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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fefdba  No.12700788

SJWs be like would someone think of the children!

>Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb made his most direct threat yet against e-cigarette companies Friday, saying they face an “existential threat” if they don’t stop marketing to youth.

>Gottlieb said he was horrified at the recent rapid rise in teen vaping. He called out the most popular product — Juul— by name and said his efforts to get companies to voluntarily dial back on candy-flavored products and heavy-handed marketing techniques were not having much effort.



214cd1  No.12700794

File: b59b0d0017009cb⋯.jpg (31.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, meme.jpg)


It's about time.

Godspeed FDA Chief

fefdba  No.12700803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Kike Park


8f00f1  No.12700959

File: 3f1b691357ed763⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 236x201, 236:201, 6ee5eb89bc1ff49be0e1581dc7….jpg)

File: d51a745a1ef8237⋯.jpeg (16.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg)

File: 96d74859a7753ba⋯.png (326.35 KB, 304x494, 8:13, mk-ultra-dr-sidney-gottlie….png)

is Scott Gottlieb a descendant of Dr Sydney Gottlieb, the Director of CIA MKULTRA? why do these Gottlieb traitors keep trying to poison American citizens and brainwash us with the chemical kike? Vaping is the most effective way to quit cigarettes. and vaping has 1% of the health dangers as smoking cigs which are laced with hundreds of toxic chemicals and engineered to maximize addiction. a wise Anon once said every FedGov agency is actually dedicated to achieving the opposite of its chartered mission. the FDA's real job is to poison and sicken and murder as many Americans as it can get away with, all the while stealing our money and kicking it back to the kikes on WallSt.

i hope Trump's shutdown fucks the FDA. i hope this Gottloeb gets his ass fired for being a traitor. i hooe angry mobs of vapers find Gottlieb's house and fuck him up with a good ass whoopin or a ln old fashioned tar and feathering.

7ebbd1  No.12700962


Your nose is showing.

fefdba  No.12701065


Your need larger imagines

4ceb30  No.12701073

Good. Anyone who smokes digital is a faggot.

289db5  No.12701082


He's right, though. If you don't already need a nicotine fix then there's no reason to start but I personally know half a dozen people who have either quit tobacco entirely or dramatically reduced tobacco usage after switching to an e-cig and most of them used a juul.

82ab56  No.12701140


juuls are for fags what you want is massive clouds in the middle of the supermarket and whatnot

fd192d  No.12701146

I've been looking to get into vaping, any recommendations?

reminder that there is literally nothing wrong with 0mg vaping

aa4e96  No.12701192


i took it up, not to quit smoking, but because real cigs are dirty and messy to do indoors. Not sure why anyone would do zero nicotine vape though.

Easiest way to start is to buy a starter pack. It ain't rocket science. Only later if you want to make your own e-juice you'll need to do a little research.

fefdba  No.12701203


Bacon and butter popcorn flavored vape

29b4d4  No.12701205

File: 6707b8ef8ea2f05⋯.webm (9.25 MB, 270x480, 9:16, Xhale City Vape Shop empl….webm)

c16e3a  No.12701207

I used it to stop smoking. Besides, don't those anti-smoking cucks bitch that tobacco companies actually try to get kids started on smoking and have documents on it? Gee, seems like the FDA has its priorities backwards. :^)

837296  No.12701284


Are you implying you don't smoke, and want to take up 0mg vaping?

Are you reddit?

324f0c  No.12701288

Good idea create a black market so the price will go up and people can make lots of money selling

512062  No.12701291

It's a good idea.

Vaping is cancerous. Plus it gets people addicted to nicotine.

324f0c  No.12701294

A law is only passed when something is completely uncontrollable so that they can make money off of it by doing that very thing whilst profiting off of stopping others from doing so. If laws were obeyed there would be no money made and those laws would be abandoned they make money when we are born reproduce get sick and die and get buried

229adc  No.12701300


A record number of people reject the tobacco Jew.

229adc  No.12701308


Haha, what a fucking faggot.

599580  No.12701321

The Juul actually seems pretty good

The name reminds me of with Jews U Lose

Not owned by a kike is it? Not another secret method to poison the goyim?

4407a3  No.12701327

File: 68c9e8e423bd839⋯.png (329.1 KB, 675x450, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7e964c7f85c0c1⋯.png (224.75 KB, 474x248, 237:124, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 82ce8966591e2be⋯.png (173.84 KB, 474x255, 158:85, ClipboardImage.png)


Market to kids all you want. It is still Illegal for kids to purchase or use Nicotine products, yes?


Caffeine should be adults only as well, talking to you Sunkist Orange Soda.

Any Addictive Substance should be Adults only.


Now what age is an Adult?

26 according to Obamacare…

87be35  No.12701333

Vapists rise up.

3bebf5  No.12701363


Say what you will about vaping. The attitude of the FDA is infuriating. They threatened to remove ALL vaping products from shelves if teen use didn't drop. As if it is their job to protect us. I am fucking sick and tired of the nanny state.

It's like "Okay America teen use either comes down, or we're taking it away from everybody. Fuck all the lives it will affect by shutting down all the shops, and the people that will die as a result of not having a healthier alternative."

7a29e3  No.12701366

File: 1715cec3c8dbafa⋯.mp4 (10.25 MB, 988x720, 247:180, Ralsei Drives.mp4)

>Spend years telling people that nicotine doesn't give you cancer

>Product comes out that offers smokers and potential smokers a way to get a nicotine fix without injecting cancer smoke into their lungs

>Freak out and try to ban it, since young adults see it as a once deadly thing they can now try with minimal consequences

>All before research confirms whether or not nicotine alone has greater health affects than addiction

I am surprised about all the outcry over products that have likely stopped people from picking up actual smoking. Also


Yes because as we all know kids are just dying to inhale chocolate, and are whiling spend x10-x20 as much money over actual candy to do so. No adult would ever like the flavor of something sweet.

3bebf5  No.12701376


Um, no.

Cloudfags do not use Juul.

000000  No.12701389

>All these people saying vaping is better than smoking

That's a fucking lie. The only potential sources for a study on something like that are studies funded by large corporations Not to mention that vaping is heavily marketed towards kids. I'm an early Zoomer who just graduated HS, and it's the amount of kids who vape is bad. About half of my school vaped, and already three kids came down with small cell lung cancer. Tell me, do you think "vape flavors" like "unicorn vomit" and "sour patch kids" are marketed towards Children or adults? And do all of you really think that all the viral shilling like Vape Nation is really genuine? Vaping is just a way for large tobacco companies to circumvent the regulations already put in place against cigarettes. You want to quit smoking? Use nicotine patches or cold turkey.

cffd30  No.12701451


Good, fuck zoomers

5399cd  No.12701475


>a wise Anon once said every FedGov agency is actually dedicated to achieving the opposite of its chartered mission

American Heart Association still shills for Canola oil, margarine and other shitty vegetable oils. Then it turns around and tells people to stop eating coconut products and butter. Wise anon is correct. But the reason they are polar opposites of their proposed mission is because they are run by jews.

17efef  No.12701479


>muh candy flavor products

except we know adults actually enjoy these flavors and buy them more often than tobacco flavors (since they taste like extra artificial trash)

>b-b-but muh teen vaping!

yeah lets have them go back to cigarettes, genius idea there retards.


>any recs?

If you plan on sticking to it then invest in one good kit to take care of for year. Also you need to choose right away if you wanna make your own coils or buy premades forever (more expensive). My personal rec for a good and cheapish setup:

>Voopoo Drag Mod (https://vapenw.com/collections/mods/products/voopoo-drag-157w-mod-black-frame)

If premade coils:

>Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank (https://vapenw.com/collections/sub-ohm-tanks/products/smok-tfv8-baby-beast-v2-sub-ohm-tank)

Smok tanks are usually good, the mods are ass though.

If making your own coils:

>Mage RTA V2 (https://vapenw.com/products/coilart-mage-rta-v2)

>Sigelei Moonshot (https://vapenw.com/collections/rta-rba/products/moonshot-v1-rta-by-sigelei)

>Voopoo Rimfire RTA (https://vapenw.com/collections/rta-rba/products/voopoo-rimfire-rta-rebuildable-5ml-tank-atomizer)

You'll also need one of these to actually make a coil properly: https://www.misthub.com/collections/rebuildables/products/geek-vape-mini-tool-kit

Just get any kind of kanthal or stainless steel spool of wire and cotton alongside it to make your own.

To power your mod you'll need two 18650 batteries. Personal rec are LG HG2's. DO NOT BUY EFEST BATTERIES. Juice you can find anywhere but my personal recommendation is gonna be naked100, the brand of juice so good the chinese actually tried to make knockoff bottles of it. Also, instead of 0mg get 3mg faggot.


Nicotine is a poison, especially in high doses, it's just a cheap and accessible mod but it's not good by any stretch of the imagination.

deec35  No.12701481


>Natural selection is bad

You don't belong here, torfag

17efef  No.12701482


>Freak out and try to ban it, since young adults see it as a once deadly thing they can now try with minimal consequences

This is the actual occurrence. Teens are vaping rather than smoking, causing an increase in public health.

b11034  No.12701483


>he ignores the neuroprotective qualities of nicotine

If dementia or alzheimer runs in the family, you need to start taking tobacco before your mid twenties.

The same goes for caffeine. Purist clean living is another form of purity spiraling.

>3 kids out of a school of several hundred got cancer

How much were they dosing, and was there a familial history of ENTL cancer?

I will agree that vape juices are not safe because of who makes them chinks, and what they contain flavoring agents that are potentially toxic, but there are too many benefits to both nicotine and other compounds found in tobacco and vaping.


52214b  No.12701484


>white race genocided by parasites

<it's just natural selection, goyims :^)

2d250a  No.12701488

E-cigs helped me quit smoking. Anyone who opposes them has blood on their hands.

2d250a  No.12701489


>Besides, don't those anti-smoking cucks bitch that tobacco companies actually try to get kids started on smoking and have documents on it?

Yeah, they do, but they want to be relevant.

2d250a  No.12701490

File: 12f785e5b7a4756⋯.jpg (31.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Russell-Williams-and-wife-….jpg)


>American Heart Association still shills for Canola oil, margarine and other shitty vegetable oils.

The head of the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation had a serial killer husband and is in a cult herself.

b11034  No.12701494



And then I forgot about the coils and wicks.

NiCr coils aren't exactly safe because they could potentially expose your lungs to high levels of nickel, which could lead to inflammation and cancer later in life.

I've seen fiberglass and rockwool used as wicking material, which again isn't great.

But don't let any of that dissuade you, as you can use cotton for wicks, and some other metal like titanium for your coils.

17efef  No.12701516


>NiCr isn't exactly safe

which is why i recommended 316L SS or Kanthal

>fiberglass and rockwool wicking

why would anyone do this when cotton is available? Hell i wouldn't even touch ceramic coils

>titanium coils

Just stick with kanthal for wattage mode and stainless steel for temperature control.

5473e0  No.12701527

He won't do shot.

Also, not fighting faggots because I won't turn gay. Get commit suicide. Nobody likes faggots. Seriously, not even lesbians like faggots.

74d9d9  No.12701531


1. Lesbians don't like anyone.

2. Who cares what lesbians think?

834acf  No.12701538

fda is a gatekeeping org designed to control what the populace gets and what they don't get

gov gatekeeping is kike control

000000  No.12701559


>muh kids

<fuck these kids first of all

second, this has nothing to do with children and everything to do with states loosing tax money from people quitting tobacco products in favor of ecigs.

5cfbc8  No.12701571

>SJWs be like

Those are the only people I have ever seen vape. Sage for nicotine degeneracy

25da5b  No.12701912

<shills itt trying to distract from the fact nicotine boosts testosterone

<attacking something leagues better than smoking

<supporting banning smoking alternatives while you know damn well cigarettes will never be banned

Really makes me think

f8ffcc  No.12701976

There is literally nothing wrong with smoking or vaping. The problem is with the product. Cancer additives in cigarettes for one. Roll your own. Stop being nanny state kikes supporting jew schemes just because you want everyone to stop doing what you don't personally like.

7e901a  No.12701983


>There is literally nothing wrong

And there goes any sort of argument you thought you had.

5a4edf  No.12701984

Meanwhile, in America. . .

>But tobacco farmers still receive more than $60 million in subsidies a year through the federally subsidized crop insurance program. In 2017 alone, the Department of Agriculture provided crop insurance premium subsidies to growers of eight different kinds of tobacco.


25da5b  No.12701990


There is literally nothing wrong with gassing kikes in Minecraft

d60d84  No.12701994

Good, it was jews marketing to kids.

d60d84  No.12701995


When did they add gas?

f8ffcc  No.12702005


Kill yourself boomer.

f8ffcc  No.12702010


>I have no counter argument so I'll say you had none ha gottem

Commit suicide, puritan.

8a90a5  No.12702045


the FDA and ATF has been using the same story with alcohol and cigarettes. it's not going anywhere except maybe a few laws passed here and there

30b546  No.12702071


It was the best way to quit until the regulated the ever living shit out of it. When you could get levels of 18 or 20 nicotine, you could taper off. 20 to 18 to 16 and 13 and 9 and so on. Now its 6 as the maximum. So when someone goes from tar laced cigs to vaping they find it "too hard" [boo fucking hoo] to quit.

The rest of your post I agree with.

a34f73  No.12702168

File: df3f38e4528c8e9⋯.jpg (106.64 KB, 636x610, 318:305, n82ug86u9o601.jpg)


FDA and ATF have been a pest on alcohol, tobacco and pretty much everything else for decades. The scheme is simple:

>start whining about muh children

>use that as a premise to push through laws and regulations

>these laws and regulations drive up the price of regulated goods

>which means they can be taxed higher

>shekels for everyone involved

>except the consumer, who gets a dick up his ass

FDA is the reason why one can buy weed without even leaving his house, but when I want a pouch of decent tobacco, I have to drive dosens of miles to a particular store that constantly teeters on the verge of closing.

t. pipe smoker

979116  No.12702235

>>12700788 (Heil'd)

I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoy how it will distract the libshits and SJWs and turn them against the (((FDA))) but at the same time, I do not enjoy these kikes trying to spread their authority further, nor do I see their power grabs as beneficial. The underlying tech behind e-ciigs ridiculously simple vaporizers is something that can prove useful to me, but I also have hated every single motherfucker who I have ever met who has one of their precious "MODS" that they constantly suck on, and the faggots seriously piss me off with their 'better than you' attitudes while they blow that shit in your face, acting like it's less disrespectful than blowing smoke in someone's face. Further, the usage of these is essentially the final push to separate people from nature in regards to smoking, which at first wasn't such a bad thing… I occasionally use a pipe or roll up herbal blends with some tobacco leaf that I shred myself, though I will also state that the habitual over-consumption of adulterated or even regular leaf, if in high quantity tobacco is harmful. The issue though is less the nicotine which does have beneficial effects if used appropriately or the smoke of the tobacco plant, but with the levels of consumption and the poisonous processing of the plant. The lungs have a hard limit on the amount of material that can be processed through them before they start to clog up and break down, just like any other orifice or organ for that matter, and the modern cigarette is designed to push a person over that limit. With that in mind, I do not see these vapes to be any better, as they too encourage over-usage, constant fucking usage in fact. Shit, the ONLY reason people see an improvement when going from chain-smoking to habitual vaping, is because the fluid is made of PPG or Glycerin, which acts as a solvent when it comes into contact with the residue that builds up in the lungs from chainsmoking, which then helps the lungs process the shit out.

efe268  No.12702276


www.pipesandcigars.com you fucking pleb

fefdba  No.12702283


FDA exposing kids to fed approve drugs for years

fefdba  No.12702294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Those are the only people I have ever seen vape.


>Not the once pushing for vape ban by portraying all vapors white males

Hi jew

fefdba  No.12702298


>No ID

>Spreading fake scientist about vape

Nice try jew. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3651898/Vaping-better-smoking-one-best-ways-50-years-improving-world-s-health.html


a34f73  No.12702300


P&C has a shitty selection and whatever decent stuff it has is constantly out of stock. Smokingpipes.com does not deliver to the bumfuck nowhere in which I live.

000000  No.12702688


>Bad Goy! Don't you know killing white teenagers is a good thing?


>Tobacco's good for you

Prove it. And I can't see your pay-walled article, maybe because I'm on Tor.

>3 kids out of a school of several hundred

Keep in mind, the vaping epidemic's bee going on for ~4 years. That means that it only took, at most, 4 years to ruin three good lungs, in their prime. What will happen once these people are in adulthood and more prone to cancers?

>Too many benefits to tobacco

Then smoke tobacco, don't vape


>No ID

Doesn't matter, kids just buy it from degenerate adults. You do know what a "Drug Dealer" is, right?

>Spreading fake scientist about vape

There aren't any long term studies about vaping, as Juuls have only been out for ~3 years.

I skimmed your first article, there's no citation, and even admits that there's not sufficient data to determine if vaping's safe.

Your second had a small sample size, only 181.

Also "Current smokers of combustible cigarettes only, and current smokers also using NRT or e–cigarettes, had similar levels of the tobacco-related toxins and carcinogens"

Vaping may be marginally better than smoking, but it's suicidal, unhealthy, and degenerate all the same.


>Nice try Jew

Fuck, you caught me. Yes I, clearly a Jew, have been caught telling young men to not inject chemicals into their lungs for temporary bouts of pleasure. Oy vey, now those vape companies owned by large, Jewish tobacco corporations will make a profit, it's like another shoah!

762248  No.12703235



At least you're in the US. Smokingpipes.com will ship me actual pipes across the Pacific. But any tobacco I buy is more than 80% tax* thanks to the anti-smoking kikes here increasing tax by 10% per year, with a view to eventually banning it entirely.

*Not as in 80% tax gets charged on tobacco. I mean 80% of the final price you pay is tax.

571f7a  No.12703262

File: 56ab9369959b987⋯.gif (939.42 KB, 180x155, 36:31, 1365100231961.gif)


I guess we should ban all nightshade plants if go down that road.

0dacff  No.12703586


>[boo fucking hoo]

Why the Internet Tough Guy routine? I'm sure there's shit you can't do without help. Yeah, some people can just quit smoking cold turkey. Most can't. You aren't cool or better than them. Actually the douchebag attitude makes you worse.

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