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File: 89128f145d8137a⋯.jpg (205.35 KB, 1000x1154, 500:577, SIG.jpg)

File: 886ae07a5798eaa⋯.jpg (307.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Conquer yourself.jpg)

File: 9cfb33a0b1ff0e0⋯.png (724.56 KB, 2000x1700, 20:17, SIG.png)

88c025  No.12751953

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12552532

Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.

Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine. Try intermittent fasting, a simple 18/6 routine can work wonders.

Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.


Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.

Stop consuming (((pornography))). Oh, you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week. Then aim for a month. Its harder than you think.



Quit playing video games faggot. Do something productive, write something or build something. Plan your career, climb the ranks or start a business. Learn something useful.

We need more strong, kike-free men in positions of power.

Now get off the internet, go /out/side and get some sun. Go for a hike. Go camping. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books. You can easily source used books cheaply from local stores or online.


Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick.

Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in safe alternate forms, like silver and gold (maybe a little crypto too, but be cautious).

Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.

This is your life now.

Welcome to /SIG/ Febuary 2019

ac8870  No.12751958

File: 459a57166e4a5b8⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 720x637, 720:637, FUCK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT Y….jpg)

88c025  No.12751960

File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 6ee.jpg)


Like clockwork

ac8870  No.12751961


Yeah you're one predictable little faggot, no doubt about it.

88c025  No.12751969

File: 43cabd0cd87a5dc⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 2392x3348, 598:837, A polacks Journey.jpg)

File: be0d29912b96f09⋯.png (167.65 KB, 1185x553, 15:7, be0d29912b96f09a1ed020f1d3….png)

File: befea9c84906ad2⋯.png (329.32 KB, 2406x1090, 1203:545, goodadvice.png)

File: 36403b63052b9b8⋯.jpg (933.49 KB, 1562x4158, 71:189, Start Body Weight Training.jpg)

ec89fd  No.12751994

File: b3440a5456a2ff1⋯.jpg (502.56 KB, 3196x3028, 799:757, NtMb2cX.jpg)


Mobility is important too, without it we can't squat or handstand. I know it looks gay but it's necessary.

e558e4  No.12752140

counter-((((enlighten)))) me





88c025  No.12752184

File: 8bc0f4c3c623331⋯.png (816.76 KB, 1802x1404, 901:702, 8bc0f4c3c623331942259885ea….png)

File: 61e65eb90b389c1⋯.png (476.15 KB, 1871x1288, 1871:1288, Child Rearing.png)

File: 0e3bc97420634a0⋯.jpg (70.5 KB, 410x1024, 205:512, Cleaning Rota.jpg)

File: 3c07d074c248de3⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 824x1024, 103:128, Couch to 10K.jpg)

cf6aa8  No.12752416

It's been month since my last post so I guess it's time for an update. Hope everyone's had a good 2019 so far. It's been a slow month for me. I'm down about 5 more pounds which is about 90 total now (usually it's been around 10 per month). I'm starting to get concerned about loose skin from the weight loss. I'm hoping muscle gain can help, but I doubt it will much. I really don't want to have to get surgery for this since it'd take multiple and be expensive.

88c025  No.12752493


Welcome back, keep up the good work. Putting on some muscle will help with the loose skin, fasting can also help you in this regard. It really depends how bad it is, if you go from whale to /fit/ in a year and have rolls of skin, then you might need surgery.

Otherwise keep at it, if you're really concerned, you could slow down your cut. It will take longer to loose the fat but you also lower the chances of developing loose skin.

145ba6  No.12752514

cutting out sugar makes it very easy to eat less, but now I'm struggling to eat enough, I'm at 1k kcal with 100g of protein.

ec5069  No.12752538







Remember we are being attacked by shills. They're goal is to prevent us from getting stronger. I remember a few weeks ago that someone attempted to start a (((new))) /sig/ thread with the goal of getting women (instead of destroying the jew). The shills probably learned that it was too obvious so they start this bland thread instead. Notice the lack of redpills compared to the December edition.

40895e  No.12752556

File: aa7f180775f265f⋯.jpg (33.89 KB, 570x570, 1:1, bb1def03.jpg)

For about 9 months I've been paying for a gym membership. Thursday was the first time I actually went to the gym. I wasted about 200€ while continuously thinking "uh, maybe next week". Better late than never, though.

289bf5  No.12752574

>niggerjew and his /fit/ slide like clockwork

7d8f29  No.12752579


I have found a potential new vector in our quest to wholesome ness (and for me personally, for more emotional stability/sanity)


as in slowness. I have received the concept in the book "cutting through spiritual materialism" and just started noticing, and thinking "what the fuck is the pace on the internet, on the chans". And does anyone else notice how many youtube video's are specially designed with cut out movements. So that the crap is accelerated. And many movies too are just at a franctic pace. I just keep wondering. What if this contributes to our problems. Maybe even the format at a more busy, cuckchan, constant refreshing, constant new posts.

So I thought that perhaps the pace between someone who is low frequency (low emotional string frequency as some other anon remarked in the previous thread) and one who is high frequency. May be tied to the formats, but also to screen flickering (refresh rates of monitors?) All of these things could contribute to an unnatural pace. So I just cut off screen time by 60% to see if it could help.

50d2c2  No.12753002


I need a recommended translation of Plato's Republic. A friend gave me a copy, the notes in the back lament that Plato was "not a true feminist."

44b947  No.12753085

Have a bump, brothers

498d0d  No.12753120

>Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Bro I'm a nazi any girl worth having wouldn't have a thing to do with me stop with this pure aryan waifu bullshit.

07ba16  No.12753165

File: f88dac34c641a3d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1536087587446.png)

Roll faggots

5daa1c  No.12753186

File: 3eed0a6b2abe95a⋯.jpg (137.77 KB, 700x953, 700:953, REJECT IT_REMEBER IT.jpg)

Bordie Anon reporting in

Had a hard time keeping my training and meditation pace while in university (too much freedom), but now with the daily grind, it´s much easier to take ten minutes for meditation each day, and soon I`ll be starting with gym again. Mostly back, core and shoulders bcs 11 hours white-collar slavery but fuck it. I feel like I´m betraying my own cause by working for an investment bank, but it´s what I like to do, so what can you do?

Although it is painful for me, I want to go to church again. Philosphy (Nietzsche, mostly) has split me in two, and I want to make me whole again. Does anyone know that feel?

Maybe I´ll even start playing the trumpet again, that would be cool.

Gotta hustle with networking and learning Python over the next months. It ain´t for wankers, being a banker.

No therapy, fuck that shit. Don´t need it anymore.

81cd62  No.12753189

File: c7f3bdc9c951363⋯.jpg (36.62 KB, 474x710, 237:355, well dressed.jpg)


Perhaps you should add what you think is missing.


That's pathetic. Do better. We need you to represent whites well. Every white that is fit, well dressed, and coherent builds upon our collective identity as one that is superior to others, and something to be proud of. Whites have the best naturally developed stereotypes (as opposed to the artificial jewish ones), but they need to be even more obvious. You are a part of whole.


Eat shit, bergelstein.

d43cd6  No.12753198

File: d5beb3112777f57⋯.png (7.28 MB, 1904x3882, 952:1941, WestonPriceNutrition.png)


07ba16  No.12753221



785d4d  No.12753268



Protip (borrowed from an anon in November /sig/): set a 30 minute alarm and check yourself to make sure you are doing SOMETHING productive when it goes off. If you arent, then change that.

9fea2b  No.12753315

File: 3e92b728428aac1⋯.png (228.04 KB, 526x389, 526:389, 3e92b728428aac1385139c5b66….png)

I'm 24 and currently working as a sales admin. So I do minor HTML, graphic design and data entry as part of my work. I currently make $12 /hr and work full time.

I'm thinking of going back to college and leaving my job or at least working part time. I live on my own, with three roomates.

Any advice on what I should do? I was thinking going into civil engineering?

81cd62  No.12753406


Why go to college? School in general is one of the prime breeding grounds of the marxist filth that is contaminating the minds of our people. Everything taught there is approved first by our (((enemies))). What can you not learn on the internet? What books, what information is unavailable to you outside of college? In my opinion it's a colossally retarded waste of time, will, and money, you'll be giving it straight to (((them))).

b69d5c  No.12753413


get a trade, collage doesn't add a real skill base outside of theory. unless you are in medical or engineering.

aea676  No.12753457


The only times you should ever go to college is if you're going into law or medicine or working for a large company and they agree to promote you if you get a degree and help you pay for it.

You can make decent money in b2b sales if you're gregarious, if not you can use your job as a springboard to other management positions.

88c025  No.12753529


>Bro I'm a nazi any girl worth having wouldn't have a thing to do with me stop with this pure aryan waifu bullshit.

Which is exactly why you never reveal your powerlevel, you drip feed redpills. Obviously a girl will be repulsed if on your first date you go full 14/88.

75bd68  No.12753735


You could always make a throwaway Tinder and do what Murdoch Murdochs friend did. He allegedly copy-pasted the 14 words to every White girl online to see if they bite. When the replies inevitabley roll in that seem semi interested, that's when you hit them with stats. It might be it'sfuckingnothing.png but it doesn't hurt to try.

be9823  No.12753777


There's something to be said for being straight with your beliefs. You have to able to comfortably communicate them, though. If you say "W-we m-must secure the existence of our p-people, and an existence for white c-childre…" the result will be repulsive to anyone in ear shot.

578e20  No.12754524


What is this autism, you can't just jump into Heidegger, because his philosophy is based on Hegel. Because you need a frame of mind, or paradigm of thought set before you can read them so you can properly understand what they are addressing. Read Hegel before Heidegger, read Schopenhauer before Heidegger even lol. Without that you'll be basically blind and wasting your time.


Alan Bloom is best translation imo, others such as the Peguin classics are too directly translated and kinda dry. Bloom version is great. Listen to some lectures by Pierre Grimes as well for extra understanding.

578e20  No.12754527

Ignore my previous post, anon did have some good Hegel recommendations.

75bd68  No.12754618

File: c8c923ea7b143f1⋯.jpg (322.64 KB, 850x505, 170:101, main.jpg)



I never thought I would create a Tinder account for the purpose of ideological subversion / potential waifu recruitment, but I've seen crazier plans carried out.

9a6b46  No.12754627


Don't go to college goy.

9a6b46  No.12754631


Wew…so many fucking Jews on this board

3150f6  No.12754802


>Make your own toothpaste

Fluoride is necessary for regenerating tooth enamel.

The natural source is tea.

With milk gives all the ingredients to regenerate enamel.

Regenerated enamel is harder than original.

Also tea is an antibiotic.

Extra better is real cheese with tea.

Gives the minerals a protein structure like new restorative treatments.

Five cups a day, after two weeks teeth feel stronger.

c38b12  No.12754846

File: 4d27e92dcacafdd⋯.jpeg (86.93 KB, 496x499, 496:499, FFCFFC2F-076E-4DA6-8B78-6….jpeg)


Shills are on a fuckin mission today boys

c38b12  No.12754851


What? College is the prime time brainwashing spot these days. most kosher material that is still a little too intense to be forced onto the general population begins here

be9823  No.12754873


This board is at least half kikes pretending the other half are kikes.

61d43e  No.12754937

File: 6fcfe91f5bd260f⋯.webm (2.64 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1548802276085.webm)


Don't stress it anon. Sure you spent some money, but since you kept up your membership that barrier wasn't there when you finally decided to follow through. It's like if you want to practice guitar you have to keep handy nearby on a stand, in tune, so that you can easily grab it and bang out a 15m session whenever you feel the need instead of dragging it out of the closet and needing restring it. Anyways, now you just need to follow through with a basic routine. Whatever you're doing, make sure that you add another rep or two each session, or add another 2.5-5lbs on the machine or barbell. As long as you are consistently making some, any, progress, it will add up over time and one year from now you'll look back and realize a lot has changed.

61d43e  No.12755010


Some of the pace might even be signal:noise. Instead of following news feeds and refreshing I've moved toward weekly or even monthly news magazines. It's still kiked jew shit but at least I don't get the drudge-tier reporting on every turd Manafort drops the latest opinion of Kang West, all of which is pure narrative-pushing noise.

61d43e  No.12755035

File: 536ef0bd3c048fe⋯.gif (929.91 KB, 220x165, 4:3, 623c7e12aeda2c8c88f323af61….gif)


If you're already doing HTML and graphic design you can learn to code and easily jump to $40k salary even without a degree. Learn some basic CSS, some Bootstrap HTML, and JavaScript. Build a simple portfolio project and make it open source. Then practice some brain teasers on leetcode, and look up interview questions to prepare yourself. After a couple years you at your $40k job you can easily jump to $60-80k in your next job by repeating the process of building your portfolio and technical skills. Don't be afraid to aggressively trade up in jobs, because it's way faster than waiting for raises within the same company.

d3356e  No.12755077

File: aa6e2aa17958ef0⋯.jpg (200.72 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, aa6e2aa17958ef059a2c8b67bb….jpg)


dam and i was just going to post kike free first post

c07ece  No.12755779


>What is this autism, you can't just jump into Heidegger, because his philosophy is based on Hegel.

bad advice. you can only jump into philosophy by being, hm, 'charmed' and Heidegger here is an excellent option as because of his uncanny position. otherwise it is painful talmudism.

'read this this this this and submit p a p e r s to prof. Torahstein' this attitude kills natural and organic interest and fascination of a child.

Follow an Ariadne's Thread. Philosophy is a Spiritual quest.

ab0c80  No.12755789


Why would anyone want to look like this amish-style faggot? Dude looks like he crawled out of the shallow end of the gene pool. 100% incel for sure.

ab0c80  No.12755795


>Don't be afraid to aggressively trade up in jobs, because it's way faster than waiting for raises within the same company.

This is great advice for anyone, in any career. I made the mistake of sticking with my first job for 10 years at a small business getting tiny incremental raises and thinking the company would finally take off and I'd be set for life since I got in early. Then the owners sold the company and everyone got laid off and got jack shit.

I could have doubled my salary easily during that time if I had been aggressive about applying for upward positions beyond what I was already doing.

aba1c5  No.12755796


>well dressed

but malnourished

97f1bb  No.12755839


>2nd pic

I member that thread

97f1bb  No.12755842


>shave pubes

>trim eyebrows

>exfoliate face

body hair is supposed to be there, shaving it is only going to hurt you, shaved pubes for example will cause you to get rashes and zits around your crotch with the added benefit ofthe stubble poking your cock, and exfoliating your face is akin to peeling it, just use a fucking washcloth to wash off the dirt and dead skin.

shit doesn't have to complicated

ab0c80  No.12755846


>Shave your beard

Smells like soyboy rules.

a35076  No.12755849

File: 1e5ee1dbc79be56⋯.jpg (171.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Liver and onions.jpg)


Thanks for sharing. The Weston A. Price Foundation gets quite a few things right when it comes to nutrition. Keep in mind however, that legumes, nuts and seeds contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid which hinder mineral absorption.

Regarding meats and organ meat in particular: Meats are unrightfully claimed by a global vegan agenda to be unhealthy, yet people like the Eskimoes or the Masai live in perfect health when eating nothing but animal products. Even our ancestors, who are genetically way closer to us, ate meat and animal fats for the most time, especially during the ice age. Most modern plants suited for eating are cultivars.

Organ meats are cheap and nutritious, offering Anons who don't have a lot of money a great source of nutrients. Consider eating liver a few times of the week. Source it well and it tastes delicious, especially lamb and veal liver. Chicken liver is also nice.

On fermented foods: Kefir definitely is an awesome food/drink. If fermented long enough, it seperates into curds and whey, allowing you to drink just the whey, a great drink. It's really nice when prepared with raw milk, but store-bought milk gets the job done.



97f1bb  No.12755854


question, WHERE did you find your job? like how did you get it? how did you hear about it?


for any anons reading this, I want to give you some advice, if your a skinny fag then you are going to hate any trade you do, truck driving for example will smash the skin between your bones and seat. physical labor jobs such as construction, welding, things of that sort, will cause you to fatigue quickly and also cause you to get light headed very quickly.

just wanted to put that out here.

>t. worked several menial labor jobs that require physically demanding work while being a skinny poorfag

97f1bb  No.12755857


clean shave is actually a better look than most facial hair, besides, soycucks prefer to grow out their beards as a way to feel like true Men™ they aren't

43ff42  No.12756033


And it’s always a patchy soy beard, THAT looks like shit. Nothing beats a great beard, but it has to be attached to a worthy man. The beard doesn’t make the man, but it’s a nice way to finish one.

75bd68  No.12756201

7ef13f  No.12756206

File: a7dcd8f2ea041cf⋯.jpg (26.45 KB, 519x700, 519:700, a7dcd8f2ea041cf6c8337b0953….jpg)

>Resumed working out

>Starting each day with 20 push ups and 15 squats

>Starting and closing the day with a prayer

>attepmpts to read scripture daily

>Regular redpill reading

>No tv,pozzshit

>more than a one year of nofap

>Attempting to do only cold showers - this is a real struggle

This is my going now. I have had a recent surge of will so now I am on the "doing" wave of things. Hopefully this spirit will continue.

It feels good

2936be  No.12756226

Intermittent fasting is going well. My fast ass has lost close to 20lbs since yhe beginning on January. I'm starting to construct a 1 meal a deal plan that would include a good bone broth, a large bowl of greens, and a good amount of meats and fats. I already transitioned to a 20:4 split and it actually feels even better than when I was at 16:8.

40895e  No.12756227

File: 83c095fce68564e⋯.png (604.12 KB, 1240x1158, 620:579, doomer.png)


>We need you to represent whites well. Every white that is fit, well dressed, and coherent builds upon our collective identity

Do you yourself live upto those standards currently, or do you merely wish to?

33ba44  No.12756247


fuck this piece hits right in the truth.

t. skipped today's planned training.

..and my gym is already closed. fuck. I will train at home. have a blessed day.

89f7d0  No.12756432


Civil engineer is definitely a more right wing workplace than most and a respectable white man’s profession although you’ll most likely be helping to build infrastructure for shitskins and chinks to invade your nation. That will be demoralizing if you’re red pilled, but if DOTR ever happens your lifetime, your skills will be in extremely high demand to rebuild. 4 years is a long time to go back into the university system with all its poz and faggotry. I know I couldn’t take it at 24. So make sure it’s something you can find enjoyment in.

a23c26  No.12756503

Post your progress


>met girl of my dreams


>completely deleted all social media

didn't have facebook for years anyway but I really got rid of anything vaguely resembling social media

>focussed on relationship

>she deletes her facebook

only thing she has vaguely resembling social now is her photography account. (Not instagram. A site where you take film photos, scan them and upload them. Site has no ability to private message or anything and I like her hobbies.

>change from smoking cigarettes to rolling tobacco.

It's a lot better. Was smoking a pack a day.

>give up alcohol completely

>got into buying physical books and reading real literature


>propose to my dream girl

>eating better than I ever did because she's an amazing cook

>bringing lunches to work and proudly telling people she cooks for me

>develop routine and keep our apartment clean

>smoking less and less

>toward end of year really focus on giving up the hardest vice (porn and fappjng)

>got married

>finally achieve nofap and noporn

>relapse a bit on the smoking because I can't buy the rolling tobacco anymore

>smoking the occasional cancer stick again


>still smoking occasional cancer stick

>also drinking occasional beer

>worried I'm relapsing

>start keeping a small journal of important things I do like when I cut hair last, when we cleaned apartment last, when bedding was changed last

>really helps and solid routine has developed

>goals for this year are to save as much as possible, buying only quality necessary items that last and continuing on maintaining my relationship

c11648  No.12756512

a23c26  No.12756677


>works a white collar job

>getting paid per hour

Is this a joke or what?

I work a bare basic job and still get a monthly salary. If you miss a day do you just not get paid?

a44a07  No.12757010

File: 1b1e4e7b58f01eb⋯.jpg (73.8 KB, 570x570, 1:1, c07a5b9286c129fbb1c55922b1….jpg)


He can't help his genetics, anon. It takes incredible dedication for anyone to stand up again with that much weight on their back, let alone with his tiny frame.

ffae57  No.12757039


>yet people like the Eskimoes or the Masai live in perfect health when eating nothing but animal products.

No they don't, that's entirely mythology. Eskimos have always been among the least healthy people ever encountered. In the 1800s white people first encountering them found they looked incredibly old in their 40s and 50s, and died before 60. They had massive amounts of heart disease. They are far too reliant on fish and the toxic PUFA in fish causes heart disease, premature aging and early death.

>Even our ancestors, who are genetically way closer to us, ate meat and animal fats for the most time, especially during the ice age

Our ancestors lived in Europe during the ice age, Europe did not freeze over. There was plenty of plants.

Look at that weston price foundation bullshit. It is full of contradictory advice just in one tiny infographic. But because it is just some dumb kikess cashing in on price's name (which should be worthless because he was a fraud), she has no fucking clue that her advice makes no sense. Common wheat is just as traditional as emmer wheat, we've used them both for the same length of time, which is longer than we've had rye. Yet she claims you shouldn't eat common wheat but should eat rye because "traditional". She says to eat raw seeds even though they are full of anti-nutrients and phytotoxins just like legumes, which are seeds. The very reason we have cooking is to make seeds safer to eat. She says animal fat and sunflower oil are healthy. How is that possible? What on earth do those things have in common? Sunflower oil is toxic PUFA, it is not safe or healthy at all. It is just as bad as canola oil or corn oil or soy oil.

541e27  No.12757058


>unironically using the term incel on 8ch

a large part of females are straight up whore trash. you shouldn't fault a guy for being unable to get laid, fault him for why he doesn't get laid (i.e hes a ugly fucktard)

587649  No.12757074

File: 27efb50c8edf605⋯.jpg (290.56 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, to hell with degenerates..jpg)

Does anyone have that pic where they said hitler never jacked off.

a35076  No.12757388


Hello Ray, there are you again! It's been a long time. Still you don't have any accounts on how the Eskimoes health was so terrible, huh?

Regarding your other remarks: I said they get quite a few things right. I pointed out the problem with grains and legumes.

42c322  No.12757475

File: 56c0fdab2066eea⋯.gif (280.41 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1460670774729.gif)


How are trailer parks? Are they safe or not? Should I apply for section 8? I need to get off my parents basement because my mom is overprotective and have barely make enough income to buy even a condo.

ffae57  No.12757481


Is calling someone Ray supposed to be your heeb version of us calling you Shlomo or something? What do you mean still don't have accounts? Every account ever for the last 150 years has said the same thing. Getting a couple of things right by accident isn't ok. That just makes it more likely for people to see something correct and assume the rest of the wrong shit is also correct. Facts are facts, you don't promote a kike a mix of truth and lies in an infographic and pretend that's ok because "well something in there is probably true".

483fb0  No.12757484


I always see in these threads to take cold showers but I've never seen a reason why. I can guess that there's a good reason but I was wondering if anyone had information on the matter.

000000  No.12757523


Being cold raises your testosterone.

42c322  No.12757530


bump please answer question what home can white man get if he makes 10/hr?

7d8f29  No.12757532


The way our brain work, well I am starting to get a very slight grasp as to how the hormones play a role. The dopamine especially. With porn I could feel several arousal type of effects being prolonged. Without porn they just dissipate faster. And the eery thing is that chart which displayed the time passage, I remembered it and then applied it to myself and I found it to be accurate.

The eery part is that it controls how we think. Sexual desire for women makes us pay attention more to them, which forms emotion, tied with mirror neurons. All of it is a fucking joke man. I went through many of these emotions, and things that people have taken for granted, poetically, romantically, but also spiritual and religious. And I have found most of it to be laughable. These things that people thought that they were special and magic and whatever. They turned out to be combinations of hormones, states of mind and lots of other dumb things combined. Each isolated onto itself devoid of higher meaning.

And out of this mess only the spirit of self control and discipline has remained intact. Self control, self mastery and discipline. Stoic virtues.

And dopamine and pace, could be another thing that we could use to get to a higher level of self control, which isnt religious bs, its quite accurate. The weekly to monthly magazines is a nice approach. Perhaps we should get a mailing list like service that stallman has lol. But the pace of this board is still nice enough. Tho I think I will avoid halfcuck for a long time now.

7d8f29  No.12757537


yea fuck therapy, meditation is pretty neat, it can solve a lot of problems. Funny thing is that some shrinks actually recommend it.

611cf7  No.12757552


They're fine. My neighbors made me unofficial security since I'm the "gun toting nazi". Kek. Just look around the neighborhood before you choose. The trailer park i'm in is 100% White, while if i would have moved to the one 15 minutes away there would be spics. Get out, live cheap, and you can always upgrade later.

ffae57  No.12757559


Two reasons. First cold showers boost your immune system. https://hbr.org/2018/03/cold-showers-lead-to-fewer-sick-days

Second, white people have an organ we call "brown adipose tissue". It exists to break down fats and use the stored energy to produce heat. In doing so, it also releases the fat soluble vitamins with it, like vitamin D. Because of our native climate, we don't get enough vitamin D in the winter from the sun. So we evolved to store up vitamin D in fat during the summer and then release it during the winter. But if you stay warm all the time your BAT is never activated. Cold showers are enough to activate your BAT and release your stored vitamin D.

7d8f29  No.12757630


oh and to add: control of pace gave me the ability to sleep normally again. I just noticed something weird, whenever I go on the internet, and I witness something that it too fast, too aggressive, be it threads or a video of sorts…it basically turns my brain into an overdrive mode. and I require more tiredness to fall asleep. I also lose track of "myself", some sense of hydration, basic maintenance of all sorts.

perhaps it are the symptoms of an internet addict.

So when I adjusted for the pace again, I found myself to be able to sleep well once more. Not in specific times, but when I was tired, any time of the day really. And then I realized that this too was kinda uncommon, as a lot of people, even outside of the internet have problems doing just this. Pace…they also had problems with it. Perhaps through other means, through smartphones, or emotional engagements in their own lives that were overburdening them.

So yea.

7d8f29  No.12757642


there was a rumor of sorts that the jews deleted the natsoc physical fitness manuals…I think that we are slowly uncovering those things manually right now. Racially specific diets, and now also racially specific exercises? People probably tried to explain wim hoff.

f0e069  No.12757919


>that spirituality section

no thanks im not a heathen

a23c26  No.12757949

What are some /sig/ tier stuff to watch on jewtube during my commutes to work. No documentary shit, actual stuff that will improve me as a white male with a wife who wants to improve his family by getting a better job.

e5b440  No.12757966

424331  No.12758481

File: 858da228ade7831⋯.jpg (992.29 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, tmp_14704-20190204_1919211….jpg)


Trips of truth about being straight with your beliefs. Whether to beat around the bush or not is debatable.

>pic related

>many such cases

695aa9  No.12758488

Don't be a goat.

81cd62  No.12758519


>"oh interesting"

<has no idea or interest in what that is, and doesn't ask

>"i'm watching cartoons

What a catch.

045b91  No.12758632

File: ab87f37570dbfcb⋯.jpg (3.38 MB, 1044x8017, 1044:8017, Cr1.jpg)

Seems like the place to leave this

695aa9  No.12758636

Just to offer a suggestion. Never tell her what you're actually doing.

Say something off the wall like, "Reading a book about some couple and the woman is off asking the standard questions like a call center employee of her significant other, and he's telling her that he's playing with wet panties."

f8afd4  No.12758644


Women aren't for thinking, anon.

65d6b0  No.12758654


lol women dont know what The Turner Diaries is. I think the world would freeze over if an actual women read that from start to finish.

ffae57  No.12758771


Holy fuck my sides. Supreme kikery rabbi (1) and done.

695aa9  No.12758816


See that7how they get you. They tell you they will let you have anything you want if you suck their dick once, next thing you know they are trying to pay thousands of dollars to do it again.

A few weeks later, you're making tens of thousands sucking dicks.

I don't know if that is really how it goes. That's just what I imagine it's like for prostitutes.

97f1bb  No.12758844

File: 78fc15e214f3c86⋯.png (19.96 KB, 474x473, 474:473, 78fc15e214f3c864c408abcb4a….png)



As much as I would like to, I have a hard enough time just getting out of bed in the morning, if I wasn't NatSoc then I probably would have unironically an hero'd by now.

I got screwed as a kid by being left behind socially and academically, there are few if any jobs I can do, and even if I do get a job it's unlikely that I will keep it for more than 2 months.

Everyday is a struggle, I have become so despondent, I no longer care about attaining social interaction, or money, or a woman.

I'm not even sure if I will live to see the end of this year, let alone old age.

I'm tired frens, I really am.

570f43  No.12758888


Stay breathing for your Folk anon. Even for those who do not appreciate it. They will understand either in this life or the next.

e7d472  No.12758914

File: b8d36cd44028ba4⋯.png (195.92 KB, 680x361, 680:361, FlyForth.png)

File: 114e6d569e352c2⋯.mp4 (6.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bolieve.mp4)

File: aac797fef1b0ab5⋯.mp4 (7.3 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 88.mp4)

File: fb3dfaa781a6406⋯.png (341.58 KB, 464x404, 116:101, fb3dfaa781a640648c315c8727….png)



Gotta Check those, stay with the living friend. Things can get better for those that work for them.

>I don't care

is a goddamn excuse. Make yourself care, or pretend or do it out of spite and anger and hatred at what society, your peers and ancestors have made you into. Get up, get better, exercise if for nothing else to tell life to go fuck itself every morning. Keep a job for 2 months and then three months and then get a better job and then three months and then 6 months and just keep going and going and going. Don't kill yourself, you can do better and you only need one person to believe in you. It's me you fucker so get up, don't fucking proove me wrong.

81cd62  No.12758922


True. Pay attention to when a woman doesn't ask you questions, though. If she's not interested in what you're doing, then she's not that interested in you. If she's not acting a like a fan of yours, wanting to know every detail, but instead responds to what you tell her with a description of what she's more interested in (in this case cartoons in bed) then something is wrong.

Also that message exchange starts with "hey sorry, I got a little busy", implying a modern woman put down her phone to do something else, to which I say "citation needed". Bitch is cheating, or stringing along an orbiter.

81cd62  No.12758929


Your dubs have been outclassed.


Heil Hitler Anon must live.

b28230  No.12758931



97f1bb  No.12758939


well if you work 40 hours average every week for a year then you will make roughly $21,000 (taxes usually go on a 1/8th to 1/9th scale which as that pay is somewhere between $2200-$2600 for he whole year) and also not including overtime, bonuses, tips, etc.

So that leaves you with between $18k and $19k

So lets factor in a car + costs (gas and insurance will be the biggest recurring cost, maintenance and repairs will cost almost as much if not more) a car is a good tool to have as it permits more freedom and mobility, but just assume that used car = $2k-$5k for one that is in OK condition, insurance is likely to run $1k-$2k a year depending on the company you get, gas can be a little more forgiving as it is determined by what you drive (prius vs V8 super hemi dually) how much you drive (daily commute + any special trips or travel) and how how you drive (stomping on the gas vs taking it easy) this can also be alleviated if you can ride a bike or moped to work.but lets say $150 in gas for a month ($1800/year) so already you would be spending $6300 for a modest choice your first year and ~$3300 every year after, but since we're just starting out we'll go with the former. Now we're down to ~$13k

At this point you have to focus on, and only on things you NEED, like a safe place to sleep at night (cold can kill so a shed won't cut it unless you do some heavy remodeling, which we are below poverty tier poor, so that's a no-go)

A decent room for rent will run you about $500 smakeroos/month, so thats another $6k each and every year (it's much more if you actually own a place)

So now your poor ass is down to a whole $7000

if your like mostnormal people then you don't want to starve to death/get lightheaded at work, you will need food, now this is an entirely different subject on it's own, but it's gonna cost you, especially for a whole fucking year, but here is a basic. If your a lazy poorfag that can't cook and has to eat dollar menu shit food (let's say at taco bell) for you to actually get close to "full" your gonna be buy ~$10 bucks worth of food every day (less if you don't mind skipping a meal, which I do not suggest) so that's ~$300 a month, so $3600/year

Congrats skippy, you have survived a whole year and have ~3400 a year to spend on whatever you would like! internet, cable, phone, vidya, computers, whatever. However please do be aware that how I have estimated you are likely to have closer to $2000 overall spending money, which in all honesty your probably gonna have to spend a good chunk on car maintenance (which I didn't factor in) and whatever else may pop up (like medical, which there are ways to circumvent, but not always)

My final suggestions would be 1. get a gun (niggers can and will steal whatever you have because lol niggers) 2. save your money like a greedy kike (keep some in cash in case (((banks))) try to fucko you)

Have fun, and welcome to The United States of America™!

97f1bb  No.12758945




Thank you kind anons, it gets lonely sometimes, it's nice to know that there are comrades out there.

Hail Victory!

81cd62  No.12758985


You are far from alone. You're part of a whole. Remember to do as Dr. Pierce said: see yourself set in a larger context. Even being a positive representation of a white man in mere appearance is a boon to your brothers. Every clean, fit, principled white man is an inspiration to his race, and an offense to his enemies. You doing well does matter to us.

If you find yourself willing to give up your life for nothing, why not surrender it to something great than yourself instead? If you don't like it, don't worry, it won't last forever, but you will have been a part of something that will outlive you.

97f1bb  No.12758995



also tl;dr bonus round

you can make a small bit of money trading stocks (use a free one like robinhood) otherwise your gains will be eaten up by (((fees))), happened to me tbh.

You can save on housing if you crash with some other dudes, although you may have to give up some privacy for that, but do keep in mind that my estimate was for a ROOM, not an entire structure.

You can get a decent street legal dirtbike/scooter on ebay for a little less that $1500, while it has it's limitations, you will save big on insurance, initial vehicle cost, gas, etc.

biggest drawback would be inclement weather (you can rent a u-haul van for $20 bucks to move your stuff if you need to, could probably even fit your dirtbike in it)

Check armslist for guns, you can sometimes get a reasonable deal if you look around enough, and break action single barrel shotgun should do as you just need to be able to put a barrier between you and an aggressor, these run ~$100-$150 new and used

Food can be cheapened a great deal, such as oatmeal, literally a buck fidy at walmart, it will feed you for no less than two weeks if you get a reasonable serving each morning, also prepare meals at home with dried beans/rice and add some beef or chicken and your set, this should save you a noticeable bit in the food section

depending on how shitty your willing to go you can also get a room for a fraction of $500, but this also increases the chance of niggeryness, so beware.

overtime can net you decent extra money, but it will increase your taxes, which may lead to a marginal increase in take home pay, and it will also be taxing on your body, as you need AT LEAST 8 hours of solid sleep, and + leisure time, this will decrease one or both depending.

check out https://7chan.org/jew/ there is a lot of good information especially in regards to food, I reccomend giving it a good look over and noting anything you find

good luck anon!

570f43  No.12759248

What is the best site or book to learn about traditional European religious practices.

Cant into Christianity.

97f1bb  No.12759324


>>>/asatru/ may have some info for you

eb7353  No.12759396

fdf265  No.12759480

File: 0b877fa5ffdfe78⋯.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 1370918672107.gif)

Can you guys help me? I don't know who else to turn to or what to do. I completely believe in the value of self-improvement, but there's something wrong with me that seemingly nobody can find the cause of, it extends beyond just basic laziness (unless I am deluding myself which is possible). I'm wondering if one of you guys knows what is up.

I never have any energy or motivation for reasons unknown to me. Even just going out to the shop or getting washed and dressed to visit friends is an enormous expenditure of willpower and effort. Exhaustion is constant, no amount of sleep leaves me refreshed. It's more than that, too. I feel almost dizzy at all times, and almost like I'm in a haze. Like I'm constantly on the verge of a headache that never comes. My vision is perfect but somehow feels blurry to me, something I failed to explain to my optician. I can pick out details in the distance easily but it feels like there is some sort of layer of fog on my eyes that I can't clear by blinking, very strange. The weirdest thing is I'm not a huge fatass, only a bit overweight. I wish I had got in the habit of exercising more when I was young but I suffered from asthma (still do but to a lesser extent) which left me wheezing and unable to breathe without my enhaler which really discouraged me from physical exercise on a psychological level, which I regret now. I've also discovered recently that I have had tinnitus since I was a kid, silence is not meant to sound like TV white noise, it may have affected my concentration and mental state on a subconscious level. I have been to the doctor countless times to find out what's wrong with me, had my heart examined, my blood taken, all sorts of things short of a CAT scan. The doctor insists there is nothing wrong with my health. I thought the symptoms might be mental, from depression or autism, but I haven't felt really down and depressed for a long time now, and more severely autistic people than me work out just fine. I feel like a hypocrite because how can I believe in the values of the Overman when I can't even bother myself to get off my ass and go down to the gym? Have any of you guys felt similar to me and found a way past it? How can I shed this dreamlike existence when it feels like I will pass out from dizziness just by running for 15 minutes? What the hell is wrong with me that doctors can't diagnose? Am I really just a lazy asshole?

07ba16  No.12759502


Sounds like you might have sleep apnea.

07ba16  No.12759511

File: c22592aed680dfe⋯.png (18.34 KB, 1319x272, 1319:272, 1533255280446.png)

97f1bb  No.12759514


tbh it's probably depression and apathy, I have a lot of the issues you described and really all I can suggest is to practice proper breathing, try to drink/sip water constantly, and make sure you eat 3 times a day of modest amounts.

demoralization is a bitch but you have to keep pushing through, some things you may need to disregard and focus on other things, such as the aforementioned things, also try to fix your posture as that can affect your breathing and bloodflow, for me personally it's become an issue for me as I always feel somewhat out of breath even while siting, and when I try to sit up fully straight my neck pops like a knuckle does (that and several other major joints in my body)

81cd62  No.12759518


It sounds like you know exactly what's wrong. The things you should be doing are things that you're not doing. I understand it's hard to get going, but that's what needs to happen.

Start with the basic stuff that doesn't require as much motivation, since that's something you're (understandably, as this world sucks right now) low on. Things like proper diet (more meat and fat than anything, and get some organ meat for nutrients), fresh air, good posture, etc. Beyond this point you'll probably need to be intensely propagandized to defeat your apathy (which I'd bet is hugely the result of a negative propaganda consumed over your lifetime, and the habits formed from it). Watch and listen to people you look up to. Spend time around people who have achieved something you wish to achieve. Display philosophy where you will see it repeatedly throughout your day (write it on a sticky note). You need support to reach your potential, and the more proof you have in your life that it can be done, the more likely you are to realize it.

a35076  No.12759547


No, I call you Ray, because you keep repeating the same Ray Peat "Sugar is fine, it's the toxic PUFA" bullshit. Again and again you have claimed in several threads sugar to be a clean source of energy with damage like heart disease being a cause of PUFA consumption. Sugar is inflammatory just as PUFAs are. I'd like to see a study that is neither a rat study or an observational study to actually back up your claims.

Also, if you have access to those sources stating the Eskimoes have all the time been in so terrible health, go ahead! Cite a few of them, including location and time frame of the observation. So far, I'm going to assume those Eskimoes you are talking about already lived on western staples llike white flour and jams. They also picked up smoking rapidly.

I don't know what your problem concerning my comment about the infographic is. I agreed with you about grains and legumes and pointed the problem out before you did so. In fact, only the file name refers to the Weston Price foundation.

81cd62  No.12759557


Anybody can't consume sugar and conclude that it's bad for you, and anybody can eat fresh meat and find their health improving. No studies needed. People like that are of credentialist mindset. They need authority to give them their beliefs.

81cd62  No.12759558




98758c  No.12759579


Holy fuck this is some of the worst form i have ever seen. Please do not squat like this, for the love of your own body.

d38dfd  No.12759583


"Doubt not, O poet, but persist. Say, `It is in me, and shall out.’ Stand there, baulked and dumb, stuttering and stammering, hissed and hooted, stand and strive, until, at last, rage draw out of thee that dream-power which every night shows thee is thine own; a power transcending all limit and privacy, and by virtue of which a man is the conductor of the whole river of electricity. Nothing walks, or creeps, or grows, or exists, which must not in turn arise and walk before him as exponent of his meaning. Comes he to that power, his genius is no longer exhaustible. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson

52b610  No.12759605


Could also be narcolepsy.

a44a07  No.12760361


That was generally great form apart from the bar bending preventing a re-rack which was either a goofy thing he did for attention or he just used a shitty bar. That's a huge amount of weight, too, assuming those are 45 irons which they appear to be.

a44a07  No.12760490

File: 4463f605ff72208⋯.gif (94.11 KB, 248x255, 248:255, 1413217536950.gif)


Hang in there, anon. You're not alone in this remember that. Lots of us coming from similar circumstances, many of us usually a bit older have even overcome much of it although of course we're always works in progress. If you're not already on a calesthenics our powerlifting routine try that, it will give you discipline and seeing the numbers going up which you can even chart in a spreadsheet will keep you motivated. If you're not already taking a D3 supp try that it's not a cure-all and you'll still have valleys but at least you eliminate one possible vector because we really are mind-body, not just mind. Then as you diet to lower bodyfat it will give you more free testosterone which will literally give you a higher baseline confidence and make you happier, it's like free low-dose steroids courtesy of your family jewels' natural production. Also make sure you are getting to sleep at a regular time. You may already being doing some or all of this but the point is to have a solid foundation to build on so there aren't any glaring weak links holding you down.

a44a07  No.12760542

File: 351157cbda445d5⋯.png (139.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1494124617895.png)


The only thing I can beyond what other anons said about posible sleep apnea (losing weight will help which is 3/4 diet) add here is that running is like weightlifting in some respects, if you look at a 5K program you have to gradually increase the intervals and pacing of your runs, and periodize them to go harder the back off and repeat in an undulating fashion. This is all to say that there is something under running which is taking long walks. Start with 1 mile walk, then walk a bit brisker the next time, and increase your distance and pace slowly until you're fast-walking for 3-4 miles. If you can find some kind of winding trail, ideally in a circuit, it helps because you have a consistent set of milestones to gauge your progress against. If it's in nature then you can enjoy the scenery and sounds, or listen to music, or even kill two birds with one stone and listen to an audiobook, maybe some long piece of fiction you normally wouldn't read. Good luck anon and remember motivation is a habit. You must start, then follow through to build momentum and continue. Expect setbacks, it's normal. So if you lose momentum you go through the process again and you'll find that each time it's a bit easier and you won't be starting from complete scratch once you warm up back into the swing of things, even if it feels like it at first.

611cf7  No.12760567


Also, get in a machine shop as an operator, you'll make at least what you are now, probably more. Ask the old guys to show you the ropes, they'll be happy to, and before long you'll have a career as a machinist. and can make your own funs

71d4b9  No.12760569

>Brush your teeth twice a day and don't forget to floss

>Damaging your gums *every day* with floss

Just like my ancestors, right?

Kiked thread, disregarded everything else if the OP is promoting the American (((Dental Industry))).

81cd62  No.12760579


If you're regularly eating anything besides meat, you better be cleaning your mouth thoroughly. The modern diet has necessitated the practices we see today. Also, I'm sure our ancestors picked their teeth even on the correct diet..

d43cd6  No.12760682

File: fbd9b44f0b38410⋯.png (7.26 MB, 1904x3882, 952:1941, WestonPriceNutrition.png)


>Keep in mind however, that legumes, nuts and seeds contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid which hinder mineral absorption.

88c025  No.12761447


>>Brush your teeth twice a day and don't forget to floss

>>Damaging your gums *every day* with floss

>>Just like my ancestors, right?

>>Kiked thread, disregarded everything else if the OP is promoting the American (((Dental Industry))).

<Oy vey, dont brush away the fermenting carbs and acidic residue goy! Your teeth are suppose to go brown and fall out! Oh you need to buy some denchers, lucky for you I have just the right set for $$$$!

You jews come to every /SIG/ thread and attempt to slide or undermine good advice, and not once does anyone buy it. Why even try?

4eed9c  No.12761596

File: 2271011883cebdf⋯.jpg (85.25 KB, 611x393, 611:393, Enneagram 2.jpg)

File: 63865653af2b359⋯.jpeg (9.89 KB, 284x178, 142:89, growth and fixed.jpeg)

File: d6db97f4a9a2ac9⋯.jpeg (10.52 KB, 182x277, 182:277, mindset.jpeg)

File: 13077165a5b9538⋯.jpg (226.98 KB, 1871x1016, 1871:1016, mooc.jpg)

Study the enneagram (know what you are and find out the personality of those around you are), there is no better personality test, I like to compare this model to marine boot camp in that it tears you down and builds you back up into the man you were meant to be. (myers briggs is trash)


Develop a growth mindset, and take MOOCs in your free time.

f837e0  No.12761615


Read Sun & Steel. The book's author was in a similar situation. Lost. Directioneless. Unmotivated. He found a interesting way out.

Hell, I think every NEET or cripplingly demoralized anon should read Sun & Steel. If that guy had born in our generation, he probably would have posted in 2channel/2chan. And gotten vanned because lmao coup attempt.

Sun & Steel helped me quite a bit. Gave me more or less unexpected motivation, I improved the food I was eating, and the way I was eating. Started exercising, dropped 20 kilos. Now I am working towards starting my own business and, improving mental aspects and unfucking certain substandard traits or issues.


Go camp innawoods for a week. If you're starting to feel better then your house might be moldy and that mold is fucking up your body big time.

3691e6  No.12761759

What is all this nonsense about getting a job anyway

Who wants to work in a jew run economy where every dollar earned is yet more labor extracted by the kikes to enslave us?

Just rob kikes lol, that’s what hitler did

2887b9  No.12761843

File: f014e2a332468cd⋯.mp4 (13.98 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Sir Oswald Mosley - The De….mp4)


That infographic once it gets down to news sources is a new level of comical, while it's appreciated that you try fit in please lurk for the two years suggested. I mean no offense by this but you'll learn after a while how bad those sources are. Maybe stop using 4cuck for infographs.


The isolation can truly be overwhelming. We are facing the darkest hour of the European peoples while the heroes who tried to save us remain lost, nay worse than that, unpersoned. Adolf, Mosley, Rockwell, good men who tried to stop the tide are gone and we few are left waiting for a glimmer of hope. The darkness that pervades you is the realisation of this and that is what you *must* move past. I would gamble you, like me, see the degredation of our people and our lands grow bit by bit every day. It grates at your morale, fills the heart with incandescent rage at such atrocities and sadness at what is lost. You must turn that rage and sadness into determination. Determination to become a better man, the Overman.

I posted something similar last thread but i'll post what I said before once again. You are of European blood, you are a son of the greatest people this world has ever known and will ever know. Our people have touched the stars, cured diseases once thought incurable, built incredible monuments that to this day stand the very test of time. You are the son of everyone from heroes to simple farmers. What has been taken from you, you yourself must regain. You have had your honour, your nobility, your very spirit taken from you by the (((tribe))) and their vile collaborators. But you can take it back.

The trick is simple, aim to become the best you can be. Aim for the unattainable perfection of the overman, glut yourself on the vast sea of knowledge of our ancestors, steel your body with weights and physical excercise, become what your enemies fear the most. An unabashed example of the greatness of the European people. It can be done. Yes the road can be hard, yes it is lonely, but it *can* be done. Take back what was stolen from you son of Europa.

Some years ago I found this board and fell into a deep darkness myself while lurking, around the time Gamergate began. I was slovenly, lazy and a disapointment to myself. But sometime during the Kampfy era a /sig/ thread went up, one of the rare times it occured and it saved me. What I learnt then I share with you now as many here are already doing. In taking the strength I was given I found new purpose. A fight, the greatest fight of all, for the survival of our people. From that drive I found a wife and now have a son and I hope to have more soon. We can all make it as long as we never lose sight of our fight and hope for our future. You'll make it anon. Stand fast.

7d8f29  No.12761849


It helps you to understand the norms better. Also some of them are really not bad, skill creation is also a good skill to have, which you kinda have to learn at jobs. You get guidance, interaction with norms, and money. Away from the dopamine pit that is the internet. I found working to be quite peaceful at times.

You can also learn a great deal of things on them in ways you may not expect. Like how well do certain people sleep, what are the patterns of the people, what do they buy, what kinds of prospects do they have. How effective is the jew propaganda against them. How can you reach them better?

Work, and jobs are treasure troves of learning, even if you are "stuck in a dead end job", you have to remember that you get a ton of new people to meet with quite often, if you work at a med to large size company. So yea.

84d95e  No.12761919

Message to other anons

Don't be like >>12751958

a44a07  No.12761990


Certainly at a minimum, proper brushing and flossing technique is important to prevent or reduce gumline erosion.

352696  No.12762047


In all seriousness, you don't have to tell her anything about what you think. It is your woman anyway, she will bring your children into this world, which is enough. If she is no feminazi, at this point in history she has a sane foundation for discovering the truth herself. Maybe there will be conflict when you think ahead for the family by choosing a better place to live, but with the first chimpout at the school of HER children and your priming/framing, everything will fall into its right place.

aa8a36  No.12762051


The Price-Pottenger Nutrition foundation does a much better job of representing the findings of Dr. Price. The foundation you mentioned, though sharing his name, is run by quacks who promote some decent ideas mixed with top-tier health retardation.

ac8870  No.12762059


You never had a chance to be, low born as you are.

30a31a  No.12762089

File: 002b10189bffe3a⋯.jpg (474.99 KB, 2407x3082, 2407:3082, 190206 Daily Routine.jpg)

What I have done is weaponised my autism against myself. I made and constantly refine this chart. In the 9 left hand columns I gain points, and loose points in the 3 yellow columns. At the end of the day I put a 0,1 or ½ in each box, and add the totals in the green box. You can probably guess what the symbols in the top row mean.

In using this technique you can see the results of your willpower and it should create a motivational feedback loop. You manipulate the point “economy” to change your lifestyle. The chart should be tailored to the individual, simply make columns for the things you find important and don’t make it too hard to get a point.

3da6fb  No.12762095


You're brown brown. Not even a good brown brown. A muddy tone. I am pale beyond belief when hydrated.

352696  No.12762113


> Sauerkraut

> nutrient dense

Hahaha, Sauerkraut ist a fucking stomach filler, nothing more. Biosauerkraut is about 3 CHF/500g which is about a thousandth of a monthly disposable income here.

But it works. I can only eat 250g and then my stomach just stops. The sourness and the mass inhibit the want for more for a long time. Just today I ate a literal Weinwurst auf Sauerkraut. Time to prepare? I guess 2 minutes, 45 minutes simmer time.

352696  No.12762115


> Eskimo

> Masai

I am not related to "those ppl". My ancestors lived in the Alps and ate cheese and meat. If somebody is against this, they are literally against everything me and my country is.

81cd62  No.12762118


>You can probably guess what the symbols in the top row mean

<get some sun

<eat snow



<wear skintight pants in public

<high five

<go to work

<open a book


<eat french fries

<fight the power

<watch youtube

Good list, anon. I'll start doing all of these.

84d95e  No.12762131


That's rich coming from an "all walk no talk" no-name nigger like you.

30a31a  No.12762133


I keep my chart on a clipboard on the wall and people who see it usually try to guess, and usually get most right.

352696  No.12762138


If you drown out by running 15 minutes, then only run 14. Every other day. Just this. then suddenly, you'll either recover or you drop dead. But what you describe would make me wish to drop dead anyways, so just go for a run of 14 minutes. Test it, run until you think you'll drop dead. Then remember the path and at what place you are. Two days later you run just 100m less. You feel yourself. Then two days later you run to this spot, again. Do this for a month. Then you run to the spot where you thought you'll die.

You suddenly ran to the point where you thought you exterminated yourself and you now think you can run a little farther. This will be your feel of success. Treasure it. Run the same routine every other day, introduce something new, like repeating vocabulary or going for a swim.

81cd62  No.12762163


I'm happy to be the first to guess them all.

000000  No.12762222


I want to add something important. Protect your health, stop taking all sorts of crappy pharma approved drugs.

Make your own medicine. Take 3 9volts batteries and put them in series. Buy two .999 purity silver bulions.Not your grandmother's ring or shitty ebay chinese silver wires. Just purest silver you can buy (it's @ 100 £/$).

Use only distilled water. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING, NOT SALT, NOT NOTHING.

Put a big pan of water to boil, bend a bigger top so the steam will drip after being condensed on the top to anothe clean top.I bought a water distiller(another 50 £/$)

Drill a small hole in both silver pieces and put 1 copper wire in each hole, connect those wires to the batteries, leave on for 1-2h. Make sure only the silver touches the water. Keep in glass dark bottles, out of light.

Grats you have the best antibiotic money can buy. Use it externaly direct on wounds, burns, infections.

When sick drink 5-6 mouthfulls throughout the day. That's it!

000000  No.12762226


I forgot to add that you can use any dc source as long as it is between 26 and 31 volts.

It will have a metalic slightly bitter taste.

000000  No.12762325


Like I wrote, 4-5 gulps every day for a week. First drink of the day colloidal silver, also last thing before bed.You'll need to increase iron in your diet (spinach).

Does wonders and there are literally no side effects.I helped me with my haze and many other things.

1da7c9  No.12762343


I made a similar tracking chart for myself at the beginning of the year. I have different ones for different tasks/data so I can see the whole year on one page for each thing. For example I have one for exercise with a different square for each day of the year, and I will color it in with the color corresponding to the type of exercise, such as lifting, cardio, calisthenics. I have another for words written per day, and once I hit certain benchmarks I will write the number in a different color. Doing the same thing with weight. With the colors it is easy to see trends at a glance. It’s been a really helpful strategy so far, and I would recommend making yourself a chart for any long term goals you are working on. I prefer tracking on hard copies, but if you do it on the computer you can turn the data into graphs as well to track progress

40d196  No.12762378


>doesn't know anything

Swing and a miss.

4ab820  No.12762382


Don't forget your diy bernie glowsticks

40d196  No.12762391


> is admitting to being involved with child porn

000000  No.12762416


Up until 1940's it was in nearly all medical books but you can't really patent that and it's easy to make. Not everything that will improve your health has to come from a lab. Go to the library and read some of those books, or just read on "current" research. The conclusion is self-evident.

The only argument they can bring is argyria and that smurf idiot.

First it's the only documented case in @ 100 years and second if you read about him he used chemically obtained silver colloid that he on purpose applied wrongly.

Even now they put silver nitrate in children's eyes at birth

44b947  No.12762781


Great post


For this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

4ab820  No.12763070


You can pick up collodial silver from specialty health stores. You don't need to drink fucking battery tea.

000000  No.12763192


1 You don't really know how they do it, how safe it is. If they use unpure silver mixed with nickel you can have nasty side effects, even die a little bit.

2 Even if it is safe, why buy it? It is cheaper to make it yourself in the long run.

3 You can control your own concentration.

4 Battery tea ?! Electrolysis is the best way to do it. Chemical way has huge drawbacks. Unless by using insults you mean to downplay how important it is to not depend on pharma.

aa8a36  No.12763817

File: afb10bde2c30128⋯.png (67.17 KB, 910x1114, 455:557, iceman method.png)


The Price-Pottenger Nutrition foundation does a much better job of representing the findings of Dr. Price. The foundation you mentioned, though sharing his name, is run by quacks who promote some decent ideas mixed with top-tier health retardation.


Baby steps, see atttached and research Wim Hof

84d95e  No.12763900

File: 3d3d0659d7dacc5⋯.png (125 KB, 628x766, 314:383, ClipboardImage.png)

How do I break away from needing external validation/guidance? I've been biting off more than I can chew just to show how much "more" I am than the average normalfag while also tearing myself down for being an actual autist.

31d7f1  No.12764410



ffae57  No.12764413


>No, I call you Ray, because you keep repeating the same Ray Peat "Sugar is fine, it's the toxic PUFA" bullshit

So, because more than one person is aware of facts, they all become the same person?

>Sugar is inflammatory just as PUFAs are.

Show me the evidence Shlomo.

>I'd like to see a study that is neither a rat study or an observational study to actually back up your claims.

Ah, the classic reddit "you need a dozen studies meeting my arbitrary requirements to disprove my complete and total lack of any evidence at all". Nice! You know full well it is impossible to perform a controlled experiment on humans since WW2. But hey, I am sure proctor and gamble have your best interests at heart right? I am sure it is just a co-incidence that they spent a century pumping millions of dollars into "saturated fat is the problem" propaganda, and then when that finally started falling to truth began pumping million of dollars into "sugar is the problem" propaganda. Yes, lets ignore that there's dozens of studies showing PUFA are toxic and cause all the modern dietary diseases because "rats don't real", while simultaneously claiming sugar is toxic based on a rat study that didn't control for PUFA intake. Brilliant.

>So far, I'm going to assume those Eskimoes you are talking about already lived on western staples llike white flour and jams.

Yeah, that's probably it. The eskimos we made first contact with actually had advanced time travel devices allowing them to go into the future to get flour from future us.

>I don't know what your problem concerning my comment about the infographic is.

My problem is promoting a garbage infographic full of wrong shit because it accidentally has one thing right is terrible. Both intellectually and for people who might read it.


>if I just repost the same retard infographic it will not be retarded this time

133bde  No.12764469


Most people do not care about where you are in your self improvement journey, they only really care about the results.

Your problem is you are competing against normies rather than doing it solely for yourself. People will see that in you, and be turned away from your eagerness to compare yourself to others. If you are top shit, people will see you as top shit. Keep the fight up for yourself, not for validation from women and normies.

40d196  No.12764471


Self isolate and find something you have never done before of a physical challenge and never share it with anybody. I mean it. Go Gitmo silent about it. If asked the challenge is to never speak about it. It's an internal validation that keeps you driving to be better. If you ever speak of it you should feel nothing but shame.

You're an OTO, aren't you? Have one of the sisters keep you in check. Determine a form of punishment if you ever get out of control.

I have a outrageous drive to seek conflict. It's my genetics. It have a an arrangement that keeps me from doing things I know I don't want to with the OTO sisters myself.

fc6ad3  No.12764526



fc6ad3  No.12764544


Engineering can be hard to break into, so can trades.

I can recommend nursing if you can handle the bitches and egos (ie, you survived high school and retail).


84d95e  No.12764594


Sort of an example, but dad always compared me to my cousin and always did this "Why can't you be like X" shit that always blew holes in my self esteem. I hate his fucking nagging - it's a mix of asian dad/boomer dad bullshit.

The moment I saw other, "i'll never draw like they do"-tier better artists, my motivation to improve got shot to shit.


OTO? I'm an only child. Also, the whole "self-isolation" thing is sorta hard when you need the internet for art refs and can't into books immediate feedback validation from others, which is what I need help with. I've always sought to be different/better than, so turning that on myself sounds like a goal.

dbe3d2  No.12764709

Any /fit/fags here? What are some exercises a shut in neet can do on a flat carpet floor without equipment? What would a routine look like? Just point me in the right direction please.

98758c  No.12764765


Just search for "basic beginner bodyweight routine" you should be able to find tons of videos on jewtube at least. Push ups and squats are the best to do, no equipment required. Try doing 4 sets of 20 push ups and 4 sets of 40 squats a day to start. If you can only do 5 or 10 pushups at a time thats okay, just rest but still shoot for 80 total. I am up to 4 sets of 60 push ups, doing 60 in a row. If you cant do a single proper push up, start on your knees or standing pressing away from a wall. If youre searching for beginner bodyweight routines a good video will show you these variations. Most importantly above all, do this every day no matter what. You are the sum of your days. Consistency is what matter, not how many you can do but the fact that you do it every day.

f5c810  No.12764768


I can't hold your hand kid. I have other responsibilities to people that expect me to be at a specific location every day for a set amount of time.

Join OTO, if you're heterosexual, you won't regret it. Being involved with them has improved my outlook on life drastically. My lapses into conflict seeking have steadily grown further and further apart. I am still extremely detail oriented, but I haven't had the issues I had in the past where I would hyper focus on a target to break it. Anybody that has been on the other side of that conflict can attest to what it's like. That drive is relentless and in the past once I started I wouldn't stop.

That last part actually got me to where I am today, but now I know when I need to walk away from a situation instead of simply conquering everything in my path. OTO helped me with that immensely. Think of it like a social club that has no established location, because there are members everywhere.

84d95e  No.12764828


I didn't know what you meant by OTO, which is why I sorta asked back there.

1c5e15  No.12764847


Lookup core workouts and you can do a multitude of different pushup positions to work various muscle groups in your shoulders, back, and chest. Squats are good as well, make sure you do them properly. You can buy weights from Walmart for under a dollar a pound. Not sure where you live but on Craigslist in the states you can find tons of gym equipment for free. People don't want to bother with moving it so you just go and pick it up from them for free usually.

1c5e15  No.12764851




When you are doing pushups, if you are not strong enough to do reps in a proper form then just use your knees until you get motion, position, and enough muscle to do real pushups.

a35076  No.12764891


Glad to see my expectations confirmed.

966f00  No.12764998


Read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. It was wrote in the 90s but one thing he points out is with our addiction to fast moving entertainment we are losing the ability to think deeply

966f00  No.12765019



e34966  No.12765115


This should be pasta for wholesome threads. Well said anon.

966f00  No.12765146


Working for an investment bank is great. You can learn how the system works and be in a great position to help fellow whites with loans and investing.


While liver is the most nutritionally packed food there is after reading Mangan's book about iron overload being a major cause of age related illnesses I have stopped eating it. I am not sure there is any truth to what Mangan claims but there is no harm in reducing iron because my diet, and any man's diet, will already be high enough in iron and everything in liver can be obtained elsewhere, though not as well. If you are eating organs I cannot recommend bone marrow and gelatin enough. Hearts are also cheaper than muscle meats despite being nothing but another muscle.


Put some meat on your bones and stop being a skinny weak fat. White men should be strong and fit. Being skinny is for niggers in Africa.


Good luck bro. I fast regularly and the health benefits are great. I have done one meal a day before and for this I cannot recommend a crock pot enough. Look up perpetual stews. Start a crockpot and just keep cooking and adding more stuff. Do not turn it off. If you are only eating once a day then everything will be cooked and everything you don't eat will slowly break down into the broth such as vegetables and bones.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome maybe.


Not my cup of tea but I can second this. If you can handle people then you can make money and have a guaranteed job. You can also look at being a medic. The skills you would gain would be invaluable on the dotr.

acafd7  No.12765163


Thank you for your Effort, and love for your people Anon. Cecil Rhodes is looking down on you with tremendous pride.

acafd7  No.12765184


I like this too.. Short and Sweet. What better goal is there than Immortality?


88c025  No.12765422

File: 36403b63052b9b8⋯.jpg (933.49 KB, 1562x4158, 71:189, Start Body Weight Training.jpg)


>Hahaha, Sauerkraut ist a fucking stomach filler, nothing more.

Its also a good probiotic for your gut flora


see pic, also Convict Conditioning is a good read, it was written by a criminal who had to train in a cell for years. Theres plenty of other alternative convict bodyweight routines if you cant get the PDF.


Thank you anon. Old /SIG/ helped me turn my life around, I'm just trying to give something back and help others. Even if I disappear from the board, I hope someone else keeps the /SIG/ going.

97f1bb  No.12765497



pretty sure sauerkraut is also a good source of vitamin C, Potassium, vitamin K and low levels of calcium, iron, B6, and magnesium

not much in the carbs and protein dept. but a good source of key nutrients, plus all it costs is a head of cabbage and a jar of salt

89542c  No.12765765


>rabid sperging

Get your emotions in check, you unhinged kike. The sections regarding seeds, legumes, and nuts have been changed as per this post >>12755849

efe55b  No.12765835

File: 9d5a06c311c87fe⋯.png (475.06 KB, 920x720, 23:18, e4c35497f18ee4644387f39f3a….png)

I just made a post in the Normalizing Brain After Porn thread. Decided to post it here as well to increase chance of quality response.

I wanted to post this in the "(((They))) Want you Mastrubating Because (((They))) Understand Hormones" thread but it hit its limit. If I can't get an answer here I'll remake that thread as it was filled with good info. Anyway heres my post i was gonna post in that thread.

I have some questions that I would really appreciate answers for.

Here's some background.

I have had low testosterone for as long as I can remember. I was put on ADD meds when i was like 4 or 5. I started fapping at a young age. I masterbated 10+ times a day for over 10 years. This had terrible effects on my penis, test, willpower, habits, and more. I hated my life and this world from a young age as well(probably not a coincidence) and I started drinking regularly at around 14. I got stabbed in the nutsack as a teen which couldn't have been good for my test. Alcoholism lasted over 10 years. Damaging my liver, lowering my test, fucking up my life and more. I also was a smoke weed everyday type from age 14 till last year. At around 14 I got into other stupid shit like huffing, and cough syrup. Eventually I got into harder stuff like heroin and meth. After a long meth bender were I damaged my teeth and liver among other things, and went a whole month without any sleep I realized I had to stop this foolishness or I needed to blow my brains out, because that is what I was basically doing via my lifestyle choices.

Fast forward to now. My IQ has most likely dropped(I was considered extremely gifted as a child) but I'm doing everything I can to reverse the damage and /improve/ because /pol/ has given me a reason to live. I live so I can help our people in this struggle for survival and freedom in anyway I can. I don't drink, I don't do illegal drugs, I don't masterbate. I've perfected my diet and supplement regime as best as my finances allow. I'm doing urine therapy and more.

I started taking steroids because even with everything I'm doing I couldn't get my test to good levels. I do a 350mg shot every 4 days or so. I also take about .25mg of Arimidex(an aromitase inhibitor) to keep estrogen levels under control. I have a bunch of Nolvadex that I haven't taken yet. I was gonna start taking it after I take a break from test and "cycle". Should I take some every now and then while on the test? Idk what would be ideal. I want to have children and teach them the esoteric secrets I've learned here. If I'm weak with no test idk if I'd have the balls to accomplish anything though. If I get muscular I'd be more likely to attract a mate and the test helps me act as a man should.

Also reading all the stuff posted about seratonin and dopamine is both interesting and alarming. The only 2 drugs I take now are adderall(in prescribes amounts, I never take more, I'm not trying to get "high") and Kratom. Since both drugs effect serotonin and dopamine I am worried and alarmed. I take the Kratom and Adderall because they give me much needed energy and focus to get shit done. I know it's a vice but I've grown up on the ADD meds and my brain is fucked. I'm older now and I wasted my life, I need to hurry and get shit done. I can't function without it atm, and it's better than all the stupid shit I used to take. I also take the kratom to help with pain. I got heavy metal poisoning from a bunch of jew sources, like (((teeth fillings)))b4 I was wise to jewish tricks. Also (((chemtrails))) spraying aluminium, and (((canned food))) and (((tap water))) and other such sources b4 wising up to them. I also had gotten a job at a steel factory, working for some literall heebs and breathed in insane amounts of metal dust. They had all the women, niggers, and jews doing office work and all the white men getting poisoned doing metal work. My back started having major problems there, hence the kratom, and I did some research and heavy metals are a major cause of that.

Can anyone give me advice on my situation? I want to have children, be strong, be healthy, having a working penis, and be as useful in this fight against jewry as possible. I made a lot of mistakes in my past thanks to being molded by this jewish society, but thinks to yall am now rebelling against it. I've got a lot of probelms tho

ffae57  No.12766208


>still recommends eating toxic seeds

>still recommends eating toxic oils that are the exact opposite of healthy saturated fats

>still recommends "traditional wheat" that is no more traditional than common wheat.

Yeah, its still a bunch of wrong nonsense.

e8aab9  No.12766214


Can a DACARYAN come up with an idea on how to weaponize pee bottles?

9d7b10  No.12766230


not using piss bottles in 2079? you better hurry up bucko

89542c  No.12766274


>evidence provided for claims: non-existent

>gets angry when people don't blindly believe what he is saying

I can see your nose from here, chaim.

ffae57  No.12766315

File: 0468a6790e78488⋯.png (123.97 KB, 538x558, 269:279, 1432013732174.png)


>vegetable oil is healthy goy!

>you didn't provide evidence to counter my lack of evidence, gotcha!

7d8f29  No.12766323

Do you think society hates /sig/? We are the most anti capitalist faction on this planet so to speak.

>forgo tons of shitty industries

>in favor of cheap simplicity, self control, a couple of weights

>strengthening the basis of the natural health

so that means

>health industry

hates us

>food industry

hates us

>media industries (including porn)

hate us

>psychologists and its social branches

hate us

so I have been thinking, who loves us?

>gym schools

love us since we advocate for more working out

>sports clothing industries

love us

>healthy foods industries, including local ones

love us?

>book industries

love us?

>weird esoteric poo in loo's

ugh at least for me, love us?

Its just a bit too early to tell but I like to believe that we are the forerunners, if so, then some industries will grow, and others will shrink, wont they? Anecdotally, like 3 new gyms around me, locally popped up.

a44a07  No.12766366


Anyone who believes this should definitely do it.

a44a07  No.12766382


I think you can eventually get to a point where you start to resent the normalfaggots less when you get humbled by your own failings and limitations. At a certain point you start to see the reasons and (((reasons))) that normalfags are being led astray and realize that you're also susceptible to those things to an extent, then you end up feeling the need to lead them toward the light. When you've accomplished a lot and relatively in shape criticism and what people say start to bounce off you more. Also it's normal to want some external validation since we're ego driven and social creatures. The key is tempering that.

b42700  No.12766385

File: 88ed5a7627e772d⋯.jpeg (26.65 KB, 371x202, 371:202, image.jpeg)


Sounds like Chronic fatigue syndrome which is caused by a lack of E. Coli in the gut.


>The mean distribution of the Gram negative Escherichia coli as a percentage of the total aerobic flora of control subjects was 92.3% compared to 49% in CFS patients.

I had basically the same symptoms and eating raw grass fed beef has helped immensely. Corn fed beef has unnatural strains of è coli which are responsible for most beef related food poisoning cases, so don't eat it.

a44a07  No.12766402


You're going to either have to either accept TRT or come off the steroids with some protocol like HCG or tapering or whatever. You won't find expert advice here, reading the Anabolics Bible and figure it out. I imagine you already know this though. You're going to need to come off the Adderall and Kratom too, of course. Don't expect those to be widely available when SHTF and you don't want to be reliant or set a poor example for future children. You're going to have to ask specific, individual questions to get actionable answers, your situation is too broad other than to say figure out a gameplan to fix each of your biggest problems, then commit and follow through. Good luck anon.

5ac2e5  No.12766406


>Do you think society hates /sig/?

Of course. Trying to be better than your current self, and other people is not good goy behavior. They absolutely hate us.

>who loves us?

No one.

>gym schools

Waste of money. There's heavy stuff all over, you don't need to pay to exercise.

>sports clothing industries

Sportswear is a scam. Work out naked, in worn out old clothes, or in the kind of clothes you'll be wearing when all this training is most likely to be applied. The whole idea of making fitness sterile and comfortable is bullshit. It should be primal.

>healthy foods industries, including local ones

There is nothing healthy in "health food" stores. It's all ultra-processed crap shipped from all over the world meant to appeal to dumb women in "yoga pants". Typically, there's zero meat in these stores, making even the normal supermarket a superior "health food" location.

>book industries

These are owned by kikes, and they serve nothing but lies. If I even bother to buy a book rather than read a pdf I got for free, then I order directly from the author. Sometimes small used book stores have good stuff, too.

>then some industries will grow

I want it all dead, except for me and mine. Then, perhaps, a new spacefaring Sparta can be born.

7d8f29  No.12766435


You are a bit too bleak, there are many great book publishers, both small and big that sometimes serve our needs. As you may notice, things like evola, books about fascism…most of them are still freely sold. We got Buddhism lore as well freely sold. I think that the book industry as a whole is still mostly uncensored and free. The tactic that they employ there seems to be "drown out the good stuff with garbage" instead of censorship.

and gyms…there is literally nothing wrong with them. They serve the egotism maniacs for sure, but as a secondary thing they also serve a healthier lifestyle. Which in turn is the enemy of the health industry. Since prevention = less profit. Biological foods, have less residue, non gmo…so yea. I think that you may view reality a bit too bleak. There are small proponents to us here and there. And if we could somehow make clear that we are not their enemy we can make ourselves both bloom. Like that guy who did "are you beach body ready?"

Our tentacles should sprout out to all of them.

7d8f29  No.12766439

I have also found a neat way to view the normies a bit better, and why they are so shitty, in a new light


Specifically in this video, the containment procedure for the deer, the rituals…do they not remind you of something? Are the normies in reality not much like the deer themselves. They have the power to burst through the walls, but because they lack the concepts they simply cannot even imagine themselves doing so. And thus many of them suicide, or drink themselves into a stupor.

5ac2e5  No.12766458


True, I only speak for myself, and people need stepping stones to get to my philosophy, which they doubtfully would without its necessity.

7d8f29  No.12766471


Plus it would also mean that there would be plenty of employment opportunities for all of us, instead of trying to destroy it all. We could simply try to uplift that little which is good.

1da7c9  No.12766486


Oh yeah totally, fellow nazee, normies are like dumb animals, maybe we should make up some kind of word for them, what about “goyim” has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? They can’t be helped, might as well just give up on them, not anyone else’s fault their like this, just nature :^)

7d8f29  No.12766507


watch the video you retard, my point is that normies are trapped BECAUSE of their rituals. In their sequence of new years resolutions (which quite often fails), to their hollidays about cherishing loved ones (they have ideals that are quite difficult to attain these days), to valentines day (which is now just hollow whore chasing)

The customs of society are made for a people that were greater, better and if you dont treat these animals as dirt (which they are in which I also agree with the kikes) they will never be able to elevate themselves to our levels. But my point is that they are, have been put into a mental trap of sorts. I speculate that if you were to destroy a couple of their rituals, you could undo a lot of bad stuff tying them up to their habits.

7d8f29  No.12766527


for example replace xmas with "garbage day"

>instead of frolicking and cheerful decorations you get

>"you are GARBAGE"

>"you are putrid"

>"you are disgusting, a piece of shit"

>"your forefathers were MEN, you are not even a boy"

Now imagine if we had a holiday like that, instead of positivety you would get quite a different thing. Do you think or do you not think that we would get somekind of desire to undo these messages, or at least what they stand for? I mean, someone has to say it, and be quite obvious about the new status quo. That these people are decayed and dead? The whole world is just waiting of that I believe. These voices that we had in the past that spoke to people, that were the bullwark, the voice of our race…what we have now is no longer the voice of the race. My own words may as well be.

374108  No.12766583


I hope I get 3, I've been putting off Hemingway quite a bit this semester

5ac2e5  No.12766993



3aa07d  No.12768448


I’m glad to see that turn around from Rock Bottom anon, god bless and keep embodying the /SIG/ ethic

89542c  No.12768582

File: a4205f2b3b05006⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Nutrition.png)

7a6857  No.12768677

File: a3e5203b0edb567⋯.png (397.36 KB, 1275x1156, 75:68, carnivore diet.png)

File: b37b54e8a955a70⋯.jpg (80.09 KB, 625x510, 125:102, Bad-Postures.jpg)

File: 69cb4dd2874c1ff⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, dr ken berry.jpg)

File: 9d3d944e0d05990⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 900x900, 1:1, movnat.jpg)

File: 01e0e6bf1c57156⋯.png (9.17 KB, 200x155, 40:31, og zen.png)

c29eec  No.12768731

>Before we can defeat the jews


1fe1a4  No.12768812


>I never thought I would create a Tinder account for the purpose of ideological subversion / potential waifu recruitment, but I've seen crazier plans carried out.

Were you around for the time we made fake women's accounts for redpilling men? It was a great idea in theory, but I became traumatized within hours. I used attractive but realistic pics, and I got hundreds of replies in a collection of minutes. It was more than I could bear, I had to SHUT IT DOWN. I might be willing to try it again though

1fe1a4  No.12768817


<If I laugh it will go away

No. You will die

84d95e  No.12768940

Day 2 of nofap, dick is fucking begging me to fap. What should I think in order to keep it tranquil as I work?

616809  No.12769072


I hate to say it but roommates are helpful for this reason

769268  No.12769503


Read, workout, or cook. That usually works for me

1da7c9  No.12769585


Punch it

You could try a really cold shower

ed1a30  No.12769596

Im hitting the rock bottom here

Have no job , tried a lot to find one , failed every time , god knows how many times i've tried

I hate my college , entered it then discovered i didn't like the subject at all , also have no friends there , not even one , just go finish my course then come home

I don't even know why im still going

Still living at my father's house due to obvious money problem

23 kissless virgin

Im planning on suicide , no point of living anymore

At this point im pretty sure there is no fix for my life

if any one can help please do , i really need it now

97f1bb  No.12769639


take solace in knowing that the DOTR is coming, if your going to die they you may aswell die a hero not an hero, there's a difference

as for money take a look at the craigslist jobs and gigs section, there may be something there for you, and they don't expect much from people on there anyways so you could do alright.

you could try learning web dev (>inb4 learn to code) it's fairly straightforward and shouldn't take more than a week to get a simple foundation in it, and once you have that you can build on it

good luck anon

b6dea9  No.12769645


dude. virgin at 23 is fine. Just try to find your way and keep a healthy relationship with your parents. Men have a long shelf life. Just keep fit, eat well, and try to find your way into a career or even a job that you like. If you are halfway normal at 35 you can find a wife easily.

5ac2e5  No.12769663


>Have no job

Deliver food. Pizza, chinese, sushi, whatever; there's always restaurants looking for drivers. Pay is easily $20+ ph. Or look into trucking. Wherever you look to apply, don't give up the first time they say no or fail to call back. Often times business owners are just fucking busy, and forget who you are.

>I hate my college

I hate your (((college))) too. Quit that shit.

>Still living at my father's house due to obvious money problem

The way it ought to be. It's a jew subversion that has us breaking our families apart into weak, decentralized, aimless individuals.

>23 kissless virgin

Are you kissable? Women are fucking whores today, so it's not hard to be kissed. The real gut punch comes when you realize you can't keep a bitch from leaving you on a whim. They get bored and go. Losing a woman, which you're almost guaranteed to in this environment, hurts just as much as not having one, so you're not missing out on some paradise that non-virgins exist in. And sometimes women are fucking awful to be around which is, of course, when you can't get rid of them

>Im planning on suicide , no point of living anymore

Yeah, bullshit. This life is interesting, even if it's hard. It's all temporary anyway, you might as well see it through. Pick up a philosophy book, buddy.

84d95e  No.12769725


Finished showering, that was an experience. Can I get my foreskin back by tugging?

1da7c9  No.12769731


Sounds like you’re just looking for an excuse to touch your dick

1da7c9  No.12769737


Anon, who I am now is miles beyond who I was when I entered college. It’s a shitty crucible but unless you’ve got other job prospects don’t be a fag and push through it. And don’t fucking kill yourself, ten years from now when you have a qt wife and lots of white kids you’ll look back and thank yourself for not being a pussy

84d95e  No.12769752


It's really hard to resist, but i'm still trying.

2b41cd  No.12769767



046d83  No.12769772


Lets do it

1da7c9  No.12769794


Hard to resist? What are you fucking gay anon? Why do you like touching penis so much?

5ac2e5  No.12769809


>just keep going to (((college))) for subject you have no interest in

He's just wasting his life there.

84d95e  No.12769812


>projecting faggotry

I'm trying to not to fap to voluptuous, curvy girls you faggot.

5ac2e5  No.12769823


You can choose what you think about. You can give yourself rules. Rule #1: Change the subject when you start thinking about arousing things

1da7c9  No.12769830


If he has no other avenues for work then it’s better to be numb for a few years and get a degree you can use to get a better job than flip burgers for the same amount of time. There are definitely ways to make a good income without a degree, but you have to be ready to go after those things, they won’t just fall in your lap.


>voluptuous, curvy girls

Sounds like code for chubsters

5ac2e5  No.12769890


>be numb for a few years

I have a friend who is almost 30. He's spent all of 20's going to college studying some heady (but kiked) biochemistry stuff. He recently asked me to hire him the next time I need help moving firewood. Now he's doing Uber, or something, and he's never not lived with his parents. College people, especially those not interested in their subject like the anon above, are gonna end up doing jack shit with their education. In a few years of focus on actually doing a job, rather than taking years to study for a job he might not get, Anon could be making good money and be much further along in righting his life.

And I can't overstate how JEWISH college is. Anything you learn there and apply to a job it gets you will be in service to kikes. Whites need to rebel entirely from this marxist structure.

84d95e  No.12770331


ain't chubsters if hey have a normal chest.

097227  No.12770361


Brother, Juden Peterstein is controlled Op.

9376ef  No.12770422


So are your favorite natsoc larpers

7d8f29  No.12770447


So is your mom you fucking kike loving faggot

c72f87  No.12770544


learn to code if you're confirmed high IQ

9ba688  No.12770631


I was bullied for around 7 years, had a severe depression, lived at home until i was 20 (late where I'm from), got fired from job as a telemarketer. Never had a girlfriend, bad grades from school.

I had been unemployed for half a year and really felt like shit, then one day I just snapped. Got really pissed off at my mother for playing loud music and decided that I need my own life now. Found a new job, got myself an apartment, finished my driving license.

I stuck with the industry and now I'm a manager for a factory, I've gotten a girlfriend (soon to be wife), got a house. Studying different languages and philosophy on my free time. Things change but no one will change them for you.

1da7c9  No.12770751

Does anyone have any experience teaching themselves to play piano? I was even terrible at playing the recorder in elementary school, so it’s going to be an uphill battle

4f0b6c  No.12770789


No, but here's a book that could be somewhat useful https://b-ok.cc/book/700204/b76411

9db585  No.12770794


look up Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 for depression

it's cheap and effective

Do NOT kill yourself anon you may feel alone, but you are not

42c322  No.12770882


most learning how to play books are trash because they dumb things down to keep you dependent on the music sheet and when you are intermediate they throw you off because they don't explain much music theory. Music theory makes music simpler by explaining the relation of music patterns. The best way to learn how play any interment is learning to play the Major scales and chord progressions and work from there

c7ee30  No.12770892



About half of these I practice as a routine already. I'll double up on it if that's the case.

000000  No.12771318


>The Price-Pottenger Nutrition foundation does a much better job of representing the findings of Dr. Price. The foundation you mentioned, though sharing his name, is run by quacks who promote some decent ideas mixed with top-tier health retardation.

A quick look at the Price-Pottenger Nutrition foundation shows that it also is promoting some top-tier retardation.

They are promoting homeopathy, which is a complete scam. https://price-pottenger.org/search-results?search_api_views_fulltext=homeopathy

0754ec  No.12771436


I completely agree, however the book I linked does cover Major scales and chord progressions from what I saw.

1da7c9  No.12771467



I’ll take a look to see what I can get from the book. My issues previous have been with reading notes on sheet music. While it will be a pain to train myself to read it I feel like not doing so will be a disadvantage in the end. My grandmother can play by ear, but that means she can’t just look at sheet music and play, she has to have someone play it for her. I’d rather not have to rely on someone else

c72f87  No.12772326


It's not enough to just play songs. Build a routine of practice like running the scales, chord progressions. Then you can start to improvise by playing melodies within a scale with your right hand, and chord progressions with the other. Also use a metronome to develop good rhythm from the beginning.

1da7c9  No.12772467


Thanks anon, I don’t know what any of that means so I’ll be studying up. Is learning on a keyboard rather than an actual piano going to be detrimental? That’s all I’m going to have access to

77a272  No.12772744

File: eb5745b66888b18⋯.jpg (69.36 KB, 604x604, 1:1, e87fe6c1cf6aad6b8ebd3e3261….jpg)


>Have no job

Then you must adjust your mindset. In this current era after leaving education, be it full PHD or merely High School, one will never find a job to their liking unless through nepotism. You share a burden that all of us, however many years passed, have had to deal with. You must see any job you get, no matter how menial, to be a means to an end. Will you enjoy it? No, most likely not. But it *will* offer you the financial means in order to begin planning, no matter how meager.

>I hate my college ,also have no friends there

College can be very hit or miss. While my time at College was not unpleasent, it was certainly unproductive. All I studied served absolutely no use to me. Had I gone into a trade I would of had a set of invaluable skills, however after falling into the semetic trap of "you can be anything goy!" I found myself earning money by emptying bins at a Supermarket near my childhood home. It wasn't until later I found my niche'.

As for friends, it can be truly hard to find brotherhood within the regular world. The corruption has grown deep within almost all facets of society and it leads to innevitable loneliness as the more observant withdraw from the poisons coalescing. What helped me overcome my loneliness was finding purity of purpose. I chose a goal I mentioned earlier, the fight for our people, and proceeded to follow it step by step, from simplest to most gruelling. Firstly was removing the toxins as it were, ceasing to partake in modern media, be it TV, cinema or modern mainstream music. Second was improving my living space, adding greenery to what was a somewhat drab home. It helped with air quality and made my living space a bit more comfortable. Slowly I began to add artwork, purely of the classical kind, not of the degenerate sort. In place of my framed Falling Down poster I had above my TV now sits a beautiful vista of an English countryside. It raises the spirits to remember beauty over metarialism. Then I focused on my body. I recall shortly into my first steps into self improvement and looking at myself in the mirror after a shower. I looked at my grotesque, overweight form and felt disgusted. My gut hung, my shoulders were flabby, my legs like fat tree trunks. I felt truly disgusted at myself. While prior to beginning my path to self improvement I would of simply slunk to my bedroom to play a video game, maybe have some "personal time" in shame, instead I did something simple. Instead of loading up Total War Rome, I went onto a local gym website, found the cheapest deal I could get and ordered some cheap cotton shorts and a top. I opted to simply turn my shame into anger at myself for falling into the trap of "modern culture". Step by step is the key to all of this.

Over time these simple goals expanded and thus I went from nihilism to a proud father expounding the honours of the European people and spending a little time in the evening talking to gentlemen like yourself. In doing so, I found my loneliness gone. That is not to say use this place as a crutch for socialising, that would be the complete antithesis of what I propose, I merely come here more out of habit and wishing to offer an occasional insight. No, what dispelled the loneliness was a feeling of being content. The fight against the modern semetic world is not merely pushing back the darkness but the fulfillment of achieving what your forefathers wished for you. For you to be strong and noble. Yes, friends can be useful, they can offer insight and succor in hard times but they are not what you are lacking. It's pride in yourself you need. You must choose to grab it, no one can save you but yourself.

>I don't even know why im still going

Because a small part of you, some glimmer deep inside is holding on for someone to take your hand and pull you up. You fail to realise you merely need to lift yourself up.

>Still living at my father's house due to obvious money problem

See my first response. Let your father know your dedicated to fixing your problems, be frank and honest with him. He is your father, mayhaps he can offer guidance regarding your career path. If he cannot then merely offer him the respect he is due none the less.

>23 kissless virgin

In a world prevelant with whores and debauchery is that such a bad thing? Have you failed to notice modern society is ill? Like attacts like. Your desperation at best would attract a broken woman. Only by embodying strength will you find a good wife to mother your children.

>Im planning on suicide

Thus the semetic cycle continues if you do. You will not be remembered if you follow this path. Do you value your worth so lightly? You are worth more than the hordes assailing you, do not be so eager to debase yourself in such a manner.

>At this point im pretty sure there is no fix for my life

Choose for yourself. Your fix is in your hands.

c72f87  No.12772755

File: e1d8e5d49d39da0⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 542x656, 271:328, 3-key-chord-chart.jpg)


Yeah try to get a fully or even semi-weighted keyboard, makes a huge difference and is a lot closer to a piano. 49 keys minimum which will give you 4 octaves, although 88 keys is ideal of course. You're looking at the ~$250-450 range with the lower end being semi-weighted midi controllers (runs the synth through your computer) and the upper end being a low-end dedicated 88-key with onboard synth (digital piano). Something like a Yamaha P71 would be good. Go to your local music store like a Guitar Center and try before you buy. Even if you don't know how to play at all at least you can begin to understand how important the weighted keys are in feeling closer to a piano, and can compare the build qualities. Spend a few hours researching other peoples' opinions online so you go in armed with a few options in mind.

d5acce  No.12773068

3c6452  No.12773108

1da7c9  No.12773245

>>12772755 checked

Brilliant, thank you kindly

0553b8  No.12773767


>Sit on your ass, eat fast-food and fap every day goy. It makes you big and strong.

5ac2e5  No.12773788


>he doesn't grow muscles doing beer can reps

Untermensch detected.

85593d  No.12773806

File: e305a3bcadeef14⋯.jpg (145.79 KB, 1024x843, 1024:843, 1548900126583m.jpg)


Bump for sig

741f72  No.12773870

File: 6438ed20a31a030⋯.jpg (44.02 KB, 361x500, 361:500, owlhat.jpg)

File: 8899bc769baa77b⋯.jpg (809.78 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1433443897164-0.jpg)

Just began trying out mewing this week as mentioned in the previous thread and I'm already seeing positive results with my jaw which has been uneven and would painfully pop out on one side for nearly 14 years.

I had been looking for some remedy for some time for this and had always just been told "muh TMJ" and that I would essentially have to live with it.

>mfw I now no longer expect pain every single time I open my mouth

fd0834  No.12774017

File: 19dcefef48a0993⋯.jpg (121.66 KB, 639x794, 639:794, 19dcefef48a0993cca069f965b….jpg)



3efd85  No.12774021

File: 6c70391483b5c50⋯.gif (893.46 KB, 400x554, 200:277, 1548203074066.gif)


Dear pol i sincerely want to ask your opinion / advice

>since years i am been following the concept of eternal struggle for eternal growth and always pushed my self towards it in all aspects.

>but all i got in return was pain and hardship with no end to the suffering in sight.

Is it really worth it in the end? When i see normies happy in their ignorance and no purpose?

fd0834  No.12774031


It doesn't matter, you cannot unlearn what you know man. If you need to take a break, and pretend to be a normie again for your mental health, that is fine. If you stare into the abyss for long enough it will stare back. Get some hobbies that relax you, I recommend learning piano or guitar or something. Also don't listen to any blackpill shilling, avoid enemy propaganda, which is meant to demoralize.

5ac2e5  No.12774036


>since years i am been following the concept of eternal struggle for eternal growth and always

Do you ever rest? The human body doesn't grow muscles in the gym, it grows while you sleep after going to the gym. Apply the same understanding to your mind, as it is part of your body. Basically what >>12774031 said.

58f8e3  No.12774233

File: d106c91b5b57f2a⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 375x403, 375:403, 41O-hQBOCXL.jpg)

Me ne frego.

>I think more people need to adopt this motto.

>It is an old, Italian fascist motto (hear the alarm bells?) that Mussolini pointed out as defining very much the sort of attitude that must be embraced. He was inspired by seeing a photograph of an Italian WWI soldier who wrote ‘Me Ne Frego’ (I don’t give a damn) on his bandages with his own blood. Songs, patches, badges and pins have been emblazoned with a skull and a knife between its teeth (sometimes a skull with a rose between its teeth) and the words ‘Me Ne Frego’ boldly inscribed.

>Regardless of how you think of the origins, I find the use of this motto to be inspiring — these three words help sum up the winning spirit, the warrior’s tenacity.

>It is an attitude that I think more people ought to be raised with. No more laying down. Just standing up, moving forward, facing the hopeless night with knowledge of one’s impending doom and going forward boldly.

>I remember every difficult circumstance which my father faced in his struggle for a decent job was encountered with such an attitude — some things are out of control, sometimes we fall on our faces; me ne frego.

>The hypersensitivity and the victimhood that people ascribe to themselves makes me sick.

>Our military is not full yet we have able bodied idiots taking hand outs from the government — is this what society should be made of? These people squander the life that God has given them and cheat the rest of the citizens.

>In hard times, why do we turn to the government? Why do we look for a bailout? Why do we desire a sob story?

>There is no dignity in inactive, self-pitying attitudes. There is no dignity in passivity.

>If us humans are animals, spawned forth from the chaos and brutality of the Kingdom of the Beast, how have we come to such a point where we are so stripped of our fighting spirit?

>Life must be nurtured at times, but there is also the hour of blood, the fight for survival; the strength to move on in the face of resistance and to feel the courage of one’s own despair.

>It is as Henrik Ibsen wrote in his play, Enemy of the People, that the strongest man is he who stands most alone and cares not for the support of others but with certainty of his own rightness and propriety to face the indolent masses.

>No respect for the quiet conformist following the mainstream line of thought, safely tucked away in the recesses of a group that he is not really a part of. No respect for the silent masses walking slowly as cattle to the graves that all our lives lead to.

>I am sick of sob stories and sick of people pretending that humanity was meant to walk lightly on egg shells pampering every corner of our society.

>I am sick of Peace. I am sick of people capitulating to the forces of evil — a good man without a backbone is about as useful as a lame horse. How can someone accept limitations and weakness in their personal lives — are you so pathetic and prideless to receive your handouts, your bread and circuses?

>Nations die when they accept quiet servitude and pamperings.

>We must be helpful and sympathetic with others… But the notion of feeling sorrow for onself is disgusting. Being the helpful and sympathetic person makes one the triumphant, the Mighty; it is they who receive as much, laying down, being nursed, that are the pathetic creatures that need to readjust their aim and rekindle the fire within themselves.

>There should be an inherent desire in the human spirit to face impossible opposition in the name of proving oneself, in the name of overcoming and the feeling of triumph. It would be hard to wake up without viewing this life of ours as a war against unknown forces and a long campaign against the nature of the world itself…

>It is disheartening to think we live in a society that deals in pitiful condolences, handing out sympathy coins and welfare checks.

>I am not happy unless I feel my triumph or face my battle.

>Earn your lot; ask for nothing more; stand defiant in the face of defeat. Ask for nothing else.

58f8e3  No.12774236

>I am disgusted by the blind beggers walking up and down the subways looking for their handouts… There are others, who are blind, who forge their futures defying their handicaps. I toss you my change and hope you understand that this is no way to spend your existence.

>When you receive my sympathy and my hand out, you should feel embarrassment and not satisfaction.

>I am disgusted by legislation meant to baby and protect, meant to nurture a warm, tingly feeling of “tolerance” because you feel isolated or alienated.

>There are some of us who seek social alienation and tribalistic fraternities because that is what builds up our identities and our strength, what feeds the animal within us and insures us, in our youth, of our firy spirits and determination.

>This is your life and by pursuing such pathetic goals you prove your own pathetic nature.

>Me ne frego.

>I cannot respect any person who cannot look me in the eye and speak with honesty about themselves, who conceals facts and who avoids unpleasant situations and would rather give up

>Everyone should strive to be hard as nails.

>Complaints are what you receive from prepubascent children. Hard looks and obstinate refusals to be helped, stoic determination and death-like glares are what you receive from people who value their lives and value their efforts to the extent that they seek not your help.

>I respect criminals and gangsters more than I respect welfare cases.

>When life gives you lemons… Buy tequila, rub some salt in your wounds and tighten your helmet chord.

>No more generations raised on their mother’s teats crying over spilt milk and social alienation.

>I will not ask you to fight my fights — I may ask to borrow your knife.

>Ever since my youngest days I have desired to butt heads and seek out conflict with those around me.

>I need no law meant to protect me, I need no consideration from bureaucrats in ties; I need no salvation from any human source.

>Me ne frego.

- J. M. Verville

source: http://thefascist.tumblr.com/post/15905733139/me-ne-frego

fd0834  No.12774427


When I used tinder years ago, I was banned because I had a picture of myself in a maga hat, and a muslim girl reported my profile. Besides, only skanks who have slept with a massive amount of guys use tinder. Everyone knows it is a hookup 1 night stand service. No future wife will be found on tinder.

fd0834  No.12774470




You guys overestimate women. Don't tell her anything about your political viewpoints, until she is in love with you, and you have dominated her in bed. Then she will agree with whatever the fuck you think. My sister grew up with dogs, loved dogs all her life, her husband hates dogs, and now so does she. Women are very easily brainwashed, which is why they shouldn't vote. It is also something that we as men can take full advantage of. That is if you really even care about having your woman agree with your philosophy, because really all you have to do is cum in her pussy and get her pregnant.

inb4 dur hur evil women is gonna call zogbots on me. Been there done that, if she is really about to call cops, fucking grab the phone from her, and physically sit her ass down in the corner. When a women tries to get the state involved simply physically prevent her from doing it. I've smashed a girls cell phone before, and put the fear in her, she never called the pigs. The only weapon women have is snitching, and if you encounter such a woman use basic anti-snitch tactics.


>Never tell her what you're actually doing.

My line is always "don't worry about it" lmao.

e88648  No.12774543


Try high dose K2

1da7c9  No.12775004


I’ve had great results with mewing myself so far


Make sure the k2 is mk4, not mk7. The mk4 is what’s good for bone growth, mk7 is just cheaper to produce and doesn’t have the same benefits relevant to mewing

c72f87  No.12775200

File: 4a16f5d4f7e96e5⋯.png (22.49 KB, 512x304, 32:19, 1499796417652.png)


>don't worry about it

This guy fucks

8f79e4  No.12775224

File: 8cd4456cc17b5bc⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 192x270, 32:45, strongjawline.jpg)

File: 99edd5fb39b6a32⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1432x1682, 716:841, 4-Figure3-1.png)

File: 383e0ad7fbff024⋯.png (210.56 KB, 478x532, 239:266, 4-Figure5-1.png)

File: fb9f8d7c57bb807⋯.png (306.49 KB, 750x580, 75:58, airway3.png)

Posted in old SIG and will post here too

If anyone on /pol/ has a small jaw/chin and crooked teeth they need to see this video on how to fix it without plastic surgery


also thank the western culture for spoonfeeding babies and being little pussies when raising children and having high calorie foods that are easily to digest and destroy our gut flora and the rest of our body and mind

036e48  No.12775672

Do any anons have experience with law of attraction type stuff?

b1490c  No.12775702


I just came here to shit on the xray in the middle of the second pic.

Thing is awfully made.

f9e815  No.12775925

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How do I unpozz my life in relation to women? I want to meet a cute aryan women and have lots of beautiful children. Raise them on a self-sustaining farm in a small village with a snowy backdrop and acres of woodland and rivers behind me. My current situation is so far gone, I don't know where to start. I'm 20 years old.

5ac2e5  No.12775964


>I'm 20

Good news, you're still at the beginning, so you're not far gone at all.

>How do I unpozz my life in relation to women?

What do you mean? Women are pozzed in general. This isn't a you situation. We're all in this. The entire structure of society needs to change for anything like what you described to be common. The only way forward for you at this point in time is to become better than the competition. You gotta maximize your looks, your utility, your status, and the amount of fun you are to be around. And you have to maintain all of these until your woman is too unattractive to do better than you.

Women are not the source of satisfaction in this world. She will not bring you enlightenment, and you will not be able to rely on her when you are weak. But, as long as you're awesome you'll have a loyal source of sex, offspring, and housekeeping.

52df71  No.12776111


Thanks brother

dda08b  No.12776229


20 is fucking nothing. I'm 27 and the panic is slowly starting to set in. You're barely an adult, yet you already have goals, values and a clear direction for your life. Your situation is far better than that of an average /pol/ack in my opinnion.

c698e6  No.12776280


23 and panicking here. Making 2019 the most productive year of my life. Hope it's not too late.

0754ec  No.12776330


>Hope it's not too late.

You've got plenty of time, so stop talking and start doing. When you stop breathing, then and only then will it be too late.

5ac2e5  No.12776343


>Hope it's not too late.

It's never too late to do something of value. Sometimes the bulk of a person's life is spent in a cocoon until their moment comes. Just focus on what you believe matters, and eventually your skills will be great, and opportunities will be available to apply them.

5f0a5c  No.12776400


Be someone that will attract a good woman and have the confidence to take that opportunity.

I had a bad relationship with a woman when I was your age. My first girlfriend was a 6/10 with a personality disorder. I didn't know any better and thought that she was the best I could get. After I left her I decided to live for myself and to stop worrying about women. I lifted weights, ate a good diet and started my own business. At the age of 28 I met the 9/10 that would become my wife. Unlike before I had the confidence to approach her and the self belief that I deserved a woman like that. I'm now 31 with a beautiful wife and two children.

c698e6  No.12776449

File: bcd262d1509e9bb⋯.webm (8.55 MB, 854x480, 427:240, onlytrolling.webm)



Thanks, anons. Finally have the time to finish university so I am moving lightning speed at that, finishing side projects for an impressive resume (software development; no not that webdev soyboy shit), and have a PSA rifle kit with an 80% lower all on their way in the mail. The last thing that I need to start is exercise; I have a pullup bar but haven't used it which is just a waste.

For whatever reason, I am finding that I have a wealth of motivation this year and it has made me a lot happier.

1da7c9  No.12776511


It’s gay propaganda to get you to do nothing instead of working hard for your goals. Don’t be negative and defeatist to yourself, but set realistic goals and put in the work. Negativity isn’t healthy, but deluding yourself isn’t either.

036e48  No.12777046


The stuff I'm listening to tells you to actively focus on setting goals. Dedicating like one hour a day on realizing your future.


Love this post. Your journey sounds like a hell of a listen and I think I'm in a similar position.

95598f  No.12777400

File: 1a8d7daa3760594⋯.png (137.48 KB, 613x312, 613:312, heil.png)

f65dab  No.12777430

1da7c9  No.12777520


Your whole day should be dedicated towards your future goals. From what you eat to how you use your time and money. If you like goals then set yourself 3month, 6month, one year, and five year goals. Update as needed but don’t spend an hour doing law of attraction bs every day

036e48  No.12777549


Why are you so hostile towards it anon? Can you explain logically?

61d43e  No.12777554


>I have a pullup bar but haven't used it which is just a waste.

Just do a single pullup every time you walk through the threshold. If you can't do a regular pullup, then jump up and do a slow negative. Slowly increase the number of reps you do each time. Bam, in 1 year you've got an awesomely developed back and you tricked yourself into getting it without having to do a "real program".

61d43e  No.12777563

File: f30ad39785d2cf7⋯.mp4 (465.59 KB, 540x960, 9:16, epic.mp4)


Fuck it, rollin'

1da7c9  No.12777627


It’s a waste of time. The whole premise of the law of attraction is that you attract what you want by putting yourself in the mental space of having it already so the universe gives it to you just to correct itself. Like attracts like, both negative and positive. Following this line of thought, you do not achieve your goals by putting in the work, but by thinking really positively about them, and at the same time negative thinking negates hard work. It’s easy to buy into if you are feeling helpless and down on your luck, but it’s just not how things work.

Does that mean you should think negatively all the time? No, of course not, but be realistic.

Repeating positive affirmations to yourself might make you feel better, but it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

I’m not denying the potentially of memetic influence on a larger scale, but that would involve a much larger direction of “energy” if you will. Why do you think it’s a meme for witches/satanists to make sacrifices and use shit like crystals for spells? Even if this shit was possible a single person is likely not going to be able to meme something into reality with only their own energy.

So, still write down goals for yourself, but don’t expect them to happen because you think really hard about them and visualize for an hour a day.

036e48  No.12777661


I think it's more about setting a positive routine that helps you as you are already actively improving yourself. I get periods where I feel shit, unmotivated and depressed where I lose days or weeks worth of progress. Having some daily ritual of positive thinking especially in the mornings could help. I get what you're saying that just wishing for stuff is a load of bollocks but I doubt the people who proport this works would encourage this behaviour anyway. Well I'll do it for 3 months and report back.

1da7c9  No.12777698


Well good luck, improvement is improvement after all

769157  No.12777922

97f1bb  No.12780308

File: 7d1e8a1b1164e84⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, teef.jpg)


fuck me

no shit, until this point I thought my teeth were fine, but apparently they are anything but.

according to pic related I have an overcrowded overbite.

This kinda explains why it always seems like I'm grimacing when I smile or why my face always looks kinda soy'ish (round and plump).

I always thought having my teeth as they are was good in case I get hit in the face so my teeth don't get damaged (as much).

But when I purposefully readjust them I look just like your pic related.

Thank you /sig/ for making me aware of this deficiency, as much as it pains me.

>pic related

6eb725  No.12780449


Anon thats brilliant. i dont have excel skills anyway you could upload that template?

d2cd4e  No.12780473


holy shit i just watched that vid

meme magic at work i guess

d2cd4e  No.12780477



97f1bb  No.12780625


he did though?

just download some sort of excel suite like apache open office or libre office and watch some tutorials on how to do the shit.

you may find that it is incredibly simple

97f1bb  No.12780649


Also does anyone know which program he used specifically?

46476c  No.12780927

File: 32660d4e376e2e1⋯.jpeg (145.8 KB, 666x500, 333:250, TheYouthToday.jpeg)


We get up.

We put our boots on…

5975ac  No.12780934



You shills have gotten really lazy as of late.

46476c  No.12780974

File: a9ea7967b2dc81b⋯.jpeg (152.86 KB, 1279x720, 1279:720, BulletProof.jpeg)


Not lazy.

BTFO'd. …hard.

b67b8b  No.12781344

Requesting the art guy from the last thread with the deviantart-tier sketches post an update with something non-degenerate.

29992e  No.12781469


>Philosphy (Nietzsche, mostly) has split me in two, and I want to make me whole again. Does anyone know that feel?

Yes, it's a huge problem. There's so much that is cucked about the way modern Christians conduct their practice that after reading authors like Nietzsche it's hard to ignore. It seems that Christianity in many ways is anti-nature; it is the first plebian religion, and nature follows a hierarchy (c.f. Evola). Something that might help would be to look into Orthodox Christianity. From what I understand their liturgy is most similar to that of the early church fathers, and one of their main influences (Saint John Chrysostom) was a strong anti-semite, and he is still venerated by Orrthodoxy to this day.


Was just about to type up a long warning about legumes, nuts, and seeds, but you beat me to it. Thanks anon.

To add a bit more specificity, all seeds are biochemically inert until they sprout. So in order to be able to eat them at all, they must be soaked and/or sprouted first. Even then, it's debatable whether they are even worth it compared to alternative foods such as meat.

Also bump for kefir; I'm drinking some as I type this :')


If you're really willing to start something new, and are considering paying for training for it, go to trade school and learn to be an electrician/welder/etc. While spics may be the primary source of labor for construction type projects, they are always run and managed by whites. Try to observe this next time you walk by a construction project, and you'll find this to be true almost everywhere. Aka, there will always be a demand for intelligent people in blue collar trades, particularly as they get flooded with more unintelligent labor.


This might not be the time or place, but I question Heidegger's position on a reading list for /pol over someone like Evola or Guenon. Sure he was NatSoc, but that doesn't make his philosophy useful.


That's awesome, good luck with the finances. Certainly among the most important things you have yet to do.


What's wrong with books?

068daa  No.12781484


>learn to code if you're confirmed high IQ

You really don't need high IQ to code. Around 105-110 is fine.

88462e  No.12781531

Alright /sig/ I have a predicament. While I have cut back on cigarettes, my drive to work (about 30 minutes) takes me down a stretch of road that has fucking retarded drivers for the most part. Triple lanes and morons playing mario kart to speed to the red light ahead of them. I typically smoke 2 cigarettes to work and 1 back home because I feel like it helps me deal with the fact that at any given moment and time some moron will ram right into me trying to duck into another lane, even though I have a humongous truck. Any tips for helping one deal with the oral fixation of driving that doesnt involve something like sunflower seeds or gum? It's one of my vices unfortunately.

036e48  No.12781576


Look into rolling your own maybe. Preroll at home and only bring enough with you if you really only smoke 3 a day. It's an okay skill to have I reckon instead of paying the cigerette jew. Oh and proper rollies not those premade tubes.

000000  No.12781639


Restrict yourself to 2 cigarettes per trip (only bring 2 of them) then store those cigarettes in an area where you would have to pull over to get to them. (like a locked glove box, or in the trunk). This will force your brain to put more weight on the decision to smoke. You now have to pull over, open your glove box/trunk, and light it, rather than just picking it up to smoke it. Part of addiction is availability. And, if you're really struggling with wanting to have a cigarette on the road, you'll have the option of pulling over, rather than purchasing it from a convenience store if you were to have none in your truck. Forcing yourself to complete a task (pulling over and unlocking and opening the trunk or glove box) to ease your nicotine 'crave' will help.

61d43e  No.12782131


Maybe true, but you're likely to have trouble at the high levels where you get paid six figures+. Can always compensate with people skills though and go into management or other crossover roles like marketing, working with clients, etc. where even a bit of programming knowledge can be a force multiplier because you understand the engineering side of things instead of it just being a black box to you.

61d43e  No.12782141


Would it be worth it or possible to take a slightly slower/longer route and avoid the stress completely? Or switch up your commute times to avoid the worst of the traffic?

29992e  No.12782206


There is poison everywhere. Look into correcting the following, or at least take a two week experiment to see if each might be the cause of your troubles:

- Water. Most tap water is filled with chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. Even bottled water comes with added ingredients. Try buying the cleanest bottled water you can, or get a Berkey filter with the fluoride attachment

- Air. If you live in a city, the polluted air is probably coming in through the vents and windows. Buy an electric home air filter (~$100 online) that will filter the air in your apartment. Get some plants (they absorb VOCs in the air). Buy air filters to stick in your open windows so you can get some "fresh" air.

- Food. This is the most obvious one. Stop eating poison–anything that comes in a sealed box or a bag should be off limits. Absolutely no soda (don't drink anything besides water and green tea/black coffee if you really need the caffeine). Absolutely no 0-calorie sweeteners, they cause permanent neurological damage. No high fructose corn syrup or anything derived from soy (this should be easy if you avoid packaged foods). It's possible you have an auto-immune disease, and could be having a reaction to anything. Check out the GAPS diet, it has been a miracle for many, but the basic idea is to eliminate everything questionable from your diet, and add stuff back in starting with bone broth and meat soup, and to build up from there.

- Chemicals. Make sure you limit your exposure to things like bleach, ammonia, aromatic chemicals from dish soap or laundry detergent, etc.

- Pills. Are you on any meds? They probably do more harm than good

- Electronics. I've heard of some people that are hyper sensitive to electromagnetic radiation (this is called EHS), and are only cured of symptoms similar to yours if they move somewhere where there is no exposure to wifi/cell signals/etc. Check this out:


Try all of these things in earnest, and I'd be shocked if you don't see an improvement.

000000  No.12782338


>Try buying the cleanest bottled water you can

Then it is poisoned with plastic, which might make it worse than the tap water you are try to avoid. see >>>12761846

06e67b  No.12782435

Does anyone have good books on economics? I'd like to have at least a basic understanding of the terminology.


Wish me luck nerds.

642720  No.12782452


> we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

I may have jews on both sides of my family from my grandparents. But not the culture. Well except the christianity thing.


06e67b  No.12782464



I have epilepsy. If I don't take my meds, I'll seize and eventually die.

642720  No.12782476

My work is physical and I've slacked in having a proper workout regimen.

I'm paying for it right now with weird tensions in my shoulders.

Need to get back in the gym.

I'm setting down some days this week to get back into it.

Stay safe bros.

29992e  No.12782491


Nice try. Saurkraut saved thousands of sailors during the age of exploration as its massive Vitamin C content prevents scurvy at sea. (The primary source of animal-based vitamin C is liver, so unless you have that frequently you'll need a plant-based source)




He's not wrong that silver is a powerful antibiotic. You can buy a supplement marketed with this end in mind, and it's often used in jacuzzis/hot tubs to purify the water.

However, I don't buy that antibiotics are useful, so I wouldn't recommend. Use raw honey or coconut oil to treat cuts/minor burns, etc.


Do you mean this OTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordo_Templi_Orientis

I've had my eye on Crowley type practices for a long time but I can't find enough good information. Could you share a bit about your experience finding/joining them and what you actually do as a member?


If it were left up to the ideals of /sig, most companies would not exist. So yes, we are the enemy of consumerism/capitalism and that's why there are so many resources dedicated to disproving/discrediting this stuff. Even most gyms don't love us, because they make their money from people who have a membership but don't go.


Brought tears to my eyes, no joke



I've looked at his channel but can't find a concise description of how to do it. What do you do exactly?


>bottled water has plastic

Did you willfully neglect, or just not see that I finished that sentence recommending a superior, but more expensive, option? No shit it will be contaminated with plastic, but it's still better than tap water.


>epilepsy pills

Chemical poison is chemical poison. I'm certainly not an expert, but is it genetic? If not, you'd be surprised at the range of conditions diet can treat. Look into the GAPS diet, as I recommended above. Apparently it's been used to treat seizures: https://thehomeschoolingdoctor.com/2013/08/24/part-3-a-success-story-in-using-the-gaps-diet-to-stop-absence-seizures/

To just accept this diagnosis from your (((doctor))) and never look into alternative ways of treating your (((medical conditions))) is foolhardy and reckless; why would you allow (((them))) to continue poisoning you?

06e67b  No.12782546


The issue is that I don't just have little absence seizures, mine are incredibly severe. I'm also a grown man with only a fraction of the neuroplasticity of a child. I've actually tried several medications and settled on the one with the least amount of harmful side effects. The best possible option is likely some kind of CBD pill that acts similarly to anti-convulsant/anti-seizure medications. At least it'd be a natural solution instead of cooked up in some kike pharma lab.

44b947  No.12782717

For the sake of knowing, what is the cause and effect of a domineering wife and mother? How will she affect the husband and kids?

61d43e  No.12782735


Can you put her in her place by taking control (make decisions, physically dominating her in bed, etc)? Are you as physically big as you be given your frame? Not sure of the exact effects but it definitely sets a poor example for the children to model after.

44b947  No.12782748


I’m not a husband. I just want to know because my mother is domineering

97f1bb  No.12782828


chew on some toothpics

4aba20  No.12783240

File: bf64c26c240c440⋯.png (413.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bf64c26c240c4402f2c248ec7b….png)


I believe I can expand on the water part in this post. While most bottled water comes in plastic bottles some bottles are far worse than others. Nestlé is a prime example of this. Due to using incredibly cheap materials to compete with other brands the bottle itself rots into the water contained within. The results are somewhat unpleasent. For one seeking to replace the carbonated Jew with water, here are a few tips i've used for a few years now;

- Do not buy own brand or water sold in budget supermarkets. The water itself may or may not be fine but the plastic used has often been found to be similar to the Nestlé situation. Buy glass bottles if you can (questionable for many due to price) or buy mid to high tier mineral water (Pellegrino etc).

- Know what your buying. If it's labelled anything other than "Mineral" or "Natural Spring" water then your buying actual tap water. Of those two there are some minor differences such as Spring water being sourced from multiple springs usually within close geographical proximity to eachother and Mineral being from a single source.

- Do not buy flavoured Mineral or Spring water, these drinks are a meme. The flavourings, despite being listed as natural, are usually close to standard carbonated drinks and thus are just as bad due to sweeteners and so forth. The *only* incident of a "flavoured" water that is actually still fairly pure I know of is Perrier with a slight touch of lemon purely because it uses actual lemons in a very minute degree. Consider such a thing a treat drink rather than an every day drink.

5424a8  No.12783330

File: a17318a013daa6a⋯.jpg (48.63 KB, 552x690, 4:5, 1542436450300.jpg)

>half-Iranian raised as an atheist in the West

>don't look like an Iranian, but constantly have to explain my name and people ask me to defend Iran and its behavior despite never setting foot there

>grow up to be a man feeling confused and rootless

/pol/ was right

3b799f  No.12783362

I need a hand finding somewhere else to talk about this kind of stuff. Every time I get distracted from projects, or break nofap, it's because this place dug it's claws in. Is there somewhere else I can go to talk about books, projects and self improvement that doesn't have memes, shitposting and porn everywhere?

0553b8  No.12783560

File: d44d8d32d68f899⋯.png (65.71 KB, 850x504, 425:252, Amazon Review.png)


>Try buying the cleanest bottled water you can, or get a Berkey filter with the fluoride attachment

Do you have any experience with the Berkey filters? I like how they have a stainless steel body, but i see a lot of mixed reviews.

0553b8  No.12783589


I'm guessing that this guys "PPM Test" measures all dissolved solids, including healthy minerals.

b44a52  No.12783593

File: 3e5ae2e313242f3⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 653x979, 653:979, b8319f09612978d2f605f0d358….jpg)


>Thank you /sig/

we are all here for one another

the only thanks I want is for your to share this knowledge with fellow white man and help others and make yourself better

29992e  No.12783632



Yeah that's pretty laughable. Measuring "PPM" is like comparing two people's body weight without taking into account differences in height or body fat percentage, and using that to determine which person is healthier. PPM of what? It's like saying something costs 100. Dollars? Euros? Rubles? Pesos? The worst part is that he thinks he's being all scientific and shit.

Furthermore, I believe he is comparing it to a reverse osmosis filter, which does produce perfectly distilled water (100% H2O). These filters require a power source, maintenance, and they remove all impurities from the water, including the trace minerals that are probably good to have in there.

To be fair I've never run actual diagnostics on the water, but I know of no economical way of testing for water quality along specific axes at home. All I know is that the water doesn't taste/smell like chlorine or leave any of the nasty fluoride residue on mugs or cups.

567873  No.12783647



Well if you're trying to filter from your tap water it SHOULD filter everything. How else are you to know other than asking your water service company what chems they put in the water?

6c7f94  No.12783654

One of the suggestions was to avoid aluminum based Deodorant, which is also linked to Dementia causes. My family has a history of Dementia in the older years, any other suggestions while I work on /sig/ to look out for dementia causes? I want to live a long life in order to keep up with my kids and help raise my eventual grandchildren right.

a8b666  No.12783886

File: f333ae94a875bea⋯.png (93.74 KB, 973x535, 973:535, mew.png)



Pic related.



0553b8  No.12783932


Thank-you for your input.

I am definitely considering the replacement of my small, clear plastic water filter jug with a Berkey filter. This is mainly because I hate having my water sitting in plastic. I have already swapped out all of my plastic water bottles with fully stainless Klean Kanteen water bottles.


As far as I know, the only filters that completely filter everything out of the water are reverse water distillation, or reverse osmosis filter systems.

29992e  No.12784038


No it shouldn't, there are many ions present in natural sources of water that are required for a healthy source of water. Without any ions, water is a poor electrical conductor, and water in the body needs to conduct electricity.

There is a relatively small group of chemicals your water company puts in the water, namely chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride. Other contaminants, such as organic substances (e.g. hormones from birth control pills showing up in the water in London), and heavy metals that sneak in most notably from the solder in pipes. The Berkey filters these out, which is why I like it as an option. It's also cost effective, uses no electricity, and lasts forever.


I forget where I saw this, but bilingual people have an average onset of dementia six years later than monolingual, and trilingual people have nine years extra. So, stimulating your brain in general, but specifically learning a new language is probably the best thing you can do (aside from optimizing environmental conditions).


Thanks, been doing it so far today and my mouth muscles are getting quite sore.

5922c9  No.12784284

File: 313eda93232d4a5⋯.jpg (645.81 KB, 900x1519, 900:1519, 443319bf88a9a490469806beba….jpg)


Belittling a place where we're actively trying to assist is a bit disheartening as you will find help here as long as you pay attention.

Concerning your issue though. It's because your surrounding yourself with distractions. Always remember the fundamental rule of the (((tribal))) modern world, it is a plethora of useless, pointless distractions. The key is simply removing said distractions from your living space. Want to focus on reading? Create a room with absolute minimum distractions, a bedroom can suffice. If you have a TV or radio, remove it, leave the laptop elsewhere. Open your curtains or blinds and the window, let some fresh air in and simply focus.

As for nofap I found understanding the logic and reasoning behind it to be motivator enough. A good starting point on helping stop it is realising it has very detrimental effects on your sexual performance and health due to a combination of expecting it to be like a movie or clip as well as directly involving yourself rather than a third party as in most porn. Remember, the (((tribe))) push certain degenerate aspects involving cuckoldry and race mixing, does it not occur to you by partaking in it would cause a severe detrimental effect on your sexual health? Both acts aren't merely unnatural but destructive to yourself and your people. Your better than those pushing it on you, never forget that. You are above such base acts.

4b1925  No.12784418


>I am definitely considering the replacement of my small, clear plastic water filter jug with a Berkey filter. This is mainly because I hate having my water sitting in plastic. I have already swapped out all of my plastic water bottles with fully stainless Klean Kanteen water bottles.

Polycarbonate is a polymer made entirely of carbonic acid molecules, aka fizz from water that is CARBONATED. When it breaks down, you get CO2 and water.

Or, why not just GLASS? (weight and fragility, yes?) But, at home, you can get a big, glass carboy bottle and use it for longer-term storage.

BTW, any filtration system should include a stage that passes the water through an ultra-harsh, make-you-blind-if-you-stare-at-it UV stage to kill all remaining squirming or bio whatevers in the water.(It's usually a stainless tube with a bulb that extends along the middle of it.)

Do it up RIGHT.

3e337a  No.12784431

File: e9ec9b36202681f⋯.jpg (29.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 10101.jpg)

anyone here have a pdf for solitary fitness?

61d43e  No.12784512

File: b07c1d9bd2e16be⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 386x499, 386:499, og2e.jpg)


Overcoming Gravity 2nd edition


61d43e  No.12784521


Just move to Iran already, Roosh.

61d43e  No.12784542


Just buy a book on some of the topics that you already know you should be improving. One or two of the best you can find per subject, then dig in. There's nothing wrong with taking extended breaks from the amount of noise here.

3e337a  No.12784550

File: 958b1bc8d81a530⋯.png (146.4 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 6a5c5b4da0eee73d4dfd910996….png)


ty my dude

5424a8  No.12784827

File: b5f185e73366fb0⋯.jpg (194.89 KB, 1000x621, 1000:621, laughter stops.jpg)


people like Roosh and I would never make it in Iran. at least Roosh looks Iranian, he'd blend in better

db82d1  No.12784941

Still looking for audiobook recommendations. Someone said just read a book but I explained it is for during my commutes to work. (no hands)

Someone that will increase my knowledge but I don't really know what. Maybe someone narrating a programming or computer science book or explaining electronics or engineering.

61d43e  No.12785415


audiobook for "A History of Europe" by J.M. Roberts - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f042de2eca0e5f69c80c620e75db9e2545733f4e&dn=A%20History%20of%20Europe%20(Unabridged)%20-%20J.%20M.%20Roberts&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzer0day.ch%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.demonii.com%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexodus.desync.com%3a6969 (torrent magnet link)

You can also pick a European language (if you can't decide I'd recommend German) and listen to Assimil series, which the torrents are widely available for. It lets you "shadow" what they say to increasingly build your vocabulary and phrase knowledge while working on pronunciation from the beginning, and it's way faster pace than Pimsleurs which is just a slog. Then look for the Vocabulearn series in your language which you can also burn to CD, it's just cramming vocabulary. Once you get decent you can listen to audiobooks for easy novels in your target language, either a common starter like Harry Potter or Hunger Games that's widely translated, or even something more obscure or complex. If you have a specific language in mind let me know and I can provide specific resources that are best in class.

aaccf6  No.12785728


Why go to college?

Because you need it for any high-paying job besides plumbing.

61d43e  No.12785894


Can learn to code by following a CS curriculum through self-study. But you're pretty much on point.

850bc1  No.12786305


Most recruiters require a degree no?

84d95e  No.12786353

File: 9b47622d5a0ad69⋯.png (144.71 KB, 1240x704, 155:88, ClipboardImage.png)

>Gabe M.


Someone reeducate this dweeb.

5e6a43  No.12786515

File: 7c69eb6873e2b18⋯.jpg (44.97 KB, 484x500, 121:125, 1504139348581.jpg)

I need to quit or at least cut down on videogames and computer time.

Anyone got some good hobby recommendations?

Preferably something that at least feels productive and that I can do for long periods of time, maybe even entire days. I like working with my hands, with both big and small things but I have a very short attention span so things like reading only really works for shorter periods. I need something that's fairly easy and cheap to get into

61d43e  No.12786819


Nah there are definitely some positions especially related to government contracts that will, but for the most part it's based on job experience + portfolio (personal projects) + interviewing ability. Software engineering is still pretty close to a meritocracy.

61d43e  No.12786990

File: 29d179efdcf5993⋯.png (265.04 KB, 1500x1550, 30:31, b4e53f42d1a430c8bbbc7aff06….png)


Language learning is pretty good since you can just grind flash cards for vocabulary and pronunciation, the grind TV/vidya/audio CD "shadowing" for most of the work. You will get better in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend grinding flash cards so you can go for 30m or 4hrs in one day and get out of it exactly what you put into it. You can do flash cards on your computer or phone at will and it will sync between devices with Anki. Shadowing audio CDs and listening to audio books is a way to offload more work from screentime to a commute or even being able to go on walks or treadmill while doing it. With flashcards especially you get real metrics on your progression so that will satisfy your need for measurable feedback on progress.

Guitar is another great one since you only need an electric guitar (~$200), picks/strings/tuner/metronome (maybe $60 total), and an amplifier + cable ($50 for a floor model, about the same for one that plugs directly into the jack then you can use headphones to not disturb neighbors). Then you can just grind chord progressions and running the scales and you'll quickly feel progress being able to improvise harmony and melody. Practice sessions can easily last between 15m to 1 or even 2 hours basically until your fingers don't want to deal with it anymore. Singing is probably another good one since it's mostly free other than getting a getting a recording device to audit your sessions and skill progression with. You just need to find some good voice training videos online or pay for singing classes to accompany them.

You can also do calisthenics or powerlifting. Either one will give you measurable progress and are very cheap (calisthenics is nearly free except for a few pieces of basic equipment, powerlifting is very cheap with just a gym membership of $10-40 per month). You can basically just zone out and put in the reps and you'll get massive measurable progress over time. You could also go the opposite route and pick up long distance running. Start training for 5k, then 10k, then half marathons and marathons. It's just repetitive as fuck movement and if you stick to a program you will make constant progress. Unfortunately cardiovascular adaptations are more ephemeral than muscle building so the dividends won't be as permanent but it's certainly an option. Just be careful about maintaining good form so you don't bust up your knees. You'll need to focus on good form in lifting too, of course. Good luck, anon.

b89da1  No.12787212


Have you considered painting? It can focus the mind and can be quite enjoyable. The trick is to merely learn the basics then paint something you find beautiful. Be it a vista, a dazzling woman or merely a scene from history, the importance isn't necessarily the skill or talent used to make it but how much you capture the beauty of the object using your own hand. It allows you to hold pride you've achieved a piece and by the same token recognise where you can improve. You mention you have a short attention span, then use a small canvas and basic store bought paint and find something worth creating. I would start with scenery more than humans though, less complexity and you'll find a better starting point in doing so.

As to why I suggest classical art. Modern (((tribal))) art is all about subjectivity and degeneration, a complete contrast to the more pure classical images that should be praised. They take the ugly and bland and praise it for "deep concepts" and "great dimension" while failing to understand art is designed to be a reflection of the moment, not the artist. Yes, the artist is a pivotal item in the creation of the art but the art itself must stand alone as a subject worthy of praise above all. That is why the Tate for example in my darkened homeland is so worthless, it exalts the worthless and dispises the beautiful. Huh, if there was ever a description of the semetic that would be a perfect fit.

a8a6f6  No.12787229

Thanks for telling me to go larp as a pagan.

0553b8  No.12788855


>No it shouldn't, there are many ions present in natural sources of water that are required for a healthy source of water. Without any ions, water is a poor electrical conductor, and water in the body needs to conduct electricity.

Absolutely correct.

>There is a relatively small group of chemicals your water company puts in the water, namely chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride. Other contaminants, such as organic substances (e.g. hormones from birth control pills showing up in the water in London), and heavy metals that sneak in most notably from the solder in pipes. The Berkey filters these out, which is why I like it as an option. It's also cost effective, uses no electricity, and lasts forever.

I did a bit of research the other day, read some lab test results on Berkey filters, and what you are saying is definitely correct.

I am planning on buying a Big Berkey filtration system in the future.


I like your suggestion of storing water in glass. My stainless steel water bottles are mainly just for use at the gym, and at work.

I do have quite a few mason jars, large pickle jars, and a few glass pitchers laying around the house, so it's easy enough for me to make that small change.

As for the UV filtration stage. Is it really all that necessary if my tap water is chlorinated?

278226  No.12789668


My wife is nuts about the WAPF, could elaborate on their quack nature?

502152  No.12790123

I fucking relapsed , im a piece of shit

After five fucking months of nofap

460e05  No.12790133


I recommend The Forgotten Soldier if you can find a decent reading of it.

29992e  No.12790226



I agree, language learning is one of the most fulfilling and cheap hobbies.

Other hobbies that are cheap include cooking (saves you money vs. buying food), baking (if you're already eating bread, try making your own sourdough bread), hiking, winter swimming, reading books (check them out from the library), boxing (many gyms can be a great value/month although not free), programming/coding (websites like hackerrank or codesignal are good to practice on), and/or drawing/sketching.


>Is UV necessary with filtered tap water

No, there is almost 0 risk of that happening in a developed country. UV is only useful if you expect that there are harmful microorganisms in it. Ironically, the situations in which you're most likely to encounter such water (innawoods, when shtf, etc.) are the situations when electricity will be particularly scarce and valuable.


It's not as if all your work has been for naught. Five months is pretty good; you spent .6% of days over the past five months fapping. Obviously you want that number to be zero, so make sure you don't give in and keep doing it. But the whole language of "relapse" in the community I think is damaging to the end goal, which is to eliminate the need to fap. Five months is a lot of hard work and progress, and that will power you built up didn't just disappear. So hop on the wagon again and keep up the good work.

850bc1  No.12790270


Also like to chip in.

>home brewing

>amateur electronics

>pickling and making your own long term food reserves

>owning, maintaining and marksmanship of your own firearm if not in a cucked country

>growing your own herbs

>looking into renting plot of land and growing own fruit and veg

5e6a43  No.12790316

File: 60ec558a774ca64⋯.png (319.62 KB, 417x468, 139:156, paint.png)



I do have an app on my phone to learn, I spend like 5 minute everyday and I can't see myself really spending much time doing it


I did guitar lessons as a kid but never got the hand of it, guess I don't have the proper finger dexterity. I do however have a piano which I play from time to time so there is that, still having a hard time learning sheet music


I do some lifting but it's no ruotine, I just have weights which I lift and do excercises throughout the day. I have a punching bag which I bought recently but I need to purchase a hook to I can hang it in my garage. My local store doesn't have any heavy duty hooks, but I'm going into town tomorrow so maybe I can find some


I do have an interest in painting and drawing but never really do it. I got painting and drawing supplies and I have done it a little in the past. I don't know where to start or how to learn and watching youtube tutorials only get you so far. Pic is my first "real" painting, it's acrylic on cardboard. I wanted to paint a man but I didn't know how so I just painted whatever I felt like and it came out kinda looking like a demon or something.


I do enjoy cooking and baking from time to time, but it's not something I can spend most of my day doing. Hiking and being outdoors is something I really like but not at this time of the year. It's just wet snow and rain everywhere. I also do some freediving during summer but I keep it to a minimum because It's quite dangerous alone.

Coding I've tried but never had any real interest in it, the short attention span ruins it and besides, I'm trying to spend less time on the computer.


>home brewing

sounds expensive

>amateur electronics

been thinking about that but never looked into it, I should

>pickling and making your own long term food reserves

I do that

>owning, maintaining and marksmanship of your own firearm if not in a cucked country

I have a hunting license and I'm allowed to purchase and own firearms. But it's expensive and there is no firing ranges or clubs close to me. I've checked.

I got a bow and a pellet gun which I use during the summer

>growing your own herbs

already doing

>looking into renting plot of land and growing own fruit and veg

already doing

I appreciate all the suggestions

850bc1  No.12790351


All I hear is a bunch of EXCUSES.

Man the fuck up lad.

5e6a43  No.12790355


Excuses for what? Not doing things I don't have any interest in?

88c025  No.12790578


On top of the other suggestions you've already had

>instead of hiking, try off road cycling - its great, low impact cardio, you get out on the trail and you don't breath in exhaust fumes, its a win-win

>camping and basic survival skills

>climbing and bouldering (i tried bouldering for the first time last weekend. Its a lot of fun and you can do it all year round, assuming the rock is dry)

>kayaking or canoeing


>gardening, start with easy to grow veggies (tomatoes, lettuce etc…), then cook with them after you harvest

>learn an instrument


Dont feel down anon, 5 months is a great streak. The new streak starts today, good luck!


No but hes right.

>I did guitar lessons as a kid but never got the hand of it, guess I don't have the proper finger dexterity

Excuse. Nobody has dexterity at first.

>I got painting and drawing supplies and I have done it a little in the past. I don't know where to start or how to learn and watching youtube tutorials only get you so far.

See above.

>Hiking and being outdoors is something I really like but not at this time of the year. It's just wet snow and rain everywhere.

So what? The winter months are a great time to be out on the trail, its quite and the wilderness looks quite beautiful in the snow.

Dont take any of the personally anon, but you need to stop with the defeatist attitude.

61d43e  No.12790624

File: 953ea118b4b2087⋯.gif (178.45 KB, 321x321, 1:1, 953ea118b4b208799038cdb1ee….gif)



You don't need "a language app" like Duolingo, they aren't all created the same. You need Anki with a proper flash card deck where you're always make N+1 progress.


Yeah you need to practice chord progressions and scales more than reading sheet music. You build finger dexterity by doing these exercises.


Yeah what you're doing is called "fuckarounditis", the absence of a routine with a set progression. From your post I don't think you're very ambitious, just another whiner. We've had a number of anons here just like you. What you need to realize is that motivation and success doesn't magically grow on trees. You need a plan with set progression and milestones to move forward, then you need to start the plan, then you need to follow through. Motivation grows over time by sticking to the plan, which is also called discipline (a learned skill). You keep at it for a while and hit lots of plateaus where you feel like you're making no progress. Then one day you wake up and realize you busted through yet another plateau and all the cumulative effort you put in paid off. Suddenly you're fluent in a language, or can improvise guitar songs, or have big muscles and strength, or can program non-trivial computer programs, etc.

89f002  No.12790666

File: 1a0e796ec88c7a9⋯.png (392.2 KB, 478x595, 478:595, Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1….png)


I could give a fuck less about everything on here but lifting, i will smoke and drink till i die since the world is already over

>wholesome waifu

no wholesome bitch wants a guy like me covered in tats, i'll pass. lay off the anime fuckin weeb

89f002  No.12790676

File: 7c636d56feb34c8⋯.png (646.73 KB, 597x595, 597:595, Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1….png)

that being said, (satan woo) im glad these generals exist for the brothers in arms who are pathetic at the moment.

If you want to increase T even more take charge of your goddamn social situations, i hang out with a crew of natsoc guys around here and still take charge, you will get a natural T boost, it starts there and goes everywhere else

if you have an ungrowable rat stache you're already to feminized, normal facial hair development begins pre puberty, dont let the jew trick you

t. satan

0277a6  No.12790679


Oh no.

How did you manage to find the brain cells to go on the internet if you have tattoos?

What made you want them, anyway?

0277a6  No.12790683


Thanks for the advice, my man. I'm going to follow it up with talking first, lots more, than I used to. Currently /NoFap/ and /novideogames/ atm and it's slowly but surely working out well. I recommend it.

4652b5  No.12790684



wtf was your rambling blogpost of a reply?

you sound like a brainlet in midlife crisis with no goal in life, no wonder you like bikes and you are in a gang

89f002  No.12790687

File: 53a90ce9a784a12⋯.png (566.91 KB, 583x590, 583:590, Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1….png)


I was young when i got most of them, gave them to myself with a stick n poke needle

SS bolts on my bicep, (yes i know larpish disgust i was 14) satans head with the iron cross hanging off his beard on my chest, and a few others, some done professionally others done by me.


Normally video games is the worst for this, good thing you dont play them, i never understood the craze myself so i can't really talk there. nofap is good, but dont extend that to nopussy.Find a good chick and hit that shit, another good way to increase confidence.


Rambling, thats what. midlife crisis at 23? damn i must not have much left huh? bikes run in my family, and its something i care about because my dad cared about em, and his father before him. it's tradition to build your own and fuckin ride.

It's part of learning to work on your own shit. build your own bike, and you'll be building anything you own.

DIY or die.

ab0c80  No.12790695


Based trips. Hail Satan.

>a guy like me covered in tats

Depends on the tats, and what you consider wholesome.

There are post-punk nat soc girls with tons of white power tattoos out there.

4652b5  No.12790699


could you shut up already and get your degenerate smoking drinking internet tough guy persona offline and away from this board please?

k tnx

ab0c80  No.12790701


>posting music and album covers and photos from the 1970s

>claiming you're 23

TBH you sound more like boomer scum than a zoomer.

89f002  No.12790706

File: f5c6d2f8bd0fdfa⋯.png (26.19 KB, 139x124, 139:124, Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1….png)


man it's what i grew up on, plus most modern chops are shit i just save the old shit. sound like a hipster cunt. but that's all in my inspo folder for future modifications to my current bike just have plenty of it


Aint claiming to be tough man, you just sound angry

cc33aa  No.12790712


>Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow


5e6a43  No.12790713

File: d0195ebb4bdcc34⋯.jpg (131.31 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 34390.jpg)


>Dont take any of the personally anon, but you need to stop with the defeatist attitude.

Well that wasn't my intention, It's not like I'm rejecting all the suggestions I got I just gave my current thoughts on past experiences about them. And not all of them are negative, as I said I do outdoors activites like diving and hiking but in the current season I don't. I agree about the winter wilderness, I love winter but it's not really winter here anymore, there is nothing but rain and piles of slurry outside which I don't find enjoyable.

I don't want to sound like defeatists but I don't really see how me doing things I know I don't like and don't find fullfilling is going to help me. I'm looking for a hobby, something to help me relax and waste time, something I can pick up, have fun with and learn something from without having to really spend a lot of money and time doing setting it all up.

I appreciate the feedback but telling me to "man the fuck up" isn't really something I would consider advice


>you're very ambitious, just another whiner

yes, that is the problem, I'm stubborn and lazy. I want to change and enjoy things but I don't really have the drive or ambition to do so, I try to find it but can never really get there. Maybe I do get those periods where I do and I actually start to improve and do things but they don't last for long

4652b5  No.12790714



at a degenerate with tats that blogposts about his degeneracy and then continues to contribute literally nothing to this thread other than "I'll do whatcha I want, I am natsoc too"

Yea, of course I am angry at idiots like you

But don't you worry, you and people like you will get the rope too when the time comes

611cf7  No.12790715


How did you find the brain cells to make that comment? From posts over the years I'd estimate have the legitimate users here have tattoos.

As for why, subconsciously I think it plays into the warrior mentality, as well as spiritualism. For instance, one of mine is the well of knowledge with Odin's eyeball looking up at you. Another is a raven perched upon a yggdrasil rune. Plus chicks dig it.

89f002  No.12790719


"muh degenerate" for what drinking and smoking?

grow a pair dude.

611cf7  No.12790730


People like that just like to screech impotently and talk tough. These same kind of people have usually never even been in a fist fight.

4652b5  No.12790731


>grow a pair dude

woah nice tough guy talk DUDE

really told me, you really persuaded me, I should get some tats and start smoking and drinking

haha xD heil hitler guys, I am not like other girls guy right here

get off this board

4652b5  No.12790734


stop projecting idiot and stop promoting his degeneracy

cc33aa  No.12790753


Degeneracy is not just one thing, unless you are a christ - tard. For normal non schizophrenic human beings some things are far more degenerate than other things.

e4fb0f  No.12790769


So far three seperate anons have called you out on your babby attitude. I understand. It's tough. Waa waa I don't want to do what is hard. I only want to stay in my comfy comfort zone. We get it. We do. We've all been there but we eventually pulled the finger out of anus and did things we didn't enjoy because we knew that it would improve us. If you don't like tough attitude (like anonymous strangers saying to buck up)then you might as well bow out now and give up. Still here. Then try things you dont like and thank us later.

89f002  No.12790774


When did i ever say to get tats, or even seem to promote them? that just sounds like you're pulling at straws.

Theres no reason to talk tough on the internet, it just doesn't make sense, it just sounds like you're looking for something, ANYTHING you can use to formulate an attack.

it's kinda sad honestly, the anger you have for a random anon lol

611cf7  No.12790776



Just what I've noticed about people who act tough on the interwebs. You're basically navy seal posting fag. I've fought plenty in my life, won most and lost a few, but I don't go around acting tough claiming i'm going to rope other Whites. If that guy want to smoke and drink then that's his cope. Some people need a little something to keep from going full Roof. Not to say it isn't bad for you, just understandable. Keep your tism to yourself. If you want people to improve then babbling about roping them isn't going to help.

5e6a43  No.12790780


whatever I guess

I was just looking for advice but if all the advice is "just man up bro" I'm obviously in the wrong place

89f002  No.12790787


the only thing that can motivate you, is rage, find what makes you angry no matter what and picture it. picture that object of anger in your mind then fixate on it even more, start lifting get off your ass out of spite, not motivation.

the greatest motivation is anger.

4652b5  No.12790788


You're right, I am sorry. Hope you guys stop smoking and drinking. Wish you guys good luck.

89f002  No.12790805

File: 5e38ac24e11dd27⋯.png (569.57 KB, 603x585, 67:65, Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1….png)


Sensible talk, spoken like a man.

Good post man

I drink to keep from going apeshit, been to jail before and have no intention of going back for dumb bullshit.

just can't seem to kick the cigs and wish i could. to be fair been smoking for far to long and each time i try to quit i seem to fixate on small points of annoyance for full anger.

i'm sick of trying to quit and taking out my anger on the ones i love most. it's not what i should do and i dont want some effiminizing gum, or dip or whatever. who knows what bullshit they put in that trash to make you grow a pair of tits and make your seed infertile, no thanks.


I harbor no ill will towards you, if i was in your position i'd be mad to. came off with odd speech. and seemed like i was blustering.

c0a976  No.12790808

1da7c9  No.12790810


Excuses. You’re looking to us to give you motivation but that’s not how it works. Pick one and make yourself do it. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, since apparently you don’t like anything

e4323b  No.12790830


I think you're right. I think you're very right.

When I think about it the times I've had these "periods" of improvement it's always been because I'm mad or fed up about something.

I've never really thought about that, thanks

89f002  No.12790834


You're welcome, it's what got me from being a loser, to being social, out there. because when everything pisses me off, i get off my ass and fix it.

but if i maintain that anger, it's in control be wary to not let it control you and destroy your life as much as it helps.

18f947  No.12790838

Faggot goat thread is faggot goat thread, if I fap you can't steal viable sperm without paying me.

000000  No.12790951



inb4 torfag

ba4ebc  No.12790952

If you can´t just support others who can.

I´d like to share the Paul Wade convict conditioning series, i cut some irrelevant parts because some anons can´t wait (i was an athlete, i know why and if you don´t like it you can read the books inside) and this is the torrent:


My upload power is awful….i´ll upload more stuff in the future, i couldn´t find the 4ch sig, someone take the torrent to them

61d43e  No.12791038


You already got a ton of hobby suggestions and actionable advice for your ambition/lazyness problem. Nobody cares about your wishy-washy followup blagposting.

88c025  No.12791060



<My fellow white males, do not practice good hygiene. Walk around smelling like shit with terrible breath. Real men stink like shit!

611cf7  No.12791070


It is quite alright Anon, "we" all have plenty of rage brought on by the condition of the world. It lashes out sometimes. Don't worry about it.


Thanks man. I feel your post.

374108  No.12791076

File: d5cd06fd4407a1d⋯.jpg (528.58 KB, 1600x1352, 200:169, Monet - Camille Monet and ….jpg)

/pol/, I need help. Shall sage since this will be a bit of a blogpost.

I am a freshman at an American liberal arts college. Ever since discovering /pol/ during Gamergate four years ago, I have been on a continual path to reaffirm my identity and become the best individual I can become. I've made significant personal achievements throughout just one semester here, including active participation in five organizations, Dean's List, and even rushing a fraternity (where I've made a sizable amount of respectable white friends). However, I cannot find a way to resolve my sentiments for wanting a long-term relationship.

I've tried everything, including limiting my free time to only half an hour a day and devoting more time to my hobbies. I've been on NoFap for thirteen months and have done strength and cardio training for six. That same gnawing, visceral feeling of wanting to see something blossom into something permanent, to have someone I protect, to become a father and oversee the development of my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren into men and women of greatness, still persists. It also doesn't help that shit can hit the fan any day now with the current state of global affairs.

How can I go about changing this feeling and wholly devoting myself to my work?

840f2a  No.12791095


ad5355  No.12791107

File: 3ab1dfce8cd3b26⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 1920x2607, 640:869, 1531408077730.jpg)

Didn't see this one up /SIG/.

Guess I can check in.

Went from 215 lbs to 195 lbs.

Able to pull-up, first ever in my life.

No neckbeard.

No jew-fro.

Teeth are cleaner. Decay halted. Seeking repairs.

Growing a garden now. Radishes and lettuce are looking good. Guess I'll be eating a fresh salad in few more days. Onions and carrots have first cotyledons. Nothing from tomatoes and strawberries.

Looking for wife, found one girl, slowly training her.

Getting ready to move. Heading west.

Keep the spirit, anons.

ad5355  No.12791123


With all your activity in organizations anon, has there been no girl that has stood out?

Looking at your situation, lurk in your social groups, especially ones with potential spouses. Watch for anyone who isn't a thot.

Could be someone there you haven't noticed.

4652b5  No.12791136


Yea, just need to be mindful of not lashing out on others, sorry but being on internet it's easier to do so over the screen.

I wouldn't say these sort of things to you IRL, I like you guys, I want the best for you guys because you helped me too.

61d43e  No.12791190


Why should you change your sentiments for wanting to impregnate a woman? You're in the most target-rich environment and time period of your life. People will tell you it gets better after high school or college with respecting to finding women. It doesn't.

850bc1  No.12791808


Heading west from where?

bbffa8  No.12792520

File: 4d95f36a48bd99e⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 720x480, 3:2, huh4.jpg)



i never quite understood why everyone has this sort of crusade aganist videogames on /SIG/

yeah i know that some people are addicted to them and neglect other aspects of their life but on my personal case most of what i know is because i played videogames and those gave me the inspiration to study about certain subjects and to improve myself

if i didn´t play all those old 90´s ww2 wargames i would never got the interest i had on ww2 and i would have never got the redpill for example

i think after all is just like movies,books or even fucking anime, there are good ones and there are bad ones

dunno maybe im wrong with this? some input would be appreciated kamaraden


>smokes drinks and engages in promiscuity

>d o n t p l a y v i d y a anon XDDDDD

ba4ebc  No.12792734

I fucked the torrent

Paul Wade convict condition abridged


48e6ee  No.12793130


If you're trying to become the very best person you can be, you need to devote as much time as possible to developing yourself as you can.

I'm basically down to the fact that video games are the last thing I do that isn't completely productive. Though I've settled in a game that allows me to train several different skills, from bartering to bantering.

That said, I average about 5hrs a week on vidya and spend 0 hrs on television, porn, or anything else that isn't positive for me.

ad5355  No.12793698

File: 5a2bed693e5b88f⋯.jpg (620.93 KB, 1080x3225, 72:215, 5a2bed693e5b88fae12957cfc7….jpg)


For me, I find that it just all too easy to fall into the world of vidya games. Spent a lot of time chasing goals that didn't affect the real world.

If it does something for you, like relaxing, then fine. But try gardening instead. Gardens are real, and they provide. Games, not so much.

850bc1  No.12794327


Requesting a dumbed down method on how to get into Anki. I have a Samsung. I gave up the laptop to rid myself of distractions.

ad5355  No.12794899

File: 18aa8eaffd802a4⋯.jpg (92.34 KB, 474x734, 237:367, 18aa8eaffd802a4e5f582b3454….jpg)


Here is another for everyone. Bump.

I'll do some digging for more infosheets.

61d43e  No.12795090


The basics are 1) download Anki, 2) set up an Ankiweb account so you can sync/backup your data, 3) download the correct decks for vocab, pronunciation, conjugation, and optionally grammar/idioms. What language are you learning? I can point you toward the ideal decks to download. They are absolutely not all created equal.

61d43e  No.12795129

File: b0ccfa45dc028b4⋯.gif (979.59 KB, 250x274, 125:137, 1467854082361.gif)


How much videogames are you playing? How much value are you still extracting from them? It comes down to time. There's only so much in a day, week, month, year, lifetime. So at a certain point playing X hours of videogames or any other largely consumption-based activity prevents you from spending that time on something else that you could grow more from. This all seems pretty obvious. If you play for brief sessions sporadically as a form of relaxation while recovering from heavy lifting or to let your brain relax after studying then of course that makes sense, as long as you don't rationalize it when in reality you're spending more time on it than needed.

850bc1  No.12795140


I'm learning Deutsch. I'm just confused about what I read so far. Some are saying you are supposed to make your own cards and it's only to supplement your learning. Others like you are saying to use decks.

bbffa8  No.12795297


to be quite honest i currently play vidya because is a good passtime and i got nothing better to do inbetween working out and reading, but i plan on living off the grid once i finish my apprenticeship and i start saving money to buy my own property so eventually i wont play em as much as i will be taking care of my future family and growing stuff on my property

i think the main reason why i play videogames and boardgames too is because i DO something, for example when reading books i am only sitting down and reading, i am digesting the information but that is about it, after a while i wanna get off my ass and DO something other than processing information, the same way i like keeping my body active with excersize i do with my mind via problem solving, i dont know if i am really conveying what i am triying to say but i guess you understand

anyways im off to flex my muscles ill be back in a while

081ced  No.12795701

Anyone who can give me some tips on working out?

I really suck when it comes to keeping a schedule and I usually break it within weeks. It not just about working out but everything really, it my pessimistic mind that always gets me

I got a kettlebell and a punching bag, anything in particular I should look for?

67df7b  No.12795725


You can start here with no equipment (except maybe a pull-up bar) >>12765422

084806  No.12795745


>being fit is what the jews want

said no one ever

081ced  No.12795823


I can do pull ups in my garage, that's where I work out. I can do pull ups from the rafters. Actually when I think about it I don't need any more equipment for the time being. I use heavy objects and carry them around or lift them. I have the envoirment and things I need just not the attitude, that's my real problem.

I'm more looking for tips on how I can stop being so lazy and careless and actually make myself work towards the things I desire. It feels like I have this need for instant gratification and being spontanious.

If I can't fix it maybe there is a way I can work around it or use it to my advantage?

285f3b  No.12795882

61d43e  No.12796148

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Making your own decks is ideal. The problem is that it's incredibly time consuming and you could use that extra time to just study an existing deck, assuming you start with a quality one. To that end here's a good core to get you started actually learning instead of tedious data munging.

1) Pronunciation deck: https://megaupload.nz/RcKdN0t3b1/German_v3.0_zip and the jewtube video to go with it (watch all 3, for consonants, vowels, and spelling rules). Start with this so that all of your vocab reps are quality. Easier to learn good habits from the beginning then unlearn bad habits and replace them later. Plus good pronunciation makes it way easier to understand what others are saying, and makes it way easier for you to be understood.

2) Conjugations deck: https://megaupload.nz/4bbeOdtfbe/German_Verb_Conjugations_apkg This is just the present tense conjugations for the 20 most common verbs. If you blow through this I can build out for the other tenses. Being able to intuitively conjugate verbs really helps with comprehension and speaking.

3) Vocabulary deck: https://megaupload.nz/7acfOdt8b5/Deutsch_4000_German_Words_by_Frequency_apkg I took this deck from Ankiweb https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1655357470 and cleaned up the HTML/CSS to be more useful for study. I also added a pronunciation card, and generated TTS audio for all of the example sentences. Note that I haven't studied German in earnest yet so there could be a couple issues. If you run into any let me know. What's good about this deck is it has words, it has sentences, it has the gender so you learn it properly from the beginning, it has images that someone curated by hand, and it's sorted in frequency order. What's not amazing about the deck is it's missing IPA (I would generate this for myself before using, but it's not strictly necessary since German is mostly phonetic), and it's missing English translations for the example sentences (not a dealbreaker, as you'll find yourself understanding more and more of the sentences as you progress through the vocab). Learning a core of ~4k words will get you over the hump to where you can switch from flash cards to studying with native materials (TV, books, vidya, music, etc)

4) Prosody deck: https://megaupload.nz/RbM1Nct5b6/German_Prosody_apkg for this one you'll listen to a small sentence/phrase the first time, then repeat over it (shadowing) for the next 3-4 times it shows up. You can just mark it as "good" every time unless you totally fuck up, the goal here is just to get reps with good pronunciation and internalize common sentence patterns. It also teaches prosody which is the sing-song aspect of a language, how sentences flow as a whole.

I'd recommend you load these into your phone or computer first, then sync it to the other device. It will be a lot of data for the initial sync. Good luck!

61d43e  No.12796164

File: bfc00d13f3a81cf⋯.jpg (44.91 KB, 515x482, 515:482, 62431507e2e867937ea7125a1e….jpg)


You need a program of sorts with a laid-out progression. Powerlifting is dead simple because you do the same movements, just adding a little more weight on the bar each time. Bodyweight is a little more complex because you work up to say 3 sets of 8-12 reps then once that's easy enough you move onto the next harder "version" of that movement (look at the bodyweight chart you'll see that you start with something like an easy inclined pushup, then regular pushups, then diamond, then feet elevated, then ending in something like a planche). It's really hard to maintain motivation without obvious goals on the horizon. That's why a set routine is so important. It also means that your workouts will be roughly the same duration so you have a benchmark to compare to and know what to expect, easier to schedule your time. A routine is the opposite of spontaneous. Just pick a good one like Overcoming Gravity for bodyweight, or Starting Strength for powerlifting, and stick to it. I was in your shoes so I understand. And I've actually run these programs through the progression so I can vouch for them personally working for someone in your shoes. If you put in good faith effort.

777107  No.12796430

File: a41259656e1ad5c⋯.jpg (298.33 KB, 1358x969, 1358:969, 4d93fdc8ef7cdecdf478f8609e….jpg)


This. When I got out of prison as an excon killer it was from a horrible accident on felony probation I couldn't find a job anywhere, so I applied at a pizza place and they hired me. Pizza places are always extremely desperate for drivers. Saturday night I made 151 dollars in tips in 5 hours, five hours of driving around in my car and listening to music, plus I still get a paycheck for those hours on top of the tips. That's 187.25 dollars in 5 hours of very easy work, ie 37.45 dollars an hour.

It's not normally that lucrative, but it's usually somewhere in the 20/h range. So if any of you here can't find a job and have a vehicle go apply to be a pizzaman in the richest area you can get to. If you don't have a vehicle save up for a 1500 dollar piece of shit, then go and apply to deliver pizza.

Good luck to all of you trying to overcome NEEThood or any other difficulties life can fling at you.

42c322  No.12796462


If you can't find any job, I'd apply at my local grocers they hire anyone stepping in. I've even seen literal tards as cart pushers or cashiers

4c649a  No.12796627


There's nothing wrong with your biological imperative to propagate your ancestor's DNA. Just don't waste it on banging thots.

29992e  No.12796628


Do nofap if you haven't, and limit your exposure to smart phones, the internet, and other electronic devices. Using the computer (or equivalent) decreases your attention span and makes you less able to delay gratification, because everything is 5 seconds of typing away. The delay gratification/focus muscle atrophies the more you use it.

Ways to reverse it are by only focusing on one thing for at least 25 mins at a time, without checking your phone, or thinking about anything else. Reading difficult books and meditating helps with this.

29992e  No.12796647


<atrophies the more you use it

I meant less.

4475ba  No.12796669



you're not dealing with the issue that is at the root, while you talk about lifting weights nothing ever happens

the fact that the people have all the tools needed to deal with this issue but won't is the problem.

b8ab0c  No.12796678


Trades are a high pay floor low pay ceiling meme peddled by idiots. If you teach yourself analytics and start optimizing processes/generating reports in your workplace, you can easily get some large raises. Certified business analysts make 6 figures, and is mostly self-study.

29992e  No.12796694


And what happens when your company realizes it can hire a team of developers in India or South America to do your job for the same cost? STEM jobs are also a high-floor low-ceiling meme. Why do you think so much effort is spend on propaganda to get people to study STEM? Because it drives down the cost of labor for (((them))).

Obviously you can make decent money, and depending on your ambitions it might be enough. But it's very rare to find a software guy that will make more than $180k. And that number will only go down as more people in developed countries and around the world study it. But trade jobs can never be outsourced.

000000  No.12796738

>Before we can defeat the jews

Who is "we" faggot?

You stormroaches don't like any Whites other than your own kind.

ad5355  No.12797602

File: e8a7aba10c5fc0e⋯.jpg (686.7 KB, 1000x1879, 1000:1879, 2f308a03ac7f55ea137d167c0f….jpg)

How about this one? Its another I had lying around. Think it might be useful to a few of you.

a5d8de  No.12797645


I have one to add.

Do not waste posts on shills. /SIG/ is the most valuable thread on /pol/. Do not increase the impact of low level shills by responding to them.

b8ab0c  No.12797850


You could at least bother to research the role. Nobody is talking about Pajeet tier programming, my hi-vis wearing friend. Business analytics involves using technical knowledge to solve a company's problems with new processes, hardware, software etc. It will never be replaced by Pajeets because you have to be physically present, technically competent, have problem solving skills, and be good at communicating with stakeholders, exactly none of which a drag and drop street shitter is capable of doing. There are $1,000+ a day consulting jobs for this with 3 year experience required, which anon can get through his current office job and self study. The trades are shit, unfulfilling , not intellectually stimulating, physically ruinous slave lives where at any given moment you're set to be replaced by some brown labor monkey.

e567de  No.12797927


How to break into this field?

I presume first you have to be employed by some serious company. But in which position? I doubt this would work in some pajeet tier under 500 employee company. And also wouldn't work if you at the bottom of ANY company. You would slapped down faster than a kike kvetching about my dead noses. So I'm guessing first you need to be at least middle management and at a large company at which point you are already setforlife

b19130  No.12798061

What are some good books on Leadership and Self-Motivation? Did the National Socialists put out anything of this nature? When I look at popular titles, it's all Oprah tier Woo, or Navy Seal hoorah war stories like "Extreme Ownership."

71d4b9  No.12798086


>Carbs carbs carbs

Like, bro, just buy a 50 pound bag of whole milk powder and hang a few country hams up in your cellar. A 50 pound bag costs about $150 and makes 62.5 gallons of whole milk at 2400 calories of high quality fat and protein.

That's 150,000 calories for $150. 1000 calories per dollar. Carbs literally cannot compete with the price performance unless it's bland white rice or pasta. And it can't compete at all if you account for taste and quality.

Kids growing up in a bunker eating crackers and noodles will be stunted and malnourished. Kids growing up in a bunker drinking whole milk and dehydrated or cured meat will be healthy and stronk.

e36d67  No.12798093

>Blames carbs for weight problem. I drink gobs of carbs on cycles and still lose fat.

The trick is stay active and sleep when you can.

e36d67  No.12798096


Probably because the rest of you are basically walking assholes.

88c025  No.12798303


Good point, I've updated the template for the next thread. Although, when shills/useful idiots try to undermine well established, good advice, it does need to be addressed for the lurkers and newfags.

For example, every /SIG/ some anon will attack the section about oral health, as if brushing your teeth is a bad thing. Now its obvious to us that its a shill, but a lurker/newfag may fall for it.

ad5355  No.12798538


Agreed. I am to the point of learning photoshop.

New more and new anti-shill infopics around here.

121b72  No.12798582


If you want to learn how to use Photoshop and GIMP, the best people to speak to are the ones from the weeb boards. A lot of them have years of experience because they use them for scanlating manga and hentai. They write guides, distribute pirate copies and font collections.

61d43e  No.12798795

File: 30838afa499d2bd⋯.webm (15.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mde.webm)



940fcc  No.12798798


460e05  No.12798801

ad5355  No.12799435


Thanks for the tip, anon. I'll see if I can reach out to them.

29992e  No.12799519





I'm shocked to see such a combination of poisons and disgusting food on /sig. This is not fit for any animal to consume, let alone you and your family.

If you want food that doesn't go bad, stock pile grain. It will last indefinitely. The annoying this is preparing it, but grains can be soaked/sprouted and boiled pretty easily to make a porridge type meal that's far healthier than the shit advocated here.

Also stock pile olive oil, tallow, lard, and clarified butter as these fats will never go bad.

Jerky and cured meats are a great option as well, but they don't have as long of a shelf life. There are also varieties of pickled meats/fish, common in parts of eastern europe, that will last forever, but I'm not familiar with them.


A quick linkedin search for "business intelligence", "solutions architect", or "business analytics" will reveal a preponderance of indians, asians, and women in these roles. Obviously there are exceptions. Also you're failing to ignore the entire industry of SaaS BI companies that exist solely to eliminate the need for humans such as yourself (if this is in fact what you do). While your job might be stable for some time, encouraging people on here to count on this type of position being available in a few years is pretty misguided. Furthermore, most of the people asking for methods of gainful employment on here are not currently on an educational/career trajectory that would qualify them for this type of role; if they were, they wouldn't be asking.


Research people with these positions on linkedin. For the ones that are not here on an h1b, you'll find they have a degree in IT/business intelligence/software/engineering and have worked at progressively more important roles in their respective companies. They often have additional training and certifications. Many are on h1b's because they are cheaper than you would be.


This is surprisingly good advice, and well presented. I was not expecting that from a video game commentary vid.

e98454  No.12799534


friendship ended with mr hyde now master chuck. my best video blogger

bb1e09  No.12802758


who is this dude?

e567de  No.12802761

File: cc9431ee4a2bdc4⋯.jpg (249.68 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190215-080533….jpg)


Thanks for all these. Even though it's probably below my level it still helps and you got me to finally begin using Anki which I've wanted to try for a while. Any recommendations of what else to study using Anki?

fd4bdc  No.12802764


Charls Carroll.

e567de  No.12803132

What are things that are useful to have memorized. I want to ease away from using my smartphone as a tool for looking up stuff all the time since kikes are in control of what the majority of the world uses as a knowledge base (wikipedia) and are constantly editing and revising it a la 1984.

I despise sports or anything related to bread and circus programming so I have no interest in learning names of sports stars. Same with pop culture. Zero interest. But what will make a person more competent?

>knowing parts of car engine

>rules of the road (even obscure ones)

>how to convert between measuring systems (miles to km, pounds to kg, etc)

>synonyms to words

>linux and programming stuff

>plants, herbs, their medicinal properties and what minerals or vitamins they are a source of

>optimal daily doses of minerals or vitamins

help me out lads

ad4a1e  No.12803584

File: e3d840ba2cbd0d2⋯.jpg (148.87 KB, 543x447, 181:149, f3eee93189b391e83daa218a22….jpg)


If it's below your level then just ignore the conjugations deck. Suspend any vocab cards you already know the answer to right away. I wouldn't recommend you study too much with Anki because it builds up quickly and overwhelms you. It's something you want to walk, then run, with. But a lot of med students study with it. Anything with a large corpus of information (geography, quotes, times tables, historical facts/dates, programming tidbits). You can also go on the Ankiweb site and look at the topics there. Most of the cards will be kind of shit until you modify their HTML/CSS to get it how you like it. I highly recommend you download the desktop application once you get into it so you can easily edit all the settings. It's ultimately a program that's really meant for power users.

ad5355  No.12803594

File: f56fdc6825da686⋯.jpg (94.03 KB, 722x1024, 361:512, 1531419967738.jpg)


Thanks for the feedback, anon. Its nice to get decent replies. I'll make some notes on that and have it fixed.

On a related note, here is another.

ad4a1e  No.12803610


As I understand it you can memorize a shitload of chess strategies like openings, gambits, solutions to board positions etc with Anki. Jeopardy champions grinded Anki to win. Law students can also probably use it to study. You can use it to memorize music theory and sight reading. What it comes down to is at a certain point you need programming ability to generate your own decks by scraping data from the web or parsing it from existing sources and transforming into CSV to load into Anki. For example I built a massive deck for memorizing an entire visual dictionary (hundreds of thousands of items like parts of car, body skeleton, muscles, organs etc, plant types, furniture, pieces of a building). It supports English and German by showing a blank over an image then you have to guess the word. So by studying you would get an erudite vocabulary and memory base of "nouns" in both languages.

29992e  No.12804003


The Roman Emperors

The US Presidents

The leaders of your country

The important historical dates of your country

The Rulers of the Holy Roman Empire

The leaders of any institution in which you have an interest

The countries of the world and their capitals

Poetry and/or famous speeches

The geological eras/ aeons

The periodic table of elements

The evolutionary tree (taxonomy)

Muscles in the body

Bones in the body

Logic gates and their functions

Mathematical equations

000000  No.12804104


>If you want food that doesn't go bad, stock pile grain. It will last indefinitely. The annoying this is preparing it, but grains can be soaked/sprouted and boiled pretty easily to make a porridge type meal that's far healthier than the shit advocated here.

Also Legumes. Grains and legumes together are a complete protein source.

Make sure to try preparing the foods you stock pile before you need to rely on it.

b34ca2  No.12804111


ec8cbf  No.12804294


>I think the world would freeze over if an actual women read that from start to finish.

Or they would help us burn this fucking world down.

ec8cbf  No.12804376

File: 41f90e76b68dbfa⋯.jpg (121.9 KB, 639x794, 639:794, smile.jpg)


Thank you for this picture. I finally allowed me to see exactly why he chose to wear this style of mustache.

>pic related

>10 hrs in paint

42c322  No.12804731

File: a119c866cd01d7d⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 368x330, 184:165, unknown.jpg)

Is it okay if I do dumbbell bench or floor press instead of barbell bench when the gym is overcrowded? seated overhead press instead of standing? I do my press in the squat rack and there's a squat rack that nobody uses in the gym when all 4 of other rack are filled but the top is sealed. How should I log my progress when you do these substitute exercises?

61d43e  No.12805013


Yes it's OK. You can log them by RPE (relative perceived effort, scale 1-10 dead easy to max effort balls to the wall hard). Maybe just don't increase weight on barbell the next session after you do a substitute lift. So you'll progress slightly slower but it's OK if you accept it's a journey and it's the exception anyways.

be57fa  No.12806192


>Is it okay if I do dumbbell bench or floor press instead of barbell bench when the gym is overcrowded?

Sure, in fact, you should periodically swap barbell excerises to dumbell exercises just to make sure you aren't missing any muscle groups

>seated overhead press instead of standing?

Sure, although standing tends to be a little better, since it forces you to use your core.

>How should I log my progress when you do these substitute exercises?

Just log them as different exercises, but dont fret too much over tracking them. As long as the weight is forcing you to try hard to complete a set, while maintaining good form, you're doing it right.

8d04f7  No.12806374


why not

29992e  No.12806613


Whenever I don't have access to the rack, or even just for variety, I like to swap in dumbell exercises instead of barbell ones. Dumbell snatches, cleans, and rows are usually my go-tos, but you can get decently creative. Just try to maintain the principle of "compound exercises" and don't do exercises that are more likely to cause imbalances such as dumbell curls.

e31343  No.12807003

File: 106242f097ed564⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 409x640, 409:640, 73df764f42518f6ca76a75630e….jpg)


Looking at the picture it appears you have some moderate talent, it merely ended up misapplied due to a loss of focus. A human model is always more complex than a stable scene, what with the furrows, indents and textures of a human face. I believe should you merely apply yourself to a beautiful scene you'd achieve something you'd be quite proud of. Simplify first then move onto men.

Or if you truly wish to paint a human instead try a knight in full armour and regalia. You don't need to focus so much on facial contours and it may speak to you on a more personal level. Image of something that could be both fun and challenging included!



Do not cheapen yourself so, regardless of you debasing yourself with tattoos we are none the less brothers in a struggle for our very existance. You may believe due to them you may not find a humble wife but as long as you hold strong and remain a man of noble spirit you will, that is the key people forget. Being /fit/ in body is most certainly vital for the survival and success of our people, our blood demands it, but that steel must be tempered by the wisdom they sought to pass unto us. Having tattoos does not make you less noble, they may mark a time in your history where what they represented took precidence but the man you are now is above the man you were then. Hold firm and find faith in your blood.


I find Mosley's work to be quite a good guide and uplifting, it gives good grounding on the mindset of greatness. Of course our Uncles work is a fine read for understanding goals and succeeding what with his dreams of a future worthy of the finest heroes. The problem is that their both on a macro level so the key is not infact books that offer an immediate answer for they don't. The key is understanding the difference between 'Motivation' and 'Dedication'. Allow me to expand.

Motivation is a temporary measure, it arrives and departs much like the leaves of an oak. It's fallible, transcient in a sense. Oh it can return but it takes time but unlike the oak there is no guarantee for the when and the why of it. What your lacking is dedication. Dedication is the oak itself. Unmoving, unrelenting in the fiercest of storms. It is an unmoving testament to the very power of life itself and only through death can it be broken. There is no rhyme or reason for the oak to be like this, it simply *is*, that is the mindset you need.

Unhappy with your body? Then cull the weakness that makes the gut hang and face it with an unyielding will. Shame yourself if needs be, stare in the mirror and instead of pity replace it with anger. Fuel your drive with disgust at yourself and a will to improve and become the man you should rightfully be.

Unmotivated to improve your life? Then take control of it. Yes the (((tribe))) hold great sway over vast swathes of society but not *you*. They do not control *you*. You must rip out the disease that darkens your thoughts by it's very roots, whether it's chronic masturbation or a lack of will to get a different job, you must understand the mindset you have been forced to use is not your own, it must be defeated. The OP saying "we must first defeat the jews within ourselves" is actually quite a profound statement in this way for the modern world operates on a very semetic rythm. You must break the rythm, resist the despairing song of the (((tribal))) piper and reclaim yourself lest you find yourself forever wandering in a world made to rot you.

Once you are upon this path though, beyond the works of the major players of our history I would perhaps suggest Ride The Tiger and Revolt Against The Modern World. While some do question Evola, his analysis on what greatness and how great leaders come to be can be quite fascinating and offer useful insight in how to apply such things on a far more basic level. Yes his argument for a theologically backed leader is questionable but I think in these current times the concept of theology can be fairly expanded beyond the basic semetic religions to a greater volkish concept but that's a conversation for another thread. Sorry, went on a tangent there, please forgive.

fd4bdc  No.12808181


If you have a clear goal you don't need to be told what to remember, you'll just remember what is relevant. If you don't have a clear goal then you don't need to remember anything.

Serve a purpose.

bbc399  No.12809231

File: db06d9e921bb3b5⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 9d86531ee3ff5522b8ba168de7….jpg)

000000  No.12809323


Shit's addictive, simple as that. I have several games with 300+ hours played total each, about half a year in. Maybe if I played them 30 hours instead of x10 times that, I would have already learned basic Sanskrit and finally passed the test on a language teacher. Same bullshit every day, you give yourself 40 min to chill, you end up wasting 2 hour or more.

Luckily there are some games that are fast and strategically challenging, but most are designed to be a time-waster. I know. I used to be a game designer, before I hooked up on my own drugs.

Gaming addiction must be treated like any other, be it porn, alcoholism or tobacco addictions. I think it is actually porn-lite, that is worse than a tobacco addiction and around alcoholism-tier.

a1ef97  No.12809328

I take an iodine supplement like someone here mentioned a while back. IT MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE. next I collect rain water and treat it to drink. Easy and fun and no fluoride. It has had an amazingly positive effect. Highly recommended!

ccd693  No.12809338



a1ef97  No.12809341


Knots mother fucker! Do you tie them?! One handed bowline? Cats paw? Beer knot? (my favorite). Truckers hitch. Etc.

43d85d  No.12809369

File: 1b8176c109c41a6⋯.png (60.66 KB, 313x173, 313:173, on469u52.png)

Hey junkie anon here,

(found the new thread)

I'm straight,M, and have never been in a relationship before. Being an autist (pic related) has delayed that since I only started teaching myself how to seriously interact with my peers 2 years ago. Being rejected has led to me using mari to numb the pain and getting myself hooked. Browsing da internet most of my life has led me to viewing porn early. Chronic viewing of sexual programming has over time lead me to watch trap shit and has led me to explore not so straight forms of self-pleasure in an drug-like chase. Sometimes there is the temptation to 'test' myself for not being bi after abstaining causing rebounds. I have this OCD where undesired fantasies come and I have become desensitized by anything gay (porn induced). Note rebounds usually happen after I feel rejected by women after making an effort, and when I smoke. I know I can recover, given the nature of neuroplasticity, and because i don't stand for that bullshit, but I could use some tips and maybe even a plan. looking back my addictions are tied to an unquenched libido, not having a gal in my life, the slow process of learning and fucking it up until I have a qt gf, and using herb to escape.

How can I start the process of recovery? I need to get back to baseline where i'm not tempted at all by trap or gay shit. and somehow channel this libido into something productive.

da3757  No.12809437


>Don't go to college goy.

Said no jew ever.

Student loans = usury

Usury = jewish

Next you'll be saying

>Don't finance a new car, goy

642366  No.12809486



>will never go bad


7d86ab  No.12809593


Ease into nofap.

First, allow yourself to fap whever you want, but not to porn. If thats too hard, limit yourself to vanilla white on white porn.

Then limit yourself to fapping to certain days, i.e you can fap all you want (no porn) on Monday, tuesday you no fap etc…

Eventually aim for a week of nofap.

Treat it the same way you do with lifting at the gym, progressive overload.

Once you complete a 30 day nofap, you'll be practically cured, not completely, but almost.


Refrigerated lard will last a long time, Im not too sure about storage at room temp

46bc29  No.12809983



Anki? Fuck that shit! SuperMemo.

ad5355  No.12810155

File: 96852fe2529748b⋯.jpg (292.4 KB, 916x1024, 229:256, 1531408396657.jpg)

A new day, a new post. Hope this one is still up-to-date.

e0200f  No.12811186


um, can I get some sources? I'm assuming you don't eat sugar then?

e2b751  No.12811207

File: 7befe689e3b5593⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1234, 960:617, 1550313126036.png)

Give me a basic diet plan, /sig/. I sit up about 15 times and press up 10 times about twice a day, I also take regular treks down the countryside. I am skinny and wish to get more muscular.

7d8f29  No.12811240



step 11: white subversive, non categorized

>realizing the extent of all human knowledge, all of the paradigms he seeks to combine them all together, in order to find feasible strategies/tactics to gas the jews and to get to 1488. Trying to make the optimal choice in each individual circumstance. Seeing all virtues, and all actions as mere numbers, affecting other numbers. Trying to get to the "good" numbers.

ad4a1e  No.12811278


This is a good suggestion. Also, lockpicking is repetitive as fuck and involved hands. You can work on a practice lock.

ad4a1e  No.12811285


Starting Strength

e2b751  No.12811319


Is that a book or a website?

7777c3  No.12811402


Keto carnivore. Eat meat (including organ meats), cheese, eggs, butter. If you’re trying to gain weight add higher carb dairy (like full fat yogurt) and honey, heavy cream really packs in the calories as well

e2b751  No.12811417


Surely fruit and veg help, right?

7777c3  No.12811648


Not in my experience, and the experience of many others. Going from low carb with plants to without plants is often an improvement, it was for me. Maybe fruits like local, seasonal berries if you’re really having trouble gaining weight, but even then I would try without first. Although if you’re still eating lots of carbs keto alone will likely help. When I’m in keto even basic stuff like walking up the stairs everyday seems to help body composition. When I have eaten low fat and lots of plants in the past my body composition goes to shit no matter how I’m working out. Everyone is different, but doesn’t hurt to try it out

374108  No.12811689

File: bdf1e164d38f2c5⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jK4dXVsxU1g.jpg)


I'm not sure, quite honestly. All the clubs I'm a part of, which include things like a student foundation and an event programming group, have just upperclassman girls that don't really seem to care. I have yet to meet a girl my age here who isn't a thot and has her shit together; worst case is having to set up a Bumble and seeing if there are any competent ones in my area.



That's what I'm trying to say; I want someone I can be committed to. I am a virgin and intend to remain that way until marriage, though I have had a couple past flames. It just feels as though this time isn't right, though, so I would much rather give into my work than to women I cannot be committed with.

7d8f29  No.12811726


What do you actually look for in a woman I may ask? As in what they need to have? I am trying to make requirements for women a bit more coherent to myself

I got

>no tattoo's

>good relationships with family, father and mother

>not quick to anger and also quick to calm down

>can take good instructions

>obviously healthy, body wise

>no addictions

>low body count

>many female friends

>not smartphone addicted either (<is this impossible to find lol)

Just as base requirements of sorts. Thinking of all the effort and time you have to do to correct her being too much if she has one of these things wrong. Because these are developmental issues that require too much skill, time to fix? But things like "hey my love, we should go on a walk inna nature today, I know you dont do it often but its relaxing, come with me" and she says yes to that.

e2b751  No.12811737

Gents, I know tattoos, or at least, a lot of them are quite ugly and degenerate. But I've been thinking of getting a small Schwartze Sonne tattoo somewhere. I was wondering where is a good spot to put it?

7d8f29  No.12811743

7d8f29  No.12811745



shit, meant to do an angry post…so..


ad4a1e  No.12811755

File: 3ec42218e63d593⋯.png (451.96 KB, 619x845, 619:845, ss3e.png)


It's a book, here's a link to the 3rd edition http://libgen.io/search.php?req=starting+strength&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=1&column=def although I recommend you buy a print copy if possible for easy reference

ad4a1e  No.12811762


Don't bother

e2b751  No.12811773

File: 33b76700037db44⋯.jpg (254.34 KB, 718x1050, 359:525, 33b76700037db44dbb12f6732c….jpg)

Most Tattoo Artists are Libertarian Lefties who know fully well what National Socialist symbolism is, even the more obscure ones. I even believe they have lists of banned symbols.

374108  No.12811876

File: 0f72179a8204c59⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 973x1221, 973:1221, Kovacs - Portrait of a You….jpg)


I'm pretty much in your boat, but I've accepted that I probably won't meet my ideal woman until grad school or something.

>no tattoos, piercings, or dyed hair

>good family relationships

>creative, introspective, caring

>intelligent or intellectually curious, is an expert in some things you may not necessarily be

>makes an effort to cultivate her mind and body every day

>no addictions, hardly ever on social media or on her phone


>either religious or otherwise aware of her traditions

I'd say the other points, like being able to take good instructions, can be cultivated so long as you are able to support that image as the man in the relationship. You have two central roles when it comes to your woman: to provide a stable enough foundation for her to raise your children and to keep that foundation grounded enough to withstand the issues that come as you raise them.

7d8f29  No.12811963


ha, well then we are similar and I am not insane, its just so weird when you go outside and you notice that everyone is so terribly ill prepared. We are living in a society filled with junkies are we not? Basically everyone that we meet is below the level of quality that is necessary to sustain a family. Both men and women.

So obviously, as I am not a defeatist I have been thinking "well if they are so ill prepared, which ones are salvageable with my current skill set"

And those aspects that I wrote down seem at least very basics. If you are willing to spend some quality time on a somewhat stable woman (mentally that is), you can teach her how to be wholesome. But if she is unstable of mind you basically need to learn psychotherapy, and add years of personalized, amateur level attempts to actually fix her.

Beyond that, I am also training myself to have a greater amount of willpower, only my computer dependence is left of things to overcome. (already destroyed all other dependence, and bad habits)

So yea, pick your attempt

>harder search

costs time, you will have to go to places, maybe look at more obscure sites to find the minimum good quality wife

>amateur psychotherapy attempts

also costs time, probably more so than the harder search, but if you can get the skillset to mentally fix some of the thots, then it would be a great thing of skill would it not be?

7777c3  No.12811987


>many female friends

I wouldn’t be so sure about this. Think about the state of most women today, are those the types of people you want your wife to be friends with? If she has lots of wholesome friends sure, but be careful that she’s not the type to need lots of social reassurance from other women. These friends will likely be hanging around your children too. Having lots of female friends is only a good thing if the friends are also follow this requirements list

I would also watch out for

>dyed hair

even natural colors, indicates low self esteem. Do you want your daughters to be taught they should color their hair? This is also expensive and high maintenance

>lots of makeup

Same reasons

7d8f29  No.12812000


female friends usually mean that they are good at keeping bonds with their kin, also more female friends than males means that they are probably at least lesser sluts. Women actually avoid other women who are huge sluts because they see them as problems. I could even find the research piece back that supports this claim. So yea.

7777c3  No.12812068


>Women actually avoid other women who are huge sluts

Sometimes, it depends on the context. Also depends on what they perceive as a “huge slut”, most women are probably more forgiving on this than you’d think. By /pol/ standards most women are huge sluts, so avoiding all of them would probably mean not so many friends

fd00bb  No.12812146

File: 42128ee882d1efa⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2000x1318, 1000:659, 84a796cf91ff15641383de881b….jpg)

Okay fellas I'm gonna request some of your wisdom.

Been jumping between gym and coding for days, trying to make genre defining app for our little community but I find myself wasting too much time, longing for human interaction.

Where do you meet people ?

Hard mode,where do you meet like minded people ?

I only know about mountains,aside of that no god damn idea.

e2b751  No.12812157

File: 5090f7c859e2df0⋯.png (6.44 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.png)


I myself have never met another Fascist in my life.

fd4bdc  No.12812190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why would it? That's what the media and government have been saying forever, and that cow flatulence is causing global warming (but shipping grain, fruit, veg, and supplements from around the world to craft a single meal that still doesn't have adequate nutrition is fine). They want you too weak to fight them.

Here are the health improvements I've experienced since dropping non-animal products to no more than garnish levels:

>Teeth are always clean, and never hurt

>I sleep 6 hours and wake up fully rested

>My shits are tiny and less frequent

>I'm never bloated

>I never fart

>I'm always in a good mood

>I think more clearly

>Injuries heal faster

>I'm less hungry

>I smell better all over

>My fingernails are tougher

>I grow muscles faster

You don't have to take my word for any of this, You can try for yourself, and see. Plant-based food isn't likely to hurt you in small amounts, but a lot of it is indigestible, and the modern establishment take on nutrition is based around people eating tons of plant-based food. So, while some solutions recommended by the establishment, like "MORE FIBER", are useful for correcting the negative effects of a bad diet, if your diet is already good, you've no need for indigestible plant matter to help solidify your bowel movements.

Careful with milk consumption, though. The casein in milk can turn a turd into a fucking rock in high amounts, and you don't want to be fingering your asshole trying to break it apart.

fd4bdc  No.12812284


I have a fuckton of tattoos. I consider them scars inflicted upon me by marxism. Never would have gotten them with my current values. Consider that before branding yourself. The image of the Ubermensch is not a branded man.

>Where do you meet people?


>Where do you meet like-minded people?

Still outside. But I suggest doing something of your own volition, not with the intent of meeting people, but doing it where others will be, and if people are interested they will come to you. Do not be the seeker constantly in need of validation. Do what you want, just do it where the likeminded can find you. If you are being you where you can be seen by others like you, you'll meet more of you.

fd4bdc  No.12812288


Meant to quote >>12812146

e261df  No.12813837


Can you point me towards some good decks to learn French?

e567de  No.12814557


What kind of app?

And yes meeting like minded people is difficult.

At a mimimum I would want to meet married men (who don't racemix) or men who are actively looking to marry. Those are a rarity these days since it's seen as manly to sleep with as many thots as possible when single.

b5ecf2  No.12814623


i've been learning with a random deck i got from anki's website. it's not that great, you should really make your own decks for maximum benefit

ad4a1e  No.12815115

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pronunciation: https://megaupload.nz/x9Zcm7u5bd/French_v3.0_zip

5K Vocab with images: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/893324022 (you might want to tweak the HTML/CSS for this one for maximum benefit, using the desktop Anki client)

French phrases: https://megaupload.nz/odWam0u9b8/French_Phrase_Book_apkg

Verb conjugations: https://megaupload.nz/FcW5m4ufbc/French_Verb_Conjugations_apkg

Prosody/Shadowing: https://megaupload.nz/efY4mbu0b4/French_Prosody_apkg

Bonne chance!

ca641a  No.12815139

File: 0b06c72632c9177⋯.mp4 (5.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, encouragement.mp4)

Beef Brownshirt

63a732  No.12815156

bc40e7  No.12815167


roll em

ad5355  No.12815335

File: 9000e92bdfbcef8⋯.jpg (317.12 KB, 1680x775, 336:155, 1531400594820.jpg)


Here you go anon, found you an info sheet.

29992e  No.12815771



This may sound like a shock to some but I have met many far-right/natsocs at least conservatives who have named the jew at my new england liberal arts uni not going to name it, but it is a top-20 college in the US. The ones that don't know about (((them))) are also open to redpilling; i've converted a couple men so far.

These people are also not skinheads; they're articulate, well-dressed gents who come from fairly wealthy/influential families. I never thought I'd find any at my school, of all places, which is about as leftist as you can get for a uni these days, but there they are. There are some cuckservative clubs on campus, and that's where they tend to gravitate, but I didn't meet all of them in such environments. One common feature is that they all identify as a specific type of Christian (whether or not they practice regularly).

The big problem is that people with these beliefs will be very good at hiding them. However, there are some tell-tale signs.

Wherever there are young men who think, and study serious academic topics of a humanities nature, and they are white, and not soy-boy looking, they are bound to be some degree of conservative. You just have to be good about inquiring into their opinions and not saying too much too soon.

ca641a  No.12815777

File: 6a719244bd3bea2⋯.jpg (60 KB, 500x698, 250:349, 50622c4b2bf369b92a712b14be….jpg)


Thank you very much anon.

ca641a  No.12815783


I've only met one similar-minded individual at college who enjoys Sargon shit and is a civic nationalist. I believe he's open to redpilling and I want to at some point in the future introduce him to Mosley's works.

dcd8e7  No.12815812


Can you point me towards some good decks to learn English?

177284  No.12815846



>been browsing /pol/ in public library because don't care what normies think if they see a swastika

>guy comes and taps on me on my shoulder

<"you browse /pol/?"


<"oh shit, my dude,…"

>we start talking about history of our country and future of it in geopolitics and our personal future

>we disagree on few points but I learn a lot about history of my country and he learns a lot about geopolitics


>start memeing right wing talking points in 2015 when mudslimes were making their invasion on EU

>anger one of my anarchosoc "friends" until he wanted to fight me (but bitch never did anything)

>the autistic skeptic friend just "CITATION NEEDED" as I laugh at his face and say how all my predictions about terrorism came true

>convert 2 losers to /pol/ and make something of them

Just put yourself out there famalams, no need to be scared. If you're certain of your skill and knowledge, of your mental and physical acuity. If you know that you're right, you shouldn't fear the test of time and other people.

62dd85  No.12815935


Having good genetics and stay7young looking does make somebody a soyboy.

You're just a faggot.

43d85d  No.12816120

File: 73189ae6bd8ce9c⋯.png (1.49 MB, 639x685, 639:685, something.png)


solid, just need to now work on controlling tha cravings for is and to work on asking out more gals. I'm eccentric and need to act like part of their circle to be in a good place to court then though. what do?

374108  No.12816174


Gentleman, you might want to scroll up and actually read and apply some of the advice here. We'd rather not have "men" as bitter as you in the fight to take back our culture.

ad5355  No.12816240


I have to agree with you anon. You described me pretty well, despite never seeing me.

On my campus, there are plenty of redpilled people, who simply run between dorms and class. The silent majority if you will. Friendly to all as well, they aren't violent people.

bb1e09  No.12816260


Tofu is made from soy, soy is bad for you. Oats are bad, beans are okay sometimes (depends on the beans, some are nightshades), Meat with fat is okay, because it's good fat. Whey protein is garbage.

Get everything from a natural source anons, go as unprocessed as possible when it comes to food.

As far as this cheatsheet goes, it's rudimentary.at best.

7e9aca  No.12816489


>On my campus, there are plenty of redpilled people, who simply run between dorms and class

heh, yeah that’s me, I’ll try to be like >>12815846 and maybe lurk in the library some more

ad5355  No.12816524

File: 1f596cb277ffe17⋯.jpg (106.6 KB, 491x1024, 491:1024, 1531419483069.jpg)


Sorry about that info sheet, I just archive them. But I'll make a note to edit the soy out. How about this?

ad5355  No.12816535


And yes, I know this one need editing as well. Aside from the tofu portion I think it works well yes?

ca641a  No.12816540

Whats better, tomato ketchup or puree?

ad5355  No.12816544


As in for cooking? Ketchup has a lot of sugar in it from my understanding.

c76b10  No.12816620

File: 59801ae5bb3c644⋯.webm (6.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 59801ae5bb3c644e09eb0d1c5….webm)

If I may offer some nuance on Keto, it is indeed useful for losing weight but in my personal experience it can lower the effectiveness of your strength training, namely recovery time. Some (good) carbs are indeed needed. I found the paleo diet to offer a good balance of (((tribe))) free food options while keeping muscle recovery high. The (((wheat))) Jew is indeed dangerous, especially most off the shelf breads which will use soy related products in their flour *however* it should be noted there are a handful of rustic breads which are ok-ish. Not perfect bare in mind but they can be acceptable.

Including something of note. While anything aut kike makes me nauseous I did find one thing that covers Keto once upon a time from their corner of the internet that did hold some minor merit;


It does contain the usual aut kike diatribe but it does source some useful details on the history of Keto and it's utility but does leave some details out. A useful listen but as always, handle with child gloves and remember they're controlled opposition.

e261df  No.12816900


Legend, merci beaucoup mon ami.

29992e  No.12816977



I don't understand why broth is needed as a liquid for soup. Boiling the meat/bones turns the water into broth; most broth you can buy is filled with shit. Otherwise that looks pretty decent to me, although I personally think there is an over-emphasis on leafy vegetables.


ketchup = mashed up tomatoes + other stuff

tomato puree = mashed up tomatoes

the other stuff is usually questionable in ketchup; I'm sure you can try making your own though.

7c0547  No.12817346


As other's have mentioned, it's not completely bad in moderation and if you get something out of it, but it can be addictive to the point of doing nothing else with your life and wasting time that could be used to learn more important and fulfilling skills. Some games are specifically designed to do this (whether it's an arcade-style game meant to eat your quarters, a multiplayer-centric/only game enticing you to play with others for days on end, or a JRPG or story driven game trying to keep you invested in the plot, characters, and so on). It's gotten even worse with most games made today are nothing more than carbon copies of previous successful games, long drawn out stories with monotonous gameplay to remind you that you are playing a game, interactive walking simulators made by those who failed in the movie industry, literal propaganda like TV and movies, or just games that you get nothing from the experience. Decades ago, you would at least get something from the experience (thinking more strategically as an example), but you won't see many games like that made anymore and if they are made, they are overshadowed by those with a big marketing budget to keep people addicted and feeding the beast.

Like with any addictive substance, you need to control or find a way to control the amount of time you invest into it. The hundreds to thousands of hours you put into a game or a set of games could be spent acquiring some various form of knowledge, getting stronger and learning how to fight and defend yourself, or simply learning and perfecting a productive skill you may have not pertaining to vidya that could help improve your life or someone you care about. That being said, there are some genres that could act as a substitute for gaining some skills. The best example being good strategy games and civilization-building games. These kind give you a chance to learn how to better plan ahead and overcome various obstacles and situations that you wouldn't normally have in normal life. If you have means to practice a skill like this in your normal life however, I'd recommend pursuing that over playing a vidya version of it. Again, you shouldn't let yourself waste much time in these games, but if you're going to play vidya, play ones that can help improve a skill rather than just waste time on a brain-dead activity.

For those wanting to break out of the addiction, either find something you are also interested in that you can do in real life yourself or with others, or find some way to regulate the amount of time you spend on playing a game. Like with any discipline, you need to find and keep doing what works for you specifically, as well as discover the flaws in what you are doing and addressing them. If you're playing a multiplayer-centric game constantly, try to break away from it by playing a different game or genre that gives you a chance to stop playing with no pressure, take a break, and not be corralled by other players to keep playing. For those addicted to single player games, keep asking yourself what you are getting out of the experience that is helping you in your life? If it's nothing but a time waster or just imitating a normal life, then just drop it and either try a different game (while still asking yourself that question), or take some time away from your games and force yourself to do something more productive so you can reflect on what makes you play said games for hours on end.

Also, for those who have or plan on having children and are worried about them getting addicted to vidya, try to get them to be interested or even passionate about a more fulfilling hobby that can help them down the road and do whatever it takes to support them in that endeavor. Most kids get addicted to gaming due to their parents using vidya and other media to distract them and babysit them so they get a break from their kid(s), are given no opportunity to discover and learn something they are talented in that has more value than vidya, or a combination of both. Help them discover their true talents and be invested in showing the best they can bring. If nothing else, at least get them to be interested and proud of their heritage, which could lead them to finding their skills and talents, as well as inspire them to keep the traditions alive and thrive.

688af3  No.12817408

File: 273adbf37664815⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 300x170, 30:17, bear.gif)


People take the keto/paleo stuff way too far when you mostly just need to drastically reduce simple carbs like white rice, pasta, bread, and cereal.

04e467  No.12817432


>take two drops

Really low amount, I take 20 a day

ad5355  No.12818596

Back to the top you go thread.

97f1bb  No.12818889


> no need to be scared

oh anon, there is plenty need to be scared.

sure you had a good string of luck, but others likely will not.

what is likely to happen is that it will be some sjw faggot who will begin flinging shit and screeching, with all of their comrades joining in, and (((reporting))) you and doing everything they can to ruin your life, no matter how confident you are.

fdc2c0  No.12818896


Already went through that. Not hard to pull out a title and get him to stop. I don't care if the lesbians harass me. Can't catch anything from them.

97f1bb  No.12818920

File: a5c1227f10d2147⋯.jpg (107.59 KB, 1000x999, 1000:999, a5c1227f10d21473f3262a38ae….jpg)


I don't think that one really accurately defines the paths.

That may be good for someone who actually follows the description, but otherwise it's invalid.

In comparison I would be somewhere around 6,7 and 8.

I'm a National Socialist, but I really have no means of projecting that, I'm an unironic autist with no marketable skills other than menial labor and abysmal social ability, as much as I want to go the way of the SS and hitler anon, I feel that I am slipping into the ways of the skinhead, full of hatred with little to no support.

As of right now I can reasonable say that I'm a loser and that my life is going nowhere, and for all I know I could be dead within 5-10 years.

I don't know what to do, I've been sleeping at least 12 hours out of every day, sometimes I don't even leave my home for days and weeks at a time.

When I was younger an un-redpilled (consciously, at least) it got to the point where I wouldn't even shower for weeks or up to a month at a time. Everyday was spent by my lonesome in a dark room, I became anorexic, and still am to an extent, everyone hated me, and admittedly still does. My tism and other disorders/co-disorders has made my life incredibly difficult.

I, I don't know what to do, I would say die, but comrades never say die.

688af3  No.12819461


Something tells me you don't even powerlift yet. This is what happens when you ignore the most basic of advice, unfortunately.

59c9f6  No.12819588


Well I mean this is /pol/ we usually like to take things to their extremes.

bf6053  No.12819663

File: 72ded5240a4c5df⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Your brain on heroin and p….jpg)

Watch this entire set of videos, this guy is well versed and knowledgeable.


3b71a1  No.12819705

File: 2046e517fc937b4⋯.jpg (48.08 KB, 640x483, 640:483, pizza.jpg)

Does anybody know a good routine to help one speak in their natural voice? I know the right pitch is when you hold a sound and you feel the vibration in your mouth, and I know I should speak with my diaphragm, but I'm really inconsistent at doing this. If I don't deliberately try, I end up speaking in a subdued breathy higher pitched voice, which I dislike. I've also been trying to speak more slowly so I can stop fumbling over words or running into dead-ends in my sentences, but I think that also needs practice. I guess I'm wondering if there's a set of sentences out there that I can read to myself which are encompassing in their combinations of common and difficult pronunciations. I want to be able to speak with confidence.

e1784d  No.12819709


Just read everything out loud. If there's a book you've been wanting to get through, but can't get the motivation, use speech improvement as a reason. Read it like you're reading it to someone.

e1784d  No.12819712

>>12819588 heiled

Pretty sure Hitler said to be fanatical.

688af3  No.12819852


Let me know if you figure this out I've only gotten modest and to an extent temporary gains. I have a great voice when I'm in the zone but it's hard to stay there. I'm guessing I fall back to years of bad habit.

44b947  No.12819865

On Saturday, I just failed after a 50 day streak, my longest record. I was at my computer doing a project and I got incredibly horny. Yesterday and today, I jerked off in bed. Will this relapse cause changes to my body and mind? Will I have to endure the awful flatline again when I restart nofap?

f84e73  No.12819897


Did you fap to porn or did you at least imagine doing your future aryan wife?

44b947  No.12819912


I didn't use porn. I used my imagination

f3eb0d  No.12819936


You have holy dubs anon. You don't need much to do manual labour. It's a shit job but it'll keep you fit, when you get fit you feel better. Fucking hell, any form of exercise is and can be shit depending on your personality but the way you feel afterward is more rewarding than porn or any other addiction you may face. You may also be able to work your way up from laborer to foreman. Never give up brother. Also delete your feels pics and any shit that causes negativity. Take a look at your playlist, it's probably a bunch of sad shit. Mellowing in that shit will only make it worse.

f3eb0d  No.12819943


Also, fuck social interaction unless you have family that are still alive. If you do have family that loved you and cared for you, and I don't mean coddled you, i mean that they gave you a roof over your head and a belt that gave you a psychological condition called respect for others. If you have living family members, start with them. You really have no idea what you've got until they go. Life only gets harder. You can roll over or you can bite down and fight like mad. Life is a race. Run it and never ever ever ever give up. You will never get anything more than you're unable to handle. That's a promise from God himself. Jesus kasty al sy kinders. Byt vas.

f3eb0d  No.12819949



You may be short on vitamin B, are you anaemic? Even if you aren't, you probably need Vit B. Also check out your blood pressure and make sure you're not diabetic. Try another doctor that isn't kiked if you can find one. Also stop thinking about your problems. Push both your shoulders down and hold, do you feel pain? Hold it there, that's a nerve that runs up all the way into your head and into the optic never. Your eyes may be full of nonsense or cause of the headache… could very well be your posture as well. Sit up straight and whatnot. As for the rest, sounds like it could very well be anxiety. Learn to relax through various methods. Also look into sleep hygiene. Your diet is of utmost importance, start eating healthy and you'll immediately start noticing how things begin to change. It's like nature's medicine… it actually makes you feel good. And yes, don't be a lazy asshole.

cae301  No.12819973

How do i get rid of chronic dandruff

688af3  No.12819998


White flakes or real dandruff, the nasty yellow stuff? If you just have dry scalp avoid winters, use a humidifier, wash your hair with cold water instead of hot, make sure you use separate shampoo and conditioner (don't just rinse it out after a quick scrub, let the conditioner in for a couple minutes if possible), wash your hair less often especially during the winter.

3b71a1  No.12820014


I do this when I can. My other strategy has been to mentally narrate everything I do. It helps me with my articulation, and also functions as a kind of active meditation. Another degree of challenge has been to think only in my ideal speaking voice. It's been difficult to be consistent, but perseverance is the key to all things.


>I have a great voice when I'm in the zone but it's hard to stay there

I'm exactly the same way. It seems like there's certain physical conditions for it to be like that. Often it feels like there's too much mucus in my mouth and it messes up my voice.

975f85  No.12820081


Just white flakes. Yea it's always worse in the winter but I get it in the summer too. Ill try your suggestions thanks anon.

ca641a  No.12820094

File: c895cdbae3fb5c8⋯.jpg (229.01 KB, 640x853, 640:853, sdc11410.jpg)

Walking down the countryside is great. Nasal Breathing is more important then you think, too. I think there was a book about the importance of simply breathing through your nose.

5e6a43  No.12820157


fucking same, I have ups and downs but the down last a lot longer and are more frequent

I got too much ego to talk to anyone about it and seek help

688af3  No.12820174


Mouthbreathers have disgusting jawlines

bec937  No.12820194

Does anyone have a set day to day schedule they could share?

927d5b  No.12820262

File: 44177acdfac491a⋯.png (512.19 KB, 713x662, 713:662, 1545551183744.png)

4d4274  No.12820267


Yet he was drug addict that killed Europe.

0754ec  No.12820275



4d4274  No.12820312


Oy vey being against Nadzees is anti semitic.

927d5b  No.12820324

Would joining the military at 23 be a good decision? I know, ZOG and all of that… I figure I could serve 4 years or just join the reserves. I think it would be a valuable learning experience and maybe provide me with some contacts and skills for finding some solid work after. Could I find a security job (cop or whatever else) after doing my time? I am sick of working manual labor in construction.

bec937  No.12820346


What country?

fd00bb  No.12820364

File: c083fd49025201f⋯.jpg (623.81 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 1550319427627.jpg)


Emergency safe way of communication.

It's either genius or absolutely fucking retarded, either way gonna finish it in hopefully two weeks and will make a thread, hoping that other anons provide some constructive critique

I've only met some on the trail in mountains, they're usually prone to beauty of nature, and need to protect natural beauty is strong in them. From that point it's easy to get down to protecting children, and then nation.

32c0bd  No.12820378


You forgot to sage, Moishe.

0754ec  No.12820385



688af3  No.12820603


If you aren't going infantry for RWDS training might as well just pick a trade, anon.

ca641a  No.12820616

File: 8f98e6a4431ef69⋯.jpg (98.34 KB, 639x889, 639:889, ImageServer.jpg)


Any wannabe RWDS member should learn basic infantry training and engineer training. The SS-Werwolf training manual states this.

e1784d  No.12821496

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You need to eat more fat, or apply it directly to your skin. And don't drink water when you're not thirsty. Excess water dries you out by flushing your body of whatever you've put into it, including nutrients.

e1784d  No.12821573



I'm glad to see people taking their voices seriously. No one listens to a weak voice, and no one conscious of having a weak voice wants to speak. Weak voices are a detriment to our cause of saving white people.

Please, everyone try to develop a deeper, more resonating voice.

221f90  No.12821833


You never were in a fight?

I assume you would lose no matter if it was 1 or 3 or 10 against you.

Build your body, learn martial arts, learn how to throw a punch and what nearby everyday weapons you can easily string about if you're jumped by multiple faggots (my favorite is phone charger cable with keychains at the end)

In the end, if you're in the right and you act accordingly with animals like those then you will either wound one of them heavily and wait for the cops to save you or you would just let them buttfuck you into their rape fantasy of killing you.

One day you will have to fight them, better now than never.

927d5b  No.12821919




I want the training and experience but I don't know if I'd be able to land a solid civilian job post-military.

567873  No.12821948


>dig holes on a road

>cut a tree so as to block a road

>put bomb near a road

The wehrwolf manual is a bit lacking tbh ISIS videos on liveleak teach you some real shit

e1784d  No.12821952


I used to go on a military base a lot for work. I've been in a barracks, seen the demographics, and talked to a lot of guys there. You'll be surrounded by retarded whites, niggers, spics, and posters telling you not to rape the whores that fuck everyone in the building. And all of your self-ownership will be forfeit legally to jews.

Do what you want, but I wouldn't spend my life that way.

567873  No.12822011


Anon the

only thing

that the us army can provide for you is a paycheck, that is it. if you do intend to join, do so as an officer and make a career out of it,m but be warned niggers and women, especially nigger women, get promoted first.

I wouldnt bother if I where you.

dbb677  No.12822157

927d5b  No.12822223



Do you guys know of any other decent careers? Preferably things in demand that pay well. I really don't want to go back to college if I can avoid it. What about something like truck driving? Trades seem like they take too long to break into and get some solid pay.

567873  No.12822262


Take what you have, and become self sufficient. That's what Im doing.

e1784d  No.12822397


>Trades seem like they take too long to break into

They don't take long at all. The first thing you need to do is just start doing something. Produce results, show them to people, present yourself well and people will hire you for jobs. You want to develop skills? Offer skilled trade services (that you have the tools for) to people for cheap. You don't even have to lie about your qualifications. If you're a good-natured white man people will often give you a chance, because they don't want to spend a lot, and they trust white people.

You're (I'm projecting my past on you now) locked in this mindset that most people are stuck in, thanks to the infantalizing of everyone into their 30's now, that other people have to 'give'' you opportunities. That's bullshit. The amount of power an individual has to make change in the world is enormous. There are people everywhere, and each one is a potential life changing event, you just have to make the first move.

Look into doing handyman work, or if you already have a specific trade in mind that you would like to do, pursue it now. Don't fuck around. College is nothing but fucking around, because it's just studying for doing something that you could just start doing right away.

e567de  No.12822992


Bumping this. I've no clue what good blue collar work is thats relatively easy to get good at and break into.

I'm approaching what should be the mid point of a career if I had stuck to one thing but all I've ever worked are shit jobs that crushed my soul so I kept switching.

In fact the only thing I have going for me is that I've paid into my pension these last 10 years (which will probably not exist by the time I could retire), that I'm married to a red pilled girl, and that I'm semi independent.

I live an okay comfortable life, try to improve myself and await DOTR so I can make something of myself in whatever RWDS appears.

bb1e09  No.12823183

Huge database of knowledge right here, including the old murdercube:


e567de  No.12823337


Do I need to spin up the virtual machine and rubber up?

97f1bb  No.12823446



It is advisable.

ee08d0  No.12823514

File: c7fd427f2d3e778⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 288x450, 16:25, 1549845601189.jpg)


Don't join the Army. I did, worst mistake of my life.

>doesn't matter what job you do, base pay is universal for all ranks meaning a paper pusher gets paid the same as a combat medic, pilot, etc

>housing is decent, depending on where you go, but have fun having some dickweed with a few more stripes than you barge into your room whenever he feels like it and telling you to clean your shit because it's not to his "standard" like your mother

>you will often get awful roommates who seemingly had parents who couldn't give two shits about them because they won't clean, they smell like shit, blare music at 2 in the morning, etc.

>the barracks are full of niggers so have fun trying to relax on a Saturday night while all the niggers are a room over blasting their nigger rap at 2 in the morning

>you'll often get some asshat in charge of you who obviously was bullied when he was young so now he powertrips on you, treats you like shit, and sucks the PSG's dick so he can get promoted again

>speaking of promotions, the people who generally get promoted are women, and niggers with stupid high PT scores. Meaning the Army selectively picks literally everyone who is barely qualified for an NCO position just because SPC Tyrone scored 50 points higher in his push ups, or because SPC Taquesha has a vagina

>you will sit in annual training that tells you that as a straight white male you will rape every female in the company or you will call every black male a nigger relentlessly

>even the whites are all fucking retarded depending on your MOS. If you choose an MOS that requires a little more horsepower of your brain you will get lucky and actually have some redpilled whites to chill with, but don't count on it

>many of the whites, aside from being completely retarded, are wiggers

>all the women are whores, coaldiggers, and cunts

>half the time you might not even be doing the job you were trained to do, which means enjoy scrapping shit off the floor cause PSG doesn't want 1SG catching everyone jerking off

>PT at 0630 every fucking morning, so enjoy doing some baby ass workout in freezing temperature every day and having to wake up stupid early for it

>all the years in the Army will teach you how to sham, sleep anywhere at anytime, and some degree of "discipline". The Army will not teach you any actual skills for civilian work, because guess what, most employers couldn't give two shits if you served in the Army. Big fucking deal dude.

>as a bonus, the Army will likely turn you into an alcoholic, smoker, and depressed

I could keep going, but for the sake of my sanity I won't. Don't fucking do it. I am not getting paid enough to deal with this hyper-Jewish institution.

ee08d0  No.12823531


Not universal for ranks, but for jobs. Excuse me I'm retarded.

ee08d0  No.12823560

The only reason I joined is because I hated high school. I nearly flunked out because my school was shit who graded homework higher than tests, so even though every test I ever did was all A's, I got subpar grades because I wasn't a good goy who did all the homework.

I also lived in bumfuck nowhere with no real employment opportunities so I decided to fuck off for four years in the Army. In retrospect, it was a terrible decision. At the very least with all this money saved up after I get out I can move somewhere with actual jobs and get technical certs from a trade school.

61d43e  No.12823925


Look up salaries for your industry in your area. Electrician, plumbing, HVAC. If you're smart you could look into white collar work like programming that doesn't require a college degree. No matter which path you take you'll have to pay your dues.

aaf5a9  No.12823935


This really sounds like you were a POG. Were you a POG?

ad5355  No.12824900

Back to the top you go, /SIG/

ad5355  No.12825110

File: f2e24e1b0585a0e⋯.png (95.15 KB, 1123x1204, 1123:1204, 1531408535786.png)

While trying to keep this thread from slipping down, I got some more info sheets for everyone.

ad5355  No.12825521

File: decee4df391fc1c⋯.png (186.6 KB, 1217x653, 1217:653, 1531419478143.png)

Heres one on sleep, anons

ca641a  No.12825625

File: 8faf16551c668e0⋯.jpg (152.19 KB, 900x900, 1:1, BLUT UND BODEN.jpg)

I recently volunteered to pick up trash at my local nature reserve. Should help with exercise and route up Anarchists who keep making fucking tree houses in the forests and littering hundreds of beer and energy drink cans everywhere.

bc7f9e  No.12826062



9ebfe7  No.12826109



There is this one weird trick that saved my ass from insomnia

Just remove all of the lightbulbs from your room

77b4c1  No.12827475


Yep, in general removing modern unnatural modifications to your environment will make sleep and your natural rhythm easier to maintain.

ad5355  No.12827756


Its also important to reduce your exposure to unnatural blue light at night, as they can make your brain more active when you should be winding down. Computer and phone have night light setting. Use them.

e567de  No.12827889

Friendly reminder for when the time comes to create a new /SIG/ to please link to it in here. It wasn't done in old general (which is still alive) so we had anons still asking questions in a long deprecrated thread.

Its also annoying as fuck to find a new thread that already has 200+ posts. Thanks!

832b8a  No.12828279

File: 722b6238ba8212d⋯.pdf (7.25 MB, Hazlitt00.pdf)


Here is a good start: Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

7d15d9  No.12828350

File: 69299054649aff4⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2432x3492, 608:873, old test.jpg)

File: 884120872bd7826⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1836x712, 459:178, new test.png)

old /fit/ here telling you how to raise your T(estosterone) above NuMale threshold without the usage of steroids or other crap.

It all comes down to diet, nofap but sexual tension/contact with hot females and lifting heavy.


Kikes told you that the modern human has way too high cholesterol levels that clogg your arteries and yada yada, actually cholesterol is the precursor of steroidhormonal synthesis and thusly androgens and testosterone in particular

>link to kikepedia

a healthy heart has no issues with appropriate cholesterol levels, it comes down to us the modern human being absolute degenerate scum incapable of even running for an hour, we are blessed that our hearts even function in this shitshow we are putting it through.


I wasn't too keen on it as it seemed more of a moral standpoint than actual advice, turns out fapping increases your prolactin levels which in turn fuel a chain reaction shuttung off androgen receptors. Stopped fapping for 4 days in a row and my balls felt heavier, depression majorly reduced, faster regeneration etc. Had a lot of contact with females and sex with different girls twice a week while maintaining my somewhat-solid relationship with the girl I want to marry later on. Only I get to fuck outside and shes aware of that, in turn I will have children with her and vowed to marry her.

>lifting heavy

'heavy' relates to your own strength capabalities and is deduced from your 1RM (one repetition maximum -> the heaviest weight you can hoist). For Strengthgains you want to focus your lifts in the 70% range of your 1RM and try a 5x5 template, meaning 5 sets of 5 repetitions. This is the most basic set you will see and the effects of lifting heavy and a correlating higher testosterone level were verified in ((peer reviewed)) studies, mainly by Stoboy and Hettinger in the 70ies when science wasn't cucked to our degree.

e1784d  No.12828437


>my somewhat-solid relationship

>I get to fuck outside and shes aware of that, in turn I will have children with her and vowed to marry her.

That's a shit relationship, and you're a degenerate hedonist.

7d15d9  No.12828620



it didn't start out like this, but she showed me that woman are not to be trusted and I won't waste ressources in a female again. As she cried and pleaded to not leave her this is the deal we worked out

>degenerate hedonist

A degenerate hedonist wouldn't be able to choose his sex affiliations that freely, it is because I have honed my body beyond the scope of what normies deem achievable not even a bodybuilder but strength athlete . You can hate me for all you want, but I presume you are someone who didn't really walked the path you preach while I did and suffered for years. Females are worth nothing and fucking topsluts to display superiority to other man is what I do now. Hate it? This is the reaction I want. Then gitgud faggot and outbest me, otherwise accept your beta and low-t status.

e1784d  No.12828904


Very immature and defensive post.

You damage women by pumping and dumping, and you damage them more by encouraging other men to do the same. Furthermore, if you plan to have children, you set a terrible example for them. You must realize that you are their template for how they will handle relationships in the future. If you have daughters they will seek out men like you and continue the jewish degeneration of white culture.

You are a worthless anti-white piece of garbage.

7d15d9  No.12828956


>insults me with baseless accusations

>"wew, y so defensive?"

It's not that I don't understand your point of view, it's just that I doubt that you have acted out on it IRL. I used to be like you, mind that, however these sluts will be pumped no matter what action you take. I am sick and tired of this christian mindset of pathological passivity and so should you to better your life through your acquired masculinity.

I thought I could be the one who stays center in the middle of the storm, but riding the tiger is where it's at in this Kali Yuga. After everything is purged and sluts are kept in order we can elevate our standards, but rightnow the harder and faster we escalate the better, hence out of the ashes we will rise.

You won't change my point of view as I have experiences and accomplishments based in reality that back my claims, and as you've not included anything deeming you worthy of my words as that would understandably lead to half-doxing yourself and defeats the purpose of an anonymous imageboard I will think of you as a lesser man who feels contempt towards me in face of superiority. You might very unlikely just be as virtuous as you claim to be and are otherwise a decent man, but I can't verify it nor is it important.

I gave you my advice to raise your men(tal) health and acquire the state of hormones your body so desperatly needs, you can either take or leave it or just parrot on with your dogma. It won't further a discussion just cause a divide over identitypolitics.

e1784d  No.12829019


>but I can't verify it nor is it important.

Yet you spend the whole post emphasizing your unverified suspicions.


>baseless accusations

I gave you a very plain A + B = C logical explanation of why what you confess to doing is a detriment to the whole white race. You, on the other hand, have preached your newfound religion, and projected your own objectionable actions onto me.

I maintain that you are anti-white filth, and posit that there is no need for myself to craft a new argument as to why, since you failed to explain why I'm wrong.

67df7b  No.12829088


It's one thing to fuck a bunch of sluts simply to prove you can, but it's another thing entirely to continue doing that after you've found the woman you intend to marry. What exactly is the purpose of that?

7d15d9  No.12829132


>Yet you spend the whole post emphasizing your unverified suspicions

I am telling you of my perception of yourself out of a friendly gesture so you can understand how I am processing your input.

>anti-white filth, and posit that there is no need for myself to craft a new argument as to why, since you failed to explain why I'm wrong.

>ignore my statements

>insult me

>claim to be victorious

you're flawed in your thinking, quintessential terms like "the white race" shows the scope of your cognitive mindset, as you presume everyone with light pigmentation to be one and the same.

As you are as stubborn as argumentless and provided nothing to this thread for self-improvement but basked in your believed moral-superiority and derailing every effort to feed your narcisism I will discontinue arguing.


>fucking sluts is just that

<corrupting maidens, pure females if you believe in that in our era is wrong

>being a good rolemodel is important

<yet christian pathological passivity is what brought is in this mess in the first place

Both of us probably have great similarities in how we imagine an ideal society, but in these times we don't fickle romantics but purebred warriors with hearts as harsh as steel to withstand the grim dawn. I recommend you to read evola.

I am not your enemy, nor do I want you to suffer needlessly. I sincerely wish you the best for yourself, whatever that may be and become a strong man even if we don't share the exact same mindset.


checked I don't want to blogpost, but I've done horrible things to myself out of love for my fiancee and gave her everything, she betrayed me not sexually and I lost favour in my family, lost my home several times and dealt them great pain. I try to forgive her and truly hate her, yet I still love her. It is a very sick relationship and I keep on reading to reach an answer that satisfies me but at the end it is probably a harsh lesson that I had to learn to not put up with females. I keep her distant from my heart but we both want family and I need heirs and that is all what counts. Love is a concept invented somewhere in the early 19th century to goad people into believing there needs to be something grand to unite people, yet the most stable relationship I've experienced is the one between my grandparents and they outright told me marriage isn't love but duty, that's what it has always been.

88c025  No.12829232


It was, pay attention








832b8a  No.12829248


>experiences and accomplishments based in reality that back my claims


> she showed me that woman are not to be trusted and I won't waste ressources in a female again


>done horrible things to myself out of love for my fiancee and gave her everything

>she betrayed me

>lost favour in my family

Care to elaborate more of these points in detail?

e1784d  No.12829304


>I am telling you of my perception

Well stop, it's a feminine trait that clutters the conversation with garbage. Deal with the facts.

>argumentless and provided nothing

I gave you a very concise argument that you completely glossed over in favor spilling your feelings about me.

>I will discontinue arguing.

You never even started.

>I am not your enemy

Yes, you are. Were the Strassers not enemy's of Hitler, even though both parties wanted "the best" for Germans? I disagree with your means, and I would prefer you were dead rather than spreading your poison. Sounds like enemies to me.

bc7f9e  No.12829633


roll for a new day

ad5355  No.12829818

Thread, how'd you get so low, back to the top you go!

bbffa8  No.12829971

File: 64fd55afc68048c⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1020x6345, 68:423, Literature 3.jpg)

File: ae2b322afa71418⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 4681x4500, 4681:4500, Literature 2.jpg)

File: df4245851aed570⋯.jpg (899.39 KB, 1500x984, 125:82, Literature 1.jpg)

File: d3285f2e0aed9f7⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 2248x3442, 1124:1721, Literature 5.jpg)


you missed the other half of the /pol/ack journey

i have thrown in a lil bonus

61d43e  No.12830441


Computer and phone screens still emit blue light even in those modes, fyi. If you read best to get a Kobo with the red/orange LEDs, or a amber light with a dimmer to read paper books by.

61d43e  No.12830480


So obvious you don't have a successful monogamous marriage with children.

332820  No.12830504


cringiest books

f33b5c  No.12830941

File: 72b37da14385aca⋯.png (67.39 KB, 250x176, 125:88, 1491761231393.png)

Johann Hair is on the JRE again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDpjvFn4wgM

On the one hand, I can clearly see a link between my own isolation and addictions to substances such as alcohol and porn. On the other hand, there is clearly physical components to these substances.

What's your take?

babbdc  No.12830950


Anon, do you recommend any particular works on theory? I already know how to play music, just looking for a book on pure theory.

a67376  No.12831014

Friendless loser here.

How do I get racist or redpilled white friends?

babbdc  No.12831041


Have you ever heard of Cornell Notes? This shit makes passive understanding an active task, it helped me focus when my attention span was shit.

https://en.wi kipedia.org/wiki/Cornell_Notes

131950  No.12831455

File: 976b7d2b855ffbc⋯.pdf (5.15 MB, Jonathan Harnum - Basic Mu….pdf)

File: 3bd6230d7b3f120⋯.jpg (100.79 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 9200000021908514.jpg)


I know very little, but this one is worth a look. You can also find an epub version on libgen.

ddd124  No.12831664

Lads, just found out i’m going to be a father. Any useful tips, or advice?

e1784d  No.12831700


Cogratulations, and good work. Remember that your behavior, and your wife's, is going to be his behavior. If you're having troubles with his behavior (when he's old enough to do more scream and shit) you have to look to yourself first.

Children look upon parents like gods, and adopt what they see, because if mom and dad are doing it then it must be a recipe for success.

65ee58  No.12832298


Good post. but something neglected is spiritual/psychological health. getting healthy takes will and most in the world are weak. "I signed up for the gym but haven't been yet" "I can't stop tugging my little pecker" "I just love sugar too much" blah blah blah. I know most of you faggots hate my God and think i'm a true faggot for it so I won't even bother. but something that is equally excellent in cultivating self control and will power is stoicism. Learn to use your superior logic to overcome your animal urges. Develop your logic and mind as it's our greatest weapon. smother your negative emotions as they do not help your goals. Take a small portion of your day and dedicate it to pray/meditation and reflect on all that you're grateful for and, what life would be like without these things. it will not only help keep you in good spirits but also prepare you for when shit does get dark. Still follow OP though. just an addition I felt necessary.

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One parent should be at home with child. ideally woman. Daycares and public schools are hell for the mind and body. You have time so start looking at homeschooling. even if you don't do it personally a small network of friends/family where everyone sends their children to someone in the group for learning is far more ideal then a traditional school. it will give you greater control of the curriculum but also ensures your child won't be molested or abused. Breastfeeding is important. do it as long as you can but not so long that it's creepy. the fats in breastmilk are crucial to proper brain development. avoid store bought baby food. most are cramed full of sugars and/or aspartame. buy a food processer and make you're own. typical veggies are good but also make sure there is a decent portion of animal fat too. fat is crucial for brain development. keep you're child away from ((television)) start now by cutting it out of your and your woman's life. not just typical TV but Netflix and all that shit. Talk to your baby all the time and read to t