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File: 1860b10742b49ee⋯.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, isolation.jpeg)

5e39df  No.12761125

Imagine you are an extremely creative and curious child. The world is so vast and you know so little about it—naturally you desire to learn everything you can. Nature itself is the catalyst for the long journey that you are about to embark on. You ask your father why water in the world never runs out. You inquire why bees buzz around flowers. Your immediate family and books are the source of your answers. The means of satisfying that burning question in your brain that you so desperately want to know the answer to. The world was wondrous then, and there was so much to learn.

Then you grew older. You began to pay more attention to the adults talking about politics. You began to take an actual interest in the world events that you saw on the TV or heard on the radio. You weren’t hearing anymore—not like when you were young—you were listening. And then, you began to ask questions. Why are we in the Middle East? Why are White people so hated? Why are these political discussions taboo? Why does everyone seem to have a different answer? You become overwhelmed. There is so much information, and everyone claims to have the answer. Who do you trust? What makes the most sense? What is real and what is fake? Although the task is daunting, you embark on this journey anyways. You resolve to find out the nature of this world and its politics no matter how hard it might be, no matter how long it will take, no matter how much information you will have to sift through.

And then—inevitably—you discover /pol/. A haven for collective contribution to the machine of ideas and information. The wheat is separated from the chaff. Everyone contributes a little what they know that is correct, but everyone sees the good information. The pieces start to fit together. You begin to see the true nature of this world, and at first you are angry, then you despair, and then you resolve to do everything in your power to change things. But how?

You talk to your father about this new information you have received—you are so excited to share the incredible information you have discovered! He looks at you like you’re insane. He despairs that you are a racist. He tells you never to speak of this to anyone, otherwise it will ruin your life. Talking about this will prevent you from getting an education, from getting a job, from having a normal life. You ignore him. You tell the few friends you have. Most are receptive, but they don’t seem to truly care as much as you do. They don’t change their degenerate lifestyle choices. They may say that they agree with you with every conversation that you have, but the next discussion they seem to have forgotten everything you have taught them. You decide to dispense this information to the other people in your life. You fear not persecution, you will sacrifice anything for the spreading of the truth. Most people ignore you. Some never speak to you again. And this is when you realize.

Nobody cares. Nobody. Cares. You, you who are reading this are one of the few people in this world who actually cares. You actually. Give. A fuck. Nobody else does. Everyone else is happy to live their life with each passing moment. They don’t really care about the future of their children. They don’t care about the future of our world. All they care about is being happy this moment, and seeking empty pleasures throughout the rest of their lives. They don’t care. And you realize, that you are truly isolated. Instead of spending most of your childhood and teenage years making friends, you decided to learn about this world and its politics. You have this wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with people. This information you spent most of your life obtaining and honing. You refined your speaking and writing so that you could coherently present these ideas and arguments to other people. And nobody cares. Nobody listens. You’re alone.

This is a thread for sharing feels and boosting the moral of our people. Post anything you feel that other anons go through. Also feel free to post “white pills” in this thread. Although nobody in my life seems to care about anything important, I know that all of you anons do. And even though it is difficult because I will most likely never meet you in person, at least I know you’re out there.

41ef9a  No.12761177

It's all true what OP wrote here. But remember our passion and desperation coupled with how little most of us actually have to lose beyond creature comfort and you have the recipe for dangerous men. Not necessarily strong or learned men- but the exact concotion needed to make them dangerous again.

281ea1  No.12761191

OP I see where you're coming from but I can't endorse this faggy shit. The only feelings we need right now is the thirst for victory and vengeance. Winning is the only thing that matters. This is widely applicable. Not successful with women? Die an incel with everyone laughing at you, even the soyboys. Don't get a good job/career? Die poor and powerless. Lose at politics? Lose your nation to foreign invasion. Lose the culture war? Lose your sons and daughters to degeneracy. Winning is the only thing that matters. I don't care about your feelings of isolation and neither should you. There will be plenty of time to think about how sad it was that so few people had the same affections and motivations as you did after you win. And if you lose, nothing you felt will matter anyway, because a loser is nothing more than a loser. Nobody is looking on at your life as if you are the protagonist in a movie. Nobody will care when you fail, in fact many will cheer. You have to win.

5e39df  No.12761229


I appreciate the contribution. This thread is about getting through difficult moments in the life of someone who is redpilled. Shared suffering is a good way for anons going through despair to overcome said suffering and regain their vigor. I agree with what you are saying. Winning is all that matters. We need to be the strongest we can possibly be. There are times where our (at least my) strength falters for a while and I despair. This thread is meant to fix that. There are plenty of nigger hate threads and threads about how fucked up kikes are but just as those threads can be a source for strength through anger, they can also be draining.

5e39df  No.12761279

File: eec93ec8d7bde73⋯.png (285.3 KB, 1383x688, 1383:688, greatest time to be alive.png)

943e69  No.12761304

File: c7b5fd5228f0422⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 1421177152714.jpg)


>The only feelings we need right now is the thirst for victory and vengeance. Winning is the only thing that matters.

This. Let's think about it this way: why do shills bother coming here to tell us we're ineffective? If that was true, nobody would waste their calories on us. What's the POINT of putting footage of invading beaners all over the media? It's all demoralization, from top to bottom. But WHY? Always, the question we need to be asking ourselves is WHY.

If our ideas were weak, they'd just be ignored. If we could be rounded up and gulag'd, that would have happened as well. If the replacement of Whites was inevitable, there wouldn't be propaganda promoting it, for the very obvious reason that propaganda has a backlash effect on some people. The use of propaganda explains something important, namely that our enemies are FAR from assured of their victory.

It'll say this: in my weighty opinion, the ZOG has reached it's zenith in the USSA some time ago. For whatever reason, their plans were delayed over and over again and now their power level is falling. We know that, we all know they want to relocate to China and make it their new parasitic host. They're saying it for me. Every day more people are agreeing with us, as the opponent is forced to make sub-optimal plays. In the meantime, our power structure uses almost no resources, almost no personnel kid. we do it for free, not even a specific online location. If one place gets shut down, we metastasize and go full Umman Manda leaving the earth salted in our wake with kike tears.

b62873  No.12761318

meme success and It shall be granted

ff065a  No.12761652


It’s nice to know there are others out there, but it doesn’t improve the isolation. I am no longer insecure about who I am, but op is right, nobody cares about anything beyond themselves and their next dopamine hit. They pretend to be your friend (or more) because they think they can get something from you (sex, validation) but once you start to see through their facade the illusion crumbles and the isolation begins. However, once you truly realize that this world is a clown world, you realize you have nothing in it to lose. I might be alone and childless forever, but I have myself, I have my beliefs, and I know there are others out there somewhere. I’m not sure where to go from here, but I would not trade what I have learned for any amount of ignorant bliss. I would rather suffer and see with clear eyes than be a victim to illusion. There isn’t room for anything but improvement.

What helps me most is getting out into nature, it feels like home when nowhere else does, and reminds me what’s important. Touchy feely or not, I appreciate the post op.

ab2079  No.12762626

Slightly related:

In recent years I came to realize that I dream less and less at night and nowaday very rarely or not at all. I feel that it highly affected my ambitions and morale all through my life but I'm either losing this ability from outside sources (4G-5G, toxicity in body, who knows ayy lmao) or it has to do with the time I go to sleep (very late) but I still have enough sleep as a NEET but it's not as energizing without a good dreaming phase. I haven't changed my diet either so that can't be influencing my mind.

Is anybody else experiencing problems with dreaming regardless or not of the time they fall asleep?

WTF is going on? Some of my relatives complain of the same? Is it the pineal gland getting more disfunctional or what?

997daa  No.12762645


Kill the breaker to your room at night and do not bring in any electronic devices. You could slwyas go camping for a month and see how you sleep.

5e39df  No.12764276


A lack of dreams is usually related to abused dopamine/reward circuitry in the brain. Do you use any drugs? If you smoke weed often, masturbate often, or watch pornography—all of those contribute to a lack of dreams. After about 60 days of no PMO I started getting vivid and complex dreams. These dreams helped me solve problems that were going on in my life. The power of dreams is real. You should make the necessary changes.

a734c0  No.12764518

The last white pill.


c9bdf8  No.12764605


I have heard that Epithalon can increase dreaming.

c9bdf8  No.12764669


"Ate Dea is gentle,

“Over men’s heads walking aloft,

With tender feet treading so soft.”

People grieve and bemoan themselves, but it is not half so bad with them as they say. There are moods in which we court suffering, in the hope that here, at least, we shall find reality, sharp peaks and edges of truth. But it turns out to be scene-painting and counterfeit. The only thing grief has taught me, is to know how shallow it is."


O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,

That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!

Thou art the ruins of the noblest man

That ever lived in the tide of times.

Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!

Over thy wounds now do I prophesy,–

Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips,

To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue–

A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;

Domestic fury and fierce civil strife

Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;

Blood and destruction shall be so in use

And dreadful objects so familiar

That mothers shall but smile when they behold

Their infants quarter'd with the hands of war;

All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:

And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,

With Ate by his side come hot from hell,

Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice

Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war

34e46c  No.12764729


I'll bump your thread OP since you've taken the time to type this out. It's pretty well timed too with everyone acting like the end is nigh because of the SOTU address, as if they should be surprised or demoralized because of it. Remember boys, don't ask for easier times, ask to be stronger men.


>It'll say this: in my weighty opinion, the ZOG has reached it's zenith in the USSA some time ago.

This reminds me of an idea I have for a thread based on that book that talks about the lifespans of empires, and applying that to the jewish ZOG empire. I feel some good discussion or some perspectives of our situation can come from that

13eab0  No.12764751


Having the entire world against you is something to boast about if you triumph - Burdens by themselves aren't bragging rights so much as overcoming them.

Cavemen wouldn't brag about being chased by sabre-tooth lions, nor would the Romans about losing their empire to barbarians, Germany with Weimar, etc. It is only after they triumph that it comes into play.

We're not the luckiest men, so much as the only men tasked with cleaning the world - the most opportune men. With such an opportunity, it'd be best to not waste it.

bc1f98  No.12764787

Imagine if you weren't a faggot.

28de9d  No.12764855


I agree with everything you posted.

>They may say that they agree with you with every conversation that you have, but the next discussion they seem to have forgotten everything you have taught them

This is the one that really gets me, it is just an endless, hopeless loop. It has gotten too dark for me to imagine a dawn at this point. I think that it is an inevitability that another Golden Age will arise, but I don't think I will ever see it, and that the entirety of my life will be lived as a slave. I wish I had something, even to suffer over, the endless and dull grayness of menial slavery is suffocating. Sage for demoralization.

ffd6a2  No.12765185

File: 61c357cd3088403⋯.jpg (75.77 KB, 885x665, 177:133, illegal opinions.jpg)


no man is an island.

As wise and redpilled as everyone here thinks they are, we're just good at diagnosis, not treatment/excision.

Fine, you know the media is owned by kikes. You know the federal reserve has destroyed the ability for your children to own anything. You know pedophilia is the end game of gay acceptance. It's all diagnosis. We still have not found scalable treatment or vaccine against kikery.

Making memes can raise awareness and help others confirm the diagnosis. Making posters in the real world is good for laughs but weak treatment. Shooting up synagogues is also weak treatment. Was Rockwell right? Do we need to just stop fucking around and say what we want, free of fear?

2d7a26  No.12765193


Everything you just wrote OP is exactly my life even down to the detail of telling my father about this stuff and him reacting that way and acquaintances not caring or else cutting off contact.

I am so intensely lonely OP.

2d7a26  No.12765206


A fringe wizard here.

I am having the exact same problems. Dreams getting more vague. Waking up extremely tired always.

I don't know what is the cause. Could be 4G-5G like you mention, could be that I just spend too much time shitposting and not enough meditating, could be engineered flu viruses with a little something extra changing all our genes to weaken us, who knows.

Personally, I suspect above all else, it's simply the result of isolation; because each time I feel like I make a little bit of a connection with someone IRL my dreams become more vivid again and I feel more alive. I think my mind is becoming dull because of isolation.

2d7a26  No.12765211


Literally the only people I know that are happy about this latest Trump speech are liberals. All of his own base is very upset.

2d7a26  No.12765212


Imagine if you weren't Jewish.

211903  No.12765245

File: 66e58fcaeb574c1⋯.jpg (40.05 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pill-white-G9GPVkF-600.jpg)

Here's a white pill


This means that less than 0.01 kikes will be spared hell upon judgment day, and that's if you don't account for the myriad of kikes who larp as white.

617c25  No.12765277


Do not masturbate. Period. To repair my dopamine receptors, I water fasted for 7 days. Then 14 the next.

3af542  No.12765328


If 10% of a Population Completely and Genuinely believes a concept, and they are NOT silent about their convictions, then the belief will quickly spread to the Majority of the Population. This is the Tipping Point of the Hive Mind.

This starts with 1% of a Group, spreading the Belief to the 10%

Bonus points, to help the ideal spread more quickly.

1.If the Belief or Ideal appeals to the groups inherent Pride and or Ingroup Bias

2. If the Belief of Ideal appeals to the groups natural material need, and or Greed.

3. If the belief or ideal cultivates a feeling of Disgust for the outgroup.

842061  No.12765381

File: 97439ae7bc6bdc1⋯.jpg (827.77 KB, 2001x1501, 2001:1501, da3zkei0.jpg)


This is what I've been thinking for a long while now. We know what we are fighting against, but not necessarily what we are fighting for. Everyone knows the general idea, the existence of our people and a future for white children, but what does that actually look like? What specific steps can we take to proactively move towards our goals, instead of just reacting to the kikes goals? How to be more than a cuckservitive?


Can you list some specific beliefs that we are for? Most infighting occurs when we both know that something is wrong but we disagree on how it should be.

ab2079  No.12765516


Yes I am trying to cut down on masturbation habits. It's easy to keep a 1 week streak but now I'm considering to stop for good, especially with all the health effects I am getting from not doing so. This could be the biggest culprit, thanks.


Yes I am careful with those but in an area close to cell tower all I can do is turn off the transmitter on the phone, but can't turn off the router because others need it. It's something I guess. In my room fortunately there are barely any such devices.

>breaker in the room.

Lol our house is old. Nobody cares about electric safety enough to install breakers in all sections.


To be quite honest I rarely socialize irl since I gave up on my friends. I've become so different from all of them that I should refresh my friendships to semi-pol friendly people. I think this in itself shouldn't cause a sleeping problem as I've always been a solitary man. I guess the other anon is right about dopamine abuse. I think it's more about boredom driving people to porn abuse and such. I see the correlation from my experiences. /nofap/ all the way.



I don't really want the pharma-jew. It might turn into drug abuse and who know what side effects and long term lroblems it may cause. Even if it's not I am more about cutting down the cause, not treating sympthoms.

ff065a  No.12766280


I think you’re on to something. I rarely dream anymore, but the ones I’ve had recently all revolved around someone I made a deep connection with who then left me. Now the dreams are gone again though

I used to have “deja vu” dreams all the time when I was younger. I would see a little blip, a few seconds of something happening, and then years later I would relive that exact moment in real life. I still have the moments where I relive a few seconds every so often, but they are rare, and I’m not having any more dreams of them.


>giving up on socializing irl

I have as well. The truth is, I would be okay being friends with someone who was on the other end of the spectrum, but once those people learn you’re not like them they want nothing to do with you. I’m in university and have tried various ways of meeting people, but even going to the republican club yielded no results. I always hope that a new class will help me meet even one person, but no luck. I had someone even pretend to like NS ideas, and later found out they didn’t actually, and just wanted something from me. It’s tiresome

504466  No.12766400

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm going to blogpost a bit so first here's some absolutely fantastic ethnic music as a whitepill payment. Will post more of these guys as well.

997daa  No.12766432


This actually feels healing. I did the same and it felt like a cleaning. I am building up for my next one, hope to do 14 days like you.

883668  No.12766516


Thank you for posting today anon. It's important to have threads of this nature periodically. Despite your despair and solitude I am relieved and emboldened to know that you care. At this juncture that is primary source of reinforcements in our struggle. Understand that you are not alone however. You are surrounded by us, in the collective consciousness of your kind and race, wherever you may be. In the day to day there may be no one to confide in, to relate to and to collaborate with, but that is part of the modern struggle exacerbated by atomization I lead every day with the mindset that, if I do not work with every granule of energy I have to advance the cause by my lonesome, no one else will. We must understand ourselves, and become dependent on ourselves. You, myself, other anons and people we cannot fathom are engaged in this alongside us. The most important thing is to act like we are the last man standing and fight like it, for if we were to ever encounter reinforcements even one unit could swing the tide of the battle. Never lose your sense of agency. This is the worst thing that has happened to our volk. They either know, that things will not improve unless they take direct action, yet are unwilling to do so, or they have blinded themselves from a truth to bright and daunting to face. The ignorant ones are those who can be informed and take a side, those who know and refuse their agency are helpless unto themselves. This is perhaps why the jewshit media has focused so greatly on the capeshit movies in the last decade or so. They want you to do nothing, to stand there waiting for the savior. Whether that savior is Christ, Iron Man, or the second coming of Hitler, they crave nothing more than removing your agency from you. Never let them have it and continue to employ it and adapt to whatever obstacles you encounter.

>>12761177 (checked)

It is the recipe that will free men to be led by their spirit and to achieve Ataraxia, rather than to be led by their loins or earthly pursuits.


What defines a victory? What conditions would lead someone such as yourself, or OP to victory? What does victory for the race and the volk look like going forward? Is it achieved all at once or in increments? Does it burn up or flow down from one soul to the next?


An excellent post. I find, that within humanity, the perfection lies within the flaw. Do we consider the masters of the former ages to be such because they delivered a flawless performance on their first attempt? Or do we regard them as such because they failed spectacularly, then adapted in kind to achieve what we call perfection? We live in an age where anything is possible, the only thing preventing us from accomplishing anything fathomable is thinking of it and then thrusting the thought from your mind into this realm. 2026 will mark the 250 year mark, I am dubious the cycle won't repeat itself for this empire as well.

504466  No.12766520

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If blogposting pisses you off just ignore, needed to express something.

I've been out of work most of the winter and I've simply run out of money. I'm struggling to find motivation to work because I'm completely black pilled on the economy and fiat currency and I don't believe I'm ever going to buy land or a house. I believe I'll probably just take the land and the house after SHTF, or use my savings (Gold and Silver) to buy them after hyperinflation. So all I need money for right now is rent and food.

I have a book I'm writing at the moment, but if it's successful I won't be seeing any cash for at least a few months, and I need cash now. I feel too autistic to interact with customers of my business (gardener/landscaper) and generally demotivated because I haven't been making money. I don't know why I haven't been doing the things I should, I just haven't. I guess I just have very low self esteem or belief or something. And I'm also too comfortable because my gf is relatively rich so it's easy to put things off til tomorrow. But then I feel guilty for taking her money for food and rent while not producing anything.

Then I remember that these problems are exactly what they want me to have. They want me to be poor and demotivated and not applying myself or becoming free and independent. So I guess I just have to do it regardless of my fear of failure or my feelings of inadequacy.

On a positive note I've been keeping fit and that's always been a great backbone to my life even when things aren't going well. It at least makes me feel strong and healthy. I think I'm mentally unhealthy though because of some deep problems with my father, ie he never actually parented me. I have recurring dreams of him not listening to me about something important or not paying attention to me/respecting me as a man. Growing up he literally just fed and housed me like a cat, and taught me absolutely nothing about life, no skills, morals etc. I was like a pet, I often felt from his perspective I was born for his enjoyment of having a son rather than as an actual commitment to raise a real human being. I was a fucking terrible person as a teenager.

It has made me extremely independent but also a bit drifty… like everything I know I learned myself or God taught me so if things go wrong I can lose confidence in my own skills and knowledge quite quickly, because they're all founded on each other if that makes sense. I'm also unsure of what to actually do with myself day to day beyond self improvement memes and prayer. I end up wasting my time on 8chan and youtube, seeking more knowledge, something, something that will show me the way or reassure me. All the while making no progress in my business and then feeling worse and more autistic, thus making it harder to get on with it.

I guess the answer is just to pull the bloody chaos together and turn it into a foundation, and build a tower of a career and life on it. I think what's stopping me is the shaky foundation of self esteem, not believing I deserve it etc. I know it's foolish to actually believe that but it's like the devil is latched on deep inside and no matter how much I try to believe I'm worthy of success, there's still a sinking feeling. Again it's probably exacerbated by being so disillusioned with the modern idea of "career" that just ends up funnelling all my productive energy into the banking system. My idea of success is just having a smallholding with hunting forests out back and being left the fuck alone (although with a community). It's hard to get into the business spirit when it's all about more, more more material wealth and feeding the beast.

I'm going up to my community farm tomorrow to help out. I guess I just need to nut up and get a couple of clients a week again, a couple of hundred quid a week is enough to live by quite happily for me. I think it's actually running out of money that's made me pretty depressed, just need to snap out of it. Here's more Rura.

504466  No.12766526


Did you not get terrible headaches? It sounds very unhealthy, although I'm sure I'm ignorant on this.

504466  No.12766564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Last one. They have a lot of good actual songs too, I recommend "Between the Pines", very fitting for these times although it's not on Youtube (it is on Spotify).

b2fee6  No.12766569

Do Kriya yoga (the only book containing the techniques is Kriya yoga: secrets revealed, 5th edition). Its only breathing exercises that will do fucking wonders, as the first things that you will notice is that it anchors you in the present and brings your general sense of awareness up a notch after every session. Do it for a year without jerking off and you will be walking Buddha.

28de9d  No.12768632


I am going to look into this.



I just want both you anons to know that I read your posts and wish you good luck. Hopefully we can all make it to the other side.

51817d  No.12770106


>Imagine you are an extremely creative and curious child. The world is so vast and you know so little about it—naturally you desire to learn everything you can

I have heard that so many times from people who are not creative, or curious about anything that I simply do not give a shit about what they are saying any more.

e573bb  No.12770636

File: a3cb67b1b0cfef7⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 600x656, 75:82, 1510805608414.jpg)

1c878b  No.12770779

File: 2defc39bd748352⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 573337348.png)

File: 859131f8ab526a0⋯.jpg (223.48 KB, 1000x1332, 250:333, 87198279.jpg)

I never got to chance to be innocent (hostile environment, but luckily loving family)

I also have lost hope in having a romantic relationship

Its not that I can't get a woman, I'm good at smalltalk & not ugly

I'm too different in the way thats not fun

I'm high strung for things I don't like in people

If I'm gonna live with you, you're gonna have to be my clone, else I'll get an autistic-breakdown of retardation

No girl is gonna meet my too-high-to-meet standards

I live in a shithole, and an entire side of my family are drug addicts, and the other side is on the other side of the entire fucking continent & barely knows me to begin with

My mother is a drug addled sociopath who wants the key to heaven even though she casts a shadow of a billion fucking sins

The only person I talk to is my father, I can't really stand any other person

My future could easily go straight tits up & I don't have much in plants of what to do if it does

I can't do much because I'm a social retard who's fallback is either running away or violence

I've basically given every bit of hope I had for the average person

Magapeds, libshits, kikes & goblins, lets be honest, theres no hope for them

But, even after all that, I still have some hope

I still believe that we can all make it

Even if we were to all get sodoku'd by the feds, there would be a new generation born as we die

The right is right, and that will never change

As a people, we are unstoppable, and indestructible

We are one of the most powerful groups of people right now

There has never been a people that has known as much as we do

Theres never been a people whose known every single atrocity that ZOG has done, every baby eaten, every well poisoned, every law passed, and even entire segments of history changed forever

We have more than enough knowledge to pill every normalfaggot into a Godfearing, ZOG destroying, ethnostate emplacing, cultural & genetic purist

We just have to do it

Even just talking to a cashier about "the new law being voted in" is a big difference

Correcting history when its said by just quoting the unheard facts

Go for the morals, thats what the right as & the left doesn't, and thats exactly what the normalfaggots love, any normalfaggot who can't take the true morals is a fucking traitor & only needs to be killed

Shining light on what is only ever blocked by the wool that normalfaggot sheep's never had trimmed

Trim the wool that you see

Shine that light

1c878b  No.12770802


I made so many fucking typos in that book of a paragraph I've wrote

I'm sorry

My hands are freezing fucking cold, I think they're around 60f

My house has no heating

3b77f6  No.12770980

File: 86cc3fb29f01d49⋯.jpeg (270.81 KB, 750x746, 375:373, 9B1E3FF5-484A-4E8B-9C58-0….jpeg)




3b77f6  No.12770992


>can’t see beyond their next dopamine hit

That’s all western civilization is, a bunch of overly brainwashed hyper sensationalized ZOG bots that are constantly fed dopamine hits. You think people actually build wealth for wholesome endeavours? No it’s all a dopamine hit. Money and the media/entertainment complex are manufactured realities to put people into dopamine induced stupor

ff065a  No.12771021


I can remember times in my life when I’ve been trapped in the dopamine cycle, it’s fucking miserable. You don’t even get the good feelings from it after a while, that just becomes the baseline and anything else is misery. It’s numbing. You can choose to break out of it, but no one does

997daa  No.12771028


The book is 40 fucking syrup bucks, can you post a pdf i.e. spend all afternoon scanning it for me in return for nothing of monetary value?

9f0a10  No.12771381

File: 1ec05b818359e86⋯.jpg (34.28 KB, 350x464, 175:232, 1fafec10c2015c7f751dc6d342….jpg)


Most people need an alarm clock to wake up so I would also recommend a mechanical alarm clock. If not that, then connect your phone to a loud speaker outside the room to set off an alarm. This is good too since you'll have to physically get up to shut it off and not be tempted by the (((snooze))) button.

Off topic sage.

bb67ac  No.12771423

File: 92d44cdf5c88c8c⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 800x516, 200:129, 1754 I-e Carte de l’Asie.jpg)


TARTARY the worlds greatest empire And fake history by the NWO



MFW no one knows about the greatest empire in the world which spread the swastika from the pacific ocean to the americas. The empire which was a confederacy of sovereign peoples who had self determination. And why the indians where waiting for the great white god.

725479  No.12771525

File: e0c174fcef62756⋯.jpg (239.28 KB, 1536x817, 1536:817, 4MF0_O9idWQR3DrA4whb3o1Lb0….jpg)


I want to be perfectly clear about somethnig, "SHTF" isn't something you should rely on.

All of us know it's going to happen eventually, but nobody knows when. Most people here think it's coming any day now, I think that's optimistic.

While the left tends to fantasize about how the revolution for their perfect utopia is just around the corner, any day now; the right tends to be far more cynical, and the "SHTF" collapse tends to be the right-wing fantasy escapism.

I don't think it's coming in our lifetime. The people in power won't let it collapse until after we've already lost everything.

Focus on the here and now. Focus on winning the game as the rules currently exist, and adapt to them if they do change. It's very likely you'll spend your entire life waiting for 'SHTF' and have it never come. It's more likely the squeeze just gets worse, everything gets tighter, everything just slowly sucks more, and humanity slowly begins to resemble domesticated cattle.

1c878b  No.12774530

File: d7491489f994ee5⋯.jpg (144.18 KB, 1506x731, 1506:731, BEANS.jpg)


^^^ This, very much

My opinion differs a little on that SHTF could come in our life time easily if certain things happen

But at the same time, just as Anon says, Govt. ain't gonna let it happen, one way or another

The "its not gonna happen in your lifetime" thing reminds me of something

Look at the 50's & 60's, all the little "bunkers" (glorified basements with a months worth of spoiled food) people made, but never got to be used

After the 2000's housing crisis, a lot of boomer homes got grabbed, and tons of little bunkers & rations were found for a bit

Its kinda funny to me, they're all so unprepared, even with all the stuff they had, they had nothing to use other than batteries, water, & canned goods (if even), after that, they'd of been dead & gone, no seeds, not much for weapons, and almost nothing for real survival knowledge / tools

Anons, remember

Store seeds of all you can

A can of beans can only be eaten, but a bag of dried beans can support a new world

thank you based bean-fag, you've'd helped us all

ff065a  No.12774925



Should be used as emergency food only, and only eaten if soaked/sprouted. Otherwise they have no place in your regular diet as they are full of phytic acid, which is detrimental to health. They are also high in fiber, which is not actually good for digestion contrary to popular belief. The supposed vitamins and minerals in them are not as absorbable as they would be from other (animal) sources.

Tldr: beans are complete shit but since you can store them they can be stored for use in emergencies, but even then not great

Sage for off topic

1c878b  No.12775717


As long as beans are handled properly, phytic acid is easily forgettable

Second meal effect makes beans worth eating, without it, they'd be worthless, but with it, when you say "vitamins & minerals aren't easily absorbed from them" makes your statement null

The just gotta eat beans a lot, if you don't they're worthless, but if you do, beans are great for you

Thats why if you don't eat beans a lot, you fart & shit 24/7, but if you always eat beans, you don't fart & shit 24/7

Fiber depends on diet, and how your gut-health is


997daa  No.12776885


Stop repeating youtube carnivore memes without educating yourself. Learn what scfa are and how bacterial fermentation of fibres impacts human health. You fuckin repeaters are literally just like boomer zogbots.

130636  No.12777409

File: 40ef5b19d8096c0⋯.jpg (70.09 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1533859969539m.jpg)

File: f38d7fd6af6203d⋯.jpg (318.9 KB, 1050x1366, 525:683, 1532553981534.jpg)

Our numbers are still rising.

At best in order to take a country back we need at least 10% of the population to do so.

f78ef1  No.12777528


You're wasting your words. Let's face it, the media is so consolidated today that the masses of people will never be awoken. And no, economic failure won't drive the people to wake up, because the FED exists today, unlike in the 1930s. Today, with printed money, the ILLUSION of calmness can be perpetuated to infinity, as people become habituated to tolerate worse and worse conditions with "And that's a good thing" T.V. series (e.g. "Two Broke GIrls") and news articles. Universities pick off the brightest to brain-wash, and poverty/State power picks off the potential dissidents. Things are fucked beyond repair and I seriously pity those who even harbor any hope for change. Not only that, but CHINA. We have to consider that the West's eminence only arose by accident. In other words, we were never as strong as we really thought (we're strong still, but not invincible). We have to accept that we have no choice but to find a place to retreat to. And no, not an ethnostate, for an ethnostate is still too large. We have to accept that some Europeans are beneath others. For example, Mediterraneans are shit-skins, and Nordics are cucks. Only the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic races will survive. Everyone else was dead weight this whole time. And even then, things are far worse than you think…

ff065a  No.12777539


>demoralization shill not even trying

Come on you’re getting paid aren’t you? Can’t you do better than that?

f78ef1  No.12777542


I really feel sorry for you. I really do. But you have to understand that there really is no hope today. Globalism (beginning in the 1800s) has destroyed all ethnic ties, even within "nations." Save yourself. Don't bother with this fallen world. I'm dead serious.

f78ef1  No.12777548


>demoralization shill not even trying

You don't know what I know. But I'm honestly just tired. Tired of the realization. You'll know what I speak of one day. But I just dare you to open your eyes. And when you can finally see the bigger picture, you'll feel the worst despair that you've ever felt in your life. I'm sorry that it is this way, but life isn't the way we wish it would be. I'm so sorry, I really am…we failed you.

ff065a  No.12777587



Lmao absolutely 0 testosterone. Only women act so sorry for themselves this way.

We might feel like shit sometimes, but we get back up and we fight another day. You’re transparent, go fuck yourself

f78ef1  No.12777597


>but we get back up and we fight another day. You’re transparent, go fuck yourself

you'll be sorry you wasted your time.

902bb3  No.12777643

Pro-white poem will be nice.

ff065a  No.12777691


I actually have one I wrote recently, but don’t want to dox myself. It’s pro white, but maintains plausible deniability. Maybe in the future I’ll whip up another one that no one irl has seen.

520b33  No.12777727


We get up.

We put our boots on…

4a956a  No.12777780

The new Hitler is alive and he's coming into power very soon.

4a956a  No.12777783

efda01  No.12777823


move your miserable ass out of this thread

3c55d3  No.12777838

File: 6bc56fa510d2bc6⋯.jpg (160.32 KB, 1024x1030, 512:515, opj68vnb681r9kp8no1_1280.jpg)

My morale boost is reading the catalog from roughly sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Really makes you think about what types of people they have weekly trying to damage this place. Oh and I also think about my future children when I get a little down.

f78ef1  No.12777865


>We get up.

>We put our boots on…

>We get up.

>We put our boots on…


See how deluded most of you are!!! There is no hope! Extremism TODAY LEADS NOWHERE!! But of course, you have to keep repeating your mantras to yourself just to hold on to what remains of your illusion. I've been there. I know it feeds the fire of hope, but you don't understand how tiring it becomes. You sound like you're still young. You haven't seen the world, anon. You practically have no clue!!! YOU HAVE NO CLUE!! GO! GO! GO OUT AND ABOUT! Speak with the populace and the peasants and the elderly and the young! Speak to them! Move them! I dare you!!!!! I dare you to try!!!!!!!

And in the end, you'll see it was a waste of time. See, you are not like others, and there are very few like you. Before, when media was distributed more evenly, we could hold power. We could gain power. We could move mountains. But today, you have to understand, today things are vastly different. The logistics of today leaves no hope. You see, you have to understand what the consolidation of media power, financial power, and production power means. This world is lost because it has already been won (by satan). There is no hope, and you will realize this one day. One day you will realize just how small you have become. And when you realize this, I pray you don't break, and that you just but your boots on, and save yourself…

f78ef1  No.12777882


>Oh and I also think about my future children when I get a little down.

You're literally making me cry. YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW BAD THINGS REALLY ARE! YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

130636  No.12777897

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shh it's okay anon I know that feel.

130636  No.12777900

File: 440018263536a53⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1525656848200.png)

File: 2e95fb5540ff4aa⋯.jpg (160.47 KB, 624x800, 39:50, 1525655730013.jpg)

130636  No.12777908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember the heroes who fought.

130636  No.12777911

File: 20b06f3d59618cd⋯.webm (7.2 MB, 250x140, 25:14, The_Piper_Report-_Hitler_….webm)

File: d5c23cde7f20e4b⋯.jpg (200.21 KB, 690x471, 230:157, 1524951889749.jpg)


Also inb4

>Hitler was a (insert)

I will leave this webm for any retarded shills who incase might shit up this thread.

000000  No.12777938

Only being recently becoming educated on the reality of Weimar, I have come to the conclusion the Nazis were the good guys.

So I wouldn't lose hope because I never saw myself here and I doubt most others did either.

42c0a4  No.12777984

File: 655bef5d1b58769⋯.jpg (88.47 KB, 829x600, 829:600, 1501300399390.jpg)


Holy fuck man I've always had the exact same thing. Deja vu where I relive a moment so exactly that it blows me away even though I know I never actually lived it yet because it's just now happening. I also have the same thing with dreams. I never really remember dreams much since I was a kid but my last few ones were the same. I would get a connection with someone, have a dream about them and than they would be out of my life. It usually fucks me up to cause I hate when that happens. I'm a very loyal man with a strong love in my heart and it's not easy for me when shit like that happens. It's amazing how you described this shit so well and I have been through the exact same shit.

16de0d  No.12777985

File: 63889218603f235⋯.mp4 (2.62 MB, 460x360, 23:18, A Boy's Right To Dream.mp4)

File: 26894f462a27cf8⋯.mp4 (2.03 MB, 480x320, 3:2, What Better Way.mp4)

42c0a4  No.12777990


Hey man thanks for that. I love that fiddle fast paced music. The Lust song is fantastic too.

1c491d  No.12777999

I just want to say thank you /pol/ for everything.

1bb12d  No.12778005

File: 259d55df156e8c4⋯.jpg (80.57 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 80K_volts.jpg)


Double trips of gratitude are well received. You too, Anon.

ff065a  No.12778007


Holy shit yes this precisely. It’s hard for me too, I make very strong connections with people, but that means they are very painful when they break and my brain wants me to relive them. Very cool that we are brain twins though

13eab0  No.12778013


Speaking of validation, how do I break away from a need of it externally?

f9fa7c  No.12778071



3c55d3  No.12778122

File: 0496be7707c23e4⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 415x415, 1:1, nk2ul4MyMk1t4l1a1o1_500.gif)

How realistic is it to marry a nationalist qt3.14 that wants to raise a traditional family within the next decade if I have no savings, and no house? And no resources for her in general. My parents aren't bad people, but wholly incompetent parental figures when it came to preparing me for life.

520b33  No.12778126


Understanding and accepting that we're all bullshit, and the only judgement that matters will be on your last day.

Arrive intact.

f78ef1  No.12778130


>How realistic is it to marry a nationalist qt3.14 that wants to raise a traditional family within the next decade if I have no savings, and no house?

Give up and aim at something else. Believe me, you have no fucking clue how insignificant your chances are of obtaining that which you currently wish for.

32af37  No.12778137

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh I am so (((special)))

break free from that jewish mind set and itinsed go

instead you go



sorta like these guys

32af37  No.12778143

File: d94820d2b359335⋯.jpg (104.25 KB, 736x502, 368:251, bdac06d1ddbd5a99eee79d3b36….jpg)




(this music is not good for you)

32af37  No.12778155



32af37  No.12778158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

my bad



2005d0  No.12778163


>Don't try, goy

>Just give up goy

>If it's hard it's impossible goy

You suck so much at this, and presumably everything else.

f78ef1  No.12778171


How old are you anon? Be honest. If you're younger than 40, then you have no clue what you're in for. You have NO FUCKING CLUE! Consider this, the boomers had the greatest chance of effecting change. The few that trued failed, horribly! You kids have NO fucking chance. Why TF do you think so many of us lose our minds!?!!??!?! SAVE YOURSELF!








8ad392  No.12778175


no one here is traditional, no one in america, the closest thing to a traditional in america is a native american, and the retards here are too blind to have or admit that education

stop fooling yourself, stop and think about what you have left

8ad392  No.12778178


you can pass through hell faggot bitch or you can go live in the bush with the other animals

f78ef1  No.12778189


>you can pass through hell faggot bitch or you can go live in the bush with the other animals

ahh, i see you have a greater understanding than your peers. but still, I do not think you know what hell really is. But when you get there, you'll really know what I mean, and you'll wish you were never even born! You talk tough about hell, but it's far worse than any words could tell you. But I don't care, really. I don't care if you young anons try to do anything. I'm just warning you that you will get nothing in return. Absolutely nothing. And not only will you get nothing, but shills will take credit for anything you might even have accomplished, assuming anyone here would accomplish anything notable enough to be robbed of. You see, YOU don't know who you are yet or where your place is in this world. You are hanging by a thread and unless you try your hardest to just maintain where you already are, you will fall from a mountain when the time comes for you to really choose who you want to be. And then, you will know what I meant when I say, turn back. Turn back. There is no hope for non-shills. But you fools haven't seen except what's been shown to you. You haven't seen who the people that you see really are. And that's why I pity you, and despise you at the same time. Could I speak to my younger self, I'd warn him to stay away from saving others. Abandon all foolishness. Save yourself. Because you bet your ass no one's going to save you, or will even think of saving you when the time comes. Save yourself.

8ad392  No.12778222


there is no return in this life

this is obvious logic

grow the fuck up faggot

ff065a  No.12778754


It’s normal to want external validation, everyone does to a degree. I was a solitary kid, and didn’t worry about what people thought about me until puberty. I didn’t start doing things to please others, but I felt like shit about the things I did or thought that were different, I felt like a loser. In retrospect, I attribute a lot of this shame to the way my parents left me to fend for myself emotionally at this time. But for a long time I just kept to myself, holding in this shame for not being normal.

Since then, there are two main things I have realized. First of all, external validation really doesn’t matter. If deep down you know that whatever you’re doing is shit then no amount of external validation will change that. You will continue on in shame, secretly knowing you’re a piece of shit. So if you know that what you’re doing is right, that’s all that matters. External validation is good at a society-wide level because it holds people socially accountable for their actions, but do you really want to give plebs the power to dictate whether or not what you’re doing is good enough? If you don’t want to be a pleb, then don’t concern yourself with what they think of you.

Second, those who are doing better than you should be a source of pride, for they are evidence of the greatness of your race. They should serve as motivators. Do not let comparisons to others cause self doubt or shame. This is a big part of external validation, it’s a comparison of you to other people. If you come across supermegachad your reaction should not be “fuck, I’m so ugly compared to supermegachad, no girl will want me” it should be “wow supermegachad is a great member of the white race, hopefully he is successful in passing on his great genes to future generations”.

Don’t make your goal to please others, because you will never achieve that. Do what’s right by your people, your future generations, and yourself.

13eab0  No.12779187


>Second, those who are doing better than you should be a source of pride, for they are evidence of the greatness of your race.

Does this also apply art-wise?

I've been snubbed by a lithuanian chad because I was some random autist greeting him so I wish to usurp his chadness somehow

42c0a4  No.12779212


I feel you anon. I'm the same way. I only had a small glimpse of the "good life" as a child. My parents did everything they could to give that to me and it was still lost. Now I have nothing. I've spent months homeless living in my truck getting drunk and trying not to shoot myself. I have no family that cares about me. No real friends, or few who struggle as much as me. Half my family were addicts or grew up in foster care getting abused and now drink themselves into oblivion to erase the memories of being molested and beat on. I fucking hate the system with everything in my heart and soul. I have to stop myself from finding the people who hurt my relatives in foster care and beating them to fucking death sometimes. But at the same time I hardly ever knew them. My uncle killed himself when I was 14. My abused aunt I've only met twice. My father is a fighter who joined the army in hopes of dying in combat but it didn't happen instead his friends died so now he drinks and fights and works while wondering why he didn't die and they did.

Your right about how much we know. Sometimes I forget how much I know compared to people through history.

And I have a burning desire in me to become the best man of God I can become and if I have to die to fight this beast system it would be honor. Give me something to live for other than just a fucking job.

ff065a  No.12779235


>usurp his chadness

Did you even read my post? Stop trying to measure dicks like a child. Why would you want to bring down someone who is more successful, doing so won’t improve your own success. Who cares if you get snubbed, doesn’t mean anything, why do you need chad’s approval? If you want to improve yourself then just do it, art or whatever it is. There will always be people who will snub you

42c0a4  No.12779257


Exactly. It's crazy, till now I've never really met anyone else who could understand what I was talking about. Everytime that deja vu shit happens I almost have to take a seat and just be like what the fuck is happening? Am I even living in reality anymore? Or am I just watching a movie of my life and reliving that movie? And yes the connection thing is very tough to deal with. I feel like I am an ocean while most people are like puddles. My depth goes so far and others are so shallow. I feel like I'll never have that special bond with a woman sometimes and it sucks because I'm not the kind of guy who can go around banging whores every night. I need a bond and a connection as faggot as that sounds. And the few times in my life I meet someone who sparks that fire in my heart and I start to feel again instead of being numb and cold all the Time, it never works out. I usually end up pushing them away somehow or they just look at me as some kind of option. I don't think women pair bond anymore or even want to. I know they can feel it just as much as me but they run from it or ignore it etc. Sorry to rant like that but this shit just spills out of me sometimes.

9bebc0  No.12779312

File: e5dc8aa7bea054d⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Vapor 2.jpg)




842061  No.12779415

File: 3846eab00c709e9⋯.jpg (205.48 KB, 1035x1300, 207:260, 2b13755ddaf6b5a4c2a00e7f1e….jpg)

File: ccf86fb4d06493b⋯.pdf (353.84 KB, The Fate of Empires.pdf)

Everyone itt read Fate of Empires. It's not the end of the world like f78ef1 faggot says. It's only the end of this empire. We must be strong to create the next. We will be barbarians.

74cd2a  No.12779575


No but he’s right. You gotta let loose at some point. Realize that you have shared experiences with someone, that you’re not alone. You can’t make it alone, but thing is, you don’t have to either

ff065a  No.12779626


Mine usually don’t cover a lot of time, probably around 10-20seconds normally. They happen way less now, but don’t freak me out anymore since I’ve had them so many times throughout my life. The most interesting ones happen when it’s not just a visual picture of what’s happening, but it contains some traces of train of thought too. These still aren’t really useful since I don’t get much context and they are so short, but interesting when they happen. However, recently I had one that was a little clearer than usual. It had to do with my most recent dating situation. I remember having one of these dream blips a few months before we got involved where I was walking through a specific room with a feeling that my relationship with someone wasn’t going to work. Not a full-stop, stomach-dropping realization, but a little realization growing in the back of my mind, when you can still rationalize that things might work. Anyways, I remember the feeling distinctly from the dream along with the space I was in, and then I had my moment of living it months later. I’ve seen people try to explain away this phenomenon before, but there have been multiple instances where I remember thinking about the dreamed moment before it happened, so it’s not just me reverse-jujitsu brainwashing myself to think I’d seen something before when I hadn’t, at least not in every instance. I know it sounds pretty out there, but hopefully you know what I mean.

I don’t know if I would say that the way others connect is shallow, but it sure seems like it sometimes. I’d like to think that people have the potential to connect deeply if they are willing to make themselves vulnerable, but I don’t know. I’ve been involved with very few people, but even the breaks from those people have turned me off of opening up in the future. I think pair bonding in both parties is harmed by repeatedly building and breaking bonds, I think the brain begins to associate the positive feelings and emotions of love with the pain of losing someone. Casual sex and one night stands give the positive physical feelings without the pain, so people get trapped in a cycle that increasingly ruins them. Women still pair bond, but because they are so much more emotionally reactive they are more easily damaged, so less of them do. If someone is conscious of this damage I think they could overcome it with time, but we are told to just keep whoring ourselves around instead.

My biggest fear is never finding someone, but that’s not something I can force, so I do my best to work on things I actually can change

c80568  No.12779727


Silica for aluminium detoxification.

Iodine, boron and vitamin K2 to decalficy the pineal gland. Meditate. Close your eyes, and hum monotonously while slighty varying mandible and tongue posture and pitch to find the combination that reverbs through your skull. Some say this will hasten the awakening of your pineal gland. Supplements will take effect in 4-6 weeks subtly if your diet, sleep and habits are in order if pineal calficiation is the issue.

052ca0  No.12779821


>could be engineered flu viruses with a little something extra changing all our genes to weaken us,

Another wizard here. I've had this exact same thought. I see the way the flu virus is pushed via lies despite the fact it has an extremely low effectiveness. Then I see everybody around me with a low level sickness, a cough that goes on for weeks but never gets bad enough to put them out of work.

They're clearly engineering flu vaccines to fuck with us, and the fact that you came to the same conclusion independently is helpful.

052ca0  No.12779847


> I know it sounds pretty out there, but hopefully you know what I mean.

If you would like a book containing scientific studies of this phenomenon read, "Dream Telepathy" by researchers at Maimonides. I found the book randomly while coming to terms with the same thing.

052ca0  No.12779857


The only way for me to achieve my full potential is to transform the people around me.

13eab0  No.12779867


>They want you to do nothing, to stand there waiting for the savior. Whether that savior is Christ, Iron Man, or the second coming of Hitler, they crave nothing more than removing your agency from you. Never let them have it and continue to employ it and adapt to whatever obstacles you encounter.

This strongly reminds me of Yeats' "The Second Coming" - not just because it was written in the wake of WW1, around the time bolsheviks killed the czars, nor the "blood-dimmed tide referring to the spread of communism, but due to the absence of a "savior", that this "revelation" may not arrive at all and we're left with villainy.


>because each time I feel like I make a little bit of a connection with someone IRL my dreams become more vivid again and I feel more alive. I think my mind is becoming dull because of isolation.

Funny you mention this, I had a little phase a few years back where I used to be genuinely happy whenever my "e-pals" or internet friends came online; even waking up at 5AM on my own volition just to watch someone half the world away stream themselves drawing since I truly enjoyed their presence.

Today though, i'd be hard fucking pressed to connect with anyone since i've isolated myself from them. My "drawfriends" don't feel like the same sympathetic, kindly folks with their own unique voice so much as ironic twitter memers/trend followers like every other normalfag out there. I swear to it feels like everything's been stripped of its original flavor and been replaced with a blander, less fulfilling version of itself.

13eab0  No.12779918


>Why would you want to bring down someone who is more successful, doing so won’t improve your own success.

I don't want to bring them down so much as tear myself apart for not already having been them or for not being as good as dad wanted me to be - coming from having a stringent dad who rarely said "good job" and an overprotective mom who kept threatening to leave me, so i'm already fucked on some level.

057db2  No.12781592


>There is no hope for non-shills.

fb78cb  No.12781807


> people become habituated to tolerate worse and worse conditions

take note of the tiny home phenomenon, and how the public has been conditioned to be so atomized that the concept of communal housing is out the fucking door, mainly because of the myriad 'reality' tv series of throwing people in a house together and watching drama unfold

fb78cb  No.12781818


validation implies uncertainty. you aren't 100% that your values/morals are the correct ones, so you seek approval from without. the only way out is to really take a good look at what you believe and hold onto the values that you will defend to the death.

i was only left with -truth- and the -natural order-, but it turns out those are really all i need

fb78cb  No.12781835








heed this f78ef1 faggot, for he is truly wise

>it's all over

>there's no hope

>oh, boy, if you only knew what i know

>you'll get it when you're older

> you have no clue, sport

fuck off, boomer scum. how many words have you typed to say absolutely nothing?

fc8fdc  No.12781894


Demoralization shills are funny. They truly are the "do nothing instead" merchants.

cd929b  No.12781914


>muh boomers

It isn't White Nationalists that are the reason Whites don't meet up IRL and defend their interests.

44b6c4  No.12781931


I think that people do care, but the biggest problem is finding an open window of sorts, to get to their care, their care is limited, it is hinged on all sorts of things. In real life at least we need to be more presentable, use proper forms.

For example, I used "take back our future, a message from the alt right" with a lite right winger and he loved it. Other attempts vary, but I dont think that we can all blame all of them 100%, I mean, most of us are lucky to have found this place, not everyone else does. Some are open, some do care a little bit, some only care in certain events, some care if you look like you matter.

The only thing with this board is that its easier here, but as we have adapted to this place, they have adapted to that place, with different elements of importance being used there. We need to git em. I am trying to learn how to be a salesman and today I was trying to sell our lore so to speak. For free. To see if I can persuade people. Used a salesman trick today of "what have you got to lose, give it a chance!" (apparently people hate it if you are too controlling and this is more of an open question) So yea, I for one dont think that its so gloomy. We can definitely adapt. I think that it could also somewhat work with some e-celebs, to introduce people into our lore, many of them are lite tier.

44b6c4  No.12781941


and to add: another trick that I used was with graphs, there are whiteboards everywhere lol, visual aids, video's (of our lore) all have different elements that click or dont click with some people. It takes more effort than here to find out what works with whom because we are mostly so alike here. Alike and already willing. Outside you have to do a lot more effort to intrigue people.

ff065a  No.12781978


Thanks, I’ll give it a go. It’s a pretty subjective experience so it’ll be interesting to see another take on it


Sorry to hear that, family is important, but they cannot give you meaningful validation if you are not already sure of yourself. Don’t tear yourself apart anon. Sometimes our families are able to set good examples for us, to help us grow, but sometimes we have to set the example. The more I understand my own father the more I resent his actions and treatment of my siblings, but what’s done is done, and what’s important is the future. If you ever put stock in external validation, let it be through the success of your own children and your own family. As >>12781818 says, if you’re looking for validation it’s because you aren’t fully behind your own ideas.

I’ve found myself left with truth and the natural order as well. It’s a very calming realization actually, feels peaceful

44b6c4  No.12782000


oh and to add another add: The biggest thing that I had problems with was that reality is extremely slow, and inefficient, at least in delivering information. Here we can give out chunks of huge, useful content in a very small window of time. But outside there is timing, body language, personalized crap and much much more. But if you wish to reach them, we have to master this as well. Instead of complaining, remember, our forefathers didnt have the internet before and to them that kind of communication thing was normal.

520b33  No.12782008

File: d30640d51bed404⋯.jpg (124.41 KB, 622x640, 311:320, WeGetUp.jpg)


We get up.

We put our boots on…

ede336  No.12782015


Pump iron and learn game. You'll be fine.

42c0a4  No.12782095


yeah thats usually how it goes for me as well, or at least close to that. sometimes the deja vu will hit me as im doing something or being somewhere and it hits me a 2 for 1 like im experiencing it for the first time ever and reliving it at the sametime and for a brief moment i almost feel disconnected from the world like im watching myself from above or something. it sure is weird. And im the same way, all ive ever wanted is someone to grow a deep bond with but it hasnt happened and now im 26 and feel like it will probably never happen unless im lucky enough to get some young virgin waifu who hasnt had 50 boyfriends or kids from another man etc.

ff065a  No.12782173


I have also experienced being disconnected during it too, I used to have this other thing where it felt like my consciousness would speed up almost, and my surroundings would feel like they were in slow motion. Nothing looked like it was moving slower, but that’s the only way I can describe the feeling, it really makes you feel separate from the physical, or somehow out of sync. Those moments used to happen more often than the deja vu, and lasted much longer, but very rarely happen anymore.

26 is not old at all, most girls would rather date someone who is a little older than them anyways. You’ll find someone

f78ef1  No.12783176




You both remain blue-pilled on this subject, as expected from younger anons. The thing about being red-pilled is that it doesn't stop. Some people think darker red pills are black-pills, but they're still just redpills as in, they are uncomfortable truths that remain unaddressed by the masses, even if those masses are submasses of people, as in /pol/. You two are still blue-pilled on this topic, likely because you haven't interacted with masses of people as have I and others like me. YouTube videos and esoteric imageboards represents very little of what this world ultimately is. Go outside and talk to the masses. See what they tell you. And after doing this for months, with all the wiles in your bag, you will realize that this is hopeless and that the only solution is to save yourself. You say I'm a blackpiller. But to me, you sound like a baby on the bluepill, calling me a redpiller. That is, you will come to understand what I mean, eventually. This is the nature of the pills. Save yourself. You'll thank me later.

13eab0  No.12783287



Sounds entirely right. This brings me to another question, how do I exit the mental vacuum I created for myself and leave the past? Every day feels seamlessly the same ever since I moved from my nice upper class apartment to a more "diverse" living place in my uncle's old home.

520b33  No.12783347

File: a5210b313b298a8⋯.jpeg (48.31 KB, 462x480, 77:80, Harald Fairhair.jpeg)


This may sound funny, but get a house plant and a goldfish.

Start small. Imagine this as training for eventually working husbandry on your own homestead.

Care for living beings other than yourself.

Bring even more random life into your immediate sphere. Throw some wildflower seeds in the yard. Put out a few bird feeders and some water for bees. If you have land, put out a salt lick for deer, and a post for hawks and owls.

Start doing pushups/pullups/squats.

Cook fresh food.

Etc. You know this stuff, I'm sure.

"Depression" often makes it hard to motivate.

Misery loves company, and we often cope by trying to help others. This is a waste of energy that you do not have. Unless you find an equal/+ exchange, like volunteering at a Vet Hospital, and grilling the elders for insightful life info, and even networks. Someone in there has a dusty machine shop he's love to have you start sweeping (while you learn to machine AR lowers from scratch)

Again, sounds silly, but pretend you are someone else, helping "you" do your chores, or simple nice things to surprise "you". It works!

…just don't go schizo, though.

Good luck.

We're here right behind you, with your ancestors, and we're rooting for you.

520b33  No.12783360

File: f7235199ee87b78⋯.jpg (134.14 KB, 900x636, 75:53, Warrior'sGrave.jpg)


Oh yeah!

And surround your living space with images, art, and everything else that will offer a daily reminder of your REAL heritage and History.

Deep down, you already know who you are.

883668  No.12783953


The poem was apt and in the spirit of my post. Thanks for the (you), it's been quite some time since my last one. There is much to do afk. I resonate with your lust for originality and authenticity, look inward and project outward to find what you seek. We must prepare to be our own saviors. Once we can count on ourselves, others may count on us, and once others may count on us, we can hope to trust to count on them again

000000  No.12783967

>And then—inevitably—you discover /pol/. A haven for collective contribution to the machine of ideas and information.



1332aa  No.12784056


This is good advice.

ce7d63  No.12784680

File: 3c98175de3323e5⋯.mp4 (8.71 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Overcome Stress By Visuali….mp4)

ce7d63  No.12784702

File: 431a9048335740c⋯.mp4 (919.92 KB, 360x240, 3:2, How to defeat a Jew.mp4)


Wrong cross.

33c46f  No.12784811

The divinely inspired Homer says that there are two gates of dreams, and that with regard to future events we cannot trust them both equally. But I think that this time, if ever before, you have seen clearly into the future; for I too this very day saw a vision of the same sort. I thought that in a certain very spacious room a tall tree had been planted, and that it was leaning down to the ground, while at its root had sprouted another, small and young and very flourishing. Now I was very anxious on behalf of the small tree, lest someone in pulling up the large one should pull it up as well. And in fact, when I came close I saw that the tall tree was lying at full length on the ground, while the small one was still erect, but hung suspended away from the earth. Now when I saw this I said, in great anxiety, "Alas for this tall tree! There is danger that not even its offspring will be preserved." Then one who was altogether a stranger to me said: "Look carefully and take courage. For since the root still remains in the earth, the smaller tree will be uninjured and will be established even more securely than before." So much then for my dreams. God knows what they portend.

f6e7e1  No.12784815


This is the greatest thing I've seen all year.

0c3d7d  No.12784848


Excellent thread OP

The one white pill that always brings me out of the abyss is this:

No matter how many people I tell, no matter how many of them shun me, ignore me, act indifferent to the horrible truths of life, I know that when I die, that I will have died trying. I will have died trying to make the world better, I will have died trying to spread the truth, trying to be a teacher to those who needed to know. These truths, they are mine to acknowledge, and despite the horror they induce, I embrace every moment in isolation as a victory, because I still stand, I have chosen to look forward, with the wind and the world against me. When you acknowledge that the perpetual struggle we wage within ourselves and against the evil of the world is the most rewarding thing there is, you'll never lose hope again.

0c3d7d  No.12784859


I guess that answers the question about the "good jew"

3c55d3  No.12784862

File: 888a28b8b3c0e52⋯.mp4 (12.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, American Dad - Skinheads.mp4)

I don't know how to narrow this down to the punchline

3c55d3  No.12784865

File: 83c293c2f290a6f⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 640x386, 320:193, israelisinfrance.webm)

21a74b  No.12784907


>Give me something to live for other than just a fucking job.

Spend $50 for gloves, hats, and a couple stuffed animals. Get some beef jerky and other packaged snacks and a box of those hand warmers. Drive to your nearest rest area and hand them out to white families. Talk with them, help them remember we all descend from greatness.

It will strengthen all of your resolve to feel defeated.

fb78cb  No.12784944


While I agree with >>12783347 for productivity, I would first recommend daily journaling to get out of the timeless blur. You get the massive benefit of training yourself on collecting your thoughts and expressing them better, but the main point here is to get your mind back on the 5th dimension (timeline) instead of the 4th (single point in time).

13eab0  No.12784955


Duly noted, will start tomorrow.

34abdd  No.12784965


Plagued by nightmares I make canna-honey to sleep without dreaming. I never want to go back.

fb78cb  No.12784967


Want a whiter pill?

Think of all the normie protests you've seen over the years. All the social media blogposting. All the time, energy, and emotion of millions that have been captured by the status quo and directed at red herrings. All that cortisol produced for the sake of smoke and mirrors. All that genuine and earnest altruism wasted on fucking lies. The good nature of your people hijacked and thrown away.

Call me crazy, but any suffering seems bearable in comparison to being manipulated for the sake of an illusion.

0c3d7d  No.12784976


Right on my guy

ce7d63  No.12784984

File: 16acfe28a34a0db⋯.mp4 (3.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, All you can do is let it h….mp4)

6f4bce  No.12785020


>Save yourself. You'll thank me later.

You can't 'save yourself' without saving your race. Without saving your race you will be overwhelmed with extreme force. Your demoralization propaganda is very apparent. That, or you're to naive enough to think you'll be left alone as one of the few of white survivors left.


Dang ol' thanks man. My only favorite show left.

4669f5  No.12785147

>>12778122 (checked dubs)

Not fucking likely my dude. just the chance alone of finding a traditional qt is near abysmal. Finding a natty qt gf who wants to have kids? one in a million.

Anon, as much as I hate to say it, for both our sakes, it is unrealistic, and unattainable.

To fight and struggle against all odds is good, at times.

But this in particular is a losing battle, the state and media have turned women against men, and in combination have crushed any chance you had to dust.

There is nothing more o be had in this sphere except non-virginal E-thot "princesses" who are too good for everything and nothing.

Focus on yourself friend, women aren't going anywhere, nowhere they haven't been before, they will come.

Troublesome times lie ahead, you'd be best to brace for it.

4669f5  No.12785150



well you faggots sure did a right fucking job of taking away even that option huh?!

neck yourself

3c55d3  No.12785158

File: 6214cfd7c349224⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2370x2630, 237:263, 5cb84248ea1ab12e2c1151849d….jpg)




Methinks you take too much sadistic pleasure in bering demoralization agitprop.

ff065a  No.12785666


It’s not going to happen if all you do is worry about it happening. Work hard on improving yourself. You will meet lots of people in the next decade, try to get out and meet even more. Join an exercise group, hiking group, go to a cooking or butchering class. Especially go volunteer, the pool of women volunteering will be better than general population, and there will be younger women there too. And the old ladies you meet volunteering probably have grand daughters, so show up in good shape and well put together. Don’t make it a secret that you’re looking for someone, it may be through a friend of a friend that you meet your wife. If you’re invited to a wedding always attend, those are great for meeting people. Go to local events like county fairs and holiday festivals. Get used to doing the cold approach, practice in grocery stores or when you’re on the bus. There are lots of people out there, push yourself a bit and you’ll find someone.

Also, if a woman is in love with you she won’t care if you aren’t the perfect provider. Obviously you need to be able to eventually when kids come along, but don’t worry about having everything right away.

f78ef1  No.12787202


>You can't 'save yourself' without saving your race

again, you're still young. When's the last fucking time you spoke to 'your race'. 'your race' does not belong to you, you fucking idiot. you are not 'your race's' keeper, you fucking hippie. but muh race!!!

you are invisible to your race. race is dead. race is as dead as christianity. europe is fallen (i dare you to go visit). there is no hope.

f78ef1  No.12787257


I don't sugar coat my fucking pills you little bitch. I say what I say because I see what is happening on the ground, in the real world. Go to the countryside, then the city, then the universities and then the sports bars and then the church pews. Become friends with the people. Put your normie face on and learn the ways of the masses. This is how you sample a population. Become good, trusted friends with those you can and discover their beliefs and ways. Then examine social media, and understand it as the libido of the masses.

I don't tell anons lies. I don't care to make anons fantasize about what will likely never occur for them. The truth hurts and you faggots have spent too much time on imageboards to recognize it. Most of you are still bluepilled, to a very large degree. I can't fucking believe how fucking blind most of you are on here sometimes. The shit I read makes me want to puke, and blackpills me even more because it shows me just how inexperienced and delusional the majority of anons are. There really is no hope, and I will not waste my time sugar-coating the truth. Save yourself because others will only care to save themselves when the time comes. There's a reason you're taught to not rescue a man as he's drowning.

130636  No.12789583


Stupid goy the machine who jack you off are real!

c9bdf8  No.12789615


Epithalon is naturally made by the pineal gland.

Fluoride damages the pineal gland causing hardening and lessening of protein production, such as Epithalon.

Supplementing epithalon is merely reacting to the damage done by Jews, and may be the best one can do, look at it like food but it goes up your nose to absorb into your blood. It will supposedly helps prevent cancer as well, so it is a useful drug in the chemical landscape that is the chemical warfare of everyday products and poisoned water treatment from our ZOG.

c9bdf8  No.12789628


Actually lowered levels of Epithalon due to pineal gland calcification are probably a major cause in what is causing all the boomers to have cancer in there 60s, because they lack Epithalon.

0cf1e2  No.12790196

File: ba236c8bbc93f05⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 564x416, 141:104, war.jpg)


>again, you're still young

Can you actually tell everyone with a straight face that you be left alone in your little town, your little community, in your little bunker? Denying race won't square this issue. You will be stormed.

>europe is fallen there is no hope.

There's no hope on this board for you either.


>don't sugar coat my fucking pills you little bitch

Look at this autistic retard. Calling people bitches and you've already given up. I bet you have no social skills what so ever, taking it out on people congregating on this thread. Most likely one of the reasons no one likes interacting with you, and in real life. What (((pills))) are you exactly selling?

>The truth hurts

It will hurt more when you surrender. You'll be torn apart, like a lamb to the wolf. No one's falling for it, Shlomo.

>I will not waste my time sugar-coating the truth

Telling the truth is vastly different from the course of action whites need to take. Demoralization propaganda is not 'truth', you're suggesting the next action is surrender. Surrender or Victory, is not truth. I would however, recommend suicide for doomers, since they'll end up dragging everyone else down and making everything even more painful and difficult. Unless you want to smarten up and realize giving up won't make it easier. You talk like a boomer fag that already blew away the future of whites and doesn't want to give up his comforts in retirement. Pathetic mindset, really.

>you faggots have _spent too much time on imageboards_ to recognize it.

>02/09/19 (Sat) 03:59:02

>02/11/19 (Mon) 22:54:54

>ID: f78ef1 (12)

You must have other interests in being here. Fuck off, kike.

1a0920  No.12790482


Oy vey goyim, give up and just sniff cocaine.

5ca42c  No.12790525


They installed a 5G tower on my apartment building.

been sick and delerious ever since.

never had any problems with mental or physical health and i see a doctor at least once a year who i'm relatively honest to so he would have told me if im sick or mental

going to move asap before i start making tinfoil hats or some shit

997daa  No.12790557

I am starting a neighborhood farming project utilizing empty city land. I plan to make garden beds for veg, grow some grain crops even, and eventually plant an orchard. I dont plan to lobby city council or ask for permission in any way. I have a vision for a beautiful peaceful respite for the suburban neighborhood to enjoy and derive sustenance from. Eventually i will putnin chicken coops.

The boomers whose backyards back into the belt used to call the cops on me and my friends for building bike trails there, when we are kids. I expect some resistance but if I am arresstrd for planting a garden so be it.

Any btc millionaires want to donate? I need to build raised beds because I cant dig down deep because a gas line goes underneath, and i want it to be 100% organic. I have experience runnig a rhododendron and azalea nursey and know how to brew organic compost teas and use sustainable methods.

The plot overlooks a wide city view from above, and many people from around town come and park above it for leisurely viewing. It would be really great.

8344c7  No.12790795

Thank you for making this post, OP. We all understand. You have a million silent brothers out here. Things are darkest before dawn, it feels so black and hopeless right now but that's what it takes to wake people up from their lifelong slumber. Change is around the corner but you have to be a part of it, actively participating, taking proactive measures, or else you will not have earned your place at the table. Take all that pain, anger, frustration, and isolation, and dump it all into the burning furnace that powers your resolve and gives you strength to carry on. You are being watched by those not of this realm, and what you do here will effect your eternity. God bless you.

6fd1d4  No.12790885


>You both remain blue-pilled on this subject, as expected from younger anons. The thing about being red-pilled is that it doesn't stop. Some people think darker red pills are black-pills, but they're still just redpills as in, they are uncomfortable truths that remain unaddressed by the masses, even if those masses are submasses of people, as in /pol/. You two are still blue-pilled on this topic, likely because you haven't interacted with masses of people as have I and others like me. YouTube videos and esoteric imageboards represents very little of what this world ultimately is. Go outside and talk to the masses. See what they tell you. And after doing this for months, with all the wiles in your bag, you will realize that this is hopeless and that the only solution is to save yourself. You say I'm a blackpiller. But to me, you sound like a baby on the bluepill, calling me a redpiller. That is, you will come to understand what I mean, eventually. This is the nature of the pills. Save yourself. You'll thank me later.

This anon thinks he's found the reddest of redpills but he's sorely mistaken. Boomers are known for their self-absorption and materialism and he's proving to be no exception. Look what he's advocating: "Fuck the rest of humanity, anons, you should only care about yourselves and the material gains you can eke out from your isolated bunker! Trust me!". Absolutely boomer-tier mentality, and the same shit that led us into this hellhole to begin with.

Here's the real redpill: what you do and how you respond to these obstacles counts. It's the only thing that counts. What matters is not so much winning the war for hearts and minds, or prevailing in some apocalyptic showdown. Those things should be striven for but it's the road we take that brings the glory, not the end destination. You must do everything in your power to be a better man, every single day, and then you must let that light shine out on all within your reach. You must never stop trying, even after a thousand defeats. It is this spirit that is the very essence of Whiteness. To give up and focus on your own little corner of the world is to lose. When you continue trying in the face of unbeatable odds, you are winning, no matter the final tally. This is how we remain true to ourselves, true to our legacy, our race, our spirit, our creator. This is how we advance from this hellish world to the next. We never give up. We never give in. This is where the victory lies, me lads. This is the true redpill. The devil's ultimate triumph may be a foregone conclusion in this world, but even if so, you win my simply being a wrench in their plans, by not making it easy for them, and by inspiring others to do the same. Onward to victory!!!

dfaa2a  No.12790915


>europe is fallen (i dare you to go visit). there is no hope

I live in Europe and you're full of shit. We've been through worse than being conspired against by a bunch of desert rats and come up on top regardless. Look at France for fucks sake. The truth shall prevail; it always does.

aa47d7  No.12792886

File: dc5c8b4f27205c3⋯.png (9.75 KB, 120x98, 60:49, bmup.png)

Have a free bmup, OP.

f78ef1  No.12793294


> and then you must let that light shine out on all within your reach. You must never stop trying, even after a thousand defeats. It is this spirit that is the very essence of Whiteness.

>the guy that wrote this calls me sorely mistaken

You'll learn soon enough.

f78ef1  No.12793302


>and come up on top regardless

>the future will be like the past

I suppose you'll make it alone.

f78ef1  No.12793313


I'm not telling you to surrender. I'm telling you to save yourself.

aa47d7  No.12793322

File: ec7f6de5e0f8843⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 255x229, 255:229, GetSomeHelp.jpg)


Wow, still here demoralization shilling.

You act like you are so wise and are protecting some precious secret that us lowly plebs would never understand because we're not as smart as you. That's the behavior of a narcissistic sociopath. If you've got something to say, spill it, enlighten us oh wise one, or else shut your despicable boomer mouth and leave us the hell alone.

130636  No.12809087


Fuck off faggot

883668  No.12815528


f7cdf2  No.12815646


>You must never stop trying, even after a thousand defeats. It is this spirit that is the very essence of Whiteness.

I can clap to this

997daa  No.12815655


There is no "self", you materialistic boomer faggot.

30323a  No.12815689

I disagree. Subconsciously the things you say and how you say them stick with people. There is a book on subversion in art my friend showed me once which explained that so long as it even slightly effects one person then the subversion effort was successful.

34bc7d  No.12815702

File: 346a1f6aa0999ad⋯.jpg (100.47 KB, 832x749, 832:749, siege.jpg)

read siege faggot

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