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File: d8e522e2fcf1728⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Fucking nigresses .mp4)

aa4c23  No.12700562

Look at these profoundly retarded mongoloid shitskinned sheboon cuntwhores that are retardedly acting like they're dying (I wish) because they didn't get their daily welfare checks due to Gov shutdown. Fucking brainlet primates.

5866e0  No.12700572

File: 34ec87f1b605152⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 970x639, 970:639, Yes Yes I See.jpg)

<gov shut down less than 2 months

<lost everything

14c532  No.12700576


Funny how her whole family is employed by the federal government. Probably because no one else would employ them.

7f1ffd  No.12700623

Why are retarded niggers or illegals always hired as security guards? Why would you want to hire the people who create crime to protect shit? I know the reasons, but still it never ceases to bother me.

14ffd5  No.12700630


Get a real job Shequanda.

ba5859  No.12700641

File: 9df8e61a57b65e4⋯.jpg (98.93 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, kusama-line-4-1024x683.jpg)

File: bd4ed4c20414fef⋯.jpg (116.22 KB, 611x489, 611:489, Hirshhorn-Museum-bubble.jpg)

"pawn mah jew-elry"

Works ah Hirshhorn Museum…kek

"I'm axsin him.."

1fb06a  No.12700646


I wish someone had posed that question to Ron Paul. If you shut down all the government departments, what do you do with all the niggers who used to be in make-work positions.

15dd66  No.12700650



I'm curious what kind of jobs they had. I mean if their entire families are employed by the gubment maybe this diversity hire meme is more real than I expected.

1fb06a  No.12700652


WP confirmed as racists. The lady clearly said:

>Five people in ma family is furloughed. When they wrote the transcript, it says are furloughed. Are they saying that African English isn't good enough? I'm more than upset.

aedabc  No.12700677


>i'm not axing for a handout, i'm axing for my job back.

Your job was a hand out.

8aff39  No.12700696


I mean. Those aren't humans anon. Do you expect them to function well on their own?

3d654d  No.12700698


> Probably

3d654d  No.12700703


> I'm curious what kind of jobs they had.

not proofreading.

6b2139  No.12700743


>diversity hire meme

Where the fuck do you think the meme came from? Seriously anon.

cba3cb  No.12700777

File: ef274e96c9d53c2⋯.jpg (156.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, the people are cowards.jpg)


>eyes jus wantin muh jawb bake massa

Americans believe this, and they believe the government shutdown matters. What's more: all the pandering Trump and republicans made for baste nigger votes certainly can't compete with crying sheboons.

15dd66  No.12700802


I knew there was truth behind it but I underestimated how true it was.

1a47a5  No.12700827

File: c41d66ea9d143cb⋯.jpg (280.82 KB, 900x1495, 180:299, fritzflam.jpg)


>I'm not asking for a handout

<All I want is to be hired based on affirmative action quotas to a pointless, make-work position of no value that is paid at three times what professionals in the private sector earn

>But I'm not asking for a handout

1a47a5  No.12700832


The point of Trump publicly helping niggers isn't to convince niggers of anything; it is to redpill whites on the entitled, ungrateful, parasitic, subhuman nature of the nigger

afcd40  No.12700846


Keep dreaming MAGAman; Trumpenstein isn't here for whites but (((them))).

80ab71  No.12700897

Paid actor. Pelosi or Schumer probably dropped a 100 grand into her account just to fake crying on camera.

b4fd96  No.12700961


Honestly lmao at crying sheboons. One of the reasons why the government has become shit is their is far to many niggers in government jobs being over paid for minimal work or just abusing the power like we have seen with the shitskin judges. Then accounting for the fact that niggers or shitskins in law enforcement create more crime from corruption. A nigger sheriff groped some young teen in San Diego while off duty then ran off so who knows what that nigger was doing otherwise.


Yep and its well known niggers and beaners set up inside jobs if its anything valuable.

3454d5  No.12700980


And yet the transcriber still typed "brung"

Listening to niggers """speak""" infuriates me.

55e5b0  No.12701117

File: 0059b8763f619b0⋯.jpeg (55.14 KB, 500x361, 500:361, coontie.jpeg)

'Dem huwite folk need to gibs me muh jahhb back. Free Coon ties on MLK Day! Remember to punch a nigger today anons.

a97cc7  No.12701170


Lmao how entitled can one be?>>12700832

As much as I'm sceptical when it comes to Trump, this may be the result of this charade. I hope he double downs on the parasitic government slackerd.

d2da05  No.12701233

The government shutdown is the best thing Trump has ever done.

I don't even care if he's a shill, every politician is a shill that's their job.

Keep the government shut down until there's a wall. No compromise. If you have to go down with the ship so be it.

01078b  No.12701266

ba5859  No.12701269

And no amnesty whatsoever. They all have to go back. Every last howling sniveling whimpering hate America beaner shitball spic asshole starting with Jorge Ramos

87090f  No.12701275

Ha ha

87090f  No.12701277

Aw hell naw I needs maw shickin!

87090f  No.12701280

That's bullshit they get unemployment and backpay

87090f  No.12701281

Five blowjobs per day will easily pay rent and a bucket of chicken

87090f  No.12701283

File: 430a02b45090d2c⋯.mp4 (552.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mac Jesus Died So That Fri….mp4)

New Career u lazy bitch

aaba15  No.12701310


Go to any post office


f9e868  No.12701359

TAX season Muh Returns the time of year where people get excited to get a small chunk back of illgottin gains that was stolen from you by the (((IRS))) last year hard working folk depend on this the low hanging fruits of labor in which gets ravaged by the over lords and distributed to his slaves as to create a dependence on him for they not know they are free if they are under a spell of a force that could Stop the gibs from flowing and they could starve or at the very least have a utility bill cut the slave will listen to his betters and do as told for the over lords have spoken Vote Democrat

Seriously though

Babies first Government shut down the Fake news™Needs to stop getting the Niggers poor folk and vegans all riled up and basically fear mongerring them to the point of a nervous breakdown before the go full retard and get in over their heads the government will get it's taxes. One way or another and the Mob will get it's gibs the threat will not work it's a ploy to open discussion on the talk of our nations Future and i for one confident it will be ok and comfy


04fc70  No.12701377



Veganism is stupid and basically a religion, but what does that have to do with the shutdown? Did I miss something?

c0c1cb  No.12701392


>be welfare nigger

>welfare shutdown

>can't ask family for help because 5 family members also welfare niggers in another form

Niggers are only capable of survival in a white society as parasites.

af76df  No.12701401


What is it about sheboons that makes them the most intolerable existence on this Earth? How do they beat out the male niggers and the jews, both of whom want to rob me and kill me, for being just the most horrendous things around?

af76df  No.12701405


What is that hideous post-modern jewish shit?

000000  No.12701407


this isn't really all that bad though. atleast these niggers are working and not leeching off welfare. some kind of federal make-work job (preferably something productive) should be a requirement for receiving any form of welfare benefits; and make work jobs should be used to get the homeless off the fucking streets.

000000  No.12701409


though i guess it's not welfare if they have a federal job. the point is welfare should be completely eliminated and replaced with minimum wage government work.

25370b  No.12701411

Have you a shred of compassion within your bodies? Those people have no ability to plan, so it is no wonder they live handout to handout, but that does not mean you should hate on them freely. Try to put yourself in their shoes for once.

af76df  No.12701414


I agree completely, Anon.

Therefore the best and most moral option possible would be to ship these poor souls off to Africa where they can live their simple hunter-gatherer subsistence lifestyle in their small tribes, as God intended.

430226  No.12701415

File: 28c75521e078741⋯.mp4 (3.29 MB, 480x480, 1:1, dae373d003901d4e54ab77f293….mp4)


>Try to put yourself in their shoes for once.

It's worse than I imagined

4f2597  No.12701416

File: 3a869668a0f12d7⋯.jpg (33.9 KB, 719x808, 719:808, Xxzb5gs0mn6t67t.jpg)

(smacks lips)

dat muhfuggin Trunk betta fix muh stuff yumsayin

(grabs junk)

he betta be sendin me some canned lobstuh and canned scrimps too. mm hmm

4f2597  No.12701421


they have Federal jobs AND food stamps AND section ape just to make sure all 8 of their kids (and 1 on the way) can eat; plus baby daddies and a Cadillac parked out front

5aadb9  No.12701422

File: 98f434a388a5c94⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 316x239, 316:239, ce3fd447787fb20830e3bc76b6….jpg)


(breaths heavily)

Oh no you deen't garlfren.

(pounds chest)

thos are my lobsters and scrimps

now get in my belly

77c114  No.12701431

Fuck these people; they're perfectly capable of working, they've just been trained to sit and wait on their hand-outs. They deserve all that's coming to them.

a97cc7  No.12701495


This. No sympathy to parasites; starting with the kikes

141793  No.12701503


But Jewish people are hard working.

36d650  No.12701510


>Literally 3-D chess.

Wooo boy! Take a break from posting.

000000  No.12701520

I guess white people will just have to tolerate more terrorism, murders and rapes.

14c532  No.12701530


I can't remember the exact quote but something like 80% of 'employed' niggers work for the federal government. So the federal government is nothing but a catch-all for niggers so that private corporations don't have to hire them and get massacred on the 'productivity' end of the arrangement. They can 'work' (and if you have ever 'worked with any of the flavors of subhuman you know this word 'work' doesn't mean much) for the feds and do nothing all day. Push some papers around…basically, the federal government is Adult Daycare for retards so that they can't POZ the private sector.

b031e1  No.12701545


To destroy everything maybe.

8d68fe  No.12701546


Most of us do have compassion - and kind of a lot of it. Our compassion is why we are here today.

Consider what all of us have seen out of the niggers - we have seen them shoot each other repeatedly, we have seen them shoot our own people repeatedly, we have seen them beat their children bloody (and sometimes dead), we have seen them beat our children bloody (and again, sometimes dead. We see this behavior repeatedly.

It is no wonder that we want these people gone. We have compassion for them - we would rather they not cut each other senseless, we would rather they not cut us senseless - but we also know that we cannot live peacefully around the nigger. It is because we also have compassion for people other than the nigger that we grow to hate the nigger - the nigger causes pain to everyone and everything around it.

It is not cold-hearted to hate things that are evil. It is cold-hearted to lend your compassion to a people that delight in the slaughter of our own people and our children. The most compassionate thing that we could do would be to hang every nigger from a rope - this would surely cause the least amount of death down the line, as our grandchildren and great-grandchildren would live happily in a society free of niggers. Perhaps the second most compassionate thing we could do is to ship them all back to Africa - a place where the niggers can cut each other up freely.

But it is fine for us to sit here and laugh at these niggers suffering over not being able to manage their finances at all.

141793  No.12701547


Still counts.

ae53a4  No.12701549

File: 02e3f85c7ab0dd8⋯.png (215.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 02e3f85c7ab0dd8114d180c9f5….png)


>Those people have no ability to plan

Why should I accept a greater burden because of their failings?

b926d7  No.12701552


Because the pay is usually $15 an hour give or take (that's very low around here) and the only ones who ever show up to job interviews are niggers and spics.

They're also usually the leftovers because the 'better ones' are getting paid $20/hr under the table at a nightclub where they can sell drugs or take cash at the door to further supplement their income.

Anytime you're hiring entry level work where the candidate is going to be an out of college age you're going to have a hard time.


No, it isn't. You must be new here.


>put yourself in niggers shoes

>get murdered for them


Of course they can work. What do you think they were brought over here for.

Serious question, how do we solve the nigger problem?

141793  No.12701558



>Consider what all of us have seen out of the niggers - we have seen them shoot each other repeatedly, we have seen them shoot our own people repeatedly, we have seen them beat their children bloody (and sometimes dead), we have seen them beat our children bloody (and again, sometimes dead. We see this behavior repeatedly.

In order to defeat the nigger, you must become the nigger. If every white person in the states starts acting like the niggers, soon enough, they’ll have no other option but start working harder in order to outdo the white niggers. If no one is working, then someone will start working because there will be no one to pay the welfare. After that, everyone will be working again and the problem will be solved.

14c532  No.12701560


No thanks. I could never be a nigger.

141793  No.12701564


You should try it and while you're at it, make love to a Black Queen. It will change your life.

bcaf54  No.12701575


Are you even trying at this point? How fucking transparent can you be?

9c3ee7  No.12701576


This was the first good laugh I've had in several days, thanks anon.


I've been living neck deep in 'minorities' and their ways my whole life, shut the fuck up faggot.


This. Not to mention these are federal niggers who are directly tasked with systematically harming all white people. Their tears over this warrant no empathy, only ironic amusement.

437538  No.12701596

Imagine what a year long shutdown could accomplish.

141793  No.12701601


I'm only trying to help here.

bcaf54  No.12701607


Then tell your jewish whore mother to fuck a nigger, not white people.

7f0519  No.12701608

File: fc93a17f980f0c9⋯.png (35.07 KB, 412x267, 412:267, ungrateful-niggers.png)

File: 307f63e75020616⋯.png (59.3 KB, 640x271, 640:271, ungrateful-niggers2.png)


>redpill whites on the entitled, ungrateful, parasitic, subhuman nature of the nigger

Pretty much

141793  No.12701633


First of all, my mother is white, her religion has nothing to do with it.

Second of all, you're being rude.

Third of all, I'm only trying to help you people get along, it's 2019 after all.

bcaf54  No.12701641


You're going to burn in hell.

141793  No.12701644

File: e7af8aa8b5f8345⋯.jpg (18.42 KB, 326x360, 163:180, 2v43v3.jpg)


I hope you rot in Abaddon, faget.

9c3ee7  No.12701647


And yet it seems to just make older whites all the more eager to notice based niggers saying something conservative. You need an incentive in order to swallow the redpill, and older white conservatives have no incentive to disavow a lifetime of turning a blind eye to the obvious, seeing as how it's gotten them this far. Sad but true. Maybe the younger whites are getting something out of this but they won't be in a position to do anything about it for years, if ever. Hoping for the best from Trump in the meantime is not a solution even if he's playing chess, and if he is he's clearly bluffing the patience of whites where he should be calling the jews' bluff instead. That's a weak play, and we are weaker for supporting it. That's why MAGA shit doesn't fly here anymore.

6fa6a6  No.12701651


You are not trying to help.

If you were you'd leave this place and go into the streets and denounce you people for their wretchedness.

You know better, we know better, go help or hang yourself.

97e7ae  No.12701654

Good post, OP. I used this video as a teaching tool for my son on the difference between owning land and a business, versus being a dependent sack of shit. How people who take care of themselves and their families are government-proof, while lazy stupids are at the mercy of bookkeeping errors.

Not a fag today.

141793  No.12701657


If by being wretched, you mean being better than everyone else, then you’re right. Admit it, your only chance at survival is miscegenation, at least that way you could put your scum genes to good use. The future is ours, so stop living in the past.

97e7ae  No.12701665


The 'boon who starred in this video was a security guard at the Hirshborn Museum. That's an art gallery attached to the Smithsonian that celebrates all the best of (((modern art))).

You'd think the kikes would have found a more sympathetic figure to be the face of the shutdown's casualties. The way it is, I'm wondering why we even have a (((Hirshman Collection))) at the Smithsonian.

9c3ee7  No.12701668


Yes of course, you follow us to the darkest corners of the internet to interject in our discussions because we're actually the ones who are insecure about you being superior. Jews aren't funny anymore but they sure haven't lost their knack for comedy.

141793  No.12701673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d7631a  No.12701680


Look at them living by a victim principle, but then unleashing ad hoc racism against any opponent. They're the own religion at this point.

141793  No.12701691


Just fucking let the blacks replace you lol. It's going to be better that way.

b031e1  No.12701696

be9ef4  No.12701716

File: c72b645b8b5f68f⋯.jpg (262.71 KB, 1024x762, 512:381, 1521574175179.jpg)


el goblina

f4acf4  No.12701717


>we need free shit to live

>we're better than you

141793  No.12701723


That's why real communism works.

be9ef4  No.12701744


the problem with government shutdowns is that each time the government shutdown happens it becomes less effective because they add in more provisions to the shutdown for instance Clinton passed a law for disability not to be affected

b031e1  No.12701752


She needs free gibs for her fake hair.

6f44d1  No.12701757

File: 6ffcd5af7469ddb⋯.jpeg (41.21 KB, 497x497, 1:1, received_279926459362761.jpeg)


That's why you need to have 10 (20 to be absolutely certain) months of living expenses in liquid assets.

97e7ae  No.12701832


They don't have to be trained to sit on their asses. They do the same thing in Africa. Nigger villages could have 10 times their current wealth if the inhabitants would put in 20 hours of work a week to irrigate the crops or mend a few enclosures, but they never do shit. Niggers in Africa wake up in the morning, go and sit in front of the tin shack the whites built for them, and chew khat all day. Then they eat whatever the women cooked, before going back to sitting around all evening. The kids gather firewood, and then they sit around all night by the fire. In the morning, they start over again.

Nothing red-fucking-pills you about niggers faster than seeing them in their natural habitat. Not 100%, but very close to it, just pray for a stroke of luck that makes them rich without working.

This is basically what Islam teaches too. It's no wonder half of Africa is Muslim and the other half is Catholic, and the Protestants have barely made headway on the continent. Protestant missionaries all preach self-reliance and hard work, while the Catholic missionaries essentially cast spells in Latin and give away free food. Which religion do you think will attract more niggers?

0d64ca  No.12701837


That first picture.

<modern kike art at its finest

7f0519  No.12701847

File: 9bd34438d703e3f⋯.png (67.21 KB, 500x310, 50:31, shrug22.jpg.png)


Boomers being boomers is just how it goes. Telling the truth is its own reward, even if nobody listens.

4f2597  No.12701904


>imma scronk, independink blakk wimmin. i don' neet no man


<oh lawd. pleez don' take away muh chips, pepsi, m&m's, scrimps and lobstuh on EBT, and my section ape. how muh spose to pay fa all 8 uh my keets and dey baby daddy's and my car (Cadillac SUV) paymints?

9afcd5  No.12701931


>>can't ask family for help because 5 family members also welfare niggers in another form

That's another redpill for your normies. Non blacks usually have family help or friends help. Niggers have nobody because there all welfare slaves.

88a1e3  No.12701962


thats how fragile this house of cards really is. It would turn into a 3rd world zoo if niggerbux were completely shut off. EBT still works, right? just imagine how quickly things can and will eventually go to shit once the sheckels dry up or the system is damaged enough to halt the flow of bux for long enough. We would get a Cat5 chimpout across the country.

a01dde  No.12702013


'older whites' aren't on twitter with you, you fucking nob. Your mind has been so corrupt by the jew you can't even separate jew games from reality anymore.

Do you imagine when you're old that you'll care about fucking niggers? You clearly aren't White if you think White people think about these animals at any age. Niggers are for amusement, AT BEST.

You must be a child… 'hoping' for something from the government? Old fucks have lived and you haven't. They've seen this bad movie before you naive cunt. It NEVER CHANGES. Which! Isn't so bad compared to the rest of the world. If you aren't a life failure, merica is purdy gud. Unless you're a poor fag who imagines he knows everything. See also; trouble with reality.

af76df  No.12702023


I think this is the most obvious Boomerpost I've seen all week.

6e8266  No.12702040

File: 06f7de8cd570184⋯.webm (985.31 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Untitled.webm)

8c6b5d  No.12702042

Of course the jew landlords are being most generous with the terms of their leases yes? They are helping out their fellow man in this terrible reign of the orange man, yes?

a97cc7  No.12702049


Hahahaha; on point. All bark no bite, like all subhumans

9afcd5  No.12702061


That's how I believe everything is going to go down. The welfare leeches once they have to sell there crap will start stealing from literally everyone. It'll be niggers and it will push the white community over the edge to where people will justify Jim Crow. Eventually the white community will start turning on the jews causing this problem especially when they learn of the Talmud. Im really starting to believe were at the brink of the end of western civilization mostly due to homosexuality and atheism.

>B-but it took hundreds of years for Greece and Rome to end.

Homosexuality has been a problem for almost 200 years now. Look at Oscar Wilde as an example. Crowley another example.

>B-but atheism does not hurt anyone.

It denies a creator and they believe everything created itself magically.

>But didn't Christians lead the civil rights era?

MLK was a Communist homosexual who used the pulpit as a source of power. He was also a heretic. The reason for black integration was a plot by the communists/jews to destroy white alpha christian communities in the south. All whites knew eachother,went to work together,there kids played together,etc. Black integration destroyed that and even hit the cities. Why were there so many jews walking everywhere in NYC for the past 50+ years? All the dumb goys were kicked out of the cities and had to commute to via car to the cities. Look at A Miracle on 34th Street intro. Notice how few cars there were?

000000  No.12702081


Where are the stronk male monkeys at, Washington Post? Tell me those hoes didn't just squirt out children for government gibs.

c716a9  No.12702107


Stay salty boomer Joe. Everything you think you know is wrong.

8c6b5d  No.12702315

File: 75e59172201f5c3⋯.jpg (82.76 KB, 807x700, 807:700, Consider Dis.jpg)


>how do

The same way white people have to do it? Enjoy your equality. Should have stayed a pet.

8c6b5d  No.12702319

File: 1ed459e393de665⋯.jpg (88.72 KB, 605x383, 605:383, Bix Nood MUH DIK.jpg)


Having dey white girl pay fo it.

59415e  No.12702391


>Of course they can work. What do you think they were brought over here for.

But you have to stand over them with a whip to produce a modicum of effort.

>Serious question, how do we solve the nigger problem?

Automated nigger whipping!

8c6b5d  No.12702398


Oh sure take another white man's job.

579bc7  No.12702414

File: 6707b3df86801f8⋯.png (73.81 KB, 308x924, 1:3, burkasaregoodcap.png)

I like dithering

5d233d  No.12702515


Fuck off paedophile kike, we don't support child molestation and mutilation within our white european homelands you filthy paedo kike

a57249  No.12702550

File: 0d7ca5dd63c1f27⋯.png (337.16 KB, 657x780, 219:260, Spic Nig Cycle.png)



Reminder that if these 'boons saw a ten second clip of white Appalachian men crying about lost jobs and dying of overdoses they'd just cluck their tongues or laugh.

ced1e8  No.12702654

i hope the government stays shut down forever

9a036e  No.12702701


the wall and ius soli, otherwise it's just an expensive bandaid on a grenade wound.

15dd66  No.12702705


Remember to all you stemfaggots out there that when you're busting your balls to "advance humanity" what you're actually doing is that pic.

The world you're trying to advance despises you and celebrates the extinction of your people. And when your people finally expire, the world you built will crumble.

9a036e  No.12702719


yeah, that's why in parks you see signs about not feeding wild animals for a shitload of good reasons.

6334a1  No.12702778


This, don't blame retards for being retarded. Blame the (((people))) responsible for facilitating and supporting the welfare state. We brought niggers to this country for manual labor in the form of slavery which eventually ceased to be worth the cost the industrial revolution made unskilled farmers mostly obsolete, therefore our society has no need for them anymore so we have no reason to make them a part of it.

Slavery wasn't even necessary anyways, the cost of buying and maintaining a slave wasn't that different than just paying a meager salary but had more overhead and long term consequences. Whites would have been just fine working the farms themselves, really makes you wonder (((who))) brought the slaves over in the first place.

9afcd5  No.12702816


This is the result of the worship of science and pop science. When it isn't used towards God it becomes a tool for the lazy and the degenerates.

cba3cb  No.12702822


Well, you're half right. The point isn't to collect votes, but continue the plan laid down for the destruction of my country, while people who brag about their military service or patriotism watch fox news.

b35300  No.12702936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember when the American Dream was about getting rich WORKING. Now its about free shit.

c11cb8  No.12703011


First slave owner in the US was a nigger, majority of slave owners were kikes, and kikes ran the slave trade with the complicit help of nigger tribes in Africa meanwhile we're the ones that catch the blame with propaganda attempting to make our people feel eternal guilt for actions that we largely did not even do and affirmative action policies putting our own at disadvantage in the country that we founded. I am utterly and completely devoid of sympathy for them.

f90d6a  No.12703181


"A statue depicting ronald mcdonald on a cross."

No, that is a statue of jesus on a cross, painted to look like ronald mcdonald.

9afcd5  No.12703229


>Remember when the American Dream was about getting rich WORKING.

You mean the jewish lie you dumb lolbertarian.

bc1100  No.12703232

File: ab84b524904de96⋯.jpg (38.19 KB, 425x283, 425:283, kek.jpg)




All the nigs work for .gov cuz nobody wants em.

12fdc1  No.12703383

File: 4b17c1c58369ba4⋯.png (93.74 KB, 500x363, 500:363, 1408281819067.png)


>the american dream was being a slave to kikes

82023f  No.12703395



maybe this nigger-pandering is a ploy by trump to not get branded as racist against black people for shutting down the government for long enough to cause a category 4 chimpout

c55bd4  No.12703655


>working is slavery

The only thing worse than a Jew is a socialist NEET. Kill yourself.

000000  No.12703700

I thought we had near full employment and needed to open the floodgates for more immigration.

8b2182  No.12703927


>Americans believe this, and they believe the government shutdown matters.

No they don't. My boomer parents actually remarked about the government being shut down for 3mo and everything still works. I pointed out their remark and asked what they thought would happen if everyone they knew realized we didn't need the Federal government anymore. They just sat there thinking about it more.

fa83a9  No.12704057

Gotta agree with >>12702013 on some of what he says.

The boomers watched the end of segregation and the civil rights marches.

They watched the Watts riots. Later on they also watched the Rodney King riots.

They've just grown old and tired of watching chimps being chimps over and over ad nauseam.


aeee81  No.12704101




How do you look at that and think liberalism works

There's a negro face under all that flab, even if it's not white it would still look normal. That negro would be in Africa surviving, being more fit and living in accordance with nature. Instead she's a fucking nurgle balloon with red hair, living off white taxpayer dollars and being as single mother to another 13/50 gangnigger. Whites only tolerate this in the name of liberalism and antiracism. The fat white girl has a lazy eye and her body literally rN out of room to store fat, so it would up on her forehead. She would be a cute white girl if she was fit and didn't have that lazy eye. How do you look atany of this and say "yeah it's the fascists fault fuck Hitler"

cba3cb  No.12704142


That's your parents. I'm sure lots of people would agree, but clearly they aren't the preponderate view, or we wouldn't be here today, nor a minority tomorrow.

206747  No.12705176


wtf I love niggers and jews now!

3f4312  No.12705180


The great thing about niggers trying to convince you they're better than whites is that you both know the truth on an instinctual level

893bdb  No.12705185


back to cuckchan

000000  No.12705215

Trump thinks he can reason with those people. He thinks they will vote for him in 21 months.

f4acf4  No.12705219


>we're better than you

>give us free shit

000000  No.12705335


Unrelated but here hold onto this


a29efa  No.12705378


Protestants follow the book, which says the races should remain seperate.

a29efa  No.12705380

Just for the record, if you believe in the trinity, you're not an actual Protestant. You're a NewAge secularist.

a29efa  No.12705383


We can just cut off your steroid and food supplies. See how you do then.

8b564d  No.12705388


you can thank 'Affirmative Action' for niggers in the government

203978  No.12705549


<Giving niggers gibs

>Giving niggers gibs

>And power

>And unquestionable authority

>And letting them run the system

>And displacing Aryan workers

203978  No.12705616

File: f7b2ac00b85fd4c⋯.jpg (73.26 KB, 637x320, 637:320, haiti-deforestation-nasa.jpg)

File: bbd09340fe46fec⋯.png (295.38 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190122-150747.png)


<ship them all back to Africa - a place where the niggers can cut ea h other up freely.

<Let's dump our refuse on Africa and turn the entire continent into Haiti 2.0

The native flora and fauna don't deserve that, Anon. Wipipo made this mess, Wipipo will have to take responsibility for it.

430226  No.12705673

File: 59aeea76b84b639⋯.jpg (159.27 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1525676610579.jpg)

File: 3695d183ab17f90⋯.jpg (97.22 KB, 564x820, 141:205, 9af03fca1d5167cdd91bc622ff….jpg)


>Fuck 4chan

We can agree on that

85a673  No.12707587

File: 56b5bc7d760e615⋯.webm (3.58 MB, 198x360, 11:20, 15475676692710.webm)


wE bE bEttER tHaN Da Whiteyyyyyyy!!!!

609c8d  No.12714658

File: 79d6ba0f6c5517c⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 385x500, 77:100, 1480504925218.jpg)


lol i literally cant take this fuckiNG SHIT ANYMORE

ec20ef  No.12714692



starve already you apes

14c532  No.12714706


It isn't really 'romantic' if you need to vomit while you fuck something.

0cff9a  No.12714729

File: 7c9a5191c0840b5⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 500x562, 250:281, HorrifiedLook.jpg)



This is horrible!!

This can't be allowed to happen in the U.S.!!!

These people are in trouble, this is an EMERGENCY!!!!

The President must declare a state of emergency, to end this political standoff, and give these people the gibs they need to keep their cable bills paid!!!


5c5153  No.12714737

If the shutdown continues until March the gibsmedat officially ends. It will be a glorious reckoning.

cad0fd  No.12714792

File: c83ebfc0a8ff1a7⋯.jpg (783.42 KB, 1904x2424, 238:303, race_war_yeah.jpg)


548cfd  No.12714825


Fedor or Cro Cop could kill every one of those blacks.

bc96b9  No.12714857

File: 92427d191dec550⋯.jpg (46.47 KB, 500x251, 500:251, 1542158017385.jpg)


lol ok.

b5f849  No.12714900

File: b477368fb99450a⋯.jpg (55.4 KB, 645x1219, 645:1219, 1two06242.jpg)

File: a28cc0570a5ea44⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 1310x873, 1310:873, 094_Roy_Nelson_vs_Jared_Ro….jpg)


The only one of those niggers I recognize is Kimbo Slice and he got owned by these fine physical specimens.

Just because you're a roided up nigger doesn't mean you can fight.

6a4c31  No.12714912

File: 577cbcdf275841b⋯.png (323.16 KB, 450x370, 45:37, WTF.png)


The fuck is wrong with you, nigger?

6a4c31  No.12714913


Yep all he had was strike power and if anyone could take it he was fucked. He couldn't take a hit for anything and his cardio was garbage.

14c532  No.12714922


IKR…not to many people know that after 30 days of continual shutdown all federal (I wrote FERAL, but spellwrecker caught it…LMFAO) employees can be DISMISSED from their job by the president. Bye bye parasitic trash, welcome to the new era of MERIT ya fucks.

d64424  No.12714936


<be afraid to call a nigger a nigger because ypu might get physically assaulted

Sorry no. I'd rather risk getting the shit kicked out of me than live like a coward who doesn't speak his mind when confronted. It's about letting your fellow man know they aren't alone.

6a4c31  No.12714949

File: 40696d0f794d6f8⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 640x638, 320:319, Checked.jpg)

6a4c31  No.12714956

Of course those unemployment ratings will take a nose-dive. kek. The contractors are double-fucked.

c793ab  No.12715059




are the fucking wordfilters back?






2896ab  No.12716401

File: 3b5f9dee8d7acd9⋯.png (206 KB, 394x600, 197:300, 1548217833268.png)

c4eaf6  No.12716441


The things to take away from this. Number one… she's a fucking liar obviously and this was inevitable for the jew media to do. Number two… if it is true think about how quickly society breaks down when some real shit hits the fan. Fuck these retarded diversity hires, these are the paper pushers behind beuracrats doing nothing but occupying chairs. Effectively just seat warmers. The waste… the incompetence. You know these niggers buy lottery tickets every week too right?

15dd66  No.12716697


Keep your weird fetishes to your self please.

206747  No.12728623


It's true, whites produce more of everything for niggers than niggers ever produced for themselves.

58cf67  No.12728643


Thanks for the laugh, my good man

14c532  No.12728660

File: 625c1e3bce9c0f4⋯.jpg (83.6 KB, 526x470, 263:235, DNA hominid african ssa wh….jpg)


>blacks assimilate

You can't 'assimilate' into a different tribe, retard. Not only that, but we aren't the same fucking species. Niggers are chimpanzees.

344978  No.12728681


Planning how to rid your home of cockroaches and termites is not "obsessing" over them, you mindless faggot.

14c532  No.12728707


My particular obsession will end when subhumans are exterminated from the planet.

389b88  No.12728724

File: 44c8e7cba704d1c⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 204x360, 17:30, black-mother.webm)

File: e96daf412650b62⋯.webm (4 MB, 204x360, 17:30, black-mother2.webm)

File: e036ab210470a71⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 204x360, 17:30, black-mother3.webm)


>one month without a paycheck

>every nigger in federal makework programs is destitute and lies in ruin

55d21f  No.12728745


nogs are not capable of being hired by anybody that actually requires results. That's why they end up in the gummerment.

14c532  No.12728762

File: cf2c7785e832d7b⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x1447, 2000:1447, africa mud hut single moth….jpg)


I know it is wrong but that nigger belongs back in Africa where these worries won't be a problem for it. This is exactly what a single mother in africa looks like only there is less nigger flip out.

4da317  No.12728763

<Somebody need to pay for my 15 kids


cc3210  No.12728784


That fukign creature needs to be killed. What the fuck is that thing?

94ae00  No.12728796

File: 433ed17ad22e0bb⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 433ed17ad22e0bb7bb6df0a9ec….jpg)



Government make-work jobs are welfare. They don't add anything to the economy. In fact, they are a drain on the economy. You can't have a functioning society full of people that work for the government then pay taxes to the government that uses those taxes to pay them. These jobs exist to fool idiots like you into thinking the welfare state is smaller than it really is. Really, does a nigger guarding some degenerate jew (((modern art))) benefit society in any way? No. Society would be benefited more if neither existed in the first place.

14c532  No.12728809


>there's plenty, to say the least, of white people who belong in an oven

How I know you are a subhuman…

14c532  No.12728827


I wait while you kill yourself.

d55be0  No.12728864


net nigger

c9e977  No.12728873

File: 755123d06d2b7aa⋯.png (2.27 MB, 10000x10000, 1:1, 1425834860397.png)


u're mom.

bad409  No.12728888


Average Latin American male.

110ae6  No.12728897


hey bro shit happens ... like how are those people that buil the pyramids doing????

and you know how are all those people that used the n word in public .... how are their children doing

stuff happens nigger, get a life, move on

and all the dudes in your 2nd pic can get a bullet

63291c  No.12728964

File: b761e2511b12eb6⋯.jpeg (200.27 KB, 705x960, 47:64, 186694.jpeg)


I Spitfire, Kindly ask Trump and his team to keep the government shut down into Late March.

This will cooincide with the collapse of the EURO because Britain is going to have a lot of big Votes in their parliment, we can gain control of the British government and like a stock market all that they control.

and Last but not least the collapse that will follow will show all of the 2013 Obama anti white government funding.

Keep it shut down until Late March early Spring.

f27562  No.12728989

File: ce9a4ae59076e48⋯.png (280.56 KB, 500x375, 4:3, d27abfc88a9bd04b15359abd3a….png)


Call the number that appears on ebt cards


It explicitly says food stamps for February were passed out in june before the 20th and cash aid will be unaffected. You have to listen to the recording, you cant skip it. How are people confused? To check your benefits you HAVE to sit through the message.

14c532  No.12728994


>It explicitly says food stamps for February were passed out in june before the 20th and cash aid will be unaffected

>You have to listen to the recording, you can't skip it.

Assuming niggers have the patience or intelligence to do either…

582a43  No.12729014

File: 8138fb070ab3f30⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 600x536, 75:67, KEK.jpg)


What the fuck is that holy fucking kek

d2da05  No.12729106

File: 2f6139f7301f145⋯.jpg (101.72 KB, 848x500, 212:125, 1svlxx.jpg)


The funny part is they have downs syndrome and are still smarter.

14c532  No.12729118


That is like the nigger blood map…makes me laugh every time.

5f1544  No.12729145


the lying chick purple should make you wonder more

14c532  No.12729189


Nope I know the bug people are completely subhuman liars who are good for nothing except breeding just like the nigger hordes in every way, they could color that shit rainbow and I wouldn't believe whatever it said. Also, If you remove the niggers and assorted variety of other subhuman from our nations our average IQ goes up substantially. How long has it been that we have lived without a nigger or subhuman (including kikes) presence in our land?

Too long.

3d567c  No.12729229

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1f8de9  No.12729311


Another brainwashed yid thinking his jew mother is white. You're a pawn like all the other young deranged leftist twats. However there is hope for some of them to be redpilled, your victim complex will never allow you to escape your jewish essence.

4da317  No.12729748


Yes. Yes. Go on. Did the shutdown affect journos hired to be complicit Mockingbird's, or was it just a Cohencidence that they lost their jobs simultaneous to the shutdown?

cf752c  No.12730613

File: 69ecacc218de30d⋯.jpg (346.68 KB, 2592x1944, 4:3, Carl.jpg)


What in the god damn hell is nearly every niggers problem with saying 'ask'? Seriously, its A.S.K. There is no fucking X.

57e519  No.12730791

>>I'm not asking for a handout, I'm asking for you to give me my job back

Your job is a kind of handout in itself for crying out loud. You get paid to push papers and I'm supposed to feel sorry for you? Cry me a river.

b031e1  No.12731103


>They don't just have Down Syndrome, though

He is saying that a white person with downs still has a higher average IQ than an average nigger. Stop playing dumb (((anon))).

cf752c  No.12731198

Mod are deleting "axing" posts!!!!

14c532  No.12731208


Maybe they got themselves a nigger mod now?

d2da05  No.12731771



3947a9  No.12732741


And deport every fucking faggot that didn't bleed for this country and wanted its fucking border to be nonexistent. If mexicants won't take them, deport them into the sea. Fuck every last one of the traitor bastards.

ac4d94  No.12732794


Or she could just be rich, or buy more money.

d0e8e5  No.12753466


be me playing fornite squads of 4 PUG

>see fish character

>fish sees me pick up big shield

>fish ask if he can get that

>"nah, you get enough welfare"

>fish laughs and says yup he's on welfare

>look at fish name - "big dick nibba"

>laugh and tell him at least he has a mic unlike the other two

>fish says "how the fuck you gonna play this game without a mic? I didn't have a mic, i'd go steal one. shit if my broke tonight i'd go steal a new one."

f3736d  No.12753478

How is this any less pathetic than you cuckolds begging the people who literally run the united states and both parties, the creators of every problem, to "beat the libtards!"?

d0e8e5  No.12753481

File: b5b2ca582dfc286⋯.png (153.54 KB, 600x448, 75:56, boom.png)


at like :35 she talks about pawning stuff? Pawn shops usually have a 30 day hold or something right?

Sounds like there's gonna some deals at your local pawn shop boys.

cc673a  No.12753483


Pretty much. The only requirement for doing DMV or USPS work is to have a pulse.

14ffd5  No.12753556


Aren't Niggers the most useless group of people on the planet? I mean they can't even feed their own children.

14ffd5  No.12753568


Lmao wtf is that

d0e8e5  No.12753578

File: 23b549b9913a021⋯.jpg (5.43 KB, 231x218, 231:218, tfw.jpg)

File: d7034df46893ef1⋯.jpg (84.02 KB, 596x532, 149:133, starv.jpg)

File: e85e69c19471e44⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 228x221, 228:221, display blacks.jpg)

File: ae9ed6b12e54272⋯.jpeg (70.55 KB, 640x400, 8:5, nigs gone nig.jpeg)

cbbe3e  No.12753723


>have you a shred of compassion within your bodies?

For my people, yes I do.

>Niggers have no ability to plan, so it is no wonder they live handout to handout, that doesn't mean you should hate on them freely.

And what compassion do you have for those you steal from? My gf and I can barely afford to make ends meet as it is, our state takes 25% of our paychecks in taxes. My gf has student loans too which are gonna kick in soon after she graduates this Spring, raising her expenses EVEN FURTHER. As is, she doesn't even have over 2k saved up in the bank because rent, food, bills and taxes alone shred her paycheck.

She is one medical accident away from homelessness and that's assuming she can still pay for her shit after an extra several hundred a month need to go to her debts. Of course, this doesn't phase you because she can somewhat plan out her future and she actually works for a living. No, increase taxes and pay for a dumb welfare nigger whose only contribution to society is being a literal fucking parasite. Unironically kill yourself.

cc673a  No.12753728


Look at that piece of shit Goodman condenser in the background. God I fucking hate Goodman. Overpriced piece of shit.

14ffd5  No.12753744



>They have no ability to plan

Unless that plan involves demanding that society subsidize their hedonistic and irresponsible lifestyles. Like think of how many of these filthy niggers who live welfare cheque to welfare cheque had kids knowing this was going to be the totality of their existence.

How about you fund them if you care so much, and stop putting a gun against my head and demanding that I do it for you.

450906  No.12753867

File: 19c92d8be5de22a⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 500x333, 500:333, microcephaly.jpg)



It is a microcephaly.

Most microcephalys are from muslim world and they always happen due to interbreeding. The epicenter of which is pakistan.

Hearing the lawnmover music I would assume the video is from mexico

5d7218  No.12754693


Corruption so vast hundreds of people could make careers out of investigating, discovering, and prosecuting it with a side of personal suits against Corrupt Politicians.

f0e3d6  No.12754710



*inbreeding, and I don't think that's Mexico, might be Brazil or something because dude looks like at least part nigger (which really makes him look like some kind of monkey combined with that microcephaly)

92da16  No.12758261


Anon, look at this thing >>12728724

Ddoes this thing look able to look at its ebt card, find a number, call that number and listen to an entire message?

The answer is no, because like it said in the video, the furthest it got in life is burger flipping and frying chicken.


Compassion would be to round up every one of these animals and drop them back into Africa. They never belonged in our civilization, they will never understand us or stop hating us because of their inability to comprehend our civilization. Compassion would be to put them back in the wild where they belong.


Its worse, Catholicism teaches you should fuck all the time and never abort children or use any contraceptive in order to increase God's flock in the world. It's the worse possible combination, one religion appeals to a nigger's violent nature, the other to it's instinct to rape.

f3736d  No.12758269

Waaaaaaaaah the jews are holding me back! But your complaints are invalid! I'm the only one legitimately being held back! Everyone join the alt right and fuel my narcissistic paradise where you get to listen to a selfish whiney faggot like me tell you what to do for eternity! If you arent my slave you are a communist!

Its relieving knowing what a weak enemy you are

dcb618  No.12758289


>muh alt kike

Where the fuck do you think you are, nigger?

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