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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e689e3  No.12749573

>In a six-part series of videos titled Earth Catastrophe Cycle, Ben Davidson, founder of Space Weather News, presented multiple scientific studies of “micronova” (aka “solar flash”) events that recur in human history, and the subsequent pole shifts that haven taken place on a cyclic basis. The scientific data confirms that micronova events are common occurrences in our galaxy, and such events span Earth’s history, are associated with pole shifts, yet the evidence has been suppressed by government authorities for decades.

>In part 4 of his video series, Davidson presents scientific studies showing how “micronovas” have been observed occurring in multiple stars by astronomers. “Micronova” is Davidson’s term for a supernova type event that is not large enough to exhaust or destroy the star generating it, but large enough to devastate nearby planets. He said:

>What is a micronova? It’s not a supernova, it’s not even really a nova, as it is like the little sister of the nova, one that can affect the entire world but not completely destroy it.

>Davidson’s video shows evidence that such micronova events are a cyclic part of the life of a star, and includes the following list of 10 known recurring nova events observed in the Milky Way.

>Davidson referred to a number of sources pointing to solar flashes being part of Earth’s geological history. Among these is Dr. Robert Schoch, Associate Professor of Natural Sciences at Boston University and author of Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in our Past and Future. In a video interview in part 4 of Davidson’s series, Schoch explained that ice core samples from Greenland show that there was a solar burst or flare recorded at the end of the last Ice Age, known as the Younger Dryas, about 9700 BCE.

dd5795  No.12749583

But we cant pinch shekels from the goyim if climate change is not their fault. Shut it down!

e689e3  No.12749588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Schock and Davidson estimated that the micronova event was as much as 40 times the power of the most destructive solar storm observed in modern history, the 1859 Carrington event. This would make the Younger Dryas micronova as much as an X-100+ solar flare according to the measurement scale currently in use. Quite alarming, especially if this were to repeat any time soon.

>The enormous amount of plasma that arrived immediately after the micronova event circa 9700 BCE, bombarded the Earth producing an effect similar to one or more major asteroid impacts. This has caused confusion and led many archeological researchers into mistakenly interpreting historic evidence of impacts causing and/or ending the last ice age, as deriving from asteroid impacts rather than plasma discharges.

>In his interview and book, Schoch asserts that ancient records are consistent with a solar flash that wiped out an ancient civilization predating the end of the last Ice Age, widely assumed to be Plato’s Atlantis.

>The scientific data on solar flashes goes back several decades. Bradley Schaefer, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, wrote a paper titled, “Flashes from Normal Stars” that appeared in the February 1989 edition of The Astrophysical Journal. He dated the beginning of research into solar flashes to a 1959 study by H. Johnson who at the time “performed the only study which is capable of detecting rare flashes from normal field stars.”

>Schaefer examined NASA data on glazing discovered on lunar rocks that was first presented in a 1969 paper by T. Gold published in Science who had concluded: “Some glazing is apparently due to radiation heating; it suggests a giant solar outburst in geologically recent times”. Schaefer agreed with Gold’s analysis and reached a similar conclusion:

The existence of a glazing on the top surfaces of lunar rocks has been used as a strong argument for a “solar outburst” where the Sun increased its luminosity by over 100 times for 10 to 100s within the last 30,000 years

e689e3  No.12749671

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anons, the sun is going to fucking explode. It's been exploding regularly since the dawn of time, every twelve thousand or so years.

This explosion does not wipe out all life on earth, just most of it.

When the micronova happens, the sun will turn black, it's outer shell of material cooling. The moon will turn red from HEAT, anons, it will turn cherry fucking red and fucking glow.

The surface of the moon is fucking glassed, anons. That's why we went to the moon, to confirm that, yes, the lunar surface was recently melted. We've got fucking samples.

At best, there's 0-50 years before the next solar eruption.

We're fucked, and it's the goddamn baby boomers fault. They knew about this, and were such pussies that they hid the truth from everyone.

TL;DR The sun is going to micronova and put the earth back to the stone age, and the reason we aren't frantically preparing for this catastrophe is that Baby Boomers were too fragile to fucking do anything about it.

e689e3  No.12749678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anons, the sun is going to fucking explode. It's been exploding regularly since the dawn of time, every twelve thousand or so years.

This explosion does not wipe out all life on earth, just most of it

When the micronova happens, the sun will turn black, it's outer shell of material cooling. The moon will turn red from HEAT, anons, it will turn cherry fucking red and fucking glow.

The surface of the moon is fucking glassed, anons. That's why we went to the moon, to confirm that, yes, the lunar surface was recently melted. We've got fucking samples.

At best, there's 0-50 years before the next solar eruption.

We're fucked, and it's the goddamn baby boomers fault. They knew about this, and were such pussies that they hid the truth from everyone.

TL;DR The sun is going to micronova and put the earth back to the stone age, and the reason we aren't frantically preparing for this catastrophe is that Baby Boomers were too fragile to fucking do anything about it.

e689e3  No.12749681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e689e3  No.12749687

File: 87bb6d3df0100be⋯.mp4 (3.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Chechen War 1996 You're hu….mp4)


That's the point, anon. All of this shit is a gigantic distraction, designed to make something as obvious as 'THE SUN IS ABOUT TO FUCKING EXPLODE', seem like some other strange event.

Because, if people knew about it, who the fuck would be a slave at wal-mart?

13950e  No.12749723

File: cd17b2e9b35dc9e⋯.png (371.31 KB, 654x477, 218:159, boomers_like_you_belong_on….png)


e689e3  No.12749725

File: 1daf9cd81dabff1⋯.mp4 (7.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Laugh Harder Remix.mp4)


>Find out the sun is going to explode and utterly wreck the earth in about a hundred years

>Do nothing, hide all the evidence

>Fifty or sixty years later, get called out for fucking over the entire species


Truly, the depravity of the boomer has no bottom.

c8c8c6  No.12749773

>solar activity dropping to maunder minimum levels

>all that wierd solar observatory activity past summer

My jimmies are rustled

e689e3  No.12749806

File: aec1479fcc27089⋯.png (427.86 KB, 1024x746, 512:373, friend___20th_century_boys….png)


Pretty much every conspiracy out there is designed to mask the, now in retrospect, extremely obvious fact that the sun predictably explodes every twelve thousand years.

The sun is going to erupt in a catastrophic way, this is a fact, anons. This will exterminate most all life on earth, just as it has many many times.

All of our legends and ancient histories repeat this fact quite emphatically. It's time we pulled our heads out of our asses and realized this.

b07e26  No.12749808


<The moon landing was faked tho.

77fe71  No.12749818

File: 2599c760ac409d3⋯.png (281 KB, 580x428, 145:107, NASA.png)

File: 71e150859f22e0d⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1504x1843, 1504:1843, 5c1d891577cf28153401f2e999….jpg)


Where are the 10 trillion dollars you owe us?

0383f9  No.12749819


I'd like to see a micronova. Preferably from a much greater distance than 1 AU.

e689e3  No.12749826

File: c52b106c6f7314d⋯.mp4 (2.03 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, burn in the fires.mp4)


There was a real moon landing, and a faked moon landing.

The faked landing was broadcasted while the real one was going on.

Think about it, if you're broadcasting something as important as this, something this hyped, wouldn't you want something clear and reliable incase cosmic radiation fucked up your broadcast?


Probably used to make comfy deep underground bunkers that can withstand a micronova.


You'll definitely get your wish if you live fifty years.

>webm definitely related

0383f9  No.12749839

File: 8e9aab3ff4aafd9⋯.mp4 (428.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, _NOW THIS IS THE PLAN_ GET….mp4)

0b33f1  No.12749840

File: 837c82a67e77213⋯.jpg (105.31 KB, 1090x1200, 109:120, smug shrug.jpg)

Is it happening yet?

137c93  No.12749848

>moshe makes another slide

77fe71  No.12749873


>There was a real moon landing

>and a faked moon landing.

Are you NASAniggers even trying anymore or are you just phoning in your replies? The moon landing, just like the mars landing is fake Hollywood garbage of the worst kind. Stop animation movies look more real than the moon landing.

e689e3  No.12749903

File: 54085ff8ceae9a9⋯.webm (661.04 KB, 360x360, 1:1, the prophecy.webm)


The reason mars is a fucking shithole is that it got the fuck end of a micronova some time ago and never recovered. Furthermore, every micronova makes the earth lose a large amount of water. Eventually, we'll be as dry as mars.


The broadcasted footage was fake. We did land on the moon, however. Some of the footage out there is real, but the faked landing you are referencing was indeed fake.

This is really simple, anon. You make a fake version of a real event to hedge your bet in case something really fucked up happens, because you are broadcasting it on TV.


>moshie makes another slide post


Mark my words anon, this is, and always has been, The Happening. Everything else has just been a shadow puppet show.

c8c8c6  No.12749911


What's fucked is even if we couldn't save everyone, we could design cities like the NERV underground geofront or some shit, and continue on with minimal setbacks as far as preserving our collective knowledge, but instead we have kikes

71a50a  No.12749925


The Eternal Boomer

77fe71  No.12749927


>Some of the footage out there is real, but the faked landing you are referencing was indeed fake.

That's the best you can come up with? Pathetic. First of all, it's impossible to land on the moon, since it's not a solid body and the footage wouldn't look the same if there was a portion that was not fake as fuck. The shadows, the lighting, the background props, the stage props, it's all so poorly faked, any modern hollywood production would've re-shot the entire thing due to continuity errors.

Tell me which parts of the mars landing hoax are real and what parts are fake?

e689e3  No.12749962

File: b9f74035ee71b22⋯.webm (979.89 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Oh What's This RLM.webm)


>moon is not a solid body

>hasn't seen the scientific footage

>watches none of the videos in the thread

>is only vaguely aware of what's happening around him and what people are talking about

>probably has extreme amounts of trouble in social situations

>is only here to act like a fool


0752c3  No.12749988


>moon is not a solid body

Technically it's hollow an prabably an ayy spaceship as well remember bombing the moon and it ringing like a bell? pepperidge farms remembersbut do you remember WHY?

e689e3  No.12749992

File: 5bea974971ebbdc⋯.mp4 (4.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, In the Mouth of Madness [e….mp4)


You know, with the amount of warning we've had, I think we could have saved a significant chunk of mankind. Further, with all our brainpower focused on the common goal of survival, we could have experienced explosive technological growth, and might have come out of this event better off than we are.

As a bonus, the panic would have self selected out of the gene pool people without sufficient will to live and people of insufficient intelligence to contribute to humanity's survival.

But, instead we have kikes.

c8c8c6  No.12749995


Dubs confirm but I don't care if the moon is made of cheese, it won't save me from solar bursts

0752c3  No.12750015

File: 088945aa36fd350⋯.jpg (122.24 KB, 680x670, 68:67, 1425672164904.jpg)


>every micronova makes the earth lose a large amount of water. Eventually, we'll be as dry as mars.

Eventually everything dies. But Earth takes on a fair amount of new water err'day. Water is pretty common in the universe. It has, what, 50 something unique properties? Not a bad compound, you can keep it. See if you can't do something useful with it


>it won't save me from solar bursts

This is why boomers and kikes piss me off not you, them, they knew this crap but didn't bother to let their intellectual superiors just, ya know, solve the problem for them. Because of their hubris. They really thought they were the end-all be-all. They were fucking wrong. Now we're in the hotseat to fix this shit. Don't worry overmuch about the sun popping, that's just a fail-safe in case we lose.

f87515  No.12750020


Who would be a wage slave anyway? It's not like you would live forever if this wasn't going to happen.

0752c3  No.12750031

File: eef89968beefaf4⋯.jpg (28.95 KB, 510x600, 17:20, eef89968beefaf4ed7deb8bcab….jpg)


Wisdom. Surf's up, dude

e689e3  No.12750035

File: ea496ccb488b9f5⋯.webm (4.8 MB, 800x600, 4:3, ea496ccb488b9f58b6aaf0d6e….webm)


There's a difference between "i'm going to die someday, would you like some fries with taht" and "We are all going to fucking die, and everything we have built will be destroyed all at once, would you like some fries with that."

There's a sort of visceral, mortal fear that comes with knowing that EVERYBODY is going to die all at once. That's when your fucking brain turns on, anon. That's the ultimate redpill.

50b4b7  No.12750036

File: bd14fbdf31d9def⋯.png (634.94 KB, 1600x1216, 25:19, what.png)

File: 3e4a26d650fa1ad⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 600x338, 300:169, White_dogs_dont_like_degen….gif)


Davidson is a son of David.

e689e3  No.12750050

File: 79349338a0634f9⋯.mp4 (10.63 MB, 500x282, 250:141, I believe.mp4)


STFU about Ben, he's legit as they come.

0752c3  No.12750051


>There's a sort of visceral, mortal fear that comes with knowing that EVERYBODY is going to die all at once. That's when your fucking brain turns on, anon. That's the ultimate redpill.

That's literally the only thing that turns me on anymore. Would you like me to explain to you why Fukishima killed us all, and why we have to purge all subhumans just so we can focus our scientific ability on de-rediating a planet? I suppose exopolitics might also work, if one had those types of com channels

0752c3  No.12750060


I'm moderately convinced that China pulled the trigger on that one, kikes at the helm obviously. So I'll make them not exist. It's for the best. People are coming around to my perspective

50b4b7  No.12750066


He's a Jew, I like him too, and watch his YT channel sometimes, just feel like there should be some disclosure.

0752c3  No.12750075

File: f5215d2b859baf0⋯.jpg (53.2 KB, 737x553, 737:553, best I could do.jpg)

>>12750066 (kek'd)

I can't not check that, but check your kike privilege as well. Hey, did nobody notice when your galaxy blew up? You didn't end up in my court by accident you know.

cd628f  No.12750077


>the sun will turn black

You fucking racist…

dd57c6  No.12750078

File: f8c02addf6ed0ae⋯.jpg (80.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f8c02addf6ed0ae9e86d6c231c….jpg)

> What is a micronova? It’s not a supernova, it’s not even really a nova, as it is like the little sister of the nova, one that can affect the entire world but not completely destroy it.

What kind of shit is this, anon? We can't even get a real nova going? Even the sun is going to cuck us now?

0383f9  No.12750088

File: d3a2be60d41e687⋯.jpg (286.53 KB, 1651x1651, 1:1, d1af9d4d77a7d495e72ae1d618….jpg)


LRNs are the comfiest of novas.

0752c3  No.12750090

File: fff6d1bbedc9d47⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 800x531, 800:531, closer.jpg)


Why am I having such a hard time finding pics of the mass expulsion at the center of the galaxy? I've seen them before

e689e3  No.12750098

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, it's much worse than that. The entire world essentially dies and is reborn every twelve thousand years. A real nova would merely kill us all. A micronova ensures that our species is destroyed over and over FOREVER.

We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death


They're very gentle in the grand scheme of things. If this is how all stars behave, that explains the origins of planets. They nova at a predictible interval, the debris starts orbit and accumulates matter over millions of years of explosions, getting pushed further and further out every time; it's kind of beautiful.

0752c3  No.12750112

File: f3666297bdb36c6⋯.png (647.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, getting closer.png)


I see you've correctly assessed the situation. I guess my next question would be what you'd be willing to offer someone to take you out of this stinking goblin-hole. I already know the answer, but I prefer it when you say it. Man, this pic reminds me that I have to oversee the merging of two galaxies too. I suppose the explosion represents the emergence of a new spatial dimension. Eh, could be anything

8dbc70  No.12750113

File: b15fa03a8306f99⋯.jpg (109.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mud_flood_128.jpg)

File: 51438691040d4de⋯.jpg (124.21 KB, 960x719, 960:719, mud_flood_13_1.jpg)

File: a045bd816bb3104⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 550x367, 550:367, mud_flood_131.jpg)

File: 8270ac74bfdb007⋯.jpg (103.38 KB, 799x567, 799:567, mud_flood_12.jpg)

Have anyone else heard of the mud flood?

0752c3  No.12750115


moar pls

cd628f  No.12750125


Because search engines are geared toward corporate advertisement bullshit. And,

>mass expulsion at the center of the galaxy

isn't a part of any existing marketing campaigns so you get shit results. There's nothing similar to what you're looking for in their catalog of advertisements so instead of giving you the results you'd expect and want they do their fucking best, anon, to market you something, anything. Even if it makes their search algorithms look like they were written by a fucking monkey.

47a8b7  No.12750127


Excuse our ignorance, but in my case, the only one of which I have heard is Herculaneum, same time as Pompeii, but far less fatal, possibly zero fatalities, but still lotsa mud.

Or are you referring to mass invasions burying the foundational local populations?

8dbc70  No.12750128



47a8b7  No.12750131


Oh, you're searching for mass expulsion on Google? How about we sell you this nice, shiny, new box of CONDOMS instead? OR were you looking for how GREAT being a tranny is?

-Google in a nutshell.

0752c3  No.12750134

File: b7ec6498717f869⋯.jpg (31.37 KB, 580x391, 580:391, acceptable.jpg)


>Because search engines are geared toward corporate advertisement bullshit.

I'm not IN love with you, but I love you anon

<From their observations, the researchers suspect the newly-discovered dust is flowing outward from the central black hole. This means the wind most likely plays a critical part in the tangled relationship of both the black hole and its surroundings. Apparently the black hole pulls immediate material into it, but the incredible amount of radiation this produces also seems to be pushing it away. Scientists are far from clear as to how these two processes work together, but the discovery of this dusty wind could lead to a better understanding of their evolution.

It's all pretty theoretical, but I swear upon the discovered light of Kek I've seen the best images our tools have picked up on this issue. But not today apparently

8dbc70  No.12750147

File: 4f015f6d8cf411c⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 600x450, 4:3, mud_flood_9.jpg)

File: ae80b6a815c5746⋯.jpg (236.86 KB, 1104x836, 276:209, mud_flood_10.jpg)

File: 7c9249f1989803d⋯.jpg (780.5 KB, 1047x696, 349:232, mud_flood_16.jpg)

File: e6a2475d181205a⋯.jpg (147.92 KB, 800x531, 800:531, spain_1.jpg)

File: cca05c9c47b3f05⋯.jpg (345.68 KB, 1024x664, 128:83, Seattle_Underground.jpg)

47a8b7  No.12750160

I quote from thet document about the Great Dust Fall:

Although attention had only recently been called to the fall of these deposits

of sand, Mr. Curtis thought it probable that they were really of niore frequent

occurrence than had been supposed, and that it had been due to lack of

combined observation that the phenomenon had generally passed unrecorded.

e689e3  No.12750162

File: dbc44889212df3c⋯.jpeg (9.05 KB, 106x255, 106:255, 4d3b28b25a9ee1b68d056bf25….jpeg)

File: f31fcb4e73604b4⋯.gif (712.47 KB, 720x780, 12:13, Hyperkank.gif)

File: 2a4e774b0c86b9a⋯.jpg (147.55 KB, 300x528, 25:44, Death.jpg)


Look, anons. I know it's hard to accept this, but we are all going to fucking die, and soon. This shit IS coming, and NOTHING can stop it.

I'm just one man shouting into the darkness here, all right?

For fuck's sake, just look at our planet. It's all scared up and looks like it's been bombarded by asteroids, but you know what? What the funniest joke ever is? A micronova plasma event would perfectly mimic an asteroid impact. The gulf of Mexico is likely a relic from a previous cataclysm.

There's going to be so much death and devastation, and nobody even fucking knows. They've all been distracted to fucking death, and so have we!

Dammit, what the hell is it going to take to get this done!

e689e3  No.12750170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




0b33f1  No.12750196



Can you explain what this shit is? Especially the last pic?

Did they build a road ontop of old buildings or something?

e689e3  No.12750198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



47a8b7  No.12750199

0752c3  No.12750202

File: f561efac2621d35⋯.png (320.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tom understands.png)


Hey bud, I wanted to say something only very slightly different. I'm getting more and more convinced that the planet already got goodified. Well, I'm not content to let you flounder around in purgatory, or so the story goes, so I'm going to make the story exciting and victorious. Point being, even if you "are dead", what does that MEAN at this point? Might as well try out my script, it's not like you want to be recycled and used as a dupe, amirite?



Building my infrastructure, because I value efficiency so highly that I prefer if my enemies do all my work for me.

a7e54e  No.12750203


Burn the world and praise kek.

e689e3  No.12750238

File: a462bf93d167e7c⋯.webm (717.19 KB, 640x358, 320:179, Incoherent Screaming.webm)


Nigga we got to warn people.

Good lord who do I even talk to at this point? Go to the media? HA. The police? HAHA.

There's nobody left in authority who isn't completely fucked in the head. What, do I have to meet with Trump face to face and ask him about this shit?

77fe71  No.12750247


>NASAnigger shill is responsible for 1/3 of the replies in his own thread

You'd think that after stealing $10 trillion us, they'd have some money to spend on high quality shills, but it's nothing but trash. What happened to the $10 trillion you stole from us?

0752c3  No.12750265


Lel DoD, my most useful dupes. Literally running my propaganda outlet for me. All roped in because they couldn't possibly admit they were wrong. And in fact, they weren't. I'll tard-wrangle this shithole into a useful army or you'll die from my trying


>What, do I have to meet with Trump face to face and ask him about this shit?

Why not just ask me? It's probably all bullshit but at least you'll get a (you)

fced73  No.12750334

File: b06d166356fc380⋯.jpg (357.46 KB, 629x400, 629:400, baalbek-temple-lebanon-des….jpg)


This is retarded. As if normal people living through the lies are supposed to somehow have known classified information and in their middle class lives run around like a chicken with their head cut off building deep underground cities with a shovel and a couple thousand dollars. Generational d&c shit for brains confirmed.

fdc2c0  No.12750352

File: 388f83ab7ad26c3⋯.gif (94.29 KB, 535x379, 535:379, LUnar Glass.gif)


Yeah, no. Boomer government officials; boomer spineless scientists; boomer retard population too stupid to be trusted with the truth =

Boomers Fucked Us Again

Just accept you are a part of the most worthless, lazy, stupid, wasteful and naive generation born in this catastrophe cycle.

I'll only give you boomers this one concession; you didn't stand a fucking chance against the propaganda, because we'd never experienced something like that before.

>Lunar Glass, and nobody thought to ask "Where did all those glass beads come from?"

fced73  No.12750363

File: 02dbeeb697addc1⋯.jpg (360.5 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2IMG_8787_1200x1200.jpg)


Maybe. Or maybe we haven't yet crossed the true galactic plain. Or maybe things go out of whack when our own imbalanced magnetricity affects the planetary magnetricity. If someone controlled a deep underground city and wanted a polar shift and could cause it by creating imbalance in the majority of beings on the planet then creating strife everywhere might be a way to attempt it.

5e3683  No.12750404


>Hey guys forget about White genocide and the kosher organizations behind it, you need to be worried about THE SUN EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I gather that the Yellowstone eruption narrative isn't having much effect, so change gears, eh?

>No point in opposing White genocide since we'll all be dead in 50 years, so MIX AWAY GOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, NEVER HAVE WHITE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!

Typical tricks.

Solar flare events are not "the sun exploding."

Ice ages are not "the sun exploding."

If mass extinction events were occurring every 12,000 years then there would be FAR fewer species on Earth and the evidence for such extinction events would be undeniably obvious in the fossil record.




19 posts of "be afraid and give up, all is lost."


4 posts of "space is fake"


Many possible explanations for such a thing, most likely interference in the primitive analog sensors on the spacecraft.

Also, this sounds like the LSD schizo who apparently lives in a constant state of delusional hallucination.

12 post of mental illness.


>fukushima killed us all

Fake and gay. Plastic and mercury are the real danger in terms of ocean pollution. Also acidification from CO2 levels.


>Can't find pictures

Why not use the magical powers you claim to have?




Also bullshit.


>Look guys!!! They created CARVED ROCKS!!!!!!! They must have had spaceships.

Of course.

fdc2c0  No.12750451

File: 64225f59675db4e⋯.png (251.09 KB, 1190x906, 595:453, 1496194147294.png)


>when someone walks into a thread and starts loudly commenting on things they haven't even bothered watching or reading.

Ur a dumbass anon.

It's not a mass extinction event, much of life on earth survives. The real problem is that it's a civilization ending event. It fucks everything up so bad, it destroys all infrastructure, it burns out all technology. It sends us back to the stone age and kills a huge number of people.

>Never have white children

You're fucking insane if you got that from my posts. I'm pretty sure you just got scared and everything that followed is an elaborate defense mechanism so you don't have to face the reality that the sun predictably issues forth a cataclysm that will utterly destroy the modern world, and very likely kill you personally, and that you are in no way prepared for such a thing, and completely lack the mental tools TO prepare yourself.

What a small thing you are, anon. Why don't you try and be brave and face reality.

>be afraid and give up all is lost

What a pussy you are if that's how it makes you feel. You've probably got another twenty years, fifty at most. Fucking do something about it.


Fuck you learn something about plasma brainlet. A plasma strike perfectly mimics an asteroid impact.

fced73  No.12750455

File: c7dc60006fccc73⋯.jpg (72.96 KB, 577x705, 577:705, 110214skull.jpg)


Not a boomer, schizo. Compartmentalization works because units only get the part of the story they are to work on.

>I'll only give you boomers this one concession

You even acknowledge your mistake here. Yet you continue the boomer meme d&c blame. Piss off, dummy.

fced73  No.12750459

File: 3ee5c366693b043⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 358x273, 358:273, alabaster9.jpg)


>da pyramids are just a bunch of stacked rocks goy!

Brainlet detected.

28b4b9  No.12750471

File: 0f620f154357351⋯.jpg (55.78 KB, 640x466, 320:233, propaganda.jpg)


yeah but he called you a shill and used a meme word first….

that means he's right.

That's the best part about trying to post here. Doesn't matter if you're actually right or wrong. It matters if you can convince the audience that the other person is their enemy.

For all that talk people here were doing about Alinsky and Bernays, it doesn't seem like any of them really got the message.

4da1f1  No.12750490


NASA didn't steal anything.

fced73  No.12750517


>people are retarded

Most are; but he didn't even dubs. So he's wrong even in your own scenario.

fdc2c0  No.12750524

File: 7e45cf9e596ba7a⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 462x600, 77:100, 8b6398ffec821bb3f1451d3165….jpg)


>I'm not a boomer!

>defends baby boomers on the internet for free

>you're the schizo!

Anon, you have brain damage if you aren't a boomer and are still defending them. I understand the rationale, thinking it somehow divides our race; but they were never on our side, and they never will be. I work with boomers every day, and they are by far the stupidest people I've ever met. I've only met rare exceptions to this rule.

They're the kind of people who irrationally defend whatever the news says, and never even consider checking into it for themselves. Here's an idea, find a boomer and tell him your political beliefs. You'll get a rather energetic idea of what they think of you.

D&C? ha.


When did I call anyone a shill dumbass? People like you are why we're all going to die in a solar micronova. Fucking killyourself and stop wasting resources that could be used on someone more useful.

Did I misunderstand your post? It hardly even makes sense.

5e3683  No.12750571


>It's not a mass extinction event, much life on Earth survives.

From earlier posts in thread:

>The sun is going to explode. It does so every 12,000 years or so. It does not wipe out all life on Earth, just most of it.

>Most of it.

In other words, a mass extinction event.

Plenty of species are millions of years old, yet would easily die out from "multiple asteroid impact" level of destruction. IE, they are fragile. Yet they exist.

Furthermore, if "most life on Earth survives" then most humans would survive. Humans are the most adaptable form of life on Earth.

Even if 99.9% of humans died out, there would still be around 7,000,000 humans. The remaining smart people would be able to easily bootstrap basic industry.

The whole idea of "being knocked back to the stone age" is retarded, so long as smart races survive. Idiocracy racemixing is the real danger.

A hundred smart people with a few books on mechanics could easily maintain a 1940s level of technology (machine tools, sand casting, IC or steam engines, simple electronics, etc.) It's not that hard.

>You're just scared. You will be killed. Cataclysm. You are not prepared.

I am more prepared than 99% of people, I figure. These sorts of "doomsday" predictions are, I suspect, an attempt to divert attention away from the real cataclysm. That is, White genocide via non-White invasion. Also, usury enslavement of the masses.

Also, what would the natural result of believing in doomsday be for White people? The most responsible people in the world? That's right, lower birthrates.

>You've got twenty years, fifty at most!!!!!


>Learn about PLASMA

P L A S M A!!!!!!!!!!!

Plasma flares, AKA solar flares, do happen. They do hit the Earth. They can cause EMP effects, and that would be plenty destructive.

The magnetic field shields from plasma strikes.


Does that actually happen, though?

Even without the magnetic field, the atmosphere would block plasma. In doing so it would be gradually stripped away, but it would take millions of years to deplete significantly.


The pyramids, and other megalithic structures, are the amazing accomplishments of ancient people.

I am not the one minimizing their achievements by claiming it was "lost technology" that enabled their construction. No, it was human industry and ingenuity. Amazing, but not in the way the "ancient tech" people claim.

If the ancients had "secret tech" then there would be evidence of it. Metals tend to be perfectly preserved in the dry environment of Egypt. Where are the machines, then? The spare parts? The broken bits? Even little screws or bolts in trash heaps? Yet such things are never found.


blah, blah, blah

You are unwell.

fced73  No.12750587


The problem with trying to lump in all people of one generation into some meme hate is it mirrors exactly what their drug and sex addicted kids said to them. In short, it's a d&c meme that encourages (((the programming))) that's in every legacy media, which is to encourage young people to disrespect their elders, even their own parents.

There are a lot of boomer retards. It's pathetic and sad, because they didn't have the Internet and remain brainwashed into faith in the MSM.

Got that? I'll reiterate: it's a d&c meme to encourage even 7 year olds to scream back at their parents, exactly as in every (((hollywood))) production. It's an attack on family and specifically the Father and male offspring. If you don't see this clearly and understand it then you still haven't figured out what's going on.

d81714  No.12750590

post apocalyptic fiction is a kike's favorite genre

fced73  No.12750594


>copper can do anything, goy!

Get the fuck off this board, retard.

28b4b9  No.12750595


I know you know that A Wyatt Mann is a CIA Jew.

>Same with Metzger. Same with W.A.R.

You faggots have been a problem since the 90's. Go for it bubby

Also, I don't need to kill myself since the micronova will do it anyway. Right?

Maybe it's not about actually dying in a micronova. Maybe it's about doing something stupid since you think you are going to die anyways.

Maybe it's about giving other causus belli because they know people won't actually act out as long as they have iPhones and end of life cancer care

d81714  No.12750616


I used to listen to this guy's morning solar news for a couple years. He's slowly gone further and further off kilter talking about dumb shit then saying "oh but if we use 4% of these five research papers and put it together this obviously means doom and hellfire is coming SOON." Then this video series came out.

He's married to some asian chick and they've got a mixed kid, by the way don't forget to subscribe to his website for the TRUTH and FACTS and buy his book and his wife's book and also go to their convention to talk to other WOKE individuals with a premium dinner for the wokest people. Forcing someone to invest before giving the full story you're peddling is classic scam shit, babby level not even kike tier. He regularly plugs another guy selling buckets of dogshit survival food too.

fced73  No.12750623


>Same with Metzger

He used to be a neighbor of mine and I don't believe your claim, if you are in fact suggesting he was glowing. At the time, I didn't appreciate him or what he was talking about. I didn't understand. Also, the glowing guy I do know is still a hippie type, so is his dual citizen friend. They both absorb MSM daily and appear to actually believe it. If the boomer meme applies it applies to them. Old hippies that think freedom is about drugs and sex.

fced73  No.12750633

File: d9998034be37932⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 923x834, 923:834, Figure 2_13.jpg)


You're on topic; I went off. I subscribed to his channel a long time ago but don't pay that much attention to it and don't subscribe to his predictions, though they very well may be close to accurate.

I was lambasting the sperg who was suggesting the pyramids and other advanced technological achievements of the past were of the official narrative, which is impossible. Obviously there's been upheavals in the past and history as narrated is a lie.

0b33f1  No.12750650


Those are clearly just natural rock formations :^)

a714a9  No.12750652


It's a little hard for me to picture solar energy causing the poles to shift without being powerfull enough to destroy all life on earth larger than single cells at least. I always thought pole shifting was due to molten material inside the earth shifting. Could a solar event trigger that perhaps?

fced73  No.12750654


About what, exactly? Obviously I don't want to disclose personal info. Tom lived in avocado town and a lot of older people liked him. I was young and never opened my mouth but I listened to him talk.

The two guys; can't really say much about them, too personal. I suppose if you have specific questions maybe. They have TDS. The multi-citizenship (((guy))) has money and donates to the DNC. The glowing guy is a famous political guy that still travels and does help people but he drinks a lot and does not seem to have the slightest clue about anything outside MSM.

a714a9  No.12750663



>mainstream mind cucks

usefull idiots

9077be  No.12750686


Except that boomers would have been children. You should be blaming the self-proclaimed greatest generation and the silent generation. But all you retarded children know is screeching "boomer boomer boomer!111" at anyone older than 25.

a714a9  No.12750693


This requires terminology i don't posess but i'll try. If molten magnetic material lies in the core of the earth then obviously it is magnetically aligned and in a relatively static state (non shifting). The only way i could imagine solar forces changing this is for a massive electro-magnetic burst to influence the earth's magnetic material enough to disturb the balance. If part of the molten materials magnetic charge is reversed, it would surely cause a reorientation of the material.

37a70d  No.12750713


This. I'm looking at you Fallout-loving hooknoses right now.

fdc2c0  No.12750734

File: 0be971cf7003c62⋯.webm (5.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 8chbumper2.webm)


I've hardly noticed his attempts to get money out of me. You must be autistic, because he's pretty on the level. Also, the only people interested in the stuff behind the paywall are the biggest of fucking nerds.

>he's gotten crazier and crazier the longer he's spent on the internet

Pff, do you even know where we are anon? Good lord, have some self awareness.

>webm related

a714a9  No.12750780


I have met some very intelligent boomers. They may know much of the "truth" but thier mind is closed to some of it. They all seem to hold at least one major media source in high esteem even though they lie or omit thier asses off. There are some things people just don't want to know. But if you are up on major media news you are aware of news as the vast majority of people know it. That has some use.

000000  No.12750788


The only thing that matters is to genocide all jews and make more White people to repopulate the world with Whites only, while eliminating all other non-white races.

9f4b82  No.12750814


This guy gets it. The jews are trying to make us hate the sun because it is a direct connection to the living God. The God that will burn them away from the earth. The sun is on our side, the jews and their revelations of apocalypse ignoring their own machinations are not

a714a9  No.12750826


Would'nt scientific information have been much easier to back in 2005 interwebs? And really all information seemed to me like you were getting it from someone dedicated to just that topic. Not some fucking bland mega site. Feels bad man.

000000  No.12750840


> just like the mars landing

kek. please tell us all about it anon? did it star Matt Damon and turn alright in the end?

a714a9  No.12750903


I wasn't thinking it was becauae of the pics

Are those the formations Graham Hancock has been investigating?

f55fbd  No.12750962

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thunderbolts Project has lots about ancient petroglyphs being plasma in the sky.

d300e7  No.12750970








Go back.











9c78a0  No.12750978



>most adaptable

Couldn't be more wrong. Bacteria would be much closer to the most adaptable.

d300e7  No.12750981





Jesus Christ dude, seriously.

4 fucking IPs.

d300e7  No.12750983




You have bee a very busy /b/, haven't you?

d300e7  No.12750986



Nobody is scared of you bro, its just amazing to see a shill fuck up their game this badly. You're an actual schizophrenic or else the worst shilling op I've ever witnessed.

d300e7  No.12750988


<whats a dynamic IP

What shills use to get around constant bans.

d300e7  No.12750994

File: f9d7eb169df597f⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 1728x9120, 18:95, New Shills, Worse Than The….jpg)

File: f6007866fdb895a⋯.jpg (79.12 KB, 1200x807, 400:269, Shut Up Donny.JPG)


Mkay bud.

c8c8c6  No.12751044


Bacteria require pretty specific environments, the lot of them. Stop being obtuse, as far as complex life goes nothing competes. We're also the best long distance runners. We can literally jog all day to bash our preys head in with a rock when it gets too tired, which is a lot of why we're successful as a species

a688aa  No.12751048

File: 890ef04edd83d7a⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 670x503, 670:503, 890ef04edd83d7afef978d973b….jpg)


Ah, the feeling of acquiescence that's the closest word you have for it. Being obeyed. It's not a feeling I crave, It's the backdrop of my existence. I'll take this in manually, thanks nigger

Hey guess what you nigger of a mod? Ban my City-State and see if my hunter-seekers can't find your kike asses

9c78a0  No.12751061


>specific environments

So do humans. But you don't see humans thriving in boiling sulpher springs or volcanic deep-sea vents like archaebacteria do. Bacteria adapt quickly to new conditions - such as man-made antibiotics - because they reproduce so damn quickly. New adaptations become commonplace in no time for them.

a688aa  No.12751065


All quiet, is it? I'm offering White status and perfunctory sterilization to anyone who's interested in overtaking the chink menace. Family is included. War hero status is guaranteed. Apply in the City-State

d300e7  No.12751070



Jesus Christ dude you really are fucking schizo aren't you?

a688aa  No.12751074


>really are fucking schizo

Go away /intl/ you're fucked

d300e7  No.12751080


>calling others /int/



a688aa  No.12751086



You reported yourself, mein nigger

d300e7  No.12751091


Oh god I wish dude, I'd ban every IP you touched for at least 24 hours.

a688aa  No.12751098


And just so everyone notices, this abortion of a "person" has the mods as an accomplice. Possibly they were just responding to a flurry of reports. Or possibly not.


>Oh god I wish dude, I'd ban every IP you touched for at least 24 hours

The dreams of a pathetic nobody

d300e7  No.12751106

>hops IPs constantly

>shills against NatSoc

>complains about being called out for shilling against NatSoc

>gets caught

>gets banned

<"the mods are an accomplice!"

>mocked by the one exposing him

<"you're pathetic goy!"


Tell us more about metaphysics and how you're pro-NatSoc.

a688aa  No.12751121

>Hiding from me

Not going to work. If you want to know about how 5-d physics work or what the philosophy of consciousness is, simply beg me like the bootlicker you are. But I'd just deconstruct your skull in real-time, so why not die in your own special way? I'll let you kill yourself.

d300e7  No.12751125



Hilarious. Go back Mike. You're bad at this.

a688aa  No.12751131


Pay attention /pol/. Your mods have allowed this. In fact, for whatever reason, they approve of this. I'm not a fucking bunker-site shill, I don't have an answer for you in that regard. I've been here the whole time. But this shit right here.

a688aa  No.12751138


>Nods try to exert influence

>Get cucked in their own online forum

And you're not fucking invisible either

d300e7  No.12751147

a688aa  No.12751158

File: 61e541dec7b3ab1⋯.png (79.02 KB, 416x435, 416:435, 987b2e4ad6d831f8df9eb2762a….png)


>shills against NatSoc

I don't think I have to specifically point out why that assertion is fucking bonkers. I would like to point out that the mods allow this shit. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to supersede all levels of prior authority. I'll just find you in real time


>Mkay bud.

When the NPC nigger breaks down

d300e7  No.12751160

ef829a  No.12751169


If humans realize that they've been here before, the entire monotonic narrative of their civilization falls apart.

a688aa  No.12751176


Eh they deleted my post long ago. I guess I'm going to have to make my own goddamn imageboard to prevent nigger kikes from being as fucking gay as they always are

d300e7  No.12751182


Or you could just not hop IPs like a louse in a boxcar full of jews, while shilling against NatSoc.

Its pretty easy. You just have to not be a gigantic schizophrenic loser.

Try it sometime.

a688aa  No.12751188

File: 232148f9cde305c⋯.jpg (11.04 KB, 437x319, 437:319, 700_c0966d35ea47c5c7fc8627….jpg)

File: 6b33ea9dea87b87⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1454716843064-0.jpg)

File: 602d6ad123165b8⋯.jpg (24.77 KB, 480x319, 480:319, 1454716843064-1.jpg)


Oh, it's these pics they're trying to censor. Do your own fucking homework

d300e7  No.12751191

Or don't, your call I guess. Can't help em all.

a688aa  No.12751192


Which I don't even understand…why bother censoring the same shit I've been posting for years? Something something fucking kikes something

d300e7  No.12751212

File: 7bab6d5f6805f2c⋯.png (17.16 KB, 925x146, 925:146, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey look, I found you again!




This one really made me chuckle.

a688aa  No.12751257


Fucking lel this niggermod delet'd my posts even though they were from different IPs. I'm going to invade your body and make you bleed from all of your capillaries you fucking useless zombie fuck

d300e7  No.12751263

If I were a mod I would have deleted all your posts by now dude.

You've really got an incredible stack of shilling here to examine. Its starting to look like you might be a bot.

multi-thread, multi-ip shilling














Good thing ol' meatism still outranks the algorithm.

d300e7  No.12751266

You wanna know something funny, actually?

My reports have started to include telling them NOT to delete your posts, and just ban your IP for 24 hours.

I want folks to be able to see this shit.

So why do the mods keep deleting your posts? Its almost like they're trying to help you cover up the evidence.

a688aa  No.12751267


Diggity dog I'm only in this one thread, and that's some useful response time you got there.

>If I were a mod I would have deleted all your posts by now dude

This is why you must die

a688aa  No.12751270


>mods are covering up my unfortunate info leaks

I prefer to believe this

d300e7  No.12751272

Tism is powerful ciggity cat, and you're in basically every thread from what I'm seeing, usually on multiple IPs.

>This is why you must die

Then come and get me, fag.

>mods are covering my information leaks

Like when you talked about how much you love sucking cock?

a688aa  No.12751275


>you're in basically every thread from what I'm seeing, usually on multiple IPs.

Rent free. I'm actually even better than what I claim, which is pretty impressive

a688aa  No.12751277


And I claim to be the Emperor of your ridiculous Clown Planet. Why don't you try and find me

d300e7  No.12751280

Rent free? No, no, no, your rent comes in the form of your VPN payments my dood, and the hours upon hours of shilling across threads and IPs.

I told you, I have the tism. This is like a game for me now. Not that its very hard, you made it too easy. This is why lazy shilling isn't as much fun as more careful shilling.

Its fun to figure things out and expose them, remember? I warned you then, you didn't seem to think I was serious.

d300e7  No.12751282

Now, you're just an evenings entertainment.

a688aa  No.12751287

File: 2b9e264c695a74f⋯.jpg (57.38 KB, 382x596, 191:298, 1416950954565.jpg)


<Plebbit kike spergs out

Not unpredictable. I'll still be cleansing your planet, nigger

d300e7  No.12751288


>It is fun to expose things.

I agreed then, and I still agree! This is fun!

d300e7  No.12751289




a688aa  No.12751295

File: 593f9c4fdc60440⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 377x600, 377:600, 4c3b6332ff76fc2dd865715d94….jpg)


U wat m9

d300e7  No.12751300

>didn't even check em

Reported again, just for the sake of it.

535e7f  No.12751311

File: 9cb0f108023edf7⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 480x662, 240:331, 5b5b52093140c9f3be175c908c….jpg)




a688aa  No.12751314


The idea that I literally have to learn to code after learning how to be invincible after learning to deconstruct your society after learning how to reconstruct your society and doing it for goddamn charity. There's a reason people don't like monkeys you fucking ape faggots

d300e7  No.12751318


Checking those digits, even despite that kosher reddit meme.

d300e7  No.12751322

File: 3df3bba5b34c5b8⋯.png (2.94 KB, 824x90, 412:45, ClipboardImage.png)











reply back


nothing but



Just checking.

a688aa  No.12751331


I don't take orders, you nigger piece of shit. But no, I'm not a goddamn robot. What I'm doing now is designing a network of contacts to drag you in front of me for beating to death. Laugh while you can you fucking nigger

d300e7  No.12751335

>doesn't do it

That pretty much confirms this is a bot.

a688aa  No.12751342


I don't give a fuck if you're a simulated consciousness, I'll make you suffer

d300e7  No.12751356

>"Allied Mastercomputer"

>"Adaptive Manipulator"

>"Aggressive Menace"

You have no power here, cock-lover, besides the power of laughter.

d300e7  No.12751361

File: 81983f67d2c1502⋯.png (2.54 KB, 830x75, 166:15, ClipboardImage.png)

So easy to disprove the assertion, yet I bet he won't do it.

I wonder if I don't say the trigger phrase how it will respond.

d300e7  No.12751377

File: 28c45bfd16f5b4c⋯.png (49.91 KB, 2461x328, 2461:328, ClipboardImage.png)

oooo, this ones good.

d300e7  No.12751378


The frog hates you man.


d7c396  No.12751434


>But Earth takes on a fair amount of new water err'day

excuse me you fucking shitlord


<The current rate of loss is about 3 kg of hydrogen and 50 g of helium per second

>losing 3kg of core water component every second

we are headed for mad max here

ab1ae2  No.12751585

No,the Sun doesn't splode every 12k ,itz binary twin passes through the plane of the ecliptic.

Beown dwarf.

Pulled the moon out of the Pacific rim.

If you look at the far side,you will find Earth life evidence.

Less probable, human remains.

3799b6  No.12751666


Sounds like they're trying to meme the sun into exploding while it also serves as a big distraction anon.

53b397  No.12751736


I found this on 4chins /x/ a week or so ago

Guy narrating totally cucks out when he talks about india; and this shit seems to be dancing on the edge of the flat earth conspiracy. Wouldn't let me imbed. srry


68d01a  No.12751916


Checked and I want to reiterate that my squads are on the hunt for the ridiculous idiot who thought he could unperson me

e5c491  No.12751933


We did do something about it; in a cave in Afghanistan we took kidnapped GenX babies like you and raised them till they were old enough to cornhole then we shot their guts full of seeds

68d01a  No.12751944


You died in afghanistan defending flowers. I fed you to giants. I'm waiting you nigger, come just a little bit closer

94bfd2  No.12751963

File: 0d1ac4be986c4b6⋯.png (955.98 KB, 1199x946, 109:86, NASAniggers.png)


Where are the $10 trillion you stole from us? We know you didn't spend it on the moon hoax, so where is our money?

68d01a  No.12751966


The most hilarious part is that these niggers stole "space cash" that wasn't even ever real. and they gave their souls for it. Not that I need nigger "souls", but I just found it humorous

d05788  No.12751979

12 000 years is bullshit

Modern humans are over 600 000 years old

5f593b  No.12751995


the sun will go black. Sure i read that somewhere.




heil. bubble earth, bubble moon.







fucking hell, so many 88. this IS real. the black sun comes.


i'd offer you your soul back


checking your check.

f2af59  No.12752305

File: 879fc326264c7cd⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 5184x3168, 18:11, solarsystemmotion-large.jpg)

File: 21da04aac209cf2⋯.gif (269.28 KB, 626x413, 626:413, Binary-01.gif)


The sun is binary star with Sirius and that's causing the 12 000 year cycle in solar activity. They revolve around each other in 24 000 year cycle with highly elliptical orbits. Furthest distance was around 500AD and they are now falling towards each other. Ancients were aware of this cycle and tought that "golden age" will come when they are near each other.



This also causes the precession of the equinoxes, not wobble on earth axis. Current lunisolar theory is full of holes and cannot explain why precession is accelerating. Sirius and planets in the solar system won't move with precession which invalidates current theory that it's caused locally.

It's just a matter of time when people realize this. Solar system moves trough space at high speed and orbits same center of mass with Sirius. Most of the stars are binary systems just like ours.

af2b69  No.12752359


I say let it happen (like we could stop it anyway kek)

like you said, ( ( ( they) ) ) have been building my infrastructure for me and they did it for fucking free



you missed the point kid, 12k is just the modern iteration of it all. we have been around for millions of years, just destroyed then layered over then started anew

we got fucked this time and got stuck with the god damned kikes

94bfd2  No.12752388


Get your head examined you mentally ill globenigger

7c9f83  No.12753294

File: 8f3107c7bcb75a6⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 370x480, 37:48, shl2.jpg)


>I know you know that A Wyatt Mann is a CIA Jew.

Izzat so, Goldblatt? I hope you

also know everyone knows that

Joe Goebbels was with the FBI

and Hitler founded the JDL.

81f937  No.12753306


triggered much?

7c9f83  No.12753364

File: 0d74961c8fb1a98⋯.jpg (57.26 KB, 462x600, 77:100, M.jpg)


>triggered much?

(Yawn) Come now, Bilgeberg … where does

"triggered" enter into a circumstance where

one casually calls out a slimy Yid who's

maliciously spreading lies?

92de1d  No.12755038


That's true, I can't do shit anymore since I know about this stuff especially considering that the child raping and killing elites will probably survive this, they used us to the last second and soon they are gonna discard us. It is said that who ever survives this event will inherit a renewed and very fertile world that will lead to a golden age.

369e2c  No.12755296

The Father.

The Sun.

The Holy Ghost.

You are welcome.

cee930  No.12774250

What this guy is trying to say is that the sun might barf the occasional superflare with very long intervals just like other stars. Red dwarfs (sun is a yellow dwarf) frequvently barfs out superflares that are thousands of times stronger than a flare from our sun, but our sun is a yellow dwarf and a remarkably stable one too. One of these might have happened in historical times but that would "only" correspond to a temporary solar output by a few tens of percent for a couple of hours. That aint shit in stellar terms. Calling this a "micronova" is dishonest marketing, its more like a "nanonova" because its really fucking nothing more than a stellar fart.

05ff08  No.12774513

interesting thread, i hope it's wrong.

f0615b  No.12778517

File: 45d3a9ef7607114⋯.webm (7.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Man and Rats.webm)

de2a3e  No.12778536


The issue is given how intense superflares are you'd seen evidence of them on the other planets and moons, especially everything lacking an atmosphere.

7085e4  No.12778557


Too far away.

63c072  No.12778581

File: b110a1be2a08f09⋯.png (6.51 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.png)


So this was the meaning of the black sun all along, wasn't it?

63c072  No.12778587


Was it a symbol of warning? An attempt to tell the future generations about the future?

7085e4  No.12778607


It is tell you and your cuck friends to treat more lightly. Esp. if you are cuck.

ca0401  No.12778616

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>a kike viewpoint of existence: everything burns, explodes, decays, darkens, goes distant, everything relative, nothing objective, magnetism existing without current, "black holes", degenerate matter theory, gravity just creates itself because matter and shit curvy blankets and they don't just sit at the bottom of the gravity well because let's just ignore that aspect. Stars are constantly exploding fusion furnaces that don't go off exponencially into a massive fucking boom because magic niggers are shoveling hydrogen to a contained spot. Stars have no surface goy it's your eyes fooling you.

Micronovae phenomena is suppressed because debunks that stars are nuclear furnaces. Stars work like transistors in huge intergalactic currents. Science will never admit that Hans Alfvén was right. Kt's very ironic that Hans Alfvén, the guy who got the nobel prize for magnetohydrodynamics theory grew to debunk his own theory by experience and regretted it. Makes me think of an other guy… Khm… Einstein. The massive magnetism can't just exist without current creating it.

63c072  No.12778625


no derail

c39b28  No.12778678


>At best, there's 0-50 years before the next solar eruption.

Yeah. Sure. You betcha.

a99843  No.12780059


>the last pic?

Paris, 1974 or 75, digging a huge hole for a big metro station connecting several lines and a multi-floored mall, "forum des halles"

97ebac  No.12780276


Shut the fuck up you faggot shill. Get the fuck off this board. Thread reported

000000  No.12785823

So Atlantis didn't have plasma shields? :( :( :( :D

>What is a micropenis? It’s not a superpenis, it’s not even really a penis, as it is like the little sister of the penis, one that can enter the whole vagina but not completely fill it.


have more fucks in your next post plz

Also note the existence of underground bases and micro-cities.

I wish this sun thing could be a bit more disciplined in its outbursts tho . . .

000000  No.12785832

No meme with Nicholas Cage? :(

000000  No.12785848


use Microsoft Word for maximum torture

453b13  No.12785874

I was masturbating, who has a "novia"?

504f1a  No.12785907

File: c3adfd8036180c9⋯.jpg (214.76 KB, 1210x800, 121:80, c3adfd8036180c9ec80336df97….jpg)

File: 312bacddb7d5240⋯.jpg (167.8 KB, 1203x1447, 1203:1447, 312bacddb7d5240bf8f0e4ba7f….jpg)


herbalanon/wizardanon here

I remember this happening. The sky burned, the sun was green and the moon was red. Oh what an age though, we slaughtered our enemies to ensure they did not last through the age. This time, we finish the job.

000000  No.12786026

>containment universe

504f1a  No.12786107

File: a0b84eb8d787281⋯.png (45.13 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, a0b84eb8d78728120db85458be….png)

File: 9f15acc2f5a9095⋯.jpg (201.77 KB, 705x1000, 141:200, 12109188_711089038990884_1….jpg)

File: 9b26a71849b6d6b⋯.jpeg (16.18 KB, 640x428, 160:107, ad19c0a0eb3d244a1a1dc4b1a….jpeg)


>being so new to not know this is common topic of /pol/

Lurk moar, faggot.


It's also suppressed because this is why the antarctic reich is just chilling. The second Hyperborea will be the homeland of the 4th Reich.

504f1a  No.12786121


Why are you samefagging? You're not helping, faggot.


>can't do anything

Grow a fucking pair of balls.

As Odin said before us, at the end of the last age.

We will give our lives and let our world be destroyed, but we will battle so that these evil powers will not live after us!

adde70  No.12786186


but haven't humans and many other life forms been evolving/living for longer than 12000 years? haven't we survived this before?

000000  No.12786228

>heheheh phase-align slightly deviating multiverses using a PLL a la CERN

>earth's magnetic field starts to change rapidly

>ohshit hidden killswitch activated

>sun pulses micronova

>year 2110, poking up from the ground



and so it begins again

d88605  No.12786290


Honestly, I'd welcome this if it hit during the southern hemisphere's summer around noon in the GMT +3/4 time zone. This way the damage to the best parts of Europe is minimized while shielding the Anglosphere (US, Canada, NZ, Australia) while maximizing the damage done to the breeding nests of the world's genetic waste.

Just imagine how much better off the world would be if Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Pakistan, etc were baked to a crisp and completely de-industrialized in an instant. Yes, the global ramifications would drag humanity down for a decade or two but wiping away half of the genetic detritus on this planet would be worth it.

504f1a  No.12787018


That's not how this works… If a plasma discharge were to impact the earth's magnetic field (plasma can be contained/repelled by magnetic fields.) it would then ionize the atmosphere of the entire planet, causing arcs like massive lightning storms all over the world while the sky fucking burns. Only the magnetic poles would not have this discharge, but at the same time, they'd likely get irradiated…

5dc3bb  No.12787174

>/pol/ is still mostly neckbeard atheists who view science as a faith based religion

Smh. I preferred this place in ‘15.

000000  No.12787439


Jews are in our countries: wrong target

2af40a  No.12787467

File: 9edac7fe76359e5⋯.png (389.08 KB, 971x640, 971:640, d2cf64980d1e14bd2dafd30008….png)




>Where are the $10 trillion you stole from us?

It's a government bureaucracy. They spent 90% of it on administrative costs and pensions and the rest on CGI shit.

736720  No.12787477


>The sun is binary star with Sirius

lol, literally nothing suggests this

504f1a  No.12787478


You mean when CTR still paid per you?

030750  No.12787750


What the heck! This was shilled so heavily! What did you say here anon? Look I assume that everyone knows where the salt, mining and other caves are in their area…people need to be prepared for everything EXACTLY like our ancestors were…that is all there is too it. No big change of lifestyle, nothing 'new', no new guidelines, or strange way of being, just simple preparedness that comes natural to our people and afterwards a willingness to clean up the neighborhood so that it doesn't get taken over by niggers, bugs, spics and kikes afterwards…the 'zombies shouldn't be allowed to thrive and prosper.

178260  No.12787780

File: e56d4458c5cdf95⋯.jpg (74.61 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, V838_Monocerotis.jpg)



you'll niggers don't know what v838 really is

it ain't good

308bc2  No.12787857

How can we survive this. What exactly is it. Is it a extreme heating of the earth or is it like a huge disruption of the magnetic sphere that causes massive earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt all at once.

2e3575  No.12788088


Fake and gay is what it is.

2e3575  No.12788118

nasa liars get off my /pol/

504f1a  No.12788952


So you're just camping this thread, to complain about something you can't comprehend, shillkun?


Go to the rural areas where land is cheap. Get high ground that's well above the water table, but as stable as you can find. Caves can be purchased, but you need to be sure they're not the home of a lot of bats and you need to be ready to stabilize them. It's generally a better idea to just build into the mountainside, as there are a lot fewer complications that way.

96e095  No.12789000

We are a NatSoc board.

504f1a  No.12790172

Sud/pol/ will survive!

504f1a  No.12790175


>Russian scientists say one of their satellites spotted high-power “light explosions” while flying dozens of kilometers above the Earth. They say the mysterious phenomenon can’t be explained by anything known to modern physics.

>One theory behind the finding was that a star nearing the end of its life was shedding massive amounts of material before its supernova explosion, but scientists will need more data to reach a conclusion.

Yep, it's happening.

000000  No.12790254

SAGE for outer space is a real place goy!

DOUBLE SAGE for micronova.

504f1a  No.12791291


Do you have the sauce on the recent tests that showed that the shape alone would cause an EMF effect? Note that the capstone was gold (one of the best conductors out there)

736720  No.12791325


Bump for /x/ spam.

fadbfb  No.12791336


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