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File: 49b61e3dcedf0ac⋯.mp4 (8.61 MB, 334x720, 167:360, Negro boy shoots up neighb….mp4)

11badf  No.12698126

Negro boy on facebook live shoots up his neighborhood as FB followers tell him to disconnect -

But not to stop shooting his gun.

b67b70  No.12698138

I came here to say 'nigger'

There you go, good bye

05e8be  No.12698140

what the fuck is he even saying

af1967  No.12698141

All of this competition over which upstanding student will wear the robe of Valedictorian to the big dance. (tsk tsk)

3dae9a  No.12698151

Niggers are hilarious, I just hope he didn't shoot anyone white

cf808a  No.12698160

Behold the standard gun grabbers will apply to white law abiding men.

ad2fc3  No.12698161

That's nice and all, but whites make up the majority of the population, so all gun crimes are still their fault. Because we are all equal, obviously. Blame must be spread equally.

9f293b  No.12698162


>trump would introduce more gun control

>but not nigger control

Are you tired of conservacucks yet?

4fe87f  No.12698168


Dey is gonna show gradidute and vote for trump in 2020 shill.

75dda0  No.12698173

File: c62508f712a25ed⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 2543x2355, 2543:2355, America-is-too-politically….jpg)

3812ee  No.12698175


Something about a list of people or groups he doesn't want an argument with, but they scared his mom so he has no choice but to shoot at them, and so they come and shoot at him because backing down from another nigger with a gun is unthinkable, especially if you all live the thug felon life. You illegally possess arms and expect to lose your life, because dat what wypipo dun made us live like boi, we wuz kangz.

af1967  No.12698195


How in tf …? Do you speak fluent Dindunesian?

c945e8  No.12698202

File: 0ae5d7cfd918443⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 345x356, 345:356, 564652345234.jpg)

>tfw you're not a muddy mulatto or another variant of nigger

6d1b33  No.12698205

Why is this not all over mainstream media?

3dae9a  No.12698206


Your white skin won't protect you from bullets dumbass.

b67b70  No.12698212


Because niggers, idiot

cd3310  No.12698213


Jews obviously.

c945e8  No.12698215


But atleast I'm a nordic European.

Imagine being trapped in this little mulatto's body that can't even coherently express himself with language, it must be hell.

349f49  No.12698241


>we wuz operators

44a914  No.12698253

white people must pay for this.

3f868d  No.12698261


I also came here to say "nigger"


Because Jews protecting Niggers.



Both of you only told 1/3 of the story.

fcdbb3  No.12698267


lel made coming to this shit thread worth it

5807c1  No.12698270

I thought niggers lacked the self awareness to be such egotistical narcissists but yet all they do is flex on social media. Also this nig is scared of the ops and trying to get arrested to be safe without looking soft.

44a914  No.12698272


Honestly, I cannot believe he said that. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that because he's young he doesn't understand the significance of his utterances. If a few years, after he's finished school, then it will reasonable to hold him accountable for the obvious meaning of his words.

c21bf4  No.12698279


>Assuming he won't shoot at the cops

Is this the only video or are there more? Is it on liveleak?

3757c4  No.12698282

File: e6b087dc3c2145a⋯.jpg (528.29 KB, 1000x978, 500:489, 2fd9e1cf3dd159fd9adbfa4cfe….jpg)

ca2901  No.12698286


"Whie in Goad ya wanna hang aroun' me insteddada rite rite? Ya keedz is quie! Awn mom, ah, only a coupa a' en ol' plents. Imma dump dey ass out!"

"Da'an gun gotta bigga' deen yu. Ma'Idon' give a fuck! Nigga, Imma twerk dis hoe! Umgod I'mma twerk dis hoe. Aimma momma twerk dis hoe. On God!"

"Ayin nah give a shit!Deez niggas wanna… deez niggas wanna play har' on mai mamma? Nigg' I go eva'where by ma self, nigga' waite. On god!"

44a914  No.12698290


Thanks for clearing that up.

cf808a  No.12698299


What did he even say? Can you translate? Or at least sum it up?

4b31bd  No.12698302


Chimp noises.

587f36  No.12698304


I swear to God that nigger said bixnood

eba35e  No.12698317

where is this?

af1967  No.12698318


He's complaining that he has a .3 percentile higher GPA than the other youth, and that his neighbor across the street was only chosen to become Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2019, because his parents are friends with the President of the PTA.

He goes on to argue that he is also on the board of the 'Endangered Specie Advocacy Club', a frequent blood donor and volunteers at the soup kitchen.

And frankly, he makes a very valid and cogent argument.

4b31bd  No.12698320


Mup da doo didda cof bin ho mufugga bix nood po mo be dat tum mufugga

5807c1  No.12698326


I hope he murks a few but he’s a pussy that won’t do shit which is why he felt the need to broadcast how hard he is

447ddc  No.12698328

File: 4f4740fa3b72e6f⋯.gif (4.32 MB, 445x250, 89:50, AcclaimedGlitteringLark-si….gif)

029941  No.12698335

This is why segregation was/is necessary.

5b26cf  No.12698341

Niggers really are 3/5s of a person thank you for clearing that up

44a914  No.12698416


Are you joking? It's right there in the video, plain as day. Just listen!

916243  No.12698466


==biiixxxnooood mugggfffuuugggahhhh nammm sheeeeeeiiiiiitttttttt imma imma muffuuuggaahahahhaha muhhhhhhd ikkkkkkkkkkk=

>other varied rape noises

clearly bix nood and equally mother fucker indeed

000000  No.12698482

This is why Macron is building a bridge to Africa. For the economy.

04025f  No.12698495

chimps like this being allowed to vote is why the country is fucked

af1967  No.12698505


The sooner we have a bloody, brutal civil war; the closer we are to the reality of racial awareness. Some call it 'Segregation', others call it Martial Law. Potato Po Totto

281e29  No.12698507


This. You can thank the kikes for that

af1967  No.12698512


+BONUS: D.C. is getting a Trans-Atlantic Superhighway tying directly to Tel Aviv which will be good for the economy. So, we've got that goin' for us.

900637  No.12698514


mup dup mo fuggin dup bix nood

3e7ac9  No.12698522

>Yo mad bad do! Diggity fugg nig. Diggity ant bug fug jooba boob.

I watched the whole thing, and I literally have no fucking clue what he said. I didn't catch a single sentence. I think he mentioned "north side," since I understand those words, but I don't know if that's a geographic location, a local gang, or the nickname he gave his dick.

Why doesn't anybody listen when I tell people niggers belong in Africa, where there's extra room for chimpouts? What can possibly justify keeping this shit in cities built by white humans?

3e7ac9  No.12698527


Uplifting perspective. I feel better thinking about it this way.


Now I'm depressed again.

e219b7  No.12698528

File: 3dc1b32bb3c5c0c⋯.jpg (90.61 KB, 657x463, 657:463, aavepost2.jpg)

282ff2  No.12698535

He's just acting hard on live. There's nobody there, he's shooting at the ground. Try hard niggerfaggot.

e219b7  No.12698549


Rough translation

>I am upset that the neighbors have been harassing my mother

>You think you are bigger than me but I am not afraid of you

>The offending parties have offended my family specifically my mother and now there will be retribution

>I am a strong independent black man and definitely not a mamma's boy

>I did not do anything to you people to initiate hostilities, not on Facebook or anywhere else

>*Gunshots ensue*

>Behold I have chased off my rivals and claimed victory

>*retaliatory gun fire*

>I will continue my valiant struggle despite present circumstances

cf34e5  No.12698556


You can hear someone returning fire.

281e29  No.12698561

349f49  No.12698571

File: fdbf50371a634b4⋯.jpg (114.87 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, 1539781031219.jpg)



>when the sterotype is so true that you manage to get into a firefight with ARs and miss every shot even though it's going on within 400 ft

Never stop nigging my nogs

ada953  No.12698582


It'd be funny to watch him die on his own stream.

04b912  No.12698594

muffugin bix nood mo bup do ditty shiet momma playin n shiet. im god. mo duh dis ho turk no fo mufugga

fa8d73  No.12698601

File: 3201bfa31f968f9⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Why we will win.webm)

What happens when a negro tries to be /k/


Because skin color only white men are not allowed to have guns.


Hitting your enemies was never the plan, the toddler 3 blocks away needs to die.

7162ce  No.12698604


Blacks don't actually know how to use gun sights, they just point the gun and have never practiced at a range and therefore have terrible fundamentals. Guns are like magic to them. In the Rhodesian Bush War, they would find the guns with the rear sight adjusted to the highest setting for long distances, even in short range encounters. When they asked the blacks why, the response was "that setting makes the gun shoot harder" they are like orcs from 40k.

7c5369  No.12698618


Because niggers chimp'n happens every day, this is normal and encouraged. If every ghetto shooting was on the news, it'd be non-stop nigger news.

0f9f91  No.12698630


I was actually expecting that. TBH the vid is a letdown.

c67536  No.12698633


>egotistical narcissists

>self awareness


d2fb0e  No.12698635


interesting. i like how they try to claim this is now a valid form of english, but if you look at it without a nigger brain, you can see it for what it is.

this is no evolution of the language. its not like they pronounce things differently, they just leave out letters entirely. and none of this is consistent in their speech. there are no rules. this is just liberal retards scrambling to make sense of their nigger-speak and make excuses for it.

but the most telling of them all is the double negative at the bottom. it clearly shows that they do not understand the words they are saying; they are just mimicking language like a parrot.

ddd391  No.12698641


They(US niggers) have to have had some exposure through stuff like modern video games/shooters though right?

0f137c  No.12698650

So did the negro get killed or not?

85010d  No.12698657

File: 2e9d524036bb6eb⋯.png (228.25 KB, 655x952, 655:952, Screenshot-2.png)

File: 2ceb6537e3b0a48⋯.jpg (35.99 KB, 489x270, 163:90, Holder.jpg)


>modern video games/shooters

if you mean 2k19 and world star videos, then yes

other than that firearms are treated as magic

just like cameras and the concept of bait

1f9f3b  No.12698667


He will because >>12698175 summed up the attitudes in the video.

Do nigs never move out of their neighborhood? Or is it bias because the ones above 80 IQ do leave and the retards remain?

000000  No.12698674


8c0956  No.12698709


We know know what their big ol' lips are for

8c0956  No.12698715


>now know

7a6d4f  No.12698736


Exactly how new are you? Couple days? A week?

>ib4 you actually think we are joking or its not true when we keep repeating jews are vile evil cancer every few min.

7a6d4f  No.12698740


who says anything about segregation faggot. Fuckers had decades to realize what's coming and run back home. Aint going nowhere. They have resources and that shit is ours.

e3e628  No.12698741


Yes, it really does. White magic heals and protects.

8e7bd0  No.12698756

wtf i love niggers now

7162ce  No.12698769


Shooters don't teach you how to shoot. They don't teach you proper trigger pulling techniques, they don't teach you what a good cheek weld is. They don't teach you how to recover from recoil. They don't teach you how to see if your gun is firing accurately. Blacks just point the gun in the general direction and shoot. They don't usually use the sights.

b024ac  No.12698770

File: b397809684ab41b⋯.png (896.5 KB, 448x753, 448:753, ClipboardImage.png)


If jews hadn't brought them here, life would be a whole lot easier.

91a429  No.12698783


aa5fa2  No.12698818

Enemy's ghosting him. I'd be mad too.

9a798b  No.12698834


>But not to stop shooting his gun.

Except right at the beginning when one dude says "Put the gun down".

abedf9  No.12698839


/pol/ & associates

324fbc  No.12698862



91a429  No.12698869


That was definitely a fully semiautomatic high capacity extended clip black assault rifle

e4cb90  No.12698877


If you look close you can see a he’s using those 10,000 round ammunition clips to dispense with 1000 bullets per second

a34e8a  No.12698890


Mostly whites in the recent, modern wars. All the ones who didn't know how to shoots guns and fight a modern war are dead. That's how natural selection works.

So yes being white is indicative of being able to calculate ballistic trajectories as a matter of reflex.

dd9626  No.12698931

File: 455da03f38eaa61⋯.jpg (104.07 KB, 600x453, 200:151, 6e0.jpg)


0754c7  No.12698947

Can I get an English translation?

af1967  No.12698960

File: dc8dc53af72fa52⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 208x277, 208:277, I0dnj009mku.jpg)


…because Fortnite is exactly like irl

31b13c  No.12698969

File: 50a509ddad3df7c⋯.png (226.8 KB, 308x682, 14:31, niglet.png)


/k/ aut here to weigh in on your shitty OP.

>niglet with automatic carbine

First of all, that was not fast enough to be full-automatic fire. Second, as highlighted in pic related, there's no stock on that buffer tube so it is legally a pistol not a car-bean.

900637  No.12699043


the /k/ommando is correct. it's an ar pattern pistol. niggers seem to think having no brace or stock makes the gun "thuggy and gangsta" remember when you are fighting blacks that most of them can't into weapon systems

f76960  No.12699065


Anyone care to translate for a non-nigger speaking person like myself?

b35307  No.12699070


havent you heard? only white people kill and use guns. this event never happened because that would be impossible.

f76960  No.12699074


>If a few years, after he's finished school

kek. yeah, that aint happenin buddy

91a429  No.12699075


The more recoil you can handle the harder of a nigga you are.

f76960  No.12699083


how's your masters in niggerology treating ya? well done and proper transcription anon.

9195f7  No.12699099


Now way that thing was sighted in either. Another great reason to fight them from 200+ meters if possible

e938d1  No.12699133

File: d3b682fd24855c7⋯.png (97.03 KB, 800x1333, 800:1333, The_monkey_and_the_hunter_….png)


>Blacks just point the gun in the general direction and shoot.

Which always makes for great results when they're firing from a moving car. They'll be okay (theoretically) in the "Monkey Hunter" scenario though


8e7bd0  No.12699156


>Do nigs never move out of their neighborhood?

Nope. They can't read maps. If they get too far away from da hood dey get lost cuz dey not no de wey.

e938d1  No.12699159


see this anon, >>12698549 he did a splendid job. Bravo!

4a1b65  No.12699164


You must be Texan to translate them so well

aa5fa2  No.12699173


If he's in CA, then it's classified as a military grade nuke + grenade launcher.

91a429  No.12699176


Part 2

"I ain't be for nona y'all. On facebook I ain't be for no nigga. On facebook I ain't be for no ain't be for the North Side, because of these niggas no more. I ain't be for what love me cause of these niggas no more. I ain't be… "

*drops camera*

*gunshots ensue*

Any other translator anons want to pick up for part 3? This is exhausting work. I just covered 0:32-0:40.

e3e628  No.12699181


They had to be bussed in 60 years ago by Jews. You tell me.

91a429  No.12699190


Wait, he might actually be saying "beef"

"I ain't beef on no nigga" etc.

aa5fa2  No.12699192


>>12698175 already translated it for us all so eloquently.

450845  No.12699199


Not quite. In the case of moving vehicle, stationary target, you should be aiming behind your target as your bullet will have the same velocity as the car you are in. Monkey and hunter would only apply to this situation if wind conditions were such that the velocity from the car was compensated for by the wind conditions at the specific distance from which you are engaging the target.

f58ea4  No.12699217


I think we should give these fucks more guns. Let them clear out the hoods a little more. What would be lost?

aff9d8  No.12699237


Bizarrely I am a Bong.

But that's a reflection of just how bad things have got here. Our dindus, we shall refer to 8duns (as in "8dun nuffink bruv/ guv/ cuz") have their own patois which one should learn or be a victim to one of their surprise mob attacks, should you happen to stray into an area of your country that they have taken over.

45d0f4  No.12699247


Imagine if he were white and shooting up his neighborhood like this. Imagine.

aff9d8  No.12699255


There's also a possibility I misheard them and our ones are actually saying apedun.

I apedun nuffink bruv, clots gonna get braap braaap braaaap innit doh.

91a429  No.12699260


But that's abridged and not translated into the original Congolese verbatim.

d6bbe9  No.12699261

File: 3b8707cee847b02⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3b8707cee847b02385a7539390….jpg)


>one of these days

d1d778  No.12699293

File: 5c208c54ef65e2d⋯.png (157.89 KB, 417x527, 417:527, eternalwhitewoman.png)

The eternal white woman strikes again. Sitting on social media worshipping the big tough dumb-as-a-rock nigger. Shooting a gun and screaming gibberish at a camera is so masculine the white whore can't resist. I fucking hate white women…

e3e628  No.12699299


>not a white woman

5807c1  No.12699305


She knows you won’t shoot shit anyway

d1d778  No.12699321


>you're the nigger in the video

How fucking low is your IQ to have deduction skills that bad?

82cb8b  No.12699334


haven't you figured out that the media would sell their souls to satan to prevent it from being public knowledge to even liberals that niggers are called niggers for a reason?

65d8cb  No.12699345


What the fuck is he saying?

It all sounds like clicks and whistles, to me.

36549c  No.12699354


Lets just clear out a state, fence it off, and pour all the niggers into it battle royale style. We'll strap gopros to all of them and have it livestreaming. Shit would be hilarious, these monkeys are so funny to watch shoot at each other.

5f5199  No.12699361


Unfortunately, it is actually a real language, with its own grammatical rules. That still doesn't make it any less retarded sounding. The only thing it really accomplishes is alienating them from greater society. But they want to be as anti-white as possible, in every way. Even if it harms much more than it helps them.

bc417e  No.12699363

File: b80bb8e7b8119c8⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 323x345, 323:345, 1396485795231.jpg)

Is he even shooting at anything? Looks like he's just posturing for social media. Livestream, yell about beef, drop the camera, shoot the gun up in the air a few times, ???, profit.

000000  No.12699364


he's having a disagreement with other local tribes and he explains that he will not be bullied by the other tribe members.

5807c1  No.12699365


I’m telling you you’re a pussy and would give up your wallet if the nigger in the video tried to rob you. A lot of white girls are becoming aware of this and desire to be with the taker rather than the one giving it up.

d1d778  No.12699372


>sitting on /pol/ worshipping niggers


000000  No.12699376


i don't know if it's a shot coming in or a shot coming out but you can see a window shatter after he starts shooting, and you hear two separate gun's going off, one further off in the distance. it seems like he was shooting at other niggers doing a drive-by and they were shooting back.

bc417e  No.12699379

File: ed593f3d7527fec⋯.webm (5.43 MB, 488x272, 61:34, black army.webm)


Maybe he's a fag but he's right that if you're a little bitch then you deserve to get fucked up.


So like this, when niggers just shoot their guns randomly to intimidate others without actually aiming. I saw a few holes in the ceiling of the niglet's porch.

f42bec  No.12699387

Did he even have the sights flipped up?

d1d778  No.12699389


>he's right

He's not right about anything, and that's not even remotely what he said. He said white women are trashy nigger-loving sluts because white men are inferior and weak, which is not even remotely true. He's just a nigger worshipping world star hiphop watching faggot.

000000  No.12699393


to be fair to the niggers most are poor and guns are illegal, they can't afford to go to the range and blow money/ammo on a regular basis and they wouldn't anyway because the guns they have are illegal.

d1d778  No.12699394


Are you slow? You don't need access to a gun range to hold a gun properly.

000000  No.12699396


i mean to say if your a broke ass nigger living in the hood your not going to be taking your uzi and 50 round magazine where both uzi's and 50 round magazines are illegal and were probably stolen or used in prior crimes; and blow $200/week on ammo practicing.

000000  No.12699399


who is going to teach him?

d1d778  No.12699403


A youtube video. They're all over twitter and world star hip hop, so we know the monkeys have access to the internet.

5807c1  No.12699408


I’m not defending niggers I’m calling you a bitch. Women can sense it even better than I can. No wonder you nitpicked that one white girl in the comments. You’re a cuck.

000000  No.12699409


your a jew trying to derail this thread.

5807c1  No.12699414


Now you’re generalizing when I was specifically calling you a bitch. A lot of white men are bitches like you which leads to white girls seeking non bitch nonwhites instead of settling for pussys like you.

5807c1  No.12699422


This thread shouldn’t even be up faggot

d1d778  No.12699430


Just filter the nigger worshipping, cuck porn watching faggot.

bc417e  No.12699436

File: 33b49e1f0d1e051⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 960x540, 16:9, black harrassment.webm)

File: d19b2a38620a1e4⋯.mp4 (4.87 MB, 266x400, 133:200, black power.mp4)

File: 5f02628532efda9⋯.mp4 (2.38 MB, 400x400, 1:1, black power 2.mp4)

5807c1  No.12699442


>I’m not a pussy this guy worships niggers

The cope is real

d1d778  No.12699470


You see niggers and shit-skins act like this, naturally, and it begs the questions, are jews responsible for the spread of depravity through their media influence, or is it just a consequence of diversity and being exposed to these monkeys? All the depraved behaviors in our society are normal for South Americans and Africans. Maybe it's just their aggressive cultural spread influencing our way of life.

13bc8f  No.12699496


>shoots up his neighborhood

Wanna bet he wont get dozens of years in jail for that?

e03dca  No.12699509



>This thread shouldn’t even be up faggot

spotted the (((JEW)))

564ea5  No.12699521



Glorious webm

d283a6  No.12699530

File: 7d46686de494699⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 1546792092670.jpg)


>after he's finished school

d283a6  No.12699538


felons can't vote, but that didn't stop obama from trying to let them.

d283a6  No.12699549


you can see bullet holes on the ceiling of little porch monkey's porch

76e120  No.12699557





e219b7  No.12699560

File: 282aab20c0bb90a⋯.jpg (74.87 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Anthropologist shows noteb….jpg)






When translating the vernacular of those of african affiliation it is often better to simply grasp the 'gist' of what they are saying than to worry about the minutia of their words. For you see the noble African does not so much speak as string phrases together in a sort of pseudo-song which is meant to convey a general idea but possesses no depth in it's base components.

5807c1  No.12699562


>How dare you call me out on being a sackless blowhard who vents in nigger hate threads but is a docile bitch irl

000000  No.12699565




fukk wrong wit deez niggaz cu'?! stop playin' bro! [unintelligible], on rayray, [unintelligible], [unintelligible], on rayray, [unintelligible], [unintelligible], on my ray, [unintelligible], yo [unintelligible], on my rarray, nigga, wat?! [unintelligible]. i ain't playin' wit none of y'all niggaz, cu', wait! nigga wanna hit record. nigga wanna shoot. man, nigga wanna shoot wy dey, niggaz wanna dribe down da streed wy dey record, wait! nigga ena my side wid dees sheeid, nigga wait! yo. wazzub. ena my syd wid dees sheeit. wait. wait.

*more gunfire ensues*

f08aad  No.12699566


>black kid illegally gets his hands (possibly illegally) on a firearm and thinks and acts like he's a hard-ass

>focuses on an insignificant detail


You don't belong here

Just go back to Facebook or Reddit as long as you're not here

9f160e  No.12699582


wow, they look like orcs with guns.

e03dca  No.12699583


i am calling you out on being a sackless blowhard who vents in nigger hate threads but is infact a docile (((kike bitch))) in real life

e938d1  No.12699587


You totally missed my point. The first sentence was pure sarcasm.

91a429  No.12699590

What does he keep saying that sounds like "MAN BACK DU? MAN BACK DU?"

91a429  No.12699591


Excellent work!

e03dca  No.12699602



i apologize moshe i meant to say foreskinless

by the way moshe, have you ever asked the eldest of your family what your foreskin tasted like?

f445f7  No.12699607


There is no carbine or automatic in this video. Kys faggot

d3019f  No.12699608


heheh epic ;)

000000  No.12699614


At first I thought "bring 'em back thru" but it may be "sprayin' back thru/too/do" or something similar.

000000  No.12699619


Could also be "send 'em back thru" which roughly translates to "those fine patrons are welcome to rejoin me here at my domicile".

a20819  No.12699631

I hope he's arrested after he kills some niggers but before he kills a white person or has offspring.

a6544f  No.12699633


Why are you posting same video as OP?

ca2901  No.12699635


What an art form! Stunning and brave. Truly, diversity is our strength. How can White man claim to possess any culture compared to these smelly apes shacking their ass?


Excellent transcribing. This will be useful in the court proceedings.

>Your honor, let the records show that my client said "i ain't playin' wit none of y'all niggaz, cu', wait! nigga wanna hit record. nigga wanna shoot."

6f9fa9  No.12699697

File: aa7af83c20bb557⋯.png (350.16 KB, 601x404, 601:404, catter.png)


>focuses on an insignificant detail

where do you think you are?

the small details are, infact, why most people are here.

000000  No.12699702




Part 4

man, cu'. y'all spin back thru, nigga, i'm shootin' back at erybody, i'm a shootin' back at erybody. spin back thru. on my grandma. yo. yo.


mfw f3ds rly us3 ths


The gentleman in the video says "y'all spin back thru".

>t. northern scot who speaks just like this

caa96c  No.12699710


>what the fuck is he even saying

"mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfuggga"

caa96c  No.12699722


Looks like he's in Florida. In which case I strongly doubt the police even bothered to show up.

f03244  No.12699730


>what the fuck is he even saying


>hat related

67a16f  No.12699732

File: 7db6b4bfee3f783⋯.gif (933.69 KB, 1605x1070, 3:2, 7db6b4bfee3f783b76355989f9….gif)


He's saying he is the top nignog of the hood and that all nignogs are beneath him. That his sexual prowess is so known he gets all the nigresses. As top nignog he handles all of his business in a professional manor, thus he has amassed a sizeable wealth. Because he has status, wealth, and women he doesn't need to abide by laws or social expectations. This is literally what all nigger rants consist of.

12aaa5  No.12699738

File: 7b31b417b4a57cd⋯.png (410.26 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Niggers niggin.png)

Is this a nigger hate thread ?

a47cfb  No.12699748

File: d87bed3aa74c15b⋯.png (183.33 KB, 451x572, 41:52, niggers yep.png)

its their culture

a47cfb  No.12699764

File: 2a3e51715ca4d68⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 640x640, 1:1, pussy hat cuck.jpg)

race isnt real.

we are all the same.

this young chimp is your manager now.

dont make him angry.

22a67b  No.12699765

You know recent events are real when false flag actors start doing this shit.

Wonder who his FBI daddy is.

03d2e3  No.12699775


Read Gang Leader for a day. Niggers aren't afraid of getting shot, but they are afraid of having to wait at a different bus stop due to having moved. They're fucking pathetic.

12aaa5  No.12699777

File: 7ce0b6d67e1c44d⋯.jpg (45.24 KB, 510x556, 255:278, Smelly niggers.jpg)

12aaa5  No.12699778

File: b050a6b4a641a7d⋯.jpg (395.99 KB, 1048x611, 1048:611, LAPD vs niggers.jpg)

12aaa5  No.12699780

File: 15b3a17f678b08a⋯.jpeg (65.13 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Stupid niggers.jpeg)

a47cfb  No.12699782

a47cfb  No.12699791

File: 4a1a29945276021⋯.jpg (50.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, drake segregation extermin….jpg)

they've got to go

6f9fa9  No.12699792


>team blue sees fresh meat

>"hi honey!"

>surprised at girl not wanting attention from an old guy

weaksauce meme

ddfcf5  No.12699794

File: 2cbcda01da291f1⋯.png (262.72 KB, 807x528, 269:176, 326131.png)


I will never cease to be amazed that the guy with the RPG didn't blow himself up.

caa96c  No.12699814

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c38109  No.12699864


but they manage to hit a target at least once in a blue moon….so luck or gestalt field?

ffe5ae  No.12699919


Found the shitskin, everyone!

c21bf4  No.12699976



Imagine the smell

aa60bb  No.12700012

File: 13bedbba21ded39⋯.jpg (89.6 KB, 800x800, 1:1, sammy.jpg)


Thanks for the translation.

2f8c1c  No.12700070


God favors those that know they are not favored.

Extermination only in self-defense, it is not for men to dictate Nature.

a0dca0  No.12700079


This is true. Most people here think watching gore videos will train them in some weird way but when the situation arrives they just stand and stutter. People need to find conflict to get used to it. Thats why I became a security guard. I used to shake during confrontation and had huge fear. You have to face it in real life not online.

a0dca0  No.12700082


You know where else users can just shut up voices they dont like? Reddit.

132b55  No.12700093


I sort of understood what he was saying in the beginning because I grew up in a shitty barrio but after the 1 min. mark he started sounding like a monkey.

632135  No.12700098





01268f  No.12700110



Illiterate nigger detected

0dc2bf  No.12700112


I'd rather not.

e01269  No.12700162


Check again, anon. I don't know all the states' statutes but Virginia absolutely opened voting up to felons for the 2016 election.


They still voted. I live in a neighboring state. We were BTFO about it. Here's the follow-up article:


He tried to get 200,000… only got 60,000 felons… but it was enough.

363a05  No.12700177

File: cd64286b5eaa1b7⋯.jpg (100.32 KB, 750x746, 375:373, tumblr_p32t65BaDS1ue6sv7o1….jpg)


I don't have the answer to your question but I do want to comment on the litter. Every single time I see a ghetto, or an African street, or Haiti or who knows where else, there's so much trash everywhere. Compare to a Bushman village, where everything is clean and tidy, notwithstanding the fact that Bushmen have some of the lowest IQ averages in the world. We must stop dumping our crates of charity-clothes, leftover tablescraps and other assorted garbage on the shores of Africa, because they are slowly but surely destroying their environment. I say whites of the world should unite in a grand effort to send Africans back to the Stone Age, for their own, and their Mother Africa's, good.

But in all honesty, we can't wipe them out, that'd be bad sport. They're very amusing from a distance and when kept under a white thumb.

0f374d  No.12700178


I know. I could barely understand a word out of his garbled nigger babble.

0f374d  No.12700180




…and sadly, also this.

0f374d  No.12700219


I also notice that they pronounce the word "month" as "munt."

0f374d  No.12700223


What is it with cuckservatives and making shitty low res JPEG images?

839d6a  No.12700246

File: d4262fab3539bae⋯.gif (796.27 KB, 583x328, 583:328, 1453474617787.gif)


>fluent Dindunesian

I love it.

0f374d  No.12700248


>"I ain't be for nona y'all. On facebook I ain't be for no nigga.

I always thought that they were saying "I ain't beat for none y'all." "On Facebook, ain't beat for no nigga." I guess I need to brush up on my dinduese.

0f374d  No.12700256


>A lot of white girls are becoming aware of this and desire to be with the taker rather than the one giving it up.

The one's that are, are disloyal trash and garbage anyway. Let them.

2ac9c4  No.12700309


Niggers really do reek. I really don't understand how coalburners can stand it. When I go grocery shopping, I can smell a nigger a few aisles away.

0f374d  No.12700334



>"People make mistakes in life. You shouldn't have to live with that for the rest of your life. I believe in redemption. I'm an Irish Catholic, and I just think it's the right thing to do."

Modern Judeo-Catholicism being anti-White as usual.

9195f7  No.12700362

File: 6c57e67850d75c1⋯.jpg (32.45 KB, 477x636, 3:4, c5ee44516a3887085389fcc47d….jpg)


It's true women can sense that we're not killing niggers and other fighting age males from dark-skinned tribes of "other". Us even tolerating their existence on our soil is a display of submission and that has at bare minimum a subconscious effect on the female thought process. Taking it further, it has a demoralizing effect on other males to see those from their same tribe prostrating before invaders, figuratively and sometimes literally speaking. Think of all the faggots afraid to show their "power level" even around women, the most malleable of beings who will form like water to whatever vessel will stay firm and contain her. So many apologetic PR/optics fags even still, when we should know by now to embrace and even amplify whatever evil terms they throw at us racist, nazi, etc. Think of how many anons even here who probably don't conceal carry a pistol daily. It's pathetic, really.

04b912  No.12700370


>full automatic fire

you sound like cnn. semi auto and full auto are buzz terms. an "automatic" means its an autoloader. a autoloaders cyclic rate is all that matters, you cant fucking tell the difference between "full automatic", someone using a "bumpstock"(or a board with 2 nails in it) or someone just able to pull the trigger really fast somehow. thats why outlawing "full automatic" yet allowing "semi automatic" is nigger level retarded.

42e774  No.12700379

File: ee442f542e20a52⋯.jpg (140.78 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 9CC4E151-613E-490D-A194-85….jpg)


Bix nood mopugga, indeed

0f374d  No.12700392



>Think of how many anons even here who probably don't conceal carry a pistol daily. It's pathetic, really.

I would be already if it was legal in my state to do so. I might have to start doing so illegally with the way things are going.

04b912  No.12700405


I agree. and what pisses me off about what whites as a whole do is obey laws no matter how blatenly anti white or harmful they are to us. for example, that concealed carry thing you brought up. Whites always bend over backward trying to obey stupid gun laws, while niggers show off their guns on snapchat with weed while they are on probation and usually get away with it until they get caught while commiting some other crime. They make it really hard for someone to legally carry a gun, which is why so many people dont do it, you can even have your "rights" to buy guns and carry them silently taken away by the FBI or the state if you have even been TRIED, not even convicted of a domestic violence charge, or anything to do with drugs, something the NRA im sure agreed to go along with. At some point, youre going to have to be a criminal and stop trying to please the system.

there arent many whites as of right now that really would have the "from my cold dead hands" attitude they claim to have, when the kikes pass a law saying you need to register your weapons or turn in certain types or the cops will raid your house, they will turn them in. It pisses me off so badly.

9195f7  No.12700420

File: 96d21df155d402c⋯.jpg (36.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, tdi custom sheath.jpg)

File: a3c72bde1c6d0c9⋯.gif (182.83 KB, 621x282, 207:94, ka-bar-tdi-leo-knife-1.gif)

File: ba289bf6c4fbfe4⋯.jpg (9.26 KB, 355x258, 355:258, fenix pd35 tactical flashl….jpg)

File: 10e5947041680df⋯.png (227.74 KB, 700x500, 7:5, surefire cr-kit01 rings.png)

File: 7dd0ca1a09c3bd1⋯.jpg (94.28 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, surefire gp with combat ri….jpg)


If your knife laws permit, something like TDI is highly concealable. And if you slap a combat ring onto a tactical flashlight (high lumen, quick on/off switch instead of several modes) you can easily appendix carry it by tucking into your belt. Huge advantage at nighttime. From there it's mostly situational awareness. Good luck anon.

bc417e  No.12700421


The tendency of whites to cooperate, be altruistic, and plan long term is part of why we were so successful in the first place. But what was once beneficial, when communities were struggling together to survive hard winters, has now become a liability.

06b909  No.12700423


>Other nogs threatened his mom

>Shoots them

Not bad. Better than cracking a granny's skull open for crack money

9195f7  No.12700448

File: eab2d02b5fc6721⋯.jpeg (145.29 KB, 819x882, 13:14, conceal carry map by stat….jpeg)

File: a161ac08f60be5c⋯.jpg (216.37 KB, 810x1728, 15:32, racewarpistol.jpg)

File: af42981bfef721c⋯.jpg (301.61 KB, 810x2026, 405:1013, racewarraifu.jpg)

File: be631054df9dbac⋯.jpg (625.82 KB, 810x2932, 405:1466, racewartactics.jpg)


You're absolutely right. The funny thing is concealed carry laws have actually greatly relaxed over the past decade, so there is less excuse than ever unless you're in a few specific shitty states like CA, NY, or MA. And even then you can still buy an AR even if it's so-called featureless instead of being a nofunz faggot. Unless you're dating a bluehair, I think a lot of women will actually find it attractive if you are unapologetic about owning guns. Especially if you're not just a range plinker but have actually done some competitive shooting or taken carbine classes. Then they know you're both competent, willing, and able to protect them and your future family. To top it off, brices are lower than ever right now.

33a2d9  No.12700466


Jews elevate it to a level that it wouldn't naturally achieve among whites through their influence in the media.

be2936  No.12700492

Shall not be infringed

Bin that nigging nigger tho

04b912  No.12700522


a little tip for the flashlight part, if you are about to turn on your flashlight and you think someone might have a gun, but its really dark and they cant see you yet, hold the light far to the side of your body, they will shoot at the light, not to the right or left of it. I used to do this while on security detail. and if you can, have bright lights in front of you. it really puts someone at a disadvantage approaching an area at night that has bright lights facing them.

48d7e2  No.12700586


>return fire

I think that's just echoes. He shot his own roof up. Hi momma going to whop his nigger ass.

800bc2  No.12700668


Did he died?

405425  No.12700678


>hold the light far to the side of your body

What's the far side of your body?

42bfa1  No.12700682


they have some level of awareness, as all animals do. hence the behavior.

42bfa1  No.12700693


one nigger at the start of the video with the "can i speak to your manager" hair tells him to put the gun down, but it gets 3 laugh reacts from the other groids. they know a wild ape wouldnt do that once it gets going. theyre dumb as shit, but smart enough to spot typical groid behavior when they see it just like we can.

b6b112  No.12700755


I can't see the video for some reason. Is there an alternative link for me to use?

f88922  No.12700864


Disregard that around niggers tho. You're probably safest at the center of their "aim" point.

b469d7  No.12700933



>>12699299 is correct, that is in fact a nigger. Here's it's facebook.



>They're very amusing from a distance and when kept under a white thumb.

I consider people like you part of the problem. I hope for a future so successful that even you go.

0f374d  No.12700954


Thanks, anon. I'll check that out. I fucking hate having to live in one of the May Issue states.



0f374d  No.12700963


>Animated profile pic

That just makes it even worse.

0f9f91  No.12700979


> it is not for men to dictate Nature.

Maybe so, but if someone wants to try I'm not going to get in his way.

081b92  No.12700984


That's not automatic famalam

081b92  No.12700988


Everyone knows faggot it's a meme

fd8762  No.12701033


> remember when you are fighting blacks that most of them can't into weapon systems

Germanon here with no firearm experience.

A burger friend told me negros can't hit anything on a long range and only by accident it can happen that a niggs bullet hits someone it intended to.

He also told me that even a women with moderate gun experience would win a firefight with a black, is that correct in your opinion?

979cf0  No.12701051

File: 0dd01d4aebab7d2⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 933x917, 933:917, 0dd01d4aebab7d28cc4c1807ee….jpg)


Friendly reminder that niggernews.com redirects you to BBCs page of made up nigger speak.

a47cfb  No.12701054

File: 3a3203e76f6b285⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, black culture.webm)

b469d7  No.12701081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You have not lurked two years. Despite all their tough talk and posturing, even the niggers know it.

000000  No.12701089


Wew. Brings a whole new meaning to the term "pavement ape".

2b5a06  No.12701099



Fake af. Gun isn't even hot after he "fires" it.

8912f3  No.12701132

File: cc95c00804075c5⋯.png (13.38 KB, 657x527, 657:527, R14kkDj.png)

>tfw the last one from >>12699436 and >>12701054 actually got you slightly hard

caa96c  No.12701142



Time to follow me and finally move to a 98.5% white community my friend. I feel your pain…

e8a2d1  No.12701161


Can somebody redraw this so that he's livestreaming with a smartphone?

65189b  No.12701171

There goes the neighbourhood.

31fd6e  No.12701180


Thought you meant sad (gore) or funny (lulz)… disgusting…

52c270  No.12701222


Very important point. Killing other tribes turns women on. I knew a teenager girl about 10 years ago that was complaining about men being sissified , and recalling how they used to "just fight, and eat meat". Nowadays she's one of those slut-walking manhaters bitching about "toxic masculinity". I genuinely believe some of this (I doubt she'd be doing exactly this without the propaganda) is an instinctual reaction to men being faggots these days. Women hate what men have become as much as men hate what women have become.

e8a2d1  No.12701297


I made a funny

a75fab  No.12701356


Niggers are almost entirely monosyllabic. They took the English language and reduced it to just barely a step above grunts and gestures.

0252a0  No.12701382



Domain is for sale. Seems like a waste, really.

5ad9bd  No.12702135


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