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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

704b6e  No.12697484

1:12 into the video. The old Indian man and his group approached the students first already banging his drum to harass them, not the other way around as the mainstream media insists.

The students are clearly minding their own business, waiting for their bus in front of the memorial as they were told to do by their teacher. How can the mainstream media defend this?

c14dfb  No.12697523

>How can people that are paid to lie for a living, lie?

It truly is a mystery…

f997db  No.12697539


Lol crazy niggers shouting at a injun was more entertaining and race baiting then the bullshit they are pushing with the dumb old injun.

704b6e  No.12697546


1:15 the Black Israelites start throwing verbal harassment at the kids too telling them they are future school shooters and "it's in your eyes". "Go shoot up a school".

b8a2a6  No.12697555

File: 77f5e964d0b3211⋯.jpg (93.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

000000  No.12697598


>How can the mainstream media defend this?

What are jews?

36a76b  No.12697603

>mainstream media


b01402  No.12697608

>How can the mainstream media defend this?

with lies.

5c78e8  No.12697609

This is good. The media is already admitting that an entire generation of young white males has become radicalized. They don’t seem to understand that they’re the ones doing it. Ironically they are helping us. Dumb brown people and kikes.

e9b548  No.12697614

File: 9c6b5639043516c⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 1087x1080, 1087:1080, 1523980727116.jpg)




245815  No.12697620

well contact your favourite media person and explain to them that doxxing works both ways

complements of abraxis


ce2582  No.12697624

I mean we already slaughtered 99% of their "people", so what's the problem with a few more redskins getting scalped to finish what they started?

4fca74  No.12697632


imagine how great the world would be if we were as ruthless as they claimed

b8a2a6  No.12697633


These nigger mormons are awkward on camera, more than basketball or rapper niggers even. Holy shit, its no wonder they need Jews to work the PR.

deead8  No.12697638

Kid should have started clapping and yelling in that old punk's face. Old man was rude, no respect for his "sacred drum", banging it inches from somebody's face, just a rude, entitled old shit with bad teeth.

b8a2a6  No.12697663

File: f9a7b515b2ec0cc⋯.jpg (87.87 KB, 728x546, 4:3, Marshall.jpg)


Boomers gobble this indian shit up. They lived through the Chief Iron Eyes propaganda, so they've got this association with wholesomeness and tribal identity with them that just isn't there. The reality is these guys are all alcoholics and money launderers for jews, they've been friends of the mafia for decades. With all that corruption and all that money moving through their hands, they're still poor as shit and living on gibs.

c14dfb  No.12697673


>"White people, go do something!"

>White people go do something

>"Stop doing something white people!"

There's no winning with minorities, fuck every ancestor who cow towed to them

7a0e3d  No.12698021


Now that is clear they did nothing wrong, /pol/ will ramp up their efforts to dox the kids and ruin thier lives, because some of them wore hats.

fb6406  No.12698032


/pol/ is now 50 percent FBI, ADL, and antifa, so you are likely correct.

e0968f  No.12698044


honestly, they could just completely ignore it like they always do, causing the most liberals, including virtually all of the boomers, to not know that it exists

ff7e14  No.12698049


literally nobody is doing this

0f014f  No.12698060

Covington Catholic High School

1600 Dixie Highway

Covington, Kentucky 41011-2797

(859) 491-2247

Website: http://www.covcath.org/

Principal: Mr. Bob Rowe

Email: browe@covcath.org

7a0e3d  No.12698072


The kids did nothing wrong. Now you are trying to handwave anon actions. It is disgusting.

068e4d  No.12698077

2 hours of that shit? Anon, you couldn't edit that shit down to what is FUCKING RELEVANT? Who the fuck do you think we are to spend 2 hours watching a nigger 'preach'?

ff7e14  No.12698082


nigger there is no one doxing the kid here, where is the kids dox that you say hes being doxed here?

link to the post.

63e8f2  No.12698093

If MAGA hats trigger; then trigger harder. Purchase a dozen or so hats and leave them conspicuously in areas heavily charged with fee-fees and emotions. We can get this civil war going sooner.

d28fc4  No.12698098


Can someone please post the link to the video. I can't watch the embed for some reason.

9a462f  No.12698135


How To Get A Jewish Hijacked Thread Back on Track:

Step 1: Archive the video as it will get (((taken down)$$

Step 2: Send the archived video link to Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, ((Breitbart)), ((The Daily Wire)), it any other Jewish “right-wing” news organizations you think might publish this

Step 3: Nake sure to spread the news that Chief Runs-On-Whiskey is a piece of shit who started the fucking mess

Step 4: a bunch of Jews are going to attack me for saying to send this to Jewish organizations. If you know of any 100% white, Nationalist new organizations, send it there instead

Step 5: Hope this gets talked about by Tucker, the most popular talking head in colour commentary.

614369  No.12698143



c774c4  No.12698176


Your average chug is poor as shit, because all money goes through the hands of the elders and the chief. They take all the money and keep it for themselves. Then they come out on camera and cry about how destitute his people are, pry whites for sympathy and more money while they drive off in imported sports cars while another dumb redskin cunt prostitutes herself to death while a faggot huffs gas till he does brain dead. Those are then blamed on white people too.

0fc407  No.12698359

Manufactured outrage anons

140174  No.12698371

>another jew making a slide to shift the narrative and create a distraction

ef0953  No.12698377


Chieftain here got locked up for knocking up a bunch of his tribrlets as 14 year olds.

b32c0f  No.12698388

File: b0bd44cfe75ff1d⋯.gif (5.31 KB, 500x502, 250:251, redhopi.gif)


Most tribes were absolute shit, just rapists and raiders. A handful were descendants of the allies and workforce of ancient aryans, like the Hopi. Those tribes made contact with the USA government and demanded to join the USA, so that the cavalry would kill the fucking (((navajo)))

Pic related, Hopi swastika, kept as a memory of their ancestor's relations with ours.

6fceab  No.12698389


>The old Indian man and his group approached the students first already banging his drum to harass them, not the other way around as the mainstream media insists.

I dont get why faggots even read the news 99% of it is falsfied and when it isnt it just advertisement.

They did the same shit with the "based protect flamethrower genius nigger" who aussaulted protesters just walking by.

d7a5c8  No.12698415

File: 8e67174f1ff4e26⋯.jpg (341.06 KB, 1600x1250, 32:25, Naming_the_Media_Jews.jpg)

>How can the mainstream media defend this?

Thinking facts and logic are involved in any of this shit is fundamentally a liberal mindset. Dehumanise it, and get with the program.

The mainstream media (kek, more like lamestream, amirite?) doesn't have to defend anything at all. It is not in the business of winning debates in a neutral forum. Every millionaire you see on "the news" is a kike propagandist who spreads kike propaganda on kike platforms for kike purposes. No appeal is ever made to logos, but to ethos and pathos. The herd that still watches the tranquilizing sound and light show absorbs all the input passively, becomes calm or agitated, as the needs of the kike dictate, and will take action with the self-assurance and stupidity of an aurochs when prompted to lynch a designated hate target.

It works like this: Start with an emotionally gratifying overarching narrative. In this case, it's that white people are holding down all the losers in America. The reason this is gratifying is that losers never take responsibility for their failures, and blaming the visible group that's at least trying to get ahead means niggers and spics never have to look in the mirror. It's also gratifying to women to channel their inferiority complexes into man bashing, specifically bashing of white men.

Cucked whites also find this gratifying, since beating up on their own simultaneously scratches their masochistic itch, makes them look like heroes, wins approving glances from niggers (thereby extending street cred to the ofay liberal vagina with his fist out), and conforms to the friction-free social consensus the kikes have manufactured through control of media.

Once your narrative is set and the masses have found spiritual solace in it, they'll believe literally everything you say that reinforces the gratifying narrative. Just feed a stream of narrative to keep the embers alive, and let your audience's confirmation bias do the hard work for you. Got footage of a smug-looking kid in a MAGA hat smirking at a timber-nigger? Run with it. It will come across to the cultists as white aggression and privilege. Got footage of hulking niggers beating the ever-loving shit out of a white mother? Either suppress it, or run the footage and let your pre-primed audience interpret it as a white aggressor getting what she deserves or, at worst, just one of those things, and certainly not part of a pattern of racial abuse whites have to suffer from diversity.

Above all else, never – ever – let yourself be stopped by facts, evidence and reason. You think witch burners were deterred by the fact that there's no such thing as witches? When there was money to be made by torturing women to death? Fuck no! Get to work piling up the faggots, faggot, and we'll consign the innocent perforce to the flames!

There's no talking people out of their religion. Run from it, surrender to it, or kill it with completely non-metaphorical or esoteric fire, but there's no fourth option for answering the call of the religiously fanatical mob.

4d0d2f  No.12698426

File: 7b0262c7249b983⋯.jpg (333.48 KB, 1080x1022, 540:511, I laugh to stop myself fro….jpg)

Good find, but Facebook/Google/Twitter/CNN will memory hole this as the damage has already been done. We can pat ourselves on the back for knowing the truth all we like, it never gets further than here, cuckchan, and maybe reddit.

Just like a thousand times before.

bc62d0  No.12698435

File: 8ef6430ba74692f⋯.png (269.27 KB, 570x769, 570:769, sandman_maga.png)

File: b0da9c4dca58c72⋯.png (23.97 KB, 304x309, 304:309, sandman_maga2.png)






b0518a  No.12698436

File: 7e8fb3347e707fa⋯.png (3.13 MB, 2916x1844, 729:461, 1548004653554.png)



0d22a4  No.12698446


>How can the mainstream media defend this?

They won't ever air the clip or report on it. They'll pretend it doesn't exist. If they somehow find themselves backed into a corner where they have to acknowledge it's existence, they will simply call it another 'white supremacist conspiracy theory' like with South Africa. If ignoring mass genocide on the scale of an rntire nation still works, then I'm sure ignoring this will work too.

3fa5a8  No.12698458

rock bottom iq niggers + abrahamism = such a fucking disaster

bc62d0  No.12698459

File: eae982ccae542bd⋯.jpg (576.94 KB, 960x1078, 480:539, breitbart_kosher.jpg)

bc62d0  No.12698464

File: f89c18246afc6ac⋯.jpg (87.16 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1546292076280.jpg)

bc62d0  No.12698497


this guy gets it

d7a5c8  No.12698503

File: ac6dc98b7e77b3f⋯.jpg (101.02 KB, 768x710, 384:355, Dyke_Meme_8.jpg)


The left can't meme.

bc62d0  No.12698516


>still believes in the left/right scam

>doesn't know there are countries with multiple political parties

>doesn't realize that America is ruled by a single party with two brands

American education, everyone.

682a6c  No.12698529


<doesn't realize that America is ruled by a single party with two brands

>doesn't realize that X is ruled by a single ideology with N brands.

It's the same everywhere, friendo.

efdb04  No.12698530

File: 38cb2609ff082e5⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 590x400, 59:40, BL4.jpg)


As a "so called" white man, I am laughing my butts off at these asswipes.

>Indian means savages

>Indian means godlike

Indian means from India, because the Europeans that "first" ran into the Americas thought they had traveled around the world and landed in India. They thought the natives were Indian, because they sort of looked like Indians.

And I wonder if that younger AmerInd knows that you were only allowed to wear your feathers hanging down after you had killed an enemy in battle.

I wonder how many men he's killed?

25868d  No.12698533


metaphysical left cannot meme. they only reflect and pervert. swallow that pill

bc62d0  No.12698537


Switzerland has legit democracy

7f69ed  No.12698538

So, what are you guys going to do about this? The kid got doxxed, expelled from school, and the overgrown babies on social media got another way to call the right shitty.

You guys gonna gamergate any MSM outlets?

You gonna contact any blue checkmark employers who called for harassment?

Any protests against this happening again?

The right is losing the culture war because no one wants to do anything. There are 0 repercussions for this happening.

0ffabd  No.12698539


do peaceful gooks count?

0ffabd  No.12698544


The parents need to lawyer up.

Styx had one of his videos taken down. I highly doubt it was by chance.

dd52c6  No.12698546


Already did, m9

961096  No.12698550


Vaild point. Bait is bait and you’re a fool for taking it. Its of no real consequence don’t waste to much tome on it kids

efdb04  No.12698551

File: f080a5e09a3acb9⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 514x490, 257:245, CG2.jpg)


>I mean we already slaughtered 99% of their "people", so what's the problem with a few more redskins getting scalped to finish what they started?

No, we didn't.

When the Europeans came to the Americas, 90% of the population had already died off. They don't know why, they suspect it was a plague, because only a plague could possibly have devastated a population to that degree.

How do we know this?

There are archeological remains in the States that indicate large population cities, enough to support a workforce necessary to create the earthen pyramids we find all along the Mississippi river valley.

We find the pyramids, and the remains of metropolitan areas.

But they were almost all gone before the "so called" white man got here.

Where did they go?

We don't know.

d7a5c8  No.12698554


Absolute truth. The pathetic Navajo reservation is full of horrendously tragic people, broken families, and an almost Warsaw Pact-style atmosphere of total failure and futility. Unless you're married to one of the tribal government's daughters. Then, you live in a big ranch-style house and drive a Mercedes you got for free. All the resources go straight to half a dozen families, while ordinary chugs can't open a fucking gas station without permission from the sacred elder council of the long house blah-blah-blah.

In short, redskins are natural born communists who build dystopian hells for themselves as long as there's welfare to scam. Like all subhumans, they lack the necessary self-awareness to feel ashamed of themselves for this behavior. There are some good ones – they're not Jews or niggers, after all – but those with any work ethic or ambition all move to Las Vegas and deal blackjack. The rest hit the rodeo circuit and drink themselves to death.

c58df3  No.12698555


478319  No.12698558


the general belief is that they died from a disease that originated in Europe. These things used to happen when disparate cultures clashed. It was not intentional.

d7a5c8  No.12698560


Diseased autistic faggot Alt-Hype has a good video about this. Studying maternal lineages and mtDNA, it looks like there was no "genocide" at all. Feathernigger family lines are mostly still intact, which is not what you'd expect after mass killing. Instead, the Indians lack a firm sense of themselves culturally, so they marry out into Mexican families. The kids grow up spics, and that's that, culturally speaking.

A possible future for whites. Take heed.

0ffabd  No.12698562


i remember hearing about that. apparently Europeans heard the story from the natives and took it a sign from god to fill the land


no, that's not what he's saying

97b100  No.12698575




t. Swiss

efdb04  No.12698599

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What would have been utterly cool, would be if the students had all started singing "Erika" and drowned out the nigspeak.

efdb04  No.12698605


They don't know this. The population was wrecked before the Europeans had supposedly gotten here, but I suppose it could have come from China or the Norse, as both had set foot on the mainland before Columbus landed in the west Indies.

We simply don't know what happened.

e7c83d  No.12698613


just keep bumping the other thread which fits your narrative

d7a5c8  No.12698615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Download the two videos and get started memeing it then. The world is a better place when we all pull together, anon.

My suggestion for a song.

e25f3c  No.12698616



You can't convince these propagandists because there's no penalty, you need to do it by force.

16e982  No.12698621


>1:15 the Black Israelites start throwing verbal harassment at the kids too telling them they are future school shooters and "it's in your eyes". "Go shoot up a school".

About to tell others this. They will ask me the following, so I need to know.

How can you tell it's a Israelite?

fb6406  No.12698638


Most likely collapse from famine due to even small climate changes. All the city states of the Western hemisphere seem to have always easily collapsed from just a decade of less ideal growing conditions. Most were completely dependent on low protein crops like corn, except for the Incas that had the potato. With very few domesticated animals, I think the low protein diet made them very vulnerable to famine, with no domesticated herd animals to use as beasts of burden.

e25f3c  No.12698660


"Black Israelites" is a group of blacks who claim to be Israelites, they just troll people.

7ffbe6  No.12698666


we wuz kikes

7ffbe6  No.12698670


jesus fucking christ, this post makes my eyes bleed almost as bad as your pussy.

40834e  No.12698671

File: 07a1fdf8af19cfa⋯.mp4 (6.93 MB, 640x640, 1:1, we_wus_kangs.mp4)



no really these are the same types

aint it funny how only one side can have paramilitary demonstrations

6b5fda  No.12698689


6b5fda  No.12698695


When NPCs NPC themselves

000000  No.12698787


Who funded this annual We Wuz Kangs rally?

8e51d2  No.12699002

File: 56bd9a11af93171⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1547349350898.jpg)



Jump to 1:12:00 to see the relevant section.

8e51d2  No.12699018


AOC is based on state law not federal law. Tribal lands can enact laws that supersede state laws.

bc6712  No.12699025

File: 4cfcc5d6e1b4cc2⋯.png (121.51 KB, 373x285, 373:285, injun coalition.png)

File: 4cfcc5d6e1b4cc2⋯.png (121.51 KB, 373x285, 373:285, injun coalition.png)



bc6712  No.12699046

CIA agent:


iPhone user tbh

87354d  No.12700095


Never heard someone say that.

87354d  No.12700102


>Wakandan occupation of baltimore, AP

c29644  No.12700173



0b2c21  No.12700456

Sandmann Hoax: Injun Nathan Philips is a Crisis Actor

>>12700449 (You)

>>12700449 (You)

>>12700449 (You)

>>12700449 (You)

>>12700449 (You)


1f0cd9  No.12700587

f7d50c  No.12700687


My brother got into a fight with four Black Niggerites in Harlem several years ago. He was drunk as fuck and they started yelling that cracker devil shit at him in front of his girlfriend. They ended up saying something to her and he snapped. He's a big dude, and he broke one of their jaws. The other three jumped in because they're niggers, and he stood up fighting them for about 3 minutes before the cops came. When one of the cops grabbed him, he didn't realize right away that it was a cop and he threw a swing at him. All the cops jumped on him from there. He started cooperating immediately after he realized it was the police who were grabbing him, but it was too late. He was charged with two felonies, one for breaking the niggerite's jaw, and one for fighting the cops. But even though the niggers pressed charges, they never showed up for any of the court dates, and the assault charge was dropped. The assault charge on the cop was reduced to disorderly conduct and he had to pay a fine, do community service and go to AA (because he was drunk when all this happened).

74c2cb  No.12700747

>letting the media dictate the talking points

>thinking that an NPC will watch a two hour video or react logically to new information when they've already been given the "correct" information


>getting drunk and being in Harlem

Hopefully his actions have had more thought put into them lately and he's put a few buns into that oven.

1f0cd9  No.12700833

found another copy of the video on MSM portal



1,250,774 total views of the combined vids in a matter of hours

this is gaining so much traction it could btfo the main stream media

for a long while.

remember the reports of the mother "blaming black muslims" for her sons terrible actions. she was talking about the black hebrew israelites, and the msm tried to make it seem like "of course racist mom blames black muslims".

this proof could rip apart the MSM, should strategize and start meme'ing to show NPC's how much theyre lied too

1f0cd9  No.12700888




MAGA Hat-Wearing Teen Claims He Was ‘Helping To [Defuse] The Situation’

in a statement released Sunday, Sandmann claimed that he had been singled out and felt as though the elder was “attempting to provoke the teenagers.”

Phillips, on the other hand, told CNN he was only attempting to thwart any potential violence between the two groups.

“I believed that by remaining motionless and calm, I was helping to [defuse] the situation,” Sandmann’s statement read. “I said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand.”

1f0cd9  No.12700899






all this info needs to be organized and weaponized against the MSM

67f91d  No.12701144



Also, the video needs to be cut. 2 hours long?

I understand the need for context, for transparency sake, but you don't need 2 hours of it.

ee2665  No.12701163

File: 0fa2242eea6efd7⋯.jpg (40.69 KB, 720x734, 360:367, 1548031301707.jpg)

File: 8542472ca7b8d25⋯.png (345.93 KB, 559x636, 559:636, 1548060962928.png)


We need Nathan Phillips doxxed. He is the one that lied to media about what happened. We need to get his info out there to scare the fucking shit out of him into confessing that he lied.

Please anons, if you hate jews and want to see the news report something good, Dox Nathan.

45909f  No.12701165


No, it's not. STFU.

000000  No.12701172


The "natives" carry 40 percent aryan DNA in them. "Natives" are a mixture of chinks and white aryans. Aryan solutreans inhabitet America first. Then they were killed and race mixed by floods of invading asians.

Europeans just took back, what belonged to them all the way!

Look at the old injun, you can see, that he has aryan DNA in him (not mixed in recent times tho).


A 2013 study in Nature reported that DNA found in the 24,000-year-old remains of a young boy from the archaeological Mal'ta-Buret' culture suggest that up to one-third of indigenous Americans' ancestry can be traced back to western Eurasians, who may have "had a more north-easterly distribution 24,000 years ago than commonly thought"[44] "We estimate that 14 to 38 percent of Amerindian ancestry may originate through gene flow from this ancient population," the authors wrote. Professor Kelly Graf said,

ee2665  No.12701177

File: b6b9b1b9230b3ef⋯.png (476.81 KB, 1043x585, 1043:585, Untitled.png)


13307f  No.12701230


In some of the videos floating around you can see that the one with an afro has a jewish necklace on. This vid zooms in on it at 7:05: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npX801xLSFY

I don't blame the mother; I thought they were muslim at first too because of how strongly they were preaching against gays and telling the black catholic that his organs would be harvested.

6c3229  No.12701257


Cool. Now tell us how baste we are.

0ffabd  No.12701267



holy shit, you are dumb

f7d50c  No.12701353


>>getting drunk and being in Harlem

Harlem isn't everything that it used to be. There's a lot of White people in Harlem now. Niggers and liberals suddenly hate gentrification now that it's happening in places like Harlem and Bed-Stuy, but 60 years ago when they were forcing it onto our neighborhoods, they swore up and down that gentrification could only benefit everyone involved and to oppose it was morally repugnant. But regardless of nigger/jewish hypocrisy, the fact is that it's not as dangerous or uncommon these days for White people to be walking around Harlem. In fact, if you live in the Bronx or Westchester county, Harlem is a very convenient place to hang out. The Metro-North train station is right there on 125th St and will get you back out to the burbs in 15 minutes.

I say all that to say that my brother and his girlfriend would normally have been fine walking around Harlem, especially when you're the size of my brother and a former amateur boxer like he is. But these nigger Israelites are basically just IRL trolls who do and say this shit with the sole intention of getting people to attack them so they can "defend themselves" and prove that White people are violent and emotionally fragile, and maybe sue someone. No one tried to sue my brother, but we've always suspected that he hurt their pride and they didn't want to publicize the fact that a pussy-ass, fragile, scared, cracker devil handed them their asses. He hospitalized one of them with one punch, then held his own against three of them, then they had to be rescued by the cops. Then after all that, he spent one night in jail before his privileged White devil family and friends posted his bail. We think that's why they never showed up to court either. They didn't want to show their faces.

And yeah, he just had his third son about 10 months ago. A happy little red head boy who is the spitting image of my oldest daughter's baby pictures. The White race grows stronger

20dc4d  No.12701357


910e66  No.12701710


74c2cb  No.12701754


Congrats on the nephew.

I know you want to defend your brother, and thanks for the history. However, you have to remember to never relax around blacks. Hell, Columbia is in that area, too. You're probably giving money to the (((people))) who own the real estate around there when you spend money there.

56c966  No.12701796


Kill all vets, especially homeless ones. Stab and mug all homeless vets in the streets, throw hand grenades at both individuals and groups, find where vets live, open their mailboxes, burn their welfare checks, wait outside their house, blow their brains out when they open the door, put bombs in their cars, put anthrax in their mail, release gas into their bedroom windows, burn their houses down.

b37d63  No.12702002


>never invented the wheel

>no written language

>1/3rd infant mortality rate

>short life span

>murder rate of 40 per 100,000 people

then white people came and messed it all up

90e79e  No.12702090


Funny how it's always "Whites go back to Europe, stolen land," etc. I don't see anyone demanding blacks go back to Africa, Mexicans back to Mexico, Arabs back to the Middle East or Jews to Israel. I never see any of these groups volunteering to do so either. So Whites are supposed to leave, everyone else stays, even though without us the country doesn't even exist. Fuck that.

a681d4  No.12702101


The tri-state area: start your career in an exurb, retire in a downtown, all without moving.

711ff4  No.12702104


It absolutely is. It's just not okay to be a KIKE like you.

711ff4  No.12702111


>then JEWS came and messed it all up.


4d8d84  No.12702152

American MAGApedes are no more useful to the human race than Hillary bots, they're both equally a hurdle and obstacle to mankind

48964c  No.12702237


it's coming. people who believed the narratives just a few years ago are all waking up and talking about it. I've had multiple entry level WN conversations over the last year and many are rejecting the progressive narratives they ask loudly proclaimed support for in the recent past. There is a war coming. a Racial Holy War. everyone feels it, it is the end game of the progressive holy narrative.

The sad truth is that our forefathers became so supremely effective at War that we are now capable of cracking our planet and wiping terran life from existence. in the face of that terrifying power we sought reconciliation and peace. we've offered our technology and knowledge to the world so that we might build a bright future in the stars together. It was a beautiful dream.

but a dream is all it has turned out to be. The people we have sought to aid have been turned against us by the ever vengeful and grudge bearing jew. Thier social control has always made them overbold. The very conditions that would force white men back into total war mode, a potential planet killing force, are now being perpetrated by them.

We live in a time of great filters. each step we take determines how we will make our entrance into the stars or burn up before we can reach them. maybe this is the fate of most sentient life, to be destroyed by the hubris of vengeance.

I only hope what survives this time learns from this time and does not repeat it.

eb4c38  No.12702251


i think the suns going to fart and cleanse us and itll just start all over

af6d8a  No.12702284


According to some Christian woman who has visions; both the UK and US (as we know them) will be 'destroyed' this year. Apparently her visions have been right before, and considering the absolute insanity in the US; as well as the growing discontent and threats of civil-violence should Brexit be blocked in the UK … I can see her being right.

Get your parents and siblings out of the cities brothers. I have no doubt that we will win this war, but the cities are going to be enemy territory at the start. Keep your loved ones safe!

ba93f3  No.12702650

File: dbdda28da76ffc2⋯.png (556.57 KB, 598x2903, 598:2903, Anne_Helen_Petersen_on_Twi….png)


< … and still recognize why the sight of that face caused a visceral reaction in so many.

- a Buzzfeed writer

07c6f2  No.12703031


>it’s the look of white patriarchy

>let’s turn this manufactured outrage against as many targets as possible

07c6f2  No.12703040


The western nations should have never gotten involved with the Germans giving the jews what they deserve now we have prolonged their demised and made it objectively worse for every person on the planet. Had the German succeeded we would be in a real advanced economy in which racial homogeneity and ethnic pride is coupled with advances in technology

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