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File: c87fbac970f692f⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 361x550, 361:550, MV5BYjRiY2Y2NmItM2ZhMy00ZD….jpg)

File: b633d9c0ab8520b⋯.jpg (197.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Aldrin_Apollo_11.jpg)

File: 7643602d9724089⋯.png (370.54 KB, 689x718, 689:718, 1435150847470.png)

9f8938  No.12701014

Mockumentary - Psychological Weapon to discredit conspiratorial views of events

/pol/ I've been around for long time in the conspiracy circles. I've contemplated UFO's, Jews, Hollywood, Banks, etc, and even if I don't believe in all things blindly just because they are conspiracy theory, I believe there is a way to see if conspiracy theory is legit. If it is surrounded with shenanigans by the establishment then there is some agenda.

What I've noticed is that there are intentional alphabet groups made to spread disinformation and lead people who seek truth to the path of lies, and thus destroying their credibility and getting them under mockery.

One of these methods of demoralizing us is by mockumentary. To make a documentary look like a real documentary about the subject, but to make a mockery out of it. To make people who are authentically interested and exploring truth seem foolish, and demoralize the whole idea of that conspiracy.

Some of these mockumentaries are very high budget. Some are older then even the conspiracy movements they seek to represent. Like they were made in advance to hijack and demoralize a movement before it even gets started.

What is more disturbing that some of these mockumentaries are not spotted and advertised as mockumentaries, but if they outed all of the sudden everyone in the comment sections are saying that they are in on it and knew all along, and it's all a joke. They make zero money, as they are only shown in clips in youtube. Nobody buys them.

I'm not saying all mockumentaries are made with ill intent. There are plenty of mockumentaries from fictional bands and people, but it's a phenomenon we need to be as a movement aware. It really hurts us if we have wrong information flowing around disguised as good..

Some mockumentaries clearly made to discredit ideas and people

>Why They Sank the Titanic (2012)

This movie was made to look like a documentary made in the late 80's or early 90's, but really it's made in 2012. It has false information and even false "video material" of underwater titanic which in reality is cgi. Somehow people are not aware of this. Also it has no distribution other then youtube, which is free. Clearly they put money, research and time into making this. Right now as I'm posting this there is no mention of it being a mockumentary in wikipedia or anywhere else. And like so many other conspiracy mockumentaries they only list themselves as mockumentaries after they been discovered and outed as false.

>The Smiley Face Killers

This is actually a real phenomenon. I was interested and actually watched this documentary believing it to be true. All the way to the final scene where a black serial killer kills the interviewer, and then I was demoralized. I thought maybe this whole idea of the serial killers killing young men and dumbing them into water must be just a scam, or urban legend, but later I got interested again about the subject and realized that there was so many attempts to hijack and demoralize the movement to seek and inform people about these "Smiley Face Killers".

>In Search of the Edge (1990)

This is interesting as it was done 1990. It preseeds the modern flat earth movement. Documentary if full of easily disproven lies and misinformation. Those who are psychologically easily led will be fooled. The documentary was done with the help of the Flat Earth Society, which is a front for alphabet agency, and also some Canadian professor. It constantly makes a mockery of themselves and tries to promote other conspiracy theories so associate flat earth with holocaust revisionism, 911, moonlanding, etc. The flat earth society was started in 1975. So 15 years before the film was made. Clearly they are a huge psyops.

>The Canadian Conspiracy (1985)

This was made to discredit the idea of Jewish (((american/hollywood))) cultural influence.

>Dark Side of the Moon (2002)

This was made to lead people away from moonlanding hoax. People like Benjamin Owen have been dubbed to believe the "confessions" made by Kissinger and Rumsfeld. Benjamin Owen loses respect in the eyes of other conspiracy theorist when he spreads lies. Even if he doesn't know it. This is also why these movies are dangerous. I've spoken to many people about moonlanding and always people dismiss me because of this mockumentary.

>All UFO documentaries

Do I need to point these even out?

There probably are more mockumentaries trying to discuise themselves as real.

What do you guys think? Are we been led astray?

9518dd  No.12701018


It's goes way deeper than that…since the jews violently took over printing they are pushing the same nonsense stories for decades on all their platforms, while associating them with the terms conspiracy, nutjob, tinfoil, loonies, etc. This was spread over all their entertainment avenues and later on mixed with real events like the JFK assassination to discredit them as conspiracies as well.

aa9678  No.12701030

>Some mockumentaries clearly made to discredit ideas and people

The fucking mentally deficient schizos you share a hobby with already do that on their own.

You want legit conspiracies? Deep State, anything that goes on in the EU, free trade agreements. But those boring and too realistic for /x/ faggots and thus we get moon Nazis and satanic 6th dimensional lizard people instead.

9f8938  No.12701050


There is nothing conspiratorial about EU, Deep State or Free Trade agreements. They talk about those things openly.

You think governments don't lie?

People don't lie?

What about mislead?

Are those out of all possibility?

And what about popular culture or subcultures? Are they without politics, ideologies, aesthetics, ethics, world views, social hierarchy / value?

If they do, then wouldn't it be good to control them? Doesn't the media just do that? Silence those they cannot control or agree, but boost those who they control or agree with.

If people, governments, cliques are not capable of lying then why wouldn't there be movements to hijack trends and communities like /pol/? Or are you trying to say that such things don't exist as shills?

9518dd  No.12701062


It's not about how insane or legit the stories themselves are, it's about hiding truths in plain sight, burying information under nonsense, discrediting inconvenient truths with trigger words like "conspiracy", and disarm the incentive for citizens to question the narrative.

9518dd  No.12701067


To back your statement up…


00e298  No.12701077


>There is nothing conspiratorial about EU,

Any backroom dealing where public scrutiny is explicitly avoided is a conspiracy against the public. The EU is nothing but backroom dealings.

9f8938  No.12701095


They are open about their anti-white agenda. There is nothing conspiratorial about their politics. They say what they do and they do it.

The thing is that they've marketed their politics in a way it sounds morally acceptable. If anything the moral "code" of anti-racism should be challenged and the whole thing will fall down.

Now there are lies and misleadings in the project of globalism and this EU, like "race is a social construct", or holocaust, etc, but their agenda is fully open and antiwhite. There is nothing hidden or secret about it.


What statement?

c38697  No.12701105

Remember that terrible movie Apollo 17? What the fuck even was that, I still don't understand. It was a semi-horror movie claiming to be made based on footage from a conspiracy website.

c38697  No.12701108


Meant Apollo 18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_18_(film)

a201ed  No.12701164


7e388d  No.12701404


>moonlanding hoax

Had me until that point. Maybe you're right, I mean it makes perfect sense. Of all the conspiracy theories, the moon one I don't buy. We went to the moon (or did we, lol).

b88c03  No.12701445


NASA started the moonlanding hoax meme themselves back in the sixties. Whenever someone notices something anomalous or weird in a moon image, they want people to scream that it's evidence of it being faked, and to not look into it any deeper.

008625  No.12701498


What kinds of anomalous things anon?

000000  No.12701570

How do I know this thread wasn't created by the CIA


000000  No.12701674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

These jewy looking guys say it was to kill people opposed to the Fed. So I'm going with the insurance scam theory since jews made a fortune from 9/11 that way.

419aa1  No.12702196

>>I've contemplated UFO's, Jews, Hollywood, Banks, etc

Deep thoughts while on the toilet huh? Well nigger, if you don't know mechanical and electrical engineering (among other fields) you aren't contemplating 'ufos'. If you don't know economics and have no experience in finance you don't have a clue as to how 'banks' work.

>>If it is surrounded with shenanigans by the establishment then there is some agenda.

Holy fuck, do you even logic son?

It just gets worse and worse. Eat a bullet, dumbo as there's no hope for you.

000000  No.12710959


>Dark Side of the Moon (2002)

Is about how easy people are mislead by statements and pictures the audience is told how to interpret, but don't actually support certain claims, don't show what people are told they show.

Nothing "fake", no complete forgery but all out of context and misleading.

Lessons can be transferred to how the "holocaust" is presented.

1418b9  No.12710999

Anyone who dares speak about seeings anything that hasn't been stamped kosher is labeled as either a conspiracy theorist or schizo, thrown into a (((hospital))), lobotomized, sterilized, and locked up.

>What I've noticed is that there are intentional alphabet groups made to spread disinformation and lead people who seek truth to the path of lies, and thus destroying their credibility and getting them under mockery.

See: flat earth.

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