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4a4774  No.12698226


7b0e18  No.12698242

Wave some rifles around. That will solve everything. Unless that boomer is pulling the trigger he isn't fighting the kikes.

4a4774  No.12698248

File: 0925da02b04c2f4⋯.png (82.12 KB, 759x394, 759:394, 0925da02b04c2f415cde2faa63….png)

File: c06e6a9c4c7eabf⋯.jpg (436 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypass.jpg)

644bbe  No.12698251


This entire website is owned and controlled by Jewish Mason Jim Watkins-

It's an intentional ploy to prevent action among Whites until Jew pawn ZOGnald Trumplestein can help the Gentile build the third temple.

da690b  No.12698259


Low effort OP, you should have posted the bill/proposal they are protesting, a quick rundown, and an archive of a relevant article. ALSO: The rust belt will rise again,


first post kike post, are you mad that they went outside with their rifles and you are still sitting in front of your computer?

d9b22d  No.12698288


Yes, make yourself the enemy of the people. That will work :^)

d9b22d  No.12698292


False. The third temple was built by Terry Davis on an amd64 platform.

0c3900  No.12698311


Top notch Terry is in Valhalla splattering phosphorescent niggers in his van now anon

af8b6a  No.12698314


>first post kike post, are you mad that they went outside with their rifles and you are still sitting in front of your computer?


52d7ff  No.12698323


>terry cucks the jews out of their temple

d0c6b0  No.12698334

Sandy hook could never change a damn law but you're telling me somw kikes get shot and they wanna change the whole system?

162ef3  No.12698339

File: 008f5120d7dcc14⋯.jpg (111.19 KB, 800x573, 800:573, grra606c5dy01[1].jpg)

162ef3  No.12698344

File: e02d512a604e093⋯.gif (402.75 KB, 250x196, 125:98, Smug.gif)


How else are we going to keep you kike fucks occupied while the people that can do something do?

5b3371  No.12698349

I give them credit. At least there out there trying. PA is a very red state if you remove pittsburgh and Philly.

5b3371  No.12698355


You get out there and do it then you fucking room temp IQ nigger

3b3cf0  No.12698375


Pittsburgh is even a red city, if you removed the kikes and niggers. The problem is (((squirrel hill)))

000000  No.12698384

Two more years of Trump left. Kosher payback is on the way soon after. You can tell by his smile that he doesn't realize what evil he is up against.

162ef3  No.12698406


6. He knows, that's what the gun is for, yid.

0c3900  No.12698449


is ( ( ( squirrel hill ) ) ) siege-able? siege it and burn out the rats anon

make pa red for good also white

4a4774  No.12698453


>Low effort OP, you should have posted the bill/proposal they are protesting, a quick rundown, and an archive of a relevant article. ALSO: The rust belt will rise again,

I'm sorry, I figured the link would be enough. Was also a bit short on time.

41f15b  No.12698468

Guns shouldn't be just for show. especially i you'r'e a pissed off boomer with a good shot and a decent scope

b5bd4c  No.12698474

i once heard a man say that dead city council members can't infringe on rights

79a99a  No.12698475


Sandy Hooknose was a hoax and it did make changes. A lot of piecemeal changes were put through, like magazine limits and pistol grips.

41f15b  No.12698476


Who is going to consider you an enemy if you shoot an anti-gun politician? Won't be me, shouldn't be /pol/, much less /k/.

de5364  No.12698478

Exactly. At least they are trying something and getting their point across.

0c3900  No.12698484

File: eeeefd0e0949f89⋯.jpg (176.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 846s8d4rg68s4dr68sd68r68ds….jpg)

d9b22d  No.12698506


lol what would even possess someone to say that? did your words make you feel useful?

anyway /pol/ is a bort of peace.

da690b  No.12698508


It's all good. It's nice to have a whitepill thread now and then. It's just because threads stay up here so long and censorship is worse every day.

41f15b  No.12698566


>lol what would even possess someone to say that?

How easy life must be when you blame everything on the supernatural and nobody is ever anyone's fault, really.

f4fdc0  No.12698568


Guns are literally just props, since you're never going to use them. Because as soon as you do, you're a terrorist to die within 30 mins.

The greatest tragedy of guncucks is that they believe their props are worth anything in politics.

da690b  No.12698585


King George III would like a word with you.

995158  No.12698603



I'm sure that will ultimately be necessary but the Attorney general is at least hinting that he won't go along with their proposed ban. The State constitution specifically forbids municipalities from enacting such laws and there are possible criminal charges for trying. The city council claims immunity and is pushing ahead anyways. Things could get interesting.

I'm also surprised that no one mentioned that this happened almost a week ago. Strangely, the daily stories mentioning the shooting in the local news stopped about the same time. Unfortunately they have been replaced by marchin lootin coon day stories before nigger month even starts.

a50c12  No.12698607

File: 9534a592a129dd9⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190119-180625.png)

Lots of gun rallies lately

d9b22d  No.12698622


right, that's what people mean when they say that. begone, antagonistic terrorjew

8f82df  No.12699135

One the food shortages start and these guys drop 20-50 lbs of fat they will be a force to be reckoned with. Tribal instincts will kick in and skin color will become our natural uniforms and flags.

f4fdc0  No.12699406


And the latest century of American cuckonalism would like a word with you. Guncucks haven't used their weapons for revolution, despite America going to shit, because it's impossible in the modern world.

f4fdc0  No.12699416


>white, black, spic population is all obese

>his best plan is wait for famine to kill em all

You yanks are too lazy and stupified to even march in the streets once, what are you dreaming about?

4ded86  No.12699424


>impossible in the modern world

What evidence supports your claim?

000000  No.12699441





b53008  No.12699456

That kike at the end of the video…

c98c20  No.12699612


Fucking based.

b87118  No.12699621

File: 088fc0340a35644⋯.jpg (420.3 KB, 1416x757, 1416:757, c49bc856e148b4d6925b54849d….jpg)

File: 128a41cf61b89bb⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1646x966, 823:483, ed94bc29207e9b6216e49d2ad5….png)

/k/ommandos are on the scene :::—DDD rebording in for high sbeed low drag oberations ::::D::D

000000  No.12699707


Pittsburgh can't make up their own gun laws because…

Preemption Statute. Pennsylvania law provides that: “[n]o county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.”

7b0e18  No.12699759

These armed protests never fucking work. Boomers and neckbeards in camo with rifles marching around buying coffees doesn't win us public opinion. Not when the Jews own the media. And some fuck up in the group always makes gun owners look bad. We're being genocided and the Jews run everything. Now isn't the time for impotent feel good retardation. The gun is just a tool to fight tyranny. None of the faggots protesting will use them against the (((tyrants))).

a9bdd5  No.12699770

File: ec31ddb075a3c15⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 407x482, 407:482, 1408527007894.jpg)



d54754  No.12699771



>you aint doin nuttin, fuckin goy

ok, kike.

d54754  No.12699779


>You yanks are too lazy and stupified to even march in the streets once

we make our niggers march. this one time we made 1 million niggers march. the jews called them "men". it was a pretty big deal. your globalist overlords probably told you on your local propaganda station that it was called: "The Million Man March".

unless it is marching to the front lines that shit is for feminists, niggers, and other minorities to waste their time doing literally nothing but walking.

why aren't you doing anything (literally anything like this marching thing you're on) to save Londonstan, you fuckin limey? you don't even have guns.

dob jej

705a86  No.12699785

Based gentlemen. Though, the kikes are not going to relinquish control unless bullets are being fired.

c2ed85  No.12699832

BASED BOOMER kekeke. GEEZUS look at that cannon… BAD OPTICS grandpa.

236f63  No.12699949


look at all those fat people

f4fdc0  No.12701154


>we make our niggers march.

On your graves and women.


>>impossible in the modern world

>What evidence supports your claim?

Those who can do, they do. Those who can't, talk on the internet like you.

000000  No.12701179





One of these things isn't like the other.

fc33e9  No.12702254


its doesnt really matter though, the shitsburgh kikes in charge will push whatever the fuck they want through

dce31e  No.12702929

muh optics

ab0888  No.12702978

File: 8a4d6a8e89ed921⋯.jpg (602.52 KB, 1920x1000, 48:25, B3E067E0E1869B58EF1C6C19D2….jpg)

Gentle reminder that blacks open carried to show their support for gun rights and to protest cop harassment. The silly goyim, supported by whispering jews, promptly banned guns in california.

Instead of supporting our oppressed negro brothas, we took their rights away and took ours away in the process. Much hand rubbing followed.

95255c  No.12702994


This is why GLR tried to build an alliance with Malcolm X. First it’s the black man then it’s the white man.

41f15b  No.12703002


>antagonistic terrorjew

Oy vey, weapons and the second amendment are just for show and for hunting goy, never aim at a politician!

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