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File: dfcfbe8a1b8b035⋯.jpg (129.22 KB, 1617x1182, 539:394, DxwyViRWwAI8BMb.jpg)

File: 5712552b2bcadbf⋯.jpg (206.61 KB, 1044x942, 174:157, LEARN_TO_CODE.jpg)

f624e8  No.12764780

How does it feel to know that the last "good" career choice left to you because of your autism has now been flooded with shitty chads thanks to (((the media))) constantly promoting it, and now even coding has become just another worthless blue collar job?

How long until software engineers and product designers are forced to wear coveralls with name tags to the local tech factory?

ab8ade  No.12764788

Programming is going to become automated and the only human element in it will be extremely specialized. Any low skill human labor in programming will be outsourced to India and China.

516e3c  No.12764794


I wonder how smug they'll perceive it when we're cutting idle capital's throat IRL. Gook faggots.

4f6ef2  No.12764797


Behold the RWCS

f624e8  No.12764805

File: 9b7ea83a0f3334f⋯.jpg (697.52 KB, 958x1600, 479:800, the_keks_never_stop.jpg)


>implying poo-in-loos can do anything more complicated than driving Ubers and shitting on the street/beach/sidewalk

4f6ef2  No.12764807


Not for at least 50 Years.. The AI may be able to fix it self, or perform some simple upgrades, but to create code from scratch would require a high level of Creativity, which would require a type of sentience, which is not possible yet.

4a6d20  No.12764809


She's actually not wrong. The gook is right. Coding doesn't do anything anymore. It literally doesn't.

t. unemployed codefag for hire

4a6d20  No.12764819


That's what's literally killed coding anon. Cuckold GOP members making deals with India. Places like fiverr with poo-in-loos doing what was $10,000 worth of coding ten years ago for literally $5-100 bucks.

4a6d20  No.12764827

File: 062b7a718d66c7b⋯.jpg (709.03 KB, 1439x2019, 1439:2019, Screenshot_20190206-004905….jpg)


>not for 50 years

Wew. Pic related.

f624e8  No.12764829


>unemployed codefag

Either you suck ass or you're in the wrong place. Companies around San Francisco will throw $150k+ at anyone with a pulse who can do basic Javascript or Ruby on Rails.

e9c18c  No.12764853

CS requires a high IQ. There's a reason there's few White womyn or niggers in CS. It's impossible for all blue collar workers to become programmers.

da505a  No.12764881

I tried learning to code, every person I meet treats coding like secret magic and will never help you with anything. It seems that since they self taught, they think you should have to undergo the countless hours of searching online for answers that they did, even if they already know the solution to your problem. Nobody wants to pass the torch so to speak. Everyone needs to go through the same struggle which makes the entire field of coding lag since people are learning the same things over and over.

adfd70  No.12764898


Any real problems with CS stem from how there aren't many (((institutions))) that teach actual CS. CS means Computer Science, but many (((universities))) teach basic programming and hardly any actual science and call it CS. The result is that there is a growing amount of CS majors that graduate but can't find a decent job because they're underqualified despite their CS degree.

This happened to my cousin and his circle of friends. 5 years after graduating, only 2 of them have CS related jobs and those two got them after having to supplement their degree with information they should have already had. It turns out that their 4 year degree was mostly glorified java programming classes and many of their "actual" CS classes were just glorified java classes. Their degree, their classes, and their professors - all frauds - spics and pajeets.

c90ba1  No.12764907


If you paid attention their code sucks or its straight up just bloated garbage. This has been a problem in silicon of the White employees having to redo the poos and the chinks trash coding.

7ae258  No.12764912

Coders are LESS than plumbers. I can call some dumb fuck in India or wherever else on the other side of the world to write code for me. But when the toilet starts to overflow, you best believe I need a real person right here, right now, who isn't afraid to go elbow-deep in actual shit to find the problem.


Coding is a lot like building a brick wall. Sure, you need someone who actually knows what he's doing to design the thing, but that doesn't change that 99% of the work is something a trained monkey or a machine can do. Same with animating, really. Why do you think there are 10,000 foreign names in the "visual effects" section of movie credits? Once you get the lead animator to direct what's going on and put together the key frames, it's nothing but bitch work to put together the in-betweens and clean up shit.

b438eb  No.12764913


>Programming is going to become automated

I was told that it depends on the studio, really.

db62bf  No.12764915


tbh, the best coders I have encountered have all been EE's.

86bc81  No.12764916

This ano things I am some or porch goon, doesn't know I actually work in weapons development.

c77cfc  No.12764919


It's not secret magic, but you will indeed have to take the first step yourself. People (some of them anyway) will be happy to teach you once you have passed the first hurdle of being able to articulate what you want done in terms of an algorithm for a couple of times (often enough to truly understand what you are doing rather than just trying shit at random). The usual bit of wisdom is "have something you need done and write the code that does it". Can be small and trivial but it needs to be a situation where you successfully tell the computer "do this thing" and it goes and does it.

That is the bit you have to wrap your mind around yourself. After that you will find people willing - and able - to help you. Before that, many won't see much of a point in helping you in the first place because they know you won't understand them. The rest will try and give up in frustration.

b438eb  No.12764923



My C++ teacher started with C, and he says java is a meme language. :)

86bc81  No.12764924

>This anon thinks I am some sort of porch goon, doesn't know I am in weapons development.

My phone is drunk again.

b438eb  No.12764928



Having a math background really helps. I don't mean a PhD but AP level R&F and calculus helps. Think of it like a talking calculator that only speaks French and only responds to proper grammar.

4f6ef2  No.12764933


There is a need in the USA for Data Engineers, who can help SME clean, and upgrade their Data Systems. About 75% or more of these companies are still using Excel, and they waste millions on errors, labor, and waster time because of this.

A Data consulting company might be a potential for a decent local business, for a coder.

2a9549  No.12764938

File: 1af1e40ba9c2e64⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 516x734, 258:367, panjeet.jpg)

c3015f  No.12764961


>sucking headlines to the balls

You're a foreigner. Anons know better than to suck hyperbole.

c7406c  No.12765054


Get your masters and build a portfolio.

b438eb  No.12765060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Now what about contrasting?

c7406c  No.12765062



I code exclusively in c++ and C, Java is a pile of shit.

235ee3  No.12765120


Blue collar jobs are not worthless. Being a (self-employed) plumber is great - you work at your own pace and make great money with relatively little effort if you know what you're doing.

0519b9  No.12765178


Here's the secret on how to L2C without a single internet search:

1. Get, read, understand, memorize The Art of Computer Programming

2. Pick programming languages you want to do, I recommend Python to start with, then C and bash, followed by C++/php/depends on what you want to specialize in, and get books on them with a reference section in them

3. Start coding, never stop

1a6506  No.12765215


This. Sage for shit thread. And any capable man knows how to work multiple different jobs. If you specialize you're doomed to fail, if you don't keep learning constantly.

ce6a1f  No.12765253


Python -> C/Bash -> php for fucks sake? Are you serious? Why not Basic -> Fortran -> Erlang?


Learn a useful language and set of frameworks like Ruby (on Rails), Swift (Foundation/UIKit), Java (whatever faggoty shit they do), JavaScript/HTML5/CSS (pick your favorite make JS not a piece of shit wrapper), C# (.Net) etc. Fucking Objective-C, as old as it is, is more valuable than that shit list you just produced.

Project Euler command line programs and outdated stupid shit languages will impress nobody when they need someone to push work and you can’t put a text box on a screen because some retard told you C++ was for the cool kids.

All of those languages and frameworks I listed above have shitloads of online tutorials, exercises, docs, and are highly supported in interactive development environments (IDEs). This way you don’t get discouraged by trying to compile your notepad written program from a goddamn shell and quit thinking programming is fucking horrible and wondering how anyone but a turbo autist could do this

9e5aa6  No.12765271


This lmao, plumbers can easily charge $100+ per hour…

efd1e9  No.12765273


Millwrights and machinists require high IQs too, and are also considered blue collar.

440c26  No.12765299


im a 25 year old welder and a construction worker without higher formal education living in eastern europe

ive finally saved enough cash and thought about going to the math uni (only top 200 uni in my country) to become a coder, and now you tell me this is a bad choice?

im also interested in aeronautics, i'd love to study propulsion mainly for missiles but even working for commercial flight industry would be good

i also find materials science/metallurgy interesting as well, but i dont know how exactly employable would this be, not sure how accredited these programs are and my country doesnt really have any advanced industrial/research institutes for designing new materials

this shit is too fucking hard i swear, i just want to be employable, i would like to pursue career in ai and i can always fall back to private math classes (tho dumb kids can prolly just google whatever math classes they need), i dont know, guess im fucked whatever i choose to do in life

this topic honestly depresses me so hard i start thinking about ending it all, im not happy as a simple workshop welder who will never do anything important in life, never launch a satellite, never work on a military secret sort of stuff, space sector, never be involved in anything of strategic importance, just do low level bitch jobs for ever, go to pension without ever achieving anything of any importance like i never lived in the first place

8c5f77  No.12765305


In Australia, FIFO mineworkers are paid stupid amounts of money for blue collar work. More than that mole probably gets paid.

efd1e9  No.12765313

>>12765299 (checked)

You don't need to go to uni to L2C. Engineering is a great choice.

Also you are forbidden from dying or going to jail until you have cost zog more than US$2m.

440c26  No.12765320

btw, blue collar might be spiking hard in the current market

im >>12765299 and i took a few c/c++ jobs just because i kinda liked it and i knew some basic c from back when i was learning it as a hobby, and ive seen the money in coding, but ive also seen what money certain self employed welders and electricians make so i became both and now do those things self employed myself, ive also seen mechanics and plumbers build a second house by the time they are 40, ive also seen millionaire repairmen and technicians on various construction sites driving around latest audis and whatnot

6d41e0  No.12765322


Zog will happily collect that amount from my taxes you mong.

efd1e9  No.12765333

>>12765322 (reluctantly checked)

That's on you, not me or zog.

86bc81  No.12765339


Feel free to go be a plumber anon, start with learning how to sit on a plunger like a proper tranny.

36fd33  No.12765353

coding anons answer me this

How do you even keep up with all these changes like there keeps popping a thousand programming language frameworks(Javascript in particular) every fucking hour and reading the documentation is always fucking annoying.This routine can't continue after your cross 40s.

What do senior coding developers do in their 40s?

440c26  No.12765378


coding is clearly not for you if you do not enjoy that sort of shit

that kind of stuff is simply like when they add a new weapon/character in a videogame, another tool or thing to test and have fun with

to me coding is like (good) videogames, its just fun, you are constantly figuring out new ways to solve problems, you are experimenting, trying out new things, testing your brain against the puzzles, you are trying to expand your understanding of the mechanics and then you are trying to apply said mechanics in order to solve and re-solve problems faster, or with using less resources, etc

kinda like dwarf fortress, vicky2/stellaris/hoi/eu4 or other paradox games, or even like high math and encryption

if you dont find fun trying out and testing new tools i doubt just the money will be enough for you to stay, kinda like its fun to try new strategies against other players in strategy videogames after a new patch is released and everyone is on shaky grounds, what used to be the best way of doing things is now gone and you receive the pleasure out of figuring the new best way before the others do

1276ad  No.12765392


Seriously? In my country you will learn data structures in the first year (not just what they are but when to use each appropriately) and heavy emphasis is put on performance programming. Later on the courses will give equal emphasis to performance and maintainability. Algorithms are covered and there are sections where you mightn't touch a computer at all, more like a mathematics course.

In my country degrees might be handed out like chips, but people don't take CS unless they actually like computers because it's seen as boring. Chinese students provide a large amount of funding, and locals get low interest loans that they only have to pay back if they earn over a certain amount (about $40K US). So there's an incentive for universities to ensure graduates get jobs that can actually pay back the loan, or to kick out students who might look like they'll never earn it.

> "The most important thing in programming is naming."

> Terry Davis

8e22fc  No.12765412


Was always going to happen, anyone that can actually create something useful will be targeted for hate by the useless.

3b4463  No.12765414

>i have a piece of unsolicited advice for you: swandive into vesuvius

durr hurr!

5bd851  No.12765426

>ITT morons think that typing C# for startups on Macbooks in a Starbucks is "coding"

>This is what modern tech writers think too

>This is the image Silicon Valley is trying to push

>"hurrr duuurrr AI can write code for you programmers are no longer your audience programmers are dead"

>"just give it to pajeet lol"

You fucking morons wouldn't know programming if it hit you square in the face. Real low-level programming like medical equipment, video game engines, security software, embedded systems - shit where you have to dive into C or Assembly, that still requires god-tier skill and no amount of indian trash, Sanfran hipster or AI will be able to do it. You all, just like that thot in OP's post, as usual, barely understand what you're talking about.

de68c1  No.12765445


Read all the documentation. It is the only way.

610323  No.12765452


Of course a smug asian woman is talking shit about coding, because she can't do it. Man, I code all the time and I'm learning some cutting edge stuff, I don't care what anyone says, this stuff is very unlikely to be "blue-collared" anytime soon. Truck drivers and factory workers will be automated first before they come for software engineers.

440c26  No.12765460

File: 38353093e9b2766⋯.jpg (549.53 KB, 1600x1053, 1600:1053, Robot Integration.jpg)

maybe varg and kazinsky were all right

what if the global zog release bubonic plague 7.0 because drones can drive trucks and do agriculture now? man maybe they will attempt a global genocide of the working class, since the machines do work so much better, faster and cheaper than any hand can do

better say goodbye to toilet paper and papermap ur favorite freshwater sources cos life for non zog may quickly become just alaskan/siberian innawoods gorilla warfare


74f5ff  No.12765463

stupid smug nigger faggot journalist dont know that "learn to code" wasnt meant to be taken literally and they look like drooling idiots responding like this. it was a reaction to leftyniggers telling blue collar workers being laid off to "learn to code" or "get a degree" in whatever shitty field they thought was important. They have the memory of 2 year olds, just 3 years ago seems like another life ago to them and no longer matters.

Also, I dont know much about coding besides the fact that it isnt becoming a fucking blue collar job. the brown hordes that list on their resumes they can "code" just mean they can syskey your fucking PC and scam 70 year old boomers. Actual coding is a skill that wont go out of style, just like any trade skill is useful. They would get mad if you told them to do anything useful instead of being a crybaby leech.

b7a988  No.12765468

File: 1a11374e8dfb5ef⋯.jpg (197.56 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ukraine.jpg)


Man, specialized welders can make great money in CE or EE. I have friends in SR that are welders and make 3k€ a month. Which is a lot of money over there for a blue collar job. They work in a nuclear powerplant, welding using argon (or something like that) and doing welding inspections (using those radioactive tubes).

I am in the software business. The more west you go, the more you see standard-level programmers being replaced by Indians or Pakis. Indians are cheap as fuck and most of them do a shit job, but companies can hire 5x times more of them for the same price of a single good programmer. So, sometimes they get something done well enough.

You have to be good and very productive to get a good pay in the software business. Yes, you can easily earn 30-50k€ being a mediocre programmer, but that's not worth the effort. 60k€ and more is what you should aim for, because it's difficult to keep the pace the older you get.

The IT industry is moving fast. Everyday there's something new. You have to keep learning forever. New technologies, new software, new versions of the same technologies. Around the 30 years old mark normie men tend to lower down their standards, because they start families and it is simply not possible to keep the edge with all family responsibilities.

Don't go for soy technologies like NodeJS, webdev or mobile app dev - these are the cucks of the IT industry. Choose something you can make actual career of, such as embedded/FPGA programming or cyber security.

Keep in mind that working 45-50 hour weeks in an office will make you long for manual work in your garden or a workshop. Your shifts will start to creep into your personal life, because the management pulled out the project delivery date out of their asses, so you have to keep working late on Friday.

If you like aeronautics and materials science - I think those might be better options. There aren't as many people good with advanced math required for these. Materials science, especially nanomaterials, is what's hot today. Other than that, if I were to decide today what to study, I'd go for Data Science (machine learning, AI, etc.). The computers as we know it today will change in the next decade to allow for more efficient ML and AI applications.

de68c1  No.12765479


>What do senior coding developers do in their 40s?

Figure out how to retire before 55.

880fb9  No.12765480


>that image

The cringe is real.

440c26  No.12765484


kek, i wouldnt go for the it soy industries, i'd go straight to advanced math into scientific software, big data algorithms, encryption/decryption, etc

it really is just pure pakis and soy, legit programming should be as close to the metal, zero bloatware, writing your own compilers if its going to speed you up .5 a second

im also noticing army intelligence recruiting pure math degrees who code if you win at one of their competitions

b7a988  No.12765510

File: 0e0a8d863f86614⋯.pdf (416.84 KB, dutchsecretservicetriestor….pdf)


>im also noticing army intelligence recruiting pure math degrees who code if you win at one of their competitions

Reminded me of this story:


Keep in mind that gov jobs don't pay very well, but are safe in the long-term. Doing digital forensics is something government needs and can include wide variety of skills required (electronics, reverse engineering, cryptography, OS hacking/internals, programming, etc.). ML/AI is also needed to process all that surveillance data.

The military needs stuff like image processing, real-time systems, formally verified programs, robust and resilient hardware, etc. Yes, they also needs cryptographers and mathematicians, but I think unless you are one of those kids that used to win math olympics since 5th grade, it might be difficult to get in.

Picking up your career when you are 30 might be too late if you aim for being considered better than the rest.

This guy is basically one of those:


dd176b  No.12765518

A monkey can code, but it takes an actual human being with a brain aka a white man to actually design and develop software of any complexity.

dd176b  No.12765523


The basic concepts of programming are fairly universal, you just learn each languages syntax and features

4a2ef4  No.12765548

>coding == programming

nice meme

825976  No.12765596

File: 8505cc2281ae2e1⋯.png (494.71 KB, 1000x1120, 25:28, 2885a2e6816549d7847b89c47e….png)


There was an AI that made a better version of the TCP protocol than any human ever could.

7e1432  No.12765618

File: 95c5828c859e590⋯.png (297.63 KB, 498x441, 166:147, 95c5828c859e590842383097b3….png)


Why are you posting softcore homosexuality, retard?

aae007  No.12765662


I bet you the faggot thought he was on /tech/ or /b/.

a4c624  No.12765676


coding IS programming though

it is not software engineering though

I engineer software and get the "co-ops" aka programmers to write it up, then review it and rewrite it myself when it's not good enough.

a4c624  No.12765680


>a machine wrote the protocol

dumb faggot

the machine optimized the output by performing packet reordering and caching for a WAN, basically branch prediction for the NIC, about 20 years late. Machines aren't creative enough to create entire protocols yet.

745c69  No.12765815


It's a race to the bottom because guilds, feudalism and meritocracy aren't a thing anymore. Communism kills productivity dead and brings quality improvement to a halt. But capitalism is only good for the consumer as long as quality is profitable. But they have learned that marketing, quantity, planned obsolescence and worst of all PRICE COLLUSION is way more profitable than having the best product for a fair price. Huge corporations can just agree to inflate their prices evenly and if some new little startup tries to undercut them they just operat at a loss until it's dead, but they don't even have to do that because they've bought enough laws and regulations from prostiticians (prostituted politicians which is all of them because as we all know they only serve their donors and personal interest, not the people) so that new startups in manufacturing are virtually impossible.

This is not an advocacy for Communism, that's not even worth considering in theory, but capitalism is failing hard. That is why commie shitters like Bernie and AOC can drum up popularity for their failed ideas.

668843  No.12765871


> ive also seen millionaire repairmen and technicians on various construction sites driving around latest audis and whatnot

Well I'll tell you a secret because you are young and don't understand your environment yet. Eastern Europe is a special place/ case, it's got clever people but is underdeveloped for this iq. Most of the people you are looking at and admire are actually criminals. They go to other countries do substandard work causing chaos in the emploment market, and when they are done they steal a car or two and take it home. Later they buy an identical car that has had a very bad accident and turn the stolen car into the crashed car, cleaning its identity.

They can buy a second house because houses and land in E Europe are still cheap, their wages don't cont come from your own domestic economy.

6ade91  No.12765878


>Oy my vey, this time complexity just won't do goy. I can rewrite it and make things .002 nanoseconds faster.

7dc374  No.12765887


There is pharo smalltalk which has a free mooc, and i guess many other MOOCs

IMHO, once you get to know a language, you are only halfway. You should pick some project you find interesting/relevant to your other areas of expertise and try making small modifications to it, adding features, fixing bugs. That's what hacking actually is. Again, pharo as a completely self contained environment is good for that. For web stuff web2py is quick for prototyping stuff.

f9b497  No.12765903


This OP is stupid, coding became a worthless job because of chinese and hindu diploma mills. the jobs are given away to foreigners to talented white coders, just because it's cheaper to hire bindis.

714573  No.12765904


I'm taking millright courses. Can confirm, just white guys in my classes.

586de4  No.12765928


Low skill labor in programming will be automated.

The parts the AI cant do require creativity IE white people.

af2305  No.12765961


>So, sometimes they get something done well enough.

Have you actually worked with them? They break shit like crazy and cost the company millions more than a good programmer does by constantly going over schedule and budget and requiring a good (white man) programmer to clean up their mess. Stop being a lefty nigger trying to blackpill us about immigration being "profitable" to hire. They're not. It's white genocide, plain and simple, because they're actually paying a premium on replacing you.

I'm sure a bunch of the anons here even have graphs showing you how much immigrants cost America more than native citizens.

afcdc7  No.12765976


This is typical kike behaviour. No white man is ever shamed by the job and trade he practices.

A jew on the other hand is obsessed with gaining status to sustain his supremacism. He will never work a honest day's job in his life, but constantly conspire and lie his way up.

bc911e  No.12765994


You can't even pay rent on a shitty ghetto apartment in San Francisco for $150,000 a year.

91eecf  No.12766002


>having that image saved

neck yourself

489955  No.12766018

This thread is full of terrible advice.

cef6d9  No.12766035

File: 549f7e6bae858ad⋯.png (248.79 KB, 1000x837, 1000:837, yuri.png)

9cb1a1  No.12766047

File: 34a522dcff484fb⋯.png (162.1 KB, 338x253, 338:253, 34a522dcff484fb74b58d679d3….png)


Of course. It's like an imitated club. Why the fuck would we give credence for people who weasel their way out of the work if all they're useful for is looking up stack overflow answers?If we keep to ourselves, the only people who can talk about coding are experienced and only have good things to contribute to a larger programming community.

9cb1a1  No.12766054

File: 6d9f6621f6b1d1b⋯.png (116.6 KB, 256x256, 1:1, luhanstk faggots.PNG)


>da nazis are gay

Neck yourself for that image, faggot.

7dc374  No.12766068


Very true. Capitalism vs. communism brings the hegelian synthesis social democracy, which is nothing else than the system letting the small fish play like they counted something and intervening only if the fish grows up too big and becomes a nuisance.

730ef2  No.12766069

File: 28d63fbd15f9819⋯.png (45.05 KB, 314x252, 157:126, Out.png)


>Hitler is in top left corner

489955  No.12766070


By ignoring the vast majority of them. I used angular, got a job doing that, used react for a few weeks while unemployed, and now I'm working with vuejs. Each solves problems or standardizes what came before it.

3aa936  No.12766100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey Hey 16k, what does that get you today?

54b8e4  No.12766106

>She thinks us telling them to learn to code is an actual economic proposal and not snide derision

What a stupid bitch

9a0f8a  No.12766107

File: 6b122e401d638a6⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 266x268, 133:134, 6b122e401d638a67f72a268d40….gif)


Holy fuck is that image fucking pathetic

fb7111  No.12766132


83a73c  No.12766171


youd also be surprised how slow some organizatins are to pick up on these new technologies

i just got a assignment that requires that we use ONLY html5

c77cfc  No.12766261


>By ignoring the vast majority of them.

This. Been a programmer for over 10 years now and staunchly ignored each and every stupid fad until it either went away or I actually needed it for something. No point cluttering your brain with shit you don't need, is there?

Staying the fuck away from everything Javascript or Java helps, too. Both have two things in common: a similar syntax and an asshole hobbit of everyone and their dog writing exciting! new! libraries to solve trivial problem 20 people solved before, but in subtly different ways. Besides, being either a web monkey or a blue chip corporate code slave both suck royally.

971874  No.12766302



Humans are error prone, lazy, will just flat out make bad decisions. Over time programming will be done by AI and it will come sooner than expected. When it comes to maintenance of networks and troubleshooting it will be even sooner. Humans shouldn't be working at desks sitting for 8 hours straight anyhow. It's bad for your health and joints.

2da945  No.12766309

File: 16790b166de12f8⋯.png (281.16 KB, 419x360, 419:360, niggatry.png)


>Companies around San Francisco

Yeah, just live in a degenerate hellhole full of taco niggers where your $150,000 will pay for a deluxe apple crate sitting in a pile of hobo shit.

f1b314  No.12766391


are you well paid? what do you recommend?

there is serious money in fads imo like REACT native but then again these fads are in demand in places not popular with /pol/acks like Londonistan or SF

a5abc9  No.12766448


Coders? lel

At least a plumber can unclog a toilet. Coders are an emptyheaded lot that can't function in the real world and tend to suffer from delusions of exaggerated self-importance. Meanwhile, at this juncture, all they REALLY do is serve their masters in Tel Aviv and Dimona, like the well-crafted kabuki puppets they are… All the while being too stupid to even realize it. Only thing worse than coders are gaYmers.

c77cfc  No.12766491


> are you well paid?

Reasonably well. I work for an opensource company, doing packaging and Python programming. Pay is reasonable but not terribly high - comes with the opensource territory, I guess. Too many idealists who are not in it for the money (me, I'm more of a mercenary).

I knew that but took the job anyway since it's low stress, lets me work from home and does not come with any dress code shit. Not nearly as pozzed as all these trany daycares in Silly Valley either. Actually have quite a few based colleagues. SJWs exist but they're a fairly small minority.

> what do you recommend?

Recommend…not sure. I like where I am right now. Not recommended if you're in it for the money. But I'll take the decent-ish salary and the ability to live somewhere I can afford my own house any time.

> REACT native

> Londonistan or SF

Exactly. Another reason to stay the fuck away from that shit. Al it gets you is the situation >>12766309 described so aptly.


> At least a plumber can unclog a toilet.

So can this coder. Or install an entirely new toilet plus tank. I draw the line at messing with anything involving gas, though.

> Coders are an emptyheaded lot that can't function in the real world and tend to suffer from delusions of exaggerated self-importance.

> Coders are an emptyheaded lot that can't function in the real world and tend to suffer from delusions of exaggerated self-importance.

By and large you are right. Met a lot of these useless high tech mandarins, yes. Especially in the "tech hubs" where a lot of so-called "techies" are literally incapable of changing a light bulb. Sucks to be them.

> all they REALLY do is serve their masters in Tel Aviv and Dimona, like the well-crafted kabuki puppets they are… All the while being too stupid to even realize it.

Well. Gotta pay the bills somehow. And while I'm capable of getting by in plumbing and a few other trades, I'm not willing to take the pay hit at this point. Once the IT ship starts to list (and it will), I'm going to be among the first to abandon it. But until that point it's going to keep my bills paid and my prepping financed.

b7a988  No.12766539

File: e84c7b0b213e482⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 500x280, 25:14, polska.gif)






You must be really enjoying your degenerate brown shitholes.

217b77  No.12766547


C has value. C++ is the devil, unless you have all top tier coders working on the project. There's too much freedom to royally fuck up. Java puts guardrails on so if you have some idiots around, they can't fuck it up too bad.

Java's real downside these days is you can't put it on embedded systems, they just don't have the power still.




In my experience, you don't save much with indian coders. They won't admit when they don't have any idea what you are talking about, the time difference is a real problem and they generally suck.


>live in faggot commie hellhole

Fuck no, $250k a year isn't enough to live with that bullshit. Homeless, human shit, hepatitis, drugs, muggings, can't carry a pistol, have to kowtow to PC bullshit.

6b656a  No.12766550


>reinvent the wheel, goy, our tech is too good for you

1392e0  No.12766589


Like Russia? Full of mudskins and mongrel turks.

4aefae  No.12766594

File: 655a92526e646ae⋯.jpg (4.82 KB, 228x221, 228:221, 1534263493323.jpg)


>Programming is going to become automated

Give an example of an automated code.

4aefae  No.12766605


Journalism in the "Current Year": AI = Template

f1b314  No.12766622


>I work for an opensource company

so you're working for communists looking to lower themselves to beggar level peddling maintenance and implementation?

e75e29  No.12766682


Machine learning.

c77cfc  No.12766806


> so you're working for communists

They pay like that (compared to Silly Valley levels anyway - still making a lot more than a plumber)…

> peddling maintenance and implementation?

…and that's what they do…

> lower themselves to beggar level

…but that's not what they are doing. They are making a killing selling maintenance and implementation. So not really like working for hammer and sickle communists. More like working for penny-pinching jewish capitalists (which are just the other side of the same coin, really).

529097  No.12766809


No I don’t live in Russia

ef218d  No.12766886


Specialization is for insects

1392e0  No.12766890


Pretty idiotic, tbh. Specialization is how we have civilization. Every man has his craft, his purpose in life, and that is the nature of Fascism.

ef218d  No.12766949


says the guy who doesn't understand the saying. if you aren't adaptable, it's much easier to die. in systems that select for more than one factor, marketed as performance, you won't rise to the top, most likely. or as baltasar would probably put it, grace in all areas paves the way to a flawless reputation.

git gud, fag

b03933  No.12766959


fuck off back to /v/ retard

9de516  No.12766960

I can sort of empathize with these people, it's hard to learn new skills. Back in 2005 my journalism teacher straight up told me to get out of journalism since the industry was falling apart then and their unions were being broken, so on a lark I learned how to code PLCs. Now I'm doing full-blown ERP and process control systems for assembly lines, making 10x what I used to since most programmers aren't good enough to do anything other than web design.

It's their fault for not taking their own advice, but again that's only a small part of all this. Figure the current gen of journalists destroyed the previous gen that came before them, you're looking at vultures starving after the last rat has been completely picked apart. They destroyed their unions, their supportive infrastructure, and their social safety net and now have nothing except student debt. It's fitting in a sense because most will remain permanently poor until they die.

7db5d0  No.12767006



>finding a broken pipe in sub-zero weather

>drilling 1/2" holes in frozen ground

>crawling around freezing/baking crawlspace

>wrangling turds

There's a reason it pays $100/hr

0519b9  No.12767075


>Basic -> Fortran -> Erlang

Because I've never once seen a job posting for a single one of these. You may be in the wrong decade, boomer.

Python for scripting because it's the de-facto modern scripting language (with all the shit that comes with it). You can do Perl if you want to be a hipster, but it won't pay.

C for low-ish level programming and its vast use in IoT devices ensure that it's going to be useful for decades to come.

Bash for being able to use Linux/BSD, C++ if you want to do muh modern big-boy applications/repair Pajeetsoft's fuckups, php/JS if you want to compete with Pajeet in webdev.

fa58c4  No.12767389

File: 7dbf37205b25878⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 564x663, 188:221, tinking.jpg)



>muh automation in X years

Same meme can be said about literally every field.

As a programmer I know from experience there are two classes of softwarefags: The Programmer, and the "coder". The programmer is competent and actually understands the CS concepts, and the "coder" as a Java or Python shitcoder who copy-pastes examples from stackoverflow and stitches them together into something that barely works.

The programmer is a rare breed, and the "coder" is abundant, mostly mass-imported from the 3rd world. The "everyone can code" meme is being shilled everywhere, and its true that everyone can shitcode, but only a minority can program. I am convinced your brain needs to be hardwired a certain way to truly be good at it.

ef218d  No.12767402


>fuck off back to /v/ retard

enjoy getting demolished, insect.

ef218d  No.12767409


>the "coder" as a Java or Python shitcoder who copy-pastes examples from stackoverflow and stitches them together into something that barely works.

That's quite the synonym for old Pajeet. But it's 102% accurate.

1a865b  No.12767419

File: f07b845b0d6d4d4⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190207-025227….png)


Yep like @coralineada aka Michel emke transgender gay dad oto child fuck cult member. Github paid $150k to write the creator covenant policy document that says you must respect all sexual preferences to be a coder.

At every keynote speech he does he says hes great because he only tried to kill himself twice last year.

Proof you are right….


I pitched this story again…..

ef218d  No.12767423


here is your answer as to why only certain types are good at it. written by a software engineering teacher.


.>I began teaching software engineering as a practical matter during a skills shortage in the mid 1980s. Over time I realised that while a minority of my students were of the "natural hacker" type (a creative, effective programmer - not a criminal), the majority could be taught to be hackers. This was at variance with usual thinking in the field, which holds that most people are simply useless by nature. By observing engineers I noticed that there were two distinct "cognitive strategies" visible in the workplace. I tagged them "packing" and "mapping". You need to be a mapper to do software design, but most people are packers. My empirically developed lectures, which consisted of some common-sense comments about the nature of work, and some entertaining stories, somehow taught packers to map.

>To explicitly make the link to autism, we can return briefly to software engineering. I have often observed (and been caught in) situations where a thinker is trying to maintain his composure, contemplate all aspects of a situation, and find the deep, elegant solution that the "mapper" experience says is always there if only we look for it. The response of packers to this activity is to physically surround the mapper, and set up a barrage of yammering. They change the subject repeatedly in mid-sentence, make false statements, and cite logical fallacies. Their attention span is less than two sentences. Yammering behaviour renders contemplation quite impossible. It's worse than the silly trick of shouting random numbers at a person trying to remember a phone number. Normal tactile self-stimulation that can be observed in most engineers when thinking increases to head rubbing, rocking and so on. The thinker becomes withdrawn and defensive. Eventually the only alternatives are to shout at the yammerers, or flee. I think of yammering behaviour in dopamine self-addiction as analogous to sneezing in viral infections. The problem makes the victim perform behaviours that spread the problem.

bbd689  No.12767457

More people probably know how to code than to replace a p trap under their sink. I'm sick of dumb people associating computers with intelligence.


I hope so. Those dumb tech. niggers all deserve to starve and live on the streets for thinking themselves socially superior to carpenters and whatnot because they work with computers. Most jobs with computers are so low-skill and require so little critical or creative thinking ability, and they attract the dumbest filth in society, because they're "fashionable" so they all think they're high and mighty. Bunch of fucking cubical working niggers. Oh wait, no, they got rid of cubicles and made everyone work in big cafeterias, right? So the little cage seems more comfortable to all the little rats. Everyone that works with computers is a fucking nigger.

bbd689  No.12767467


You're going to be replaced with Neha and Pooja from India first.

bbd689  No.12767494


The tech. industry really needs to burn to the ground. Tech. and media are where all the trash are, because those are the fashionable jobs where self-important filth go. So you end up with a bunch of feminists, trannies, faggots, black supremacists, jews etc.

c77cfc  No.12767508


Now these fuckers are a veritable pest upon our trade. Be they trannies or neon haired hambeast women. Went up against one of these…things in a "We should stop using waycis language" kind of discussion. I did win it in the end but that was definitely a flamewar of attrition. Fuckers have a horribly Jewish arguing style. Every dirty trick in the book, plus a few that aren't and no substance whatsoever.

c77cfc  No.12767548


Concur. Computers are useful tools, but not more than that. We shouldn't worship them the way the cultists from Silly Valley do. And they'll continue to be without all these "wonderful" spying, lying inventions the glow in the dark niggers of the Bay Area have graced us with ever since the late 90s. So if you've got the means to turn that hive of scum and villainry into a glassy crater, more power to you…

254531  No.12767564


Silly con valley.

7e1432  No.12767773

File: 730006ea3babf1b⋯.png (31.25 KB, 461x519, 461:519, 730006ea3babf1b43a3a97945e….png)



>Your nose gets obscenely larger every time you post, faggot.

d0bc9b  No.12767783

Even if a person "learns to code", it doesn't mean they'll be creating useful software. Most people know how to write, but they could not write a quality novel.

cacdd7  No.12767794


Good thing that the overwhelming majority of software is useless crap anyway.

f2b3f2  No.12767819


Soon you'll need a high social score to even use a compiler, which will of course be cloud based. CPUs will simply not execute anything which hasn't been (((code signed))).




1c3680  No.12767904

File: 50844a829231e83⋯.png (291.13 KB, 680x666, 340:333, d9a.png)


> hugging is porn

I just think the girls are cute. Do you think anons are serious when they say hand holding is lewd?

e3b118  No.12767923


Learn to weld

254531  No.12767925


It's clearly sexual, eve with a hint of furry on top. Go spam that garbage on 4chan instead you sick fuck.

e54efd  No.12767952

I don't care if more retards start "coding." I don't even consider them competition. They can do retard work like webdev or something.


>tbh, the best coders I have encountered have all been EE's.

lol. They are considered the messiest programmers who create unmaintainable code.


All three of those are garbage.


Have fun wasting time thinking about the computer instead of thinking about your problem.

caf5b5  No.12767994


Sounds to me like they aren't spoon-feeding.

8b71f5  No.12768024

File: 3739b7489c82408⋯.png (881.58 KB, 800x1124, 200:281, 3739b7489c8240843d8df65bca….png)


This guy gets it. Air traffic control, xray equipment, pacemakers, oil well sizing/production configuration are simply not doable by your average JS bootcamp grad shitstain. I interviewed a guy from a bootcamp once, his prior experience was literally "clowning."

000000  No.12768103


10+ year coader here.

Programming will never become fully automated. first, because of a theoretical proof from CompSci called Rice's Theorem:

every non-trivial property of the language of Turing machines is undeciable.


what this means is that it is impossible to create a "master language" which can completely describe all other programming languages. therefore, there will never be a way for machines to write their own code, or be given a vague set of input requirements from a non-technical Manager, and perform all of the decisions to generate the output program which performs everything the Manager expects.

you will always needs a sad sack code monkey like me to waste 80 hours per week performing the tedium of typing the millions of commands and steps into the machine.

second, faggot Chad MBA's have been trying to sell "Self-Coding Code" apps since the fucking 1980's, and none of it has ever worked. one of the biggest scam niche industries in all of Computing Inc. counter intuitively, the more apps there are which claim to not need developers to write code, ends up creating even more demand for coders. because the (((lazy do-nothing Mgmt))) types are too stupid and have too short of attention spans to sit down and read words on a screen for 15 minutes and drag and drop widget blinken lights to do what they want. Mgmt types are a caste system–they don't do the work themselves, that's what pointless meetings are for and that's why they employ small armies of tech nerd peon servitors. these useless eater Mgmt classes are such wastes of oxygen that even if the Perfect Self-Coding AI did exist, they still wouldn't be capable of using it, and they would still pay Hackers like me over 6 figure salaries to dictate to the AI what it should do.

as CPUs shrink down to the size of molecule and as memory and storage expand to store the entirety of human created knowledge in a chip smaller than your pinky nail, the more things that are going to have computers embedded into them. and that means millions more coders will be needed throughout all of society to create and groom these systems. coders are not going anywhere for decades. if you want job security and if you want to earn more than the average doctors and attorneys and fire fighter and electrician–Learn to Code.

even if it takes you ten years to learn how to program, do it faggot, it will be worth it.

333a32  No.12768108


She's not wrong. The problems are systemic and fundamental, some grunt cranking out code is little more than a tool at this point. The real problems are much more broad and require a significant difference in perspective and understanding.

333a32  No.12768119


I have ~37 different MCUs and FPGAs on the bench behind me (: High-level gimps don't understand shit about coding where it matters.

C is the greatest language ever created IMO, but I think the future is going to be some new type of HDL language to maximize efficiency.

bbd689  No.12768124


>god-tier skill

>sitting on your ass all day contributing nothing of significance to society while preaching self-aggrandizing bullshit like this

The need for people like you is a short window in time. Just like thousands of other careers came and went. There's nothing "skillful" about typing on a computer. It requires average intelligence at best. Anyone who sets out to do it can do it, given the education.

c77cfc  No.12768149


Nah, he's quite right. Me, I do not work on the low level stuff this guy talks about, but I've messed with both C and Assembler before. Enough to know that I can write C or Assembler code and debug it until it works. I will take ages and have lots of errors in there that take me just as long to fix. God tier is writing C or Assembler code without any or very few errors. That takes years of experience and a whole lot of talent to boot. No smelly pajeet straight out of "coding bootcamp" is ever going to be able to do that.

Computer generated code will have the problems >>12768103 mentioned. And even if Rice's Theorem ceases being a thing, miraculously, the wizard C coder is going to remain in demand. Because computer generated code will be slow, inefficient and impossible for a human to understand. And that last bit is always going to remain a factor. There's going to be people who want to have human understandable code. And the more that goes out of fashion, the more they will have to pay for the ever shrinking pool of programmers' services.

000000  No.12768162


only a SJW tranny poz load guzzler like you expects to join the Hacker's Club simply for showing up. there is an ancient maxim amongs my people:


Read. The. Fucking. Manual.

yes, coding is boring, yes, you will have to read enough pages equal to several encyclopedias just to figure out how to draw a square on the screen, and yes you will waste thousands of hours lost in mazes "shaving yaks" and that is the way it has always been and that is how it shall always be.

there is a self-selection process at work. if you're not a natural Autist, if you aren't already a tech nerd, if your brain pate cannot tolerate endless hours of bordeom mixed with hyper-focus on puzzle solving, then you need to GTFO of this industry. if you can't teach yourself how to teach yourself, then GTFO out of coding. if my harsh words discourage you or hurt your fee-fees so much that you want to give up on coding, then you were never going to make it anyways, because in the Real World, nobody is going to hold your hand, so GTFO of Computing Inc.

if you can install Linux and configure it and rice it and tweak it and if you can start out coding simple scripts to perform simple tasks which you want your machine to do and if you can copy other programmers code and modify it to do things you want done and if you can learn from reading hundreds of thousands of lines of other programmer's code and if you can think of new ideas for new programs to do things you need but which none of the other programs can do, and if you can do this without needing someone to tell you to do it and how to do it and just figure it out yourself, and if you can apply what you learned to turn your ideas into programs, and if you can just get shit done and not cry about it, then perhaps there may be hope for you yet and maybe you can become a coder.

the worst thing the SJWs did to Software is to shill the retarded propaganda about "democratizing" code, and promoting "diversity."

then all the ZOG Billionaires like Zuckerpunch and the communist traitors at Jewgle like Eric Schmidt and Page and Brin and all of the rest of the Silicon Valley billionaires put out the stupid idea "Learn to Code" as an offering plate to placate the impoverished masses from becoming enraged mobs angry about the Billionaires sucking up all the money from them. when some asshole Billionaire tells the Proles "Learn to Code", it gives the illusion that the Prole possesses the Agency to free himself from the Billionaire's chains tying him down. if the Billionaire had instead said "you'll never learn to code, you're not an Autist, therefore, you will live the remainder of your pathetic peasant life as my e-Slave", then the Proles would mount the Billionaire's heads on pikes lining the freeway.

d0bc9b  No.12768173



Isn't it nice knowing you can create custom computers on the fly, while pajeet is struggling to match your skills by hopelessly spawning more worker threads in a web browser.

c77cfc  No.12768196


>then the Proles would mount the Billionaire's heads on pikes lining the freeway.

Strangely enough this idea is quite appealing to the autist who only gets the crumbs falling from the billionaire's table.

I've actually mellowed about the RTFM bit of late. Because nobody writes these anymore. I try to keep up and write the Fucking Manual on the things that need it written the most but it is a truly Quichotic task. And if people ask me questions about things I haven't written TFM on , yet I am happy to answer.

Then again. All the folks who do ask me questions do speak Programming, Motherfucker. Definitely a good thing about my current company. No SJW diversity hires whatsoever.

bbd689  No.12768231


>ever shrinking pool of programmers' services.

Not this generation. Every other person in college is in there for something related to computers. The only thing more worthless than them is some bum social critic like Marx, or a professor in a humanities class. Nearly all industries will see people being replaced at some point, with only a few maintenance and management tier jobs left. I don't see where this would be any different. A machine doesn't need to be able to write code perfectly, it only needs to be able to do it well enough to kick 90% of people out of a job and leave the other 10% to perfect it, and save the company millions of dollars. It's going to happen.

Also I know I shouldn't have anything against "coders," and people who work with computers, but I do because those jobs are filled with leftist soyboy anti-white pussies, just like journalism, and every other fashionable industry. That's the core of my problem with "coders." All those fucking marxists in college go for computer related jobs, media related jobs, teaching jobs etc. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in those industries that isn't one of them. I can't fucking wait for automation and new technologies to put all these fucking people in the street. Meanwhile no matter how advanced we get, we'll always need carpenters. It may not be a fashionable, cool job that all the kids talk about, but it's never going away.

8da06e  No.12768246


It takes a whole lot of concentration and precise thinking to get things done cleanly and have a nice skeleton going. Even simple oversights can have "deadly" consequences but that's part of the thrill and excitement.

bbd689  No.12768252


Nice self-aggrandizing post from some fucking loser who sits on his ass all day staring at a computer screen. Meanwhile when you walk out the front door you can barely manage your own daily life. Stop acting like you're above everyone else because you press keys on a keyboard. You have zero real world skills. Your "coding skills" don't impress anyone. Some guy living in the Appalachian mountains has more worthwhile skills than you, and can provide for himself better than you ever will be able to. You're another monkey from the concrete jungle depending on men to provide your life to you. Your entire life relies on the strength of the dollar, because it's the only way you can buy your life. Your have no skills to trade. You produce nothing. Your life revolves so completely around something so absurdly worthless that you probably can't even figure out how to change the oil in your car.

d8ef8b  No.12768295


>10+ year coader here.

same, and you are 100% correct


you have no idea what you are talking about







do your tardwranglers know that you are fornicating with that strawman?

000000  No.12768300


i'm not aggrandizing anything you low self-esteem ass blasted cuck. nowhere did i say "Those Who Code Are Better Than Those Who Don't." it's just a fucking job. some people are naturally into taking apart car engines, and they become mechanics. other people are naturally into taking apart software, and they become programmers. there is nothing wrong with either path, and both are necessary and useful to society. especially when you consider that the average car now has millions of lines of code compiled into hundreds of chips which run every subsystem of the car.

and i don't disagree with you about the entirety of the US economy being propped up by the fake fiat USD. i have been seeing "Experts" say "the bubble is going to pop any day now, The End is Nigh" since the fucking 1990's. yet here we are and here the USD bubble keeps blowing.

even if the USD crashed tomorrow, and even if the entirety of Post Modern Civ was thrown back to the Stone Age, and even if Ted Kaczynski's Dream of the End of Industrial Society came true, and there was no longer any demand for programmers because Industry no longer exists and all cities are under Martial Law while nigger rape gangs loot it all, as long as electricity remains available, i would still be tinkering with programs and creating software, because it's the only thing i am good at and it's the only job i have ever done and i enjoy it because it's fun. while i might have to learn survival and military skills to fight back against the subhuman mongrel Warlord gangs, there is nothing inherently wrong with programming. it's just a machine. that you operate using your mind. while it's is arguable that The Computer is the crowning pinnacle of Human Invention, ever since the germ of the idea of Computation was foreseen centuries ago by Leibniz, i don't expect you to believe that and i don't look down on anyone who disagrees.

bbd689  No.12768318


>i'm not aggrandizing anything

>nowhere did i say "Those Who Code Are Better Than Those Who Don't." it's just a fucking job

>when some asshole Billionaire tells the Proles "Learn to Code", it gives the illusion that the Prole possesses the Agency to free himself from the Billionaire's chains tying him down. if the Billionaire had instead said "you'll never learn to code, you're not an Autist, therefore, you will live the remainder of your pathetic peasant life as my e-Slave", then the Proles would mount the Billionaire's heads on pikes lining the freeway.

>and i don't disagree with you about the entirety of the US economy being propped up by the fake fiat USD.

That wasn't my point. My point was, should something happen to inflate our currency to such a degree, or destroy it, to where you can no longer use it in trade for other useful skills or products, you have nothing to trade, because "coding" isn't a worthwhile skill anyone would trade a product or a service for.

>there is nothing inherently wrong with programming

Just the people that do it.

f9da62  No.12768351

File: 4d768225ffdc922⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 600x326, 300:163, cPycmvQ.jpg)



>Like Russia? Full of mudskins and mongrel turks

Yeah this ^ anon said, Russia isn't doing so >>12766589

great rn

000000  No.12768355


does my poaster id say "kike"? did i accidentally post my Israeli passport photo? just who the fuck do you think you're talking shit to on these here platforms? the fact that i am even on here, and that you are on here, pretty likely means we are both of the same NS bent. we're on the same team, faggot. if you want to go attack SJW coders, which i encourage, because i hate them more than you because they have shitted up my niche job industry, well, you're in the wrong place.

go search Github for "Code of Conduct, create a dozen sock puppet accounts, and then have at it trolling their Issues pages and creating fake tickets and teasing the comments of faggy L2C affirmative action inclusive poseurs who aren't in software for The Love of The Game, but because the Coad Bootcamp promised them $shekels.

we NS are already a tiny, tiny minority faction, we are the most oppressed and most persecuted Ideology on Earth, we are the most demonized and infiltrated and subverted and sabotaged and (((undermined))). so it is foolishly suicidal for us to waste any resources attacking each other over bullshit. we're already facing extinction. ever second wasted on in-fighting and every resource we waste attacking each other, only seals our fate of ruin. instead, we need to get each other's back and go out and kill kikes and the federal agents who enable the kikes.

f5671d  No.12768368


Absolutely kiked image.

440c26  No.12768378

why does every coder thread instantly summons an infinite swarm of all devouring "hurrr duuuurrr look at me i cant code or make more money and im obviously mentally inferior so im just going to imply implications about you duuur" retards all of a sudden?

i mean its okay if you are some perma minwage shitter with an unemployable meme degree, you have so much people who are better than you to be jealous of, but why exactly computer programmers? the inferiority anger is not spread onto a thousand professions who are all superior to you, it is narrowly focused on this one in particular

maybe we have a lot of people who tried to code and couldnt so now they are angry? eh, who knows

976434  No.12768382

>worthless blue collar job

I got a degree in physics. My friend became an electrician.

By the time I was finished school my friend had a house, a wife, two kids and will soon be able to get his master electrician license and own his own business. He can upgrade his certifications even further if he wants, all paid for, and get into advanced and specialized fields.

Blue collar jobs are the new white collar jobs.When half the country doesnt know how to change a fucking lightbulb, the so-called 'proletariat' are on their way to becoming the new aristocracy.

Their licensing is highly regulated and so they can resist influxes of cheap immigrant labor, their regulatory bodies are so tied up with the legal profession and bureaucrat government shitters that there's little to no chance of these regulations being loosened (if anything they'll be further tightened).

While automation may be a threat to unskilled labor, it is virtually no threat to skilled labor. White collar jobs are going to be automated far more quickly and far more extensively than the so-called trades. And most white collar jobs don't provide the opportunity to strike out on your own and own the business yourself, you're forever tied to your corporate chains. Even among coders, there number of people working independently (which was once the norm in many fields) is diminishing. You'll forever have to answer to Shaniqua Chang the biracial obese SJW lesbian in HR.

Enjoy your cubicle prison.

440c26  No.12768426


also this

i mean im a welder and barrier to entry is high for shitskins because acetylene torch doesnt have any affirmative action when it comes to explosive mismanagement, that shit just goes off if you forget to empty all the tubes before a work session and let the gasses slam into each other

blue collar is slowly becoming an aristocracy, i have friends with higher formal education making less cash than me, and i also scratch my balls, blast music, take pauses when ever etc because im self employed, and most welder workshops have titty calendars hanging from the walls while white collars have to tolerate all sorts of workplace sexual deviancy quotas, racial quotas, religious quotas (muslims) etc

but blue collar, even 'skilled' blue collar work is


you have to improvise from time to time but that's it, you will never get to tackle a problem using complex analysis or partial equations, its all just doing the same (but well paid) shit until retirement

and you take a hit to your health

f5671d  No.12768444


The bacteria must be cleansed.

f5671d  No.12768572


"the fact that i am even on here, and that you are on here, pretty likely means we are both of the same NS bent."

You have too much trust. To me it seems like 60% of posts here are created by our enemy either through AI, Israeli or CIA shills, Antifa and other leftist trash, or whatever. After all this site itself is owned by a Freemason crypto-Jew.

000000  No.12768647

Guys where are the republican tech hubs? I can't move to NYC or Sanfran, I'd rather suicide. Even Austin is a soyfest.

ab8ade  No.12768681


>10+ year coader here.


>Programming will never become fully automated

As i said, the human element will be very small and very specialized. Most of the trash jobs that blue hairs, pajeets, and javafags do will be automated and completely gone. The tip top of the computer engineering/programming industry will always have humans. Niggers, women, and shit skins will never be part of it though. They will just have white men between age 25-40 doing it.

ab8ade  No.12768684


Shes not wrong but shes taking the "learn to code" cracks seriously.

3e1d0b  No.12768691

My argument against amnesty is that in the 90s white young men could have made a good income out of high school or on summer break in the construction industry.

5352de  No.12768729


>Blue collar jobs are not worthless

Can confirm. $200k net annually in specialized trucking here. I own my truck though. I have friends who weld pipelines, with their own equipment, for the same money. I'm sure your local, independent cabinet maker is doing well too. etc. It's everywhere once you start looking.

Also there's no PC culture and they need you more than you need them. We have multiple trucks with Confederate flags on the lot in the Current Year.

Skilled, independently performed (not W2), blue-collar work pays big for those with a strong work ethic.

432b16  No.12768760


>machine learning

>automated code

good to know you don't know what machine learning is

0de9ee  No.12768774


Ah so this is one of those Kremliniki I've heard so much about.

a6d44b  No.12768865


Literally nobody is or is going to make code from scratch.

e04d0d  No.12768866

File: e73f3dc9d401767⋯.jpg (118.14 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Think I have a Shit to Giv….jpg)

1a865b  No.12768999


I thought wolf was against trans. (Woman's lib front - logo you used)

Nah I double checked. I called them up to expose gay lobby jailing people for hate speech against Noel Crompton hall first trans to legally use women's toilet, who aids raped 3 women in jail. Dyke called NYPD on me for leaving one voicemail.

They are really pro trans and pedo just pretending not to be to stay relevant.

1a865b  No.12769020


You are right. I lost 4 github accounts and rising.

I even made a video on it.


Left says you must respect all sexual preferences to be a coder. Left says child arse / manga CP loving is a sexual preference. I have already been "enforced" / banned from bugzillas etc because its widely known "I bully" those who fuck children.

fc8fa3  No.12769166

its annoying

but it still pays good

they are not replacing us, they are just annoying retards that you have to put up with .

Give it 5 years , youll eventually be back to the good sperg days.

fc8fa3  No.12769182


people that know nothing about coding write about coding

people that know nothing about coding post on image boards about coding

046678  No.12769433

As long as 130IQ is ~98th percentile I think senior engineers will do fine.

046678  No.12769442


How do you graduate with a CS degree and can't get a job unless you never took an internship or bothered to do any portfolio side projects? Must have gone through a seriously joke program, would love to know the school.

df1e48  No.12769448


I once had the "pleasure" of fixing (by which I mean rewriting entirely) a FSM designed by a pajeet in a VHDL project… glitches galore! I think anyone with an IQ even over 110 can rest easy to be honest. These days people who configure wordpress plugins call themselves "coders".

046678  No.12769471

File: fc935bba374952f⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1630x1600, 163:160, 1449951194992.jpg)


The secret to coding is find a curriculum from a reputable CS program and learn each of the topics of the classes in that curriculum.

"computer science I/II" (basic control flow like if/else, loops, variables, functions/methods)

data structures + algorithms

object oriented programming

software engineering

discrete mathematics

programming language concepts (functional/imperative/declarative paradigms, basic workings of a compiler/interpreter)

computer organization (basic assembly, how a cpu/memory/hard drive work on a basic level, CPU architectures compared)

operating systems (processes, forks, file system basics)

That's a pretty complete set of CS fundamentals. Beyond that it's mostly electives depending on what field you're in, the more you learn the better. For example 3d programming, network programming, AI, machine learning, etc.) Also make sure you focus on getting some kind of internship, paid or otherwise as soon as possible. If you have some shitty office job automate some aspect of it with Excel or a bash or Python/Ruby script then call yourself a whatever/junior programmer on your resume and suddenly you've got a bit of momentum. And you must build some kind of side project for your portfolio where you can show code. Good luck! It should take 2-3 years minimum if your ass is in gear, but then your first real junior dev job will pay 40k minimum. Then you can switch jobs every year getting 20k pay raises minimum each year. Hope that takes some of the magic out of it for you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

046678  No.12769489


This anon knows what's up. Faggots who learn every new flavor of the month JS framework are wasting their time when they could pick an established language+framework that has a long future and is "good enough", and spend that extra time developing their CS or SE fundamentals, or soft skills, or starting their own business. JS is only now worth taking very seriously with ES6. React and Vue maybe, but you have to consider whether they will be going very strong in 5 years and to me that's questionable enough that I wouldn't learn them on my own time. Another thing you can do is if a technology seems like it might have staying power but you're still unsure is to try to position yourself to use it at an existing or new job, then you can keep your knowledge up to date on the company's dime.

046678  No.12769494


Could work remotely and get that fat west coast salary while living in your comfy rural homestead. Best of both worlds to an extent.

046678  No.12769514


Ehhh, low level programming doesn't necessarily require more intelligence than high level programming, although it is more arcane. High level programming turns into system design and software engineering when talking about building a real product that works well is highly scalable and will turn a profit. As opposed to some vaporware trap company meant to part dumb boomers from their money in some VC scam. The real god-tier is those who can do it all. But CS and SE is so vast you inevitably must become somewhat of a specialist in order to produce at the highest levels.

046678  No.12769523


>80 hrs/wk

You're getting jewed, friend. Time to start your own business, or negotiate a higher pay or lower hours.

046678  No.12769551


>60% of posts here are created by our enemy

Drive-by shitposts with a D&C agenda sure, but not generally repeated effortposts by multiposters.

c4ed35  No.12769742


Seems redundant to have a narrow AI write code when the AI itself could be trained to do desired tasks through inference instead. Not to mention said AI would only be inheriting the "characteristics" of coders who's work are included in the data set. Coders are still needed for that, and re-training is needed for every significant change to whatever coding it learns.

Current AIs are nowhere near the reasoning and abstraction ability to infer meaning/relationships and build generalized representations of what they learn beyond a specific scope. Until that's resolved, such automation would be limited to specific cases, not generalized enough to outright replace humans.

6c1563  No.12769788


Is she that stupid that she doesn't understand that was the second layer of the joke.

Automation and outsourcing will hit every level below a certain point of the IQ scale, that was always a given.

f624e8  No.12769799


>work 100% remote

That dream is dead.


18fa16  No.12769804


Whoa now, I get the feeling that this guy is the best. Wow, better than all the rest. I'm very impressed.

3e1d0b  No.12769852

Coal mining is not burger flipping work. Not in a labor sense but the education that's required.

Dems are saying that Coal miners should give up their engineering degree work for part time labor that Mexicans fresh from the river are able to do. Oh, and there are only so many roof top solar units that you can install in a stagnate or worse, population declining state.

f5f234  No.12769879

It's amazing how every good career is being destroyed right before our eyes. Every year more and more unfit people in thees fields. Every time these field get shittyer and produce bad products. Stem getting more fucked every year. coding=fucked and even now programming has incredible bload going becouse computing power has been going up, and wall is coming and No one is optimising just printing bloated code out and every year more and more shitty workers entree field.

My only regret is that I wasn't smarter and make my career path something simple and most likely eselfeplying, maybe went to sea or deep sea oil drilling so i could stay out of this corporate bullshit filled whit shitty workers that lacks understanding.


3e1d0b  No.12769887


Why should women have acess to the safe well paying jobs anyways? Men should be entitled to those jobs because they do the least enjoyable & dangerous jobs exclusively other than Token examples.

d358e6  No.12769924

File: 6c817568a82fa1e⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 1024x699, 1024:699, no-money.jpg)

Yes stay far away from my career field. Theres no money in it, don't bother.

f5f234  No.12769943


Funny thing is I don't even care safe or clean job just that it's not under corporate bullshit and shortsightnes. Nothing makes me angry like seeing new building getting up and company ignoring glaring proplems becouse money or new verso or programs that run like utershit becouse optimising is waste of time.

fb423f  No.12770562

File: c4b88c980e9dd18⋯.jpg (65.3 KB, 450x752, 225:376, 452bda0a777451bdcfb47b208a….jpg)


>2013 article

>more remote jobs than over in cy4

fb423f  No.12770576


One of the problems is that good software engineers' time is more valuable than CPU time, so the extra time to really optimize to a high level is so expensive it ends up not being economically viable when you have to compete with corner-cutters. And it only takes a couple shitty unoptimized applications to keep pushing up the requirement for faster CPUs. Operating system bloat ensures the problem is baked in at the lowest level. Shitty situation.

9300d4  No.12770599


>blue collar

What the fuck? Do these fucks not know what that even means? Coding has and always will be white collar.

8b7fdb  No.12770836



These are "tough, smart journo-womynz"

8b7fdb  No.12770839

I'm sure they think blue=poor, white=rich.

8b7fdb  No.12770861

To turn coding into a blue collar job, maybe they could require you to code in VR, and make it so the only way to move the cursor is by running on a treadmill.

c675c5  No.12771004


>his prior experience was literally "clowning."

A bona-fide clown who can make children laugh and adults smile is a thousand times more valuable than some codenigger.

a018f8  No.12771009


False. Programming is by definition a human activity.

4db248  No.12771065


ahahahhahahahahahahahaha how stupid are you

do you not understand we are like under 10 years away from AI being smart enough to code for itself and replace the entire human industry? it is absolutely going to happen and soon. you're gonna be able to just write up a few pages of concept and the AI will code a program exactly how you described, you'll only need 1 person with the ability to type in English to be a coder in the near future.

and after that, AI is gonna be to the point where it conceives and codes its own shit without any human interaction AT ALL.

4db248  No.12771077


ahaha this is so much BS dude. AI is already making its own ART that passes a Turing Test that fools museum curators into thinking it was made by a human. if AI can make its own art that isn't distinguishable from human art, it is certainly going to be making its own code soon. people have often said art is the main thing that separates us from animals because of the creative thinking and spatial reasoning etc. that it requires and yet in CY the AI can do this on its own.

coding in and of itself is just math. it's pure logic based. AI is going to be insane when it's advanced enough to code its own solutions for problems it identifies. this is most definitely with 100% certainty going to be happening. it isn't just some Deus Ex sci-fi shit anymore bro. this isn't the 90s anymore.

b17249  No.12771142


It does show how desperate the industry is to get coedfagz



< medical equipment


Low level doesn't mean what you think it means. Low level means basically OS stuff. If you're dealing with embedded systems, you may not have an OS, but you have a fuckload of libraries that make your life almost as easy as if you had an OS.

Also, a lot of high-level programming is extremely sophisticated. For reference, consider the users of R and Mathematica.

e04d0d  No.12771150

File: 94bff6555a10e3c⋯.jpg (258.74 KB, 1300x1050, 26:21, 2457013.main_image[1].jpg)


>fully clothed


Hope you go to jail for this clear case of baby rape.

e04d0d  No.12771153


Funny how an empty wallet looks like a blown out cunt.

a018f8  No.12771251


Sure, you can have programs generating programs, but that isn't programming, that's computation.

9b2b15  No.12771307


You're trying way too hard.

b17249  No.12771396


> pic

dem feels, lad, didn't need dem feels :|

huwhite waifu when?

489955  No.12771416


Checked. I'm working from home 99.99% right now.

53c93b  No.12771437



Apparently we got us a true believer. Supply proof or GTFO.

0b26f2  No.12771655


>long quality post

>non related weird image

>7 out of 9 replies are about said image

235517  No.12771926



no shit, this holds true for most university degree, which are the new high school diplomas.

for burgers who come out of higher education with tens of thousands of dollars of unescapable debt…

why do they fall for that meme?

fb423f  No.12772341


t.not a programmer

000000  No.12772845


spoken like a true stronk, indepyndynt. ever think that they just don't want you there lady?

976434  No.12772922


Because most people don't understand anything until they get life experience, and when they're younger they tend to rely on information from authority figures.

The irony here is that teenagers tend to be rebellious, but are totally reliant on people in authority to shape their view of the world.

And most people's parents are completely clueless as to how the job market has changed and how the value of university education has changed. So they act on bad advice handed to them by people whose worldview and understanding is several decades out of date.

92dc2f  No.12773219


You seem to know what you're talking about - Any recommendations regarding certificates? It's easy to find programming classes but those are hardly solid proof of your abilities. It seems like MS certificates for MS Server shit are the bare minimum in order to count as a real programmer.

I did vocational training as an IT monkey but a couple of hours of C++ every week amounts to no usable skills whatsoever. So now I'm sitting here wondering how I can properly sell myself to employers.

98d077  No.12773244


The secret to coding is knowing how to use a search engine well. Have you tried googling "site:Stackoverflow.com <issue>"?

92dc2f  No.12773291


Like all tech help sites, Stackoverflow is overflowing with retarded pajeets.

000000  No.12773393


clowns are dangerous and terrifying tbh and coder-wannabe clowns doubly so. they should be banned outright from all software engineering positions, nor even allowed anywhere near our company's campuses.


/thread. that and ME.


>1. Get, read, understand, memorize The Art of Computer Programming

what a crock. tell us all about how you've managed it friend.


actually it's much easier to fuck up large C project designs, and you need far more expertise to pull off good ones compared to similar functionality in C++. as well, the C++ code will in general be as performant or even better than the C code and it will also be much easier to maintain for a large codebase. the only practical trade-off for C++ vs. C today is the availability of a C++ compiler for embedded chip <X>, or larger resulting binaries if you don't know template programming–both of which are rapidly diminishing issues.

000000  No.12773417


>but a couple of hours of C++ every week amounts to no usable skills whatsoever

if you focused those two hours on a superior curriculum then they would.

start here anon


when you finish that then here


after those two fire at will here


persistence, as with any good thing, is the key to success. good luck.

75958f  No.12773437


>flooded with shitty chads pajeets


000000  No.12773438


nonsense. there are indeed plenty of bad questions on SO, but there are many, many good and even great answers there. #1 goto for general coding questions. unfortunately it's becoming poz af over the last year.

d24345  No.12773980


>and you take a hit to your health

that's the biggest thing keeping me from doing a "trade" job.

I'm a skinny autist with joints that decided to age faster than the rest of me, so most any labor job will have me fucked up.

My brain is really the only thing I have that will net me any sort of gain. on top of that the tism I have limits me greatly in terms of normal social convention, so that alone makes it difficult to keep a job for more than a few months.

IMO programming/web dev is my best chance for not starving to death a homeless man.

With my current situation it's really the only thing I can do that won't put me into debt with a not so solid guarantee that it will turn out well.

>inb4 SJW faggot with "muh anxious ptsd gender dysphoria"

I do not subscribe to that way of thinking, I'm pro-white to the core

f624e8  No.12773995

File: a23ef275583bb4c⋯.jpg (126.47 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, pajeet_programmers.jpg)


It's both, sadly.

2d4b08  No.12774129


If you want to actually make money programming then master C and go into embedded/kernel programming. Webdev is for poos.

4a568c  No.12774173


Same here.

As for Yahoo: they were already on the decline in 2013. They stopped the home office policy because that Google cunt who took over figured a little bit of the time-honored "The beatings will continue until morale improves!" might magically make them profitable again. Somehow that didn't happen. Color me surprised.

4a568c  No.12774192


>Any recommendations regarding certificates?

Worthless. They are a money printing machine for vendors who want additional shekels on top of what they charge for their overpriced products.

> It seems like MS certificates for MS Server shit are the bare minimum in order to count as a real programmer.

What idiot told you that? The ability to handle MS server software is indeed a valuable skill because most good sysadmins like unixoid systems better. That translates into the ability to name any price for a guy who really knows his way around MS server software. For a guy who's got his shit together in that department, certificates don't matter. Actually a guy with lots of certificates is a bit of a red flag because that means they spent a lot of time cramming for exams (as opposed to working). They tend not to need job interviews either. They get recommended by people whose fires they put out.

1c660c  No.12774229

File: 6ddf5d5f9fc8963⋯.png (43.6 KB, 613x357, 613:357, notch.png)


fucking subhuman pieces of shits tell people not to build something because it's reinventing the wheel

you have no wheel

you have bloated, barely operable pajeetery and you always will because everyone is too afraid to try again and do anything better

4a568c  No.12774253


This anon gets it. "Do not reinvent the wheel, let's use the same crap everybody else is bitching about." is a very popular meme among "programmers".

Along with "let's use the {Google,Apple} stuff because it works" - that's the modern equivalent of "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM".

And don't even get me started on "I'll let someone who knows what they are doing handle $one_of_my_core_competencies"…

This industry is pozzed as fuck.

0519b9  No.12774279


>what a crock. tell us all about how you've managed it friend.

I did. It's a series of books. That you should read. It's the equivalent of a good CS degree.

7d5ac9  No.12774324


>there will never be a way for machines to write their own code,

You are a biomachine yourself so dont be so sure about it.

5382f9  No.12774493


>It's clearly sexual

If you are a degenerate, sure.

fb423f  No.12775241

File: bbdd7bddaef0b5e⋯.jpg (25.67 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 1500402584715.jpg)


Certs mean nothing for software engineers. It's all about portfolio and job experience. To start your portfolio pick a project that's small in scope, but well crafted and attractive. If you did a web app it could be a CRUD form for tracking your lifts, or a GTD-style TODO list. Use something like bootstrap and a simple theme, then hire a designer for $20 or whatever on Fiver to give you a custom logo. Make it responsive so it works on mobile, tablet, desktop sizes. But don't add too many features, keep it very simple. At the same time you want to demonstrate high code quality for the little code that is there. Write specs, organize things neatly into classes, modules, and methods (make a method private unless it's necessary to be public).

If you wanted to do game dev make a simple game like a mario or bomberman or Tetris clone. Add only 1-2 enemy types, 1-2 levels, either simple AI or no AI (multiplayer). Then make it high quality in terms of code, and make it look pretty. Remember this is your FIRST portfolio project. Hopefully you get the idea here. Make the code public on a site like github/gitlab or whatever, so you're using version control. And in put actual screenshots in the README so they can quickly glance at it and think "seems legit". The point is to be enough to get your foot in the door and get your first "real" (junior or internship) programming job.

If you're having trouble finding an internship then start networking. Or make the position up yourself– maybe you have a friend or family member who has a small business. If you can do their website or write a time tracking app for them or write some scripts to automate part of their workflow (Excel, automated printing script with logic, etc). Then suddenly you can list it on your resume as 3 months internship as "Junior Developer" and your friend or family member will have the courtesy to give you a phone reference for your troubles. It's all about paying your dues to get your foot in the door, and be willing to stretch the truth a tiny bit or retroactively change your job title from a previous job. Say you have a job now as an IT monkey or even data entry. If you can write a little script to automate something suddenly you can put on your resume "Data Entry/Junior Developer". Hope that helps.

fb423f  No.12775252


Webdev can easily make 150k+ as senior engineer, and you can choose to work with whites in the startup world just by scouting who's on the team or building it out yourself by as an early team member or cofounder. Not to poo-poo on C or embedded by any means, but what you're stating lacks nuance.

bfb506  No.12775332


While I ignore certs when hiring, if anyone shows me an example project that uses bootstrap their CV goes straight in the trash. There's no excuse for acting like a retarded nigger.


>Webdev can easily make 150k+ as senior engineer

Only in shitholes like NY and SF, where 150k isn't even good money. You'll live better making $50k/year in KC than making 150k/year in SF, and you won't be surrounded by faggots, trannies, and anti-white shitskins.

ef9dfb  No.12775436


Well yeah that's why you work remote. Imagine living in KC making 150k from home. Programmers are or should be good at working smart, not hard.

941542  No.12775447


Especially if you can build it from bootstrapping.

ef9dfb  No.12775465


Wait what's wrong with using Bootstrap anyways? If you have some specific grudge against them there are other UI frameworks you can use like Semantic UI or some Material Design implementation. Or do you believe that every dev should reimpliement basic button, column, and typography styling for ever project? Do you have the same opinion for native UI toolkits? You sound hyperbolic, it's such a nitpick to get triggered over to where you'd toss someone's CV for using a technology that's maybe 10% of a project.

bfb506  No.12775488


Yes. You should also start a unicorn farm and hire leprechauns to work on it.


>what do you have against an SJW demonstration of pure and utter incompetence being reused by people trying to show they are competent.


3b250b  No.12775561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>trusting coorporate shills

I've written code generating software using logic programming, which is highly divergent for anything over 10 expressions.

What this IBM faggot is talking about is licensing bloated botnets that do semantic analysis by guessing based on lexical/syntax patterns found in coorporate codebases.

essentially a "google a.i." for your bloated IDE.

pajeets are already artificially intelligence and cheap.

4a568c  No.12775939


Your post has a pretty jewish ring to it.

> Write specs

For a glorified diary entry generator. Sure.

> make a method private unless it's necessary to be public

Nice textbook quote you've got there.

> Make the code public on a site like github/gitlab

Because then le startup founder will find you and make you a star!

> they can quickly glance at it and think "seems legit"

Anon, you suck at telepathy. What actually goes through my mind when I see something like that is "Oh shit. Yet another bare Github account with some tumbleweed and an ancient resume padding project that does nothing worthwile and hasn't been touched in 5 years."

Us real programmers got a nose for this kind of trickery. And while it might not be as big and ugly as your Schnozz, it is a finely tuned bullshit detecting instrument nonetheless.

> Then suddenly you can list it on your resume as 3 months internship as "Junior Developer"

> be willing to stretch the truth a tiny bit

> suddenly you can put on your resume "Data Entry/Junior Developer"

Lies, upon lies. Which newspaper do you write "learn to code" articles for?

27d79f  No.12776001



Make sure you leave your room once in a while nothing comes to you voluntarily in life.

>>Us real programmers

Fizzbuzzing and being neet doesn't coynt. Stop misleading people you schizo kikelet.

4278e3  No.12776099

File: 18da81330712897⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 18da813307128979e9c5971a3f….png)


The Computer Science and similar programs at my local state school are extremely impacted. All of these people are delusional thinking they will get a good paying silicon valley job. Maybe if they get in now but anyone with some common economic sense can clearly figure out that supply is going to easily exceed demand. Plus with H1B abuse wages have been stagnant for decades. My programmer friend makes more than me but he works until 2-3am sometimes, works on weekends, works on vacation, etc. He is always connected to work. He has no time for social life and is socially awkward with women. Most of his coworkers are the same. I make less but my schedule is 10 days on 8 days off. Once I leave work I am done, I can't be called back in. I can't work from home, and I have no emails to answer besides scheduling. I have more free time for myself and that's easily worth more than an extra 30k shekels. Plus in my job I spend more time walking around and moving. Sometimes outside. I'm not confined to some artificially lit hole.

Learn to code if you want. It can be a great career I imagine if you really have a passion for it. Otherwise, I'd look at careers that will have a higher demand because supply is projected to be low.

Image related.

84de62  No.12776395


OP is sort of right. You can say "it's just code" just as easy as you can say "it's just pipes", so lets imagine the difference between your average ass-crack toilet tweaker and a hydraulic engineer. Code is going to become common-knowledge.

The average person will probably fix their toilet, while the average person will probably kill themselves if they messed with high-pressure hydraulics.

As an aside, I'm a programmer who's currently neck high in an enterprise project that's riddled with shit pajeetware. Too many companies are struggling after buying into outsourcing, and I think the days of that are over. Most developers walking into these broken, labyrinthine projects either run away or start shitting on it themselves because it seems hopeless. The companies don't want to admit their money was wasted and might use zombie bloatware for years. I will probably end up running away myself if not given the chance to restructure/rewrite things soon, but I think the management's scared to allow anything beyond patch-work at this point. So, uh, I guess the point is that large projects are not for the faint of heart, and it takes a lot of skill to make something that work well for more than a couple years.

Also, fucking framework fags are ruining javascript.

ef9dfb  No.12776453

File: 6893e73d8928b28⋯.jpg (21 KB, 334x500, 167:250, 6893e73d8928b286a3849245ae….jpg)


If you think that working remotely for a company based in a large city is some unobtainable fantasy I don't know what to tell you. I've done it for almost a decade.

ef9dfb  No.12776478


It's a few paragraphs of advice on an imageboard for someone to break into the industry. I'm not advertising some code school in fact it's the complete opposite. I've mentored a couple buddies through the same path and they both got good jobs without any formal education, just self-taught, taking some online courses, reading textbooks, learning the principles of a CS curriculum without paying for college. It's a long process will take at least 2 years to get started from scratch, and yeah another important piece of the puzzle is find a mentor of some kind. Goes for any industry or skill really. If you want to ramp up fast, find someone at the pinnacle and they will help you avoid lots of pitfalls and fast-track you.

000000  No.12776505

>coding is blue collar

Now why would the leftists say this if they supposedly care about the blue collar?

ef9dfb  No.12776508


I think you're right about about supply being flooded at least for low-level positions especially if you are competing directly against the lowest common denominator like intermediate-level Java monkeys. There's still plenty of demand at the senior level though, and especially if you find a niche of sorts and are willing/able to adapt as technology changes. Frameworks and fads will come and go, but the ability to apply solid CS fundamentals and build the correct solution on time and budget are timeless.

ef9dfb  No.12776546


Finding a language/framework that generally scares off pajeet and bluehair is definitely worth it. You have to be calculating with the technologies you invest in. Generally at the highest levels of programming (senior+ level), especially with smaller companies (read: no HR department, existing engineers like you will be hiring directly) who can't afford to subsidize incompetency, you'll find that it consolidates on white guys who know what they're doing.

4278e3  No.12776579


I agree, but I don't think the quality of teachers in American universities is good enough to teach the fundamentals. My local school is a top silicon valley recruiter and from what I've seen of the faculty and students. It isn't impressive. But what the fuck do I know?

84de62  No.12776614


If we're not talking javascript, there's legit amazing frameworks out there. .Net Core is becoming crazy fast/good, for one. I love just sticking to good libraries tho: take what you need and keep the code light and clear.

Having style checking and good unit testing set up to reject shit commits helps to weed out people who don't get it or don't care.

Also, besides the white guys, there's some god-tier asian programmers out there.

4cd5dc  No.12776854


If you want the 'old school' programming experience then real-time computing is the place to find it. The economic calculation shifts dramatically when unoptimized code can lead to real-world accidents.

000000  No.12781149


I know exactly what it is, written by literally the greatest computer scientist of all time. please exposit in detail for us all the great knowledge on this topic you have 'memorized' from this yet-unfinished opus of logic and intellect.

I applaud the encouragement for men to study this great work, but merely you're dismissive hubris at the accomplishment.

000000  No.12781157


the Intellect that fashioned both the physical domain and it's laws to support, then fashioned the 'biomachine' you speak of (what a ridiculously short-sighted term for the majestic system of orchestration and elegance we have before our very eyes) is quite beyond the capability of humanity combined.

3bed1a  No.12781739


T-Terry? is that you?

000000  No.12783344

>insulting coders

It would be a shame if coders programmed some killbot to destroy all libtards and kikes for this insult.

f624e8  No.12783375

File: 33fe8436da71f3c⋯.jpeg (201.43 KB, 562x400, 281:200, elite_coding_guru.jpeg)


>implying these soycucks are capable of killing anything more challenging than a case of Soylent

0c8c82  No.12783548

File: e5b7da795faf428⋯.png (429.81 KB, 665x706, 665:706, coder_numale_faggot.png)


>coders programmed some killbot to destroy all libtards and kikes for this insult.

coders are libtards

6d3f79  No.12783570

File: 087e52598aaeef0⋯.jpg (143.29 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, DypqSP1WwAEFL2P.jpg)

9ba1fa  No.12783603

File: 4c85cd04f0edb5f⋯.jpg (684.08 KB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, this is what leftypol actu….jpg)


>That image is almost on par with this one.

e2d791  No.12784667


This woman doesn't understand the term blue-collar.

a5efd0  No.12784721


>This woman doesn't understand the term blue-collar.

I think to her, it must just be a dismissive blanket term that sounds less obviously talmudic than "filthy goyim."

b30c61  No.12784754


That looks terrible. I like it. That's not how you laugh out loud in leet speak though.

Working at a desk, I see wrist surgeries and diabetes in somebodies future.

89375e  No.12784770


>This is what NazBols actually believe

71616c  No.12784792


> highly supported in interactive development environments (IDEs).

That's integrated development environment

2ac96c  No.12784834

File: 84304ea433966bd⋯.gif (1021.9 KB, 320x240, 4:3, hades.gif)

Everyone's having a grand old time shitting on liberals with their startup/gig economy, but our post-WW2 economy was just as guilty.

The major crisis that prevents people from speaking up is their income. They are completely reliant on their paycheck to live, and thus are hooked on ZOG's teat. Dr. Pierce talks about this, about how many people heard his message and actually agreed with him, but did not publicly support him because they feared losing their jobs. In the modern day, we are forced into anonymity on the internet to express what we truly think. There are many normal people who actually agree with us, but they refuse to engage at all, because they think the problem will go away by itself if they leave it alone. I cannot understate how poisonous and cowardly this mode of thinking is. It has led to decades of perversion, and has demoralized the older generations of whites.

Firstly, this WW2 income-based society means that your livelihood is dependent on being a good little worker ant. Some anons have smartly recognized that being self-employable and autonomous are advantages, but realistically this is not an option for most people. If the entire economy is built around the 9 to 5 office job to pay off a house loan, then most people are going to be part of that lifestyle. Being an obedient worker unit means not speaking up, not complaining, and forking over most of your life to your corporate. Work hard, work hard at your job so you can pay off that house loan. Work hard at your job so that you can buy a new car (don't bother learning how to fix and repair your older cars). Work hard at your job instead of spending time with your family and having homecooked meals, press conference with the Chinese at 11PM! Even if someone is not political, this income-based society asks you to give up being a traditional man with a family. It forces women into the workforce too, which prevents them from having children. If they somehow do have children, the kids are sent to public school and daycare. You MUST serve your boss, you MUST work late on this project and sacrifice your weekends. How else are you going to pay off that interest rate, goy?

There is no option for these worker ants to become politically active. They don't always wake up, but when they do, they still lie down and take the beatings because they're afraid to lose their jobs. Dr. Pierce talked about how people would say they agreed with him, but would not support him openly because they might lose their jobs and social status. Yes, the post war boom brought great economic prosperity, but its structure created a domesticated workforce that has no agency or freewill of its own. It is entirely reliant upon a corporate paycheck to live. It gets worse the younger generation you go, because of additional debts from college and a more competitive labor force. You're no longer competing with your local state, you're competing with China and India and Europe. And that's another feature of this globalized economy, you are no longer part of a local community. Everyone else is now a competitor to you, and the entire world is competing with itself. No longer do we have butcher shops and blacksmiths, we have Kroger and Publix. You must compete with others for the higher paying jobs, that are often only accessible with college level educations (achievable only by student debt for most people)

And yes, you may scoff at those who took out too much student loans, but who told them that they MUST go to college? Who was it that told them that life is only worth living if you get a big fancy house with a nice new car? Let's face it, the younger generations were sold a lie that they could achieve the same economic wealth that the boomers enjoyed. From a young age, children are told that they must do well in school to get the college degree to get the high paying job to get the big house. Our children are not told to develop skills, networking, and how to save money. They're told to be better worker ants. Go to public school for 10 hours a day with mandatory ZOG education, with forced racial integration and loads of homework to reinforce the propaganda. Then, they must go to college for 4 years completely away from their local community and parents, at the mercy of the leftist professors and marxist indoctrination. All the while generating more (((debt))) that accrues (((interest))). And when they get out of college, their degree doesn't even mean they get the high paying job.

4d0ab6  No.12784875



2ac96c  No.12784879


>"lmao just get a stem degree nigger"

I knew many students who graduated with chemistry degrees, and ended up being lab monkeys making only $2/hr more than fastfood workers. The stem meme is complete bullshit and yet another part of the big lie that is sold to people about this income based economy. How is the smart, white, STEM worker going to fight back politically when he's up to his eyeballs in debt working a shit job for shit pay? Is there any reason to speak up so that he loses everything in his life? This system has him by the balls, the only solution is to not play a game rigged by kikes.

The little sparetime that people may have when away from work can only be filled with more kike media. The precious few hours a wageslave gets will most likely go to netflix, facebook, TV shows, etc.

As bad as that all is, the bigger issue is demoralization.

So yeah, many people are not well equipped to fight back against ZOG. But still, if whites woke up, they are still demoralized and addicted to their comfort. This particularly applies to the boomer generation. While I dislike generational warfare, the boomers are a source of massive frustration. These boomers were sold the idea that a good life means material wealth, and to get wealth, one must work hard. It really has to be witnessed firsthand, just how greedy and brainless boomers can be. They've got theirs, why the fuck should they care about you? And really, why the fuck should they care about their family? Just shove your oldfolks into a nursing home lmao, fucking having them live in your house. Have kids? Send them to daycare, send them to public school, send them to college, just don't raise them yourselves whatever you do. Boomers are evidence that ZOG's propaganda is a force to be reckoned with, and deconditioning a boomer can take years. I've explained to my father that mass brown immigration means a lack of jobs for younger kids, and he just laughed and said it wasn't his problem. He also complains about people voting for communism, but isn't quite smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. The point is, they have such material wealth to simply disconnect themselves from the plight of their people, and will smugly brag about how it isn't their problem (even though it is).

Younger generations did not receive the same prosperity that the boomers did, but the lie is still present. Gen X and millennial are bitter specifically because they didn't receive that same wealth boomers got. They're jealous, and still want the nice car and big house, they just decide that marxism is the better vehicle to get there. That's part of the demoralization, that people are sold that college is worth it, and income is worth it, and that material wealth is the end goal. Read Evola if you want more explanations on the failures of materialism. These people are just as unlikely to be allies in the fight against ZOG, but it's because of their bitter and defeatist attitude. They recognized the failure of capitalism, but think the solution is more state control, more reliance to the system, increased subservience. They are essentially failed boomers who want to succeed. Any person who desires comfort without struggle cannot be politically awakened. You have to fight like hell to provide for yourself, being a slave or being a lazy retard are both inadequate. It is better to find solitude in the struggle itself, rather than waiting for the promise day where the universe rights itself.

2ac96c  No.12784908


And this brings us to Generation Z (and the politically awakened whites of other generations). Lots of the people getting involved in reactionary politics are young kids, even highschool age. "It's okay to be white" posters popped up in highschools, because there were kids breaking rule #2 on cuckchan. Whatever the fuck this political awakening is that's happening on the right, it's attracting young blood. I honestly believe this has to do with the social atomization of many kids, creating losers, freaks, and weirdos. George Rockwell discusses the roles of losers in society, and how they ultimately end up some of the greatest agents of change. Social media makes school a nightmare for unpopular kids, and the internet provides many options for deviants to warp themselves. It should be no surprise that in this jungle of a society that abnormalities are indeed created. Everytime I see a cringey picture of a kekistani or a bluehaired SJW, I simply don't care. Society created those freaks, of course they're lashing back at that beast that birthed their terrible existence.

Indeed, it is the people who have nothing to really lose that are the most open to radical change. If one has no house, no social life, and no real job, why would they care about perpetuating the system and becoming an integral unit? If any of you doubt what I am saying, ask yourself why it is that the hub for the next extreme political zeitgeist of our time happened on an anonymous anime image board? The same "neo-nazis" who love Hitler and want to install the fourth Reich also play TF2 and have folders full of smug anime girls. It wasn't 'muh skinheads' that brigaded /new/ and took over an anime website, it was the anime website full of dweebs who recognized the shitty situation they were in. I would say a lot of us improved and became functioning adults, but still held on to our more fashy opinions in secret.

It's misfits who know the system is beyond redemption that the most willing to change it. The income based economy is effectively normie economy, while the self-employed life is the autist life. Still though, most normalfags can be good people even if they're slow to some things, and their outcome does affect our lives. I honestly would be happy if I had little to no social interaction and just kept my autism to myself, as long as I could live in a normal white society. I really want a garden and cat. Fuck this economy.

ef9dfb  No.12785442


This isn't a final solution but people need to get off the "keeping up with the jones" mentality. Don't need a BMW, don't need a mcMansion, don't need a massive 4K tv, don't need two cars, don't need dual incomes, don't need the disney vacation, don't need to buy every videogame console, don't need netflix, don't need microbrews, don't need to eat out every week, don't need a loan for this and or that, don't need a million other consumer items. To an extent people really are trapping themselves, and I think a lot of it is that they just want to fit in and have been bombarded with propaganda to just do what everyone else is doing (aka what TV and schools tell you everyone else is doing).

66972f  No.12790859

File: 1876f68ac79993b⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, where_it_all_went_wrong.webm)

File: 1f5bdf8dd38bf0c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1f5bdf8dd38bf0ceba2689b180….png)

File: 4c61cbd401389b4⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1099, 1920:1099, 1536372666073.png)

0c8c82  No.12790911

File: 35bea318834dd08⋯.png (187.69 KB, 700x434, 50:31, coder_faggot.png)

File: cb4cb899e97778f⋯.jpg (369.5 KB, 563x700, 563:700, coder1541265338070.jpg)

File: eb9a27979d73fa2⋯.jpg (117.8 KB, 789x497, 789:497, coder_startup_hub.jpg)

File: 8e7f7295191f32a⋯.png (642.75 KB, 675x405, 5:3, coders_zagreb.png)

File: 996bc207dc3ca9b⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 630x682, 315:341, unabomber1519238727099.jpg)


>Firstly, this WW2 income-based society means that your livelihood is dependent on being a good little worker ant

>There is no option for these worker ants to become politically active. They don't always wake up, but when they do, they still lie down and take the beatings because they're afraid to lose their jobs.

>Our children are not told to develop skills, networking, and how to

>I knew many students who graduated with chemistry degrees, and ended up being lab monkeys making only $2/hr more than fastfood workers. The stem meme is complete bullshit and yet another part of the big lie that is sold to people about this income based economy.

Anon, I wish I can sign 2 times everything you just wrote.

Note that we also have boomers within succesfull milleanials - the ones who profit from the faux economy (we had the same type of selfish, comfort based, overconsumpors within genX who worked as brokers and on similar faux jobs).

Boomer mentality milleanials are app fags and mostly othe techies, its an industry with no value watsoever, totally cucked (I dont need to point out that app start up faggots differ from legit antisocial coders/programmers who actually have a passion for what they do). The app fags are the definition of bug-people.

0c8c82  No.12790925

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Boomer mentality milleanials are app fags and mostly othe techies, its an industry with no value watsoever, totally cucked


91df99  No.12791047

File: 72484c62b214c9a⋯.jpg (152.09 KB, 989x1484, 989:1484, woman at the computer.jpg)


<I was born yesterday


>There was an AI that made a better version of the TCP protocol

Why is this thread full of journalists?

ef9dfb  No.12791071


Burritos and fruity pebble desert cake all you need to keep a bugman happy /wageslave/

8e05d4  No.12791074

File: 67614352a1cd743⋯.gif (546.21 KB, 255x255, 1:1, colon carrot right open pa….gif)


Jokes on you bigot, that printer and keyboard are rigged in order to be a typewriter by that 200iq woman of power.

000000  No.12791090


>coding has become just another worthless blue collar job

>like plumbing

>doesn't know that plumbers are the most important of trades

>or that plumbers make more per/hr than "coders"

>pushes class hierarchy for jews

Move to the Klondike and make this thread again in a few months, anon.

000000  No.12791102


>berkeley spook jeff noven

>in Seattle

He lives in the Bay Area. He is from Monterey Bay.

cdfc60  No.12791108


>Staying the fuck away from everything Javascript or Java helps, too. Both have two things in common: a similar syntax and an asshole hobbit of everyone and their dog writing exciting! new! libraries to solve trivial problem 20 people solved before, but in subtly different ways. Besides, being either a web monkey or a blue chip corporate code slave both suck royally.


It also helps if you know a non-hyped language, like Ada.

000000  No.12791126



>or assembly

One of these is not like the other.

c is for nig nogs

000000  No.12791139


>a non-hyped language

I use 'Whitespace'. Only real G's know about it.

cdfc60  No.12791141


C is so damn overhyped.

Honestly, it makes more sense to use Forth as your introduction to low-level / machine-arch code. Hell, even BLISS is nicer.

000000  No.12791146


I teach kids nes programming in assembly. It is the best option.

0c8c82  No.12791160

File: dedc1ab7e9f70d7⋯.jpg (216.62 KB, 900x789, 300:263, coder1548026559973.jpg)

File: 2564ecf104122d8⋯.jpg (676.51 KB, 2000x1335, 400:267, coders_developers.jpg)

File: a4eee8941a45e07⋯.jpg (142.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, coders_svinaweb5.jpg)

File: daf7cf8d7adc4a4⋯.png (43.9 KB, 1195x646, 1195:646, CODERS90710.png)


>>berkeley spook jeff noven

Im not familiar what are you talking about, is he some e-techie?

91df99  No.12791162


<not teaching them to build games from transistor-based half-adders

Seriously though, assembly is good to know in theory but it's too much boilerplate to keep a kid engaged.

96cc1e  No.12791167



>c is damn overhyped

<nearly every highlevel language and frameworks are written in c

Yep lets go back and write in 0s and 1s. This is why you faggots are full of hotair can't find a job.

db41a7  No.12791191

>Blue collar work is worthless

Sorry, I can't hear you over my job security. Have fun competing with a horde of pajeets while MEP inevitably ends up in a shortage and treated like royalty.

cdfc60  No.12791192


>nearly every highlevel language and frameworks are written in c

They don't have to be; for example, RR Software's Ada/Janus is written in Ada.

5dd6e3  No.12791248


>and now even coding has become just another worthless blue collar job?

Do you even know what the fuck blue collar labor is, retard?

000000  No.12791251


Maybe so, but I think there will always be a market for programs that aren't 'phoning home' back to some kike/chicom corporation. It's pretty rare for me to buy a retail solution, but I'll happily donate to open source projects.

1384c0  No.12791381


some plumbers make shitloads of money.

66c6ee  No.12792556

File: a1b0ec8c01aee80⋯.png (347.21 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1549755547828.png)

bc4fc8  No.12806408

File: 191f4820ed547c7⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 652x433, 652:433, 1532814062847.jpg)


What's the deal with the Dutch? They don't seem to do anything besides farm, nationally-speaking (although they are really good at it), but their AIVD is a recurring theme in threads about them.

d5c153  No.12806531


She proves she has the knowledge to infer the meaning and yet she misses it. Must be typical for journalists and their sympathizers, to not get the joke.


4b1dba  No.12806579


One day not thinking about the computer will be your problem, but you will simply blame someone else for writing "unmaintainable code".

7db08a  No.12806677




ok I totally agree with you but come on now, how the fuck do we break out of the wagecuck lifestyle? We haven't been taught how to be financially independent. I have a 6 fig job, 50% of my after-tax income goes to savings already (this is with a wife and 3 kids), I am good at making money as a wagecuck but I have zero clue how to become financially independent. I'd like to teach my kids how to do this but how do I start?

9866db  No.12806917

Coding will never be a long lasting career because its you vs the entire planet and the few jobs that do exist locally will be given to faggots and pajeets long before good ol whitey.

36e005  No.12806932


She completely missed the joke.

c8b524  No.12806944


Journalists really are dumb as fuck.

4b1dba  No.12806962



But, you will need to research making single crystal silicon to make your own solar panels and eventually your own primitive microchips, as any homestead will be indefensible ultimately from the ZOG Empire without lasers, missiles, fertilizer, plastics, fuel, fiber, and the basics like livestock and fruits.

That's where no one seems to go, where everyone seems programmed not go, and where no one has gone before now since the advent of modern technologies.

One sentence answer:

You must domestic technology.

60b39a  No.12807207

Kind of an interesting theory considering that the average web developer earns a salary of around 75k/year where I live in the Midwestern US. Making 25k/year to work 10-hr shifts in a Walmart warehouse or making 75k/hr to do something mentally stimulating that I genuinely enjoy…. how will I ever choose??

8d4b13  No.12808187


I wouldn't describe Java and JavaScript as having similar syntax, the loose typing of JavaScript makes it very different from Java. they are structurally very different; DOM vs C clone simplified with OO added.

8d4b13  No.12808229


Who is still using Ada and for what purpose/field?

a2c0c0  No.12808629



>Besides, being either a web monkey or a blue chip corporate code slave both suck royally.


>you're forever tied to your corporate chains.


> corporate bullshit


>corporate bullshit


I am sort of a wagecuck (mechanical engineering, mostly programming tho), but having a STEM degree and writing code for someone else doesn't have to be hell.

I used to codecuck for one of the big investment banks, that was hell. However, I ended up quitting and working for a small engineering group. Pay etc wasn't as good initially, but in small outfits your contribution makes much more of an impact to the group as a whole. This means that if you're good not only do you get raises and promotions quickly, it means that you become irreplaceable.

The boss was kind of an asshole and I made shit money to begin with, but once I'd proved I had game and became lead on several projects, I could pretty much act however I wanted and get away with it. While I'm working at the same place still, I have my own people working for me now and get a huge degree of independence as well as a majority cut of whatever I come up with on my own, and some control over the direction of the group as a whole. I can't come to work in full SS regalia or start snapping roman salutes without getting in trouble, but it's much more satisfying knowing your work is actually useful and getting rewarded proportionallly.

I would strongly recommend any wagecucks working for corporate globohomo to consider applying to work at smaller firms.

2ac96c  No.12808837


You can't 100% switch off of the ZOG system, but there are small ways to do so. Older cars last longer and can be repaired by novices if you read up, making you unreliant on greasemonkeys to fix your car. Get a truck with a steel frame that's from the 90's or older, sure it guzzles gas and doesn't have a touchscreen, but protects you in a wreck (I got t-boned by some dude going 40, my car just needed a tire replaced while his was totaled) and will work reliably, while also being easy to repair. Newer cars are made to break and be impossible to repair.

What group would that? Make products that purposely breakdown and then have it impossible to fix it?


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