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File: 08cfed1498cb3e1⋯.jpg (64.21 KB, 600x551, 600:551, 1360237874926.jpg)

205344  No.12762461

Brothers, we must accept that in the current political climate we will never be able to lead a true revolution. Many people are angry, many people are always angry; but the people will not act without a leader. This has remained a constant throughout European history since the very beginning. The people need a leader, and the leader cannot be one of the people. Why can't they be one of the people? I have no freaking idea, but apparently they cannot.

There are no 'Bravehearts'. The real Braveheart (who was Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace) was from a noble family. William Wallace was also from a noble family. There were no great leaders taken from the ranks of the common man. It has simply never happened, and there's no reason to think it will today. I would not in any way be surprised if that is why 'class warfare' has been pushed for the last few centuries; make it so that the masses hate the aristocrats, and then they need never fear a rogue aristocrat leading the mob against them. There's also need to fear the mob leading itself, because it never does.

Every single revolution, coup, take-over, whatever; has been led by a noble. Sometimes these are members of royal families, other times they are politicians who rose through the ranks, sometimes military leaders or sheriffs, sometimes even people who derive their authority from success in academia or business. Nonetheless, we have never had a leader who did not carry authority.

So what should we Nationalists be doing? We should be reaching out and educating those people who could lead the masses. It's all very good us knowing what needs to be done; but we need to face the truth that no one is going to follow us. We have a solid foundation here, and I hope that many people with authority peruse our boards and are just waiting for the time to do what they must; but we cannot know that they are. What we can do is to reach out to them; and that is exactly what we should be doing.

So go forth and find those aspiring nobles. Petty royals, disgraced politicians, spurned CEOs, enraged academics. Find them and bring them to our cause. We need them to lead the masses. We need them to take back our lands.

Hail victory brothers.

63df91  No.12762473

>Richard Spencer faggotry detected.

99f20a  No.12762484

>You can't do anything goyim

>Better appoint one of us as a leader due to us being a chos- , err, I mean due to our noble origins


Sage for slide thread

29f6d2  No.12762493


>Richard Spencer

More like nrx stuff from the early 2010s

cea714  No.12762503

>we NEED (((nobility))), goy!

205344  No.12762517


Have you not noticed how the jews have been targeting the nobles for centuries? They destroy them or marry into them. I am not suggesting we put a kike in charge, certainly not, that is the absolute opposite of what I want; what I am saying is that it doesn't matter if 90% of the populace is on our side if we do not have 'official sanction'. It's just the way white people are and I dare you to find one historical instance that proves me wrong.

We need our rebellion to be legitimate, and for it to be legitimate we must have an authority condoning it and leading it. As such we need to find and cultivate people with existing authority who will either rise to the occasion and do what is right; or else serve as our puppet who we can use to re-establish order.

Those few instances where 'commoners' lead revolts were when they were imbued with authority in their every day lives. Soldiers who rose to the highest ranks of the military, or men who became politicians, or greatly admired academics. Do you think that a nationalist is going to be able to become a general in the military forces of the USA, Germany, Britain or Sweden? Do you think Nationalists professors are going to keep their jobs at the universities? It's near impossible for 'commoner authorities' to exist in today's world; although if you do find them I would happily accept them too. I did specifically mention we should seek out those who have gained authority in in business, education, The desired trait is authority gleaned from success or social standing.

I am trying to be practical here. I am looking at history and seeing a common thread to all rebellions. There needs to be a public face with authority or else the people, regardless of their feelings, will not do anything. They never have. There's no reason to believe they ever will.

If one of you can rise up through the ranks and gain the required authority then Godspeed brother! But until then; why should we not be seeking figureheads who the masses will listen to? It would be idiotic for us not to.

f2ddd6  No.12762528

The real uncomfortable truth is the nobility never went away. There are still plenty of extremely rich and powerful white people they are all just anti white though like the Clintons and Trump

30f5d4  No.12762530


We need freedom.

205344  No.12762534


Right, so we need to find one who isn't; or else get to work converting some. It would be great if some were already among us; better still if an every day /pol/ack could rise through the ranks and gain the social standing required to lead the masses.

The one thing I want to emphasise is that its highly unlikely that the common people will ever actually venture out of their houses unless an authority tells them to do so and leads them. It would be nice if we could all just go out and have a revolution based on the fact that we know what is going down is wrong; but it never seems to work that way. We need a figurehead, and that figurehead needs to have some pre-existing authority.

Let us find, or make one.

63df91  No.12762539


I have no idea what that is.

I was doing real propaganda work while they were likely philosophizing about reality.

63df91  No.12762544


The Clintons are actually Royals.

c7310e  No.12762547



You know, I generally oppose aristocracy related stuff. But you people aren't even reading what OP said.


>We need our rebellion to be legitimate, and for it to be legitimate we must have an authority condoning it and leading it

You know, I agree with that OP. But no one in the current ruling elite will ever give us legitimacy. And the "help people of good character rise through the ranks" meme is not likely to ever happen. The System is designed to corrupt and pervert.

Revolution MUST come from the bottom up because it is literally impossible for it to happen any other way.


>The people need a leader, and the leader cannot be one of the people. Why can't they be one of the people? I have no freaking idea, but apparently they cannot.

But Hitler tho.

He was just some guy and he actually defeated the jews at their own game on their own turf.


205344  No.12762576


Thank you for at least reading what I wrote.

Regarding Hitler; he was a politician. If he had not gained political power the people would never have followed him regardless of how much they might have agreed with him. I hope that a Hitler-tier politician arises for every one of our nations and leads us all to freedom; but we can do more than just hope. We can reach out to these people and try to get them on side.

Politicians. Academics. CEOs. Royals. Priests. Whatever. It's unlikely that any are going to listen; but it's unlikely that we're going to save our nations without an authority like that legitimising our cause. It's possible that if we just wait Hitler will come unbidden; but why not try to increase the odds of one like him coming by reaching out to people? That's what I'm advocating here.

b26b56  No.12762583


>He was just some guy and he actually defeated the jews at their own game on their own turf.

Has there actually been effort put into analyzing the how? Not a (((study))) or anything like that, something from somewhere like here. How was he actually effective/successful, how he was winning, how all of that good stuff so that someone else could take the charge like he did? I know this place might be too public for an actual serious breakdown, but I also question whether it was simply because of the times and just talking to people. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention over the years but I haven't seen a whole lot of serious posting on the hows.

63df91  No.12762592

>You just cut off the majority of the leadership potential with banning Royals. Most of the natural leaders were from bred leaders, the Royals.

Good luck with your unreasonable and completely impossible task.

30f5d4  No.12762601

File: c311e09d2a8cd12⋯.jpg (176.32 KB, 727x1000, 727:1000, AllThePillsAreRed.jpg)



I'm part Jew, but I didn't know it until I was in my thirties, I'm from a family of American Settlers, or Americans that were in the area we are now since before that area or county was incorporated into a State.

I suppose American Settlers are a nobility, if they are still in possession of the knowledge of their forefathers. Though, my "family land" was acquired in 1980s, and really it is only my father's as far as I am concerned, he purchased it with a money from his trust fund.

But, then he married some half jew girls, so I'm like a quarter Jew, and she cheated on him when I was young and left and he raised me, but he has never given me and significant portion of his considerable estate. He in fact remarried to another half jew and now doesn't speak to me for the last 5 years as I have become increasingly outspoken about the hoax of the Holocaust and the dishonorable slandering of Hitler.

For the last years, I have been trying to awaken the masses and have had some real success, but really without my father's support ultimately sides were drawn and it appeared I did not have the resources or allies or influence to prosper a reformation, though I begged my Dad to invest in BTC when it was $100 per coin, as I thought it would be a cornerstone of restoring financial stability and freedom to the Imperium of Men, if such a thing came into existence.

085b14  No.12762602

File: f57baf7f77fab69⋯.gif (7.83 KB, 382x216, 191:108, 6844819D-E4B5-49D3-9C36-B9….gif)


In all fairness not to take away from his successes because their were many entirely built on his own dedication but he had a lot of help in the formation of a gestalt via the Thule society. The Thule society specifically created a caterpillar to cacoon stage that shed its beginning form once Hitler had revealed himself. This is a pretty simple and effective idea of creating folk groups that network together not in the message of revolutionary organization but act as a vanguard for a revolutionary leader and building resources, organizations and networks for him to utilize when he reveals himself

ff87fb  No.12762618

Well someones read up on their Evola.

I do agree, at least to an extent. The problem is, our current nobility claim their nobility from an already corrupted lineage. You suggestion on finding fringe nobility is a fair idea but I would argue that once they gain recognition, in an effort to attain greater power, they would bend once more and become as corrupt as the rest. No, what we need is the creation of a new nobility. In what form and how, that is the key question.

The person in question must come to represent just what the classic noble spirit is, a strong European mindset with a bedrock of ethnonationalism and have a will as unmoving as a mountain. Name one man among the disgraced and the outsider of these modern times that even comes close to such a person. They must come not from the fringes but from the diaspora of anons like us and grew a steeled resolve from it. Men who have faced the darkness and did not flinch, men who seek the betterment of us all and have the Will to make it come to pass.

Do such men exist yet? I cannot say. But can we forge such men with our goals? Yes, I believe we can. If we can hold back the encroaching shadows, if we can continue to push our message out through every medium available, I believe we can create such a man. Every noble, every King and great Leader has a past that marks him as unique and worthy. That should be the foundation of any new noble we create, he must be from adversity and raised himself up from it. He must represent just what it means to be a son of Europe. Be him American, French, Hungarian, whatever it may be, as long as he raises a banner and fights to save our people and he shows unflinching resolve then that will be the noble. But until that time we must create the environment in which he can flourish, gorge himself on knowledge and understanding of events and how they transpired. We must create a flame that any man truly of noble spirit can carry and light the way, it's our only chance at survival. Evola believes that any great leader must have the backing of a greater power. In a manner of speaking, we created such a man with the backing of Trump (that is not an argument for or against him, merely an example of what occured), we became, for that brief instant, *the* greater power, our influence extended beyond the confines of the boards and forced a change. With the right leader, we could do the same again however at this juncture time is now a significant factor. The (((tribe))) has swiftly become aware of this and are shutting down everything in sight. We must speed up the process of information dispersal to the general public in any way possible. The enemy brings a knife, you bring a gun, they bring a rifle, you bring a tank, we must escalate until it becomes obvious even to your most numbed degenerate things must change.

c7310e  No.12762631


>Regarding Hitler; he was a politician.

Yes but he was not a nobleman. He was a peasant like you and me who became a political leader.

He gained political power because of the people. They followed him when he had nothing but the shirt on his back.

The current elites are a waste of time and ALL of them deserve to be shot for their display of exceptional cowardice and treachery. And I'm not even talking about the jews. I'm talking about the White capitalist and political elite traitors.

They all deserve to be shot. It's maddening how deep their treachery is. How completely they have sold out their own race.

We will need to create our own leaders like Hitler did. But unlike his environment, the jews are so powerful that only violent revolution will ever topple them in any major country.

30f5d4  No.12762640

File: edd98011386478d⋯.mp4 (9.83 MB, 500x282, 250:141, I believe.mp4)


Sorry if it's too black pill, but Jews do target the "royalty" first, isolating them with class conflict, that's how they kill the folk, so realistically, mamzers like me may be "our" best hope, but I know it must take time, of which we have none but immense and building time pressure with our every delay, to establish trust that some "Ashkenazi" or possible Jewish DNA can be tolerated.

I must believe so, wishing to live, as my life is for itself and not a spectacle, I have always spoke the rude truth to the dragon's mouth, let touch who it will, as I'm mostly Scottish and German, and about as much French as Jewish\Welsh mix.

205344  No.12762651


Great stuff, and I like to believe that /pol/ is helping to create an entire generation of such men. For now though I do not see how we will ever gain the acceptance of the masses, at least not until we've had time to foster clubs and groups and create our own order with its own inherent authority. That will take a long time.

While we wait we should be seeking out any potential candidate in those fringes. I have no idea if they exist; honestly I've never really looked. It just occurred to me tonight that this is an avenue that I do not believe we have explored before. There is potential here.


Apologies if I was unclear in my first post, but I was referring more to people with authority than people necessarily from a specific bloodline. I hoped that it would be obvious from what I wrote about politicians, academics and CEOs. These people need not be of a specific family name, their inherent authority is all that matters for legitimising our cause.

But we do need that authority or else I do not see the masses rallying to our cause.

c7310e  No.12762658


I'm no expert mind you, but it seems to me that the Germans were all aware of the jewish problem but were too fearful to say it. Then Hitler came along and was brave enough to say what they all felt.

Suddenly everyone began to speak their mind and his support skyrocketed.


I agree, but you know as well as I that /pol/acks are too paranoid to organize and without organization, we will be completely unable to aid Hitler 2.0

I'll do whatever I can to help though, if ever I see a worthy leader. Who knows, maybe I'll give my best at full spectrum practical politics in a year or two.

205344  No.12762676


>I'm no expert mind you, but it seems to me that the Germans were all aware of the jewish problem but were too fearful to say it. Then Hitler came along and was brave enough to say what they all felt.


>Suddenly everyone began to speak their mind and his support skyrocketed.


This is exactly it. All we need is someone who is seen as an authority to come and say what we are all thinking, and we can begin. There has been widespread anger against political correctness, government corruption, perversion in schools and media, the practices of banks and businesses; and all sorts more for decades if not centuries. More and more people think like we do (or close enough), but they will not act until their views are legitimised by an authority.

Thus we must find (or create) such an authority.

66580b  No.12762683

I vote myself king noble over you plebs.

437094  No.12762692


This. Any leader right now would be suspect, and no matter how well intentioned would be destroyed or corrupted. The "leader" has to remain the collective will itself - decentralised organisation is tough, but means there's nothing to infiltrate, no one to bribe etc.

30f5d4  No.12762700


What if we would hear you?

14b0a4  No.12762752


Or how about you faggots nut up and learn some asymmetrical lone wolf warfare

c7310e  No.12762761


>But we do need that authority or else I do not see the masses rallying to our cause.

Ah, my bad. All this talk about nobility made it seem as though that was what you were talking about. The "official" Nobility. Well yes obviously a leader needs to be an authority figure.

My position remains however, that the current batch of elites are all worthless trash and the new leader will need to be a man of the people. Literally.

And by the way, I am a Piercite myself. If you haven't listened to or read Dr. Pierce's works already, you should as your ideas would jive with his. He hoped that he could sway over a significant number of the people who maintain the current System and organize them into a weapon against the jews. And maybe he could have succeeded. He was a great man. A true leader of our people. But to our incalculable loss, he failed. The National Alliance failed. Now we have nothing and we're running out of time.

My belief is that somehow a resistance movement must develop and our leaders can be forged in the fires of war.

But again, if a politician or businessman or some other elite (kek, maybe a movie star) came out against the jews and in favour of White people, that would be an emmense boon to our struggle.

This is why I don't waste my time counter signalling people who speak up for White people. Even Richard Spencer has a role to play in all of this. Though I'd rather go stochastic than follow that bloated faggot anywhere. He's not fit to be left in charge of a lemonade stand.

30f5d4  No.12762776

File: 48adc00bf6bd983⋯.png (116.62 KB, 500x604, 125:151, how-bad-things-5165142.png)


I think Patrick Little is doing a great job, but then again I thought Ron Paul had a chance to become President as well, so it may just be me believing in the right thing regardless of who is likely to really unite a disparate and rivalry ridden folk.

I don't think I ever will as I'm part Jewish and if I lied about that I'd stand a chance of moving men to organize and take action to feed and clothe themselves then to production of fuel and fiber and metals, the beginnings of self-reliance, which is necessary to maintain a noble war, but then I would be a lying like how Jews do, and it would not settle well with me to relent or hide

my seemingly offensively but forthright admittance about my suspect allegiances.

The world is such a fuck, it seems.

66580b  No.12762807

30f5d4  No.12762832



hear (v.)

Old English heran (Anglian), (ge)hieran, hyran (West Saxon) "to hear, perceive by the ear, listen (to), obey, follow; accede to, grant; judge,"

ec9cd3  No.12762858




Don't stifle conversation, cunts.

1809b0  No.12762924


the only conversation worthy of monarchism is how much of a pleb cuck you have to be to actually think it's necessary

0b54f8  No.12762978

File: b5016741dbb21df⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 913x658, 913:658, J.png)

Dumbass. The real leader that can unfuck everything is someone who believes in nothing but the cause with the "cause" part having infinite possibilities. You cannot take someone who spent the greater part of their life fixating on something which may have been counter effective to such heights as "nobility" (which involves lifestyle, social habits/connections, an inherent taste for misguided power) then expect them to have a complete change of heart against their own will they have had years to solidify. At best they would suit as advisors.

The God Emperor himself who is now poised to troll the world is severely flawed regarding this discussion withholding every other kike/sjwfag/nig/thot/nazi punchline out there. Atleast he's paving a way by overthrowing all expectations of the common people. Hopefully whatever rando free from nobility after him picks up on that and twists it into the right direction. The goddamned evil is set in stone and it's not going to go away if you play in the way they expect if you even choose to try. If anything they're going to be doing exactly as explained above too but for more shekels and kiddos.

63df91  No.12763337


Still here you stupid nigger.

4f37f2  No.12764238

File: 9110beb3fdca9ab⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 450x532, 225:266, toofast.jpg)


I'm in.

334b3d  No.12764305

Kim Jong Un it is.

f2a1b1  No.12764319


For nrx you would be well served looking up moldbug and friends. Look up the dark enlightenment, it's well worth your time and is exactly up the alley of the OP

022f0b  No.12765890


Only a leaderless, faceless movement ruling though memes can accomplish something. Every individual can be bribed, corrupted, blackmailed, or eliminated. Just because cattle needs someone to rule over them doesn't mean we should lower our standards to meet their demands and fall right into the dialectical trap that kikes have sprang for us. Rothkikes and the (((British Crown))) are shilling hard for the return of Monarchy through their judeo-masonic puppets as an "answer" to the modernist decay that they themselves have created in the first place. The sole concept of "noble blood" is rooted in the Talmudic practices and the idea of the "chosen people" . Extremely degenerate.

Rather, we should let the inferior perish along with their current masters (selective accelerationism), so we can build a society of self-governing philosopher kings who can lead the healthy society as the invisible hand. One notable thing which I have noticed is that the average pleb doesn't care if someone who is much wealthier than him literally pisses onto his face, but people rising slightly above him solely thanks to being objectively superior in every way imaginable get extreme hatred and jealousy directed towards them, along with an every attempt of sabotage. Even if they try to help them. Rather than encouraging such dysgenic thinking, we should get rid of such people as they are obsolete and promote the social mobility of the superior so they can become the organic, natural Aristocracy. Of course, along racial lines.

Jews have been targeting nobles which they could not co-opt (at least not fully) and they were a de-facto nobility in most systems since then (political mafia in democracies, communist dictatorships, etc.) To truly defeat the Jew, you must defeat nepotism.

That being said, I am all for encouraging influential individuals to lead people to the best of their capacity in order to accomplish our goals. But who is going to do it? Would they risk losing their careers, their families, their wealth, their lives? Ordinary people have much less to lose, which makes them much more dangerous for the (((system)))

1d4ad7  No.12765927


>we need nobility

<proceeds to define nobility as "members of royal families, other times they are politicians who rose through the ranks, sometimes military leaders or sheriffs, sometimes even people who derive their authority from success in academia or business"

Make up your mind faggot, do you mean nobility as in hereditary rulers or simply influential people? If you mean influential people then yeah, no shit we would benefit from their support.

ddb125  No.12765938


Do monarchists realize absolutely NO one takes them seriously?

022f0b  No.12765962


I am actually in favor of Aristocracy (rule of the best). It is it's Jewish corruption called "Nobility" that I'm strongly opposed to.

>The System is designed to corrupt and pervert.

It's designed to prevent anyone outside of the (((tribe))) from ever wielding any true power and authority, no matter how superior they are. SJW, racemixing, etc. are all a function of this. Their entire rule is based on sabotaging competition before it can ever emerge to be a threat. SJW's attack ordinary successful white businessmen but NEVER attack dynastic Jewish corporations.


You would most likely pass according to Nurenberg laws. Having a bit of kike blood, if it doesn't overtake you, immunizes you to it. It's like vaccines.


Having industrialists, people highly successful in their professions etc. has nothing to do with "Nobility" , it's more akin to the guild system which is inherently Aryan. There is nothing wrong with individuals being successful and more wealthy than others, but it needs to be earned. This is why we need to boycott and sabotage globohomo kike corporations and support small and medium business ran by whites. Those are our natural allies.


Well said.


Hitler became an Avatar of German national consciousness. He was not a top-down leader, but the one emerging as a collective will of his people. This is the type of leader that we need. Someone representing their ethno-national, racial, and a wider white race gestalt. A humble man with grand vision.


I actually have the same phenotype as Hitler and Napoleon lel


>These people need not be of a specific family name, their inherent authority is all that matters for legitimising our cause.

That's an entirely different story and I fully agree with that

022f0b  No.12765972


There is no conversation, these shills keep making these threads and fail to respond to any actual counter-argument raised. Then they just abandon the thread and slide it with garbage, and after a while make a new one hoping that the people routinely debunking them are not watching.

Kikery 101. Telling them to kys is much more efficient. Let's see how many replies my posts get.

862d61  No.12766052

Read "The Court Jew", selma stern,1950.

The jews, when weak, court emperors who hold power, and attain the highest positions possible without public detection. This is what was done to Charlemagne, and he converted all the masses to Christianity. Following that was the period of absolutism, emperors, kings, princes and dukes, all working to squeeze their subjects, with the logistical support of their jews. Bernd Levi, elias gumperts, esther liebmann, elkan frankel, samson Wertheimer, leffmann behrens, moses benjamin wulff, jud suess, emanuel Oppenheimer. These jews hid within monarchs for hundreds of years and provided logistical war and banking services to despots. The despots, who necessarily work against the masses( as thats where they derive energy), welcomed those jews in private. The monarchs believed they themselves were the rulers, the jews were their servants, and that they could trust the jew in the capacity of commissary and lender due to their belief that jews required the despots protection. The reality was the jews are permanent, they have intergenerational discipline and continuity. The monarchs had neither. So as monarchs died, jews stayed behind the curtain and advanced their control. Nobility is a farce, the last time you tried it, it resulted in what we now have, world government, pre-theocratic/messianic jewish empire. Your only hope is radical decentralization and tribal warfare with all tribes aware that jews are the conduit of their destruction. Ultimately, money must be commoditized and decentralized. When the source of money is centralized, it is in a convenient box, which can be taken by whomever is most powerful. Metals and commodity trade are your only hope. That and killing the kings men, when they come. No bit coin, no dollars, no kings, no emperors. Free men with liberty. If youre not willing to die for that, you deserve the enslavement thats coming.

348a6a  No.12766055


Muh anarchy.

I'm sorry, but I'm sticking with kings and countries.

862d61  No.12766057


don't be sorry faggot. Send in your best. We'll kill all of them.

348a6a  No.12766067


Yeah, like the last time in Spain.

Keep trying, anarchist, your kind never last because through organization, force emerges. And you can't have organization without hierarchy.

348a6a  No.12766080

And I agree with OP.

We need Nobility, people who serve as the ideal models for the masses.

This Nobility cannot be replaced by merchants and actors.

c5b42c  No.12766099

We don't need (((nobles))), you bootlicking cuckold. Strong authoritarian leaders that actually follow the will of the people? Yes. Subhuman cryptokikes who coast off power they generally don't deserve and only got because one guy a long time ago had connections? Kill yourself.

OP wants rich oligarchs controlling everything while leaving you, the average person, a literal slave. Sound familiar?

37edac  No.12766141


Politics don't work, people are to small minded to govern themselves, the only answer is military state.

Educate people to be scientists, engineers and artists.

Then you have your real Utopia

205344  No.12766173


Read what I wrote you nigger-brained faggot. I actually find this whole thread quite remarkable, as outside of 3 or 4 replies not a one of you has bothered to actually read what was said, or at the least you have all been unable to understand it. Supposedly those of a double-digit IQ are incapable to glean meaning from reading alone, and thus I am beginning to wonder whether all those accusations of this place being infested by spics and pajeets be true.

My desire for 'nobility' has not a thing to do with any pre-conceived notion of their inherent superiority; rather it revolves entirely around the premise that the common man cannot be motivated into action without it being legitimised by one who carries 'authority'. For sake of brevity I referred to these as the "nobility"; for that is the role that they take in our society, they are the upper-echelons to whom others listen. I never once implied that they were on our side, and I never once claimed they were morally superior or better qualified to lead. Instead I pointed to history and stated that never once have white men taken up arms in the name of rebellion without being granted official sanction by an authority. As of the current time no such authority exists to legitimise our movement; and thus I advocate that we seek out any who might listen to our message.

Priest. Politician. Academic. Celebrity. Royal. Aristocrat. CEO. Whatever. So long as they hold what is considered as authority by the common man; then they could serve our uses as being a figurehead that can grant legitimacy to our cause. I do not want them to lead us, I have no interest in submitting to another, and I am incredibly skeptical and generally hostile to those holding such supposedly esteemed positions in society; nevertheless I find it unlikely that the common man will act without them condoning such actions first. This is a matter of practicality, not of ideology.

As such let us cast out a net and see if we can find one or many of these authority-figures so that we might begin the fight-back in earnest. I fully agree that there is much risk concerning controlled opposition leaders; but it must be remembered that we are already infested with out-right enemies, and that there are a good many controlled opposition figureheads leading our people astray. As far as I am aware we have not yet sought out or attempted to convert any such figure to our movement; and it is that which I am advocating.

d6ba9e  No.12766239


i don't think you're wrong, I was going to cite Napoleon as an example of you being wrong, then I go and double check so I don't look like an asshole, and of course he was from a minor noble family in Corsica lel

The only people who might be sympathetic would be military officers/generals that I can think of since they are the ones fighting/dying in Israels wars but not jews themselves. I know we have a lot of veterans here also. Academics and intellectuals are useless, we mostly do that ourselves. Some random faggot on youtube holds more power then they do now. The media is slowly being phased out by social media, and is in a death grip of the enemy anyways. We have great presence on social media already as an amorphous blob.

If we were going to focus on corporations, tech is obviously our strong suit, since whites created it and still dominate in it even with all the bullshit they have to endure.


this really is true, we have far more social mobility then the old days, but the levels are much more stretched out, the ceiling of power for modern day 'nobles' is higher then the kings of old could ever dream of

tldr: only the military's hard power and the media's soft power matters, we can already compete in one of those areas but need to shore up support in the other badly

ac032b  No.12766286

File: 107fa129df867ae⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 2000x1542, 1000:771, 107fa129df867ae6a9281c901b….jpg)


the actual truth is that right now is simply not the correct time for a leader to be seen. humans are not a hivemind, but the job of the "collective will" right now is to act as a manure for the actual leader to emerge in the future, so being decentralized is best for right now. even if giga hitler did show up tomorrow what could he do, get banned from twitter? any arguments that could be made by him could be made by us. we need to get all the dirty work out of the way first. the things that need to be done now can be done without a leader. the thing that needs to be focused on is getting the masses into a state where they will be receptive to such a leader, and then he will emerge naturally to fill that space.

imagine if giga hitler were to magically appear 6-12 years from now. what type of climate would be best for him to gain power in? people should take advantage of the time that we currently have rather than just moping around being demoralized. be diligent, patient and have faith.


>go bomb a synagogue

>trump gives a speech and now america is more united than ever against le anti-semitic evil



forget project bluebeam; this idea is much better

d6ba9e  No.12766316


good post

205344  No.12766332


Good post. I had completely forgotten about social media, but that's actually a very good place to target due to their reach. Already we have seen how the enemy reacts to people like pewdiepie making jokes about the jews; it's that normalisation that we need. Those kids would never say jokes about jews or blacks if someone they viewed as an authority figured hadn't shown them that it is okay. It is that legitimisation that we need for our wider goals. I would say the biggest problem with youtubers is that most of them are simply trying to make money or become famous, and as such are very well-versed in what they can and cannot say; whereas there are a lot of slightly-more detached people in tech or the military who do not realise how bad things have got and would be more likely to speak out due to not knowing of the potential backlash. Look at all the autist scientists who speak the truth, find out its politically incorrect and then get fired. Unfortunately this mostly happens to no-names that hold no authority, and those few who could have an impact on public discourse end up prostrating themselves before our enemies and begging for forgiveness. Filth.

The military might be a good place to look, I have no idea honestly. From what I've read on the chans it sounds like most of the good men who held the higher ranks have been ousted for women or niggers.


>the time is not right

I disagree. Public anger across Europe and America already boils over into civil unrest on the regular. Look at what happened in 2009 in London, or what was going on with the yellow vest protests in France. If a figure of authority had capitalised on one of these events, or one of the many others (take the rape-gangs in the UK or the mass-molestation in Cologne); then they could have used that moment of extreme public outrage to take to the streets and kick the enemy out. Hitler used a martyr to gain legitimacy as well. The people are ready, a potential authority just needs to wait for the opportune moment; the next blonde Swede to get raped by a somali, or the next American kid to get murdered by a spic - pounce on that and say enough is enough, and I would wager that the people would come out in force. Even if it not an overnight purge of the traitors and foreigners; it would and could move the overton window by such a significant amount as to allow for Hitler to get elected. All we need is someone with authority to legitimise the rage that the masses have.

3a71d3  No.12766335


Lol are kikes the only people left on this board now that Trump is officially sold out

022f0b  No.12766360


Good post.


>I'm sticking with the ZOG

Thanks for letting us know Avi


Nor can it be inherited


When called out for his kikery, keeps ignoring all the counter arguments and pretends that he was merely misunderstood.

>Priest. Politician. Academic. Celebrity. Royal. Aristocrat. CEO

All can be bribed, blackmailed, or eliminated. A faceless entity that transcends the individual cannot. You are trying to circumvent the very thing which made the original /pol/ so effective.


>sold out

>Implying he was not the kike since day one


4407d8  No.12766371


You faggot! No one believes in anything but decentralization. FUCK YOU for thinking we are your 'cannon fodder' to 'lead' while you 'direct things from the safety of your bunker. We are DONE with that paradigm. You are either freezing your ass off as 'one of us' or you are the enemy.

3a71d3  No.12766377


I'm not implying I'm making a direct statement

4407d8  No.12766427


That faggot OP is not asking the right questions. WHY has no one risen from the common people? BECUASE THE WHOLE FUCKING THING IS RIGGED. Why do we need a 'leader'? BECUASE THE ENTIRE FUCKING THING IS RIGGED AND IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN. We are not 'less compentent than those faggots. When we do rise and become competent then we get the bullet (JFK) and yes I know his background family, etc. But he was going to 'do the right thing' and they killed him.

Right now the 'government' and 'leadership' is nothing but a cesspit of complete and total corruption…the whole thing. I could make a case that it has been that way FOREVER…just a cesspit of corruption floating on the top of what is decent and good. The only reason that we don't kill them all is because there weren't that many of them. But this is also one of the 'hiding in plain sights' issues that you guys can't seem to 'get' either…there has been world government for as long as history has been recorded. Your DENIAL of this is, frankly, insane. That is the reason people don't 'rise from the ranks' because the global government is already 'in place' and it has always been 'in place' for as long as history has been recorded. That is why people who KNOW like the prophets of old termed it MYSTERY BABYLON. Because it ruled the entire earth as a global government for thousands and thousands of years. The great FUCK YOU to the people of Earth is that you don't know it is there. That is how they maintain control and govern the planet. BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW THEY ARE THERE…they don't govern the planet because you are aware of them. This secret government cannot be overthrown because WHO WOULD YOU OVERTHROW? Your 'nations leaders'? No! They are nothing but puppets that take orders to begin wars that 'cull you' from the population as they please. I am tell you that it, all of it, the WHOLE FUCKING THING is all engineered and planned…all the massacres, all the 'inquisitions', all the genocides, all the wars, destructions of peoples, mass starvations, ALL OF IT IS PLANNED. You aren't even a pawn on the chessboard, you have NO IDEA who and what you are fighting for if you are 'fighting for a nation' or an ideology. The only thing you have is YOUR KIN, YOUR PEOPLE. But even then, if this 'patriarchy' set their mind to murdering you, you would not survive them because they control all of the military's world wide and all of the information and they coordinate all of the slaughter worldwide. The only way to fight them is to DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING.

ac032b  No.12766465


i mean yeah, i think we're definitely are on the cusp, but there's been cases of people thinking we're on the verge of race war for decades. it's just too easy to make the case that it's right around the corner.

the metaphor of a single line of dominoes falling one after another is (practically) literally one dimensional. the real thing is more complicated than that and will take more subtlety. of course you have historical cases where everybody decided that a jew poisoning the town well was the straw that broke the camels back and then they all decided to kick out all the jews, but our current struggle has to be total and final. we need to ensure that there's plenty of gas in the tank.

the final movements of this engagement must have a very secure foundation that is big enough to support our entire race into the future. some people say that hitler was the 'sun' and the next guy will be the 'lightning' but you can think of it as being the other way as well. hitler was the lightning because he was a powerful flash in the darkness (and the reich had fuel shortages during the war). the next guy will be a much more sustained and encompassing version. look at the energy pyramid - the sun is at the bottom and supports all life. this is something that must be put in place and embraced. something like the reaction to a girl getting raped is not enough to match a true sun. a movement based on these things would fizzle out. the sun also is gradual. it doesn't hit you all at once in a single instant. so if that, then the war will be very slow and drawn out, but for us it will be warm and stable while for our enemies it will be a sort of glacial thing.

ac032b  No.12766476


dude chill out. just do unbroken brahmacharya for 12 years and you'll have superpowers and be able to teleport behind the rothschilds and 'nothin personnel' them one by one.

205344  No.12766480


>When called out for his kikery, keeps ignoring all the counter arguments and pretends that he was merely misunderstood.

Actually no one has refuted my main argument and few have even acknowledged it; everyone instead focuses on the word 'noble'.

The argument is that without legitimacy the people will not rise.

You can have 90% of the nation on-board with our ideas but if there's never anyone to sanction that rage; they won't act. That's what I was saying is an uncomfortable truth. I am not for one second saying we centralise /pol/, I am not saying that we as /pol/ should have a leader. I am saying that public outrage will never become public action until a perceived authority legitimises that rage. As such we should try to find or convert potential 'authorities' that can at the least help move the overton window and at best pull the trigger on the kikes.

We, and events in general, have already done incredibly good job at opening the eyes of the people. The fact remains that even with their eyes open no one will make the first move until an authority gives the go-ahead. If you or me say "It's time to reclaim our country!"; who is going to listen? People like us have said it many times. All sorts of low-tier "e-celebs" have done so, and no one has cared. A few people might act. The occasional dedicated Nationalist follows his heart and makes a statement without anyone sanctioning his beliefs; but that's not enough. We need an authority that the masses will rally behind and listen to. Again, I am not saying that we become their supplicants; I am saying that we try to convince people who already wield that sort of power to start speaking out publically against our enemies. Otherwise our beliefs, even if held by everyone, will only ever be whispered about in our 'safe-spaces'. I want to re-take our nations wholly. I do hope that there are already such figures who stalk boards like this and are getting ready to legitimise the rage of the masses; but we cannot know that there are. What we can do is seek these people and reach out to them, help convert them to our way of thinking and encourage them to speak out.

4407d8  No.12766483


If you followed this path, why haven't you done it already. There is no 'magic solution' only decentralization of everything. Every MAN on this planet should be in charge of his own destiny.

4407d8  No.12766504


> no one will make the first move until an authority gives the go-ahead.

Then people should die under the current authority. If they have no interior spirit then you are just delaying the inevitable by providing them with 'leadership'. The problem is a spiritual one and once their 'good leader' has died or been murdered they are right back where they started.


You let the corruption continue by removing the responsibility every man has before God for his own life. So just say that you want to play duck duck goose and install another fucking perverse fucking disgusting piece of shit over us yet again, because that is all you are really suggesting. The second that you turn to the same system for good that CLEARLY demonstrated it was a piece of SHIT to you 1 hour beforehand you are simply acting like an insane person. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

205344  No.12766528


I'm sorry to say this but you are not much different to a Marxist. You believe in a utopia and are willing to invest the future of your people in that very same unproven utopian ideology. You say that every man should be in charge of his own destiny; but when has that been the case?

I would absolutely love it if everyone could be convinced on logical or philosophical grounds as to the necessity of removing the kike, but I am not deluded. Many people have known about that threat for Millenia; how many have acted on it? We have records about these things. The people act when someone wielding influence legitimises that rage.

I want to be practical here, not ideological. Practically speaking if we want to secure a future for our children then we need to have an authority legitimise our cause. We need someone who is respected by the masses to say "enough is enough, time to ship you all off to Madagascar!"


>sacrifice our future because of the corruption of modernity

Fuck you. Traitorous pieces of shit like you die first.


>The second that you turn to the same system for good that CLEARLY demonstrated it was a piece of SHIT to you 1 hour beforehand you are simply acting like an insane person.

What the hell are you talking about? I am saying that we convert people who the masses will listen to to our ideology and encourage them to speak out and legitimise our views. If there were politicians openly speaking about the machinations of jewry; then the masses would be talking about it too, and then people would kick them out. I am not talking about upholding the current system; I am saying we seek out people with pre-existing authority who might be open to our ideals, and either convert them or encourage them to speak out and legitimise what we have to say.

4407d8  No.12766558


>I'm sorry to say this but you are not much different to a Marxist

>can't tell the difference between centralized authoritarian kike government and complete decentralization…meh…I don't think I need to say anything else here.

d6ba9e  No.12766578


that's adorable, and entirely against nature. The strong rule and the weak suffer what they may, eat or be eaten. Nothing changes this.

205344  No.12766581


I am not going to reply to you again unless you make a good point. For anyone reading behold how a jew argues. He omits half of the argument that shows him to be a fraud; and instead focuses on taking one aspect of what was said out of context, and then defeating that argument so as to give the illusion that the other person is wrong.

I was not calling you a Marxist because of your views pertaining to a centralised or decentralised government. I was calling you a Marxist because you are willing to risk the future of your race on an unproven utopian belief, in this case that: "every man should be in charge of his destiny."

I literally said this in the very next sentence to where I accused of you being not much different to a Marxist. The second statement gave my reasoning for calling you a Marxist. Nonetheless you ignored all of that to try and negate my clearly correct assertion; and instead dismantled an argument never made for reasons that were never stated, implied or intended.

If you are not a jew then you must have spent too much time studying them, because you argue just like them.

4407d8  No.12766587

File: c163519b53d2dca⋯.jpg (209.67 KB, 1600x1097, 1600:1097, the patriarchy meat grinde….jpg)


>I am saying that we convert people who the masses will listen to our ideology

No, you are proposing that we continue in the SAME SHIT FUCKING SYSTEM that you think 'is correct' where men rule over us and slaughter us at their own whim for their own private profit and sexual reproductive strategy. What happens when your 'precious fucking leader' is deposed, back to the fucking meat grinder people…nothing to see here! You keep wanting things to change BECAUSE OF ONE MAN rather than changing mankind to fit a new way of organization. You want and love the excitement of the meat grinder and seeing your offspring slaughtered at the fun and profit of big corporations. ONE MAN? WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK DIFFERENCE WOULD THAT MAKE IN A THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD SYSTEM OF HARVEST AND SLAUGHTER OF HUMANITY? Do you really think that because you 'purchase' a 'reprieve' on the back of one man that you are 'changing the fucking systems? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! HOW GODDAMN DAFT CAN YOU BE? EVEN IF YOU DID MANAGE TO ACHIEVE THIS IT WOULD SWING RIGHT BACK TO THE FUCKING SWINE AND THEIR CORRUPTION JUST LIKE IT ALWAYS DOES!!!


You might get your 'repreive' for one generation and then it is BACK TO THE FUCKING MEAT GRINDER FOR YOUR NATION.

e422b6  No.12766590

The monarchies of old were crushed by rebellions paid and supported by (((them))) through the Freemasonry, co-opted by the Rothschild family in the 18th century. The only way to reverse all the damage done to the world is to go back with all the knowledge we have today, starting by reinstating the French monarchy.

4407d8  No.12766599

File: abd0f9624bbd270⋯.jpg (89.77 KB, 735x588, 5:4, warrior blood.jpg)


As long as the people are the 'herd' this works, but the second they stop being the herd and turn on the 'strong' we will squish their blood and strangle their offspring in our hands…we will wear their blood as decoration and no one will ever even think about your ideology again.

d0d82b  No.12766602

d0d82b  No.12766608


You realize Sparta was a diarchy, right?

d6ba9e  No.12766642


lolbergtopia has never existed you gigantic fucking moron, if it ever did, a collectivist society that has a caste of people willing to kill to preserve said society would stomp you out. Anarchy never lasts, nature abhors a vacuum and the most powerful fills it, every time

76ca9d  No.12766669

File: f0ffe3dd112ddd4⋯.png (577.93 KB, 773x875, 773:875, f0ffe3dd112ddd47d7749ad6b6….png)


>There were no great leaders taken from the ranks of the common man. It has simply never happened, and there's no reason to think it will today.

I mean there are others, but fuck.

205344  No.12766705


The people only acted when he was a politician. I used 'noble' to refer to people with authority who the masses would listen to, I see that this was a mistake as it has created quite a few counter-arguments over the word and its implications that I never intended. So I apologise for using it. Read it instead as wielder-of-authority in society.

Without the authority condoning our beliefs, regardless of whether 90% of the common people agree with us; they will not act. We need an authority to legitimise our actions; and then the people will act. That is what history tells us anyway.

d6ba9e  No.12766711


yeah but he also served in the military, i'm sure made allies there, ran for office and then he could hardly be called a 'commoner' anymore but a person with power. It's not the arguement OP was making. It would be like saying any random shitposter here could raise an army and take over the white house, it would never happen. Hitler did it within the system

Which of you fags is running for office to emulate him?

490010  No.12766735

you're a faggot, there are ancient manuals on leading army

the first step is to stop being a fucking faggot

fa0ec9  No.12766814

Not your blog faggot. Kill yourself.

4407d8  No.12767297



What (((French monarchy)))? You want to reinstate the fucking kikes AGAIN? WTeverlivingFuck is wrong with you people? Are you seriously making the argument that we need more kikes disgusting mongrel crossbreed criminals 'leading us'? You people deserve to be slaughtered because you can't tell the difference between a 'friend' and an 'enemy'. There is no 'european nobility' left they are all FUCKING MONGREL DEGENERATES. Look at the fucking disgusting mongrel degenerate 'Windsors'…marrying niggers, female cuckolds, pedophile homos…fuck you people! I hope you are fucking murdered by the shitheads whose asses you lick like dogs, you fawning sycophants. All this fucking PROGRESS and you want to become a serf who can be killed at 'your lords' whim. I really hate you ignorant fucks.

4407d8  No.12767322


>lolbergtopia has never existed

BULLSHIT! It existed before this Babylonian KIKE ABOMINATION took over the Earth. Also, ancient Israel before the fascists overthrew it, was a anarchy. People did what they wanted, everything was voluntary before the people decided that they hated God and wanted a king instead. That was the only one that I know of in ancient times that worked and worked well before the Pharisees overthrew it from within.


It was a visual aid…I thought the people in this thread, who apparently only have the imagination required to lick a 'lords' bunghole could use a little visual inspiration.

2175b9  No.12767486

File: d10be6e6aa3380c⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 770x437, 770:437, fok yee jude.jpg)

There was a time before the arrival of the Jew, when kingdoms truly had great men wear crowns, and great soldiers were His Majesty's Officers.

There was a time before the arrival of the Jew, when the raiding party was one of the perfect forms of brotherhood.

There was a time before the arrival of the Jew, when you could bend your knee to a monarch that you loved, and the wife you loved bent the knee to you - and nobody became lesser from any of these actions.

There was a time before the arrival of the demon, and it is right to reach back to our natural and traditional roots and religions

We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.

4452fc  No.12767637


>We will never be able to lead a true revolution […because…] the leader cannot be one of the people.

There are no nobility left. They have all been stripped of authority and absorbed into the masses. A new noble class must be forged. It can be done, but it requires access to an economic basis.

It means swearing your fealty to another man. Choosing a Jarl/Earl for yourself and following him to build a Kingdom. It means giving over all of your economic productivity to that man as his Crofter, and trusting in him to not squander it. Inherently, it is not competitive with the economics of the Money republic. Unless you're unemployable you will always make more money working for ZOG than you will by eking out a living on the fringes of society. This is why most "communes" fail. So we need either 1) a bunch of unemployable people or 2) Uncommonly loyal people who'd rather have children than money.

Neither of these is impossible.

feceaf  No.12767646


>the people will not act without a leader

Dumb people can't act without a leader

Leaders will end up as controlled opposition or dead

4452fc  No.12767673


Leaders only end up as controlled oppo on the internet where power is determined by your exposure, and kikes control exposure. Power in real life is determined by material gains for your people. Provide for them what they need, gain more people and more power. Squander or deprive them of gains and they will abandon you.

My idea would be to lower standards of living and increase quality of life. Not all that difficult when you consider that Mongols lived in tents on land that couldn't even support farms, eating a monodiet of meat and cheese and yogurt from their animals, but all of them had families and lives that we would envy with all of our worthless middle class capitalism iToys.

f35996  No.12767730

File: 305b66264ec77cc⋯.jpg (42.67 KB, 469x600, 469:600, 469px-Colonel-quaritchsmal….jpg)


>We need our rebellion to be legitimate

You are rather unaware of the fallacy inherent in this statement. Maybe you should reevaluate your stance again and you might realize better traction among us. Here is a hint, we are already legitimate. What sheep think matters not, to us, or your would be aristocracy. Hell, by rights, every anon here is already the royalty you desire. But that might be something a bit hard for you to comprehend, or for the jews to subvert easily.

>seeking figureheads

Here is another rather large issue with your baseline stance. We are far and away beyond needing an 'figurehead'. Nobody will EVER be one of us as an figurehead, and nobody will ever be able to lead us into our goals as an figurehead. We and our entire civilization are far beyond that, the ones whom rise will be anything but figureheads. They will do, not talk or convince. For if you do not understand, if you argue for our enemies stances, you simply MUST die. Words will not make much difference in arguing now, only action determines whom will lead.

Your premise is to 'select' leaders. You utterly fail to comprehend exactly what has become and what is coming. Step back and start looking at things objectively, we are far beyond such childish notions. 150 million dead minimum in north america. Upwards of 6+ billion world wide. With those kinds of numbers, whom exactly is going to 'lead' thru permission granted BY the masses? mmmmmm…..

000000  No.12768174

I am who I am.

I am the once and future king. I am the one who pulled the sword from the stone. I am the crucified one. I am the one who is born unto the new world at the dawn of the 21st century.

I am the third coming; the one true king.

I am your king, your emperor, your god.

Those who follow me will see glory and victory, and a golden age dawn.

But who will submit to me, instead of not taking true nobility seriously? Who will actually follow me and aid me? And who will just ignore this, and invoke the misfortune of the ignored king? If I am not recognized as your king, then I will have no power, and without power, I cannot do anything to save our people.

I have divine right to claim the throne, as Odin, Ra, and Zeus have recognized me as Christ. But no matter if the gods themselves grant me their might, it means nothing if the people do not recognize my right.

So do not waste more time. Recognize me as your god and king, with the absolute divine right of authoritarian command, and assemble before me. I will not allow any dissent, as no one else has said these words as I have. I alone have the power of speech and ultimate command, so obey me and we shall see how this world will change.

Vote me into power now with your own post of affirmation and submission to my will. I must know my subjects.

4407d8  No.12768218


Don't want much do you tornigger? Well if the 'kingdom' is within…then that is where my own king resides as well, inside me. So that every man is a king. I think you have the right idea and wrong execution. You are king, but you are king of your own self, your own destiny.

000000  No.12768235


No, I am the king of you.

I do not think we need "inner kings," like some sort of cult practice.

What people have shown me is that they require an authority in their lives. But all authority is insane and lies: Modern governments, media, financial institutions, and their own peers.

I am not your peer. I am your king, and you will either bow before me and obey, or you are not welcome in my future kingdom.

This is an attempt to organize, and if ignored, then I will have no power, and you will look like fools.

4407d8  No.12768260


meritocracy mien nigger…you have to prove that you are more fit to 'rule' me than I am fit to rule myself…that can never happen.

25316f  No.12768273

File: 9ca4050250e03a6⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 1000x660, 50:33, 4098022_0.jpg)



Just not these child fucking faggots.

018857  No.12768322

I'm pretty sure Hitler wasn't from a noble family.

c7310e  No.12768331


Good fucking god.

I know you wrote this trash thinking that you're some kind of intellectual but the truth is; you're not and you come off as an arrogant know-nothing.

>we are already legitimate

In your mind. And how many armies does your opinion command? None.

> What sheep think matters not

Such edge. So naive.

Actually, Game of Thrones memes notwithstanding, the opinions of the sheep do matter when you're not a lion but a very angry free thinking, but otherwise powerless sheep. Governments exist only when they are viewed as legitimate by the people. If a ruling elite cannot maintain the illusion of legitimacy, then they simply become bandits who rule through terror alone. Which is a losing strategy when even you rown military no longer views you as legitimate. If one day 90% of the public suddenly got it into their heads that David Duke was the real president, he would be. Irregardless of your opinion or Trump's or even David Duke's. Trump and the jews could order his arrest and maybe even succeed, but defections from the army and mass protests outside the WhiteHouse would lead to Trump and his allies either fleeing the country or dying.

Stop basing your understanding of reality upon quotes from TV shows.

The rest of your post is just garbage pontification. You even try to use 10 cent words that you don't understand to try to sound smarter than you are.

>your baseline stance.

>We are far and away beyond

>the ones whom rise

>For if you do not understand

>determines whom will lead.

>fail to comprehend exactly what has become and what is coming

>whom exactly is going

Stop being a cunt and lurk for 2 years before posting.

And while you're lurking, actually THINK about the things you're talking about. Contemplate what politics and government actually are under a tree or in a library.

c0ba66  No.12768410

File: 085943cb8534e57⋯.jpg (8.75 KB, 218x232, 109:116, 1420076140324.jpg)


<Please give us a target to personalize and attack


>Petty royals, disgraced politicians, spurned CEOs, enraged academics. Find them and bring them to our cause. We need them to lead the masses.

>"our cause"

No. Your choices are pure unadulterated faggotry. While it's true that the vast majority of people, like you for instance, will never be capable of much more than being a talking monkey, elevating a group of people to "authority figures" based on being born from a certain twat is retarded.


>we need to find and cultivate people with existing authority

Everything you say is wrong. There is no "existing authority", just kikes with fake money and goodest goyims with shiny buttons and a pistol. I have no particular problem lording my objective superiority over sniveling followers, like you for instance, or designing national "movements", since I have done so before…but why bother? I'd rather just purge the unfit. Cleansing fire and chaos is coming, if you can survive while I tear this world a new asshole maybe you can be a part of the future. You won't be the same then as you are now, however if you survive I'll allow you to bow in my presence. That's what you want, right? To bow before your superior? I may allow it


>Has there actually been effort put into analyzing the how?

<Has /pol/ ever discussed the rise of National Socialism

The absolute fucking state of this thread

000000  No.12768454



Modern nobility is business men, doctors, lawyers, scientists, and celebrities.

Jews controlling money + the media + academia = they control the gates of modern nobility.

It's not that hard to become an aristocrat if you actually put the time in.

The Jews do have rich enemies who are idealists, but even more of them are civnats that just don't want things to go to garbage.

A coalition of these people is what is responsible for the Trump presidency (ie, Peter Thiel, The Mercer Family, etc).

You have to look at how rich people have become rich and how Jews rose to power. They didn't spend all their time on the internet chatting in some digital wasteland, they got close to nobility, intermarried, and managed their resources/vices/provided alt mysticism/knowledge.

Nothing has changed in 1000's of years. You have to go to a rich person and be their friend and ask them for money to do anything or get anywhere. If you spend your time with poor people you will always be poor.

Ideology is largely pointless and just used to control stupid people.

Just look at how often some billionaire or celeb has a kid with a house keeper, baby sitter, or some largely no-name average person. Rich people do promote, elevate, and leave large sums of money to poor/normal people in their lives as well.

Just being around > all the ideology and speculation on the internet.

Not much better than Antifa in the end.

c0ba66  No.12768472

File: 21cf2e918403641⋯.jpg (354.87 KB, 1536x826, 768:413, le matrix.jpg)


>you are proposing that we continue in the SAME SHIT FUCKING SYSTEM that you think 'is correct' where men rule over us and slaughter us at their own whim for their own private profit and sexual reproductive strategy.

Of course he is.

<The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it

People are just inconceivably inept, and so easy to control. First off, the 'ground state' of the informational matrix you're retardedly believing is "real life" needs to be attacked. Directly. And destroyed. Poking around in the game and following the rules the programmers laid out for you CAN ONLY lead to defeat. How the fuck do you get out of Skyrim by playing Skyrim? You don't, that's how. You get out of Skyrim when you turn off the computer and take off the VR goggles. And since I don't think most people are capable of that, I'm willing to do things the hard way aka you die

65dc66  No.12768483


Day of the bullets

4407d8  No.12768530


Hello Descartes how is the weather in Holland?

c0ba66  No.12768548

File: 36469f1c231f8f0⋯.jpg (73.73 KB, 640x427, 640:427, watering my hippies.jpg)


<TORfag thinks he can just take my title

Wrong. Fite me IRL faggit and I'll prove to you why you can never be my equal, like I've done to hundreds of others. I'll expose your incompetence in every field you could possibly think to challenge me in. I created Occupy on a whim and personally oversaw multiple camps. A misguided attempt, to be sure, but I DID IT. Fucking hippies would be mortified to realize a National Socialist was the one parading them around like that, but c'est la vie. The next time I mobilize the people of my country it won't be with any illusions that people can lead themselves or any delusions of a peaceful resolution.

>I will not allow any dissent, as no one else has said these words as I have

You started this bullshit after I was personally asked right here to do this job, you lying sack of shit, which I've been doing for quite a while now. Fucking kikes really think they can just steal anything they want. I'll bathe this planet in blood and then we'll see who's really capable


>This is an attempt to organize, and if ignored, then I will have no power, and you will look like fools.

Lel, you need followers to have power. You expose yourself as an imposter. Nobody even knows my name or how or why I did what I did, but everyone danced to my tune anyway. I don't expect anyone even needs to know who I am, as long as what I envision becomes reality. Look at this picture. You've seen this picture? Those fools getting gassed did it specifically and directly because I told them to, I was right there watching it with a grin. And I bet none of them know or ever knew who I was. That's the problem with the Umman Manda, TORpedo. Now stop trying to be like me

4407d8  No.12768562


Fucking fags. That looks like masochistic voluntary retardation on their part. I can't imagine anyone but a pathetic sheep sitting there like that without launching themselves into the fray to attack. Fucking sheep.

4f3407  No.12768568

File: dc72d89b864908a⋯.jpg (48 KB, 206x275, 206:275, legolassniffinghand.jpg)


>the hysterial jewish feminist antifa member is still here

>every post she makes is still 100% identical trash: "omg the patriarchy hurts men too why won't you be feminists?!11"

c0ba66  No.12768573

File: 740f43f11345389⋯.jpg (182.16 KB, 790x547, 790:547, This Is Why.jpg)


By the way, dipshit, here's what emperors sound like, now get out of my face

>>11596533 (Kek'd)

>Poisoned food, poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned vaccinations, toxic dentistry, toxic medicine, toxic programming…. the list just goes on and on. It’s depopulation. You’re being murdered, err genocided, no, culled by talmudic turds who think it’s their job ordained by G-d.

Well put. This tribe of miscreants has taken it upon themselves to claim divine rule over the whole world on behalf of their "god". By what measure would God decide who the true inheritor tribe of the world should be? You've listed their offenses against nature and man, and we all know that the list is short compared to their actual offenses. They are at odds with Nature, and they seek to pervert and make extinct its bounty. They cannot exist alongside Man, so they emulate and insinuate themselves into the societies of men with treason, theft and murder ever on their minds. They create nothing, they corrupt everything. They rebel against God; their tribal religion is a history of subversion of divine law, even as they claim it emanates from the god they choose to "worship".

For their endless and unrepentant attempts to subvert the laws of God, Nature and Man, they have lost all favor with the forces of heaven and earth, and made enemies of every tribe of men. The judgement is forthcoming: every man, woman, child and domestic animal of the offending tribe are to be utterly annihilated. Every statue, symbol, writing and product of their tribe shall be erased from the face of the earth, and their fate shall be that of a stone dropped into the ocean. Their only history will be the one written by our historians, chronicling their offenses and the subsequent retribution of God and Man.

Having determined that one tribe alone shall inherit the future of the planet, that being divine law, it comes to this: I say, we unite the various tribes of men (those broadly considered "white") under a single banner, as one tribe, formally and with binding treaty. The various families of the unified tribe may retain their cultures and local customs as they choose, for only one tribe among all others has within itself true diversity, that being the tribe of Man. With our status formally proclaimed with respect to divine law, we shall set right what has become diseased, twisted and broken by the hand of the corrupter.

Concerning the accession of the unified tribe of Man, the merits of the families (or nationalities) will be considered. Their honor, bravery, creativity, loyalty, foresight, skill and strength will be judged. Having proven their merit, every worthy family will be offered a place in the tribe of Man. Any family that does not or cannot become as one tribe will be therefore outside the tribe of Man, and will meet the same fate as every other human being who is not a man: erasure. This utter desolation is the absolute consequence of defying divine order. Just as a house built with the foundation above the roof must fall, destroying all who dwell within it, so too is the destruction of every tribe outside the divine order inevitable. Such destruction is the work or plan of no man or men: for Nature commands Man, as God commands Nature. Man is the hand of Nature, and where any man defies nature he must be destroyed as a natural consequence. Therefore, to bring destruction upon every tribe and family that stands outside the aegis of Man is to be rendered blameless in the eyes of God, whereas to be passive in this great time of work is to be guilty of rebellion against divine order.

c0ba66  No.12768577

File: ee034ccf53ce191⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 512x447, 512:447, high altitude lightning.jpg)


The historical nobility of every once-noble family has long since faded from God's eyes. Therefore it is incumbent upon every family (or nationality) of men to discover and coronate the first great family leaders who will represent their local interests in the tribe of Man. Select from your nations the wisest, or the strongest, or the most persuasive, whichever qualities best define your natural gifts. Elevate your great men and bestow upon them your allegiance, in recognition that their natural talents are the blessing of God and Nature, whom all men must submit themselves to with good cheer lest they fall outside the protection of Man, who does submit with reverence to these higher forces. As for your dissenters: do with them as you decide. Educate them, exterminate them, expel them, take them into bondage; only Man shall inherit this world and that which is not Man is beast.

And so, standing witness to the degeneracy of false nobility which corrupts divine order with blasphemy and ignorance, I declare that every noble line of man has fallen, and that divine law demands it be renewed. And, having borne once again your nobility in accordance with divine order, and having concluded the binding treaties, the tribe of Man will sweep across every grain of sand on the world and eliminate every monster that stands as a human being as opposed to a Man. Therefore the end of the age of strife will be marked clearly for heaven and earth to approve of, and the age of renewal will begin. Freed forever from the burden of monstrous influence, the emperor of Man shall stand open the gates of heaven, either by treaty or divine dictate, whereby the riches and glory of the heavens will stretch out before Man, demanding only to be discovered and afforded respect in our use of it, for that is divine law.

Emissaries from all the world have gathered in this place to witness the blossom of degeneracy of this noble (in name only) family, and moreover to give voice to the grievances of their national families. I ask you, who among your people has responded with wisdom or courage? If he is among your family, honor him and elevate him as is his right. Craft new banners, purge the rebels and traitors and the false nobility who oppose divine order, set straight your national halls. Discover and cultivate the finest and most representative traits and skills of your family within every man, and elevate your family thereby. The day of judgement, seemingly motionless as it approaches, when upon you will be as a lightning bolt from darkened skies. For darkness and chaos, having deepened to the penultimate stage, inevitably give birth to their counterpart. Among darkness and clouds that rise, fire and light will descend. Over gross nobility of a long-past age, heroic common men of the future will have dominion. Among the oppressive seething mass of consuming and gibbering monsters, Individuals will arise and create clear order. Out of a multitude, there will be one.

Now this proclamation resonates in a frequency that quickens the hearts of men, and cows the arrogant monster. Feeling this quickening, every emissary of a family of man must meditate upon its meaning, and set about to discover the great men of each nation, lest they be found in disorder on the day of reckoning and their family denied any noble seat at the table of united Man. There will be no excuse, no delay, no extenuating circumstance accepted. To fail to discover nobility in a family is to be absorbed by your superiors, or to conclude the history of your people in ruin. With each blashpemy, with each transgression of divine law, with each assault against Nature, the water rises closer to breaching the dam which withholds God's wrath.

c0ba66  No.12768583


And doing it just because I told them to. Convincing people to sacrifice themselves is remarkably easy.

c0ba66  No.12768597


There, I solved your "nobility" problem. A long time ago. Anything else I need to do ITT? Looks like a /thread

4407d8  No.12768602


At least I am not a faggot who posts picts of himself sniffing his own faggot stink finger.

77a275  No.12768627


>English nobility is kike trash

>hence all nobility is kike trash

KYS leftypol. The Kaiser will rise again.

c7310e  No.12768644


>The Kaiser will rise again.

Wilhelm II was a weak, indecisive, arrogant fool who bungled his country into a two front war for no purpose that led to the jews taking over Russia and his own nation being humiliated and dismembered while his own royal line was destroyed.

Maybe I'm being unfair. He was a good man at heart but he intentionally provoked other nations before meekly allowing events to spiral out of his control. This led to the pointless slaughter of 65 million Germans, not even counting the 52 million Austrians and Hungarians who died for no purpose.

4407d8  No.12768657


They are all weak and effete anon. Do not give yourself to anyone that you wouldn't trust with your most precious possession, your DNA lineage millions of the lives of your ancestors who died before you to shape the most precious living work of art the earth has ever known. Even Beta males are a work of art that is passed down though the ages and deserves to be preserved. NOTHING GOOD will ever rise from the ashes of what exists now…there is nothing good in it at all left, for they degenerated and mongrelized their bloodlines with soulless automatons for MONEY…they are PROVED degenerate. 100%


They are all related you retard. GODDAMN nu/pol/ how fucking ignorant are you cucks?

c7310e  No.12768665


One dumb mistake I made was I meant to say that Germany suffered 2.5 million deaths and Austria-Hungary suffered 2.1 million.

Sage for my silly mortal mistake.

4f3407  No.12768672


Yes, everyone listen to the antifa feminist kikess. She has your best interests at heart.

77a275  No.12768682


Wilhem II won the war. It was won until the Rothschild managed to pull the US into war. It is impossible for any European nation to win any war against the US.

His only mistake was to not call upon the American Germans for aid. The communist propaganda already took roots in the press back then.

Anyone wanting to equate all monarchies is like saying all world leaders are bad. These people are literal brainlets that do not know the Windsors are not the only family in the world, and cross-monarch marriages were only done to preserve their power against agressors.

700be5  No.12768692


The uncomfortable truth is the LACK of nobility, not the need for it.

t. Aryan Uberfuhrer who despises all of you larpers.

4407d8  No.12768694


Brother…its the mentally ill anon again. Meh, still not impressed with anything you do or say…

4407d8  No.12768708


>cross-monarch marriages were only done to preserve their power against agressors.

Fuck you anon! They aren't worth my belly button lint. They have no merit, that is why they couldn't hold power anyway other than allying and breeding with kikes. If you want to be ruled over by kikes, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?

4f3407  No.12768728


>oy vey you need to take some of my (((medication)))

>trust me goy I'm a psychiatrist today!

4407d8  No.12768733


Whatever, NPC.

9f857f  No.12768749

Hitlers not coming back. There will be no leaders. GLR was murdered

4f3407  No.12768762


>come on goyim, smear yourself with menstrual blood to dismantle the patriarchy with me!

>antifa are heroes, lets bash the fash!

99bf02  No.12768770

Wanna know about the origin of European "nobility"? Same as the fucking khazars, descending from the Cimmer, literally animals from the underworld. Closely related to the "nebulous ones".

One of the gates is around the Caucasus, the Black Sea and the Caspian, for sure. Too many "coincidences" involved with the region. Hitler knew of this connection the underworld is just the Earths beneath the Earth. That's one of the reasons the Wehrmacht went for Stalingrad


That's ""European" "nobility" in a nutshell. You could say just another brand of jews. Their final goal is the complete assimilation and annihilation of mankind. Is that the the future you want? I hope not, so you will look into finding that nobility outside of the rotten blood of traitors that mixed with beasts. The ages when nobility was truly 100% unscathed and worthy of any titles has been gone for thousands or years, otherwise nothing would be as it is now. If the "thousands of years" measure triggers you, deal with it. A consequence of being non-existent on the face of the Earth up until a point is that some will remember it and recognise that you are just lost sheep. Remember that.

c7310e  No.12768773

File: 2516e9b9c4cb782⋯.png (620.65 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, USA enters war.png)


>Wilhem II won the war

Oh really? The USA entered the war in 1917 after the Anglos promised them free land in Palestine.

At that time, the front lines looked like this. France, though bloodied was still as engaged as Germany was, and the UK was unreachable. Germany was starting to really suffer from the blockade. Austria Hungary was also suffering from blockade and the Ottomans were imploding. Russia would fall to Marxist subversion within months, but by then the Turks and Bulgarians were too weak to resist incursions from the Entente.

I agree with you that not all monarchies are identical. But arguing that Wilhelm only made one mistake is insane. It is actually, by definition; insane.

If he was flawless, he would not have ended his career as a defeated, humiliated, refugee from his own nation. Dethroned and in hiding from his own people.


Dude, calm down. No one is arguing that we should be ruled by jews. This is a friendly discussion about the merit of hereditary monarchs and whether or not Wilhelm II was a good leader. Which, while I argue he was not, he also wasn't a jew.

4407d8  No.12768776


Don't you have anything better to do than to stalk me and be highly unoriginal. I mean it is just embarrassing…have you ever had a thought that belonged solely to you and not to another person? You are worse than a parrot…and the sad thing is that you think you are being constructive in some way when you just regurgitate other people's ideas…you are a useless eater with nothing to say.

4407d8  No.12768803


>he also wasn't a jew.

They have been inbreeding with kikes for thousands of years. They are all inbred with each other and the backbone of their DNA is kikes. They are soulless and if they had something to offer they would have the backing of their own people 100% but they don't have their peoples support so they ally with kikes in order to gain and keep power. European (((nobility))) and kikes are now synonymous with each other. There is nothing they have that we need or want.

They hate us anon and use us to our death because they don't give a fuck (it is an easy way for them to cull their herd, but not for the herds strength and eugenic improvement but for its weakness and to destroy its capability so that we cannot challenge them or their feeble power structure). Nothing of merit is going to come from a single lineage that occupies this planet because there is nothing of merit here in existence. They have fucked so many peasants and cucked so many Betas that there is more HONEST nobility in the average man than there EVER will be again in the 'official' lines of nobility. They are nothing and will never amount to anything again…nor will anyone who has their corrupted kike blood.

4f3407  No.12768833


>white people are jews you goys!

>you should totally listen to me since I am a self admitted jewish feminist antifa supporter!

99bf02  No.12768848



c7310e  No.12768852


I believe (and said earlier in this thread) that every single one of the current elites who collaborate with the jews deserves to be shot. That incudes every oil company executive, every televangelist, and yes, every single one of the current British aristocracy who aids and abets the jews. I'd love to end up being assigned the task of overseeing the tribunals.

So I personally would like to see every royal lineage wiped out on principle to reward them for their treachery.

But were they all jews? I think not. I believe that their crime was "merely" a crime of opportunity and convenience. They collaborated with the jew because the jew offered them money and influence in exchange for toleration of their perversions and scheming. And when the time was ripe, the clever jews overthrew the monarchs to seize near total power themselves. It'd be poetic justice were it not for the millions of innocent White men and women who they murdered in the process.

But to get back to the issue, no. I don't think they were jews. If the Romanovs (for instance) were jews, why would they slaughter them?

Jews like chaos when it suits them. But if the jews already ruled uncontested through jewish monarchs, why would they waste all the time and money they did to overthrow them?

99bf02  No.12768884


You are missing one crucial part. There is another reason they collaborate with jews and sometimes they don't. They are closely related even before mixing with one another. Invasion can happen more than once and beasts can mix with your nobility to control your population more than once. The "recent" mixing with jews is just another instance of betrayal. And yes this means that a large proportion of the European population has received such outside genetic influence too, albeit with more extensive mixing the blood gets diluted fast. The substrate genome is too strong to be completely overrun by invasion. That's another reason why nobles suffer from so much inbreeding and mix with other nobles all the time. The politics is not always the primary reason in this, but both ways work in unison and reinforce one another. They have to keep the line going until the gates open again. Consider yourself warned.

f518f3  No.12768925


Was it worth it?

c7310e  No.12768962


Warned of what? I'm not a monarchist by a long shot.

They have demonstrated that they despise us. Therefore they deserve to die.

They're hostile elements whose loyalty is not to their people but to their precious "royal bloodline"

If they are more concerned with their own blood than their nation, I say let them drown in it.

99bf02  No.12768981

Warned that there is no ending to this until we are all fully assimilated

99bf02  No.12768984



meant to reply

f35996  No.12768991

File: 9a030dd055ab154⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 746x590, 373:295, dog_hug.jpg)


You are stuck in the propaganda of the last two centuries. I do actually understand what you are saying and claiming. The problem is, I have found no route that is applicable in achieving any goals even near our collective desires. Even holding out against inching closer to open genocide is an impossible task at this point. You are under the impression there is an legitimate and non violent avenue possible in any way shape or form. If we are to win, nothing else other than survival of our volk, only violence is our hope and path. Our enemies, unlike you, understand this and are working very hard to avoid that path at this point. They mostly understand they are not ready or powerful enough to openly march you and the rest of us into an ditch yet, but they also know they are very close to achieving it. Hitler aint coming back, and he failed by always thinking there was some way other than total unrestrained war, much like you sound like. At this point the leaders that rise for/with us are going to be either some level of an khan or vlad or controlled opposition (whether they know it or not).

You are either arguing to accept being warm in the pot of water and worrying about the PR of others or perhaps you are one of the paid shills pushing an counter idea to head off what is already decided. Either way, it's pointless. You want to pull an 'acceptable' leader or leadership class out of your ass and think you can make it somehow work were THOUSANDS of others have failed utterly, good fucking luck. I do wish you the best in that endeavor. But until YOU prove that it is possible, those whom understand what is coming and an effective and final it is, will keep preparing and moving in that direction. On both 'our' side, and theirs.

Only one way out of this anon; they are in the ditch, or you. But keep that hope alive for some other path if you want, just lay off the normalfaggot tv mantra shit kid. Takes away from your argument when you project.

4407d8  No.12768992


Would parasites suit you as a definition then? I am not overly fond of parasites either…given my time farming I started out as a 'love all animals' 'furry things make the world go round' and then I had to decide whether I wanted to eat or wether I wanted them to eat. I became a ruthless and efficient killer of things that stood in my way (this is all these executive/merchant/nobility/kikes are…parasites on the normal people.

So something that takes from you without giving anything in return…and destroys what you have built and worked for…that is the 'nobility' in a nutshell…they fucking spend our lives like they were pouring out water.

That is when the rubber hit the road and I realized that ALL PARASITES (people who hold to kike behaviors and values) needed to be exterminated. So bugs, spics, niggers, kikes and most of the worlds 'upper class', 'business class', 'merchant class' or 'nobility' needs the axe. No one can feed BOTH them and us at the same time, one group of the upper/lower class parasites or productive class needs to be exterminated…if we exterminate the productive class there will be nothing for anyone to live off of at all and ALL WILL DIE in a malthusian collapse which results (potentially) in the extermination of all life on the planet (especially if niggers are the last life standing, they are nothing more than locusts who like the kikes DEVOUR EVERYTHING THEY SEE).

Just saying, anon…

Tough decisions have to be made about PARASITES and productive peoples. I would like to keep the productive classes of people (Europeans and other White people as long as they were productive; not pedo/homos parasites) and exterminate both the lower and upper class worthless eaters as nothing other than parasitic infection to the planet.

I am not keen on 'keeping' any of the parasites; but that is only because I have had a life and death struggle with their kind already and I KNOW THEM. They live to destroy and it is all they know, as much as the rodents in my permaculture farm don't live to survive they eat and destroy leaving nothing but death in their wake, so to these jews and their followers (rich and poor).

They have no other way of existence or possibility to change their behavior (or they would have to blend in and hide their malfeasance so that they would not be so noticeable to the class of people who were actually productive) who are beginning to hate them for their accursed behavior and endless feeding without regard for life or what it might or might not support. They are taking not just our future and our present but are stealing the very joy out of living as their parasitic tendencies show no ends.

I hear where you are coming from…the position that not all of them are 'jews' like bloodline jews, but they are parasites none the less and their way of life is not any less damaging to us and our future.

If they could have stopped themselves in the City of London fiscal malfeasance or the Federal Reserve (plunder of the entire planet) malfeasance they would have stopped themselves, but they can't so in a way, we are saving the Earth by putting them out of their parasitic misery.

There are two different groups of jews that are in a global battle for dominance. One is the western jews who control the USA and the other is the persian jews who control the Orient. They love killing each other and starting wars with us as their cannon fodder. That is why the Trotskyite jews from New York ended up murdering the Russian jews and other 'nobility'…because it was a power play of West against East. Now the East has been fighting back and flooding the Wests nations with shitskins and niggers. Do you really think we should let them continue to control our nations and lives? Any of them from the niggers to the head kikes to the 'nobility'?

4f3407  No.12769012


>given my time farming I started out as a 'love all animals' 'furry things make the world go round' and then I had to decide whether I wanted to eat or wether I wanted them to eat. I became a ruthless and efficient killer of things that stood in my way

Wow, you really were serious about being a kikess. Only a jew despises nature so much.

>So bugs, spics, niggers, kikes and most of the worlds 'upper class', 'business class', 'merchant class' or 'nobility' needs the axe.

Yeah, those evil white people who are better than you need to die. How dare they not be degenerate subhumans like you!

4407d8  No.12769039


>Only a jew despises nature so much.

I know what it means to actively starve on your feet, faggot. Yes, that still happens in the West when you refuse to take 'government assistance' and determine to pick yourself back up after you have been pillaged in 2008 by the kikes agenda/recission. When you are facing starvation you too will sing a different tune. No one knows what they will do until they are almost too weak and hungry to continue. I got to the point where I just used rope to hold my pants up and was wearing childs clothes because all adult clothes were too big for my frame. Get back to me when you have starved in a land of plenty…we can talk then you fat McDonalds eating fuck.

bfd75e  No.12769053

File: 593103613c56aae⋯.jpeg (52.47 KB, 500x569, 500:569, let that sink in.jpeg)


Look on Wikipedia for the story of the birth of William the Conqueror aka William the Bastard. A Jew arranged for his Jewess daughter to meet and seduce William's father. Apparently it was love at first sight. That, along with a huge dowry, is how they worm their way into nobility, and have been doing so since the 11th century.

4407d8  No.12769076

File: 55c8beb9a7187ae⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, presidents all related to ….jpg)


It also happens by illicit means as well…I am forgetting which lineage it is, because I am only half paying attention here while I do other things but one of the 'royal lines' that are currently widely inbred through European 'royalty' was the (((bastard))) son of an Archer…his mother was 100% clear about his status as a bastard and yet, through vicious behavior he rose to the top and usurped the legitimate royal line. So scads of people who CLAIM they are royal are actually bastards of this one illegitimate union. Maybe another anon can give the name of the bastard. Much of the 'unofficial royalty' of the USA is also descended from this bastard union as well.

4f3407  No.12769107


Oh what a shocker, the kikess fantasizes about being an oppressed victim! How many times were personally selected by Dr. Mengele to be gassed?

c7310e  No.12769130


>You are under the impression there is an legitimate and non violent avenue possible in any way shape or form

Trust me, I am under no such delusions. In fact, I'm the Asymmetric Warfare Analysis guy. And my posts on this thread so far have been bellicose.

You argued that the "lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of the sheep" and this is a silly statement. Since you are as bloody minded as I am, this statement makes even less sense and I'll explain why.

You comprehend that the only way to overthrow the System is through violent revolution. It follows that (I presume) you understand that the only way to do this is through asymmetric, exponentially intensifying warfare.

And if you have ever studied the nature of this kind of warfare, you would know that guerrillas ALWAYS operate in the sea of public opinion.

The guerrilla is a fish and the public is the sea.

Without a sizeable portion of the aggrieved faction (in this case, White people) supporting the rebel cause, the struggle is doomed to failure. Even moreso considering that we will never receive one ounce of support from any major (((power))). Unlike communist insurgents of the 20th century.

So this idea that you are a lion and everyone else is a sheep is nonsense. You are a sheep too. So am I. And we're two angry, free thinking sheep plotting revolution in a sea of sheep who think we're crazy. But if we could get the sheep to work together, we could tear down this fence and trample the shepherd.

Maybe sheep is a poor analogy. Instead, imagine yourself as a peasant in a feudal state. You want to kill a tyrannical ruler but he has an army. How do you fight him?

You take away his advantages

He cannot pay his army if he receives no taxes. He cannot hunt you down if rebel supporters hide you in their hay barns. He cannot arrest and murder you if your neighbors don't inform on you because they hate the tyrant too. And soon, elements within his own army will defect to your cause and the tyrant will die.


You misunderstand me. I've stated several times that I'd support culling the nobility because they have demonstrated that they will sell out their own people for profit.

In fact, let's be brutally honest. Most European aristocrats considered themselves a separate ethnic group from their own subjects. They were not beholden to the land that they ruled. They believed that a "German" should rule Russians and a "Frenchman" should rule Spaniards etc. They were as rootless as the jews are and believed themselves to be separate and superior to us lowly peasants.

Thus, while not jews themselves, they were like jews in their mindset. They viewed themselves as different from and superior to European people. And they believed that they were God's Chosen People to rule over us.

And ironically, the other Chosen People got the jump on them and shot most of them. Now the survivors are cowering beneath the whip of the jewish taskmaster, the former haughty Lords and Ladies yipping and groveling before these disgusting, hook nosed scum that they thought served them.


As I said before, if they think that their blue blood is so special, let them drown in it. Anyone who works with the jews deserves to suffer for it.

4407d8  No.12769183

File: 1a18e2b0d48203b⋯.jpg (265.43 KB, 1300x914, 650:457, oreo cookie.jpg)


>You misunderstand me

Oh, I think we are on the same page with that one. I am simply trying to make the case for all parasites, rather than just one group of selected parasitic behavior. When viewed from below or above with us productive people sandwiched in the middle both the poor and subhumans are parasites as much as the rich are parasites in the same fashion. I wouldn't suffer any of the subhumans (which ironically includes the kikes) who are the nigger on top of the Oreo or the niggers who are on the bottom of the Oreo to live since they display the same behaviors and modus operandi.

The Whites hold everything together and are crushed by the niggers and subhumans on all sides. There isn't all that much Oreo filling to go around anymore so shit is going to start going bad when the fat is removed. It will be the unproductive rich grinding and crushing the unproductive poor. So crumbs and collapse or we can kill them all and have White goodness forever.

22659b  No.12769202


> hitler was a noble

>communists were nobles

72d9a2  No.12769232


1814d6  No.12769834

Nobility does not fall from the sky. The old nobility were given their titles for success on the battlefield.

Nobility does not last forever. All of the current nobility are horribly degenerated.

000000  No.12771445

Let me be a noble then.

I will be your emperor and lead us to greatness. But who will submit to me? We cannot all be on top of the pyramid. That is how the communists think. So let us decide now who is on top, and who is below, and then we can begin forging a proper hierarchy. The only thing you must know is that the king is of your blood, and is True to Europe.

I do not want opposition. If you think you are a king, then claim your land. I doubt we are near each other, so what are you doing trying to fight, while saying a word like "Lel," with a comma after the word lel. Is that truly what I am up against?

Either bow down and submit to me, so that I can assemble you into proper ranks and deliver titles, or don't. But if there is no leader who understands and who is true, then there will be no kingdom.

f35996  No.12771906

File: d5a61748b1fca65⋯.png (199.37 KB, 418x353, 418:353, Rockwell shot and killed -….png)


I would continue arguing, but I feel it is pointless. Not because we may not have similar goals and are roughly the same in understanding what is going on it seems. Instead I will wish you luck. If my way doesn't work, I hope yours does. I fear you underestimate the scope of our problem with our 'diversity' inherent in our current system. But if you find a way to navigate such shoals and see an avenue of success, carry on. But I fear you will fall prey to issues that are not part of most peoples understanding of what guerrilla warfare actually is. I will continue to focus on preparing and planning for dealing with those issues I fear you will fall prey to. I won't explain much on the details on this point now since our common enemy watches what we post so closely and I have no desire to assist in them getting an understanding of what is coming and how possibly to counter it. Lets both hope your way works, for everyone's sake.

If we were in some system of an homogeneous culture / racial environment I would in most cases actually agree with you. But we are not, so again, good luck. We really are looking at 150 million lost just in north america alone and this I fear you will find will be an requirement. Your way, will risk our people being in that number, rather than our enemies. But keep going. More options are often better than an limited path. So long as our volk survive and our enemies are destroyed in detail, I don't care which of us is right.

fa2f6b  No.12771912

>I need rich oligarchs to have power over me because I'm a beta sub cuckold


000000  No.12771953

Brahmana - Kshatriya - Vaishya. The Priests renounce worldly power and violence to pursue philosophy and spiritual progress, maintaining the rituals that keep the society alive. The Warriors are allowed worldly power and violence to protect Priests and Artisans and expand their territory, but must put their lives to the task. The Artisans are not expected to sacrifice themselves to higher powers nor die for others, instead they feed and nourish the rest and keep the civilization fuctioning, tending to the Priests and providing the Warriors with houses and weapons.

You can't have one without the rest. To have Artisans, you must protect them from enemy predatory attacks by Warriors, and both need spiritual guidance, science and teaching from Priests who need protection and nourishment. Normie tier Shudras may engage in their nigger tier activities however they want, just far from the three higher varnas.

Or so it worked for Proto-Indo-Europeans for some time. Modern societies don't work that way, India fully included.

afb904  No.12772281

File: 92ca96f26089ab4⋯.png (263.62 KB, 468x487, 468:487, 0b65ada1d5e58cc0a16e5dd3dd….png)


Mass exposure is a tricky thing to do right but I can cite one instance I know of in mainstream internet culture. A Jewtuber named E;R created a quite highly rated criticism of some terrible childrens show, Stephen Universe. The cartoon in question is as diseased and semetic as most content aimed at younger children in this day and age with tropes such as accepting homosexual relationships, how being weak and apathetic is fine and bettering yourself is not needed, how living among purely females as a male is fine, you get the picture. As he dismantled the cartoon in a fairly comical fashion he continually pointed out the Jewish writers of the show, nicknaming them "gems" if I recall correctly and showing their wikipedia page with the Jewish star on it. It continues on like this, a mix of comical criticism and subtle red pills until it culminates in one of the more stirring speechs our great Uncle ever did.

While Hooktube is now comprimised if running a VM and a VPN this should be safe to view here;


Now this proved to be hugely successful with the video prior to being banned in certain geographical locations and placed into limited state. The comments section told a very interesting story, the successful dissemination of previously unknown information regarding the speech to the masses.

Onto the subject of forming groups your quite right, it is something possible but inherently tricky due to subversion. I believe personally the best counter to this is to create an absolute bedrock foundation first so as to reduce the damage by subversion. A good place to start would be the foundation of White Identity made into a pallatable form that cannot be easily hijacked by the (((tribe))) with a heavy focus on traditional events and celebration of the European peoples achievement.

The other thing to bear in mind is that it is not acceptance we need from the general public, merely indifference. People are numbed in this day and age, it is truly an era of bread and circuses. One can argue deprive them of this and they'll wake up but that isn't entirely true. When Rome fell there wasn't some mad dash to bar the gates and man the battlements. People just continued on accepting it's fall. We cannot count on popular support, we instead need an unbreakable backbone that will not yield. That is where the 10% rule comes into play. That is who we need to support us, their the ones we need to focus on.


So I am actually going to use this post as an example of how a good leader would utilise what Evola considered to be the "Divine power" behind a leader. While unfortuanately this gentleman has gone far too much into Christian zealotry, any leader would be required to command a certain amount of belief from his subjects. Whether his "divine backing" stems from a form of "supernatural" event or merely surrendipitous events, a leader must be able to be seen as something above your average man. I believe I can even offer an example of someone attempting this but still failing miserably. If one should listen to a Richard Spencer speech without any knowledge of his background or corrupt connections, you would find him an excellent orator. Had he not been dating a Satanist and invoking pure retardation on his social media and instead focusing on unshakeable grounds for his people he might of even gained an actual following should he of refined his rheoteric and not been a degenerate. I believe in a way he sees himself just as what we are discussing yet failing to realise he is merely a poor analogue for it instead. He and those like him are clear examples of what must be avoided.


And finally here we have a fine example of the Libertarian autist. A man who fails to realise all great leaps and empires have been led by singular individuals with a vision they refused to bend on. Whose grounding of "No step on snek" is as delusional as the Communist who believes property is theft. My, such gentlemen are always entertaining. Tell me, whats your opinion on Styx's latest video, I bet it was a real knee slapper. Spoon clank my friend, spoon clank!

000000  No.12790169


The nobility is in the character. + a damn good network of allies too.

9dc796  No.12790190


>hates himself, needs to be fed rope.


Mustard stain aside, you first said it's retarded and that leadership through inheritance

doesn't work, but then you openly admit that Jews have a lot of control and power. They are a strict Patriarchal culture that lives exactly in the manner that you say doesn't work.

The Jews having so much power and control proves your first assertion wrong just with casual thought. It can't be both ways, it's either a working systematic method, or it doesn't work at all. It worked for thousands of years. It works for the Jews.


>Doesn't even know what a Kaiser is. Presumes to speak about something he knows nothing about.

Kaiser was a title given to whichever royal the court of German kings elected to be the final arbiter of the land. The German system had hundreds of kings, but only a single Kaiser at any given time.

000000  No.12790279


Fixated on katanas are we?

Europe has plenty of sabers just as good if not better. Starting for instance with weapons coming with real hand guards.

Besides, a guy with a katana will get pwned most of the time by a guy with a fencing sword. Portuguese routinely assraped Japs on their own turf centuries ago.

000000  No.12790293


That's a decayed nobility turned crass bourgeoisie.

Not to say that bourgeoisie is bad. Bourgeoisie is just a Marxist code word for upper middle class that actually creates wealth and jobs in a country. It is a necessary class, but it needs to abide by values which are noble and aristocratic, otherwise you get a plutocracy.

There are good and bad apples in all classes.

a12743  No.12790391


Neither the Clinton or Trump are 'white' they are both Vlach/Romani. YOU ARE RULED OVER BY FUCKING FOREIGNERS.

a12743  No.12790392


Fuck off you ball muncher for the so called 'nobility'…drown in a pool of their semen.

a27874  No.12790393

File: 659e3d628baaffb⋯.png (253.68 KB, 1282x591, 1282:591, oyvey.PNG)

File: 01dc43f2717c523⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 01dc43f2717c52364ca6fb533d….jpg)

while you larping faggots shitpost about revolution the jews are taking all our rights

000000  No.12790422


Just a specific question for you.

Would you be ready to insult Yahweh openly? Reject this failed entity? And accept this engagement of yours to be known?


>I do agree, at least to an extent. The problem is, our current nobility claim their nobility from an already corrupted lineage. You suggestion on finding fringe nobility is a fair idea but I would argue that once they gain recognition, in an effort to attain greater power, they would bend once more and become as corrupt as the rest. No, what we need is the creation of a new nobility. In what form and how, that is the key question.



>The current elites are a waste of time and ALL of them deserve to be shot for their display of exceptional cowardice and treachery. And I'm not even talking about the jews. I'm talking about the White capitalist and political elite traitors.


>They all deserve to be shot. It's maddening how deep their treachery is. How completely they have sold out their own race.

Damn right.

000000  No.12790424

On the topic of nobility and whiteness.

For all of you who wonder if you're White enough, or may have a drop from the accursed ones running in your veins, don't flinch.

Read this:

Who is White?

Those of you who have over the years or decades either observed or participated in the

resistance to the murder of the White race know that provocateurs have attacked the

racial purity of professed leaders to impugn their motives. In my opinion part of the

reason this has successfully worked for the enemy is a mind set grown from an alien

religion. A basic tenet of Judeo-Christianity and part of its fatal allure is that it allows

inferior men to claim superior status without corresponding effort. A Judeo-Christian

with an IQ of 90 and a dismal life history can get baptized, repeat a few ritualistic words

and presto, suddenly proclaim divine status superior to that of a man a million times his

superior in intellect and character. The "blue-eyed blond" syndrome is typical of this

mentality. And I say this advisedly since I appear Nordic, tall, slender, blue-eyed blond.

Yet I can only guess at the purity of my ancestry. My father of record sold my mother to

his buddies and to strangers for booze money, so the Gods alone know all. What I do

know is this. I look White. I fight for White. I recognize the achievements of the White

race. I want to preserve our kind. I am horrified that the beauty of the White Aryan

woman may soon perish from the earth forever. I suffer for each White child tormented in

America's inter-racial nightmare. I see beauty in a Celtic princess with brown or red hair

and green eyes. I see beauty in the statuesque Nordic Goddess with blue eyes and golden

hair. I see beauty in the freckle-faced Irish lass. I see heroism in Robert Jay Mathews and

Richard Scutari with their dark hair and eyes of green or brown as well as in Frank

DeSilva, a fair skinned Bruders with a French Portuguese name. Theirs is far greater

nobility than 99% of those "Nordic Ideals," I might add.

For those who boast of their "purity," you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great

grandparents and so on. Go back 500 years or so and you have a million ancestors. A few

more generations and everyone who ever trod the lands of Europe is your ancestor,

including Huns, Mongols and Moors. There are no 100% pure Aryans as per 10,000

years ago. But we still do exist as a distinct and unique biological entity. The cultures and

civilizations we create are beyond comparison. The beauty of our women, blondes,

brunettes, redheads, green-eyed, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, is the desire of all men and the

envy of all women. So, we do not want to be derailed by gossip or speculation on who

may be 1/16th Indian or have some Italian, Spanish or Portuguese blood. We are not

going to debate over whether the collective remaining White gene pool is 95% or 97%

pure Aryan.

Surely it would be a tragedy if the various divisions of our race lose their distinctive traits

and beauty. And after we have secured the existence of our people and a future for ALL

our children, hopefully we can take steps to preserve this diversity. But for now, we are

going to accept the facts and circumstances as they exist. We are going to work together

for the holy cause and we will not tolerate provocateurs, divisions or dissension. If

someone looks White, acts White, fights White, then until their actions prove otherwise,

they are our Folk. On the other hand, regardless of pedigree or appearance, those who

oppose, criticize, hinder or fail to support our cause are no friends of ours.

David Lane

46f64d  No.12790794


You mad I won't hide and be your special fag friend faggot?

2fe5f4  No.12790959

File: 0acc125024b533c⋯.png (214.5 KB, 670x703, 670:703, coppy.png)

Aristos will always side with your oppressors because you have nothing to offer.

Imagine thinking aristos would fulfill a superman-savior role.

You'd have a more rational hope in Oumuamua.

f2ddd6  No.12791041


> 'white' they are both Vlach/Romani

calm your autism

205344  No.12791207


That's where you're wrong. History is full of dare-devil 'nobles' (and again I am not talking necessarily about specific blood lines, just those with authority who the masses will listen to) who are willing to risk their comfortable yet stagnant or decaying position in society; to instead become infinitely more wealthy and powerful. This is how Kings were overthrown, how various political institutions were toppled, how Rome transitioned from Republic to Empire.

'We' offer them the ability to wipe the board clean, to take out all of their rivals and enemies; to purge all of the corruption and nepotism. Whether for excessive wealth and acclaim, for the future of their children, or for more ideological causes; there are plenty of reasons why 'nobles' might want to get rid of the jews, reverse immigration and fight for their kinsmen.

703020  No.12791280


What happened to lurking two years?

>nothing matters so much as awakening our own people

>Deutschland erwache, erwache!

Yet (((you))) want a leader you can influence, for the sheep to follow.

f35996  No.12791620

File: 87b8f325d840d87⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1456559501575.gif)


>muh boomer 'our' rights

>in the middle of an open genocide

The fuck.

205344  No.12791638


>you want a leader

I do not want a leader. Can you learn to read English? We need people who wield authority to align themselves with our ideas, otherwise the common people will not act on them. Look at the massive shift in the dialogue in the USA after Trump decided to speak out against immigration. As soon as an official authority legitimises these views, they become acceptable and people will start talking about them.

Imagine now if Trump came out and said that the jews were at fault. It doesn't even have to be someone as high profile as Trump; look at the absolute terror that freaking Mel Gibson inflicted upon yids when he spoke out about them. They have worked tirelessly to deplatform him or get him to recant his statements; because they realise just how easy it is for something to become socially acceptable.

I am not asking for a leader. I am suggesting it is a good idea for us to encourage 'authorities' to speak out about our ideas. That would quickly normalise them. Whether they literally lead an army into the breach and re-take our nations; or whether they are 'leading' only in-so-far as talking out about subjects that allow for the public to oust the enemy; it matters not. I am certainly not suggesting we elevate some random celebrity to be our spokesman; I am suggesting we use them to reach the masses who, according to every example of history, will only be motivated into action when an authority - like such celebrities - legitimises the cause.

Maybe I'm just bad at explaining myself, but this doesn't like a very difficult concept to wrap one's head around. A few people in this thread seem to have grasped what I was getting at, but somehow the vast majority have come to all sorts of other conclusions.

000000  No.12791794



no such thing, there are only liars and the fools that believe them.

76c655  No.12792056

File: cfd3e10564938de⋯.jpg (6.62 KB, 194x259, 194:259, HURR DURR OP IS FUCKING RE….jpg)

> There were no great leaders taken from the ranks of the common man. It has simply never happened, and there's no reason to think it will today.

be2d56  No.12792177

File: 85d06fa48414c22⋯.jpg (113.35 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1431899593522.jpg)


>So I am actually going to use this post as an example of how a good leader would utilise what Evola considered to be the "Divine power" behind a leader. While unfortuanately this gentleman has gone far too much into Christian zealotry, any leader would be required to command a certain amount of belief from his subjects.

Oh, you noticed that part? Gotta play to your audience, my man. I'll tell you though, while I did type those words the message didn't exactly come from me, per se. That shit just flowed out of me like water being poured from a vase. I'm not joking around when I say I take my job seriously, if I need to be a vessel I'm happy to submit. And quite good at it as well. I could make equal quality shit all day every day, and in fact it would just get better because I'd be actively improving as I went. It's just so goddamn easy for me I find it boring. But if someone wants more I don't mind obliging, I just don't care to play to an empty room

be2d56  No.12792204

File: 387f1b6e01aa2ef⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 236x372, 59:93, dcd8174218be73dd63c5793bad….jpg)


>Was it worth it?

I mean, it cost me nothing except a few calories and some breath, and not only did hippies get gassed but a ZOGbot got shown for what it was, and then the thing went fucking viral. So yeah, I'd say it was worth it, kek. Even if nobody ever saw it but the people there, it would still have been totally worth it.

be2d56  No.12792223


And if you REALLY want to know the format of the template, I took it from the most successful conqueror in human history. I can talk in Muslim terms too, or Pagan. No matter the shape of the container, I can fill the role. I don't consider it a challenge.

be2d56  No.12792301

File: 799d91bf021ca62⋯.png (62.27 KB, 456x496, 57:62, 9c4664f866566dc8cd9a54736f….png)


>leadership through inheritance doesn't work, but then you openly admit that Jews have a lot of control and power. ]

>They are a strict Patriarchal culture that lives exactly in the manner that you say doesn't work.

First off, dipshit, everyone knows that kikes are matriarchal. Secondly, if a parasite manages to survive for a few thousand years and then is COMPLETELY OBLITERATED in a single generation, mainly due to the natural progression of the technology of the host, you don't get to call that success. Keep sucking your own dick right up to the end, though. It makes you weak and easy to kill. I won't even break a sweat deleteing you, I won't even notice when you're gone. And you'll never be coming back in any form ever, I'll dismantle the substrate of your existence completely. And no one will remember you ever existed. Hope you had fun while it lasted

76c655  No.12792352

File: b649f3b0b98a96d⋯.jpg (23.8 KB, 273x373, 273:373, IM OP AND I CANNOT STOP SU….jpg)

> There were no great leaders taken from the ranks of the common man. It has simply never happened, and there's no reason to think it will today.

205344  No.12794307


>I think I'm out smarting the OP by showing how these people who HAVE/HAD AUTHORITY managed to influence other people's opinions

>I am however completely oblivious to the fact that the OP repeatedly stated, despite it being obvious from the first post, and clarified beyond doubt in the fifth reply; and that there have been myriad posts since from various other users showing that Hitler even received massive amounts of help and had connections which allowed him to gain authority; I am still oblivious to the fact that the OP has stressed that its not about being from a blood-line, but simply having a position of authority that the masses respect; the OP even included examples like politicians, CEOs and academics; none of which need to be of a specific bloodline or family; they just hold inherent authority in our messed up world and are listened to by the plebes; which is what the OP stressed is what matters.

>OP is now doubting that this board is even 20% white. Only 4 or 5 posters have actually managed to understand what he is saying. Is reading too difficult? Are we infested with double-digit IQ types? You all seem to latch on to specific words or phrases, much like the subhumans do; and then assume you know what is being spoken about; and instinctively reply with a short 'HURRR CUCK, HURRR 'NOBILITY', HURR IMAGE'.

This thread has been quite enlightening for me, for all the wrong reasons. I'm not mad that anyone disagrees with me, a couple of the posters who actually seemed to have the ability to comprehend words gave some good counter arguments. A few people have also had some interesting tangential debates. It's just irritating when there are people who clearly do not understand, and who then proceed to smugly drop a line or a picture and think they've 'won' or contributed. It reminds me of marxist ideologues who, upon being confronted by statistics pertaining to black crime or muslim slavery; will smugly announce that whites commit crime too, or that the Bible has some mean passages too; and then be convinced that they have actually produced a meaningful and powerful argument, and that they have actually defeated their ideological foe. It's just sad and a little depressing that such idiotic people exist. Worse still that it is now prevalent on /pol/.

899d48  No.12794319


So, what? If I convince you that I'm qualified to be your God-chosen ruler for life you'll support me with vigor? I guess I don't hate that. In a sense our viewpoints aren't that different, it's just that I've never really heard of a man who I'd do that for. No, not even Hitler, although that's the closest one I can think of. Maybe Chinggis as well. But since none of them claimed total victory I guess no, neither of them was sufficient.

b00441  No.12794333

File: 176a82039052d74⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 548x480, 137:120, tumblr_pla5n1GL2w1tcgcyj_6….jpg)


Who says the nobility is human?

899d48  No.12794338

File: f4daa56b6395d41⋯.png (19.38 KB, 519x521, 519:521, 1431511613167.png)

>>12794333 (Trips of truth)

>Who says the nobility is human?

Is that not an issue for you? Great news, everybody

88c1d3  No.12794341


Your problem, OP, is that you've conflated good leadership ie Adolf Hitler, with faggy nobility and in fact filled your OP with praise for noble families and insulting the common man. You even said in the OP "Every single revolution, coup, take-over, whatever; has been led by a noble."

And yet the most important revolution of all was not led by some kiked up noble faggot but by a white man: Adolf Hitler.

899d48  No.12794351

File: e565d2dfcc37c93⋯.jpg (43.68 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1421194564523.jpg)


Boy I sure hope I get to teach you guys FTL. Well, maybe that's poor wording. I hope everyone I talk to here is alive when I teach you FTL. Protip: consciousness has no mass. Do your own maths

205344  No.12794352


You haven't understood my point.

I am not saying we need a leader. I am saying that the common people, i.e. Joe and Patty from down the street; are not going to be okay with talking about the crimes of the jews until a politician, movie-star, academic, priest or any-other-person-with-authority; legitimises such a view by holding it themselves and publicly speaking about it.

I am not telling you to kneel before anyone. This has nothing to do with you, or really anyone on /pol/. We are that small section of society which can consider views and ideas that are 'wrong-think', or that are not accepted by the 'elites'. I am not saying the 'elites' deserve this power, I am not venerating them, and in near entirety I consider them our enemies; but the fact remains that your average person will only speak negatively about immigrants, other races, jews, banks, whatever; when an elite legitimises that view and makes it acceptable.

Recent examples? In Britain it was impossible to criticse immigration 10 years ago. Then characters like Farage appeared and started talking about all the negatives; and within 10 years we have seen every major party change their policies to be anti-immigration, we have had Brexit which was largely based upon immigration concerns, and immigration remains in the top 3 concerns of voters at all times.

Donald Trump's legitimisation of anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican and pro-white ideas have seen an explosion in nationalism, both of the civic and ethno varieties in the USA. Before he legitimised this view and had the debate featured in public and broadcast into the home of every American; the normal people did not speak about it.

To clarify: yes, there are some people who will be nationalists even when it is a dirty word. There are people like us who will pursue the truth regardless of what society tells us. But the vast majority of mankind is not like that. The vast majority of mankind require a public authority figure to legitimise that view before they will consider holding it.

Look at communism in the USA between the 50s-90s; the vast majority of people would never consider being a communist. Then the teachers started overtly praising and promoting it, claiming that it was a "good idea, it's just that people aren't inherently good enough for it to work". They re-framed it as being a good thing, and I - as well as millions of other kids - were brought up thinking that communism in theory is a good thing, its just not practical. Then you have all these ideologues today who consider their ancestors morally inferior to them (because they were white and conservative), and thus they believe that communism can work. Why did ANYONE buy this shit? Because it came from an authority. It came from academics.

If we can convince more 'authorities' to speak publicly about the jews or whatever; then you will see more and more people coming around to our perspectives.


Firstly, by my definition Hitler is a noble. He became nobility when he became a politician, when he had access to the newspapers and had his views spoken about openly in public. That gives him authority, that allows him to legitimise certain perspectives. Before he rose to that position people did not listen to him. He became a noble once he gained the authority to have people listen to him. That is what I mean by noble, by elite; but I've been using 'authority' instead because so many people seem to have an issue with the word.

Secondly, every revolution has been led by someone with authority. You do not just have some random guy from the pub come out, and suddenly everyone rallies around him. They need to be respected by the masses; politicians, military officials, actual royals, even priests and academics. I'm not talking about their bloodlines or families; I'm talking about people who wield authority in society, who the common man will listen to.

899d48  No.12794363

File: e10bd00fe0add5b⋯.png (1.01 MB, 680x482, 340:241, c0107bbcb0f4330875868ef71b….png)


>I am not telling you to kneel before anyone. This has nothing to do with you, or really anyone on /pol/. We are that small section of society which can consider views and ideas that are 'wrong-think', or that are not accepted by the 'elites'. I am not saying the 'elites' deserve this power, I am not venerating them, and in near entirety I consider them our enemies; but the fact remains that your average person will only speak negatively about immigrants, other races, jews, banks, whatever; when an elite legitimises that view and makes it acceptable.

I, for one, appreciate the clarification. I've been thinking a lot about this for the past 10 years. Originally, it had been my plan to elevate the common man to a level at which he could be self-sufficient. This plan was a catastrophic failure. Many people died, mostly the best people.

>He became nobility when he became a politician, when he had access to the newspapers and had his views spoken about openly in public. That gives him authority, that allows him to legitimise certain perspectives

Again, clarified quite well. So nobility is a rank one can achieve through valor and action, it's winning the hearts of the Volk. I can clap to this.

>every revolution has been led by someone with authority.

It's just a thing, I suppose. It offends my delicate sensibilities as a Ronin but I'll work with what I have. My job here is to purge, so I'll go ahead and take the weapon out of my dead enemies' hands and giver 'er another whirl. This just gets more and more violent with every iteration, I'll have you know. That's why I said fuck it and went straight to the Radical T option. I can't stay here for much longer or the Warp will overtake me

06778a  No.12794369


>winning the hearts of the volk

Is it finally time to go full 14/88 now.

899d48  No.12794381

File: 53065a40dd7dcfd⋯.gif (443.48 KB, 400x296, 50:37, 1430271189918.gif)

File: 66b9a90731151d1⋯.png (656.43 KB, 502x728, 251:364, 1431927498203.png)


Soon. You need to be constructing your squads now. It'll be less than 6 years, could be 2, could be 10 but no more than that. You should be ready to seize your locality at the drop of a hat. Don't forget your cards

899d48  No.12794416

File: 1da61574f3687e9⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 450x820, 45:82, c00591fa3895037500fc4fe143….jpg)


>This thread has been quite enlightening for me, for all the wrong reasons.

I learned some indistinguishable amount of time ago that we learn the most from our failures. You seem like an Aryan gentleman of upright nature, thank you for making this thread.

>And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight; and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

e701ea  No.12794433

another fucking long post , this shit sucks

bb1f71  No.12794455


bb1f71  No.12794456

have fun Qanon stuff

A person said to leave this post here and it will do the rest have fun


bb1f71  No.12794461



f518f3  No.12794498

File: 10a57b13d0f7155⋯.jpg (117.01 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1448681904923.jpg)


Considering hippies like to gas themselves with weed and incense already, it sounds like everyone had some fun by the time it was over. A true happy ending right there.

f518f3  No.12794546


Beep boop to you too, confused little robot.

f518f3  No.12794600

File: 539c772fabbc531⋯.png (19.11 KB, 648x160, 81:20, shitpost.png)

File: 17fc73c172861a1⋯.png (483.14 KB, 638x476, 319:238, 1505831932951.png)




Fuck you too for playing off my bottomless curiosity, and giving me so much dread over the possibility of a virus. Even if nothing happened.

This might just be proof of my own gullibility and weakness. The series of posts I quote is the quintessential archetype of links you shouldn't click or trust, and I still went right in.

Don't be like me and click random links, everyone. Even if you take all the best and perfect precautions like how I did, you'll never be satisfied. "What if it's some roundabout IP-tracking trickery? What if the virus payload just hasn't activated yet? What if it's a metaphysical voodoo judennigger virus instead of a technological one?"

Every important thing in that link, I will sum up now. It's fucking nothing. Now that I've said that, any of you faggots reading are going to get even more curious and click to see if I'm misdirecting you. And then think that me pointing this out is part of the misdirection. And then think that me pointing out that I pointed that out is part of it too, and so on… Or that I'm trying to do very silly reverse psychology to get you to follow the link, take your pick.

The forum post is about a Q 4cucks thread, and the OP decides to be a cryptic bastard and not actually say what's in the thread, only linking to it and telling readers to "CTRL-F "GLITCH"". This leads to a post that says "glitch in the matrix?", and replying to a screencap by a shitposting Aussie of some of the Q-stuff. Here is a screenshot of the post.

The mystery and magic is that the screencap was in upside-down Australian time. Which made people think that it genuinely was from the future.

07610a  No.12794893


Redpilled only a few people about hitler ww2, how jews control the media and everything and how porn effectively harms and tried practicing my speeches to be a bit more like hitler just incase if I do get in a situation where a speech necessary, but need to redpill some more folks and if the kali yuga truly does end in 2025 we might take control of our nations in full swing.

000000  No.12795634


>And by the way, I am a Piercite myself. If you haven't listened to or read Dr. Pierce's works already, you should as your ideas would jive with his. He hoped that he could sway over a significant number of the people who maintain the current System and organize them into a weapon against the jews. And maybe he could have succeeded. He was a great man. A true leader of our people. But to our incalculable loss, he failed. The National Alliance failed. Now we have nothing and we're running out of time.

His knowledge was simply too highbrow, the implications of what he said too high for the Whites who have money.


>imagine if giga hitler were to magically appear 6-12 years from now. what type of climate would be best for him to gain power in?

My 2c: Whites full of hatred and without hope in the ilk of so-called leader.

Which is what the Jews are doing for us.

Not only elections are rigged, but you find less and less people voting; there's just a huge sense of apathy right now, but at some point people will want to let the steam out.

However, it is too early.


>world government since 4ever


However an AWO (Aryan World Order) is something I'd support 200%.


You don't understand mankind.

There are leaders and followers. Many are content with being given orders, general commandments. There are people who shun responsibilities beyond their strict microcosm.

Let them have families and do what they feel they need to do, but they will not change society.

They are potential tools (in the good way) waiting for the greater vision, the great mover of things which will make them feel like they have a purpose.

Right now people are aimless, hence the heightened individuality. There's no sense of belonging to anything, our societies have been diced into little bits.

Where's the divine glue? kek

The plebe has inertia and potential. But it needs a force (a strong power) to put onto the right tracks.


What is the easiest?

Pushing for a Leader-Messiah that people have been and still are waiting for, finding miserable solace in the much impoverished simulacrum known as elections, or expect every single fucking plebeian to become a self aware demi-god challenging the entire System?

A utopia that isn't based on natural truths is just a steaming pile of horse crap and should never be taken seriously, because there will only be suffering and dystopia at the end of it.

44807d  No.12795639


Nice job moving the goalposts. No shit he had authority, he ROSE to it, he was a nobody before that, sleeping on the benches of parks in Vienna.

205344  No.12795672



>other times they are politicians who rose through the ranks

000000  No.12795687


I bow b4 u bro.


> It is impossible for any European nation to win any war against the US.

Because the US have never been targeted directly, never had a war on their own soil.

The US are a glass cannon.

000000  No.12795691


>Hitlers not coming back

How many Hitlers?

a6051d  No.12795713


>Why can't they be one of the people? I have no freaking idea, but apparently they cannot.

The problem stems from slave morality and master morality. A slave does not make a good leader and a master does not make a good slave; they require two different types of education.

Someone operating with master morality, without the fluffy title, appears as psychotic to a slave.

The entire mental health system and prison system is designed to squash men expressing any type of master morality simply due the nature of mass society– especially a neo-liberal capitalist one that demands the liquidation of nations to grease the gears.

de034e  No.12795731



>"We need nobility to take all of your land and weapons and institute prima nocte so we can defeat the Zionists go– guys!"

This place is absolute co-opted alt lite astroturfed trash now.

000000  No.12795742


>They have been inbreeding with kikes for thousands of years. They are all inbred with each other and the backbone of their DNA is kikes.

Yerrr… I heard the Gotha was stinky in some places, and so many of these families turning into banking business, but… would you have some evidence with those biscuits?


>I believe (and said earlier in this thread) that every single one of the current elites who collaborate with the jews deserves to be shot.

Jews are corrupting. One must be suspicious of those who deal with Jews.

>And when the time was ripe, the clever jews overthrew the monarchs to seize near total power themselves.

1848, for example.

A few decades earlier, they were throwing their shekel-fueled armies against an Emperor who hated kikes with his guts.

>Jews like chaos when it suits them.

But it can also suit us.


Would you kill your cat because it has a worm parasite?

Calm down.

I completely agree with you about starvation and people living in a state wherein they don't realize how all the food can suddenly go absent, but please calm down with the kill them all mantra.

Everyone here honest has some rage to vent.


>Look on Wikipedia for the story of the birth of William the Conqueror aka William the Bastard. A Jew arranged for his Jewess daughter to meet and seduce William's father. Apparently it was love at first sight. That, along with a huge dowry, is how they worm their way into nobility, and have been doing so since the 11th century.

Ha, that's a topic that's growing on me, this "Conqueror" tale. It's absolutely glorious. It's easy to conquer stuff when you've got plenty of money to raise an army to plunder someone else.

The Jews were walking in his footprints and as soon as Bill had "conquered" England, he let the horde of Jews to pillage people through their usury. It took descendants of William to actually start caring about the people and progressively stop this.

That is why anyone who is not clearly anti-Jew is to be considered as a dangerous potential traitor.

48a88e  No.12795747

File: 26e9359ab8d6819⋯.jpg (83.42 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 55bc4de9e31a5c217db3e938d9….jpg)


>not wanting to return to tradition

>eating up the prima noctae meme like a good goy

>is probably an (((anarchist)))

Hey, Rabbi, what cha doing?

205344  No.12795754


Right. Thanks for this post, it explains what I've seen quite well.

Rightly or wrongly people only respect what is said from those with authority, these 'masters'. These 'masters' are not necessarily any better in any aspect than any of the 'slaves', but the fact remains that their mere title (doctor, teacher, scientist, politician, celebrity, priest, royal, whatever) dubs them as a master in the eyes of the 'slaves'; gives them such authority that a slave will listen to them over another slave, regardless of whether they are actually any more intelligent or right.

Obvious examples are teachers or scientists. If a teacher or a scientist makes a statement; the people will be more likely to believe what he has to say than if a normal person said it. The fact that he might have said something clearly stupid does not matter, nor does the fact that the non-teacher/scientist might be very knowledgeable on the subject. The mere title is enough to imbue them with authority; which is enough to convince the slaves to value that opinion over any other.

What I am suggesting we do is target pre-established 'masters' for conversion to our way of thinking. There are people out there who can be swayed with arguments; and if we can find a 'master' who is open to our ideas, then them holding such ideas will be enough to convince large numbers of 'slaves'.

I am also not at all suggesting that Anons here should stop trying to 'rise' to the position of master themselves. We should certainly be doing that; but it cannot hurt, and might well help an awful lot if we can get some existing authorities on our side as well. Just imagine if someone like Trump started pointing fingers at the jew!

2b3af2  No.12795850


People like to point to the Third Reich's tolerance of mischlings as a sign of hypocrisy. However, there were quite a few mischlings that served with distinction in defense of their fatherland and the race. If your character and actions have made it clear the European genes have triumphed within you, there's no reason to be opposed to you.

351255  No.12795885

File: b0d04d0db703fb6⋯.jpeg (19.2 KB, 400x411, 400:411, 1462040716452.jpeg)

>the need for Nobility

Those nobles sure showed how useful they were in Germany when half of them decided to help the allies and back stab Hitler. Going as far as trying to assassinate him because they couldn't handle to compete against the common man with skills instead of titles.

a82d71  No.12795921

File: 7dab44cd8474867⋯.png (535.44 KB, 800x560, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)


How tall was Hindenberg? He looks gigantic. We need every good white man to take responsibility and take back our homes, neighborhoods, cities, counties, states and country.

315a70  No.12796431


>being unable to greentext properly

>being a newfag

>being a kike first poster

315a70  No.12796446


The French Revolution was actually a pretty decent blueprint. We just need one in Minecraft that targets the kikes unerringly with a decentralized command net produced with different hardware and niggers hiding their power levels. In Minecraft. Also, co-opt every fucking kike talking point all the time and turn the blame on everything they promote.

4407d8  No.12796475


>would you have some evidence with those biscuits?

I am not going to spoon feed /pol/ 24/7. We have had these conversations, in detail, too many times before. I am super interested in rehashing it yet again.

>Would you kill your cat because it has a worm parasite?

I am sure that to the 'fluffy things' I seemed a monster. But they didn't have to parasite off me, the world was theirs for the taking, they had TONS of food. My food was, in their mind, theirs for the taking but since I couldn't eat their natural celulose based diet, they were effectively killing me. The parasites are doing the same thing to us…if you don't recognize that then you are one of them and need to be exterminated as well. People KNOW whether they are parasitic or not.


If you have doubts about it being worng then you are a parasite and not a member of the productive class. No one who is a member of the productive class thinks it is 'correct' to have bloodsucking leaches on them, slowly sucking away the wealth and future of their offspring. KILL YOURSELF ALREADY.

000000  No.12796484


I wish you'll never depend on one of these "parasites" when you'll find yourself in trouble. Like, for example, in a stupid, senseless, car accident.

4407d8  No.12796490


This…if they let him live it proved to the world that they were not 'nobility' but parasitic trash that lived off their betters, the productive class. They bring no benefit to the people, they are not 'nobility' any longer since they are mongrelized with niggers and jews, they defend nothing except their pocketbook and stand for nothing except their own selfish interest; and I am actually totally fine with this (them standing for their own self interest) as long as they also understand that as part of MY SELF INTEREST, they need to be fucking exterminated. As long as we are both 'looking out for our own best interest, we are in a detente. They need to die, IMO just like the parasitic underclasses. None of them, upper and lower classes HAVE A GODDAMN THING to offer the productive class that we couldn't do 100 time better with them swinging from a lamppost or in a unmarked mass grave.

4407d8  No.12796506


Ha! Thinking parasites are something that one can 'depend on'. What exactly would your dumb fuck uneducated ass do for me in a car accident? Would you gawk and point? Wonder if you can sue me for something? Or would you be 'put out, Lovely' because now you are late for jet setting to your private island where you can fuck and sacrifice some children in one of your underground temples? What EXACTLY do you think you parasites provide society other than a hand waiting for your fucking 'gibs me dat' from both sides of the spectrum. FUCKING LEECHES. KILL YOURSLEF ALREADY YOU TORFAGGOT!

000000  No.12796537


Triggered T-Bag. Just be cool.

Start killing your family, they're probably the biggest parasites right now.

4407d8  No.12796567

File: f580d42a1a0439a⋯.jpg (104.64 KB, 640x480, 4:3, dogshit on my shoe.jpg)


Fuck off you jewnigger TORfaggot and lurch back to your government sanctioned safe space, where you can lick each others balls sacks and reassure yourself that someone doesn't actually hate you for being a worthless piece of 'gibs me dat' shit. I would think nothing but "good job" if I was to see an endless fields of your impaled worthless bodies (although mass grave would be cheaper and more German and efficient TBH) second only in efficiency to the fate you really deserve as a mongrel leech. The Earth must be purged of you if Life is to have a future.

000000  No.12796579


I think it's time to spread some love here.

Like, down your throat.

4407d8  No.12796585


Impalement it is then. Fine by me.

000000  No.12796588


You never say no anyway.

5e658a  No.12796623

File: 6a6ae3f6ad5223d⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 282x500, 141:250, dd4272e5d12fb3a121678471c9….jpg)


Get a suit, anons. Noblemen have suits. Pipe, leather high chair and eyeglasses optional.

4407d8  No.12796643


Nobility is defending your people. Not watching while they are slaughtered. If you want to get something for yourselves…find a way to put as many of our enemies in the grave as you can, as quickly and efficiently as you can and work to implement your plan. Something faster than bullets and capable of taking out as many as possible. BE INVENTIVE.

FUCK THE SUIT…learn to kill, swiftly and efficiently.


5e658a  No.12796653


The people that rule over society all have suits or uniforms. They are the noble ruling class. They love the way they look, I guarantee it.

4407d8  No.12796661

File: a666f5d70ba0795⋯.jpg (42.3 KB, 526x297, 526:297, south african famer attack.jpg)


{shrug} If you want to be counted in the parasitic class when that time comes…be my guest. I can't wait to put those part niggers out of our protection and watch them trying to fight off the niggers that they imported into our nations…I have plans to incite the niggers against them covertly when the time comes to help them feel more 'at home' with their fellow parasites…it is the life they chose, that of a parasite on our nation, shall they not enjoy it to the fullest?

c7310e  No.12796677


>His knowledge was simply too highbrow

Maybe. I subscribe to the idea that comfort causes cowardice. To Quote the Great man himself, I believe that one of our biggest problems today is that our comfort level does not match our situation. We are far, far more comfortable than we ought to be, considering our situation. As a race teetering on the brink of extinction, we should be naked, starving, freezing, and covered with painful sores from head to foot. We should be miserable, frightened, and desperate. Then perhaps we would be better able to understand what is important and what is not. But when we spend our time chatting on our cell phones while tooling around in our BMWs, we have a hard time keeping our priorities right.

5e658a  No.12796684

File: c682f83c0ad958b⋯.jpg (53.47 KB, 640x360, 16:9, political-correctness-volt….jpg)


Look at this picture again. Do you see it now? Cuff links. He's wearing a suit.

It's like face off. You have to put on the suit to take on the fake nobles.

5e658a  No.12796691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Much what it was like back then…

4407d8  No.12796703


Only if you have plans to 'be like them eventually' but our nobility, when it was mongrelized and uncorrupted only held a station because they had the education and intellect to preserve their bloodline, not because they 'wore the suit'. That is all NOBILITY really is, why would I need a suit, if I never plan on buying into the System and becoming like my oppressors, lording wealth and life over the people I SERVE…

Beside I want those parasitic fucks DEAD and I will do that wearing rags or nothing at all…I don't give a fuck what is on my body, I care only for those I need to protect.

4407d8  No.12796705


>when it was mongrelized

When it was NOT mongrelized

4102ef  No.12796715

File: 732268287da005f⋯.png (195.8 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 3f1c54ab82877efe2ab3bb93cd….png)


>tried practicing my speeches to be a bit more like hitler just incase if I do get in a situation where a speech necessary

It's necessary. NEVER ignore your charisma, ALWAYS hit all of your speech checks. The simple fact is that one person with a silver tongue can outplay 1000 warriors, every single time. It's just how life works. The most important resource to have during a Happening is comrades. If you can build even just squads, you're infinitely valuable. Keep working on it.


>However an AWO (Aryan World Order) is something I'd support 200%.

This is mine now

>The plebe has inertia and potential. But it needs a force (a strong power) to put onto the right tracks.

I enjoy this information


>A slave does not make a good leader and a master does not make a good slave; they require two different types of education.

<Someone operating with master morality, without the fluffy title, appears as psychotic to a slave.

It does make we want to kill them, admittedly

5e658a  No.12796750

File: fcaa2fdc227bc6d⋯.jpg (128.9 KB, 1081x659, 1081:659, nosuit.jpg)


Media, Politics, Red Carpet, Coctail Parties They always have those suits. Look what happened to Jimmy Kimmel when he left the man show and bought a suit.

People get these tailored suits, and walk right into management positions, elected office.

It's a little tongue and cheek, but maybe true also. You look at these people on the streets without suits on and they always look like pansies or "nobody's."

fb7ef6  No.12796756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The uncomfortable truth is that we need to shake off our nobility. The war for independence was staged.


>What do Barack Obama, Thomas Jefferson, George W. Bush and the other past U.S. presidents have in common? Besides holding the coveted title of commander-in-chief, it appears that all of them but one are cousins.

4407d8  No.12796760


>management positions, elected office

I am not going to be running for election, anon…I am going to be running for their extermination. kek :)

My blood runs with the blood of peasants and I want to keep it like that…

4102ef  No.12796762

File: b048b90793ae17b⋯.jpg (23.27 KB, 514x266, 257:133, 0c6d33b0ed42633da5b3426270….jpg)


>What I am suggesting we do is target pre-established 'masters'

With unlimited bullet works! aaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH

<for conversion to our way of thinking

Aww. Whatever, try it your way. You gonna fail tho


>Going as far as trying to assassinate him because they couldn't handle to compete against the common man with skills instead of titles.

I'm working tirelessly to fix this shit. There's a form of ascension that's not titular, I just need to pull it up…Hold on, I got this…


I don't much care for your presence on my planet. I don't think you even exist anymore. I'm not sure you EVER existed. I'm pretty sure you didn't.

5e658a  No.12796776

File: 618954e6f76cd96⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, kekandasmile.jpg)


I understand your suffering. Have a kek and a smile, anon. You're right courage and valor is needed.

2fe5f4  No.12796777

File: bc0a417df4d04c5⋯.png (10.53 KB, 516x233, 516:233, British East India Company.png)


>"The war for independence was staged"

What?? You mean we're not the British East India Company? There is only one King and Lord Macaulay is his prophet!

4102ef  No.12796784

File: c2b287a81753450⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 255x248, 255:248, 7c198bd7aa0f2473c11b656358….jpg)



Correct. The king is the ultimate slave, that is his duty. Whereas one man can have 100 slaves, the king is slave to millions. It's a paradox, I understand, that's the water in which I swim.


>People get these tailored suits, and walk right into management positions, elected office.

Ok, what we're talking about here is stagecraft. I like it, as I consider it. You should do a /pol/ charm thing and get us all tailored up. By definition we're supposed to be wearing suits 'cause teh internets is serious bzns

4102ef  No.12796789


I also like your answer

4407d8  No.12796796


People will continue to respect the 'masters' until they are educated that the 'masters' are parasites that need to be hung…they will learn to fear the sight of a 'tailored suit' because that will make them a target/accomplice as well, they will learn to fear opulence and hedonism because that lifestyle will brand them as a target and parasites accomplice, They will learn not to be parasitic trash and to care for and respect their kin/neighbors because the penalty for parasitism will be public slaughter. We will teach them to fear the things they now hold in high esteem and look with revulsion and fear on parasitic trash, usurers and sexual deviants.

5b363f  No.12796799


Pure low IQ cancer.

Where did nobles come from dipshit? What about the numerous noble houses rising up by wealth? You could buy titles at various points.

Also there is a theory going around that claims most European people are related to noble families. The theory being that the poorest failed to have as many viable children as civilization advanced in Europe and the middle and upper class continued to out breed them and then have various branches fall into hard times and then out compete the peasants at being poor and replace them.

4407d8  No.12796806



We are going to win, anons! :)

4102ef  No.12796811

File: 0457f88a5df21c6⋯.png (232.02 KB, 498x551, 498:551, 0457f88a5df21c6678cb6a749f….png)



I'm working with Dutch bastards right now. They're every bit as annoying as you'd imagine, they're as bad as me. I feel like I'm in good company.


>We will teach them to fear the things they now hold in high esteem and look with revulsion and fear on parasitic trash, usurers and sexual deviants.

And so, it occvred

f35996  No.12796913

File: e9b798d48df7218⋯.png (250.08 KB, 793x725, 793:725, Victory_Or_Death.png)


Anon, somehow I don't think you understand exactly how fucking off the track you are on what road we are on.

Your fucking uniform is going to be determined by either an warlord of our bent, or whatever the fuck your jew masters demand your pathetic cuck cock sucking ass wear when they ream your children in front of you. A fucking suit on anyone isn't changing what is. You are looking at the world thru muh pr still. If you want to entrench your life in this shitstain system, go for it kid. Don't fucking cry later when shit happens tho. Your priorities now are likely going to determine future result.

4102ef  No.12796950


>The hivemind speaks

Still, though, it might be useful to have disguises. I've been checking out the Carbanaro Effect recently, dude's a street magician. The illusions are good, really good mostly, but that's not what I like most. What I like most is his costuming. He even alters his gait to more closely match his target personality. TruTV is the only channel I'm willing to look at purposely. I'm a sucker for Impractical Jokers

6fdb87  No.12797088


it is almost like a, a….Toxic nobility

e4f790  No.12801999

File: 8340b37d8434abf⋯.jpg (114.5 KB, 626x733, 626:733, 1c35odfd4_lovepon.jpg)


Why feel the need to change the definition of a noble? We have words for a reason, you could have just used authority in the first place to save yourself the trouble of everyone calling you retarded.

1c48d4  No.12803393


Wrong. The bourgeoisie needs to be exterminated. Nobility and plebian are the only necessary classes. The middle class is a parasite on the nation.

adfeb2  No.12803494


>The real Braveheart (who was Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace)

Stopped reading, right there.

You're an uneducated asswipe.

205344  No.12803502



>Some sources state that Braveheart's version of the character is historically inaccurate.[109] In particular, while the film's name refers to protagonist William Wallace, the nickname "Braveheart" has been posthumously attributed to the Bruce, whose heart was brought to a Crusade in Spain by Sir James Douglas and thrown into a battle against the Moors.[110] Bruce's heart was then returned to Scotland and interred at Melrose Abbey

adfeb2  No.12803527

File: 94be845328a63f3⋯.jpg (89.26 KB, 400x834, 200:417, WilliamWallace.jpg)


The film was crap, but I'm not referring to it.

William Wallace started the revolution, and supported Robert the Bruce as the true king of Scotland, and without Wallace lighting the fuse, Bruce would not have had an army of revolutionaries to lead against England.

I'd venture to say, that without Wallace, Bruce would have remained a good goy, more worried about his families property and standing than about Scottish independence, or the suffering of his people under English rule.

The largest thorn in the side of English "nobility" was always the border reavers. Just as much cattle rustlers as farmers, they harassed the English constantly, and Wallace was one of them.

205344  No.12803530



>William Wallace was a member of the lesser nobility

4407d8  No.12803538


Wrong, if you live off the labor of another human being, rather than earning for yourself, you need extermination, parasite.

adfeb2  No.12803545


Every white on Earth is a "member of the lesser aristocracy" if you go back far enough.

My ancestors ruled Norway at one time, and were nobles in Normandy when William the Conqueror came over to conquer Bongland.

AND I'm related to both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

They also fought in the American war of independence and kicked Brit butt all over again.

Most of us can make these connections, they are not unusual.

205344  No.12803579


I'm not really sure what your point is. I was just stating that for the masses to rise up, you need to have an authority. My point was simply that William Wallace, contrary to popular belief, was not just some random peasant who made a great speech and suddenly had the masses rally about him. He had inherent authority from his position. It was you who was saying you stopped reading because I made a statement that, as far as I can tell, was 100% true.

I do want to stress, again, that when I first said 'nobility' I really meant 'people with authority'. In today's climate that could include celebrities, doctors, professors, etc; my desire is to get these sorts of 'authority figures' to publicly talk about the jews or other /pol/esque topics; and in doing so they will normalise the debate for the masses who would otherwise not dare to speak about it. If things are ever going to progress to a position where any real change is made then it will only happen once those who wield authority legitimise such ideas by publicly speaking about them.

As a very good recent example which came about after this thread; look at the great success that the republican mud-woman has had in talking about Israeli influence in US politics. She is not a 'noble', she is not anyone; but she holds a position which bestows upon her authority; and as such when she says something, people listen. There is no good reason for why people should listen to her over me or you; yet they do.

I am simply encouraging /pol/ to capitalise on figures like her who can make our message palatable for the masses. Without such authorities legitimising these views for the mainstream; then we shall ever remain as the small group of outsiders capable of enduring social exile for 'wrong-think', and we shall never penetrate the wider world. To complete our goals we could do with the support of the masses; and as such we must find ways to reach them. This is one such way.

… We can of course rise to such positions ourselves, and I fully encourage people to attempt this; but it cannot hurt to reach out to such pre-established authorities, attempt to convert them to our ideas, and then encourage them to speak publicly about them to help save our fellow man from the clawed-tentacle of the parasite.

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