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File: 3a34f16c73fb64a⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 475x315, 95:63, Audiobooks.jpg)

618490  No.12758086

I'm wondering if anyone has a list to audiobooks of various books that everyone on /pol/ should read.

I don't have a lot time to sit and read while at work and during exercise and chores.

So I'm willing to fund the production of various audiobook for the ones which don't have any existing recordings. But in general I humble request a list of maybe the top 100 books every /pol/ack needs to read besides our "Uncle's Struggle."

We can hopefully get to 10000 books eventually. I will gather what I currently have later and upload a link…I have go to work now.

c01303  No.12758154

Not exactly /pol/ related, but I just started listening to Herodotus' Histories.

I'm only an hour in and my mind is blown by some of the stories so far.


>famous singer sailing to athens

>hops on a boat full of corinthians

>they decide to rob and kill him

>he begs them to spare his life, they say no

>he asks to put on his regalia and sing one last song

>they oblige

>he sings beautifully and then throws himself overboard

>a dolphin sees him drowning, and takes him to shore

>he lands in a seaside city, the people there listen to his story but don't believe him

>when the sailors who threw him overboard come into town, he appears before them and they admit what happened

>the people of the city are amazed and build a statue of him riding a dolphin

another one

>Croesus has a dream his son is killed by a spear of iron

>is protective of his son

>unexpectedly, the child of a family friend arrives at Croesus' house

>this young man, Adrastus, killed his brother accidentally and was banished by his family

>Croesus says 'stay at my house'

>Weeks later villagers appear, begging Croesus to kill a monstrous boar that is tearing up the countryside

>Croesus son begs him to let him fight the boar and prove himself, Croesus says okay but tells Adrastus to keep an eye on him, remembering the prophecy of his dream

>Adrastus accidentally misthrows his spear of iron and kills Croesus' son - the dream came true

>Adrastus the unfortunate kills himself in a temple

69b412  No.12758189

100 is too many to be mandatory. Narrow it down 5 or less mandatory books, and then the rest is for the enthusiast, academic, ect. Otherwise we're pushing an unclear idea of what is absolutely essential knowledge; and very few are going to read a hundred books, or even listen to that many.

I've been recording readings of important books for the past year, though that has yielded only 3 that I would consider listenable myself. It took a while to improve my voice. Results here:


Another anon is working on "Culture of Critique"


69b412  No.12758226


Also, I nominate "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" as the second book everyone should consume after identifying the (((enemy))). Too many people spout bullshit about jews not being able to plan, or how they're stupid, and all kinds of nonsense that makes one think whites will just naturally throw off the shackles of jewery by sheer superiority. Our enemy has worked for centuries to get where they are. Through observation, experimentation, and successful subversion, they have come to dominate our societies. "The Protocols" show that this is a ruthlessly practical enemy we're dealing with, and no magical thinking is going to save us.

26cb54  No.12758303


>Mega honeypot link

a42ed5  No.12758420

QTDDTOT, reddit.

1e1f70  No.12758619

Alex Linder recorded a lot of essentials, including Henry Ford's The International Jew and E. Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.


3ca43f  No.12758637

I am doing an audiobook of Culture of Critique and have finished four out of seven chapters so far. I will have CH5 done tomorrow.


3ca43f  No.12758760


He also recorded the protocols as well

69b412  No.12758959


>I don't want to waste a minute of my life not learning something

Good, anon.


That's a devastating listen. Having the plan laid out like that and seeing the results is very disheartening. I love my people, but the things the jews say about us combined with their success in achieving dominion over our societies doesn't give me much faith in them.

The story instilled in white Americans is that America is a triumph against despotism, and the spirit of freedom is what we work to preserve. But the Protocols say that the only protection the goyim have against jewery is its despots. Liberty, and the "American way" is a fantasy sold to us to keep us vulnerable to jewish subversion, if the Protocols are to be believed, and considering the success with which the plan has been enacted I'm inclined to agree.

260ca2  No.12759049

File: 7c488a13da0754c⋯.jpeg (62.11 KB, 536x546, 268:273, 7D3876A7-77A2-4191-AEE1-D….jpeg)

I Enjoy listening to audiobooks more than reading to myself.

Do they have to be in the public domain? If not, Libido dominandi

69b412  No.12759063


Exactly. I was taken quite easily by libertarianism for years. Testing these abstracts always results in a wake up call, though (unless the programming is reeeally deep, or you're a woman).

Practicality needs to sweep our people. People here always say "don't behave like jews" when I suggest we take certain queues from them, but this minority didn't take over by not doing what works. They have analyzed the world we exist in, assembled the facts of life, and crafted their worldview based on reality, while feeding everyone else mere ideas.

eb69c7  No.12759322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's also a reading by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (Marsden, same as LInder) and one from the 1970s (?) by Dr. George T. Stallings (Brasol).

af16ca  No.12759341


>I suggest we take certain queues from them

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

69b412  No.12759411


What's objectionable about that? Have you read the Protocols?

af16ca  No.12759442

File: 4356ace0b22db2a⋯.png (393.21 KB, 1089x849, 363:283, Abo_Literacy.png)


>Still not getting it.

I said go the fuck away.

69b412  No.12759484


I get that you're not able to articulate your objection.

3ca43f  No.12763811

>Hitler's Revolution by Richard Tedor

After I finish recording Culture of Critique, I am doing this

725457  No.12764779


Antimatrix has quite the collection recommendable books among other things, like notable quotes, and lists of lists books and lists of who's who in world jewery, and all of the component organizations that make up the machinations of the deep state, as well as one of the most comprehensive collections of compilations of all the information you need to learn about how bad things really is and was. Of particular note, or in at least in as far as my usage of the site has been, is in the collection of books on geopolitics and history from the pre-revisioned era, as they provide a context for the happenings of the current era+0, and help you to notice things that are going on now just as they were a century ago. You also have the option to download and seed the entire collection via some fancy pants auto-updating torrent-esque protocol so you always have something on hand.


If you want another pseudo-specific request, does anyone have any recommendations for English translations of unredacted literature on rabbinical talmudic studies and/or materials based on the King's Torah?

c39ce4  No.12765435


Awesome, anon.

6d7ad9  No.12765830


Download the Top 100 Sci-Fi Audiobooks from Pirate Bay.

My favourites, and the ones I think you can learn the most from, are: Ender's Game (and Speaker for the Dead), Stranger in a Strange Land, Slaughter House 5, Snow Crash and Brave New World

2ce4e3  No.12768194

File: cb082253e368ad1⋯.pdf (5.13 MB, Piper Michael Collins - Th….pdf)

File: c9efc17940144b7⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 450x687, 150:229, new_babylon_cover.jpg)


>Michael Collins Piper

Missing The New Babylon, his most important book.

Interview w/ Texe Marrs about it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qztvsC7eGVE

634da5  No.12771972


256808  No.12785234

Bump for interest.

a55d4e  No.12785263

Also is there one for mein kampf?

6da0b8  No.12785659

Unfortunately, you really have to pay to get a good narrator, and audible has the monopoly on it. One I'll tell you still up for free on Jeetube, or 2 actually– "The Siege of Malta, the battle of lepanto and the battle for the center of the world" and "the putin diaries" interviews by stone, all 10 hours_ read by good actors.

the free librevox ones on Yt are…OK, and they are free, and I should be grateful to people for just donating their time, but once you've heard a professional do it, it would be like watching the olympics to see…me do the ski jump. It might be fun the first few times just to watch someone who has never done it fall on their ass, but after a few times it gets so painful you're willing to part with shekels just to have a professional do it.

655f04  No.12785673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This one, but for some reason youtube jewed the audio.

655f04  No.12785677


That's the Stalag edition too.

865d17  No.12785680


Mein Kampf


655f04  No.12785685


>James Murphy translation

That one is kiked to hell and back adding and removing things Hitler never wrote or said.

3ca43f  No.12785693


Local libraries let you access audiobooks for free. Just an FYI

256808  No.12789602

File: 9b69d94e2552d00⋯.png (30.09 KB, 987x968, 987:968, 1511227519030.png)


My god any positivle light showed on hitler or people debunking on how hitler is not a jew all get shut down or fucked with I still don't understand why they do this realizing they are proving us right.

7d982c  No.12789639


JAM Jr. records audiobooks professionally now and would probably be willing to record anti-jew ones if he was paid for it.

6da0b8  No.12789822


>Local libraries let you access audiobooks for free.

the audible ones with good narrators or just the librevox versions?

863be6  No.12790995

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is a high quality version of that recording, but only 1-13 (Volume 1) are by that reader. If that is the Stalag Edition, then files 14-28 by other readers might be different editions.


Does anyone have it in full by that reader? Confirmed that its the Stalag Edition?

Embed related is a clip of the reading, the account with a longer edit was terminated on YouTube:


f39d0a  No.12791007


Audible books

6da0b8  No.12791483


shit, didn't know anon. you mean uni libraries or public? now I will actually go the local one and see what they have, thanks…

6da0b8  No.12791498

here is a great audible book, still up:


(on seige of malta and battle of lepanto…very happy conclusion, will leave you in a good mood)

e71f9c  No.12791516

File: 46f0deee1e72c0a⋯.jpg (52.81 KB, 425x550, 17:22, flat,550x550,075,f.jpg)


I imagine both, but my public library signed me up so I could use a smartphone app which allowed me to listen to audible books for free, I just had to login with library credentials.

36d9d3  No.12791623



How does the Ford translation stack up against the Stalag?

b4da37  No.12791830

How effective are audiobooks in terms of information retention? Or are they simply 'useful' background noise?

4df3c3  No.12791876

Picking up an idea from /lit/. An anon over there says he downloads mobi, and epubs, and runs them through Balabolka. He listens to them on 2x and 3x and finishes books in days.

6da0b8  No.12793846


you probably live somewhere nice like boulder or whatever where they actually care. Here in Jew Swine city, the main job is making sure the niggers don't break the computers, the poorer ones who can't look up "rap" on their phones. Seriously doubt they give away anything nice here, all the tech is 20 years behind.

fc5b60  No.12793854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


its already been done

f95969  No.12793858


>robot voice

fc5b60  No.12793865


>The International Jew


>The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit


6eca9f  No.12793888

East and West by C. Northcote Parkinson. Good read ties in a lot of geopolitics.

57aa7b  No.12793911

Turner Diaries. There’s a version read by the author and it kicks ass

5617b9  No.12793929


This and the old testament. Its story after story of how they trick, lie, steal and even affront their god over and over again.

6da0b8  No.12794654


>read by the author

you don't know the author is Dr. Pierce dude? I love that reading, esp. when he does the Jew and negro vocies. Something about a guy with a southern accent and a PHd in physics who worked at Cal-tech ad los alamos doing a nigger and jew voice is hysterical, not sure why.

2b1a72  No.12794675


The primary Jewish religious text has been and still is the Talmud, and it is far worse in all aspects.

A great deal of Good would be done with its repeated quotation online, just as the left frequently does with the Old Testament.

bcc8e0  No.12794805


Microsoft Sam audiobooks are gay

e5fcb3  No.12794811


They're always unlistenable, and literally homosexual sometimes.

9b7a21  No.12796066


I enjoyed Snow Crash up to the part where the 15 year old gets fucked. Yeah yeah dystopian future, but after Pizzagate and other recent items it really changes how you feel after seeing anything like this now.

4bc293  No.12797804




Here it is in full, but it's not Stalag, actually. It's Murphy.



I, too, am curious about the Ford translation. I have found a few audiobooks for it. Can anyone recommend it? I haven't found audio of the Stalag or Manheim.

e5fcb3  No.12797888


It's supposed to be the most readable. Despite the memes, Stalag was a completed version of an early Murphy draft. Being "official" doesn't necessarily make it the best translation.

e5fcb3  No.12797899



Should add, even though I haven't read it yet, I'm sure Thomas Dalton's new translation is the best. There isn't an audiobook of it though.

5f68fd  No.12802672


FT is the most complete version, best for someone new to the book. It gives appropriate commentary to point out where changes were made between editions, explains what now obscure references mean, and updates the language of certain parts to clarify the intent to the modern English speaker. There's nothing wrong with it, and the audio is a joy to listen to.

97f8b7  No.12802702

File: bd2fbe188f8a0a2⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, I-DONT-KNOW-WHOS-JEWING-WH….jpg)

Everyone going to tell you listen to gay shit, listen to the older history instead


4b5d26  No.12803262

good thread

6da0b8  No.12803295


>I, too, am curious about the Ford translation.

Unless you're a true autist who has read the book 10x, murphy, manheim, ford, it's not going to matter to you that much. I mean, I notice the different translations in the famous passages (the ones on the future of Israel, the one on the "Jews, the big lie" and Ludendorff." that kind of thing.

I find that most people who claim to have read it haven't, since 95% of it concerns post WW I internal German politics. It's not a 2 volume screed on the Jews, which is what those who have never actually read it seem to believe. If you wan a book that IS an actual long screed on the Jews, just get Henry Ford's 4 volume "the International Jew: the World's Foremost Problem."

My point i that for 99.9% of people, the trnslation won't matter. and for half of the other .01%, if they were that autistic about it they'd have just learned German. It's one of those books like Marcus Aurelius "Meditations" that everyone claims they read, but if you actually try to talk about it with them, they haven't.

It's also highly overrated. Much better off with "Hitler's Table Talk," although most of the 1945 sections are faked since it is known that Martin Boremann wasn't even with Hitler for most of 1945, and it was his adjutant who took the notes and he had to initial and certify each page.

6da0b8  No.12803304


>He listens to them on 2x and 3x and finishes books in days.

he's trying to sound smarter than he is. The only audiobooks that take more than a day to finish are things like "War and Peace," and you really can't handle more than 12 hours at a time anyway. you put it to even 2x, it messes up the entire cadence and just ruins the book.

A much better discussion to have would be on translations of Russian works, since there the translator matters a lot more since it's such a different language with prefixes and suffixes. I guess it's not that different from spic in some ways, but in spic suffix "ito" means more "dear one" while the russian suffix for "little" is more demeaning and insulting.

6da0b8  No.12803318


>I'm sure Thomas Dalton's new translation is the best.

why on earth would you assume that, when modern day translators have almost never studied Latin, Greek, and French andso don't know where the roots come from (I know, technically English isn't a "romance" lanugage, but it still matters if you've studied Latin when you're translating, since your brain learns to…not focus on the order of the words so much as the meaning based on endings and therefore case, tense, etc.. for the record, WLP preferred Mainheim to all others. He's always been right about everything else.

4c651c  No.12803347


>although most of the 1945 sections

What? There are no mentions of the year 1945 in it. Its only 1941-1944.

6da0b8  No.12803355


> There are no mentions of the year 1945 in it. Its only 1941-1944.

Depends on version you have. In the early 00s, there was a version going around with 1945 too. David Irving is credited with exposing it as a fake, which is why it's not in your book, but if you look you'll still find some floating around.

a lot of the "Hitler Quotes" you see floating around that just don't sound like hi comes from that fake.

4c651c  No.12803366


Okay, I've never come across that. I own a hardcover copy from Ostara Publications.

6da0b8  No.12803382

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Okay, I've never come across that.

you can search it if you think I'm full of shit. Irving talks about it here toward the end:


Go toward the end where he is talking about what sources to trust and which ones not to

59a50c  No.12803412


I think Alex Linder is pretty a good narrator. I do enjoy his personal commentary as well for the most part, but I can imagine some people could do without added personal opinions. So I guess he's probably a bit polarizing in that regard.

6da0b8  No.12803420


>I think Alex Linder is pretty a good narrator.

He's a fucking nutcase. VNN used to be good, it was the original /pol/ sort of before /pol/ was around and when /new/ was still leftist/lolibertarian. Then he became a power-obsessed dickhead and banned all his best posters.

I got a lifetime ban for calling Glenn Miller batshit crazy, who later when on to kill 3 white Christians with a shotgun that he "thought" were Jews. He's a real fuckup and possibly even a ZOG agent.

59a50c  No.12803452


Tell me what that has to do with the topic of audiobooks. Stop derailing.

04c1e8  No.12803521

off topic

bffc1a  No.12803544


I've listened to two audio books in their entirety, Murakami's After Dark and Orwell's 1984, and I could probably give you a good breakdown of both. I listened to both at work over the span of several days, not while driving or just relaxing at home.

edfe15  No.12803596

File: 2b3e07d4773a86e⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1514078236645.jpg)


>That ID

6da0b8  No.12803604


>t that has to do with the topic of audiobooks.

Can you fucking read, dumbfuck? The point is, Linder is NOT a good narrator for books since he often rambles and goes completely off on a tangent not related to the book he's reading. WHY? Because he's a fucking nutcase.

I swear to Christ there should be an IQ verbal reasoning exam prior to being allowed to post.

6da0b8  No.12803620


Ya see how it all fits together? His shit narration and tendency to rant OT in middle of reading a book is related to him being an egotistical nutcase; hence, his own shitty opinions are more important than keeping a coherent narration. hence, it ties back to the way he used to run his site in the same exact manner since he's a megalomanical nutter.

HENCE, don't use his narrated books if you can possibly avoid. Don't ever take the LSAT, you won't do very well as you quite apparently don't understand causal relations.

2143b0  No.12803735

File: 90e942c1f98c61a⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1440x2221, 1440:2221, Screenshot_2018-12-19-09-0….png)

File: 1648beb3de0e738⋯.png (342.97 KB, 988x2173, 988:2173, Screenshot_2018-12-28-17-1….png)

File: 20f52fd986c0018⋯.png (294.49 KB, 953x1819, 953:1819, Screenshot_2019-01-02-13-5….png)

File: 9567d6e4444bf18⋯.png (387.12 KB, 991x2333, 991:2333, Screenshot_2019-01-03-13-4….png)

File: 84c7a403a85f6b5⋯.png (270.68 KB, 918x1933, 918:1933, Screenshot_2019-01-08-09-5….png)


I've been listening to the Dune series on audiobooks at work (God Emperor of Dune is amazing). At home I'll actually read them, but at work or while driving to and home from work I listen to them in audio form.

Anything you pick up though (whether fiction or non), I suggest you switch back and forth. Don't just rely on the audio book format.

20f8ea  No.12803752


Alex's common sense solutions to the jewish problem are always related. He could be reading children's books, and they would still be valid commentary.

4c651c  No.12803821


I've been listening again to his readings in the past few days actually and I've always found his occasional commentary constructive. I don't know what examples of "rambling" you've encountered.

3ca43f  No.12803926






Alex Linder adds commentary to his audiobooks out of necessity. If you don't have permission from the author to make an audiobook of a copyrighted work and you want to host the audiobook on your website, you have to technically make it commentary of a book so that it becomes "fair use". I'm currently doing an audiobook of Culture of Critique that I will be putting on VNN, and I'm doing the commentary thing as well.

4c651c  No.12804203


Oh right, there's that. It might be good to let him know in case he decide'd move on to another book since you are already doing a reading of it.


3ca43f  No.12804240


I let him know through a reply, but now it's saying I have to wait for a mod to approve my post

3ca43f  No.12804269


If you have a VNN account, can you let the admins know to let the account Billy Johnson make posts? I have been registered with VNN forums for forever but the mods never let me post anything

97f8b7  No.12804350

File: 6b424630dd37734⋯.jpg (27.57 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51Ti13BMPNL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: e0911bf7647ccd2⋯.jpg (4.87 MB, 810x10459, 810:10459, Screenshot_20180527-032053….jpg)

4c651c  No.12804415


I don't, I've always just browsed it. Another anon might do that?

3ca43f  No.12804460


Hopefully. If any anons can get me access to posting on VNN forum, please let me know

3ca43f  No.12804848

Ladies and gents, I present to you all, chapters 1-5 of Culture of Critique with MOST background noise edited out. My pet will make some sounds, but all other background noise has been effectively eliminated, which makes a GIANT difference. If anyone can help me get approved on VNN forums so I can post these, please help!


34a5a0  No.12806490


I tagged the files (with the program linked is convenient)



6da0b8  No.12806889


>and I've always found his occasional commentary constructive. I don't know what examples of "rambling" you've encountered.

Well, you're welcome to your own opinions. I tried listening to…"Camp of the Saints" and his commentary was awful, things I already know and they just interrupt the flow of the book.

As for "copyright," nigger, please. Esp. in your case, you really think Dr. Macdonald is going to hire a copyright lawyer to come after your ass, or that his book is a big enough seller for his small publisher to come after you? Unless you think you'll be getting 500k views, there are a lot of books up now that are just straight copies right from audible, or if you have a good voice, you put in on a torrent site. His commentary is terrible and he's…either very dumb or a shill. Have known that since the Newsom.Chrstian protests in Knoxville where he took a megaphone and was screaming "NIGGERS!!!" at top of his lungs while surrounded by a bunch of White trash. If you aren't a FED informant, why not just give the media Jews the fucking rope to hang you with?

6da0b8  No.12806899


>. If any anons can get me access to posting on VNN forum,

It's been a FEd honeypot since Glenn Miller shottings, and in any event, nothing good or new comes out of there now that all the action moved onto the chans. I mean, these have now been overrun too, but back..3-4 years ago, why sit around in a circle jerk on VNN when you can actively recruit?

6da0b8  No.12806931


> I'm currently doing an audiobook of Culture of Critique that I will be putting on VNN, and I'm doing the commentary thing as well.

If you were doing…"Harry Potter" by scottish welfare mattress and were putting it on Faceberg, you might have a point. But that book? also, why the hell would you soil Dr. Macdonald's rep by putting it onto a site that not only gets no traffic, but is now associated with unstable asshole linder and the jerkoff former snitch "Glenn Miller aka Glenn Fraser aka Glenn Fraser Cross" (just a few of the new identities) the FEDs gave him after he flipped in the 80s).

You can do whatever the hell you want anon, but please don't lead young, naive newfags into a honeypot. Every audio on that site is available in other places, and usually in better quality.

792045  No.12807773


I'll host my audiobook on any website that wants to. I have no problem with VNN providing me a platform

819bff  No.12811514

File: 4fcfffe1d8376ab⋯.pdf (8.03 MB, Hitler's Revolution- Ideol….pdf)


Have a neater copy

4bc293  No.12813480

File: 85e6d49cf7a5b4b⋯.mp4 (13 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 85e6d49cf7a5b4bf64bd7b32ef….mp4)

Does anon have the audiobook "Web of Debt"? Also, can anyone give a recommend of it?

e69576  No.12814016


The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free



And some other /pol/-related "mainstream" (kosher) audiobooks:

Israel's Edge: The Story of the IDF's Most Elite Unit - Talpiot


Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel's Assaults on Gaza


Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics


A Fair Hearing: The Aut-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders


Big Israel: How Israel's Lobby Moves America


Blood in the Water: How the US and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty


Target: Patton - The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton


Denial of Justice: Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most Compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History


e69576  No.12814131


The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal



Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics



The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy



Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops, and the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream


Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor's Story


The House of Rothschild, Volume 1: Money's Prophets: 1798-1848



3f7ccf  No.12815848

File: eb74ff3de41d63d⋯.jpg (15.69 KB, 236x365, 236:365, banned_books.jpg)


What are the best banned books?

d81cea  No.12816352


I never bothered to look beyond a quick glance. It's all gay shit from what I've seen

7e587b  No.12816513

File: 945683fe4dc1983⋯.jpg (14.7 KB, 229x346, 229:346, fame-of-a-dead-mans-deeds.jpg)


He did pic related too which is actually mandatory /pol/ reading.

7e587b  No.12816528

File: 5cba0594913a38a⋯.pdf (3.28 MB, Special Forces Guerrilla W….pdf)


The vocaroo is audio of the highlights of the first part of this book. Makes it very easy to spread the knowledge within since most people are too lazy to even read the text meme form.

f4dadd  No.12816547


Someone from the National Alliance, I think Kevin Alfred Strom's girlfriend - no, she isn't "shockingly young" - recorded an audio version of the updated edition. I prefer Alex's narration though.


e9bb2c  No.12816558

I really enjoyed listening to Starship Troopers. It has it critics and some valid criticism, but the world created in this book is something worth studying.


f46775  No.12817687


he did the audiobook for SIEGE as well. It's our movements Art of War and history book.

> inb4 reed seej

f98741  No.12818695

File: c9ff3c38b6b0710⋯.jpg (846.17 KB, 1891x1419, 1891:1419, armor john steakley.jpg)


>starship troopers

Check out a book call "Armor" for something else along those lines. Top tier military sci-fi.

f98741  No.12818721


BTW, there is a really fuckin good audiobook of it. Guy's voice is awesome.

0b493e  No.12819820

File: 24cba64759685e6⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 1718x1000, 859:500, mega.jpg)

50 audiobooks, more to come. Many have a PDF to accompany it.


3ca43f  No.12820366

I have completed Chapter 1 of "For My Legionaries" by Codreanu


8b231d  No.12820412

File: b42d4c26ff1552e⋯.png (723.81 KB, 768x512, 3:2, YellowVesters.png)


>I have completed Chapter 1 of "For My Legionaries" by Codreanu

Thanks Bro, I've really been wanting to dig into that one!

cdf7b1  No.12821452

File: 6ed22a560daa8d2⋯.jpg (53.27 KB, 800x800, 1:1, The Myth by Alfred Rosenbe….jpg)


I decided to make an audio version of The Myth


08776f  No.12821461

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Golden Bough is on YT.

08776f  No.12821466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

As is Paradise Lost

3ca43f  No.12829029

CH 6 of Culture of Critique is now up!


3ca43f  No.12837848

CH 7 of Culture of Critique is now up!


3ca43f  No.12840352

The entirety of Culture of Critique with all eight chapters is now available!:


b0d0fc  No.12840393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice one.


With Lee In Virginia

A story of the Civil War from a British war correspondent of the era.

b0d0fc  No.12840408

File: 63f03d6ac26a56e⋯.jpg (701.8 KB, 1214x725, 1214:725, Hendrick_van_den_Broeck_-_….jpg)



546b7a  No.12840776


Epic work anon. Not to hassle, do you intend to do >>12811514 ?

3ca43f  No.12841020


Turns out Patrick Little has already started that

1555f8  No.12841140

8924e9  No.12841625



b34785  No.12841986


I skipped around and its bad quality, the audio and the unrelated comments (about coffee break, donations and so on in the midst of it).

I'd guess he doesn't mean that to be a proper audiobook.

721357  No.12842159

"A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind" by Stephen Mitford Goodson


721357  No.12842164


Still uploading, btw. There's 10 parts.

5ff88f  No.12843514

File: 1600ee75e63cf6d⋯.jpg (79.69 KB, 498x500, 249:250, freemasonry.jpg)

Does anyone have a link to this? It's on audible, a translation from a Third Reich publication.

e3b07a  No.12845967

File: 3f685d3eae224f3⋯.mp4 (13.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Veronica-Clark-Says-Europe….mp4)


I downloaded it and its legitimate so far but I won't promote her "work" by sharing it. Though I wonder where she got her sources.

>She has been called "one of the best historians of World War Two" by numerous readers and fans.

What narcissist hack would put something like that on their bio? Interesting how she boasts about getting a "degree in history" but doesn't even list it. That's because apparently she got the "degree" from an online college.

She also has fetishized the Wehrmacht to have been some conglomerate of many races (when they were an extremely small percentage of the forces as "paid volunteers"). Just look at her biography. Also, she has advocated Europeans to convert to Islam .



86cff1  No.12846031


Quest/Cultured Thug (whose channel was just deleted) had a good video about her citing wikipedia, and basing some claim on the fact that the page linked to somebody else with the same name. I think it was her arguing that Hitler's Second Book was forgery, but it was an old video, so I'm not completely sure. He'll probably reupload it.

If it's legitimate, why not share it under a different name with the credits snipped out? Is it the SS Manual on Freemasonry?

721357  No.12846476




She is absolutely not credible. She likes to quote far removed psychoanalysis' of people like Hitler, and promote it as proof of the opposite of whatever you believe being true. Definitely a subversive.

721357  No.12846485


Archive of this, btw.


e3b07a  No.12846546


Its not the SS book (>>12561730), which is reliable and likely superior. I only listened to a few minutes but don't care.

e3b07a  No.12846551

^ ( >>12561730 )


470399  No.12850549

Bumping this general thread

374238  No.12862241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Someone started recording Gruesome Harvest by Ralph Keeling.

374238  No.12862243



860035  No.12864539


Really great

3ca43f  No.12864545


Thank you. I plan on finishing Hitler's Revolution before I continue with Codreanu's book. Hitler's Revolution is a relatively short book though

3ca43f  No.12864550


I've decided to do Hitler's Revolution. I will have ch1 uploaded soon

860035  No.12864619


Nice x100

d6f1e3  No.12864958

File: 68945d17852e1ae⋯.jpg (21.51 KB, 250x310, 25:31, veronica clark.jpg)


The thing about Veronica Clark is that she digs up some good info, and if you were listening to her many interviews on Deanna Spingola's show, you'll know she as a good memory and ability to convey information in a concise and direct way.

Her takes are not always bad, often good, and many are normie-friendly, seemingly balanced and thus subversive (in a good way) so she's quite a good first point of contact. She challenges all of the central myths about NS Germany: that they caused the war, that they created a bad society, that they were racist in a cartoonish and evil way, that there were gas chambers, etc. She's very well-read within her areas of historiography and can speak on more obscure subjects such as the barter-trade bloc Germany was forming.

The problem is that she's very easily provoked into pointless personal spats, and can be petty and obsessive when dealing with her "enemies". It's disturbing, for someone who tries to present as a serious scholar. Also, she really needs to work with an editor who has "final cut" on her books, and not produce 600 page books with 2 inch margins and 12pt font. (Not quite that bad but she does inflate the page count ridiculously.)

eb2e0b  No.12864996


>The problem is that

The problem is that she's a liar. She even lies about the robustness of her books, as you pointed out. She's of zero value.

23d7c0  No.12864999

>>12864958 Take it to her blog's comment section for fanboying

She's lying scum who doesn't deserve attention. Some truth, tainted with opinions based on untruths, and false information is just as bad as lying.

I could link to her website where she fetishizes the German army to have been a mixed bag of races but again, she doesn't deserve attention.

d6f1e3  No.12865138


She's an obsessive iconoclast who has an enormous knowledge of WWII and NSG. I don't know what she's actively lied about (rather than possibly interpreted incorrectly), but there's a lot one could learn from her books if they were just getting started. Learn what you can and build your own frame, rather than adopting the authors. Basic reading advice.


The whole "most diverse army ever" thing is kind-of a troll, and I didn't read it as fetishization. I see it as a meme to get people in the door and teach them some things. She works hard to debunk the "Nazis Super-Racism" meme, and this really fucks with peoples heads. Probably the most ignored area of NSG revisionism. So if she stretches things slightly, on occasion, excuse me if I cut this eccentric woman some slack.

eb2e0b  No.12865200


Fuck off, Veronica. You were busted already, and nobody takes you seriously.





23d7c0  No.12865211


You tainted this thread a bit shilling that attention whoring liar, gtfo. Go beg for attention from your e-celeb.

Meanwhile there are actually valuable authors and researchers to read and discuss.

d6f1e3  No.12865255

File: fe976a2da29a5dd⋯.jpg (62.76 KB, 803x1080, 803:1080, salt brain.jpg)



Lol calm down, faggots. Maybe she did push that translation too far, but she's an asexual cosplay weirdo trying to carve out her own area of historiographical heracy, and people need to know that going into reading her stuff. But the idea that you can learn "nothing" from her is retard tier. I'll even read LaRouche stuff if I'm interested in the subject they're writing about, but that doesn't suddenly mean I think the British Royal Family control the West You and her both just need to let it go. To normally-socialized people this sort of beef is pretty unpleasant and just turns them off.

And this is audiobook thread.

eb2e0b  No.12865278


Promoting a known subversive over other, better authors, is subversive itself. Drop dead, kike.

93a095  No.12865285


If I get a 100 TB drive, is it possible for me to get everything I might ever need from the internet and go full off-the-grid mode?

Do I need more storage? Are here any other alternative solutions?

5dd571  No.12865686


yeah that's not how reading books works m8

946a2a  No.12868553


3fe41f  No.12873724


3ca43f  No.12873855

Hitler's Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, Foreign Affairs, by Richard Tedor

Chapter 1: Ideology (Around 1:40)


c04032  No.12879022


Why would you call it "learning college"? Seems weird as a name alone and its strictly an audiobook.

The other anon goes straight to business with short comment if ever which seems a better format.

3ca43f  No.12879626


Because I post it to the VNN learning college

3ca43f  No.12886631

Hitler's Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, Foreign Affairs, by Richard Tedor

Chapter 2: The New Germany (Around 2:04)


6baabe  No.12887156


Ok I see

bc1aba  No.12891412


3ca43f  No.12891568


Currently working on CH 3 of Hitler's Revolution atm

e316e8  No.12897736


Bump, trying to keep up with all of your work.

You're in the middle of recording 'For my Legionaries' as well, right?

Like another anon has said, I'm also inspired to help with the audiobook effort one day.

3ca43f  No.12899932


I recorded one chapter of For My Legionaires, but I am putting that on hold until I finish Hitler's Revolution

693ebc  No.12900852

I'll just post youtube links I've had good luck with

Camp of the Saints: at first the reader does a bit too much commentary, but not too bad, otherwise a great job and good voice. I'll comment :) This is this generation's "I984". They should call it The CARAVAN of the Saints. About 8 parts of about 1.5hours each.



The Great God Pan considered by many the greatest horror story ever. IMO this has a lot to due with current child-tranny craze. Why all these "devil worshipers" doing child sex changes?

Just because both are likely to have "mental illness"? Could be, but I submit its more directly connected.

Having recently been in contact with "The Streets of San Francisco" I've found that much of the Tranny thing comes from a notion that while "only God can create a person" in that your parents themselves didn't really know "who you'd be" etc,…..

if YOU take a person and change them from male to female, then YOU have "created that person" and THAT puts YOU on a whole higher level, and YOU become a sort of demi-god.

"The Great God Pan" (considered greatest horror story ever by many). Arthur Macken's main theme was that there is some vast and much more important "hidden world" and that by some hideous method this world's mortals might catch a glimpse.

IIRC at the time there was some medical belief that some group of nerves in the brain wired you to be either male or female, and IMO that is what is referenced in Chapter 1 (strongest chapter).

Anyway, these perverts believe that if they take a kid and make him transgender when they "cross over" the kid MIGHT suddenly see "The Great God Pan" and then they will have control over a Messiah or something. I guess Trannies also feel that when they "cross over" they might get same but cutting off a penis is generally something that is better done to other people. About 2 hours.


Arabian 1001 Nights. pretty based view of women great translation and witty phrasing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoKsuRvCN38&t

0d2b98  No.12900948


I can record an audiobook for you OP

I have a bit of experience because I have began recording some on my own. Also made my own music to accompany the scenes (it was entertainment literature)

f59b8d  No.12901351

693ebc  No.12901467


I'm looking for Mien Kampf part II (the stuff about their proposed programs, after the part 1 auto-bio.

0d2b98  No.12901495



If I have time, I'll get to it sooner rather than later. Will post here or in the next thread(s)

5167ab  No.12901749


If you're talking about Mein Kampf Book II, the professional recording of the Ford Translation that's on audible (and every torrent tracker) includes it.

5a0e2e  No.12907767

File: 5b955e2f693438d⋯.jpeg (832.2 KB, 1917x2462, 1917:2462, bq-5c76b5bb8243d.jpeg)

A Real Case Against The Jews - Audiobook is out


5cf5f9  No.12908344

File: 6bfa44f116e0b05⋯.jpg (277.9 KB, 799x1000, 799:1000, Enemies 01.jpg)

File: dc723d064d6d196⋯.jpg (896.63 KB, 1602x1000, 801:500, Enemies 02.jpg)

File: af1d78da76919b2⋯.jpg (922.65 KB, 1627x1000, 1627:1000, Enemies 03.jpg)

File: bb1286c566b656f⋯.jpg (766.64 KB, 1596x1000, 399:250, Enemies 04.jpg)


Here's a response to that published in the 1930s, I think from a Christian perspective - I'm not sure if I've even read this booklet.

e3b07a  No.12914758

File: 4cad4493982c78d⋯.jpg (587.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Library wallhaven-332800.jpg)


e23e44  No.12915314

File: 80b6fea9c67b7bb⋯.jpg (45.95 KB, 385x600, 77:120, hellstorm2.jpg)

Thomas Goodrich is going to be selling an audiobook of Hellstorm, read by Paul English.


They were both on Deanna Spingola's show this past Saturday to talk about it.


Hopefully they can get it on audible, otherwise, I'm not sure how successful something like this will be.

5978b6  No.12917733


You might have to rewind if you didn't catch something, but it's not much different when it comes to retention. I prefer audiobooks personally

51bc30  No.12917920


there was a 40gb mega folder uploaded a little while ago with audiobooks. does anybody still have the link? I wish I still had the evalion mein kampf

3ca43f  No.12918121


They're pretty good if you're doing something that doesn't require any sort of concentration like driving. If you are actually attempting to do something that requires concentration, I'd recommend listening to classical music instead.

51bc30  No.12918753


this is obvious. I am in traffic a lot for work and can pound through tons of audio. I actually listen to entire Owen Benjamin broadcasts while in my car.

cdf7b1  No.12920866



693ebc  No.12929670


someone (rolls eyes) should put the NZ mosque shooter's manifesto on audiobook on youtube.

Its 87 pages.

c7aef4  No.12932744


On the topic of funding audio books, it'd be good to have translations of all of Evola's work, and audio versions too.

Augustus Sol Invictus has a recording of one passage of Evola's. Pretty cool

bc1aba  No.12933944



4bebc5  No.12933973


Arktos is doing Metaphysics of War, which I guess they'll be selling on Amazon. Hopefully someone will pirate it, I wouldn't recommend giving them a single shekel.

3ca43f  No.12945766

UPDATE: It appears that the well known Patrick Little is working on Hitler's Revolution (through offline recordings), so I have decided to focus on For My Legionaries. I am working on the next part of the book titled "The Jewish Problem", which spans from roughly page 58 to 140. As of now I have completed up to page 90 and will post an updated link to the entire chapter once I finish page 140.

I'm not going to bother working on the same audiobook as Patrick Little because his version will get all the listens and all my effort will have been for practically nothing. I will focus on books not being completed by other and more competent people than me.

82079f  No.12951116


This looks very promising based on the Prologue

12fc77  No.12951291


>though that has yielded only 3 that I would consider listenable myself

which ones?

82079f  No.12951382

The Fraud of Feminism by Ernest Belfort Bax (1913)


Sexual Utopia in Power by Roger Devlin (2015)


000000  No.12954685

Among the Red Rulers - Georges Solomon

Anyone have?

3ca43f  No.12957644

I have completed Chapters 2 and 3 of For My Legionaries!


c840bf  No.12962856


A six hour release, epic. Is there a bit of echo? Sound padding could help

3ca43f  No.12967803


I'll look into sound padding. Is it still listenable though?

3ca43f  No.12969244

Chapter 4 of For My Legionaries has been completed!


9b8d32  No.12969558


You're doing God's work, anon.

By the way, Pat Little recommended your CoC recording a couple times on recent streams.

f68f8b  No.12970081


I didn't know that. Which streams? I'll listen to them

9b8d32  No.12970185


He talks about it in this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8tLufdZyMw (quarantined) and then at some point in his debate about Dugin/Russia. https://youtu.be/h-bJuc5H0Hg

30cd3c  No.12971558


I think its very listenable. There's a difference in echo from the other recordings, and #4 echoes much less than #2 & #3.

30cd3c  No.12971586


It has 1600+ listen on BitChute alone https://www.bitchute.com/video/ms9oA4FBPzk2/

3ca43f  No.12972139


When I recorded #4, I turned the gain all the way down in an attempt to reduce echo

3ca43f  No.12974762

Chapter 5 of For My Legionaries has been completed!


49316e  No.12975638

File: 3430248ad4f331a⋯.mp4 (882.95 KB, 320x320, 1:1, The audiobook edition of M….mp4)

So, they'll release it soon


bcdea3  No.12977550


This is classic shilling. Shit on ideas, offer no constructive alternatives nor anything of real substance, but also put in the effort to post a pol image to muddy the waters and pretend they're one of us. They can search for an image in a folder (((or google))) and post it, but they can't spend the extra five seconds to type out a coherent thought? Shill.

000000  No.12978990


already done. download from bitchute with saveclipbro.com


245f65  No.12980621

File: f56341adb408197⋯.png (324.55 KB, 759x488, 759:488, ClipboardImage.png)


>Piper's body was discovered on May 30 or May 31, 2015 at the Budget Saver Motel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

>The deputy coroner's report stated that the cause of death was a "probable Myocardial Infarction, Ischemic Cardiomyopathy and Coronary Artery Disease"

>The report indicated that toxicology results were consistent with her findings and that

<no autopsy was conducted.

libgen has almost his entire catalog, from what I can tell. Never hurts to have your own backup library, anons.

b34fa2  No.12980789

File: 148357a96da1ab0⋯.jpg (324.78 KB, 1598x1596, 799:798, Screenshot_2019-03-18 Twit….jpg)

3ca43f  No.12980895


The whole book has been completed by me a while ago lol

9bc291  No.12982032


You can download from BitChute conveniently with this script which adds a download button


863be6  No.12985304


693ebc  No.12986840


>How effective are audiobooks in terms of information retention? Or are they simply 'useful' background noise?

Pro Tip for English Lit such as Shakespeare plays (that is hard as fuck to read as a book like the teacher wants).

Watch a standard "true to the original" play on Youtube and follow along with the book and make notes, then write your paper from your notes.

557364  No.12988104

Will have ch6 of For My Legionaries uploaded sometime today

3ca43f  No.12989191

Chapter 6 of For My Legionaries is now completed!


037467  No.12993384

File: 47b34550118e164⋯.jpg (28.98 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 51jOI5nAZWL._SX342_.jpg)




ed13da  No.12994781


you're not meant to know what is going to happen before but an extinction level event is planned, and it's coming soon, dumbasses

3ca43f  No.12995546

Chapter 7 of For My Legionaries is now completed!


3ca43f  No.12997298

Chapter 8 of For My Legionaries is now completed!


84677c  No.12999107


fucking based

256808  No.12999252

Anyone got white power audio books?

3ca43f  No.12999264

The entirety of For My Legionaries is now completed!


1555f8  No.12999368


Awesome, by the way 07 and 08 are really good as in smooth and no echo so that's a good setup (?)

3ca43f  No.12999423


Thank you. I think I finally perfected how to record this shit after spending well over 30 hours practicing

f44422  No.13002060


5cbb7a  No.13002991


Are you the same anon who read Hitler's war?

if you are, do you have a repository where i can download and keep track of your work

3ca43f  No.13003794


I started reading but gave up after Patrick Little decided to record it all offline. You can follow me on Twitter at @RealThug4Life, but that's all I got. I also post all my audiobooks to VNN forums

3ca43f  No.13003806

Here is part one (Roughly 1 hour long) of the Great Replacement Manifesto audiobook. I will have the second half finished and uploaded hopefully tonight or tomorrow.


65fd81  No.13004251


I think you mean Hitler's Revolution.


He did Hitler's War -> >>>/pdfs/8073


8d9f3b  No.13005121


You're right, I did mean Hitler's Revolution. No, I did not record Hitler's War

462889  No.13005160


Yeah the OP of that /pdfs/ thread did

4f6b4d  No.13005768

bump for based.jim's new audio.books website

>tfw you can now listen to jim's soothing voice reading BASED books 24/7 365

99cf16  No.13005873


Who is Jim?

4f6b4d  No.13005960


we're all jim here

70ba86  No.13005980


He's Hotwheel's dad.

3ca43f  No.13006809

I have finally completed the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant and turned it into an audiobook. (1:36)


3ca43f  No.13016012

Bump. What book should I do next? After completing For My Legionaries, Culture of Critique, and the Aussie shooter manifesto, I'm not sure what to work on now

30cd3c  No.13016043


Just ideas, I posted these



3bc73b  No.13016050

File: 4ec69756ea7dc7b⋯.png (30.62 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, United Police States of Am….png)


New flag for globohomo. What do you guys think? I think it captures their utter idiocy and childishness. #NukeIsrael #AbolishTheFed #MIGA

3ca43f  No.13016063


Do these books reveal the role that Jews played in both vilifying Germans and how they started WWI?

30cd3c  No.13016531


The WW1 book is more of a genuine timeline, with insights. The other does not explicitly but mentions some of them.

3ca43f  No.13016552


Do you have any pdf documents that expose Jewish power in great detail?

30cd3c  No.13016635

File: 638108f8dd31bcf⋯.pdf (3.93 MB, The Jewish Hand in the Wor….pdf)

File: f694e88fb692752⋯.jpg (99.49 KB, 531x877, 531:877, The Jewish Hand in the Wor….jpg)


How's this

3ca43f  No.13016661


Now this, I like. I can easily knock this out

23d7c0  No.13025608


3ca43f  No.13029963

New Audiobook: "Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the United States Was Used to Create Israel", by Allison Weir (2:30)

This is the entire audiobook. It was a very short but informative book.


3ca43f  No.13034349

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: The Jewish Role in Black Slavery, by Historical Research Department Nation of Islam

I have completed the first chapter of this book, which is around 90 pages.


3ca43f  No.13039388

Just completed chapter two, which was around 30 pages and took less than an hour to record


6daec4  No.13040046

Democracy for Realists and The Myth of The Rational Voter.

Its important to see the cracks in the current political system.

89f9ca  No.13040408


I think something like a "because they're a race of liars" (we know) comment will distance someone new to the subject who stumbles upon or is introduced to these audiobooks.

The books' words speak for themselves although I understand the reasoning for adding general comments here and there. Maybe comments which adds more general information?

3ca43f  No.13040823


My audiobooks aren't meant for redpilling normies. It's meant for people who are already know the basics about race, the JQ, etc but who want to delve deeper into fully understanding the truth.

3ca43f  No.13044286

Just completed chapter 3 of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, this took around 20 minutes to record


3ca43f  No.13044715

Just completed chapter 4 of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (1:07)


3ca43f  No.13048175

The audiobook of the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Vol I is now complete


5efeb3  No.13048456

7b3bc5  No.13048464


/pol/ is reading too much political books. You guys need to get more into philosophy, math and physics. There is no way understanding the limits of the universe if you don't understand its laws.

Learn about 2nd law of thermodynamics.

learn about mathematical logic (not cucked statistics).

learn about mechanics

learn about classical mathematical analysis

learn about stoicism

All great men know a little science too. Benjamin Franklin (The based antisemite) did science , and so did many other political leaders.

7b3bc5  No.13048476

File: f18965cf1541077⋯.jpg (115.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Epson-Ink-Tank-System-For-….jpg)

Get an InkTank system printer. Print your own books /pol/.

It's the cheapest way to get books.

3ca43f  No.13048521

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, by Thomas Dalton

Part 1 of 2. (Approximately one hour long)


3ca43f  No.13048558


Audiobooks for all these things you are promoting already exist. Stop shitting up this audiobook thread and go fuck off somewhere else you niggerfaggot

256808  No.13050670

Any audio book for hitler's revolution?

eb2738  No.13050736


>philosophy, math and physics

fuck off kike, it's clear you don't want us to know actually useful shit.

cfb2ac  No.13050847



3ebb2d  No.13050862



>math, logic, stoicism and physics is not useful

ok I'm out of this board. The retardation overwhelmed me this time, c ya niggers.

79b673  No.13051774




26f0de  No.13052499

An AMAZING book that fully reveals just how vile and hypocritical the kikes are. It's right up there with "Culture of Critique" as far as required reading: "GOLIATH: LIFE AND LOATHING IN GREATER ISRAEL" BY MAX BLUMENTHAL.

It's written by a kike, I think the scion of a family that was in tight with the Clintons, which means even the top level of US Jewry can tell which way the wind is blowing. The kikes stilll sgreik to this day about Trump saying that "illegals bring crime…they're rapists, they bring drugs.." Now remember, these were not even Us citizens.

If you have Amazon and you haven't used audible at all yet, you get a free book. Make it this one, or see if you can torrent the audio book. It's so fucking amazing that they get away with this shit that I listened to all 14 hours in one sitting. I got to see apartheid south africa when I was very young, and it was NOTHING if this is even 1/0th accurate, and I have to think the fact-checkers here did their work properly, bc you can bet the kike lobby checked every comma on every page for a mistake.

3 different people I respect, including Dr. Scheuer and Justin Raimondo who runs "anti-War," have said they NEVER imagined it was anything like this fucking bad. and THEN the kikes have the fucking nerve to bitch at US for trying to have basic border protection. I'd have no problem gassing every one of them myself just for the hypocrisy.

Trust me, listen to/read the book and you'll be in as much of a rage as I was….

3b21de  No.13053238




c21039  No.13053711



I can post the audiobook if anyone wants it. Downloaded it years ago.

3b21de  No.13053723

File: 71c10fa2f4375bc⋯.pdf (5.09 MB, Goliath - Life and Loathin….pdf)



I uploaded it to Archive


3ca43f  No.13053874

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, by Thomas Dalton

Part 2 of 2 (1:30)


586f8b  No.13058613

New expanded collection (the bonus storage time expired on the last one)


c16b37  No.13058951


you idiot, that's not what he said

dbdae6  No.13067947

File: a5450e57a212977⋯.png (9.19 KB, 494x292, 247:146, ScreenShot_20190403134707.png)

8c43c1  No.13069748


Check the one above your post

8c43c1  No.13069750

Nevermind, its not in that MEGA heh

7a4b17  No.13080495


3ca43f  No.13080502

Slaughter Of Cities, Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing

by E Michael Jones

Chapter 1


59b128  No.13083299


I'm thinking about producing some audiobooks. I have a strong & steady voice for nonfiction. Not that I care but are most older, naughty books free game to reproduce as audibooks? Would it be a waste of time to post to rubetube?

a3dfb5  No.13083418


Honestly, the biggest threat you face from jewtube is them being put in a limited state, but even that isn't really that big of a deal.

3ca43f  No.13085678

Slaughter Of Cities, Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing

by E Michael Jones

Chapter 2


1c6200  No.13085883


Of course they are

59b128  No.13086082



Not that I'm motivated by money, but do you think there are any hopes of becoming a patreonfag (minus cult of personality) through production, posting to video platforms and providing download links? OP said he would fund. Debating whether or not to purchase a proper recording setup for this end.

3ca43f  No.13086144


I've done five audiobooks already, and I highly doubt it. It also takes forever to get good at this, not trying to demoralize you, but it's true

017192  No.13086180


>posting to jewtube

>not asking jim to feature your audiobooks instead


d04438  No.13086207


I wouldn't expect much in the regard. If you get good at it, you might be able to get people to donate in exchange for doing specific books, like I think John de Nugent does.

3ca43f  No.13086261



You're also realistically only going to be able to record for 3-4 hours a day MAXIMUM

0271a6  No.13086530

Man Among the Ruins. Good entry into Evola imo

483bfd  No.13097223


Out now. Hasn't shown up on any of the free sites yet though, and I can't give arktos any shekels in good faith.

256808  No.13106459

Any for hitler's revolution?

b26811  No.13108118

File: 2ca11bfefb8e4a2⋯.pdf (2.7 MB, Pagan Imperialism and Meta….pdf)

File: eb2802b65f85ded⋯.jpg (478.66 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, Pagan Imperialism and Meta….jpg)

File: 841147c94435fbf⋯.jpg (86.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, mowaud500.jpg)




8be25a  No.13108439


>File size: 149.88 MB

Thank you, Anon

374238  No.13115477

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

by an anon

>Napoleon The Art of War and Power Pt1

81146b  No.13116069


22f970  No.13116753



It's out, but it unfortunately only available through their website.


It's worth the $20, and hopefully this will be successful enough for Paul English to do more in the future, he has a great voice for it.

586f8b  No.13120407

But for weekend listening.

586f8b  No.13120437


1e84c3  No.13120455

There was a WebM version of Hunter that came in 4 parts that I have somewhere. The guy reading it has some commentary that was interesting. I'll have to post it when I get home.

b26811  No.13127186



8bcbe7  No.13127197

File: 99179cbceda33fe⋯.jpg (36.49 KB, 331x499, 331:499, krypton.jpg)

If you guys are interested in Superman, this is a subtle red pill:

The Last Days of Krypton

Basically the left is the reason Kryptonians went extinct.

4d4011  No.13130258

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cross-quoting anon's post >>>/pdfs/11993

a33ce1  No.13130904


The archive download of Uncle's struggle is incomplete. Anyone have an alternative? Does a German version exist? I would prefer that.

1d2147  No.13131787


Well there's an idea. A first-ever audiobook of the Stalag Edition, no commentary, purely the book's text.


6baabe  No.13141998


54b449  No.13143988


There's a German version read by a woman, I'm sure someone has the link to it, it may even by on Archive. There's also a professionally recorded audiobook of the Ford translation, that's for sale on Audible. I can upload that if you'd like.

7e84f6  No.13144170


But not Stalag Edition

1d0a1e  No.13145016

File: 01a6cb1edceb874⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 600x599, 600:599, delete-19.jpg)


Please add "ADL: 100 Years of Hate" by Valdis Bell, in honor of all the nice things the ADL has been saying about us recently.


2a8ed3  No.13148630

Does anybody have the audiobook of Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart? I heard it recommended as one of the few good MK Ultra books in an old podcast I was listening to.

93c56d  No.13149544


I added it


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