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File: d001b62312475a8⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1548025209399.jpg)

809020  No.12703013

They started it and are literally niggers that idolize kikes

7b81ed  No.12703016

In before delete.

32266a  No.12703024

What was their involvement? All i saw was a kid staring at a injun

8d89f0  No.12703029


Lots of anons are talking about it but obviously the msm has purposely turned this into MAGA catholic kids vs poor helpless injuns

Is it possible the nignog Israelites are a cointel group?


b6ed88  No.12703032


because its nigger appreciation day, because it was a bunch of niggers saying they're jews while calling people faggots, it would make leftists heads explode to have to contemplate such an event, I don't even know what to think beyond that it is hilarious, fuck punctuation beyond commas and capitalization is only for I, everyone who fought for black equality is a dumbass, hitler did something wrong - he lost

389469  No.12703034

File: 62099a356e43cac⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 600x451, 600:451, 7077735_stock-photo-disgus….jpg)

They like hitler tho?

05bc03  No.12703041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7b81ed  No.12703045


I'm just not really interested in this particular story today. If you see something in it, I'm fine with that.

f25cb9  No.12703051


>and are literally niggers that idolize kikes

They don't idolize them. They think THEY are the real Jews. That the Jews mentioned in the Old Testament were blacks and kikes are fakes.

3daf54  No.12703056

File: b72bd7b63bb1b4f⋯.mp4 (14.55 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Louis Theroux meets the bl….mp4)


(((FOX))) news has acknowledged and mentioned them prominently

78d5b7  No.12703057


why are so many threads being shoad today

059135  No.12703090

Whatcha sliding moshe? QTDDTOT

000000  No.12703146

Straight up, they're seen as a weird cult within the black community. And in every other community, too, but even their own people don't like them.

Being universally despised is the most solid proof that their theory of being true kikes is true, come to think of it.

Anyways, this dumb group is too small to really be worth dealing with themselves. BUT, all the bluechecks who are aligning with them thinking they're the safe good guys they can cling to in this icky situation they now find themselves in should be made to answer for the kangs dogma. They should be asked repeatedly and publicly "Do you agree with them when they say that the holocaust is a hoax? Do you agree that gays should be killed? Do you agree that 90% of the black community is actually genetically white and should be killed with the white population?"

85a602  No.12703183


>this cuck

b6ed88  No.12703199


so niggers are retarded, what a shocking revelation

2c81a5  No.12703208


>Why is nobody talking about the Black Israelites?

Because the (((ones))) controlling the conversation don't want you to. Of course, I'm sure you've figured that out by now OP.

A better question to ask would be how do we get (((their))) controlled discourse off its leash?

dd8cc1  No.12703248



yeah these nigs are hilarious, even though they want to eradicate all white people, they still manage to hate jews (whom they call khazar demons) more than us.

1a4059  No.12703977

File: 5decc5f70331b58⋯.jpg (72.38 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Image1__57681.1379352858.1….jpg)


They yelled a bunch of shit calling people nigger, faggot, cracker, said the whites were going to "harvest the organs" of a black

The kids started doing school cheers with adult permission to lighten to mood and not hear the hate being spewed by the nigger apes.

Then out of no where a wild indian mummy appeared and decided to play the staring contest, YLYL and I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU game with a random White student.

Student was a good boy who didn't do nuffin. Literally just stood there. Now he is a pariah. This is 2019. I hope you own some of pic related and something to put it in.

023ee4  No.12704015


ffac31  No.12704026

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

plot twist a inbread like paid off the niggers and the teepee niggers off. Everything you see on tv is literally faked

Threadly reminder America is Aryan clay. Red jews fuck off back asia.

ffac31  No.12704035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lying niggers go back to asia

9aff47  No.12704038

These Blacks are based. They stir up racial relations and harass Jews on the street. Based and siegepilled

ffac31  No.12704042


>said the whites were going to "harvest the organs" of a black

Based fellow whites

9bb126  No.12704087

I'm sharing this here because I don't use social media but I was browsing halfchan's /gif/ and stumbled on webm related.

It looks like the younger native american harasser that was saying racist shit to the kids is deep in bed with the black Israelites, this wasn't a coincidence this was targeted harassment.

I'm not 100% sure that it's him and would like to get more eyes on this but even if it isn't him there is some connection between black Israelites and radical natives it seems.

9bb126  No.12704090

File: b7368895522e5c2⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Link between black Isreal….webm)

8e6670  No.12704130

das riiiiite

inbred crakas!

1a4059  No.12704138


>niggers teaming up with tree niggers to take down a White teen

Fuck…. I've seen some shit.

b7ecd6  No.12704140

File: 4cfcc5d6e1b4cc2⋯.png (121.51 KB, 373x285, 373:285, injun coalition.png)

File: 7f778a20381d395⋯.jpg (321.29 KB, 1050x668, 525:334, border mexico.jpg)



The main provocateur was a kike.

db440a  No.12704148


>Whites are the Edomites

A statement like this makes me think that actual Jews started the Black Hebrews. This is a line straight out of Jewish eschatology. Or maybe one of them actually picked up a Jewish book and read it, who knows.



>those nails

Do they speak Hebrew fluently or is this like a cargo cult sort of thing?

9bb126  No.12704157



They do look like the same guy with a few extra years.

ffac31  No.12704160


Natives and kikes both come from Mongolia right. Really jiggles the jello

b7ecd6  No.12704164


The kikes are trying to cause groups to fight each other. It's totally transparent.

ffac31  No.12704172


What's the name of that native casino/tribe south of Tucson that those homeless vets found a little kid skull near..the border is open for fucking truck traffic down there. They don't even hide it at all. *call them Red jews**

They burned acres of land after those vets found that shit. Rothschild owns Tucson btw for any newshits.

059135  No.12704202

File: 6cfb7fb32494897⋯.png (93.09 KB, 492x280, 123:70, Doubt.png)



For what?

dbf734  No.12704210


And the real shitter of it all is that the Black Israelites were shouting shit, really hard core racist shit at the chugs before shouting shit at the white kids.

But that didn't matter, even the chug with the drum ignored the shitskins and went straight for the white kids with his passive aggressive routine.

000000  No.12704237



I guess those boys can sue shitter and the (((media))) now.

7477ac  No.12704245


holy fuck, dont roast me, but i hadn't seen this before. this is literal "We waz vikings, we waz king of England and sheeeit". these fuckin losers are batshit crazy, seriously, their fucking wingnuts

37ba38  No.12704247


Probably because all of the "outrage" is being generated by trumpniggers and the mainstream media, both of which are populated almost exclusively with vile semites and nigger lovers.

7477ac  No.12704275



yeah, "sorry, it was all a big mistake, fake russian bots scammed us". what a clown world.

1f258b  No.12704282


It's almost as if that's where the meme came from.

d24efd  No.12704283


>shakespeare 100% black

and I thought he just made fishin poles and reels

374099  No.12704289

(((CNN))) is talking about it because they hate black hebrews. If it weren't for the black hebrews the white goy would still be guilty of white racism and white privilege.

023ee4  No.12704305


When did msm stop allowing comments under their articles? If disqus is still around, it must be subsidized.

37c05f  No.12704954

Because pointing out nigger behaviour is racist to libtards. MSM is run by mentally ill jews who're cucked to shit.

330de2  No.12704961


you mean this jew

63bc14  No.12704971

Dilbertman observed yet its too spicy to oblame black hebrews, whose whole MO is trolling and roasting .

52c0d6  No.12704985


based steel case poster

badf7d  No.12705001

black herbrews are a sensitive topic for jews. usually the jew will take non white peoples side for anything just to be anti white, but black hebrews are anti semitic (or pretty much anti-anything that isn't them) and claim to be the real jews

if they cover black isaelites, not only will they move white people to the right because now they realize black people can actually be extremely hateful, they will also lower white guilt about the holocaust.

2bf4ec  No.12705004


Did they come up with the Khazarian imposter theory?

2bf4ec  No.12705007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



More like a wrap-up smear.

9bb126  No.12705525

ecfe69  No.12705746

File: 8a26cfaf06ddc90⋯.jpg (5.4 KB, 129x222, 43:74, 76434546.jpg)


>That's Kang George of England. A light skinned black man.

427838  No.12705766


They were just going with that Get Out movie. The young men white men were reasonably confused by that as well.

562f3b  No.12705808

File: d03dc4c7c8aa7aa⋯.jpg (545.42 KB, 2112x2068, 48:47, durr.jpg)


>nobody talking about the Black Israelites

Even fox news is you dumb nigger.

18ab26  No.12706116

>this thread is still alive, but the hoax research thread with better info and higher quality posts was deleted.

08ab38  No.12708411


The funniest thing about this is that if you see DNA tests of African-Americans, a lot of them actually do have a portion of Native American, Iberian, Sephardic-kike, and in the case of the US specifically, even Scottish and Scandinavian DNA, which means that technically they actually wuz kangz, but in a completely different way than they think they are.

f1fa5f  No.12708475


>It's almost as if that's where the meme came from.

It didn't. It came from a story where one of the kartrashian coal burners was with a nigger who named its son "king cairo" and actually had sand flown in from egypt to put inside a store it opened that was selling nigger egyp (bc niggers, of course, could tell if the fucking sand had come from the beach or fucking Egypt).

That, and on veteran's day 2015 or 2016 they had a nigger and a stronk womenyz on the jewggle doodle. Inspiration struck, the jews released the game (who's name escapes me, niggers in egypt and right around that time) and it was off and running.

Living where I do, I appreciate black israelities and the way they harass kikes, and the police are too afraid to even say a word since they are so fucking confused. If it goes to court, is the cop worse off for siding with the kike or the nigger claiming to be a kike? And they don't bother you so long as you don't make eye contact, keep on a serial killer expression and spit as you pass.

cdaef2  No.12708533

File: 42f5e85e0b07b2a⋯.png (49.49 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, )))((([1].png)



Fuck off homo, isn't there a trump related thread that you haven't shitposted 50+ times in out there?

02fb3b  No.12733974

File: 3c6351286cde4bf⋯.jpg (156.56 KB, 716x638, 358:319, Abraham Isaac.jpg)

It is more than curious when an old depiction(the oldest known) shows a man that looks neither "White", jew, fake jew, or Arabic

1fc529  No.12733996


>Jews of /pol/

This could be better but I appreciate the sentiment.

94179a  No.12734028


>Why is nobody talking about X

People are talking about X. Always.

>the Black Israelites involvement in the Covington thing

Shit, man; even CNN is talking about that. Just because nobody is talking to YOU about it doesn't mean nobody's talking about it.

c1acce  No.12734374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The funny thing is they don't idolize kikes, they fucking hate them. They think the kikes are fake kikes, and blacks are the real kikes. They call them Khazars in reference to the ashkenazi ties to khazaria (which I think might have some truth to it, dunno)

It would be fucking hilarious if it weren't so totally insane.

90c37d  No.12734413


> it weren't so totally insane

The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler


Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel


The Invention of the Jewish People by Shlomo Sand


ac4f20  No.12734433


The Khazar hypothesis was pushed by jews to take the blame off of themselves and push it onto an extinct gentile group. It also affirms that jews are not a race but are just some mongoloid and/or caucasoid group.

It's jewish disinfo.

bf285d  No.12734475

It's not niggers idolizing kikes. It's kikes started this movement by cherrypicking slave verses and telling the dindus they are chosen. It's not a as big as other discredit movements by (((them))), but it is more of a mockery.

(((They))) know that the Europeans are the lost Tribes of Israel. We are kinda related to them and Arabs through Ismael and Esau, but we were blessed and chosen. They have the Devil as their father.

90c37d  No.12734502


>The Khazar hypothesis was pushed by jews to take the blame off of themselves and push it onto an extinct gentile group.

This isn't what's in the books or in the speech, and it doesn't make sense either. If one believes that modern day Jews are descended from Khazars, there isn't an "extinct gentile group" to blame.

> It also affirms that jews are not a race but are just some mongoloid and/or caucasoid group.

So what? The evidence presented is pretty extensive, and includes genetic and historical studies.

>It's jewish disinfo.

"Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty."

6445c5  No.12734503


Maybe because they're low effort nigger tire.

10127f  No.12735375


love seeing that jewboy cry

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