wear glasses.

Children these days also barely go outside to play as they already have their tablet/laptop to entertain them and communicate with their friends.

Personally I also believe this hypothesis as 3 of my siblings and I barely get out to play since we're used to using our gadgets to entertain us, But my only sibling who don't have myopia is an outgoing person that used to play sports the entire day when he was a teenager. And I think that made him immune to myopia even if he's playing on his computer all day in his late 20s.

696abe  No.12779507

File: 34fbfc70e4b72d6⋯.png (30.97 KB, 250x323, 250:323, MFTB Cover 2016 Front 250 ….png)


Okay /pol/, hear me out on this one. I get that this sounds pretty weird, but the more I've looked into it, the more I can't deny it being legitimate.

So what am I talking about exactly?

Your body, mind, and spirit are all connected and effect each other. If one of them gets "injured" the others will become injured as well, until the original "wound" is healed, or if the secondary injury is solved without solving the root, eventually the problem will come back, in some shape or form. (an example of this would be a cancer patient who shortly after getting rid of one types of cancer, get a different cancer.)

Anyways, if you are denying things, it will result in a corresponding part of the body getting "sick".

All the books on this subject I've read (like Messages from the Body by Michael J. Lincoln ) all say that bad eyesight is connected to not wanting to see things they way they are, in some way or another.

For example, people who have trouble seeing things far away are wanting to ignore/not see the incoming future.

People who have trouble with seeing things that are near, want to ignore the present.

And how does this line up with the new adage that "all 40 year olds need glasses"?

Simple, because by around 40 or so, most adults have seen evidence of how our beautiful countries are being turned into shit holes, and they would rather be "politically correct" and in turn injure their "spiritual eyes" leading to their physical eyes needing aid.

0fbe82  No.12797708


Top 3 Dangers of LED Lights

> LEDs emit nonanalog light that typically has excessive blue frequencies. Regular exposure, especially after sunset, will contribute to worsening of sleep and an increase in disease

> When using LEDs, you might end up with increased cellular damage and decreased repair and regeneration

> You have cells in your retina responsible for producing melatonin, which regenerates the retina during the night. If you use LED lights after sunset, you reduce the regenerative and restoring capacities of your eyes, raising your risk for macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness

> LED light can exacerbate chronic disease of all kinds by promoting mitochondrial dysfunction and suppressing energy production in your cells

> LED light, including that from electronic screens, suppresses melatonin production, thereby disrupting sleep, which also has far-reaching health consequences


dbf258  No.12797728

File: 58e77b8c71bf3e9⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 882x960, 147:160, 4bb799e9acdd0a7be8fab8e04f….jpg)


This holy shit. I started doing active focus in college and my vision got so much better. I thought it was BS, but I had a moment where I could actually read something a couple of meters away. Once you get better at it, you can just see clearer without even having to do it.

c08844  No.12797812

File: 7161d7253affe2f⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 434x208, 217:104, The Look.jpg)


I'm an eye model; they have to be in tip top shape always. Even though written before computers, LED TV screens, LED lightbulbs, "smart" phones, the kept-secret bates Method rules!

1920 Original Version:

The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses

by Bates, William Horatio, 1860-1931

PDF, mobi, EPUB versions all available for free download without having to provide an email address


000000  No.12798702

Perhaps, from a karmic point of view, we are paying the price of our shortsightedness and refusal to see the truth?

So Nature said, fine, you don't want to see.

000000  No.12799306


Totally fishy.

892b7c  No.12808769


> Jewish induced ?

your thread maybe

9ebde5  No.12810501


> sunlight exposure.


237838  No.12810569


automation / white collar induced. if you don't use it you lose it. if you're not scouting distant objects your distance vision goes to shit. we all read paper and more recently screens that are very close so that's the only range we really practice. if you drive a lot your distance vision is bound to be okay since you practice it while driving. my own vision is perfect up close and gets gradually worse from there. this fits my lifestyle. I don't drive enough to count that as vision training. and lately I've been having trouble reading highway signs as they only start looking sharp once I have little time left to actually read them. I simply don't spend enough time outside looking at distant things.

237838  No.12810791


give me some bullet points. surely I don't need to read a book to learn the one or two tricks to training vision.

9848d0  No.12833705


As a child i complained about having blotches that stay in my vision from light sources, i was called a liar, given all sorts of patches, eye drops tons of bullshit – eventually i was given an operation they took out and cut into the lense of my eyes. This was in the early 80's btw. Now its a certified condition and said to be a normal non issue thing.

I have a line scare across the vision in both eyes and at 16 was told my vision is worse than many pensioners, I stopped wearing glasses, forced myself to 'balance' my vision by using both eyes properly and make sure i read in good light. Still get the splotches and every now and then my vision will very rapidly oscillate left to right other than that its fine.

tldr fuck eye care.

9848d0  No.12833713

Holy shit - lots of us here huh, weird.

a3df57  No.12833718


I wonder how many more boomer "it's the durn cumpooters hurtin muh eyes" posters have posted since last time

03eff6  No.12833856

File: 51ceb45ee5cbf33⋯.jpeg (8.59 KB, 300x200, 3:2, jews hate zinc.jpeg)


> ctrl-f "zinc"

> 0 results

Have all of you learned nothing yet? At least OP raised the possibility of nutrtion being a factor. I would expect to not see beta-carotene, but thought at least one person would say zinc. I kinda expected to read vitamin A here, and I'm a little disappointed there too. Not even, "just eat carrots."

The eyes are extremely sensitive to many things, to toxic substances, to lack of nutrients, and can be used to diagnose deficiencies. They are a muscle, and muscles degrade in the case with deficiencies.

You probably at least heard of the massive loss of nutrients associated with fapping. Folk medicine used to say that a man with poor vision is a masturbator. When a man ejaculates he loses tons of zinc, since zinc is primarily used to manufacture what's found in semen. Zinc is used in tons of other areas of the body, since it is the mineral the body uses to enact cell division.

This brings me to the link between the skin (and hair) and the eyes. Skin health usually reflects the level of or lack of zinc. For instance, the lack of skin moisture usually has to do with low zinc. Vitamin A is important for skin and eye health. Zinc quite literally transports vitamin A from the liver to where it needs to go in the body, such as the eye.

So what about carrots? It contains beta-carotene. Carotenoids are phytonutrients that the body uses to improve skin (eye) health. Beta-carotene is one, and both Lutein and Zeaxanthin fulfill the same role in different ways. Fun fact, you want carotenoids as a man. Carotenoids like lycopene are extremely beneficial to prostate health.

d2fd4f  No.12833879

Ok anons I have no proof but a soviet jew doctor I knew who practiced occult shit claimed eye damage was made by glasses and screens and had eye exercises that could fix it.

It involved massaging around the eyes to stimulate bloodflow and then alternating focus on near and far objects for a few minutes at a time. She used distant mountains vs a nearby candle or held up finger as an example.

I haven't done them myself but apparently I'd be able to fix -2.5 -2.75 within a few months doing this. I also didn't find much on it looking around.

35e934  No.12833953


Believe what you want.

Reading a lot has a deteriorating effect on your eyesight, fixating your focal point extended periods of time leads to an unevenness in the muscular system in charge of your lenses.

It's like only doing curls in the gym, you get it.

I rarely see the radiation factor being considered though. Even small amounts of exposure to radiation has been proven to take a toll on eyesight.

While most of us may have been screwed up by gameboy's/comics/books, the newer generations of children are, in addition to that, constantly being exposed to tiny amounts of radiation in form of smartphones,

televisions, just pretty much every electronic device has some type of wireless function nowadays. While these may not cause any significant harm on their own, add them all together and it'll surely add up to something.

Glasses and contacts are obviously just treating the symptom and is in by no means a solution to the problem, they may however, as mentioned, worsen the problem.

2c4048  No.12833961

I think it's because of phones, computer screens, and diet tbh.

2c4048  No.12833964


>Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Hi jew

7cc706  No.12837503


Plenty of zinc in meat.

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