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File: f0f4c5e9b526603⋯.png (140.88 KB, 304x309, 304:309, the_future.png)

97e5ce  No.12697758

Are MIGA and empty slogans the future of American "nationalism," or does the possibility of a populist uprising still exist?

Are this boy and his friends a sign of the death of America? Will he ever question the scene of his own elected GOP Congressmen feting a foreign leader demanding a change in his nation's foreign policy that essentially sets the groundwork for a war in which his mainly white neighbors will be exposed to injury or death? Is the influence of the Catholic church and school system as poisonous as Evangelicism?

As the gap between the middle class (who must borrow capital to purchase housing and education) and the wealthy class (who enjoys the return on said capital) increases, will he and his friends continue to vote for policies that increase that gap? As guest worker programs and legal immigration for middle class workers lower his salary to the point where he and his future spouse cannot afford to raise more than one or two children, will he and his friends continue to support policies that shift the tax burden from the wealthy owners of capital onto the middle and lower income earners? Will they ever realize that the death of the middle class is more effective than any abortion procedure devised to date?

Should anyone be upset when these are called "dumb goyim?" Isn't it their destiny to be peasants like their European ancestors were?

Is the better to simply give up on trying to educate them and simply open a pawn shop so that we can profit from their stupidity? Don't they deserve to be hooked on Oxycontin? Should we really be upset with the Jew if people are this retarded? Does the boy in this photo have any right to exist?

a7fa94  No.12697778

its not going to come from the youth … your skeptism is sound. Listen to Richard Spencer and realize that yes even this kind of movement can be cooped.

You do what you can. It gets kinda murky when you start splitting these hairs but your questioning is sound.

I felt this more about the girl that made some "based" comment…. who has the ball to say that.

A jew

a7fa94  No.12697781


off by 1 bb

a7fa94  No.12697813


no, there apparently was a girl that said some funny as shit about savages to the indians at that monument in washington with the smug maga kids … I felt that it was so outlandish that it sounded like a jew

a decent white , wheat field lady wouldnt be so crass … but loomer, meh

even alliteration cant save that girl

730564  No.12697816

everyone be silent, the jew must make his obtuse poorly formatted point

please upvote

e341e5  No.12697817


>(1) shill thread

You're tremendously low IQ and I can tell that you haven't read Mein Kampf. Hitler's movement wasn't formed by spergs who recruit racialists who bitch about the Jews, he went after normal people since they can be converted easily.

730564  No.12697825





i can't tell if you are a schizo or trying to be cryptic?

44f3a9  No.12697842


You become their god incarnate and fight like the furies. They don't need a "savior", the good ones will know without a word.

730564  No.12697855


are you going to start speaking in rhyme?

254e47  No.12697935

So when was the last time 8gag doxed a leftist?

bc4069  No.12697940

>It's YET A-FUCKING-NOTHER "Anything good that happens is Jews playing a trick!" thread

Whatever. You fucking idiots can stay in this dark, damp hole if you want. Never even attempt to find anything to like or feel encouraged by, because everything is Jews, everyone is a Jew, everyone is controlled by Jews, nothing ever happens and even if it does it doesn't matter because Jews are doing it to trick you. It might be a shitty Jewish Soviet tactic to accuse everyone of mental illness, but too much of this board acts legitimately paranoid now. I'm sick of the defeatism.

ce9401  No.12697961


Why hasn't someone coined MEGA - Make Europe Great Again? Imagine calling yourself a megaman.

fc37bb  No.12697962


<"Damn the torpedo's. Fire when ready, Gridley."

Give accelerationism a chance.


5936c5  No.12697969

File: e31074060141ea6⋯.jpg (190.37 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, FB_IMG_1529022313282.jpg)


It's China pumping millions into dividing it's biggest competition. Whites vs POC. ignite that flame and watch America burn. The gooks are taking ova you low IQ faggots. New year's they pretty much told you who your new masters are.  Twenty first century is Gook. Stormfags at least you witness the passing of the kike overlords.

ebf2ea  No.12697976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

254e47  No.12697990


Yeah we just need to unite with our based niggers just like kalergi and MLKANG said to do my fellow pede.

b258f3  No.12698003


Your post reminds me why i cant stand alex jones, there are millions of normies who unironically believe your shitpost. It's fucking sad.

5936c5  No.12698076

File: 1a9ad34aeb0463c⋯.jpg (111.45 KB, 1427x1374, 1427:1374, FB_IMG_1546052095483.jpg)


So Anon's you don't think it's plausible for China to influence our media? Explain because I don't see how it's not a obvious tactic. The media in America are literally prostitutes. Your telling me they wouldn't jump for gook bucks? GTFOH

6e4e0c  No.12698079

all the out of touch neets on this board will be mad at me for saying this but MAGA is a stepping stone towards white nationalism. that's why is makes non whites so nervous

6e4e0c  No.12698088


america is also 13% black and black nationalists exist. use your brain goblin boi

0a056f  No.12698090


>So Anon's you don't think it's plausible for China to influence our media?

No because it's jews who own the media in europe and america

5936c5  No.12698104

File: d2240df7d07112c⋯.jpg (93.79 KB, 1072x1065, 1072:1065, FB_IMG_1547085190101.jpg)


Ok why do Jews want to enflame Rahowa then? How does that make the kike stronger? Your destroying your golden goose. America falls kikes fall.

6e4e0c  No.12698105


hi nervous non white person. thanks for proving my point that maga makes you nervous

b1de22  No.12698117

File: 29c6b769fffe0c7⋯.png (41.7 KB, 500x547, 500:547, tendy-stock-5-06-pepe-stoc….png)

File: 367768e365baefb⋯.png (54.5 KB, 500x590, 50:59, share-blue-author-senior-w….png)

File: 4815b9e1c3874c7⋯.png (194.26 KB, 286x1050, 143:525, shareblue_current_status_(….png)



beep beep


49e584  No.12698130


ocasio-cortez memes are finally getting good

d345d6  No.12698131

Oh America is just screwed its values and origin have always been liberalism and it coupled with it multiculturalism since liberal values have no problem with multiculturalism. It has always been a country that didn't have a people or collective, just a bunch of corporations exploiting people. Multiculturalism is actually wonderful in this since it's so incredibly easy to DNC so you can permanently keep a tyrant or oligarch in power. Liberal democracy implies oligarchy. Name a liberal democracy that currently isn't either turning into an oligarchy or an outright oligarchy. Meanwhile in this stupid system the people at the top just do uncontrolled DNC, they don't even have to guide or control the media very much since they just divide themselves even without intervention which protects (((their))) power.

The above is also incredibly hard to stop. Usually it's stopped only because a few at the top in the oligarchy get upset with things and life resumes. When an uprising happens in this system it's never pretty and often a temporary tyranny gets installed before the country moves on towards something else.

America by the way still has the best life for a middle class in the world. Middle class has been getting completely gutted in Europe with taxes, high housing prices, high overall cost of living. Which is why you see the protests in France in many cities. When recession will hit things will start off in Europe, America is too much DNC'd for anything good to come out of it to be honest. Anything that would come out of America is just lead by an upper class protecting their own interests.

b1de22  No.12698171


The left really can't meme.

I mean you copy our memes and suppose we will take you seriously.

Dumb ass commie.

6ebac4  No.12698227


>"The left"


Shut the fuck up maga fag. /pol/ is a National-Socialist board, not an Israel echochamber. Kill yourself.

6e4e0c  No.12698240


why are you so bad at d&c

6e4e0c  No.12698249


>be nervous non white person

>make this thread and schizopost

6ebac4  No.12698252


>he trusts Gen Z(ion)

Are you for real? Just shut the fuck up incel.

6e4e0c  No.12698254


stay mad nervous non white person

6e4e0c  No.12698255


lot of nervous non white people in this thread

38394b  No.12698263


>too much of this board acts legitimately paranoid now. I'm sick of the defeatism.

What's funny is that's one of the oldest things in the JIDF book, just call everything jewish and accuse everyone of being a jew and everything that happens being because of jews all to cause confusion/drop morale and cause a defeatist attitude in the population. This board is plagued as fuck by it

6ebac4  No.12698264


You are not White, Jewish child.

We will endlessly expose maga retard until they are gone.

There is no way to save the White Race when supporting the Jew in DC.

6e4e0c  No.12698268




nervous non white replying to himself

6ebac4  No.12698273


Thanks for proving again your affiliation with the Kahal.

f15f37  No.12698276


>close your eyes

>plug your ears

>pretend things are better than they are

at last I am enlightened

Thanks dude everything is great now the left are so mad over this lol

#Winning #StillNotTired #MAGA

000000  No.12698283


There was never any possibility to educate them.

All that aren't like us must be killed by us, and the world must be repopulated and repurposed by our offsprings, educated from their very birth.

There is no conditioning for the already brainwashed. Kill them all.

8237d1  No.12698289


Wars provide a convenient cover to reset the banking scam when it starts getting too obvious.

232498  No.12698291


cool story, except china isn't nearly as intelligent with this stuff as you think. They can't even figure out how to deal with hong Mong and Taiwan. Even Singapore was majority Chinese and china couldn't even take it into its sphere of influence, and now kikes have convinced them to flood their country with indians, making it now impossible.

Chinese are smart about business but they lack any political machiavellianism.

b9b927  No.12698306


>Should we really be upset with the Jew if people are this retarded?

You're on the same ship he is, Goyim. As the kikes continue to drill holes in the boat we ALL are prisoner on, someone is going to have to smash these parasites in the nose and stop them drilling holes in our boat or we ALL will go down with the ship.

That's why.

232498  No.12698307


they could, but gooks simply don't do this stuff. They don't meddle in country's media, culture, or politics.

b9b927  No.12698308


So edgy. You sure are a deep thinker.

b9b927  No.12698312

Please ban NPCs


b46fcc  No.12698319

Oh look a thinly veiled anti-white, anti-american, anti-christian thread. OP there's an oven waiting for you.

22e515  No.12698321

>ignore how many threads there are

b46fcc  No.12698343


Who cares? When I was 15 I was as a freaking rebel for simply being Christian and being a Conservative. These are kids, I somehow doubt they have spent endless on hours on the chans learning about history and what not. They are normal kids who hear about how Trump is evil; not for any particular reason, other than that he is white and because of he wants to build a wall. That's going to be the extent of their politics. Their choice is either 'white man bad' or 'Trump'.

And this thread is hating on them because they are wearing hats, or because they have 'stupid faces'. What the actual fuck? Kid looks like he has a lot of Polish in him. I know what Poles look like because I used to live in London.

Even if the kid was jewish; he does not deserve to be on international news because he didn't run away from some sub-human indian banging a drum in his face. All he did was stood there and smiled. How fucking terrible! When I was 15 and we went on school trips to Germany we fucking sieg heiled because we were edgy little-shits; and guess who cared? No one. Not even in Berlin where you can supposedly get arrested for that (I remember our teachers chastising us; but unsurprisingly that is just encouragement to a group of young boys).

You're an anti-white faggot. The OP's post manages to not only insult white people, but also America in general, and Christianity. Go fuck yourself you dense shit. I hope you're a kike because if not then we truly should be concerned for the intelligence of our own.

22e515  No.12698354


Point is now they do care and it's a fucking shitty little yidling stirring the pot to put it on the white man you fucking jew.

850d6f  No.12698360


That 2nd pic has a very interesting title. Get's the gears turnin'...

That's it. I'm going to go play some video games.

b46fcc  No.12698365


Okay, let's take this slow. Even if it was a Jew. And yes, we are /pol/, we do not like kikes because they have conducted evil against our people for millenia. But even if it was a jew… What crime has it committed in this instance? Don't purity-spiral at me and tell me that 'WE SHOULD ALWAYS WANT JEWS TO BE PUNISHED'; what has this one actually done to be put on to INTERNATIONAL NEWS and slandered, threatened and all the rest?

All he did was stand there and smile whilst some uppity sub-human indian banged a drum in his face. That was the extent of it. And for that; international notoriety.

Now also factor in that there is no evidence that he was actually a jew. This was some papist school in Kentucky. It could be a jew, I have no idea; but do you want to know some basic reasoning for why it is almost certainly not a jew? … BECAUSE HE DIDN;T DO ANYTHING. If this was a false flag he would acted threateningly, or abused him, or done something - ANYTHING - that could be construed as actually hateful. Look at how jews portray us in films; then look at what this kid actually did.

If this was a false-flag it was the shittest one ever done in existence. What we do know is that the other-side are a bunch of agitating kikes. Doesn't it make more sense that those agitating kikes might target some random white kid?

I think it does. And even if I'm wrong; in this actual instance the potential yid did nothing wrong.

b46fcc  No.12698391


Maybe don't be a kike about it then? I very much agree that its a good idea to discuss the dangers of civic-nationalism and faux-populist groups that re-direct the rightful rage in ways that are ultimately harmless to the yids and which will change nothing. It is also worth remembering that demonising those who haven't made the full 'red-pill-transition' is a great way to make them feel alone and helpless, which will drive them back into the barbed-embrace of the jew. So even if you do want to discuss that; try not insulting and ridiculing and posting pictures mocking white people you fuck.

And look at what your thread has become, in no small-part due to your choice of words and picture.



Look at this vile shit above?

... And I've just realised the ID is yours. Ha. Go fuck yourself you anti-white kike.

c85775  No.12698395


Filter the useless shitflinging in each thread and only 10% of posts will remain. This is a slow board, and cointelpro is effective without moderation. A few shills can derail a thread by taking both sides of an argument and guiding the discussion towards what they want, which is often some form of D&C.

30e245  No.12698401


this whole thing is fake and gay

whether or not this guy is a Jew he was harassed by other Jews.

lying press clip was cut together propaganda.


b46fcc  No.12698403


>makes thread about it

>blames someone else for bringing it up

>kike logic

b9b927  No.12698411


Fuck off you reddit spacing, non-argument having, hypocrite.

This kid literally did nothing wrong and you're slandering him worse than the ADL already is doing.

Fuck off with your anti-White tirades.

17ef6c  No.12698422


>Stormfags at least you witness the passing of the kike overlords.

Don't get my hopes up.

b9b927  No.12698429


>I'm just trolling

Ban this nigger.

c15f72  No.12698460

File: 28f4783ccff8c4b⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1832x1054, 916:527, 28f4783ccff8c4b256c47f01b7….png)

01751a  No.12698480

File: 80a7dcd30809c32⋯.png (174.41 KB, 500x997, 500:997, 2a6d9b407e2cdbd9017aa20aa0….png)


I would never have guessed that that roastie was 32. She does not look a day under 45. It really is true what the say about riding the cock carousel.

a9f520  No.12698518


Are you mad that her husband lets him be herself?

b9b927  No.12698536


What does Anna Merlan do? Does she work for a major media corporation? Or is she a member of the ADL or SPLC terrorist organization?

Why does she have the blue checkmark of the System?

b9b927  No.12698543



Nevermind. Just noticed the Gizmodo Media group.

This makes her a class B collaborator. An active soldier in ZOG's war against White people.

b15462  No.12698579

>jew damage control thread

f1b21f  No.12698722


Yeah OP why weren't these 15 year olds all slugging AKs and overthrowing the government?

f1b21f  No.12698729


It's actually crazy how easy it would be for a "deranged radical white supremacist" to kill these roastie journalists. As most of them seem to live alone in a downtown studio apartment.

b39f9e  No.12710182

e45aab  No.12710198

File: 265205a5bb2bfdc⋯.jpg (120.7 KB, 800x1114, 400:557, 1530148138894.jpg)

It's really scary how easy it is for the kike media to cook up an image of a (((white racist trump supporter)))

0dc2e3  No.12710261

File: 5a7d474c280b456⋯.png (191.95 KB, 1869x329, 267:47, Untitled.png)

I wonder (((who))) is behind this post?

0f2e70  No.12710501

the left and their controllers are fucking pants piss terrified that they have been found out over this. they couldn't keep their insane mouths shut in the first place and now they will pay for it, and they know that, and they are fucking scrambling.

b10967  No.12710635

I know I'll just put a Jewish star on his face and call everyone Jewish.

Focus your criticism against white kids who don't know any better, they're the real enemy.

>/pol/ 2019

980a93  No.12710899


You see it too, eh?

They think THIS equates to "stepping up their game".


9ecdb4  No.12712342


Richard Spencer IS the co-opting. I'll bet you don't even know who William Regenry II is. It's his fucking handler, you filthy casual.

9a2a48  No.12712565

File: 599725507020b26⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 550x332, 275:166, Rome.jpg)


Hey retard: Shareblue is partially owned by the Chinese and Israel.


Wake up magapedes, the jews are using both sides to synthesize the outcomes they want and to get you to kill each other. They want to replace us with China



We are being played like a fucking fiddle.


>allow alt right to exist (of course they did, the social media networks are heavily controlled)

>have alt right infiltrate Trump movement

>the left sees the alt right supports Trump (who was funded by Sheldon Adelson superjew and zionist)


https://youtu.be/2EGgCdChPOw https://youtu.be/rq0Q9ybRUY8

>le nazis are coming

>Trump destroys relations with alt right

>cow eyed magapedes with no understanding of international politics are now the sacrificial lamb

>the left attacks them thinking they're alt righters pretending to be retarded

>an emotional reaction is generated that justifies authoritarian action (potential civil war)

>we destroy ourselves with our own hubris because we started playing checkers instead of 4D chess.

>China supplants us and we sink into irrelevance as the jew holds a gun to our head and we pull the trigger.

Destiny is calling. We can be a bunch of wiggers who larp or we can realize we're not alone and that we need to pierce the veil so that others can see the TRUTH. We have brothers of other races who think just like we do, stop letting the enemy decide who we are. I choose to be a neoRoman mongrel and my brothers are those who would lay their lives down for my own, irrespective of their color.

Omnium Rerum Principia Parva Sunt (The beginnings of all things are small)

Nil Desperandum (never despair)

facti sumus fratres in proelium (through struggle we shall become brothers)

b28c36  No.12712572


>I choose to be a neoRoman mongrel and my brothers are those who would lay their lives down for my own, irrespective of their color.

Nobody willingly chooses to be a mongrel, you are a fucking joke.

9a2a48  No.12712594

File: e6e832b4df76a59⋯.jpg (63.24 KB, 850x420, 85:42, faceplates.jpg)


I could say I'm white, but I'm a multitude of Northern European/med ethnicities: they're all different. We all have different features, and I have a few from each group. I'm not ashamed of what I am.


8262d7  No.12713545

File: 4dc83c778391bed⋯.png (240.8 KB, 789x575, 789:575, angerey 3.png)


why are there 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 FUCKING THREADS ON THYIS FUCKING KID

fucking E V E R Y W H E R E

72f6c3  No.12713770

File: 050df513235e808⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 500x375, 4:3, unnamed.jpg)


Because they are distracting us of the venezuelan happening and to cuase a civil war in the borad beetween people who believes shills and people who don´t.

72f6c3  No.12713772


causesage for double posting

81e2c4  No.12713798

Make a new thread for Operation Stand Your Ground, the first has reached the limit. Ignore the shills, they signal the way.

81e2c4  No.12713800


>concern trolling over happenings

Fuck off kike X2

10f2fe  No.12713804

>Is the better to simply give up on trying to educate them and simply open a pawn shop so that we can profit from their stupidity? Don't they deserve to be hooked on Oxycontin? Should we really be upset with the Jew if people are this retarded? Does the boy in this photo have any right to exist?

Reminder that posts like this are personally endorsed by our totally benevolent admin, Codemonkey. Be sure to thank him over on /sudo/ that this blatant jew-made thread has been up for 4 days.

61162c  No.12713977



If only

9164af  No.12714193

Evri1 and their moms are JEWS!!

5119fb  No.12737457

File: 463eaf9dedc0dba⋯.gif (4.19 MB, 480x270, 16:9, _PunchableFace_TheStringin….gif)

6d68d2  No.12737670


>t.self loathing mossad cunt

6d68d2  No.12737671


>double faggot division

5119fb  No.12737840

File: 1f64955debe127a⋯.gif (3.85 MB, 480x270, 16:9, _PunchableFace_TheStringin….gif)

ba8ce2  No.12737881


that all sounds nice, but how is this something good happening ? It would appear that it's just something for the multichannel networks and certain mainstream media, and I supose you to talk about.

bc5ef1  No.12739977


730ad5  No.12740029

bump for more angst

730ad5  No.12740236


>being this assblasted

807972  No.12740239



Low effort thread, shillanon. Stopped caring about your KPIs?

730ad5  No.12740248


I'm the OP, I use a cellphone hotspot, so my IP changes. You don't know what a low-effort thread even is, newfag. You just heard someone else use the term and parrot it like an NPC.

8e3793  No.12740266

File: 0c739d0e5fef5dd⋯.png (522.18 KB, 799x604, 799:604, 0c739d0e5fef5dd5bcf7274c7a….png)

Nice slide thread schlomo. Check my dubs.

730ad5  No.12740342

File: c988cfd5ac39269⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 168x299, 168:299, wilde_digits.jpg)

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