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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12701684

DAGOMA Aims to Curb 3D Printed Gun Production with Operation Harmless Guns

>The French 3D printer manufacturer DAGOMA has launched Operation Harmless Guns, a unique campaign that is attempting to halt the production of 3D printed guns by modifying real firearm blueprints to make the unusable and releasing hundreds of them online


12a2de  No.12701786

kill em, it's that simple,. they can't subvert the people if they are all fucking shot dead

c07499  No.12701790

Do they not understand how 3D printed firearms work?

You'd can just make a copy of a real firearm and expect it to work.

4a4cc3  No.12701791

But we already have the designs that work on our hard drives.

afda9b  No.12701801


Time for froganons to get cracking, then.

c7a8cd  No.12701838


Stupid cunts. 90% of the crime you could commit would merely involve brandishing a believable gun anyway. If you want to kill someone without a serial number just plunge their body about 10x with a pointy weapon such as a knife, or sharpened stick, hell you could make a lethal point with papier mache and a bit of resin.

No doubt they have secured government financing for this bullshit.

7c6886  No.12701852

Isn't this fraud? I mean, people pay for those blueprints, right?

000000  No.12701856

>Oy vey freedom isn't free


'Franc' means "free". These people are jew golem.

000000  No.12701921



These people are faggots and possible pedos, which is why shit has yet to ship. Nigger is in jail for being a degenerate.

453921  No.12701936


Oh look, a jew on tor spreading lies. Neck yourself, faggot.

000000  No.12701937


why anyone in mainland europe would need a printed gun is beyond me, that place is awash with illegal firearms.

1e3510  No.12701945


Average school shooter IQ > Average cop IQ

The only thing these numbnuts end up doing is making the work of cops more difficult when they try and figure out who is downloading what

7ed00b  No.12701950

File: f4dfce2773277b1⋯.jpg (189.63 KB, 500x527, 500:527, 1429598077624.jpg)

That's a mild inconvenience at best that you might have to print off a few guns before you test fire a successful one. A more diabolical plan would be to print ones which will intentionally break or jam after just a couple of uses. But I wouldn't expect a bunch of goony cunts to be that smart.

c07499  No.12701952


Or how about


Literally homemade guns in an english shed.


c07499  No.12701956


Really the main problem you're likely to have with 3D printed guns is using the wrong type of plastic.

You've need to use PETG or ABS. Of the two PETG is the only one most people could work with.

But most printers are rigged up to use PLA which is weak as shit and will warp in direct sunlight on a warm day.

290af4  No.12701964

File: d36021bf85f1003⋯.png (572.58 KB, 2036x1072, 509:268, d36021bf85f1003c685c601d82….png)


Added for insight into the brilliant cop mind

On October 8, 2015, the 8chan Administrator (who, at the time, was Hotwheels) received an email from the American authorities, who were concerned about a post on 8chan threatening an attack against a school in the Houston area (http://archive.is/lVsJe). Because of their incompetence, the 8chan Admin received a scanned picture of a photocopy of a printed 8chan post (pic related). The post in the picture (dated October 1, 2015) indeed contained a threat against a school in the Houston area, but due to the bureaucracy of the authorities, it arrived approximately a week too late and the original post had already been deleted.

be729f  No.12701988


P.A. Luty is my hero

That pdf is a step by step for easily making a fully working machine pistol with magazines.

Who needs a 3d printer when you have a local hardware store?

a9119c  No.12702234

File: 7574c169d2cea24⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 3D-Printed-Metal-Gun-Compo….jpg)


Good way to get boycotted virtue signal.

3D printed guns are no better than zip guns of yore unless you use a very expensive, rare printer that costs way more than a decent lathe, and that is not even taking into account the cost and availability of the material, expensive pulverized alloys of certain compositions vs being able to use unmodified scrap metal.

07e763  No.12702269


>A Jew thinks 16 is pedophilia.

933d55  No.12702302

3D printed moulds for guns are much more dangerous than 3D printed guns especially when organized armed groups get their hands on them. This is what they should be really sacred of.

2e0843  No.12702342

File: ce4dd7b9131968e⋯.png (642.54 KB, 675x700, 27:28, ce4dd7b9131968ef0247b2e6b2….png)

File: d133805264ac52a⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 720x960, 3:4, vapen.jpg)


Exactly, meanwhile in sweden…The niggers are ALLOWED to smuggle RGD hand grenades which they set traps and kill people with, AK47's, and all kinds of shit from their gay pedo niggerfaggot cousins from Analbania.

You may ask what recourse the (((swedish))) government has taken. They have chosen "amnesty"..(lol like they'll ever turn their shit in)((only whites are retardedly altruistic enough to do this))

Listen white man, there's literally no fucking reason you shouldn't have a gun in 2019 europe. The niggers all have guns and they are not afraid to use them. When shit happens and the niggers start using their weapons they'll be uncontested as the #1 power in society for however long they hold onto their weapons. Then you get an empty chemical barrel and use your brain.

991aab  No.12702346

>undetectable changes

Say hello to my SHA-512 checksum. Good luck with making your changes "undetectable".

6dd232  No.12702450

File: f877b5ca424bd51⋯.png (469.48 KB, 559x740, 559:740, ClipboardImage.png)

> unironically not realizing that brass shell casings are metal

Also if only those plans were distributed via some sort of consensus method resulting in a torrent of small bits of files which would quickly weed out the fakes with a lack of sharing. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

bae9f8  No.12702460

People will just download them from a reliable source then. Do these nigger not know how autistic people are about the quality of their torrents?

12a2de  No.12702463

File: 88473b3cd98b884⋯.gif (112 KB, 250x187, 250:187, tumblr_lye227723q1r5qrimo1….gif)

kill known leftists, that way they can't serve the state.

12a2de  No.12702464


dbl posting to say i think the french gov is involved with this anti 3d gun file operation

fc3504  No.12702466

2eea6f  No.12702589


like the anarchist's cookbook left out the oil on top of the Molotov cocktails?

seems to me that isolating and capturing and stripping the riot police (especially the red arm band squads) would be most effective.

12a2de  No.12702616


seems to me like stealing firearms and killing the french cops would be better… after setting fire to all shops in the area and blowing the gas lines

7b47f6  No.12702660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



In this particular video the mold isn't being used to make firearms but the concept is the same.

448a87  No.12702662


>Sweden citizen

Oh? Care to share a picture?

cb6b7f  No.12702680


>3d printed molds

Ok, what's the catch? The top half of the part looks alright while the bottom is a melted mass of mixed plastic+metal?

cb6b7f  No.12702685


or is that rubber some sort of special ultra thermal resistant compound

sage for doublefagging

9acbe8  No.12702687


It's not plastic, it's 3D printed silicone. The catch is you have to use metal that melts before silicone does.

7b47f6  No.12702693


I'm not really sure of the physics of this but from around 1:05 the dude doesn't seem to have too much of a problem separating the metal from the mold.

9acbe8  No.12702703


Speaking of melting points:

Silicone rubber: 300C

Aluminum: 660C

Iron: 1538C

Steel: 1510C

Lead: 327C

That's why he used that shitty "tin bismuth alloy".

cb6b7f  No.12702707


>it's 3D printed silicone.

No, you can see the 3d printed mould that he pours the silicone into. The metal he's using is shitty bottom tier aluminum. I actually remember when I was 5 or 6 years old I had a toy oven that did the exact same thing and came with a little mould of a car and other shapes. This metal is NOT gunworthy. You'll get 4 or 5 shots maybe, when you'd get a single shot with a polymer gun…

cb6b7f  No.12702714

File: fe737cfa9f77f05⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)

Pic related. Same exact thing kek

7b47f6  No.12702716


I suppose in which case the kind of metals or alloys that can be used would be limited. Still, a weapon so derived would probably be better than a plastic based weapon in terms of durability I am assuming

2eea6f  No.12702746


bets on mudslime?



3d print part, use to make silicone/ high temp mold / cast (so you don't print the silicone). Useless for anything other than toys


Better would be to 3d print part, then make a sand mold and cast with aluminum

9acbe8  No.12702761


Just go old-school lost wax casting, 3D print a wax part, pack it in sand, and pour molten metal into it. The wax vaporizes and the metal replaces it in the sand cavity.

deeb41  No.12702767


Silicone mold + lost wax casting would be cheaper

8cf316  No.12702776

File: a9e5df55cd9ac5a⋯.png (380.82 KB, 679x505, 679:505, this dry Daria.png)

good job they're not altering the "blueprints" for 3D printed bullets…

a9dd05  No.12702791

Seriously, guns are one of the most simple mechanical devices there is, the only real issue with making one is the barrel rifling which you can't make on a standard or even a CNC lathe. You have to either buy or build a barrel rifling machine and it's cutting tools.

2eea6f  No.12702796


can you 3d print wax? if so, yes

284357  No.12702805


Not even, you can build a smooth bore shotgun with 2 pieces of metal pipe and a cap.

9acbe8  No.12702808


The reason people have hardons for metal 3D printing isn't because you can make a gun with it. It's because you can make a barrel rifling machine with it.


Yeah but from what I can find it's not as cheap and widespread as plastic printers because there's less demand.

284357  No.12702825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you can do the same thing with PLA

a9dd05  No.12702835

File: dbe3dc100330586⋯.jpg (34.47 KB, 540x347, 540:347, Rifled slug.jpg)


You can make the barrel with the rifling already, the problem is that metal 3d printing is a very expensive process and the resultant metal is way too porous and need heat treatment and additional machining in order to make usable or else it will break in the first two shots, and even with the heat treatment it is still weaker than a standard forged/machined barrel.


Smooth bore barrel + slug is a good combo, the slug itself is already stabilized by it's geometry so you don't need the grooves in the barrel. (pic related)

cb6b7f  No.12702842

I have a 3d printer, what are some actually useful things to make?

284357  No.12702847


The most use ive got out of my 3d printer has been making cases for projects.

89e4ae  No.12702860

Lol and no one will share them and it will die within a few years.

3d printed guns are such a red herring and the fact that these glow in the dark niggers freak out over them just shows what clueless control freaks they are.

You can machine a much better gun than you can print.

c5b882  No.12702871


(((national security)))

580332  No.12702872

Ironic, since the Jews had illegally converted lipstick cases into bullet casings during their terrorist war against the british in 1947. I guess only they are allowed to manufacture their own arms, not the silly goyim.

000000  No.12703009


This >>12701786

Kill them all.

Spread printed guns to all White Men to kill as many jews and leftists as each one can.

772a87  No.12703019


How do they expect to be successful? Guns are a very simple machine that can be seen from a glance on if it would work or not.

ee898a  No.12703469


goyim can do whatever they want. The problem is that they like to follow the rules. I would love to start machining gun parts but the people around me are such fags and rule followers that they wouldnt even think about it.

bf89f3  No.12703486

File: a47840efa02506f⋯.pdf (34.53 KB, gun.pdf)

Share this file wherever you can

(Cut Fire Control Group)
(Zero On Center Rear Of Magwell.
(T16 D=0.25 CR=0. - ZMIN=-1.3802 - flat end mill)
G90 G54 G64 G50 G17 G40 G80 G94 G91.1 G49
G20 (Inch)

N10(Top Pocket)
T16 G43 H16 M6
S5000 M3 M8
G0 X-2.1694 Y-0.145
G0 Z0.6104
G0 Z0.2104
G1 Z0.0498 F13.1
G1 Z-0.605
G1 Y-0.1453 Z-0.6089
G1 Y-0.1462 Z-0.6127
G1 Y-0.1477 Z-0.6163
G1 Y-0.1498 Z-0.6197
G1 Y-0.1523 Z-0.6227
G1 Y-0.1553 Z-0.6252
G1 Y-0.1587 Z-0.6273
G1 Y-0.1623 Z-0.6288
G1 Y-0.1661 Z-0.6297
G1 Y-0.17 Z-0.63
G1 Y-0.195 F39.4
G3 X-2.1444 Y-0.22 I0.025 J0.
G1 X-0.5804
G3 X-0.4874 Y-0.127 I0. J0.093
G1 Y0.127
G3 X-0.5804 Y0.22 I-0.093 J0.
G1 X-2.2244
G3 X-2.3012 Y0.1795 I0. J-0.093
G2 X-2.4044 Y0.125 I-0.1032 J0.0705
G1 X-3.3396
G1 Y-0.125
G1 X-3.0134
G3 X-2.9479 Y-0.0984 I0. J0.094
G2 X-2.8607 Y-0.063 I0.0871 J-0.0896
G1 X-2.4337
G2 X-2.3137 Y-0.153 I0. J-0.125
G3 X-2.2244 Y-0.22 I0.0893 J0.026
G1 X-2.1444
G3 X-2.1194 Y-0.195 I0. J0.025
G1 Y-0.17
G1 Y-0.1661 Z-0.6297
G1 Y-0.1623 Z-0.6288
G1 Y-0.1587 Z-0.6273
G1 Y-0.1553 Z-0.6252
G1 Y-0.1523 Z-0.6227
G1 Y-0.1498 Z-0.6197
G1 Y-0.1477 Z-0.6163
G1 Y-0.1462 Z-0.6127
G1 Y-0.1453 Z-0.6089
G1 Y-0.145 Z-0.605
G0 Z0.6104

N20(Bottom Pocket)
S5000 M3 M8
G0 X-2.1694 Y-0.145
G0 Z0.6104
G0 Z-0.43
G1 Z-0.5906 F13.1
G1 Z-1.224
G1 Y-0.1453 Z-1.2279
G1 Y-0.1462 Z-1.2317
G1 Y-0.1477 Z-1.2353
G1 Y-0.1498 Z-1.2387
G1 Y-0.1523 Z-1.2417
G1 Y-0.1553 Z-1.2442
G1 Y-0.1587 Z-1.2463
G1 Y-0.1623 Z-1.2478
G1 Y-0.1661 Z-1.2487
G1 Y-0.17 Z-1.249
G1 Y-0.195 F39.4
G3 X-2.1444 Y-0.22 I0.025 J0.
G1 X-0.5804
G3 X-0.4874 Y-0.127 I0. J0.093
G1 Y0.127
G3 X-0.5804 Y0.22 I-0.093 J0.
G1 X-2.2244
G3 X-2.3012 Y0.1795 I0. J-0.093
G2 X-2.4044 Y0.125 I-0.1032 J0.0705
G1 X-2.7054
G3 Y-0.063 I0. J-0.094
G1 X-2.4337
G2 X-2.3137 Y-0.153 I0. J-0.125
G3 X-2.2244 Y-0.22 I0.0893 J0.026
G1 X-2.1444
G3 X-2.1194 Y-0.195 I0. J0.025
G1 Y-0.17
G1 Y-0.1661 Z-1.2487
G1 Y-0.1623 Z-1.2478
G1 Y-0.1587 Z-1.2463
G1 Y-0.1553 Z-1.2442
G1 Y-0.1523 Z-1.2417
G1 Y-0.1498 Z-1.2387
G1 Y-0.1477 Z-1.2353
G1 Y-0.1462 Z-1.2317
G1 Y-0.1453 Z-1.2279
G1 Y-0.145 Z-1.224
G0 Z0.6104

N30(Trigger Hole)
S10000 M3 M8
G0 X-1.5033 Y0.0229
G0 Z0.6104
G0 Z-1.049
G1 Z-1.2096 F13.1
G1 Z-1.3552
G1 X-1.5036 Y0.023 Z-1.3591
G1 X-1.5045 Z-1.3629
G1 X-1.506 Y0.0231 Z-1.3665
G1 X-1.5081 Y0.0232 Z-1.3699
G1 X-1.5106 Y0.0233 Z-1.3729
G1 X-1.5136 Y0.0234 Z-1.3754
G1 X-1.5169 Y0.0236 Z-1.3774
G1 X-1.5206 Y0.0237 Z-1.3789
G1 X-1.5244 Y0.0239 Z-1.3799
G1 X-1.5283 Y0.0241 Z-1.3802
G1 X-1.5532 Y0.0252 F39.4
G3 X-1.5794 Y0.0014 I-0.0012 J-0.025
G3 X-1.5484 Y-0.031 I0.031 J-0.0014 F60.
G1 X-1.1804
G3 Y0.031 I0. J0.031
G1 X-1.5484
G3 X-1.5794 Y0.0014 I0. J-0.031
G3 X-1.5555 Y-0.0247 I0.025 J-0.0012 F39.4
G1 X-1.5306 Y-0.0258
G1 X-1.5267 Y-0.026 Z-1.3799
G1 X-1.5229 Y-0.0262 Z-1.3789
G1 X-1.5192 Y-0.0264 Z-1.3774
G1 X-1.5159 Y-0.0265 Z-1.3754
G1 X-1.5129 Y-0.0267 Z-1.3729
G1 X-1.5104 Y-0.0268 Z-1.3699
G1 X-1.5083 Y-0.0269 Z-1.3665
G1 X-1.5068 Z-1.3629
G1 X-1.5059 Y-0.027 Z-1.3591
G1 X-1.5056 Z-1.3552
G0 Z0.6104
M5 M9


(Safety Fire Control Drill)
(Zero On Rear Takedown)
(T31 D=0.1036 CR=0. TAPER=118deg - ZMIN=-0.2391 - drill)
(T34 D=0.375 CR=0. TAPER=118deg - ZMIN=-0.4254 - drill)
G90 G54 G64 G50 G17 G40 G80 G94 G91.1 G49
G20 (Inch)

T34 G43 H34 M6
S1914 M3 M8
G0 X0.803 Y-0.464
G0 Z0.8645
G0 Z0.4645
G98 G73 X0.803 Y-0.464 Z-0.4254 R0.2 Q0.0503 F7.1
G0 Z0.8645
M5 M9

T31 G43 H31 M6
S2905 M3 M8
G0 X1.928 Y-0.689
G0 Z0.8645
G0 Z0.4645
G98 G83 X1.928 Y-0.689 Z-0.2391 R0.2 Q0.0259 F4.2
X2.771 Y-0.375
G0 Z0.8645
M5 M9


c4be03  No.12703542


weren't the polymer 80 lowers just injection molded lowers filled with clear/colored resin that you could remove with a dremel?

7711aa  No.12703558

File: 002a426a18dbf3a⋯.png (35.43 KB, 377x377, 1:1, 6ddf4b18b11cc85cd836aebcdc….png)

A gun is one of the simplest machines… If you're enough of a nerd to print one you're basically enough of a nerd to design one too

4a2e79  No.12703569


>Wasting time


>But most importantly; preventing functioning weapons from being printed

No because all you need to do is test the firearm and if it fails, simply download from a more reliable source.

bf89f3  No.12703590

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Nothing wrong with Nerds.

d8a51b  No.12703613


I'm guessing these are coordinates for my 3D printer anon?

bf89f3  No.12703628


I found this file on another chan, with right-wing anarchist inclanations. I have not yet been able to print it as I don't have the money for a printer. This file was provided in a share thread.

66e7d2  No.12703638


Of course it's France

4d697e  No.12703646

File: dc35b682ccbebe3⋯.jpg (68.85 KB, 735x500, 147:100, opener-Planers.jpg)

The company that develops a desktop metal 3d printer, and panders to the firearm community will be the real winner.

Metal, not for a barrel or parts that have to be durable for extreme PSI, but metal for gun parts such as a optic mount for pistols.

ecd73d  No.12703649

File: b1f2384c669cc70⋯.png (4.49 MB, 2140x1739, 2140:1739, e6feaea6df3b3771feb9682809….png)


i've never seen what he posted before. he's something that's been floating around for a bit

ecd73d  No.12703653

b94b0a  No.12703654

File: c940934d0748e1b⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 420x600, 7:10, 3b47c27a5b3089eda8fc6747d9….jpg)


Holy shit I could cut this in my CNC mill at work.

bf89f3  No.12703660


Do it, and tell me if it's valid. Now that I think about it my source for this file is probably ripe for misinformation made by these french faggots

d8a51b  No.12703663


Looks like a nerf gun, perfect for getting the upper hand, what material would you recommend, I am thinking all out polyester.

cc37ad  No.12703694


Give me a couple of days man. I have to clock in and out of jobs that I'm cutting. If I can get a few unlogged hours, I'll give it a shot and post results.

4d697e  No.12703696


look up the nylon carbon fiber.

4d697e  No.12703709


Nylon carbon carbon fiber would probably enable you to shoot 22 shorts all day safely.

4d697e  No.12703734


or something like this


d8a51b  No.12703763


cheers mate, i'll think about it but I will probably stick to the ladies at home for now.

b670cb  No.12703858

These people deserve to die, straight up.

3b2d95  No.12703865

Deliberate sabotage seems felonious.

3b2d95  No.12703870

File: 0f6b0b4c007a493⋯.gif (934.33 KB, 495x248, 495:248, What the Fuck.gif)




>carbon fiber

76b52a  No.12703873


>>literally jews creating a physical disinformation campaign

The jews are retooling their normal tactics to the technology they have at their disposal.

3b2d95  No.12703881

Carbon fiber reinforced nylon isn't nylon carbon fiber. Christ almighty, they have "carbon fiber" for 3d printers but it's nowhere near the same strength as an actual carbon fiber sheet with epoxy part made via mold.

3b2d95  No.12703896

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c5074d  No.12703898


>the only real issue with making one is the barrel rifling which you can't make on a standard or even a CNC lathe. You have to either buy or build a barrel rifling machine and it's cutting tools.

This is wrong. I don't know how this wrong idea keeps being perpetuated. The hard part of making a firearm is drilling the barrel. it requires a large lathe, a specialized gun drill tool, and a high pressure coolant pumping system.

8420b2  No.12704100


Stop you retard, run it though a simulator for faults first.

a69b99  No.12704105

I don't need a gun, I have a Thor's hammer, and it'll crush skulls.

d0a696  No.12704147


An interesting disinfo campaign. Similar strategies were used on Napster. Basically, the kikes distributed screwed up music files.

d0a696  No.12704151


kikes. it's not "france" - it's kikes.

219e96  No.12704163

Good. Thank you France.

d0a696  No.12704184


t. whore kike with a witch's tit

66e7d2  No.12704190


What's the difference

000000  No.12704192

I'm okay with a gun that fires guillotine blades instead of bullets.

af6b4d  No.12704220


"Erin Sith" is a tranny, and you are gay.

5cac16  No.12704502


lol… those are Gcodes for a CNC mill you idiots. you're not 3d printing shit with that, it does the exact opposite and removes material

bd69a5  No.12704528


So say you were exercising your constitutional right to boycott global arms manufacturers but still required a last resort firearm for self defense, doesn't matter if it only fires a few before it breaks, it's last resort. You chose the 3d printed route because choice is your constitutional right, perhaps being a "maker" is a new religion you're working on, which is your constitutional right.

If it turned out you were unable to defend yourself as is your constitutional right, couldn't you sue this bunch for everything assuming you survived?

c16f5d  No.12704580

now thats what I call desperation. Thats so pathetic. they are mad about shitty "3d printed" guns? lol ok ill just make a gun with 50 dollars of hardware parts just like you could since the 19th century and its way more deadly, durable, and secretive. brb

bf89f3  No.12704589


Dang. Still worth sharing

c07499  No.12704779


You jest surely.

Use ABS. It's got the strength and heat resistance.

Also to the faggot suggesting carbon fiber filament. Yeah you still need to pick the plastic type.

ABS is king but a bitch to work with because of shrinkage, heat management, etc.

PLA is cheap and shit.

PETG is a middle ground but not really suitable for this in my opinion.

f6d450  No.12704827


>it's because you may kill people

No, anon, no. Read politics. It's because can challenge the government's power. They don't give two shits about people killing each other.

16b355  No.12704847

File: 333e2681598885b⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 301x390, 301:390, steny.jpg)

File: 80d8d8caed4c6fb⋯.gif (393.78 KB, 720x2304, 5:16, four winds shotgun 2.gif)

File: 80d8d8caed4c6fb⋯.gif (393.78 KB, 720x2304, 5:16, four winds shotgun.gif)

File: 0de821657e69497⋯.jpg (101.59 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, Shotgun.jpg)

Cant you just make a sten gun or a shotgun with a few pipes and screws from a hardware store though? why go to the trouble of 3D printing shit?

4e770a  No.12704851

This reminds me of when record labels released loads of fake downloads on file sharing networks like napster. Hoping to stop music piracy.

It will fool some retards but the average person or above wont fall for it.

4a4cc3  No.12704886


where the fuck do you get sheet metal from?

6f6f16  No.12704894

File: 5b90144c9c575be⋯.jpg (62.62 KB, 750x396, 125:66, sam.jpg)


do you have the instructions for the DIY STEN gun? you posted two copies of Slam shotgun instruction


Scrap yard or amazon. I'm sure if you ask around you can find some locally

16b355  No.12704932

File: f51ea7e79b910d8⋯.pdf (3.42 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)

File: 8119cc71abad923⋯.pdf (3.78 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)

File: ee16742ab5e8f99⋯.pdf (1.31 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)

File: 9afed2b7e2602df⋯.pdf (1.91 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)


There are multiple scrap yards where i live and you can easily buy metal or get shit from B&Q, Dad used to make bombs from common items from the shops, its not that hard to get materials, the hard part is making the thing itself with tools or making bullets and cartriges


I dont know much about constructing firearms but some fags on /k/ said plans may be incomplete or lack some required information

738135  No.12704959

In the US, you can purchase all but one of the components to an AR-15 online and shipped to your door because they aren't classified as a firearm. Then you can buy an "80% finished" (also called an 80/20) lower receiver online as well. An AR-15 lower receiver is classified as a firearm but an "80% finished" one is not as it is just a chunk of metal. You can buy a kit (there are many) that gives you a jig for drilling (for a power drill) and router to make the fire control group. All 100% legal for all 50 US states and federal law.

000000  No.12704967

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12704968

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12704970

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ec7b84  No.12704987


Yeah, but I already had the ones from Cody.

More masonic fuckery.

ec7b84  No.12704988



This. Anyone who makes a plastic gun needs to know about materials first. Probably more important than actual marksmanship.

ec7b84  No.12704990


Cops are masons, anon. They purposely fuck the dog because this place is a lodge. It can create problems, though.

000000  No.12704992

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f5d13  No.12705002




The catch is it's retarded.

You print the part in plastic, make a regular mold around it out of something that can take the heat (plaster), then you simply melt the plastic out of it and you keep your accurate mold, in which you can poor liquid metal.

You smelt the metal, poor it and you do the finishing with a basic CNC machine or a dremel/angle grinder or with hand tools if you have too.

3D printing scares the shit out of merchants because it means an end to proprietary designs of parts.


Those guys are the same people that though they would stop piracy by uploading porn files under a blockbuster name in the early days of P2P.

c6ca10  No.12705015


The first time someone 3D prints one of the disabled firearms, manages to get it functioning and then blows off a finger, this company will be liable

Who will be the first to sue this company?

2e0843  No.12705058

File: 9a1a7cbed8771f0⋯.jpg (72.82 KB, 639x919, 639:919, 1470193392736-0.jpg)


No because they're fucking evil heebs that think that their marxist jew state entities is the only actor which can have monopoly on violence, disregarding niggers who already have kalashnikovs and grenades by the thousands of course.

Why bother with the complexities of printing and casting when you're a third world "refugee"(ethnic terrorist) who will just have his fucking cousin ahmed drive to analbania/bosnia and drive scott free past the borders to europe again to then later kill people for discrediting allah in some cartoon or whatever, or for just celebrating christmas in some market. By the creators of these living hell multicultural cesspit conditions, in their evil logic that's just considered reasonable i.e "it's just the cost of diversity" Because stopping them from killing more whites would be "racist". And so "nothing must EVER be done about it.

Their paranoia has taken over. They're on overdrive trying directly to prevent white men from arming themselves for whatever reason which may include, going hunting, personal family protection from DIEversity.

The whole premise of this is not to stop "terrorism", it's to prevent specifically people above the iq of 80 arming themselves. Because anyone that's intelligent has already figured out that the elimination of the (((disease))) is more important than treating the mere symptoms.

2e0843  No.12705074

File: e2422a09adbf282⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 590x350, 59:35, xhwaktfgycubap6h5jox.jpg)


As for evidence go to google and type: weapons cache uncovered in mosque, there are probably more than 100 of these events, imagine the ones memory holed. But yet "white people" are the "evil goy terrorists"


Civil war is a real possibility. It's already happening low scale in europe's shithole suburbs

16b355  No.12705080

File: 720004720268ba7⋯.pdf (6.82 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)

File: d8fcf5700225cc3⋯.pdf (5.7 MB, Practical Scrap Metal Smal….pdf)

File: d75a1a12a13e975⋯.pdf (2.02 MB, DHS Introduction to Explos….pdf)


>The first time someone 3D prints one of the disabled firearms, manages to get it functioning and then blows off a finger, this company will be liable

so that time a guy shot up a place with a bunch of 3D guns wasnt enough to make the goverment care why should it when some fag blows off his finger? i think he used 1 or two 3D guns and had a bunch more stashed somewhere i cant remeber it.

16b355  No.12705114

File: 3cf4d0fd570a3c9⋯.webm (7.86 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Ian Race War.webm)




The whites need to step up and exterminate the jewish menace

62daac  No.12705138

is a 3d printed gun even useful?

16b355  No.12705161


its plastic so i guess you can hide it better than something metalic?

df5047  No.12707995


it can pewpew a few times

but its reliability falls every time it is fired, so you can't really train with it, unless you make a bunch of them and throw them away or recycle them after one mag worth of bullets for each

at least you get an idea of how precise your printing process is, and what you can expect with the next one you draw from your pocket

they're a bit like disposable guns that you can hope will put some bullets in a target a couple meters away

2bc83c  No.12708304

First thing wrong with the video:

>implying no one ever tests a 3D printed weapon before using it on real people

2eea6f  No.12711108


3d printed grenades seem more useful

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