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File: 7c0230f92748fd8⋯.jpg (175.73 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Alain Berset.jpg)

File: bb3cbe6397ab8a8⋯.jpg (241.02 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, babel festival boy.jpg)

993383  No.12708444

hello faggots =)

I come from a wealthy family in the auto industry but have been exiled as I am not of their kind. Not to fear, I have sufficient funds to last forever, or until I kill myself.

But before then, I would like to explain to you who might be interested, how wealthy pedophiles can purchase individual or groups of children. Services offered also include destruction of evidence, police protection, sexual education of the child before purchase and shipping across europe. Its pedo Amazon for the upper klass.

The main storage facility operates from my family's canton.

Bellinzona is the where you will find the capitol of pedo criminal organizations.

It is run by some jews and others. Thanks to you all, I have learnt the truth about Jews.

Any way. Attached are some pictures of pedo's I can confirm. Do you have any questions?

130fdb  No.12708457

why no Juncker first post?

993383  No.12708462


I do not know that he is a pedophile. But now I am google his image to see if I recognize him. It might be that I have seen him. My family have been part of many fund raising and other wealthy parties.

189a82  No.12708487


Checking the trips.

993383  No.12708492


>Who are these "some jews and others" that run these "services"?

Ivan Ambrosini, Vanni Bianconi, Samuel Golay, richard Katzberg

>Where is the location of the storage facility?

Two methods of transport.

First method is touring like a suit maker would, around the world. They do this on the babel literature festival. All businesses and organizers of that festival are complicit in profiteering off children. The festival also promotes 'in shadows' pedophile culture (plays, books, ways of life) and many well known and wealthy attend with their 'children' of purchase

>How can we collect evidence in order to put these people away?

I dont know. I can tell you how it works. i'm deciding if I kill myself then I can share photo's of myself and these people to give some evidence of my truth. But I need to drink more first (and maybe some more cocaine) but please if you think I am lying thats ok. Sorry for not giving more proof. Maybe Op is a faggot..

993383  No.12708496


Thank you but maybe I should just post everything here and on my facebook and then say goodbye. I already sleep with an eye open.

993383  No.12708513

File: 0058f8024e3abe8⋯.jpg (280.9 KB, 996x1493, 996:1493, page_1.jpg)



Sorry forgot second method.

You can view services and order via website or phone with password phrase via waste removal company called TERIS.

The list the price and age of child. They control police, schools, hospitals and even an international court judge nearby. They also have many wealthy international customers. I have once seen Sean Pen talking to one of the directors but I have no evidence of pedophilia just talking and wine at a party.

Pic related. They are the European pedo trade

5cd892  No.12708531

File: 3e104d152a62537⋯.jpg (110 KB, 1080x1701, 40:63, IMG_20190124_030752.jpg)


Dude wtf I just noticed the painting on the wall behind him. Thats a naked kid with a priest wtf

993383  No.12708542


Thank you, Kein Ding!

5cd892  No.12708580

File: 1729cf60c0ced10⋯.jpg (159.46 KB, 1080x828, 30:23, IMG_20190124_032348.jpg)


Pedo symbolism everywhere on that site. They have a Rates card that doesn't make sense until u read it like a pedo price tag.

This is so fucking creepy Op. Dont kill yourself dude, get a gun and turn it on these pieces of shit!

ee914e  No.12708582



a4e182  No.12708589

Are there any signifiers, be it symbols or even physical signs like bars on windows or large walk in freezers associated with the holding areas for the trafficking victims?

39d0eb  No.12708602


Why would you kys when you have such valuable information? There's nothing wrong with finding your morality. Better to die a martyr than for nothing.

Turn the tables, if you've lurked here you can clearly see the uphill battle we have to fight.

Help us even the field. Trust the autism of /pol/

993383  No.12708606


have i not already above?

They take children from poor countries and England and Iceland and then sell them across europe. They also can destroy (waste disposal) the bodies if you want to kill these children (or others if you like to kill)

They send some children to the Vatican as well. The pope is not the real pope, but thats known everywhere anyway, nothing new.


Industrial waste vans and trucks move the cargo. Network of heat and ventilation pipes under the city also have play/murder/disposal rooms.

One of the phrases once was Penis Im Toschter (slang joke) but the phrases change and I do not connect to those circles, and do not want to but also they do not trust me

d401a3  No.12708608


There's that pedo swirl again

8064dc  No.12708620


that looks less like a slide and more like a burning oven

993383  No.12708622


For now I will let the sow loose, but have not decided if I say goodbye. Dont want to explain, but I try to be a good person all my life, even lost my family because of this, but they are bad I know that now.

Not many questions, but it feels good to tell someone. It is not normal and I have known this all along, but so many wealthy and politicians do this and then smile on camera. The world is bullshit and its better some times to be ignorant.

b14fb7  No.12708644

start posting locations names and dates.

if you are already dead perhaps someone you name who gets arrested will be able to talk.

b3a10e  No.12708652


Stay safe, anon. If you want to strike aim only for the jews in charge.

993383  No.12708664


Always small wealthy towns never big cities (that I am aware of)

I know of these

Bellinzona (my old home)





Also there are some towns in Russia, Israel, Morocco, and many many in Ukraine but I dont know the towns I have only heard they do the same thing. Local police protect it that I saw in Bellinzona but I do not know how it is operating elsewhere sorry.


I have posted names, and I am thinking of dates that politicians were at parties but I have to check family facebook posts for dates (I will do that now) but also the Teris company, and the babel literature tour, they are the businesses that do it. Oh and theres a bank I forget the name of that moves the money, they help organise the festival. I will find the name

48cd1d  No.12708676


Trips of Truth checked.

>"…or until I kill myself."

Don't even think about it now, it is like giving up. They should pay for their sins. It is our duty to take them down before you give up.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"

e4770d  No.12708678



993383  No.12708680


yes i agree with this.

One good thing my family supported nazi and musolini in the war, and even kicked out Jews 400 years ago from our castles and land but now they let the Jews ruin the family business and take our money and turn our name into shit. I hate the juden, and yes I will aim at the nose if I live that long

9a6b89  No.12708727

Dude if you made your peace and are not afraid of dying you should go all out, dont let any of those evil fuckers get away with it.

Post everything, go public, fight for what you think is the right thing.

If noone breaks the silence they will keep getting away with it.

993383  No.12708756



June 26 last year Macron flew in to Bellinzona on the Italian PM helicopter (dont know if Italian PM was there) and he didn't go to a party, but had a private villa and pedo party.

August 10th last year Adam Sandler and the chick from friends was at a 'before' party in the city's ballroom. The pedo party happens after, because the ballroom has a basement that is linked to the city waste tunnels.

Theresa may was there last month, I will find a date, asking my cousin if he can find out the exact date but for now it is just a rumor sorry


please I have a sister who moved away from the family also because she is like me and I dont want to hurt her or her family.

3c3a69  No.12708759

File: 18e37f12d5ae0cb⋯.png (942.98 KB, 611x535, 611:535, firefox_2019-01-23_12-24-5….png)

no surprises

stay alive, they're all drugged up and blind the whole way up the chain

Where do you find teachers who love their jobs?

t. cult

130fdb  No.12708764


TASIS is super fucked up

3c3a69  No.12708769


they have yearly meetups in paris around Les Halles if anyone cares

575f2b  No.12708777


>wealthy family in the auto industry




Your native language is German, right?

130fdb  No.12708780


my TASIS sanctioned celebrity satanism:


3c3a69  No.12708788


stop trying to scare the guy away you autist

993383  No.12708791




Is this what pol means when they discuss shills coming into a thread to change the topic?


My first time to check someone

Also not audi, family associates are from there. I grew up in Bellinzona but dont want to dirty my family name more than it has been. Some of my family are evil, but some are innocent and I worry for them which has kept me from suicide so far

3c3a69  No.12708801


>shills coming into a thread to change the topic?

I'm corroborating with you, you'll know the actual shills when you see them

b3a10e  No.12708802


You can't double cross the jews, they always have evidence against their good goys.

993383  No.12708808


the family name was royal once, but not any more. My family are dirt, because they accept the jew (my brothers married jews of banks that finance pedo shit) and they have everything now in the title of the bank and not the family name because of the two evil witches who convinced my brothers. I was outvoted and now have been caste out with less then 10M USD to live so fuck them. Can I buy an army to fight them? All of Europe is on their side, how do I not just fucking kill myself got

c46c51  No.12708809

Before you kill yourself, can you market buy REQ?

3c3a69  No.12708832


thanks for the network, these kids brains have been fucked sideways

6a20f4  No.12708886

Go back to reddit nigger.

3c3a69  No.12708894

b84b0e  No.12708897

Op, make a drop of all your info that will come out if you disappear

2972f2  No.12708990

unless proven, this is an ebin larp

692b7a  No.12709008



What's the password??

86eeca  No.12709070

File: 2888088450b49cd⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 736x542, 368:271, AppalachianFamily.jpg)


>and now have been caste out with less then 10M USD to live

Wow, sucks to be you.

…I guess…

7d3def  No.12709092



OP you need a break.

1. Go relax for a while and forget about the real world. Not with drugs but with quiet beaches where you don't speak the local language.

2. Get clean. You are a blue blooded motherfucker don't disrespect your legendary ancestry by drinking and using drugs.

3. Keep your money safe and start a new life somewhere. Work a random job and make friends. This is why you're alone and suicidal, you know too much and are isolated. When you become a nobody you can find real friendship.

4. You will recharge from the above and will know what you need to do.

Don't give up faggot, not until you are crowned again.

The tables have started to turn, you don't want to miss the party. But if you really have given up go and give some serious cash to the yellow vests as a big "Fuck You" to the jews.

3cdeb3  No.12709126


trips! Do not kys OP. Never ever do that. Keep the Fire. Jesus Christ (the real personal one, not the fake one they use in the rituals) will be there for you. That is a Promise. God Bless

506b0a  No.12709166

Death is the easy way out and you obviously have a lot of pride. Don't be a pussy.

Like mentioned move somewhere where no one will know you and, stash the money, start a job, meet real people.

The isolation will drive anyone mad… especially with drugs and alcohol mixed in there.

2c59ca  No.12709176


May the Blood, Water and Spirit of Jesus Christ be over you. Cover yourself from evil. All will be exposed.

Ps 23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies: you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.

Do not trust religion, form a relationship but do NOT trust "Religion" or those who claim to be of the church. God be with you and let the Spirit of Truth direct you. Be safe.

3c3a69  No.12709187

File: 2cb2916fdbccb4d⋯.png (762.29 KB, 820x582, 410:291, firefox_2018-08-07_22-14-3….png)

82a4d4  No.12709248

First, whether patsy handing off weakling political [j]ews or an honest, leaf-turning sufferer of family trauma and/or ostracizing, you're quite the bastard for opening up some cans for fellow anons to clean out.

I didn't think much of it at first, but recently, there has been an uptick in traffic surrounding the "Escape Room" phenomenon, which I feel mostly goes towards youth. By now, any and all new trends and assorted miscellanous glitter on the web is designed to attract the youth, and this has been long withstanding knowledge throughout the generations. Moving on, this also concludes with the level of the trend since there are now buildings within strip malls and/or standalone that are based on Escape The Room. Happened to notice one on the usual journey to work, and it occurred to me again how children could be the target market on this.

I dug this pretty gem (based in Long Island, how kosher), wondering just how many places like this exist. It would seem possible at some level of inspection how this could also be tied to certain networks. Keep an eye out for this particular setup around your areas of residence.


118e9a  No.12709263


Elaborate on the Pope, plz

7c3584  No.12709281

OP you are very grounded, I respect you immensely for this thread. You haven't replied in a while and that's worrisome to me. Your entire family turned into slaves for the kikes in power. You had the ability to see through the lies, you could have easily succumbed and followed them for the money and security. Instead you learned the truth of the nose and want to spill the beans to us. We are fighting an uphill battle with strong razerblade winds pushing us back, if not for people like you, the cause would never advance. Truly I feel for you. It must not have been easy to make this decision. But like another anon said in the thread, you need to use your 10million dollars for good. That's A LOT of money, even if you don't think it is. I think nearly everybody in this thread could live on 10million three times over. You need to drop as much info as you can right now, as just making this thread alone has… Well, you know. Buy a couple Bitcoins to secure the wealth, and take some serious time off. Go off the grid and lay low, there is no doubt they know already. God bless anon.

118e9a  No.12709289


You are being naive, anon, none of them will get arrested. They control the law enforcement and the courts.

2c7951  No.12709311

Wie chunnsch druf dass de Alain en Chindeficker isch, abxeh vode primitive rasseisprengsel? Antwort uf Schwizerdütsch und vielliecht glaubi dir sogar.

cdbb15  No.12709317

File: dbe7eb135e3fb41⋯.jpg (376.07 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Escape-Room-for-Kids.jpg)





assuming images of kids in front of/behind nets/fences/bars/anything that looks like a cage is symbolism/code

89dae6  No.12709333

File: ee3342d4093adbc⋯.png (113.72 KB, 474x600, 79:100, Stemma_Bellinzona.svg.png)


How do we slay the dragon?

118e9a  No.12709355


How old are you anon? 16?

61492f  No.12709486


The DOW Jones top 30 averages something like 7.6% return, on 10m after long term capital gains tax(I don't know your euro equivalent) would be ~700k/yr. Not enough for you?

897716  No.12709522

File: 1a94bd39c08ba1d⋯.jpg (118.17 KB, 673x598, 673:598, 1a94bd39c08ba1d16b40b43c27….jpg)

Keine Halbheiten jetzt, OP. Nimm das Kreuz auf dich und sei ihnen ein richtend Schwert.

a7c9df  No.12709752

Archived thread just in case.


eea05d  No.12709842


>First method is touring like a suit maker would, around the world.

Yeah, "bespoke tailors" are often fronts for this.

eea05d  No.12709860



Pope John Paul I replay except they didn't kill Benedict.

2697d6  No.12710155




009e97  No.12710389


v& just like that. RIP in peace OP. We wont forget you

44b612  No.12710401


Can you confirm the ancient bloodlines are of Canaanite or Amalek seed

efb5d5  No.12710410

File: 6081142c1edfa0c⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 720x491, 720:491, 53898c188fad000a2860703f91….jpg)

Did he dieded? Pls be safe OP-anon

fe481b  No.12710764


Checked & Thanks for the info, finally a good thread.

82ad74  No.12710816


Don't kill yourself. You're doing something most honorable and if you see this through you will find yourself later in life able to be proud of who you have become.

You can do far more from your current position than you can by offing yourself. You will be a true unspoken hero if you manage to bring this down, and if you can save even one child it is worth it, let alone thousands.

82ad74  No.12710883


>All of Europe is on their side

False. Only the politicians and bureaucrats are on their side. The moment they are confronted physically they will crumble.

You have noble blood in you and more money than most of us do. We are fighting as hard as we can with what we have, be they words or memes, or brains and muscle. You can damage them more than you know. Just take the time to strengthen your mind and spirit and see a plan.

"You are a child of the universe,

no less than the trees and the stars;

you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you,

no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,

whatever you conceive Him to be,

and whatever your labors and aspirations,

in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,

it is still a beautiful world.

Be cheerful.

Strive to be happy. " -Desiderata, Max Ehrman

209b94  No.12711106


OP, I believe you. You are strong…please stay with us, don't kill yourself.

993383  No.12711536




Sorry everyone, I have a cocaine problem. My family use this against me but it is true I have the problem.

I am still alive. So many of you ask I dont hurt myself. Why. I thought I would have more attacks of I am a larp, or I am a faggot or I am euro trash but you made me cry and smile. Fuck, you make me feel so good and strong.

Ok fine I will do what I can. If I show a pic of me I am afraid that my sister will be found out, and my nephew is the sweetest little boy and I cannot have them hurt, so how do I do more but protect them? I thought if I kill myself and release images then the pedophiles cannot have something on me.

Tell me what to do. But thank you for your care. Noble blood doesn't mean shit, its just power bullshit, but there is no Jew blood in me (unlike my brothers future lineage, fuck them)



>You're talking about killing yourself with 10 mil? Man I've never seen 6 figures let alone 8 figures. You're rich as fuck

No, I pay for security of me and I must stay in hotel rooms and pay for different passports which becomes expensive. Yes I'm sorry I am the rich faggot who cries 'poor little me' but a homeless person would tell you you are the rich person and you would not understand correct?

While I answer this, did you know that you can pay for passports of a name that is a tiny difference to your real name from African countries (and some eastern european) and also get consular status (cc plates) which means no security at airports (dipomatic status) and no pulling over by local police in any country (only federal police). This cost is 50k USD per year (sometimes more if passport is better countries). Every time I have discussed this with some people they are always suprised like they did not know this was possible.


I have never been to San Fransisco, too many faggots












you are my Stärke. Thank you


Pope has never been in control. Cardinals control pope always, but this pope is first in hundred of years to assist in receiving children to Vatican. This is not good, which I think (this is a guess) that Cardinals now elected one of their own, which is brazen and shows they dont fear hiding in shadows. This means they think they have no enemy powerful to take them down, or they have been incontrol so long they forget to be smart and hide. When the puppet master plays the puppet his support is in peril (good thing for us)

I do know when Donald Trump visits Europe that the pedo network go on holidays to Asia. Does this mean something or probably nothing?


Bittz schwätz langsamer looli bunzli lol. Ha du im fassssss!???




less then 25 more than 20


Yes I already have financials set up. Always use a bank that has recently been in the news with skandals. They cannot fuck you then for a time.


Thank you




This is online no? There are businesses (not ancestry faggot websites) that can trace this for you. Cost is only 10K USD but the most rich families (jews and non jews) have records removed and placed in private archives for themselves) so even all the money can not find this for some

5cd892  No.12711682

Am I the only one digging through the Teris and babel sites?

>Teris list of services reads like a coded message for body disposal.

>Babel festival has books titled 'Satan above London' and plays on 'little red ridinghood from the perspective of the wolf'

OP are you in Europe still? Maybe you should move to a different location

6f1821  No.12711809


You want a change of scenery? I'll show you around Wisconsin here in the States. Remind you what you are fighting for; we're mostly long-lost cousins from Germany and Switzerland out here. You're also very safe out here.

>I do know when Donald Trump visits Europe that the pedo network go on holidays to Asia. Does this mean something or probably nothing?

Means a lot actually. They're being investigated stateside. I can confirm that some of them are wearing ankle bracelets; wonder why Bell Bottom pants are coming back with such force?

Actually, DJT is backed by the military over here, and these guys are FURIOUS at what the cabal has done.

b2c411  No.12711860

bump…. oddly quiet considering subject matter

692b7a  No.12711863




also bump

eea05d  No.12711879


>uptick in traffic surrounding the "Escape Room" phenomenon

Yeah, It's disturbing. I don't know why people would find it fun, other than thrill seekers. You can go parachuting too.

b8bd1e  No.12712126

File: aeb6a3f9396337e⋯.jpg (125.33 KB, 1228x642, 614:321, image0.jpg)


Movements need leaders, my friend. A catalyst, someone to start big. Remember, they may have some numbers and networks that run deeper than we know, but at the end of the day, the enemy is human. History is defined by those who decided to change it. Pick your friends closely, do your homework on what you'll need to do in order to change what you want, and make your people proud. Flaws and all, if you're telling the truth, the potential to do something great is within you.

d5d587  No.12712289

File: 29c866e45e694e8⋯.jpg (151.81 KB, 990x714, 165:119, just.jpg)


Psychoanalyst-anon here. OP is legit.

>but I try to be a good person all my life


>but they are bad I know that now.

regret for getting involved with the pedos

Many more statements that I won't dissect, but you get the idea. OP, we need evidence to convict. Hard evidence. There is no other way!

c37566  No.12712352


Escape Rooms are point n click puzzles IRL. It's fun.

5cd892  No.12712386


Yeh like the OP does sound truthful

5cd892  No.12712434


Hey mate could you expand on other sentences, sounds interesting. Also its probably a good exercise for all.of us to spot shills or subverters. Cheers

31d511  No.12712467


My friend.

I am one country away.

If you need help, I am here for you.

For now. And forever.


bffc41  No.12712518

Bump. Godspeed OP. All evidence points so far to you not being a faggot.

a170cc  No.12712539

File: 73868810953b292⋯.png (867.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, GochiUsa.png)

OP, what do YOU think is the best way to bring down the jew? Seeing you KNOW what is going on.

Can you spend some time helping us understand their weak points perhaps?

3a9911  No.12712641

File: 7a199a57f4c9252⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 800x572, 200:143, gw4thw4yhw46yw46y.jpg)


look familiar?

3a9911  No.12712645

what can you tell us of Shriners? Mind Control? Bryce Taylor? Kissinger?

3a9911  No.12712663

File: 6ca45d2adc32fde⋯.png (42.37 KB, 336x501, 112:167, illuminati bloodlines.png)

Fritz Springmeier wrote of the bloodlines of the illuminati. What can you say about them?

072d09  No.12712671

File: 3db59c66f0588bc⋯.jpg (31.02 KB, 435x489, 145:163, 3db59c66f0588bcf47bdb41f76….jpg)


Look at what the yellow vests are doing royalanon. Those guys are losing what little money they have in order to protest.

Something like 1k or 10k will give them the energy for another month.

Find a way to fund them (easy as hiring/giving cash to a food truck that makes burgers on the road, to feed YV).

Glad you're alive. Your spirit is strong, start reading good books which will train your mind about the path of truth.

STOP POSTING PERSONAL INFO. Those of us who care about you were sold the minute you mentioned places elites go gor pizza and those creepy sites. SHILLS WANT TO KNOW YOU TO DOX.

Your brothers don't need this info. I knew your age by your posting style and habits. Be careful!

31913c  No.12712679


Europe is on your side, all they have are drones, instead of killing yourself try making more money and amass a war chest, in some years the chaos in europe will be tenfold and you might be able to organize something critical, we will need leaders and benefactors dont let a sour reality kill you because youre rich and dont know how to cope with such a fallback.

Become our machiavelli, the pillars power rest on is getting ever more fluid.

3a9911  No.12712682


tell us more about Iceland. There is only 350,000 people there, and they are a close people that mostly know each other. how in the hell are their children getting stolen? what agency does this?

cecb53  No.12712686

OP, not going to lie, but when I first thought you were going to kill yourself I thought you were retarded. Don't fucking kill yourself, and made sure you can't be suicided by gunshot the back of the head either. And It's likely that your identity will be revealed and the (((media))) will drag your name through the dirt if you go to ground with this. Recommend maybe buying some gold and going off grid, securely and safely. Lurk on these forums, sounds like you have a lot of resources which we could all make good use of in the feuds ahead, as weird as that sounds, can't think of much better use for that money than to disassemble the current system, in minecraft of course. Reminder that there are fewer of these cryptokikes than there are of people who would hunt them to the ends of the earth if they knew the whole score. Hope you sort your shit out anon. God, and/or the powers that be bless you mein kommoraden.

3a9911  No.12712691

File: 63ba6a92cb0bc7a⋯.jpg (472.56 KB, 1365x2047, 1365:2047, sean penn.jpg)


>Sean Pen

Sean Penn? This guy? Who was the director he talked to? Where was this?

3a9911  No.12712714

File: fa867ba4ae0174c⋯.png (235.01 KB, 473x532, 473:532, Screenshot (43612).png)

File: 2eb568c7602e146⋯.png (232.2 KB, 665x357, 95:51, Screenshot (43613).png)

File: f19d07116a5857b⋯.png (204.07 KB, 664x355, 664:355, Screenshot (43614).png)


>the chick from friends was at a 'before' party

which one?

993383  No.12712717







Yes you are all right. Ok I have been thinking about this. Here is an opportunity

1 million dollars USD. I want you pol to come up with a plan, or some plans, and I will assign a funds manager to direct these ideas. If this does work I will put more money in. Does this help?

I will also prove this somehow, please give me instructions on how I can stay anonymous but prove my intentions. I do not want to be the leader of anything, but I am a piece of shit if I do nothing for those kids. I have seen some faces and the eyes. I am a coward who is hiding away from this. I am sorry. But I want to do something. So please suggest to me a plan.


The man on the left does look familiar but then why do I think he also looks like he is from a movie. But I am only guessing. I could lie and tell you yes but if I lie then I am nothing to anyone. I do not want to be nothing any more.


I only know that some of the children come from iceland. They are all dark skin or immigrants, but they come from iceland. The white children all come from England. Mostly London.


Yes, this was last year in Feb, let me check my facebook, or sms. My sister was talking about it at the time. I will get the day. He was with a young woman but not madonna. The woman wasn't anyone I dont think.

831cc3  No.12712719


Fellow Eidgenoss, please be careful.

More details please, i could do some local digging.

Wiso de dr Berset? Hetti ni denkt dass sowas in GR passiert..

31d511  No.12712723



Mail to: mailtoeurope(@)protonmail.com

Stay safe.

c4e9a7  No.12712724

Hello OP.

Have you heard about the Rose Ballets? Do these still exist?

ee6d9c  No.12712726

File: 0476d6a905c71ed⋯.png (40.81 KB, 1363x763, 1363:763, 1.png)

File: 1d26ccf60df4c9a⋯.png (54.13 KB, 1348x764, 337:191, 2.png)

File: 64ab60a4ea80d6d⋯.png (106.06 KB, 1357x774, 1357:774, 3.png)

File: a7f2916ef3ca232⋯.png (17.07 KB, 959x371, 137:53, 4.png)

File: a565ab2842b7c0c⋯.png (62.39 KB, 1333x505, 1333:505, 5.png)

I'm not l337 enough to hack this :(

b84b0e  No.12712736

It's a strong LARP or truth. Something about the OP rings true. He does write like a European who speaks good but not perfect English.

993383  No.12712745


Tell me how I can prove it. I think If I can then I can help and people will want to help maybe? I will not just throw money away, it has to be a good idea or ideas. But before I can show proof if you tell me how?

Is there any creditor anons who I can put in touch with my accountant for a confirmation of funds?

Also I grew up speaking english but where I am from German/Italian/Swiss is all spoken but slang so we are the euromutt of the tongue

b84b0e  No.12712762


I think you need to decide what you want to achieve.

Either go quiet and live your life, or go balls to the wall. I guess there are people in this world or even on this thread who can help you, but I'm nobody.

I would set up a deadmans drop so that if you disappear, all of your information will automatically be released. Should be easy to make enquiries and get the technical resources to get this done.

3a9911  No.12712767

File: 4ffc1ae7b2d757c⋯.jpg (169.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 666 illuminati hand sign 1.jpg)

File: b1e3dee125123ff⋯.jpg (177.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 666 illuminati hand sign 2.jpg)

File: d936e37483fa9a8⋯.png (564.78 KB, 637x743, 637:743, pope 666 handsign of the i….png)

ever see anyone use these hand symbols? what is their connection to satanism, luciferianism, saturnalia etc

ever see any rituals?

any of this stem from the bruderheist? family in the black forest?

3a9911  No.12712770

File: 7b613b672c484be⋯.jpg (109.27 KB, 500x375, 4:3, wackenhutcar.jpg)


what private security firms do they use?

3a9911  No.12712771


what insight can you give us into their goals? is this just a way to blackmail politicians? or is it more of a cultural/spiritual thing for them?

b84b0e  No.12712772


OP I'm about to be evicted and homeless. Any chance you can send me 600EUR?

5cd892  No.12712773


This should be posted to cuckchan and cost for brainstorming

5cd892  No.12712776


Or *voat (autospell)

a272c4  No.12712804

File: 2b8b81a77746ea7⋯.jpg (323.42 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 1435015880954.jpg)

File: a4592af71df24e2⋯.png (398.14 KB, 500x600, 5:6, Bruce Lee Consistency.png)



OP I feel for you and I believe you. I'm just a poor young burger man who grew up near San Francisco. You're right about that city being completely full of faggots and trash, and I had over a two-decade long front seat to watch the decay and ruin of what was the birthplace of my father and the product of the sweat and toil of his own father and grandfathers become twisted into the abomination that exists there today. I've now completely abandoned California but I'm still in the USA. I have not forgotten what they have done and I will never forgive.

I have also often also thought of death and suicide. It hangs over like the sword of Damocles sometimes so I know how that can feel. I also know how this can manifest in unconscious death wishes so please stop posting anything hinting at anything related to your personal info which may be used to identify you or your family. You of all people should know how dangerous these people are at the moment, and I would hazard a guess that someone who is not your friend will be attempting to find who made this thread soon. Even very vague details like basic family composition and relatives. I can't imagine that there are too many people who fit the criteria of your general background so that pool is likely smaller than you think. Do not leave a paper trail if you can help it.

I am glad that you seem to be taking a step forward in defiance, that means there is at least a spark still within you that they have not extinguished. Nurture it, but keep it tempered and forge your hatred, your wrath, your righteousness into a weapon which nobody can take away from you. You're in a position with resources that most here can only dream of. You could choose make yourself into a corpse, but you could instead choose to make yourself into a greater man and work to end the borrowed time that all of these monsters have been living on.

I have no royal blood. My grandfather is literally a hillbilly from the poorest place in the entire country. You already have elevated yourself and your line above your peers and despicable relatives for not succumbing to evil. Godspeed OP and stay safe - we are all in this together.

bb0ee7  No.12712824


A group called Save the Children is contracted out to steal children from families all over europe. They make excuse that the family is bad for its child. They do not tell the family or anyone else where the child is "for safety reasons". There are many horror stories about Save the Children from its victims who are mainly devastated parents.

6f1821  No.12712825


Donate one tenth of that to Jim Stone. jimstone.is Going to be hard to move that money to him, seeing as (((they))) do their level best to cut him off, but it would have a larger impact than giving me or probably anyone else here $1 million.

3a9911  No.12712826


CPS does the same thing in the states

bb0ee7  No.12712841



Save the Children hacked last month


5cd892  No.12712843


Mate same here in Australia. Sydney child services are known to move kids to pedo families

457904  No.12712846

OP, you are still young and broken. Please, retreat somewhere for a year, and stay clean. This should give you enough time to contemplate on what you have, what to do with it, and how to become the change you want to see.

I can tell you, there are several good principles you can uphold right now to save yourself:

1. Stay safe. Nothing useful comes out of your death. You may take one or two kikes down, but you can also take zero kikes down, and the vacuum will be quickly filled with another kike. So, stay safe.

2. Keep those who are dear to you safe as well. Last thing you want is for someone to have leverage over you by threatening the wellbeing of your dear one.

3. Track consequences of your actions 2 steps ahead. Think "what would a disgusting kike do in response to my action?" And try to minimize / avoid that.

4. Try to desentisize yourself. You are a human being, not a filthy animal. Your judgment could be clouded by suffering of other people - this might kill you.

5. Get fit and learn to shoot - at least a handgun. If you cannot get one legally, consider getting one illegally (but be careful above all else).

Once you've straightened your life out, you will be in a much better position to think reasonably and take action. Bless you, faggot, hope your actions make national news some day. Who knows, you might be the next Leader some people need so much.

d05603  No.12712856

File: 13df089488998ef⋯.jpg (5.35 KB, 259x198, 259:198, Jipip.jpg)


OP, money doesn't help in this situation. It'll make things worse, all the gypsie nigger beggars will hound you.

Also, don't answer questions about your age, ethnicity etc. Already the jew mafia are profiling you. Guaranteed!

The best thing to do is to know that you are an anonymous faggot like the rest of us and should stay that way.

What really helps is explaining in detail their networks and how they work. If you can mention names and how they tie in, dates too, do so, but so long as you are not compromised.

Details, details, details. What can you prove or provide to us?

59d8b5  No.12712857


> I have a cocaine problem

Cocaine is the devils dandruff, it builds the ego to crush the ego, and you must have noticed the "high" is overrated; at best you talk a load of vaccuuous shit and maybe have meaningless poor quality abusive level sex with whoever you share it with. Book yourself into a health/fitness clinic/camp stay off it for 2 days whilst exercising and eating healthily. You will feel better.


You feel bad because you have been brainwashed. There is nothing trash about being European, it's the cokehead thing you must tackle head on if you intend to fight rather than piss it away. And that's what you will do, I have seen it, people survive but the coke eats their money away, mixing with coke suppliers is stupid risky if you have ransom level money, which you apparently do.

Get off the coke and consider taking a menial laborious job or volunteer at a homeless shelter or something.

Get some perspective quick, or just be another victim of ching chang charlie.

63a0ba  No.12712862


>The white children all come from England. Mostly London.

Is there any more info you could give. Is this related to the muslim rape gangs and what goes on at the BBC?

254605  No.12712905


e703c6  No.12712916


I read threads like the Smiley Face Killers one and then threads like this. Feminists are organising on a huge scale to walk around murdering hundreds of white men and not a whiff of investigation. Women and soy drinkers orchestrating mass murders and getting away with it. Then we have these sick fucks. How is it that we are allowing these people to go on their morning runs through the park and not having an accident or getting permanently lost on the way?

254605  No.12712940


You should compile a list of all names that are guilty and how they are guilty provided with all Their addresses

993383  No.12712944





Can I tell you the truth. I have left home 2 months ago but I was doing cocaine and with women and drinking and just sad but not thinking. But I was always thinking I am a piece of shit because the kids. How can people be like that. But I was thinking this is not my problem, because I did not do it. But still I was a piece of shit for doing nothing. No more girls, I decided I am going to post what I saw.

I really thought that I can post here and then you all tell me I am larp and liar and to kill my self. I was going to kill my self, but then my family will be safe and I will have told someone, and maybe you would tell me how to die easy. I did think this. Then I post and you all tell me how good I am. NO I have done nothing, please. But still I fucking cry because you did not tell me to kill my self, but you made me think I should do something. I cry and am happy and I do not know, Hasch cli eine!!?? But I am better. You make me better so I must do something more. Tell me, give me idea and I will pay and help how I can. Thank you much.


no I haven't seen that sorry

Rituals I have heard, but even dumb wealthy people like my uncles do these things but they are not pedophiles. It is like a joke to them, or like brushing your teeth. Pagan things that people do and not ask why. Hot wine in the winter, even if it tastes like asshole people still drink it. Maybe the pedo's do have rituals but I do not know about them sorry. I am trying to be honest.


My family use a private one that has retired police and some Swiss guard. The Swiss guard is more dangerous then people speak. They are a joke to all of Europe but they are full of very expert killers


Pedo network is run like a business. Let me tell you, I DO NOT know if the bosses are pedo but they could be, I just know they are quiet and 'perfect' in their lives in the public. They might be but I do not know sorry.

They use the network for control of politicians. It is not a big network of secret pedophiles in Europe for itself, it is set up and protected by police and politicians and other dangerous people. But of course it is for favors.

An example (this is what i mostly saw) Someone comes to the Pedo network and asks for a law to be changed, or a favor for their business. They pay big. The Pedo network then finds a politician or even a non politician that is a pedo and spends money for them to campaign for an election. When elected (or if already elected) they have proof of the politician with kids so the politician must change the law or help the business.

There are many in Euro politics that were not politicians but were helped because they are already property of the network.


I have to go to a physical bank to wire an international transfer from cash to credit. This way I can remain anonymous. Can you open an international account so that you do not give away info with money already in it, and that I can transfer without giving my location away? I will do this though, and time to receive is 3 days some times.


I will look at jim stone. If he is any good and I do then maybe he can verify my transfer and you will see I am happy to fund ideas.


Thank you I will do this. I will start to put down more things I know. Ask me questions because I do not have a direction or thought about what is needed to tell you


I do not think the pedo network deals with muslims or gangs. It might be but I very much do not think this is true. I think this because they are professional and already have business with other business people and police and politicians, they do not associate with lower klass or like that. I can not confirm but I really think this is true.

6bdddf  No.12712956

File: 246887c85045dd5⋯.png (351.14 KB, 1197x863, 1197:863, boer1.PNG)

File: 3607eae1a6b0d19⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1475x3167, 1475:3167, boers2.png)

File: 1bc4b06913438d8⋯.png (404.7 KB, 1560x1415, 312:283, boer3.png)

File: cbdfe1cd7fffc44⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1896x3504, 79:146, boer4.png)

OP don't worry, there are some really good people out there who will not let humanity fall. I am myself trying to overcome my personal problems that hold me back in progress, but whatever.

To be honest anons are right:

Don't bother with throwing your money away to such cause, unless you want to go "balls to the wall". Why?

-Because usually right wing online sites will get removed, funding movement/uprising groups will trigger glowniggers to investigate and shut it down if it looks like a proper threat.

-The only things I can think of that could work is:

1. Donating to idependent research projects that could give huge backwind to things. For example investigators of the usual conspiracies that lack the equipment. A good example is the Thunderbolts project. It btfos mainstream sciense, researches prehistoric things and shows promise in astronomy and element transmutation.

2. /sudpol/ funding to go to Antarctica. Check their board and decide for yourself. You can even join and be the first to visit New Berlin and the Gods who rule this world. Maybe get someone who knows high German and Sanskrit. Worth it regardless if you want to believe or not. The project can be reused for point 4 or vice versa.

3. Giving funding to South African boers who are highly right wing and are waiting for a good moment for dotr to start. They need guns, trucks and they are feared there. Pics related.

4. Funding a breakaway civilization. I am not joking around. Can be very dodgy but can turn out to be a new garden of eden. The biggest problem is not in finding territory in Oceania or some place (desert islands, same place in South America, rural Africa) where there is barely anybody and can be camouflaged. The real problem is advertising it without inviting glowing cianiggers, keeping it low, keeping it only an oral thing, revealing it only if someone is already ready to enter, proven worthy. Classical advertising and spreading the word is out of question. This also implies new laws and possible deaths in the new group. If this work then there is an obvious place worth funding, can be the center,/starter for ALL the other points I have mentioned. It needs to be self sustaining, but disconnected from the digital world. Not even satellite or internet unless we provide our own satellite which is stupendously costly and invites hazards if it's not wikileaks tier multilayer secure.

If the model works, it can spread and multiply until it reaches critical mass and gives a constant feedback loop of willing people who volunteer to get back into this misery to recruit and spread propaganda, or even stay to shift the politics.

All of these sound like a ton of fun to me. I am not sure if I should provide any email because shit gets real I hope I am welcome aboard. Man, I wish.

t. Europoor hungarian

b84b0e  No.12712962



Sincere thanks. You can email me at assigngg8@protonmail.com. I can do anything reasonable to verify my genuineness.

b84b0e  No.12712964


Meant to reference this

63a0ba  No.12712967


>I do not think the pedo network deals with muslims or gangs.

This aligns with some of my own research, thanks for being another source. It seems their purpose is providing services to other pakis and the local level establishment. I have found some information that suggests white girls from Europe were being trafficked to the slave markets in the middle east. With Trump and Putin taking out ISIS I wonder if this is still happening on such a scale.

Thanks for all the info in this thread, stay safe and have faith that their time is coming to an end.

993383  No.12712972


All people connected to Babel festival and Teris.

I can say other politicians that I have seen or family or friends (some now not friends) would make gossip about seeing them. It was a joke to us. We would say "oh look I did not know he likes little kids" or gamble on who is. I can say these but it is only me saying, I have no evidence. But I give you the business and people that do this fucking shit to children and maybe something can change.


I want to stop the pedo network. Sorry if I am not what you want. But I am happy for the information thank you


I will make a new email to do this. And I will email then post here after to let you know who is me. Do not listen to others. Give me time


Thank you

Also everyone sorry if I go and come back late, between Islands there is no internet connection but I will have full connection in some days. +

b84b0e  No.12712978


>I will make a new email to do this. And I will email then post here after to let you know who is me. Do not listen to others. Give me time

thank you

7bb406  No.12712989


>But still I was a piece of shit for doing nothing

in some cases, it's all you can do whether you like it or not. It's funny how someone like yourself who has so much wealth and power (compared to the regular anon) can feel just as far away from making an impact as any one of us alone. It's probably why anons were so quick to trust you instead of calling you a larping faggot like you expected.

>Pedo network is run like a business

because businesses are measured by the strength of their networks (of people, information and influence). Once you're in that pedo network you're buckled the fuck in for life (and maybe longer if your name and face are worth more than your life). The current kings of the world are in their castles, but these days the castles aren't made of stone and earth, they're made of information and influence (also concrete and steel).


>I want to stop the pedo network

The anons telling you to get your head clean and get a job are pretty spot on the money, because that's the way you start building your own castle. Surround yourself with a small circle of good people, learn something from everyone you meet, and start getting some wisdom in your head. You know their trades and tricks, and discerning ways to unravel their network becomes much easier once you have a network of your own. The sheer notion there isn't a single charity organization out there that feels trustworthy these days is a good place to start. Imagine a "save the kids" foundation that ACTUALLY saved kids.

353098  No.12712991

File: 1cba7f5a08c79e8⋯.png (261.94 KB, 506x704, 23:32, hitler check.png)


Thank you very much for posting. Disregard any shills that might show up and practice good infosec.

6dc97c  No.12713138


So Babel festival is relating to Mystery Babylon Religion.

423f93  No.12713178


I understand. You get the deepest insight into these awful things. It's not that don't have a common ground on this issue, it's the risk of poking the nest. These are so big I'm afraid that no money can help it at this stage. Sure you may get a couple of people arrested if you are tricky enough and want that but expect a huge backlash against you. Especially if mainstream can't downplay it: for example successfully arresting a very high level dude that is in the public eye.

It's a suicide mission. It will be memoryholed. If I had the money I would put it into a long term, big scale revenge. Something that gives hope. Honestly I would die happily, knowing that I've planted the seed for something positive for the future.

f7021e  No.12713205


>Surround yourself with a small circle of good people

and read some /pdfs/ on how to identify snakes. There are many like you, and their numbers will only grow from now on. You know (((they)) will fucking kill you if the risk/benefit ratio leads towards that right? So stop talking about killing yourself and stop doing drugs or it will be a walk in the park for them. Don't act stupid and find someone smart who can figure out the best strategy for action. I am not that guy unfortunately, my IQ is only 130, but I would work for you for free anytime.

423f93  No.12713233


I mean we all want to see these people suffer, but it would be a more wise idea to just lift any random willing bum off the street to kill someone you want. He doesn't know who you are, he has no idea not only about who the guy is, hell probably does not even care to know about who the president is currently. I am suggesting this because hitmans do care and are not willing to do it if it's politicallly involved. There you go an idea that probably will cost you your guestroom for a ehile and some good meals and a good bit of money if he suceeds. Give him a chance at life.

89dae6  No.12713264

File: f1bcb8c954ea7aa⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1900, 12:19, bbigcon2.png)

OP, you need to invest wisely. Educate yourself. Take some time off, get clean.

Once OP is clean, he should come back later, and post a throw away email.

I wasn't going to post begging for money. Poor form when OP is so vulnerable.

But hey. Why not? How often do you come across millionaires who align with our view? He seems genuine to me.

There are many anons here with a lot of potential. Much wasted potential.

If you give/invest/donate to 100x anons with project ideas a few grand each, you get to keep most of your money. And have 100 seeds planted. Even if only 5% of investments work, an international network is formed. Favors are the game right?

From OP, I would be looking for a £4-10k seed investment. Would have a legitimate business up and running by end of april/may, profitable before mid summer. If the math works how I think it works the ROI could be pretty good, and scalable. Then I would seek more investment from OP if concept is validated.

I'm going to pursue a business idea by summer anyway with or without OPs money, thanks to /sig/ I've been gradually getting my shit together.

10 million is massive to most of us. Even a fraction would be life changing to many. But insignificant in the grand scheme, you need to grow it. Don't waste it on Coke (over priced, short high, don't be an idiot), don't kill yourself.

f7021e  No.12713297


993383  No.12713319


It is a spreading of pedophile and new age culture.


i just want to do some good.


There are not many I trust but pol is the chaotic conscious that I need, and maybe the world too?


I have met many hitmen and our family did have them for tasks over 500 years. My guard is one from a past who would tell me in secret his agreement with me. I pay him but we are friends and he is with me.


I have extensive study and indepth on political, I have downloaded the mega pol books and also I like mythology. The truth of technology/culture/religion is all spread across the world, some religions use it or hide it, some cultures have the myth of it. Some know the human brain and hide the ability to put in chains and harm humans (jews)

Please I will give money to an idea that helps the children of the pedo network, and exposes the bosses. Does any hackers can get the servers of the Teris waste network (more than website, they have computers in an office and also connected to heating machines under ground. This might be the hidden record or something?)

000000  No.12713413


please, get off the coke before you give anyone money!

2b858a  No.12713421

First of all OP, like many have said, take care of yourself, drop the coke. Be distrustful of people who want to help you. Surprisingly there have been very few obvious shills in this thread, which to me suggests some of your supporters might be buddying up to get your dox. Real anons however stand by your side.

I'm no strategist, and I'm a poorfag so I can't really fathom how much money 10mil is. I've been wondering though if I was rich, what could I do with the money, but haven't figured it out. If I do, I'll tell you.

Godspeed, and don't be too honest about your personal details.

a180a7  No.12713435

File: a463fc1add0425b⋯.png (30.43 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 90F24782-AB46-4A0D-A9A5-3D….png)


It is a war fought over many life times friend. Get yourself healthy and be patient. The impulse that came to you to post your story will come again in a different form, have the same courage you had and remember the result of your courage here. Most men Are cowards.

All you need to do is stay alive and be ready, many here would gladly sacrafice themselves if given the opportunity. You are amongst friends who share your pain. You are not alone brother. Thank you for making my day a little brighter Anon, i sincerely appreciate it.

423f93  No.12713454


I'm definitely not the one to tell but I don't think your guard friend should/would be going off on a Sam Hyde killing spree for you. Even if he does, you risk exposing yourself. No matter how loyal and blgood buddy he is, first you probably like him too much, second he will be backtracked if you have even a single photo with him. Even some fanatic anons could do it. Give him a plane ticket, a gun and a time and place, promise pizza for the pedo and off him.

4d4294  No.12713480


>I do know when Donald Trump visits Europe that the pedo network go on holidays to Asia

Have you considered moving to Russia and trying to contact someone in the US who is on Trump's team? You could be of great use if you are able to work with others that are set on bringing pedo network down. The difficulty with this is that you will need to know who is and isn't deep state.

423f93  No.12713502


Deep state niggers are so black, not even their strong glowing can escape their skin.

000000  No.12713508


i doubt many of us can be of use at this stage. i would however suggest trying to get your people to get bin touch with irma schiffers and by extension ronald bernhard from the netherlands as he does have some knowledge of knights and orders and how to navigate this tricky world. There are still good people, especially in powerful circles you just need to beat your addiction so you can spot the snakes.

001ca4  No.12713563

File: b0a009a116e03dd⋯.jpeg (138.01 KB, 720x500, 36:25, BE4117FF-2C26-4444-945E-0….jpeg)


This is a band that played the Babel literature festival. “The pussywarmers” looks like they are with a young girl.

bbcab3  No.12713565

OP, you have done plenty already. Don't give so much info about your family situation, as it's quite easy to narrow down details just from what you have said already. I assume you have been smart and added little lies about that here and there to throw them off the trail of who you really are.

It wouldn't help to prove who you are either. Like you say, it's just your word against theirs. I would say also giving out money will probably not be very helpful.

But the names and locations you have given us so far are the real valuable thing. Based on this anons can dig and find plenty of connections, and sometimes things left in the open. More of this would be helpful. Who they are, where they operate, how they operate. Somewhere there's a weak link. The right info out in the open can do more than all the money you have.

I have some questions.

Do you know how this relates to the metoo movement? Is it known in these circles as smokescreen to distract from pizzagate?

Do you know anything about the effects trump is having on this group, if any?

What more do you know about pizzagate and its accused. Are there any people that were part of it and were missed?

Do you know anything more about epstein's island?

Most of all, thank you, anon.

615196  No.12713583

File: 3d44ef96fac7621⋯.webm (4.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dubssong.webm)

File: 9917a2f5aac6785⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 262x320, 131:160, red-shield rothschild.jpg)

File: 05cdceef670335c⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1664x5472, 52:171, Jewish ritual murder.png)

File: feff69aff5fcc83⋯.jpg (97.21 KB, 479x599, 479:599, the lord of the pedo rings.jpg)

Probably the most valuable thread on the catalog ATM.

>>12708444 (checked)

>I come from a wealthy family in the auto industry but have been exiled as I am not of their kind.

Not exactly the same situation, but similar, read this.


Stay strong and don't forget to laugh out loud!

001ca4  No.12713594


Find friends in the Appalachian Mountains. There are good people there. The real American culture and very kind.

000000  No.12713595


trips of truth OP seems to be legit but anon you gave away too much personal info!! How many coke snorting, disgruntled, family members with your access are there? I hope some of this was disinfo to cover your ass, but you need to IMHO drop all the names, locations, with specific addresses and compile a list of what you know to happen at these locations. Everything you can think of to compromise them immediately. I feel for you anon, and what you have done already might help spread some good where there was only darkness. Don't take the losers way out! GET EVEN! all it takes is someone like you to go all in and they will have nowhere left to hide.


0270b3  No.12713603


>please I have a sister who moved away from the family also because she is like me and I dont want to hurt her or her family.

If you are legit than you should give as few information about yourself as possible.

Alphabet soups read this, and the more you say, the easier it is to narrow it down to who you are.

001ca4  No.12713604


The fate of the world rests in American hands. We have the guns but we need your clandestine organization skills. Go to the Appalachian mountains and find real Americans to support.

56978a  No.12713674


Nobleanon, I have lurked here for more than three years and posted maybe 4 times total. But your post is important and I believe you. Others have said things like this but they deserve repeating.

Number 1: GET CLEAN

This accomplishes many things. It will greatly reduce your suicidal thoughts. Your chemical reward system in your brain is out of wack and removing the coke will help. Getting clean will help improve your judgment. You will not make as many mistakes. You are a greater individual threat than most of us here, and if the pedo network decides it’s better for you to die the coke is a convenient vector for them to poison you. Your dealer could likely be bribed. Also, you say your family uses your addiction as a reason to not trust you. You can remove that reason. Taking it away from your bad family members and making the ones you love very happy. You don’t have to totally rejoin your family if you don’t want to, but they will all have one less thing to hold against you. If you try to move against the network while still using, it is likely you will fail. Remember to excercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water while you get clean. It may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but it’s very important.

Number 2: Deeply think about who you can trust. Sounds like your guard/hitman friend maybe be good, but with your judgment impaired by drugs and alcohol it will be harder to determine who is currently in your life that you can trust.

Number 3: Gather as much information as you can, as discretely as you can. I sense you have already posted the extent of your current knowledge. Think of ways to find out more. That’s where Number 2 comes in. Names, dates, locations, businesses, methods of transport, etc. are the more valuable here than your money. So I would recommend you save it and try to build it up for when it is truly needed.

These steps build on each other. Stay safe. Godspeed. DO NOT KYS. Don’t give them what they want. Despite any mistakes you’ve made, we need men like you. Your courage could eventually inspire others in similar situations. And thank you.

44b612  No.12713696

File: bd4c0e0d6634439⋯.png (155.52 KB, 1274x631, 1274:631, sayonarabellinzona.png)


Meme it

c0a5cf  No.12713698


I know a wizard that has been fighting the kikes for years and knows their ancient tricks and origins. He is looking for a man of royal blood to help him found an order of knights to drive the cabal out and possibly retake Constantinople. He also makes cheap bulletproof shields and simple pistol proof armor and you really want to talk to him. He' also a master occultist, herbalist, blacksmith, and Esoteric Hitlerist. He is @A_Wizard on Wire Messenger, and A_Wizard@protonmail.com Tell him Dark sent you to help fight the childfucking jews.

353098  No.12713710

File: d6bfe4d1f959504⋯.png (231.41 KB, 467x403, 467:403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bcaab332f858f0f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 858x1260, 143:210, ClipboardImage.png)



>Dude wtf I just noticed the painting on the wall behind him.

Here, scaled it. Seems relatively normal religious imagery, but if someone wants to get a better view of it, it seems the photographer who made that shot licensed the shoot to a newspaper that probably has it in much higher resolution (in print or possibly digital form as well) that can be extracted and warped better.

c6e94d  No.12713748


Use money to make art that attracts unwanted attention to these people. Freelance websites make this really easy. $150-200 can get you a high quality piece. I've gotten nice works from $100 before. Lots of artist teams in cheap countries. Use their globalism against them.

692b7a  No.12713749


Pleaaase do not give money to a random person or cause you think can help you. Everything can be compromised, people can be lazy and greedy. You're the one that knows what's happening so maybe invest in some sort of spyware or something so you can get the proof yourself. There has to be a way to maybe go undercover and expose it.

Record every conversation or take pictures. Maybe get some of these ppl to open up. People you know have been blackmailed might crack. Make a massive archive and then release it all at once or something. Idk just spitballing ideas but if you can do something like project veritas you could single handedly change the world. Don't waste the opportunity m8

ad463c  No.12713761


Jesus Christ knows it is a relief to know that you are alive. What you're doing is noble, friend! You can live a normal life on your stipend in the country, for a song. Get well away from heavily populated areas. Get into a country area. Hire someone to bring you groceries due to "health issues"

be015f  No.12713803

File: 7cb994461bc6829⋯.jpg (237.76 KB, 1216x1390, 608:695, 122.jpg)

Thank you. Switzerland is the Cabal Hotspot. When the Templers came back the 1. August 1291 after they robbed and killed thousands of inocent People in Europe. Why are they so wealthy and divided?

4 Languages for a small Country..?

26 Kantone / States — divided Regions.

The most Brainwashed Country in the World.

Not Gay but Love ALL Anons and Patriots.

What about Roger Federer? My feeling says he could be fishy…

fe481b  No.12713843


Anon contact me on Survivor_Anon@protonmail.com I can help you within the EU

001ca4  No.12713862

File: 62edc549cec6414⋯.png (7.6 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A96F349E-12FB-4260-A756-48….png)

f42f70  No.12713872

long time lurker

first time poster

*voat/pzgte brought me here originally

thread ongoing there now about this post https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2992527 lets work together anons to dig on this info

000000  No.12713918


look just reduce your consumption, recovering from drugs is a long process, but you are in a good position to do so; you have a stable supply and i am assuming stable quality, that means you can stabilize and then taper yourself down.

0e20f8  No.12713944


Until you die in a fire because (((someone))) suspects you might talk. Given this thread I do wonder if there's more to the recent escape room fire in Poland (a group of 15 year old kids died there) than the hipster running the place ignoring building codes because fuck you.

6d1479  No.12713946


I will come to Switzerland and fight for you for FREE, my brother. All you have to do is buy a bunch of AK47 and handgrenades and you have an army of loyal nazis ready to fight for you.

0e20f8  No.12714004



This. Plenty of us out there. And most of us are sick and tired of having to fly under the radar because it's open season on the ones who have eyes to see, has been for as long as we are alive. Arm us and we will fight to death. For it is far better to die fighting for a noble cause than slowly wither away under the Jews' ever tightening strangle hold.

9f7472  No.12714047

OP, if you're still here, you should really look into taking opsec seriously. Don't give out any more personal information, at least no more than necessary. Consider using a Linux system and connecting to the Tor network through a VPN (8chan allows posting through Tor, just use the onion site). Tails is the gold standard, but Whonix is better if you have the know-how to set it up. Be careful out there.

aea26d  No.12714136

File: cab7cc5f84d17d1⋯.jpg (79.44 KB, 1161x821, 1161:821, firefox_2019-01-24_13-40-0….jpg)

glad to see thread still up



Too many risks in bringing in an anon spearhead team, you'd all end up being a kite and dragging all their infiltrators with you, especially since there's email addresses floating around ITT.

There is an advantage, however, in putting security services on their heels, as far as dedicating resources to a potential threat. Seeing who would freak out about that town being picketed/fliered/meme'd would certainly be worthwhile.


also check this out

b2b46a  No.12714192


Checked. Dubs of truth. I missed those news.

And nobleanon; Get clean. Godspeed.

0c27cb  No.12714296


>Please I will give money to an idea that helps the children of the pedo network, and exposes the bosses. Does any hackers can get the servers of the Teris waste network (more than website, they have computers in an office and also connected to heating machines under ground. This might be the hidden record or something?)

RoyalAnon, are you the Voat.co angel investor? ;-)

0c27cb  No.12714330


>I do know when Donald Trump visits Europe that the pedo network go on holidays to Asia.

Not familiar enough with the European who's who and vanity press publications that follow them to research this effectively.

However DJT visited Europe https://en. wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_presidential_trips_made_by_Donald_Trump) on these dates:

* May 23-27 2017 | Italy

* July 5-6 2017 | Poland

* July 6-8 2017 | Germany

* July 13-17 2017 | France

* Jan 25-26 2018 | Switzerland

* July 10-12 2018 | Belgium

* July 12-15 2018 | UK

* July 15-16 2018 | Finland

* Nov 9-11 2018 | France

* Dec 26-27 2018 | Germany

Who is "they" and where do they go in Asia?

80fedf  No.12714344


If you had a thousand dollars yesterday and today, one dollar… Get it, poor fag?

This is thread of the year so far.


He'll pay half of that in tax. It's enough to live on… basically but you aren't doing much. Also, the next year the jew casino shits the bed.

He mentions high cost of security. So it's always defensive and a stressful existence. You have to understand that his adversaries not only have practically unlimited funds, but the state on their side. You can't battle that alone. It's why like minded people need to come together because in numbers we DO beat them.


Former US military people for irl, hackers for online, doesn't matter from where.

Depends what you want to do then. I would expose the tunnel system. That's hitting infastructure they can't replace. Media and cops do nothing? Then you sabotage it.


Could be embezzlement and or insurance fraud. The later and you get paid twice. Lots of fake 'hacks' involving money.

My question is, are any of the Italian mafia's involved with this? It seems as though they would be the ones to run such a network. It could keep them out of jail and make money. Plus, who else is disgusting enough to do such things?

Best of luck to you, OP. Know that you aren't alone and can make a difference. Being sad isn't a reason to die. Saving children is. We all have to go sometime and I know my red line is when these monsters try to emerge from the darkness and make this filthy acceptable in public.

ebbc7b  No.12714357

news about Poroshenko ?

QAnon in canada anons?

there is a secret agreement between canadian politicians and ukranian ones about orphans …

c5ea00  No.12714393


ebbc7b  No.12714399


Mondragone family was satanist, but about them maybe Visconti ans I write MAYBE. the other family NO

993383  No.12714409

Sorry I had some sleep but I am back. I am listening to all your advice. You are right. No more coke, no more about me, no give money to strangers (sorry to the anon, maybe someone else can help him, I do want to).

I need help. I google dead mans switch, I need help to set it up. Or is wikileaks still working? It is not much info, just some notes and photos from my phone and facebook. The photo of the pedo bosses and politicians and famous people. But that is nothing because they work with politicians for environment agenda so unless they are known to be pedo no one will care maybe?

Roger Federer I do not know sorry. I will think of what celebrity and sport identities I have seen/heard. But remember kids are shipped and other locations are doing things.

I saw voat, thank you I did not know there was a place for pedo exposing.

Also I am no longer in Bellinzona or country. I am far away.

I will ask where in Asia the bosses go. I know it was Philippines long time ago (2005) but I think it changed but I do not know so I will find where if I can.

Mafia in North Italy is 'allowed' and work for Jews. I saw a TV show McMafia, its very true.

So much support from all. Thank you kindly

c5ea00  No.12714420

File: 86c94952dd1de42⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 295x295, 1:1, DevilsAdvocate.jpg)


Sean Penn was married to Charlize Theron. She was abused by her father and uncle and then her mom shot and killed them. She seems like a perfect fit for being a pedo. Also, his mother was an actress and father was a producer so I'm sure he got passed around.

03d5f5  No.12714437


if you are italian I write to not commit suicide, first fight with me the pedophiles/jews talmudic, then when Lord wants you die.

c5ea00  No.12714457

File: 1214156bdee0fd5⋯.jpg (89.37 KB, 634x412, 317:206, prince faggot.jpg)


>I will ask where in Asia the bosses go. I know it was Philippines long time ago (2005) but I think it changed but I do not know so I will find where if I can.

I imagine Thailand is another big destination. Lots of shady royalty and huge investments by people at the top into land-ownership which means privacy. Their current king is a kid in a candy store.

>Vajiralongkorn has built up a reputation for womanising, extravagance, bizarre self-indulgence and occasional cruelty, including to his own children, several of whom have been stripped of their names and titles and live in exile."

0c27cb  No.12714511


>I saw voat, thank you I did not know there was a place for pedo exposing.

Please join us any time, anon. We've been fighting the pedovore cabal together there since the Podesta emails were leaked. You will be encouraged.

We have the world's finest archive of research on the globalist pedovores. If you want to see what we've turned up on any key names you may know of you can do so here:

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&df=&dt=&b=on&nsfw=on

I set the parameters to limit to the pizzagate board, but there are others as well – just clear the subverse field to search all Voat boards.

We will follow up on any leads you drop – you can message modmail if you do not want to post publicly.

993383  No.12714518


Fuck, OK. I WILL FIGHT. I want to fight. I want honor, I want to help the children. The face of hurt needs to go away. Fuck the Jew, Fuck the Pedo, Fuck the politicians.

The world is ours

0c27cb  No.12714529


That's the spirit!

633728  No.12714538


Civitacastellana---> YES

RAI/Mediaset YES

0c27cb  No.12714556

OP, speaking of Northern Italy/Switzerland, do you know anything about why the House of Savoy has kept the Shroud of Turin hidden for most of it's history? Or why they won't allow additional scientific study?

993383  No.12714583


Theresa May August 4th - 5th with a man (not on her own).

a7c9df  No.12714624


I'd also be vary of people who are sending you their e-mail addresses or want you to join something. Some of them probably are genuine and just want to help, but it only takes one who isn't to fuck things up.

935477  No.12714629


>We've been fighting the pedovore cabal together there since the Podesta emails were leaked.

And before then on >>>/pedowood322/

a0b929  No.12714632

File: b5b4da3f63cdde4⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 347x384, 347:384, 1544436621665.jpg)


Holy fuck. Big if true. You can help change more than you know. Bumping with my best pizza pasta, no pun intended.



Fully Sourced Summary of Pizzagate Evidence



350 ARRESTS IN PEDO RING (12-23-2017)


>QUOTE: What is abundantly clear at this point, is that “Pedogate” is a one-hundred percent reality, not just in America, but spanning the entire globe. 



Users Looking for Child Pornography Are Gathering on Periscope, Twitter’s Forgotten Video Service (12-15-17) GIZMODO STEALS OUR WORK











https://youtu.be/eo1Oe3cGU50 [Open] [Open]





Frank Giustra info dump


935477  No.12714639

File: dbc36e354b979f7⋯.jpg (7.68 KB, 303x166, 303:166, melnyk.jpg)


>there is a secret agreement between canadian politicians and ukranian ones

I noticed this years ago. Many are jews, many from Manitoba.

c4392d  No.12714646

Ah, OP, I've seen this before. You've got a depressed, drug fueled, schizophrenic episode. I'm not saying what you are saying is wrong, you may well be genuinely on to something. But the problem is that right now you're not reasonable, and your conclusions and deductions therefore aren't reasonable. You need to take a deep breath, get off the drugs, and then analyze the whole thing with sobriety.

Chonnsch druus?

0c27cb  No.12714662


>Ah, OP, I've seen this before. You've got a depressed, drug fueled, schizophrenic episode.

He doesn't sound schizo to me.

a7c9df  No.12714676


>Chonnsch druus

What does this mean?

c4392d  No.12714686


He isn't far gone. This kind of schizophrenia is a process, you dissolve yourself deeper in the delusions until they become the entirety of your existence and you can't even talk to people about normal things anymore. It's probably just the coke fucking him up.


It means something like "ya dig it?" in swiss

a0b929  No.12714700


Do you know where you are? You will not having any impact in potentially "correcting the record" here. This is the most interesting pedo related thread since hollywoodanon. Godspeed to OP if he delivers.

615196  No.12714715

File: 2739b95ff3b2dde⋯.webm (1.45 MB, 1280x528, 80:33, rwds stomp.webm)


Basically this. OP just needs to get off the coke and he's gonna make it just fine.

We're all gonna make it

082aeb  No.12714728


That's great. The world is ours as soon as we realise we have the power to say NO to our oppressors.

They probably now know your identity and that you are against them, or they will soon. You must publicly disavow your suicidal inclinations, let it be known if you die now you were assassinated. Your death would then give legitimacy to your accusations and therefore become less likely. Set up the Dead Man’s Switch as simply as you can.

The problem with Pizzagate was that we never had indisputable video evidence. This meant only people with time to research understood the situation. To destroy these networks we need greater numbers supporting us, which a viral video of abuse by a prominent person would give.

If you divulge things now it may harm the collection of evidence, though it would probably stop operations for a while until new arrangements are made. It sounds like it’s too late to return and become a spy but I think one person willing to sacrifice their soul and be part of the darkness would be the surest way to destroy them. I suppose now you can try to think of the weakness in their operation and try to find others who can exploit it.

c4392d  No.12714730


I'm not CTRing. I'm telling a guy who contemplates suicide and writes about pedo conspiracies while high off his ass to calm the fuck down and get sober and then think things through. With sobriety. Because if he keeps going like that, he'll either off himself or devolve into loonie tier ramblings. Because especially when you're dealing with shit like this, you have to be extra reasonable, and thorough in your thoughts, and OP is neither of those things right now.

OP is some rich Bünzli kid with the expected existential crisis in his early 20ies, and to escape sorting out his life and putting things in context, he focuses his attention on pedo conspiracies. And you and me don't even know if any of it is real or just the delusions of some coke head. I don't want it to be real, but I want a reasonable person that can actually deliver hard evidence and connections, not a dead kid nor some rambling schizo. So what is it you want?

d7d282  No.12714757



Ah, wouldn't it be a shame if the yellow vests or rogue French government/military/intelligence entities dug a little deeper into pedofaggot Jupiter's wild adventures in Bellinzona and Switzerland? He is certainly a big enough domino. I'm just a burger but perhaps this is what those beautiful bastards in frogland need to take it to the next level.

a7c9df  No.12714766


Getting off coke is a given, and you're right that the guy isn't currently mentally 100% there currently, however

>he focuses his attention on pedo conspiracies. And you and me don't even know if any of it is real or just the delusions of some coke head.

This just makes you sound like a glownigger. Anons know pedo conspiracies are real, and if OP is who he says he is, the things he says are highly plausible. I believe in OP, if this is a LARP or mad ramblings, it's a masterpiece.

0c27cb  No.12714774



c4392d  No.12714782


Yes, the things he says are plausible - But without any hard evidence, as worthless as any other plausible random accusations of heinous crimes.

> I believe in OP

You should know better than take anything at face value, here of all things.

aea26d  No.12714860



woopsie doopsie i did a fucky wucky :3

ae19a0  No.12714864 resolves to guarana.tinext.net.

The following A records are set to

avioport.com, carbocel.com, cobor.com, compamfund.com, compass-am.ru, condor-toys.com, ecentonze.com, erregietichette.com, europrodotti.com, famigliataibi.com, farmer-point.com, holland-harris.com, lamberti-middleeast.com, lamberti.ru, marcomosca.com, mediserv-srl.com, orioshuttle.com, pelletshop.net, stayners.net, terra-toscana.com, worldtradeint.com, wtc-airport.com, wtcmalpensa.com, xn–80acmmlh4aq.com

993383  No.12714871


I am undecided to be proving and outing myself or listen to other anon advice. I have already said I do not have much. If you believe it is a Larp, ok. If you believe it is real ok (and thank you).

But the discussion should not be discontinued.


Listen now ID:c4392d, I have heard this type of argument before. The father of my brothers wife, a JEW. Always a Jew that suggests censorship, deciding for EVERY ONE what to listen to.

Your comment is noted, but you MUST let others make their own mind, otherwise you are saying that NO ONE is of sound mind.

Begone JEW

aea26d  No.12714883


I didn't know if you'd still be in here right now but I figured I might as well ask, do you recognize any faces/names/companies on this list?



56978a  No.12714885


My thoughts as well. He needs to film himself saying he is not suicidal and include it in a deadman switch. But if he’s not tech savvy enough to set up an automatic one that needs to be deactivated every so often then he needs someone else to do the release, right? I don’t know, tbh.

I always felt someone similar to him would have to infiltrate in order to actually get enough irrefutable evidence like a video. But it sounds like that’s not an option for him. And that’s not really a fair thing to ask of someone anyway. Next best thing is to collect a preponderance of evidence. But you’re right, it needs to be easily digestible for the masses in order to circumvent the plausible deniability that comes with having a complex and non-airtight case.

993383  No.12714891


Please provide the document in images. Or are you too glowing like the other anons say?

c4392d  No.12714944


Your argument that only jews would call for measured and reasonable response? Really? I'm not saying that's what a jew would say. Jews are generally… not like that. They're more like, when they're losing an argument, they blather shit.

You aren't even making sense. I can't make up the mind for others. I can speak. Others may choose to listen. Much like they may listen to you, and yet others may not. I'm not preventing you from talking or calling for your censorship.

I'm calling for SOBER THE FUCK UP, you're not helping anyone in the state you're in. Get yourself in order. What I want you to do is present evidence. Something tangible, reliable, presentable. Something where a reasonable person goes "Holy shit this proves this and that beyond a doubt"

What you're saying is that you're tangentially associated with a pedo network. And "this guy is a pedo" and "that guy is a pedo". But in the end, that's just that. That's not helping anyone, chonnsch druus? Instead, what you're actually telling me is that you're having a sort of breakdown, and yeah, I get it. I really get it. But this - what I just described you doing here - probably isn't the right way to deal with it. If you want to figure out this shit, you first have to be yourself in a state of sober lucidity. Drugs are the chemical jew, and your self pity is the emotional jew. Those are the things that are keeping you down.

Also, your brother is married to a jewess. You better be careful who you call a jew.

aea26d  No.12714957

File: 83fb7c53ab8d827⋯.jpg (124.36 KB, 663x825, 221:275, firefox_2019-01-24_16-34-1….jpg)

File: cb5833913b058c1⋯.jpg (139.32 KB, 672x843, 224:281, firefox_2019-01-24_16-34-3….jpg)


don't be a lazy shit, it's too big a pdf to upload

4812b3  No.12714960

File: ec77f70b73d03b8⋯.png (13.17 KB, 255x213, 85:71, 4e9fb5159d416b180710a369ed….png)

OP, is there any way you can become a 8chn spy for us? Taking photos of the LOCATIONS/PROCESSORS "SUBVERTLY" or post internet pictures of what you know?

By showing where and what, you've already displayed to the world THEIR secret locations. They'll have to move because of being noticed/watched By journalists/8chn/4chan etc, and when they move, mistakes get made, bad people get caught.

As most people suggest, proof is difficult when you are also a subject to death, either by yourself or the criminal mafia groups.

8channers know how DEEP the DEEP STATE actually is and how far reaching into your tech they are. It'd be a certainty that they already know who you are, you've described waaaayyy too much already.

So don't do anything rash like shooting people/yourself, or even trying to fight them, the MOSSAD/CIA/FBI/Corrupt Police etc are all ready to martyr you.

There are other ways to fight and it's not done by attacking them directly. You'd need to be more powerful than them. At the moment, you're a whiny coke addict who's seen some shit. You're not really a threat. That doesn't mean you are safe either, you've just moved up a notch on their priority list.

Also, I would take you up on the offer of funding something, but it's entirely indirect. I need a financier, but if the person's a coke addict and a compulsive EU-MOSSAD target, that means it's a no go. I COULD do something, even get 8channers involved because they'd like it. It's all indirect and NOT attacking the main target though. Question is, how do you STOP being a fucking self destructing target? Like all the rest say in here, GET OFF THE FUCKING COKE!!!

Get stable, you're emotions are warped because of drugs and guilt.

Talk when you are sober. If you are real, I might post an email…. Might….

000000  No.12714982


there is a thread on here in the catalog about opsec, and /tech could definitely point you in the right direction with the dead man switch situation. i feel bad for telling you not to give anyone money - hadn't read that you had given the soon-to-be-homeless anon your word, i guess there's nothing wrong with doing one good deed, but that should really be it until you are thinking clearly.

072d09  No.12715016




Ok Royalanon here's the deal. I am glad to know I and others saved your life. I have my ideas about what's the best thing you can do but you keep insisting that the kids are your priority.

I normally lead and don't follow. However I have had a few "signs" telling me to find someone worth following and to shut up and listen.

And 2 months later you show up. From the jews and their tricks I learned that nothing is a coincidence. So I am here to help you and the kids. I can do things in rehabilitation and providing them with a safe place to live, but not at the moment.

If you want to work with me in helping abused children drop me a reply with an exclusive email you will only use for our correspondence. 8months to a year from now I will be ready and email you.

If it's meant to be you will reply.

Whatever you do will be the right decision. Now go and get some therapy and a nice manly hobby like fencing, shooting, archery, etc. /pol/ is a temple, but don't call it a home.

a3df25  No.12715057


This. Dixie is very defensible. Its like Vietnam as far as climate though.

4ccc62  No.12715065

File: 076918f06277e23⋯.jpg (327.36 KB, 1507x941, 1507:941, probably nothing.jpg)


We all see what you are trying to do, make us fight amongst ourselves.

If you really did think what you are saying (prove evidence) then you should be helping ways for OP to do so in safe way, rather than planting doubt here and there. This only tells what you are

Your writing style is short so it makes each sentence a statement, trying make you credible.

IF you want any credibility you should start by writing "every jew should die".

We will cleanse beautiful Earth of your kind, you have no right to exist here.

Now this picture might be nothning, but I thought google truck would avoid certain areas for reason (if someone told them not to go there), so ggave it a try. Probably nothing, but could be something so give it 10 minute look atleast.

a3df25  No.12715068


This. I am pretty decent with a kalashnikov. 47 and 74. I am also a poorfag in Dixie without either.

53cce4  No.12715073

File: fca62c3682fd003⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 487x487, 1:1, fghj.jpg)


regarding the swiss situation

c3f4b7  No.12715134

Do you have anything on BRD-politicians?

d31f48  No.12715150

File: d9d566d9a777e2d⋯.png (9.94 KB, 545x613, 545:613, tree.png)

File: 9a421af40edc2e9⋯.png (27.11 KB, 968x927, 968:927, log.asp.png)

File: c2be066a3feb959⋯.jpg (602.39 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 19102010133418.JPG)


The security of that website is laughable. Each file can be easily downloaded:


>Where {filename} is relative to e:/virtual/www.teris.ch/db/files/

If you want to take a look at page.asp, you just request:


I haven't been able to find any exploits to enter the admin backend. I can only confirm that the username is definitely admin.

b366b7  No.12715256




not to say but received many scientific studies, with different dates

000000  No.12715279


OP, I'm willing to help if you are genuine. I am a professional criminal and have a decade of knowledge and experience that you may find useful.

I am proficient at fraud, social engineering, false documents, and operating off the grid. I currently can leverage $300K+ a year and my business is growing rapidly. I'm also networked with the top people in my niche industry.

I am able to assist with IT, opsec, cryptocurrency, recruiting, and planning. There is a lot that can be done with a little bit of creativity and inside knowledge.

Trust should be built gradually with transactional trust building exercises. If you are telling the truth your life could be in danger. I feel like you are dropping too many clues about yourself. I can help you go off the grid. I can also assist with getting clean if needed.



PGP mail encryption available. You can also send encrypted mail with a tutanota.com account.

You should not trust me or anyone else up front. Be cautious. Think hard before getting into something you'll regret later. Leave yourself a way out. There are bad people watching this board.

If you are a troll… Nice work. The detail about the diplomatic passports is a nice touch. I've always wanted one for myself.

b366b7  No.12715306

File: 134fce4b072992e⋯.jpg (5.82 KB, 311x173, 311:173, HEGRE art symbol.jpg)

File: bb9e417ac602f2f⋯.png (344.75 KB, 1008x555, 336:185, hegre.com 2.png)


me too :)

b366b7  No.12715324


Ambrosini familyyyyyyy ;D

b366b7  No.12715338


Ordo Sinistra Vivendi/ Super satanist

b502db  No.12715369


You're doing God's work anon. No matter what anyone says you really are on the right side of history.

b366b7  No.12715405

in Europe there is a Europol/Interpol that is governed by freemasons pedophiles (and that want an army) axis Macron-Merkel) to fight russia y stupid excuse) MM=33= Malleus Maleficarum

b502db  No.12715455


Hell no, we'll be found out and OP will be doxed instantly. We should be talking about this on Telegram.

6dc97c  No.12715466

Hey OP, know anything about the Ninth Circle Society cult that served as a basis for Dante's Inferno?

b502db  No.12715495

Hey OP if you have any money to spare you should donate at least something to the Suidlanders. They're a paramilitary nationalist organization in South Africa that is preparing for a state sponsored genocide against them. They're super amazing people and they could use all the help you could provide.

a7c12a  No.12715500

Hey Op, start a program giving /pol/acks $5k to get their shit in order and practice counter semitics. Create some cryptic quiz that can test if you're a legitimate anon.

b502db  No.12715521


Dude you literally have the potential to be the punished noble in exile who comes back from impossible odds, exposes the treasonous snakes who have poisoned the populace, and leads the homeland towards a brighter future. Start making connections with nationalists in Europe. Before you spend any of your money try and build up social networks and get clean. You're in a position we could only dream of.

000000  No.12715533


The web server is Microsoft IIS 6.0. Do you think we could use CVE-2017-7269 to attack it? There's also an FTP server at port 21, but I don't know the password.

b502db  No.12715558


Once a man is robbed of everything, when his destiny is no longer his own; then, when he has nothing left, he is free.

36a01d  No.12715574


This, absolutely this. You have a have a multinational army of men willing to kill and die for the cause you desire. Organize them, fund them, and direct them to the weak points you know exist.

33e5e6  No.12715679

OP, can you drop any more info on Brighton, UK?

993383  No.12715680



Very well.

Bounty #1: Hack the TERIS site/server, get the office files: $50.000 USD

Bounty #2: Scour the web for Babel festival meetings (twitter/fb/web etc) and start a database of faces. I will assist with names. I will pay for database costs: $5.000

Bounty #3: Spread what information I have given, get it to peoples eyes. If you can get it to big sites or tv I will pay $1.000 USD


fe3c06  No.12715697



>Kudrow was raised in a middle-class Jewish family and had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

b502db  No.12715718


Alright OP, I'm really risking my shit but I trust you.

Listen, if this is a trap this could seriously come back to fuck me and my family forever; I may be ruining my Dad's career by doing this, but you've posted a lot of real shit and if you're willing to risk your life then I should too.

Okay, I don't want to reveal any names right now obviously, but I will say that my Dad is a very high-ranking officer in the US military. He's seen a lot of really insane shit that's redpilled him and he's the one who redpilled me to the state of the world. He works very closely with the Mossad and he's playing a critical role in Israel right now as I'm typing this. Currently he's forced to be a Shabbos goy but he's been taking notes and he's waiting for an opportunity to break out and do something. He's on the side of the well-regulated militia, not the ZOG globohomogayplex. He has quite a bit of pull and, if you give him some names or some corporations that are involved in this, he may be able to put some of these fuckers behind bars. Now obviously I'm a bit cautious, because for all I know this could be a LARP and really bad people monitor these boards (in fact some of the people my Dad works with monitor places like this), but if we can incriminate some of these pedophiles without making it about Israel or Zionism then we may be able to save some kids. Alternatively, my Dad is retiring in a few more years and any bit of information you can give him could help once he enters into civilian life and gains the ability to not have the Mossad constantly breathing down his throat.

Now technically there's no way you can trust me; for all you know I could be a shill trying to get your info so I can dox you. If you don't feel comfortable taking this risk then that's fine, ignore this message. However, if you want to take a chance then contact me by emailing dorric@protonmail.com

I repeat, email dorric@protonmail.com

If I can verify that you're legit then I will put you in contact with my Dad and you can tell him everything you know. I have probably just doxed myself for you OP, and my fingers are shaking as I type this, but I want to say that I did the right thing.

993383  No.12715779


I am learning bitcoin and Monero and also can int. transfer.

To keep safe I will be moving around. If I am to do physical transfer I will wait a day because of movement.

I am trying to wear the leader hat but I would prefer another to lead. I will do what I can. I am trying to stay away from the powder also. Advice?

1b2608  No.12715973


What are you on about, giving the children a safe place? OP isn't exactly like Rambo 2 running for the helicopter with the freed POWs in tow.

7fa3ad  No.12716179

File: 807bebd233fe41b⋯.jpg (59.8 KB, 659x900, 659:900, g.jpg)


OP Seriously, retract that. You're now a terrorist. You are going to be hunted down like a dog if you continue. CONSIDER who you are up against. A full frontal assault like that is a death warrant.

70d6c6  No.12716205

File: 46d298140f60b16⋯.jpg (133.62 KB, 969x596, 969:596, 46d298140f60b167c35f905b41….jpg)


I hereby crown OP the prince of /pol/

Please stay safe and don't be lured into a trap by the jew after taking these first steps out of the shadows. Don't be hasty my friend, and remember there is much to do in the fight ahead.

353098  No.12716295

File: 74d1002c4ba14a8⋯.png (4.95 KB, 539x37, 539:37, ClipboardImage.png)


>The security of that website is laughable. Each file can be easily downloaded:

Oh but come on that's just…



I for one am glad pedodevs are this fucking retarded.

>open file

>potential SQL injection just like that

I swear to God if I didn't have my hands full with life stuff I'd be learning web security to hack kike pedos.

aea26d  No.12716737


simmer down buddy you're still less than 24h from your last coke bump


56978a  No.12716790



This. Just chill out for a while, man. Don’t try anthing yet. That includes paying anyone to gather info. People have been doing it for free for years. Focus on getting yourself right for now. Retract this “bounty” It’s not a good idea. This is why you need to get clean. Your judgement is impaired.

5cd892  No.12716851


We have possibly the best lead on European paedophile networks, names, locations and methods, as well as a rich noble anti jew anon willing to fund our endeavours and the actual action is slow, and your telling the anon to slow down. Where the fuck are we? Reddit? Oh cmon guys let the police do their job instead of investigating the Boston bombers, remember?

For fuck sake Voat is doing more towards looking into this then pol is. I am dissapoint u fucking cunts

e2fb03  No.12716855




You can contact this guy on how to join the Resistance.

7fa3ad  No.12717056

File: 04791d8c20bc528⋯.png (79.66 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 04791d8c20bc528fbc3c4cc48a….png)


SAFETY FUCKING FIRST FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP is an OPSEC RETARD. He's already given enough direct personal information to identify himself. He will get himself killed in a blaze coke fueled delusion by some random agent if he continues this course.

993383  No.12717091




So you (a person with multiple ip address) are saying that right now, when children are being raped, tortured and killed, that /pol/ shouldn't bring down the chaos on the pedophiles because… I should rest first?

I can see the fear in your shaking nose Levi.

a7c9df  No.12717174


I think you're legit, but of course I still have doubts. I wanna see these pedos gassed.


My dad works for Blizzard too.

a7c12a  No.12717209

File: 0818df5c1948b8d⋯.png (361.31 KB, 684x771, 228:257, 0818df5c1948b8dea88df869bf….png)

If op is not deD already, I hope for his safety, and remember kids


a272c4  No.12717226

File: 8747814c0dfe703⋯.jpg (114 KB, 754x1060, 377:530, 3e32d34a000081a66890af3086….jpg)


It is a relief to see you still here. We just want you to be safe royalanon. We have never seen or met you, but your enemies have. I myself have multiple ID's in the thread from my VPN. Don't get big headed just because there is a light in the darkness.

This is a glimmer of hope is not just for you - you have friends and allies, and your position and knowledge may just be the foot in the door which is needed to crash the gate down, but it will be for naught if they catch you so soon.

Get clean. Be safe. Be smart.

36a01d  No.12717242


You will not get a chance to protect anyone else if you cannot protect yourself. Don't learn that the hard way.

1f816e  No.12717249


Step 1: Write down absolutely everything you know. Every name that is implicated- which are explicitly known to you and whicha re tangenialy involved.

Name the locations involved and the services connected to each, as well as the noncentralized services.

Provide dates for events that you were aware of, as well as any financial transfers that you would believe to be documented somewhere.

Lastly provide websites (archived) and venues.

You must do this. produce multiple copies and have a deadmans drop set up. Tell noone, not even us.

Step 2: Establish a secure residency.

Step 3: Use messageboards such as this one (behind proxy and vpns) to organize guerrilla information spreads. Small amounts of information spraypainted on highly visible landmarks ensure your message gets publicity ata grassroots level.

When you have organized your knowledge, you should send parcels en masse to relevant news agencies, government agencies and police precincts literally everywhere. Someone will break the story.

Onyl use a portion of cohesive knowledge. Something that is easily provable and not immediately dismissable like pizzagate was.

It has to be cohesive and concise.

From there you can proceed to send out more pieces of the puzzle, as public interest is piqued.

You have to string along interest or it wilb e buried.

You are going to strong arm he media into reporting it. Just make sure to target the least kiked mediums you can find. Of course, drop it here and it will be spread like wildfire as well.

All this you can do without the 1m

if you wish to spend the 1m


Use a privacy crypto to tumble your money and obfuscate your trail. Banks are not your friend.

1: expand the guerilla campaign. Do what soros does and pay people through proxy to spread your message where you choose. A very cheap avenue.

2: raise fucking hell.

Direct as much of a media circus as you possible can on an event that you know is going to be passing around children. Seriously, get ahold of Trump if its possible.

3: If you are willing to dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

Send someone in to purchase a child. Get any evidence possible. Submit to every outlet posible as fast as you can. Automate the process so you wont be cucked by your own slow speeds.

Godspeed anon.

Destroy them or they will destroy your family, no matter how passive you try to be.

6f1821  No.12717254


OP, I'm seriously worried for your safety. You should strongly consider coming Stateside.

36a01d  No.12717261


This is good advice. It's a good way to start.

5fd8d5  No.12717303



article from july 27 2018:

>Mrs May is also due to attend a First World War memorial event to mark the battle of Amiens, which began on August 8 1918 and helped to secure victory.

>She will then jet off for two weeks in Switzerland.

this says she wouldn't be getting to Switzerland till after the dates you posted. she also has a history of summering in Switzerland, so this isn't really a secret.

7fa3ad  No.12717305

Wow, you really are a fake then. Multiple IP's? Yes, but they are not my posts you've joined together. I use swapping vpns.

Do it then faggot. Seems your coke head really is wasted. Maybe you're just trying to tarnish 8chn into being a terror active site then. Fuck off.

5fd8d5  No.12717323


negate negate i read that wrong sorry

ddfa5f  No.12717337

File: 27a7c7af6717002⋯.jpeg (59.36 KB, 900x600, 3:2, BE8C1D36-E943-4FC4-BF6C-9….jpeg)


Hey, make a throwaway email account on protonmail.com and reach out to me high_dope_amine@protonmail.com. Please post the burner email you use here so I can tell it’s really you.

Anyway, do NOT kill yourself, fam. Thank you for trying to do good in the world. There are a lot of us trying as well! I have been working on a technology project that will help justice seeking anonymous individuals to find truth. Perhaps giving some feedback to me will lift your spirits.

Anyhow, thank you for trying to do what you feel is honorable. Best regards to you.

ddfa5f  No.12717367


It was the order of the second circle

5fd8d5  No.12717377



this says May was in Northern France on August 8th 2018.


this says she was going to Switerland for 2 weeks after the event.


this statement can now be disregarded.

get your dates wrong OP?

ddfa5f  No.12717387



My nigga!

Ever check out /32/ back in the day?

0db4c1  No.12717419


wenn scho, dann "chunnsch". Mi sind da nöd in Moschtindie. Aber eigentli de falsch thread für billigi Witz. OP: Bliib stark. Bisch nöd allei

4b813a  No.12717423

If LARP - entertaining.

If not LARP - do not contact anyone on this board who is providing an email. And throw in some lies about your personal details if you haven't already. Good luck.

1f816e  No.12717439



please contact some of the yellow vest groups with your information about Macron.

They already hate him and theyw oul have no qualms spreading the story, true or not. That opens up a route to true investigation.

ddfa5f  No.12717449


You can do a lot with a fraction of that amount, using newer techniques. Until we talk, if we talk.

God bless Italy, and god bless you, you honorable lad.

The actions we take today directly determine the state of the world tomorrow.

Free will is the most radical of all forces, and must be fought for in order to attain.

1f816e  No.12717473


Take 1 month to assimilate all the data you currently have. The networks arent going away in that time.

Every day do something to affirm your strength of will. In doing this you destroy the coke addiction.

In the mean time, provide us rat crumbs on pol and on voat. Anons will do the footwork and retrieve the images/info you request.

1f816e  No.12717486


please please please begin writing it all down. Without documentation, if anything happens to you its all 100% dust in the wind.

693086  No.12717639

File: 8e6b4f27e0372ef⋯.png (343.4 KB, 1017x378, 113:42, shostakovich.png)



You sound legit, I believe it so far. STOP playing such risk games, do not attempt to prove your identity any further.

DO NOT send money to people on /pol/. It won't go far, as much I hate to say that.

Listen to this anon, please OP.


BE SMART. Every action you make matters, even more than you think. Cheers to you royalanon, if we had more like you - we would not be in this circus world that we live in today.

000000  No.12717692



I am a career darknet criminal who has direct experience with the practices necessary to keep you safe. Right now you are not practicing good opsec. Some worse people than me are monitoring these boards.

With inside information tremendous damage could be done to this network of monsters. It will take planning, cunning, and discipline to stand up to an enemy with superior manpower and resources. I offer my services as a liason to the outside world. I can manage any project without your having to communicate with anyone else.

I can help establish you establish anonymity and just disappear. I can help you relocate so that no one will find you, including myself. I can provide a new identity complete with papers. I could also help you compile documents based off your family knowledge and gather evidence to support it. I can protect our data and set up a dead man's switch if needed. I have an untraceable server in a datacenter that I've been waiting to give a good purpose to. I am networked with other professionals in my field. I can hire specialists to perform any tasks outside my skillset.

The only way for something like this to be meaningful would be to expose this network of degenerates to the world and cause an international outcry. There are too many pedos in the world to just take them out one by one. Hard evidence must be collected. Specialists must be hired and vetted. Technology, tradecraft, opsec, and sigint are the tools I'd use to achieve this goal.

You should probably slow your roll. Don't act without a plan. Get a good night's sleep. Keep safe.

I will be happy build trust with multisig bitcoin transactions as well as performing minor tasks. I am not looking to profit as I am comfortable with my current income. If you need help I will employ extraordinary means. I'm based in the West Coast, USA.

Contact me on my Tor hidden service, your comments will be encrypted automatically:

http://fewg37qz2zlf7snp.onion/ (requires Tor browser, disable javascript)

I will contact you by email or any other way you wish. PGP is available.

Anyone is free to contact me. Don't trust anyone until they earn it.


fbc272  No.12717776

File: 41b6b347b115a36⋯.jpg (255.83 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, afda7ef930f193b4f36cfd7b05….jpg)

OP you really need to start using TOR, and realize that now you are a much more credible threat to (((them))) than perhaps the vast majority of us.

>Reveal NO information that could possibly implicate you

>Be extremely diligent and dutiful from here on out.. Play dumb to normies.. Use your best judgement to oust undercover agents

>Ensure your continued survival, and use own discretion when contacting any anon in this thread.

>DON'T implicate yourself in ANYTHING.

And remember,

>All Illegal activities mentioned on /pol/ are only sanctioned on our mine-craft server

>/pol/ is a board of peace!

Watch out for the glow in the dark agents. Best of luck OP, if you die we'll have lost a true soldier. Whatever it takes, do everything in your power not to get v& and (((disappear))) in mine-craft the world could definitely use your diamonds and knowledge of mine-craft enemies.

fbc272  No.12717780

File: 76beae5d9693f68⋯.png (5.86 MB, 1949x2791, 1949:2791, Sutton_Hoo_helmet_2016.png)



>one off quads

Lost opportunity.

5fe827  No.12717788


Actually Macron is seen as a victim of child molesting himself, since he began fucking his mummy mommy while underage. He is also seen as a bottom faggot eating nigger dick by the pound. It will be very hard to make him look like a sexual predator… he's more of a prey.

634e00  No.12717826


wow I love you

4e796e  No.12717942


Pedo victims often become predators themselves.

Being molested is part of growing up for the satanic elite. Like a rite of passage.

To become a member of the cult and to become powerful ruthless leader, one must loose of all his childhood innocence, according to (((them))).

Without childhood trauma, satanic elite cult members could never become the lying, backstabbing, ruthless, cold-hearted fuckers they are now.

2f2ef2  No.12717972


>This is not good, which I think (this is a guess) that Cardinals now elected one of their own

Its the first Jesuit Pope in History..

c6c5a9  No.12717974

Bampin epic bread

56a5d1  No.12718020


Please make an anonymous email so I can contact you with details later. Plans I have.

cc3bb4  No.12718094

File: a2fcbd91d197b1b⋯.jpg (68.87 KB, 474x380, 237:190, kathleen_kennedy_(1).jpg)

File: 70c285edec3a805⋯.jpg (70.25 KB, 420x420, 1:1, LOOK AT THIS.jpg)

Posting this here because OP doesn't seem to practice super basic cybersecurity, this is nothing special but will help.







Here are some more basic no-real-work measures:

1) Get an older release of Firefox or a functional fork

2) Install the following addons:







There are other variants but this will suffice. The only thing that will require some adaption is NoScript. Read up on it, it's the most important one. Go to addon preferences for NoScript and remove all that is whitelisted and not FF-related - especially Google shit.

3) If Firefox, modify the following:

Enter about:config in your address bar

Change the following:

pdfjs.disabled (true)

browser.urlbar.trimURLs (false)

browser.pocket.enabled (false)

geo.enabled (false)

dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled (false)

**There are more but these are basic measures)

4) Get alternate browser for your social media accounts - if any

This includes only your legit accounts, not fakes. I recommend Pale Moon because all of social media shit works fine on it either way. Avoid Chrome. Do not combine with your general browsing.

000000  No.12718105


OP must take security measures!

If we/you want to take these monsters out, you must always pay attention to your security.


use TOR


or even better TAILS


How to:


free mail (but still keep private stuff private)



Anon Pizzagate investigation


In case the OP of the /pol thread should be reading this:

Thank you for your courage, please stay safe. Unfortunately, there isn't any charity that could be recommended to help those kids, as all charities that pretend to help children might be fishy.

Please leave a

'dead man's switch'

(insider info that will be published in case something should happen to you) with people you trust.

You might want to find a quiet place somewhere abroad for a while where you can relax, feel safe, and get away from your alcohol and drug habits. It will clear your head, and make you stronger.

Be careful whom you trust, as there will certainly be alphabet agents trying to contact you now, pretending to be on your side.

God bless.

000000  No.12718111

bellinzonese - https://archive.is/URCo6

babelfestival - https://archive.is/PlAhh

I believe him. The bishops killed Pope John Paul I and elected JPII, one of their own. Ever since, all popes have been freemason-friendly.

Bellinzona has a serpent as its coat of arms https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellinzona. It also has a Black Castle with an escape room https://www.bellinzonese-altoticino.ch/it/arricchimenti/common/144247.html

Ivan Ambrosini is the first person he mentions. Ivan is married with a son. He has an economics degree from Uni of Switzerland. He has been active in the Scouts (has access to children) and Assocazione Magno. http://www.ppd-bellinzona.ch/info-candidato/

Here are some articles in the local Ticino paper on Ambrosino https://www.ticinotoday.ch/tags/ivan-ambrosini-0

babel Literature Festival partners https://www.babelfestival.com/partner/ are Bellinzona and Terris.

When I look up Assoc Magno i find this. Look at all the little hands in big hands here. It teaches English to children of badante (which are eastern European women who are live-in housekeepers) and does after-school care to vulnerable children. http://www.onlussantidomenicoemagno.it

have seen some of these wealthy ex-royals. They are entitled and bored. They spend their lives travelling from one jetset scene to another eg summer yachts in Mediterranean/Sardinia/French Riviera. Then in winter they go to party at their ski resorts. They don't work and take drugs, and still sign their names as 'prince so and so' and 'countess so and so'. They take drugs just because.

If the children coming from Iceland are dark, aren't they Middle Eastern refugees?

Bellinzona is in Switzerland, near Lake Como where Clooney has his house. A while back someone said Switzerland was a big place for elite pedos…can't remember who it was.

Vanni Bianconi is the director of Babel Literary Festival. He lives in Ticino and London. He is an actor. http://www.sabirfest.it/ospiti-passati/459-vanni-bianconi.html?jjj=1548339088319

https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/society/court-confirms-guilt-of-immigrant-helping-politician/43554916. This article says that a Swiss court found Ticino politician guilty of trafficking.


Thank you beyond for having the balls to come forward. Do NOT consider suicide, you are extremely valuable not only to us and the many kids you have seen and know about, but as a human with decency and courage. Yes you absolutely MUST get off the drugs and alcohol and women, these vices will drain your funds completely and fuck with your head doing far more harm than good. I AM VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE GUARD/FRIEND YOU HAVE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW. This person is allowing you to abuse coke/drinks while under their care. They must go and you should not be surrounded by anyone allowing this to happen to you as you are very vulnerable right now. Next, do NOT offer the money to people willing to help. There are far too many wolves in sheep’s clothing on these threads (look at American Craig “Sawman” Sawyer looking for donations to save kids he’s just one example of a fraud). Do NOT trust anyone. You are 100% correct on Switzerland, home of the Pharaohs lol!!! Watch Dr. Sean Hross’ Youtube channel for a breakdown. He is 110% trustworthy and could use help, the two of you should connect as you have the same goals and each have a wealth of knowledge to share. His YouTube is called: ‘Central Intelligence Agency’ (main one) “The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil” should give you a good breakdown of everything you need to know. Please do NOT give out any more info of personal identification as you are likely being targeted and identified. Thank you so, so very much. This means everything to us.

852bd8  No.12718112


What's the name of the jew in the second picture OP, I don't know if you have already dropped the name or not.

000000  No.12718116


try a reverse image search:


852bd8  No.12718123


Fuck off you retarded torpedo. There are no reverse image results for this personally taken picture.

c93c87  No.12718127


And here's everyone on /pol/ trying to make it out that they are CHOOSING to be attracted to children.

Which is it?

It's either

1. They are "choosing" to do it


2. They are victims of abuse and whatever happens to the mind of the victim, makes them want to do it.

You can't have both, but everyone calls for them all to be murdered.

Or, another possible idea and I'm 95% sure on this one, the jews have the worlds water supply poisoned with chemicals and yes YOU are absorbing them through your skin when you shower and wash your plates.

I just know that they are putting some sort of chemical in the worlds water supply with something that makes people attracted to children, because how else can it be explained of all the European pedophiles being caught by these pedophile hunters on youtube?

But everyone on here wants them all dead, even though they are being MADE to be this way by chemicals?

2227ee  No.12718128


Anon can you suggest us which VPN is the best? I'm undecided between protonVPN or anonymous VPN (quadrovpn) in VM.

000000  No.12718139


>That pitiful userjs

>Recommending Protonmail

Enjoy your browser sending your IP and every URL you visit to (((Google))) and (((Amazon))).

852bd8  No.12718150


It's a matter of soul, race and ideal.

It can be either and it can be both. Stupid fucking kike. Your pilpul is useless here.

cc3bb4  No.12718154


It's old and basic as fuck, I even had to change noscript for umatrix and specify that firefox must at least be old. If you got anything better, speak up instead of whining.

000000  No.12718162



c93c87  No.12718259


I am not jewish, but I have a feeling YOU might be.

If it's a matter of soul, race and ideal then can you explain to me why the number of European paedophiles is so high since that's mostly what you see in these videos of them being baited into meeting a child, if it's a matter of soul, race and ideals?

eb4808  No.12718265



We're NatSocs not (((nazis))) anon, don't let their dialectic subversion get to your head

a4bff4  No.12718277

File: 7d0251bc6601ccb⋯.png (234.88 KB, 664x520, 83:65, 149.png)


>arranging to meet teens == paedophilic abuse

a4bff4  No.12718279

eb4808  No.12718424

speaking of which;

Is OP even alive right now? royalanon hasn't been replying for a while now.

0152c0  No.12718428



Checked. Op was *not* a fag today. Moreover, this has to be the best thread I've seen in a while. Keep doing God's work anon. Love from your European brother.

0152c0  No.12718437


>I believe him. The bishops killed Pope John Paul I and elected JPII, one of their own.

How do you know that? Fuck me; if true, this means the polish meme "jp2gmd" is true.

7d9239  No.12718711


>some very sad looking little girls

Not saying there isn't anthing to it. But some of you guys are suffering from a severe case of confirmation bias. You WANT to see these things.

f1e1a3  No.12718781



absolutely this first.

I can help you with this because i've dealt with people like this in the past.

What I can offer is a 2 months break surrounded by the most dedicated nationalists in this part of the world, some of them dealt with issues much worse than yours.

ddfa5f  No.12718813

File: 01b4e3b1b0b308e⋯.jpeg (52 KB, 620x543, 620:543, 730163F7-D14D-4F0C-9DAB-4….jpeg)

File: 091feb2b673fdb8⋯.jpeg (42.17 KB, 400x249, 400:249, D1750709-1E2E-4F3A-9B3A-4….jpeg)

Be safe OP. We are all rooting for you.

Also, this thread really makes me proud to post alongside you all. Genuinely good people. Shame that we have to hide right now, but I am hopeful things will be changing for the better eventually.

c6850e  No.12718860

b6d7fb  No.12718907


b6d7fb  No.12718960

File: 2420d94e8d5d537⋯.jpg (3 MB, 2145x3170, 429:634, Blueanon2.jpg)

>>12709333 (Observed)


>Meme it


>>12708444 (Observed)

>>12708622 (Observed)

>>12712944 (Observed)

I wish you all the best anon, I hope this picture comes true for you. Dont give up, take good care of yourself, you only have this one life here on earth.

9ca0e1  No.12719079

File: 5904e9edd48ce3f⋯.jpg (704.6 KB, 1284x2204, 321:551, 7cd6680e9da6b6dbdc2d4d683e….jpg)


It has also occurred to me that exposing all this could very well simply crash the EU with no survivors considering how many heads of state and important politicians which might be implicated. Nobody will accept the political power apparatus that exists now in Europe if it came to light that the entire thing is controlled from the shadows by a pedo cabal almost akin to president Park Geun-hye and the Megalians in S. Korea, which was all memory-holed so fast.

Rescuing the children by defeating the jew should be the #1 priority with this info, but in the process Europe itself may be saved. Consider this before you make your next move and the forces which might be arrayed against you. This is why everyone is so concerned for your safety in all this as well. Good luck.

Save the kids, fuck the EU.

19fa22  No.12719096


AnOpenSecret is run by a JEW who covers kid shit so if he ever gets caught looking at nasty shit he can say it's his 'research'. Serioulsy, fuck that guy.


>>So what is it you want?

Why, to kill fucking jews of course. Pedo is a bonus. Not the guy you were asking that of though.

Coke isn't a big deal. You guys are pussies. Probably anti-weed, christ cucks. I don't do shit but if I did, I'd rather do that stuff then be an alcoholic from what I've seen. But yeah. of course he shouldn't do anything I just don't see it as this huge hurdle. As long as he can get it and isn't smoking 7g rocks... meh. Let's get to work. Or do you want to wait a month for rehab while another 100++ kids get fiddled/murdered? See what am saying?


Distraction and infighting are the tools of the jew.

d31f48  No.12719281

File: 7a2ee37d301ba2b⋯.png (13.01 KB, 548x535, 548:535, guessing.png)

File: bdefec54bfe6824⋯.jpg (191.13 KB, 1024x701, 1024:701, 2910201395459.jpg)


The SHA-1 password hash of the admin user is 898075c8c74a43dc57280f20f0a7ed9cdb3c35a5. The online databases do not have a match on this one. Throwing it in here if someone wants to brute-force it.


Certainly worth to check out.

d9114e  No.12719503


royalanon it is then. Let’s have a good old dig thread. Volunteering to play the archivist/memer role here as necessary.

9e0942  No.12719593


>AnOpenSecret is run by a JEW who covers kid shit so if he ever gets caught looking at nasty shit he can say it's his 'research'. Serioulsy, fuck that guy.

So, same as Pete Townshend of The Who?

026b4a  No.12719598

File: 5b7d7620ccf65bc⋯.gif (367.85 KB, 300x356, 75:89, rly.gif)

File: e9178af4ae0e2a4⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1748x735, 1748:735, lul.PNG)



Dudes, look at who this film is endorsed by. I mean I don't even have to investigate any further than look at that twitter header. Whad de fugg.

ee6d9c  No.12719736

any trying to bruteforce password with hydra or other soft?

d9114e  No.12720103


Realistically there is not too much time, considering this whole conversation is happening on a public forum

38ded9  No.12720326


That S. Korean thing was almost like an event out of a parallel universe. It was the most shocking and significant event in modern political history and yet it's been swept under the rug so thoroughly that most people don't even know it happened.

19e889  No.12721179


19e889  No.12721377

File: 6c7835098a491c2⋯.jpeg (99.76 KB, 746x609, 746:609, 25C42FD7-36A9-41C7-B69B-4….jpeg)

File: 18eb2a233971550⋯.jpeg (208.78 KB, 1242x708, 207:118, 0FCC8F78-2B71-4373-A4B2-C….jpeg)

File: 8ad42ad9e28a1bc⋯.jpeg (169.08 KB, 1242x747, 138:83, 8961A3C3-58EE-4CD5-AF35-7….jpeg)

There are several Babel festivals. Babel Sound, and others. Would be helpful to have more information. And further proof.

b82828  No.12721407


I think OP is busy trying not to get murdered at the moment considering the beans he's already spilled. He also might be traveling since he indicated he was already on the move in an earlier post.

065976  No.12721534


Can you post a screenshot of the Teris service list?

0ccb38  No.12722073

File: 9cc27726a25414f⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 500x281, 500:281, hitler hardflips a thing o….gif)


still waiting to hear back on this

c79a33  No.12722129

Id say I'd shoot one of them for you - in minecraft - if you give me a place and time. unfolding all this and win against them? not in my books. just aim, exhale and squeeze - in minecraft -.

But im pretty sure none of them are anywhere near me.

7978be  No.12722498

Does OP know the origins of the pedo networks? Are they centuries old, possibly based on cults like Masons, or a modern invention alongside with recording hardware like photography and video that enable easy blackmail?

6e4dd5  No.12722699

Nobody has suggested milord use a trip??

f5c15d  No.12722722


it is Babel Literature you wanna look at

8162ac  No.12722743


▐░▒▄ ▄
▐░▒▒▄ ▐▒▒▓▓
░░▒▒▒▒ ▄▒▒▒▒▓▓▌
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░░░░░▓▓████▓▀░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▒░░░ ▐|
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░░░░░▒▓▓████▓▒▒▒▒▄▓▓▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒░ ▐|
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█ █ █ ████ ██████░█████░░█░░█░█████░░░████ ████ █████ ███
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| | 70 "We’re with anon." ‐ Edition | |
|░░░|░░░80 ░░|░░░|
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|░◯░|░░200 We’ve done deciphers on pizzagate, evidence░░|░◯░|
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|░░░|░░240 location of a white flag on a white wall from the░░|░░░|
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|░░░|░░320 >> Ch@*$ / Sk:dd / Gen. M3M3 / get@8@yDRIVEr << ░░|░░░|
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|░░░|░░380 ░░|░░░|
| | 390 >> OP / ~cryptoid / voat anons / &(you) << | |

f4878a  No.12722761

34650a  No.12722772


>Mafia in North Italy is 'allowed' and work for Jews.

That's because (((Tyrols))) are mostly (((German))).

8162ac  No.12722825


>The SHA-1 password hash of the admin user is 898075c8c74a43dc57280f20f0a7ed9cdb3c35a5. The online databases do not have a match on this one.

Excuse anon if I'm missing something, but if we can download the password hash/licence/credentials, and the database that it makes a connection to when supplied with said credentials - can we not rips the entire system and run it locally to dump the db out to a more accessible format .zip/.rar/torrent perhaps?

Anons have long passed this point, but for record completeness this is the robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /aspnet_client/
Disallow: /css/
Disallow: /flags/
Disallow: /imgextensions/
Disallow: /incs/
Disallow: /js/
Disallow: /lang/
Disallow: /videoplayers/
Disallow: /admin/

Treason May involved with pedos mentioned by OP






Proof of OP



>this says May was in Northern France on August 8th 2018.



>this says she was going to Switerland for 2 weeks after the event.


666c45  No.12722936


the fuck are you talking about?! tyroleans are NOT germans. tyroleans speak completely differently. germans won't understand a real tyrolean. plus read tyrol's history.

FRANKS are typical german.

666c45  No.12722955

OP? your're still alive?

this made me think… this plane/helicopter crash happened not too far away from bellinzona/bergamo airport milano.

http:// time.com/5513286/italian-glacier-plane-crash/

8162ac  No.12723042




F for OP

they expected one of us in the wreckage brother

7978be  No.12723089



If that was him, we will not forget this.

Please be safe, royalanon.

000000  No.12723185


Tyrols are German!

Tyroleans are Langobards and Goth.

Get a real history book!

000000  No.12723203


>http:// time.com/5513286/italian-glacier-plane-crash/

(MILAN) — Italian alpine rescue officials say five people have been killed in a

==midair collision between a small tourist== airplane and a helicopter carrying skiers to a glacier in the northwestern region of Val d’Aosta.

Midair collusion? Seriously? If it was our anon, then they shot the helicopter down. There is a collision warning system in planes and helicopters. Sounds like a cover up.

b84b0e  No.12723242

The crash site looks like it could be on a route between various Swiss airports and Nice or Marseille.

8162ac  No.12723264


There's one survivor with heavy injuries.


Idea for OP if he's still around: Document evidence, then leak it in a torrent (pretending to be a hacker group if necessary - it is a tried and tested technique used by many including SONY with 'Koreans who don't have bread but do have evil supercomputer h@x0rz', the DNC with 'oh shit Seth Rich fucked us, let's blame our coverup leaks on an invisible friend Guciffer 2.0 the Russian', and that recent glownigger LARP leaks4bitcoins 'we're so much better than Snowden so you'll forget our name already')

a4fa41  No.12723485

File: bcb5404b3a50514⋯.jpeg (501.62 KB, 1242x1049, 1242:1049, 76F256F2-E842-474B-8532-B….jpeg)




Hellfire Club

Order of the Second Circle

Blackmail is an old game.

a4fa41  No.12723488



He said islands.

2b3f4f  No.12723529

>>12723488 (checked)

Turns out to be a false alarm at least, anons should verify the contents of the article before posting.

a4fa41  No.12723530

File: f10d27ccb03e0d5⋯.jpeg (86.16 KB, 600x684, 50:57, 06C7ED01-6D12-4120-95E9-E….jpeg)

File: 3b84702ce33a9e5⋯.jpeg (84.49 KB, 773x425, 773:425, A3E11193-BC25-4DC1-ADFC-1….jpeg)

File: 5d5dcfda3f5da9f⋯.png (367.98 KB, 503x500, 503:500, 8D4C1975-03BE-4B9A-BBFD-B9….png)

File: bf9faeaa902d49d⋯.jpeg (55.18 KB, 570x403, 570:403, CCF2EAE9-9DC2-40E7-814A-5….jpeg)

2e54ba  No.12723657


OP if you are unsure of what to do with money and want to build a war chest like has been suggested by others you should go to America. Every year a new state opens up marijuana to be sold. It is the chance to make millions, maybe even billions.

4c9040  No.12723770

we specialize in geo-relocation and dna marker obfuscation. the fee is 2 million euro up front and a yearly 200k maintenance fee. a five man team can be with you inside 12 hours if you are on any mainland continent and begin the debrief process. if you provide concrete information that specific crime(s) occurred, depending on the circumstances the fee may be waived as a barter exchange. we also offer termination services should you feel inclined to avoid capture complications. if what you say is true, contact via d-cube id #7664 for location.

a7c9df  No.12723800




Why do these people want OP to go to America so bad? Sounds suspicious.



Yeah, he said islands, but who knows if he was giving disinfo to throw of glowniggers. I hope he's alright though.

11ba4f  No.12723836


>hey come to the usa

>we know you have a African passport that sticks out like a sore thumb.

I thought the same. There are a lot of ways to track the movement of people here in the US and it is not lax like some European countries. Someone will probably be looking for an African consular/diplomatic passport to cross our border for a location tipoff.


OP I would suggest changing some of your identification documents, etc after having given such detailed information about yourself. Like others said, OPsec.

cc3bb4  No.12724016

File: aee2a7be51d48cb⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 400x240, 5:3, accidental suicide by mean….jpg)

OP is kill?

2719eb  No.12724175

File: dce66d43a2f4064⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 768x600, 32:25, 8sobbr4wwn121.jpg)


what people need to understand is the luciferian aspect was the old cover for simple pedo degeneracy, they dont need to do this any longer unless for fun like op said, there are no gods or devils to please just themselves

6e4dd5  No.12724338

NobleAnon, do NOT go to the US no matter what anyone here says. You will die, or worse. The US is absolutely not safe.

2e54ba  No.12724628


That's fine, if people really think America is far more unsafe than other places then by all means don't come… I just thought it was the quickest way to get into big money.

6d5b21  No.12724967

Hi OP,

Firstly I do believe you, a lot of the hints you've dropped add up. I suggest you contact this anon below:


Best of luck and stay safe. Like a lot of others have stated, you need to practice better opsec. Also I'm certain that here in this thread and on Voat, there will be plenty of genuine anobs that will want to help you and work together. However be very, very, very fucking careful of who you trust. Once you have found 1 or 2 people to assist you, it will help you immensely. Two heads are better than one when it comes to getting vital information made public.

Also, get off the coke bro, and hit the fucking gym hard. Get healthy so your mind will be in its best shape for the coming storm. Bon chance.

000000  No.12725016


OP can I get a wife if I agree that one of my children gets sold to them?

0731b6  No.12725024


Hahaha Tirola solln kane Deitschn sein. Bua du bisch a feschta Trottl.

29a161  No.12725075

File: 448b77820e3be48⋯.jpg (103.55 KB, 623x667, 623:667, popcorn_time.jpg)


Don't pay the beggar, it will only make more come. Even if he is legit he will find a way to survive.

Worst case it's a trap and he will track the money back to you.

000000  No.12725437

bumping the most important thread on the board, this is going to lead to a lot of assassinations

000000  No.12725449

Summary of thread also is OP still alive?

000000  No.12725458


>The white children all come from England. Mostly London.

Weird. That's where Mistress Perry got my slave.

ddfa5f  No.12725475


Short videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjJeQSfFhj8 - UK Party Whip admitting to a blackmail system for pederast MPs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2114HzzR_7E - Former Mayor of London acknowledging MI5 was placing hidden cameras in a care home where abuse took place - one of many - in order to blackmail politicians.

Long watch but full of allegations completely banned via D-Notice in the UK, they cleverly give hints to narrow down serving MPs and Lords and explain how the pedoshit is still going on - the British media whitewash was gaslighting people into thinking this all ended in the 70s and they exposed a few dead pedophiles like Jimmy Savile to make people associate the scandal with the 1970s and Theresa May destroyed a dossier naming all the MPs:


What's crazy is this big qboomer pedo leak that everyone has been promising sort of already happened:


2017-2018 two suicides and countless resignations but fairly little coverage.

MK ULTRA, in Subproject 68 they put hidden cameras in the rooms full of kids and filmed politicians raping them to blackmail them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Ewen_Cameron#MKULTRA_Subproject_68

>Several of the children who Cameron experimented on were sexually abused, in at least one case by several men. One of the children was filmed numerous times performing sexual acts with high-ranking federal government officials, in a scheme set up by Cameron and other MKULTRA researchers, to blackmail the officials to ensure further funding for the experiments.

Jeffrey Epstein's Island: https://nypost.com/2016/10/09/the-sex-slave-scandal-that-exposed-pedophile-billionaire-jeffrey-epstein/

>In a 2006 court filing, Palm Beach police noted that a search of Epstein’s home uncovered two hidden cameras. The Mirror reported that in 2015, a 6-year-old civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married Giuffre, alleged that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras, secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The ultimate purpose: blackmail, according to court papers.

Too many people here coveniently ignore Epstein's island because they think it's anti-Trump to mention it, he never visited the island and he openly taunted Bill Clinton and Epstein about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vh0AklSXkU - not the actions of a man implicated with any crimes that took place there.

Hidden cameras and blackmail are the real reason for "elite pedos", it's not that they're pedos because they're powerful - they're puppets with the appearance of power in their position because of the dirt held over their heads.

a9b842  No.12725477


>Save the Children

Sounds plausible, given: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2009/jul/29/children-charity-worker-paedophile-jailed

ddfa5f  No.12725482






a9b842  No.12725491


My bank account is $0.00 with $300 cash in my wallet. Luckily I'm not in debt anymore, but I used to be homeless while working full time due to being $20,000 in debt from a bad home loan.

de2954  No.12725503

File: feb9e10d5e4e3f7⋯.jpg (694.44 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, treeblandmousse.jpg)


>Not to fear, I have sufficient funds to last forever, or until I kill myself.

as others have said, don't kill yourself, but if you don't want to live start thinking of targets to take with you. Better still though, with your excessive loot you could be Charlie and some of us could be your Angels.

tbh, I really want you to be a scion of some Vietnamese car industry because the whole Charlie thing would lend a nice twist to proceedings.

thend chopper, I'll be on my roof in five. I'll be the one holding a thpandau mathine gun and wearing a thpandex cothume, ignore the other guy up on his roof, he likes a view while he masturbates, indeed, pay him and his seed no heed I'm the man you really need.

may need a vape to correct this record.

7c8cec  No.12725674


my post said the dates he posted DOES NOT align with May's schedule, either you missed that or you are disinfo.

this needs a response:


7c8cec  No.12725691


nice (sage for double post)

c98c69  No.12725923


I hope you're alright, OP.

>Schagen, The Netherlands

Can you name any people there? Places? Operations?

633728  No.12726313


who is she? Ivana?

ee935c  No.12726433

Bump, so many gems in this thread. Hope OP makes it.

fbc272  No.12726579

File: ad713b8b00416c9⋯.jpg (214.62 KB, 606x924, 101:154, a6bff3c26ea23615824e4c3ca6….jpg)

I am beginning to fear the worst.. Is OP kill?

cc3bb4  No.12726587

File: 0a38a36bb94a177⋯.mp4 (584.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Is_this_even_legal.mp4)


Me too, Jesus Christ.

0d544c  No.12726682

File: 0fc1977c230c407⋯.jpeg (30.46 KB, 318x273, 106:91, 67A108A7-8A02-4D9F-B91B-4….jpeg)

OP, please give us a report, I’m praying for you lad.

44ce59  No.12726737

File: 83b9423417184af⋯.jpg (778.88 KB, 2916x1944, 3:2, 3kklY68.jpg)


OP if you're not kill, I suggest getting in touch with Mister Metokur. He's almost certainly not compromised, absolutely hates pedos and is j-woke. He has some experience outing pedos and has a fairly large audience that is ripe for running with this kind of content. You're all over the place, and he can help you boil down your info into a nice package for easy mass consumption.


Reminds me of that chick reddit shit on because her art "glorified traditional beauty and gender roles" or some shit.

6ffcca  No.12726744

File: d766b6ac434e2bb⋯.jpg (218.47 KB, 872x1200, 109:150, d766b6ac434e2bb271be31e0ba….jpg)


>what is their connection to satanism, luciferianism, saturnalia etc

The Eye of horus (most usually the right eye, the left eye people are just faking it for attention) and the 666 made by the fingers.

Eye of horus has much deeper meaning even with "eye of horus" context. It is a story of Satan losing his eye and becoming partially blind to his perception of the world, seeing only one world and how he perceived it actually changed it into the way it is. Sort of like self fulfilling prophecy that satanists and thelema people like to invoke

dc561f  No.12726746

So OP is definitely legit, it's just a matter of proving that these guys are actually involved in pedo shit.

I'm gonna dump some links to some of the people and places I found if any anon wants to take a look and continue where I left off.

This came up when searching about Teris, in the picture is Andrea Papani the CEO of Teris.


Here's the voat thread if OP wants to take a look


Here is riccardo Calastri, politician in Bellinzona.


Here is his daughters instagram


Vanni Bianconi's website


Ivan Ambrosini's facebook


Also search on wikileaks for some of OP's names and locations, Bellinzona only gave 1 result about some hacking group.

a4764a  No.12726827

File: f0629567092243f⋯.jpg (138.71 KB, 1252x704, 313:176, americanpsycho.jpg)


As many anons have implored, please don't kill yourself. We need you. You obviously share the same disgust for these monsters. Help us help you take them down.

>somebody help him with opsec. If he's here appealing to us I'd wager he doesn't have anyone he can really trust close by to help him. He came to us. He's legit. We need to do our part to keep him in this fight.

07c98a  No.12726843


you do realize that you sound like a textbook shill, right?

457d28  No.12726869


"She" looks like a transexual. Extremely strong jawline, boyish hips, no curves, no definition to legs.

Seriously wondering if this is a surgically altered man engaging in Jewish psyops.

07c98a  No.12726897

OP, you're a good man on a brave path. take heed of the advice people are giving you here because you are our only source of their inner workings. take extra precautions to not reveal your identity. also, give us breadcrumbs so that we can find our own way to the info that you want us to kniw. the kikes have been doing this heinous shit for a long time and they know how to cover their assws.. just stay safe, OP.

dc561f  No.12726909

Keep this thread bumped so OP can find it easily if he comes back. Also can someone post to cuckchan /x/? Get some schizo's in on this, they're crazy but pretty useful tbh. I tried but it kept giving me "your post is spam" shit.

000000  No.12726925

Daniel Cohn-Bendit (“Red Danny”) <-A confirmed pedophile jew

In 1968: radical anarchist student leader.

Today: Chief of the Green Parties in the European parliament.

“My flirtations with all children soon acquired a definitely erotic character. I could sense how young girls aged five had already learned how to get off with me…”


Daniel Cohn-Bendit (“Red Danny”)

In 1968: radical Marxist-anarchist student leader (of the ‘68 revolution)

Today: chief of the Green Parties in the European parliament.

He worked as an educator in a day care centre for children that had been set up to make experiments with “anti-authoritarian” education. An essential tenet of the “anti-authoritarian” concept apparently was to confront the children, who were at the time five or six years old, with unbridled sexuality, in order to overcome traditional morality.

Later on, Cohn-Bendit wrote a book about this, describing his experiences as a nursery school teacher in the following terms (as above):


Hundreds of unknown EU officials in Brussels have influence in the creation of EU law, which invariably controls the majority of laws of the countries within the EU. They appoint each other, meet in secret and we cannot sack them, many of them are New Leftists.

Almost all big commercial media in the EU are the property of only a few international corporations, which are supporting pedophile multicultural propaganda.

a7c9df  No.12726943



>The helicopter was carrying six people – the pilot, an alpine guide and four passengers who were heli-skiing. Three people were aboard the light aircraft, all of them pilots who were training in mountain flying.

>The two injured remain in the hospital, the officer said. Italy's mountain emergency service tweeted Friday that they were of French and Swiss nationality.

If this info is true, I doubt OP was on the helicopter, since I don't think he'd be heli-skiing (whatever that is) or the pilot. It's also unlikely he was on the plane. I don't think he was training to become a pilot.

a7c9df  No.12726986


I forgot the link because I'm a nigger.


e28f34  No.12727022

File: 373dd8acf4ef1d4⋯.png (390.05 KB, 1360x978, 680:489, ukPMtheresaMaymaysspiral.png)


from your post she was in the region around the time. I wouldn't expect perfect overlap, but it's close enough for her. She was responsible for the police coverup during the Rotherham scandal where young girls were being raped by pakistani gangs.



txs anon

0bdf8e  No.12727029



Think about it Anon. You have 10 thousand dollars, and a lot more freedom than the CarAnon. He's imprisoned in a gilded cage.

I'm a nobody, living nowhere, and therefore have freedoms that CarAnon can only dream of.

Who's rich?

557b13  No.12727034


Any connection with the Maddie McCann case?

e28f34  No.12727043


<walk up to guy

<take flag leaning up behind him

<proceed to walk off

>He protests "Hey! That's my flag!"

<keep walking, but look back at him over my shoulder

<reply with smirk, "No, it's OUR flag!"

dc561f  No.12727063

Bump for OP

060fb7  No.12727077


You, my friend, need to trust the plan. You kill yourself and you let (((them))) win. Have faith, there is good in the world.

d359f5  No.12727106


Along with this….any connection to the Gotthard Base tunnel? It’s only 48 miles >>12727034

from Bellinzona.

557b13  No.12727110


Impressive I.D.

557b13  No.12727120

File: 3a45c7c142070d3⋯.png (129.9 KB, 600x533, 600:533, Pepe Scope.png)

f1dc7f  No.12727127

File: 6c400d134843233⋯.jpeg (162.42 KB, 668x750, 334:375, 80854D03-15C3-4EED-ADF9-7….jpeg)


Thanks for being such a brave pedo buster!! Fuck the shills! Don’t let them bother you.

My other advice - Dont kill yourself. Expose the truth until (((they))) try to have you killed. Luke 12:4 - we will btfo of the kikes until they kill all of us.

e28f34  No.12727128


>I'm new here

unironically lurk 2 moar years

557b13  No.12727136

File: f8d37b00291b276⋯.png (230.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fingerpepe.png)

e65432  No.12727180

OP, I thank you deeply - you may be the spark that reignites the spirit of fire in all sons and daughters of Europe. The righteous fury of millions will be the winds at your back.

When you decided to kill yourself - every part of your identity up to that point died. Your sense of purpose saved your soul and gave you new life. I beg of you: protect it at all costs. The enemies of truth and beauty will never stop coming for you. Destroy them. We are with you.

e28f34  No.12727190


Tits or GTFO sweetcheeks ;^)

1a72c8  No.12727197

OP, give us a bump that you're ok.. that helicopter crash report was one hell of a (((coincidence))).

557b13  No.12727208

File: 796beca3d217d3a⋯.png (808.52 KB, 625x468, 625:468, Tits for Anon.png)

06d3d7  No.12727232


If he's EH, he's already lost Anon.

e28f34  No.12727309


clever cow ;^)

b1a1ce  No.12727451

File: 3922aa985eca56b⋯.png (125.26 KB, 469x331, 469:331, Capture _2018-08-29-16-26-….png)


Hey, op. Don't kys. Get out of the country, if possible. Get your head down with an anon. Then start releasing everything you can, go public with it. Have someone watch your back. We can help, you know.

06d3d7  No.12727489


You do know that a prominent EH, is in a Chilean prison for pedophilia?

204bd1  No.12727592


Thanks for sharing your story. I read all your posts.

For cleaning up your soul? Kneel before the one true and living God, ask for forgiveness, help, and commit yourself to repentance. 12 step anon programs work. You will not be able to snort your way back, give it time.

Get a sponsor in anon. Be very careful about talking about pedo shit(as you know).

Are there 12 step programs wherever you are? Attend one that is not ruined by new age garbage. Ie, Higher Power BS.

Rebuilding your soul will be work though you will once again, love life. Afterwards, you will be battle tested and ready. Strong.

Read your Bible daily. In the morning. New Testament first. NKJV is a good translation. (NIV is somewhat comp'd)

You have the money, so you are going to have to lead. There is no other way until you know for sure you who you can trust.

One way to fight EVIL? Hire private detective(s) to infiltrate the network. Maybe find someone within the network who is growing a conscious? Have them record pedo shit. Use said pedo shit against them. Provide pedo shit to authorities. Share pedo shit on torrents, yet pgp pedo shit and give several attornies the key to be released under two scenarios:

1) your death

2) your direction

Another consideration: get a US attorney and ask for asylum. Get in touch with US AG Whitaker. Enter witness protection.

I will pray for you.


Are you following Q(yet?)

c806b0  No.12727656

File: c36a1792989b3e3⋯.jpeg (128.32 KB, 1125x1115, 225:223, d3cf3d07d755049f91fe99255….jpeg)

>Q boomer larp

go back to working on your ural motorcycle you neocon kikes

066c56  No.12727690


I think in Switzerland everything is within 48 miles of everything, it is really small.

a45d07  No.12727739

prince of /pol/ ftw

f1dc7f  No.12727829

File: cbf558e4160eb97⋯.jpeg (47.08 KB, 827x500, 827:500, D2FBDE0D-6D3B-4BB7-A540-4….jpeg)


learn how to properly sage u faggot.

and if u ever went to the Q board, u would see we constantly call out kikes… and mossad shills go ape shit.

so kindly go fys u dumb fuck.

ur glowing homo.

ee935c  No.12727876


Nice jeish tactic jew. Calling others a jew to discombobulate the other posters.

It's just too easy to identify you. And you guys are just clueless, amazing.

1a72c8  No.12727990


begone, Jew.

783af1  No.12727992


Eat natural foods, exercise (cardio) 30-60 mins/day, sauna, and sleep. Detox with dry sauna (infrared) every day to get the poison out of your cells.. You will be ok and back to normal in no time.

6c3845  No.12728107


>Hot wine in the winter

Human blood?

f1dc7f  No.12728119

File: d41f2b2196e69f0⋯.jpeg (164.75 KB, 657x1000, 657:1000, 6E2DDA39-9D74-469C-8E80-9….jpeg)

File: 6f1bc35ab9ff62f⋯.jpeg (98.4 KB, 461x749, 461:749, 8E65B655-FB25-436B-A65A-0….jpeg)

File: 945a7573ac5ef43⋯.jpeg (179.46 KB, 680x1000, 17:25, 1E6DA864-16A2-4A43-938D-8….jpeg)

File: 3dc6f8042a116ab⋯.jpeg (171.62 KB, 696x1000, 87:125, 38A61576-44EA-458E-9282-4….jpeg)

File: 9a1daf9780549ad⋯.jpeg (189.7 KB, 1763x815, 1763:815, C445B37A-FF1A-419B-BED4-F….jpeg)


are u retarded? I didnt call u jewish but nice projecting. Now I know u are a jew. and the reason to sage is so you post without bumping the thread… why dont you want this bumped??

2630a5  No.12728135


The flame rises brother

6c3845  No.12728153

File: 54363e87bbf1f3e⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 385x278, 385:278, alienslaugh.jpg)

42cc80  No.12728175


KJV Bible is better

6c3845  No.12728205

File: db98ad66bf9dbef⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x747, 1280:747, bigbosssalute.png)

Godspeed OP.

13742f  No.12728254

Ok, could be nothing but finding three different waste companies using the name TERIS is a bit of a coincidence right?

InsiderAnon said in one of his posts that the guys from this Teris company in Switzerland go to a company event once a year in Paris.

Teris waste management with an address set up in France - https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/88283Z:FP-teris-sa

Then I found another waste management company called Teris LLC founded in ARKANSAS in 1992 https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=4318173

Seems a bit of a long shot that we would have three different companies in the same line of work in three different countries all using the same name.

301b30  No.12728316

File: 278f91c56839b24⋯.jpeg (84.49 KB, 618x741, 206:247, 45F9249D-C720-4CDE-97F9-4….jpeg)


trip 4’s confirm - Thx for coming forward OP. Regarding the powder habit, u gotta pray like a mad man and let the power of Christ help ya. I was on the stuff heavy for 15 years and dropped it over night relatively easy when I rested the burden on Jesus! Good luck fren! We are here to help spread your message.

PS - any faggots saging this bread so its not bumped are assholes. We see u glowing.

0bcd62  No.12728389


>Are you saying you're that Rofschild guy? I've been reading his posts and he seems to be a psychopath suggesting the tired old cliche that enlightenment is naked psychopathic power/wealth seeking for you and your own family at the expense of the entire planet

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Your observations match mine from the Rofschild thread. Guy is a complete sociopath, incredibly jewish. Very telling that he went to a cesspool like GLP to do his little Q&A, where the fat retarded boomerfags had no idea what to ask him. Fucker was a raging hypocrite too, droning on about veganism and animal rights, and in the next breath wishing death upon all of Canada and enslavement of all humanity. Then the motherfucker left without divulging his big secret about the next control matrix they are rolling out. Something tells me not everything has gone according to his little plan...he didn't account for the mass red-pilling, and he had no idea that within a decade from now all jews will be hunted down to the ends of the earth.

Also, bump, and I hope the OP is okay....please let us know what's up bro.

7aea32  No.12728459


>Then the motherfucker left without divulging his big secret about the next control matrix they are rolling out.

IMO "The Next Big Thing" is the name of a strategy/technique that they use to keep us all in a state of anticipation and sitting on our asses. It prevents people from forming their own plans and taking useful action. He was just mocking us by naming it as a riddle that we are all too stupid to get.

How many times has Q set people up to wait for a big happening only to leave them hanging. The current "Next Big Thing" is the emergency declaration for the border wall after 21 days. 21 days will come and go and they will kick the can once again.

0bcd62  No.12728529

File: 913d328ee663635⋯.jpg (9.65 KB, 244x250, 122:125, 1548204849076.jpg)


>IMO "The Next Big Thing" is the name of a strategy/technique that they use to keep us all in a state of anticipation and sitting on our asses.

You may very well be correct. I didn't give it a whole lot of thought after I reflected on the thread and realized how full of shit he was on so many things. I was thinking it was probably something fundamental like water, or power. It doesn't really matter, they are going to fail, and they are going to be cut down and sent to hell.

The most interesting thing about the thread was the stuff about Tesla and how close he was to developing free, wireless energy.

46d0ea  No.12728541


No it's a customary european drink, literally hot red wine with some additional spices, fruit, sugar.

Please, try not to be a total retard.

3f5348  No.12728554

>>12714409 im thinking new zealand?

acef21  No.12728564


Thank you very much for the information you provided.

And as other Anons here wrote: Take care for yourself. Get rid of drugs!

And don't doxx yourself!

Just a question:

"Jessie Marsson" – You know his reports?

He claims he was trafficked as a boy. But some of his stuff sounds really outlandish. But other parts are very plausible (just had to think of this when you mentioned "Ingolstadt"… Marsson claims he was living there)

Maybe he is mixing some disinfo in his reports?

2e3a0e  No.12728999

Hey OP can you donate some gas masks to the Yellow Vest protestors? They are getting gassed to shit every time they are out and about.

44ce59  No.12729012

File: 43fbe37e9548e4e⋯.jpg (72.89 KB, 576x864, 2:3, Mulled-Wine.jpg)


Mulled wine is delicious, and I normally hate wine.

65615a  No.12729082

Become the king you were born to be OP.

6dc97c  No.12729446

Switzerland, the kike hive of Europe

6dc97c  No.12729453




Every Swiss motherfucker I ever met was a total cunt.

6dc97c  No.12729455




569ab1  No.12729464

File: f660a081e546449⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1750x1400, 5:4, thereisonlyoneway.jpg)


OP, I am very young and weak. However I will become powerful in the future. Please do not kill yourself. We will need allies in the future for the upcoming revolution. it is not only you, there a thousands of rich, kind people who have the same thoughts as you. If you are still reading this, gather allies. Accumulate knowledge. For the time of the jew will not last forever.

6dc97c  No.12729467





6f3b7b  No.12729468


add timelines to that info graphic for each stage

6dc97c  No.12729482


6dc97c  No.12729489




These Satanists will lose

6dc97c  No.12729497



6dc97c  No.12729500



6dc97c  No.12729505



6dc97c  No.12729513



I bet that bitch Bjork is in on it. She can't sing for crap.


Vid related full of pedo/MK Ultra filth

569ab1  No.12729515


I am currently reading every single book which Hitler read during his teenage years. In order to stimulate hunger and the conditions during that era, I have been water fasting 25 days every month. My greatest downfall however is that I am not white. I do not care if the Europeans reject me. Therefore I shall do my best to support the next Hitler should God give him another chance to reincarnate.

6dc97c  No.12729524

File: e28151605e738bf⋯.jpg (54.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, witch.jpg)

a02a9f  No.12729533





learn to embed you fucking nigger

6dc97c  No.12729543




My bad


Article about the Icelandic president who is a known fag talking about banning pineapple pizza.

6dc97c  No.12729548



6dc97c  No.12729551


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/87lRjfLg2Sk" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

6dc97c  No.12729554



Sorry for that dumbass mistake.

6dc97c  No.12729559


I'm used to halfchan, sorry.

6dc97c  No.12729565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6dc97c  No.12729566


Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are pedos.

cc02d5  No.12729575


How is it my problem that some kids are getting rekt?

1c38ab  No.12729676


Top kek I bet you’re a stinky linky too

6b6252  No.12729773

File: d78b81a05159cc7⋯.webm (7.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d78b81a05159cc775ceee8724….webm)

I don't know if royalanon is still here but this is a clear reminder that /pol/ is full of shills, agents and snakes of every breed. It's simply the nature of an anonymous board to be full of as many dangerous people as fellow souls. For every kind word spoken, two more poisoned words are uttered.

stay quiet until your time to act has arrived

cc76bd  No.12729848

File: 65f47b5139d9d97⋯.jpg (252.95 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, trzy_gracje_01.jpg)


As to the Poland and Italy connection, back in 1999 Police chief was killed, one wistleblowwer who want's to testify says that it was in relation what he knew regarding child trafficking through Bielko-Biala region. It was main exit gate to italy. What is interesting on famous Q photo form 1997 from Poland, mayor of Bielsko Biala (sic!) was pictured as well (Miroslaw styczen). Another interesting thing on that picture - Dariusz Szopper, he's from Gdansk (same cite where recent stabbing of mayor occurred). Gdansk is famous for being local mafa HQ. They're covered by local police enforcement as well as by prosecutors and judges. Many of them holding positions since communism era. Yet another interesting thing is "Trzy gracje' sculpture in Sopt" created by Krzysztof Bednarski (living in Rome since 1986), His webpage and twitter http://bednarski.art.pl/5 https://www.instagram.com/bhang82_/

cc76bd  No.12729858

More on Marek Papala, The Polish police chief killing https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fprzeczywistosc.pl%2Fnietykalni%2F

acef21  No.12729904



not sure.

We should be careful with blaming every artist, who is creating some weird and distburbing arts as "part of the pedo cabal"

I studied arts and know a little bit how the world of arts is "working".

Much attention seeking there.

And in the last 70 years the world of western art was not about "showing nice things".

The "Zeitgeist" made people look into the "dark places" - in the world and in their souls.

Does not mean, that they are all pedo satanists.

But of course… always be vigilant!

000000  No.12729916


>about Tesla and how close he was to developing free, wireless energy.

not close, he did it.

d31f48  No.12730087


Found another user, and again no matches for the hash:

>terissa 525b56d712565c15771b14a4f1dff445fd95718a



>From the Spanish and Portuguese name Teresa. It was first recorded as Therasia, being borne by the Spanish wife of Saint Paulinus of Nola in the 4th century. The meaning is uncertain, but it could be derived from Greek θερος (theros) "summer", from Greek θεριζω (therizo) "to harvest", or from the name of the Greek island of Therasia (the western island of Santorini).

>from Greek θεριζω (therizo) "to harvest"

>to harvest


The database can't be downloaded (or downloads empty) for some reason. Probably has something to do with server permissions. Try it yourself:


ddeb6d  No.12730093


Didn’t that pedo John K. do animation for her?

a7c9df  No.12730097



6dc97c, stop shitting up the thread with individual posts. You can either embed or put several links into one post.

I used to listen to Björk, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was involved in, at least unwittingly, some sick shit.

79eea8  No.12730178


This was memory holed, but in 2010 a number of pentagon officials got caught with child porn.


d01bbb  No.12730207

Project Flickr


8c094f  No.12730259


really? 48 miles is the smallest and largest unit of measurement in switzerland?

82fce1  No.12730304

I hope OP is alright.

Next time a royalanon comes in, we should give instructions about OPSEC

79eea8  No.12730312


> 993383

Hey OP,

Killing yourself isn't really going to help. You will just be born again until you actually face the issues and solve them. Whatever they may be. YOLO is Jew bullshit.

If I may make a suggestion, besides fighting the good fight, you really could use some greater information on metaphysics. Why the fuck are we here? To seek truth, understanding and return to source. Without some understanding of this, and the very special place occupied by earth in the cosmos (A collecting ground for stubbornly unlearning souls) its easy to get depressed by how fucked up things are. Especially if you aren't really of this group. Some souls volunteer to come down and try to help because everyone has created such a horrible world of shit for themselves, and it sucks because here sucks. But infinite compassion and understanding exists on the grander scales. Otherwise we wouldn't have volunteers eating the shit sandwich to help the incorrigible here on earth.

The law of one is a very great and inspired source for gaining understanding of metaphysics and required reading for anyone wanting to fucking get what is going on here on this planet because it is insane, especially when behind the veil with no conscious clue of what the hell is going on.


In addition, Scott Mandelker does an excellent job unpacking this sometimes dense material to make it, sometimes, more easy to understand. Though it can be at times still difficult.


TLDR for the gist. There are two paths toward spiritual development. Positive and negative. Earth is a mix of both, mostly the former. However, negatives have wisdom advantages which allows them easier ability to take over things and manipulate in general. Jews, of course, really are the "chosen" people in that negative entities long ago selected them as the preferred representatives. However, going down the negative path does not require anything Jewish about it. I could go on, but just study this metaphysics. If you really put your heart and mind into it, it will change your life. It has for me, and for many.

036acf  No.12730336

File: b331bd488834859⋯.jpg (251.32 KB, 1002x552, 167:92, 15453247831211223643105.jpg)

Bump. OP be safe and join us. We are like you, disgusted with the global kikery and want to bring it down. For any lurking newfags, pic attached is important for understanding motive.

036acf  No.12730352

File: d3e94a69b17fadd⋯.jpg (3.95 MB, 2048x1724, 512:431, 1548608286731692078732.jpg)

File: 88542970203bf7c⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 2048x1168, 128:73, 1548608076534945420844.jpg)

File: 332eb078ca8fffb⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 2048x1168, 128:73, 1548608013101410784692.jpg)

File: e03d2eee48c193c⋯.jpg (3.45 MB, 2048x1168, 128:73, 1548608052056193047667.jpg)

File: 2f4a575426785a7⋯.jpg (983.28 KB, 515x2047, 515:2047, 1548607924853801166148.jpg)

Dumping pizzagate pics for any newfags

036acf  No.12730355

File: 85b984b3e6fa8f5⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 125x95, 25:19, 1548608384092214003031.jpg)

File: 9ccabe48003e78e⋯.jpg (652.51 KB, 299x2048, 299:2048, 1548608425680429880491.jpg)

File: 7ddea0050a6994a⋯.jpg (505.24 KB, 1230x858, 205:143, 15475613835532063532106.jpg)

File: a47bb276c40214a⋯.jpg (241.33 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 15475613302711097217263.jpg)

File: 49b5969461255f3⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 682x2048, 341:1024, 1548608406651704366123.jpg)

036acf  No.12730359

File: 6dd504e6cda9b4b⋯.jpg (3.55 MB, 2048x1168, 128:73, 15486080357781692007543.jpg)

File: 44af56ca5047974⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 768x1024, 3:4, 15486084426981279419611.jpg)

File: 9483211453ecece⋯.jpg (691.1 KB, 960x576, 5:3, 15486083280981621020201.jpg)

File: 2dd1d0ce6f87228⋯.jpg (501.8 KB, 146x2048, 73:1024, 15486084707682031840799.jpg)

File: 51cb04d5c168e7b⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2048x1164, 512:291, 15486079899761670078721.jpg)

036acf  No.12730360

File: a22a7ab3bfc974f⋯.jpg (4.7 MB, 1794x2048, 897:1024, 1543114416360375546070.jpg)

File: e762101c96fef3d⋯.jpg (639.06 KB, 342x2048, 171:1024, 15381472239941262945370.jpg)

File: c058a0c6200fdd4⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 682x2048, 341:1024, 15486085191801865044616.jpg)

File: 6e0c9700237a00d⋯.jpg (355.99 KB, 858x759, 26:23, 15450568159721303734772.jpg)

File: c306690c65720c0⋯.jpg (3.59 MB, 1448x2048, 181:256, 15486085419021039682901.jpg)

036acf  No.12730364

File: f5613faf5000c20⋯.png (46.79 KB, 1406x278, 703:139, Abortion ritual sacrifice.png)

File: 5f620549d0b95de⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 1866x2024, 933:1012, 15450553603611399321290.jpg)

File: bf0843c67c36526⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1480x3160, 37:79, Alister crowley Satanist.jpg)

File: abb5592abc5357f⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, Hollywood anon in the pedo….jpg)

File: 49bda34c789e4c8⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 1920x3024, 40:63, adrenochrome.jpg)

036acf  No.12730394

File: ed9e0a7340030b0⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2942x3010, 1471:1505, Pizzagate Hawaii origins.jpg)

File: 9967aff5a738d3c⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 7000x5893, 7000:5893, Pizzagate 101.gif)

File: 8844ad9afe15498⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2974x7639, 2974:7639, Pizzagate comet ping pong ….jpg)

File: 2645a5af3b1baea⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 1280x5376, 5:21, pizzagate rundown.jpg)

File: 83d5e3feef8958d⋯.jpg (3.34 MB, 5000x3572, 1250:893, The global hierarchy.jpg)

000000  No.12730944


Fucking this so hard. We used to never have so many calls for censorship on this board but after Trump election and the /pol/ mods censoring the shit out of everything, the userbase has become accustomed to censorship, and think that fascists are pro-censorship.

Lies need to be exposed, denounced, contradicted, but not censored. Censorship is only a useful tool for those that want to make sure the truth isn't seen.

000000  No.12730976


Is this the channel of a schizophrenic? What the fuck am I even reading. I just spent like 15 minutes looking at video titles and it looks like some kind of black israelite we wuz kangz tier conspiracy collection mixed with eurofag stuff.

000000  No.12730985



>everybody I don't like is a "nazi"


>muh pharaohs

How kosher can you get?

1f3374  No.12731000


Please be aware of the fact that we can't really see what he didn't answer. Not to mention he very clearly contradicted himself at times and that by playing the 'superiority' card, he shields himself so many times it's got to make you suspicious. An interesting read regardless, but be critical.

190ec9  No.12731006

hey OP, pls let us know you're still alive and safe, you're a brave man.

Seems like a lot of people bothering you with sending them money here, go on voat pizzagate to get more relevant info. good luck to you!

7140b8  No.12731011


He also starred in a movie that has pedophilia as the main topic, Mystic River (he plays the friend of a guy who was raped as a boy, and then accuses the friend of killing his teenage daughter)

2b7884  No.12731016



first pic mentions EPA admin

i wonder what all these government "parks and recreation" departments actually do

6c34dc  No.12731031

File: ec1d8f4fdbc9ecf⋯.mp4 (11.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, videoplayback.mp4)

Actual video evidence oof Podesta that molesta torturing children

f63b32  No.12731037


In this article you can find Roger Federer and Monarch and other persons from Switzerland.



3a8990  No.12731064

The Auto Co is Alpha Romeo…Check out the badges on the cars.

000000  No.12731072


Seriously I contacted the guy who does all those videos on that channel he's a fucking retard who sees "Nazis" behind everything and lives in lala land. He's clueless it's jews.

3a8990  No.12731093

Sean Hross you mean?

7b735b  No.12731100


Brings me back to the picture of Quentin Tarantino with that 9 year olds foot in his mouth, an image analyzed and proven to be an interaction with an minor offscreen.

I think this is how the blackmailers are holding so many people hostage. They drop this info as a threat, one they can cover up… For a favor. What's interesting is how high up the blackmail goes.

>Podesta, a Zionist Jew who owns billion dollar properties, is being used like a $5 hammer, disposable, practically worthless

Scottish Freemasons own Israel and every person living in it. The Israeli natives, goyim who claim to be Jewish, are currently designing and building the Temple, exactly as the book says; the Temple will be built by slaves. After the temple is built, every Turkish mudblooded gentile will be pushed back into Africa to be raped by Palestinians and every other form of nigger available, where the last pure remaining tribe of Israel, the eternal Scot, will reclaim the land God promised him and his brothers, the Chosen People(CP) of God.

Those fucking Goyim and "Rabbi"(cattle lmao) need to hurry up.

7b735b  No.12731116


David Rothschild, the Scottish Bull, one of the last pureblooded men of the CP of God. "Cultural Jews" are goyim and only the Scottish are left of the 12 tribes, meaning the entire Bible/Talmud references the Scottish master race.

3a8990  No.12731125

File: eca6d0ebb73e0ea⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2048x1360, 128:85, iu.jpg)

a7c9df  No.12731160



Sounds like bullshit, but what's the evidence of Scots being the real Jews?

000000  No.12731204




lol Pleiadian aliens psy-op

000000  No.12731219


Seriously OP should just fund and arm a /pol/ army and get us all training and organizing for intel operations, assassinations, taking over towns and cities, etc.

682147  No.12731220

File: eb85d14f4e10b58⋯.png (906.9 KB, 819x617, 819:617, ClipboardImage.png)


Basically Druids writing whole volumes of books on how they are the real Semites, such as similarities between Gaelic and Hebrew. Druids even in Roman times had written they were the real Hyperboreans who started the Greek Golden Age as well.

6f1821  No.12731252







I'm done with this fucking country. I'm moving to Russia. The fact that something this blatant has not been investigated and that the population at large refuses to believe tells me that this country lacks any sort of survival instinct.

000000  No.12731256



(testing this from Tor btw)

Are you unique?

Yes! (You can be tracked!)

41.94 % of observed browsers are Firefox, as yours.

4.16 % of observed browsers are Firefox 60.0, as yours.

56.49 % of observed browsers run Windows, as yours.

26.07 % of observed browsers run Windows 7, as yours.

63.45 % of observed browsers have set "en"as their primary language, as yours.

8.99 % of observed browsers have UTC0 as their timezone, as yours.

However, your full fingerprint is unique among the 970552 collected so far. Want to know why?

000000  No.12731310


>You are 100% correct on Switzerland, home of the Pharaohs lol!!! Watch Dr. Sean Hross’ Youtube channel for a breakdown. He is 110% trustworthy and could use help, the two of you should connect as you have the same goals and each have a wealth of knowledge to share. His YouTube is called: ‘Central Intelligence Agency’ (main one) “The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil” should give you a good breakdown of everything you need to know. Please do NOT give out any more info of personal identification as you are likely being targeted and identified. Thank you so, so very much. This means everything to us.

The fuck is this LARP and why should OP get caught up in it? This guy you're talking about thinks everyone he doesn't like is a "Nazi". He's not legit.

000000  No.12731322


Pedophilia is normal and natural the only problem is these pedophiles aren't marrying the little girls and staying with them for life even when they grow up. They just fuck and abuse them, boys too, and create more damaged individuals. This is not right. Prophet Mohammed at least married Aisha.

000000  No.12731325


The fuck is wrong with using protonmail?

000000  No.12731357


>inb4 they're all Israeli nationalists and the two months break involves breaking and reprogramming OP

000000  No.12731392


No coffee, no chocolate, no soda, no tobacco, no alcohol, no weed, no drugs of any sort be they pharmacy or not, master race reporting in.

Get on my level.

000000  No.12731405


It's probably some kind of psy-op either directed towards removing gentile pedophiles from hollywood so they can make the whole thing even more jewish or some kind of long-game effort to legalize pedophilia.

000000  No.12731408


Meh it was completely expected for me. I guess you don't know much about Asia's history and what was going on after World War II.

000000  No.12731420


If you want to do this stuff in Minecraft then you better know a good deal about psychological tricks to cause hesitation, confusion, etc. and how to blend in and hide and body posture and so on.

t. skilled infiltrator who people always assume is an employee of whatever place I'm at

It is very easy to kill creepers you just need to have your mindfuck game going strong.

000000  No.12731421


Just read: https://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/An_insight_into_child_porn

ProTip: It was normal to have sexual relations with a woman the moment she was pubescent throughout all of human history until recently.

000000  No.12731437


Still waiting on an answer to this anon's question. The fuck is a d-cube?

be015f  No.12731439

Thank you for the Link.

I think the Key, in relation to Roger Federer is

Arthur Cohen. He built him up. His Friends are:

Arthur Cohen

Gwen Stefani

Gawin Rossdale

Anna Wintour


He lived a long time in Saudi Arabia and Valbella Switzerland. He has two time Twins….Girls and Boys…coincidence….?

633f3f  No.12731458

Man, I'd give anything to help OP. Godspeed, my brother.

be015f  No.12731469

Don`t forget his Mali Children Foundation.>>12731439

d9300a  No.12731510

File: 396087f2c4709b5⋯.gif (386.59 KB, 603x824, 603:824, DJAEVEL2.gif)


Well, Azienda Elettrica Ticinese logo has two moons in it…

80c190  No.12731629


OP, I am a developer for one of the best blockchains in the world. Contact me at powercosmic@protonmail.ch, there are many ways to do what you said, and I can talk to the team so you can more or less "bypass" KYC (know your customer) laws and other such things. Furthermore and ideally, you should contact me FROM a protonmail email. However, it should be noted that this might still have backdoors as it strongly linked to israeli firms, and you should instead just encrypt your message with PGP.

I will help you once you send me the first email. Godspeed, brother. If you are not larping, it is seriously sickening what they do to children and my cowardice is only propelled by the fact I want to one day have a family of my own. That is why I wish to help. Organizing is not difficult, but I will give you details when you get in touch.

80c190  No.12731647


I will check this email in a couple of days from now. Rest until then, and stay sober.

I forgot to mention I am in touch with the CEO of a new company, and former lead developer of the aforementioned company. Details will follow once we establish contact. Please do message. Monsters who harm children have to be put to death.

80c190  No.12731681


Lastly, and sorry for triple posting, you must confirm your identity in the first email (not your real identity, but rather, you must prove you are this 8ch user). How, will be up to you.

3e2715  No.12731711


If you do anhero, you could go out worse than being shot by a pedo's bodyguard. Not advocating, best revenge is a life well lived, but if you're determined…

If nothing else, dying trying to assassinate a pederast relation would bring attention to your allegation.

000000  No.12731781


Odin lost an eye and gained wisdom.

Where does this Satan story you talk about come from? I don't recall reading this in the Bible.

d9300a  No.12731825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The white children all come from England. Mostly London.

And this is how it happens.

000000  No.12731841


You've been spending a lot of time on /leftypol/ lel.

000000  No.12731894

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ed94c3  No.12732028

File: 73884a322fa3fe5⋯.jpg (364.15 KB, 1359x1852, 1359:1852, Topic Links 2.0.jpg)

Why not stop the largest pedo site on the net?

40fc5a  No.12732378

Dead man switch or email timer. basically email goes out if you do not reset timer.

search for tor browser.

download on your computer

go to:http://ctemplar42u6fulx.onion/signin

create Prime account $7.10 /month

viola you have deadman switch set up.

6dc97c  No.12732641


Headquarters of Alfa Romeo is Via Nizza, 250, 10126 Torino TO, Italy

2MM8+2Q Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

6dc97c  No.12732655



Basque connection

The Basque Culinary Center is famous worldwide. Possible pedos. Many Basques seem redpilled of Pizza/pedogate. A lot of the conquistadors were Basque. Jesuit connection https://www.bculinary.com/es/home


000000  No.12732661


This is curious… are you a Pajeet?

We all want Hitler back so badly…

000000  No.12732706


>i wonder what all these government "parks and recreation" departments actually do

I have a sister that works for them.

The park rangers direct people around, tell them facts about the parks, do controlled burns, manage situations concerning bears and stuff, remove invasive species, clean facilities, and get drunk and do stupid normie shit in their off-time.

000000  No.12732719


Oh it's (you) again.

TBH the traits of Israelis and also of these "Jews" in the US do match with typical Turkish traits.

000000  No.12732728


Too bad the entirety of the UK is rapidly going to shit 1984 style.

000000  No.12732732


Dude, I've seen lots of pedo content, the bulk of it all comes from Russia. Moving to Russia is literally moving to pedo land.

000000  No.12732737


That pic you're posting was drawn originally by Éliphas Lévi and has an interesting history behind it that you should read. You may find it on wikipedia.

A lot of present day occultism is only about 200 years old at best and is not really as ancient as it would like to assume.

Pascal Beverly Randolph and various other figures all contributed to and originated many magickal ideas we have now.

000000  No.12732749


>screencap saved as a jpg even though it makes the file bigger


000000  No.12732763


...because they regularly do get shutdown and new ones are made and also because they technically are being lawful and not sharing stuff, well, except the boyfucker boards, but nobody cares about when boys get molested, they only care about girls.

000000  No.12732765


You're a fucking retard and I shall prove it in a moment.

54230e  No.12732773

File: 4f4d1084486e5a7⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 789x158, 789:158, jpg is bigger.jpg)

File: fc3aaf1bbe94f01⋯.png (21.17 KB, 789x158, 789:158, png is smaller.png)

Look at the filesize.

ProTip: use jpg when it's a photograph with millions of different colors in it, use png when it's mostly flat colors and text or cartoons (like wojack and pepe).

PNG is not only higher quality but smaller filesize in most screencaps.

000000  No.12732774


4f4d1084486e5a7⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 789x158, 789:158, jpg is bigger.jpg) (h) (u)

fc3aaf1bbe94f01⋯.png (21.17 KB, 789x158, 789:158, png is smaller.png) (h) (u)

000000  No.12732779


Also, just to prove myself further... check out next screencap comparison.

54230e  No.12732781

File: c3dbf2f2533f143⋯.jpg (694.77 KB, 1296x1872, 9:13, jpg of le notorious onion ….jpg)

File: 28e797c24398faf⋯.png (303.51 KB, 1296x1872, 9:13, png of le notorious onion ….png)

I rest my case.

000000  No.12732785

PNG comes out at just 303.51 KB which is half of the JPG that comes out at 694.77 KB.

This is also why cuckmonkey should be enabling png thumbnails or at least making thumbnails match the filetype of the original file uploaded.

He will actually make 8chan more efficient while improving thumbnail quality (e.g. thumbnails with transparent background won't be fucked up anymore).

8f7fed  No.12732789


No one gives a shit about the file size pedo.

11b73e  No.12732790


What book is this? Have you ever heard of Alan Wilson?


000000  No.12732798


You might not give a shit about filesize but then you should at least give a shit about quality.

If you don't care about quality you aren't white. Quality is what defines the white race.

I will not rest until all jpg cucks are purged from this world and png master race takes over.

Also, I am not a pedo, I just simply typed in the onion from that previous anon's screencap, so I could go there and screencap it myself to make the example.

However I do I guess browse the notorious pedo spamming site known as 8chan where inevitably one gets exposed to this kind of crap, especially if you're a NEET insomniac who browses the board 24/7, and sees what's going on at all times. The pedo usually raid /pol/ in the very early morning (if you live in America that is) btw.

000000  No.12732837

Welp, OP hasn't responded to days and is probably dead, and we won't be getting our prince that could rally us and arm us. We badly need our prince. I may as well be closing this thread now, read every single post in the thread, and carefully monitored it for last couple days and even investigated everyone who has posted in here, all for naught :(

8f7fed  No.12732843

6d5b21  No.12732852


He stated he would be out of contact for a few days because of shitty reception on the islands.

000000  No.12732867


Not sure if your shock is at realizing just how much you've been duped by the jpg shills all this time or the realization you're browsing a site which pedos regularly spam.

Also, youtube and pinterest get spammed with pedo shit, quite often. I've seen a lot on both of those sites. Probably one of the first instances of me seeing CP was some random music or dyi or whatever it was I can't quite remember other than the fact it was a completely unrelated and boring normal vid, but anwyays I was scrolling down in the comments, and there was some comment made by someone, where the profile pic was a little blond haired girl probably like 5 years old sucking a fat old man's dick. It got taken down pretty quick, like maybe a half hour after I noticed it initially, but at the time I did notice it the comment had already been around a fair while. I've also seen pedo rings operating on youtube where they don't get taken down for days and the kids trade nudes openly in the comments section. One time I dropped an email and this one girl, 8 years old, started talking to me. I told her she should be saving herself for marriage and not asking random people for sex and to talk to her parents. Her gmail account got shutdown a few days later. IDK if she got help or not.

I track spammers and like to keep track of unusual activity on the internet where there's unusual spikes in certain search terms and stuff so I run into all kinds of weird shit. I've found a Sri Lankan incest cult thing before. I've found some stuff where parents were forcibly feminizing their little boys turning them into trannies and fucking them. Oh yeah, you ever see those little boys who go around the gay parades and are taking hormones trying to "become girls"? They are abused. Don't be mistaken about it. They get fucked in the ass and cummed all over and passed around between multiple people which means a lot of people are in on it and know.

All the shit I've seen over my lifetime makes me want to kill myself. All that keeps me alive is wanting to make all the evil in this world be destroyed. I pray to god to help me because nobody but god can sort out this situation, it is much too big for me to tackle alone. Also people can't seem to understand why I get so incredibly, unbelievably, agitated over televisions. It's nothing but evil scumfucks talking and I can't bear to watch normalfags watching it and being so fucking clueless. It feels like being a traumatized veteran and being angry at your society when they don't know shit about war.



000000  No.12732883

Worst yet I took my spy skills into the real world, figured out how to talk to people, know all the symbols and a hell of a lot about history and philosophy, and I figure people out and they confess their darkest secrets to me all the time. I know murderers, pedophiles, in the closet fags, cheaters, hardcore communists, and so much more because I am the kind of person people open up to because I keep secrets and I have this amazing ability to blend in to any group and make them think I am one of them. I do it habitually because all my life I've had to keep a secret even in the midst of my family; namely my fascistic worldview and beliefs. I am deep within enemy territory without a true friend at all, all my life, so I have become the ultimate spy. Most people can't understand this. They know what it's like to have someone to confide in, to share a worldview with people around them. There is nobody around me that is like me. I am painfully, unique. Only on /pol/ are people like me to be found… and I know you're all out there somewhere, fighting the good fight, burning with hatred for all things defiled and a love for the highest ideals.

000000  No.12732892

Something else. My enemies can't understand how I can so perfectly know their rhetoric, know how they think, and not be one of them. They just assume that for me to know them so fucking well, that I have to believe as they do. They imagine fascists are just ignorant, stupid, poor, idiots and that is why they believe the things they do. They can't imagine that in actual fact it is a worldview so superior, so advanced, that it in fact addresses every failing in every other ideology. Fascism IS the final answer and the ONLY answer that anyone who studies everything out there will inevitably conclude is right. Thus, every other ideology requires censorship to exist, as it can only exist in a bubble. Fascism is the light, it is the natural order of things, it is the truth. Fascism does not require a bubble. Fascism can open its doors to everyone (8/pol and /new/) and take on everybody, and in the end, the enemy leaves of his own accord. There's a reason that ANY place of discussion where actual freespeech is allowed INEVITABLY becomes fascist. Fascism wins the debate every time. Fascism has the facts behind it. It stands as a bright torch against which all lies dissipate and shrink back.

c98c69  No.12732907


>Thinking that if you browse on TOR, you are untraceable.

This is a myth. Whoever controls the nodes, controls the TOR

000000  No.12732965


Fact is I got IRL raided and they had all my vpn/proxy posts on record but none of my tor posts and thank god for that.

If it is theoretically possible for them to trace me, it is evidently not worth their time or money.

BTW the glows literally followed my father around for a week spying on him at a distance. My father is a normie leftist who has no clue about what I believe or do lel.

000000  No.12732981

Also just in case any laughing glows are successfully tracking my Tor posts somehow.

Don't be so silly as to think I haven't anticipated literally every single possibility. I plan for way ahead and fully expect everything I use to be leaked, compromised, etc. and know already what to do in every situation so there's no confusion/delay/thinking about it when the time comes for action. I always expect for my accounts to fall into enemy hands and I always behave under the assumption each and every single post I write is being read even though I've been told by government officials they stopped bother to track me awhile ago.

I have everything planned out for every situation right up to how I am going to die when cornered and with no other way out.

6d5b21  No.12733000


Glad you made it back out of the V& bro.

000000  No.12733168


Had to spend awhile in the ward and a couple months with absolutely no internet.

There were other redpilled people who knew the truth about 9/11 and other stuff thrown in there too btw.

993383  No.12733198

The statements I have made here are all lies. The people discussed are innocent. Please have this removed.

6d5b21  No.12733257


Noble-anon is dead or they got to him.

Question: If everything that was said in this thread are lies, why does it need to be removed? Surely the truth will be self evident upon investigation.

6d5b21  No.12733289


>It was all a larp, plz delete goys… goys?!?!

Ok bro, why did you make all that shit up? Why Teris which conveniently has pedo imagery, why Babel (also shady as fuck), why Bellinzona, why Switzerland, why the Vatican info, the fake pope and the specifics of shipping and logistics of moving the kids etc. Why Sean Penn and Theresa May? Why those four Jews specifically?

Throw me a bone here. High on cocaine isn't going to cover it.

c92fd5  No.12733292

File: ad73905ede8b534⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 394x297, 394:297, 47f0a0c56bd5b485930c2bf6ee….gif)


There's no turning back now, no matter what happened.

If royalanon is still alive, are you going to live like a man or die like a dog?

If not? The goyim know.

da3378  No.12733377

File: 6e2c30a038db7e9⋯.jpg (54.1 KB, 540x443, 540:443, 6e2c30a038db7e96bad3cefd95….jpg)


Yep, they got him, seems like these undercover hitmen must have meme'd themselves to be Varys, so they can sniff out any kind of detail that can lead them to royalanon. There are too many (((anons))) here in this very thread persuading him to let out even the most seemingly conspicuous private details that can match what they have in hand from their database of individuals who, according to (((them))) is a 'potential threat' to their very being and infrastructure.

This one >>12733198 post emotionlessly denying everything that has happened in this thread proved that they got his phone/laptop, along with his corpse, doesn't matter whether he does some Opsec, the fact they figure him out in this thread proved that plane crash days ago is the moment royalanons's fate is sealed because he let his guard down from all that depression, calling himself eurotrash/etc., and drugs.

Reminder to all actual anons in this board, if you don't want this real time assassination to ever happen again, make sure you don't ask needless questions or keep those (((anons))) from persuading the next one into outing himself for their next hit.

eec60e  No.12733401

File: 2e83d7a75077842⋯.png (648.97 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, c5jh7Bh.png)


Too late. Anon told the truth and this is never going away.

fbc272  No.12733405

File: 4e7b16b98c509f3⋯.png (593.58 KB, 711x865, 711:865, 4e7b16b98c509f30da9d66fedf….png)


>Royalanon is dead

I can't fucking believe you cockroaches have the audacity to post on his IP, pretending to be him after you knowingly extinguished his life. His family is probably complicit in this as well. This is disgusting, but I almost always give you kikes too much credit when it comes to morality, I forget how truly low you fucking parasites will stoop. Anyhow, any chance of uncovering Royalanons identity now that he is dead? Still trying to work out if that would be helpful.. Also make sure to screen-cap this thread. It's my hope that Royalanon is still alive and well somewhere, but from posts akin to this I doubt it. If only that negro learnt how to use TOR for fucks sake.


fbc272  No.12733411

Just another day in minecraft I suppose..

da3378  No.12733425


Though a bit degraded from all that brainwashing and drugs, he's probably the last individual with legit royal blood that's not kiked up in the head, the part where he described his lineage, even if it's just vague, really got him killed.

So what's to become of the monarchists if every royalty and nobility in this planet is fucked up and kike to their very dna and spirit? If royalty is truly beyond saving then their idealogy is as dead as libertarianism.

Which meant that National Socialism, and the concept of the Republic - minus capitalism, communism and corporatism - is the only way towards a truly noblebright future.

fbc272  No.12733429


Well after scrolling up the thread a bit I found some TOR posts that claim to be him.. Writing style appears to be the same/at least somewhat similar?




OP is not kill? .. If so, hope you're doing okay anon.. They definitely have his IP here though >>12733198

000000  No.12733474


>wtf why aren't these boards banned?


<loli, cake, shota, straight shota(ss), toddler(tot)

non-metaphorically fucking drawings

<mobo(moms and boys)

barren, genuinely just 13 posts, might be iffy

<ytbfm(baby breast feeding?)

iffy as fuck

by the way, it is really easy to find that page

1. get tor

2. search notevil in tor

3. newtab the link, remove .to and the s in https

4. search with that page "topic links"(without quotes)

5. ???

6. realize how disgustingly easy that was

also, could not help but notice "BBC Family Cuckolding" on the "cp sharing communities box"...

guess that at such low level of subhuman, that would be more of a sidegrade than a downgrade.

6d5b21  No.12733575


Dude that's not the OP. Just some other anon that explained that TOR is more secure than people think because the authorities had everything but that on his web browsing.

f989d2  No.12733593


what in the fuck

7978be  No.12733641


RIP royalanon. We won't forget this.

ba1377  No.12733683



is there any good 8ch boards about web exploits/hacking etc.?

8b31f1  No.12733727

File: 7e2f5408c1ed40e⋯.jpg (62.84 KB, 500x471, 500:471, 1027-23157-10053.JPG)

I refuse to believe you're dead, anon.

Even if you are, you're alive in our hearts

Press P to pour one out for the nigger

ba1377  No.12733728

f38438  No.12733763


>For now I will let the sow loose,


>He does write like a European who speaks good but not perfect English.

Good observation.

"For now I will let the sow loose" is a translated German idiom. Of course it doesn't confirm he's legit, but it strongly suggests he's from a German-speaking area and either doesn't know or doesn't care to write convincingly.

Anyone spending this time on a LARP would likely bother with key elements like appearing as legitimate and professional as possible - which is not necessarily a concern for someone who actually is legit.

7d4844  No.12733822

File: 16ccd7977275ce1⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 534x300, 89:50, 16ccd7977275ce19e8e7a9b29a….gif)


This is what you get for not learning basic OPSEC before spilling the beans. Could've just taken five minutes to download TOR through a proxy and you might have had a chance. Goodnight, sweet prince.

add170  No.12733829

File: c9d003af93e028d⋯.jpeg (350.83 KB, 750x448, 375:224, 2DF588CD-C9D4-42C9-80DB-2….jpeg)

File: 547f8eed20eac67⋯.jpeg (213.26 KB, 1165x771, 1165:771, 233A09C1-9C1F-453C-BFB3-4….jpeg)

File: 5a1af923d15813c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, EA51B02D-50B9-40D9-A701-89….png)

4cd0e1  No.12733848


if this were in any way real this is how I would respond…

1. get off the Internet, you moron, nothing good will come of this

2. you’re a useless junkie and you’re going to be a complete fuckup until you fix yourself

3. your familial bankers have correctly assessed the threat you pose to yourself and others

4. you have no meaningful assets and cannot hope to accomplish anything against those you despise

5. take a year vacation and go back to your family a new man

6. do this specifically: buy a cheap sailboat (<100kUSD), spend a month or three fixing it up, then sail around the less-inhabited parts of the world, eat clean food, spear fish, read philosophy, and talk to normal people in normal bars (dead serious, purposefully have the most boring conversations)

7. THEN AND ONLY THEN will you be ready to EVEN THINK about what to do next

8. and invariably it will be from your previous position as rightful scion


eac0d0  No.12733855

Unironically kill yourself.

Shame on everyone posting in this crumby thread

eac0d0  No.12733857

Seriously cut your own throat jew

8b31f1  No.12733912

78cec8  No.12733931

don't kill yourself, the world needs you.

You cant fight darkness by being in darkness,

I can help your mind to overcome this and your addictions, the offer of help is here if you need it.

8b31f1  No.12733997


Remove your sage, sir.

Never mind, I'll just negate it.

c98c69  No.12734010


And you think we will believe that?

We have names. We have faces. We have towns. We have companies. We will follow the money and at the end of the trail, we will find you.

We will smoke you, your family and your children out. You will be publicly trialed, judged and executed. None of your legacy will linger. We'll kill your wives and sons and breed with your daughters.

Death awaits us all and you will expect us.

44b612  No.12734037


I copied every single thing to a notepad and distributed it to 10 USBs, 5 of which are probably halfway across the continent by now. Loo late

5943ba  No.12734049

Not surprising at all that kike central in Europe is also pedo central

8b31f1  No.12734051


Jews always think they can put the genie back in the bottle.

No such luck this time, anons

c93c87  No.12734058


What is going to be the end of these people if they OWN EVERYTHING?

Revolution is no good because they just send the drones in and EVERY European person while also declaring that any of us that survive are to be arrested and people will follow their every word because they are so brainwashed.

WHAT is the answer?

I can see no way out of this for us so please let us all know what way we are going to fix everything and you have to remember that they own EVERYTHING that you can think of: The army, police, every company that exists, medical supplies so there's no point in saying "Well, they should all be arrested" because they control the police force.

Talking about what the jews are doing every day that passes isn't going to solve anything

So just WHAT is the answer?

All the abuse they are doing needs to end, so what's the answer?

6f1821  No.12734059


OP is kill. I told him to flee to America.

8b31f1  No.12734060


Slow down there, blackpill anon. They don't own *you*, do they? Build up yourself like a solid foundation, and then you can create the structures you desire.

I was in your boots back in 2015. Couldn't possibly see how the world could get better. Nowadays, I'm not so worried about it, because I've got a network, I've got plans put in place and I've made for myself a family to support me, both morally and emotionally.

Do these things for yourself and nobody can claim to own you.

a7c9df  No.12734094

I've done some digging and found one car industry company that royalanon might possibly be related to, but I'm a dumb nigger and can't figure out who these guys' children or other family members are.

cab749  No.12734118

File: 9458a76a9b815e5⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 3000x2500, 6:5, Flammarion.jpg)


eec60e  No.12734122

File: 9a01921c88ede27⋯.png (501.73 KB, 990x745, 198:149, c5jh7Bh.png)


The main storage facility operates from my family's canton.

Bellinzona is the where you will find the capitol of pedo criminal organizations.


All businesses and organizers of that festival are complicit in profiteering off children.





fdd76f  No.12734130

You forgot the part where the pedos have to turn gay so the faggots will protect them if they aren't sufficiently powerful.

0a1af5  No.12734156


I can help with that. You'll be hidden and very safe.



cc3bb4  No.12734166

File: 7a5cc8a2fc784e7⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1840x2402, 920:1201, cia_is_bronies.png)

File: 8236bb0e5f5c86e⋯.jpg (113.69 KB, 580x505, 116:101, great CIA careers.jpg)

File: 985eb6162a515c0⋯.jpg (23.67 KB, 452x679, 452:679, DxsQJwlU0AAnN-M.jpg)

File: 4c0b28744c3db86⋯.webm (4.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rip.webm)

File: 143101c1185c4d9⋯.jpg (442.38 KB, 1804x1536, 451:384, death_over_dishonor.jpg)


This post is a CIApony posting on his computer to (poorly) do damage control, OP has been offed by the deepgroids. Riposa In Pappardelle, we will pass on your legacy.

Fuck you, glowpony.

c93c87  No.12734213


Is the guy in that webm meant to have killed himself…?


d71729  No.12734226


d71729  No.12734228


130fdb  No.12734233

either the most avant garde alternate reality game since qanon or a heart racing tour de force but irl

fdd76f  No.12734239


Go away fake Intel fag. It's a felony to impersonate any federal official.

8b31f1  No.12734276

File: 96b7dab64a209cd⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 481x401, 481:401, 96b7dab64a209cd0b5543802ff….jpg)


You probably did anon. Your autism put blood on your hands. Next time try not to go off half-cocked.

8b31f1  No.12734441


You wanted coddling?

Dude, your ham-fisted queries and posting itt probably lead to a death. Learn to P.I. better

cc3bb4  No.12734447


I'm not impersonating any CIApony. Now stop fucking ponies.

8b31f1  No.12734550


Merely pressing you into your current state of mind, friend.

13742f  No.12734563


“The Italian helicopter pilot, a German alpine guide and three German heli-skiers were killed, along with a French national and a Belgian.”

So do we think royalanon could be the unnamed French or Belgian?

ebb9cb  No.12734583


I dont think it is related heli skiing is super high level alpine skiing where they drop you off on the top of a mountain with no lifts or any shit and you ski beautiful untouched waist deep powder snow to the bottom.

A hundred years ago when I was a skier it cost a 100 bucks + for the chopper ride when a day pass cost about 10.

I dont think he was on a heli unless it was just to sight see for the ride to the top.

966bf5  No.12734605


Not through reading the thread at all, but I just want say you are one based motherfucker. Keep it up my Hungaryan brother.

that /sudpol/ and boer mention lightened up my dark day

OP, get well first. And then listen to this man.

c0a5cf  No.12734685


Not really, he's more of a guy that meditates on NOS under effect of LSD and shrooms and incorporates symbology into carvings. Odd bird, but his metalworking skills are coming along well. He's also working with ghk-cu to try and cure a cat with cancer. Its working.



I know of that one, He was part of the Kinderladen movement, a push in the 70's and 80's to legalize pedophilia. He's also buddies with Emmanuel Macron, and actually gave an interview admitting he's a pedophile.

Here' recent video on topic. I can't speak frog, only REEEEE.


8b31f1  No.12734740


Poojeet, you shall have a grand kingdom on your subcontinent.

Build it up alongside your brethren. Teach them of the Redpill. Elevate them to the use of toilets.

738fa7  No.12734807

File: efab635b09a7d52⋯.jpg (92.25 KB, 960x838, 480:419, FB_IMG_1548506274820.jpg)


RIP royalanon


1a72c8  No.12734893


stay safe, anon. I pray that God watches over you.

000000  No.12734909

OP also mentioned the pedos do their banking through a bank that has been in the news lately. This is likely Raiffeisen Bank, who Teris use, see below for the securities case a couple of months ago.

LBI EHF v Raiffeisen Bank International AG [2018] EWCA Civ 719

It all keeps adding up. No wonder they got to him asap. I wonder which fucking alphabet monkey lurking here got that poor retarded kid killed.

be5a96  No.12734936


You admit to having a problem? Good, that's just the first step.

Now fight it.

Chances are that addiction is another form of control. Look deep within yourself, and summon the courage and the strength to get rid of the habit. I can't imagine just how hard it will be for you, but you have to do it if you're serious about outing these parasites.

8b31f1  No.12734970

File: 08b3182667c60ac⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 604x453, 4:3, Buggleub.jpg)


Anon, me guilt-tripping you was to harden you, not inflate your ego.

Still, glad you're in a warrior's state of mind now, regardless of whether or not I had any input.

000000  No.12735018


Hi dipshit. No, you assisted in the rapidity of his identification by trying to reveal more about the OP (I also discovered the same stuff but realized it was beyond irresponsible to post it here). An alphabet glownigger(s) had to have been lurking here, and after seeing this thread directly contacted the aforementioned: Ivan Ambrosini, Vanni Bianconi, Samuel Golay, Richard Katzberg.

This then resulted in them finding him. However there was already enough information in this thread for the bad guys to identify him exactly.

In future, next time a random comes to 8chan to expose shit. Tell them to turn their phone off and install TOR at the very least before posting anything that makes them identifiable and wherever possible use it through a public network. Or we'll just have more innocent blood on our hands.

8b31f1  No.12735032


The power of the white man's brain is infinite. You'll be going places regardless, if you want to.

ee935c  No.12735046


I know, I mean how many people in Bellinzona-

1. Come from an enormously wealthy family related with the auto trade

2. With two brothers married to Jewesses, and a sister with a young boy,

3. Have been cast out with 10million USD/Euros?

4. Refuse to play/be complicit with the pedo game.

5. Were present at the parties/fundraisers/gatherings mentioned

If you were a part of that scene you would know who it was exactly, no question about it.

ee935c  No.12735051


I forgot to mention, quite importantly:

6. Is a male between 20 and 25 with a bad coke habit

Fucking terrible opsec. Poor dumb kid.

19f55a  No.12735075


8b31f1  No.12735078

File: d713f613c5cee88⋯.jpeg (358.92 KB, 1024x781, 1024:781, 191B8002-F44F-4DB1-9FAD-E….jpeg)

000000  No.12735086


For the future, any anon should read this first:


stop whistleblowers right in the tracks and give them the necessary OPsec first

For normal police and/or spreading a message wirh posters, use the security section in this manual:


000000  No.12735114


Do we know that he is kill?


Maybe he just got scared and posted the info, that it is all fake.

The Moscow Rules are an ode to the dangerous locale

that Moscow was during the Cold War.

1.Assume nothing.

2.Technology will always let you down.

3.Murphy is right.

4.Never go against your gut.

5.Always listen to your gut; it is your operational antennae.

6.Everyone is potentially under opposition control.

7.Don’t look back; you are never completely alone. Use your gut.

8.Go with the flow; use the terrain.

9.Take the natural break of traffic.

10.Maintain a natural pace.

11.Establish a distinctive and dynamic profile and pattern.

12.Stay consistent over time.

13.Vary your pattern and stay within your profile.

14.Be non-threatening: keep them relaxed; mesmerize!

15.Lull them into a sense of complacency.

16.Know the opposition and their terrain intimately.

17.Build in opportunity but use it sparingly.

18.Don’t harass the opposition.

19.Make sure they can anticipate your destination.

20.Pick the time and place for action.

21.Any operation can be aborted; if it feels wrong, then it is wrong.

22.Keep your options open.

23.If your gut says to act, overwhelm their senses.

24.Use misdirection, illusion, and deception.

25.Hide small operative motions in larger non threatening motions.

26.Float like a butterfly; sting like bee.

27.When free, In Obscura, immediately change direction and leave the area.

28.Break your trail and blend into the local scene.

29.Execute a surveillance detection run designed to draw them out over time.

30.Once is an accident; twice is a coincidence; three times is an enemy action.

31.Avoid static lookouts; stay away from chokepoints where they can reacquire you.

32.Select a meeting site so you can overlook the scene.

33.Keep any asset separated from you by time and distance until it is time.

34.If the asset has surveillance, then the operation has gone bad.

35.Only approach the site when you are sure it is clean.

36.After the meeting or act is done, “close the loop” at a logical cover destination.

37.Be aware of surveillance’s time tolerance so they aren’t forced to raise an alert.

38.If an alert is issued, they must pay a price and so must you.

39.Let them believe they lost you; act innocent.

40.There is no limit to a human being’s ability to rationalize the truth.

Are you using The Moscow Rules in your daily life?

8b31f1  No.12735133


Not necessarily. Some torfag was posting shortly before his ID was kill, sharing the same typing style and saying that they nabbed his shit or the like. It's up a bit further.

6e46a5  No.12735135

If OP was real, he was too unstable and too insecure for this situation. He was practically doxxing himself which made matters worse for him. Probably got insanely spooked on his own accord or was talked to.

1cf399  No.12735619



This right here. Stay smart. Think about your micro (your life). Don't have focus just on the macro stuff happening in the world.

3e0656  No.12736309

too bad he was a moron tbh

though it’s really no great surprise how the occultists took over when they were up against such incompetents


29fb70  No.12736365

God, Damn the pedos, full speed ahead!

May Michael reign holy fire down on the sick fucks that steal the innocence of children. Smite the IA for using the intel to blackmail instead of shedding light.

2dc51d  No.12736626

In honor of the man who started this thread:

Here are the name of the families who run the world:

<Jesuit Council of 13:

>Aldobrandini/Borghese, Borja/Borgia, Chigi, Colonna/Cologna, Conti, Farnese/delle overe, Gaetani/Caetani, Merdici/Medici/Domedici, Orsini/Maximus, Pamphii, Somaglia, Este Estence

<Papal Bloodlines:

>Orsini, Breakspear, Aldobrandini, Farnse, Somaglia

<Jesuit Houses:

>House of Borja

>House of Breakspeare

>House of Somaglia

>House of Orsini (Orso)

>House of Conti

>House of Chigi

>House of Colonna

>House of Farnese

>House of Medici

>House of Gaetani

>House of Pamphili

>House of Este

>House of Aldobrandini

<Black Nobility Council of 13:

>Bruce, Kennedy (Cavendish), De Medici, Hanover, Habsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair (St Clair), Warburg (Bank), Windsor (Saxe-Gotha-Coburg)

<Black Nobility:

>Astor, Stanley, Morgan, Goldman, Kuhn/Kohn/Cohn/Cohen, Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Spencer-Churchill, Stuart/Stewart, Planck, Smith, Jasper, Levy, Palmer, Gordon, Moore, Fitzgerald, Kennedy(Cavendish), Noble, Bennett, Forbes, Beresford, Bancroft, Barclay, Cabot, Higginson, Adams, Baker, Coffin, Cooper, Delano, Gardner, Otis, Quincy, Rice, Bush, Lehman, Tudor, Sassoon, Shermans, Clarkes, Royces, Lindsays, Raffles, Robinson, Pratt, Bartlett, Abraham, Guggenheim, Loeb, Strauss, Sach, Lazard, Seaf, Schiff, Schroder, Harriman

<Black Nobility Houses:

>House of Bernadotte, Sweden

>House of Bourbon, France

>House of Braganza, Portugal

>House of Grimaldi, Monaco

>House of Guelph (Welf), Britain (the most important one)

>House of Habsburg, Austria

>House of Hanover, Germany (the second most important one)

>House of Hohenzollern, Germany

>House of Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia (former)

>House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein

>House of Nassau, Luxembourg

>House of Oldenburg, Denmark

>House of Orange, Netherlands

>House of Savoy, Italy

>House of Wettin, Belgium

>House of Wittelsbach, Germany

>House of Württemberg, Germany

>House of Zogu, Albanian

They're all Danites, or descendants of the Tribe of Dan (DN, Den, Danaoi, Denyen, Snake) who came from the Indo-China region before the bronze age and took control of the middle east and Egypt using special crafted belief systems which were the root of all abrahamic religions. They were part of the Sea Peoples union as the Denyen, and another memebr they worked closely with was Shekelesh was another member which founded Rome and is modern day Sicily now. The torah lists them as a tribe that loves to sail and they reached Ireland by 1800BCE there they became the Druids and much later the "snakes" that St Patrick chased off the island, but he was never canonized by the Vatican since it too is a tribe of Dan creation.

The Vatican is at the center of this all (King), Basel Switzerland (Bishop) is at the center of all banking, the City of London is at the center of all commerce (Queen) and Washington D.C. (Knight) is at the center of all things to do with war. All of those places mentioned are Roman incorporated city states that exist outside of the nations jurisdiction.

Their trademark and signpost is the snake (including dragons) and anywhere you see one it means they've been there. Even countries with the variations of DN, Den, and Dan are all their conquests and it was done through the Roman empire and their armies.

They are the source of the word "goyim" (animals) and use, abuse and slaughter us all. Their mercenary armies are the CIA, Mossad and when it was still active the KGB.

Freemasons are the shabbos goy society for the Jesuits and Black Nobility, and it's a bastardization of the first Masons in Egypt who were told never to codify the sacred knowledge passed down to them by word. This all changed when the Danites arrived as the Ha-Ba-Ru (Habiru) with their oriental tribe of Hittites

Central banks/Federal Reserves are their method of controlling the economy of a nation using birth certificates to trade for loan money. It's because of those families that wars happened since they profit from them and enjoy the slaughter of people.

Pedophilia is a control mechanism they use to make government officials do their bidding and one of those names "Cohn" is connected to Donald Trump, Roy was his mentor who ran his own child prostitution and ritual murder blackmail operation that was later exposed as the Franklin Credit Scandal that was labeled the Satanic Panic by media and government to cover their asses.

The descendants of the Danites listed above have no fear of a united uprising because we are divided by religions, nationalities and political ideologies, and status, all of which are their doing in order to stay alive as parasites.

If you want to help please at the very least learn all you can about this and tell everyone you know, only a united front can defeat this dragon

02f460  No.12736917

File: ade50772227c6bc⋯.jpg (73.19 KB, 366x283, 366:283, beginning.jpg)


You have it wrong about the tribe of Dan. The people that you list here are or have been mixed with the sons of Cain (or thay are pureines from Cain) who was the first murderer. These sons of Cain make up the Synagogue of Satan. That is the identity of these families and it is why they are evil. Even the Zohar and Talmud acknowledge that the serpent (Satan) impregnated eve and that the progeny of that defilement was Cain. These are the so called "Jews" we have today.



In Genesis 49 we learn what will happen in the last days. The tribe of Dan was called a snake because he would be a strong judge to his brothers and bite the foot of the evil beast system which is run by these sons of Cain.

>Genesis 49:16-17

>Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.

Even with all this happening, Judah remains in power over the children of Israel. Who is Judah? It is the king line. They are the King lines of Europe. It says that the scepter will not pass from the hand of Judah until Shiloh (Jesus Christ) returns. They will remain in power.

>Genesis 49:8-10

>Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? >The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

6dc97c  No.12736952


A lot of those names are common. Many people would take the surname of their Lord during Medieval Times.

6e9206  No.12737380

So… If you people want to "accidentally" assassinate someone: acquire all the personal information of some person and roleplay as him/her as a whistleblower.

6d5b21  No.12737453


That does seem to be the takeaway here. And, don't make whistleblower threads up to your eyeballs in cocaine. You probably won't be at your best, cognitively.

2dc51d  No.12737565


My gut instincts are telling me that you're a freemason, but in case you are not; the story of Adam and Eve was a warning against usury, predatory loans and merchant contracts made by the Semitic tribes and the snake represented Dan who brought those concepts with them from the indo-china region along with the concepts of trademarks and fiat.

It's because of that fable that usury was considered a sin within Christian and Catholic societies up until the 17th century.

>The original meaning of the Adam and Eve story




Those are the contemporary versions of their names, the Jesuits are far older and have remained relatively the same, the Black Nobility are centuries younger and prodigy of the Jesuits. For example the Rothschild were known as Bauer before that name, and originally Bauerberg.

The families of the Black Nobility family names were introduced into the Jesuit bloodline when Constantine V married Irene of Khazaria (732CE) and they had a child named Leo the Khazar more than a decade later (750CE). This marriage allowed for non-Christians to manage banks which bypassed the sin of charging usury fees when lending out the royal and Vatican gold, and was also the birth of the European banking cartel.

cad91f  No.12738052


Don't worry about the money, we don't do this for that reason, it goes well beyond it. After reading for over a decade of their pure evil crimes againts humanity and their plans to genocide my people with a clear plan set out many decades ago, I have more than enough motivation to do what is right. Your question about why pedos always flee to Asia when Trump visits Europe is actually quite logical if you think about it. They know what happens behind the scenes and are running scared. You are not alone in this fight, never forget that. The good people are fighting back with full force and you can greatly help us with your information.

Take care anon and god bless you

7934f2  No.12738176


Praying that you are safe, RoyalAnon.

02042f  No.12738188


i thought this was BS

be015f  No.12738315

File: 93ba9e69ab37840⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 708dfd.jpg)

Coincidence….The Symblism will be their Downfall.

Meeting with Barn Owls…? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1DGOWZJojs

53d5cf  No.12738334


The only thing money would be useful for is to acquire that which you can already provide for free. That is a list of names, addresses, connections and involvement, and if you had it daily schedules, habits, surveillance layout around their area, as well as any evidence which could be used to confirm involvement, though we can provide much of that for free ourselves if you give the names and addresses.

Their power is nobody knows who they are. You can strip that, and probably keep your anonymity, by simply revealing names which a lot of people in the network must already know. Who would you go to, to get a child tonight? Who would you call? Who would you grab at a party? Who delivers the children? You must have names, and they must be well known in those circles.

And don't focus on the politician or the TV star, who are already expecting scrutiny, and who the public would blow off allegations on because everybody feels like they know them. Give us the guy in the shadows who has never expected anyone to dig for evidence on him, who people will believe it if they hear the allegations because they don't know him, and who may have been sloppy.

fc1642  No.12738536

Who is Alisa Volkman?


1d4a15  No.12738711

File: a05a077e261929d⋯.jpg (67.45 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 167611.jpg)


The Mother of God, Virgin Mary has been speaking her mind recently through https://www.medjugorje.ws/en/messages/2019/ it is hard reading, but some may understand the implications.

As it says in Genesis 3:14-15

The seed of the woman will crush the serpent.


As in Genesis 19:34 The burning sulfur


I thank all of You. I wanted to believe that real resistance can be possible. It can.

It will take weeks to research all this content, but the information amassed will bring me to a greater understanding.