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File: f4461b931dd8501⋯.png (72.91 KB, 1600x2262, 800:1131, ITS OKAY TO BE WHITE.png)

0bc593  No.12699902

Communist bisexual nigger Martin Luther King Jr has his celebration day tomorrow.

Pro white activists plan mass flyering of schools and colleges with IOTBW flyers.

We do not need to be told every year about how evil our ancestors were and celebrate the end of right of whites to freely associate. That ends now in 2019

81cab0  No.12699905


I'm wearing a fuck niggers shirt tomorrow into college, wish me good luck

b7609c  No.12700032


54d653  No.12700041


> whatever else you do, get video.

54d653  No.12700045



80a5c4  No.12700196


This. Holy shit, record reactions PLEASE. The salt will be glorious.

7b046b  No.12700210

File: 9818956a500f519⋯.png (94.98 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, LEL.png)


a9af9d  No.12700220

File: a457a9333b90d6b⋯.jpeg (152.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mlk jr.jpeg)


I have a dream. Written by stanley levison

044a78  No.12700347

File: ee367c3b84a9078⋯.png (6.11 KB, 196x278, 98:139, ClipboardImage.png)

c30eec  No.12700402


dream of white genocide

c30eec  No.12700403


the escalation play

dd9034  No.12700409

>incels are THIS mad because they white bitches want superior BBC

lmao@ ur life

7bef8b  No.12700450


Don't get killed. God speed anon

d8bdf2  No.12700465


there has only been one penis size survey, done by the Kinsey sex institute and surprise surprise, nogs didn't have the biggest cocks, whites did. The one thing you build your entire self worth on is a complete lie

e871e2  No.12700674


5738bb  No.12700804


You will be a meme in death.


There will be video whether or not he takes it.

c30eec  No.12700835


no ones gonna do shit

but if someone gives you shit, and you feel threatened you should defend yourself and make sure everyone knows you have a right to exist.

and tell any authorities that they are oppressing your right to free expression , if you feel that are doing so.

represent yourself with dignity , but dont ever lie for anyone

17abbe  No.12701042

File: 6d59d9a671396ff⋯.png (574.41 KB, 720x840, 6:7, e936fa8ea6cb0d7394d717d0ee….png)

File: d65704398c6146e⋯.png (603.45 KB, 720x840, 6:7, f459d3c1fdba9e758a04362be3….png)

651a6f  No.12701368

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hang posters about him beating women.

4de3b3  No.12701855


That is actually bad ass

3ee7b2  No.12701872

File: 5f378ad9972f805⋯.png (865.69 KB, 1481x1069, 1481:1069, Sergeant_van_der_Merwe.png)


>Going to class in a fuck niggers T-shirt

>On Buckwheat's birthday

>When the school is closed

bdd7bd  No.12703570

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