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File: 6777ea8e1e2f06c⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, redblue_pill.jpg)

54feab  No.12697413

It's that time again. It's the time to see how many glow in the dark niggas are on right now.

What is t.avistock? It quote "applies social science to contemporary issues and problems." end quote

But they go farther than that… much farther.

They came up when I first started discussing about Bearenstein/Bearenstain. Something about a bump on the head and proficiency in math.

Well, you came close to the truth last time, let's see what happens this time

e44c83  No.12697415

Did this have to do with GATE as well?

91cd8c  No.12697420

File: 51466acd3acf709⋯.png (377.62 KB, 403x686, 403:686, 51466acd3acf70910c66283e04….png)

9a104c  No.12697421































54feab  No.12697422


Very good anon. You remember.

Do you also remember the red pill/ green pill threads?

512d3b  No.12697423

File: 26a64007ceef076⋯.png (768.25 KB, 1172x791, 1172:791, 5ce14c119bcdd9ec23c843ac79….png)



54feab  No.12697429

I see my efforts were not in vain.

Remember /pol/. Remember everything that transpired when I started talking about the Stain/Stein universes

913e8a  No.12697438

So most of the founders were british milititary psychiatrists with some of them being psychoanalysts. Rockefellers invested into it and one of the founders was in charge of the medical care of Rudolf Hess. Also the headquarters is on Tabernacle St Which is kind of interesting. How is Michael Aquino related to it i forget.

e618fa  No.12697442


Something like 4 years ago an anon said he was going to Tavistock, does anyone know what happened to him?

54feab  No.12697447


He got memory hole'd.

So far so good. You're hitting on some good points but you need to focus on why it was created and what it actually does today.

(((They))) may or may not have something to do with programming people. That was never made clear to me.

Keep digging

97f0b4  No.12697457


Wait, that word is still filtered? wtf

e4b757  No.12697461

its always been Bearenstain … do you have a book to prove it wrong

63bdf2  No.12697466

The topics that summon shills are as follows but not limited to…

White Genocide



the dark overlords 911 ransom hack

5G kill grid

Ancient Aryans threads

Kek/meme magic

Hitler and national socialism was pagan threads.

CIA spying on american citizens threads

Countering shills threads

Gamergate threads and gamergate history threads

Any online activism of any sort or any plans to raid

/baph/ posting

911 truth threads

Holyhoax threads

sandy hoax threads

boston bombing threads

traynigger threads and any nigger riot threads

Any threads discussing the NDAA and patriot act, and subsequent spying by the NSA

Threads demonstrating that the NSA/CIA/FBI have tracking software installed in both 4chan and 8chan (they do niggers)

threads talking about how /pol/ has deradicalized since the election

any threads talking about trumps betrayal and selling us out

Any trad thot threads, lauren southern, wife with purpose, evalion est est

any threads talking about russia in a positive light

any threads exposing israel's spying program and domination of the western cyber security industry (a fantastic idea that totally will not lead to disaster)

Big Pharma's jewish problem

Hollywood being entirely jewish run

Congress/senate being jewish run/owned

Hillary clinton emails

john podesta emails

Weaponization of space

54feab  No.12697471


I was just trying to avoid bots and people searching for that word.

Taking a look at /pol/ a lot of the stuff being posted is designed to deflect and get away from any sort of actual discussion. Two new threads talking about "important topics" have been posted since I started this thread.

Y'all glow in the dark niggas got me last time around but this time, your overlords are going to burn. The revolution will happen whether or not you want it to. Threads like these are going to keep popping up.

Remember anons, the dark is darkest before the dawn

512d3b  No.12697476

File: 83e9d54fac7adda⋯.pdf (63.38 KB, The Toronto Protocols.pdf)


/pol/ is able to tap into a pathos that has been programmed into clownworld, planted into them through collective false memories called 'media'– often popping their trauma cherry too soon with a simple imaginary. For the lulz of course.

T.ravistock has been prepping and wearing away at White societies to usher in a terrible world disorder, a mass mind control type event(s).

Basically they're trying to make a 'story' they so choose play out, one in which they come out on top and the masses see it as their only way out. If we live in a subjective reality– we might be living on a human farm to use our generative force to manifest their empire of nightmares.

54feab  No.12697478


But then why did people even think of Bearenstein in the first place?

Why does the Mandela effect exist?

There is something wrong with our timeline and "they" correct it subtly so the big discrepancies tide over better for the masses. T.avistock is some of the people doing this


now you've done it. you just had to post about white genocide

54feab  No.12697488


then you know about the thought matrix we live in? and how our puppet masters serve overlords even darker than them?

I see that the Big Guys were successful in spreading throughout the world and spreading the idea that all that we see is just an idea.

T.avistock will fall.

The alphabet agencies will be purged

e4b757  No.12697496


>Mandela effect exist

does it … I mean its an idea that people talk about. Its like asking "why does liberalism exist" , its a name assigned to a thought.

It is qute possible that its a CIA created idea, but also could be 9/11. This question really doesnt bring about anything significant.

> think of Bearenstein in the first place

I dont know dude, I never fucking read any of those books and only faggots read those books. You are litreally being trolled, this shit matters little.

9/11 , sandy hook, bearenfags … what should you really spend your time on???

>There is something wrong with our timeline

agent 1: Jim its not working we have to go to the final plan.

agent 2: You dont mean ….

agent 1: Yes, we must change children book titles, its the only way

agent 2: Well lets start with bearenstien, I never like that shit anyways

agent 1: You mean bearenstain right?

agent 2: No its bearenstien

agent 1: Not any more …

agent 1 + 2: muh .. muha … muwahhahahahahhahahaha

512d3b  No.12697501


I know dimensions are like pages in a very oddly shaped book, atoms are composed of mostly nothing and the ghosts at the north pole.

54feab  No.12697504


How bout we go back to t.avistock hmm?

Something about them makes a thread shut down everytime.

Could be that we were never supposed to find out the connection between GATE and tavistock.

000000  No.12697505


Glowniggers and their lefty lapdogs could never meme properly.

512d3b  No.12697507


That's because they are memes.

e4b757  No.12697508


you mean b.avistock right?

its b.avistock

e4b757  No.12697512


puppet lords serve overmasters even even more gurped than the alpha beta

54feab  No.12697513


Ghosts at the north pole?


Dimensions are lot thinner than we think. And they can be manipulated by massive amounts of energy. Like concentrated willpower.

Get enough people to believe in something and it happens.

Meme magick as it were.

ddf771  No.12697515


Aquino publicised the psychological warfare which the institute was doing the whole time. (He 'wrote the book on it', called MindWar) I guess that they found it is more effective when people are told it's happening.

54feab  No.12697521


Aquino was also thought to be involved with thought control programs. Like monarch

e4b757  No.12697525


agent 1: Jim I sucessfully mind fucked the perp but hes so stupid 10 minutes later he started talking about chicken tendies

agent 2: next time once you get his attention post a smug anime face , call him a kike and tell him about what you are doing

agent 1: why would that work

agent 2: the mind fuckery must take the shape of their natural environment, conspiracies and anime

54feab  No.12697536


Why do you refuse to talk about "them"? Is it against your programming?

Fellow GATErs try to remember those hazy periods when you were taken out of your classrooms.

Hit and run tactics failed. now the derailing begins

6e1e00  No.12697538

File: 43e00227fbd2bef⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 147.13 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 43e00227fbd2bef3c310c8cbd4….gif)


The Tavistock Foundation is group of philanthropists that just want to make the world a better place. The only people who think it's something nefarious are obese lunatic shut ins who surf the web 24 hours a day and watch Chinese animation cartoons in their underwear.

Grow up. Try making a positive difference in the world instead of inventing conspiracy theories to make yourself feel like an important detective.

e4b757  No.12697542


just making jokes bro … If anything I am bumping the thread and bringing attention to it.

But help refresh my memory, any hints to "them"???

e4b757  No.12697543

54feab  No.12697558


I admit, I haven't been doing my duties as a /pol/ack over the years since I first got the connection started between GATE and tavistock.

In short I've, been doing what they wanted. Being a good little goy that doesn't upset people. Except for a blip, where I was reminded of my place by those around me.

I suppose you could start by going to their website and seeing what you could find on there.

By nature, these things tend to be kept under the rug.


Wow just wow.

Very thought provoking, bravo. I will not investigate anymore into tavistock after being insulted by a random shill/ glow in the dark nigga

d77c53  No.12697559

File: 92f000ad1686f81⋯.pdf (2.15 MB, John Coleman-Tavistock Ins….pdf)

Oh look, it's your favorite book.

6e1e00  No.12697561

File: 55fa6ff295f7d98⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 125.52 KB, 680x684, 170:171, 33cc05ae37559c8f2820ecb4e1….png)

File: b7f0be24ce0095f⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 616 B, 40x40, 1:1, bypa.gif)

54feab  No.12697581

See anons? If we don't talk about tavistock they win.

I hope you see the obvious derailing for what really is. A distraction from a no-no topic.

I'm going to go to bed but I shall return.

I hope more constructive posting happens

c7764c  No.12697615

Jason Lucas banned all mention of t a v i s t o c k on his site. He works as a glownigger.

e4b757  No.12697618

File: bd7dbc8fd669a68⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 218x231, 218:231, smani.jpg)


tavistock doesnt exist , you are trying to will it into existance througth the nelson mandela doctrine


f5bc3b  No.12697684


0/10 shill tbh

6e1e00  No.12697690

File: 4c19056c74d9992⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.39 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, 4c19056c74d9992c70cb677449….jpg)


He isn't wrong, though. This entire "Tavistock" thing is a mouth breather's head canon that he's been trying to meme into existence by spamming imageboards and reddit with endless slide threads about "muh Tavistock".

It would be more productive to gut a beanbag chair and eat the pellets therein than sink any time into "researching" The Tavistock Foundation.

972d19  No.12697704


Truth doesn't fear investigation.

7c7646  No.12697707


What am I investigating, exactly? What did this group do, and what is the reason to believe (i.e. evidence) they did this? Genuinely curious.

20595a  No.12697744

File: eb8ed9cb1a54282⋯.png (273.07 KB, 499x546, 499:546, eb8ed9cb1a5428271ade2e5886….png)


wtf I love tavistock now

e4b757  No.12697753



e4b757  No.12697756


and checked

e4b757  No.12697760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a shill like me wouldnt even waste a good meme on a limp anon like you

get comcast cable then well talk

fcc57e  No.12697798



Are you saying Tavistock created the Mandela Effect, and it's not just a psy-op to fuck with people, but an actual thing of fucking with the fabric of reality?

I had never heard of Berenstain/Berenstein bears before the Mandela Effect stuff, but I'm certain Interview with a Vampire used to be "a", not "the" vampire, back in the nineties.

>Something about a bump on the head and proficiency in math.


e4b757  No.12697804


pics of berenstain book or gtfo

fcc57e  No.12697811


Kill yourself, nigger. You can't even read.


>a shill like me wouldnt even waste a good meme on a limp anon like you

At least you admit to being a shill. I appreciate that.

c63950  No.12697893

They have been engineering the subversive and toxic memes since their inception, various movements, political groups, popular culture, cults, etc. all made to degenerate the white man and enforce Jewish supremacy and control. The entire Anglo-Zionist world order is built upon psychological control and lies, original /pol/ made a dent in that control so they had to shut it down.png. For a brief moment, we were more powerful than all the shady Zionist think-tanks combined. If their house of cards built upon mental control crumbles, they are powerless. You will notice the lack of investigation threads (with the exception of ones designed to distract towards false leads like Q), meme threads, activism threads, any kind of content that would upset the (((gatekeepers)))

Their current plan is to introduce hyperreality (look it up if you don't know what it is) and make people completely oblivious to the truth. They are not changing the reality (Berenstein etc.), they are messing with your perception of it. Echo-chambers like nu-/pol/ are only a part of the project.

c63950  No.12697922


Aquino was not a high-profile individual, he helped develop the psychological warfare operations for the US military and some agencies, but it was only a part of the spectrum, they utilize total psychological control of occupied countries in order to reduce military expenses (Take Germany, the relatively small presence of US troops, and almost total control they have there for example, mostly through "civilian" structures). They aim for control of all institutions, backed by various NGO's etc. In essence, it's not very different from military strategy where you use planes to take out defensive structures, artillery and snipers to support infantry, etc. They believe that this type of warfare is more "humane" , which is ridiculous. But it is no longer the US in question, these kikes have a global network present in almost every country in the world operating to ensure their control and the subservience of every nation and individual to the rabbinical court.


Control of the mental domain. Plain and simple.


They have bots that spam tabloid fodder every time a sensitive subject is being discussed. Second trigger (if that fails) is preventing the access to the site, either on the client or the server side.


We live in hard, objective reality, but the one that can be affected subjectively.


Reality could be warped with sufficient mental force. (Everything is mind, but it's not subjective as they would lead you to believe, objectivity is enforced by passive, unconscious mental particles that build up the rest of the universe) Wishful and subjective thinking will make you powerless, it's knowledge on how to manipulate the objective that they don't want people to obtain.


>The Tavistock Foundation is group of philanthropists that just want to make the world a better place

for them and their Jewish handlers

Can you explain the newspeak to me? What kind of effect was it supposed to accomplish? You know, democracy being tyranny, freedom being slavery, deranged psychopaths being philanthropists etc?

fcc57e  No.12697929


>You will notice the lack of investigation threads

The absence of the Pizzagate stickies are a dead giveaway. Obvious slide threads, multiple threads with similar slidey topics are allowed to stay up. There are many threads with lazy, pointless OPs that stay up. The mods are obvious kikes.

c63950  No.12697941


At least they don't outright ban everyone like kikey did. But if we reached the old /pol/ exposure levels, I'm certain they would be forced to do so as well.


This thread was created some minutes ago, pure coheincidence

fcc57e  No.12697945


>This thread was created some minutes ago, pure coheincidence

I noticed.

2bbc6a  No.12697989

File: 4531caa8b7bb8d9⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, DFFC7CD8-F459-4031-A01B-D5….png)


>Low Level

Lt Col michael aquino advised the Joint cheifs of staff for two presidents. Look up operation pheonix (vietnam psy op). Also, fuck the Glowies, Also RIP Mae Brussell. Some of us believe she was murder for exposing his connections to the presidio day care center and CRA there. How do kids end up with STD’s? How can an 8 Y/O recall rooms in his home and recognize him and his cunt-witch-Wife at a base PX and that not be enough for a supeona? Oh right, the entire system is rigged by (((them))) so they can fuck children and no one gives a shit. Great.

5d53d4  No.12698030


>But then why did people even think of Bearenstein in the first place?

Is your IQ above 100? It's made up of 2 words that have multiple spellings, meanings, pronunciations and are commonly confused. Put them together and the word itself is a mindfuck.

000000  No.12698043




>agent 2: the mind fuckery must take the shape of their natural environment

I mean for fuck's sake the memes just make themselves, all we do is surf through it. They don't understand, they still don't, they never will.

Scalar waves motherfuckers, our energy is so juxtoposed to theirs any attack from them is neutralized. Like noise-canceling, but you know, for anti-kike activities. Now, to amplify our frequency and send the energy in the other direction.

You know why G4T3 was there for. We didn't fit their mold. It was there to shape the future leaders.Look where those classmates are now. They're all in the ladders, and the rest are, well, here, leading a whole 'nother ladder.

000000  No.12698063



They modified things. Because we are not in the same spectrum, and possibly ourselves from a different dimension. They couldn't fix everyone's memory, yet we're here. Some of us are too young for Nelson himself, but we were alive for enough of the other changes. C3RN is another one that changed things faster than ever, creating the weird rift that many feel.

Sex and/in the City. Seth McFarlane is another traveller (whether we like him or not is a different issue) but Family Guy episode that references it in its original name.

df2d80  No.12698378

All these reddit jews.

c63950  No.12698397


The image which you posted kind of hints at the "evil nazi" stereotype. The most likely scenario being that of him being a kike and larping a NS supporter in order to hurt the image of the movement and reinforce the skin lampshade narrative where evil demonic nayzees are running the world and raping children.

The less likely, but plausible scenario being of someone trying to set him up in order to warn him not to make waves. He was a member of CoS and at one point probably realized just how stupid the whole thing is.

Psychological warfare in military operations is rather limited in application compared to it's civilian counterpart. Keeping control of subdued territories is what matters more than occupying them.


I believe that program was made to identify and control potential threats among gifted people, to make them either work for the system or eliminate them. But their ignorance of the more esoteric laws of nature blinded them to the fact that they cannot truly control mental entities way above them on the "ladder" . Wave-forms that transcend both the genetic and memetic environment, yes.


They are manipulating perception and memory, not the reality.

e23832  No.12698419


you remember Aquinas? I do

he came to my school and would only talk to me. Remember those classes where it was just you and they would ask you hypothetical type questions? yeah me too. kind of. it is very blurry. there weren't very many of us. i think i was the only one in my whole school.

that weird eyebrow motherfucker was pure evil

i think the best secret agents would be the ones that don't know they are agents

also i remember the teacher in class getting up, asking me to come to the front of the room to direct class and read to the other students and then she would leave for like 20 min at a time.

i remember the weird nervous laughter and the feeling was like what the fuck? ok then

weird shit

i swear to god i'll burn this whole world down around me and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh

e23832  No.12698432

oh yeah, this goes back to 7th fucking grade in english too when i wrote that opinion paper on what i wanted to do when i grew up. yep the one about fighting an alien invasion with the clone of Adolf Hitler and how i could help save the world. yeah the one that got me into SO MUCH SHIT WITH THE PRINCIPAL and got my parents called in to the school and everything

well well well, how the tables have turned now. anon wasnt full of shit after all

praise fucking Kek and Adolf Hitler and fuck the ( ( ( aliens ) ) ) to death with a fruit bat or a baseball bat, whichever is more horrific

c63950  No.12698669



They also had shills larping as mental patients in every thread raising questions about certain (((institutes))). Just saying.

26aa60  No.12698748


>t. lying kike


Ronald Watkins' hostile takeover of the board because kikey went overboard with bans and started hitting legit natsoc anons I remember getting banned for calling out some kike shill celebrating whites getting killed in hurricane Harvey as much as he did shills really did a number on this board. Note how many investigations like Tavistock, Vegas, Pizzagate, and more just outright disappeared. Instead, you get 30 threads "saving" some racemixing porn star and 15 threads literally funding the enemy with taxpayer money working as an unpaid intern for the feds.


It's such a shame you have so little intellect. Mandela effect isn't about making some spooky stories to share on /x/ in five years. It's documenting how established shit changes and how few people seem to notice it until someone points it out. Whether it's actual interdimensional merges, changes, or swaps, or it's (((you know who))) testing the waters by first changing minuscule things in text and photos to see how far they can push rewriting history, it's an important topic.

000000  No.12698832


I don't remember the exact patents, but remember the TV signalling shit being pushed by Samsung/Google? I don't remember memory being something afftected by those, but then again, its like this bullshit of 60fps tv when you can only see 30 to begin with. Even 4k is justifiably stupid for anything except a projector and a 10ft (~3m) screen.

How much subliminal programming can be pushed via all those extra frames, and never in the content itself, but added as needed by the video decoder which conveniently is also linked to your various accounts (netflix, google, apple, etc). Doesn't seem far fetched that the tracking has never stopped. And for that matter attempts to control/program still have not gone according to plan…at least (((theirs))).

Also, does anyone remember "Leadership Conferences" in middle/high school?

c63950  No.12698878


Kikey was enforcing the /r/Donald spam and other garbage, I got banned for making fun of the golden goy. He literally banned every genuine NS supporter.


Even Goebbels warned about kikes using TV to manipulate consciousness. Extra frames and resolution were more a marketing gimmick, but they do display more information / second. I'm more concerned with various signal emitters.

>And for that matter attempts to control/program still have not gone according to plan…at least (((theirs)))

Not completely, but look at the typical drone consuming those things. With TV it was a one way emission, this way they have a constant feedback and can adjust the content real-time.

362f9a  No.12698893

don't let this thread die boys.

/pol/ wasn't ready for my original threads but you guys sure are ready for these glow in the dark niggas trying to dissuade you from looking into tavistock

c32f7f  No.12698904

Tavistock? Latefag here mind filling me in?

6ead02  No.12698934


FYI it takes like 2 lines of code to detect the use of a period to obfuscate a word and report back such use to the control center.

Same thing with using leet speech/clever substitution. Any NSA fag that doesn't already have functions to detect these doesn't deserve any shekels.

e4b757  No.12698940


its bavistock

bf0481  No.12698952


were there any "newer" gate-like programs?

I seem to have some vague memory of some sort of "gifted" program in elementary.

that and most if not all the girls that "liked" me were jewish for some reason.

26aa60  No.12698979



>actually thinks the human eye operates on framerates at all, let alone such a slow speed as 30

Please kill yourself, as soon as possible.

64c888  No.12698981



GATE was essentially an indoctrination/selection method for initiation and/or control, and most of the anecdotal stories come from the 80s and 90s from what I remember

6ead02  No.12699020


More like faggot thinks frames you CAN'T EVEN SEE (using his logic anyway) can somehow affect you subliminally.

Has no clue how subliminals work, so let's just makeup some shit that sounds technical. Frames per second.

362f9a  No.12699337


it's still fun to think it might make a little difference.


They usually detect the rebels by middle school. My classes were advanced placement. Only super goys were in those classes. People that that didn't think outside the box too much.

I remember coming back from a trailer tho and everyone was watching something on a projector while there was a spinning light. I tried to pay attention but eventually I got a headache. I asked the teacher why there was a spinning light and they immediately stopped the lesson and everyone in the class "snapped out of it".

Nowadays I see the programming everywhere, so I guess the good goy programming wasn't so successful

5c7acf  No.12699342

It's actually average. IQ and attractiveness are well above.

362f9a  No.12699346


They use "social science to contemporary issues and problems."

They mindfuck people basically. And I want you guys to discuss why they're even needed in the first place.

You might even figure out how to unfuck the situation that people like them have gotten us into

7332e4  No.12699390


Glowing in For Duty

bf0481  No.12699750


but selection for what? monarch drones to shoot up places?


so they root out the default bad goys and those that are resistant to indoctrination? so our specialty is that we have a certain level of intelligence that allows us to passively resist their attempts at mind fucking us?


>I remember coming back from a trailer tho and everyone was watching something on a projector while there was a spinning light.

this seems like some horror movie tier shit where all your classmates are actually robots

2e1558  No.12699768

What about senomyx? How does that tie into this?

1c1064  No.12699810



I remember those threads. I decided all the IQ tests they gave me from age 3 to age 12 never happened. I mean they obviously happened, but whoever those people were seemed to have left me the fuck alone since I refused to comply with further testing around age 13.

My parents remember taking me in for the tests, but they won't tell me where, who was testing me, or why they were testing me. I have vague memories of my youngest tests occurring at a place maybe called the Minneapolis Children's Hospital.

b2a880  No.12699854

Do you know of anything like this happening outside the US

I don't think my school had a program but I got into simmilar trouble some annons got in when I was at school,I probably gave (((them))) ammo if they ever go through my esseys and shit

Intersting stuff than anons act the same way from early days,strange govs dont put more money into this

a1c12c  No.12699896

File: 7834612e80df724⋯.jpg (93.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Berenstainsgate.jpg)


Do you think this anime "Steins;Gate" is one big reference to this?

It's literally entirely about Cern and rewriting timelines with some people's memories not updating properly. Overall everyone has this ability to some level, but for most it remains dormant.

000000  No.12699900

I'm having a strange sense of deja vu from this thread. Didn't this use to get posted on cuckchan /x/ back in the day?

b2a880  No.12699916


From wierd shit about my life I remember that my mom took me to some hipnotyst ,from that only remember him sitting acros from me and touching me with some stick/wand

I always assumed it was because of the divorce and some emotional fuckery,I would have to confront her bout this again but I think she already denied once

Taking some IQ test for fun,I also remember going to "memory classes" that werent in my school but a seperate activity

In all schools psychologist always wanted to talk to me

My brother has asperger papers,he acts like a chan user without the politics but I think he faked it for free money,I dont take any pills or have any papers I always assumed our "autism" is of the "fuck off and leave me alone kind" as a result of our parents divorcing when I was 4 which forces you into a redpill free fall of "this world isn't nice" and more importantly "why isnt it nice"(it's like I was pre destined to be here)

I dont consider that disfunction at all and taking pills doesnt solve problems it only makes you accept them like if every thing is fine.My mother calls me crazy for closing doors and taping over cams

This is some fucked up timeline we live in

de0d5e  No.12699918


I think there are AI shillbots that react to key words so it's likely their canned responses that's tripping you fly-by-wire.

000000  No.12699931


It might be. I remember random anons bonding over memories of school recruitment for mk ultra along with some pedo shit or something like that. I didn't take this nonsense seriously then either, makes sense it would be bots posting considering how this thread has the same template.

362f9a  No.12699962




School is the perfect way to find the bad goys. Those who don't follow authority are medicated and monitored. Especially those who are intelligent and don't fit in.

They naturally come to places like these.


I started talking about the nature of the universe and it naturally led to tavistock and the GATE programs in the US.

It could have been posted on cuckchan.


It happened in every "developed" country and still happens today.


Cern is fucking with things it does not know about and it will come back to bite them in the ass

362f9a  No.12699967


Go on. I have not heard about this

e1a9a6  No.12700003


> glow in the dark niggas

said like a true nigger lover

65a57d  No.12700007


Well this really takes the fun out OPs larping doesn't it.

362f9a  No.12700021



hello fellow shills. what shall we derail today? A thread talking about you know what?

Or shall we focus on more easy topics like gun control or white genocide?

Anything but tavistock.

Scary, evil, ever present tavistock

a9460d  No.12700030

Was there kike involvement in the Tavistock Institute? It quite possibly could have started as an honest goy operation and then later, (((they))) had gotten involved.

6efbbc  No.12700035

Can someone give me a quick rundown? This seems pretty interesting

65a57d  No.12700036



How about we read the book some anon kindly provided (and actually looks informative)

000000  No.12700039

To stay on topic, do you still get permabanned from godlike productions if you mention tavistock?

0f4468  No.12700042


>School is the perfect way to find the bad goys. Those who don't follow authority are medicated and monitored. Especially those who are intelligent and don't fit in.

I owe my parents a lot for refusing to dope me up.

a9460d  No.12700043


>get comcast cable then well talk

As a customer of (((Comcast/Xfinity))), I cannot recommend this.

e1a9a6  No.12700056


ok mr reddit

what shall we talk of today?

a9460d  No.12700059


This. But since we're aware of it, we can flip the script on (((them))).

0f4468  No.12700067


There's little point in continuing to look at pizzagate, the connections got chased down, law enforcement predictably did nothing, and noone is willing to throw their life away at this point to kill them.

65a57d  No.12700076


from chapter 32 of said book:

"The only way in which we are going to defeat this powerful and insidious enemy is by educating our people, especially our young people in the Constitution, and by standing fast on our Christian faith. Otherwise, our priceless heritage will be lost, forever. The power that Tavistock wields over this

nation must be broken"

c63950  No.12700077


We had attempts to make such programs, but they did not involve any of the weird stuff that American anons have experienced, just very early education in computer science, math etc. They tried to teach me the basics of programming when I was 12 lol. But that was several years before my country got finally destroyed and enslaved by ZOG, so I think that they were actually trying to help develop gifted children so they become a useful asset for the state and interests of the people.

They (mostly foreign agentur and influencers at the time, entire government today) had various methods of destroying gifted youth though, such as drugs, cults and indoctrination programs tailored to target above-average teenagers, specifically the ones that would show resistance to the "program". Tavistock played a great role in this on a global stage over the decades, and that was the theme of the original threads that we had. Popular culture movements, "counter-culture" movements, all designed to harm the white man and benefit the goals of the globalist jewry.

Their mission is to corrupt and brainwash the children and youth at their most vulnerable stages of development and either 'integrate' the ones with the capacity of critical thinking or ruin and eliminate the undesirables. Especially Aryan children. There were also mentions of the more prominent bump at the back of your head that supposedly served as a resonant box allowing for higher consciousness and perception, and many anons reported having it. I'm not sure how much truth it holds.

One interesting, and potentially related thing that I have noted is that the cities where suicidal or "satanic" cults are most prominent also have both synagogues and larger masonic lodges. Places that don't have one usually don't have the others. Pure coheincidence.

362f9a  No.12700090


Then you're one of the lucky ones. The unlucky ones ended up zombies who did what they were told. Maybe they ended up in places like these but as we can see from mass media, they end up spouting the party line. But if they aren't being medicated to the gills, they can always be converted.

Before I found /new/ in 2004, I wholeheartedly believed in the holocaust. I thought that firearms should only be for hunting and target shooting. In short, I too used to be blue pilled. But then I did a report on how the holocaust didn't happen the way it was told in class and my eyes were opened.

Anyone can be redpilled with the right facts and truths.

That is why we must talk about tavistock and GATE to everyone. But be careful. Some people can't handle the truth

a9460d  No.12700091


True, but if there were a Goebbels today, he would not hesitate to use UHD 4k technology and broadcasting to promote good propaganda to the masses. Early television was utilized by the NSDAP, and most especially during the 1936 Summer Olympics. It was because of the war that this was put on hold.

a9460d  No.12700100

My Web browser just crashed while viewing this thread. It seems like some of (((them))) are getting worried.

fb1165  No.12700105


If you haven't heard about the mandela effect, its basically this. you're living your life and suddenly you notice that the sign for a restaurant has changed. "they just updated it" you think. now your cereal is a different name. what? now south america is in the wrong place? and now everyone who remembers these things is "wrong"? welcome to something we don't fully understand, or even partially. life was like a box of chocolates. WAS.

I included very few quotes of some other anons and the things that they say they also remember. if those few anon's quotes are not accurate, don't whine.

bernstein bears (originally) became berenstein bears, became berenstain bears.

berenstein is what people who can't handle the shock use to say it wasn't berenstain.

it was ALWAYS bernstein bears, ( bern stein )

they are trying to confuse us with a double negative.


the yellow raincoat man on the frozen box of fish sticks used to be called Gordons and now he's called Gortons.

the thinker statue is totally different now. no more closed fist and hand in the wrong place.

cup O noodles is now cup noodles

draino is now drano

febreeze is now febreze

depends is now depend

c3po in the old starwars now has a silver leg (used to be all gold color)

shawn of the dead is now shaun of the dead

mirror mirror on the wall snow white now magic mirror on the wall

Luke, I AM your father is now No, I am your father

mr.rogers says "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood" instead of "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood".

"this" excludes everyone at home, "the" is what he always said and he was including everyone.

Looney Toons now Luney Tunes

New zealand, South america, Australia (land down under), Japan, korea, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, China, Iceland, Greenland and many other land masses have changed shape or size or position or all of these. LOOK AT ANY MAP.

Isaiah 11:6

"the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb" is now "The Wolf also shall dwell with the Lamb"

Interview with a vampire is now called Interview with the vampire.

sketchers now skechers

kit-kat is now kitkat

the Ford car logo is different and so is the Volkswagen logo (a random anon mentioned the Volvo logo and many others?)

Volkswagon is now Volkswagen

human anotomy has changed. your stomach and kidneys are now way high up and in your ribcage and your liver is way bigger

Lay-Z-Boy is now la-z-boy

mona lisa now smiles

sex in the city is now sex and the city

fruit loops is now froot loops

the Canon camera logo is very different

Johnny Quest is now Jonny Quest

the line "beam me up, scotty" was never uttered in star trek (now)

definative is now definitive

definately is now definitely

>"life Is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you're gonna get"

is now

>"life WAS like a box of chocolates- you never know what you ARE going to get"

sherbert icecream is now sherbet

FAO Schwartz is now FAO Schwarz

in the movie "The Wizard of OZ" the scarecrow (who wants to have a brain) NOW HOLDS A GUN.

he never had a gun before.

fb1165  No.12700108

in the scene from the first pirates of the carribean Jack Sparrow is trying to convince Barbosa to work with him in the first movie and starts bribing him with the offer of a hat, "a really big one", and then he adds "with a feather in it" this really hit me hard, I definitely remember this one as well, I haven't re-watched the movie yet but everyone says that that scene doesn't exist anymore.

many people have begun to experience the resurfacing of very strange old memories of drowning when they were little or memories of being swimming deep underwater somewhere or in a pool when they were little but still being able to be breathing somehow.

>"Similar thing happened with the game Spiderman: Web of shadows with the final QTE sequence, where when you fail, Spiderman says, in a chipper tone "Well, that's a nice trick." We laughed our asses off as every time you fail the QTE, it goes back to Spiderman saying "Well, that's a nice trick."

>"We heard it every single time my cousin failed, so it was at least 5 times. Fast forward and he gets to the ending again, ready for us to laug hagain, but now Spiderman says a downcast "Nice trick… didn't stop it." now no matter what, the ending is "Nice trick… didn't stop it." but we KNOW he said "Well, that's a nice trick."

>"Anyone remember things differently than when they were kids? I only briefly remember one part from A Goofy Movie, that doesn't exist anymore. It was during the roadtrip montage, and Max and Goofy were at a baseball game, they got a player to sign it, and handed it to them."

>"I distinctly remember a static shot of the baseball in question with about two sentences to a paragraph of cursive writing. I remember this specifically because I couldn't read in cursive at the time, and wanted to know what it said. I tried rewatching my original VHS copy and the shot was missing, as well as a pirated version I got online and my nephew's DVD version."

>"So does anybody else remember Dick Clark dying in late 2012 and not April?"

>"Today I saw a post on halfchan. They were talking about Kissinger in the PRESENT. that nigga died 3 years ago after blowing his mouth about Nixon cuz muh deathbed confession"

>"I was almost certain Rip Torn died a few years ago."

Fidel castro is alive again (now dead again?)

a huge amount of people remember playing a very old PC game from the 1990's that has a scary singing bathtub in one scene called "grandma and me" where you can find a worm that comes out of an apple and sings "bo Bo Bo Bo bO bo" and upon playing that game again the worm is undiscoverable.

>"Noam Chomsky is alive today. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and it freaks me out for some reason."

many people remember watching Moonraker (Bond) and noticing that the girl Jaws falls in love with had braces on her teeth and that that was the point of the scene because they both have metal on their teeth but now she has no braces.

fb1165  No.12700111

Is it just me? Does anyone else remember the girl having braces?

"if you build it they will come" is now "if you build it he will come"

"Forgive us our tresspasses, as we forgive those who tresspass against us"

is now

"And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors"

Wineskins is now Wine bottles

coco puffs is now cocoa puffs

chic-fil-a is now chick-fil-a

cheez-itz is now cheez-it

bragg's is now bragg

the word "environment"

jiffy peanut butter and jif peanut butter both used to exist but now only Jif exists

jfk assassination had 4 people in the car, now its 6 and the wife is there and is wearing this insane pink dress and the video quality is astoundingly better than it has ever been

many people remember the wife putting her body over JFK to protect him but now she appears to go near him and put her hand under his head right before his head gets blown to bits and then crawl all over the back of the car


notice how in some frames there are only 4 people. residue of the mandela effect.

JCpenny is now JCpenney

Fabreeze is now Febreze

Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer

mamas and papas california dreamin "I began to pray" is now "I pretended to pray"

woman named "sally fields" "you like me, you really like me"

is now called "sally field" and now says "you like me, right now you like me"

"we are the champions….. OF THE WORRRRRLLLLD!!!" cuts off now and doesn't say "of the world" anymore.

the word "dilemna" is now "dilemma"

the board game monopoly "ventura avenue" is now "ventnor avenue"

look at the world map. it has changed.

>south america


>greenland and iceland



>new zealand

all locations have changed or shifted in size or location or shape.


many people remember chartreuse being a more red type of color, not green or yellow.

There's a belief among Mormons and Muslims that both Muhammad passed the Qur'an down orally and why Muslims were supposed to be able to orally recite the Qur'an.

and as for mormons It boils down to anything not written in mental is subject to change after the fact. All of it. Words, pictures, ideas, thoughts. Even the internet. The only thing you can truly trust is your own memory.

do your own research. don't allow yourself to be misguided or disinformed. the shills are among us.

65a57d  No.12700117




fuck off with this mandela effect copy paste shite

fb1165  No.12700120

File: 7d3e99aa10701ea⋯.png (5.22 MB, 2056x3308, 514:827, 1232463783426.png)

65a57d  No.12700125


"Those fresh-faced young American boys from Arkansas and North Carolina were sent marching off to Europe believing they were "fighting for their country," never knowing that the "democracy" Wilson sent them to "make safe for the world" was a Socialist- International Communist One World Government dictatorship."

a9460d  No.12700129


Consider yourself lucky, though, kid. It's much easier to get redpilled nowadays than when I was growing up with a less developed Web and Internet.

fcd026  No.12700130

File: 686bebd16b0279d⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1202x966, 601:483, 34263425345.png)

There will never be a half life 3 because We are half life 3.

CERN IS black mesa.

The Large Hardron Collider is the Anti-Mass Spectrometer

Black Mesa created the Resonance Cascade

CERN created the Mandela Effect

It's called HALF-life because HALF of us remember half of life being different via the Mandela Effect Resonance Cascade

htt p://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Resonance_Cascade


>"The Resonance Cascade is a cataclysmic quantum event created after the insertion of Xen crystal sample "GG-3883" into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer at Black Mesa"

htt ps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_black_hole


>Micro black holes, also called quantum mechanical black holes or mini black holes, are hypothetical tiny black holes, for which quantum mechanics effects play an important role.[1]

>According to notes from Gordon's desk, every object has a set resonance. When studied, the object will resonate even more, and sometimes even rapidly. If the object resonates too much, it can open dimensional rifts and portals.

>While appearing to have been a contained event, it did in fact have repercussions across the entire planet. The Resonance Cascade was the cause of not only the interdimensional rift, but also all following events.

htt p://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-Mass_Spectrometer


>mass spectrometers are used to measure the mass and relative concentration of atoms and molecules

htt p://cms.web.cern.ch/tags/extra-dimensions


htt p://phys.org/news/2015-03-mini-black-holes-lhc-parallel.html


>Detection of mini black holes at the LHC could indicate parallel universes in extra dimensions

fcd026  No.12700134

File: 987803e900ec37f⋯.png (7.6 MB, 3160x7020, 158:351, 23534253452.png)

htt p://www.huffingtonpost.com/george-elerick/cern-scientist-reassures-_b_8411468.html


>CERN Scientist Reassures That Black Hole Will Not Destroy the Human Race

htt p://www.zmescience.com/science/cern-experiment-dimension-23845234/


>CERN experiment to test if we can connect to another dimension

http s://search.cern.ch/Pages/WebResults.aspx?k=dimensions


http s://search.cern.ch/Pages/WebResults.aspx?k=black+hole


http s://search-new.cern.ch/Pages/results.aspx?k=black%20hole

http s://search-new.cern.ch/Pages/results.aspx?k=dimension

>I understand what you're getting at, but it seems like you used half-life as an excuse to start a thread that isn't about videogames.

I can understand why anons could feel that way, but I posted this because of how I realized how deeply intertwined the events that are taking place are with videogames, specifically with Half-Life, that I know /v/ is always talking about and hoping for a sequel (half-life 3) but I came to the realization that We, as in Us in real life, are the sequel.

htt p://www.imdb.com/title/tt2548396/?ref_=cs_ov_tt


htt p://www.imdb.com/title/tt2697688/?ref_=tt_rec_tti



>Sci-Fi, Thriller

>Half-Life Poster

>An Amercian scientific research facility opens a portal to a hostile alien world, who begin to invade the earth.

>God Particle (2017)

>(you mean the higs boson?)

>Sci-Fi, Thriller | 24 February 2017 (USA)

>A shocking discovery forces a team of astronauts aboard a space station to fight for survival while their reality has been altered.


just like space is a deception- quantum suicide, and parallel universes are also a deception. dimensions are different however, (dimension definition: a part or feature or way of considering something)

look at all the signs that show how much the agenda seems to want to push the idea the CERN is responsible for the mandela effect, like the image where they hold the sign. this is actually a deception because God is responsible for the mandela effect, "The changing of the way we are considering our reality".

there's no other universe. there is no "in my universe it was like this" we are here and things are changing here. as I showed in the other link they are even making a movie about cern and mention reality being altered.

a9460d  No.12700135


CERN and Sir Tim Berners-Lee is why we even have the World Wide Web. I always use that against anti-Whites when they're busy spewing their bullshit on the Internet, and they have nothing compelling to say back to me each time that I do.

fcd026  No.12700137

File: d1275eef8507a50⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1054x796, 527:398, 43252543523.png)

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=anZQOwx7lk8 gematria calculator values?

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=H0Lt9yUf-VY Cern we are happy video (employee holds up mandela sign)

http s://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=human+sacrifice+cern


http s://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_choice_quantum_eraser


htt p://yournewswire.com/source-of-cern-sacrifice-video-found-dead/


There should be a bunch of security cameras all over that courtyard and the rest of the CERN facility.

If CERN wanted to debunk this video they could just release a short clip of the woman getting back up and walking away.

But something tells me that's not going to happen.

Question that should be asked isn't whether or not this is real, but who those people are?

In case you didn't know, CERN isn't your local burger king where you just walk in and certainly not a place to walk around in long black robes, and perform a human "sacrifice" in.

The only people that could have pulled this stunt are the employes themselves, question being why?

c63950  No.12700140


This. When their thread sliding fails, they often spam the thread itself with a lot of garbage (look how spaced that text is, intended to capture as much of the thread and make it hard to read for the untrained anon) while detracting from the main subject with Alex Jones tier conspiracies. It's only a matter of time until they start shilling flat earth.

fcd026  No.12700145

File: 7b4a4516c85bf06⋯.webm (4.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1325264532.webm)


CERN created the internet.

or at least that's what the facts are in this timeline.

in my timeline CERN never created the internet.

in my timeline the internet was created in the earlier days of the military to create a new secret more secure form of communication, and the project was used by the earlier hackers who basically found and then began to use the internet for their own needs, and the military did nothing to stop it, but rather sat back and watched. they always wanted others to use it, because look at what it became today. today the internet is the largest worldwide surveilance system where people unknowingly or knowingly give their information to the entire world. However, it is beginning to appear more as though CERN may have hijacked the timeline for their own purposes and made themselves the original creators of the internet. in theory, how much money or power would one person hold if they were to go back in time and become the original creator of google, and never sell it?- let alone the entire internet?

here are some links, some are more conflicting than others- perhaps due to timeline residue. not everything gets changed or erased, similarly to how so many people remember things differently.

http s://home.cern/topics/birth-web


htt p://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2014/09/history-internet/


htt p://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407539,00.asp


htt p://message.snopes.com/showthread.php?t=81408


htt p://www.whoishostingthis.com/blog/2014/11/11/arpanet/


http s://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_World_Wide_Web


http s://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Internet


htt p://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question50007.html


htt p://techland.time.com/2012/07/25/how-government-did-and-didnt-invent-the-internet/


htt p://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~almeroth/classes/F04.176A/homework1_good_papers/Alaa-Gharbawi.html


fcd026  No.12700148

File: 329552bfcd4326f⋯.png (156.86 KB, 1200x385, 240:77, 234535434.png)


Why don't you actually read what's being posted you fucking shitlord? Unless you're just a shill and in total panic mode.

fcd026  No.12700153

File: bc4ae2ca49bd4ef⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2621x803, 2621:803, 4 in car.png)

shills will never shut this down. the truth will be free. feel the guilt of your sins and repent.

65a57d  No.12700160


There's definitely some weird shit going down at CERN, but I don't expect to find any answers in frantic, tl;dr, copy-paste shitposting about fucking cereal brand names.

285da6  No.12700168

File: 2f3cc05b1808cd3⋯.jpg (13.25 KB, 300x300, 1:1, cage.jpg)



christ dude.

try to find some other forum already.

cern cannot be more transparent anymore.

it was all about the >pic.

b3522d  No.12700176


Funny I always thought it was hikimori instead of hikikomori


65a57d  No.12700195


Also, if you're being serious, tone it down a little. your posts just blend in with all the other sliding noise.

All the timeline/mandela conspiracies doesn't digest well… Until there's more info, I'll just regard all that as noise distracting from the demon-licking kikery that surrounds CERN, and the topics this thread was supposed to be about.

c63950  No.12700197


What does CERN have to do with this thread? They are changing your perception, not the reality itself. It's technically possible to change certain words in most online repositories in order to mess with someone's mind and make him prone to magical (and thus irrational) thinking. If you are not a shill, it worked quite well on you. Kikes are masters of deception, and making people believe that reality can be changed on a whim is one of their goals. The most likely answer to all that Mandela bullshit is that some words have similar pronunciation and that our minds often make cognitive errors. If you ever read a book on psychology/perception instead of Infowars it would not look strange to you. It's like those images where if you stare long enough at a certain point, the background "changes color" but it only has to do with how your brain processes visual information.


There are no ayyliums, there are not 6D lizards, CERN is not manipulating reality, there is only a cabal of bloodthirsty kike maniacs looking to enslave and destroy us while erasing our history. Tavistock is one of their instruments.


>Not Mahakala


e1a9a6  No.12700268


mandela effect is real

fuck off kike

65a57d  No.12700306


It's like a Tavistok wet dream.

You can't even trust your own memories, pleb.

e4b757  No.12700339



its called the nelson mandela doctrine …. stop trying to change the name

cb0465  No.12700343

File: 31a094254adbe31⋯.jpg (957.3 KB, 1554x2048, 777:1024, 1455335513968-4.jpg)

>>12697422 (Kek'd)

What's up greenpillanon? I was there with ya on the GATEfag journey from the first posts, as this is a subject I have some experience with. Should be fun, I notice there's no insane botswarm going on yet.


>Kikes are masters of deception, and making people believe that reality can be changed on a whim is one of their goals

Or maybe making people believe it ISN'T possible is their goal. I've told this story before, but when in 1998 I shot someone in the chest with a shotgun at a house party. Total accident, or not really because I was completely irresponsible and assumed the thing was unloaded. I cocked it and pulled that trigger to hear the click, and it went BLAM instead. In that moment I wasn't willing to live in a world where I'm accidentally killing people, so I closed my eyes and sent out a volley of "feelers" I call them hooks, like lines with fishooks attached. In a distant "place" I found a possible world I could invade. I held onto that reality until the world stopped spinning, and then I opened my eyes. Everybody was staring at me in shock, the guy was holding his chest, and the echoes of the gunshot were still ringing out. Turns out in my new home, the barrel of the gun impacted a stopsign so loud it "made that sound". The host laughs nervously, saying haha well of course there's no shell in it. I hand it to him, he breaks it open, guess what? Loaded fucking shotgun. That I intentionally fired, thinking it was empty. Let's jut say that my gun safety level is insanely high these days. So can things change? I don't know if it happens to anyone else, but my personal experience says that I can change where I am, at the very least.

>There are no ayyliums, there are not 6D lizards, CERN is not manipulating reality

You make those claims, but do you have a singiliscious satisfact to snack that up? The thing about me is, I know things because I experience them, the shit I know is almost never started from theory first. I just go experience things first hand, and when I have enough similar events that a pattern starts to emerge, I follow that lead. Do ayys exist? Can't say for absolutely sure, but I've had Tall White contact since I left the crib. Once even my girlfriend saw one, we both did in broad daylight and sat and discussed it for like 30 seconds. So between us, I take my personal experiences more than your personal lack of experiences. I don't expect you to believe me, but I'm the one with the knowledge here so it doesn't much matter to me what you believe. Less people knowing this stuff probably makes my life better, but it doesn't really matter in the end.

So what if I'm right? It's not like I ever had a chance to be "normal", I specifically remember 3 times drowning as a child, and this is just scratching the surface so far. I popped my buddy's skull and cured his heart problem while he was dying on a table in front of me. I told some chick about her child's birth problems, said he was going to die in birth. Everyone hated me so much for that, I was the fucking psychopathic villain. Guess what? I run into the chick a few years later, turns out she remembered it and requested a sonogram or whatever when she went into labor. The umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck, so they emergency c-sectioned and save all the lives involved. She's crying and hugging me 3 years later, thanking me. Does anyone else know or care? Na, I'm just the bad guy who says mean things. But I'm saving lives IRL, and I know I can do more. At this point, I'm more trying to figure out my limits than discover new techniques.

So if you were me, and what I said was true, what would YOU do? Not so easy to figure out as it might seem.

362f9a  No.12700411


I remember you. Good to see you're still around.

I should mention that on the day I got in a car accident, I "had" two others as well. I woke up, got in my car and went to the liquor store. When I went to back up, a short bus was providing a huge blind spot and a car t-boned me. I sent out "feelers" as you called them and I woke up in my bed. I again went out and did my stuff but this time I rear ended someone at like 35 mph. I again sent out feelers and woke up in my bed. The third time, I hit a telephone pole and got knocked unconscious briefly.

I'm still not sure why the road went from being dry to slick ice in a matter of seconds but that's fir another thread

AI also post on these sites but I know what to look for

bfb906  No.12700416


>So if you were me, and what I said was true, what would YOU do? Not so easy to figure out as it might seem.

Teach others how to do it.

cb0465  No.12700428

File: 4bd742807c7aa31⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1330x700, 19:10, 1455334724423-2.jpg)


I'll just continue, because honestly it's not equitable to expect much feedback when it's a topic most people probably have no experience with. That's not to say nobody has any experience with it. Most of my current friends are 130-170 IQ, and most of them have some experience with things like precognition. Some have studied internal martial arts and done some similar things. Some of them have done ESP type experiments with each other, like doing psychic shouts at each other and seeing how long it takes to get a phone call. IT's usually within minutes, and the caller will say they heard the shout. Shit does happen.

>>12700411 (check'd)


Sup man, things are pretty cool actually. So this is one of the things I'm hoping to do, find people that have similar experiences and see if we can figure out a repeatable, testable method of doing this stuff. The problem I have is that in the past, someone needed to be dying for me to be assed to do something like that. I'm not sure if it HAS to be that way though.

285da6  No.12700436

File: 718610f2aff51f3⋯.jpg (38.73 KB, 436x470, 218:235, bird.jpg)


>You make those claims, but do you have a singiliscious satisfact to snack that up?

are you this blind?

they believed, that the bird would open for them gates of heaven.

they understood the principle.

but they underestimated gods intelligence.

they are fools.

there are layers which they cannot cross by the systems design.

they probably considered this too.

but they just couldn't accept that the god wouldn't make mistake in the design.

they are fools.

the design is perfect.

they cannot accept it.

they are fools.

read more.

don't get stuck on 8ch.

it's only futility here.

look around.

escape from the cage.

find the key fly and get free.

2e1558  No.12700440


Tell us about the cloning centers

cb0465  No.12700454

File: fd0a6f16c5a382f⋯.jpg (123.35 KB, 835x776, 835:776, 1417296568307.jpg)


>Teach others how to do it.

That's what I came up with too. Other options included extracting myself and saying fuck everyone who's not me. But that just isn't my nature. Among other things I Know is that I have a purpose here. It's something I came up with myself, a self-revealing plan that I don't even know, but that I can intuitively feel when moments approach.


Calm down my man. I know that those dorks can't get past the firewalls. They don't have absolute faith and perfect vulnerability. But the ones that have seen me do it know that I can, but that nothing in this world could possibly bribe me, so after wasting too much time shooting me they just started to ignore me. I do things because I choose to do them, because I feel like it, and being the cause is sufficient for me. Right now I'm doing something extra audacious, which is leading a mass exodus. Who knows if I actually CAN, but if it's remotely possible on the fringes of possibilities then I'll end up at that future. And I have to say, I feel like I'm making pretty good progress. It's fine if not, I can find my target and leave this place here on repeat forever if that's what needs to be done. Just seems like kind of a waste.

36ef3e  No.12700464

Travis Birkenstock was the skater dude from the movie Clueless who was always late for class because he liked egg mcmuffins

36ef3e  No.12700468

typing stanford research institute would also get you banned

285da6  No.12700472

File: d82401c07fc69cb⋯.jpg (91.31 KB, 515x532, 515:532, feather-bird.jpg)


fly higher!

higher and higher!

try to fly above!

above the rainbow!


feel the pain!


don't ever give up!

and so you became that pain.

cb0465  No.12700487


>and so you became that pain.

It is true that I had to become the thing in order to change it. I can only change myself, so it had to be me doing it. People will see me as the villain the whole way through, I've accepted this. But I'll tell you man…I've seen colors that don't exist here. I have my very own vehicle for crossing the infinite Void, I do it so often. I might be reading this wrong, but you sound like you have a tinge of despair. That's never going to work, you have to learn to deal in absolutes IMO. One speck and you'll get kicked right out, hopefully before you make it halfway through infinity. Worst place to break down.

bf0481  No.12700527



they tried putting me on ritalin when I was fucking 5 years old. they had me on various shit throughout middle and high, but it usually never lasted more than a couple weeks at most.

they got me, but only slightly, certainly nowhere near as much as they were anticipating. either way, after all the shit that's been pushed on me growing up and the things I was made to endure their big show is starting to unravel. they're afraid.

285da6  No.12700529

File: 4a19a8eeaf6dfd5⋯.mp4 (206.7 KB, 1160x480, 29:12, learning.mp4)


>you sound like you have a tinge of despair

always learning from your mistakes >.

will it ever end?

> you have to learn to deal in absolutes IMO.


you have to surrender.

then there is realization.

you are a tool.

then the problem is a choice.

cb0465  No.12700530

File: 34316c491e3f7e9⋯.jpg (9.85 KB, 355x222, 355:222, 34316c491e3f7e962a9da56aad….jpg)


Ok I thought of something useful to teach. As follows.

When you're poking around at reality and seeing what stuff is more flexible or changeable, you'll probably get some results at some point. What's exceedingly important is that you LITERALLY DO NOT GIVE A FUCK, NOT EVEN KIND OF. Of course it happened, because that's what things do. They happen. There is no amazement there. You're not amazed that your arm moves, even though we don't really have that mechanism figured out either. So the purity of your utter disinterest in the miracle you just witnessed is the very essence of allowing it to happen. It's not something you can fake, you have to actually not care.

I compare this to catching a bar of soap behind your back when it slips out of your hand in the shower. You've probably done it, and it is actually pretty complex as far as a motor skill. But when it happens naturally, you hand just moves on its own. And you don't even notice. That make sense? Super high-level shit right there, guaranteed to make you a boss if you figure it out.

bfb906  No.12700539

File: 05f0f31301e478b⋯.png (568.73 KB, 499x499, 1:1, PEPE ENLIGHTENED.png)


TY anon

You made me think of this http://www.astralpulse.com/frankkepple.html I've been pecking away at it when I'm not battling (((GlowN_ggers))) on 8ch

362f9a  No.12700567


Nice pepe. Can I have it? For medical reasons of course.


Even us talking about "them" means that the programming didn't take hold.

Now of course it'll take some digging and some hunter-killer teams to root them out to make sure they don't come back, but we will win.

The light always beats the dark

e4b757  No.12700584



also learning to sage faggots can go a long way

55efa9  No.12700597



Using anime doesn't make your glow duller. Yes, T.avistock does exist. As did the G.A.T.E program for special education. So go take a dip in some magma.

I'm actually glad to see this topic resurface again on here. Been too long. Though as an aside, the reason certain words were wordfiltered was so they could be discussed on here and not trigger the FBI's search algorithm. An anon posted about there being a list of keywords that alert the FBI's database and make them hone in one certain websites. Just like how the old P3d0w00d threads on 4cuck before the Exodus, used to trigger swarms of shills to descend on /pol/ and flood it with nonsense. It was the same thing.

045271  No.12700616

File: 94d8b9a10333271⋯.png (9.04 KB, 255x247, 255:247, 4d8c169b92be0aa8c02923898b….png)

reminder that queermos who talk about the tavistock meme are newfags from godlikeproductions who showed up for the election and helped ruin this board. That is all

cb0465  No.12700618

File: a785b031114174c⋯.png (8.02 KB, 300x103, 300:103, Zener_cards_(color).svg.png)


Looks interesting, I'll give it a browse. Interestingly I tend to avoid researching into subjects without taking the most basic framework and practicing it on my own first. I like to get as close to an unbiased opinion of the core concepts as possible, and then if it seems worth understanding more of I'll find good books, or if possible IRL experts. Fun fact, most experts will carve off an hour or more for you if you're legitimately interested in their subject and you can hang with it intellectually.


>As did the G.A.T.E program for special education

I usually bring this up, high-IQ people and ESP/psychic effects. I was in GATE for my entire school career and we were given ESP tests and even entire modules every single year. Hah, I was always shit at them, I'm still not much of a mindreader. I've had some friends who were 10/10 on that stuff, though. You can't see someone be correct dozens of times in a row and not expect some mechanisms at play there.

91a1ac  No.12700684

File: eca00f118c9d830⋯.jpg (218.5 KB, 937x960, 937:960, enablers of the American c….jpg)


No personal offense meant… but this is abunch of bullshit, designed to get young pups chasing their tails. /pol/ has more than just gullible newfags cruising thru here. Sooo, why don't you take your intel-faggotry back to Langley, hmmm? You're boring.

000000  No.12700700


Wrong, you can't trust what's in front of you now.

"Welcome to the Grand Illusion,

Come on in and see what's happening,

get your tickets for the SHOOWWWWW"

But really:


"There's too much confusion,"



"None will level on the line, nobody of it is worth"

"There are many here among us, who think that life is but a joke."



"But you and I have been through that, and this is not our fate,"


The GATE kids seem to be over-represented in the numbers of folks who remember things differently. Member-berries seem to have a different effect on us than most of the rest of the populace.

>enslave and destroy us while erasing our history.

What better way to enslave than to completely erase memories, history of a race's glorious past?


Probably been here/chans longer than most anyone in this thread forum.


You ironically are the first person here to actually label the program by its proper name.


Simple way to explain it is when you lose something, you don't find it until you stop fucking caring.

55efa9  No.12700731


I was in it in my elementary school, so I remember it to some extent. They tested me and put me in the program around 1st grade, but I can remember being in it around 4th grade too. Told my parents that it was for children with "learning disabilities", even though I was more intelligent than most of my class. Doctors enlisted by the school also tried to have me put on ritalin to curb my "ADD", but my mother outright refused. Found out later that because I had suffered from petitmal seizures, the meds would have caused me to have full-blown epileptic seizures. Up until the day she died, I thanked her for never doing that to me.

000000  No.12700753

e4b757 -> your average shitposting shrill-shill

285da6 -> confusion posting while trying to blend in via pictures & random attempts at sarcastic support for real posts

285da6 -> thread-spam shill-of-the-day/month/year topic (constant D&C, demoralization, pissed off I have to click ignore

045271 -> attacks credibility of who is discussing it and thus the discussion

91a1ac -> standard issue demoralization, again camouflaged with a "recent" somewhat related pic. Shill should read that again and realize it talks about him.

The use of what appears to be image-posting, real meat & bones behind the keyboard tells us this thread is being monitored(like every thread before & after it) and they need some brains behind the posts to not come off too bot-like. But, they need to know what we have figured out since the last time this happened. So they will allow enough discussion for them to see if we have progressed and need to be pruned again or if topics repeat and nothing moves forward.

Pro-tip - clicking ignore tell Jim which shills are working and which aren't. Aggregated over the entire forum, compiled, and then delivered to (((them))) to not only decide what shills get paid what, but what tactics work, when and how. So stop giving any info you possibly can, you have to mentally block these fucks. Yeah, I know this post is similar but harder to glean than shit that can just be chalked up in a numerical database.

PS: >>12700120

You forgot Ja Ja Gabor death in 2007 or 2017?

91a1ac  No.12700759

File: 02ae29fac8f542b⋯.jpg (649.05 KB, 2000x1755, 400:351, reflected galaxy.jpg)


And still their god won't respond anymore. It's almost like god doesn't care anymore. Curious, huh?

Gotta admire that woman who sacrificed herself. That took some real sincerity, however misplaced her heart was.

60a03e  No.12700815

File: 7bcbf32aa15d5d6⋯.jpg (81.32 KB, 400x454, 200:227, Morpheus-the-sss.jpg)

File: 418043da677f705⋯.jpg (87.42 KB, 524x583, 524:583, uyncdc.jpg)

File: 391ed8c7fb74b40⋯.jpg (105.16 KB, 926x613, 926:613, 77merxcy.JPG)


look up on Bearenstein/Bearenstain is some book have one spelling some have another/ Thinking man hand open or closed? your thinking of a nazi bronze sucplture, tho the one pushed on us does appear to be closed at first glance from the front. What fucking hitter said, the Jews make every attempt to subvert are culture and replace it with twisted perversions to make us subservient to them. You lost you grasp

on history…. >>12697422 pic

The search for the god partial cern. Seva dances with the dead 6 armed women who fought the dead that rose from there graves drinking there blood while she fought them to keep her strength vanishing (((them))) thats a trip. Yea its one big memory hole there. Idk the last supper any of you remember this and not the 12 around 1

362f9a  No.12700820

We must go deeper.

Like, Inception deeper.

We must be Big Guys for Them for all the shills to turn up

cb0465  No.12700856


So I glanced through that article, I found a lot I agree with.

>This is what is meant by “phasing” because you cause a 180-degree Phase Shift between the non-physical and the physical

I have a buddy working on this. He's convinced that all the quantum particles are spinning like a vortex, which explains why things seem to disappear and reappear as they cycle through our phase. I think he's right, the project to prove is underway.

>Everything is a continuous field

Probably the most foundational understanding. Why does information travel faster than light? Why can people accomplish remote viewing? ESP, telekinesis? Easily done if it's all one connected system. The entire thing is your extended body. Lots of philosophical ramifications in there.

>to understand Focus 4 it is necessary to take on board an understanding of infinity. This latter aspect is perhaps the most mind-blowing of all. Because, in infinity, everything happens an infinite number of times. Which means everything that has or will come about, has already happened.

I've taken to viewing the universe as a 4-d or more physical object. That means I can just shift my focus and inspect another aspect of the sculpture, as it were. This fixes most of the other problems one would have in constantly dimension-hopping.

>this infamous Void of old is just an area of 3D Blackness situated between Focus 2 and Focus 3 of consciousness

It really is breddy comfy

>People often waste loads of time in the various hollow heavens and hells that I have talked about earlier, as well as all manner of other scenarios. They get stuck in these worlds as they simply don't know anything else. This is the afterlife that they fundamentally believed they would be going to, so that is what they get. Also, you have to realise that many people end up living in circumstances very much the same as they did while physical. Loads of people are living their lives within F3 and they don't fully realise they have actually physically died


60a03e  No.12700876

File: 4d112a22b727925⋯.jpg (65.74 KB, 818x598, 409:299, wtf.JPG)

File: 5a74adb3b842a32⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 937x655, 937:655, wtfex.JPG)

File: 4b5bdbef359b767⋯.png (381.79 KB, 937x655, 937:655, ClipboardImage.png)

lets go deeper knowledge is on the forefront of defense ageist subversive propaganda. Max Headroom Incident - 11/22/87 he hums the Clutch Cargo cartoon song. This was used by spys and infiltrators in a group only known as the human Resistance to send messages they would take a still pic and talk in the hole then splice it in a vhs so unless you sat down and lessoned to the audio and read the lips you would never know there was a secret message. one of the first red pill movies.

441e22  No.12700892

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


green beret from vietnam went into psy-ops also a co founder of the cia front church of satan then moved on to form the temple of set that had MULTIPLE nsa advisors like himself within it's ranks

60a03e  No.12700896

File: 1fe0075b7069fe7⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 949x633, 949:633, nko.JPG)


You remember the dark darpa net? government communication servers on military bases closed 1997ish the where the largest host of child and murder porn ever to be on the internet all paid for with your tax dollars… dam

cb0465  No.12700906

File: aa9442ed3bca29e⋯.png (8.1 KB, 180x255, 12:17, 1431294077676.jpg.png)


This interests me greatly. Do you have a spoon you could help me out with?


>Loads of people are living their lives within F3 and they don't fully realise they have actually physically died

Just thinking about this. Lots of people have come to this conclusion, but in the scope of this guy's work, being in F3 is like being in a collective space in which everyone can manifest their own reality. Alright, take that as true hypothetically, and that would mean we are not only completely able to redesign our very reality, but also completely unable not to. Which would mean that the smart move would be to figure out what we want our reality to look like. Once we figure that out, we should basically be there already.

Just quickly, that's another high level technique, I use it all the time to find things like lost keys for people. I simply realize that the keys are already in my hand. You'd be surprised to find that they usually are.


Yeah I trolled that guy a while back. Guess I should have expected a hail of bullets come to think of it, but I only gloat after the job is done so it doesn't matter

cb8c46  No.12700911

File: 5a60e8e2875bf36⋯.png (2.75 MB, 782x5832, 391:2916, tav-protocol.png)

ef8090  No.12700940



60a03e  No.12700949


… We are the human resistance are purpose is nothing more then to honestly express are selfs with out censorship or reprisal fro the lies we expose. something like that Best I recall. I personally wrote this. Burce lee {Movie} The way of the intercepting fist and the art of dying.

"If you try to remember you will lose. Empty you mind be formless, shapeless like water.

Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot.

Now water can flow or creep or drip or Crash. Be water my friend. "You are not ready" "like everyone else you want to learn the way to win but never to accept the way to lose, to accept defeat, to learn to die is to be liberated form it. So when tomarrow comes

you must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying"

My interpretation of the Quotes in the sense of martial arts is, to empty the mind is to eliminate the superfluous thoughts and keeping your spirit true to realize the virtue of strategy.

Not being influenced by a opponent is to be in a fluid state never allowing a position of advantage for the enemy to exploit while even keeping a fluid sate of opposition as to be confusing from where you will strike making the strike more effective.

Like water not having any one true form there is no one true form of martial arts.

Be true to thy own self. Generally specking the way of the warrior is the resolute acceptance of death. Also the way of the warrior is two fold both pen and sword and he a taste for them both. While it is said the true warrior does not fight for war but ageist it as to secure peace and prosperity upon his homeland as not to toil in the ways of wicked men.

In Martial arts The greatest power beyond self is honestly seeking harmony and honesty in your dealings with others and not the ability to cause harm.

Those who seek to learn Martail arts only to gain the ability to inflict

pain and suffering on others are not worthy of the secrets of the master

and should be dispatched promptly from spying or aggressions in a manor

least telling to gain of knowledge of the art. (Way of the dragon)

cb0465  No.12700951

File: 14ba255926ba1eb⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 500x390, 50:39, 1455419363197.gif)


I'll check that handy infographic

045271  No.12700957

File: 404cf1a8eb2f098⋯.png (727.58 KB, 811x827, 811:827, oathbreaker4.png)

c81024  No.12700970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cb0465  No.12700974


I like it

You know my sifu's sifu taught Bruce Lee right? And his sifu was Ip Man. Haha you wouldn't know that, but it's true. I started off on QiGong and Chinese boxing, I'm not too bad at it either. I was thinking about advancing the style, ya know teaching it. I do mainly…well exclusively street fighting. I'm quite good at that though. Death being on the line really gets me going

cb0465  No.12700993

File: 668f8b080c51804⋯.jpg (13.27 KB, 211x238, 211:238, a9bc4e57fc6da9ae19d24a3a33….jpg)


All the psychos stopped by, I like that too ;^)

c63950  No.12701255


My point is that we should focus on practical matters first and foremost. Psychological manipulation, political, economic, scientific conspiracies, their control mechanisms etc. We can prove that Tavistock is real, and we can prove many of their nefarious activities (and their effects) to be real. You cannot prove that ayys etc. exist outside of your subjective perception. Actual conspiracies are much more 'boring' and 'dry' than sensationalist stuff that's being promoted on various portals in order to misdirect. People should be focusing on investigating and sticking to the thread subject. Everything has it's time and place. While CERN stuff is certainly interesting, it has no place in this thread and looks like a derailment attempt. Especially if you use such a bad (and spacious) formatting, it raises suspicions.

That being said, I have had a lot of similar experiences, including the ability to affect the outcomes and the reality itself. When I'm tuned in, I can easily get the best "cards" in succession on a computer (despite very low probability), but it's probably just my brain-waves interacting with the processor cycles (there is no true randomness in computing). I was able to predict events (I dreamt of a flood and the flood happened, identical scene. Seems to be a recurring theme to me lol), I dreamt of places that I have never seen before only to visit them at a later time and 'recognize' them, I was able to 'swap' events like you did in a shotgun scenario. I could literally see the bad outcome play out to the fullest detail only to rewrite it in a nanosecond with a more favorable one. Saved me from a lot of trouble in life and helped me avoid their traps and 'hunters' . I also had access to advanced knowledge that I had no means of obtaining by normal senses (I did a very detailed analysis once, checking every single detail where my subconsciousness could have 'picked up' a sensory stimuli or information packet leading to such conclusions, and there was nothing, except some very far-fetched connections)

A few times when I was in a mood and had time, I went to CIA website looking through declassified docs, and tried to 'fill the gaps' (Including "de-obscuring" of the information that they have intentionally changed or more often, presented in a certain manner to lead people towards the wrong conclusions. You could get very different ideas about the same document based on the way it is 'presented' and they use that to the fullest. Perception, perception … You need to utilize both of your hemispheres so to speak (logic, and the 'extra' abilities in sync) to parse information correctly.

>What would YOU do

In fact, I wanted to suggest a few of us combine our efforts and then brainstorm about certain material. (*evil grin)

And yes, I had various 'contacts' too, but they were much less pretty than "Tall Whites"

fcc57e  No.12701303



>CERN IS black mesa

If there really is some sort of connection between CERN and Half-Life, what do you think it is? Is CERN consciously copying what Half-Life did, even including similar looking scienstists? Did Valve somehow predict what was going to happen back in the nineties, and made Half-Life based on that? I think the second option makes more sense. It's like the ancient Greek idea of the muse, that artists receive a gift from the muse, from some metaphysical force, and make their art based on it. It would explain why different people have similar ideas. It's not that great artists are necessarily so creative, but they are connected to something that gives them ideas.

This might be the reason why Half-Life 3 doesn't get made though. Either Valve noticed that stuff they wrote into their games happens in real life, and were spooked, or someone told them they shouldn't do the sequel because it will have serious consequences.


>CERN created the internet.

>or at least that's what the facts are in this timeline.

>in my timeline CERN never created the internet.

CERN creating the internet is a claim I've started hearing only in recent years. I don't know if there has been some reality shift though, since the claim seems to be that CERN created the World Wide Web, but ARPANET is still credited as becoming "the technical foundation of the internet". It might simply be that certain people don't want people to associate the internet with secret military projects.



There is also the meme that Al Gore created the internet, which is supposedly based on misquoting Gore somehow.

edb58a  No.12701339

File: bbb990b4969c2a5⋯.jpg (240.36 KB, 1022x1022, 1:1, IMG_E2519.JPG)

>They came up when I first started discussing about Bearenstein/Bearenstain

If you believe in the Mandela effect you are a stupid retard nigger faggot and you need to kys yourself posthaste

2471f9  No.12701429


Can you elaborate a little on this bump on the back of the head you speak of? Will explain in next post depending on the content you share with me. Thank you anon.

000000  No.12701446


Occipital Lobe/Bun. No present in all,but many leading folks in history have been known to have one. the correlation/causation is not completely understood by most,but it is believed to act as a sort of enhancement to average brain function as it's not seen in typically lower IQ levels.

0eaba4  No.12701464

what the fuck is with these /x/ tier threads on pol here and there, full of /x/ tier posts and nonsense that detract from real fucking shit?

000000  No.12701487


I gotta say something wrong with how this is presented? If course there had to be at least 5 people in the car:

-Rear-most seat: Prez + wife = 2

-Middle seats: Gov +wife = 2

So who the fuck is driving it? No governor or president has driven his own vehicle in an official capacity. So at least 1 more person as driver = more than 4 by deduction.

That's the hard part of some of this shit is that some weird, almost impossible things are modified. Some can be discounted that possibly 4 and 6 are wrong numbers and in fact the answer is 5. The only number in that series that's prime…

69cee0  No.12701504


/pol/ and /x/ topics are inherently intertwined whether you like it or not.

0eaba4  No.12701513


i guess so, it's just extremely jarring. i just don't like these schizophrenic threads contribute anything.

a8b885  No.12701518

File: d0ce0696b91367d⋯.jpg (75.57 KB, 512x512, 1:1, everyone above this line i….jpg)


Well done, OP, you riled them up.

e7d85e  No.12701557


As opposed to what schlomo? Trump sucks and they discovered the cure to cancer? Real productive topics there.

Keep revving up them jimmies boys

000000  No.12701741

Apologize ahead for no archive:

>From LAUSD's site:

Intellectual Ability - Second semester kindergarten and above

Students who consistently exhibit the capacity for excellence at remarkably high levels of accomplishment far beyond their chronological peers.

One semester of observation by the staff in the school of current enrollment and:

-Supportive descriptions of behavior by the teacher (supportive data may be included from the parent) and

-Teacher observations, review of student’s cumulative record, and sample of student work must provide support for a recommendation of assessment and

-Superior cognitive abilities indicated on a standardized administration of an intelligence test given by a LAUSD psychologist.

Designation as Gifted in the Intellectual Ability Category

Students who score 95% to 99.8% on an intelligence test administered by a LAUSD school psychologist.

Expanded criteria for students of low socio-economic status: Students who score between 9094% and meet the federally defined poverty level are eligible under 20112012 district criteria.

Designation as Highly Gifted Applicable

Students who score between a 99.5% to a 99.8% are considered “eligible to apply” to a highly gifted magnet program; selection is based upon space availability.

Designation as Highly Gifted

District criterion for identification status for the highly gifted program is the score of 99.9% on an intelligence test administered by a LAUSD school psychologist.

>source: hxxps://achieve.lausd.net/Page/1996

Now given the basics, we can now see how kikes tried to subvert GATE education period:

<source: hxxps://www.dailynews.com/2010/08/29/jenny-heitz-how-to-get-the-school-gate-to-open-in-lausd/

>She was tested the weekend after school let out for summer break. And it wasn’t a true IQ test. It was something called the Raven’s Progressive Matrices, which is a non-verbal intelligence test given (at least by LAUSD) in a group setting. Eva is a very verbal kid. We found out later that she left the test early…

>An IQ test is given one-on-one by a psychologist, and we found Beth Levy through a friend’s recommendation.

>Levy uses the WISC IV. The test’s total score is divided into categories like verbal, performance, working memory and processing speed, which in turn are divided into subtests. There are no math problems or anxiety-provoking scenarios. Eva enjoyed the test and the individual attention. And her score was pretty high.

-Kikess and her pshycologist consider Raven's Matrice's "anxiety causing"

-kikess's kikess shows "high verbal" and not good at math. What a shocker

-kicker: kid left the test early… your kid is an idiot and obviously retarded despite "high verbal iq"

5 years later

<source: http://laschoolreport.com/cheating-parents-misis-conspire-to-slow-down-lausds-gifted-program/

>Cheating parents, MISIS conspire to slow down LAUSD’s gifted program

>…most widely-used and efficient test for gifted students called the “Raven’s Progressive Matrices,” which measures intelligence by assessing how a child learns.

>“We’ve had a lot kids that would just admit that they were on the web taking the actual test the night before with their parents,” Wong-Cheng said.

>Apparently, it doesn’t require much skill to find the Raven test online. “All you have to do is Google the name, and it comes up,” she said.

>When the district became aware of the problem, the GATE department began reviewing earlier Raven testing records, sometimes reassessing an entire school, sometimes re-testing individual students. “That was one of the biggest reasons this problem started,” Wong-Cheng said.

>GATE officials also decided to discontinue the Raven, phasing it out over the last three years,

So now ravens are a problem because you can prep for them? How the fuck besides sheer memorization can you prep for this bullshit? It tests ability to process info and find patterns… patterns can be changed, its not that hard. The only thing that has been done here is expose the kids to how the test is so there is less anxiety about it. Kinda like taking a multiple choice test for the first time in your life, you worry more about how to bubble than actually bubbling the right answer.

Did they let in too many morons and fucked their ability to program them? Did common core create so many kids above the "average" line that wouldn't have been classifed gifted in previous times?

8dbe24  No.12701751

File: f2c431d8a4bf3eb⋯.jpg (17.75 KB, 650x633, 650:633, 68aaebca14e1a21a0973f54d85….jpg)



>tfw gman transcended his digital video-game confines

d29922  No.12701782

File: 684361d58a6093d⋯.png (314.83 KB, 687x406, 687:406, vampire.PNG)


dude what ????

it was always 'a' fucking vampire.

I remember watching this movie over and over with my parents because they loved it for some reason.

e7d85e  No.12701783


czech'd and noted

64c888  No.12701813


I remember it as "a" instead of "the"… I went back to a very old backup drive which has of the movie score. ID3 and directory timestamped from 1999 say "Interview With The Vampire"… for what its worth…

d29922  No.12701825


ending of AmericanHistoryX is with the young brother stabbed by a high school nigger.

Last scene is Norton shaving is head again.

11c4f4  No.12701905



Yep. Former Mormon here. Gated stock'd , whole nine yards

Eagle Scout

Read to students that were set than me as a teaching type experience. I can't remember all of those classes and my feeling is one of intense panic , like I forgot to turn something in or I forgot about a really important class that day.

Odd odd odd odd odd odd

2507e7  No.12702102


This is interesting as I delve in this type of speculation all the time. Considering a space such as Time Square in New York, while not very obvious to us the common person such large so called "uncontrolled environments" can very well be controlled for those who have the right data and power. In a sense, anywhere is a lab for the right person and experiments that are thought to be impossible to be carried out outside of a carefully controlled lab can be carried out.

Another thought is how we rely on digital time that corrects itself to know when is now. Now I'm not saying time has been "shifted" but a few seconds per year or so, who knows, would we catch on? Maybe climate has not shifted, but our perception of time has because we depend on a controlled type of clock.

The best one I believe will be the time travel lie. Like you said about the mandela effect and how it could be done as a controlled experiment with enough intellience and control (power as a whole). Maybe if they spread their influence far enough, they could easily change the facts we get from out most "reliable sources". Do you have to literally change the past? or is it enough for you to make people think that the past was different? Time travel, a screen play like all else. No wonder cameras are attractive to these people, but we'd rather be the main characters of our own stories, not side characters in theirs.

02a0c6  No.12702133

File: e027e06da6f9d82⋯.jpg (552.97 KB, 1594x1058, 797:529, 1C353D0A-6F5A-4576-65F7-FF….jpg)


I've lurked the GATE threads since the start. Always creeped me out. To my knowledge I was never in that particular program, but had so many connections with the other portions of it.

>tested as abnormally high IQ at very young age

>drown as a toddler in a murky green swimming pool, several other near-death experiences, but maybe I actually died in that one?

>around age 9 was sent to after-school classes (that I cannot remember) in an office building. No other kids that I remember

>dropped out of college to start company, Israeli "art-student" came to my office repeatedly

>dated Jewess for years before I was pilled

>frequent LSD usage in high school I noticed did not have the same effect on me as my peers. I kept wanting to go back in to talk to something, and my friends just thought it was fun

I remember things other people don't. I do have implicit trust in myself though. How does one improve their memory of those events? Is there anything to be gained from connecting with people with similar histories? Or do we just /x/ each other out and become unproductive?

11c4f4  No.12702385



As soon as you figure it out let me know

This is some major fuckery

I remember only the barest of memories from it all and the types of weird questions they would ask. Also they would never say if you got it right or wrong , just ask a hypothetical about what you would do in a situation or what someone else would do in a given situation


fcc57e  No.12702394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

763405  No.12702404



GATE'fag here.

I remember lots of role-playing type games involving chance. Also very open ended assignments where you would write about things you liked.

My father was involved in Military Intelligence/SF so I assumed they targeted me. I assume they still track me.

c147d1  No.12702407



Your nose is showing.

a2a789  No.12702418

File: 396c942737ad2b7⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 183x250, 183:250, 1486430884555s.jpg)

ADOLF (((HITLER))) got trained @ Tavistock Institute.

a2a789  No.12702438

>>12702418 Hitler received training at the Tavistock Institute in London.


When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the …

A century ago, one section of Vienna played host to Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Tito, Sigmund Freud and Joseph Stalin.


Famous Illuminati historian Eustace Mullins says, Hitler was committed in 1923 for the anti-Semites program of the Illuminati – to drive out the Jews into James de Rothschild´s Jewish colonies in Palestine. In 1940, there were already 500,000 expat Jews there. This took place in close collaboration with the Zionists.

New secret documents show that in 1912-13, Hitler was in Great Britain, where he was subjected to a brainwashing as a British agent. That would explain many inconsistencies – for example, that in the summer of 1940, when the Nazis controlled Europe, and Britain was destitute, Nazi Military Intelligence Chief (Abwehr) Admiral Wilhelm Canaris told the Romanian Foreign Minister, Michel Sturdza, and the Spanish Dictator Franco, to stay neutral because England was “intended to win the war.”

The Holocaust and Auschwitz were given already in 1897 with Theodor Herzl’s diary and implemented using Rothschild´s and Rockefeller´s board members in the IG Farben.

The actual founder of Nazism with blood, racial purity and selected master race was the first Zionist Moses Hess (1862). Hitler took this over uncritically.


d0326b  No.12702444


Probs going to get hate for it, but I recommend Marijuana.

My memory capacity has increased immensely since I first started. I've been able to recall memories from when I was approx 3 years old. Have discussed it with parents and they acknowledge my memories as truth. Seeing as they were there. Its also not an Instant memory recollection, it comes at various times and with various degrees.

The mind is a muscle that can be trained. Put it under stressful situations and work through problems, basic functions and thought processes will improve in time.

I have yet to experience any side effect, except hunger. In saying all this, I don't drink often, maybe once or twice a year.

Like any medication, if you start becoming paranoid or experiencing side effects. Stop the use of it.

In the end, its probably also a means to an end. Recollection of memories can come from anywhere, a scent you recognize from childhood could unlock those memories just as easily.

Just throwing my 2 cents in, I am in no way saying this works for everyone.

410ee8  No.12702447



You leftypol jews are still sperging on discord that one buys this shit.

a2a789  No.12702449

Useful idiot, hitler was a jewish puppet.

410ee8  No.12702452


>kike not knowing how to reply properly

Hitler was an alien too, right?

757d18  No.12702468

Is it really you OP? I was obsessed with your threads

9832cc  No.12702479


There is conjecture that Hitler's real mom was actually what history calls his aunt, a woman who was a servant/maid to the Rothschild family. What is indisputable is that Hitler's family had ties with the Rothschild's.

Given the conjecture previously noted, you might ask, such are matters with servant girls: Who was Hitler's father?

I'll continue to note the Rothschilds have never been Jewish, Zionism only became the family business AFTER the acquisition of Palestine. Owning a country is a tremendously profitable endeavor, they just needed ~6,000,000 people to start paying fucking taxes.

Some other notes: Every state building in Israel is adorned with the symbols of Scottish freemasonry. York rite: 13 ranks, Israeli rite: 12. It's a thousand year conspiracy that Scottish people are one of the twelve tribes who left Israel at that time, and it's now, with the advent of genetic drift, coming to be understood as fact. Scots being the last pure tribe, unmuddied by inbreeding or african genetics, is also a hotly debated topic, but of course Turk blooded niggerKikes aren't going to admit this. Them lacking purity of blood implies they've fallen from the path and are no longer God's chosen people, but rather the Scots.

A Scottish Freemason owns every piece of dirt(Israeli cattle) in Israel, as well as the soil. The Jewbook even suggests the rebuilding of the temple will be done by slaves: It's currently being planned and built by Israeli citizens, goyim, literally physical property of their Scottish master, Lord Rothschild.

Further, for our christfriends

Scots being the original Israelites and thus having exclusive blood rights over Palestinian clay doesn't have anything to do with religion, but genetics, where it is demonstrable that Scots emigrated from Israel back to the North during the time period the 12 tribes left: Your biblical history doesn't change at all, but if you're Scottish, it makes you one of God's chosen people.

Scottish being God's chosen can also explain White Privilege, and kikes CANNOT FUCKING STAND IT. Just accept your white privilege as a matter of Talmudic principle and inform every Turkish David or Goldberg that God doesn't approve of their mixed blood and prefers the last Pure Blooded Tribe of Israel(TM).

410ee8  No.12702486


>I'll continue to note the Rothschilds have never been Jewish,

You niggerjews really stopped trying

9832cc  No.12702500

File: b726f04c11282d9⋯.jpg (14.49 KB, 285x412, 285:412, htfgps.jpg)

File: 11538ab66be6cdd⋯.jpg (34.14 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a1a68767-7e29-4179-885f-4a….jpg)


Sorry, stated that wrong. Rothschilds have always been Scottish, being Freemasons just allows them privy to otherwise sensitive religious history: You can't just tell the people in Israel they're fucking goyim or they won't build the temple. The real holocaust will be when Rothschild purity spirals all of the Turkish and nig blood out of rightful Scottish clay.

0cf226  No.12702530

File: bc3a293f70366c5⋯.jpg (356.49 KB, 1876x680, 469:170, Untitled.jpg)


>Doesn't want Israelis to be psychologically cucked from their own history

Hasbara taking shit personally detected, you don't have much longer living in scottish controlled territory lol

Speaking of being cucked, Israel uses almost exclusive Scottish models in their fashion advertisements, and the only yids portrayed are shot from an angle that plays down their shitty Turk features. Also shown is a half Scot/half Turk who, genetically speaking, still has a more justified right to Israeli clay then most nigs living their today.

0cf226  No.12702593



045271  No.12702597


how often do you use? From going all day every day to cold turkey my shortterm memory has improved drastically, but can't say anything about longterm recall

d29922  No.12702666


I have lived at least one event that I can recall completely.

My father gave me a gift on my birthday, I was in high school. This gift was an accessory and I wore it all the time.

Now this piece of accessory will cause a painful dent in my skin because of its shape but it just needed to be rearranged and all would be good.

One day I was doing the, now, automated motion however i wasn't feeling the pain.

I took the thing off and noticed it was different, the shape from then on would never permit a dent to cause piercing pain.

I started to look for photos, recent and old, this was about 2 years after the respective birthday.

All photos had the respective piece blurred. Digital ones and printed ones alike, that detail could not be seen.

I know I had developed an automatic response to that shit and now it was like it never happened.

000000  No.12702698




<The setup


>the pivot




>and turned!

Random other shilling for good measure with gr8 b8 for p0l:



That's all from the torPedo shill watch, back to the discussion:


<says satan.

Did you change style of clothing? Did the item wear in? Did you grow? Have you tried replicating it?

d29922  No.12702724


fucking steel. having a bump on it for technical reasons. that bump hits the skin.

next day the bump is in a different position, it is not impossible for it to hit the skin.

0cf226  No.12702830


>Telling Israeli Hasbara agents their women want Scottish dick and their entire country doesn't belong to them



0cf226  No.12702848


TAG reporting, American GATE. Years later a Jewish dentist got fired from an office that did a tooth implant for me after my teeth buckled and broke from colliding face first with the bottom of a swimming pool. Kids are kids.

Jewish dentist with 3 dental implants when only two were ordered, putting a tooth the owner of the office had no idea where he got it from in my jaw? Jews are jews. He was fired, the dentist(Indian owner) voided all of my mother's debt to the office, about $6,000, and deferred my family to a different dentist claiming, "I don't want any legal responsibility to that implant."

And indeed, to this day I don't want that indian dentist to take the rap for my front left tooth. It wasn't his fault and he fired that kike so swiftly his dumb jewish brain probably started bullshitting about the second crystal nacht.

0cf226  No.12702862


>deferred my family to a different dentist

I forgot to mention the new dentist had a military background and an exceptional office with only 2 rooms for any procedures to take place; an implant specialist.

000000  No.12702934


>telling shiskas to go snag goy men for that perfect crypto-kike with a goy last name and that maternal line.

Either you are not realizing how ironic you are sounding or your actually are a shill.This was actually your most coherant post. Everything that followed could have rivaled the Barilla factory:




But I would say this >>12702530 was your most coherent post and it was a thread de-railment. Whether or not you were called out for being a shill or not, you were simply a marker of where the topic had turned. It has only been your response that is beginning to show that in fact you may well be a shill. Your next posts will decide that or will you vanish like the other faggots who got compromised and couldn't collect their shekels?

000000  No.12702941


This was actually your most coherant post

should be :

This was almost your most coherant post

0d6863  No.12703351


Explain photo.

0d6863  No.12703368


Heard they did silly shit on GLP when people where posting while tripping on shrooms/lsd. Remote viewing, but different.

0d6863  No.12703391


Can't say jew either.

69cee0  No.12703413


>Remote viewing, but different.

Do go on…

0d6863  No.12703421


Like..delving into their minds during their lsd trips. lsd opens your mind. Things and beings and such will enter.

69cee0  No.12703451


Can we just call that "scanning".

I know it's silly jargon, but it's already established.

dac9bf  No.12703532


>So now ravens are a problem because you can prep for them?

Go over to 4cuck /sci/ and see threads asking for answers to progressive matrices. Once you tell them what to look for, even 110 IQ brainlets can detect advanced patterns.

dac9bf  No.12703567


WISC includes matrices

a6b926  No.12703937

File: 8094f555c50cc7d⋯.png (10.59 MB, 5007x3060, 1669:1020, 786768735.png)

You can ignore 99% of the entire image. right side has some gate stuff. It is however interrelated with the rest of the image. Things are far too interconnected to not be somewhat concerned or interested.

9b0213  No.12703940


I get this post completely.

9bf7ed  No.12704107


I have been watching from afar. My threads didn't quite get the result I wanted so here I am again.

When people are openly talking about the real overlords, I will know my work is complete. Until then, breadcrumbs

b39bbe  No.12704264

I'm considering having bamped this. Hope I wasn't wrong.


You looking for info on Archons? I have that. I deal in outlawed information. One sec

8d9d4c  No.12704276


Try reading some books.

69cee0  No.12704285


Any books?

The phone book?

A sears catalog from 1968?

A textbook?

A romance novel?

What books would you recommend that people read?

b99cff  No.12704288

File: 52fd10a3f47400e⋯.jpg (42.96 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 52fd10a3f47400eadf4c20f007….jpg)


I love you anon. Homo


I'll bite. My initial observation is that you're a bit cold and precise with your language, it suggests training. Of course, what the fuck do I come of as? Consciousness affecting random number generators is grade-school science fair science at this point. The CERN shit is superfluous, I agree. Wanna tell me what kind of contracts you've got? Agreements. I have a few.


Classic GATEfag, that's pretty confirmed

b99cff  No.12704303

File: 77349ba1bf9cba7⋯.png (892.25 KB, 810x744, 135:124, 1454975410291.png)


> i just don't like these schizophrenic threads contribute anything

>don't like

<don't think

You'll be fine. I feel like this every morning.


>/pol/ and /x/ topics are inherently intertwined whether you like it or not.

Mistakes into miracles, anon


>Eagle Scout

Guess I did that too. Nice addition to the dig.

>I can't remember all of those classes and my feeling is one of intense panic , like I forgot to turn something in or I forgot about a really important class that day.

This is one of the only "nightmares" I've had in recent history. That is a bit strange. Again, this is another thread I wanted to tie together. Thanks for that.

9bf7ed  No.12704320


Archons? You mean the interdimensional niggas that feed off our energy? And their slaves that run our society?

e71944  No.12704360


Correct. I have comprehensive data on that.

e71944  No.12704365


Anyway why be so mysterious? Are you not invincible? Do people get in trouble for things around here? Just say it, what's your goddamn inquiry

e71944  No.12704377

File: 8cbea4194a5f973⋯.png (704.41 KB, 642x909, 214:303, 8cbea4194a5f973ed2bf6dfc8d….png)

>>12701255 (Kek'd)

> I was able to 'swap' events like you did in a shotgun scenario. I could literally see the bad outcome play out to the fullest detail only to rewrite it in a nanosecond with a more favorable one. Saved me from a lot of trouble in life and helped me avoid their traps and 'hunters'

All of this does sound pretty legit though, sometimes I'm just abrasive off the cuff. I'm pushing 10 seconds on my rewrite, meaning bullets aren't fast enough anymore. And actually nothing is. I was saying maybe a volley of railguns followed up by a continent-killing volley of nukes, but I might be anywhere in the world in 10 seconds. Shit's hopeless.

16d5be  No.12704393


i thought darpa was though gore claimed credit>>12700145

858254  No.12704397


Everything else notwithstanding, some people can actually see up to 70-120 frames per second. I sure can tell the difference between 30 and 60 and sometimes between 50 and 60. This sensitivity can decline with age, but not because of a biological factor but because current older generations were never exposed to high framerates and never developed a sensitivity that allows them to see the difference.

As for 4K, 70 mm cinema is something equivalent to 8K. I'm sorry but your whole tirade about framerates and resolutions is misguided. It might be a stupid and small luxury, but it's legit, and they have many other more effective ways of manipulating us than something so weak. The whole thing is probably a distraction theory and you got distracted.

858254  No.12704461


You can try /fringe/, but it's an insane asylum to navigate. Trust your instincts.

8d9d4c  No.12704465


> it's an insane asylum to navigate

Never understood this reputation. It's mostly just shitposters with a handful of actual wise people.

a9460d  No.12704469


DARPA is responsible for designing the fundamental technologies behind it, CERN is the birth of the World Wide Web. Al Gore didn't invent anything. All he did was recognize the importance of it, and push for more federal funding.

858254  No.12704472


That thing was called "oathbreaker", right? Can I get a quick rundown?

837294  No.12704559

File: fe1e5a04998909a⋯.jpg (41 KB, 489x600, 163:200, eeb09cd2-7f7e-4160-ac3b-8d….jpg)

>the only word one needs know…

<er do æı hier.


someone rang¿

ea3fa0  No.12704678


daily reminder: glowniggers fear the ubuntu operative system

ea3fa0  No.12704680


post more art like this please. More classy beautiful thick white women with proper curves in acrylic paint.

d74778  No.12704706

File: a6d0529310cb3e7⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, 1547966612356.jpg)


ea3fa0  No.12704711


damn pol is slow tonight..

c63950  No.12704736


>Most of my current friends are 130-170 IQ

Have Americans invented another frame for measuring IQ in order to feel less stupid lel? Mine is 128, and that's on a scale where at 140 you are basically a genius, and ~160 is the smartest people who have ever lived tier. Inb4 that scale goes up to 6 million.

>like doing psychic shouts at each other and seeing how long it takes to get a phone call

Thoughts alone are usually enough.


>The GATE kids seem to be over-represented in the numbers of folks who remember things differently.

I'm certain that a small portion of the world population has very different perception than the rest. Being immune to programming and having the capacity to discern the truth regardless of environmental influences. High intelligence + high intuition. Most anons reported being INTP/J if I remember correctly. I know some very intelligent people and they are practically high-output NPC's/biobots, zero creativity and independent thought whatsoever. They were looking for something else, either a different neurological wiring, genetic 'anomalies' or something more advanced (esoteric).

I'm still not buying the Mendela stuff though.


High-profile people are those who recruit people like Aquino. Do you seriously think that one of their most important fields is developed by a single man? They have teams of professionals.


This thread is officially sanctified by the Oath-breaker. It wards of Freemasons and other evil spirits.


Another anon explained it before me.


Are you trying to tell us that Rothschilds were the good guys all along and in fact, not Jewish? Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? :>)

>You can't just tell the people in Israel they're fucking goyim or they won't build the temple.

This is actually quite legit. They are going to do it, the absolute madmen.


>Moshe, the goyim are discussing the institute again. We have to shut it down!

>Calm down Chaim, we'll just make a few "Hitler was a Rothschild Jew" posts and spin a narrative where only pious Christians, civic nationalists, based Jews/niggers and Alex Jones fans can defeat the evil nayzee reptiles running the UN. That should do the trick.

4de3b7  No.12704777


This link describes so many of the things I've experienced quite nicely - I think I have experienced most of what is spoken about.


Events appear to ripple forward and backwards through time creating synchronicities like in the picture.

Our consciousness is the basis of this reality. We are powerful and that is the most important thing they try to hide from us. Christianity and now Science being the main control structures.

e23832  No.12704798


checking those stock'd holy trips

fuck christcuckery and the rest of the control ( ( ( structures) ) )

e23832  No.12704818



I for one am rooting for the railgun/contintenal nuke scenario

f9bbb5  No.12704905

File: 3d28bdbd71ca7ea⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 150x155, 30:31, 1487983472057.gif)

File: d9a14a7e5f55ce4⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 1536392965998.gif)


>in my timeline the internet was created in the earlier days of the military to create a new secret more secure form of communication

I have NEVER heard that CERN, in any way, "created the internet."

The internet was funded to create a form of network communications that could still be used if the major communications hubs (cities) had been wiped out in a nuclear attack. The internet would bypass the hubs, finding alternate routes of communications, back when the entire thing was a hard-wired telephone system.

They started it as digital communications between mainframe computers on college campuses.

The HTTP programming for our modern internet addressing and data transfer was written by a Brit gentleman, whose name I can't recall right now.

But the entire thing was funded by the U.S. DoD.

0d6863  No.12704955


Photo explanation, anyone.

45f0b7  No.12705108

Aquino is Jim

Hail satan

02a0c6  No.12705119

File: 09a88e1536efaca⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 1227x310, 1227:310, FB_IMG_1352206048272.jpg)


I remember those red and white triangle plastic pieces. I remember I've played with them, but I can't remember the circumstance.




see pic related. Anyone? What is this?

02a0c6  No.12705124

File: 17db6322a135d11⋯.png (1006.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 17db6322a135d11acf5ed74a9d….png)



For sure this leads to an interesting pattern. I've got the J myself. The higher intelligence plus the implicit trust of self acts as a barrier to programming.

It's why these people are constantly ostracized/medicated/misunderstood. The day 9/11 happened I was sitting with friends at a restaurant. I told them something doesn't add up (this is long before any redpilling/conspiracy thinking). I know what I saw, and it looked wrong, and I trusted myself. My friends were disgusted that I could even think that way.

I think therefore I am.

858254  No.12705181


Thank you for posting these. I'm reading them end to end before jumping to conclusions, but I read some things that made me feel really lonely and at the same time weirded me out a bit.

Things like this:

>Has anyone ever noticed repeating characters in there life?

>I knew all of these people whom upon mating felt like I had known all my life. After 12 years we fall out and I move to the other side of the planet only to find these people again. Different names and nationalities but same hair facial features and personality. Same mannerisms and voice. Fucking spooky. Are these people scripts or ancient friends? And what are the odds I met them first off?

What the fuck? There are some anecdotes surrounding this GATE thing (like drowning or almost drowning when young, after-school tests bc muh high IQ, etc) that are too many too be coincidental. How am I supposed to handle this?

d29922  No.12705184




any creature that feeds on human suffering or human souls is a fallen angel.

these fallen angels ruled the world until Jesus was crucified for humanity's sins.

This gesture was not at all symbolic, it destroyed the power of the so called "gods" better known as fallen angels.

All the pagan religions required sacrifices of blood, the most powerful being the sacrifice of the first born child. Remember Abraham in the old testament ? It talks about a ruthless god being merciful. that is not the God we believe in today.

Redemption by forgiveness of sins has another, more human dimension. It stops the need to keep praying, and keep offering stuff to various gods and allows the human to function from celebration to celebration with no need to consider sacrificing what they have.

Now you're gonna shill about odin or thor or other 'benevolent' fallen angels.

These are examples were the respective societies had to survive and did not corrupt themselves as much, but do not be fooled, they would sacrifice children in an instance.

Now this new religion, Christianity, spread like wildfire because it offered a way out from the infinity cycle of temple sacrifices.

What happened to the fallen angels ?

They lost power, even more than that, they were offered forgiveness if they would accept 'the human' as better than them.

they refused, because they are out of the primordial elements but not divine, we are subject to their world, but we are divine.

The human must then decide between this world, where the game is rigged, or the divine world.

d29922  No.12705202


not to continue in a theological debate, i will open a logical one.

if you believe in such things as archons, angels, fallen angels, daemons, other dimensional beings or anything else that does not follow the laws of known physics you must accept that the human is important to them.

If the human is important to them it can only be important if the human has something they do not posses, the soul.

If the soul is what they want and what they fight for, where were they until recent centuries ?

What happened to them in the ancient world ?

Where were they in the 'dark' ages ?

And how come they have power now ?

The only correlation is Christianity.

Now starting with the cucking of the catholic church, with the stupidity of the protestants, and then the idiocy of humanists we see a trend that celebrates occultism, culminating with the not so secret, open for all, freemason secret societies that promised money in exchange for idol worshiping and changing laws in the detriment of Christianity that blocked them.

Now in the 21st century more babies were killed in their womb than the actual population of the world. Now that's a fucking blood sacrifice.

Have fun calling them archons or devils or 'overlords', they are humanity's sins taking physical form.

8f96b8  No.12705230




Would appreciate any data you have on the subject, links, pdfs, etc.

858254  No.12705236


I can answer anything you may want to know about it, but I don't know if this is the right place to do so. I have done a very long research on the subject and very rigorous (in the sense of following a strict scientific protocol), but I didn't bother to save references, so I can't really link to anywhere.

ae1018  No.12705250



I wouldn't say they get in trouble but certain elements show up if we try talking about the true nature of things.

See the archives for more info.

But anyways, you have data on the things that live between the dimensions? I have only encountered them once in my travels and they scared me. I have no fear of mortal things but those things… they're beyond terrifying.

d29922  No.12705252


I for one started with the history of baphomets, notice the plural, the bronze bull used to burn people alive and then with the nomadic gypsy caravans that had child sacrifice kettles.

Just look at the history of mostly jewish gods and you'll find all you need.

8f96b8  No.12705257


Fair enough. I don't want to derail this thread. Have done some digging into the subject myself but do not have source material, hence my asking.

On topic, I was asked to go test for a Gifted and Talented education program. However, I was homeschooled at the time and never heard back about test results. Have been lurking these threads and glad to see it back on /pol/

ae1018  No.12705260


When I took the aptitude test for the Canadian Reserves they had a similar triangle test. There were a lot of spacial reasoning questions.

I wanted to be armored but they said I scored high enough to be a radar technician so I guess I did good enough.

d29922  No.12705284



69e089  No.12705320


That would explain the similarities one can see between anglos and jews in nose structure and teeth, along with predisposition toward evil.



>> it's an insane asylum to navigate

>Never understood this reputation. It's mostly just shitposters with a handful of actual wise people.

>/cringe/ is owned and run by a schizophrenic jewish pedophile.

0d6863  No.12705514


Did a jewgle search of it as well, but only found quarts and this site as related. ANYONE KNOW?

c0c5ef  No.12705537

File: 7aecd4db4ab0c18⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1659x1000, 1659:1000, 8b95292faf62ebac0a75c7942a….png)


Some autist says he designed it so that if any masons look at it all their oaths are voided, meaning they have to go through an annoying process of re-oathing everything. He spammed it so hard and actually made some funny ones, that it became kind of an in-house Milhouse meme.

>Mine is 128, and that's on a scale where at 140 you are basically a genius, and ~160 is the smartest people who have ever lived tier

No, that's the standard scale. Mine's ~140-145 I've taken every new version of the IQ test in a professional setting since 1988, my best friend is at 150-155, my blood brother is 172 I've seen his MENSA documents, but even the "lower" tier of my friends bottom out at 125. That's around the cutoff for parallel processing in my experience, so I can't really hold friendships with people lower than that. Here's your problem, thinking that I found all these people in one place. That's incorrect, I have friends from coast to coast. But I have concentrated my generals in my own physical location.


I know, right? I just want to FEEL something again. I want a challenge so fucking badly

c0c5ef  No.12705566


>Aquino is Jim

That would crack me up so hard. Hi to both of ya's


>Now you're gonna shill about odin or thor or other 'benevolent' fallen angels.

Nope. I'm content appearing as the bad guy.

>they are humanity's sins taking physical form

Prolly. If you get into that document I was reading above, one's mental state should take physical form quite quickly, assuming we're in F3. But WHO is dreaming that dream? Kikes and mudslimes, shitty christcucks &tc. In order to end that manifestation of bullshit, I've decided the most efficient way is to liberate the dreamers of that dream. From my reality. Our reality, I suppose, if you can see this. This will occur, I'm currently experiencing this future state.

c0c5ef  No.12705590

File: 8d2995ddb7c9206⋯.png (1.47 MB, 736x1239, 736:1239, 8d2995ddb7c92066e432541eab….png)


>But anyways, you have data on the things that live between the dimensions? I have only encountered them once in my travels and they scared me. I have no fear of mortal things but those things… they're beyond terrifying.

You know I do, buddy. I call them dragons, but they're really more like whale sharks in nature. The only time I've ever experienced Absolute Terror was when one tried to eat me. I fucked it's tooth up when it tried, but my soul was on a razor edge during that encounter, I might have actually permanently died. Not many things can do that to me. Good news is I've become completely impervious to them, and have now impressed them into my army. I swim with them sometimes when this world feels to hectic. So how I use them is, when I find a reality I think shouldn't exist anymore, I have one of my me-units descend into the lower void and put off light frequencies. That causes a feeding frenzy, then I become the filter between realities. Then I become porous, allow the dragons to feed, then re-embody in one of the bodies I have left. I call it dimension-pruning. The funniest part is, I looked into Warhammer lore, and they actually have a cycle about that. Don't kill the messenger, but I figured out Practical Magic.

0d6863  No.12705601


I thought maybe a collage of the Las Vegas shooter in the hotel room. But IDK.

0d6863  No.12705604


No one knows.

0d6863  No.12705605


What's the image?

c0c5ef  No.12705612

File: 85dc834231477c2⋯.png (185.38 KB, 600x534, 100:89, 37e483e74749abfaf99b88b0ce….png)



Err, if you encounter one, if you have control of your merkaba or any of your energetic fields, you just overload it and explode into light, more or less. Dragons only eat souls that have become completely fixed on physical processes. A burst of spiritual growth is actually harmful to a dragon. Had I been eaten, it would have become a diamond-dust poisoning scenario If you don't know what that is, you can look it up, it's not pretty because despite my Absolute Terror, I don't actually believe I can be completely destroyed. But that's pretty much it, just go super sayian and you'll be fine. Or try name-dropping one of my local titles, Janitor at the End of Time is probably the most relevant one.

c0c5ef  No.12705635

File: a30217a11afdfc0⋯.png (1.2 MB, 849x1000, 849:1000, 1450916485554.png)



>I wouldn't say they get in trouble but certain elements show up if we try talking about the true nature of things.

Anyway, replies aside I actually came to talk about the Archon subject. We have at least two other anons who know about this stuff floating around, or who have at least read enough about it to be accurate in their analysis. This is another topic I have direct knowledge of, but it comes in two parts. I'll start off with what I am pretty sure is true true enough, as they say, then go into my analysis of the situation based on my extrapolations from my experiences. But I'm kind of spamming right now, so let's go to a musical interlude and I'll reset my RAM, get this set of data into my current body, and let it fly. So give it a certain indefinite amount of 4-d space to marinate.

0d6863  No.12705643


> they scared me

It's ok to be scared. Here are some methods to get through it: Project (or simply think about) an image of yourself (your soul) being blown apart then coming back together without any pain or fear and repeat it until the being gets the drift that you can not be harmed. Another thing: If you're frozen in fear try to do something, hum a song (have one picked out) sing a song, light incense, push-ups, flip, skip…do anything. It's always better to be DOING something rather than freeze in fear. These methods can be applied to any situation.

c0c5ef  No.12705653


>Project (or simply think about) an image of yourself (your soul) being blown apart then coming back together without any pain or fear and repeat it until the being gets the drift that you can not be harmed

This is quite literally the exact thing I also found to be effective. Here's to hoping you didn't just copy me, and we've started setting up a scientific inquiry into how to repel dragons. Once we get that fully ingrained, maybe we can unleash practical magic on this timeline and survive it. It's all a bit risky, to say the least.

c0c5ef  No.12705663


>It's always better to be DOING something rather than freeze in fear. These methods can be applied to any situation.

I hate spamming so fucking hard, but this is also what I did. By taking motor control of my lower body I was able to move, which freed me for the next step, the explosion of the soul. Truth be told, I'd say you want to not be touching any physical surface in these encounters. By removing contact with all physical surfaces, I've had great success in destroying or damaging all manner of less-than-physical entities. But now allow me to retire with some manner of grace

0d6863  No.12705664


I don't really care about the dragons. When my time is up here I'm exploring else where. Maybe I'll try to help out, but my Jesus complex isn't what it was. What do you know about non-human influences here?

0d6863  No.12705669


Nice method. Go in grace.

c0c5ef  No.12705679


>I don't really care about the dragons.

I know, it was for the other guy. You seem to already have that shit on lock, but for whatever reason I still get off on saving a random person. As for what I know about Tall Whites, which is probably the only thing I know about ayys almost, I can get into that as well. Things about moon bases and government contact, I've read up on that, but for me the most interesting part is my personal experiences, which number about 12. I'll let that slip in a few, I just want to recalibrate. Appreciate ya

ae1018  No.12705703


Now, I've been scared before.

Don't get me wrong, fear is a natural and human thing.

But it scared me more than when I encountered a wendigo. Sure I could have been ripped limb from limb like my two companions, but my soul would be have been unaffected. Those things, they eat everything.

There I was, just surfing around while dreaming as I usually do. Then I heard a voice. "You there, what do you think you're doing?" And this voice had no emotion and sounded very sinister. And I realized that I had gone far off the beaten path. That's when I saw …teeth like a shark's in a smile and the voice said "Come here, I won't bite".

Then, I ran away but it followed me everywhere until I came to my body. I realized it wouldn't stop following me, so I tricked it by running through a wall and 'closing' it behind me. And it was pissed. It and it's friends still are

0d6863  No.12705742


>And it was pissed. It and it's friends still are

Think of these things as a thought disorder. Change your thoughts on it. Fake it 'til you make it: "These things are not part of my reality." Cheers.

913a88  No.12705830


Will one of you gate fags contact me please. Asap

4de3b7  No.12706442


I had a recurring dream I was chased through water by a shark like, yellow tinged, being. Its teeth snapping at my feet as I zoomed through a colourless underworld.


Do you really think we are in F3? Why?

c63950  No.12706450


Old internet had much more uncensored, unedited and available "bad goy" content. So much content has (((disappeared))) over the years, especially from the mainstream search engines. I remember posting a link to The Turner Diaries on some chan and the site being taken down the next day lel.


Did you ever wonder how come those "anomalies" only appear when it comes to the most popular and most mainstream things known to a lot of people? If Mandela effect is real, it would affect obscure and relatively unknown things, much more often, which is not the case. They are messing with your perception in order to make you embrace hyperreality, which would make you unable to discern truth from fiction, making you live in total ignorance. Knowledge is power, and they want you to be completely powerless (ignorant).


CERN and similar projects also got memory-holed on chans, but that warrants an entirely separate thread as it's a different subject. Speaking of which…



>Implying we are showing our best cards

I keep telling you guys to learn about counter-intelligence. There are so many ways to fuck with them while simultaneously getting the point across. Things are much worse than you assume.


>He's convinced that all the quantum particles are spinning like a vortex, which explains why things seem to disappear and reappear as they cycle through our phase.

Fourier transform, learn it.

>Easily done if it's all one connected system.

Entire universe is connected in a single point.


>Yeah I trolled that guy a while back

Mind sharing the story?


Particle physics were popular for a while, it was only a matter of time before someone is going to make a video-game about it going wrong. We still don't have face-huggers crawling around though, so I'd exclude any special connection between the two for now.


>Is there anything to be gained from connecting with people with similar histories?

If we properly determine common factors and characteristics, we could focus our efforts to engage them in the next-gen warfare. Obtaining classified information, triggering events, even murdering people remotely. Becoming the nightmare for them that we were born to be. It's never too late.


>Smoke the plant that's scientifically proven to kill your brain cells and ruin your memory goy!


Scots are Aryan descendants of the Canaanites that kikes genocided to settle the area, but it's a different subject Ari, you are free to make a separate thread instead of derailing this one. Rothkikes are apex parasites, making them no different from the average Jew. Are there any genetic tests of theirs available publicly proving your claims? Doubt it.

5b74ca  No.12706458


It's a composite image of a reflection of an objection in motion. A black mirror, on the international space station to be exact.

You'd be surprised what you can see in black mirrors.

4de3b7  No.12706469


>Did you ever wonder how come those "anomalies" only appear when it comes to the most popular and most mainstream things known to a lot of people?

Small things do change but they can't be corroborated as they are not shared experiences. There are multiple anomalies in my life between the realities I've been in.

0d6863  No.12706539


Meh, pic #1 *too, 3rd pic explain.

000000  No.12706581


>Did you ever wonder how come those "anomalies" only appear when it comes to the most popular and most mainstream things known to a lot of people?

Why not gaslight an entire civilization. Mass delusion so grand no one could question it. Hitler did say to make the lie "BIG", did he not? How much grander? Nelson dies in an SA jail, why not turn him into an actor, no one fucking remembers…

Somehow needs to be found

Workers who can vouch with various pictures or other proff of old marketing material from Jiffy. A brand is not enough, though we all remember it. Who made it? Who distributed it? Someone's gotta have a Kroger's ad sitting in an attic from 1995 with a 24oz jar on sale, comon…

2890f4  No.12706591





hello old friend if you were in those threads.

2890f4  No.12706595


they were looking for their tech priest class

the technocratic stooges

bfb906  No.12706615


>Hitler did say to make the lie "BIG", did he not?


Well, someone did… And apparently they were right.

c63950  No.12706666


I don't always check dubs, but when I do, it's Hitler dubs.

>My initial observation is that you're a bit cold and precise with your language, it suggests training.

Training comes in many forms. So do I. When you completely blend with the environment, you become the environment. When you become the environment, you gain control of the environment. You could say that I have learned from the best. Whether they knew it or not

>Of course, what the fuck do I come of as?

Insufficient data to make such assessment. A strong-willed individual, very capable but not very subtle (Reminds me of Dutch mentality), heightened perception and intuition but low understanding. A valuable stone with a potential to be shaped into a gem.

>Wanna tell me what kind of contracts you've got? Agreements.

I'm glowing as a hobby (but you probably refer to 'other' types of contracts). Having a majority of population ignorant of certain activities practically gives you a legal immunity in those matters as they would need to change their entire paradigm in order to put it into a legal framework. That's why atheism is promoted so much. A religion for IQ100-115 people. People below certain IQ threshold are simple-minded enough to instinctively attack "warlocks" , people above certain IQ threshold are capable of rationalizing it and understanding the scientific and philosophical framework behind it all. Same could be said for the right-wingers and liberals. Right wingers usually come in two distinct IQ brackets with a large gap in between, liberals are mostly evened out in one.

>I have a few

Mind giving some examples?


<This guy…

<Just how powerful is he?!


A lot of repeating 7 digits ITT


I believe the whole extra frames subliminal messaging fad got debunked due to how our brain processes visual information.


It's a silly mspaint meme forced by one autist that eventually evolved into a Freemasonry destroyer


>Our consciousness is the basis of this reality. We are powerful and that is the most important thing they try to hide from us. Christianity and now Science being the main control structures.

Exactly. But it's not only 'awakened' consciousness that makes it, but also the unconscious that makes the building blocks. One rules by quality, another by quantity. Christianity ignores the latter, modern "science" the former.


I remember kids making fun of me for realizing some things only to learn those in school several years later and be amazed by it. I believe the ostracization of different individuals is not only a result of malicious intelligent effort, it's also inherent in society. They only exploit and enhance those inherent characteristics rather than force them completely top-down. Same goes for every other ill of our societies. Their master control mechanism relies on humanity being held down by it's own weight (flaws, social/economic relations, self-interest of individuals)

9b0213  No.12706698



fe3d6f  No.12707312


with these digits, you could defeat a giga glow in the dark nigga.

also czech'd

d016b7  No.12707578

I remember how I hanged myself from my bunkbed with a belt when I was 12.

I died, but then my life continued on, as if I never died, through this universe. The one I killed myself in was much better. Even though I hated that one too.

You probably know who I am, but not too obvious.

d016b7  No.12707581


>I'm certain that a small portion of the world population has very different perception than the rest. Being immune to programming and having the capacity to discern the truth regardless of environmental influences. High intelligence + high intuition. Most anons reported being INTP/J if I remember correctly. I know some very intelligent people and they are practically high-output NPC's/biobots, zero creativity and independent thought whatsoever. They were looking for something else, either a different neurological wiring, genetic 'anomalies' or something more advanced (esoteric).

We are the Indigo Children anon. It's a silly term but it fits well.

What you don't want to admit is that the reason we have become like this is because of hardship and trauma, which made us look inwards, instead of outwards.

To put it simply, we were awakened. Before that, you and I were both NPCs. Now we can never go back.

02a0c6  No.12707591

File: 48f8fb73fb4fa19⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 263x343, 263:343, oGs9E41c7R.jpg)


is that what i think it is?

d016b7  No.12707596


>Remember Abraham in the old testament ? It talks about a ruthless god being merciful. that is not the God we believe in today.

Oh look, a gnostic.

Shoo shoo soul goblin

d016b7  No.12707615



I've noticed this too. I stumbled across GATE threads on cuckchan many times. The posting has been VERY similar. In some cases almost word for word. I'd have to find the thread to be certain.

d016b7  No.12707620


>Anyone can be redpilled with the right facts and truths.

Lol no. There are PLENTY, in fact, 85% of the population who will blindly refuse to listen to facts if it disagrees with their programming.

d016b7  No.12707631


>many people have begun to experience the resurfacing of very strange old memories of drowning when they were little or memories of being swimming deep underwater somewhere or in a pool when they were little but still being able to be breathing somehow.


0e7d13  No.12707637


It's a glow-nigger

d016b7  No.12707716

After having finally read through this thread it is suffice to say that 80% of the posts in it are complete bullshit.

Especially with the dragon sharks. Newsflash boys: They're demons.

I started off posting with a troll post based on Eminem's (the rapper) story of hanging himself, then reemerging in a different reality. But now I see that there ARE some legit theories here, so let me enlighten you.

We are surrounded by fields of energy, in every aspect. We emit our own energies based on how we focus our thoughts. If one can control his thoughts, he can manifest his energies, to cause good or bad.

Our enemies, the Demons, those who are opposed to God Almightly, feed off the negative energy. Exuding negative energy will allow them to gain a foothold on you, and eventually, overpower you. And I am sad to say, being in this place does not help.

They will seek to destroy you. First through seemingly innocuous suggestions, if only to tempt you deeper into sin. Notice how doing something you KNOW you shouldn't feels so much better than doing what you know you should? The taboo. It is temptation. The thrill of sin.

Demons only have a certain amount of energy, and they expend it with manifestations, usually in attempts to classically scare you, to make you emit more of this negative energy.

While despair is a powerful energy that they'd seek to use against you, the most potent of all is fear. They want you to fear. They want you to look in the corners, to wince in the dark, to feel hopeless and trapped. This is an opium to them.

And the more you feed them, the stronger they become, until they have an almost stranglehold like grip on you. Near impossible to shake off. Ever fallen into an addiction? Porn? Drugs? Alcohol? There, not always, but could very well be a malignant spirit causing these temptations. The rest is force of habit.

Pornography must be fought in EVERY SINGLE PLACE it is found. For the semen of a man, used to create life, is the essence of oneself. It is powerful, and spilling one's seed will result in being more bound to the material of the world.

The spirituality within us ALL is suppressed. Stray from sin, stray from lust, stray from that which they seek to use to enslave us with, and you will find not only peace of mind, but healing. Healing from your woes.

Remove the toxins from your body, fast, pray, and then you may even find luck enough to be able to listen. When I undertook my fast I found that I was receiving revelations through my dreams. Ones that I could only ascertain to be on behalf of God Almighty. I was warned of future events, warnings which I ignored and suffered dearly for. I was shown many future events and I still see them to this day.

I am sure there are other anons here who know what I'm talking about. You will have a dream of the future, you may remember it when you are the most attuned, and you may forget it. But the day will come when it comes to pass, and then you will suddenly find yourself seeing it again.

The Divine, our Lord our God, Jesus Christ, speaks to us, but we must purge ourselves of impurity and sin, and then maybe He will reveal Himself, and His power.

So I tell you anons, friends, fear nothing. And there will be nothing to fear.

d29922  No.12707778



so you ignore the blood sacrifices ?


I'll end this thread with one word.


0d6863  No.12707899

0d6863  No.12707901


The demons and their boss want one thing: To gather unto them enough soldiers to kill God.

0d6863  No.12707902


You're talking about LOOSH.

0d6863  No.12707904



c63950  No.12707934


How do you connect those anomalies with CERN? They would need to happen in a specific time-frame, and occur much more often, or progressively often. Did you consider the other possibilities? With everything given so far, a scenario of someone intentionally changing words and symbols in order to induce a certain mental state is far more likely than reality itself being rewritten.


>Why not gaslight an entire civilization.

That's the plan. They want to erase the concept of history, objective reality, and ultimately, the truth itself. Do you think they will stop at nations and families? Deconstruction of language, the concept of self, of any naturally emerging structure. But the truth careth not for their delusions. Everyone who falls for this trap will be disintegrated back into the primordial soup and prepped for another (re)-cycle. Take this warning very seriously.

>Workers who can vouch with various pictures or other proff of old marketing material from Jiffy.

There are images posted ITT showing such stuff. Not many people would search their attics to find evidence of a perception of history/memory being messed with, which is kind of the point. NPC's would gradually accept their memory being altered and their history being erased until they degenerate completely into a formless mass to be shaped by their masters on a whim. Those who notice that something is going on are those who are being targeted.


I don't like that term because it leads to sexually identifying with an attack helicopter and believing that you are a dog-unicorn trapped in a human body, but yes, certain patterns are too obvious to ignore. High intelligence/creativity, high intuition, childhood traumas, certain abilities, shared experiences, thirst for knowledge and understanding … this is what makes these threads so interesting.


It's probably the same anons posting + shillbots + actual shills, creating a recognizable pattern.


>Here comes another one

Yes, scientifically observed phenomena are demons, go back to your containment board. Dreaming of the future and thinking of spirituality is heresy, you should self-flagellate immediately to cleanse yourself of such demonic thoughts.

0d6863  No.12708144

File: da90359c8ee61c8⋯.jpg (420.62 KB, 1116x1579, 1116:1579, 1d3ea755ae46f62d58f5375904….jpg)

File: fc41d3e3a4d52d9⋯.jpg (19.68 KB, 240x360, 2:3, image.jpg)

File: d05cc905c3188f0⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-my-liveliest-interes….jpg)

File: 14a6d00b519aded⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 260x320, 13:16, 41tZh8OoxvL._SX258_BO1,204….jpg)

OFF-TOPIC: Anyone know what the hell Charles Fort (Fortean) was talking about when he said "An inconceivable interference" In regards to triumphing over evil or something.

0d6863  No.12708153


>I'll end this thread with one word.


But I want to know what you're talking about. I know about adrenochrome, but tell us what you know in relation to the topic.

000000  No.12708356

Some on the ground research:

They call themselves “Harmony Family”.These folks are part of the larger scope and would count as a sect/cult of these fucks. I can’t say they sacrifice children, since I have seen no proof, but they certainly quite possibly sexually abuse them. They have gatherings at least twice a year. Their leader is a “DJ” of sorts and although is named Michael, he prefers to go by “Apollo” (findable now only via a hashtag, no longer a user on socal media #djapology). They are big into “zero point energy” and have some weird devices they claim to ward off “evil”. Ketamine, Cannabis, LSD, shroom, MDMA, and others are big in this circle. I have had contact with them for the better part of 13 years and watched this movement grow to encompass many families with children of all ages.

You will notice they are very much into various geometrtics, fractals, and other “energy” based items. Their gatherings are multi-day events that basically resemble a music festival/mini-Burning Man. Tents & RVs are home to various orgies, and shamans.

Examples of members:


**** zero_point_christynine



Specific info about zero_point_christynine: Her mother worked for over 32 years at 3 various CIA-front operations, including Dole Banana in the 80’s… This bitch glows in the dark so hard its not even funny. A lot of the mom’s in the “family” look up to her as an example of how to raise kids, since her’s was one of the first born into this group, she has been the “maternal leader” of the group. The kids are raised in a weird way, and although they praise nature, they have a really urban understanding, despite being based in Big Bear in the SoCal forests (yes there is such a thing)

#harmonygathering will give you what happens are these “gatherings” and a great place to find more users.

The amount of symbols these fucks put out is on another level. Tavi related? Probably, they are trying to force their kumba-ya image of peace and equality. They are trying to raise their kids like Rainbow Kids/Indigo children, they are big on homeschooling, but everything else seems so, well, Glow-in-the-Dark… They literally seem a continuation of Manson’s group. They’re next gathering is even in (((Topenga Canyon))).

d29922  No.12708402


Select my id and all your info has relevant context now, all from previous posts.

d29922  No.12708403



especially the zero point energy stuff.

that shit is the link to cern.

000000  No.12708536


They had a small "device" that you were supposed to put your hands flat around like you were going to carry it, but without touching it, you were supposed to feel something on your palms. I tried it, guarding my soul the whole time, and felt a hot sensation. My friend who tried it, also felt something but he felt a tingle instead. It was just a box, half the size of a typical shoe box, and involved a lot of wax, alluminum foil, and some other metals they wouldn't mention, but said a "shaman" picked them…

They are culty as all hell and do everything they can to get you to join.

When I met "Apollo", he was not how he was described to me. Where to them he came off as a "Wise Man" , "Shaman" etc even one of his followers were rather surprised by his meeting with me, where it seemed he had no strength and by the follower's own account I "dominated him without saying anything but Hello." Fucker could barely talk, couldn't look me in the eye when shaking hands. Turns out, I had a small bottle of Holy Water on me at the time. I tell this to no one. "Michael" "Apollo" "Apology" some weird shit with all that and a guy who is a cult leader but generally refuses social media in this CY+4. I couldn't find anyting else about him, no age , last name, origin, nothing…

Are these devices and other shit they do basically a boost or do they receive power via the CERN scalars? Is this fucker a demon and not just a walk-in (full on possesion, incarnated of the energy around him that these fucks think is positive when in fact it's as negative as it can be?)

046e0d  No.12708686

File: bb83a99b1990cda⋯.jpg (200.96 KB, 609x867, 203:289, chyeah.jpg)


>mandela effect

837294  No.12709139

File: 4b3a54f392acb87⋯.jpg (197.19 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 21.jpg)

File: 9288bd5a3f04cb2⋯.jpg (204.26 KB, 600x392, 75:49, 16.jpg)

File: 624ff6e8064af63⋯.jpg (278.53 KB, 600x484, 150:121, 09.jpg)

File: 41ef2188ec3602f⋯.jpg (333.82 KB, 600x728, 75:91, 02.jpg)

File: a10208604232ba2⋯.jpg (268.73 KB, 600x486, 100:81, 12.jpg)

837294  No.12709285

File: e0130b39a7a10fc⋯.jpg (90.03 KB, 640x640, 1:1, b8f1d5c3-b75d-4a72-8ce9-77….jpg)


>To gather unto them enough soldiers to kill God.

æı think the entire war in heaven paradigm is [made the fuck up boolian shyte].

How can creatures specifically designed to serve The Creator, knowing Nothing Else save His Presence and His Face, even conceive the notion of Rebellion?

The Fact of God's continual moment by moment creation of all existance through an express Act of Will aside…

One cannot simply Kill The Font of All Existance.


calling life "the great winnowing" would be closer to truth i reckon.

everything is on purpose.

1d9200  No.12709480


Hello “little brother”. Time to go to work putting out the fires.

0d6863  No.12709494


>conceive the notion


Other than that, you'll have to speak to me like you would a child.. cuz IDK WTF you're saying. Looks pretty, though.

dac7f4  No.12709564



I've worked in publishing. Printing errors are more common than you think. Anyway, my theory that I learned from Magnum PI is that shipments of books with Berenstain had LSD blotter pages in them.

42eb74  No.12709644

File: 4a3649ef3095a86⋯.png (162.64 KB, 680x742, 340:371, c30.png)

>tfw glp is a t stock run op

d016b7  No.12709666


Adrenochrome is for the vampire followers of these demons. Fear emits the most of it, which gives them the most potent high, and gives them renewed longevity.

The demons don't care for that, they want the energy.

da959b  No.12709688





I'm going to post my experience with GATE because I find that anons are interested in adding to their existing body of knowledge concerning it's history. I was in GT from the ages of 9 to 11 (2001 to 2003, roughly) and was GATE tested. I remember "Horizons" was the company that was supposed to organize the GATE program and the requisite testing associated with admission. My entire experience with GATE occurred in Texas, in an exurb near Houston called Highlands. The school district is now referred to as GCCISD.

When I was tested for giftedness, I was pulled from my 3rd grade classroom and provided with a writing test, in which I was instructed to create a story revolving around a picture: in this case, a simple rhomboid. After writing my story, it was determined that I should take a WISC test administered by a psychologist to finally determine whether or not I would make the cut for GT. I scored a 139 on this test, and was also given an EXPLORE ACT-preparatory exam intended for 8th graders on which I scored in the top 3% of the test's intended demographic at the age of 9 (I still possess this document). The IQ score apparently qualified me for GT, which had a minimum cutoff point of FSIQ 117 but typically looked for students with an FSIQ of 129+.

Understand, the only reason I'm delving into my scores is to drive home the point of how strange the ramifications of my GATE education were for me, and to provide substantiatable details to ensure to the average reader that I'm not a liar or a troll. Let's compare the promising test scores of my childhood to my current status in life:

I'm now 27, and have accomplished almost nothing. I'm a NEET who graduated in the bottom quarter of my high school class and flunked out of university within two semesters. The most technically demanding job I've ever worked was as a barista in a grocery store chain. I'm nearly entirely self educated and barely even obtained a high-school diploma.

About four years ago, I was again given an IQ test (this time a WAIS - IV) because of my chronic under-performance. This test was administered by a psychologist, and I obtained a FSIQ of 121, or a score about 18 points lower than my earlier WISC test. Some interesting aspects concerning this score are a) an 18 point discrepancy between two professionally directed IQ tests is very, very unlikely, b) of the four subcomponents of this WAIS, my WMI (working memory index) was an 81, or at the 13% percentile, c) VCI (verbal comprehension) was a 126 and POI (matrix reasoning) was in the "top one percent", so about a 136+ and approximately where I'd expect them to be given my initial intelligence score. Basically, my working memory/executive functioning was destroyed. The WMI, which indexes dual-n-back tasks, short term memory and executive functioning, is associated with a part of the brain called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. There are studies which investigate the atrophy of the DL-PFC incriminate drug use, alcoholism and (((porn use))), as well as behavioral/psychological conditions which fuck up dopamine and norepinephrine receptors, as the primary cause for DL-PFC shrinkage.

da959b  No.12709696


I believe that some of the events which transpired during my three years in the GATE program at GCCISD where so psychologically damaging that they permanently inhibited the proper development of my DL-PFC. Before my acceptance into GATE, I was socially well adjusted, reasonably happy and a stellar student. On the FIRST DAY of my GATE class, I was privately denigrated by my teacher and separated from the other students. Within a week, I was being bullied by students my age for the first time in my life. The level of aggression exhibited by my teacher and other students was so severe that in retrospect, it would be easy to believe that it was either orchestrated or advocated by the schools administration. The private harassment from my teacher eventually became open to the class, and I was quickly made into an outright pariah. I was instructed to sit alone in the corner for the entire semester. I was instructed to sit outside of the classroom while reading activities were in session. I was routinely criticized in appearance, hygiene, attitude, etc. by the teacher to the jeering and snickering of my peers. I had no friends. Probably the most damnable behavior expressed by my teacher was purposely taking away my quizzes and exams prematurely, stating that I was "distracting the other students" or "being disruptive" while sitting silently and concentrating on my schoolwork. This actually culminated in her taking away my state-mandated TAAS test during priority testing time and instructing me to sit alone in the gym room for four hours, (an incident that finally convinced my mother to take the problems I was experiencing to the school authorities).

Despite repeated cries for help from school leadership, and even with the direct intervention of my mother, the school was unwilling to take even the most basic steps necessary to remove me from the classroom or chastise the teacher. The school essentially stated that removing me from the GATE class would result in me failing the 4th grade and having to be held back for a year, since the program is somehow inextricably grafted into a students schedule. This pattern continued for over two years before I finally started homeschooling with my father, as I was experiencing suicidal ideation, violent invasive thoughts, and was truant from repeatedly skipping class, but by that point the damage was done. I've experienced paranoia, depression and most importantly, BRAIN FOG, ever since.

There are numerous accounts of surreal occurrences during my years in GATE. First, I was routinely pulled out of class by a counselor, who would play games with me (Bop It, Uno) and ask me questions concerning my experiences in the classroom. Even though I would tell her that I was miserable and considering hurting myself to avoid class time, she would duly note my responses and continue on with a list of more questions. Secondly, I was visited several times by a female scientist who worked with NASA. This scientist was pulling students in the GATE program out of class one by one, and showing them boxes of dirt. She claimed that the dirt in these plastic boxes were lunar soil samples, and that she was instructed to look for bright students who would be interested in working with NASA. While this might sound like a mundane field-trip opportunity for particularly bright kids, it was struck me as peculiar that she selected only a small sample of students from the GATE class, and interviewed them one at a time.

I know this is an absolute monster of a post, but I have more I can talk about if anyone is interested. I'll be around for another couple of hours if anyone has questions concerning my experience.

d016b7  No.12709766


>I've experienced paranoia, depression and most importantly, BRAIN FOG, ever since.

I know exactly what you're going through and would recommend that you immediately consider improving your diet, exercising, and fasting, not an intermittent fast, but the whole nine yards. 15 days. Repent, and pray.

As someone who suffered from every single symptom you described and then some I can tell you the intrusive thoughts nearly vanished when I fasted. For the first time in years I had complete control over my mind, and I was at peace.

42eb74  No.12709794


im not from usa, but i have the same symptoms, going on for a long time now. cant stop the thoughts sometimes, its maddening. i get a horrible thought and then spend a lot of time repenting

4be953  No.12709797


what the fuck??? I've never heard of that but I"m honestly not that surprised

da959b  No.12709801


I've tried paleo dieting paired with weight-lifting for about a couple of months and noticed an improvement in my general health, but most of the mental duress was unaffected. The only thing that has helped cognitively was Vyvanse/Concerta, but I can't stand taking drugs for a marginal increase in my mental efficiency.

I suspect that the outcomes of my experience with the GATE program imparted some kind of irreversible brain damage, tbqhwyf.

d016b7  No.12709813


Paleo is good but the most important part is prayer and fasting.

You need to detox your system for it to heal.

da959b  No.12709832


I'll consider fasting. Would you suggest a 12/12 fasting diet or just a straight water fast for a couple of days?

Concerning prayer, I do it but without much regularity. I was raised as protestant but kind of fell away from it. Been considering converting to Catholicism, but I'm very disturbed by the status-quo principles imparted by Vatican II. Any thoughts?

cd6cdb  No.12709844

Horus at WhiteRabbitRadio.net said that "Tavistock is a social engineering school for second-generation commies." That pretty much sums it up.


I see the glowniggers have already caught wind of it, proving the importance of redpilling newfags on Tavistock. Everyone sees kike control methods used everywhere. It's a vulnerability in the programming in the US, since it proves we don't live in a "free country" and that everyone's opinion is given to them by a kike commie "state" and that the First Amendment is beyond dead. Also, kill yourself, glownig.


They seem really pissed off at any discussion of Odinism. If they lose control of religion (which is massively fucking illegal–it's called 501(c)3 shit and why (((christians))) promote globalism. Even in Oklahoma, christkikes had a literal Rockefeller from the Federal Council of Churches (also massively fucking illegal, like the IRS) come down so they suck his kike dick at some point).


Sure. It's no big deal, and that's why /x/ tier shit, nonsense and other forms of glowing are present.

Remain a luminescent negroid for an eternity.

d016b7  No.12709852


Water fast. 15 days.

da959b  No.12709858


I'd prefer not to die, so I'll try it for two and see what happens.

d016b7  No.12709881


A couple of days won't serve you well. The detoxification process can take up to 40 days to fully complete.

Fasting for 15 days, with proper supplements and mindfulness will not harm you, it will heal you. The detoxification process is very similar to ketosis.

What happens is your body begins to build up harmful chemicals over a period of time that it cannot fully filter out, since you keep eating them. When you start fasting your body will be able to filter out these toxins uninterrupted, and help to heal your body. I suggest you do some research on it, as the effects are tremendous.

At the very least, go five days. If you go only two days you will not reap the benefits as the body is in starvation mode for the first two days.

d016b7  No.12709896


>Concerning prayer, I do it but without much regularity. I was raised as protestant but kind of fell away from it. Been considering converting to Catholicism, but I'm very disturbed by the status-quo principles imparted by Vatican II. Any thoughts?

I was busy so I had to give a short answer.

Catholicism is everything wrong with Modern Christianity on crack. Sure, faith and works, that's nice, but what isn't nice is their belief that everyone who doesn't have the chance to hear the Gospel is doomed to hellfire.

Pick up a KJV Bible and read it for yourself. Don't allow any other man to influence what you learn, and pray for discernment. Every single modern Church carries a multitude of heresies. It's no longer about the Word of God, it's about pleasing those in the world.

5ec497  No.12709917


Im just a nobody who cant remember his special program he was consistently put into, but I do recommend fasting. Ive only done it one day but that day was the most alert Ive been in my life.

I am going to try 15 now and see what happens. These threads have spooked me enough to really consider it, mostly because the unrelenting missing memories from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade are terrifying. I know I was in a program, and am now basically useless as an adult. Thanks for the help.

d016b7  No.12709921


I just want to stress how important it is that you take vitamins during your trial. You will need nutrients during this period of long fasting.

cd6cdb  No.12709944


>oy vey documents prove this!

fcc57e  No.12709947


The bullying you experience at school sounds like some sort of social experiment. Especially since the counselor also didn't give a fuck about how you were feeling. She was merely reporting the results of the experiment, and probably glad they managed to fuck you up.

This whole thing reminds me of our situation in society now. Others are doing the bullying (raping, violence), but conservative White men get blamed for being disruptive (racist, evil, violent).

I went to a regular school here in Finland, so I have no experiences to match yours, but there was some mind fuckery there too. I used be quite good at doing math equations in my head. During tests I would sometimes just write the answer without writing the whole process on the paper, but the teacher said I have to write the whole equation. I thought it was somehow dirty or invasive to show my thinking process on the paper, but I did it. And I guess that wasn't a big deal. But as I said, I was quite good at doing calculations in my head, but they forced me to use a calculator, and eventually it ruined any math talent I used to have. I certainly was never any kind of prodigy in math, and I didn't like math, but I was above average.

c438b9  No.12709957


Threadly reminder that tavistock threads are slide threads and well poisoning.

cd6cdb  No.12709961


It is full of /x/ shit and it doesn't address what Tavistock actually was, which was a social engineering school in the USSR.

da959b  No.12710024


Back in elementary school, we had a thing called the "Mad Minute" where students were given a sheet of paper with basic arithmetic problems and told to solve as many as the possibly could within 60 seconds. High scores were rewarded with bonus points, and a near-perfect score provided a small bag of candy on the last day of school. In third grade (age 8), before GATE, I was so good at the Mad Minute that the teachers actually had to stop rewarding me with future bags of candy – I had already earned more than I could possibly eat. Fast forward two years later and I could hardly even solve a fifth of the Mad Minute sheets. My mental organization had deteriorated to the point that I had lost the ability to solve most simple math problems with high confidence.

I don't think this is a coincidence.

da959b  No.12710037


Threadly reminder that

>(1) post by this ID

will be depopulated from the thread, then the board, and then the world in the near future.

d016b7  No.12710058


>tfw was top of class in elementary for math

>tfw years later dropped out of highschool, still can't do algebra

what the fuck

173331  No.12710059



>Less than ten minutes ago

You want to know how we know you're not from here?

1d9200  No.12710063


Are you still around Houstonanon with similar experience and one year older online now

5ec497  No.12710072



Any important I should have? I have zinc and magnesium, i assume d, c and iron would be needed.

6947f0  No.12710075

File: 56a1ffc43a3c232⋯.jpg (61.43 KB, 469x750, 469:750, 28059707fffe6a95858411611e….jpg)


Sorry for the long delay, I've been asleep for about the last 20 hours. Happens to me sometimes, I'm going to have to assume my RAM info has been switched up, so I should have all the info I need now. I recall the first time it happened, the day the US invaded Baghdad. I was with my buddy living in the middle of the desert, no TV, radio or internet. I fell asleep for 24 hours, and had an endless stream of dreams about tanks rolling through what I thought might be LA. I was just an orb of consciousness, floating around deflecting bullets by causing 3d to distort such that a bullet was fired at someones head, it curved around the head and continued on its original trajectory. It was a week or two later we heard that the invasion happened while I was asleep, which was good enough confirmation for me. Anyway now I need to eat and exercise and do some office work, but in a little bit I'll be back. Surely I won't fall asleep again this time.

>Do you really think we are in F3? Why?

I don't really know if we are or not, but if you think about it a lot of people here have memories of dying. And if dude's description of F3 is correct, that would explain all of the frankly unbelievable shit I've been through. How when I Know something, it is necessarily true–because the act of Knowing it creates it best way to be a prophet is to predict what you're going to do next, and make it happen. How I can switch realities or phase through things or reject gravity on occasion or read the future. If I'm causing it to happen through absolute faith, often faith that I do not die, it works out. Oh sure, my bodies get crushed and shot regularly, but that doesn't bother me. I'm proud of how resilient I am, I like dying at this point. Anyway I'm still right here, so it's so far so good.

d016b7  No.12710096


You want a general multivitamin. Vitamin D12 is also very good. Magnesium is also very good. You want to make sure to get extra Magnesium. Otherwise you could endure hair loss and silver greying. Zinc is important but you will feel ill supplementing it on an empty stomach. Take the Zinc if you plan on sitting down for a long period. I don't think you'd need iron, especially since a lot of people have hemochromatosis and iron overload causes many of our symptoms.. You want Chromium, Sodium, and Potassium.

You need to maintain your electrolyte balance and get yourself sufficient sodium since you won't be getting it from foods. Around 1000 MG a day should suffice. BHBs are also important if you take a long fast.

BCAAs, Branch Chain Amino Acids will make sure your muscles maintain their proper function. I'd also recommend light exercise while fasting, don't overdo it, as there WILL be times where you will be lightheaded.

Your testosterone during the fast will spike to 300% of it's normal amount. Do some research first to make sure you know what you're doing. This isn't an endeavor taken lightly.

90898f  No.12710109


you have some interesting suggestions but why would you suggest the kjv bible?

da959b  No.12710111


I've taught myself single/multivariable calculus and studied about half of the coursework associated with the CAS Exam 1 and/or SOA Exam P (actuarial probability) using ACTEX manuals. I also studied calculus-based physics on my own (Griffith's Introduction for QM and ED).


Because you're a delusional retard grasping at straws? Try harder, kike.


I moved cities just a couple of months ago (Dallas now) but yeah, I was in Houston for over two decades.

6947f0  No.12710136

File: 1cea422a60268e0⋯.png (696.48 KB, 1713x667, 1713:667, 1455232378701.png)


Topcheck, m8

>Mind giving some examples?

Well sure, I've been doing contract work for the Tall Whites my whole life. I've told this story before, but as soon as I was out of the crib I started OBEing to a small craft in orbit, and with 2 other humans and a Tall White I just thought of him as Wise Teacher at the time, I had no frame of reference for any of this. So the Tall White says to me, hey asshole we finally found you, you're supposed to be working right now. You can't stay here, you have contract work on like 7 other planets right now. The implication was that my being here is of my own volition, my own little side mission.

So I said, "What if I complete all my contracts? Then could I stay?" He seemed annoyed I can draw emotions out of lots of things, but grudgingly said Well in theory you could, but that's essentially impossible. To which I said "Fine, let's go get this shit done." At which point we'd all go to a half-dome crystal and focus on the planet we were going to, it'd pop up in the crystal, we'd confirm it and then we were there. Now I don't remember ANY of what I did there, and I'm not supposed to remember any ANYTHING, but I smuggled back some mental snapshots of the last planet we went to. And that was basically that, I finished up all my other contracts so here I am, calling from inside the house.

I have some others too but I'm not 100% sure I should be talking about some of that at this point.

837294  No.12710160

File: 0397cfb50c1fe2c⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 500x652, 125:163, f2a810fd-806d-4434-9dfa-3c….jpg)




my point being… if I were in the position of "lucifer" in "heaven" serving the Eternal God in my created capacity… i would/could not dream of "rebellion" against the factual Creator of All Existence.

All of Existence is an expression of [read powered by] God's Will. To destroy Him is to Extinguish Reality… imo.

æı really donot understand why folk have a problem understanding the concepts æı put forth… its a Real Drag.

1c1064  No.12710203

File: 72124e393b4e6de⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 474x437, 474:437, feelshug.jpg)


Fuck I never thought about the bullying and discrimination from the teachers… About two years before I told them to fuck off and I'm not taking anymore tests my 4th grade teacher accused me of cheating and ruining the curve for the math final. Because I didn't show any of my work on long division, and achieved a perfect test score.

Not only did she tell the whole class it was my fault everyone else got only as high as a B because I cheated, but she called a conference with my parents to attempt to poison my relationship. This backfire spectacularly when my father (who had been working with me on math because it's my favorite subject of study) suggested she give me an pop quiz with everything there, and me solving the problems on the chalk-board.

Once again I achieved a perfect score without showing my work. Her tone never changed. Even though I had just proven I wasn't a cheater she actually started treating me worse because I proved her wrong.

She never told the class the truth, and within months the niggers started trying to bully me to the point that when I finally retaliated I sent the biggest nigger to the hospital with big bloody nigger lips.

The other thing I remember was these "Iowa Basic Skills Tests" that I would routinely score in the top 1-2% of the USA in science and math.


6947f0  No.12710215

File: 0fccb8af9800e05⋯.jpg (305.84 KB, 606x886, 303:443, 1451239819714.jpg)


This is good advice, I've done 5 days before and it was surprisingly easy. Remember to get whole food vitamins, not cheap rock mineral ones. BCAAs are the best supplement I've found for workouts, they really keep the muscles from being so sore the next day.


<The idea that God fucked up when he created his most powerful being

>Lol I 'm God and I totally made this unforeseeable mistake, I should torture 1/3 of my creation for all time over this

This your brain on yahweh

e7f634  No.12710331


That sucks, man. I feel you.

I believe it is possible to change. It's just tedious because results take time.

I cut my diet down to rice and beef, because it's a guaranteed clear mind for me, with a variety of other things in moderation. I'll have to try that fasting, too.

I believe it is possible to rehabilitate your mental functions through competitive games. I took up playing DotA when I realized I could tell which part of my mind was engaged when I played. Am I thinking and predicting, or am I feeling and reacting? Am I planning or am I reliving? Do I really understand what happened and should go to the next game, or am I avoiding the memory of failure and should watch the replay? Did I rage? Raging only hinders team performance. What could I have done to resolve the situation? What could I have done to win, from hero selection, to communication, to the end? What are the professional styles of play? What low tier pub styles have I seen or can make up for myself to win games? Should I be watching better players right now or should I be resting and posting on 8ch?

I know games sound like a waste of time, but it was all I could do before. I could play for many hours, slipping this rehab in. Now I can read books by my own choosing without feeling that fucking burning in my mind.

e9199f  No.12710440


My fourth contact experience was in similar vein, I dared not even look at what they looked like I wanted to believe it was all just a nightmare but they too reminded me of a contract I signed, I wanted to be here

60a03e  No.12710466

File: 8e5d597d46508dd⋯.png (2.84 MB, 2660x644, 95:23, jklkjh.png)


so we entered the wtf is CERN [front cover] doing with black matter question….

000000  No.12710600


If these were misprinted, wouldn't there be a record of it? Last I checked, misprinted Furrbys's or Beanie Babies or Cabbage patch dolls, whatever the fuck when they are misprinted they usually go for BUKU bucks!

So if you work in publishing, you should be able to acknowledge the fact that this misprint should by now be very well documented, and as a result have its own following, yet it doesn't. The name change appears only on sites that discuss Mendela/Mandela Effect, aka considered fringe regardless of whether they are controlled narrative or not.

6947f0  No.12710611

File: 00e3b2fb5f19c3e⋯.jpg (93.36 KB, 906x932, 453:466, 00e3b2fb5f19c3ec7f746f5aab….jpg)


It was all very fun for me, ya know at 2-3 years old everything is weird. Meeting an adult that's bald and 8 feet tall is just a thing, all adults look 8 feet tall to a toddler. But thing is, I've always had mature thoughts. I was objectively judgmental of adults, critical of their obvious fuckups, etc. before I could talk. And when I was kicking it on that spacecraft, I felt comfortable. I had the very strong sensation that I'd been working with this individual for a very long time. So long that it was actually a friendship at that point, even though it wasn't intended to be that way at first.

But yeah, that was the first time I heard this talk of contracts but obviously it's stayed with me all this time. My takeaway from the incidents is that I'm so powerful/skilled that Tall Whites actually require my assistance to take care of things they can't do. And that even their estimation of my abilities is still so off that I can easily do things that they say is functionally impossible. I really think I've reached a personal milestone on this little murder monkey rock. I'm different than I was before, improved in every aspect of myself. I suppose that's why I wanted to come here so badly, even though it's far, far below even my lowest possible baseline state.

c63950  No.12710966



I'd advise every anon interested in these matters to read about this guy's theories. I keep seeing the 'same' people in various random places too. Some by looks, some by character. It's also tremendously important for development of weaponized memes



Looks like typical pedo cover and/or one of countless front organizations made to ruin anyone interested in the immaterial. Hippie movement was started by T-stock, that should tell you enough. Their symbol is an inverse Eolh rune, which represents death. I wouldn't expect a bunch of pedo clowns and drug addicts to have control over zero point energy or be "demons" , you pretty much got trolled IRL, being a gullible christcuck. That guy has a very punchable face by the way.



Ok, which one of you faggots did this?


I just noticed you've replied to me there, what's your professional background? You probably work in some niche field where you can encounter highly intelligent people. 172 seems ridiculous though, it's probably a different scale (I'm from Europe).


>Aquino is Jim

After sex-change surgery


Your fake god is not the font of existence


Good story anon, I actually had a similar experience but have managed to overcome everything. No spoopy testing or programs though, just victim of collective jealousy of subhumans and crab mentality.


>Christkike preying on the vulnerable

Mark me surprised


Straight to the point quality posts like this one get completely ignored while shills pollute the thread with /x/ tier garbage, Christian astroturfing, etc. None of my points got countered, indicating that it's above low tier shills/bots pay grade and that the number of unique IP's reading the thread is not high enough for them to send in the next tier (And they know that they'd need the best of the best to deal with me from past experience). These threads always gave us a good insight in their operations.

9832cc  No.12711046

>Thread full of aliums

>In a Tavistock bread

I got toothed in highschool after being in TAG.

bfb906  No.12711086

File: bba5d5e710a084a⋯.png (126.95 KB, 667x477, 667:477, Bass on Brookings Institut….png)


Brookings, who's been long rumored to be a tool of T_vist_ck, is being called out by General Spalding for taking a six-figure donations from Huawei.

Got to do something about these 'think tanks' who are funded by foreign donors and influencing American policy. Total B.S.



99df0d  No.12711100


>It wards of Freemasons and other evil spirits.

it is a reductionist stance. Even a brief look at the topic shows that Freemasonry isn't homogeneous. Tbh, it would be an immense step further if pol would critically comprehend history of this subculture and its mythology.

1e7a5c  No.12711133

wow. I'm surprised this hasn't been buried.

who here is a Big Guy by any chance?

If you are, you DO get to bring friends.

My dad was talking to me in the car today about the influence of (((them))) and all I could think to myself was, "not yet. Don't reveal your power level, the fire hasn't risen that high yet"

c63950  No.12711163


>During tests I would sometimes just write the answer without writing the whole process on the paper, but the teacher said I have to write the whole equation.

Same used to happen to me in elementary school. I always got the right solution without going step by step (I had my own weird way to do it head) and the teacher forced me to do the whole equation step by step on board thinking that someone was telling me the answers (despite them being too far not to be heard by teacher). I was unable to do it that way since I did not study it. School systems in most countries are designed to favor NPC's and kill creative thought. And I'm pretty certain that their goal is to make genuinely "smart" people (not counting high-output insects) feel sickened by education and thus trauma-condition them away from it. Mentally unstable, demotivated teachers, bullying, forced memorization, pressure … Math is a beautiful subject, yet they make people feel extremely repulsed by it from early age. I'm pretty certain it's being done on purpose.


Hmm, I don't recall ever having contact with ayys. And I had all sorts of strange experiences that defy conventional understanding of reality, including encounters with, well, I could only call it other types of consciousness. I never had OBE's Because I was never 'inside' my body to being with This thread is not the place to be discussing those, so I digress.


There was no creation, everything has always existed in a loop (and beyond). Any "Creator" entity is an impostor, and Lucifer was the first one to figure that out, the light bearer. Stop derailing/misdirecting the thread with such subjects, your glowing is seen from space.

>To destroy Him is to Extinguish Reality

For you

Daily reminder that kikes have no souls and that the material existence is everything for them.

99df0d  No.12711188

File: b9ffe626c829f0b⋯.jpg (762.85 KB, 864x972, 8:9, robert_fludd.jpg)


it was translated at the time when the Right side was on the ascendant. KJV Bible was translated with the involvement of such Big Occult Guys as Robert Fludd.

Then there was a revolution in England. Jews legalized. Christmass banned. Next thing we got blinded by the materialistic enlightenment. And now there is an object oriented ontology and humans as machines.

da959b  No.12711201




Thank you for the kind words, anons.

f66ba3  No.12711224

File: 9aa573e70ce4ea9⋯.png (235.66 KB, 1102x793, 1102:793, Kurt Lewin.png)

1e7a5c  No.12711253




I tried explaining the loop before but it didn't work.

Btw I'm the OP of the original G.A.T.E thread and the stein/stain threads.

I like disturbing things. Always have, always will.

Now if I could only harness the energy offset by my shit disturbing, now that would be something.

All dat loosh

0d6863  No.12711309


You wouldn't know what to do with all dat loosh.

1e7a5c  No.12711356


I would power an artificial sun and use that sun to power a tiny laser that I would shoot at the moon. I would then carve a huge dickbutt into it.

My trolling knows no bounds. Except when I and the Barnyard Animals trolled the Scientologists. That was a bit too much for the powers that be.

Nothing like getting your door knocked down to realize that they're always watching. Luckily a little birdy gave me 15 minutes notice so I was ready for the party van. My friends weren't so lucky but the last of them have been released.

25c1d0  No.12711374

File: c72a53f09e962ab⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 540x540, 1:1, dd6eddf6-4c28-450f-a5ff-d7….gif)

>æı glow…


you fux are as bad as the qtards naow.

be damnt to ye.

you are controlled just as they are.

so much for reasoned discourse.

i have simply sought intelligent minds for discussion.

my mistake.

000000  No.12711417


didn't rode the full thread, fu…

programming… !!!they!!!are!!!many!!! RUN!

bfb906  No.12711433

File: eb56b138beb78a4⋯.png (252.96 KB, 573x542, 573:542, VOLTAIRE DIDN'T SAY IT SHL….png)

File: 046d4f42dcc4f8f⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 625x699, 625:699, PEPE - ONLY RED PILLS FAGG….jpg)

File: eb9de03484b5a32⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 463x425, 463:425, PEPE - ALCHEMIST.jpg)

File: 8a6ffb5c3e005b3⋯.png (331.73 KB, 554x584, 277:292, PEPE - ERIS.png)


Take your time. Undoing the mindfuck needs to happen like peeling the layers of an onion.

If you try and yank the plug from the brainsocket, it ain't like The Matrix. They just jam it back in. People naturally resist deprogramming, as it logically leads to some very painful realizations.

I like to ask lots of questions (Socratic dialog). If you can lead them to the conclusion that way, they are more likely to accept it, as it seems they came to it by themselves.

The "Voltaire" quote is a good one (it wasn't Voltaire though, haa!). Debt-money (learn it so you can explain it simply), pointing out the Fed is privately owned is a good avenue as well. Telling them about the dual citizen (((Russians))) in our government seems to get some traction.

Plant seeds, they grow like nettles in the mind, itching, itching, itching. Eventually, they scratch and reveal what's under the surface.

000000  No.12711461


btw *Mandela is from the slavic word *Manda winch means - pussy or cunt.

… so, the obvious here is obvious.

bfb906  No.12711466

File: 32db0b9cf8b3262⋯.jpeg (57.12 KB, 850x478, 425:239, Chairface's moon.jpeg)

File: 66b4fba47dbdc92⋯.png (64.5 KB, 310x250, 31:25, Omnipitus moon.png)


(Obligatory The Tick reference to Chairface Chippendale and Omnipitus)

1e7a5c  No.12711537



I have messed around off the chans in asking people if they remember stein/stain slowly but surely.

I succeeded with one friend but the other hadn't read the books.

Of course The quote is all too present in Canada. Nobody talks about zee joos and if they do, they risk getting arrested. I can't wait until I return back to the US. Sure it's fucked, but at least I can stand on a milk crate with pamphlets and not worry about getting arrested for practicing free speech.

Did that once and had a crowd of over 100 people listening to me at one point listening to me preach about the government and how people had rights they didn't know they actually had.

bfb906  No.12711608

File: 24a0eb69c3eb1c5⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1258x742, 629:371, PEPE LAST SUPPER PLUS CT.png)




Memes IRL…

CT for the kEks

bfb906  No.12711621

Can one of you faggots bring me up to speed on how Headstart was involved in this?

I went to one of those for a year. Only remember being tested a couple of times by what I now assume were psych students from the local uni

No fuckery that I remember, anyway…

d016b7  No.12711625


<<Christkike preying on the vulnerable

<<Mark me surprised

>128 IQ

>still a fedora-LARPer

I'd be willing to go on record saying you're not just a fedora LARPer agnosticuck.

1e7a5c  No.12711710


Top kek.

I already went to a mall once and went around scattering pro white memes everywhere but that was a while ago. I think I need to go around my cucked town and put some stickers on telephone poles and bus stops.

Plus, it's a town filled with students and non-whites so it's sure to trigger people.

So I have to balance between fined and jailed if caught or getting maximum lulz

ef7930  No.12711730


Nice legs!

8066cc  No.12711864


Well we are on the 3rd or 4th Heaven/Hell now. Its been destroyed a few times now.

7362b9  No.12712082


>serving the Eternal God in my created capacity

Lucifer is created above all the angels in both beauty and intelligence. While a created being, one the excels beyond all others.

> i would/could not dream of "rebellion" against the factual Creator of All Existence.

He didn't want to replace him, just rule his own world; to be as God and be worshiped.

It's not difficult to understand why he felt he could win a rebellion. God is ruled by his own, immutable law. Thus, Lucifer (now Satan) reasons he can outwit and outmaneuver God as his own moves are unrestrained. Can you imagine playing chess where only your opponent is confined by the rules?

The obvious question is; why does God allow this? Simple, a third of heaven rejected him to follow Lucifer. That third stood in his presence from their creation until the time of their fall. It was the ultimate rejection of God.

God is now allowing a creation that is greater than the previous one to emerge. Indeed, a creation which even he could not have created without the fall of Lucifer. This creation will emerge out of those born into a fallen world with an ingrained sin nature which will, without having even seen him, choose of their own will he and his law. Thus, the undoing of the greatest sin with his greatest creation. That is why frail man is said to be greater than all the angels.

ca8b88  No.12712346

File: f80c722299b8e9f⋯.jpg (175.88 KB, 1022x688, 511:344, 1544389559708.jpg)


Interesting. I was also in GT at a school in Austin. My parents thought I was very bright, but one of my teachers would consistently get angry at me in her class. I did a lot of dumb kid stuff because I was oblivious that it was bod or did it by accident, but she insisted to my parents that I did it on purpose for attention. They knew I wasn't but they had me take a neuropsych exam to see if I had add or other cognitive disabilities. The report came back that I had add and some other neuro issues but it also said that I tested in the supirior category for intelligence. I can't remember if this was before or after I got into GT. I took their test and fell just short of the border to get in, but my mom pushed for it. Oddly enough I have little memory of GT all together. I remember the first day pretty well, a fun project we did, and 5th grade GT where they would talk to us about think tanks and pushing us to work in them, but I think it's weird that a large chunk of it is missing from memory.

On another note, did anyone have childhood fears of general MK Ultra shit? Every time something like that would come up in a cartoon I would be overcome with absolute fear. I had a big fear of the government, aliens, or psychiatric wards, but I have no clue where it stems from.

d29922  No.12712557



angels were banished after they refused to accept man as greater than they are. This was the fall

They set out to destroy man. This lead to the original sin.

baaa20  No.12712676

File: faccd677ab5e209⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 500x332, 125:83, AnthropomorphicUniverse.jpg)


Question for you OP.

In the first thread you posted back in 2016, you posted this;

>It ends this year. The mere fact that I'm typing this mean we have successfully broken the bonds between the wrong reality and this one.

>It ends this year


>It ends this year

https://archive.is/qQkpC (second post you made)

So tell me, why should I not take everything you say as complete psychedelic induced fantasy bullshit?

It reeks of LARP, conspiracy fluff shilling and/or insane ramblings about your fantasy world. I'm no mundane, which is precisely why I can see straight through your bullshit. Truth is simple, it doesn't require thousands of words of vague breadcrumbs. You're a retard attention whore at best, and you have narcissistic personality disorder and an actual psychosis, probably induced by taking LSD on a weekly basis for 6 months (as you admitted in the first thread also).

d29922  No.12712690


several goys in this thread are pill-pushing addicts that chase dimensional dragons.

however if you ignore their psycho-larp there is some good info in their posts.

b2a880  No.12712696



Destroying you so they can then put a (((friendly))) jew saying "I like you,you can trust me" is one thing ,but just destroying you for the sake of destroying is like admitting you to /pol/ with honors


> childhood fears of general MK Ultra shit?

Childhood? One of my worst fears of false admission to asylum and being kept on pills got confirmed in my country last year with 2 cases,one dude was kept in asylum for 40 years for stealing a bag of flour and his neighbours lying he is aggressive I don't remember what the other one did but they were both kept locked to test new drugs on them,no way of defending yourself,nobody that will believe you

baaa20  No.12712725


>if you ignore their psycho-larp there is some good info in their posts

It loses all credibility though. And it's the opposite of spoonfeeding, it's dumping a truckload of shit on your head and saying "there, sort through that and you'll find some gold." No. Explain your redpills clearly if you have them, otherwise GTFO.

d29922  No.12712734


same shit with conspiracy fags on yt.

they put the good shit and mix it with ayy's or reptilians or other shit that isn't even related to their main subject.

baaa20  No.12712738


But the point is, how do you know the "good shit" is good? Going by 90% of what they post, the more feasible 10% is probably completely made up as well.

d29922  No.12712739


anyway if you read the thread it's already explained.

reality might be changing -> evidence was presented earlier in the thread.

this has something to do with cern -> evidence was presented earlier.

someone starts talking about daemons and shit.

myself and some others point out that this is only for the people that believe such things and the real world evidence for them is the use of adrenochrome along with child sacrifice.

here -> tl. dr the whole thread for you.

4de3b7  No.12712890


You mean the thing where you went to stay at a uni for a few days?

Thinking back to when I did it the guy running the course seemed quite interested in me.

c63950  No.12712958



Who wants to bet that most of social ills, degeneracy, mental issues, zombification of youth etc. stems from that place? Countering their social engineering, curing/de-programming people with potential, liquidating shills should be our number one priority. This is the actual politics, not their cheap puppet show.


I wonder where all the best trolls from places like 4chon went, you hardly see any around on chans anymore. Did they get (((integrated))) ? I always liked stirring up trouble for my own entertainment as well. This triggers the (((gatekeepers))).


Are you a bad enough dude to troll Freemasons? They seem like perfect target.


>Unable to answer to any of the points raised

>Intelligent discourse



Waifu tier


You are supposed to go one step above fedora, not one below. Christianity is just stepping-back to familiar programming due to inability to understand reality and the fear arising therefrom. No one is going to save you, especially not the magical Jewish carpenter (this would make a good anime plot smh) and you are pretty much a bestest goy


D-G ordered Lucifer/Iblis to serve niggers and shitskins which he had created (as he was too inferior and incompetent to create white people), and Iblis asked to himself, why should the son of (eternal) fire serve the son of clay and told D-G to get out so Jew god got mad and attacked him. Whites are "children" of Lucifer, that's why kikes want to exterminate them in order to fulfill their covenant.

>Muh 6D chess

Your god is just incompetent and sadistic (typical kike), there is no greater plan here


>I had a big fear of the government, aliens, or psychiatric wards

I knew instinctively to steer away from places that were created to destroy me. Saved me from a lot of trouble.


I'm trying to figure out are they just deluded like that and can't help themselves from sperging out ITT, or are shills trying to derail.

b4cf93  No.12713017


>we are the champions of the world

>no of the world


It's literally right here you nigger don't fuc with me like that

bfb906  No.12713404


No, nothing like that. Even if I got wiped, my mother would never have allowed a trip like that (many failings, but strong maternal instinct).

Just two tests I remember, seemed like developmental psyche studies. One was kinda dickish (e.g. Them: Here's your toy (I think it was a wood block). Me: But this is just a wood block. I want to play with those other (obviously better toys, which I point at). Them: You don't get to play with those toys. Those are for the other kids. Me: Look at toys. Look at them. Think: You're doing this on purpose, for some unstated reason, and clearly a fucking dick.).

The program itself was actually pretty cool, we had access to a college-level science lab in 3rd grade. Got to play with all sorts of things, some of which were pretty irresponsible (chemicals!), but the teacher was some old guy who seemed to give ZFs and looked amused most of the time.

36ef3e  No.12713567


>All the pagan religions required sacrifices of blood, the most powerful being the sacrifice of the first born child. Remember Abraham in the old testament ? It talks about a ruthless god being merciful. that is not the God we believe in today.

Nah, it's the same God but there's a new covenant. The wages of sin are death. Life is in the blood. Jesus was God's first born child (Adam wasn't born, he was created), there is no more perfect sacrifice. The old covenant is hard, it's better to live under the new one.

f2b6df  No.12714174


Found your problem, the MENSA scale is totally meme.

da959b  No.12714404


Can you list the tests you've taken under a professional psychologist? Also, would you mind validating your scores by posting your score sheets?

Last thing: I find it kinda weird that your blood brother scored a 172 on a "Mensa" scale… typically the GAI, WAIS, and WISC (and perhaps the Standford-Binet) cap at approximately 4 SD from the population average, which I think means that once you hit a 164 (160 for SB scale), the test is considered an inadequate method of gauging extraordinarily high (or low) scores. I've never heard of a "MENSA" scale, but I do know that Mensa typically accepts the previously listed IQ metrics so long as they are administered by a professional psychologist, and they might still allow potential members to submit standardized academic test scores as a proxy for intelligence.

I will say, if your brother actually has an estimated IQ of 170+, I recommend that he looks into admission for the Mega Society or Prometheus Society. They'd likely provide a solid social foundation for your brother to talk to people as gifted as he is on a regular basis.

285da6  No.12714664

File: 05a136b5a667282⋯.png (76.43 KB, 500x316, 125:79, unsolved-mystery-the-us-st….png)


>"None will level on the line, nobody of it is worth"

are you implying that we really all became penguins?

637ea7  No.12714831

File: c6114b10592d574⋯.jpg (85.97 KB, 705x960, 47:64, 1425384232341.jpg)


>Can you list the tests you've taken under a professional psychologist?

4th and 5th Stanford-Binet, WAIS R and 3.

>would you mind validating your scores by posting your score sheets

This is why I don't deal with people under 130. You're insecure and need external validation. You dipshit, you think I'd post pics of my personal info on fucking h8/pol/. You're the one lying in this exchange, not me.

>once you hit a 164 (160 for SB scale), the test is considered an inadequate method of gauging extraordinarily high (or low) scores.

No shit, Sherlock

>I've never heard of a "MENSA" scale

You've never needed to, pleb.

> looks into admission for the Mega Society or Prometheus Society

He's not my actual brother. And very high IQ people don't usually need to or desire to join clubs. The main use of MENSA is to learn how to deal with tools like you without going ballistic. Now fuck off

f2b6df  No.12714834


MENSA has their own internal exam so if you don't have professional testing you can do their meme test. I've heard/seen some silly numbers spit out by that test.

637ea7  No.12714878

File: 2cfc3ecdc145e2b⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1466008928843-0.jpg)


Fine, whatever, who the fuck cares. It breaks out of the measurable realm so new techniques have to be devised. Fucking WAIS R tops out at 135. So whoop de do I scored 135 on that one. Either way it breaks the fucking scale. But that's not even the whole point. IQ is just one of the things that makes a well-statted person. I'm a top-flight fighter, ranked in as the #1 closing salesman on the continent first of a pool of ~10k, a good architect and a capable builder, a charming fuck who can get chicks that, frankly, you'd believe less than my IQ, a post-doc epistemologist, class president of every class that had a president, etc etc. Oh right and that's just forgetting all the fucking miracles I've done both for myself and to save the lives of other people, shit that between me and the person who experienced it there is no doubt, only life where there was sure to be death. But you want me to fucking post some 20 year old IQ test. You ignorant niggers

My job here is not to prove to you a fucking IQ test score. My job is to rally a worldwide army and fix all your retarded monkey problems for you. Why? Because I'm bored and I thought it might prove to be something of a challenge. For keks, just because I was in the mood and niggers are annoying and I like the scenery. So if you don't like that just get out of the way and watch because that's the option you have left to you.

f2b6df  No.12714899


You are mixing me up with different anon. I'm actually with you on this hurr durr "post your scores" thing.

637ea7  No.12714903

File: 4fff074f9f062a6⋯.png (357.25 KB, 475x792, 475:792, 4fff074f9f062a604f63d5ae31….png)


>God is now allowing a creation that is greater than the previous one to emerge. Indeed, a creation which even he could not have created without the fall of Lucifer. This creation will emerge out of those born into a fallen world with an ingrained sin nature which will, without having even seen him, choose of their own will he and his law. Thus, the undoing of the greatest sin with his greatest creation. That is why frail man is said to be greater than all the angels.

So it all worked out in the end, God isn't an incapable idiot and Lucifer ends up being frankly the hero of the story, for taking the beating and being the bad guy all the time knowing that his purpose is to enrich God's creation in literally the only way possible. Who the fuck could possibly foreseen this?

637ea7  No.12714907


Not intended for you, then. I guess he'll see it at some point. If the content doesn't seem like it should be directed at you I assure you it isn't. Nothin personnel

f2b6df  No.12714919


I figured that it wasn't for me and mostly felt like adding another voice on the side of posting scores being sort of silly. (As if most of existence isn't on a grand enough scale.)

637ea7  No.12714935


I could probably make more of an effort to stay consistent with replies, maybe turn on the color feature. Especially since I turn from Buddha into Kali in a syllable. Gotta have range, my man. It's all about emotional range. Oh right I was a ranked actor on a global scale as well, like going from nationals to the olympics, but acting. Hd things gone another route, you'd have seen me from a different angle. Glad I skipped that though, pedokikewood is a fucking graveyard

d016b7  No.12714961


>You are supposed to go one step above fedora, not one below. Christianity is just stepping-back to familiar programming due to inability to understand reality and the fear arising therefrom. No one is going to save you, especially not the magical Jewish carpenter (this would make a good anime plot smh) and you are pretty much a bestest goy

Yes yes you read the Lacerta files and now you think you've risen above the petty theists and their false beliefs, all on your own…. *gasp* Faith Based assumptions?

Denying Christ is not proof of superiority nor is believing in Christ a mark of inferiority. There is unironically far more evidence for my beliefs than yours. Have you ever seen an exorcism? Have you seen how demons recoil at the name of Jesus?

If they were not what the Bible says them to be, then why do they fear His Name? You cannot deny my assertions without denying logical reasoning, and therefore be wrong in your own.

11c4f4  No.12714980

Ahh , Aquino is Jim eh? Makes sense

Heil fucking Hitler and hail satan

11c4f4  No.12714991


Jesus was a jew, we have been over this time and time again

Take your hebraic worship out of here faggot also take your ducked faggot ass with you too

Demons and ( ( (bible) ) ) shit my fucking ass

Drown yourself

637ea7  No.12715014


>Have you seen how demons recoil at the name of Jesus?

Yeah but that could just as easily, in fact I believe more easily, explained by saying the it was your Faith I capitalize absolutes as opposed to individual acts of faith that had the power, not the name you said. Before you think I'm hostile to Christianity…it can be touchy, but the Sacrifice of self is perhaps one of the highest spiritual principles. Believe it or not seminary was in the cards for me, when I was younger. Still, I've had better luck with my version of Faith–my locus of Faith being on the Absolute rather than it's apparent incarnation–than I hear Christians claim. They still seem to have fear, whereas I have none. I'm not saying it 100% has to be that way, but I need no interpreter between my Creator and myself. Just my way of looking at things.

bf0481  No.12715036



this makes me think of some "HALO spartan program" type shit, where they steal kids and augment their minds and bodies to be super soldaten. In a cinematic clip from HALO 4 it talks about how the spartans exhibit "mild sociopathic tendencies" and "difficulty in socialization" and "efficient behavior in hazardous situations" and the interrogator guy makes mention that master chief "was at his core, broken" and mentions "lack of basic humanity"

What if all of this media is just subliminal programming? it is

The way I see it they have one of two goals with "gifted children"

1. create autistic super soldiers


2. (most likely scenario) they were trying to inhibit those who would have the most potential to be an autistic super soldier.

bf0481  No.12715113



this was my case aswell, but they really hammered it home in early high school. I was able to do the math reasonably well in my head but they wouln't accept it without work on paper, I said "FUCK YOU" and eventually quit trying, and even trying to get as bad a score as possible by circling every question on a test in 2 second and saying DONE, they killed my creative ability and I will never forgive them for that treachery.

d016b7  No.12715126


>Hates Jesus because of the sole fact that the Tribe of Judah was called Jews as are modern Khazars

Brainlets, everyone.


Regardless of your sentiment what you just said makes no logical sense. These spirits that would pray on you will pray on you whether you adhere to principles and faith or not. Do you not know that Muslims are incapable of performing exorcisms, and so must call in Christians to do it for them?

The name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, has power. If the name did not have power, we would not see our enemies recoil at it's use.

Don't fall for new-age gaytheist LARP memes. Accept Jesus.

d016b7  No.12715133


For me it happened when I was forced to move in the 2nd grade and in the new school they were teaching things far above what I had previously learned.

I had nowhere to start and nobody helped me. My Dad was a drunk so he didn't give 2 shits about getting my caught up. That's where it all began.

d016b7  No.12715141

File: 09fe4a5dafc6239⋯.png (50.46 KB, 453x557, 453:557, 49494.png)


>Here's /christian/ to shit things up some more by claiming everything is ackshually related to his semitic desert cult and some shitty book written and (((rewritten))) by man. Fuck off.

Can you LARPers ever say anything other than semitic desert cult?

It's obvious we are entirely correct and you are entirely wrong. If we weren't correct you wouldn't be so offended.


>Jesus fucking christ, off yourself. Praying to a jew god does fucking nothing. Stop trying to recruit the mentally damaged into your cult.

Completely and utterly incorrect. Not even worth arguing against since the only thing you're capable of is insults, Schlomo.

Can't stand honest discussion can you?

637ea7  No.12715155

File: f996048a703bb51⋯.png (45.31 KB, 540x541, 540:541, 4fe5a32511c26b0ed04e84a833….png)


I really hate to say this but…they killed my love of math also. Same way, by forcing me to write down every fucking number even if the operation was just "add 2" or whatever. Tell you what guys, want to do something fun and educational? I was just thinking about this. Let's have maths threads where we can rediscover the joy of it. Remember, math is just a language we can use to describe the world precisely! Niggers will never be able to decode our magical language. I know that equations can be fun. Keeping everything in a nice tight spiral with mathematics and macrobes and kike conspiracies, I hear that John Dee has some particularly interesting stuff. Never looked into it myself.

Maths threads soon? I'll participate. Just need someone with more understanding to start it off. Maybe something like discovering the mathematics of a natural process, like a waterfall or a tree growing. Something very NatSoc, Nature the ultimate fascist and all that.


Whatever then, plead for someone else to save you like a faggot, that's why cristcuck, despite being an /int/nigger meem has stuck around. Imagine begging for someone else to save you, imagine BELIEVING that you are completely unworthy and incapable, and only some martyr from 2000 years ago can save you now. It's your life, but don't expect any of us to come fill the role your named deity and your pious niggers won't.

d016b7  No.12715168

File: 225d644b859edd9⋯.png (5.48 KB, 202x188, 101:94, i wonder.png)


>Whatever then, plead for someone else to save you like a faggot, that's why cristcuck, despite being an /int/nigger meem has stuck around. Imagine begging for someone else to save you, imagine BELIEVING that you are completely unworthy and incapable, and only some martyr from 2000 years ago can save you now. It's your life, but don't expect any of us to come fill the role your named deity and your pious niggers won't.

The Kike reveals his true colors. Is it not strange that we could go an entire thread with discussion but the moment I bring up our Lord Jesus Christ 1000 shills come out the woodworks?

d016b7  No.12715171


You're not a LARP you're a jew.

Jews hate Christ.

637ea7  No.12715176


It's because you'e annoying and repetitive, nothing new to say in 2000 years except for all the revision on that collection of books you call the Bible. Take it elsewhere

d016b7  No.12715182


>the word of God must change because I'll get bored otherwise


Jews killed Jesus by having the Romans nail Him to a cross against their will.

637ea7  No.12715184


We have to filter this mess

637ea7  No.12715196

File: 54510186627f598⋯.png (358.22 KB, 600x809, 600:809, bohr1.png)

>>12715155 (shameless self check)

I want to just cycle back around to this idea of


That I think might have gotten buried under a spam of either /intl/ or /christian/ bullshit funny how one really can't tell them apart. I think that we must have a maths nerd hanging around who will share his autistic glory with us

>>12715188 (kek'd)

Please filter him, his plan is to bury the thread in semitic bullshit no matter how you slice it.

d016b7  No.12715197

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







Every other word you have is an insult. Try harder gaslighting kike. You aren't even subtle about how much you hate God. Dreadful.

Now please, keep going on about how much Kikes love Christianity when they're actively trying to destroy every single remnant of the world's original antisemitic religion. This will be my last reply, as I'd prefer not to aid you in derailing this thread further, kike.

d016b7  No.12715203

File: a4ba46ee051b32c⋯.png (43.02 KB, 700x750, 14:15, reddit quantum.png)


Lmao, a fedorafag who thinks he's superior because he pretends to know what quantum mechanics are. This one would be too good to pass up.

c63950  No.12715592


I'm tempted to post that "Hey faggots, my name is John and I hate every single one of you" copypasta but I don't want to derail the thread any further. I encourage you to make a thread about your experiences though, I'd gladly share mine as well.


No, I read the bible and cringed just how fucking retarded it is. It's even bad within a semitic sand-larp category. People who believe that someone else is going to save them are inferior. Especially if that someone is a Jewish con-man.

>Faith-based assumptions

>There is unironically far more evidence for my beliefs than yours.

The burden of proof is not on me my friend, but on you :>)

>Have you seen how demons recoil at the name of Jesus?

I'm mentally sane, so no. You have never actually encountered a demon

You are probably the same kike who spams gay porn and is only pretending to be a Christian (these are chans after all, people often forget that) so I won't feed you anymore. No shekels for you.


Math threads would be a very good idea.

Now back to the topic. Another theme that was present in these threads was that most of us had a feeling that we were born to become something much greater, to become ubermensch, to reach out for the stars. Then something … changed and we ended up being largely disappointed. Some anons posted theories how we were programmed for space colonization through certain media but something didn't go according to plan.

faed71  No.12715969



The power of faith vs. the power of doubt.

Rest of the thread:



Go outside you fags.

da959b  No.12716160


Needs external validation? I was asking you to substantiate a claim you made, so what exact personal claim am I trying to validate?

So can you provide a picture of your IQ tests or not? How about your Mensa membership with a time stamp? Are you sure you're not the one seeking validation, which is why you're bragging about your exclusively high-IQ social circle on a Mongolian basket-weaving forum and denigrating the first person that bothers you to actually provide evidence of your fairly extraordinary claims?

bfb906  No.12716262

File: 0fc01ab7994d566⋯.png (466.1 KB, 611x611, 1:1, PEPE - SAINT 01.png)


>I need no interpreter between my Creator and myself.

Gnosticism FTW

If you consider the Nag Hammadi codexes, that they were the works (((kiked))) out of the NT by The Council of Nicea, then Christian Gnosticism starts to look pretty good.

>I need no interpreter between my Creator and myself.

That's what Jesus taught, and the real reason they tortured him to death. Don't get inbetween a (((Pharisee))) and hirz Shekels.

a5cd08  No.12717392


Who's to say they didn't create autistic soldiers that don't question where their orders come from and have all the traits listed?

6ce648  No.12717810


who's to say /pol/ isn't where we receive our training and eventually orders?

a hurtbox that puts your soul to the ultimate test (years of blackpill)

just imagine the righteous anger and violence that could be unleashed from this place when the opportunity is given

f1e1ad  No.12719455


Someone just mentioned Battle for the Mind by William Sargant to me. I was googling for a pdf copy (if someone has please share) and came across this, Tavistock's Imperial Brainwashing Project. Don't recall if it was added to the thread yet.


0efe6d  No.12719864


>dark darpa net

Any infographs of this?

0efe6d  No.12719941


I got a bump, is it really just on neanderthals or is that wikikepedia lying to me?

d016b7  No.12720079

File: 78483dc1b15d487⋯.png (838.7 KB, 852x940, 213:235, fedora.png)


>No, I read the bible and cringed just how fucking retarded it is. It's even bad within a semitic sand-larp category. People who believe that someone else is going to save them are inferior. Especially if that someone is a Jewish con-man.

>>Faith-based assumptions

>>There is unironically far more evidence for my beliefs than yours.

>The burden of proof is not on me my friend, but on you :>)

>>Have you seen how demons recoil at the name of Jesus?

>I'm mentally sane, so no. You have never actually encountered a demon

>You are probably the same kike who spams gay porn and is only pretending to be a Christian (these are chans after all, people often forget that) so I won't feed you anymore. No shekels for you.

I'm glad this conversation is over because it's clear you're just going to insult and talk about how superior you are for believing nothing.

A newborn child too also knows nothing, I guess they are superior as well.

d29922  No.12722792


you ungrateful shit.

read the fucking thing again ! you fucking klepto kike !


if you believe in such things as archons, angels, fallen angels, daemons, other dimensional beings or anything else that does not follow the laws of known physics you must accept that the human is important to them.

If the human is important to them it can only be important if the human has something they do not posses, the soul.

If the soul is what they want and what they fight for, where were they until recent centuries ?

What happened to them in the ancient world ?

Where were they in the 'dark' ages ?

And how come they have power now ?

The only correlation is Christianity.

Now starting with the cucking of the catholic church, with the stupidity of the protestants, and then the idiocy of humanists we see a trend that celebrates occultism, culminating with the not so secret, open for all, freemason secret societies that promised money in exchange for idol worshiping and changing laws in the detriment of Christianity that blocked them.

Now in the 21st century more babies were killed in their womb than the actual population of the world. Now that's a fucking blood sacrifice.

Have fun calling them archons or devils or 'overlords', they are humanity's sins taking physical form.

d29922  No.12722795

File: d76f5664bdc1cc0⋯.jpg (136.63 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, debating the jew.jpg)


forgot pic.>>12720079

c63950  No.12722944


A soul is by definition immaterial. If they do not possess a physical body, nor do they posses a soul, what are they? Humans have the ability to experience both, which is what makes them 'important' . 'Soulless' people are just multiple iterations of a single soul (That's why they seek to 'unite with god' , equality, peace, morals etc. as they are fractured and inferior by design), while people with actual souls are seeking to differentiate as much as possible, then, with respect to their differences, unite as a community of gods (Pantheon), rather than a single god of monotheism. You have people who worship the external god (Either as a religious idea, or as the physical matter itself, two heads of the double-headed eagle, the involution of the anti-dialectics, the Kali Yuga, the Satan itself) and you have people who seek the God within and Community of gods (heaven supported by the free will of it's inhabitants , the Golden age)

Jews, Muslims, Christians, Globalists, SJW's, Freemasons, Communists etc. mostly belong to the former, despite their outward 'rebellion' , their political views, or their surface understanding of religion (or their lack of it) . Deep down they know that they are only instruments and manifestations of the same (((god))) , the one who is also the source of the material world. Their gospel is to try to consume as much genuine souls as possible. The outwardly very different groups are all united by the same thread of metaphysics. That's why for us who are capable of 'seeing' , they all have the same, all-too-familiar, face.

We are their antithesis. This is why they have so many programs intended to corrupt and destroy us. Once you understand the true war, the occult war, all the mundane things become irrelevant. The real question is, which side are you standing on?

d29922  No.12722959


that is a lie.

the pantheon corrupt by the need of sacrifice.

blood sacrifice.

this means that there is no difference between the pantheon and the demons.

God gave them forgiveness thus destroying all of their power over the world.

bf0481  No.12723078


not possible as the autist personality type is naturally one of a curious nature which = questioning. it wouldn't hold up. only a brain dead zombie could do that, but then again a brain dead zombie isn't really good for anything, so it's kind of a null point


perhaps he's wondering why someone would ruin a mans life, before throwing him in with NatSocs?

af2683  No.12723079

based schizos

c63950  No.12723199


The only ones who are obsessed with blood and sacrifices are those who have to offer it unto their sand demon, the (((people of the book))). Christian theology is full of sacrifices.

>God gave them forgiveness thus destroying all of their power over the world.

A Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you


I've been suspecting this as well. Some people posting here at times were definitively not ordinary individuals. Too bad they mostly left with spambot/zognald invasion.


Nice find anon

e23832  No.12723262


one and done

obviously you weren't in

d29922  No.12723325


really kike ?

you twist the words so conveniently.

There is literally no example to back up your claim.

And then you claim that the corrupted child eating (((gods))) were good.

d7bd9b  No.12723452


>he thinks his (((YHWH))) doesn't eat babies

Where'd your foreskin go, friend? There is a reason the Romans identified (((YHWH))) with Saturn.

c63950  No.12723472

File: d52bc9fa7106d0d⋯.png (6.07 MB, 4960x3543, 4960:3543, world gov (4960 x 3543).png)


t. drinks the blood and eats the flesh of Jesus, worshiping the god who ordered Abraham to sacrifice his own son to prove loyalty.

>Everyone who disagrees with me is a kike

Get real


I wish some anon could post that FBI collaboration tool where we could link various groups and individuals in investigative manner. Links with Freemasonry are strong, especially ideological. We should reveal their entire network, devise strategies for countering their influence, and expose them publicly in every country that they are operating in. We might not have their vast resources, but we are smarter and more capable than them. Also, our lack of 'institutional constraints' gives us a lot of space for acting.


Somehow it draws many parallels with this publication.

7221d4  No.12723627


>Why does the Mandela effect exist?

It for those who are close to truly see to confirm/reassure that the world/universe is indeed a mental one and that nothing is static. Neither the past nor present or future.

The most blatant one is the bible change, lion/wolf.

c63950  No.12723663


Universe being entirely composed of Mind does not mean that past or present can be rewritten. If that was possible, no meaningful existence would be possible. If you start believing that the reality is entirely relativistic and up to interpretation, you can believe literally anything, which makes you susceptible to manipulation.

87af32  No.12723701

File: 15975a0fa061cd8⋯.jpg (242.19 KB, 495x600, 33:40, 1501773813635.jpg)





OK, I am in. I went through something very similar when I was a child at school on math classes too.

I would much like to rediscover the joy of it. Not that I consider myself too intelligent or something. But I most certainly wanna try.

Also don't reply to obvious baits. For months now almost all /pol/s on the net are under heavy shilling and derailing. If it is obvious shill just ignore, filter etc and stick to constructive things on matters you are talking about.

d29922  No.12723749


as i said before, the old testament (((god))) is one of the demons. it's kept as the example of the old covenant, where the foreskin is cut in order to stop further sacrifice, hence the (((chosen))) people

d29922  No.12723752


not the same god kike, you know better.

25c1d0  No.12723899

File: 407bd1520454c16⋯.jpg (101.01 KB, 643x960, 643:960, 92889875-4b3c-497f-8b4c-5a….jpg)

Яeally donot see [нен] why it is so hard to grasp the fact that nephilim have a long term survival plan and "put on" the skin of God's People in order to "make it "impossible" for God to kill them.


Æs for the Yaweh = đæмœи folk… sorry you cannot know Him as a Real Individual with actual emotions, needs and desires.

Whom does not know the Pain of =Alone¿

Đonot feel bad tho… few do.

>Ťhe ability to hold seeming dichotomies in one's mind while awaiting advancement in intellect to bring clarity is an Rare trait.__Рłæтœ_ish

7d9f59  No.12724073

File: 72bdfa4f29e224b⋯.png (30.11 KB, 135x145, 27:29, 0071.png)

File: bc62af02981e142⋯.png (47.03 KB, 171x225, 19:25, 0072.png)

File: c7b7b1da79e774e⋯.png (57.23 KB, 207x189, 23:21, 0073.png)







It's basically what you want to see. The mind is very good in recognizing patterns.

A very advanced form of an Rorschach test.


During my childhood; I purposefully made myself to be something of an idiot all the while spending my entire time in the library when I could.

I don't like the attention.

Trust no one.

c63950  No.12724275


I see someone sitting on a bunk bed, hospital curtains, drawers, desk with some machine, some kind of surgical tool with a clot of blood next to it, a black cat sitting on some books or files, hallway with light. General context is some old /ruined building, either a hospital, some kind of research facility/workplace, not very modern.

183e79  No.12724276


I am building such a tool presently. We’ve needed this for a long time. Think Wikipedia meets graph theory where edges are archive links

6fbfb8  No.12724405


Fuck, this is a massive "holy shit" moment.

Tested IQ of 167, with massive memory gaps in elementary school and diagnosed DID. And reading through some of the archived threads it seems I'm rather lucky too.

09e6d6  No.12724406


>"Tavistock is a social engineering school for second-generation commies."

it's the head of a multi organizational system designed to distract people from noticing the ruling class

Stamford university is another big hub in this system, and Harvard

so if you notice the queen making money it's these guys job to tell you that you're wrong and if you don't listen eventually they send MI6 to come take care of you

09e6d6  No.12724407


do you dream or no dreams?

6fbfb8  No.12724412


I know I have dreams, but they're unpleasant an I usually don't remember them. Last one I remembered I was stuck back in the Marines and had to go to a bunch of classes and was freaking out because I had a hair cut and the base looked completely different from what it looks like normally.

c63950  No.12724489



We need to extract relevant information (among the sea of disinformation, shills and false leads), find patterns and connections, identify key people and their strategic and tactical objectives, financing etc. One anon working for FBI used to organize similar stuff here, then he shot himself 7 times from the back. When we gather actionable intelligence, we can proceed in a twofold way, one would be neutralizing their propaganda and turning it against them, the other one would be publicly exposing them. Info-blitzkrieg if you wish. A massive, rapid, simultaneous attack on all of their psycho-informational structures, memes, propaganda, etc. Redpilling a lot of people in a short time period, giving them no time to react. The flood comes. It's what Hitler managed to do, but his reach was limited. Thanks to the internet, we can extend that to a global level, giving them no place to hide. Pretty much turn the entire scheme on them. This is what they fear the most, and this is what the original /pol/ came close to accomplishing. Everything else is a distraction.

For that we would need a collaboration tool and a knowledge repository that's impervious to most common forms of attack. /pol/ should become a transnational intelligence agency fighting the globohomo empire and promoting white interests. An anti-UN of sorts. If we succeed in uniting the people who identify themselves in these threads, we can accomplish great things. Because each one of us is objectively superior to them individually, but we lack their backing and organizational structures.

0d6863  No.12724552


>which makes you susceptible to manipulation.

Or makes it manipulable by oneself.

bf0481  No.12724666


> idiot all the while spending my entire time in the library when I could.

that's something I remember, you had to get a "pass" during study block to go to the library and you couldn't stay after school to go either, some reason being there would be too many people in the library

>too many people reading and learning

as if there were ever such a thing

e23832  No.12724708


Ok, I'll start off by listing what I remember.

In 1st grade they had me go out to the trailers where the 2nd graders were located in and have me read to them out of the lesson book. This happened at least twice. once in the cold of winter and once closer to summer time. the eyebrow guy (Aquinas) was there along with various aides and that fat/chubby readheaded guy. I remember they would have the chair set up in the middle of the empty class and there would be two of them asking "what would you do if __'' questions. there was at least one more of them always off to the side writing things down. I remember the speed minute tests, and the standardized tests where you would just sit and answer page after page after page of questions , ten times more than your classmates. Always done or finished very first, then had to sit there with my thoughts till everyone else finished up. I feel like I remember classrooms that weren't quite like I remember them and that nagging feeling of having forgotten to do something very important was awoken within me then and it has stayed with me into adulthood. I used to have vivid dreams, in color, but don't any more. The one trick I can remember learning was something like coming out of a deep sleep, but keeping my eyes closed, and I could see the room I was in in color. See the people that were whispering and writing around me and I could see things on the desks and teachers table.

whew got the chills typing it all out.

tell me if I fit the mold



musical prodigy


read the encyclopedia cover to cover when my parents got it back in the day.

Eagle Scout

former mormon

cant remember large chunks of child age school like it is just blank but there are flashes of people and faces and there is an underlying feeling of having forgotten something terribly important

c63950  No.12725013


Relativism won't help you manipulate reality, just your own perception of it. To actually manipulate reality, you need to know the objective truth.


Being ahead of the curve, having musical sense/talent and being curious about the world are certainly raised flags. Adoption only if you had traumas of some kind (Accidents, drowning, bullying, beating etc.). The rest not so much. Mormonism is certainly interesting though, I'm quite fascinated by them. What was your childhood as a Mormon? Were your adoptive parents 'important people' of some kind or just regulars? What about your biological parents?

6fbfb8  No.12725176


It does seem odd that there are so many Eagle scouts too.

t. eagle scout

6e2140  No.12725229

File: 1ae79272ded9bf6⋯.jpg (639.66 KB, 1600x1318, 800:659, nightgas.jpg)


>Secondly, I was visited several times by a female scientist who worked with NASA. This scientist was pulling students in the GATE program out of class one by one, and showing them boxes of dirt.

Protip, she wasn't from NASA.

I remember this same kind of weird interview shit from when I was in elementary school sewardanon from archives, kind of funny to see so many of us back here again, except for me it was a random selection of students with intentionally varying abilities - a disabled kid or two, myself and another gifted student, and a few normal kids - who were interviewed by some (((suited guy))). My school was extremely abusive as well, but in different ways, and it wasn't severe in the same way as your experience was. My first grade teacher was the wife of the warden of the state prison across the bay, and honestly she probably could have done his job better than even he did, given how psychotic she was. Cunt wanted to drug me for "ADHD" claiming I was retarded, and my mom immediately threatened a lawsuit because she wasn't actually certified to be a teacher in the first place. My gifted instructor for some reason saw something distinct in me, and separated me from the other four students and put me on an even more advanced course schedule with a lot of self-guided learning; I remember being introduced to physics and biology subjects way beyond my grade level, and was encouraged to speculate about alien life not ayyliums, but actual xenobiology stuff. I also got the typical zener card "memory game" shit that some other anons report from GATE programs, and the same weird questioning using hypotheticals. I was pulled out of there after two years to be homeschooled, but was traumatized for a couple years by some near death experiences I had there, all involving strangling. I recovered from whatever fuckery that happened mostly because I already had redpilled parents, and I'm sorry to hear how badly it's affected you, anon. I suppose at this point, we're all in this together.

e23832  No.12725249


they are still very important

i wont go in to much detail so as not to be doxxed etc'

I still see them every day pretty much. live in the same town, may or may not work closely with them too. traumas fuck yeah, experienced death early and in person, saw some fields get started on fire from fireworks, wrecked many dirtbikes with crazy older cousins who went scary fast (later turned to meth , rip cuz)

the crazy thing is i met my biological family some years ago, back in ought sixteen. pretty wild man

for the record mormonism is full of shit like all christ cuckery

e23832  No.12725252


It's because we are the best and ( ( ( they ) ) ) know it

6e2140  No.12725344




Here's a good one, and an interesting link for this thread given it shows connections of the Esalen Institute. Note Puharich, who was brought up in previous GATE thread.


This is a pretty redpilled one too, but the whole thing is super information dense and takes a while to really parse through.

6e2140  No.12725393


Just found the one for Tavistock:


0efe6d  No.12725427



c63950  No.12726378


I guess those are pretty common over there? Chances of people being members would be relatively high, hardly a correlation with this.


Public school teachers being retarded, incompetent and psychopathic is pretty common, I doubt it's an organized effort. In my school they declared me the smartest kid in the class and later did everything to sabotage me (I had to learn much more than other kids for the same grades, which completely demotivated me), giving me lower grades on purpose, and even wanted to send me to some kind of corrective school for problematic kids despite never being physically violent (other than beating bullies to a bloody pulp a few times), they just couldn't match me verbally and I ruined their authority in front of other kids. Imagine getting told by a 12 year old kid, repeatedly. And I live on another continent, so again, hardly a correlation.

Second part of your post is a correlation. Traumas are proven to induce certain mental states that make people susceptible to programming, but also might trigger the 'guardian angel' response where the perception of time slows down tremendously, your neurons fire up and you become capable of executing very complex actions in perfect succession in order to survive. You also get superhuman strength. This only lasts for a very short time, at critical moments. In some gifted people it can also trigger precognition, OBE and other similar abilities. This is what they were interested in.


Mormonism seems to be the least cancerous version of christcuckery. Have you ever been to their HQ? If so, please describe what you have seen there.



Excellent links anon, thanks.

/pol/ should MKULTRA itself to become super-soldiers with psionic abilities, but without the (((programming))). It's what I attempted to do a while ago, with the limited resources available, and it seemed to work. You need to have innate potential for it though. I'd recommend everyone to skim through stuff from Timothy Leary, but especially the works of John Lilly as he addresses it in a more technical and scientific manner.

c63950  No.12726397

File: 5ab8217b38a8ad4⋯.pdf (665.01 KB, Lilly, John - Metaprogramm….pdf)

I've attached a copy for anyone interested

72d937  No.12726749

File: 32ae3699b88e964⋯.png (120.12 KB, 1076x192, 269:48, Prince_william_mental_heal….PNG)


Possibly relevant

a4f29c  No.12726890

File: d3e7721680f4e66⋯.jpg (76.99 KB, 1371x935, 1371:935, black mirror 3.jpg)


Black mirrors are used for 'scrying' and it's why they're everywhere in this day and age. It's what the Netflix show 'Black mirror' title is referencing.

94775d  No.12726977


>"Forgive us our tresspasses, as we forgive those who tresspass against us"

>is now

>"And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors"

>Wineskins is now Wine bottles

Those are translation difference there are like 1000s of bible translations and different churches use different ones. RSV says wineskins, DRA says wine bottles for example.

0d6863  No.12727094


Even more.

3ca5ca  No.12727113

File: 05693a1fe9445e1⋯.jpg (462.77 KB, 2600x1733, 2600:1733, 1548160929993.jpg)


who here Mentally Gifted Minor aka MGM?

92521c  No.12727971


/pol/ has dissapointed me greatly over the years, it seems mainstream /pol/tard is just another strand of normalfag christcuck, just with a cherry of counter-semitism on top. Approaching truth but clinging to the (((bible))) and other such bullshittery is counter-intuitive to me. There HAS to be something beyond. Something that has no care for angry semite godlings. Something so glorious it would fill your soul with the light of a thousand suns if only you could see it for a second. Something that is deeply ingrained in our reality, in our creation. Something that is not fucking semitic to the core.

c63950  No.12728080


Those are mostly shills, many of them are not even Christian. Data gathered indicates that this board is a controlled environment where the same subjects are being beaten like a dead horse over and over again with little to no actual advancement, while any activism is highly discouraged. Genuine posters are few and apart. The lack of response to any practical suggestions is a best indicator.

>Something so glorious it would fill your soul with the light of a thousand suns if only you could see it for a second.

Read Serrano

bfb906  No.12728840



This faggot? https://infogalactic.com/info/Miguel_Serrano

2b74e5  No.12728905

File: 35b981de488e796⋯.png (33.68 KB, 1856x200, 232:25, vivaldi_PsluO0s4oF.png)

File: 33cc51da409f118⋯.png (38.63 KB, 1841x207, 1841:207, vivaldi_pqS5EVOvQ6.png)

File: 10314448a500b92⋯.png (37.28 KB, 1855x184, 1855:184, vivaldi_41vi0KqIai.png)

File: c5fdb1a4dfc138f⋯.png (1.22 MB, 662x830, 331:415, vivaldi_9itqfUi0yA.png)

File: be9b9c1de907424⋯.png (591.05 KB, 797x738, 797:738, vivaldi_RQVmVPppxg.png)




2b74e5  No.12728912


sex in the city

36aa5f  No.12728995

File: c6a4a63564c5aab⋯.png (122.13 KB, 331x190, 331:190, university of saturn.png)


>There HAS to be something beyond. Something that has no care for angry semite godlings. Something so glorious it would fill your soul with the light of a thousand suns if only you could see it for a second. Something that is deeply ingrained in our reality, in our creation. Something that is not fucking semitic to the core.

consider the Deep Bogdanology:


rumoured to come from an ancient Sumerian bloodline. two Brothers like two pillars of Our Temple: infernal and supernal united (but not mixed!) in the eschatological fight for what is Right. To put it in plain words for emf cognitive damaged pollacks, Bogdanoffs are the primordial gnosticism repackaged into a nice vitalistic memetic doctrine.

Enroll into the University of Saturn!

>https://youtu.be/J2Kemt_dLCk?t=558 - 'Adventures of Super Mario Bros'

>red vs blue dichotomy is false


>/pol/ should MKULTRA itself to become super-soldiers with psionic abilities

yes, but first one need to detoxify itself from the common tropes and cognitive blocking boomer memes.

a57294  No.12729063

File: 8fb05ce6303d4ac⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 2264x2426, 1132:1213, 20190127_203424.jpg)

I remember them being called the Berenstein bears. Just dug through some boxes in my mother's basement and found this.

d97431  No.12729165

File: 333e33149b649a0⋯.jpg (606.46 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, berenstein.jpg)


> cursed image


a57294  No.12729186


I actually remember having an argument with one of my friends as a child. He pronounced it Berenstain, even though it was spelt Berenstein. There is no way that this is the orginal book that i read as a child. Deep down, I feel that it has been swapped out with another book from another dimension.

5d5e06  No.12729218


I always remember'd it as Berenstein. That was actually the one thing that something fucky was going on in reality. I mean just saying Baron-Stain doesn't roll off the tongue like Baron-Stein does. Unless that's about of the collective fuckery.

000000  No.12729299


>white man and enforce Jewish

<doesn't capitalize the Human race

<does capitalize the kike race

That's two strikes anon.

c63950  No.12729812





Shills are out in full force today. Vacation's over huh?

a57294  No.12730024


How does digging up an old book in my Mom's basement equate to me being a Berenstain shill? I was fully expecting it to be spelled Berenstein. The book has to have been altered, or swapped out, which i stated in my next post. I find this topic to be fascinating, and will continue to bump this thread.

dbbea3  No.12730402



19482f  No.12730409


Nah, it becomes the place for the normies to hang out, be loud, and visit facebook.

Don't worry, the dedicated kids who come in and read everyday probably get their own key.

688f12  No.12730430

File: 207c47d40f6c8e3⋯.webm (6.16 MB, 480x360, 4:3, goat and the beehive.webm)


<Two conflicting names on a single tape

>disappearing honey

Webm related. Some anon showed me this when I was talking esoteric shit along these lines last year. I guess part of the meaning of "the goat" is to say, as long as you can eat/digest anything, dealing with these issues is trivial. Eat the darkness, eat the light, as long as it digests/transmutes it really doesn't matter. Then it becomes the province of the consumer to turn whatever energy source into what the consumer needs to function. Kind of reminds me of that "eat the pain" shit from pedodesta, but I doubt those people could survive pure light. Just saying, I have no problem with either/or.

As for the Berenstein thing, I know that's a change from where I came from. I owned all of those books, and since I read my first novel when I was 4 years old The Dark Crystal, if you were interested, and since I use mnemonic tricks all the time to enhance my retention of information, there's no way I'd have missed the "stain" in Berenstain. The very first time I saw this spelling, I immediately said to myself "stained bears". There's no inkling of a chance that connection wouldn't have been made in the first 10,000 times I saw the word written down.

688f12  No.12730436


Wait a tick m8, I recognize that voice in the first song. That's Duncan Trussell, the comic, doing some shitty psychadelic music. I've met that guy before

19482f  No.12730573


>And still their god won't respond anymore. It's almost like god doesn't care anymore.

Uhh, that's Shiva THE DESTROYER. Don't pretend their god doesn't know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing.

dd1ae7  No.12733208



I personally think that (((they're))) trying to delete it from existence. Conciser what it represents, conciser what they're turning the world into.

>These things are polar opposites

<The Cornucopia is a core aspect of White culture

fb209c  No.12733249


Correct. I'm a function of deletion


>I personally think that (((they're))) trying to delete it from existence.

They failed

f43d2e  No.12733275

File: 04d278baa525e01⋯.jpg (19.42 KB, 388x388, 1:1, 32.jpg)


>eat/digest anything, dealing with these issues is trivial. Eat the darkness, eat the light, as long as it digests/transmutes it really doesn't matter. Then it becomes the province of the consumer to turn whatever energy source into what the consumer needs to function.

unironically deep. an alchemical idea of a universal solvent & that like is cured by like. hm. I have a feeling I've seen another webm from the same author.

505ee3  No.12733720


I scored in the top 98th percentile of a standardized math test for my state in 5th grade. I could've skipped middle school because I passed the high school equivalency test but my parents told me that they wouldn't support me if I did. My 5th grade teacher Mr. McNeil told me I could have stayed with him if I went to high school and I still wonder to this day what could have been. Dude was a based former Green Beret instructor. He had us call him sir and didn't want us saying "uh" in any of our sentences. I got into seltzer water chugging contests with him. He was my most favorite teacher of all time.

But yeah back to MGM. Scored pretty high on IQ tests. When I asked about my scores, I was told standard IQ tests couldn't measure certain individuals correctly and had to be given individualized IQ tests. But at that point I had caught on to the game and decided to be "dumb". Stopped giving a shit with my grades until my last year of high school.

That's when I found out my math book had done a problem incorrectly. Doing the problem the way I was taught in class, I got a different answer than the one they gave in the book. I showed it to the teacher who then had me show it to the class on the whiteboard. The "smartest" kid in class came up to me after and asked what I was doing in that class and why I wasn't in the advanced class. I asked him the same question and wandered off

e23832  No.12733757


oh man, the HQ isnt all that impressive but I have been inside several of their temples. when I was 12 i went to do "baptisms for the dead" and it is exactly what the name implies. inside the baptismal font it is supported by 12 huge golden bulls, yes that kind of bull. it is molochian worship at its finest.

i dropped out when i turned 18. never did the celestial type rituals, they're all online if one is interested though. also jumping joe smith was a confirmed admitted mason, and there are masonic images all throughout the temples.

no thanks I will fucking pass. also yes, we should MKULTRA ourselves somehow. i like the super soldier idea.

e23832  No.12733760


forgot, the HQ building in downtown slc is 47 stories tall. no building in salt lake can be higher than 47 stories. the mormons are just waving their dicks in the air

505ee3  No.12733789

File: 452596b06ca84fa⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 452.jpg)

wew lads what have I spawned. Started off as a t@vistock thread, then we went all over the place.

Should I do a G.A.T.E thread just for shits and giggles?

75902f  No.12733849

File: 9f051cb413eb18c⋯.png (254.69 KB, 832x177, 832:177, c8220f86990b3c40ee66dd024a….png)


Theres also a tv guide from the 70s showing it as well.

75902f  No.12733850


Forgot to say, this is more about kikes playing the name game than an actual paranormal timeline shift or something

505ee3  No.12734363

I mention that I became a ward of the state when (((they))) found out how smart I was and my horrible living conditions. I tried moving away from my family and my politically connected grandma hired a private detective to track me down in my new school/life.

I say politically connected because she had Joe Lieberman over once at house.

She's a raging Democrat and got invited to annual ball at the White House once. She's one of those.

The plot thickens even more when the state had even gone so far as to change my name/DOB but I was still tracked down. The detective showed at my school and came up to me when I was with my new friends and said "Your family is worried about you, you need to come with me," I got scared and told the security guard there was a bad man trying to kidnap me but when the state found out, they went nuts. Wanted to send me to Minnesota.

Anyways, that's my experience

505ee3  No.12734368


*her house

39f783  No.12734775

File: 22a6f8000d463ec⋯.jpg (115.81 KB, 716x884, 179:221, pills_that_make_you_stare_….jpg)


>human eye can only see 30 fps

Congratulations, you wrote the dumbest thing I've read here in a week, And that's really saying something. 30 FPS is a fucking slideshow to anyone with a functioning visual cortex.

0d6863  No.12734791


But Minnesota is really cold.

cd6cdb  No.12735197


Since this thread is about whatever, I will just give Odinia a mention. There is plenty beyond–the issue is that we need to fix our situation on Earth to ever see it.

176507  No.12735365

Does someone here can switch between realities ?

Actually, it happened one time, I was truly thinking about switching in the reality where human beings are so advance and respectful of each other, and a weird feeling came to me for a few microseconds, then I just saw a levitating car and came back to this shit.

Since then, I couldn't get back this feeling.

I've been on /fringe/ and found some interesting personal experiments but couldn't find any real research papers on the subject.

4de3b7  No.12735504


I think I switched when I was about 14, I died in one reality and went down the white tunnel after ridding myself of my ego. (I was in the hospital for a concussion, my mum said she thought I was going to die) In the new reality two of my friends told me I'd changed and said they didn't want to be friends any more. Almost all of the UK based Mandela effects resonate with me.

More recently I've had out of body experiences and saw a multiverse, but chose to return to where I blasted off from.

e4f3c4  No.12735515


I decided if my fucked up family could find me in a different city, they could find me in a different state. So against the wishes of my loving foster parents, I went back to my family. Which I've regretted ever since.

I'm still a ward of the state for another 6 months and I think my minders would be really upset to learn how my family has treated since then and how my life turned out.

I'm moving back to that state when I'm able to and cutting my supposed family out of my life. They've done nothing but browbeat me and emotionally/verbally abuse me. Except for my sister. She's cool

ecfb9c  No.12735720


when i was young, looking for books to read, i used to sit in the basement and stare at the title of the berenstein bears and i was very confused by the spelling. i before e except after c, but it's a t?

GATE anon with pronounced occipital bun and jew ex girlfriend reporting in

c63950  No.12735851


Have you been to some areas where it's forbidden to record and take pictures? Can you describe the interior, objects, symbols? Did you 'sense' anything different there?

What's the official story about the bulls? What was your overall experience with them like? Most people don't take Mormons very seriously, but for us who know some things … they are a very interesting bunch. They might be possessing certain objects of interest. Getting some information to 'focus my radar' would be far more efficient than going through all the trouble to physically go there.

>we should MKULTRA ourselves somehow

Check these posts >>12725344 >>12725393 and find books written by some of those people, they don't contain much sensitive (or useful) information and give a lot of false leads, but if you go through tons of mental garbage, you can parse some information correctly to get a good idea about the subject. Basically, both our minds and our bodies are much more potent than we think, but inhibitions usually get released under extreme trauma, life-threatening scenarios, advanced mental practices and effects of certain psychoactive substances. With proper programming, you can train yourself to become a killing machine for a short period, to become much more intelligent than normally, or to develop psionic abilities (only people who have a gift for that). The scope of experiment encompassed all of that. They wanted to figure out how to mind-control people (on both individual and mass level), create perfect agents and soldiers, and ultimately, create soliders for the next generation warfare (that involves a lot of 'heightened mental abilities') . Since they were a bunch of kike degenerates or their puppets, they also used it for their traditional practices. Speaking of links, it's very interesting to see Oswald Mosley there. The eternal Anglo never sleeps, even when he is pretending to be a fascist.


Wow, a sensible post.


They didn't want to feed and clothe you properly, but they hired a private detective to track you over different states and drag you back? Something doesn't add up.

c63950  No.12735963


I really don't want to encourage this line of thinking, but since you faggots insist, I'll share one personal experience.

One day when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I was walking around an old fortress with my mother. Everything felt blissful, wholesome, sunny, kids were playing outside, everyone was happy and full of life. Then we stopped in front of an old tunnel. I sensed something wrong going on, very wrong. I looked at my mother, and for a moment, she felt like a completely different person. Come with me, she said, holding my hand and pulling me into the tunnel. Why are we going there mother? It's a shortcut to the other side, she said with an uneasy voice, as if afraid that I will run away. We went on and on, which I found strange as it was supposed to be a rather short tunnel. Once we crossed the center, it seemed like something has changed on a very fundamental level. I was overwhelmed by it and started crying. The strange person who looked like my mother disappeared and she returned to her 'normal' self, but something about her was … lacking. Permanently. When we came out on the other side, everything was gray, lifeless, people were cold, full of negativity and soulless, hollow. I felt huge dread. Part of me knew what happened. This was no longer the world that I got born in. The next time we visited that place, I intentionally asked her to go to the same location where that tunnel was, hoping to go back, but when we arrived, the tunnel was no longer there. I asked my mother about it, and she was clueless, not remembering that we went through there a while ago.

>Since then, I couldn't get back this feeling.

Same. And I've been seeking it for my whole life.

e4b757  No.12736236


>GATE anon with pronounced occipital bun and jew ex girlfriend reporting in

about face , salute

the world is a fuck

i before e is a lie … its all a lie


0f86f1  No.12736292


>make (((positive))) differences goyim

Like self destructing the white race in the name of diversity. Haha don’t think so schlomo

c63950  No.12736358


I find it rather ironic that people who have brought the world to the brink of complete ruin with their greed and treachery, now want us to make it a better place, for them. We, whose lives and destinies got stolen from us, should help those who have been trying to enslave and destroy us for centuries? Are these niggers serious? We should burn this world to the fucking ground before ceding a single inch to them.

0f86f1  No.12736439


>double negative or a double contradiction

Also known as a false dichotomy. Learn to understand dichotomy and you can figure out the Mandela affect

c63950  No.12739578


History is not being rewritten, your memories are.

Make dealings with it.

ecfb9c  No.12739673


>psychic shouts

tell me more please, how do you do it? just think about someone, mentally shouting at them?

i'm 151 iq, and have had instances where i have (very minor) precognitive dreams or other, related dreams where i dream about what this particular girl i have a thing for is doing—it's usually her being with another guy or somehow upset with herself (and usually me) and by her own admission, it happens when she gets involved with a new guy

i've also had instances where i sense what someone else is sensing—like smelling what they smell, but i'm nowhere near them. it's usually with people i love deeply.

i can also read someone's emotions very well—for most of my life i've always assumed it was just a logical deduction from subtle clues, but it's come to a point where i can fairly accurately understand someone very soon after meeting them.

da4b8a  No.12739899


>tested as abnormally high IQ at very young age

>drown as a toddler in a murky green swimming pool, several other near-death experiences, but maybe I actually died in that one?

>around age 9 was sent to after-school classes (that I cannot remember) in an office building. No other kids that I remember

this also happpend to me what the fuck ?


INTP/J here

c1c085  No.12739969


>tell me more please, how do you do it? just think about someone, mentally shouting at them?

Exactly that. Picture the person, there's an emotional aspect to this as well. It's kind of a pressure with tingling sensations. You just KNOW it's happening, kind of like an approaching orgasm maybe. Then you mentally project a "shout" like HEY!, and there's a feeling of swelling, like some air was pumped into a balloon. I've been doing this stuff for 20 years now, it's been tested and tested so many times it's just science fact for me, I do it with a few of my friends. I actually have to be careful even thinking about doing it because I don't want my buddies calling me up asking whats up. We'll sometimes just drive to each others' houses over it. It's not something I think much about anymore, I mostly do it when I'm not sure if my friend is busy so he'll call me at his convenience. Also I've found that spending a lot of time with someone aids the process, like your mental clocks sync up.

c1c085  No.12739996


<Since then, I couldn't get back this feeling.

>Same. And I've been seeking it for my whole life.

I've also been chasing a particular emotion. I've spent a lot of time trying to project it onto this world, onto its people, but no dice thus far. CultState mentioned something along these lines.


>Does someone here can switch between realities ?

Seems like a few of us here can do it. I reconcile this apparent weirdness by applying 5-d physics and a monad-based consciousness system. Nothing is actually CHANGING, as the universe is a static 5-d hyperobject. The only thing that's changing is your perspective, or your place within the object. It just takes a new form of motility to move in those directions. Of course, although nothing changes per se, the difference can be as dramatic as moving from the North Pole to the Equator from the personal perspective.

c1c085  No.12740040

File: 6f4d5e46e3bba06⋯.jpg (947.84 KB, 2592x1728, 3:2, 1455334724349-0.jpg)


>I have a feeling I've seen another webm from the same author

Could be. Supposedly the parable came from a dying NASA scientist who said he saw it in a vision on his deathbed.


>/pol/ should MKULTRA itself to become super-soldiers with psionic abilities, but without the (((programming)))

I'm giving it my best. Thing about these types of mutations is that once the "100th monkey" point is passed, everyone with the latent ability should spontaneously start doing the same things. Couple that with the "monkey see monkey do" aspect of humans, and it's even faster.

I fly a lot in my dreams, so much so that I spend a lot of time practicing specific techniques or pushing myself in speed trials. It always feels real, to the extent that if I started flying in "real life" it wouldn't surprise me, even a little bit. I've long thought that if I DID actually fly, and word got out, that within a week people all over the world would start doing it. 3 months later everyone who could would be doing it, and 3 months after that nobody would even care anymore. People here have some interesting qualities, to be sure.

23d505  No.12740321


people always cough, clear throat, other body sounds around me, it happens every single day for a decade now.

i have ibs-c so the only thing i can think of is that i must smell like shit and this is their reaction to me, sometimes it happens several times a day. I dont even eat until late at night.

whenever they cough, my brain goes instantly to this and my fight/flight gets heightened, i never run, but standing pat and dwelling on this has really like killed me internally, i only go out when i need to or for work..

how the fuck do i fix this, beside suicide ofc.

a94e74  No.12740452


try fucking harder you conspiculously glowing nigger. Anons are stating how blatant your fucken derailment and aversion tactics are and you immediately give examples of them. Shut the fuck up cunt its embarrassing

1aa5e9  No.12741804


i switched in 2012 and had a switch in 2017

maybe they were more switches but didnt really recognized it as one

176507  No.12742278

Does someone experiments on developing intelligence through frequencies ?

Right now I'm building an EEG helmet with ultrasonics sensors and Arduino, to see my brain activity when I experiment with frequencies, quite some work to do with the code…

I listen to pure tone frequencies to try and find some who make me feel a punch of electrical signal in my brain.

Unfortunately, can find the good one for now, I'm not gonna list all the frequencies that I work with and the combination that I made because first, I do think that it depends from the individual, second the one that I tried make me lazy, bored, tired or hungry so it's useless for now.

Anyway, I truly believe that it's possible to develop a better cerebral activity through some specific frequencies as it's possible to destroy a brain with some type of others frequencies.

c63950  No.12752409


I often thought about some people I haven't seen in a while only to see them the same day. Or thought about a friend and got them to message me the next second. The idea about "mental shouts" seems a bit silly, but whatever works for you.


It's much more than just an emotion, an entirely different vision, different state of existence.

>Nothing is actually CHANGING

Exactly. You are a Monad-wave moving (vibrating) through a static hyper-medium (a sea where all probabilities exist simultaneously limited by countless constrictive waves and collapsing quantum states giving an impression of a stable but changing world). But the only thing that's changing is you (and the other Monad-waves that you interact with, creating a shared reality). Not even your position, since everything is pretty much a single point with no distances anyway (time and space are just mathematical projections). The Cube represents a controlled (artificially sealed/constrained) environment where Monad-waves are captured in a world of illusion and suffering, ruled over by the evil Demiurge (Kronos), the same god that kikes, Christians, Freemasons etc worship. True art of Creation is not creating things ex-nihilo (not possible), it's building order (artifice) and a contained reality out of "chaos" (quantum superimposition).

One of (((their))) goals is to control or eliminate people with the ability to do this, so they don't interfere with the creation of their satanic god and free the enslaved souls.

High ranking NS officials wanted to create a shared reality of unique souls, the golden age. To go back in time and undo the "progress" of artificial souls and their creator. Through synchronicity, they would transform this world. But that would be a literal shoah since kikes have no real souls and would never survive such reality, they would "burn" just like a paper ball would burn while touching the sun. So they had to shut it down.


You are assuming that everyone else is like you, while there is a huge gap between people, even larger than the one between an amoeba and a mammal. Only the few can create the right resonance, and then it would transfer though various lower layers, synchronizing them as well.


You can extend your intelligence into a super-intelligence making you smarter than everyone else, despite your biological limitations.

34d183  No.12754764

File: 50b196c87742b22⋯.jpg (41.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 50b196c87742b22e2f1b85d189….jpg)


>True art of Creation is not creating things ex-nihilo (not possible), it's building order (artifice) and a contained reality out of "chaos" (quantum superimposition)

Ho man, you're smart! No homo I'm being serious. Loved this post. So yeah, I guess the trick is building towers in chaos. That's how I envision it. Stable structures that build on top of themselves. So to be 100% honest that's why I thought it would be smart to come all the way back to the beginning of the construction and do a little editing. the first iterations set the stage for all the further accretions.

>You are assuming that everyone else is like you

You've correctly pointed out my main weakness. I'll work on it to the best of my ability


You've played around with binural beats and pink-wave frequencies, yes? Or whatever-wave, you get the point. I had immediate success with that, so I abandoned it in search of impossible things

34d183  No.12754785

File: 266949123e6f93c⋯.jpg (34.79 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 266949123e6f93c9903d43cabd….jpg)


>High ranking NS officials wanted to create a shared reality of unique souls, the golden age. To go back in time and undo the "progress" of artificial souls and their creator. Through synchronicity, they would transform this world. But that would be a literal shoah since kikes have no real souls and would never survive such reality, they would "burn" just like a paper ball would burn while touching the sun.

I swear that I will carry the burden of this action.

5a4098  No.12754820


The current powers-that-be already have it covered.

c63950  No.12756051


DNA is one such 'tower' . Memes are another. That's why they've been trying to poison both our genes (racemixing) and our minds (cultural Marxism and similar beliefs). Our ancestors had a primitive, but highly efficient blueprint for making stable towers that could reach to heaven. This is where the "tower of Babylon" myth stems from, but got purposefully misinterpreted by our enemies, just like everything else. This is also the basis of the "one eyed pyramid" where you are supposed to bridge the gap between God and the world. True God, not the kike sand-demon and his slaves.

But those are not the only 'towers' , there is also a third one that extends into the immaterial at the certain angle, around which the two 'snakes' are intertwining. The metaphysical center. This one cannot be corrupted or destroyed. Our race is very distant from it's original emanating point, from it's metaphysical center of gravity right now. That's why it's decaying in every way imaginable and slowly dying out. By following the path of the counter-clockwise swastika, you can reach that center and 'go back in time' . To a specific state. The vision of this state is what some of us remember. The vision that they want to take away.

>You've correctly pointed out my main weakness.

I made the same mistake all too often in the past, but at one point I realized that people might look like me, but mentally, they could as well be different species. This was also the basis of the golden age, you could be honest and just to people not because of outside imposed morals (religious dogmas or threat of law), but because you could count on being treated the same in return. The soul contract, under free will. And for that to be possible, people needed to resonate on the same frequency, no matter how individualistic or unique they were. This realm goes way beyond this world. Neither by land nor sea … It's also a basis of pantheon, a community of gods (with each having his own unique character) in contrast with the god of monotheism as the ultimate master, with everyone else being a slave.

091f9a  No.12756108


Answer this OP. If you don't, whole thread is trash and you're a liar with no credibility.

c63950  No.12756150


>OP lied about something

>Everything else written by many other people unrelated to OP is a lie too

Nice try Chaim

000000  No.12756234


filthy torfag here, something that just clicked for me after reading your post



the great red spot on jupiter is the wound from the spear

e23832  No.12756266


Well, I still live in my hometown as an adult. I never got to get any juicy footage inside of the temples or anything, just the experiences i can remember.

THe bulls represent the 12 ( (( tribes) )) of pissrael and they make no qualms about claiming that. The bulls are huge and lifelike. they support the baptism fountain where baptisms for the dead take place. that seems like spirit washing to me on a fundamental level. also joe smith and his dad and brother were all masons. there is masonic iconography all over the temples on the inside and out.

26d25a  No.12756446


>>tested as abnormally high IQ at very young age


>>drown as a toddler in a murky green swimming pool, several other near-death experiences, but maybe I actually died in that one?


>>around age 9 was sent to after-school classes (that I cannot remember) in an office building. No other kids that I remember


>this also happpend to me what the fuck ?

Same shit happened to me as well. Almost drowned as a kid when another kid tried to hold me under the water in a lake while I was wearing a life jacket. Have had numerous other NDEs as well. Same exact story.

091f9a  No.12756592


>OP demonstrably fails in one of the first predictions he ever posted

>Refuses to acknowledge that, posts several threads of vague breadcrumb predictions

I didn't actually mean the whole thread, I meant his whole thread/his points. Having just checked, I see he hasn't posted ITT for a long time.

091f9a  No.12756614


>Almost drowned as a kid when another kid tried to hold me under the water in a lake while I was wearing a life jacket

Almost exactly the same thing happened to me. When I was… 7 maybe, I was held underwater by an older blind kid at a swimming pool and thought I was going to drown. He was blind so he was wearing a life jacket.

Another time, similar age I was at a swimming party and got trapped under a float which had a few kids sitting on top of it. Thought I was drowning in both cases. Wtf is this correlation between near drowning experiences and being here? I was also on British version of GATE.

bfb906  No.12757626

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How The T.avistock Institute Helped the ADL make the Jews "Victims"

This 4 page breakdown shows how the "anti-Semitism" trope was created and propagated by Jews.

*Leon Dinnerstein, the racist propogandist for the anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, reveals that the ADL published various instructions to parents, that they should make sure that their children were aware that a hostile world intended to persecute them.

*The pyschologist who drafted these instructions was Kurt Lewin, a member of the Tavistock Institute. He fled Nazi Germany and arrived in the US in th 1930's.

*In 1944, Rabbi Steven Wise gave more than $1 Million Dollars to the creation of the Group Dynamics division at MIT, headed by Lewin and his team of T.avistock-linked brainwashers, to develop a

Jewish Psychological Warfare Division

*Kurt Lewin is known as the father of social psychology. (also spelled Levin)

Sauce: https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1996/eirv23n18-19960426/eirv23n18-19960426_038-how_tavistock_helped_the_adl_mak.pdf

c63950  No.12758384


The point of this thread is to separate truth and genuine connections from self-delusion, shitposting, disinformation and shilling.


Top kikes need to continuously fuel the persecution complex in order to keep their tribe in check. Otherwise they might start thinking independently and come to certain realizations. Nice find, this is the true face of the enemy.

bfb906  No.12758453


>Top kikes need to continuously fuel the persecution complex in order to keep their tribe in check. Otherwise they might start thinking independently and come to certain realizations. Nice find, this is the true face of the enemy.

Ironic (but perfectly logical) that the people who've been kiked the hardest are the kikes. Their entire tribal mythology is one of unending self-deception and absolutely stupefying bullshit.

This is even more evident by the decent ones who wake up to it, because they become like Brother Nathaniel. That guy went to a hilarious extreme to un-kike himself.

c63950  No.12758618


They become slaves to certain behavior patterns and practically lose any individuality. They were persecuting the ones able to wake up from it the hardest.

deb290  No.12758727

Thank you for making this thread.

bfb906  No.12759059

File: f05165100eb5dba⋯.jpg (808.22 KB, 2109x1362, 703:454, GOOD JEWS DON'T LIVE VERY ….jpg)


Yep. If you have snaps of any others, please post 'em

ce215f  No.12759101

File: 231effe07e17183⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 887x887, 1:1, 55421350411e458.jpg)

some are neons

Not all who glow in the dark are niggas - -

20d404  No.12759135

File: a03bfcaf9d677b1⋯.png (779.75 KB, 980x611, 980:611, 1516610841.PNG)


I've long thought that audio frequencies can directly impact the physiological integrity of a brain, and often wondered how these frequencies could be weaponized through mass media and social media programs like youtube music videos. Imagine those thoughtless Nicki Minaj videos acting as a conduit to program millions of people's brains to react to certain stimuli and how it could be used to manipulate people

but then again this could be pol making me schizophrenic.

On an unrelated note I wonder what people's experiences with Carl Jung and his Red Book are? I think Carl Jung was one of the pioneers of spiritual discovery and one of the first to try and probe the true depths of the human consciousness

5a4031  No.12759659


I can do this too sometimes. My mom is an identical twin, so I grew up with stories of precognition and psychic dog whistles. Why are we not screaming at kikes, driving them to suicide right nao? Pic a test subject, someone who will kvetch on Twitter so we can verify results. I realize the “closer” we are to the subject the higher the success rate will be. It may prove difficult being from different hive minds, but Bibi’s son is young, weak minded, and has been infected by our memes already.


>but then again this could be pol making me schizophrenic.


It’s not lurk moar kid. Weaponized freqs are simply em weapons toned way the fuck down, it’s all the same spectrum. You can jam remote bombs, cause a chimp out or lull a crowd; kikes and ZOG have been experimenting with it for almost 100 years now.


>not GATE

>Captain of Young Astronauts in grades 3-6 nearer Boeing HQ

>quit after first year for reasons I cannot recall but was begged back by peers

>multiple TBI’s

>multiple NDE’s; no drowning that I recall, but recurring nightmares of suffocating in various mediums, most commonly the plush of a rapidly growing pink bunny

>I rarely dream and have difficulty remembering the few I have

>one vague memory or vivid dream of falling out a moving truck around age 7-8 but no physical trauma.

>one vague memory or vivid dream of being in a creepy classroom around 7-8 and being asked if I preferred red or blue. I was the only one who chose red.

<I swear on my daughter this one is not a larp

>I only have scattered memories from this timeframe which was around Desert Storm

>crazy jewesses have always pined after me, only one per life phase though

>I joined the Marines, learned to manipulate radio freqs, had a few NDE’s, started bending time and jumping timelines.

>my wife was in GATE, she has synchronistically coalesced with other GATEfags who hate kikes elsewhere on the internet

>Dad was in marketing for several companies which had Mandela effects, but he’s a boomer NPC and remembers nothing

It was definitely ‘stein’ because when I was a blue pill, I drew a mock cover for ‘The Bearenstein Bears Go To Auschwitz’ and have it to my wife. I had all the books as a kid and never would’ve thought of the joke if it was stain. Sadly she lost the drawing. IMO most of the ‘effects’ were kikes trying to see how much they could change history without actually altering reality. Most of the logos are from corporate ZOG billderburg companies do it wouldn’t be difficult.

c63950  No.12759790


Bobby Fischer comes to mind. You should also check out Otto Rahn, he was even a member of the NSDAP, but gets rarely mentioned (probably because his story doesn't fit the official narrative of le evil nazi boogieman to scare the others into submission). Overcoming your genetic and social programming is very difficult, but those who manage to do it become a greatest threat to them. That's why they are subject to character or physical assassination, and their works get memory holed.


Goebbels warned about kikes using TV as a kind of "black magic" instrument, they were experimenting with that for a long time. I don't watch TV or consume popular garbage, but being exposed to reality shows for example, made me sense something extremely violent, vulgar and negatively charged about them, and people in my household watching that always got very aggressive and hysterical after being exposed to it. The whole vulgar popular culture has a demonic undercurrent to it. Especially music, it makes me feel very annoyed and repulsed, as if I'm listening to the sounds of inferno itself. And I say that as someone who sometimes listens to black and death metal.


I was actually able to hurt people that way, if not outright kill them. Maybe we should cause some ZOG politician to have an … unfortunate event. Or drive them crazy enough to become a liability for their handlers.

>IMO most of the ‘effects’ were kikes trying to see how much they could change history without actually altering reality.

Finally someone reasonable

c63950  No.12768207


/pol/ should form new Gestapo. They surely had methods for dealing with kikery in all areas of life.

534df1  No.12772868

Ok fags, this is the first stock thread that stays up, is not heavily shilled to hell and was not deleted and I was able to post. Can someone help me out and share a few videos on the subject. There is so much noise on JewTube. Asking for videos because my current reading list for this year is already at 70-something…

810655  No.12773967


I had issues with my 4th grade teacher as well. I got perfect marks throughout the entirety of my schooling beforehand (including 4th grade), and my teacher had the audacity to tell my parents things such as "I don't like to think", or other vague yet demeaning remarks. It felt remarkably similar to bullying that I did nothing to deserve. This was also about the same time I started attending GATE classes, back in 2001-2003.

af987e  No.12774251


The calculator thing is less about making you an idiot or whatever shady shit the GATEniggers were up to and more because the maths becomes less about learning and familiarizing yourself with basic arrithmatic (which is why you got in trouble for using a calculator in primrary school; you needed to intuitively understand + and - and whatnot) and more about different ways to use basic arrithmatic. This means that a) they no longer give a fuck how quickly you can solve 420X69 in your head and b) the class will complete the work faster and therefore learn more by using calculators.

18d9c3  No.12776896


I'm quoting this post again as a reference to recent pro-drug shilling threads.

9e7db4  No.12777442


>hitler was a rothchild

>belueve us

To bad for you there are debunks which you already shut down.


>eothchilds are not jews.

This is desperation now.

Look at how many years you had spent your time on this place

And look how no one changed their mind.

Now you stopped trying… Good lord, if you want to be useful i. Shilling trying to stop things that /pol/ is currently doing either that be trends or something else entirely.

Getting mad at a bunch of autists for loving hitler is obviously not getting you anywhere.

019ba8  No.12777455

File: b0c9246f4806c2c⋯.jpg (3.26 MB, 1122x4320, 187:720, leftypol fails.jpg)



No he isn't and this had been discussed and debunked multiple of times.

>rotchilds are scottish.


What the fuck is this shilling?

ba1953  No.12777582

File: 2f8549339084a10⋯.gif (593.97 KB, 450x343, 450:343, 32be1f5b357327ee0961ffffe3….gif)


>I had issues with my 4th grade teacher as well

Interesting, I also had trouble with my 4th grade teacher. I wonder if it's because as a boy you start acting more mature and less like a toddler? The cunt was an obvious man-hating dyke, looking back on it.

>I can do this too sometimes. My mom is an identical twin, so I grew up with stories of precognition and psychic dog whistles. Why are we not screaming at kikes, driving them to suicide right nao?

Not the worst idea ever. I'm kind of tied up rewiring the world political structure though, and I've been using my energy on much bigger things than being annoying to some individual kike. For anyone who wanted to try it, it's not a bad experiment though.


>Wtf is this correlation between near drowning experiences and being here? I was also on British version of GATE.

We haven't figured it out yet, but it's a bit startling. It's possible we're in an afterlife holding cell for drowned kids, which, if true, should mean we can rewrite the entire thing like a lucid dream. Let's try that, right? See if it works out.

fcde66  No.12777600

File: 0dc3da74b4e992d⋯.gif (2.18 MB, 280x358, 140:179, 0dc3da74b4e992d2e6aaa37205….gif)

fcde66  No.12777607

File: 62b229b6116c901⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1833x1033, 1833:1033, 62b229b6116c90119324c8d7e7….png)

ba1953  No.12777618

File: 5dfc185de82a78b⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 819x600, 273:200,