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File: 32b6a6f9c122b1e⋯.jpg (23.38 KB, 310x400, 31:40, Portrait_of_Lothrop_Stodda….jpg)

fc5cd1  No.12718747

Delayed, but done, I present to you, finally, the entirety of Lothrop Stoddard's "Into the Darkness" read aloud. I have to say, this is a fantastic book. A very clarifying look into life in wartime Germany. It was not pleasant, I'm glad I didn't live it, but it's simultaneously impressive to me what was accomplished. I don't know exactly what my European genetic makeup is, but if there's any German in me I'm proud of it.

>23 chapters

>Runtime: 8 hours 56 minutes


If you see this close to posting time, the last 5 chapters may still be uploading, so give it a bit

58e558  No.12718755

Could you post a chapter list and a synopsis for each chapter? Would help time-pressed lurkers decide whether to dive in. Thanks.

fc5cd1  No.12718762

File: 7757d191e49cd14⋯.jpg (330.99 KB, 595x842, 595:842, into the darkness.jpg)


Nope. Here's a picture of what of what the book contains, though.

fc5cd1  No.12718773

Here are my other recordings some other anon made archives of:


Hopefully he's still around to update this.

fc5cd1  No.12718949

File: b6d024beb0b0e39⋯.jpg (117.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, into the darkness cover.jpg)

One bump for visibility, and I'm off to bed.

8f3b59  No.12718950

Shill your shit elsewhere moshe.

000000  No.12719089

hmmmm want me to put this on my kiketube?

3537a1  No.12719127


Just in time for the weekend. I enjoy your stuff, anon. I'll check this out.

000000  No.12719144


It would be easier to download if it was on Youtube in one or two videos. Mega requires creating an account to download all the files in one zip.

7075db  No.12719190


This, but it will get shoad eventually.

Dailymotion might not be bad either, as with both I can I listen on my commute

c5c47d  No.12719208

I'm just here to fuck up your slide thread







000000  No.12719221


What are you talking about. The shutdown is over? That thread is from ages ago.

c5c47d  No.12719253



1d288e  No.12720475




Bump to piss off the illiterate niggerfaggots.

563416  No.12720492


you go tthe original on PDF? uplaod it.


shut the fuck up

a347e3  No.12720501

Pretty cool thx

369c45  No.12720515


304016  No.12721235


Do what you like with it.


Good to hear.


Yeah, I get complaints about mega every time I post an update. I suppose I should make archive account instead.


File "already exists". Look in the book thread, or here >>12720515

000000  No.12721318


Appreciated, thanks.

35272d  No.12721393



seems like a nice book.

f64922  No.12721399


Based af, thank you.

Fuck Kikes

d863e8  No.12721402

I am currently making an audiobook out of George Lincoln Rockwell's book "White Power". Where should I post it after I'm done?

30a36e  No.12721487

File: 379d7d2ff34884b⋯.jpg (129.51 KB, 1024x783, 1024:783, 1548105078627m.jpg)


>post it here dont make me wait

ccf686  No.12721519


I wish we had a libgen type site for audiobooks. lots of anons make good audiobooks and I hate when they disappear. I still listen to evalion's men kampf reading.

000000  No.12721523


I don't trust that guy, but OK

000000  No.12721527


Sadly it is quite big to share. This one is ~500MB

f61c24  No.12721577


Bump just for this faggot.

It's a great book that really captures the heart of how Americans viewed the world then, and largely view it today. It's a great juxtaposition to see the failures of both sides to really communicate what actually was going on although many attempts were made the jewish press pretty much kept it all silent for the sake of provoking war.

f61c24  No.12721588



Smaller than the audiobook of Mein Kampf that I have which is 1GB+. Archive.org is a great place for hosting to a large audience and will likely stay up for a long time. I wish someone made a audiobook of the Stalag edition which IMO really captures the right tone/message for the English reader.

a39219  No.12721815


I've only completed a few chapters so far. What website is best for hosting mp3 files?

d9a2c7  No.12722527


It is.


You're welcome.


Happy to hear someone else is recording. When I first started doing this (poorly) I thought it might inspire others to contribute, but nobody has stepped forward. Would appreciate if you added a link to your finished product to my /pdfs/ thread.


I'm here forever.

319c53  No.12722651


Thanks anon. I'll start listening tomorrow.

For anyone left that's not a shill or bot, Alex Linder of VNN has read lots of interesting audiobooks (with some commentary). E Michael Jones, Henry Ford, Revilo Oliver, and lots of others.


Later on I can try to find the Mega directory for Audiobook Anon.

319c53  No.12722663


Oh, you are Audiobook Anon.

d9835c  No.12722739


Post about it here >>>/pdfs/8073

d9835c  No.12722748

File: 7baf69a963293a0⋯.pdf (1.23 MB, Into The Darkness by Lothr….pdf)

175114  No.12722756

Highly recommend his other books too, Rising Tide of Colour is just as good

d9a2c7  No.12722811


Alex Linder's stuff is great. His commentary is often as good as the book.


I collected that as well. Probably not very high in the queue just yet, but I am definitely interested in reading more of Stoddard's stuff.

07b027  No.12724004


I did,


a6eb9d  No.12724012


How can we contact Alex Linder and see if he will host our anon audiobooks?

d9a2c7  No.12724042


Thanks, man.


Alex is able to keep his readings up because he adds commentary, but you can try this contact info to inquire for yourself https://www.alexlinder.com/contact.html

a19a62  No.12727014


Well done! Listening go it now.

d9a2c7  No.12727044


I'm happy you're happy. This is a pretty good way to do my own reading, and vocal training while contributing something to you fellas as well.

6edb28  No.12727075


Excellent work, OP, love the intro music in each file. Do you have any sauce for it?

d9a2c7  No.12727086


Most of my audiobooks feature Ted Weems hits. The intro on this is "Somebody Stole My Gal", because even in the 30's and 40's jews were only interested in promoting songs about cuckoldry.

d9a2c7  No.12727089


>30's 40's

Actually that one is 1923.

48f088  No.12727167


d3f640  No.12727687


>contributes nothing

a93b77  No.12727815


>"Look I'm an idiot who points out that this website collects IP addresses just like about 100% of websites do"

d9a2c7  No.12729357


Better not go on 8ch- oh…

a39219  No.12730387

About to post my completed chapters of White Power, by George Lincoln Rockwell

a39219  No.12730406


Intro, CH1, CH2, CH3, and CH4 of White Power

d9a2c7  No.12731109


Excellent, man! You have a good voice for this.

I thought your cat was a cat outside my own door, and I got up to look


Could I request you tag the files as "01, 02, 03, 04, 05…" or something like that? Because right now the intro shows up last in a program, due to the alphabetical ordering.

a39219  No.12731287


Unfortunately, I don't think I can edit the file names on mega.nz.

d9a2c7  No.12731367


You can rename Mega files. Right click, or hover over the file and click on the 3 dots (…) to bring up a list of options. Personally, I don't care if you change these, I just don't want to have to change every file you upload. Appreciate the effort you're putting into the book. I was laughing when you slammed your desk for dramatic effect, and it sounded like some shit fell over

a39219  No.12731401


Yeah lol, I did knock some shit over when I did that on accident. I right clicked on the dots, but renaming the file doesn't seem to be an option. I promise when I record my next book that I'll try to heed your advice though. This is my first audiobook, so there are going to unfortunately be some rookie mistakes

d9a2c7  No.12731417

File: 7255ad54a8d1402⋯.png (25.58 KB, 452x552, 113:138, mega rename.png)


Nothing like pic related?

337569  No.12731453



This book is great and very interesting from the get go. If you're a degenerate or wagie then listen while you slave. It's good as printed word too. Thanks OP. Today OP wasn't a faggot. Also fuck all the kike shills itt

a39219  No.12731460


I'm not seeing that, but it may be because I haven't downloaded the mega desktop application. I'm going to do that in a little bit and see if it's good

73d3af  No.12731481


Make sure you're logged in. You not

being logged in seems to me the only reason why the option wouldn't be visible.

a39219  No.12731524


I'm definitely logged in because I literally just uploaded CH6 30 seconds ago. Also, this will be my last chapter for the day, I have to do other stuff. I will hopefully get to continue tomorrow.

d9a2c7  No.12731525


Thanks to the person who requested it as well. I wasn't aware of it till, I think, September of last year.

I'm going to focus on redoing "Hitler's War" for the next little while, and then I'll probably start hacking away at "Churchill's War", and maybe a re-recording of "The Destruction Dresden" so I'll have all the most important Irving books done. Hopefully that gives people little excuse not to know they WW2 history.

d9a2c7  No.12731543


Good work. You're cranking it out fast. I'm usually worn out after a half hour of speaking.

a39219  No.12731546


Oh shit, I got it working. I had to left click instead

a39219  No.12731552


I try. I'm definitely getting better at this with each chapter

337569  No.12731566


Your reading sucks. Re-record the bit if you are stuttering and fucking up the line multiple times. You also drone on without emphasis making it boring so its hard to pay attention. Listen to some Dan Carlin and note the emphasis on his wording.

d9a2c7  No.12731605


Make your own. I'm literally doing the best I can with the voice I have. As for re-recording lines, or editing mistakes. Fuck that. That takes longer than reading the book.

a39219  No.12731810


I'm sure we're all going to get better at recording the books with practice.

d9a2c7  No.12731862


Yes. After a year doing it I've definitely improved, but still have to warm up for an hour sometimes just to get my air passages clear enough to enunciate words. Diet is the main factor here. If I eat just meat, then I'm good, but add sauces, or anything plant-based and I get stuffy.

People expecting professional quality readings from the only anon's willing to read aloud need to expect less. That's why my /pdfs/ thread is called "Unprofessional Audiobooks". It's free audio of good material read by some fag on the internet.

c26f90  No.12731937


>I'm going to focus on redoing "Hitler's War"

Why? Sounds like a waste of time for marginal improvements as it sounds pretty good from what I browsed through.

Besides, didn't you already redo it (from the /pdfs/ thread)?

d9a2c7  No.12731953


All that's in the MEGA currently is re-done chapters i've been uploading since June or so last year. The archive.org audio is mostly the original stuff, which has me burping, not saying "quote" before a quote, speaking even more nasally than I do now, and occasionally adding useless commentary.

These are all done for myself, first, keep in mind. I like to listen back to better absorb what I've read, and I find my initial recordings to be too poor.

c26f90  No.12732020


Eeh I see your point. Anyway, great work.

d9a2c7  No.12732033



51ea96  No.12732417

File: 41ec378f6ac7f26⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1236x782, 618:391, 1548729600-picsay.jpg)


51ea96  No.12732422


Yeah good job

a39219  No.12732644

Chapter 7 of White Power is now available.


73d3af  No.12732690


Excellent stuff

a39219  No.12732723


Thank you. This is my first audiobook and I'm having a lot of fun with it. This is also a really good book

a39219  No.12732835

Chapter 8 of White Power is now available.


979683  No.12732880


Also available on CD for $14.88

Send payment to

Nazi Cuck Ltd

6,000,000 Maple St

Tel Aviv, Israel 666-666

a39219  No.12732938

449425  No.12734063

Read it a while back. 88/14 Don't let the title dissuade you from reading it, it's pro-NS Germany.

d9a2c7  No.12734112


I wouldn't call it Pro-NS. It's just an objective look at things, and Stoddard was a very racially conscious and upright person, so he did not vilify that which he was not able to get a clear picture of (which was many things).

It's telling, though, that this book was suppressed in America during the war. An objective look at Germany almost always goes against the jew narrative.

a39219  No.12734148

So apparently some other dude already started recording White Power too. If he decides he wants to do it all, I am going to work on another book instead.


d9a2c7  No.12734193


My two cents: Let him tackle it. Sounds like he's taking the time to edit it, and make it a more professional work.

a39219  No.12734215


Yeah, I'm gonna let him do it. I think I'll do Culture of Critique

d9a2c7  No.12734220


Right on.

a39219  No.12734224


In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to make unprofessional audiobooks, and we could all just listen to the most important works that must be studied as a political dissident

8ce9ce  No.12734231


>I think I'll do Culture of Critique

Please do. I've already read it, but audio would help me distribute it.


>Rising Tide of Colour

Looks like a good read. Full title is

< The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy


Thank you.

a39219  No.12734240


Alright, I'll get started on CoC tomorrow

f34891  No.12734250



d9a2c7  No.12734319


Every time I think of an ideal world I first think of removing everything that currently challenges me, like jews, but then I remember an ideal world is not a world without challenge, and I reconsider the jew as a grindstone by which we sharpen ourselves upon. If we didn't have such a formidable enemy, would not our weaknesses only deepen, leaving us more vulnerable to the next great enemy?

When whites defeat the jew once and for all, I hope it's not too long before a new enemy is found, lest we lose the edge we've gained.


You bet.

8ce9ce  No.12734338


>unprofessional audiobooks

The two big things that would really make an audiobook unprofessional are

1. Background noise.

2. Shitty mic quality.

A decent enough mic isn't that expensive. Sennheiser has some good models in the $50-100 range. Anything better quality than that and you're just wasting money. Most people don't even use speakers or headsets high enough quality to be able to notice the difference between a $50 mic and a $500 mic.

I did a quick estimate of the audiobook. OP's audio quality is fair enough and the audio is definitely enjoyable. The old timey music is a nice touch. If you don't mind me making some suggestions for future recordings:

If you can, try to cut down on the mild echo. The cause is twofold. Your distance from the mic and the surrounding surfaces off of which the sound of your voice is bouncing. You can deflect or reduce echo by surrounding the recording area with a medium fabric to interfere with the sound or adding a lot of angled surfaces which will guide echos away from the mic. Don't overthink it… Just keep random stuff in your recording space for sound to bounce off of pretty much. Things that aren't flat.

I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that your voice is shifting which direction it's coming from a lot? idk, it's a little weird. All in all though, good job.

d9a2c7  No.12734359


I record off an old phone I hold in one hand while standing up. That should explain everything for you.

a39219  No.12734370


Can you tell me what sort of improvements I should make? Aside from my cats being loud because I can't do anything about that


8ce9ce  No.12734390


Mystery solved. You're a trooper. God bless you.


>Can you tell me what sort of improvements I should make?

Are you able to give me an idea of your recording environment without doxing yourself?

a39219  No.12734398


>Are you able to give me an idea of your recording environment without doxing yourself?

I'm basically just in an apartment with not a giant amount of space and the main background noise tends to come from my cats chasing each other or occasionally begging for food

a39219  No.12734403



I also have a microphone that is around $150

8ce9ce  No.12734420


Is it a condenser mic?

a39219  No.12734436


It's a blue yeti mic. Here is the manual of it:


d9a2c7  No.12734552


I listened back to the first few chapters, and I see what you mean about the lack of emphasis. I had only listened to more recent chapters lately, and thought "What's he talking about, I emphasize plenty!?", so they're not all like that. I might go back and rerecord those first few just so the beginning isn't so dull.

d9a2c7  No.12734572


And I just realized there's a chapter missing: chapter 3. I somehow skipped it entirely.

d9a2c7  No.12734678


Chapter 3 is now up as "04.1", because I didn't feel like renaming every file.

8ce9ce  No.12734804

File: 662f7662a3b63d5⋯.mp4 (219.72 KB, 320x240, 4:3, noise reduction.mp4)

File: 75afee2bc140534⋯.png (13.87 KB, 474x376, 237:188, ClipboardImage.png)


>blue yeti

AH, one of those. If you're not already, use cardioid mode. Something is causing a significant echo. I think reading it so loudly may be part of the reason. (Surely that must have made your voice tired?) I would also suggest slowing down a bit to avoid getting tripped up. I like to read ahead before I read aloud, so I'll typically read the next paragraph before I try to record it. I find that it helps a lot.

To help with the unwanted noise, install https://www.audacityteam.org/ if you don't have it already. Let's do a test. Use the settings in the image.

>Open ch1 of your audio book in audacity.

>Select roughly the first 2 seconds of audio, before you start talking.

>Click the noise reduction filter so that menu pops up.

>Click "Get Noise Profile" button.

>Select a random area of the track.

>Use noise reduction again, but press "OK" this time so it applies.

>Listen to the difference

So the way the noise profile works is it's taking a pattern and then trying to filter out anything that matches the pattern. It's pretty straightforward. If there are specific sounds you want to filter, you can intentionally make the sounds and record it to give the filter a clearer match of what it needs to remove. You may need to tweak the track afterward with equalizer or add bass or something to compensate, but that's better than having a track with a bunch of background noise.

d9a2c7  No.12734836


Fuck, that didn't actually put it in order in a media player. I'm gonna have to rename them.

d9a2c7  No.12734847


Done. Incompetence mitigated.

6e98f1  No.12735093


So I'm going to be out of town until thursday, so I will bump this thread once I've jnstalled audacity and tried what you've told me to

8ce9ce  No.12735308


Got it, I'll be lurking.

20449f  No.12735321

File: 586ea803f2df2b3⋯.jpg (19.46 KB, 300x428, 75:107, aadfl.jpg)


Binged it. Great listen. Thank you based audiobook-anon.

d9a2c7  No.12735335


I'm glad. You might have missed chapter 3 (labeled "04") though, since I only just recorded it a little bit ago.

449425  No.12735411


>I wouldn't call it Pro-NS. It's just an objective look at things,

Same difference.

20449f  No.12735528


You're right, thanks!

d9a2c7  No.12735568


Yep. I also rerecorded 02, and will be doing 03 and 05 again in the next day or so, and then that's it. I believe I'll be satisfied, and can move on.

d9a2c7  No.12737778


I am now satisfied, done, and can move on.

5bf21a  No.12738574

File: fd17cd42c67c89f⋯.png (857.83 KB, 1490x1491, 1490:1491, what are memes pepe wojak.png)


THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK. you've inspired me to look for old books i can do readings for and contribute to the community

d9a2c7  No.12738690


Excellent, man. I started doing this because I wanted so much to be able to listen to these kinds of books on the go, but the stuff I wanted to hear most simply didn't exist. I do see a lot more activity around making these than I did a year ago, not that I'm taking credit for the uptic, but obviously I'm not the only one who was tired of not having this info more accessible.

08e6e5  No.12738783


Hey anon(s) since you're looking for books, possibly some ideas


d9a2c7  No.12738800


Is there one you think is of particular value that should be distributed in listenable form?

08e6e5  No.12738831

>>12738800 ✔'d

The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans

Deliberately a (tough) pick from those which I haven't read.

d9a2c7  No.12738894


I was thinking more along the lines of something you've already read, and would recommend. I'm not actually available to take requests, but a discussion of what works should be made available is always useful.

51881d  No.12738992


Thanks for doing this, what a great book. Since it is fairly objective and not ideological, it's also good for recommending to friends. Historical books like this are much more suitable for "people are reading" memes than academic texts like Culture of Critique.

d9a2c7  No.12739016


Stoddard's writing is still pretty digestible, as well. Much easier to read aloud than something like Savitri Devi, or even David Irving. I think I began to do Culture of Critique once, but realized it was going to be tough, and opted for something else.

>"people are reading" memes

What's that?

497d6d  No.12739030


Don't worry friend, leave CoC to me

d9a2c7  No.12739042


Have all the CoC you want. No need to share.

51881d  No.12739046


I meant the "People are reading Culture of Critique" that our guys spread everywhere.

51881d  No.12739048


Missed a word

I meant the "People are reading Culture of Critique" posters that our guys spread everywhere.

e8e4cf  No.12739064


I've tried reading it before silently and it got kind of repetitive

d9a2c7  No.12739068


Ok. I haven't seen 'em, but yeah, I don't imagine many people are actually reading CoC. However, the meme seems like a good way to simply plant the bug of the JQ in people's minds regardless of whether they read CoC, while saying "People are reading Into the Darkness" would actually require people to read "Into the Darkness" to set them on a new path, because it doesn't have a reputation the precedes it.

d9a2c7  No.12739081



See, that's the problem. You need to fill your mouth CoC to really grasp it.

3e18ed  No.12739108


put it there and on bitchute

51881d  No.12739116


That's an interesting point. I get the impression that a lot of people know about the JQ but are silent about it. Also, a sticker saying "People are reading CoC" is innocent enough to not get taken down but to someone who's aware of what's going on it destroys the illusion that they are insane for questioning the jews. "Into the Darkness" is something you'd recommend to someone who thinks the Germans were murderous monsters who built the hall of cost for no legitimate reason or to someone who has an interest in history.

d9a2c7  No.12739151


>a lot of people know about the JQ but are silent about it.

I think so. It's only going to become more undeniable as jews push their luck further. The signing of H.R.672 "The Combating of European Anti-Semitism Act" into law (thanks Trump) is a good thing to direct people to. Anyone who can look at that and be ok with it is either illiterate or an (((enemy))).

d9a2c7  No.12739193

File: 4eea21be426f53d⋯.pdf (124.2 KB, BILLS-115hr672enr.pdf)


Since I mentioned it.

d9a2c7  No.12739209


I mean what are people supposed to think when the Federal government signs into law that suggesting jews have power over the government is antisemitic? I would hope that would be enough to wake a person up.

7cd751  No.12740849


Yep I now updated it all on https://archive.org/details/ittda

d9a2c7  No.12740936


Right on. Appreciate it.

7118c0  No.12741381

A robot voice is more efficient

d9a2c7  No.12741425


I always wonder what kind of autist can stand listening to that. More power to you, though.

d9a2c7  No.12741533


If anyone gives a shit, I recorded myself reading that bill and shit-talking it. Look in the "Other" folder of this link.


a39219  No.12744901

Chapter 1 of Culture of Critique is now up!


d9a2c7  No.12745169


Nice work. It's a bit funny with the cats, but reading less fast and not so loudly makes you quite listenable. I need to remember to slow down sometimes, because I end up speaking the book without comprehending it, and that's when I fuck up.

a39219  No.12746498

Chapter 2 of Culture of Critique is now up!


000000  No.12746520

Someone who is fluent in Russian and English please make an audiobook of Two-Hundred Years Together

d9a2c7  No.12746535


That's definitely gonna be a hard one unless someone like you speak of comes forth. It wouldn't be asking too much for me to study some Russian pronunciation and give it a go, though.

d72a4d  No.12749621


Good work brother


245d01  No.12749782


Solid work

a39219  No.12752407


a39219  No.12756508

Chapter 3 of Culture of Critique is now up!


7889a7  No.12756545


Jeez, a three-hour recording? You were on a roll anon, nice.

a39219  No.12756746


I didn't do it all at once. My voice would have given out

db4e76  No.12758446


Bump for interest. I don't really get much time to to work on my reading list, but I do have plenty of time at work for listening to stuff like this, and CoC is on of those things that's been on that list for a while now, so it's much appreciated. If anyone else is looking for suggestions, I think a good place to start would be with the works of Kai Murros and the ecofacisim reading list also has some uncommon works as well

a39219  No.12758514


No problem friend, here is the link for the first three chapters of culture of critique. I hope to have Ch4 out by tomorrow


a39219  No.12761362

Chapter 4 of Culture of Critique is now up!


9f60f0  No.12761385

Good to see your still active, thanks audio-anon

a98c74  No.12761422

I am currently transmitting your voice into a convention method to trans-location your current time space location. FBI vans will arrive shortly

0c19e2  No.12779190

Bump for interest

6bfcb6  No.12781654

bump, thanks OP

f96c98  No.12788838






Anon, why can't I access Culture of Critique? Mega says that the link is bad or disabled. Thanks for the books btw. Keep up the good work

64168b  No.12789250


I've taken down CoC as they need to undergo lots of editing in order to get rid of background noise. When I'm finished, I will provide a link to access it.

c0cdd8  No.12789653

Have a bump

a39219  No.12798826


c21cd6  No.12802192



Alex Linder is planning on doing CoC, he posted this today:

>We have now completed Revilo Oliver's work, we will turn to Kevin MacDonald's trilogy, and some smaller pieces.

A version without some of his more extreme (albeit justified) commentary would be better for normalfags, but I guess somebody could just edit his recordings.

a39219  No.12804851

Ladies and gents, I present to you all, chapters 1-5 of Culture of Critique with MOST background noise edited out. My cat will make some sounds, but all other background noise has been effectively eliminated, which makes a GIANT difference. If anyone can help me get approved on VNN forums so I can post these, please help!


a39219  No.12804854

a39219  No.12820369

I have completed CH 1 of "For My Legionaries" by Codreanu


a39219  No.12829030

Ch 6 of Culture of Critique is now up!


a39219  No.12837846

Ch 7 of Culture of Critique is now up!


a39219  No.12840353

The entirety of Culture of Critique with all eight chapters is now available!


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